Shipping & Delivery:

  • shipping within 24 hours
  • Due to the novel coronavirus, the transport time may be delay.
  • European countries, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia can deliver within 5-25 days, Japan can deliver within 10 days, and it may take more than 1 month for South American and African countries to deliver.
  • All orders freight information can be tracked.

I want to cancel my order:
  • Provided your order has not shipped, you can do this very easily yourself. Log in to your account page and click ‘cancel’ beside the order. This will place your order on hold, so nothing will be shipped to you. When we are next in the shop, we will cancel your order and, if a payment has been made, refund this via PayPal.
  • Please note you/we cannot cancel an order that has been shipped.
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