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When we are in doubt about how to proceed regarding difficult situations in our lives, it is normal to turn to oracles for guidance. There are so many oracles available and they all have different ways of accessing and organiz­ing wisdom. This oracle honors the knowl­edge and understanding of the Earth. Many spiritual people consider the Earth their bi­ble. I'he spirits of plants, stones, water, and creatures of Earth all have unique wisdom to share. Unlike humans, these other beings have a better understanding of the unity of all things, something we, through wounds and tragedies, often forget. This oracle helps tap into that wisdom, to find the guidance you desire to move through your life with a type of grace that honors your needs and the greater needs of the whole.

Using the cards

This oracle is simple: ask a question and pull a card. The questions that this oracle cares about are not ones about the future or about what someone else is doing or going to do. Instead, it focuses on the here and now. It is here to help you to do what is best for you and your spiritual expression. Your question may be about a specific situation you are facing and the oracle will help with that but it also has an eye to your personal growth. In each situation you face, you have choic­es and these choices hinge on lessons that you are learning as you move through your life. If you mess up or don’t live up to your own expectations, don't worry. The Universe has a way of repealing lessons until they are learned!

There may be a temptation to pull more cards, but resist that temptation. Sometimes we want to pull cards until we get the ad­vice we want, but the oracle will tell you what you need to hear. The situation may be complex and require more steps to resolve completely but keep things clear and take

just one step at a time. If the “Boundaries." for example, make sure you establish and strengthen the boundaries pertaining to the situation before moving on to the next step. When your boundaries are in order, then you can pull the next. It may be. to continue the example. "Clear Aura." In this case, the oracle wants you to make sure your boundaries are in place so that when you work on clearing your aura, you are dealing with your aura only and letting other people’s influences seep into your work and muddy things. So, keep it simple and go step by step.

To help activate the energy or action suggest­ed in the card, carry the card with you or place it where you can see it often as a re­minder. Perhaps the affirmation included in the card text resonates for you. If so. copy it out and keep it in sight along with the card. If the affirmation does not resonate, write your own. personalized to suit your needs.

Another way to embody the energy of the card is to visit the scene depicted on the card in meditation. This is a wonderful and easy

thing to do. Sit or lay in a comfortable po­sition and make sure you will not be inter­rupted for 5 or 10 minutes (or however long you choose to meditate). Look at the image of the card until you can see it with your eyes closed. Close your eyes and visualize the card. Let it grow in size until it fills your inner sight. Begin to feel the atmosphere, smell the scents, and hear the sounds. Enter the scene and begin to explore. Talk to the character in the card, if they are still present. Commune with the plant and chat with the crystals. This little guidebook can only provide a few words of the immense wisdom these beings have to offer, so ask them questions, find out as much as you. When you are done, be sure to thank them for their gifts and their time.

You can also work with the energies repre­sented by these cards is, if you have access to them, through the actual gem or plant (or picture of the plant). Place them on your altar or carry them with you as a talisman. But if you don't have the ‘real" thing, don't worry. You can still access the spirit of the plant or crystal through intent and meditation.

As you continue to work with the cards, you will discover your own unique ways of un­derstanding and activating the energy within them. Be open to that. The spirits of nature are beings interested in forming relationships with humans and relationships are all differ­ent. so don’t feel bound by what anyone else does. Form your own connections based on your experiences.

About the cards

Each card features a plant and a gemstone. Plants and crystals have more than one prop­erty and give many different gifts. The text for each card explains the particular energy of the plant or gem being drawn on for the advice given, so be aware that all the plants and stones can offer even more support and advice. Any good crystal and/or plant book can teach you more.

Warning: do not ingest plants unless under the guidance of a trained professional. This oracle suggests working with the spirit of the plants rather than the physical plant.

The text provides a short message from the card as well as an affirmation that can help you activate the energy’ within your life.

Each card also features a different Celtic sym­bol, woven so beautifully’ into the artwork by Cristina Scagliotti, which is the energy weav­ing together the gifts of the plant and the crystal. Because the symbols are repeated, the meanings are given here rather than with each individual card.

Celtic Symbols

Aweii: Inspiration, essence, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies similar to the yin yang symbol.

Celtic cross: The cross is a bridge or passage within a circle representing eternal spiritual love.

Three-fold spiral: The mystical power of three creates power through transformation and growth.

Harp: Plays the music of the immortality of the soul.

Triquetra: The unifying spirit of the trinity, spirit, nature, and the goddess Brigit.

Single spiral: Growth, birth, and expansion radiating ethereal energy.

Double spiral: Graceful balance.

Five-fold circle: The four elements united by an inner circle of love.

  1. 1. Boundaries

Yarrow helps establish and defend healthy boundaries, strengthens the aura and sense of self, and heals energetic wounds.

Amber reinforces boundaries.

Creating clear boundaries is necessary for maintaining good emotional, physical, and spiritual health. If your sense of identity is weak or if you need to heal energetic wounds, establishing boundaries is vital. Defend your right to thrive like a warrior serving the divine spark that resides within you.

7 have a right to autonomy and indepen­dence. No one controls me without my per­mission. I know who lam. ”

  1. 2. Understanding

Cinquefoil promotes the ability to see anoth­er's point of view and unravels hindrances to understanding.

Dioptase enhances heart-centered commu­nication.

Creating a bridge between people or groups requires setting the ego aside. Center yourself in love and light with the intent to understand things from others' points of view. Once you can see all sides, act as a peacemaker, help­ing others release their biases and view oth­ers with compassion and understanding.

"Z am secure enough in myself to see other's viewpoints. 1 seek to huild compassion and understanding between myself and others."

3- Strength

Juniper eliminates self-destructive tenden­cies, encourages prosperity, and provides protection

Tiger’s Eye promotes grounding, strength, and protection.

To be truly strong, you first must master yourself. If you want to protect yourself from dangerous situations, remove self-destructive tendencies from your life. Then develop your own prosperity and self-reliance. Once you have established your own inner and outer strength, you will be able to serve others.

“I am strong and in control of my actions. I choose to act in ways that strengthen my body, mind, and spirit. I build my own strength and offer it in service to others. ”

  1. 4. Creativity

Lady’s Mantle enhances fertility, feminine healing, and a connection to the divine fem­inine.

Carnelian promotes creativity and fertility.

Creativity is not just something that is “nice” to have in your life. Creativity is your birth­right and it is also one of the most basic drives in human beings. Sadly, our culture does not value creativity and views it as an indulgent pastime. Heal your creative self by falling into the arms of the divine feminine.

I am a creative being and actively feed my creative self through the arts and through na­ture. 1 express my creative being with passion and confidence. ”

  1. 5. Heart Healing

Bleeding Heart heals broken hearts and wounds caused through relationship issues.

Emeralds are tiny, brilliant crystals of emo­tional healing.

A broken heart is one of the hardest wounds to heal because we often go about it wrong, acting stoically, lashing out in anger, or in­dulging in non-productive self-pity and con­sequently distract ourselves from actually feeling the emotions. Feel your honest emo­tions. honor them, and release them, making way for true healing.

".!/)’ heart hurts. I feel the pain and name the source of it. I allow myself to experience it even though it is hard. I honor the experience of my heart. / release the pain."

  1. 6. Freedom

Blackberry supports shadow work, helps face primal fears, protects, and heals.

Obsidian exposes flaws, weaknesses, and blockages and provides support when facing them.

True freedom requires intense shadow work. Face your deepest fears. Feel your hard­est, scariest, most shameful emotions. Only through recognizing and naming them can you finally deal with them and be free. Do not go alone into the shadows of your soul. Call on the Dark Goddess who will guide and protect you.

“Z am ready to face my worst fear or shame­ful emotion. I know I am not alone and that the Dark Goddess will guide me toward true freedom."

  1. 7. Clear Aura

Pennyroyal cleanses the aura, raises vibra­tion, and protects against spiritual pests. Bloodstone is a powerful etheric cleanser.

Practice good spiritual hygiene, just as you practice physical hygiene. Spend time with people and things or in places that raise your vibration, which is a great way to shake the aura free of unwanted etheric debris. Devel­op practices that, like a hungry' toad, take care of spiritual pests and insects and keep your aura pure.

"I care for my spirit as I care for my body. 1 cleanse it daily from unwanted influences. I wash myself in spiritual love and light and understanding."

  1. 8. Divine Connection

Water lily opens the crown chakra, raises awareness, and encourages enlightenment.

Selenite supports connection with the di­vine.

Instead of looking externally for guidance, which can be open to misinterpretation or put you at the mercy of someone else’s agen­da. focus on strengthening your own con­nection with the divine. That is your best, most reliable North Star, the guiding source

that you can always follow, even through the darkest night.

"I look to my own North Star and am guid­ed by the truth of my spirit. I am complete in myself and confident in my connection with the Divine."

  1. 9. Self-Acceptance

Witch Hazel harmonizes opposites and en­courages the acceptance of individuality.

Goldstone helps with attaining goals and recognizing one’s value.

The journey to self-acceptance can be challeng­ing. Humans are contradictory creatures who seek order. Reconcile your seemingly opposing qualities and find the common root. Overcome society's brainwashing and accept that you are enough. You have value. The trek to achieve self-acceptance is worth it. You are worth it.

7 accept myself as I am. I recognize my con­trary nature and revel in the creative chaos that is my soul. I am enough."

  1. 1 Responsibility

Comfrey promotes regeneration, structure, karma clearing, and accepting responsibility.

Citrine, like the sun that it resembles, ener­gizes, cleanses, and regenerates.

It is all too easy—and disempowering—to blame others, society, or bad luck for our problems, lake back your power, recreate and re-establish your inner structure by re­moving what no longer serves or hinders you. Put your own house in order, neat and tidy, making space to expand in ways that benefit you and the world around you.

“I take responsibility for my actions and my life. I learn from my mistakes. I release behav­iors and ideas that hinder me. I continually improve myself. ”

  1. 1 Inspiration

Crocus brings new beginnings, joy, gentle strength, hope and quiet confidence.

Blue topaz is filled with glorious inspiration. When life seems cold, gray, and bleak, it can

be hard to find the inspiration to move for­ward. Color and brilliance can be found even in the most monotone landscapes. Cling to the truth that spring always follows winter and you will see the world with new eyes. Take a step toward a new beginning, confi­dent in the promise of hope and joy.

“lam not afraid of the dark. J keep moving for­ward, secure in my faith that this will pass, that I will come through with renewed hope and joy. ”

  1. 1 Divine Protection

Angelica enhances divine protection, spiritu­al guidance, love, and healing.

Andalusite, sometimes called fairy stones, can form a circle of protection.

Sometimes we are required to go where an­gels and perhaps even fairies fear to tread. Before heading into the deep, dark un­known, surround yourself with divine protec­tion. Create a circle of light around yourself, drawing in protective energy from all around. Connect to your higher source and ask for loving guidance.

“I fear no evil. I am protected. / lean on the Divine to surround and to guide me as 1 move through this dark and confusing lime. ”

13- Awareness

Mugwort aids dreamwork and develops, in­tegrates, and controls psychic abilities.

Moonstone enhances extraordinary aware­ness.

There are whole worlds that are unseen by ordinary awareness. You have the capacity for extraordinary awareness. Work on devel­oping your psychic skills and pay close atten­tion to your dreams. Things are not always as they seem and you will need all your senses, physical and metaphysical, in order to move forward.

"1 pay attention to the whole world, the seen and the unseen. I look below appearances and see the truth beneath. I continually strengthen my seeing skills."

  1. 1 Grace

Rue encourages self-acceptance, receptivity to grace, and bring the physical and spiritual into harmony.

Kunzite encourages miracles and love.

We can be our own worst critics. Berating yourself separates you from divine grace, which is a gift freely given to all. To receive grace and divine love, you must accept your­self and realize you are worthy. See yourself through the eyes of grace. You. after all. carry a spark of the divine in your heart.

"lam a child of the Divine. I honor and value myself. 1 know that I am worthy of love and grace. from the Divine and from others, in­cluding myself."

  1. 1 Rest

Chamomile allows relaxation, replenishes the body, mind, and spirit, and promotes sleep. Jade brings good fortune.

When we are exhausted and worn out. noth­ing seems to go right. Bad luck and cluinsi-

ness haunt our steps. Make sure you honor the needs of your body, mind, and spirit by allowing for ample rest. You will be surprised how differently things look after a good night's sleep and will find that good fortune is so much easier to find.

"I value lhe gift of sleep, which provides rest for the body and mind and opportunities for the spirit. I make sufficient time for sleep."

  1. 1 Transformation

Mullein brings awareness and light to con­sciousness and understanding of one's higher purpose.

Amethyst aids in transformation.

Sometimes a change of habit is enough. Oth­er times only a complete transformation will do. It is time to gain a fuller understanding of your soul s purpose and that will require transformation, a rearranging of your world­view and practices that bring your actions in line with your ideals. Reach for and embrace your highest vision of yourself.

"I seek transformation. I bare a higher vision for myself and move toward it. step by step. / release my old self and embrace who / am becoming."

  1. 1 Clarity

Peppermint clears the mind, encourages communication between both individuals and groups, and enhances perception.

Fluorite repairs and restructures broken sys­tems.

Clarity requires the removal of unnecessary thoughts combined with enhanced percep­tion. Clear your mind of wounds and biases and open to the idea of seeing new connec­tions and fresh ways of thinking. The result will be the ability to make what feels like ge­nius-level decisions no matter how apparent­ly complex the situation.

“My mind is clear. Wounds, prejudices, and biases do not influence my responses or my thoughts. I am able to perceive the world around me clearly."

  1. 1 Communication

Daffodil is like a divine trumpet, creates connection with spirit guides, teachers, and humans and enhances the ability to hear and speak in the spirit world.

Angelite promotes communication.

Communication is key. With other humans, perhaps, but more importantly with your spirit guides and teachers. Practice your lis­tening and speaking skills both in this phys­ical world and in the spiritual realm. There is much that you need to say and even more that you need to hear to strengthen your rela­tionship to spirit.

“/ am a skilled communicator. I seek with clarity and kindness. I listen attentively, with­out prejudice orpre-judgment. I ask questions and cultivate curiosity. ”

19- Healing Grief

Spiderwort, also called Widow’s Tears, heals grief and sadness and is helpful to the overly sensitive.

Lepidolite is useful for balancing the emo­tions.

Dealing with grief is a delicate matter. On one hand, rhe emotions must be felt, acknowl­edged. and honored. You must be fully pres­ent with your feelings. On the other hand, you must have faith that there is light beyond the darkness. Processing grief requires a deli­cate touch combined with strength.

"/ have suffered a great loss. 1 feel shattered and lost. lam gentle with myself as I process this loss. I comfort myself with the knowledge that there is light beyond the darkness."

  1. 2 Go with the Flow

Loosestrife helps coping when life is over­whelming and going with the flow in the midst of chaos.

Orbicular Jasper enhances steady, slow breathing, which supports patience and flex­ibility of mind.

The path to your goal is not a straight line but is filled with unexpected bends, detours, and blocks. Being frustrated, angry, or impatient


won’t help. Try to accept that this chaos is part of the experience rather than fighting it or flailing about. Find the rhythm or flow in the chaos and ride it gently to your destina­tion.

"I have goals and desires. / have enough flex­ibility to allow me to enjoy the journey, what­ever it brings my way, as I move forward on my path."

  1. 2 Shadow Treasures

Black-eyed Susan provides a light in the darkness while doing shadow work.

Golden Calcite shines a gentle, comforting light on hidden treasures.

We all have parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away from the world, not knowing that these shadow aspects contain treasures. Shine the light of love in the dark corners of your soul and look with compassion on these neglected qualities. You will find something ven' necessary to living your soul's purpose.

“I face my shadow with excitement, knowing there are treasures to be found. I sift carefully through to wreck of my psyche and gently re­lease neglected parts of myself. ”

  1. 2 Title: Relief

Lemon Balm makes things easier to bear, eases an overwhelming sense of responsibili­ty, and lightens a too serious mood.

Rhondonite aids in restoration and recov­ery.

You’ve been carrying a heavy load for too long now. The overwhelming sense of re­sponsibility has grown all out of proportion to the reality of the situation. Relief is at hand. All you have to do is reach out and grasp it. But in order to do that, you must release what you are clutching. Let it go. You don't need to carry it anymore.

“I have carried the burden for long enough. It is time to let it go. I release the burden to the Divine and accept the relief that comes as I let go. I let myself rest. ”

  1. 2 Big Picture

Belladonna is said to open the chakras and expand consciousness.

Malachite activates psychic vision, can be used for scrying, and helps to focus on what is important.

When situations feel chaotic, confused, or unsolvable, it is easy to feel frustrated and thrown in the towel. What is missing here is the key to understanding it all. There is more going on than meets the physical eye. Clear and open your chakras and allow your con­sciousness to expand. See the big picture and tile key will be revealed.

"I step back from chaos into calm. I allow my­self to see the bigger picture. I trust the key I seek will be revealed."

  1. 2 Heal Thyself

Aconite provides protection as fears are faced and when working with the Dark Goddess.

Peridot is traditionally used by healers to maintain their own health.

Some illnesses are only physical. Others have deeper roots. In order to move toward better health, you must enlist the help of the Dark Goddess and enter your heart, confronting your deepest fears, find the poison that is hurting you, and remove it so that healing can occur.

"I value my health and have the courage to do what is necessary to maintain it. I do not merely address symptoms hut go as deep as necessary to root out the problem."

  1. 2 Truth ___

Foxglove helps open the heart and express feelings.

Amazonite promotes knowing and speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The wheels of society are greased by civility, which sometimes means not always speaking the truth, or the whole truth. However, in this situation you are called upon to understand your own truth and to speak it clearly. No matter how strange it may seem, your truth


is the music of your brave heart. Offer it to the world.

“I actively pursue my own truth and value it. I have the courage to sing my own unique, divinely-inspired song knowing that it adds to the goodness of the world. ”

  1. 2 Joy

Dandelion heals anger, clears physical and energetic toxins, and releases personal power.

Garnet encourages a passion for life.

Physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional tox­ins strangle a natural joy of life. Clear the tox­in in this situation to access your joy. Being joyful also grounds you in your own personal power, reveals your passions, understand the dearest wishes of your soul, and find the con­fidence to make them come true.

“My joyful heart is beautiful and valuable. I embrace the natural ebbs and flows of joy and do what I can to support my joy and my passions with confidence. ”

  1. 2 Divine Light

St.John’s Wort alleviates depression, soothes shock and trauma, and elevates moods.

Sunstone contains the cleansing, healing power of the sun and shares it with those who ask.

Whether you are feeling blue or suffering from more serious conditions, you can sup­port your healing by turning to the Divine Light and nourishing your own inner divin­ity. When we don’t feel well, it is easy for our inner lights to fade. Get the attention you need, whether medical, psychological, or spiritual while supplementing with big doses of bright, divine light.

"My inner Divine light wants to shine in the world. I give my light energy and brilliance hy connecting with the greater Divine energy that nourishes all of life. ”

  1. 2 Blessed Sight

Lavender soothes the soul, mind, and emo­tions. When calm, it is easier to see good in

the world, the blessing in any situation, and understand the lessons to be learned.

Rhodochrosite is a lovely stone that increas­es inner strength.

Difficult situations are a pan of life. While they are not pleasant at the time, they play import­ant roles in our lives...or they can if you have the right mindset. The Divine and your inner divine self can see the big picture, allowing you to glean important lessons about life and about yourself. Engaging your divine sight allows the blessing of calm understanding, which helps bring things back into balance.

"I am calm ami strong, alert ami flexible. Challenges help megrow and I’m grateful for the lessons."

  1. 2 Nurture

Milkweed supports self-care and encourages healthy nourishment and as such helps with weight issues, eating disorders, oral addic­tions, and digestive issues.

Chrysoprase is a stone of nurturing and bringing energy to the physical body.

In our chaotic modern life, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. Your body and soul exist together, the health of one affects the health of the other. When 5'011 begin to take better care of your body (including getting enough sleep), your soul also grows stron­ger. Milkweed attracts butterflies, a symbol of transformation. Care for yourself and watch transformation unfold.

“My body and spirit are united and I take care of them both. Fresh air, deep sleep, healthy food, and joyful movement support my body and soul. ”

  1. 3 Practical Intuition

Vinca grows close to the ground. A humble and grounded plant, it promotes the practical use of spiritual abilities and helps open the third eye.

Lapis Lazuli supports intuition and spiritual sight.

Developing spiritual abilities is the not the end of the journey. Just as the Spring Equinox heralds new life and new beginnings, knowl-

edge is the start of a deeper path. Through application of spiritual skills to creating bless­ing in this world, we connect more deeply with spirit and gain wisdom.

7 use my knowledge and understanding to solve practical problems. Through my wis­dom. I help increase beauty in the world and help support the beneficial plow of energy. ”

  1. 3 Divine Love

The Rose is a well-known symbol of uncon­ditional love and healing.

Rose Quartz amplifies love, compassion, and kindness.

We are humans who cany within us the light of the Divine and as such, we are capable of expressing that love, even when circumstanc­es make it difficult. It is easier to slip into love and compassion when you’ve experienced it yourself. Open yourself up to Divine love, make a commitment to it, bind yourself to it. Tie a ribbon around your wrist to remind you of your divine marriage.

"lam loved. 1 con committed to nurturing my loving relationship with the Divine and with all beings."

  1. 3 Prosperity

Money Plant resembles the full moon, the fullness of power, blessings, and abundance. Dendritic Agate is known as the stone of plenitude.

When things are challenging in terms of money or resources, the inclination is to hold tight, to grasp at what you have. But prosper­ity is meant to flow. Don’t close yourself off from the abundance of the universe by giving into a scarcity mindset. Plant whatever seeds you are able and receive what is given.

"I have all that I need, including having enough to share ivith others. I continual­ly encourage the flow of abundance in the world and eliminate the blocks that hoard­ing causes."

About the authors

Barbara Moore

In the early 1990s. at a party, someone put a tarot deck in Barbara's hands. She's held on tight ever since.

Barbara has been reading and writing about Tarot and divination for as long as she can re­member. She’s published a number of book, Tarot and Oracle decks, and she is one of the most renowed authors on these subjects in the world.

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