Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Guidebok



The allure of the tarot has changed over the years. The deck started in the 15th century as a simple card game of four suits and morphed over the years into a tool for meditation, inner reflection and divination.

The Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck consists of 80 cards that are broken into two sections—24 Major Arcana (with two new cards) and 56 Minor Arcana. This deck is based on the artists own journey of inner reflection and meditations.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana (trump cards) are the foundation of the deck and tell the story of the Fool’s journey. It reflects the story of spiritual awareness told through imagery.

  1. The Fool

Astrological correspondence: Uranus

The Fool is the spirit of innocence in all of us as we begin our journey. This card may be at the beginning (birth) or the end (transformation) of our path. Each position marks the start of new beginnings where we are tree to be creative, have boundless faith, and freely embrace opportunities!

Upright: Potential, new beginnings, opportunity, adventure

Reversed: Carelessness, negligence, uncertainty, apathy


  1. 1. The Magician

Astrological correspondence: Mercury The Magician connects the spirit to the physical—he represents “as above, so below”. He is the master of all four elements: earth, air, fire and water. He is telling you that you hold all the tools to manifest your desires into reality. Creativity, skill, focus and desire are the forces he reveals to you in order to accomplish any goal.

Upright: Skill, confidence, action, concentration, accomplishment

Reversed: Unease, lack of planning, powerlessness, procrastination, arrogance

  1. 2. High Priestess

Astrological correspondence: Moon

The High Priestess represents wisdom and enlightenment. She is in-between two worlds and embodies the eternal


feminine spirit. She is the guardian of the unconscious who guides us to look inward and listen to our own feelings and intuition.

Upright: The subconscious, wisdom, anima, serenity, mystery

Reversed: Repression, mistrust, secrets, loss

  1. 3. The Empress

Astrological correspondence: Venus

The Empress is the manifestation of creation, the mother. She invites you to reconnect with the natural world and nourish what we have created.

Upright: Creation, abundance, luxury, nature, pleasure

Reversed: Neglect, indecisiveness, disconnection, resistance


  1. 4. The Emperor

Astrological correspondence: Aries

The Emperor is masculine energy, the father. He is able to calm chaos and offer authoritarian guidance. He exudes the traits of leader, protector, and provider but can be ruthless if disagreed with.

Upright: Power, structure, patriarchal energy, domination, success

Reversed: Rigidity, powerlessness, avoidance, chaos

  1. 5. The Hierophant

Astrological correspondence: Taurus

The Hierophant is the physical embod­iment of institution. He interprets secret knowledge to share within a formal, rigid system. When seeking knowledge, he will guide you to discovery through established educa­tional structures and traditions.


Upright: Tradition, guidance, spiritu­ality, orthodoxy, institution

Reversed: Hypocrisy, rebellion, corrup­tion, disobedience

  1. 6. The Lovers

Astrological correspondence: Gemini The Lovers represents the union of duality. Urey signify a force that binds two entities together to create whole­ness—whether it is a relationship, an event, a personal decision, or ideas. The Lovers asks you to have open communication with yourself and examine your motives and values when contemplating which path to take.

Upright: Unification, choices, harmony, relationships

Reversed: Separation, imbalance, conflict, disconnection


  1. 7. Hie Chariot

Astrological correspondence: Cancer

The Chariot represents willpower, determination, and self-assurance in any challenge. The charioteer reminds us to be steadfast and exude self-control in situations that arise in order to ensure victory over any obstacle.

Upright: Conquest, control, victory, motivation

Reversed: Aggression, self-doubt, defeat, loss of control

  1. 8. Strength

Astrological correspondence: Leo

The Strength card reminds us that true power comes from within. Through patience, gentleness and compassion one can overcome obstacles without resorting to physical aggression. The


woman and the lion signify that we need to tame the beast within ourselves and find balance.

Upright: Inner calm, courage, control, patience

Reversed: Struggle, anger, rage, pride

  1. 9. The Hermit

Astrological correspondence: Virgo

The Hermit advises you that now is a time for reflection. You must look inward for truth and wisdom, for you have all the knowledge you need inside. Be calm and reflective; do not let the outside world distract you from the messages you hold within.

Upright: Introspection, enlightenment, solitude, reflection

Reversed: Isolation, foolishness, with­drawal, depression


  1. 1 Wheel of Fortune

Astrological correspondence: Jupiter

The Wheel of Fortune shows that opportunity is abundant. All things have a cycle, both good and bad. One makes you appreciate the other and each can offer new options to the situations faced.

Upright: Luck, change, karma, destiny

Reversed: Misfortune, chaos, bad luck, resistance

  1. 1 Justice

Astrological correspondence: Libra

The Justice card reveals that an outcome will be determined from the decisions you have made. It is a reminder that future actions can be changed by the lessons you learn in the present. It is an indicator that a decision needs to be made.


Upright: Truth, fairness, equality, balance

Reversed: Dispute, dishonesty, lack of accountability, corruption

  1. 1 Hie Hanged Man Astrological correspondence: Neptune The Hanged Man is an indication that it is time to end old ways and release the restrictions that are holding you back in life. It is a time for inaction and reflection in order for new opportunities to manifest. You must be willing to sacrifice something to gain something new.

Upright: Sacrifice, release, new perspective, surrender

Reversed: Indecision, delusion, delay, missed opportunity


  1. 1 Death

Astrological correspondence: Scorpio Death is the harbinger of transfor­mation. He is a reminder that you must shed what is old and familiar to become something new. You must break old habits and release that which is hindering you to make room for something greater.

Upright: Change, endings, beginnings, transition

Reversed: Resistance, stagnant, immo­bility, obsession

  1. 1 Temperance

Astrological correspondence: Sagittarius

Temperance appears when there is a need for balance of opposing areas in your life. You are being asked to be patient and re-examine priorities in your life that are in disharmony.


Temperance assists us by pointing you to life’s meaning and purpose.

Upright: Balance, harmony, purpose, moderation

Reversed: Competition, frustration, excess, imbalance

  1. 1 The Devil

Astrological correspondence: Saturn

The Devil shows you that the problems that constrain you are an illusion; the binding is of your own. It is time to ask yourself what is it that holds you back and are you truly helpless to change the situation?

Upright: Addiction, obsession, control, materialism

Reversed: Detachment, freedom, awareness, vulnerability


  1. 1 The Tower

Astrological correspondence: Mars

Hie Tower shows up when you are living in an illusion. You must remove the mask and expose the truth of the situation in order to change it. Change is difficult; you will be shaken, the familiar will be broken down and removed from your comfort zone. The Tower reminds you to let go and let the ego fall away.

Upright: Upheaval, change, awakening, shock

Reversed: Denial, avoidance, tear, reluctance

  1. 1 The Star

Astrological correspondence: Aquarius

The Star is the light you seek when you enter a new phase of life. She reminds you that you are connected to the


universe and all the wisdom you seek is available. The Star shows you that now is the time to embrace new ideas and growth.

Upright: Renewal, hope, serenity, clarity

Reversed: Confusion, despair, test of faith, negativity

  1. 1 Hie Moon

Astrological correspondence: Pisces

The Moon is transformational; you are at a time of metamorphosis. You become aware of your shadow self and the lessons that lie within. The card reminds you that fear is an illusion and you will need to purge negativity and tap into your inner awareness for answers.

Upright: Intuition, illusion, fear, subconscious


Reversed: Frustration, confusion, unhappiness, disbelief

  1. 1 The Sun

Astrological correspondence: Sun

The Sun card shines down confidence and awakening upon you. It is a time to embrace the joys in life and leave darkness and confusion behind.

Upright: Positivity, success, joy, optimism

Reversed: Selfishness, egotistical, sadness, depression

  1. 2 Judgement

Astrological correspondence: Pluto Judgement shows when it is time for self-evaluation. You are at a crux for reaching a new life and must purge those things that would hinder you from being renewed.


Upright: Rebirth, absolution, renewal, freedom

Reversed: Self-doubt, rejection, blockage, stagnation

  1. 2 The World

Astrological correspondence: Saturn

The World is the final destination of your journey. You have a deeper understanding of your role in the universe and all of your efforts have come full circle.

Upright: Completion, satisfaction, travel, fulfillment

Reversed: Regret, incomplete, lack of closure, doubt


  1. 2 The Well

Astrological correspondence: Gaia

The Well is the birthplace of ideas, inspiration, and transformation. All things are birthed from this Creatrix and knowledge flows freely to those who seek it.

Upright: Nurturing, opportunity, nature, creativity

Reversed: Destruction, endings, cold, stagnant

  1. 2 The Artist

Astrological correspondence: Ophiuchus

The Artist is the vessel of creation.

This card signifies mankind and shows when you need to open to the knowl­edge that is available if you stop and set aside the distractions of the human condition and listen.


Upright: Visionary, interpreter, creation, passionate

Reversed: Unstable, judgemental, restless, greedy


Hie Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands, Different elements represent each suit and shine a light on the aspects of everyday life.

Each suit contains 14 cards: 10 numbered cards (Ace-10) and four Court Cards (King, Queen, Knight and Page).


The Suit of Cups delves into your emotional state and relationships. The suit appears when you need to pay attention to your own intuition when making decisions.

Element: Water

Astrological Correspondences: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Direction: West


King of Cups

Upright: Balance, generosity, strength, restraint

Reversed: Intolerance, abuse, moodi­ness, dependency

Queen of Cups

Upright: Protection, intuition, uncon­scious emotion, creativity

Reversed: Insecurity, dependency, dishonesty, dissatisfaction

Knight of Cups

Upright: Advancement, fulfillment, inspiration, healing

Reversed: Boastfulness, jealousy, disappointment, egotism

Page of Cups

Upright: Confidence, happiness, contentment, insight


Reversed: Immaturity, insecurity, apathy, impulsiveness

Ace of Cups

Upright: Compassion, purity, creativity, beginnings

Reversed: Repressed emotions, endings, separation, vulnerability

Two of Cups

Upright: Health, partnership, harmony, attraction

Reversed: Imbalance, disconnection, unworthiness, struggle

Three of Cups

Upright: Community, friendship, creativity, pleasure

Reversed: Over-indulgence, unfaithful­ness, stilled creativity, disconnection


Four of Cups

Upright: Meditation, resentment, apathy, discontentment

Reversed: Boredom, inexperience, depression, separation

Five of Cups

Upright: Loss, neglect, failure, despair

Reversed: acceptance, forgiveness, nostalgia

Six of Cups

Upright: Innocence, nostalgia, joy, reunion

Reversed: Scarcity, naivete, abuse, disappointment

Seven of Cups

Upright: Illusion, imagination, unreal­istic desires, possibility

Reversed: Temptation, indecision, insecurity, overwhelmed


Eight of Cups

Upright: Abandonment, travel, loss of interest, withdrawal

Reversed: Hopelessness, confusion, drifting, rejection

Nine of Cups

Upright: Happiness, satisfaction, harmony, accomplishment

Reversed: Greed, materialism, unreal­istic expectations, boastfulness

Ten of Cups

Upright: Abundance, satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness

Reversed: Broken relationship, neglect, incompletion, misalignment



The Suit of Pentacles relates to the physical aspects of life: work, health, finances, creative outlets, and material possessions. They appear as a mirror for what manifests in the physical world.

Element: Earth

Astrological Correspondences: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Direction: East

King of Pentacles

Upright: Power, influence, strength, abundance

Reversed: Control, abuse, suppression, instability

Queen of Pentacles

Upright: Prosperity, pleasure, motherly, security


Reversed: Imbalance, reclusive, super­ficial, martyrdom

Knight of Pentacles

Upright: Prepared, efficient, ambitious, practical

Reversed: Stagnant, lazy, careless, idle

Page of Pentacles

Upright: Opportunity, discovery, manifestation, mastery

Reversed: Ignorance, immaturity, resentment, frustration

Ace of Pentacles

Upright: Prosperity, stability, new beginnings, abundance

Reversed: Greed, corruption, risk, delay

Two of Pentacles

Upright: Balance, renewal, adaptability, change


Reversed: Irresponsible, neglect, disorganization, unpredictability

Three of Pentacles

Upright: Success, collaboration, solutions, confidence

Reversed: Competition, disharmony,

interference, stagnant

Four of Pentacles

Upright: Stability, control, influence,


Reversed: Greed, loss, materialistic, mistrust

Five of Pentacles

Upright: Isolation, poverty, poor health, insecurity

Reversed: Financial recovery, renewed confidence, spirituality, opportunity


Six of Pentacles

Upright: Generosity, charity, empathy, kindness

Reversed: Selfishness, greed, cruelty, judgement

Seven of Pentacles

Upright: Profit, reward, investment, growth

Reversed: Failure, mistrust, unemploy­ment, re-evaluation

Eight of Pentacles

Upright: Creativity, concentration, craftsmanship, focus

Reversed: Perfectionism, frustration, setbacks, obsession

Nine of Pentacles

Upright: Luxury, success, reward, appreciation


Reversed: Materialism, setbacks, loss, overindulgence

Ten of Pentacles

Upright: Wealth, achievement, family, satisfaction

Reversed: Burden, loss, loneliness, judgement



The Suit of Swords are associated with power and conflict, but be keen to remember that swords have a double edge. They are reminders that there is a fine line between good and evil, so be mindful of your thoughts and ambitions.

Element: Air

Astrological Correspondences: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Direction: North

King of Swords

Upright: Intellect, authority, strength, fairness

Reversed: Indecisive, cruel, abusive, manipulative

Queen of Swords

Upright: Confidence, assurance, orga­nized, intellectual


Reversed: Cruel, distant, ambitious, emotional

Knight of Swords

Upright: Stubborn, determined, brash overbearing

Reversed: Weak, unreliable, impatient, disorganized

Page of Swords

Upright: Thoughtfulness, clarity, curious, restless

Reversed: Irritable, hasty, annoying, doubt

Ace of Swords

Upright: Focus, clarity, victory, inspiration

Reversed: Insecurity, confusion, chaos, boredom


Two of Swords

Upright: Intuition, compromise, indecision, stalemate

Reversed: Fear, confusion, conflict overwhelmed

Three of Swords

Upright: Pain, grief, deception, rejection

Reversed: Forgiveness, recovery, clarity, introspection

Four of Sw'ords

Upright: Contemplation, meditation, relaxation, rest

Reversed: Resentment, stagnant, exhaustion, frustration

Five of Swords

Upright: Selfishness, tension, betrayal entitlement


Reversed: Resolution, forgiveness, understanding, reunion

Six of Swords

Upright: Solutions, change, security, transition

Reversed: Delay, challenges, unbal­anced, procrastination

Seven of Swords

Upright: Betrayal, escape, deception, irresponsibility

Reversed: Responsibility, acceptance, challenges, commitment

Eight of Swords

Upright: Isolation, imprisonment, disappointment, trapped

Reversed: Release, acceptance, accountability, discovery


Nine of Swords

Upright: Depression, crisis, fear, anxiety

Reversed: Objectivity, perception, recovery, revelation

Ten of Swords

Upright: Betrayal, surrender, defeat, endings

Reversed: Hope, recovery, acceptance, renewal



The Suit of Wands mirror your consciousness and gives insight into the core of what you are—both external and external. They urge you to take action in situations that arise in your life.

Element: Fire

Astrological Correspondences: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Direction: South

King of Wands

Upright: Influence, respect, leader, maturity

Reversed: Intolerant, ruthless, impa­tient, impulsive

Queen of Wands

Upright: Creativity, growth, intuition, passionate


Reversed: Cold, jealous, aggressive, domineering

Knight of Wands

Upright: Determination, energetic, impulsiveness, passionate

Reversed: Anger, ego frustration, pessimism

Page of Wands

Upright: Enthusiasm, travel, creativity, exploration

Reversed: Lazy, pessimism, unfocused, arrogance

Ace of Wands

Upright: Inspiration, potential, creation, enthusiasm

Reversed: Endings, delay, unmotivated, impatience


Two of Wands

Upright: Focus, decisions, discovery, planning

Reversed: Overconfidence, stunted, undetermined, blocked

Three of Wands

Upright: Strategy, planning, strength, travel

Reversed: Delay, obstacles, risk, disappointment

Four of Wands

Upright: Union, celebration, promise, community

Reversed: Transition, tension, change, instability

Five of Wands

Upright: Conflict, disagreement, resis­tance, competition


Reversed: Avoidance, self-doubt, evasion, negotiation

Six of Wands

Upright: Victory, confidence, valor, recognition

Reversed: Egotism, misdirection, doubt, neglect

Seven of Wands

Upright: Challenge, struggle, defense, justification

Reversed: Inferiority, overwhelmed, judgement, weakness

Eight of Wands

Upright: Action, balance, change, productivity

Reversed: Frustration, delay, mistakes, confusion


Nine of Wands

Upright: Courage, determination, persistence, hope

Reversed: Failure, defensive, hesitation, paranoia

Ten of Wands

Upright: Burden, stress, oppression, accomplishment

Reversed: Relief, simplification, avoid­ance, immaturity


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