Mirror Truth Lenormand Cards Guidebook

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This card is about good news ahead. A previ­ously stalled situation is set into motion again. Life as a whole is gaining new momentum. For new beginnings to transpire, commitment is re­quired from the querent. It does not happen by itself. As a person card, the Rider shows you someone familiar; for example, a brother, a young man, or a lover. However, the Rider does not often appear as a person card. In regard to rela­tionships, someone new enters your life. There is the possibility of new encounters. At the same time there might be a lack of engagement in that matter, because as mentioned above, effort is required instead of just reacting. In the work space there are either too-many projects at the same time or they are too fast paced. Not every­thing that has been started can be finalized. The event displayed on this card should be re­sponded to quickly, so that no opportunities or chances are wasted.

The Clover card means good luck or success; therefore, no need to worry. Events in relation to the Clover are to be considered short term because they occur within a four-week period. It is a good time for the theme inquired about. The card implies nonconcern. With regard to financial matters, only a small amount of money is to be expected. Additionally, the card stands for the calm happiness within. In a negative sense, something hinders growth or progress. Clover is like a so-called weed—it prevails, it is tough, and it keeps coming back again and again. This is a hint not to give up or decide differently.

The Ship card points to a greater journey ahead. This path cannot be traveled by foot. The current circumstances are changing, even without ad­ditional effort from the querent. It can also mean longing for or love of adventure. It is time for an expanded horizon and new perspectives. There is movement, without a set outcome. An event in the distant future. Wishes. Subconscious. Prosperity and trade. Patience. In regard to rela­tionships, the card refers to long-term relationships. Wait rather than rush something. Let somebody or something come to you. Listen to your inner voice. Leave someone, something, or a situation behind, in order to invite something new. A ship can arrive, and at the same time it can leave. Start something new. Put all eggs in one basket. Travel—for pleasure or business. Practicing patience. Just let things happen without interfer­ing. Think about whether you have taken the right path. Or simply just the desire of the querent (what he or she actually wants but does not implement).



The House stands for stability, the foundation, possibly a real house, the family, authority, consistency, or a home that makes you feel comfortable. Trustworthiness. Safety. The card represents the place of residence or simply the foundation in your life. In the health sector or in questions regarding health, the House can stand for one’s own body. (But beware! In health state­ments, always make it clear that the client should seek a doctor!) Otherwise, health issues belong more to the card that follows, which is the Tree card. Warmth. Security. Healing. However, the card can also represent the father figure or the husband. The man who is loved. In regard to relationships, familiarity and warmth. Calming and security. The attempt to keep emotions under control. It is about a long-term relationship. The combination of the House card and the Storks card refers to moving house (and makes moving house visible). It is a good time to make future plans. Keep on looking ahead. Eliminate all in­securities, as far as possible, ensure stability, and do not build on shaky ground.


The Free card stands tor health, life itself, and stability. As a lime factor, it indicates a long time cither into the past or the future. It is a slow growth: the tree also does not grow overnight. Extensive planning is necessary here. Keywords for the card: Naturalness. Connection with nature. Being rooted. Calm environment. Immobile. Silence and contentment. The card can also reflect boredom, a strong relationship, good health, long-term commitment, dullness in the relation- ship, little personal development, or bad habits. Cards in the direct vicinity of the Tree can provide clues about health. In regard to planning and actions, patience is necessary. Keep going with things that are important to you. Be aware that it takes longer. Consider long-term consequenc­es. The card shows a tree with an hourglass. The time is running. Nobody knows for how long. What are you going to do with the remaining time of your life? Imagine you have a life span of2000 years. What would you definitely change in your life? And why not now? What is still important for you to experience and to learn, and which do you dare not do?

The Clouds stand for ambiguity, difficulties that are going to go away again, lack of perspectives, or moods. Inner division. Bumbling through. Inconsistency. (Possibly foggy, such as through pharmaceutical drugs or illegal drugs.) This card is often referred to as a problem card. Keep in mind that only challenges really bring you further in your life. If everything is all right, hardly anyone would make changes in their lives. Therefore, the location of this card gives you good clues about what and where you can change your life. In the context of a relationship, view this card from a different angle. Mourning. Con­fusion. Relationship crises that can be solved. Follow the inner voice, listening in-ward. Cautious action. In the case of huge difficulties, instead dare new beginnings. Too much effort is to be avoided. Be careful. Do not take anything lightly. The dragon on this card stands for the courage and stamina required in order to change from one situation to another. The dragon intent can be achieved only with a strong will. Old belief systems as well as behavioral patterns should be resolved (bum them down . ..). The path leads from darkness to the light, and only

change can bring back clarity. Sometimes this card represents the dream that is considered unattainable.


The Snake card stands for entanglement, cunning, intelligence, seduction, or detours. In the past the snake was mainly interpreted as danger. Nowadays, the qualities of a calm and considered reasoning are added. Do not act impulsively. First think about it. The ability to abstain. It can also be about an untrustworthy person or matter. Some­one who likes to be active. A good sense of judgment. Calculating. In relationships a person who loves to seduce others. Someone who goes for his or her goals. The card can also reflect selfish behavior. An enemy. Diplomatic action is necessary. In the context of action, keep a cool mind and keep your emotions in check. Goals can be better achieved via detours. Cautious action is necessary. Wait. Reveries do not help with this. Do not get entangled. Be careful. The Snake can also stand for people who are not in their power and do not stand up for themselves. This comes into play when they feel pushed into a comer and “bite” in their own way. Snakes can be very fast, and their actions are sudden and usually unexpected. You come to the Snake’s “stealth” when you look at the cards in the Giant Tableau that are directly located around this card.


The Coffin or. in this ease, the Cemetery card points to an end. a disease, a goodbye, and letting go. w hi ch is currently inevitable. Transformation and change arc at the forefront of this card. An end can alw ays be both a good ending of a dif­ficult situation in life or a sad card for things that you have longed for. Mostly the querent has already assumed this end. It does not come as a surprise. Keywords: Possible depression. Standstill. Per­sonal development in life is forced through suffering. Something is coming to an end, and at the same time there is room for something new. Loss. Rest. Persistence. Plan fails. Reinvent yourself. The natural end of a relationship. It cannot go on like this. A visit to the hospital. Being on the wrong track. Drawing conse­quences. New beginnings. It is a good time to bring something to an end. Bring closure. Deal­ing with the end or death deters most people. But honestly, what would you really want to do in your life if you knew that your life would be over soon? Don’t we procrastinate about important things too often and regret this later? How many opportunities have already dissolved in your

life, on the basis of supposedly secure thoughts or thoughts such as “That is not what one is supposed to do”?



The Flowers represent a gift, a visit, an invitation, hope, contentment, creativity, and diversity, as well as channing appearance. A card for lightness. Someone you know is coming (e.g., a friendly woman, a daughter, or a sister). Geniality. This card can also stand for a divorced woman. A woman takes over the control. Harmony. Socia­bility. Art. Joy. In relationships, she stands for joyful and beautiful moments. However, over- confidence can sometimes scare others away. A surprise. Little gestures that are well received. Do not get provoked. Stay polite. Also, receiving help from others. Developing trust. Where the Flowers card appears in the layouts, it stands for a positive influence or joyous occasion. Another meaning of the Flowers card is the unused po­tential within. Further, the cards located around the Flowers show the opportunities that are opening up and that should be used. Be aware of unusual innovations or offers in order not to miss them. There are more opportunities than we imagine; sometimes we just have to step out of our own limited frame of mind. Usually I am good at things I like to do, and I also learn them


quickly. These are the potentials that can make me and my life blossom.


The Scythe can be a wanting, danger, an incident, an unexpected development, an acute condition, or even a shock. Timewise, it is happening sud­denly and unexpectedly, with unannounced and potential aggression, or surprisingly. The card indicates a restless and nervous energy. Hyper­activity. Immature and impetuous behavior. Surprisingly. Scary. The sudden end of something. Look at the surrounding cards to see which topic is concerned. Maybe a painful experience and also the possibility of harvesting. The harvest from previous work. In actions, it is important to be assertive. Do not be discouraged. Be espe­cially careful; there is a risk of injury. Where health is concerned, the card may indicate inter­vention or surgery. However, the Scythe is not only to be seen as a “negative” card. Some things have to have an abrupt ending in order for us to wake up. Or, the card shows us clearly where the danger comes from, and we have been procras­tinating about making a pending decision for too long. It is an invitation to act before it ends dramatically.

The basic meaning of this card is dispute, com­munication, discussion, arguments, conversations, negotiation, or interference. It may also point to your own mistake. The dispute card par excel­lence. We should relearn our communication skills without being caught up in emotional drama. Getting simply taken away by high-pitched emotions ends up in disaster. Listening to learn. Topic self-punishment. Humiliating acts. Nego­tiations are necessary. Speak your mind. Talcing things as they come. Just keep quiet. Listen to others. For solving conflict and discord, the querent has to have the required will and the strength to do so. Dispute can be settled only through talking and speaking with each other. Not by silence. Not even by WhatsApp. Unre­solved problems that are unspoken always lead into aggression and violence. Thus, the card gets a completely new meaning in the present time. Moving away from digital media to bring per­sonal and private conversations back to the foreground, because text messages and short bits of information alone do not provide the background and the picture of the situation as a whole.

y-? ■  ' . - •

The Birds are a rather restless card, like startled birds are. They refer to relocation, excitement, restlessness, nervousness, hecticness, and super­ficiality. This card is often linked to the number 2. Something does not last long. It refers to a familiar person, usually two people (e.g., an el­derly couple). Worries. Many opinions. Talents. Mistakes. Having problems understanding each other. A consequence of short meetings or mes­sages. Communication. Better think twice. Turn away when gossiping and talking behind some­one’s back occurs. Acting too quickly results mainly in trouble. Do not make decisions too quickly, and consider what is really important in the long term. Birds look from above and thus get an overview of the situation. That is exactly what is required with this card. Get an overview before you take action.

The Child card is about a child, new beginnings, curiosity, innocence, being unencumbered, being small, or making yourself small. Projects that still need to grow. It refers to a familiar person; for example, your own child (until puberty) or a veiy naive person. Curiosity. Nativity. Small. Childish. Dependent. Unencumbered. Innocent. The Child card stands for childhood itself or friends. The card symbolizes new beginnings in love. Growth, and at the same time letting go of dependencies. Impatience. Little thoughtfulness. Live your life in a playfully and carefree way. Start from the beginning. Show rationality and do not be stubborn like a toddler. It is a good time to start something new. Avoid childish be-havior. When you approach a new situation like a child, you have to give away control. Open up for new things, so that something completely new can emerge. If you behave only on the basis of previ­ous experience, out-comes will be as you already know them. That would lead to a repetition of your past. Children are open; open to new things that they have not experienced yet. They still dare the adventure, no matter how small it is.


The Fox card stands for fraud, lies, untruth, dishonesty, and even self-deception or a negative attitude. Furthermore, the Fox card represents being smart, cunning, and sneaky. As a time factor, it stands for the wrong timing or even for a “not at all." A familiar person; for example, a particular, smart or insidious person. In addition, self-deception or negative attitude is represented, as well as gossip in work or private environment. Not avoiding important responsibilities such as caring for one’s own family. Stop pretending and fooling yourself. Being betrayed. Lack of trust or respect. Do not be blinded. The Fox card is asking you to be real and authentic with yourself or with the relevant theme. Hard work. Being clever, cunning, and vigilant. Do not be fooled. Illegal activities are accepted in order to progress. Beware. Be aware of what is told to you; it could be deliberate wrong information. The Fox is like a mask that is worn. The real self remains unseen, and someone like this is living a distorted life without finding happiness. Therefore, the card is an invitation to search for your own really im­portant things.


—---------- ■


The Bear stands for a strong personality or the boss and expresses a kind of stubbornness; an elderly or official person, strength, power, domination, or possession. It symbolizes a fa­miliar person, such as your father, a fatherly friend, or an ex-husband—definitely a faithful man. It is about compromises. Progress at work. Achieving an agreement. Sovereignty. Reliabil­ity. The card can also stand for a mother figure like the picture on the card—the bear with her children. Protective instinct. A down-to-earth person. Being able to trust a person. Avoid envi­ous people. Do not feel intimidated. Aggressive behavior. Trust in your own strength and abilities. Being assertive. Finding your own inner strength. Retreat to gather yourself. Achieving ambitious goals. As it is with big animals: they do not know how strong they are and underestimate themselves and their abilities. Actually, the bear is a loner, unless it is raising offspring. Here are no com­promises. From our point of view, the bear simply tapers through his life, but in fact it knows exactly where it is going. Sometimes you stumble into a situation just like a bear without knowing how you got there.




The Stars card stands for clarity, inspiration, spirituality, insight, great luck, and a good out­come. Sensitivity. Dream. Ethereal. Celebrity. Attraction. Fateful relationship. Suffering. Seek­ing. Spiritualization. Artistic talent, or whatever talents the querent has. The inherent predisposi­tion that should be applied. It could also be one’s own reverie or yearning for something or some­one. Lucky coincidence. Use. Something is under a “good star.” In regard to health, adequate sleep should be ensured. Hiking in nature. Look after yourself. Do not lose connection with reality; bring your inner visions and ideas into fruition. Ideas risk staying just dreams—if not imple­mented. Often I experience this card as the “cosmic big bang.” When something or a situa­tion turns into the complete opposite yet brings total clarity.

The Storks card indicates upcoming changes, a journey, a move, a job change, being flexible, change, and activity. This card always stands for change; something new is coming. Have a look at the surrounding cards to find out more about the main themes here. It is time to change—your­self or something. Change has to be addressed; otherwise we will be blinded to reality. Nothing stays as it is. You should think about a return. Start something new. The only constant in nature is change. Everything that refuses to change for a long time is taking a step backward develop­mentally. Accept the challenge. You have to start moving and cannot just sit there waiting for change to come by itself. When I am not chang­ing, an unpleasant situation at some point, such as an illness, will force me to rethink and act. Therefore, the Storks card indicates the area where I should take responsibility and become active.


The Dog card stands for loyalty, friendship, and bond, but also for holding on. As a time factor the card stands for permanency. It symbolizes a familiar person (e.g., a friend or a good colleague). In this card you find the support in your life. Keywords: Friendliness. Bond. Holding on. Dependence. Companionship. Building a perma­nent foundation. Back down to earth. Return to nature. Find trust. A very good and loyal friend. Waiting for someone patiently. A relationship not to be questioned. It can also be someone who represents your interests in a public space, such as doctors, financial consultants, or accountants. Look at the surrounding cards for more informa­tion. Being able to rely on someone. Trust and friendship are precious assets. It lies in the nature of dogs not to ask for a reward. Once you have gained the trust of a dog, it stays faithful by your side and will do everything for you for a lifetime.


The Tower card often stands for an authority or a department, as well as for loneliness and sepa­ration. As a person, it is usually someone in a senior position. For entrepreneurs this is the card in hand that refers to their company or freelanc­ing. A familiar person you know, such as a supe­rior or an unpleasant man. Divorce. Distance. Career. Looking ahead. In regard to relationships, the card indicates that the partners are not at the same level. They cannot reach each other, either because they do not get one another or the posi­tions are simply too different. An inner retreat. Not getting help. Threatening separation. Plan in advance. Seek out opportunities. Set boundar­ies. Seeking loneliness and seclusion. Being introverted. Feeling trapped. Cannot get out of one’s skin. Most things that have been grown for a long time are mostly traditional and conserva­tive and therefore progress slowly toward in­novations. It is to be questioned if it is still coher­ent for you. In the foreground on an old founda­tion and in the background, the new is develop­ing. Learning from experience and developing further.

The park or garden stands for the public, the internet, social media, audience, consumers, meetings, an official occasion and socializing, or an event. Everything that is happening outside one’s own private life. Something that has been in the dark until now is coming to the surface or simply becomes visible. Keywords: Public space, which can also be buildings. Health professions. Silence. Sunday. Many people. Society. Maintain the circle of friends. Pursue social obligations. Listen to others’ opinions and respect them. Enjoying being seen with friends. Networking. Representing one’s own interests in public. Standing up for something. Take others into consideration. In the past, people networked in the park. Nowadays this happens only if you bump into someone, given that everyone is always preoccupied with electronic devices. The Garden card challenges one to open up again to per­sonal contacts. Or did we type a letter at breakfast to ask for the butter?


The Mountain card stands for a blockade, an obstacle, inhibitions, or frustration. The mountain is in the wav Either you so around it or climb over it. In anv case, achieving a goal involves huge difficulties. If it is about bringing a situation to a standstill, the mountain is standing cor- reedy. Then it worked out. As a time factor the card stands for "not now.*' You could also say. ~It is like running into a brick wall.** Stubbornness that hinders progress. Lack of insight. Something prevents growth. Disability Something is hold­ing back. Preferably avoidance of an argument Rethinking and looking for alternatives. Accept the challenge. A deadlock: something vou do not want to change under anv circumstances. In order to become aware of obstacles and blockages, it is advisable to spend time alone in nature, far a wav from civilization. Thinking about oneself and one’s problems without any distractions. Solutions cannot be found in old habits and be­haviors that no longer sen e vou. The citv de- Dieted on the card represents our hectic and busy life, which often does not allow us to see the important things in life.


The Crossroad card stands lor an upcoming decision or a choice that has to be made: there arc sc\ oral options The card indicates a (timing point in life. Show openness and stay open to new possibilities. This card is often linked to the number 2 or higher. There arc al least two things to consider, and there could be several other possibilities. Searching for alternatives. Taking different perspectives. The paths intersect. Also finding mutual w ays. Show ing tolerance. Trying new wax s. Deciding on something new' or dif- ferent. Lett inc co of something or someone. Change of heart. Trusting yourself. You have to make a decision and not withhold. Do not wait any longer. Speaking your truth. Searching for alternatives. The w'orse choice is not to make a choice. If vou do not make the decision, someone else will make it for you, which will not neces­sarily be to your advantage. In the horizontal you often find the cards in hand that show you direc­tion and where a path opens.


The basic meaning of this card indicates that something or someone is “gnawing”: a loss, theft, depriving oneself of something, being deprived of something, reduction, decrease, setback, failure, or being systematic. The Mice card is a weakening card in combination with negative cards. However, this card also has the same effect on positive cards. The loss of something that is displayed in the combination of the surrounding cards. Hard work. A dispute. Uncertainty. Waste. Self-reproach. Loss of time. In regard to relation­ships, pay attention to subtle signals and slightest hints so that you do not overlook the essence. Otherwise relationships might get lost. Act cau­tiously but quickly. Handle your problems sys­tematically. Being vigilant. Following the rules. Being active. Weakness of the nerves and the danger of overreaction. Irritability and lack of concentration. As a result, we run the risk of making mistakes more often and thus get even more delayed. The card can also request to be more focused in order to avoid more mistakes. Another apparent meaning of the Mice card is that of fear and worry.

The Heart card stands for love, luck, partnership, intimate feelings, and being wholehearted. Re­lationship. Helpfulness. As a person, the card stands for a young person, a lover, or a warm­hearted person. Someone who is appreciated. Vulnerability. Falling in love. Give your heart away. Trust the people you love. Go away until the end. Turn passion into profession. Be aware of what brings joy to your life. What can you contribute to a relationship instead of just think­ing about how the other is supposed to be? Where are the similarities that do well for both? What are you looking for in the other that is lacking inside yourself? Can your counterpart withstand these needs? What does your partner need from you? Bringing giving and taking into balance. The Heart also stands for the theme that is close to your heart. Notice which cards lie between you and the Heart card, respectively—through which cards do you reach your own heart again?


The basic meaning of this card is the partnership, marriage, contracts, agreements, something that inns in a circle, cyclically recurring, representa­tive, or always repetitively. Situations or things that are interconnected. In general, the meaning is relationships or repetitions; running in circles. Legal documents. Military service. Mandatory. Chronic. Liability. A strong bond between two people. Creating a mutual foundation. Feeling connected. Staying together on the basis of com­mitments and not for the sake of love. Get others excited about your ideas. Strengthen your rela­tionships. Bringing something to conclusion that has been lived for years, but also returning to the starting point. Relationships grow and change over time. In long-term relationships, remember the actual relationship.

Basically, the Book card stands for a secret, knowledge or science, closeness, unknown, edu­cation, not visible yet, a new chapter of life that ) is being opened, or new beginnings of something.

Subconsciousness. Education. Secrecy. Being | mysterious. Being discreet. Covering something up. Giving a relationship time. Hiding something. Checking for innocuousness. Waiting a bit longer. Appreciating the luck more. Sharing knowledge or expressing own knowledge. Educating yourself further and questioning where the knowledge is coming from. Did you experience this knowledge i yourself, or is it just something retold? Knowledge means to make your own experience; otherwise, it is just philosophy. What do you believe in, and what have you not proven by yourself to form your own opinion? You can reveal a secret only if you take care and address it. Only then can you understand it and work on it. In the long run, the unspoken can be more harmful than that which is spoken. Think carefully about what you are doing.

fhe basic meaning: messages. phone calls, emails. SMS. WhaisApp. documents. or communication in any form, as well as superficially. As a time factor this card stands tor short term. Something is passing by. News is on the way. Love letter. Positive message. Noncommitment. Superficial relationship. Short-lived relationship. Commu­nicative behavior. Do the “admin." Responding to official correspondence and paying bills. Not getting distracted. Today, nothing is going to be overlooked, but instead double check all mes­sages carefully. Being concentrated. Distinguish­ing between important and unimportant corre­spondence. Taking time for important commu­nication and not going over things superficially. In addition, the card can also stand for starting the communication actively instead of waiting for a message to come. Our communication has shifted a lot to technology. As a result, it has become very superficial and without commitment. However, a letter addresses the topic of commit­ment. Binding action brings in the topic of re­sponsibility. Taking responsibility for someone or something.



This Gentleman card represents the querent himself or the man of the heart. The card also stands for all masculine characteristics that one should evolve by oneself As a person card, this card represents the querent, and it is a linchpin in hand. First, look at the surrounding cards. Next, look at which cards are lying between the person card and the theme card of the querent. On a giant spread, the cards behind the Gentleman card represent the past, and the cards in front of it represent the future. If the theme lies in the back, it is something that has been preoccupying for a long time and usually involves deadlocked behaviors. However, if the theme card is posi­tioned in front of him, there is still much more transformation of oneself. If the theme card is right in front of the Gentleman card, it might be the most important situation right now. It also shows the most likely future unless serious things happen. In this regard, it is to be mentioned that only a few clients will try everything to prevent what is predicted, no matter what it is. In hand, this is recognizable when the Heart and Mountain cards are lying directly next to each other.


This Lady card represents the querent herself or the woman of the heart. The card also stands for all female characteristics that one should evolve by oneself. As a person card, this card represents the querent, and it is a linchpin in hand. First, look at the surrounding cards. Next, look at which cards are lying between the person card and the theme card of the querent. On a giant spread, the cards behind the Lady card represent the past, and the cards in front of it represent the future. If the theme lies in the back, it is something that has been preoccupying for a long time and usu­ally involves deadlocked behaviors. However, if the theme card is positioned in front of it, there is still much more transformability of oneself. If the theme card is right in front of the Lady card, it might be the most important situation right now. It also shows the most likely future unless serious things happen. In this regard, it is to be mentioned that only a few clients will try every­thing to prevent what is predicted, no matter what it is. In hand, this is recognizable when the Heart and Mountain cards are lying directly next to each other.

~ f-


The basic meaning: harmony, sexuality, family, purity, and “beautiful.” Intimacy. Age. Peace. Balance. Being peaceful. Letting relationships mature. Bringing life experience without being decisive. Self-development. Do not play the judge. Pay attention to harmony. No exaggera­tions, no matter whether it’s a conversation, an action, or a situation. Being able to let something rest in peace. The viewer of this card holds the lilies in his hand and goes to a brightly lit house that he wants to visit. What do you want to do there? Or what do you have to bring back into harmony in this topic? Which area of your life needs calmness and reflection? Another meaning of the card is to recognize the power, especially your own power. In this context the word power has no negative aspect; it stands for the power over one’s own life—to realize it and to regain this power. In other words, taking responsibility for one’s own life back into one’s own hands and not blaming others for one’s own circumstances. This card calls for independent action to improve your situation again.



The Sun card stands for warmth, energy, creativ­ity, or vitality; the luck card in hand. Profit. Success. Money. Good health. Hope. Powerfill. Power in abundance. The surrounding topic is currently full of energy and is therefore cur­rently high on the list of priorities. Good care. Luck. Generosity. Enjoying one’s luck. Allowing oneself to be cheered up. Wishes can come true. Many possibilities can be used. A market is de­veloping. Acting decisively. You can overcome obstacles. It is a good time to solve problems. Sun and Moon—both cards include time: the waking time of the sun during the day, and the time of dreaming of the moon at night. If the mountain is right next to the sun, it indicates pent-up energy, a rather explosive potential that should be dissipated. The possibilities can be found in the surrounding layouts.






The Moon card reflects the mirror of the soul, the feelings, the intuition, psyche, and also fame and honor or social recognition. Keywords: In­stincts. Lust and aversion. Recognition. Mutual love and feelings of admiration. Shared feelings. Nerves. Timewise lunar rhythm. It is time to take care of your own inner life. Daydreams about a life that one wants to live but does not believe in. Fulfilling needs. Also cannot endure closeness. An ignition and a fast extinguishing. Suppressing memories. Being in the spotlight. Night shift. Keeping calm. Introspect. Pay attention to your own feelings. Where the card appears, primary focus is internal and not external. First be aware of what you feel internally, what you want, or what is not processed yet. What is not processed will eventually surface and will be mirrored by others. Your world changes—first from the inside and then the outer world, not the other way around.

The basic meaning of the Key card is security, the key to success, fulfillment, or something happens with certainty. Being careful. Something is important. Fulfillment. Generally, the Key card highlights the meanings of the cards surrounding it, no matter in which direction. The Key also reflects the position in the Giant Tableau where you can start to shed some light on the theme you are looking for and recognize your part in the situation. At the same time, it is also a clue to how you can directly affect the situation. Look at the suiTOunding cards and the position of the Key card to your card. If the Key is behind the person card, it indicates your past behaviors. But if the Key card is in front of the person card, it indicates your future course of action. If you change these, the result will be different. The card can also identify a “key theme” in hand, which should be looked at in advance if certain problems occur over and over again and it is not clear exactly what this is all about.

The basic meanings are finances, income, per­sonal possessions, and materialistic thinking. Something or someone can be influenced by money. The topic of addiction can hide here. Dealing with your own body. Tears. Psyche. Soul. Subconscious forces. Find your mental balance. Follow your intuition. Listen to the inner voice. Swim against the tide; do something you have never dared to do—even if everyone else disagrees. Listen to your inner voice, because your actions are your responsibility alone. The topic of money is very closely linked to self-esteem. If the client lacks self-esteem, it is often shown in this card and also in the lack of finances. The surrounding cards show which unconscious at­titudes contribute to the lack of finances. With this we find the beginning of what needs to change internally.


Basic meaning: The job, especially employees, the profession, the education, to be diligent, to commit, in relationships being the proverbial anchor, and being there for each other. Liability. Value. Being clingy. Having arrived. Safety. Conservative. An anchor can also be lifted, and stands for the ability to release something. Follow your own professional interests. Being engaged. Break away from rigid thought patterns. Divide. An anchor can be set or lifted. Sometimes you have to leave the place where you are and let go. Generally, the card shows you the place where you currently are in this layout. Look at the cards around and compare them with your life situation. The card can also show your belief system, your inner understanding of right and wrong.

The card represents fate, strain, burden, or karma. Faith. Religion. Suffering. Purpose. Devoted. Taking advice. Sacrifice yourself for the common good. Represent religious views. Bear your cross. Taking on pending tasks. Continuing education and learning. Taking the initiative. You can accept your destiny or change it. It is up to you. The cross shows you primarily where your habits and behaviors have brought you. You can accept it or not. If not, you have to change your old beliefs to make a change. In older explanatory models, this card is always the fate card combined with immutability, karma. But we live in times of quantum physics, and that means there is no time here. How can there be karma without time? Or is it rather our innermost beliefs that make things happen in our lives? When is karma compen­sated? Exciting questions. In any case, you should pay attention to this card, if you want to find old and deadlocked ways of thinking within yourself.

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