Tarot of the Divine Masculine Guidebook

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O The FOOL - Starting out on a new ad- venture, taking a leap of faith; with p new beginnings and spontaneity... Let k GO OF FEAR AND JUST TRUST!

* Doyou dare tofollowyour dream ?


I The MAGICIAN - The magician makes


things happen and gets what he wants because he understands how to earn it.


REALIZE to change your situation.

Cany ou perceiveyourfull potential ?


2 INTUITION - We must realize that uni m seen forces are greater than ourselves. It is time to be still and tune into your in- B ner wisdom. Stay CONNECTED TO YOUR HIGHER SELF.            i

Areyou listening to the unseen forces ?                                         4



3    The PROTECTOR - The situation is pregnant with promise and full of op- portunity. You are on the right track; H Still, you should RESPECT A PERIOD OF If WAITING until your desires come true, f L Believe in the good outcome.

Ganyou believe in a good outcome in peace?

4     The EMPEROR - What better source for advice than a battle-tested, Vrf thoughtful, strategic ruler? The Em- peror reminds you that sometimes a JH serious, disciplined approach is * * needed. Get to work.

Areyou using enough ofyour experience and knowledge when making the decision?


5 The HIEROPHANT - This card is a message to examine your belief sys- J terns; how you operate with these beliefs, and how they affect your life, f Learn the fundamental principles from a trusted source.

Areyou honoring enough the established beliefs?



6 The LOVERS - Perfection and harmony


la in a relationship; whether in love,
friendship, family or business matters.
FM Still, it is a union of differences — and



Are_you ready to adapt to the loved ones?


y The CHARIOT - This is not the time to be passive, TAKE FOCUSED ACTION, no P matter what challenges lie ahead. But f remember, a chariot attacks from the side... be ready to change your course in order to achieve your goals.

Can you try a different approach to this problem ?


8 STRENGTH - Inner strength, fortitude


and a softer approach — not force — will win. Master the raw emotions to { L bring calm to yourself or to a situation.


This is no time to act in rage.


Arejou able to tamejjour inner beafi?



9 The HERMIT - It’s time to RETREAT TO


A PERSONAL SPACE and lock out
worldly distractions. Try to be still;
contemplate, meditate, observe what is




going on before any


further action is




Is it time to quefiionyour current goals in life?


IO WHEEL of FORTUNE - When pulled in a reading, this card generally indi- £ cates a HAPPY, UNEXPECTED CHANGE, It is important to note here that what is “good” or “bad” is all in your interpreta­tion. Trust in the cycle of life.

Areyou ready to embrace the change and make the moft ofit?


II JUSTICE - You have A CHOICE TO MAKE. As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as nt clear-cut as you might have thought. u Justice serves as a loud message from your conscience.

Areyou ready to tyeak the truth - toy ourself or others?



12 The HANGED MAN - There is no ex- r pectation with this card. All actions have k been suspended. This card delivers a [ message that NOW IS THE TIME TO EASE OFF from “doing” and simply “be” for awhile.


Canyou juft let things be ?


13 DEATH - A major change had, or will er take place — AN ENDING OF SOMETHING [ TOO LONG DELAYED. The key point to re- h member here is that where there is an ‘ ending, there is also a beginning.

Doyou realise that when something ends, something else begins?


14 TEMPERANCE - You need to FIND | PEACE OF MIND and harmony in your Fj* life. As you lean in closer to hear what Temperance has to say, you will hear the tranquil waters running through your spirit.

Canyou liften to the silence for a while ?



Ig The DEVIL - The devil is a very loud message that you’re in DANGER OF LOSING YOUR BASE NATURE — of being 4 seduced by the material world and by ' physical pleasures. It represents the vic­tory of your ego.

Dojou mo ftly go for short-term goals?


16 The TOWER - The Tower card is all about very sudden and NOT-SO-PLEASANT CHANGE. The Universe is trying to SJ wake you up from your zombie-like state.

How much pretense and illusion is there inj>our life ?


17 The STAR - There is nothing to hide or fear — renewed hope and faith, and a / sense that YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED BY 1 THE UNIVERSE. Everything will work out. 1 Do you shine with peace and harmony ?                 ]



18 The MOON - The Moon, suggests a

APPEARS TO BE. Be careful of making fast
decisions when the Moon appears. Feel


into situations rather than thinking what they mean.

What is di^lra6tingyoufrom the right path ?


21 The WORLD - A promise of SUCCESS. The World is the last card in the Major Arcana. As such, it embodies the completion of a long, sometimes difficult journey.

Canyou accept thatyou have reachedjourg0Q| ?


19 The SUN - This is a break-through L card. Trust that YOUR PATH IS ALWAYS

ILLUMINATED by the sun-energy. The Sun card is a clear message of success, radiance and abundance.

Arejrou lettingyour inner child to come out and play ?


20 JUDGEMENT - You should JUDGE


FL4F WHAT ACTION IS TO BE TAKEN, and where to turn now. In contrast to the Justice card that is more connected with logic, Judgement needs a mixture of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Arejou ready for spiritual awakening?





ACE of Cups - Divine LOVE AND k COMPASSION ARE POURING THROUGH ■F YOU. You receive love, you give love, you are love. This card often represents a new relationship, be it a friendship, a romance or a new project.

Arejou open to receive love and a new relationship ?


TWO of Cups - Where Ace of Cups repre- L sents the flow of love from within, the

Two of Cups is the flow of LOVE K BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. Whether with our lovers, friends, family, partners, or co-workers.

Arejou open enough to see the point of view of others ?


THREE of Cups - It’s time to dance, cel-

ebrate and enjoy what is ahead of you.

When the Three of Cups appears in a
Tarot reading, you are encouraged to


GATHER WITH YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS and have a good time together.

What canjou do to makejour daily life more joyful ?

FOUR of Cups - You ARE THE ONLY FACTOR THAT LIMITS YOU. The universe is open to possibilities, and it is up to you to uncross your arms and reach out to it.

Why areyyou cuttingy ourself from inspiration and joy ?


FIVE of Cups - Things didn’t happen as you wanted, and you are immersed in self- pity. It’s ok to be down for a while. 4 New opportunities and possibilities are waiting for you — but only when you are B ready for them.                                      *

Arejtou likening to the other points of view, or are you always gettingyour own way ?


SIX of Cups - The Six of Cups invites you to get in touch with your inner child \ I / and experience fun, freedom and innocence. Share your special tai- ents with the world. DANCE LIKE NO-ONE



Do you express gratitude for having friends?



SEVEN of Cups - This card is inviting you r to make a choice. But be careful! You are j\ unrealistic and prone to illusion. Move W out of the ideas and options phase, J CHOOSE CAREFULLY JUST ONE THING AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Areyou confused by having to choose ? How to decide ?

EIGHT of Cups - Your emotional flow is
_ lessening- It may be time to MOVE ON.

You wont find new heights of spiri-

V tual and emotional greatness by stay- jl jJ ing in your comfort zone — even if it brings you sadness as you say goodbye.

Shouldyou move on, instead of watting for things to get better?


TEN of Cups - Relish all the JOYS that come FROM BEING A PART OF A J COMMUNITY of loving friends and family. A happy and harmonious rela- I'M! tionship. Follow your heart and trust »v your intuition.

Do you appreciate enough the love and support you havefiromyour close ones?

PAGE of Cups - Dream the impossible DREAM, even if it seems out of reach. In 4 a practical sense, the Page of Gups can indicate that you will receive an unex- pected and pleasant surprise. Keep yourself open and vulnerable.

Areyou showing enoughyour sensitivity andyour cre­ative side ?


NINE of Cups - The Nine of Gups is an


■ without any guilt about the possible
1 negative consequences. Your wish will




come true. Just make sure you take some


time to be grateful.


Cany ou accept thatyou deserve this great situationyou are in?


KNIGHT of Cups - Make your dream COME TRUE. Let your heart lead your 4 decisions. With Page you dreamt what you wanted, and now with Knight you are ready to make the dream come true. Areyou ready to fight foryour dreams ?





KEEPER of Cups - When you see this card in a reading, it means you are em- | bodying the motherly energy. You sup- port others by listening and caring I deeply. You feel rather than think. Trust your instincts.

Areyou treating others with compassion ?


The Kingdom of


KING of Cups - Balance between ^ACTION AND INSTINCT. You manage the V situation logically, controlling your r feelings, but at the same time take other I people’s needs into consideration. You understand the Divine Masculine.



The natural element associated with the Pentacles is Earth. Their meanings are mostly focused on material aspects: money, work, property.


Arejou making decisions so that everyone is satisfied ?

ACE of Pentacles - New opportunities are


JL awaiting you in the areas of money, health, career, and all things practical. Hand with an orange is a symbol of gen- -* J erosity and reminds us that IN ORDER TO RECEIVE, YOU NEED TO GIVE.


Arejou grateful for the things thatyou have in this mo­ment?


TWO of Pentacles - As long as you can • manage your energy, resources and time J well, YOU CAN HANDLE ANYTHING. But w be aware, this card appears when you are 4 concentrating too much on juggling, and are losing the bigger picture.

Arejou capable ofjugglingy our priorities ?


THREE of Pentacles - You have the skill and resources to create what you have |V planned. This is an encouragement f that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. * Collaborate with others and value differ­ent ideas and levels of experience.

How canyou hammeryour visions into something real ?

FOUR of Pentacles - You have reached your goals, and accumulated wealth. But there is a sense of isolation from the people around you. This image re- J y minds us NOT TO BE STINGY WITH YOUR


How dojoufeel about sharing with others ?


FIVE of Pentacles - Lack of money, poor

health, and perhaps the crudest of all
— rejection from others. And yet, you

are so focused on your problems that


you don’t see the friend with a blanket

How canjou reftorejourfafth in others?


SIX of Pentacles - This night scene tells about GIVING AND RECEIVING. But you could be the one giving today, and the one receiving tomorrow. Maybe it is not money you have to give, but love, * * support, time or energy.

Are_you comfortable when others are generous tojfou ?

| Being generous to others ?

SEVEN of Pentacles - The manifestation A; of our labors is at hand. Don’t worry, V THE HARD WORK WILL BRING RESULTS. ■ Contemplate your next move.

> Is ft time to reft from work and take time for re­fection and approbation ?


EIGHT of Pentacles - The ironsmith i^W^scene is the encouragement to KEEP

DOING THAT REPETITIVE WORK you are F j doing and it will lead to success. It will take a lot of time and focus, but the goal will be reached.

Dojou believe that this hard work will pay off?


NINE of Pentacles - You have worked hard and you have reached abundance B in your life. SlT BACK AND ENJOY IT. W Leisure, comfort, luxury — you deserve it all.

Canjou enjoy the luxury and liberation from the con­ventional thatj)ou have deserved ?



TEN of Pentacles - There is no waiting

for more, you have achieved every-
ONLY FOR YOU, but also for your loved


ones and those who shared in your vision. Doesyour vision agree with the goal ofyour close ones ?


PAGE o£ Pentacles - Reveal a different ASPECT OF YOURSELF. The Page encour- | ages you to start something new. Stay | focused on the practical side of it: take M a class or start an apprenticeship. And j stay simple.

Areyou taking all the possibilities into consideration ?


KNIGHT of Pentacles - Like all the

Knights, this one represents work and

responsibilities after the free dreaming
of Pages. He will tell you to GET BACK
TO WORK. Take a moderate and con-


servative look at life.

How do you mean to get whatyou want?



KEEPER of Pentacles - Seek spiritual


fulfilment from nature. Surround

ABr yourself with gaiety and celebrations.





Areyou aware of the balance and resourcefulness you


are surrounded with ?


KING of Pentacles - Strong as a bull, vir­


ile and handsome. Everything you touch turns into gold. Be methodical and hard-working. CONTINUE THIS J PATH AND DON’T TRY NEW WAYS OF DOING




Areyou ready for taking the clear, Straightforward path and doing the work ahead ?



The Kingdom of


The element associated with the Wands is that o£ fire. Their meanings are linked to spirituality, intuition, and personal en­ergy.

ACE of Wands - This card is a bright light for us to see the way. A promise of motion, direction and positivity. Pure potential in the spiritual energetic field. Live YOUR PASSION, follow your heart.

Shouldn’tyou letyourpassion take control ?


TWO of Wands - Twos are always about (making choices. The spark of inspira­tion from the Ace is being turned into a clear plan. You are still not ready to move on. You MUST FIRST MAKE A



Are you taking into consideration all ofyour blessings beforeyou ftart to move on ?


THREE of Wands - This scene tells you # that your plans are being put into mo- V tion. NO ACTION IS NEEDED HERE. Just allow for things to happen. As you watch in the distance, start considering more opportunities.

Areyou allowing the journey to happen in the befi way foryou ?

FOUR of Wands - Harmony and happi­ness in all endeavors. Life is sweet and J this is the time to CELEBRATE INITIAL 1 ACHIEVEMENTS. Like the joy of return- ■ ing home for the holidays.

Arejou accepting that it is time to enjoy for a hit, and lay down roots ?


FIVE of Wands - There’s conflict and

competition, and no shortage of opin-

ions on how to implement the ideas.
But don’t worry, THE CONFLICT IS A

the enjoyable struggle.

Is Hgood to have ilj>our way always?


SIX of Wands - You have reached an im­portant milestone. A triumph AND 1 VICTORY, but also losing sight of the vi- sion just in the moment of victory. Arejou aware of others who helpedjou to succeed ?

SEVEN of Wands - You’re backed into a corner. Everyone wants something . from you. Stay anchored in your 1 TRUTH and don’t let anyone convince you out of it, despite feeling a bit unsteady on your feet from time to time.

Areyou putting too much emotion into this situation?


TEN of Wands - You are feeling exhausted and weighed down with too many respon- sibilities. You ARE OVERCOMMITTING M YOURSELF. There is an end in sight but I it may be hard to see it at this time. Keep holding on.

Isyour overworking completely necessary ?


EIGHT of Wands - Take a deep breath, because everything is falling into place.

People or circumstances are aligning F to FACILITATE THE ACHIEVEMENT OF YOUR GOALS. Go with the flow and move fast.

Areyou receding the natural flow ofyour life ?


PAGE of Wands - I am free spirit with youthful enthusiasm. I am a sign that J you should GIVE YOUR IDEA A TRY. Take W it seriously and start planning how to J bring it to realization.               •

Areyou paying attention to creativity, which is the right path for new beginnings ?


NINE of Wands - As tired as you get, don’t back down. GET YOUR CLAWS OUT; youj will need them. Rely on your inneq strength. Ask for help from friends;! you have them.

Areyou willing to carryyour mission to its end ?


KNIGHT of Wands - I will give you the jump start you need. I flourish in unsta- ble or dangerous situations. I like to fix problems. Hold on tight, it will be a " wild ride! Take an action and PUT YOUR IDEAS INTO MOTION.

Doyou need to ad immediately?

KEEPER of Wands - My confidence is high and my energy is magnetic. I’m admired for my incredible attractive- ness and charm and I make everybody feel special. Take charge of things and peo­ple and ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE.

Is if time to be a spiritual leader ofyour loved ones ?


The Kingdom of


KING of Wands - I am an innovative vi- sionary. But I do not bring ideas to life myself, I make others do it for me.

This card is a signal for you to TAKE THE J TORCH OF LEADERSHIP with high moral standards.

Are you thinking things through properly before you ad?




The natural element associated with the Swords is air. The typical Swords Tarot card meanings are associated with the struggle of the thought and of the mind.

ACE of Swords - This is the mental break- L through that you’ve been waiting for.

The air clears and you gain clarity in your life after a long spell of disillu- , * sionment. This is EXCELLENT TIMING


Areyou able to fully focus on the problemyou are fac­ing?


FOUR of Swords - You have gone through a period of battle. Cocoon your soul for recuperation. Rest before taking the next challenge. Now is NOT THE TIME TO MAKE DECISIONS.

Canyoufind time to retreat, and recuperate ?


TWO of Swords - The PATH AHEAD MAY

NOT BE CLEAR at this time. Yet avoidance
will provoke even more havoc. Make a
decision using your best knowledge and
be ready for the consequences.


Isyour avoiding to decide making more trouble ?


FIVE of Swords - You have won, but at

what cost? Maybe you would like to take
your words back. The victory has made
you alone. This card is begging of you to
What part ofyou shouldyou get rid of?


THREE of Swords - Feeling heavy-hearted


after an emotional storm. Begin to r HONESTLY OBSERVE THE INNER-

WORKINGS OF THE HEART. Give yourself time to cry, to accept what has happened,


and to go on with your life. What areyou hidingfromy ourself?


SIX of Swords - A passage away from diffi- culties is ahead. It*s TIME TO MOVE ? Jj ON. There is a safe harbor on the horizon. Hope and promise of peaceful recovery after tribulations.

Is leaving sometimes the beit solution ?

SEVEN of Swords - You are not satisfied

with your present situation, and USING

DECEIT you try to reach your goals. The
desert fox represents the ability to


blend in and depict yourself as who they

ask you to be.

Is toplay by the book always the belt way ?


EIGHT of Swords - Self-imposed restric-

tion. Being trapped by your own biases
and prejudices.
OF YOUR THOUGHTS. You are already
free, just unable to see it.


Arejou enjoying being a vuftim ?


NINE of Swords - Consumed by worry.

Thoughts or behaviors you shove be-
neath the surface are bubbling up over
and over in your dreaming or less con-
scious states.


FEARS. Ask help from others.

What thoughts are_you evading?



TEN of Swords - A clean break or finish­ing with a bad situation. Not every- thing in your life was meant to be long-term. You can choose to plug your­self into a NEGATIVE VIEWPOINT, or to UNPLUG YOURSELF FROM ONE.

Canjiou Hill truH in the perfection of the universe?


PAGE of Swords - I am enlightened and


can be very grounded when I have to
be. I know the difference between fan-
tasy and reality. GREAT NEW IDEAS




just anything.


Couldjyour fantasy leadjou for awhile?


KNIGHT of Swords - I have an attractive,

magnetic personality and my thoughts
are like a well-planned chess game.
When I come to your reading, it is time


TO TAKE ACTION. No time for doubt, fear,


or questioning.

Arejou ready to take charge ?

KEEPER of Swords - I am ruled by my C logic, not my heart. I don’t cushion my Hk words with compassion, but I will al­ii ways tell the truth. When this card visits you in the reading, it is a clear sign to


Shouldjou be more fiem wilhyourself and others?

KING of Swords - I am the oldest of all

the kings from the Four Kingdoms.
Nowadays I spend my time by contem-
plating the life cycles. Use your logic

and make firm decisions. YOU CAN SEE


Arejou using logic and experience when deciding?


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