1977 England Alchemy Tarot Guidebook

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A Tarot deck contains 78 cards and is mostly used for fortune telling, meditation and practice of magical rites. It is also a very effective agent in psychotherapy and as help and advisor in psychological matters in general.

So far the real origin of the Tarot is not known. The ma­jority of Tarot experts admits that most probably Tarot cards were first used in Europe and the western hemisp­here by gipsies.

The cards depict the archetypes found in the classical psycholopy by C. G. Jung and numerous magical and re­ligious symbols.

It is most probable that the Tarot or Book of Thoth, ori­ginally the Book of Life, originated in the ancient Egypt.

According to the hermetic tradition, two secrets re­main to be unveiled ...Astrology and Tarot. . . in the great pyramid, where there is a narrow path underneath that, through the Feet of the Sphynx leads to the Egyptian Temple of Initiation. The pictures along the walls of this temple show 108 Tarot cards. 78 of these cards are known to us as the Esoteric Tarot, but the remaining 30 were not disclosed to the public yet.

Another theory claims that the Tarot Cards were crea­ted by Jewish Kabbalah experts around the year 1200 in FEZ, Morocco. We are inclined to accept that the Tarot Cards are rather Egyptian than Hebrew, whilst Kabbalah is certainly Hebrew and not Christian.

The TAROT deck consists of 22 Major Arcana or Keys numbered from 0 to XXI, plus the 56 Minor Arcana. Nu­merous authors relate the Major Arcana to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Minor Arcana are subdivi­ded into 4 suits of 14 cards. Each suit consists of the cards ace (1) thru 10, plus page, knight, queen ana king.

There are several theories concerning the positioning of the card 0 - The Fool among the Major Arcana. We the­refore leave it up to the user to make his personal choice.

A strange fascination emanates from Tarot cards. Each individual reacts differently to them. No one will however forget the first time he was faced with them. Tarot cards can unveil your problems in the subconscient.


fiffi^i am

As the American expert Eden Gray says, «The Magic is in the cards...*, whatever you achieve with them, it is your image in the mirror of self-accomplishment.


THE FOOL - Represents the spirit.

Signification in the normal upright position: Folly, mama, extravagance, delirium, frenzy, insecurity, frivo­lity. passion, enthusiasm. Card in reversed position: Ne­gligence, absence, bad decision, indecision, apathy.

THE MAGICIAN - Represents willpower.

Normal position: Skill, diplomacy, selfconfidence, fle­xibility, domination, strategy.

Reversed position: Weekness of will, ineptitude, inse­curity, delay, willpower applied to evil ends, indecision.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS - Represents secret knowledge or occult wisdom.

Normal position: Wisdom, common sense, learning, serenity, objectivity, foresight, perception, emotionless­ness, impatience, unmarried, too practical, teacher.

Reversed position; Ignorance, lack of uderstanding, selfishness, improper judgment, shallowness.

THE EMPRESS - Represents fertility as a result from intuition.

Normal position: Feminine progress, action, fertility, material wealth, mother, sister, wife, marriage, children, feminine influence, wealth, punishment, profusion, ca­pable of motivating others, a leader business woman, level-headed, practical, decisive, intuitive.

Reversed position: Vacillation, inaction, lack of con­centration, anxiety, frittering away of recources, inferti­lity, infidelity, loss of material possessions.

THE EMPEROR - Represents self-control through inte­lligence.

Normal position: Worldly power, accomplishment, con­fidence, wealth, stability, authority, indomitable spirit, fat­her, brother, husband, male influence, direct pressure, communication, conviction, strength, attainment of goals.


Reversed position: immaturity, lack of strength inrip cision, failure to control petty emotions.                                         ’

THE HIEROPHANT - Represents conformism and ort­hodoxy.

Normal position: Ceremonies, humilities, kindness inspiration, alliance, servitude, inactivity, lack of convic­tion, timidity, over reserve, captivity to one’s own ideas, a person to whom one has recourse, ritualism indul­gence.

Reversed position: Overkindness, susceptibility, impo­tence, vulnerability, unorthodoxy, renunciation, frailty.

THE LOVERS - Represents the balance between 2 for­ces.

Normal position: Love, beauty, unanimity, trials over­come, confidence, beginning of a possible romance, in­fatuation, tendency towards optimism, letting oneself go, the necessity of testing or subjecting to trial, struggle between sacred and profane love, putting to the proof, yearning. '

Reversed position: Failure to meet the test, unfaithful­ness, separation, frustration in love and marriage, inter­ference by others, fickleness, unwise plans.

THE CHARIOT - Represents the triumph of the mind.

Normal position: Adversity, possibly already overcome, conflicting influence, tur moil, vengeance, success, es­cape, fleeing from reality, perplexity, need for supervi­sion.

Reversed position: unhappiness, defeat, failure, con­quered, overwhelmed.

JUSTICE - Represents proper balance.

Normal position: Justice, harmony, equity, virtue, honor, virginity, just reward, good intentions, well-mea­ning actions, advice, seifsatisfaction. Reversed position: Vacillation, false accusations, fanatism, severity in judg­ment, abuse.

THE HERMIT - Represents the guiding spirit.

Normal position: Counsel, knowledge, solicitude, pru­dence, caution, resignation, withdrawal, misguided, fa**


fiffi^i am

lure to face facts, possessor of secrets.

Reversed position: Imprudence, incorrect advice, im­maturity. rashness, confusion.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE - Represents the spirit fa­cing the fate.

Normal position-. Destiny, fortune, outcome, felicity, godsend, special gain or unusual loss, result, conclusion, inevitability.

Reversed position: failure, broken sequence, interrup­tion or inconsistency due to unexpected events.

STRENGTH - Represents the eternal spirit, able to overcome all obstacles.

Normal position: strenght, courage, conviction, energy, determination, defiance, action, fortitude, innate ability, zeal, fervor, attainment at considerable peril, conquest, heroism, virility, resolution, physical abilities.

Reversed position: Weakness, pettiness, sickness, ty­ranny, lack of faith, impotency.

THE HANGED MAN - Represents the spirit of renun­ciation and sacrifice.

Normal position: Life in suspension, transition, apathy and dullness, boredom, abandonment, sacrifice, repen­tance, readjustment, regeneration, improvement, surrender.

Reversed position: Lack of sacrifice, failure to give of one's self, preoccupation with the ego, false prophecy, useless sacrifice.

DEATH - Represents the spirit in transformation.

Normal position: Unexpected change, loss, failure, the ending of a familiar situation or friendship, loss of in­come or financial security, illness, possibly even death.

Reversed position: Stagnatism, immobility, slow chan­ges, partial change, avoidance of serious accident, inertia.

TEMPERANCE - Represents selfcontrol of the mind.

Normal position: Moderation, patience, accomodation, harmony management, compatibility, fusion, good in­fluence. consolidation, mother image, father image, wo­rldly image, exuding confidence and complacity, fortu­nate omen.


Reversed position: Discord, conflict, hostility, impa­tience sterility, frustrations.

THE DEVIL - Represents the subordinated mind

Normal position: Subordination, decay, bondage, ma­levolence, weird experience, seeming inability to realize one’s goals, violence, shock, fatality, selfishment, temp­tation to evil, self-destruction, lack of principles.

Reversed position: Release from bondage, respite, re­cognition of one's needs by another person, overcoming insurmountable handicaps.

THE TOWER - Represents the spirit facing destruction.

Normal position: Change in a complete and sudden manner, abandonment of past relationships, unexpected events, termination, adversity, downfall, disruption loss of stability, loss of money, loss of love and affection, te­rrible change, annoyance.

Reversed position: Continued oppression, living in a rut, entrapped in an unhappy situation.

THE STAR - Represents the spirit of hope and faith.

Normal position: Faith, inspiration, bright prospects, mixing of the past and present, fulfillment, pleasure, promising opportunity.

Reversed position: Unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, lack of opportunity, stubbornness.

THE MOON - Represents the spirit of inspiration.

Normal position: Deception, twilight, obscurity, tric­kery, caution, warning, bad influence, ulterior motives, selfishness, slyness, false promise, disgrace, slander, lia­ble, being taken advantage of, failure to avoid the dan­gers which surround, danger.

Reversed position: A minor deception recognized be­fore damage is done, trifling mistakes, overcoming bad temptations, taking advantage of someone.

THE SUN - Represents the peace of mind.

Normal position: Satisfaction, accomplishment, content­ment, success, favourable relationship, love, joy, devotion, unselfish sentiment, engagement, favorable omen, a good friend,high spirit, warmth, sincerity, achievement in the arts.


fiffi^i am

Reversed position: Unhappiness, loneliness, cancelled plans, clouded future, lack of friendship.

JUDGEMENT • Represents the spirit of cosmic cons­cience.

Normal position: Atonement, judgment, the possibility that present conduct towards other people is unfair and unkind, rejuvenation, promotion, the desire for immorta­lity, the possibility exists that someone is taking unfair advantage of you and will be sorry in the future, legal judgment in one's favor.

Reversed position: Delay, aversion, incapacity to un­derstand the facts, indecision, divorce, theft, alienation of affection.

THE WORLD - Represents the spirit that left behind the material world.

Normal position: Attainment, completion, perfection, ultimate change, the end result of all efforts, success, assurance, synthesis, accomplishment, capability, the re­wards that come from hard work, the path of liberation, eternal life.

Reversed position: Imperfection, failure to complete the task one starts, lack of vision, failure, disappointment.



KING - Normal position: An active and determined person, experienced, authoritative, controlled, justice, force, superiority, a professional man, highly analytical. Reversed position: A person who may pursue a matter to rum, cruelty, conflict, selfishness.

QUEEN - Normal position: Sharp, quick-witted, inten­sely perceptive, misfortune, loneliness. Reversed posi­tion: Narrow-mindedness, maliciousness, fanaticism, de­ceitfulness, vengefulness, a treacherous enemy.

KNIGHT - Normal position; Bravery, skill, opposition and war, heroic action, capacity.

Reversed position: Incapacity, imprudence, simplicity, disunion, impulsive mistakes.


KNAVE - Normal position-. Penetration, vigilance, agi­lity, a discreet person, an active youth.

Reversed position: Revealed as an imposter, unfore­seen, illness is also possible, powerlessness in the face of stronger forces.

TEN - Normal position: Ruin, pain, desolation, misfor­tune, grief, trouble, disappointment.

Reversed position: Benefit, temporary gain, passing success, favor, advantage.

NINE - Normal position: Misery, quarrel, unhappiness, anxiety over a loved one, despair.

Reversed position: Doubt, slanderousgossip, shame, scruple, reasonable fear.

EIGHT ■ Normal position Crisis, calamity, imprison­ment, criticism, sickness, calumny.

Reversed position: Treachery in the past, difficulty, de­pressed state of mind, disquiet, fatality.

SEVEN - Normal position: New plans, wishes, efforts, perseverance, attempt, fantasy.

Reversed position: Arguments, quarrels, uncertain counsel or advice, slander.

SIX - Normal position: Travel, voyage, route, attempt through difficulties, expedient manner, success.

Reversed position: Desperate situation, unwanted pro­posal, confession, declaration.

FIVE - Normal position: Conquest, defeat, degradation, revocation, infamy, adversaries.

Reversed position: Uncertain outlook, weakness, pos­sible misfortune befalling a friend, seduction, burial.

FOUR - Normal position: Respite, rest, repose, reple­nishment, solitude, exile, retreat.

Reversed position: Activity, precaution, economy, de­sire to recover what is lost, prudence.


Uffizi am

THREE - Normal position: Absence, sorrow, strife, re­moval. diversion, opposition, delay.

Reversed position: Distraction, error, incompatibility, separation, loss, alienation.

TWO - Normal position: Balanced force, harmony, firm­ness, offsetting factors, stalemate, affection, concord.

Reversed position: Falsehood, misrepresentation, trea­chery, false friends, lies, dishonor.

ACE - Normal position: Great determination, initiative, force, activity, excessiveness, triumph, power, fertility, prosperity, love, deep emotional feeling, championship, conquest.

Reversed position: Debacle, tyranny, disaster, obsta­cle, infertility, hinderance.


KING - Normal position: Honest and consciendious person, friendly, educated, fatherly.

Reversed position: Severity, austerity, dogmatic, deli­berate, somewhat excessive and exaggerated ideas.

QUEEN - Normal position: A sympathetic and unders­tanding person, honorable, friendly, loving, practical, full of feminine charm and grace, gracious hostess, sincere interest in other persons.

Reversed position: Assiduity, deceit, possible infide­lity, unstable emotions, fickleness, opposition.

KNIGHT • Normal position: A journey, advancement into the unknown, alteration, flight, absence.

Reversed position: Discord, interruption, unexpected change, removal, discussion.

KNAVE - Normal position: A faithful and loyal person, emissary, a stranger with good intentions, a consistent ^fteversed position; Indecision in proceeding, resis­tance,instability. a gossip, displeasure.

TEN - Normal position: Problems soon to be resolved, striving to meet a goal orto maintain a certa.n level or po-


sition, possibly using power for selfish ends.

Reversed position: Difficulties, intrigues, treachery, a traitor, some losses will occur.

NINE Expectation of difficulties and changes, awai­ting tribulation, anticipation, hidden enemies, decep­tion, discipline a pause in a current struggle.

Reversed position: Adversity, problems, delays, disas­ter, barriers to overcome, ill health .

EIGHT Normal position: Swift activity, speed, hastily made decisions.

Reversed position: Thorns of dispute, jealousy, harass­ment, quarrels, delay, discord.

SEVEN - Normal position: Success, gain, overcoming obstacles and challenges, advantage.

Reversed position: Consternation, anxiety, embarrasse- ment, hesitancy causing losses, perplexity.

SIX - Normal position: Triumph, good news, advance­ment, expectation, desires realized.

Reversed position: Indefinite delay, fear, disloyalty, su­perficial benefit.

FIVE ■ Normal position: Unsatisfied desires, struggle, labor, dispute, obstacles.

Reversed position: Trickery contradictions, complexity, caution against indecision.

FOUR - Normal position: Romance, society, harmony, prosperity, peace, the fruit of labor.

Reversed position: Unfulfilled romance, insecurity, tar­nished beauty, incomplete happiness.

THREE ■ Normal position: Practical knowledge, strength, enterprise, trade, compromise.

Reversed position: Assistance with an ulterior motive, treachery, cessation of adversity.

TWO • Normal position. Mature individual, housekeeper, at­tainment ot goals and needs, boldness, a dominant personality.


fiffi^i am

Reversed position: Sadness, trouble, loss of faith, unexpected surprise,

ACE - Normal position: Creation, beginning, fortune, start of an undertaking, birth of a child, adventure.

Reversed position: False start, cloudy outlook, deca­dence. humiliation, cancellation of plans.


KING - Normal position: Responsibility and creativity, learned person, professional, businessman, a considerate person, kind, reliable, artist, generous, lawyer, scientist.

Reversed position: Artistic temperament, double-dea­ling, dishonesty, scandal, ruin, injustice, a crafty person without virtue, loss, shifty in dealings.

QUEEN - Normal position: A warm-hearted and fair person, adored, devoted wife, practical, honest.

Reversed position: Inconsistency of honor, not to be trusted, vice, dishonesty.

KNIGHT - Normal position: An invitation or opportu­nity may soon arise, arrival, advancement, attraction, challenge, proposal.

Reversed position: Subtlety, artifice, inducement, fraud, a sly and cunning person.

KNAVE Normal position: Reflective and resolute, stu­dious, loyal, willing to offer services and efforts towards a specific goal.

Reversed position: Inclination, deviation, susceptibi­lity, seduction, a flatterer.

TEN • Normal position: Home, happiness, cheerful­ness, pleasure, peace, love, honor, esteem, virtue.

Reversed position: Loss of friendship, unhappiness, fa­mily quarrel, pettiness, rage, combat.

NINE - Normal position: Success, advantage, well­being, good health, victory, material attainment.


Reversed position: Mistakes, material loss. imp.rf«- lions, misplaced truth, false freedom, opposition diff^ rences, dispute.

EIGHT - Normal position: Discontinuance of effort shyness, modesty, abandoned success

Reversed position: Happiness, effort continued until full success is attained, gaiety, feasting.

SEVEN ■ Normal position: Fantasy, foolish whims, day­dreams, illusionary success.

Reversed position.- Desire, determination, strong will­power, a goal nearly attained, intelligent choice, resolu­tion, desire, will.

SIX - Normal position: Memories, past influences, nos­talgia, longing, childhood passed.

Reversed position: The future, plans that may fail, thal which will shortly arrive.

FIVE - Normal position: Partial loss, friendship without real meaning, marriage without real love, error, inheri­tance, imperfection, incomplete union or partnership, la­ment.

Reversed position-. Hopeful outlook, alliance, affinity, return of an old friend, reunion.

FOUR - Normal position: Weariness, aversion, disgust, infelicity, stationary period.

Reversed position: New possibilities, new acquain­tance, new knowledge.

THREE - Normal position: Conclusion, comfort, hea­ling, satisfactory result, compromise.

Reversed position: Excessive pleasures, overabun­dance, loss of prestige, delays,

TWO - Normal position: Love, friendship beginning or renewed, passion, union, cooperation, connection.

Reversed position: Unsatisfactory love, false friends­hip, separation, crossed desires.


fiffi^i am

ACE - Normal position: Fulfillment perfection, joy, fer­tility. opulence, productiveness.

Reversed position: Change, erosion, instability, steri­lity, unrequited love, clouded joy, false heart, inconsis­tency, alteration.


KING - Normal position: A person of character and in­telligence, mathematical ability, loyal friend, reliable in marriage, successful businessman, wise investments, an experienced and successful leader.

Reversed position: Corruption, avarice, unfaithfulness, an old and vicious man, peril, threat.

QUEEN - Normal position: Wealth, generosity, security, liberty, grace, dignity, prosperity.

Reversed position: False prosperity, suspense, suspi­cion, responsibilities neglected, vicious person, fearful of failure, untrusting person.

KNIGHT - Normal position: A mature and responsible person, methodical, persistent, laborious.

Reversed position: Stagnation, carelessness, inertia, li­mited dogmatic views, idleness.

KNAVE - Normal position: Study, deep concentration and application, reflection, respect for science, philanth­ropist, beater of news.

Reversed position: Illogical thinking, rebelliousness, wastefulness, loss, unfavorable news.

TEN - Normal position: Riches, security, intactness, family, ancestry, inheritance, dwelling.

Reversed position: Possible loss, risk, robbery, loss of inheritance, dissipation, gambling.

NINE - Normal position: Accomplishment, discern­ment, foresight, safety, prudence, material well-being.

Reversed position: Threat of safety, roguery, dissipa­tion, danger, storms, bad faith, possible loss of a valued friendship or a treasured possession.


EIGHT - Normal position: Fast apprenticeship, craft­manship, candor, frankness, modesty, effort.

Reversed position: Lack of ambition, vanity, sensitivity, disillusionment, usury, hypocrisy, intrigue.

SEVEN - Normal position; Ingenuity, hard work, pro­gress, wealth, successful dealings.

Reversed position: Anxiety, uneasiness, imprudent ac­tions, loss of money.

SIX - Normal position: Philanthropy, kindness, mate­rial gain, gratification, charity.

Reversed position: Avarice, selfishness, jealousy, dan­gerous error, unpaid loan.

FIVE - Normal position: Material trouble, destitution, loss, failure, error, lover, affection.

Reversed position: Reversal of bad trend, new interest in matters, overcoming ruin.

FOUR - Normal position: Loss of material wealth, ho­arder, usurer, skinflint, miser.

Reversed position: Setbacks in material holdings, obs­tacles, suspense and delay, spendthrift.

THREE - Normal position: Mastery, perfection, artistic ability, dignity, renown, power.

Reversed position: Mediocrity, money problems, pre­occupation, lower quality.

TWO • Normal position: Difficulty in launching new projects, difficult situation arising, new troubles, worry, concern, preoccupation.

Reversed position: Literary, ability in handling matters, enforced gaiety, letter.

ACE - Normal position: Perfection, attainment, pros­perity, felicity, bliss, gold, great wealth.

Reversed position: Prosperity without happiness, co­rruption by money, greed, fool’s gold.

fiffi^i am


-    It is very important to spread the Tarot deck in a quiet room with subdued lighting. Make sure you re­ally feel at ease.

-    The questioner must seriously concentrate his ideas on the subject. The diviner must try to be totally im­partial and be willing to help.

-    All questions should be classified in 4 general groups:

  1. 1. Work, business.
  2. 2. Love, marriage,
  3. 3. Losses, disgrace, fights, scandal.
  4. 4. Money, material goods.

- The procedure:

  1. 1. The questioner sits at a table opposite the diviner.
  2. 2. The diviner places the card that represents the questioner on the spot indicated by the spreading diagram.

The card representing the questioner usualy is The Ma­gician for men, and The High Priestess for women, alt­hough it may vary, depending on maturity, color of the skin and eyes of the questioner. After choosing this card, the questioner shuffles the rest of the deck while con­centrating on his wishes.

The card representing the questioner usualy is The Ma­gician for men, and The High Priestess for women, alt­hough it may vary, depending on maturity, color of the skin and eyes of the questioner. After choosing this card, the questioner shuffles the rest of the deck while con­centrating on his wishes.

With his left hand, the questioner then places these cards, faces down, divided in three stacks, on the table.

The diviner turns all three stacks faces up, and by re­ading the top cards gives a general information about the problem in question. Subsequently, the diviner collects all three card stacks faces up reconstituting the original deck. He turns it faces down and places card by card on the table in accordance with the diagram selected.

Among the numerous classical diagrams known, the one described below is widely used.



- The answer of the Celtic Cross (11 cards). Number of cards used... 11, including the card that represents the questioner as first card. Answer to a specific question. Time employed... 15 to 30 minutes.


Please follow carefully all instructions:

  1. 1. Deal the 11 cards as indicated in the diagram, pre­ferably with the faces down. Turn the cards up as you interprete them.

After reading each card, remove it from the cross and line it up from left to right. This enables you to vi­sualize better the links between tne cards. Consider the cards 1 to 7 as a unit and read them in se­quence before proceeding with the remaining cards.

  1. 2. Before actually reading each card, the diviner shall mention their meaning in the Celtic Cross. There­fore, when taking the cards to line them up. the di­viner should say:
  2. 1. This card represents you (the questioner)
  3. 2. This card covers you. It represents the atmosp­here and the influences around your problem.
  4. 3. This card crosses you. It represents the nature of the influence or obstacles which lie just ahead.


fiffi^i am

  1. 4. This card is beneath you. It shows the broad and basic events and influences which existed in the past and upon which the present events are taking place.

Note: This card is only interpreted in its upright position meaning. "

  1. 5. This card is behind you. It shnows the most re­cent sphere or events wh ich have just passed or which are just passing.
  2. 6. This card crowns you. It shows the sphere of influence that is coming into being in the near future in a broad sense.
  3. 7. This carb is ahead of you. II shows the future.
  4. 8. This carb shows whal you fear most. It repre- senis al! the negative aspecis, fear.
  5. 9. This carb represenis the fami~y and you r so­cial envi ron ment. It is the su m of al! opinions and influences related -Q your fami~y, your frie- nUs.
  6. 1 This carb represenis your hopes. II is the sum of al! your wishes, aspirations and ambitions.
  7. 1 This is the final resull, the resull from al! pre­vious carlls togelher.

3.Once the basic reading is done, the detailed inter­pretation can lake place. This is accomplished by re­ading pairs of cards, which are: cards 1-11, 2-10, 3-9, 4-8, 5-7, and, finally, card number 6, which “rules and dominates’’ the theme in question.

This method is very old, easy, and also very effective.


-  It is advisable to work with two Tarot decks: one for meditation purposes, which should be used only by its owner to avoid extraneous vibrations, and the other for fortune telling.

The basic meaning of the carlls should only be the beginning of a profound study, which will lead you to acquire a sixth sense. This will enable you to im­prove continually the accuracy of your readings,

-  In the first reading the diviner gives a general idea and subsequently, when all cards have been lined up, a detailed interpretation, which takes into con­sideration the influences of all cards.

Do not expect too much from your first readings. It requiers much practice to become an expert.

Nevertheless also beginners will be surprised with the results of their first experiences with Tarot.

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