A Yogic Path Oracle Deck Guidebook

A Yogic Path Oracle Deck And Guidebook Deck

Kriya....... 21 Ojas 45
Karma 23 Tejas 47
Atman 24
Buddhi.... 27
Buddha... 29 Muladhara 49
Svadhishthana 51

Manipura 53
31 Anahata 55
Pitta 33 Vishuddha 57
Kapha 35 Ajna 59
Sattva 37 Sahasrara 61
Rajas 39
Tamas 41
Yamas 63 Parvati 95
Niyamas 65 Saraswati 97
Asana 67 Kali 99
Pranayama 69 Lakshmi 101
Pratyahara 71 Radha .......103
Dharana 73 Durga .......105
Dhyana 75 Bhuvaneshvari .......107
Samadhi 77 Sita.... 109
Kundalini 79 Dhumavati .......Ill
Bhakti 81 Chinnamasta .......113
Tantra 83 Lalita Tripura Sundari .......115
Satya 85 Ganesha .......117
Ahimsa 87 Krishna .......119
Svadhaya 89 Brahma …….121
Santosha 91 Shiva ......123
Tapas 93 Hanuman ......125
Ahimsa fYbga) 87
Ajna (Chakras) 59
Anahata (Chakras) 55
Asana (Yoga) 67
Atman (Spirituality) 25
Bhakti (Yoga) 81
Bhuvaneshvari (Deities) 107
Brahma (Deities) 121
Buddha (Spirituality) 29
Buddhi (Spirituality) 27
Chinnamasta (Deities) 113
Dharana (Yoga) 73
Dharma (Spirituality) 19
Dhumavati (Deities) Ill
Dhyana (Toga) 75
Durga (Deities) 105
Ganesha (Deities) 117
Hanuman (Deities) 125
Kali (Deities) 99
Kapha (Ayurveda) 35
Karma (Spirituality) 23
Krishna (Deities) 119
Kriya (Spirituality) 21
Kundalini fYoga) 79
Lakshmi (Deities) 101
Lalita Tripura Sundari (Deities) 115
Manipura (Chakras) 53
Muladhara (Chakras) 49
Niyamas (Yoga) 65
Ojas (Ayurveda) 45
Parvati (Deities) 95
Pitta (Ayurveda) 33
Prana (Ayurveda) 43
Pranayama (Yoga) 69
Pratyahara (Yoga) 71
Radha (Deities) 103
Rajas (Ayurveda) 39
Sahasrara (Chakras) 61
Samadhi (Yoga) 77
Santosha fYoga) 91
Saraswati (Deities) 97
Sattva (Ayurveda) 37
Satya (Yoga) 85
Shiva (Deities) 123
Sita (Deities) 109
Svadhaya (Yoga) 89
Svadhishthana (Chakras) 51
Tamas (Ayurveda) 41
Tantra (Yoga) 83
Tapas (Yoga) 93
Tejas (Ayurveda) 47
Vata (Ayurveda) 31
Vishuddha (Chakras) 57
Yamas (Yoga) 63
Did you choose this deck or did this deck choose you? According to the Vedas, both. Tou see, we are harmoniously conspiring with the universe to usher us toward our Dharma, our highest selves. These cards have amved to guide you on your path toward enlightenment, or, in other words, your journey toward remembering who you are. Each card represents an aspect o£ yourself, as bright as the sun or as dark as the shadow. All of which make you, you.
These cards all came to me in one stream-of-consciousness download that arrived so quickly and fully, I knew if I didn't write them all down immediately, I would miss them. This is how spirit works. Suddenly a waterfall of ideas will fall over your head, and if you don't have the buckets to catch them, the ideas will just drip away. Luckily, I captured these dancing deities and affirming sutras and am now presenting them to you as visions brought to life by the mystical artwork of Danielle Noel.

The cards in A Yogic Path do what every good guru does——they illuminate the path. The cards will not tell you the answers; those exist within you. The goal of these cards is to allow you time for introspection so you can find your own truth.
These cards will only be as accurate as you are mindful. Rushing through anything in life will never bring you the ultimate results. Rather, let each experience with these cards be a ritual. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and create the right environment. Perhaps you light candles, burn some palo santo or
sage, surround yourself with your favorite crystals, or honor the moon. Then you tune in. The greater the stillness of your mind, the clearer the whispers of your soul.
The archetypes in A Yogic Path gently encourage you to question your preconceived ideas of identity and consider aspects of yourself you've never thought about. We consist of all the Doshas, deities, chakras, and koshas—these cards reflect nuanced layers of yourself so you can realign with your soul. Along the way, I will introduce these Sanskrit terms and explain how they apply to your everyday life.
As a lifelong yogi, spiritual teacher, and author of two books on Ayurveda, Eat Feel Fresh and Idiot's Guides: Ayurveda, the Vedas have been the cornerstone of my life and many lives before. My ancestors come from the land where the Vedas were written, and their wisdom lives through my blood. More and more, I am seeing
people yearn for a part of themselves that, too, may have resided in these ancient lands, lifetimes ago.
My name is Sahara Rose and I am honored to be guiding you in this sacred journey toward rediscovering your inner truth. May each experience with these cards be blessed and each download you receive anchor deeply into the seed of your soul so you can turn this life into your masterpiece. Namaste.
Understanding the Deck
This deck is inspired by the Vedas, the ancient religious scriptures that were first recorded in India over 5,000 years ago. The word veda means "knowledge," and these Sanskrit texts were channeled by rishis, spiritual sages, to provide guidance on how we can live the most optimal lives.
The cards are organized into five categories: Vedic Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda, the Chakras, and the Deities.
The cornerstone of Vedic spirituality is the idea that we are all souls who chose to incarnate in these human costumes at this time for a very specific reason: to fulfill our Dharma, life purpose. When we are living in alignment with that purpose, we experience kriya, effortless flow. Doors open for us, we meet the right people at the right time, and we can almost take a passenger seat to our own lives and enjoy the ride. When we are not living in alignment with our Dharma, or when we negatively harm someone else, we experience karma, bounded action from the universe. This can feel like a poke, a punch, or an accident from the universe. It is essentially a message to turn you back in the direction of your Dharma.
Yoga is the practice of yoking, becoming one, with the soul. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not an exercise but rather a spiritual practice. Asana, physical postures, are an aspect of yoga but even the word asana means "to sit in stillness.,, We practice these postures to still the mind so we can know the truth, lb embark on a yogic path is to dedicate this lifetime to understanding the soul. The ashtanga, eight limbs of yoga, are the guidelines on how to live your most purposeful life. The yamas and niyamas are the internal
and external ethics important to following a yogic path. Kundalini, bhakti, and tantra are three types of yoga that offer pathways you can take into this spiritual science.
Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, based on the mind-body connection. The word translates to "the knowledge of In order to truly achieve health, you must have full knowledge of all areas of your life. Ayurveda encompasses nutrition, self-care, lifestyle practices, herbs, and seasonal changes. However, the purpose of Ayurveda is mental and physical well-being, while yoga is the practice of the soul. The two were always meant to be practiced hand in hand. Ayurveda is based on the Doshas, the mind-body types, which are Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (Earth).
The Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. The word chakra in Sanskrit means "to wheel.5, This relates to the wheels of energy within our bodies, from the base to the top of our spines. Each chakra relates to specific emotional and mental characteristics and can be either excess or deficient. On each card, I offer suggestions to bring each chakra back into balance.
The Deities are Hindu gods and goddesses who represent archetypes of the human consciousness. Some deities represent strength, while others represent femininity, abundance, or wisdom. We have chosen to use original statues and paintings of these deities as photographed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to honor them, as they are also religious figures to many. The purpose of these cards is to reflect on the messages each deity delivers.
I hope these cards not only guide you toward your highest self, but also educate you on these significant philosophies, opening your consciousness to a greater knowledge.
The beautiful thing about this deck is that it will reflect back what you put into it. The more mindful you become, the more mindful answers you will find. Being in the right environment, mindset, and mood is essential to receive the responses your soul is seeking. Your guides are working with you through these cards; therefore, your role is to tap in to allow your consciousness to choose the right cards to deliver the exact message that is seeking to come through for you.
The purpose of these cards is to empower you to come up with your own answers. These cards provide you with the reflection and space needed to tap deeper into your soul. They are not the be-all and end-all. Sometimes we don't understand the deeper meaning behind the card until months or years later. The cards provide you with the opportunity to gain further insight on topics that are near and dear to your heart so you never have to look outside of yourself for the answers. The best questions you can ask the deck begin with what and how.
For example:
What messages do my guides have for me?
What should I be more mindful of?
What should I be focusing on?
What is the best action to take?
What should I do about xyz?
What is the lesson behind this situation?
What can I do to be more of service?
How should I approach this situation?
How can I be a better partner?
How can I open myself up to receive?
How can I attract more abundance?
How can I manifest x-y-z?
How can I connect with my spirit guides?
These questions allow the cards to offer insight without taking away the opportunity for your own contemplation.
Who questions, such as, Who is my soulmate? will not work with this deck, unless your soulmate happens to be Krishna, Shiva, or another deity.
Where questions won't work either, because the answer will always be your consciousness.
When questions aren't going to fly, because time doesn't exist in the higher dimensions.
Why questions can make sense but be very careful with them, because they often bring you back to victimhood, such as, Why did this happen to me? Why didnt he choose me?
A positive reframe would be, What have I been overlooking that will allow me to understand this situation better? This puts you in an empowered position and gets to the core of the question. If you can ask a why question without getting into victimhood, go for it, but I encourage you to begin with what or how to keep you empowered.
Cards cannot predict the future. Only you can. The future is being written every moment with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
There are limitless possibilities you can take——it is up to you to decide. Allow these cards to deepen your understanding of the present so you can pave a clearer path for the future.
If you don't have any questions, start with something simple such as, Show me something about myself or What message do you have for me? Begin practicing with these cards to get comfortable with them. The more in-tune you are with your energy, the more
There are so many ways to work with a deck, but let me share with you my personal practice so you can see if it resonates with you. This practice enhances your intuition and clairvoyance, connecting you deeper to the meaning behind the card.
Remember—these cards are an invitation for introspection. We can't just ask a question and impatiently flip the card, thinking we are going to find the answer. Rather it is in the experience of these cards that the answers come through, straight from the source.
Preparing the Deck
I like to first burn sage or palo santo over my deck to cleanse any stagnant energy from them. If it is a full moon, I will also leave my deck under the moonlight. I also place it near crystals that truly reflect my aura. Quartz is a wonderful go-to for cleansing cards. I also sleep with the deck under my pillow to really acquaint it with my energy. It is important for the deck to know who it belongs to. If you are sharing a deck with others, it won't be as accurate. I recommend having a personal deck and another you share with others to keep the energy clean.
Once the deck is cleared and I am ready to dive in, I set the environment. Til sit on the floor, diffuse some essential oils or light a candle, sage myself and the cards again, and come to meditation. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths to connect with my heart. I then shuffle the cards until I feel they are ready and lay them out before me.
Once the cards are laid out, I don't go straight to picking a card. Instead, I close my eyes again and set the intention for what I am seeking. This can be guidance on a topic, a specific question, or just a message from my spirit guides. Examples of questions include, What should I be focusing on? Can you share with me where I am at? What messages do my guides have for me? How can I improve in my relationship? What is my purpose? Where should I direct my energy? What am I overlooking? How can I be of service?
I then open my eyes and scan my hands over the cards to see if I feel a pull toward any. Sometimes there is a card that is popping out, asking to be pulled. Sometimes my gaze goes directly to one card. If the card is making itself obvious, it most likely has a message for you and is asking to be pulled.
Before I flip the card over and look at the picture, I hold it in between my hands and place it over my heart in a namaste prayer position. I then close my eyes and ask my intuition what message the card has for me. This practice enhances your intuitive insight because we intuitively know what the answer is; we are just seeking affirmation from outside of ourselves. Allow any words or suggestions that pop in your mind to come through. This is your highest self speaking to you.
After I have intuitively allowed the answer to download through my stream of consciousness, I flip the card over and look at the image. Then, based only on the image, I ask myself again what this card may suggest. I notice any nuances in the card such as hidden characters, facial characteristics, and minor details.
Finally, I open the guidebook to that card and read the meaning to the card, whether it was right side up (upright) or upside down
(reverse). An upright card reflects the light, and a reverse card reflects the shadow aspect. The shadow aspect doesn't mean bad luck is ahead—rather it means to skyrocket further into the light, you must first move deeper into the roots. Both push and pull are necessary for spiritual growth. I normally ask three or so questions in a session and then thank the cards and my guides for their wisdom, guidance, and clarity. I put the deck away on my altar and move on through my day, with clearer intentions than before.
I recommend doing a reading first thing in the morning as part of your morning ritual to start off your day. Tou can also do a reading before bed, closing off your day by reconnecting to your intuition. Allow each experience with these cards to be a ritual, and notice how simply by tuning in, you can shift every aspect of your life.
your highest purpose
Congratulations—you are on the path to fulfilling your highest purpose! You have recently unraveled deeper insight into why you were put here on this planet and are ready to share your gifts in a bigger way. You have realized that the obstacles you have faced were given to you for a reason and have provided you with the strength you needed to show up as your highest self. The universe is ready for you to rise up into your Dharma role to uplift the vibration of this entire planet. Continue to listen to the whispers of your soul.
Perhaps you need a reminder of the very important role you play in the universe. You were bom with unique gifts that only you can share in your individualized way. The world can only come into balance when everyone rises up into their Dharma role, and that begins with you. lake a step back and look at your life. Is each day bringing you closer to your higher purpose, or have you lost sight of what that is? Remember—your Dharma role is so much greater than just you. When you don't rise up, the whole world misses out. We need you.
effortless flow
Life feels like a river that you are graciously floating down with ease. You are on the path to your Dharma, highest purpose, and doors are opening for you. One connection leads to another and things are moving at high-speed, kriya. Don't feel overwhelmed— this is how life is meant to be experienced. When you are in kriya, everything requires far less effort. The universe is propelling you in the direction of your Dharma and providing you with assistance to fulfill the very important role you play. You no longer have to push but rather can surrender to the greater forces at play. Keep up the flow and don't lose sight of your greater goal—uplifting the vibration of this planet.
Things may feel a little tough right now. Perhaps doors seem to be closing or even slamming in your face. Plans you depended on may be falling apart, and each day may feel like a giant obstacle. This is the universe telling you that you are not living in alignment with your Dharma role. Allow extra time for meditation. What is your soul trying to speak to you? What are the things you used to love that you don't practice anymore? How can you live your life more authentically? Is your career embodying your mission on this planet? Are your relationships true to who you are on a deeper soul level? Disasters happen as reminders that we are not on the path toward our highest self. It's time to take a greater look over the steering wheel of your life and shift directions toward your truth.
the sum of one9s actions
Positive karma. You have done a lot of good on this planet and the universe is rewarding you in her favors. Life feels a little easier, a little more colorful, a little more beautiful. You are walking on the path toward your Dharma, which creates the greatest karma one can experience. By saying yes to the purpose of your soul, you are saying yes to the greater power of the universe. Continue devoting your life to the service of spirit, and life will continue to unfold its wonders.
Negative karma. Sometimes we take a wrong turn, and move away from the direction of our Dharma. At first it can feel like a poke, which becomes a punch, and can eventually manifest as an accident if you continue to ignore it. This isn't the universe going against you, but rather sending messages that you're taking the wrong course and must shift gears to come back into alignment with your Dharma. Take a break from social media, television, and all social obligations, and use that time to reflect. When did things begin to be difficult? What decisions did you make around that time? What alternatives could have better suited your soul purpose? State your commitment to surrendering to your highest self and doing the work it takes to get there. Things will change as soon as you do.
infinite aspect of the soul
Blessed soul, you have now begun to see glimpses of the divinity that exist within you, and there's so much more to experience. You are filled with limitless potential and have realized that the only obstacles that exist are within the mind. You have reached a deeper connection to your highest self, the immortal aspect of your existence, the very seed of your soul, atman. Your meditation has unveiled hidden depths to your true being and allowed you to experience the vastness that exists inside you. You have become aware that you are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm, a reflection of the universe. Now bring this expansiveness into the everyday and watch your life unfold.
Perhaps you are experiencing the pains of Earthly life—stress, fear, trauma, jealousy, anger. You have gotten caught up in the day-to-day and lost touch with your greater connection to the universe. Have you forgotten that you are a child of the stars? Spend some time underneath the universe's curtain late at night and reconnect with the lost fragments of your soul. You are stardust shaped as a human and filled with all the wonders of the cosmos. Open your eyes to the magic that exists around you and within you.

inner wisdom^ intellect
Wise one, you are now remembering what you were born with—all the answers that you are seeking. You have realized life is not about learning but rather relearning—letting go of the illusions so we can remember our innate solutions. You have silenced the chattering of the mind to allow the whispers of the soul to speak and are now beginning to truly read the vast textbooks that exist inside you. This is the time to rewrite your story, authored by the greater wisdom of your soul, buddhi.
You've done a great job at listening—to your parents, teachers, friends, acquaintances, and society. However, you are still left clueless to the deeper questions. Why are you here on this planet? Now ifs time to go deeper. Let go of being the perfect child, student, friend, employee, citizen. Question what you have been taught. Ask if it is truly serving you. Be ready to experience the shattering of the universe that happens when you wake up. It's in those pieces that you put your truest life back together. Tour buddhi wisdom will guide you.

one who is aware
Buddha is not just one person, but anyone who has an aware and blessed soul; right now, that is you. You have woken up to your true self and let go of the illusions that were binding you to the material world. You have taken off the mask of security and given a good look into the vastness of your own soul. You have realized that nothing is inherently good or bad, but rather just is. Tbu understand the non-dual nature of the world and are letting go of the judgements of the mind. Hold the knowledge that we are all Buddha-nature, it just takes remembering.
We live in a glitzy world, where it's easy to become caught up in things—possessions, appearances, money, relationships. While these things are not inherently bad, as nothing is, they often inhibit us from remembering our own truth—who we are without these things. Find a tree and spend some time meditating beneath its Earthly wisdom. Let her branches speak to you the truth that your mind is overlooking. Envision what your life would be without these things, and let go of those that are holding you back. All is temporary except your soul.

the airy Dosha creative^ imaginative9 and unpredictable
Creative one, it is time to let your ideas flourish. You have gotten a gust of the Vata wind energy and are riding its waves out to deeper waters. Ideas are bubbling within you, and your body has become a vessel for its creative blessings. Allow yourself to dance to the rhythm of your thoughts and let them take you to higher places. The veil between the stars and Earth has been lifted, and the downloads you are receiving are straight from the universe. Be sure to anchor them down to this Earth with action, so your visions can manifest into reality.
When there is too much wind, a tornado ensues. The many ideas floating through your mind have not been anchored, leaving you feeling scattered, anxious, and ungrounded. Every idea is a seed that can only grow when planted. Reconnect with the Earth, your physical body, and your root chakra. Consume grounding root vegetables, which connect to the Earth. Walk on the soil barefoot to rebalance your ionic charge. Meditate on your belly and imagine yourself drinking in the Earth's energy. Focus on one step at a time and do not feel overwhelmed by the enormity of life. There is always more time if you allow there to be.

PITEi the fiery Dosha powerful^ strong-willed 9 and feisty
Fire and water are the two most powerful elements that can create and destroy anything—together they create Pitta, which is empowering you today. You are in a determined place in your life. You know what you want, and a fire has been set under your seat to achieve it. You are setting goals for yourself and focused on the task at hand. Perhaps this is the time to emerge as a leader and teach others your strength and wisdom. You are transforming the world with your actions...just don't lose connection with the water within you, and remember to play.
Has the fire you were fueled by now burned you? When Pitta is upside down, chances are, your fire has depleted. Perhaps you were so focused on the next step that you forgot to remember the greater picture. It's easy to become caught up in the day-to-day when Pitta is in command; however, too much pent-up fire can cause anger, agitation, and impatience. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Life doesn't always go your way, and that's what makes it beautiful. Ease and grace are your mantras, and cooling fruit and vegetables are your medicine.
the Earthy Dosha groundings nurturing^, and heavy
You are grounded into Earth's energy and carry its subtle calmness, which makes others naturally gravitate toward you. You bring peace, understanding, and comfort to your community and are the shoulder anyone can lean on. You embody Earth's wisdom and are anchored to her vast life force. You may have created a life or are envisioning one that will bring you great contentment and stability—a true home surrounded by people you love. You do not need to search for more—the deepest peace you will find is where you are. Just remember never to become too attached to anything, as all is temporary.
Has the Earth energy left you feeling heavy? Ifs time to shake out of your Kapha rut. You may have gotten too comfortable where you are—your home, your career, your relationships, your life goals. Try something out of the box. See bigger dreams for yourself. Let go of habits that are no longer serving you, such as emotional eating or looking back into the past. Replace refined carbs, sugar, and dairy with bitter vegetables, tart fruit, and rich spices. It's time to shed your old skin and reemerge as your highest self and fullest expression.

purity and clarity
You have let go of the things that were holding you back and are reaching deeper levels of clarity. Maybe you've cleaned up your diet, home, self-care products, relationships, thought patterns, career goals, or life outlook and are now experiencing the joys that come with purity, sattva. The space you have created is allowing greater gifts that are more aligned with your truth to present themselves. Continue on this path toward clarity by shedding all that is no longer serving you. When your body becomes pure, your thoughts and life will reflect that. Bring sattva, purity, into all that you do and your path will continue to become more clear.
Have your thoughts been cloudy recently? Have the foods you have been putting into your body been less than pure? Has your breath been swimming in shallow waters? It's time to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. Let go of toxic foods, thoughts, emotions, situations, and people. We take on the energy of all that is around us, and continuous exposure to lower vibration places will bring down our energy if we don't consciously put in the work to bring it back up. Try a kitchari cleanse for several days to allow your body and mind time to digest all that it has taken in. Eat only freshly cooked foods, straight from the Earth, and avoid anything processed. Practice daily yoga and meditation, on and off the mat. Sattva will return when you return to your truth.
dynamic movement9 aggression, and energy
You are in a place of movement, making the most of each day. You are passionate and excited about the task at hand, and are pushing the limits of what you believed possible for yourself. Rajas is needed to bring our desires into action, and you are deep in the development phase. You have already achieved many great accomplishments because of your determination and more await in the near future. However, remember to balance action with rest; otherwise, you will lose sight of your true goal in the pursuit of achieving more.
When there is more rajas than sattva, the mind becomes hyperactive and restless. You have been so caught up in the achievement phase that you may have lost sight of why you are even doing all of this and the greater purpose of life—truth. You are regularly overexerting yourself, both mentally and physically, without allowing the proper rest you need to recharge. You may have recently been feeling easily agitated, anxious, jealous, materialistic, aggravated, or fearful—motions that are not aligned with your highest self. You have already done so much—it's time to recharge your batteries, care for your vessel, connect with nature, and reflect on the deeper purpose of life. You are a human-being, not a human-doing. Steer clear of spicy foods and consume a more sattvic diet. Trade in your power-lifting or spinning for calming yoga.
density9 dullness9 and inertia
You are in a period of hibernation, which is sometimes needed to blossom into a butterfly. Your body is between lines of a poem, notes of a song, steps of a dance. Use this time to fully rejuvenate your system, allowing proper rest and food. Know when it is time to emerge from your cocoon and show the world the gifts you have been cultivating. Stillness is only balanced when followed by action.
Perhaps you are feeling stuck. You seem not to have the energy that you used to and feel like the fire within you has been put out. You may feel heavy, absentminded, and lazy. My dear, you have been in the cocoon for too long, and you've forgotten you have wings. Create movement and novelty in your life. Practice sun salutations upon waking, take long walks in nature, clean up your house. Let go of all tamasic foods—those that are packaged, fried, or full of sugar and refined flour. It takes effort to get the wheels moving at first, but once you make that push, you'll be in effortless flow, kriya.
PRAIA subtle essence of vital life force and breath; flexible and creative
When you are prana-ful, you are beaming with vital life force.
Energy flows easily throughout your body, and you are at one with divine consciousness. You dance through life with fluid movement and your energy extends out of your body, felt by those surrounding you. You are in control of your breath and utilize it to move life force around you, bringing your mind, body, and spirit into balance. Continue to breathe into the light that exists within you—this is your connection to universal pranic energy.
Look at your breath and you are looking into your life. Is your breathing shallow, quick, and contained, rather than deep, slow, and expansive? This is what is blocking prana from moving throughout your body. Your breath is a signal of how you are feeling, and when you breathe quick and shallow breaths, you are signaling to your body that you are in danger. Simply by breathing more deeply into the belly, you are calming down your nervous system and allowing more positive thoughts to come through. Transform your breath and you will transform your life.
subtle essence of health and well-being; peaceful and patient
One look is all it takes to see how much ojas someone has. Have people been coming up to you and telling you how healthy, rested, and happy you look? This is ojas. Ojas is the subtle essence related to health and well-being, with which you are filled. You radiate good health with your glowing skin, peaceful demeanor, and patient essence. Your dietary and lifestyle choices are showing up in your appearance, and your inner state is reflecting in your outer. Continue caring fbr your sacred vessel and nourishing your body with the foods and practices that make you thrive.
Has your personal health taken a backseat to other matters? This must change. The only way you can truly care for others is if you've taken care of yourself first. You must put on your own air mask before you can attend to the needs of others. Make time for sleep, cooking, meditating, and yoga. Though you may feel that you don't have time fbr these things, the truth is, you won't have much time without them.
o* *o
O, W *o
subtle essence of intelligence and courage; radiant and glowing
Your intellect and courage glistens in your eyes. You have a radiant glow to you that reflects your passion within. You are on this planet for a reason and are deeply committed to your higher purpose. You carry a spark of energy that uplifts those around you and are a natural-bom leader. As a warrior of love, you are committed to raising the vibration of this planet, even if it sparks controversy. By being your highest self and committing to your truth, you encourage others to do the same. Continue sharing your spark with others who have lost theirs.
Ybu naturally have the energy others can only dream but sometimes you bum yourself out in the process. Take time to rest and rejuvenate. Not every day has to be a battle. Yes, you are a warrior of love, but you are also a lover of light. The weight of the world does not have to rest on your shoulders, but rather can be shared with the planet. Do your part and leave the rest up to the universe. Trust that things will be taken care of by forces far greater than yourself. Surrender, surrender, surrender.
root chakra
You have arrived in a place where you are very grounded in life. Your ideal home is in the process of manifestation, and you are setting roots where you are. This reflects the deep healing work you have done to undo the ancestral ties that were previously holding you back. When you heal your personal life, you heal the lives of all of those who came before you and all who came after you. Ancestral hardships such as poverty, immigration, war, slavery, and abuse have come to an end, and you have set the path for a new way of being for all of your ancestors to come. Thank you for doing this work and anchoring deeply within. It is only when you heal the root that the tree can grow.
Ybur body, mind, and soul are calling out to you for some grounding. You have been moving around a lot and your spirit is calling for a true home and yearning for time spent looking inward. This may be a good time to finally begin looking for a home or settling down into the one you already have. Create your nest. Set the foundation for what you need to live a full life. Make friends with people who live nearby. Spend more time in nature. Set a routine that keeps you anchored to your truth. This won't make your life boring but will actually give you everything that you want. Eat more root vegetables and walk with bare feet on the Earth.
sacral chakra
Sacral chakra—the chakra of creativity, abundance, and pleasure. Let these words be your mantra. Find what fills your cup and pour it all over the canvas of life. This is the time to put your creative projects first—the very ones you've had on the shelf for months. This is also the time to work on shifting your relationship with money and see it as an energetic tool that can bring you great freedom. This is also the time to focus on pleasure—what makes you feel turned on? Learn more about tantra and cultivate shakti, the divine feminine energy within. Dance around your living room and luxuriously oil your body. Treat yourself the way you would a lover, for you are your life's greatest love.
Creativity is like a fountain, and when ifs not replenished, it runs dry. Has life gotten in the way of the things you used to do that really lit you up? It's time to come back to them. Go back to those poems, take out your old canvas, begin singing again, open up the cobwebs of your body and let shakti movement come through. When you live a life you love, abundance flows your way and pleasure follows suit. Make your life an expression of the divine, and ride the orgasmic waves of creativity.
solar plexus chakra
You have come to a place where you know exactly who you are. Gone are the days of confusion and blurred lines between your truth and the expectations of others. You have grounded into your essence and built the foundation of your empowered self. You have had to let go of many friendships and relationships that were no longer serving you to get to where you are, and it was all worth it. Now is your time to really go after what you want in life. What do you care about? What lights you up? How do you want to serve? Meditate on these questions and take action on what comes up.
It is easy to lose sight of who you are when the world is pulling you in a million directions. When solar plexus is low, you feel unsure about what it is you really want. Take some time apart from others, especially those who are trying to direct your path, and figure out who you are outside of everyone else. Explore new topics, read new books, travel to new places, immerse yourself in new cultures. It is time for you to unlearn all that you learned so you can become all that you are.
heart chakra
Your heart has opened its chambers to new possibilities, and the light is coming through to soothe its once dark comers. This love heals all and allows you to see all people for their greatest potential, including yourself. By putting down your armor, you are truly able to use the intelligence of your heart, which will always guide you in the right direction. Trust the journey of the heart—it may not always make sense to the mind, but it is aware of possibilities the mind cannot yet envision. When you truly live a heart-centered life, there is nothing left to fear. Meditate on the color green and practice heart-opening yoga poses to aid the journey.
A heartbreak is holding you back from your truth, and the time has come to forgive. Your heart carries an intelligence, and when you close your heart, you are not able to operate as your full self. To follow your path, it is essential to heal the old wounds of the heart. Repeat the mantra, "Please forgive me. I forgive you. I thank you. I love you." Repeat these words using the names of every person who needs love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Each heartbreak carries a divine spiritual lesson, and you can hold onto the lesson while letting go of the pain. Honor the soul contract for what it taught you, and pave the way open for your heart to love again. Practice tantric eye-gazing and meditating on the heart-space, and spend time in green nature.

throat chakra
You came to this world to speak and express, and you are doing so beautifully! Now is the time to let your unique vibration shine. Speak your truth, write your message, sing your soul's language, express your innate art. This is a wonderful time to begin any communication-related project, such as a book, podcast, or business, or to take your existing project to the next level. The throat chakra reminds us to speak our truth, so continue to share what's on your mind with your closest relationships. Remember that it is just as essential to listen as it is to speak, and great communication skill comes in mastering both. Listen to those around you to deepen relationships and listen to those who inspire you to deepen wisdom. Know that most communication is not in the words spoken, but rather in their expression. This is the time for you to craft your own.
Is there something you know you need to say, but you can't muster up the courage to say it? Have you been waiting to get to a specific point to begin sharing your truth, but every day that moment feels further and further away? Let me tell you something—that moment is now. It is time for you to begin expressing the divinity that exists inside of your soul through the gifts the universe has blessed you with. Whether it's through words, movement, food, art, or music, ifs time to express yourself and let your truth echo.
third eye chakra
You have been using your sixth sense recently—your intuitive powerhouse, the third eye—and it is guiding you in the right direction. Your third eye sees far beyond your two eyes and the limitations of your mind, which can only dream up what is known. Your intuition speaks to you in whispers, in visions, in feelings. Find the language of your third eye and continue to follow its hunches, as you have been. The more you become aware of it, the easier this dialogue becomes. Your third eye is taking you on the very journey that your soul was put on this planet to fulfill. You came here to live, love, and learn. As long as you continue viewing the world from your third eye, you will surpass all limitations and find yourself limitless. Trust your intuition and keep moving forward. The path will continue to illuminate as you take the steps.
Have you been finding yourself in negative situations that you never saw coming? This is because your third eye is blocked. Your third eye is your intuitive self and is constantly guiding you in the direction of your Dharma—however, you have to know its language to listen. Before making a decision, tune into your body. What is it telling you? What is your intuitive hunch? What does your body say, before your mind? Notice the physical cues—do you feel heavy or expansive? Is it bringing forth fear or just nervousness of the unknown? What would you tell a friend in your situation? Before asking anyone for advice, tune into your body's wisdom to strengthen your third eye's vision.
crown chakra
Ybu may have noticed intuitive rushes of creative wisdom channeling through you, lighting up your every cell. That is called a download and it is a message from the divine, selected to come to you, because you have the potential to birth it on this planet. These downloads occur when the crown chakra is open, which may only be a few seconds, but is enough to illuminate a path that you never knew possible. Find what brings you to these channeling states and bring yourself there as much as possible. Whether it's through meditation, walking in nature, singing, or writing, the absence of the mind allows the genius of the divine. Those intuitive hits chose you—now it is your time to birth them to life.
Have you been feeling lost and creatively blocked, as if everyone else knows what they're doing, but you can't even choose the next step? This is because your crown chakra has been blocked. You must realize that you are always tapped into universal energy—it is your free-thinking mind that often overrides this innate wisdom and makes you lose sight of your own. The universe is sending you messages, through pebbles that later turn into boulders. It's time fbr you to plug back into the universe you came from. Take a social media break and use that time to be in silence. Become mindful of all that you do and let go of all unnecessary possessions, beliefs, and relationships. Study your ancestors and learn from your mistakes. Follow your curiosities and have faith in the future. This will pave the path back to the divine.
eight stages of yoga: universal morality
Your kindness, compassion, and generosity beam to all around you. The ahimsa, compassion, you display to all living things does not go unnoticed. Only honesty flows from your lips, you speak words steeped in truth, satya. You display honor in your asteya, non-stealing, because of your deep sense of brahmacharya, control. You focus on what truly matters and have let go of excess belongings, practicing aparigraha, or non-possessiveness. Continue shedding all that doesn't serve you as you blossom closer to your highest self.
In a world with so many people and things, it can be difficult to distinguish where our moral compass lies. Perhaps you're going through a time where you aren't sure what is right or wrong. You are questioning your values and realizing that not all carry the same integrity as you. Meditate on what is important to you and write down your core values. The yogic yamas, morals, are ahimsa (compassion for all living things), satya (commitment to truth), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (sense control), and aparigraha (letting go of the desire to hoard). What are yours?
IM 1 I A 1YL A G
XIYAMAS eight stages of yoga: laws of personal observance
You are beginning to reap the rewards of the inner transformational work you have done. This is just the beginning of a life-long practice of personal observance, lune into what your soul needs at this moment. Are there toxins in your body and mind that need sauca, purity? Are you experiencing contentment, santosa, for all the blessings you have been given? Are you using your tapas, disciplined energy, to take you toward your Dharma, divine purpose? Continue the practice of svadhyaya, self-study. There is always more that you'll find when you open up the pathway to your true spirit. Take some extra time for yourself each day to practice isvara pranidhana, the celebration and contemplation of spirit.
This is the time to go within. The answer to your question lies inside of yourself. By turning inward and doing the internal work, everything around you will shift. Are you practicing sauca, purity, in your body and mind through asana (yogic postures) and pranayama (controlled breath)? Are you holding onto toxic thoughts in your mind? It's time to move toward santosa, contentment, and realize that there is a purpose to every struggle that you've gone through. Use your tapas, disciplined energy, to move past your limiting beliefs and procrastination to begin your true svadhyaya, study of your self. When you make yourself your project, you'll experience isvara pranidhana, celebration of the spiritual.

eight stages of yoga: physical practice to sit in stillness
Your physical body holds the key to your evolvement—but it's just the first portal. The asana, yogic body postures, you have been practicing have been preparing you for true asana—to sit in stillness with the truth. These shapes and movements have removed the cobwebs of your limiting self, creating space for the silence of your mind's forest. You are one of those who realizes the true intention of asana and the one paving the way for others to see this bodily practice is really just a way to come face-to-face with yourself. Continue to cultivate your practice and move deeper into its core purpose—flow of energy in the body for the evolution of the spirit.
It's time to take it to your mat. The mind has been in control for far too long and it will never answer the questions of your souFs calling. To talk to the spirit, you must talk to its home, the body. The solutions are not outside of yourself, they're in this very temple you abide in. Through movement and breath, you create space between the inhales and the exhales to discover your truth. The mind will tell you stories until the end of time—the body cannot. If ifs been a while since you've done an asana, yoga practice, consider this is a request from the spirit reminding you to come back home to yourself.
eight stages of yoga: control of breath
You have inhaled the beauty, joy, and magnificence of life and exhaled the toxicity, stagnancy, and dullness. Now it is time to use the prana, energy, you have cultivated deeper towards your truth. With this control of the breath, you can control your life, so where would you like it to go? If you're seeking more rest, tranquility, and luxury, breathe slower. If you're seeking more energy, speed, and rajas in your life, breathe faster. Through pranayama, controlled breath, you can decide how you want to feel and when. Begin the study of various pranayama practices, such as alternate nostril breathing and breath of fire. Use it in your life to magnetize your direction.
Breathe. Inhale; one, two, three. Pause. Exhale; one, two, three. Pause. Repeat six times before continuing to read. Just this practice will change the rest of your experience with this deck. How we breathe is how we live. Have your breaths been fast, shallow, and rushed? Has your life had similar qualities? When we move through our breath without observance, we move through our lives without observance. Life is meant to be cherished, inhaled, devoured. Whenever things seem to be moving too quickly for words, come back to your breath. Especially those times when you feel like you can't take an extra 30 seconds off to breathe. That is when you need it most. Time is your perception— you choose how fast it moves.
eight stages of yoga: control of the senses
Recently, you've let go of some distractions in your life and everything has upgraded since. You've realized that holding onto things, foods, stimulants, or people only keeps you anchored to the physical world—truth lies in letting go of all that is not you. The daily coffee, piece of chocolate, social media addiction, or need to buy—those were once such a part of your identity but have now diminished. This is the time to go deeper into pratyahara and let go of any attachments, even those that are less obvious. Continue to meditate, which draws you immediately into pratyahara and illuminates what it is you are holding onto. It is only from here that you can listen to the truth within and act accordingly.
This is the time to retreat and draw back into yourself, letting go of any crutches you've used in the past to make you feel good: chocolate, coffee, social media, or TV shows. Pratyahara translates as "to withdraw oneself from that which nourishes the senses." Through releasing attachment to sensorial distractions, we move closer to self-realization and eventually, inner peace. What have you been holding onto to distract yourself? Perhaps ifs food, or material possessions, or surrounding yourself with people. Let go of all of that so you can realize all that you are.

eight stages of yoga: single-focused concentration
It is time to fbcus your mind on one goal to undergo the transformation that comes from concentration. The birthing process of an idea takes deep commitment to usher it to life. Through single-focused commitment, you will be able to deepen your understanding of your goal and from its core, bring it to fruition. This is your time to say no to everything that is not related to your Dharma. Practice dharana and fbcus on what it is you came to this Earth to do.
Ydu've recently been burying your head under the sand, focused totally on your work. While there is profound insight to be gained from immersion, you also must remember to look around you at what else life has to offer. Concentration requires inspiration. Take some time off from the work at hand and fbcus on the true work-at- large―mbodying your fullest human experience.
eight stages of yoga: concentration and meditation with the intention to know the truth
When was the last time you fully became immersed in what you were doing? Dhyana is when the dancer becomes the dance, the singer becomes the song, the painter becomes the paint, the lover becomes the love. There is no difference between the doer and the deed. You merge as one. You have pulled the Dhyana card to remind you that now is the time to transition from doing to embodying. Find that which you can merge with and practice it fully. Become the words in your journal, the asana in your practice, the nature with which you surround yourself, and notice your presence expand.
Fear, loneliness, jealousy, sadness, and anger all come from the same sourceseparation. The illusion that we are separate from all around us fundamentally creates the human condition of suffering. Our identities are temporary states or being—you are being you, I am being me, the bird is being a bird, the tree is being a tree. However, we all arise from the same source, atman, consciousness. Through dhyana, the practice of deep concentration, you become fully immersed with that which you are concentrating on and experience oneness. With this, you are experiencing a glimpse of your soul. Tbu are the sunlight, the Earth, the moon, the soil. And you are never alone.
eight stages of yoga:
advanced state of meditation and absorption in the self
Have you noticed the signs of spiritual progress? Your daily practice has brought you to a place of stillness and it is there where you experience Samadhi, the joining of all aspects of your being—physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. Samadhi is the deepest level of awareness when you experience supreme bliss, consciousness, and enlightenment. Your human consciousness has become one with cosmic consciousness and your soul has realized that it is far more than a mind and body. Celebrate the reunion of your soul and spirit, for you are a microcosm of the macrocosm.
You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are the one who experiences each. You pulled this card to remind you of the cosmic universe that lives within you. Have you forgotten you are a seed from the stars? The more you become in touch with the vastness within you, the less you'll worry about societal expectations. Connect to the infiniteness within you through a practice of stillness. It is there that you will realize you are the cosmos in human form.
KIWIMLINI primordial cosmic energy; serpent power upright
Kundalini is rising. The serpent-like energy that exists in the base of your spine, the muladhara chakra, has awoken. Vou may have noticed that you feel more spiritually aware than ever before. You are more sensitive to energies and quickly manifesting your thoughts. Your psychic abilities are rising and you feel the flow of energy that vibrates in every being. Your heart is full of a deep compassion and desire to serve others and you have a keen awareness of your purpose. This is kundalini rising. Stay grounded in this process― onnect to nature, exercise, journal, practice yoga. Through grounding, you'll be able to experience a beautiful and blissful kundalini awakening that takes you exactly where you were meant to be.
Within your spine lies an energy more powerful then you've ever experienced. This energy will help everything make sense, releasing disillusion and putting you on the path toward your Dharma. However, the kundalini awakening is not always easy. Sometimes shadow aspects of yourself show up, often mirrored in those around you. What is it that you need to look at deeper within yourself? How can you anchor further into your truth? Allow the ripping open of the kundalini experience as it shatters all disillusion, leaving space for the truth to unfold. Take each obstacle as a sacred lesson that can bring you closer to your highest self.

You have begun walking on the path of devotion, bhakti yoga. You are devoted to something greater than yourself, your body, your possessions, or your desires. This dedication is to the divine. Now is the time to ask yourself, What does divinity mean to me? When do Ifeel close to divine? Paths to bhakti yoga include kirtan (devotional mantras), meditations, and prayers to the Gods and Goddesses, offering service to those in need, and spending time in nature. The selfless path of bhakti yoga takes you to the greatest ecstasy of all: the bliss of devoting yourself to spirit.
When you lose touch with the divine, life becomes meaningless. Our days lose color and words feel tasteless without this connection to the source. How can you deepen your connection to divinity? Read the stories of the Gods and Goddesses and choose one whose medicine you need. Offer a meditation, mantra, or prayer for this deity. Just this single act of devotion can shift your entire vibration and reconnect you to the source. Know that the whole of the universe is divine.
balance of masculine and feminine
You are expanding into liberation: tan-tra. Moving past the dualistic mind that judges everything as right or wrong, you are headed to the greater truth that comes from integration. The structured masculine and flowing feminine within you are merging, allowing you to move toward infinite consciousness. The mature masculine within you creates presence, focus, stillness, and determination. The mature feminine within you results in creativity, flow, movement, sensuality, and nurturing. Both genders require a balance of these two energies. Continue to invite in all aspects of yourself: your light, your shadows, your shakti, your Shiva, your cognition, your intuition.
Is there an aspect of yourself that you are denying, shaming, or judging? Are you suppressing any shadow emotions such as anger, sadness, or loneliness? The wounded masculine creates feelings of separation, increased ego, competitiveness, and emotional detachment. The wounded feminine causes jealousy, gossip, low self-worth, need for external validation, and manipulation. Take a moment to reflect what you are observing within and around yourself. Our external world is a reflection of our internal world, steering us in the direction we must examine and heal.
yama: truthfulness
You are moving toward your truth, peeling off all layers of inauthenticity that have been placed upon you by societal conditioning. Through this shedding, you are finally feeling truth's bare skin as you place your fingers upon your face, finally coming home to yourself. This truth, satya, has been dormant inside you all along, waiting until your awakening. Through this process of understanding, unlearning, and evolving, you become a bodhi, awakened person. Continue to step into this new paradigm of truth as you shed all false beliefs, narratives, and stories so you can emerge as your true self. Ask yourself, Where and how can I show up more authentically in my life? What makes me feel like I'm living in my truth? Are my relationships in alignment with who I am at this moment? What masks am I still wearing to make me feel loved, secure, or significant?
This is a call for truth. Where are you not being one hundred percent authentic to yourself? Is there something you need to express but are fearful of the conversation that will have to follow? Is your career in alignment with who you are at this point of your life? Are your friendships actively supporting your growth? Are there aspects in your relationship you've been overlooking that finally need the spotlight? Iruth becomes louder when we ignore its calling. By stepping into the truth, you are committing to an elevated version of yourself, and all that does not match your heightened vibration will fall away. What was true for you once may not be true for you today. Accept the seasonality of all things, including yourself.
yama: nonviolence
You have been observant of how your thoughts affect your actions and how your actions reflect the quality of your life. Through actively changing your internal monologue, you are manifesting a heightened state of consciousness and a new paradigm. Continue to fine-tune your inner language to radiate compassion, joy, and peace. Even the most disciplined yogis still often look in the mirror and think negative thoughts about themselves, get frustrated when stuck in traffic, or speak words to a loved one that don't radiate pure love. These moments are your guru, reminding you of where you still need to grow. Overcoming your triggers facilitates growth. Each time you feel the voice of negativity come through, sing back to it words of ahimsa, compassion. You'll quickly find these words echoed back by all those you encounter.
It's time to be a little nicer to yourself. Ahimsa, non-violence, is often practiced by yogis when it comes to others. But what about non-violence toward ourselves? As the Buddha says, 4<The thought manifests as the word, the word manifests as the deed, the deed develops into habit, and habit hardens into character. So, watch the thought and its ways with care, and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings... As the shadow follows the body, as we think, so we become.,, The way we speak to ourselves becomes the way we speak to others and the reality we reside in. Catch yourself when a self-defeating thought comes to mind. Would you say this to your child, your best friend, or anyone for that matter? Honor yourself in the same way.
niyama: self-study
We were each bom with a book of infinite wisdom, stories, inventions, and emotions. This book is our own consciousness. If we take the path to truly studying the self, we will never become bored with our findings. Instead of trying to acquire more information, take the focus inward. There are cosmoses in your consciousness you have yet to venture into that have more beauty than any artwork, more mystery than your favorite thriller, more magnificence than all Earthly creations. However, the passport required to reach these vistas is stillness. Through withdrawing from external stimulus, you can move into the true stimulus—the world inside and beyond you.
Who are you? It may sound like an abrupt question, but ifs one you should be asking yourself every day. When we don't ask ourselves who we are, we take on versions of ourselves that other people sized us for. In truth, you are not your personality—that is a temporary and ever-changing fagade you use to interact with the outside world. This is the time to go deeper into the very nature of the self. This self is beyond personality quizzes or even Doshas. This self is the infinite soul, one that exists across experiences, bodies, personalities, and even lifetimes. Regain touch with this deep-seated self by doing things that make you forget who you are. Meditate, dance, chant mantras, spend time immersed in nature, move past the mind. You will notice your personality quickly shifts and anchors into your truth when you've reunited with your soul.
niyama: contentment
You are at a place where you can relax, unwind, and be content with where you are. You have done tremendous work to be at this place; now is the time to let it sink in and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We often spend our whole lives striving toward the next goal and skipping over accomplishments; we never allow ourselves to experience true santosha, contentment, for where we are at in this present moment. Take a few moments to close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, and breathe. Take in all that is around you—what you've co-created; how far you've come; how blessed you are; the people who love you; that you are safe, loved, and supported by the universe. You will not fall behind by taking a pause and being content with what you have. In fact, this Kapha Earthy energy will nourish you throughout all your future endeavors.
Social media can take a yogi off their path toward santosha, contentment, through its kryptonite: comparison. When we compare ourselves to the paths of others, we lose our freedom. We judge our self-worth on whether or not we are embodying someone else's Dharma, which was never meant for us. You were bom with the exact gifts, desires, and abilities you were meant to share with the world. Ybur curiosities are the seeds planted inside you that will take you toward your highest self. It's time to adapt a mindset of contentment with who you are, so you can create what it is you, and only you, were meant to create.
niyama: self-discipline
You've gotten where you are because of your discipline, tapas, and this will continue to take you where you need to go. While "discipline" sounds like a heavy word, it is really just committing to becoming the highest version of yourself. The next evolvement will require refinement of your inner strength. You are undergoing a deep transformation; stepping outside of your comfort zone, gaining strength, moving through fear. Now is the time to ask yourself the important questions. What practices have I committed to? What practices do I still need to commit to? Is my daily routine serving me? How can I improve it? Where do I need to set boundaries in my life to further align with my truth? Am I showing up for myself the way I would for a friend or child?
The difference between humans and animals is tapas, discipline. Though we have animalistic urges, we can train the mind to move beyond them toward a greater good for ourselves and for those around us. Discipline will mean different things for different Doshas at different times. For Vatas, discipline will mean following through with the task at hand and seeing their visions to completion. For Pittas, discipline will mean honoring the mind and body by resting when needed. For Kaphas, discipline will mean committing to a movement and health regimen that makes them feel inspired. Ask yourself, Where do I need more discipline? Am I seeing my visions to completion or starting new projects before finishing the ones that matter? Am I challenging myself too much or too little? Am I showing up for my personal, physical, and self-care practice every day?
Mantra: Om Namaha Parvati
goddess of devotion^, love9 and yoga
Ybu pull upon Parvati when you've taken immense action toward becoming your highest self. In Hindu mythology, Parvati was in love with unattainable Shiva, who was deep in the mountains practicing yoga and detached from the material world. She knew he needed the feminine to bring him down to Earth, but he was totally inaccessible. Instead of begging and pleading, Parvati decided to become her highest self and seek enlightenment through yoga. Her family objected, saying women cannot become yogis, but she headed to the mountains anyway, where she stood in a frigid stream balancing on one leg for uncountable months or years. Eventually, Shiva felt her immense energy and fell in love with her because of her strength and determination. Parvati represents commitment to practice, unbreakable willpower, and the power of self-transformation. Continue your journey toward enlightenment.
Like a body with no spinal cord, you may have lost your grounding and become loose, floating in every direction. What is it you are committed to? A person with no commitments is like a wave with no direction. It's crucial to always have direction in life, and that direction should always be pointing inward. Spiritual development is a journey that unfolds only when you begin to walk the path. Recommit yourself to your daily asana and meditation practice for 30 days and watch your life slowly rebuild its spinal cord.
Mantra: Om Aim Hreem Saraswati Namaha
goddess of creativity 9 intuition^, and insight
Saraswati appears when you have surrendered to creativity—the endless stream that we only catch glimpses of but can feed us for life. She is the sacred river, flowing with divine wisdom, nourishing us with nectar for the soul—art, music, dance, and literature. You may draw upon Saraswati when new ideas are flourishing and you are channeling universal wisdom. Saraswati appears in the ingenious moment when you think of something straight from the heavens, when you lose yourself in dance, when you become one with the music. She is the very source of all inspiration, embodying the cosmos through communication, meditation, intuition, speech, and sound. Saraswati has come to you to deliver the message to pursue that creative idea with full force—you are fully supported by her blessings.
Perhaps you are feeling creatively blocked, which just means you have forgotten who you truly are. Your divine nature is one of endless creativity. There is no shortage of ideas; like a river, you just have to tap back into the infinite stream of inspiration. What were the creative activities you loved as a child? Bring them back into your daily life. Dance, doodle, sing, paint, play an instrument, write. Use your body and silence your inner monologue. Allow yourself to surrender to the greater flow that is the universe in motion. Remember that you already are a creative being—the only thing that's blocking you is your mind.
Mantra: Om Aim Hreem Kleeni Chamundaye Viche S waha
goddess of destruction9 dissolution9 and ecstasy
You draw upon Kali when you are in a time of radical rebirth.
She is fierce, erratic, untamed—the part of you that you're afraid to give full control because you don't know where it will take you.
She will destroy all disillusion and bring you face-to-face with your darkest shadows—not to cause anguish, but rather from a deep place of love. She demolishes the ego that creates the boundary between you and your highest self. She is the ecstasy experienced in an orgasm, meditation, bold self-expression, or pushing a child out of the womb. Kali comes to you in a time of deep liberation; stepping into the truer form of you. Irust the process and allow yourself to release all limitations so you can become one with the bliss that you are.
Look in the mirror. What is it that you are afraid to see? We all have parts of us that are less than perfect, but they can only be brought into the light through acknowledgement. Recognize those shadows, why they came to be, the purpose they once had, and how they are no longer needed. Write down the limiting beliefs you are holding onto that are preventing you from reaching your higher truth and burn them into flames. Shake your body, scream, clear your house, let go of stale relationships, practice self-pleasure. Free the parts of you that have been suppressed and step into your wild nature to experience Kali's enlightenment.
Mantra: Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyai
goddess of abundance^ fortune9 and beauty
Many call upon Lakshmi, but she only comes to few who have earned it. Today, that is you. She is the goddess of abundance, physical beauty, ojas (vital life-force), good fortune, and fertility. She is the sweetness of the fruit, the petals of the flower, the glistening of the ocean. She is the extra spark that makes certain things beautiful. She comes to you with blessings of prosperity for the fruits of your labor. She has recognized your generosity and rewards you in her ways, whether it's financial abundance, radiant health, loving partnership, a comfortable home, good fortune, or impregnation you are seeking. Continue to give freely and lovingly and so will she.
When you feel like you are not enough, you will not have enough. Lakshmi has come to you to remind you that you already are the things that you are seeking—abundance, beauty, radiance, success—all it takes is tuning in. When you truly embody who you are, you become bountiful with the riches of life and your inner beauty shines. Pay attention to your inner monologue. How are you speaking to yourself? When you constantly tell yourself you are poor, fat, unworthy, or ugly, the universe will respond to continue your story. Create a positive self-dialogue and tell yourself how beautiful and abundant you already are. Sprinkle compliments and smiles to all those you encounter, and the Lakshmi within you will come to light.
Mantra: Om Radhaya Namaha
goddess of passionate love and longing upright
Are you in love? You very well may be soon. Radha is the goddess of euphoric bliss and deep surrender when you gaze into the eyes of your lover. She is the passionate lover of Krishna, who gave up everything to be in his arms. Radha represents the desire to merge with your beloved and lose yourself in the utter ecstasy that is love. If you aren't already in love, ifs well on its way and already occurring all around you. Allow yourself to lose yourself in the divine dance of romance, for love is just you experiencing your own soul in another body.
Are you afraid to love? There is deep vulnerability that comes with sacred union. When you've fallen in love, your entire heart exists in another body, out of your control. To experience this is to experience true enlightenment. Love is the most divine emotion one can experience and to say no to love is to say no to yourself. Even the most broken heart can be mended again. Become complete within yourself while still holding space for that sacred lover who is awaiting your reunion in this lifetime.
Mantra: Om Durn Durgayei Namaha
goddess of inner strength and protection
You are exhibiting great strength in the face of things that would make others, including former versions of yourself, crumble. Durga, the Warrior Goddess, is with you, carrying her bow and arrow, sword, trident, lotus, thunderbolt, golden discus, and conch. You are embodying her fierce strength and loving protection. You have overcome major hardships with your willpower and will continue to leap over any challenges that confront you. Call upon Durga Ma whenever you need an extra ounce of strength.
Perhaps you feel anxious, sad, lost, or confused and could use a bit of strength to power you through this. Just remember that hardships, are temporary and an opportunity to develop tenacity. The one thing you can instantly change are your present thoughts. The rest will shift after that. Repeat the Durga mantra for her beloved guidance. She exists within.
Mantra: Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Bhuvaneshva ri Namaha
goddess of space and infinite possibilities
You have learned the art of creating space and are experiencing the cosmos that exists inside of you. Bhuvaneshvari comes to you in deep meditation, in profound nature, in oceans, and in silence. Her stillness guides you to enter deeper into the cosmic web of potentials that exist for you in the present moment. Continue making time for whatever brings you to a point of total stillness— that is where your true self resides. Know that you are not just part of the Earth, but the Earth is also part of you, and you are lovingly held by her presence.
Create space, between your breaths and between your thoughts. Life can get a little too crowded and Bhuvaneshvari is asking you to make space for your highest self to shine through. Notice your breath and its rhythms. Slow down each breath until you can feel the pause between inhales and exhales. Continue breathing deeply until it almost feels like you aren't breathing; the spaces have become longer and the breaths faint. This is how you experience the advanced state of meditation, samadhi.
Mantra: Sita Ram
goddess of devotion and loyalty
You have devoted your entire self to a person or project, and your loyalty cannot be questioned. Even in the face of harsh treatment, you have endured in the name of love. Sita remained loyal to her husband Ram, despite being told he was dead and when another king wanted to marry her. When her husband returned, he did not believe her fidelity. She said, "If I am telling the truth, I will jump into this fire and will not be bumed.,, She stepped into the fire, untouched, proving that she was indeed loyal. Sita understands how much you truly care and the sacrifices you have made. You have displayed selfless devotion, which is one of the most holy things we can do. In serving those you love, you serve the divine.
You have given your all to a person, but you have been questioned, criticized, and not treated with the respect you deserve. Though you truly want to make this person happy, it's time to walk away and choose yourself. This person will never change, and the only thing that can change is you. By stepping away to preserve yourself, you are choosing the love and healing vibration of this planet. After Sita showed her loyalty to her husband Ram by jumping into a fire, he still questioned and tested her. She said "If I have always been faithful to Ram, may the Earth receive me," and she sank into the Earth, never to be seen again. When kindness isn't honored, it disappears.
Mantra: Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Swaha
goddess of disappointment and letting go
You, my darling, have finally realized that all of the hardships and struggles you've faced were brought on your path for a very important reason—they've shaped you to be the person you are today. You have put together the dots on all the most difficult points on your journey and realized that it was all necessary to be here, now. Dhumavati has come to remind you to give thanks to the struggles you've faced—they have made you your highest self.
Letting go is not always a bad thing when you know it's making space for something better. Dhumavati is the pain and the struggle that makes you who you are. She is the phase right before enlightenment when you experience the void. She is your shadow self, the thing you didn't want to look at even though it is a core part of who you are. She is moving past the illusion, maya, looking life and death right in the eye and seeing they are both sides of the same coin. Know that Dhumavati is guiding you through this difficult time and your highest self awaits on the other side.
Mantra: Orn Hum Sv ah a Om
goddess of radical self-transcendence
You are waking up and experiencing the radical pleasures of letting go. Chinnamasta, the headless goddess, has come to guide you in this massive state of transformation, as you turn passion into spiritual energy. Kundalini, primal energy, is rising and you have given up a role you once carried to step up more fully into your power. Don't feel fear in this state of transition—Chinnamasta's gift is to transmute the darkest of times into the most powerful of energies. Carry her fierceness as you tear off a former head you once had and experience the inner peace that comes with being divinely yourself.
Chinnamasta has come to tell you that you are giving up too much—who you are, what you have to offer, your divine gifts, and love. You have lost your head in the pursuit of helping others and it has left you confused, empty, and numb. It's time to set boundaries to remember who you truly are. You don't need to sacrifice your individuality to gain appraisal and acceptance. Instead, use this experience to go deeper into your truth and you will come out on the other side as more self-aware and empowered than ever before.
Mantra: Om Aim Kleem Sau
goddess of erotic spirituality
Move toward that which makes you feel sensual, awake, and alive. In our society, we've been taught to repress our divine feminine nature in order to be taken seriously. However, by doing so, we are only operating as half of a whole. Lalita has come to remind you of your inner Tantrika energy; that which oozes with erotic, shakti life force. It's time to merge your spiritual self with your sexual self, as the two are intrinsically related. Enjoy all things with sensuality: food, conversation, self-care, movement. Follow what feels good, not what "makes sense" to a patriarchal system. Bring in all aspects of yourself to the table and watch your life blossom.
It's time to go after your desires. These desires are not your goals of achievement but rather what the inner you desires: love, lust, passion. Lalita, the Tantrika goddess, awakens within to remind you of your divine feminine nature. She is fully alive, untamed, and mystical, joining the erotic with the spiritual. Lalita represents the part of you that is both a queen and nymph—ruling with her elegance without forgoing her pleasure. Meditate on embodying Lalita's sensual power in all aspects of your life.
Mantra: Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Yamaha
god of new beginnings and remover of obstacles
You are at the beginning of a new venture that is going to bring you great joy and success. Ganesha has been removing the roadblocks placed before you, granting you a smooth transition into this very moment. These roadblocks do not exist outside of you, however. They are the vrittis, fluctuations of the mind, represented by his vehicle, the mouse. When you calm your wavering mind, you are able to overcome any obstacle. Ganesha will continue to bring you good luck, success, and harmony with the sweets of ananda, the awareness of your true consciousness as bliss.
Has life been feeling a little more difficult than usual, as though you're faced with another obstacle each time you turn a corner? Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be reminded of their true nature. Ask yourself: Am I living life out of my highest integrity? Am I using my skills to help the world? Am I sharing my passion and wisdom with others? Am I giving generously out of true compassion? Write an honest tally-up of how you are doing in various areas of your life—areer, relationships, community service, wellness, and spiritual practice. Note the things you could shift more focus to. When Ganesha sees you are making an effort, he will begin his work of removing obstacles again.
Mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Rama
god of compassion and love
What does it feel like to be totally enamored, raptured, and captivated with love for the divine? This is the essence of Krishna. You have entered a time where you have realized love is something so much greater than passion between two people. Instead, it is the origin of all life, where everything blossoms. You have trusted in the greater forces of the universe, and in return it supports you with its all-encompassing arms, embracing you like stars in the sky. Continue trusting that the divine is omnipresent and that you are not only a part of the universe, but the entire universe exists inside of you. Krishna also reminds you that play is a form of prayer.
Have you lost your trust in the divine? Do you feel like you walk alone on this path? How far you have separated from the divinity that exists inside of you! There is no part of you that is separate from the divine—your sex, your body, even your shadows—all of it is holy and worthy of being embraced. Xou are a divine being placed on this planet for a specific reason—to follow your Dharma, life path. The path is winding and has many chapters, all of which are important. Acknowledge the chapter you are in and the lessons it is teaching you. Focus your attention on where you want to go and don't forget to laugh and play along the way.
Mantra: Om Brahma Devaya Namo Namaha
god of creation
It is time to create. Brahma, the creator of the universe and all beings, has come to you with the message that now is the time to bring that idea to fruition. What is that idea you've been sitting on but haven't taken action? Now is time to plant that seed into the Earth and water it with your intention so it sprouts to life, benefitting all those around you. Brahma's rosary symbolizes the time cycle through which the world moves from creation to sustenance, from sustenance to dissolution, and from dissolution to new creation. Which cycle are you on?
When you are not creating, you are dying. Brahma comes to you with the reminder to remain in the cycle of creation, for that is the cycle of life. All things are in phases; work, relationships, even identities. When we forgo working on these aspects of our life, we remain stagnant, which is akin to moving backwards. What areas of your life have you been overlooking? How can you put in more time and effort to create a new version of what there formerly was? How can you recreate yourself to become a more authentic version of you? Trust that you have the wisdom and knowledge to move forward.
Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya
god of destruction and rebirth
You are truly on a yogic path. Shiva is referred to as Adiyogi; the first yogi ever. He attained enlightenment and abandoned himself in an ecstatic dance atop the Himalayas. When his ecstasy went beyond movement, he became utterly still. People could not understand his switch between ecstatic movement and stillness and thought him mad. However, seven students wanted to learn how he was moving past physical limitations. This is how he began teaching yoga. Shiva planted the seed of yoga into the human mind. Pulling Shiva represents moving past the limitations from your society, body, mind, or ego. It represents doing the inner work to evolve. It is also a call to service, to teach others your wisdom, so they too can become liberated.
When you change your ways and adopt habits, hobbies, and lifestyle choices that are unfamiliar to those around you, they will call you mad. However, you are opening up the door for a new way of being. Do not let the words of others hold you down. Rather, use them as a reminder that you are on the right path; shifting consciousness. When Shiva began practicing sadhana, people could not understand his ways, yet they created the basis of what we know as yoga. Never doubt your significance and the way your authenticity can impact others.
Mantra: Om Name Hanumate Namaha
god of courage
Hanuman represents the evolved mind and the potential we all have to no longer be enslaved to our thoughts but rather surpass them. When Lord Rama asks Hanuman, "How do you look upon me?" Hanuman answers, "When I believe I am the body, then I am your faithful servant. When I know I am the soul, I know myself to be a spark of your eternal Light. And when I have the vision of truth, you and I, my Lord, are one and the same." To draw upon Hanuman symbolizes you are aware of this truth—you are more than your physical body, your ego-self, your personality, your soul. The truth is that you are the divine, as we all are, split from the same source. Continue to practice meditative states where you are reminded of this universal truth to aid in your evolvement.
Are you in control of your thoughts or are your thoughts in control of you? Your mind is wandering like a wild monkey. When you don't actively train it through meditation, you lose control over it. Tbu are jumping from one thought to the next and often lose yourself in worry and stress. Before you begin your day and pick up technology, find your breath. Notice the movement of your thoughts and slowly tame them. Ybu will soon begin to notice which thoughts are yours and which are from outside forces, such as societal and parental conditioning. When you tame the mind, you are reminded of the truth—that you are the divine, and the answers you seek already exist inside of you, waiting for you to remember.
Sahara Rose hosts the top-ranked spirituality podcast The Highest Self Podcast and is the best-selling author of Eat Feel Fresh and Idiots Guides: Ayurveda. She has been called "a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift" by Deepak Chopra. She loves making spiritual and Ayurvedic wisdom fun and relatable so it can serve the needs of today's people.
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This deck is dedicated to my crown chakra for receiving downloads; my third eye for intuiting them; my throat chakra for transcribing them in words; my heart chakra for feeling their depth; my solar plexus for finding the strength to publish them; my sacral chakra for finding the joy in the process; and my root chakra for grounding it all into Earth.
Thank you to the Vedic rishis for channeling such profound knowledge. Thank you to the shift in universal consciousness where it is safe, accepted, and celebrated to use decks like these today. Grateful to be part of the awakening. Atma namaste.
Danielle Noel is a visual artist and oracle designer who weaves ancient mysticism and energy medicine into new wellness tools. She is the creator of The Starchild Tarot, The Moonchild Tarot, and the author of The Book of Tarot: A Guide for Modern Mystics.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Sahara Rose for inviting me to visualize this beloved project with her. It has been an honor to explore these sacred keys and to journey through the many layers of love and rich symbology that are imbued within their history. Big thanks to the wonderful team at DK: Ann Barton, our editor, and Becky Batchelor, our designer, for all of your incredible support throughout this creative project. And much love to all of the readers out there who are also seeking and exploring. May you find peace, illumination, and truth along your path.
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