Angel Tarot Cards Guidebook


Positive, Loving, and Gentle Angel Tarot Cards

Tarot has long been revered for giving detailed and ac­curate forecasts. This is the first deck of tarot cards cre­ated that is 100 percent gentle, safe, and trustworthy! All of the words in this deck, as well as the illustrations by Steve A. Roberts, are positive, while still retaining the magical effect­iveness and meaning of traditional tarot. This guidebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct accurate read­ings for yourself and others. It explains the general meaning of each card and provides specific details that can offer more clar­ity and help you tap into your intuition.



How to Work with the Angel Tarot Cards.      I

The Meanings of the Cards....... 13

The Major Arcana........................ 15

0............................ The Dreamer.... 16

1........................... The Magician.... 18

2.................. The High Priestess.... 20

3............................ The Empress    22

4............................ The Emperor.... 24

5.......................................... Unity    26

6................................ The Lovers.... 28

7.............................. The Chariot.... 30

8........................................ Justice    32

9............................... The Hermit.... 34

10.............................. The Wheel.... 36

1................................................... I.... Strength      38

2 Awakening........................... 40

13.................................... Release    42

14................................... Balance    44

15........................................... Ego.... 46

16...................... Life Experience    48

17.................................. The Star.... 50

18............................... The Moon.... 52

19................................... The Sun.... 54

20.................................. Renewal    56

21............................... The World.... 58

The Minor Arcana....................... 61

The Suit of Fire

Ace............................................ 63

Two........................................... 64

Three........................................ 65

Four........................................... 67

Five............................................ 68

Six.............................................. 69

Seven........................................ 70

Eight......................................... 71

Nine.......................................... 72

Ten............................................ 73

Page.......................................... 74

Knight....................................... 75

Queen...................................... 77

King........................................... 79

The Suit of Water

Ace............................................ 8

Two........................................... 82

Three........................................ 83

Four........................................... 84

Five............................................ 85

Six.............................................. 86

Seven........................................ 87

Eight......................................... 89

Nine.......................................... 90

Ten............................................ 9

Page.......................................... 92

Knight....................................... 93

Queen...................................... 95

King........................................... 97

The Suit of Air

Ace............................................. 99

Two............................................ 100

Three......................................... 10

Four......................................... 102

Five.......................................... 103

Six............................................ 104

Seven......................................... 105

Eight........................................ 106

Nine......................................... 107

Ten........................................... 108

Page........................................... 109

Knight........................................ I 10

Queen....................................... I I I

King............................................ I 13

The Suit of Earth

Ace............................................. I 15

Two............................................ I 16

Three......................................... I 17

Four............................................ I 18

Five............................................. 120

Six............................................ 121

Seven......................................... 122

Eight.......................................... 123

Nine......................................... 124

Ten........................................... 125

Page........................................... 127

Knight........................................ 128

Queen....................................... 129

King............................................ 13 I

About the Artist........................... 132

About the Author........................ 135

How to Work with the Angel Tarot Cards

Tarot is a divination tool that dates back to the 15th century. The second t in tarot is silent, so the word is pronounced "tair [rhymes with hair] oh.” Interestingly, in North America, the first syllable is emphasized, whereas in other regions, it’s the second syllable.

Tarot has touched the lives of countless individuals, giving them peace, comfort, and insight in times of joy as well as in times of challenge. It's one of the most accurate ways to receive detailed guidance about your future and answers to your questions. Consulting tarot cards is like spending time with a dear wise relative who acknowledges both the shadows and the joys of life. However, many people are put off or frightened by the traditional images and phrases in tarot. So the Angel Tarot Cards were created to preserve the ancient divination methods, while using only positive, gentle, and life-affirming words and pictures.

The deck retains the full scope of human emotions and experiences from traditional tarot, but reinterprets the fear-based images and words

to enlighten, rather than to frighten, those who use the cards.

This deck’s reinterpretation brings new and vibrant symbolism that may be unfamiliar to experi­enced tarot practitioners. However, whether you’re new to tarot or well versed In it, you’ll find that the messages in this deck are uplifting, refreshing, and accurate. It endeavors to preserve tarot's traditional detailed answers, while simultaneously simplify­ing the interpretations so you don’t have to wade through multiple pages to receive guidance.

Using Your Angel Tarot Cards

Tarot was originally two sets of cards, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. (Arcana is the plural of arcanum, meaning a deep or profound secret or mystery.) The two sets were later combined into the now-traditional 78 cards.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that describe major events and turning points in our lives (such as marriage, pregnancy, relationship and career changes, and personal challenges). The Major Arcana can also represent the different phases from cmldhood to old age.

The Minor Arcana represents more ordinary day-to-day life events and is divided into four suits or elements: fire, water a/'r and earth. The Minor Arcana cards are numbered I (Ace) through 10, plus the court cards—a Page (card II), a Knight (card 12), a Queen (card 13), and a King (card 14)—for each suit.

It's most common to treat the tarot as one deck of cards. However some people prefer to use the Major Arcana separately from the Minor Arcana. As you work with the Angel Tarot Cards, you’ll notice that each Major Arcana card features one of the 15 principal archangels! (A few archangels appear on more than one card, as they embody aspects of several cards.) These archangels provide strong protection and clear guidance as you travel along your spiritual path. The Major Arcana cards can also be mixed in with your other angel oracle decks to provide additional details in your readings.

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits or elements. The earth element is represented with paintings of fairies, air with unicorns, water with mermaids, and fire with friendly dragons. (Since air is traditionally represented by swords in tarot, the weapons have been replaced with the gentler imag­ery of unicorns whose horns are swordlike.)

Court cards can represent either a situation or a person during a reading. When the reading shows

the influence of another person in your life (such as a lover), Pages and Queens represent females (or feminine men), and Knights and Kings represent males (or masculine women).

On a historical note, the Major Arcana was originally created with Justice as the 8th card and Strength as the I Ith one. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, Arthur Edward Waite flipped the cards' positions when he created his famous Rider-Waite deck. His reasons for doing so were obscure, and this inversion was disruptive to the flow of the Major Arcana's spiritual-path story. So they have been restored to their original positions in the Angel Tarot Cards.

Since each individual tarot card has multiple pos­sible meanings, I recommend that you read Its descrip­tion in this guidebook and let your intuition lead you to the appropriate interpretation of the reading. Trust your angels and feelings to guide you. The cards in this deck are rich with symbolism and imagery, which also provide answers and messages. Notice where your attention Is drawn within each card's painting, as the illustration can hold equally important messages. This guidebook, coupled with your intuition, will help you understand the answers to all of your questions.

Reversed or upside-down cards mean that you especially need to focus upon the issue connected

to that particular card. Reversals can also mean that the energy around that particular card's meaning is beginning to lessen.

Here are the steps to give an oracle-card read­ing to yourself or others:

Step I: Clear Your Card Deck

Since your cards are sensitive instruments, they need to be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed from the manufacturing process. (Steps I and 2 only need repeating after another person touches your deck or if your readings lack clarity because the cards have become clogged with too much energy.)

To clear your cards, first hold the deck in your nondominant hand (the hand you normally don't write with), as this is the hand that receives energy. Form a fist with your other hand (this is the one that sends energy), and knock on the cards once. This clears out the old energy so that the cards are now a blank slate and ready to be imbued with your own vibration.

Step 2: Consecrate the Cards

Briefly touch each of the cards to infuse them with your personal energy. You can simply touch

one of the corners of each to accomplish this. Then fan the cards out with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you’d like to bestow upon your cards. For instance, you can say the following silently or aloud:

“I ask that all of my readings with these cards be accurate and specific, and bring blessings to everyone involved. Please help me stay centered in my higher

self so that I may clearly hear, see, feel, and know the Divine messages that wish to come through these readings."

Ask and pray for whatever help you'd like during your readings, such as confidence, clarity, compassion, and so forth. Your cards now carry your personal vibration and intentions.

Step 3: Ask a Question

Think of a question you’d like an answer to. If you're giving a reading to someone, ask him or her to either think of or verbalize a question. Your angels and guides can hear your thoughts, so you needn't voice your queries aloud.

Step 4: Shuffle the Cards

Think of the question as you shuffle the cards, and ask the angels to help you with answers and guidance, If one or more cards "jump” out of the deck while you’re shuffling, place them to the side. They'll be part of your reading.

As you're shuffling, you’ll likely notice feelings, thoughts, words, or visions. This Divine guidance will help you further understand the cards you draw, so pay attention to these impressions as they come to you.

When your cards begin to clump into two distinct sections, it's time to stop shuffling. You may also receive a feeling, thought, or vision that tells you to stop—or you may even hear the words Stop shuffling now. Trust and honor these Divine messages that are helping you with the reading. You can't make a mistake and stop shuffling too early, as the Law of Attraction ensures that you’ll always choose the correct cards.

Step 5: Choose a Card

Pull the top card from the deck. This is the answer to your question, or guidance about which healing steps to take to help you with the issue you’ve

inquired about. As you read the words on the card, notice any thoughts, additional words, feelings, or visions that come to you, as these are messages from your angels and guides that personalize the card’s particular meaning for you. The picture also holds significance, so be sure to study Its details. If you set aside a card (or cards) that "jumped” out of the deck while you were shuffling, carefully examine it, too.

Step 6: Consult This Guidebook

Turn to the corresponding page within this guidebook for each card. The information there will give you specific guidance to help walk you through any life changes or to take appropriate action. As you read the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you, as they, too, are a personalized part of the answer.

Three-Card Spread

After completing Steps 3 and 4, pick three cards from the top of the deck. With the pictures and words facing up, lay the first card to your left, the second one in the middle, and the third to the right.

The card to your left speaks about the immediate past with respect to the situation you inquired about. The middle card reveals your question's current status and what you need to know or work on right now. And the card to the right shows your immediate future if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance in the middle card. Again, remember that you can improve your future by holding a positive outlook and following your inner guidance.

The Celtic Cross

The most popular spread for tarot cards is called the Celtic Cross, and it can be used to answer ques­tions about any topic. This spread often cards reveals the basis of your situation, the challenge, the past, the present, the near future, and the likely outcome.

After completing Steps 3 and 4, lay out ten cards faceup in the order shown in the diagram on the following page.


  • Card I represents the situation.
  • Card 2 represents the current challenge affecting

the issue.

  • Card 3 represents the basis of the situation.
  • Card 4 represents the past as it pertains

to the situation.

  • Card 5 represents the present.
  • Card 6 represents the near future.
  • Card 7 represents your power in the situation.
  • Card 8 represents the effects of people around you.
  • Card 9 represents your hopes or fears.
  • Card 10 represents the outcome.

In the next section of this guidebook, you’ll find meanings for each card. Remember that you have freewill choices about all areas of your life. You can also change the outcome of any situation through prayer, visualization, positive affirmations, and taking guided action. Your angels and guides can help alter your future for the better if you'll just ask for, and be open to, their assistance.

The Meanings of the Cards

This guidebook explains the general meanings for every card in the Angel Tarot Cards deck. As is traditional in tarot, the Major Arcana cards are listed first numerically, followed by the unnumbered Minor Arcana cards, which are grouped Ace through King by suit.

When you’re ready to look up a card's meaning, find the corresponding page and read the interpreta­tion and symbolism for the entry. Your inner wisdom will tell you if any of the information applies to you, or it may trigger further insights about your situation. Your intuition will offer you even more personalized messages from your angels and guides, so as you read, simultaneously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards describ­ing major events and turning points in our lives. As explained earlier, these cards can also represent the different stages from childhood to old age. Each Is numbered, as is traditional In tarot, and features an archangel who is associated with the card’s message.


The Dreamer

The angels bring you this card because you're entering a new and exciting phase of your life, it’s important that you believe in yourself and know that the benevolent Universe wants you to succeed. Now is the time for faith, and commitment to your dreams! Take any necessary steps to move forward with confidence.

Listen to your own inner guidance about fol­lowing your dreams, but be open to information from others regarding the detailed steps to take. You may need additional input or guidance from an expert before proceeding, but don’t let this stall

your forward movement. Actively seek the insight you need.

Additional meanings of this card: Leaps of faith. Creative solutions. Unexpected opportunities. Asserting your independence. The need for optimis­tic approaches to challenges.

Archangel Metatron is the overseer of those who are new to the spiritual path, and to young people who are spiritually aware. He's a wonderful guide to call upon to help you overcome awkwardness and fully commit to taking action and moving forward toward the fruition of your dreams. With Metatron's help, you can retain childlike awe and wonder while making your way in the world.


The Magician

This card signals that it's the right time to begin new projects! If you had any doubts about your abil­ity to manifest your dreams, leave them behind. In fact, the more self-confidence you have, the more success you experience! Fortunately, the angels can boost your inner strength if you'll call upon them for help.

Although you may not feel ready to move for­ward upon your path, you’re actually more prepared than you realize. Your life experiences have trained you for this moment, and the opportunities available to you at this time are magical. It’s not necessary to take any more classes or read any more books,

which would only delay you from walking through the door that's presently open for you. Take focused action with respect to any plans you may have been preparing for.

Additional meanings of this card: No more procrastination! Magical occurrences. Concentrated efforts. Unexpected resources.

Archangel Raziel is the wizard-like angel of spiritual secrets and mysteries who will open doors of opportunity for you. He'll also speed you along the pathway of manifestation so you'll enjoy success much more quickly than seems logically possible.


The High Priestess

You drew this card because the answers you seek lie in your feelings and emotions. Trust your intuition and the power of your natural psychic abili­ties! Also, pay attention to your dreams and any in­tuitive messages you receive, as they're accurately guiding you.

There's no need to race into action right now, however. Instead, take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the sur­face. Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time; just have patience.

Additional meanings of this card: Silence is golden. Study spiritual topics. Keep your dreams and desires to yourself. Learn from emotional situations.

Archangel Haniel is the goddess-like angel of grace and feminine spirituality (such as intuition and clairvoyance). Like a true high priestess, Haniel will act as your spiritual teacher and advisor to aid you in discerning which feelings and ideas to follow as trustworthy guidance. Call upon Haniel to increase your clarity in connecting with the angels.


The Empress

Your creativity and hard work are bringing you great rewards, according to this card, You have the Midas touch right now, so anything you nurture and give your loving attention to will flourish. Marriage, children, and issues involving motherhood and cre­ativity are positively affected now. Whether you're trying to give birth to a child, nurture life into plants or pets, or help a new project or business to grow, your creative endeavors will be successful.

Enjoy the beautiful things in life, knowing that you deserve to be wonderfully provided for. Take excellent care of your body with massage; yoga; or anything that makes you feel healthy, vibrant, and luxurious.

Additional meanings of this card: Abundance. Spending time in nature. Indulging in creative and ar­tistic projects. Loving and nurturing yourself or oth­ers. A time of excellent emotional or physical health.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who guides and supports expectant and adoptive parents— as well as those involved in "newborn" creative projects. Call upon Gabriel to inspire your creative ideas and give you the courage and the opportunities to express them.


The Emperor

It’s important to cultivate logic, discipline, and order right now. This card signifies that although your dreams are valid and sound, they still need guidelines and organization so that they can mani­fest properly. Create a detailed plan for how you'll proceed, and maintain kind but authoritative control over how that plan is implemented,

Feel empowered to take a leadership role in your career and any projects you’re working on. Structure and order are your friends as you move from the preparation stage into the execution of your plans. Believe in your ability to be a positive

and diplomatic leader. Get organized so that you can be more effective.

Additional meanings of this card: The desire to be a success. Stability. Making wise choices. Secu­rity. Government agencies. Law enforcement. The respect of others. Fatherhood.

Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and protection who oversees everyone's life purpose. Call upon Michael for courage and strength as you make important and necessary life changes. He can also help you focus your logical mind and left-brain talents upon your projects.



Working in groups enriches you right now. You drew this card because it’s time for you to expand your circle of friends or join a group. For example, you may want to enroll in school or become part of a spiritual organization. This is also an optimal time to make friends with supportive new people who have Integrity and a strong moral compass.

It's also time to question and review any rules, restrictions, or limited beliefs that have been placed around your current situation (by you or by others) to make sure that they're fair to everyone involved. This can lift any previous blocks to the manifestation of your goals.

Additional meanings of this card: Experts or mentors. The search for meaning in life. Having faith in a group of people. Schools and spiritual institu­tions.

Sandalphon is the archangel who delivers prayers from Earth to heaven. Call upon him to increase your faith and your commitment to your dreams and goals.


The Lovers

This card signals that a significant relationship is on your mind. It may be romantic in nature, or it may be an intimate but platonic friendship. Communica­tion is key right now, and it's important to develop trust within the relationship. You can safely share your feelings with someone close to you.

It’s also time to make an important decision about your life. The conclusions you reach now greatly influence your future, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Make sure your choices are thoroughly considered and that you’re able to act upon them.

Additional meanings of this card: The need for balance. A return to good health. Marriage and weddings.

Archangel Raphael, in addition to being the angel of health and traveling, is the patron of soul mates. Raphael can help with significant relationships, including those of romance, friendship, business, and family. He can also help you manifest the soul-mate partnership of your dreams.


The Chariot

Congratulations! This card means you’ve suc­cessfully balanced a recently challenging situation! Your ability to see both sides, take action, and make decisions has garnered you approval, respect, and gratitude. So, bask in the joy of what you’ve accom­plished!

Stay calm and grounded, and be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. It's important to show self-control, determination, and the willingness to go the distance at this time. Exercise control firmly— but kindly—with other people.

Additional meanings of this card: Self-discipline. Sheer willpower. A great leap forward. A promotion or award. Travel. Modes of transportation.

Archangel Metatron can increase your motivation and energy levels so that you’ll accomplish your priorities. Metatron uses a sacred geometric shape called a “Merkaba" or "Metatron's Cube" to warp time, which enables you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality.



This card comes to you because you're trying to make a decision. The angels guide you to wise and carefully considered decisions, with fairness extended toward everyone involved (including yourself). If you can't be objective in this matter, seek out someone who can act as an arbitrator.

This card also means that a decision will be made In your favor. If you’re currently in a legal dis­pute, it will turn out positively for you. Furthermore, it’s important to thoroughly review legal documents or contracts before signing them.

Additional meanings of this card: Doing what's right. Taking responsibility for your actions. Resisting injustice. Standing up for your beliefs. Issuing or ac­cepting an apology.

Hague I is the archangel who creates harmony within relationships, and who can help you make decisions that involve other people. Call upon Hague I to bring about peace between you and others.


The Hermit

This card signals that you’d benefit from spend­ing time alone, listening to your inner voice. Medita­tion is essential, as the path to enlightenment is an inner journey. Be silent and experience the joy that comes from seeking the truth of your own heart. Learn to feel comfortable in your own company. Af­ter all, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

This card also signifies spiritual teaching, so it can mean that you have wisdom to impart to others, or that perhaps it’s time for you to find a spiritual teacher. Sharing wisdom is part of your spiritual jour­ney, especially right now.

Additional meanings of this card: Good ad­vice. Finding or becoming a mentor. Self-discovery. Réévaluation of plans. Going on a spiritual quest.

Archangel Raziel offers sage advice to spiritual seekers, including guidance about esoteric concepts, interpretation of your sleeping dreams, and past­life memories. Call upon Raziel to help you find the richness that comes from meditation and spending time alone in contemplation.


The Wheel

The angels sent you this card because of positive changes occurring in your life. Expect and enjoy beneficial new opportunities as they present themselves. This is an optimal time to make big and small changes. Take the leap with the knowledge that everything will work well for you.

Old blocks are lifting, and everything now moves forward quickly. If recent events shook your faith, you’ll now see how they were actually positive for you. Rapid advancement is likely now.

Additional meanings of this card: Good luck. A happy accident. Balanced karma. A miracle. A twist of fate. Destiny.

Archangel Michael is the supreme protecting angel who walks beside you through changes, giving you courage, strength, and self-confidence, Call upon Michael whenever you'd like specific guidance about your next step, especially if it's connected to your life purpose or spiritual path.



This card comes to you because you need to know that you’re stronger than you realize. You can definitely handle your current situation. How­ever, instead of “powering through it,” you’re better off with an approach of compassion, kindness, and gentleness. The strength that this situation calls for comes from the softness of a spiritual core.

Your strength and effectiveness increase as you believe in yourself and your ability to grow from the experiences you have in life. Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge and magical touch.

Additional meanings of this card: Patience. Forgiveness. The courage of your convictions. Using honey instead of vinegar.

Archangel Ariel is the angel of the spirit of nature. Because Ariel is so dose to the earth, she helps with day-to-day material needs of home, food, clothing, and so forth. Call upon Ariel for strength and support if you're worried about finances or desperate times.



It's time to review your plans, according to this card, and look at things from a new perspective. Ask yourself: is it possible that a different approach would work better? Although it may feel like events have come to a standstill, this is temporary. So, make use of the extra time you've been given to rethink your strategies.

You may need to step outside of the norm and the mainstream right now and embrace your unique and eclectic beliefs or attitudes. It's also a good mo­ment to be generous with your time, attention, and gifts. This "tithing" is returned by the Universe manyfold to you!

Additional meanings of this card: Epiphanies. Selflessness. Unexpected life changes. The need for patience. The power that lies in being oneself. Un­usual solutions.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel who helps people become Divine messengers of love. When you speak, think, and act from a place of love, others are irresistibly drawn to you.



This card signifies that it’s time to move on be­cause this project or phase of your life is now com­plete. There's no benefit in remaining in this situ­ation. Instead, shake off the old and welcome the new! You may experience a sense of relief at this ending, or there may be some sadness. Either way, it's time to leave that which you've outgrown.

Take your time in adjusting to this change in your life. It's not necessary to rush ahead. Be kind to yourself during this period of transition, and seek the support of friends and family.

Additional meanings of this card: Inevitable positive changes. Facing your fears. Relationship transitions. Spiritual evolution.

Archangel Azrael heals your heart when changes and losses bring about grieving. Call upon Azrael to help you move forward fearlessly and let go of the past.

14 Balance

The angels are cautioning against making im­pulsive decisions or moves right now. Instead, take the path of moderation and balance in this situation. You'll experience better results by reevaluating your current circumstances and changing your approach. If you acted impulsively in the past, you can heal and rectify things. And if you’re considering making dramatic life changes, then this card asks you to ap­proach those changes slowly and methodically.

This card encourages you to work coopera­tively with others, and to see things from their point of view. Compassion and kindness are keys to sue-

cessfully manifesting your dreams. Forgiveness also brings healing, which allows for new beginnings.

Additional meanings of this card: Keeping a moderate pace. Cooperation and blended ideas. Self-restraint. Finding the balance between action and contemplation. Waiting for better timing.

Archangel Zadkiel helps you remember who you are in terms of your true spiritual heritage as a child of God. Call upon Zadkiel to increase your self- esteem and feelings of self-worth and deservedness.



The angels want you to know that the entrap­ment you’re feeling isn’t real. This card indicates that a lot of your feelings are stemming from anxieties that aren’t based in reality. So, give your fears to God and the angels, and ask for their help in adopting a more positive perspective on this situation.

This card also indicates that you're focused upon the material things in life. Heaven acknowl­edges that you, like everyone, have physical needs. However, your attention to the accumulation of pos­sessions is out of balance. Reassess why you want to acquire these Items. Perhaps you’re trying to fill an emotional void, which material objects could never

  1. What you're really craving Is inner peace through a spiritual path.

Additional meanings of this card: Refusal to face the truth or to take personal responsibility for the situation. Addictions. Temptations. Dependency. Excessive debt.

Jophiel is the archangel who helps us experience beautiful emotions and think beautiful thoughts. Call upon Jophiel whenever you need a boost in how you feel about yourself, your life, and the world.


Life Experience

You drew this card because a recent event has been a wake-up call for you to make some life changes. This may be a new revelation or something you've known but have been procrastinating about. Now you've realized that this situation can't be ig­nored and action is necessary.

This is a moment both of freedom and awaken­ing. The way you see yourself and the world has for­ever changed, bringing you growth and encouraging you to spread your wings. Allow these new insights to motivate you to embrace the path of your heart's true desires and your intuition.

Additional meanings of this card: Liberation. Suddenly seeing the truth. Rapid, inevitable change. Time running out.

Archangel Chamuel can help you find whatever you're seeking, including right relationships and a Divinely guided career. Call upon Chamuel and then follow your intuition, which is the way this angel speaks to you.


The Star

Go ahead: wish upon a star! The angels say you have every reason to feel hope and happy ex­pectation! Believe in your dreams; and look to your future with optimism, excitement, and confidence. Challenging times are now behind you, and brighter times are ahead.

Make your plans with the long view in mind. Now is the time to envision your life the way you want it to be and to take action in that direction. The expectations you create for yourself are planted in fertile soil. Trust and follow your intuition, as it's right on target.

Additional meanings of this card: Faith. A sense of purpose. A prosperous new beginning. Be­ing on the right path.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of optimism who helps us develop a sunshiny outlook and attitude. Call upon Jophiel to help you celebrate your victories and stay optimistic about your future.


The Moon

Everyone experiences times in their lives when they’re afraid or insecure. Sometimes these fears are based on external factors you can see, and some­times worries stem from irrational or unreal con­cerns. In both cases it's important to go within and listen to your intuition as to what to do next. Ask your inner self about the source of your anxiety, and trust your guidance,

The angels sent you this card because this is a time of powerful intuition and psychic ability. How­ever, your greatest insights will be about yourself. Embrace this period of self-awareness to overcome past blocks that have held you back. Awaken to

truths about yourself that you’ve kept hidden, and see your brilliant light.

Additional meanings of this card: Paying atten­tion to your dreams. Unseen events that are affect­ing you. Illusions.

Archangel Haniel has long been associated with the full moon, intuition, and clairvoyance. Call upon Haniel for help in developing, trusting, and following your spiritual gifts and Divine guidance.


The Sun

This card indicates that it’s a wonderfui time for you! You’re succeeding in ways you never dreamed possible. Endeavors that you begin now are blessed with abundance and success. Keep your thoughts positive and everything will turn out beautifully. This is also a time of brilliant new ideas and solutions. Have confidence in yourself!

The work you’ve done personally and spiritu­ally brings astonishing changes to your life. You're on the right path for your own enlightenment.

Additional meanings of this card: Joy. Public recognition. The attainment of great personal in­sights. Vibrant physical and/or emotional health.

Uriel is the archangel who helps with mental functioning, including focus and concentration. Call upon Uriel to spark new ideas and solutions, as well as to increase your confidence in your intelligence and wisdom.



The angels sent you this card because you’re ei­ther near the end of a project or at a crossroads, on the threshold of making an important change. This card signifies that it’s time to review and do some evaluation. Make thoughtfu! judgments regarding your life, and then make confident choices.

Rest easy, knowing that you've prepared well. Legal situations are resolved favorably for you. In ad­dition, academic examinations and certification tests go well.

Additional meanings of this card: A landmark decision. A career or job change. Moving in a differ­ent direction. A new beginning.

Jeremiel is the archangel who helps you evaluate your life so you can clearly decide upon appropriate changes. Spend some time alone with a pad of paper and pen; and call upon Jeremiel to help you review what needs to be transformed, healed, or released.


The World

The angels sent you this card because you've happily completed something of great importance. They’re congratulating you on a job well done. You're now ready to move on to something new. Enjoy your feelings of wholeness and completion, and give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing accomplishments!

You've grown spiritually and have evolved to a whole new level in your understanding of the Universe. You’ve experienced significant enlightenment and have expanded your consciousness of how to attain joy and contentment. You feel a great sense of gratitude.

Additional meanings of this card: Perfection.

A move to the next level. Receiving an award. A new house or job. Complete clarity. Cosmic awareness. Recognition for the use of your talents. Freedom.

Archangel Michael oversees your Divine life purpose, and he knows what roles your soul has been born to fulfill. Call upon Michael for guidance as to your next steps, and for the courage, strength, and confidence to take them.

The Minor Arcana

From here forward, the cards are unnumbered, since this is traditional in tarot. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits or elements (fire, water earth, and air). There are 14 cards within each suit, from Ace to King, just like in standard playing cards.

While the Major Arcana represents major life transitions, the Minor Arcana reflects the day-to- day aspects of our lives. The Minor Arcana's court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King) can symbolize either a situation or a person during a reading, and you’ll see the words Situations and People listed in each court-card description. Potential applications or guidance is listed in the first section. The second section describes personality traits so you can identify which people in your life the card represents.

The Suit of Fire

The suit of fire represents our ideas and inspi­rations. It's where we feel passion, display amazing creativity, and set our dreams into motion. This ele­ment corresponds to our career, art, adventure, risk taking, and self-development. Fire can also represent any of our passions. Friendly dragons are the symbol for this suit because of their fiery nature and their iconic place in our imaginations.

Ace of Fire

An exciting new opportunity shows up in your life! Creative and inspiring career possibilities are coming into view. Now is the time to completely embrace new adventures that present themselves. Go for it!

Innovative ideas should be enthusiastically pur­sued. This is as good a time as any to take risks in order to follow your dreams. If you want to change your life, do it now!

Additional meanings of this card: Starting a business. Job offers or promotions. Exciting new in­formation. Self-expression. A fresh start.

Two of Fire

This is a time of coming into your own. The steps you're taking to improve your career or busi­ness are on the right track. As you move forward, courageous choices are necessary and will be re­warded. Continue forging ahead, and don’t be dis­couraged by temporary delays. Also, don’t allow anyone to hinder your progress.

Consider working in partnership with those whose skills complement your own. Joint endeavors can help you achieve your goals. Negotiations move smoothly at this time.

Additional meanings of this card: Excellent foresight, Hope for the future. Contracts and business agreements. Great potential. Controlled progress.

Three of Fire

Congratulations, this is your golden time of celebration and success! However, it's not the mo­ment to rest yet. You need to keep going with the next project. So, step back and review all that you've done and then create a blueprint for the future. You need to look at things with an eye to the long term. You probably feel good about how far you've come, but no resting on your laurels! It’s important to keep the fire of enthusiasm burning for the heights you might still attain.

Patience may be required while you await re­sults from your previous decisions. Use this time to explore the possibilities for how to promote your business or talents.

Additional meanings of this card: Managing people. A thriving business. Self-satisfaction. Seek­ing wise counsel. Taking an important job. Business travel.

Four of Fire

You’ve worked hard and are now rewarded with contentment, peace, and abundance. The freedom your success has afforded you provides deep feel­ings of satisfaction. You’ve safely navigated your way through the obstacles to a place you can feel proud of.

Matters at home are rewarding. Someone may be getting married or planning to move in with a part­ner. Peace and harmony have been established, and now you seek stability and commitment.

Additional meanings of this card: A milestone event in your career. A successfully completed project. Counting your blessings. Feeling elated. Engagement, marriage, or honeymoon.

Five of Fire

You're experiencing some challenges. Other people around you hold different goals and values, and there’s disagreement as to how to proceed, along with a clash of wills. Success is still possible, but it takes great effort. You may enjoy this type of challenge, or it may exhaust you.

This is a competitive situation. It will be nec­essary for everyone to try to understand one an­other's viewpoint. There's a need for clarity in order to come to a resolution.

Additional meanings of this card: Athletic competitions. Nuisances. The need to set priorities. Being caught in the middle. Bothersome details.

Six of Fire

Bravo! This is a time of great achievement and success. People think highly of you, and your reputa­tion is excellent. You’ve made good decisions and worked hard. There may be some sort of public ac­knowledgment of your contributions, or you may be given an award for your achievements.

Good news is on its way. It could be a promo­tion or a new job offer.

Additional meanings of this card: Victory! Feel­ing good about yourself. Good fortune.


Seven of Fire

Stand your ground and don't back down. You might need to defend your beliefs or decisions, and you will be successful. It's important to assert your­self and go for what you want. There's strength in adversity, and you've got what it takes. Stand up for your convictions!

Stay alert and vigilant. Don't drop your guard just because you're in the right. Others may envy what you possess.

Additional meanings of this card: Choosing your battles wisely. Learning to say no. Self-confidence. Courage. Challenging those in power. Perseverance.

Eight of Fire

Hold on tight, because things now move into high gear! Past delays are over, and your plans manifest with swiftness and energy. You may feel caught off guard as frenzied activities take over. It's exhilarating and a little overwhelming, but it feels good to see your dreams coming true.

Suddenly, you have a lot of things going on. Too many balls in the air? Stay grounded. Your mes­sages are received positively right now. Embrace the spotlight.

Additional meanings of this card: Receiving needed information. Inspiration. Sudden travel. An unexpected level of success.

Nine of Fire

You’ve put a lot of work and energy into this situation. This card comes as a sign for you to actively protect what you've created or earned. Have courage, and believe in your ability and right to defend the fruit of your labors. Strengthen your resolve, and don't give up.

You possess the wisdom and stamina to bring this situation to an agreeable conclusion. However, it's important to open your mind to the assistance and points of view of others.

Additional meanings of this card: Being prepared. Physical strength. Feelings of paranoia. Tiredness.

Ten of Fire

You're working too hard and have put in too many hours. There’s a need to balance the professional and personal sides of your life. You're trying to do too much. A good first step is to be willing to accept assistance from others.

There’s hope for a successful resolution to your situation or project. However, it’s best if you cut unnecessary or burdensome activities from your schedule. Slow your pace to a more comfortable level.

Additional meanings of this card: All work and no play. Darkness before the dawn. Stress-related health problems. Obsessive behavior.

Page of Fire

Situations: An exciting new opportunity comes your way! The angels guide you to wholeheartedly embrace this new endeavor. It may seem like a chal­lenge, but it's one you’re ready for. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity!

People: A youth who's outgoing, creative, and passionate about life. Someone who enthusiastically seeks out new experiences and can make things happen. Optimistic. Confident. Courageous. Exhila­rating. Busy. Mischievous.

Additional meanings of this card: Good news. A creative project. Believing in yourself.

Knight of Fire

Situations: A significant situation requires your immediate and full attention. While time is of the es­sence, it's importantto avoid making rash decisions. En­thusiasm and self-assuredness are wonderful, so long as they aren't separated from wisdom and caution.

People: A person who’s passionate about any­thing he or she takes on. A take-charge individual who moves quickly, with confidence and certainty, on behalf of loved ones or beloved causes. Fearless. Loyal. Charismatic. Self-assured. Adventurous. Rest­less. Possibly impatient or insistent when it comes to having his or her way.

Additional meanings of this card: A sudden, passionate love affair. Business travel. A change of residence. An emergency.

Queen of Fire

Situations: Now is the time to stretch your wings and really fly. You’ve been underestimating yourself and your abilities. Believe in all that you can do and ac­complish. You'll naturally attract other people to assist you. Assert your independence and creativity.

People: A person with a magnetic personal­ity who is good-natured and loves life. Someone with great self-confidence who is astonishingly well- rounded in terms of talents and skills. Attractive. Warm. Intelligent. Graceful. Capable. Active. Con­vincing. Difficult to throw off guard.

Additional meanings of this card: Trusting your intuition, Balancing home and career. A desire for attention and recognition.

King of Fire

Situations: Focus, focus, focus . .. and full steam ahead! Devote your energy and time to the task at hand. You're in a position of leadership, and you inspire others with your enthusiasm. You may also receive ad­vice from someone who excels at creative solutions.

People: A natural-born leader with great cha­risma, charm, and flair. Often the head of a business or organization that allows him orherto be innovative and accomplish great things. Creative. Idealistic. Ambi­tious. Influential. Motivational. Professional. Theatrical.

Additional meanings of this card: An entrepre­neurial venture. Speaking in front of a group. The courage of one's convictions. Making a difference.

The Suit of Water

The suit of water represents the depth of our emotions, it's where we fall in love, nurture our children, and open our hearts to deep feelings. The water cards represent love, romance, relationships, family, dreams, and desires. This suit also encom­passes the depths of our intuitive and psychic gifts. The beautiful and watery realm of mermaids and mermen represents this suit because of these crea­tures' ability to plunge deep into the hidden worlds of the emotions and the unconscious.

Ace of Water

A wonderful new person is coming into your life! This could involve a budding romantic relationship or renewed romance within your current relationship. Positive emotions such as joy, pleasure, and happiness are likely. You may find yourself falling in love.

Your psychic abilities, especially ciairsentience (intuitive feelings), take flight at this time. Spiritual growth accompanies the rich emotional experiences you're having right now.

Additional meanings of this card: True friend­ship. Soul mates. Compassion and kindness. A new home.

Two of Water

Two people are sharing a close relationship right now. A fond friendship continues to deepen. A love affair is moving to new levels of intimacy. Mutual love, respect, and understanding have developed between the parties.

Your relationship is healing, and continued commitment is still possible. Now is not the time to leave a relationship. Difficulties between people or groups come to a positive resolution. Conflicts end, and forgiveness is extended.

Additional meanings of this card: Romance. Sexual attraction. Engagement. Kindred spirits. An unexpected gift. Shared ideas.

Three of Water

It's time for a celebration! Weddings, announce­ments of pregnancy or birth, and reunions are likely. Graduations or promotions are on the horizon.

You need to have more fun! You're working too hard and must learn to relax. Throw a party or take a vacation.

Additional meanings of this card: Community. Hospitality. Entertainment. Good fortune. Happy conclusions.

Four of Water

It's time to reevaluate your situation, because you're currently missing an opportunity. The so­lution you're seeking is right in front of your face. Fortunately, positive forces are working to assist you now. Open your eyes to the possibilities, and accept the help that’s being offered to you.

However, you may be distracted or feel emo­tionally trapped. It’s possible that by focusing on what you don't have, you're taking for granted the good things that you do have.

Additional meanings of this card: Discontent­ment. Apathy. Daydreaming. Getting lost in your own little world. Something missing. Boredom.

Five of Water

Things may not have turned out the way you expected. Be careful not to focus too much on the negative, as there’s a positive in every situation. You may be missing the silver lining. Fighting or trying to ignore change doesn’t serve you. Instead, have faith that everything happens for a reason. It's healthy to grieve what has been lost and take the time to heal. Reach out to friends, family, and wise counselors for support and comfort.

Additional meanings of this card: Sadness. The end of a relationship. Wishing you could change the past. Obsession. Crying over spilled milk.

Six of Water

Memories from your personal history or child­hood have resurfaced for a reason. Perhaps there's an old issue you still need to resolve, or your memo­ries could be a sign of what's yet to come. You may reconnect with friends or romantic partners from your past. New acquaintances may feel like familiar old friends because of karmic connections.

The effect of children on this situation could be important. Childlike innocence or a lack of guilt is also indicated by this card.

Additional meanings of this card: Inheritance. Gifts. Reunions. Sharing. Kindness to or from others. Romanticizing the past.

Seven of Water

You may be faced with a complex decision, and it's difficult to choose between the options available to you. Do the research necessary, or seek counsel from a mentor.

It's time to stop procrastinating and get busy! If you're drawn to a particular cup depicted on this card, its chakra color holds meaning and offers guidance as you’re making your choices. Red means home, money, and security; orange means creativity, addictions, and sexuality; yellow means power and control; green means love and healing; light blue means communication and truth-telling; dark blue means visions and psychic abilities; and purple means spirituality.

Try to focus, and avoid unrealistic expectations.

Additional meanings of this card: Too many options. Confusion. Fantasies. Imagination running wild. Addictions.

Eight of Water

You’re feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you're seeking more meaning and rewards. You've grown spiritually and emotionally, and you yearn to leave the past be­hind. These changes will bring the benefits you desire.

The inward search for answers is rewarded at this time. Don't let anything distract you from your true path. If you feel a void in your life, fill it in healthy ways! A relocation or change in your job or relation­ships is possible at this time.

Additional meanings of this card: Choosing to leave a painful situation. Emptiness. The search for spiritual fulfillment. Dealing with feelings of burnout.

Nine of Water

Your wish comes true! That which you've prayed for finally manifests. Your concerns should now fade as your efforts are rewarded. Financial hopes are cur­rently realized. Good fortune follows you!

The simple pleasures in life abound. Luxury and material comforts come to you. You're surrounded by beauty, happiness, and contentment.

Additional meanings of this card: Love of life. Pleasure. Freedom. Things working out the way you'd hoped. Self-satisfaction.

Ten of Water

You have a content and rewarding family life, and there's great harmony among those around you. Your relationships are strong and trustworthy. You feel blessed and loved. Your needs (both material and emotional) are all met.

Your relationships with your family and friends are genuine. Peace, joy, and unconditional love sur­round you.

Additional meanings of this card: Happy mar­riages. Positive relationships with children. Security. Taking care of family members.

Page of Water

Situations: A new person or emotion-rousing situation enters your life. It could be the start of a friendship or romance, or the renewal of one from your past. A current relationship may enter a new phase. It's important to discuss your feelings with those around you. Your intuition and psychic abilities may also be heightened during this time.

People: A youth who's emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. A person who's gentle, kind, artistic, and sometimes quiet. Understanding. Friendly. Introvert­ed. Sympathetic. Romantic.

Additional meanings of this card: A love letter. Imagination. Artistic endeavors. Important dreams.

Knight of Water

Situations: Deep emotions arising from situa­tions or relationships impact your life. Falling in love or a wedding proposal is possible. You (or someone close to you) need to balance your emotions, lest you become overwhelmed. You may receive invita­tions to parties or other social opportunities.

People: An extremely emotional person who’s driven by a love of romance, art, and beauty. Some­one who is charming, contemplative, and idealis­tic. Sensitive. Romantic. Imaginative. Enthusiastic. Refined. Moody.

Additional meanings of this card: Someone you can talk to, A dreamer. A flirt. Past-life connections. Melodrama.

Queen of Water

Situations: Emotional issues, or relationships with others, evolveto a new level. Even If things aren’t perfect, there’s a sense of peace and calm within you, and you intuitively know what to do next. Your feel­ings for—and insights about—others can be trusted. Make sure that as you nurture those around you, you don’t forget to also care for yourself.

People: A person of deep but mature emo­tions, able to sense what others need and lovingly provide it. An intuitive or psychic person who trusts his or her perceptions and uses them to navigate the physical world successfully. Tenderhearted. Em­pathetic. Patient. Generous. Gentle. Unconditionally accepting of others.

Additional meanings of this card: Patron of the arts. Love for family and home. A dear and reliable friend. Great creative talent.

King of Water

Situations: You're a natural counselor who lis­tens to people and offers them comforting and kind words, born of your experiences. Open your mind to the ideas of others, and be accepting of those who are different from you. It may be time to volunteer for charity work to help those less fortunate than yourself. Excellent advice may be offered to you by someone you can completely trust; follow his or her suggestions carefully.

People: Someone wise and compassionate, with a rich inner life. A person with quiet authority who can see the truth and meaning behind any situation and provide a perfect solution that’s both intelligent

and heartfelt. Trustworthy. Cultured. Respected. Reliable. Accomplished. Emotionally stable.

Additional meanings of this card: A trustworthy romantic partner. A mediator. Cultured interests such as art and music. An upstanding member of society.

The Suit of Air

The suit of air represents our intellect. It's where we make decisions, analyze situations, and give voice to our thoughts. Air is aligned with justice, truth, ideals, the legal system, communication, and other intellectual areas. As fear and worry generally live in the mind, this suit can also denote struggles and concerns in our lives. To represent the suit of air, unicorns were chosen because theirtranquil essence symbolizes peaceful thoughts.

Ace of Air

New ideas now take flight! Expect great in­spiration to come, possibly from an event or situ­ation that had previously troubled you. Now you see the opportunity to create something amazing, and you're full of excitement. Focus your thoughts on your long-term goals and create a plan of action.

You now see the truth of the situation. Confu­sion is gone, and clarity has taken its place. Your new understanding replaces previous misconceptions. Now you're ready to move forward.

Additional meanings of this card: A challenging beginning. Turning a negative into a positive. A bril­liant, intellectual solution.

Two of Air

You’re struggling with a decision. You have conflicting emotions orthoughts about which way to move, so you're avoiding making a choice. Intuitively, you know what to do, but you’re afraid to act and are at an impasse. Have faith in your own wisdom and move forward!

There’s a stalemate between parties. Compro­mise is called for. Find an impartial mediator to forge a resolution.

Additional meanings of this card: Overanalyz­ing a situation. Pretending there’s no problem. Complex negotiations. Self-doubt.

Three of Air

Something has occurred that makes you sad. This may be a current situation, or something from your past that has lingered and continues to distress you. Trust that the sadness will pass and you'll eventually see this situation’s purpose in your life. Take time to heal. Re­lease painful memories and move bravely forward.

Forgiveness is a powerful healer. Don't hold on to the energy of past disappointments or conflict. Remember to forgive yourself for choices you might wish you’d made differently. You did the best you could at the time, and allow yourself to move on.

Additional meanings of this card: Misunder­standings. Loneliness. Relationship concerns. Painful revelations.

Four of Air

It's time to rest. Take a vacation, or just create time to regroup and rejuvenate. Retreat from the world and any stress or concerns. If you’ve been ill, focus upon healing and don't rush back into action.

You need some time alone. This situation re­quires significant reflection on your part. Meditation may provide the answers you seek if you've exhaust­ed all intellectual possibilities for a solution.

Additional meanings of this card: The need to get more sleep. Allowing more time before making a choice. The end of a stressful period. Feeling men­tally exhausted.

Five of Air

This situation hasn't worked out the way you’d hoped, but you can try again. Your power lies not in how all the chips fall, but in how you handle yourself moving forward. You may now feel that the cost of this venture is too high. Carefully evaluate the way events have transpired in order to gain valuable les­sons for your future.

Someone in the situation isn’t coming from a place of integrity. The desire to win is so strong that this individual will ignore others' needs. Review everyone's motives (including your own), and do what you can to foster a win-win resolution.

Additional meanings of this card: Unwise choices. A desire for revenge. Thinking only of one­self. Gloating.

Six of Air

Things are looking up, and the worst is now be­hind you! There's finally light at the end of the tunnel, and stress and strain fade from your life.

The winds of change are blowing—and it's a fa­vorable wind. This is a good time for making changes in your career, home ... or your outlook.

Additional meanings of this card: A trip. The end of depression or an illness. The resolution of conflict. Leaving and moving on.

Seven of Air

Stop what you’re doing and thoroughly exam­ine the truth of this situation. It's possible that your course of action has significant omissions or may be based on incorrect assumptions. Review your plans with an objective eye, or consult an expert to help Identify necessary adjustments.

Exercise caution with the details, and avoid care­lessness. Review the timeline of your actions. It may be too soon to move forward, or it’s possible you're procrastinating and missing perfect timing. Consider that someone involved may have a hidden agenda.

Additional meanings of this card: Preferring to work or live alone. Embarrassing secrets. Avoiding responsibility. Theft.

Eight of Air

You needn't stay in your present situation if you're unhappy. Although you may feel there's no way out, look again! There are plenty of possibilities for freeing yourself from this situation in a healthy, harmonious way.

First, though, you must feel more confident about your abilities. Believe in yourself and keep your thoughts positive right now. The key to free­dom and success at this time is to see the truth of the situation and then to act with faith.

Additional meanings of this card: Confusion. Feeling helpless. The tendency to see oneself as a victim. Being afraid to take action.

Nine of Air

Positive thinking is essential right now. Your own obsessive, negative thoughts are the true cul­prits behind the trouble you fear. Release your guilt, and realize that regret is a wasted emotion. Turn your attention to the amazing possibilities for the future, and leave the past behind.

If you’re having unpleasant dreams at this time, write them in a journal, bless them for their desire to inform you, and then send them to the angels. If depression is an issue, encourage those affected to seek professional counseling.

Additional meanings of this card: Sleepless­ness. Racing thoughts. Expecting the worst. Self- fulfilling prophecies. Worry. Stress-related illness.

Ten of Air

This situation has ended. Fortunately, endings are always followed by new beginnings. You may feel sad­ness over what has transpired, mixed with welcome relief It’s time to walk away and embrace the dawning of a new day. Expect your circumstances to improve.

It may be time to change your careen Perhaps you've completed a long-term project or have decid­ed to pursue other employment. Don't put limits on what wonderful things the Universe can bestow. Cast your net wide and see what fantastic opportunities you might catch!

Additional meanings of this card: Nowhere to go but up! Recovery from an addiction. A melodra­matic reaction.

Page of Air

Situations: You’ll likely receive new information that presents a challenge or delays. The message may come from someone who speaks bluntly and without thoughtfulness, but don't take it personally. What's important is the message, not the messenger.

People: A youth who's often intelligent, hon­est, and endlessly curious. A person who's analyti­cal, with a brilliant intellect, and who can reveal the truth behind situations. Fair. Logical. Unemotional. Impulsive.

Additional meanings of this card: A new chal­lenge. A contract or agreement. Constructive criti­cism. Legal matters. Gossip.

Knight of Air

Situations: Events in your life go into high speed! Your plans can now be implemented, and you should see a great deal of activity. Intellect and creativity rule the day, so adopt nontraditional viewpoints. Take the time to consider choices carefully.

People: An extremely intelligent person who has the ability to act fast and think even faster. A genuine "go-getter” who is unstoppable in support of a cause. Idealistic. Decisive. Knowledgeable. Tireless. Assertive. Sometimes tactless.

Additional meanings of this card: An unantici­pated situation or conflict. An impulsive decision. A “knight in shining armor.”

Queen of Air

Situations: Your clear decision-making abilities are needed right now. See through any hidden agen­das. It's time to remove anything or anyone from your life whose presence no longer serves your greatest good. Still, try to see the underlying humor.

People: Someone with incredible insight and perceptiveness with regard to situations and people. A person with a marvelous wit, a keen mind, and a forthright personality who doesn’t take life too seriously. A perfectionist, but not judgmental. An unmarried person. Independent. Experienced. Candid. Realistic.

Additional meanings of this card: The need to dear out the clutter. Wisdom forged by real-life experiences. Stalled romance. Divorced individuals.

King of Air

Situations: You may receive valuable advice from an intelligent professional. It’s important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved. Don’t hesitate to consult a third party, if necessary, yet speak your mind with confidence.

People: A person who’s at the top of his or her field, especially in an intellectual area such as law, science, or business. Someone who’s an excellent speaker and is known for the ability to be objec­tive and diplomatic. Brilliant. Authoritative. Impartial. Professional. Balanced. Motivational.

Additional meanings of this card: Justice. A mediator. Forgetting to weigh the emotional aspects of a situation. The government or the military.

The Suit of Earth

The suit of earth represents the material world, in which we deal with making a living, caring for our bodies, and looking after Mother Earth, Aspects of our lives represented by this suit include money, work, home, security, health, resources, education, society, and the environment. For the earth suit, the realm of the fairies was chosen because of fairies' magical manifesting abilities and their close connection to our planet.

Ace of Earth

Significant abundance flows to you now. You may get a promotion, salary increase, or unexpected money. If you're starting a new business, the venture will likely succeed. The foundation for prosperity has been well laid.

It’s also a good time to make an investment. Consider any opportunities carefully. You may soon receive some important legal documents, contracts, or correspondence.

Additional meanings of this card; Receipt of a gift. Improving health. Earning a degree. Significant purchases. Excellent luck.

Two of Earth

You're doing too much. You may experience fi­nancial instability, or have too many projects on your plate. You're feeling stress, yet you're managing to maintain the status quo at work and home. If you're considering a career change, keep your current job and slowly transition to the new one.

The situation you're inquiring about requires a decision from you. Stay open to creative ideas or new perspectives. If you're struggling to make a choice, try a more playful approach. If you lighten up, you may easily find the answer.

Additional meanings of this card: Dealing with change. Working multiple jobs. The need to balance your budget. The ability to adapt.

Three of Earth

The situation you're inquiring about can suc­ceed, with hard work and good planning. You may receive recognition or an award for your great tal­ents and skills. Focus upon work that involves your passion, and carry it out to the best of your abilities. Your creativity is highly rewarded.

You may join a group or organization. It’s im­portant to be a team player and cooperate with oth­ers on this project.

Additional meanings of this card: Creating something beautiful or of high quality. Moving up in your career. Teaching others a skill. Being an artist.

Four of Earth

This can be a card of extremes. It may be a cautionary message to take care of your resourc­es. Perhaps it’s time to create a savings account, or review your spending habits. It's also possible that you're too financially conservative. Additionally, this is a message to donate time or money to charities and worthy causes.

Your hard work is paying off, but stay alert to new possibilities. Change is inevitable and can bring newfound sources of abundance. Be open to new and exciting opportunities. Don't let fear-based thoughts limit your actions.

Additional meanings of this card: Good busi­ness decisions or investments. Large purchases. Penny-pinching. Fears that what you've accumulated will be lost.

Five of Earth

You’re too focused upon what you don’t have. A mentality of lack is creating a “lack" reality, through the Law of Attraction. Help is close by, but your pessimism is preventing you from recognizing it. It's time to reassess your thoughts, the words you use, and your beliefs about money. Stop complaining and accept any assistance that's offered.

Fortunately, matters are going to improve, and your unpleasant feelings are only temporary. In the meantime, it's important that you care for your physical and emotional health.

Additional meanings of this card: Uncertain self-employment. Financial downturns. Unsuccessful legal battles.

Six of Earth

Abundance is on the way. The Universe loves a grateful heart and rewards gratitude with more abundance. You may be the recipient of this bounty, or you may be the giver. Gifts may be monetary or take some other form, such as an opportunity, ad­vice, and so forth.

New career opportunities present themselves involving those who can be relied upon to be fair and responsible. Promotions, bonuses, and financial rewards are all possible at this time.

Additional meanings of this card: Profit sharing. Receiving a loan. The paying off of debts. Celebration of a job well done.

Seven of Earth

The fruits of your labors continue to grow, and harvest is imminent. Patience is essential as you pause to plan your next steps. You may feel you have far to go, but don't forget how far you've already come. Review and acknowledge your progress from a broader perspective.

Anxiety regarding the current situation is un­founded, Any halt in forward movement is temporary. This is a good time to rest or vacation to recharge your batteries.

Additional meanings of this card: Persever­ance. Reaching a milestone. Considering a new ap­proach. Unnecessary worry.

Eight of Earth

Your heart is in your work or studies. You’ve committed to learning about your career, vocation, or project. You're definitely on the right track. Your dedication, skill, and talents are appreciated and will soon be rewarded.

Still, there's more to learn. Consider taking classes related to your interests or profession. A se­rious commitment to study or research is now called for. It may be time to go back to school.

Additional meanings of this card: Craftsman­ship. Apprenticeship. Diligence. Attention to detail.

Nine of Earth

Your self-reliance, wisdom, and restraint have paid off. You've done excellent work and prepared for this time in your life. This has provided you with the opportunity to take it easy and enjoy some luxuries.

You value your own company. You find peace and contentment in your quiet alone time. You're pursuing deeper meaning in life, so you retreat in­ward for inspiration.

Additional meanings of this card: Successful self-employment. Unexpected financial windfalls. The appreciation of nature and animals. Home im­provement and redecorating.

Ten of Earth

Abundance and financial security are at hand. You’ve established a lasting foundation of success in business. With this success come feelings of freedom. Material comforts, satisfaction in your accomplishments, and the capacity to enjoy yourself are now (or will soon be) yours. Still, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life.

Your family life is strong, secure, and peaceful. This may include your blood relatives, a "chosen fam­ily,” or a community of people to whom you strongly relate. You draw great comfort from those around you and know that you've been extremely blessed.

Additional meanings of this card: Happiness. Inheritance. Passing on knowledge. A sense of com­pletion.

Page of Earth

Situations: Good news about financial mat­ters is coming soon! Your plans move successfully forward at a steady pace. You may adopt a new in­terest or passion.

People: A youth who’s a student or who enjoys studying. Someone who can be optimistic, but still realistic about what can be accomplished. Successful. Dependable. Patient. Frugal. Trustworthy.

Additional meanings of this card: Doing your research. Wisdom beyond one's years. A return to school. Materialism.

Knight of Earth

Situations: It's time to get things done! Leave the planning stage behind and take action. Honor your promises and commitments. Attend to the de­tails and be thorough.

People: Someone you can expect to be loyal, dedicated, and dependable. A well-trained person who does an excellent job over time. A nature and animal lover who may be a vegetarian. Detail ori­ented. Diligent. Thoughtful. Honorable. Kind.

Additional meanings of this card: Renewed motivation. Increased abundance. Business travel. A guardian angel.

Queen of Earth

Situations: Remember to enjoy time with other people. You have much to give, whether to family, friends, or those less fortunate. Handle any challenges with understanding and warmth, but also with confidence and resourcefulness.

People: Someone who cares about others and is quick to lend a hand. A person who’s warm, cre­ative, intelligent, and able to efficiently solve prob­lems. Unselfish. Family oriented. Sensible. Excellent with money. Down-to-earth, yet enjoys beautiful things.

Additional meanings of this card: Prosperity. A sensible approach. A green thumb. A love of chil­dren and animals. Sensuality.

King of Earth

Situations: This is a successful time. Your current projects will go well. You may be promoted or of­fered a higher salary. Your talents and skills will bring rewards for you and others. Accept the opportunities offered you and have confidence that you’ll succeed!

People: Someone with outstanding business skills who is good with money and can provide excel­lent advice. A person who has been successful in a career and now enjoys the finer things in life. Profes­sional. Generous. Responsible. Practical. Competent.

Additional meanings of this card: The Midas touch. A captain of industry. Employers. Financial security.

About the Artist

You can order prints of many of the images in the Angel Tarot Cards deck. The prints come in different sizes without the border or words that appear on the cards. To purchase a print, please contact the artist directly th rough the methods listed below. Neither Hay House, Inc.; Magical Things, Inc.; nor Radlelgh Valentine assumes responsibility for any sales conducted between you and the artist.

All Artwork by Steve A. Roberts

An artist of vision and technique, Steve A. Roberts is self-taught. This he did by studying the works of his childhood heroes—legendary fan­tasy artists such as Frank Frazetta and the Brothers Hildebrandt. Steve received his only formal train­ing when he sat in on classes at the Ringling School of Art.

Born in central Florida in a little town called Palmetto, a stone's throw from the Gulf of Mexico, he began drawing, like most artists, as a young child. Later, he spent 12 years in Alaska, a place that had always stirred his imagination. In that time, Steve

drove a taxi in Anchorage, worked construction, built a log cabin on 40 acres, and painted the won­ders of this fairy-tale land. Meanwhile, his work was receiving more and more attention. Returning to Florida, Steve started his company, Fantasy Graph­ics. He is now being recognized as one of the most talented new artists in the field of fantasy illustration. to get more supports

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