Animal Totem Tarot Guidebook

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This is a complete scan of the animal totem tarot guidebook, comparing with the origin 350pages this one is only 293pages.

But we just delete the blank pages and the pages only for taking notes (like this)

So this one is still the same contents with origin.

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Preface xvii

Introduction I

Chapter 1—Tarot for the Uninitiated 3

Aligning the Tarot with the Energy of the Animals.............................. 4

The “How-To” of a Reading...................................................................... 5

Chapter 2—Power Animals, Animal Totems,

and Animal Guides 9

Power Animals........................................................................................... 10

Animal Guides/Totems............................................................................ 11

Animal Archetypes.................................................................................... 11

Elemental Energies................................................................................... 12

Animals We Fear .....................................................................................  13

Chapter 3—Understanding the Journey 15

Chapter 4 — BeforeYou Begin 17

Chapters—The Major Arcana 19

Chapter 6—The Royal Families 109

Chapter 7—The Minor Arcana 173

Chapter8—ExploringYour Deck 335

Spread One—The Inner Totem Pole....................................................... 335

Spread Two—The Archetype Spread...................................................... 344

Spread Three—The Situation Spread...................................................... 345

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®


Inside this book and deck you will not only be dealing with archetypes and intellectual and spiritual ideals, but you will also be working with the energy of living creatures who share a physical journey right alongside you and me. Even though these animals live very distinct lives from us, they provide guidance and support through lessons that will offer you a unique way of looking at our world.

This guide will take you by the hand and walk you through worlds that parallel our own. Worlds that you more than likely never knew existed or never really took the time to understand. As you make your way through each section of this book, you will learn not just about the animals and why they are so impor­tant to daily life, but you will also learn about the role that the energy of tarot plays in tandem with the physical journeys that both humans and animals take.

In chapter one, you will be exploring the tarot itself by look­

notes on the Major Arcana cards, an introduction to the royal families, and a short account of the Minor Arcana suits and ele­ments, not to mention a how-to guide on how to do your very first reading!

Chapter two introduces you to animal totems, power ani­mals, and animal guides. You will learn the differences between each of these energies and why they arc important to daily life.


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

2 Introduction

You II also find out what it means when an animal vn, r

ii                                                                                        tear

shows up and how you can use this animal as a way to cmn .

  • , *             .                * power

your next point oi expansion and growth. There is also a quick reference guide to the animals and the elements that they |)c long to.


In chapter three, you will be walked through how to deal with each of the cards themselves, and you’ll discover how to in­terpret the meanings and use these to best facilitate your reading experience. Chapter four prepares you to begin your journey through the cards about fortune-telling, oracles, and the power of the tarot. In chapter five, you’ll meet the main players in your deck—the Major Arcana. Chapter six is dedicated to the royal families, leaving chapter seven for the supporting cast members, or the Minor Arcana cards.

Lastly, we come to chapter eight, where you will find three spreads to assist you on your path to learning both the tarot and the animal energy of each of the cards. Each of these spreads will work with different parts of your deck to deepen your under­standing of the tarot and its structure, as well as your connection to the animals and the roles they play in your journey.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Chapter 1

Tarot for the Uninitiated

For those of you new to the work! of tarot, let me explain a little about how this particular system of divination is set up. There are three parts to every tarot deck: twenty-two Ma­jor Arcana cards, sixteen court cards, and forty Minor Arcana or pip cards. Each section of the deck plays an important role in the journey of your reading and each section lends itself to being read separately or as a whole deck. You will notice that the three different spreads I have in chapter eight explore each of the sections separately so you can begin to understand all of the working parts of your deck.

The Major Arcana cards run from 0—21, starting with the Fool and ending with the World. It has been said that these cards show the journey of the soul through the physical plane, starting from innocence and ending with wisdom, experience, and the odd battle scar. Within the journey of the Major Arcana we learn new skills as we progress, and we find new challenges, overcome our deepest fears, find ourselves reborn, and eventually find our place within the world. You could spend years just working with these twenty-two cards to explore new parts of who you are and seeing where you arc in your own soul’s journey.

The court or royal cards are the more human aspects of the deck, showing distinct ages, roles, and positions of powder within




4 Tarot for the Uninitiated

society. In the Rider-Waite system, which this deck has been » ated from, you will find Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pa(7i.c n C es are the most innocent and childlike of the court, and K " h represent adolescent and young adult energy. Queens are assn ated with nurturing and mothering, while Kings are related t leadership and responsibility. The royals, like the Minor Arcan cards, arc broken up into four suits or elements; we will discuss these suits more when we talk about the pip cards. This mode ■ crew of royal families can take a little getting used to, which i why I have included the archetype spread in chapter eight.

Last but not least we have the Minor Arcana, or pip cards These cards show varying scenes and images that in many respects play supporting roles to die twenty-two Major Arcana cards. These forty cards are divided into four houses, with ten cards in each. The houses are Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups. Each of these houses is ruled by a corresponding element: Pentacles are ruled by the earth, Swords are ruled by the air, Wands are ruled by fire, and Cups are ruled by water.

To round it all off, each of these elements show different aspects of our souls’ journeys through physicality. Earth deals with what we experience on a material level, including health. Air concerns our mental state; our intellect shows us how our thoughts and beliefs play out in any given moment or situa­tion. Fire is associated with action, conflict, and movement, or the lack thereof. Water relates to our emotions and the man) different aspects of our emotional selves. To understand these cards further, try the situation spread in chapter eight.

Aligning the Tarot with the Energy of the Animals Producing a tarot deck aligned to the energy of the animal kingdom just seemed completely logical to me. That does not mean, however, that it was not without its challenges. Since

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Tarot for the Uninitiated 5

wanted to keep this deck as close to the Rider-Waite structure as possible, that meant being extra careful with the placement ol the animals on each of the cards. Although the scenes on the cards in this deck arc not identical to the original system, they do draw on its symbolic influences. Due to the fact that we are dealing primarily with animal totem energy in this deck, please note that reversals arc not covered in this companion book.

You won’t find anything too far-out here. Pentacles arc clear­ly pentacles: disks with the pentagram etched into it. Wands arc staffs with red ribbons tied at the tops; Swords arc medieval long swords with the air sign embossed on the handle; and Cups arc visibly cups, sparkly and bejeweled. There have been no name changes on any of the cards, which means you can pick up any tarot book written for the Rider-Waite system and be able to apply it to these cards. The bonus here is the addition of the animal totem messages

profound guidance from the Rider-Waite system, giving you a double dose of wisdom and support. You will learn more about the animal totems themselves in the next chapter.

The “How-To” of a Reading

So you want to do a reading but you don’t know where to start. First things first: you start by asking a question or setting an intention for your reading. There are no wrong, stupid, or irrelevant questions when it comes to the cards. All questions are right, all questions arc smart, and all are important. Vague, however, is not the same as wrong, stupid, or irrelevant. Vague questions beget vague answers. The cards love to play games, so if they sense you are playing with them, they will play with you in return.

. These messages enhance the already

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

6 Tarot for the Uninitiated

So how do you ask a question?

I find the best way to approach the art of askinn a n..n .

.                                  •                                           i. 6 lucstion ic

to first set your intention lor your reading. This sets th. bration and tone for the cards and the divine to respond with crystal-clear clarity. Let me give you an example. If you'^ ask about finances, then set your intention to receive the in formation most necessary to assist with your abundance and financial needs. Let the cards and spirit know that this is the only information you will allow in this reading.

Now go ahead and write out four to five questions about your financial concerns. For example: Will I have the funds to pay my bills this month? What course of action should I take in regards to my current employment? Are there any new busi­ness opportunities coming up for me? Is there anything going on with my abundance flow that perhaps is being hidden?

Then start by asking your Jirst question.

I like to form the question in my mind before I even shuffle the cards. I pick up the deck, hold it close to my heart center, and see the question in my mind’s eye. Only when the question is fully formed and solid in my mind do I go ahead and shuffle the deck. I then spread the cards out and select my card or cards. Il you are new to tarot and this is your first time tapping into the divine web, I suggest you only draw one card from the deck to answer each of your questions. As you get to know your cards better and begin to understand the stories they tell, you can in­crease the amount of cards you pull in regards to your question.

Congratulations,you just did your Jirst reading!

The divine web may be for all to tap into, but that does not mean you have access to all of it. If you find you are being blocked at every turn with information, which can and does happen, you need to ask more questions. This issue may

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Tarot for the Uninitiated 7

raise its ugly little head more often when you are digging for what we call third party information. In other words—infor­mation that is none of your business, which includes, but is not limited to, your own family members and spouse. If you are being blocked in regards to third party information, just know this is not something you need to know, and move on.

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Chapter 2

Power Animals, Animal Totems, and Animal Guides

We should start with a few words about what animal guides, animal totems, and power animals are, and why messages from these particular guides are important. Whether we like to admit it or not, we live on a planet where we are not the dominant species. We might be the most destructive, but destruction does not equate to domination. We are outnumbered by the billions, and we know so little about the energy of the creatures we share this amazing planet with, yet they hold the balance of the earth plane right along ’with us.

Many ancient cultures and tribes worked with the energy of animals and animal guides or gods. Animals were connected to for guidance, support, and healing. This connection would take place via prayer, ritual, trance, meditation, and ceremony. Hu­mans honored and respected animal power and their gods, and asked to walk in harmony with the spirits of the creatures they shared food and land with. This need for connection has not left us today, yet few understand why this connection is so impor­tant to their daily lives.

Animals and animal sightings have also been associated with visits from the ancestors or a loved one who has passed away. This may ring true for some of you when cards of the more



Power Animals, Animal Totems, and Animal Guides

regular animals make their way into your readings. Being a|1|(. tl,'associate an animal with a loved one is a sacred point of<|ial between the worlds, and animal totems are more than happy t„ facilitate this event for all who may need it. These experience, can also be encounters with gods, goddesses, angels, and ascend-

ed masters.

| should also point out that while working with this deck you won’t have random encounters. For if an animal shows up in the cards, as well as in your everyday life, it means this animal

and its message are really trying to get your attention. Work­ing with animal energy is all about awareness and humility. It is "important to know that when these masters show up in our lives they come to school us, in more ways than one. Being able to move your ego out of the way and humbly accept their help is a gift you can practice bringing to all aspects of your daily life.

But what exactly is an animal guide, animal totem, or pow­er animal, and is there a difference between the labels? Over the years I’ve noticed that it is easier for people to look at the different roles animals play in their lives by dividing them into three categories: power animals, animal guides/totems, and animal archetypes. I should also point out these are categories 1 have developed in my own personal use and teaching, so don t worry if they seem to differ slightly from others you may ha

come across.

Let’s take a look at these categories, along with how you can use them in relation to the tarot.

Power Animals

A power animal is an animal that shows up at a certain tin heal, energize, or deliver a particular message. It may sho" U1 the form of oracle or tarot cards or appear physically in )our vironment. It will not, however, stay after you have recent

||| È fiffi±^ï fiffiÊ'J.®

Power Animals, Animal Totems, and Animal Guides 11

ght now or that you need to be on

gift. Which means you want to be very aware if you keep getting the same card time and time again, as both the message of the animal and the energy of the tarot arc really important to you at this time. Remember, a gift from spirit is only meant for you, so it will keep showing up until you arc in a place to receive it.

Animal Guidcs/Totcms

An animal guide or totem is an animal that stays with you throughout the course of your life. It is an animal that you con­tinue to work with and align yourself to, constantly changing into master-student roles as you shift, expand, and grow to­gether. This animal often takes on the role of mentor, compan­ion, partner, protector, and friend. When this animal shows up in your reading, know that there is either a very important les­son unfolding ri

for something you might have missed or that you are in need of protection.

Animal Archetypes

These are our inner animals. They represent our fears, doubts, triumphs, and strengths. They connect us to the locked parts of our psyche. They become symbols for our inner self. These ani­mal archetypes will connect with us during our dreamtime and meditation to assist us in our inner spiritual growth, much the same way tarot archetypes do. In this respect, you want to work with both the animal and tarot archetypes in your readings to see which part of who you are is looking for healing and growth, or is needing to be heard. Archetypal work is a powerful tool in discovering all the parts of who we are and how we weave in and out of the material and emotional world we find ourselves in.

To help you understand these categories more I have come up with some spreads, which you will find in chapter eight, to

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

I 2     Power Animals, AnimalTotcms, and Animal Guide,

assist you with working with this incredibly powerful, rnu|(. layered deck. I encourage you to try these spreads at |ea''( once, even if you have been working with animal energy ¿r a while. I have spent a lot of time finding ways to deepen mv own understanding and connection to these amazing guide, and 1 want you to explore taking your relationship with Both the cards and the animals to a much deeper level, whether you are new to animal guides or a seasoned pro.                                                                                                                  '

Elemental Energies

Just like the suits in the tarot, our animals arc associated with one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. And even though I have done my best to align them as closely as possible, they may not always be a perfect match to the animal s element and the suit’s element. This means that you might find more than one elemental energy at play within the cards themselves. This in itself is not a bad thing, as there are plenty of times when the elements need to work hand in hand with one an­other to make sense.

To help you with the elements as they pertain to your ani­mals, I’ve put together a brief glossary for you to work "i » you make your way through the cards.

Animals associated with fire tend to show us ambitio enthusiasm. They deal with rebirth and regeneration, c ity, illumination, and passion. This is evident with m) legends surrounding the Phoenix. They also deal destruction, anger, chaos, or out-of-control energy. connected to the element of fire show us when to act, act, how to not react, and how to move forward.

Animals associated with water deal with our eniotiona

Water can be used to heal, purify, cleanse, and move J(R but it can also become stagnant, polluted, and blocked, o

||| i fiffi±^I fiO'J.®

Power Animals, Animal Totems, and Animal Guides 1 î

c\cn dry up all together. Animals connected to water tend to teach us how to get back in the How of our own lives, how to use and not abuse our emotions, and how to move with ease when things get muddy and unclear.

Animals associated with the element of air connect us to out higher sell through our thoughts, meditation, dreamtime, and subconscious mind. These animals arc the gatekeepers to other realms and can act as messengers of divine inspiration. They can also be flighty and scattered, and allow themselves to be dictated to by the direction of the winds. These animals teach us how to stay focused, clear our minds, and open our­selves up to the magic of the unknown.

Animals of the earth not only ground us, but show us the way to our earthly resources. They are our foundation in this physical plane.These animals show a more practical side to our problems or questions. They can also become stuck, still, and unmovable. Animals connected to the earth show us how to stay strong, build solid structures, and protect ourselves from the world around us.

Animals We Fear

I thought it important that I write briefly about animals we fear. Just like there are some cards within the tarot that we would pre­fer not to deal with, there are some animals that we would prefer not to deal with as well. Yet just like the tarot cards we like to avoid, these animals have very important lessons and guidance for us. Tilings you fear hold the keys to your points of resistance, which in turn hold the keys to the very thing you need to be do­ing to expand and grow.

Let me give you an example.

Although I am terrified of snakes, they represent a need to shed old ways of doing, being, and thinking. Snakes ask us to come

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

14     Power Animals, Anlinal Totcms, and Animal Guides

. They tell us in no uncertain terms that we have outgrown here we now stand, and like it or not, it s time to move on

us w

I’m a creature of habit and I don’t like letting go of the tilings are. Once I’m comfortable I find it hard to move. But we cannot grow when we are comfortable; we have to wander the valley of discomfort in order to expand who we arc.

When the snake shows up for me, which it docs about ev­ery seven years, it comes up again and again and again, until I get on with it and let go. I have to say this has not helped my fear of die snake one bit, and if anydiing it just makes me dread it even more. But I know it has a powerful message for me and I also know, whether I like to receive it or not, it is just as inevitable as it is for die snake to shed its skin and move into a new one. So as you work with this deck, take note when an animal you fear shows up in a reading, for it has the most important message

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Chapter 3

Understanding the Journey

In the preface of this guide I told you that I’d done a lew things differently, when it came to the way the pages for the cards have been laid out. Now I’ll explain to you why that is, and how you can best use the system I have set in place for you. When you get to the card definitions and meanings, you will notice they are broken up into three distinct sections.

The first is a channeled message from the animal itself. Then you will find the main section of the card’s meaning; this is a mix of animal science and animal spirit energy that is an important part of understanding our animal guides and to­tems, as well as the meaning of the tarot card itself. The next two sections arc ones I had always hoped I would find in other decks. If you are anything like me, sometimes you just don’t have time to wade through all the

der to find out if it relates to your question. And sometimes it how the meaning of the card even fits with your question.

I have done something that I am pretty sure will help most of you, especially if you arc new to tarot. In my years of ex­perience, I noticed that there were predominantly three areas that all people asked about: money, love, and health. So I have given short meanings for these three key areas of inquiry and


keywords of the card in or-

might even be hard to see

16 Understanding the Journey

renamed them: Business and Career; Family and Relationships; Health and Well-Being. Just keep in mind that the short mean­ings in this section arc merely suggestions and arc not the only way to interpret the cards or animals.

The last section is for those of you who practice drawing a card a day. You’ll find three journal prompts to expand your exploration of the many aspects of the card and how it fits into your current situation, or how it will set the tone for your up­coming day. If you are new to tarot, I suggest you work with the journal prompts to assist in learning the cards, and how they relate to who you are. If you are a tarot veteran, then use the prompts to deepen your understanding of your relationship to the archetypal energies that present themselves to you on that day, be it the animal or the card itself.

I’ve done it this way for several reasons. You can use all as­pects of the card meanings and explore all the layers of the card and animal. Or, you can just focus on the message from the animal itself and use the deck as an animal oracle. You can do a quick reading based on the intention of your question by focus­ing only on the section your question is about: money, love, or health. And finally, you can use the cards for personal develop­ment through journaling.

As I said, I set this book out in the way I’ve always wanted a tarot companion book to appear. I like options, and sometimes 1 have more time than others to explore those options.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Chapter 4

Before You Begin

Before you dive in and meet the cards themselves, I think it’s important to talk briefly about tarot, fortune-telling, and the wisdom of the oracle. Everybody comes to the cards for different reasons. Some want quick answers to complicated problems, some do it for self-growth, and some come to see if they can get glimpses of what the future holds for them. And although you can get all of these answers from the cards, it’s important to remember that nothing in your life is carved in stone; what comes up in each of your readings is merely a pos­sibility leading to other potential consequences or actions.

It is vital that you understand that everything is possible in each and every moment of your life, and that you’ve created the outcomes you experience, through your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs. The wisdom of the oracle is to show you how you feel, how you think, and how your actions might un­fold, if you continue to hold on to these thoughts and feelings.

All tarot decks include the Wheel of Fortune card, for when the wheel turns we never quite know what we will find. All we know for sure i.s that it will turn, time and time again. Some­where in time and space, destiny, fate, and free will intersect into a beautiful montage of multiple answers to one question.


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

18     Before You Begin

This is even more evident when searching for clues a|j vour future. There will he some things that will |1P .Ut blc—as part ol your karmic dance—but there will he much that is fluid, at best. Meaning can shift, move, bend, morph and transform. The only thing we know for certain is that th,’ future is very much created in the moment—this moment the one you arc having right now, and every moment after that. The cards allow you to get glimpses of some of those mo­ments, some of the time. But your story is far from over, and there arc many pages yet to be written.

The cards in this deck can assist you in finding out how you will fill those pages, by connecting you to the deeper parts of who you are, and guiding you when you feel things are not as clear as they could be. But in the end, all decisions are yours to make which means the responsibility of your future is ex­clusively in your hands. So go ahead and pick up your cards, place them in your hands, and set your intenuon for the Itfe you want to create.Then, allow the cards to show you just o* 'you can go about bringing that life into being.

' Th. »gle »J *•

Have Inn, play, explore, grow and expan , choose wisely.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Chapter 5

The Major Arcana

The following twenty-two cards are the highest energy in the deck.They represent the most direct link to the divine web.

The messages in these cards are said to come directly from spir­it, and play the biggest part in your karmic journey. So when a Major Arcana card comes up in a reading, pay attention, for there is something important spirit wants you to know about where you are in relation to your karmic cycle.


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

0 The Fool / Grasshopper

Ihcrc is something liberal inp about not knowinp exactly how thinps will turn out. I he smell of a fresh new adventure tickles the tips of my antennae. It sends shivers down my body and before I know it I turn and land in its direction. As its vibration pets stronper I trust my inner compass more and more until eventually that which was once unknown now becomes the known."

— Message from the Grasshopper

It is often said that the Grasshopper has a lot to learn. The Grasshopper, it seems, is always the student but never the master, much the same way the Fool is often viewed.

The Fool is the innocent at the beginning of the journey, with much enthusiasm and very little else. Yet both the Grass­hopper and the Fool seem to be guided by a more powerful force. Call it god, goddess, universe, or spirit, this force allows die Fool to take enormous leaps of faith with nothing more to go on than a sense of knowing which direction to jump. The Grasshopper, although known for its leaping abilities, has a much more impressive skill: its sense of smell. Grasshoppers use their antennae as both a touching and smelling device. So while the Grasshopper leaps from one place to another, it is constantly checking the conditions of its environment via its antennae. This means that, just like the Fool, the Grasshopper leaps and then looks around for the next place to land, based on the conditions he feels and smells.Talk about riding the vibe!


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

22 The Major Arcana

Business and Career

Business is all about taking risks. Those who play it safe and never take any chances, never grow. But the Fool doesn’t just take a risk; he jumps with both feet. He makes a commitment based on a feeling. Now is the time to trust your gut. How do you feel about the steps you need to take next?Trust your feel­ings and leap with both feet. Don’t look back!

Family and Relationships

Relationships are risky. With people there are never any guar­antees, and if that’s what you’re waiting for, you are never go­ing to get them. The Fool asks you to take a hard look at your current relationship commitments, because if they are not aligned with the person you are with, you could very well be the reason why.

Health and Well-Being

Is there something new you would like to learn, or some new place you would like to explore? Now is a good time to learn some new skills or travel to somewhere new.

Harness the power of the Grasshopper to take the leap of faith into this vortex of newness.

Card-of-the-Day Journal Prompts

  • In what area of life do you want to make a change, but are stopping yourself because you don’t wish to be seen as foolish?

What docs it mean to follow your gut or follow your instincts?

II you could do, be, or have anything right now, what would it be? b b

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

I    The Magician / Fox

"Whenever it seems ¡ike there is nothing available to you, look again. Expand your awareness farther than what you can sec,feel, and touch. Stop talking and listen. There is an undercurrent of abundance that flows through everything and everyone. But sometimes you have to stop doing what you arc doing in order to truly tap into the magic of what is around you."

— Message from the Fox

No matter what the outer world looks like, both the Fox and the Magician know there is more available to them from the world they live in than what the physical eye can see. In the deep winter forests, there would appear to be very little to nourish a grown Fox. Everything is covered in deep snow.

Fox. By tap­

ping into his expanded senses, the Fox is able to hear move­ment deep under the snow pack, and with one swift movement he can propel himself into the air. He does this with enough force that when he lands he nabs himself a nice bite to eat, fresh from under the deep, compacted snow. The Magician al­ways refines the tools and skills he already has. Fie knows just how important it is to keep polishing his magic. For just like the Fox, the Magician knows that the real magic happens in the unseen—much like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

:t it is what cannot be seen that feeds the hungry


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

26 The Major Arcana

Business and Career

The Fox is a reminder that sometimes you need to keep things simple. It can be very easy to be blinded by new, flashy ways of marketing and we all know that social media can be a real trap for the untrained business owner. But know this: What you currently have is all you need to make magic happen in your business right now.

Family and Relationships

The real lesson of the Fox is to stop talking. You can’t solve prob­lems by making noise. Right now, you need to be quiet and lis­ten. Listen with every fiber of your being, and not just with your ears.Truly hear the words of those around you. Feel them as they speak to you and let these sounds vibrate through your whole body.Then, and only then, will you truly be able to know what is being asked of you.

Health and Well-Being

The Magician is all about creating magic, and right now you need to dig deep and create your own. Now would be a good time to pull your own rabbit out of a hat. You know just how to do it, too; you have just been putting it off, hoping someone else would save you.That’s not going to happen and the Fox is a reminder that you are all you have.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What skills do you need to fine-tune and sharpen?
  • Flow do you keep track of all your magically manifested goals?
  • What would you do if you had your very own magic wand?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS


II         The High Priestess / Black Widow

It is all too easy to allow those aroundyou to tell your story for you. To strip you of your divine power and weigh you down with labels and limiting beliefs about who you should be. But it is much harder to create yourself through the lens ojyour own divine vision, to be truly you, inside and out, without shame or guilt. I care not about what others think they know about me. They will gossip regardless of what I do. But I know who I am and each and every day I honor my divine self by being true to my vision of myself who I am.”

Message from the Black Widow

How is it that such a small, shy creation as the Black Widow

has been able to create one of the largest archetypes both on and off the silver screen—the great film noir femme fatale? This small, unassuming, nocturnal creature prefers silence and solitude over the spotlight, yet in many respects the retelling of her story has become larger than her own small life. Much like the High Priestess she represents in this deck, the Black Wid­ow has transcended the limits of manmade boundaries, labels, and restrictions. She has one foot in the material world and the other in the world of the divine. She is self-sufficient and has no need for accolades. She is in many respects a recluse, hiding herself and her magic away from the preying eyes of others. She prefers the darkness of the night and light of the moon. Here in the quiet nighttime landscape she feels safe, for under the cover of darkness is the only time she will reveal herself.


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

}() The Major Arcana

How wonderful is it that she is totally ignorant of the gOs< that swirls around her! She knows only the story she crcat each and every night, in her web. The whispers of our $tOrie' do not penetrate her at all. Her resolve is to create and to t into her own divinity, to do what she was made to do and h

the Black Widow and the High Priestess. Learn to transcend

web that catches the eye of others and worry not how they choose to interpret it. You arc you, so express yourself how­ever you choose. And do so with the knowledge that the divine in you is larger than the small, petty retelling of your divinity by those around you.

Business and Career

It is very easy in business to hide behind your brand and use it as a fake form of identity. But wouldn’t it be better to stand in in­tegrity with who you are and what you believe? If your purpose in your business is to serve, then you can only truly do that by allowing the divine in you to honor the divine in your clients. Now is the time to stop hiding behind your brand and get real.

Family and Relationships

Families always do a bang-up job at telling us who we should be and how we should live our lives. Yet to be honest, it s none of their business. You arc you, and you came into this physical body to be you. So who arc you? The High Priestess asks that you strip away every label you have been given, including the ones you have given yourself, and see what’s left. Take a good look, as this is who you really are.

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 31

Health and Well-Being

The Black Widow creates the most amazing webs. She is first and foremost a talented artist. Every night she refines her craft by

creating yet another web. She is constantly creating and refining her skills. What one skill should you be refining right now, and how will consistently practicing it assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals?

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you like being defined as a strong, capable, self-sufficient person?
  • How often do others tell you who you should be?
  • How do you honor the divine in you?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Ill      The Empress / Cow

On the iray towards birth something ama/.ing happens: creation. It is the act of creation that brings together the magic oj the universe and the power of the spirit. It is through the creation process that the soul gets to express itself unencumbered.Yet everyone seems more impressed with the big bang at the end. How funny that the end is the only part that seems to be cause jor celebration. Look deep into my eyes and let me show you how to tap into the true magic you have inside of you. Come, lay down on the grass amongst the wildflowers and let me show you what real creative love feels like.”

Message from the Cow

The Cow has long been a symbol of divine feminine ener­gy. Her milk is used to nourish not just her own children but the children of many other species, including our own hu­man infants. The Empress is in essence the embodiment of the divine mother, ever giving love and life, nurturing all of her creations and providing them with the nourishment they re­quire to grow. In this card we see a pregnant, beautiful Scottish Highland Cow. Like in many Empress archetypes before her, her pregnancy represents bountiful possibilities poised on the stage of expectancy. The Empress is the vessel from which great things spring forth. Throughout history, it was the Empress who bore the continued bloodlines of the ruling imperial fam­ily. Today she bears the bloodlines of all that can be manifested

The Major Arcana

into physical form. Be it an idea, dream, or goal that is making its way into the physical world, the Empress is here to guide you through all of the stages.

Business and Career

What is interesting is that the Empress only shares her magic

with us during the pregnancy phase, as if what she creates is

meant to be hidden for now. The Cow wants you not to think

about what will ultimately be birthed; instead she wants you to just focus on where you are now. She wants you to enjoy this

stage of creating and revel in the energy of expectancy.

Family and Relationships

The Empress is the card of love. Connected to the planet Ve­nus, the Empress heralds love, romance, and possibly a new life. Just keep in mind that she is a symbol of what is possible, not of what will actually be. Nothing about this card is carved in stone; it merely lets you know what you can create with the current conditions you now find yourself in. So if love is what you want, create it. If a new life is what you seek, create it. The possibilities under the power ofVenus are endless.

Health and Well-Being

The Cow asks you to look at how you are nourishing your body, mind, and soul. What foods are you putting into your body? What thoughts are you chewing on, over and over again in your mind? And how arc you giving your soul the space it requires to express itself? Nourishment is not just for the body alone; make sure all of you is getting what it needs to grow up healthy and strong.

The Major Arcana 35

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

1 low can you get yourself excited about what is on its way, even if for now you can’t sec it?

Where in your life can you spread more unconditional love?

What arc you creating that should remain hidden from the public eye for the time being?



IV     The Emperor / Gorilla

Everyone says they want to be a ruler, but I wonder how many would last a day in my world. It would seem that most want to share in just the bounty, not what it takes to acquire and keep that bounty. It is my job, the job of any leader, actually, to think about all parts of abundance, not just the tiny piece that so many othersfocus on. It is a special skill to keep, honor, and protect what you have. But it is not a skill that is glamorous,fashionable, or newsworthy. It can also not be taught overnight. No, if you want to sit in my seat you arc going to have to get your hands dirty and put in some very long, hard hours first. Still want to be a ruler?”

— Message from the Gorilla

The responsibility of a leader is not to be taken lightly. It may look like our silverback Gorilla is on top of the world, with no wants or worries, but looks can be deceiving. The stockpile of food that sits beside our fearless leader is not for him alone, but for all those in his care. It is his responsibil­ity to make sure that his band is kept healthy and strong. But this is only one of the Emperor’s daily concerns. This male must be on a constant lookout for invaders, poachers, or oth­er males who might wish to challenge his position. Being on top of the mountain, so to speak, is not as easy as it looks. The Gorilla is a strong totem energy and with such strength comes great responsibility, just like the Emperor. The Gorilla knows only too well his personal brute strength and he is not afraid


38 The Major Arcana

to use it, if and when the situation calls. However, one cannot bully one’s way through life, and only so much can be achieved through fear and intimidation.The key to leadership is showing strength in all of its forms. From compassion, to concern, to respect, to knowing when and where to act, the Gorilla knows that from where he sits, there is no room for complacency.

Business and Career

In business, we hear all the time that in order to succeed one needs to be a leader in the field. But a leader in what way, ex­actly? Of course, you need to make sure that you are seen as an expert in your field, but you are also so much more. Always re­member that the first connection you make with a client is the one on which they will base their opinion of you. So lead with your ears, and not with your mouth. Listen, connect, and show them what a real leader looks like.

Family and Relationships

Being the head of any family can be challenging. It doesn’t mat­ter how old you are, having to be the peacekeeper, organizer, bookkeeper, and regional manager of your clan is a hard job. But you don’t have to do it alone.The Emperor doesn’t rule by him­self. He has a team of support and expects others to pull their your turn. Make sure

their strengths, and soon your family will be happy, healthy, and stable.

Health and Well-Being

The Gorilla sits alone. He is taking time for contemplation. A moment to clear his head before he launches into the next thing on his to-do list. But for now he sits alone. Not speaking, not eating, and with no one else around. A leader knows how im-

everyone is working to

weight. Now it’s

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 19

portant alone time is. It resets the mind and helps the body from

feeling overwhelmed. It would serve you

well to do the same.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What docs it mean to be a leader?
  • How does one keep the ego at bay while being of service to those around you?
  • What skills do you have that would benefit others in your community?

lili è fi»£&£ fimm

did before me. I have

V    The Hierophant / Polar Bear

“The world in which I live is changing fast. It is no longer as safe and as reliable as it once was.Thc signs of this unstoppable change arc all around me. But despite this, I must have faith.

1 must trust there is a larger plan that I cannot see. I must believe that I am playing the part 1 was created to play, in this moment at this exact point in time. It doesn’t need to make intellectual sense, I Just need to believe, as my ancestors

that 1 am being who I was

meant to be, doing what I hus destined to do, in the right place, in the right time. And so too should you.”

— Message from the Polar Bear

The Hierophant represents the role faith plays in our daily lives. He is a symbol of the laws and traditions that govern faith. Faith itself is an interesting concept; we tend to link faith to religion, when really faith and religion do not need one an­other to exist. Faith was a part of the physical experience long before religion was created. So the question becomes, did reli­gion colonize faith and separate it from our sense of self or did religion breathe new life into how we experience faith in our daily lives? Questions of faith are not easily answered and nor should they be, for they are personal and live deep within how we view our own divinity. The Polar Bear is seen as one who keeps ancestral knowledge and tradition safe and sound. A me­diator between the ancestors and ourselves, the Polar Bear is cemented in this role as keeper ol acceptable ways of being and




42 The Major Arcana

doing. Unlike humans, who need books to keep and store our wisdom or laws, the Polar Bear’s library is place, the space he is boi n in and the space he will die in. The world or environment in which he lives tells the stories of those who have gone before, and gives clues and messages of things to come. Unlike most humans, the Polar Bear needs this deep connecting to place as part of his faith. For he knows that when he is connected to all that is in him and around him, he can stand strong in his power. All faith ends and begins in the strength of your beliefs. The Polar Bear looks up to the sky as a reminder of all that is, was, and is on its w’ay, and acknowledges his role as keeper and me­diator in an ever-changing world.

Business and Career

Do you have faith in your ability to pull your vision off? The Po­lar Bear wants to connect you to all of those who have pulled off the seemingly impossible. He wants you to know that just be­cause you have never done this before, doesn’t mean you won’t do it this time. Remember the greats of the past were also the first failures of the past. Stand tall and stake your claim in your vision and believe with all of your might that you can do this!

Family and Relationships

Do you have faith in those around you? One’s lack of faith in others tends to create shallow and restrictive relationships. This leads to setting oneself up for constant disappointment. Just imagine instead what might happen if you w’ere to spend all of your time building up those around you. Visualize them succeeding in everything they do and have unshakable faith in their abilities. The Polar Bear thinks that this would set the stage for joy, rather than build a place of constant sadness.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 43

Health and Well-Being

Can you trust that where you are right this second is exactly where you are meant to be? It is not always easy to accept one’s current set ol circumstances, especially if they seem unfavor­able. But that is exactly what faith asks you to do. It asks you to accept what is as it is, and trust that it won’t stay that way for long.This is often easier said than done. But the Polar Bear asks that you try. Just for today, accept what is. You arc where you arc but you don’t have to stay there. Just have faith that this too shall pass.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you know how to read the messages from the world around you?
  • What does faith mean to you?
  • Can you trust that who you are is always enough?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

VI     The Lovers I Swan

"Conic he with me ami let me marvel in the You that is all magnificent. II hen ivc come together it is not so that ive can fill something in each other, hut instead, stand in our oirn glory and know that together ire cun create something magical, let the contrast of our individual states create the perfection in our togetherness."

— Message from the Swan

I think most ol us are aware of the ugly duckling story, which is really the story of one’s inner self taking its time to mani­fest into the outer experience. During this phase of outer evo­lution the Swan must trust that there is nothing missing in its life and that who it is, is perfect by natural design, regardless of the outer reflection others see. This element of inner beau­

ty and inner wholeness is crucial to the power ol the Lovers card. For it matters not what sort ol energy you arc working to partner with. It only matters how you see yourself as a mate or partner. Do you have the ability to be whole and present with that which you arc attracting? Or are you negating the

to look not at what you can obtain from someone or something else, but how you can rejoice in it. Learn how to stand in your own power while reveling in the power of those around you.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

46 The Major Arcana

Business and Career

When it conics to business, it is easy to get forget that you have something to oiler those around you, and not the other way around. If you want or need something from someone else, first you must find how you can be of benefit to them.This will show­case your talents in ways others will never forget. And isn’t that what you want in a business relationship?'Ib be unforgettable for all the right reasons?

Family and Relationships

1 he Swan represents the element of unconditional love: love of sell and love ol others. It docs not place one over the other or negate love by wrapping it up in a bow of expectation. Swans pick one life partner and one only, though it is not the singu­larity ol their choice that is relevant, but the commitment they have to the choices they make. When you look at your relation­ship, can you say you are just as committed to your choices?

Health and Well-Being

The ugly duckling story is a fantastic metaphor for the relation­ship you have with your body. If you see it as broken or stupid or constantly failing you, then it will be almost impossible to transform it into the body you dream of having. In order to bring the energy of the Lovers into your healing practice, you need to first build love inside of yourself. Show your body you love it and arc truly grateful for all it docs for you. Build on this vortex of gratitude, and before you know it you will have transformed your body from the ugly duckling to the beautiful Swan that was there all along.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 47

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How do you wish to be loved?
  • Where are your expectations limiting your experience with those around you?
  • I low can you be more like the person, place, or thing you arc working to attract?

||| É fiffi±^I fiffifflS

è fi»£&£ s#«t

VII      The Chariot I Orca

"Do you truly understand how movement works? Do you understand the ripple effect and consequences oj the move­ments you make? Each time you step, jump, or change direction you cause a ripple. A ripple that will eventually come back to you, carrying with it the energy that created it. This means that you have to pay just as much attention to the energy that creates your movement, as the direction of the movement itself. Focused, cont rolled movements meanfocused, controlled ripples. Uncontrolled,f ear-driven movements create haphazard, fear- driven ripplcs.What energy is coming back to you?"

— Message from the Orca

Have you ever seen a pack of Orcas hunt? They are like a well-oiled machine, knowing exactly when to use speed, when to dive, and when to use their tails to create waves.They are the masters of movement. Orcas understand their world so well that they know exactly how it will respond when they move around in it. They know what cause and effect will be created when they change direction, and they know exactly how much power they will generate if they change speed.This mastery of movement has made them one of the most efficient hunting machines in the world.To achieve this level of mastery, one has to first know how the world around them responds to how they move around in it. The Chariot is the ultimate card of movement. It doesn’t always tell you what the movement will look like; however, the other cards around it will. If you


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

50 The M<ijor Arcana

have uncontrolled, erratic cards surrounding your Chariot, then now might he a good time to put your hands back on the steer­ing wheel of your life. If, however, you have controlled, focused cards surrounding your Chariot, this means you are on track and should see your results rippling through posthaste.

Business and Career

Is }our business headed in the right direction? Sometimes en­trepreneurs and small business owners can get so caught up in working in their business that they forget to work on their busi­ness. Take a step back and see if the work you have been doing is actually moving you where you want to go. If you have not come up for air in a while, you might have allowed yourself to drift off course. Now is the time to check and correct.

Family and Relationships

In a relationship, movement happens so much faster if the two of you are focusing your energy on the same things. If you are pull­ing in individual directions, then your Chariot will be all over the road and could be heading for a crash. Get focused and pick just one thing to drive towards. Once you have arrived at the first destination, you can pick the next one, and then the next one. But for now, just pick one and together head in the same direction.

Health and Well-Being

The Orca knows its environment incredibly well. It knows how it will react to its movements and how to adjust accord­ingly. Can you say the same? Il you were to change aspects of your life right now, how would the world around you react? In order to have the result you want, you need to have an under­standing of the ripple effect you create. Master this and there

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 51

will be nothing that you cannot achieve on your journey to health and well-being.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

' foryC d?reCti°n y°U are currently heading the right one

How can you get a better control of your inner Chariot?

  • What ripple effects have you created lately that have surprised you or taken you unawares?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

VIII                                            Strength / Ox

"It is not always easy to keep going, to take yet another chance, or to start all over again. But sometimes the path that nr choose requires us to do the very things that seem the hardest to pull of]. There arc no guarantees along the paths of life and the only way to find out what ivc will encounter is to walk these paths. Standing still is not an option in the physical world; like it or not, we all have to make our way along the karmic path. Each step is a victory, each tear is a reminder, and each mile gets us closer to where ire are headed. Dig deep, little one for you have more walking to do on this path you call hfe.”

— Message from the Ox

I am pretty sure you have heard the phrase “as strong as an ox,” which originates from the fact that an ox can pull twice its body weight. Oxen have been used for transportation and for farming for centuries. In some third world countries they still arc used and are an important part of the local economy. But when you look at the image of the Ox, what exactly do you see? One could say that the image shows the brute strength of the Ox pulling a heavy load—in other words, a picture of the Ox being used for transportation. Or, you could say that the Ox shows how it can be of service to someone other then himself by offering his natural resource, physical strength. But what does Strength actually mean? You sec, there is more to Strength then just physical muscle or brute force. There is


HH s sffi^^i aww

S4 The Major Arcana

emotional strength, mental strength, and, of course, courage. I have always thought that courage and strength seem to he inter­linked in the meaning and working of this card. Look at the path the Ox must walk with his load.This can represent the road to anything you arc trying to achieve, or just starting to begin. It takes time to build muscles, will, and resolve. Courage is not something that happens overnight; it happens from working up to a dynamic change in circumstances.

Just like the Ox, your strength will come one step at a time.

Business and Career

If you are new to business or have been in business for a while now, you know that being your own boss takes courage. Like the Ox’s path, it is not an easy one and not everyone is able to walk it. But you are walking it, and that takes guts. Just for today, list all of the times you have had to dig deep and find that in­ner strength to achieve your business goals. Celebrating the tri­umphs makes the walk easier.

Family and Relationships

Sometimes people forget that relationships are not battle­grounds. When we find someone to journey with, we are not in competition with them, nor are we waging a war of wills against them. Check in and see how you are using your muscles in your current relationship. Are you supporting your partner, or are you throwing your weight around and making life for both of you tense and insecure?

Health and Well-Being

Fhc path to health and healing is a not an easy one. Many of us start off like the Ox in this card, weighed down and pulling the past behind us. Yet as we continue to walk, not only do we

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana


see the need to drop some of that weight, but we also begin to build muscle to keep us moving forward. No matter where you find yourself on your healing path, just keep going. Keep mov­ing, keep letting go of the weight, and keep building muscles.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What muscles do you currently need to build?
  • How can your personal strengths help those around you?
  • Are you throwing your weight around instead of supporting someone you love?


IX      The Hermit I Mantis

"Have you ever noticed that things look different in the morningfll'ith just a small period of separation from you and your need for a solution, ncyv options now present themselves. Sometimes waiting is the best way. Sometimes removing yourself, if only for a short period of time, is the best way.Thcn ire turn and head to the light and step into its brilliance with confidence and resolve, just as ive wake each morningfrom our darkened slumber to the glowing embrace of the sun."

— Message from the Mantis

Many depictions of the Hermit show him in the dark of night, holding a lamp. The lamp has become somewhat synonymous with the Hermit image. But here in the Animal Totem Tarot, the Hermit stands in the light and holds the ul­timate lamp between his -antennae and the sun. Just as the lamp is a symbol of a light in the dark, the sun reminds us that rise again. The Hermit then becomes the

promise of the light’s return after time spent alone in the dark­ness. And time alone in the darkness is now what is required. The Bushmen of the Kalahari tell the story of how the Mantis, finding himself in need of a solution that he could not immedi­ately find, would put himself to sleep so that he could dream it. This traveling to the darkness to find what one seeks, and then bringing it back to the light, is an important aspect of the Her­mit archetype. It is also a reminder that sometimes we really do need to sleep on it and bring the problem back into the light


the light will always

||| A fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

58 The Major Arcana

of the sun the next day to be seen with new eyes. The Mantis teaches that it is okay to have space between yourself and y0Ur current problem.This is not to be seen as a delay, but as a way of allowing some time and space to help align yourself with the solution you need.

Business and Career

Now is not the time for rash decisions. With the Hermit in your energy, you arc being asked to slow things down and take the time to see all possible outcomes. In business it can often seem that every decision is “do or die.” But this is very rarely the case. The Hermit’s message is clear: don’t make decisions based on fear. Instead, sleep on them and make decisions with a clear head.

Family and Relationships

It is time to take a break. Just for a little while, anyway. This card shows a need to be alone for a bit. Not an all-out separation, but just time to be in one’s own presence, so that you can sort out with absolute clarity what you need and what you want. It is bet­ter to know for sure in matters of the heart, than to make a de­cision out of fear or lowered expectations. So give yourself the space you need to see exactly what is going on in your current situation.

Health and Well-Being

The Mantis and the Hermit show you that there is light at tht end of the tunnel. They represent the promise of the light re­turning to your life, and they arc also the ones who shall bring it forth. Ihings may seem dark right now, but know that you must find what you seek before you can leave the darkness. Surrender to the darkness, relax into it, and allow what you

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 59

need to find you. Then follow Mantis as he brings you out of the darkness and delivers you back to the light.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you like being alone? If no, why not?
  • What does “standing in one’s own light” mean to you?
  • Do you allow yourself the space and time you need to make decisions with certainty?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

X     Wheel of Fortune I Lady Bug

"•Ircjwi aware enough to notice the synchronicities that the universe is throwing at your feet? Will you see the opportunity before my wheel turns, or will you allowyourselj to be distracted by the bonds of your own inner limitations? You see, luck is not for the lucky and there is no such thing as chance; it is all about those who arc aware and prepared to make a move before theWheel of Fortune does what it was meant to do, which is to turn”

— Message from the Lady Bug

The Wheel reminds us that nothing stays the same. Every­thing in the universe is constantly moving, and because it is always moving, opportunities don’t hang around forever. That said, there is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime event. If the Wheel teaches us anything, it is that everything has a cy­cle to it and what comes around goes around, again and again, although it may not always come back the exact way you last saw it—and that is rather the point. So be prepared. Lady Bugs have long been associated with luck and good fortune, yet did you know that the color of a Lady Bug can also bring with it a special message to what you need to do, in order to align to the luck coming your way? The Lady Bug on theWheel of For­tune card is red, which is the primary color of most Lady Bugs. This color is associated with the first or root chakra, and is con­nected to the material world. Orange Lady Bugs are connect­ed to the second or sacral chakra; orange Lady Bugs deal with




62 The Major Arcana

creative emotional energy. Yellow Lady Bugs arc connected to the third or solar plexus chakra, which is the energy center of action or doing. The last color for Lady Bugs is pink, a color as­sociated with the fourth or heart chakra; pink Lady Bugs urge you to just allow what is happening to happen.

Business and Career

The business world moves quickly. New trends, markets, and niches arc popping up all the time. Yet somehow, some people just always seem to be in the spotlight. This is not by accident, but by strategy. The Wheel is a constant reminder that things change; whether we like change or not is irrelevant.Those who work with the flow of change and are prepared for the shifting sands will always stay front and center in the business commu­nity. Those who don’t, will vanish. Will your business continue to grow or will it vanish with the constant turn of the Wheel?

Family and Relationships

Relationships, like the Wheel, change over time. They never stay the same and this is often a cause of conflict for some couples. But it doesn’t need to be. With the Lady Bug on your side, you have the opportunity to find something that as a couple, you can grow into together. Maybe it is more travel, or perhaps more time with the phones off, or maybe even a house project. Find something you can both work on and let Lady Luck shine on your union.

Health and Well-Being

Did you know that most people never succeed at their health goals because they don’t prepare for these goals? It seems il­logical, but that is the case. In my healing practice, 1 have seen, time and time again, individuals who just can’t see themselves

||| È fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

The Major Arcana 63

any other way than how they currently are. But the Wheel must turn, and things must change. So prepare for them to change lor the good, and make plans now for how you will celebrate "hen you reach your current healing goal.

Card oi the Day Journal Prompts

  • Does planning lor success seem foolish to you?
  • What area of your life needs the most luck?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

XI      Justice I Crane

"Balance is not just about being even. Balance is about finding the middle path or making it back to one’s center. In order to find true balance, one must make sure that one’s center is not corrupt or contaminated by the ego. For if it is, justice will he impossible to find. With my beak 1 can pluck out the unwanted toxins from your emotional waters so you can clear the path back to the middle, back to center.

Balanced, complete, and whole once again.”

— Message from the Crane

In this card we see the red-capped Crane in a defensive pose, yet he is merely standing his ground, wanting others to know that he cannot be swayed from his own mind. Being right or wrong is less important than finding the right solution that ben­efits all involved. In order for him to do this, he must be strong. When it comes to finding justice, it is important to understand that there is always going to be more than one story or one perspective that needs to be taken into consideration. Every­one believes their particular version is the truth. Unfortunately the truth is a fickle thing, meaning one must move beyond a sin­gle truth and seek a more collaborative outcome. In the tradi­tional Rider-Waite Tarot you will sec the sword of Justice point­ed up to the sky; in the red-capped Crane card you see his beak point towards the .sky. This symbolizes the higher power at play when it comes to finding the middle ground of your current sit­uation. In her book The New Tarot Handbook, Rachel Pollack talks


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

66     '1 he Major Arcana

about how the Justice card becomes the center or middle point ol the Major Arcana, lor there are ten cards before it and ten cards alter it. Even in the placement of this card, we see that the need for a balanced outcome is essential. As a totem, the Crane is able to ground emotions and take the sting out of them, leav­ing nothing behind but mindful action. In order for Justice to be served for you, your emotions will also need to be calmed, so you can see that there is a way to have a solution for the good of all and harm to none.

Business and Career

The Crane can indicate legal issues or concerns. Now would be a good time to make sure that all of your paperwork is in or­der. Make sure your business license is up to date and that your insurance is current. Also make sure that all of your business’s legal forms are filed away where you can get to them easily and effortlessly.

Family and Relationships

Justice could very well be called the card of resolution. When it shows up it means something needs to be sorted or resolved. Whether you like it or not, something in your relationship is needing resolution. Perhaps it is time to say you are sorry, or to express hurt and pain that you have been carrying around. Either way, now is the time to deal with this energy once and for all.

Health and Well-Being

As you heal you do a lot of shedding. This process is often re­ferred to as “peeling the onion.” As this happens, one’s emo­tions can become unbalanced and erratic. Crane can assist you in grounding these emotions and bring you back to center. All


The Major Arcana 67

you have to do is be willing to let the feelings go, and allow him to place them deep into the earth.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you have any pressing legal issues that need to be dealt with?
  • Where are you needing resolution in your life right now?
  • How do you bring yourself back to center once your emotions have run high?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The larq

XII       The Hanged Man / Honey Pot Ant

“Xot all that is thrust upon us is a had thing. Sometimes others see in us what we ourselves arc incapable of seeing.

er purpose is not always obvious to those closest to it.

However, with a sense of detachment, one can easily decide to allow the larger story to unfold without struggling against one's part in it. For there is a certain amount of liberation in one's ability to let go and let god.”

— Message from the Honey Pot Ant

Honey Pot Ants have a social structure among the worker ants that allows them to always be fed, even when food is not readily available within the harsh desert conditions they live in. The worker ants select the largest among them and begin force-feeding them water and nectar. This sweet syrup blend is stored in the specially designed abdomen of the ant. Once these ants are full, they are moved to the top of the nest, where they spend the rest of their lives hanging up side down, regurgitating nectar for the rest of the colony. Talk about a life of sacrifice, service, and surrender. The Hanged Man reminds you that even though some things in your life feel imposed upon you, you still have free will. Surrender is a choice and one that is made willingly in order to transcend any situation. At the point of surrender, all .struggle leaves the mind and the body. This in turn shifts the lens in which life itself is viewed. When there is no more struggle, there is only freedom. Freedom is ascended liberation. The Honey Pot Ant accepts the role it has to play


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

70 The Major Arcana

and surrenders to its divine destiny without complaint or con­flict, just as the Hanged Man does. Perhaps now it is time for you do the same, even if it is only just for now.

Business and Career

Has anyone ever told you that you over-think things? Now is not the time to be pig-headed, stubborn, or trying to impose your way of thinking on your current situation.

Instead, surrender to it. Let it just be and get your head out of the game. Notice how the Hanged Man has his heart above his head?This is because now is a time to feel, not think.

Move into a feeling state of being and give that brain of yours a rest.

Family and Relationships

The Hanged Man teaches you more about your heart than your head. Your head may very well be your worst enemy right now,

thinking and daydreaming about things that are not in


with the direction you truly want to take your relationship. Go

back to the place of love, to the point of surrender, and open up vour heart chakra. Allow yourself to feel. Feel all of it, even the parts that hurt, and love unconditionally anyway.

Health and Well-Being

Inversion poses in yoga are used to place the heart above the mind. In doing so, you allow better blood and energy flow throughout your body. This in turn assists the body in healing, regenerating, and giving one the chance to clear one’s mind. Find a way today to get above your head and release your body from the restrictions the mind has placed upon it.

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

The Major Arcana 71

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

What areas of your life, right now, is your head interfering with?

How can you find more ways to “let go anti let god”? II you were to let go of your need to be right in your current situation, what would happen?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

XIII                               Death I California Condor

" / hat which I am may not be pretty to you, but I know I serve a deep divine purpose and I am more than happy to fulfill it. lie each play our part in the divine plan and I know without a shadow of a doubt I am playing mine. 1 get to take what is no longer required and transform it through a cycle of death and rebirth. The universe needs to keep its cycle of creation moving and I am happy to be one of its stewards of transformation."

— Message from the California Condor

There is no denying that New World vultures bring the business of Death right up into our face. It is as if they want us to see that which is left behind. We seem to not want to know what happens to an empty physical vessel once the soul has left it behind. The business of what happens after death is not pleasant dinner conversation, yet somehow in the knowledge of completion comes a power of regeneration. In a consumer-based world, the Condor brings with it other les­sons as it consistently asks the question, what happens to the material world and all of its objects when they are no longer wanted and are cast away? What aspect of death have we for­gotten about when it comes to unwanted things?

Out of sight docs not mean out of mind, the Condor blunt­ly reminds us. The Death card itself deals less with the physi­cal death of a person but more with the business of death as a whole. The energy of endings permeates this card, yet death


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

74 The Major Arcana

is a cycle, not a one-way trip. This energy is in every aspect of our physical experience. In fact there is not one part of this material world where death docs not play out its cyclic game.

Business and Career

When this card turns up in a business reading it lets you know

that something has come to an

end. Trying to stop this cycle

is a moot point, but if you do not handle it correctly it will

be hard to move on and grow from it. See what is going on in your business that needs to come to completion and focus solely on finishing it.

you love. Holding on to energy,

Family and Relationships

This card can bring with it the energy of new life. Relation­ships go through cycles, each with their own beginning and ending. It is time for one of these cycles to come to pass.

This is a good thing, as it means something new is about to spring forth for you and those

belongings, or situations that no longer serve you won’t create the life you want, so let them go and let the energy of Death do its thing.

Health and Well-Being

The California Condor not only represents the energy of death, but has come back from the brink of its own Death. This once endangered species is making a healthy and welcome come­back. To be honest, we need more reminders in our world of Death and the part it plays in our daily lives. For to truly un­derstand newness, we must all first get comfortable with the energy of Death.


The Major Arcana 75

  • How many relationships

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How many ideas have you had that you have rejected outright or been talked out of by other people?

have come and gone whose

energy you have not fully released yet, allowing the energy to leave its old form and be rebirthed anew?

  • How many carcasses do you have stacked up in your energy field?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

XIV       Temperance / Flamingo

"lour body is a mirror to the inner workings of your mind, emotions, and sense of self. You could say it is the looking glass into your soul’s experience in physical form. Take a good look at what your body is telling you and then decide if you like what it has to say. Just know that whether you like it or not,your body’s story can only change if you do something about it. Even if you choose to do nothing at all,your body will display this choice for all to sec. Nothing about you is ever truly hidden, no matter how hardyou might try.’’

— Message from the Flamingo

1am sure you have heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover. But did you know that this may be a very inaccu­rate directive?You can actually tell a lot about a person by their “cover.” Your body gives some very glaring signs of just how happy, healthy, and loving you truly are. Or, are not, depend­ing on what the case may be. Ever told anyone they look pale? Or perhaps you have told a friend, “You don’t look so good”? You can tell how they are doing just by looking at them. The skin is an amazing organ and just like Temperance, it is a mas­ter at mixing disparate elements so that it can find balance and harmony. Just like the Flamingo, when you are not balanced it shows on your skin.

Although the flamingo doesn’t start out pink, how pink it becomes is a sign of how healthy it is. 11 the flamingo stays pale or only manages to hold tinges of pink in its coloring, it


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

78 The Major Arcana

is considered unhealthy, possibly even weak and near to death. The pink color of the flamingo is caused by the high level of ca­rotenoid proteins it consumes. Good proteins bring about good color, which creates a healthy bird. Bad proteins will make the bird pale and cause it to get sick and sometimes even die. We arc not much different from our pink friend, Flamingo. Your body is telling the story of how well you mix your inner ingre­dients. It shows plain as day if you have found the right balance in your life or not. Go on, take a good, hard look in the mirror, and see if you have the mix right or not.

Business and Career

In business you have to deal with a lot of opposing energy. You also have to take that energy and make it work for you. Some­times the results are amazing and sometimes, well, they are better left never to be spoken about again. But that is how you learn and grow. Don’t stay in the safe zone. Find something or someone that is working differently from you and learn how to bring that energy into your current project.

Family and Relationships

Sometimes opposites really do attract, and they do so for a reason. The biggest growth a person can have is to have con­versations with people who do not share the same beliefs or interests. This can push your boundaries, make you think dif­ferent or new thoughts, and even deepen your connection to the things you personally hold dear. Either way, contrast and difference are good things; they feed the soul and allow us to stay strong and resilient. Seek out more of your opposites.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 79


Health and Well-Being

A Flamingo needs “good” proteins in its diet. Are you good proteins and do you even know what they are? Believe it or not, science has now shown us that animal proteins arc ac­tually the lowest proteins humans can put in their bodies. The best proteins to cat and make us glow from within are those found in whole, plant-based foods. If Temperance has graced your reading this day, now would be a good time to start add­ing more “good” proteins to your diet. Your body will heal fast­er and start to look better in no time at all.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How can you use opposites in your life to bring more balance and harmony?
  • What does your skin currently say about you?
  • If you could get your “cover” to tell any story at all, what would it be?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

lili è fi»£&£ fimm

XV      The Devil / Bobcat

"Have you ever noticed that where you stand determines how you see and feel about something? In fact, ask twenty different people witnessing the same scene what they see and you will get twenty different accounts, not one of them the same. Vision is fluid and the eyes tend to lie. Hits means that what some see as restrictive and abusive, others see as liberating and freeing. It really does depend on whose eyes you arc looking through.”

— Message from the Bobcat

The Devil and I have a very deep and intertwined connec­tion. Because of this, I tend to see the Devil as a liberat­ing force; one that gives permission to break free of the control and constraints that the world tends to place upon us. It is in the Devil that one tends to be who they truly are and not who others wish they would be. This lack of judgment and expectation can be very freeing, yet some people have no idea what to do with this level of free reign over themselves and their lives. Because, let’s face it, with total freedom comes total responsibility, and in the presence of the Devil you are one hundred percent respon­sible and accountable for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Especially the ones you don’t want to look at and own.

As the Bobcat looks up from his dinner, he asks if you will own up to the traps you have set. Brom where he stands, you are an invader, someone who does not belong in his natural landscape. Me secs you as an intrusive, controlling force trying


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

82 I he Major Arcana

to disrupt his way of life. The Bobcat cares not about living his life under the blanket of dark and shadows; he just wants to be left alone to do his thing. From where you stand, do you identi­fy with the Bobcat or with those trying to trap and contain him?

Business and Career

When the Devil shows up on your business doorstep, beware. Although this opportunity may seem incredibly impressive, read the fine print. Make sure you arc truly signing on for something that will benefit you in the long term. Whatever you do~ do not be blinded by short-term gain, as this could cause pain later on.

Family and Relationships

The Devil is, in my opinion, one of the most creative energies in the tarot. He can be seductive and inventive, which are all good qualities to have in a lover. Just keep in mind there is a fine line between mutual pleasure and manipulative control. You can be assured the Devil will offer up both, but you have to be accountable for the one you choose to act on.

Health andWell-Being

The Bobcat and the Devil ask you to take responsibility for where you stand. Sure, your position may change over time, but right now you have to own where you are. All of it—not just the convenient, socially acceptable, pretty parts.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How do you use control as a creative force in your life?
  • Are you

and what you want?

  • Are you being 100 percent accountable for your thoughts, feelings, and actions?

allowing yourself to freely express who you are

lili è fi»£&£ fimm

XVI        The Tower / Termite

Nothing in this world irns ever meant to last. Nor was it ever meant to be created instantly. Step by step, piece by piece, is how ire create the wonders that are our homes. Slowly hut surely ire create something that is beneficial to all involved. Yet ive understand the impermanence of all that comes from this harsh physical landscape. But just because something won t last doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. For really, all we ever have is the experience of the journey, not what our ego wants to leave behind.”

— Message from the Termite

In the middle of the Australian outback are bustling cities, though to the untrained eye these are extremely easy to miss. Most people look out over the sun-scorched landscape of the Australian desert and see vast expanses of nothing. The con­ditions are so harsh here that even the dirt looks like it belongs in the pits of hell. But if you shift your gaze ever so slightly you will sec a thriving metropolis, complete with skyscrap­ers. The termite towers of the outback are a reminder that no matter the appearance of the outer landscape, life doesn’t just survive—it thrives. These incredible structures truly are a testament to the miracle of architectural brilliance. But de­spite their awesomeness, they are still vulnerable to the envi­ronment in which they are built. The harsh conditions of the desert aren’t just limited to the extreme heat. When the rains sweep in, they unleash the full fury of the clashing heavens.The


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

86 The Major Arcana

lesson of the Tower and the Termite mound is that the higher one goes, the more at risk one is of being struck down. Or an­other way of looking at it would be, the more the ego needs to seen and validated, the bigger the blast from the divine.

Business and Career

Desert storms can be disastrous and the Tower is just as vulner­able as everything else that is raised above ground level. Just one stray bolt of lightening and the thriving Termite metropolis will come crashing down. The Tower asks you to examine your outer landscape. Have you built yourself up in a hostile world? If vou have, your downfall will also be hostile.

Family and Relationships

Termites are incredibly organized. Their homes are testament to their ability to work together for a collective good. Even in a time of chaos or crisis, these little guys always come together. Now is the time for you and yours to do the same. Work with one another to achieve your common goals, as working apart will only lead to a flawed and faulty foundation.

Health and Well-Being

Although this seems like an ominous card, it really doesn’t have to be. Think of the Tower or the Termite as the point at which you are liberated from the old self. The story that used to define you is no more, and now with a clean slate you get to create a new experience any way you wish.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What are you reaching for and why?
  • Have you strayed from the path of your inner divinity?
  • Have you merely constructed a monument to your ego?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

XVII         The Star / Oyster

“/ know you see me, even though I am far away.You see me shining from where you are. I hear your thoughts and words from your heart. Sometimes with wishes so big,you are too scared to speak. Yet hear them / do and send them back to you. Tenfold wishes all coming true, just so you know that I sec you, too.”

Message from the Oyster

My mother used to always tell me, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.’ At the time I thought it was just another one of her many limiting beliefs. But as I grew older and lived more life, I began to notice that people would grumble the loudest when what they asked for showed up, as if their wish were just too big of an inconvenience for their daily lives. I have started to see the wisdom of my moth­er’s words. (Just don’t tell her that!) The pearl that glistens inside the Oyster was created by an irritation. Yes, this most prized jewel is the end result of the Oyster’s natural process of keeping itself healthy and infection-free. When the inside of the Oyster notices an irritation of some kind, be it sand, a sea bug, or something else, it starts a process of entombing it in a heavy mineral deposit until the threat is neutralized. It would appear that prizes, wishes, and irritations go hand in hand.

The Star represents two sides of the wishing process: the wish itself and the price you are willing to pay for having the wish granted. Most people are only too willing to cast their


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

90 The Major Arcana

wishes to the stars, but very few seem to want to deal with the consequences when that wish shows up. This is a bit of a shame, seeing as they asked for it in the first place.                                                             ’

So before you go ahead and make your own wish heed my mother’s words, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

Business and Career

The Star is often a symbol of direction. Travelers of the past knew how to read and follow the stars so that they didn’t get lost. The energy of the Star has landed in your life right now, to help you find your way. It’s time to make sure you are pointed in the right direction and that where your business is headed is exactly where you want to take it. If you find it is not, look to the stars and chart a new course.

Family and Relationships

Sometimes wishes come true because other people make them come true. Are you in a position to make someone’s wish come true? If so, now is the time to act and put your plan in motion. It is just as good to be the wish creator as it is to be the wish receiver, so now is your chance to shine and make someone spe­cial in your life smile.

Health and Well-Being

The Oyster asks, are you really ready to walk the path of health and healing you say you wish to walk? You see, health requires you to pay the price of letting go of unhealthy habits, negative thoughts, and toxic feelings. II you can answer yes from the top ol your lungs and feel no resistance, then you are well on your way to a healthy body, mind, and soul.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

I he Major Arcana 91

Card ol the Day Journal Prompts

  • \\ hat changes are you willing to make in your life so your biggest wish can be fullillcd?
  • C an you tell il you arc currently pointed in the right direction?
  • What is the most irritating thing in your life right now, and how can you use it to create your own personal pearl?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

è fi»£&£ fimm ewes

XVIII          The Moon / The Great Grey Owl

The light oj the Moon makes everything look different.The trees seem to become bigger and everything around them looms like an unknown landscape. The silence oj the night only adds to the illusion of the changed world around you. But the truth is that nothing has changed at all—merely the way you sec it has changed. Every night you see the outer world slightly differently. This is because your mind connects the changing light to the landscape of your current inner world. If your emotions are running high, then the darkness will only amplify your most intense fear. If your inner world is calm,you will welcome the Moon and celebrate the cool silence she brings. How you see the Moon is deeply connected to how you see yourself ’

— Message from the Great Grey Owl

The darkness brings with it a world so unlike the world that the sun illuminates. It is quieter, cooler, and has a sense of calm about it. Each night also has its own level of light and dark, depending on the phase of the Moon. Some nights the night world is fully aglow, basking in the beams of the full Moon, and other nights it is pitch black with very little light coming from its glowing benefactor, during a new Moon. This world is complete with its own hidden metropolis, with its own set of residents, one of which is the Great Grey Owl. The Great Grey Owl is much like the other objects you find in the dark, as it appears much larger than it actually is. The



94 The Major Arcana

Grey Owl is mostly pouf. Just as the shadows in the night loom larger than the very things that cast them, so do the feathers ol the Great Grey Owl. Its skeleton is a lot smaller than the overall size ol the bird itself. It really is quite the illusion. But then again, would we expect anything less from the moon?The moon, in many respects, connects us to the phases of manifes­tation. It shows us when to plant our seeds—under the new moon. When to check on how things are progressingdur­ing the light of the full moon. And when to reap what we have sown—during the waning crescent. The Owl reminds us that in the dark most things seem bigger than they are, but don’t let that intimidate you. As you can see, he himself is flying under the lull Moon, letting you know that you must now look at how your manifestation garden is growing. What weeds need to be pulled and what is growing particularly well? Just know that the time you have to inspect your inner world is fleeting. For just like the Owl, once the sun comes up it will all but disappear.

Business and Career

How big do your prospective clients think your business is? If might be

more inclined to seek the services of someone else.

Now may be a very good time to be like the owl and puff yourself up; make it seem like you have a larger team, even if you are the one wearing all the hats and show that you have what it takes to give your prospects what they truly need.

Family and Relationships

Just like the light ol the moon changes, so too do your rela­tionships. And just like the moon goes through a cycle, so too will your relationships. Sometimes a relationship will be glow­ing brightly lor all to see, and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes

in their eyes you are not considered big enough, they

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 95

it will be more important to keep things to yourself,

and oth­

er times it will be necessary to share your dreams with those

around you. Moon asks that you see where you are in that cy­cle right now. Is it really time to be seeking guidance outside of your relationship or is it time for the two of you to just be

together, alone and away from the spotlight?

Health and Well-Being

Il Moon has shown herself in your health reading, she is asking you what exactly are you afraid of?There is a misconception that the more we clear and heal ourselves, the lighter the inner land­scape becomes. Yet very rarely do you hear people talk about how dark and murky it gets before you see the light. Right now tilings may very well be dark and murky. This is a good thing; it means you have cleaned and cleared well. Keep going!

Don’t let the fear of this new darkness stop you. Under­stand it is just a cycle and keep moving.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where in your current situation do you need to seem bigger than you are?
  • How do you feel about darkness when it shows up in your life?
  • What parts of your inner world are you refusing to take notice of?

XIX        The Sun / Lemur

“ Ire jou ready to stand in the full light of your own magnificence? Does the light bother you or draw you to it? The light is interesting, as not all can reside under it. I am the only one of my kind that actually ventures out into the light. The rest of my cousins prefer the shadows and the cloaking magic of the dark. Butfor me, the energy of the Sun not only warms my body so 1 can live, but it energizes my soul. Because of this,you will find me honoring its presence in my life each and every day, as it is important to honor that which gives us life.”

— Message from the Lemur

The Ring-tailed Lemur is the only lemur species that is not nocturnal. In fact, this Lemur is so unlike his cousins that he would literally die without the sun’s energy. If there was ever a teacher for how to harness and use the sun for healing and life-giving sustainability, the Lemur is it. Ring-tailed Le­murs get into a meditation position and turn their faces to­wards the sun, basking in its light for as long as possible each and every day.The sun literally gives them life, for without the heat from the sun, their bodies would get so cold they would die. This is the power of the sun: it literally gives new life to all that is around it, under it, and basking in its light. If you draw this card in a spread, it has the ability to heal the cards around it. Sun literally transforms the energy of those things in its presence so that they can be luminous. But the sun can also


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

98 rhe Major Arcana

burn, kill, and destroy, for it is nothing more than a contained

ball ol lire, spewing its energy throughout our galaxy. Lucky lor you, the Lemur is here to teach you how to deal with this

unpredictable force.

Business and Career

So many business owners hide away from those who need them. You would think that asking people to leave their desks and come outside was the worst thing in the world. But you can’t stay behind your desk forever. Well, okay, you can—but eventually your business will die! Lemur wants you to come out from hiding and allow others to bask in the light that only you and your business can offer.

Family and Relationships

If ever there was any doubt that this was the right relationship for you, the Sun is here to cast those doubts out, once and for all.The Sun illuminates the path to happiness, so allow the light in. Don’t let fears or past hurts cloud or darken this current situation. Instead, lift your head to the sky and allow the Sun to kiss you

Health and Well-Being

There is a certain amount of innocence to the Lemur. He hon­ors without thinking. He heals because he knows how to and he makes no excuses about the time he needs to take to be healthy and happy. The Lemur just intuitively does what he needs to do to be complete and whole. No fuss, no worries, and no drama. He is just being who he is. There is much wisdom in this inno­cent act.

gently, as it reassures you of good times to come.

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

The Major Arcana 99

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

Do you welcome the light or do you fear what it will expose?

How do you honor that which sustains you?

Do you keep a list of all the positive things that happen in your daily life?

XX       Judgement / Reindeer

"Ifyou have to be put on a list and checked off as naughty or nice, ire do not think this list is for your highest good. For you sec, the universe knows no good and no bad; it just knows energy.Your gifos arc not waiting to be delivered. They arc right there inside of you; all you have to do isfoel worthy enough to hear them. It is important to remember that what is already inside ofyou cannot be taken away. It is there, it has always been there, and it will stay there for as long as your energy exists”

— Message from the Reindeer

Long ago, in a time when we used to be one with the en­ergy and How of the earth, the Reindeer was considered a sacred animal. Before farming became the acceptable way to obtain food, the Reindeer showed us how to tap into the bounty that surrounded us. To walk the path of the reindeer was to walk the way of the natural world. Today, however, the Reindeer seem to have lost their sacred place in our daily lives. Instead, they now belong to the myths and stories of the great jolly fat man of the North, Santa. Yet despite the fact that the majority of us no longer walk the deer trails, their connection -giving is

perienced them. For the Reindeer, even in its role as a sleigh puller, is still a symbol of bounty and magic.

Here in the sacred world of the Reindeer, no one judges you or deems you unworthy. In fact, the energy of the Judgement

pretty similar to the ways our ancestors ex-


102 The Major Arcana

card itself speaks little of the art of being judged and more about the liberation from it.This card reminds you that the only person who limits and diminishes you is yourself.The gifts the Reindeer bring remain unopened because you have not allowed yourself

to open them. That which you have asked for is right there for the taking. All you have to do is claim it as yours, and liberate yourself from the ties that bind you to your limitations.

a series of successes that were yours alone. So stop tention to how much further along others are and s

Business and Career

Business can be a very common place to judge your level of success by comparing yourself to others in your field. It’s easy to do and we have all done it at some point, but it can have di­sastrous consequences on your level of self-worth. Just know that where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. You didn’t get there by mistake; you got there through paying at­ari paying

more attention to what you have achieved.

Family and Relationships

If the Judgement/Reindeer card has presented itself to you in a relationship reading, you are being asked to take a good hard look at how Judgement is playing out in your current relation­ships. Arc you the one who feels judged? Or are you the one constantly judging the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those around you? Either way, it’s time to free yourself from this cy­cle once and for all.

Health and Well-Being

Whatever you do, do not compare yourself to anyone else right now. No matter where you are on your healing path, the temp­tation to compare yourself to others will always loom large.

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 103

Just don’t do it.Your physical body is unique. It is not the same as anyone else’s. So what is good for another may not be good lor you. Instead, embrace the energy of the reindeer and find jour body’s natural state of health and being.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What unique gifts do you have that you have kept under wraps?
  • How is comparison playing out in your current situation?
  • What does liberation mean to you?


XXI        The World / Atoll

‘‘Do you know what conditions are necessary to create a thriving new world? There is a special ingredient list and everything has to come together at the exact same time. It is not easy to complete and sustain a thriving ecosystem. But with time, patience, and perseverance it can be done. Miss any one step or any one ingredient, and you will not get that which can sustain life. Insteadyou will get just a momentary look at what would have been.”

Message from the Atoll

Atolls are fascinating, as they truly are a complete, thriving

World; they take millions of years to develop and if the right elements are not present then they cannot grow.

Atolls are coral reefs that grow in the energy of underwa­ter volcanoes. First, the volcano erupts, piling up lava on the seafloor. As the volcano continues to erupt, the lava pile eleva­tion grows higher, eventually breaking the surface of the water. The top of the volcano becomes an oceanic island. The volcanic energy from below, mixed with the sun above, provides the per­fect conditions for the reefs to be birthed out of the ocean.

In this respect, they show the completed cycle of creation just as the World card itself shows the completion of the jour­ney through the Major Arcana. Coral is considered an animal and not a plant; it grows, feeds, and dies. The type of corals that build reefs are called hermatypic corals. These amazing


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

106 I’hv Major .Arcana

creatures attract an abundance of other life to come and take up residency in the world that they created.

I he /Atoll itself is the completed journey ol this World’s creation, just as the World card in the Major Arcana marks the completion of the Fool’s journey. This is a card ol completion; something must come to an end, has ended, or the conditions to build a new and wonderful World are now being spotlighted. Endings arc also beginnings, for as one cycle slows down and begins to end, another has already started and is gaining mo­mentum. Just like the Atoll, there is always new life waiting at the end of the creation process.

Business and Career

As projects wind down and start to be finalized, are you mak­ing sure that the creative energy continues? One ol the things I have learned in business is that once you break the creative cycle, it can be hard to start it up again. But if you keep the World spinning, so to speak, then creative channels stay open and one can transition from one project to the next, without much need to get motivated. Start something new before vou o      O      J

finish and keep the pathways open.

Family and Relationships

The World card can represent being whole; whole is another word for complete.This card asks if you are being present in your current relationships. Are you totally invested in your relation­ships? Do the people you claim to love get all of you or only bits and pieces? The World asks you to bring all of you to the rela­tionship—to be whole and complete in your dealings of the heart. Only then will others be prepared to do the same for you.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Major Arcana 107

Health and Well-Being

II the world we live in is a reflection of the World we have in­side of us, what docs your world look like? Is it clean anil full of beauty, or is it dirty, dark, and full of unsavory things? When we can all learn to honor the world inside of us, then the plan­et of rock, dirt, and water we live on will also be honored. 1 he Atoll says that the conditions to make your world a better place are inside of you.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • If you were to create your own ideal World, what would it look like?
  • What conditions do you need to create for the life you want to live?
  • What areas of your life have you finally conquered?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Chapter 6

The Royal Families

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

King of Pentacles / Bison

ll/jcrcjou arc is as good as it is going to get until you can master the here and now. In this place, you have all you need to tether yourself to a past that can no longer sustain you or provide you with the toolsyou require to build 0 lficfitfior a king- The secret is to stop looking at what is around you and start focusing on what is inside of you. For it is the conditions of the inner landscape that determine the outcome of your physical world."

— Message from the Bison

The King of Pentacles is the master of resources and no one knows more about how to use all the resources available to them than the American Bison. The Bison has not just evolved; it’s thrived in some of the harshest conditions in North Ameri­ca, having been nearly hunted to the point of extinction. From scorching summer heat to freezing, below-zero winter winds, the Bison has mastered the lesson of thriving no matter where he is planted. This is truly the essence of the King of Pentacles card; it is all about mastering where you now stand. Realizing you have more than enough and can easily and effortlessly ob­tain what you need when you need it—it’s all a matter of per­spective. The King proudly shows off his Pentacle prize, almost daring you to challenge him. His scarred face shows the path to where he now stands was not an easy one, as he had to stand his ground and defend his vision on more than one occasion. But in can hold on to a vision long

the end it was worth it. The King


||| i fiffi±^I fiO'J.®

11 2 The Royal Families

enough to see it manifest into physical form. The King of Penta­cles wants to push you through your fears and he can either do it the nice way or the hard way. In the end the choice is yours.

Business and Career

Take a good look at what your resources really arc, and make sure vou include your skills. Most people only truly look at money, but this is limiting and inaccurate. Take account of your strengths and the strengths of those around you.

Family and Relationships

The Bison wants you to understand that things may not always be easy, but they are very simple. If he can create magic in the harshest conditions, so too can you. It is not so much what you have, but what you are capable of believing you can achieve.

Health and Well-Being

The Bison is connected to the third-eye chakra, the energy center for inner vision. It is in our third eye that you imagine that which you wish to create; it is where you hold the vision of your goals and it is how you empower your dreams. Master your visions, focus your goals, and create, just like the King.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Flow can you tap into the talent and potential that is currently at your disposal?
  • Arc you really following up every lead or are you being lazy and making excuses?
  • If you got up every single day and took one step toward your vision, goal, or drcam, how do you think the universe would respond?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Queen of Pentacles / Pig

"There is nothing nicer than the sun on my skin and the n ind in my hair. Time for me is the best time in the whole wide world. No interruptions, no constant conversation, just me and whatever 1 need to do for myself That is why mud baths are where you will find me on my special days. Self­care is the best sort of care a Queen could ask for.

— Message from the Pig

Pig energy has long been associated with an abundance of good fortune. In China, people plan years in advance to have children in the year of the Pig. In Celtic culture the sow, or Pig, is considered auspicious. No matter how you slice the bacon, piggies are very lucky and they know it, which is why they are always the first to treat themselves to some “me” time. The Queen of Pentacles wants you to stop making excuses as to why your time isn’t important enough for you. Why is it you can free up time for others but not for yourself? The suit of Pentacles is about resources like time, money, energy, and health—and this little Piggy wants to know if you are using these resources to benefit who you are first. Self-care is impor­tant, yet so few of us will actually follow through with it on a regular basis. The Queen wants you to make time now! Book that massage, take that day off, buy those new shoes, do any­thing that will make you feel as abundant as your soul already knows it is, and trust the lucky Piggy to bless you in return.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

116     1 he Royal families

Business and Career

1'his Queen knows how to manage her money. Just like the Pig, she knows only too well how to bring money to her for what she wants and needs. Ibis Queen loves business and thinks spreadsheets are sexy. She wants you to make sure you know exactly where your money is and where it is going, so you know for you sure you will always have what you need.

Family and Relationships

If this Queen likes you, and I mean really, really likes you, she will give you the world. If, however, you rub her the wrong wav, she will deny you all she has to offer. Take a good look at your relationship and ask if you arc giving freely, or if there are conditions around what you give and when you give it. For this energy is affecting the current state of your relationship.

Health and Well-Being

So how is that “me” time coming along? So often in my healing practice, I hear excuse after excuse as to why someone can’t or won’t take time for themselves to heal. If you are more at­tached to your excuses than your healing, then you have a big problem. Luckily the Queen of Pentacles is here to show you another way.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where are you allowing or not allowing yourself time to celebrate your personal victories?
  • Arc you just more attached to your excuses than you are to feeling happy, healthy, and abundant?
  • How often do you formally schedule time for yourself?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

lili è fi»£&£ fimm

Knight of Pentacles / Prairie Dog

"Do you know how to stare down a rattlesnake? There is something to be said about protecting one’s boundaries, and making sure that only that which you truly want to experience is allowed in. Peace, harmony, and abundance don’t just happen by accident; they happen by design, one step at a time.You have to know what to bring closer to you and what to keep away. Keeping your line drawn in the sand is an art form, and one I have perfected”

— Message from the Prairie Dog

Unlike the other knights, the Knight of Pentacles doesn’t particularly like straying too far from home. This knight is not about the big, grand adventure, or the romance linked to being a knight. Nope, this little Prairie Dog is all about taking care of business on the home front. His message is a clear one: have you set good, secure boundaries, and do you maintain them? Boundaries are important and they need to be protect­ed. The Prairie Dog knows all about this, as he spends many a watchful hour overseeing the boundaries of his home. He is not afraid to stand his ground and take on any and all unwanted visitors, even those who sec him as food. The Knight ol Pen­tacles asks that you learn the path you are currently on before you seek to wander off to unknown places. He invites you to examine where you now stand and see if it is safe, secure, and providing you with all you currently need.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

120 The Royal Families

Business and Career

Do you know exactly where (he strengths and weaknesses arc in your business? II not, now would be a good time to make sure that you don’t have gaping holes or vulnerable spots that your competitors could easily take advantage of. Shore up your business and make it bulletproof.

Family and Relationships

sort of boundaries in your

relationships with others? It can be very easy to make excuses lor people who constantly cross the line and enter into parts of your life you want them to stay out of. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to keep others out of your personal sa­cred space.

Do you know how to set the right

Health and Well-Being

Now is the time to protect all the great healing work you have done thus far. Do not allow unhealthy habits from the past to creep into your daily routine. Instead, be more like our little Knight and stay alert to any and all threats to the new body you are now creating.

Card of the Day Journal Prompt


  • Are you making sure that your dreams and goals protected?


  • How do you keep projects you are currently working on safe and secure?

What condition are your current boundaries in when it comes to those you care about?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Page of Pentacles I Alpaca

“My mother says that all great things once started off wee, that small is the not the opposite off large—it is the beginning. I know that I am not big enough yet to be off any real beneffit, but over time I will become worth my weight in gold. Never think something is too small to be worth your time and effort, ffor you just never know what huge miracle it could unlock once it has reached itsffull potential.’’

— Message from the Alpaca

Do you remember that when you were a small child, you could not wait to grow up and do what the grown-ups do? Our little Alpaca looks on at the family business that she cannot yet participate in. She is not yet the right size or age to be able to give of her gifts, and this is really the lesson of this Page. Right now, you have more growing to do and that’s okay. It can be hard to have to wait for the things you so desperately want, but time is actually an ally here in the suit of Pentacles. Rushing into things right now would only end up dashing your hopes, and would interfere with the manifestation process. Now is the time to learn what needs to be learned and listen to what needs to be said. Do not rush this step, as you will end up paying dearly for it. Take a lesson from Alpaca and enjoy where you are. Revel in this step, and soak up everything this space has to offer you.There is a lot going on where you now stand, but if you arc always focused on what’s not there and what you


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

1 24    1 he Royal Families

would like to come, you will miss the magic that this space has to oiler.

Business and Career

Are you trying to rush a new moneymaking idea or income stream? II so, be warned, you still have a lot to put into place before you can let this idea or project out into the world.

It is not that the idea or project is wrong; it is just that your timing is oil. II you wait and gather more information and put more safeguards in place, you will see a much bigger return on your investment.

Family and Relationships

Now would be an excellent time to start a new savings account or open a joint investment account. The Alpaca says it is okay to start small because all small things eventually become big. Plan together today so that your future as a couple will be secure. Small steps together will create a large leap as you move into the later years of your relationship.

Health and Well-Being

Our little Page knows what gifts she has to offer the world, yet she also understands that they arc not yet ready to be of any real benefit. The same can be said for you right now, as well. Knowing and being arc two totally different things. You know what you want to achieve but you also need to understand that you are not there yet, and that more work needs to take place before you start to sec the benefits.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Royal Familles 125

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What gifts are you learning to grow into?
  • Can vou see where your timing is out of alignment with your desired outcome?
  • I lave you been dragging your feet about opening a savings or investment account?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

King of Wands / Tasmanian Devil

'7 ¿noir you think butter wouldn 't melt in my mouth, but don't be a fool. I command—and expect nothing but— respect.You would do well to hold a certain amount of fear in my presence, because whether 1 bless you or not depends on how you make me feel. You see, this is all about me; howyou think or feel is irrelevant. Keep that in mind and ire will get along just fine.”

— Message from the Tasmanian Devil

In this pose, the King looks like butter would not melt in his mouth. In fact one could look at this resting Devil and think that the hype around his behavior has been much exaggerated. This is the lure of the King of Wands. But do not be fooled, for at a second’s notice things could change dramatically. This peaceful scene will disappear and only carnage will remain. The Tasmanian Devil is no cuddle bunny and you would be mistaken if you

get too close to this fiery ball of razor-sharp teeth and claws. Such is the short fuse of the King of Wands. The King Tasma­nian Devil really does embody the unknown, for what may ap­pear as a calm, rational, safe experience can end up becoming a nightmare. The unfortunate part is you never really know ei­ther way, until you get there. Action is a risk—sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t—but that does not mean you align with the energy of non-action.

thought for one second you could



1 28 The Royal Families

Business and Career

The King knows only too well what risks arc involved with making a move that is driven by passion alone. Yet somehow he has managed to maintain both his crown and his stall, despite his cockiness. Herein lies a very important lesson: confidence wins more often than it loses. II you want something, you have to go after it. You have to move even if it means falling flat on your face. You will gain more by taking a risk than you ever could by standing still.

Family and Relationships

The Tasmanian Devil is a lot like a relationship. Some days things are going along swimmingly and all is right with the world and then, boom, out of nowhere, things get thrown on their heads. Such is the volatile nature of any situation where fire is one of the active ingredients. Just know that this sort of energy passes quickly. Don’t get attached to how things appear, just wait five minutes, and things will have changed all over again.

Health and Well-Being

The King of Wands is a real sore loser, so much so he very rare­ly, if ever, loses. This is the energy you need to harness to get you through this particular step of your healing journey. Burn and scorch all that you have left behind so there is no chance of going back, and set your sights clearly on what it is you are working to achieve.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Royal Families 129

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where do you need to build your confidence?
  • Flow «ire you letting others dictate the terms of your personal experience?
  • What action have you been putting off because you fear the level of risk?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Queen of Wands / Lioness

and try again until you get your desired result. It is not the finish, the end, or the reason to give up. I'Ve all fail, in fact we fail more than ive succeed, but in order to reach your goal you must keep going. No matter how many times it takes and no matter how exhausted you are. You see, it is never about how long it takes or how often you get it right, it’s about the feeling you get when you finally hit your mark.”

— Message from the Lioness

The Queen of Wands has quick, agile tendencies. She is fast to act and tends not to slow down until the task is done.

The Lioness cannot come back empty-handed too many times, for the fate of her pride depends on how much food she can catch.The Queen needs to get things done, for there is no time for procrastination. In the case of the Lioness, her very life hinges on her ability to get up and get going, regardless of the circumstances.

In this respect, the Queen urges you to tie up loose ends and stop procrastinating. She is literally lighting a fire under your butt, telling you it’s time to get moving. Don’t be fooled by her calm, relaxed demeanor, for she is in tune with her senses and highly aware of all around her. This allows her to know when and where she should spring into action. Through the Queen, the energy of fire illuminates the very world around her, re­minding her that everything is alive and bursting with energy.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

1 32 The Families

Business and Career

When the Queen of Wands rolls into your business, you know vou won’t he sleeping anytime soon. She is all about the action and she wants it all, yesterday. Opportunity waits for no sleep­inn beauty so vou need to be ready to jump when someone or something amazing comes your way.

Family and Relationships

This Queen is all about passion. She is passionate about every­thing in her life, especially those she loves. There is an urgency to show up in a deep, meaningful way today. Don’t wait for those around you to tell you how to play your part in the rela­tionship. Instead, be forthright and confident, and take charge of the situation at hand.

Health and Well-Being

You may notice that this card seems to be bathed in a magenta hue, a reminder that this Queen, like all the other Queens in the tarot, is connected to the Empress. She represents love and generosity, and is a nurturer by nature. When there is a lull in inspired action, the Queen takes time for self-care and allows herself the space to relax and enjoy her physical experience. She asks that you follow her lead and rest your body in be­tween healing activities.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How can you take the lead today?
  • Where do you need to bring more fire and energy into your life?
  • What does living passionately mean to you?


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Knight of Wands / Ostrich

"Don't let someone else create a set oj myths, stories, and beliefs about who you are. Be strong and let your own opinions and ideas be heard. Let others know you are no passive player, and that your thoughts and feelings matter. Ground yourself and take a standfor all you are working to create and experience.’’

— Message from the Ostrich

The Ostrich is best known for something it doesn’t even do—sticking its head in the sand. It does, however, lower its head between its legs to make itself look like a bush or a shrub, to confuse possible predators or threats. While close to the ground, the Ostrich is able to determine the best possible exit strategy, just in case it needs one. This misunderstanding of the Ostrich’s behavior has lead to some very untrue myths about it being a coward, or living in a delusional world with its head stuck in the sand. It’s time to correct this storv. This Knight is powerful, confident, and deadly to those who hap­pen to get in his way. You sec, the legs of an Ostrich arc le­thal. The Knight of Wands is not to be messed with. Many un­derestimate him and few understand him. But do understand: with this Knight by your side you can be guaranteed that your drcams will be grounded and protected until death.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

1 ^6 I he Royal Families

Business and Career

1 he Ostrich holds its power in its legs, meaning that it knows its foundation is solid and reliable. Can you say the same about the current state of your business? II not, now would be good time to keep your head down and work on creating a solid founda­tion, from which all ol your brilliant ideas can be built.

The Knight of Wands moves quickly and with great force. But before he moves he has a plan—a strategy, if you will—for which direction he wants to take. If your relationship is ready to move into a new phase, make sure you have a plan. Don’t make your move without considering all the ways you can ex­pand together as a couple.

-being, or is it time you took a

Health and Well-Being

How solid is your health right now? Are you being totally hon­est about the state of your well

much closer look? The Ostrich knows only too well that in or­

der to send energy where it is needed, you first have to center, ground, and examine all your options.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you act with confidence and control or are you more reactive to the energy around you?
  • How solid is your current foundation?
  • Arc you drawing your power from the earth so you can actually manifest?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Page of Wands / Salamander

7n order to harness the energy of inspiration, you need to connect to your creative center. This in turn will spark the fame inside of you that is just waiting to burn brightly, blow is not the time for mastery, however; it is a time of experimentation and fun. Learn as much as you can while you can and don’t worry about doing it the wrong or right way.

— Message from the Salamander

The Salamander is seen on the traditional Rider-Waite Wands court cards, which is interesting as Salamanders have a strong connection to water, yet Wands are all about dancing with fire. The Salamander is an amphibian and needs to stay close to water to keep its skin moist at all times, oth­erwise it can die from suffocation. This is key to understand­ing the energy of the suit of Wands and the new journey our little Page represents. Fire on its own can be destructive, yet if we know how to balance its effect with water, we can keep it

from overcoming us. The Page lets you know that new experi­ences and adventures are closer than you think. But understand that they could be overwhelming and burn you out if you don’t keep your life water flowing.

Business and Career

Creative inspiration can be both addictive and seductive to the uninitiated, so take your time, don’t rush it, and really allow yourself to feel the thrill of this new energy. Learning how to


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

140 The Royal Families


use and harness your creative potential takes time, so be pa­tient with yourself and allow yourself to make as many mis­takes as necessary.

Family' and Relationships

earning a thing or two about passion would

lb say you are still 1 J J

be an understatement. It takes two to keep a flame burning—

not just one—so don’t forget to ask your partner or lover if what you are doing excites them as much as it does you.

Health and Well-Being

The Page is a reminder that you are just beginning this journey. This is your first step, and you still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. So be patient. Nothing is ever created overnight, so don’t burn yourself out before

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What new creative journey are you currently on?
  • How do you and your lover talk about shared passion?
  • When do you know it is time to stop and rest from your creative pursuits?

you have even truly begun.

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®


King of Cups I Beaver

"Did you know that what you build with your skills can literally change the landscape around you? All you have to do is trust that your gifts are not just for you alone, but were given to you to be of service to those around you. You just never really know what sort of impact you will have until you become active in playing the part that only you were created for."

— Message from the Beaver

Beavers have the ability to not only change the landscape around them, but to completely create a brand new eco­system. All this just by doing what they were created to do; cut and build dams. Before the wolves were re-introduced to Yel­lowstone National Park, the Beavers had all but left, but now that the wolves are back, so too are the Beavers.

With the return of the Beavers, water is now Bowing in places it was not before, and life has changed along the wa­terways of the national park. The King of Cups is a master of the watery world; he knows how to harness and channel the energy of water to create whatever outcome he so chooses. This mastery means he never allows his emotions to derail him from his goals. If anything, he knows how to use them to his advantage. So much so that he needs to catch himself before he goes too far and starts manipulating those around him.



144 The Royal Families

Business and Career

1 he King ol Cups asks, are your emotions distracting or hin­dering your business in any way, or are they moving everything along nicely in the direction you wish to How? It is easy to al­low overwhelming fears to creep into your daily business prac­tices, but be mindful of the fact that these heavier emotions do end up costing you in the long run.

Family and Relationships

The Beaver asks you to look at how water is playing out in your current relationships.

Are the emotional waters in your relationships flowing naturally, or are you manipulating them for your own personal gain? It is easy for the King to get what he wants, but he also understands that it is his job to honor all involved—not just himself.

Health and Well-Being

What are your personal drinking habits? This may sound like an odd question, but I have seen the King of Cups show up in a reading every time an alcoholic was involved.The Beaver needs clean, flowing water to bring health and well-being to himself and the world he is creating, and so do you. Monitor your liq­uids and make sure you are not polluting the life-giving waters you need to thrive.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Right now, would you say you are the master of your emotions or arc they the master of you?
  • Where in your life do you need to redirect the energy flow?
  • How can you bring new life to your home or office today?


è fi»£&£ fimm ewes

Queen of Cups / Moose

“Not many people know I can swim, but it is under the water that I like to he. The plants arc jresher here, and there is less stress on my body; it is as if time has stood still. Things are also quieter here and 1 feel 1 can clear my mind and connect back to myself However, one must be careful not to slip or get caught in a downward current, as things under the water can change very quickly.”

— Message from the Moose

Did you know Moose could swim? 1 had no idea until I went deeper into my research for this deck. I had always known that Moose was connected to the goddess, representing the aspects of divine feminine in myth and legend, but I never knew they liked to be under the water. Moose will dive to the bottom of the river to get to the greenest, freshest plants. They have no concerns about going that far beneath the surface.

The Queen of Cups is far from a surface dweller; she will go as deep as she has to, to deal with her emotions. She will also ride any current so she can get back in the How of her natural state of being. This Queen knows only too well that one can’t really achieve anything by staying on the surface, where water is perceived to be safest. This Queen asks you to take a little risk and jump on in, even if the water is deep. She knows that the most amazing things can be found in the depths that others fear to explore.


148 I hr Royal l.mii lies

Business and Career

It is time to take the plunge and go deeper with your business, as staving on the surface will cost you in the long run. Now is the time to connect on a more heart-centered level with your clients and team members. Nurture your network and see how the How of energy returns to you tenfold.

Family and Relationships

The Queen of Cups is a nurturcr; she loves to take care of oth­ers and is always up lor a dinner party or two, or three. Bring­ing people together is what this Queen loves to do.

Just do your best not to play favorites, as this will damage the very energy you arc wishing to grow.

Health and Well-Being

Quite literally, this card asks you if you arc drinking enough water and eating enough greens. The Moose’s diet is impor­tant, so pay attention to how many greens you are eating. You are no good to anyone else if you don’t first take care of your own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Arc you tapping into the deeper parts of who you are?
  • 1 low arc you looking after your own emotional needs?
  • Where could you be more caring and nurturing in vour current situation?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Knight of Cups / Blue-Footed Booby

“Udic/i niy feet and I will dance for you. I want you to understand 1 am a lover, not a fighter; don’t let my knightly

gear fool you. I would rather dance with you than see you

come to any harm. Just watch my feet and I know that sooner or later you will be right here next to me, enjoying the sound of the waves as we get lost in each other’s eyes. For the most dangerous quest of all is the one of the heart.’’

— Message from the Blue-Footed Booby

This Knight is a bit of romantic. While the other Knights are off defending the realm, this one is writing poetry

and grooming

himself. The Blue-footed Booby is quite the


teresting bird; his feet are where his magic lies! You see, the color and intensity of his feet will determine whether or not

this bird finds his romantic match. If his feet are a nice bright

blue, then the ladies will be sure to swoon over him, but if his feet are pale, well, he may as well forget about it.This Knight of Cups is more of a dreamer than a doer, and finding things to obsess over, like the color of his feet, keep him from deal­ing with the harsh world around him. He may know in theory what exactly he is meant to be doing, but putting theory into practice—well, that’s another story.

Business and Career

If the Knight of Cups has shown up in your business reading, then there is a good chance you arc spend way too much time


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

1 S2 I he Royal Families


dreaming about your ideal business and not enough

time actually getting the clients you need to make that a reality. It is time to snap out of it and start doing what needs to be done in order for you to make your dream a reality.

Family and Relationships

1 his little water bird is all about the love. He dances, grooms, and docs all he needs to do to make sure he is looking his best lor prospective mates. Can you say the same?

Now might be the time to turn on the charm and show your partner, or prospective partner, that romance is your sec­ond name.The time for wooing is upon you, so let the dance of love begin.

Health and Well-Being

The Blue-footed Booby’s feet are important, as they indicate just how healthy or unhealthy he is. Interestingly, human feet do the same. So what do your feet say about the state of your health? Arc they cracked, sore, knotted up, and painful? Or are they smooth, flexible, and strong? Your feet can tell you a lot, but first you have to ask.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you often find yourself getting lost in your own fantasy world?
  • Which important tasks do you need to complete?
  • I low can you bring more romance into your life?

Page of Cups I Seal

"Hi, I am a Seal and 1 enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and finding new friends. Do you want to be myJriend? There is so much to explore along the beach, like rock pools, shells, fish—oh yum, fish! And there are interesting-looking two- legged creatures that congregate on the sand. There is magic all around, and 1 love exploring shiny new things. It is like my world is always rc-creating itself, and I am always seeing it with new andjresh eyes. How about you?"

Message from the Seal

The Page of Cups is the youngest member of this suit’s royal family. Playful, creative, and full of imagination, this little

Page is all about finding the fun in the mysterious, like seeing the

world through a wave. His innocent ways remind us to let our

guard down and enjoy the moment we find ourselves in. The en­ergy of the

be easy to miss if you are not paying attention. I almost missed this Seal on my walk along the beach. I only noticed because I

Page is gentle and non-intrusive, which means it can

could feel someone walkingor more to the point, swim­

ming—beside me. The Seal inside the swell of a wave, and me with my bare feet on the sand. Two walking buddies exploring two totally different experiences of the shoreline. The shoreline plays an important role in this card as it symbolizes the place where spirit and physicality meet. Or to put it another way, the intersection of intuition and logic. The mix of water and earth



1 56    1 he Eunilies

create mud, or in this case, wet sand. Do vou know what you can do with wet sand? Build sand castles, ol course!

But again, if vou don’t take the time to enjjaw, vou won’t notice the materials vou need to build the castle vou so badly

J                                                  4                   *

desire. Not to mention vou could verv well miss those who want to share the experience with vou.

Business and Career

It is time to bring some young, creative energy into vour work. II this card has showed up in a business reading, there is a verv good chance vou have allowed yourself to get stuck in a rut. The time for old thinking and wavs of doing are over for now.

0              7                O

Instead, trv something new and don’t be afraid to ask some- 7    O

one younger than vou il they think vour ideas are exciting and

> O                   J                J             J                                     o


Family and Relationships

Plav is good. Finding others to play with is even better. The Seal found a most unusual playmate (me) in a verv unique wav (with him inside a wave and me on the beach).There is a good chance vou are just not being creative enough in finding new and fun people to engage with. It’s time to broaden vour social circle and include more youthful, fun people in it. What have you got to lose?

Health and Well-Being

It really is true that when you are healthier, you feel younger and more vibrant.Youth is not so much about age as it is about energy. If you don’t have enough energy you won’t feel like having fun at all. Eat lightly, remove anything from your diet that makes you feel heavy, and bring your energy levels back to where they need to be for you to feel light and invigorated.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Royal Families 1 57

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • I low can yon bring more energy into your daily routine?
  • Where can you go to meet interesting, different, and new people?
  • What needs to happen for you to let your guard down?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

è fi»£&£ s#«t

King of Swords I Eagle

"Have you ever noticed the higher you get, the less there is? Less oxygen, less noise, less greenery, fewer distractions, pretty much less oj everything. Yet somehow, up here above the collection of shiny things, the height gives one space to commune with all things. To strip away that which is oj little or no importance and shift the focus on what one needs to thrive in this world of busy, flled-up space and timc.Yes, the higher you go, the less there is, but in this lack of things the true wealth (fyour divine self will be revealed.”

— Message from the Eagle

The King of Swords sits atop the world, and from where he sits, the world appears barren—yet looks can be deceiv­ing. To harness the energy of the King one must learn to still one’s mind and drop away that which is nonessential. For the mind should only be required to focus on one thing at a time. From atop his mountain peak it is easy for the Eagle to focus on his present moment. Up where the air is thin, time ceases to exist.The clouds block out the sun so there is no way of tell­ing night from day; this is a good thing, for it gives the mind one less thing to obsess over, or rather, one less distraction.The King of Swords knows that once his mind is clear and a deci­sion has been made, he must plunge back down to earth, as being this high is only temporary.

The lesson is to leap with purpose, clarity, and precision. Knowing that no matter what, you have the ability to change


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

160 The Royal Families

course, navigate any and all obstacles, and ultimately hit your mark without effort.That is the clear focus of the King and that is the driving energy ol the Eagle.

Business and Career

From the top of the mountain, can you finally sec all of the op­portunities that have been desperately trying to get your atten­tion? If not, keep moving further away from the noise until you can, as there is something you are missing that you have been desperately seeking.

Family and Relationships

The King of Swords is a leader; it is his job to see things others cannot see and maintain a certain amount of clarity and focus where others find themselves distracted.This is the energy you need to move into in your current relationship. It is up to you to stay focused on the bigger picture as those around you appear to be struggling.

Health and Well-Being

The Eagle knows that he cannot stay up where the air is thin forever, and eventually he has to come back down to where his life actually takes place. The same can be said for those who spend more time in their heads than in their physical lixes.Your health is not mental pursuit; it is a fully functioning activity that requires all of you to be present.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Royal Families 161

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Can you hear your true soul voice on the wind and feel the support ol the earth through the rock?
  • In what area ofyour life do you need to change your point of view, in order to get a clearer picture of what’s really going on?
  • I low can you step into the role of the King of Swords today?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Queen of Swords / Wolf

“/ know I can be cold when 1 need to be, bold when I have to be, and as blunt as I can be. There is much to do and you must get to it. There is a time for discussion and there is a time for dccision-making.The timefor discussion is over;now is the time to make a decision and get on with it already.”

— Message from the Wolf

In the wild, decision-making is often accompanied by a sense of urgency. The more time it takes to get something done, the deadlier it can become.The Queen lets you know that your time is up. It truly is now or never.You must take her sword and cut the ties that bind you to procrastination and liberate your- at trapping

you, making you believe you have all the time in the world. But this is not the case, and the Wolf wants to make sure you truly understand that. In order to truly embrace the energy of this Queen, you need to be able to feel the urgency of your own situation. For until you feel it, you will not be able to move for­ward into the life you say you wish to create.

Business and Career

Women in business often have to channel the energy of the Queen of Swords. The inner strength of strong female leader­ship is not always comfortable to embrace, for it brings with it labels and judgments that arc often less than Battering. You have

self from this cycle of inaction. The mind is good


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

164 I'he Royal Families

no time to worry about the perceptions of others. Embrace this energy and clear the path to your next grand point of expansion.

Family and Relationships

Do you have a strong female role model to draw from, when it comes to cutting through the crap?This Queen won’t stand lor any nonsense. Quite honestly, the Wolf doesn’t have the time and neither do you. Don’t allow those around you to keep pussyfooting around.

End the drama once and for all with a and move on.

swing of your sword

Health and Well-Being

The Wolf knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what she needs to sustain her. She is strong-willed, focused, and does not allow herself to be distracted. Take a note from this Queen’s hand­book and embrace these qualities so you can reach your healing goals once and for all.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How have you allowed your words to be your weapon of choice?
  • What urgent decision have you been putting oil?
  • Where in your life do you find yourself needing to be more like this Queen?


lili è fi»£&£ fimm


Knight of Swords / Rook

I have to admit, I do love the idea of a grand adventure. The problem is once I get there, I never feel inclined to stay very long. I his adventurous spirit can he both a blessing and a curse. I love the thrill of the journey but I am not so keen on the destination. Lucky for me, I am quick to change course and am constantly being called back to home base to protect and serve."

— Message from the Rook

The Rook belongs to the same family as the raven and the crow, though found primarily in Great Britain and north­ern Europe with no habitats in the United States. They are distinguished from other members of their family by the lack of feathers and the bare skin around the beak. These birds are highly intelligent and have been known to make simple tools from found objects to assist them in collecting food and build­ing nests—very useful skills for a Knight who is best known for thinking on his feet. Like their other family members, ravens and crows, Rooks can be found nesting in the tops of trees in large groups. There is

to protect than an individual bird. Like all Knights, this Rook is on the lookout for danger. It is his job to protect the rookery and keep the boundaries of his colony safe and secure. His ex­cellent tool-making skills give this Rook an edge over his preda­tors, for he knows he can use anything in his environment and

safety in numbers and a rookery is easier


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Il'S 1 hr Royal Families

Use it lor whatever he needs. Quick, dear thinking is all part of the game for this clever bird.

Business and Career

11 you had to make a presentation on the fly to a potential cli­ent, would you be able to pull it off? Would you be able to think last and pull together what you needed in a very short period ol time? Or, would you falter because you arc unable to act w ithout a clear, thought-out plan in place? The Rook doesn t need a plan; he quickly sees w hat he has at his disposal and takes advantage of it. A pretty good skill to have in busi­ness, don’t you think?

Family and Relationships

There is something to be said about the thrill of the chase. The excitement of something new' and slightly dangerous. But what happens when you finally make the catch? This is one of the problems this Knight faces, for he tends to be more of a catch-and-release kind of guy. If you are just in it for the thrill of the ride, perhaps you should share that with the person you

are chasing.

Health and Well-Being

This Knight has a real sense of adventure. Exploring new fron­tiers and horizons gets him excited and it might be time you tried doing the same thing. Find somewhere new to go this week or month and go there. Don’t over-plan it, just think it, do it, and have the experience. If nothing else, trying some­thing newr will clean out the cobwebs, and who couldn’t ben­efit from that?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

The Royal Families 169

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Are you constantly standing on guard or arc you willing to stand on the precipice ol some exciting new adventure?
  • I low quickly can you think on your feet?
  • What skills do you have that would serve you well if you ever lound yourself in a pickle?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS


Page of Swords I Roadrunner

“If I show myself to you it is only because I want you to see me. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of long-term thing. 1 am merely here to show you what you have been missing while your head is constantly facing the ground. 1 am here to remind you that once in a while you need to raise your head and take a good hard look at what is around you.”

— Message from the Roadrunner

One of the things you notice about this card is that the Roadrunner’s tail is not completely visible. This is quite deliberate, as this little guy is often just caught by a quick glance or out of the corner of your eye. The Pages in the royal fam­ily often represent messages, and the Page of Swords can rep­resent a real message or communication. Be it a brief encoun­ter, overhearing a conversation, hearing a song on the radio, or a flash of inspiration, you can be sure a Page is delivering you a much-needed message. Here one minute, gone the next—just like the Roadrunner. How many times have you had a flash of pure genius, only to forget it moments later? Just like the Road­runner, the Page of Swords lets you know that information is fleeting and if you are not aware, you just might miss it entirely. In many respects this card puts you on notice. It asks you to ignore nothing and sec the answers or ideas you seek in every­thing around you.


||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

172 I'hv Royal Families

Business and Career

W hat projects or ideas are lingering at the edge of your aware­ness, only to vanish the moment you try to force them to show themselves? Now is a time lor keeping an idea journal near you at all times. Write down the Hashes, but don’t try to make sense ol them just yet. As you start to capture each brief en­counter with this Page, the larger idea will begin to unfold.

Family and Relationships

Are you trying to deal with things head-on but seem to be get­ting nowhere fast? You might just want to stop whatever it is you are doing and take a seat, as you arc more than likely fo­cused on the wrong issue. What you seek is not in front of you but in your peripheral vision.

Health and Well-Being

This Page moves fast. Standing still is not what he is designed to do, and neither were you.

Now is the time to get up and get moving. Where you are is not where you need to be.

Get on your feet and change course quickly.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How do you record flashes of inspiration?
  • In what area of your life do you need to quickly change direction right now?
  • How can you raise your awareness of the messages being sent to you from the universe?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Chapter 7

The Minor Arcana


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Ace of Cups I Kingfisher

"there arc many places for you to enter into the river, hut this spot here, this is the best point of entry you will find. Here the water is not only calm and inviting, hut it offers up everything you could ever wish for. This is why when spring returns to the river of creative potential, I come back to its banks and drink from its overflowing cup."

— Message from the Kingfisher

The Ace of Cups is the overflowing chalice of possibility.

This outpouring of creative potential offers you a place to dream, heal, and create. The Kingfisher sits atop this energy, letting vou know that here under his watch you are safe to be open and vulnerable. Let the waters from the chalice flow to vou, around you, and through you.

Here in the life-giving water of the Ace of Cups, anything and everything is possible. The cup itself seems unable to con­tain the Bowing bounty of the waters beyond. This is one of the cup’s lessons—that there is an unlimited supply and you can come back time and time again to refill, heal, and clear out your emotions. The Kingfisher returns to the rivers in the spring and its arrival is cause for celebration.The return of the Kingfisher to your personal river is an auspicious sign. So go ahead and share with him your biggest, boldest, and scariest wishes and desires.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

176 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

Now is the time to embrace your creative projects with both hands. But just work on one at a time. So which one is calling to vou? The Kingfisher is a sign that you are on the right track, but vou have to be willing to contain the energy and work with onlv what vou need. Don’t allow the creative flow’ to pull you under and take vou oil course, which can and does happen when one tries to take more than one needs from the King­fisher's river.

Family and Relationships

The Ace of Cups is the cup of love. It overflows with deep and sincere feelings and sometimes with hidden desire. Emotions tend to run high when the Ace of Cups is around, so be care­ful about what vou say and how you say it. Nothing blocks the outpouring of love faster than the wrong words being spoken at the wrong time, in the wrong tone.

Health and Well-Being

Here at the banks of the river you have the chance to jump in and cleanse your soul. Lay your past hurts down and bathe vour emotional wounds in the healing water. Let go of your fears and surrender to the gentle current as you wash away all that once was, and step out of the river reborn and ready for the new.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What creative project are you deeply in love w ith?
  • Where are you feeling emotionally blocked?
  • How do you deal with excess?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Two of Cups / Hermit Crab

'7/ ever there was an odd couple it would he us. We don t seem to look like ivc belong together, but you willfind us together on many a coral rcefior aquarium. Infiact, we could not think of anywhere else ive would rather be than right here with each other, deep under the sea. Friends till the end.

— Message from the Hermit Crab

The Two of Cups is often referred to as the card of friend­ship or partnerships, and you won’t find a better partner­ship than our Hermit Crab and his anemone. These two will stick together for as long as possible; they are quite literally traveling buddies. The anemone lives on top of the Hermit Crab’s shell and the Crab will move his buddy from one shell to another, or in this case a cup, as he upgrades his digs. The anemone protects the Hermit Crab in return for free rent and travel. It truly is a partnership made in heaven, even though it is not romantic by any means. The Two of Cups represents partnerships, both personal and social. It shows the coming of two energies to create a

come.Two heads are better than one! You see, the Hermit Crab and his traveling buddy each bring something to the table; it’s hardly a one-way street. Can you say the same for your current situation?

mutually beneficial out-


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

ISO The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

Now is the time to examine your current networking list. Have those in your is asking you to shift your locus to only those partnerships that truly benefit

you created a mutually beneficial exchange with network or is it all one-sided? I he Two of Cups

your business, while at the same time letting go of all those

that drain

your time and energy.

Family and Relationships

The Two of Cups asks you to look at your current relationships and see who you arc being paired with. How is this relationship good for both of you and how are you both being of service to one another?

Health and Well-Being

Did you know that the relationship you have with your body is the longest relationship you will have here on the physical plane? So how is this relationship going? Are you giving your body all it needs or do you take it for granted and just expect it

Your body is the traveling buddy of your soul; make sure they are both happy, healthy, and harmonious.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • If like attracts like, what are you attracting right now?
  • Who or what do you need to connect with in order to move forward or to find resolution in your current situation?
  • What does your ideal relationship look like? Write it out in detail.

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

è fi»£&£ s#«t ewes

Three of Cups / Puffin

"All work and no play makes Puffin a very boring bird indeed. There must be balance in your life between the world you live in, the world your soul is in, and the joy you give for both.

II Inch is why ive party! Gather some friends and allow yourself to unwind; it’s time to take your seriousface off andfeel thefun of your physical journey.”

Message from the Puffin

Puffins arc often referred to as the friar bird because of how much they look like friars praying. This connects these fun little guys to a realm of spiritual practice, more specifically the action of prayer. It is said that when the Puffins stand with their talons gripping the side of their rocky cliff homes, they look like they are in quiet prayer or meditation. Lowering their are giving thanks and

honoring their space and place. That is, until it’s time to party.

The Three of Cups reminds us not to take it all so darn seri­ously. Yes, the world we live in can sometimes be harsh, even cruel. And yes, sometimes we have to stop, stand still, and center ourselves, but at the end of the day we came into this physical realm to have fun and experience that fun with those around us. So join the Puffin party, raise your cups in the air, and dive into this new spiritual practice called fun.

heads towards the sea, they look as if they


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

184 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

Do vou remember real social networking?You know, the kind where you actually go and meet people in person at conferenc­es and social events? The Three of Cups lets you know that now is the time to celebrate the human side of your business. Get out from behind your desk and go meet others in a real-life social setting.


There is nothing like

you love together and hon-

Family and Relationships

bringing those oring that bond with food.

Think summer BBQ, fall dinner party, or just time with good friends out of the house, laughing and chatting away about all the good times you have had.This card says, “Grab your dancing shoes,” as it’s time to relax and find joy in those around you.

Health and Well-Being

One of the most healing vibrations for the body is that which is

Laughing does more for your body, mind, and soul than any other activity you can think of. Having trouble finding ways to connect laughter to your healing process? Then find a laughing yoga class, watch only comedies on TV, and let the healing begin.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How can you bring more fun into your daily spiritual practice?
  • Who in your inner circle needs to be honored and celebrated today?
  • What beliefs do you have around joy and happiness?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Four of Cups I Octopus

"Treasure? What treasure’ That which you call treasure ¡\ just pink, in my mind. My world is littered with things that sparkle and shine, hut in all honesty, how many shiny thmqs can one actually have? II hat I am looking for has to be more, do more, and truly move me, otherwise it is just another distraction and something else to take up my very limited time.'

— Message from the Octopus

It’s easv to become bored and unaffected by the gifts that sur­round us, for just like the Octopus, we live in a world of constant noise and flashing lights. There is always something trying to get our attention, every second of every day. Some­one, somewhere, is always trying to give us something we don’t want or need, or trying to distract us with bright, shiny objects. It is not surprising that in this constant barrage for our attention, we have become so overwhelmed that we can’t see the gifts for the junk. The common Octopus lives for a very short time, so he is skilled in quickly moving through the chaos that the Four of Cups can bring. Overindulgence and distrac­tion do not serve the Octopus, as he is constantly aware that his time is coming to an end.

Business and Career

When the l our ol Cups shows up in a business reading, it may be warning you to not take on clients or projects that do not


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

1^8 The Minor Arcana

truh inspire you. Be selective, as you may end up cursing your decision further down the road.

1 amily and Relationships

1 he Octopus reminds you that your time here is short; do not "aste it on relationships that drain your energy or keep you in a state of depression. Other people have the ability to change our mood, and the hour of Cups can go from boredom to despair very quickly.

Be cautious about who you allow yourself to be around at this time.

Health and Well-Being

Do not overdo anything right now. The energy is ripe for you to let yourself get carried away. The Four of Cups can indicate too much of a good thing. Do your best to find balance in your healing activities right now, as you might be setting yourself up for failure if you keep trying to push something that just isn’t right for you at this time.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What areas in your life are you being stubborn about?
  • Is there something you should be doing, but are ignoring or avoiding on purpose?
  • How have you allowed yourself to become bored with your routine, life, or relationships?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Five of Cups / Capybara

"The water is the one place I know I can he safe. In this cool, flowing place 1 can allow any and all pain to wash away. In the water, 1 can release that which I no longer need, and clear the energy for something new to take hold. In the water, 1 know that lije continues to flow, even when death is close by. That which has been harmed can be healed, and that which has no place in the present can be washed away with the current.’’

— Message from the Capybara

This South American native may look like a hairy pig, but there is no relation to the pig at all. The Capybara is the largest living known rodent on the planet. Although a land dweller, she has an affinity with the water. So much so, that she has small, web-like structures on her feet to assist her in navi­gating the water. Water is this rodent’s sanctuary. She uses the water as a form of protection and healing. In this card, we see a lone Capybara heading into the water after discovering her playmate dead on the shore. Although there is loss, there is also a chance for a new beginning. This is the energy of the Five of Cups. You will notice some loss when this card shows up, but it is not for you to dwell on. Do not allow yourself to miss the opportunities this loss leaves in its wake. Be like the Capybara and instead head to the water. Allow the water to heal you and show you in safety where your next step will be.


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

192 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

Many entrepreneurs have a motto: fail often and fail fast. You

would do well to make it your motto as well. You see, in busi­

ness you don’t have the luxury oi being attached to every single

client, project, or account. When you suffer a loss or setback,

you have to pull it together and move on; otherwise you will miss the blessing left in its wake.

Family and Relationships

The Five of Cups is usually not a good card to see in a relation­ship reading, as it often points to a deep emotional loss. But that is not always the case. It can also let you know that you have allowed your emotions to dwell too long in the past. With your head behind you, you are missing what is in front of you. Heed this warning and adjust your point of awareness accordingly.

Health and Well-Being

Do not let the failures of the past taint the achievements in the present. It can be hard to allow yourself joy when you are suf­fering from guilt. The Capybara says that although it is hard to let go, you must move on in order to see the potential that now awaits you.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What ghosts of the past are you letting influence your present?
  • Where in your life arc you experiencing guilt or shame?
  • How easily do you let things go?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Six of Cups I Otter

“Play is not just a big part of our lives—it is the very energy ire manifested from.

“Everything ire experience in this physical form is part of a game ire call lije.Yes, the biggest play of all is the life you came here to live. But you didn’t come here to play alone, as this particular game is not a one-player gamc.You came here to play with others. Playing with others is not only goodfun, but it’s what the soul came here to do.”

— Message from the Otter

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Otter is one of the most adorable water babies around. What’s not to love

about these guys? They totally dig public displays of affection. Did you know they kiss and hug? And they hold the hands of those they love while they sleep, so they don’t get swept away by the current. Otters also wash their food before they eat it, working it over and over in their tiny paws, cleaning and heal­ing it before they put the energy into their bodies. This playful, childlike energy is exactly what the Six of Cups brings to your life. It wants you to reconnect with the energy of the child within. Hold hands, hug, and laugh—just because you can.

Business and Career

Your business team should feel less like employees and more like family. Laugh, eat, and reconnect through play in your business.


HH s sffi^^i aww

196 The Minor Arcana

Brainstorm wacky, childlike ideas and think about how you can bring more fun into your work.

Family and Relationships

1 he Six ol Cups connects you to a simpler energy, an energy where life is but a game, and the only thing you need for play is love. Love for yourself, love for others, and love for the world around you.The aim of the game, according to the Otter, is to share as much love as possible in the simplest of ways.

Health and Well-Being

The Otter’s connection to food is important. Children have a much deeper connection to what they eat: they feel it, mush it up in their hands, smear it all over themselves, and truly enjoy the experience of eating. As adults, we tend to forget this and instead look at food to fill voids, stuff our emotions, or even as public enemy number one! But food is to be loved, played with, and enjoyed. It needs to be healed and cleaned physically before it is put in your mouth.Take a lesson from the Otter and start to heal the rift between you and the experience of eating.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

into my life?

  • How can I extend my affection and support to those

I love?

  • What sort of energy do I put into my food before I put it into me?
  • Where can I bring more play


è fi»£&£ s#«t

Seven of Cups / Dragonfly

. Is ivc dance and buzz in the air, the sun catches our sparkling, iridescent surface and just like that ivc have your attention, before long ire have you in a trance-like state, dreaming away about all that has been and could be.You are so transfixed by our small bodies that time stands still and you totally get lost in the momcnt.Then.just like the snap of someone’sßngers, it’s all over andyou are Ißt to center,focus, and bring yourself and your dreams back down to earth.”

— Message from the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly connects the energy of air with the cre­ative power of water, letting you know that thoughts and dreams really can become real. But first you have to use the energy of the Dragonfly to align your emotions with your thoughts. What you think and feel need to be in sync for you to bring something forth into the physical world.The Seven of Cups is both a blessing and a curse. It shows you all that is pos­sible, but at the same time, it shows you just how easy it is to get lost inside the fantasy world you have created in your head. This card has the ability to guide you to clarity or leave you dazed and confused; that is the magic of the Dragonfly and the unfocused energy that the Seven of Cups can create.

Business and Career

You may have an abundance of ideas right now, but that may actually be a bad thing.


||| A fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

200 The Minor Arcana

When (he creative floodgates are open they do not know how to distinguish between what you need right now, and what would be fantastic lor some other time.To combat this, keep an idea journal close at hand and write down the constant stream of creative energy, so that it is out of your head, and then center and keep your attention on current and pressing projects.

Family and Relationships

When the Seven of Cups shows up in a relationship reading, it is time to snap out of the daydream you have created around those you love and start seeing what is really there. It’s easy to escape into a fantasy, but at the end of the day you cannot live there. Come back down to earth before it’s too late.

Health and Well-Being

Being able to visualize a happy, healthy body is essential to cre­ating one. Use the power of the Dragonfly and the energy of the Seven of Cups to create the “YOU” you want to see each and every time you look in the mirror. As you visualize, repeat the mantra, “I am happy, healthy, and whole.”

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What illusions have you created around your life that you know in your heart are just not true?
  • How can visualization help you manifest your current drcam?
  • Where are you not seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Eight of Cups I Salmon

“// one docs nothing else with life, one needs to at least have taken a quest. There needs to be some point in your journey where you just give in to the call and allow yourself to do something out of the ordinary.Your soul has a yearning and it pulls you towards it with every breath you take. Give in, let go, and let the quest begin”.

— Message from the Salmon

If anyone understands the pull of unseen energy, it’s the Salm­on. The Eight of Cups is a sign that it’s time to change course.

Where you were headed is not where you now need to go.

When the pull of spawning calls, the Salmon has to answer. In fact, it doesn’t know how to say no, even though to play its part it will have to make a sacrifice. You too are being asked to let something go. It’s time to move on and start something else. The Eight of Cups represents what needs to happen now, not what will happen once you change direction.

The Eight of Cups speaks of a quest, and the key to any quest is that it has a designated start time and a very specific ending. The Salmon says, trust the pull, and know that where this energy is taking you is part of a much bigger picture that right now you just can’t see.

Business and Career

It’s time to change directions or let something go. You may be too emotionally attached to the direction you were headed or


||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

204 The Minor Arcana

to the client or project that you need to walk away from, but it needs to be done. Do it now before it’s too late and you arc stuck with a mess that will only harm yourself and your reputation.

Family and Relationships

Not everything was meant to last. This may not be what you want to hear, but something has to give.Your emotional attach­ment to a person or situation is going to drain you terribly if you don t walk away. Just give yourself the space you need to get clear on what needs to happen next. The Eight of Cups says take it one step at a time.

Health and Well-Being

The Eight of Cups is asking you to seek a deeper meaning for your life. Where you were is no longer an option, and where you wanted to go doesn’t seem to be the answer either, so now what? Dig deep and look inward.The answers you seek are not at the surface; they are somewhere you will need to travel to in order to retrieve them.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where do you feel disconnected in your life?
  • What sort of changes need to be made for you to feel like you arc on the right track?
  • How will giving yourself some space improve your current mood?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Nine of Cups / Butterfly

"rhe art of transformation is never a pretty one. It is painful, chaotic, and very, very messy. Going through these changes means knowing how to surrender who you used to be. You need to understand that once this period of time is over,you will never be the same again. For as much as I would like to, I can never take theform of my previous self, the caterpillar. Forget what you have known, and open yourself up to the potential of what is before you.”

Message from the Butterfly

Butterflies and Butterfly energy have played a huge part in my life. They have appeared as healing totems time and time again, as I have left one cycle of energy to move into another. They have showed me what it truly means to transform, evolve, and explore the world anew. Just as the caterpillar enters into the cocoon for rest, recovery, and healing, the Nine of Cups asks you to think about doing the same. The Nine of Cups says it’s time for you to leave behind the old self and make the jour­ney to the new self. This period of transition won’t be easy; in fact there is nothing cheery about what the Butterfly has to go through to get its wings. But have faith that this is exactly what needs to happen for your expansion and growth. The Butterfly is a symbol of what is at the end of this journey. New wings are


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

208      1 he Minor Arcana

Business and Career

hni may be experiencing a glimpse at what else is possible for von and your business.

\ou might suddenly feel happy and content for the first time in a long while.’I his feeling is, ol course, to be built upon and not squandered, so raise your awareness to see what you did dif­ferently to create this new energy, and steer your ship towards creating more of it.

Family and Relationships

Relationships take work. They carry with them some of the most important lessons we will ever learn about growth and expansion. Are you taking note of what lesson you are being taught right now?

Health and Well-Being

No matter what end of the energy you are at with this card, you will be experiencing confusion and trepidation. When you begin your healing journey, you never know what to expect. The same is true for when you come out the other side of it. Dealing with no pain, no illness, and none of the other things that used to define you can be overwhelming. But now it’s time to write a new story and embrace this new way of experienc­ing yourself.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What cycle in your life needs to end so you can embrace a new one?
  • Where in your life are you experiencing growth pains?
  • How do you cope when things feel chaotic and out of your control?


Ten of Cups I Penguin

“Love, trust and, support are important elements to our


culture.Without them, we would end up alone or in

the jaws of one of our many predators. Yet despite the many dangers we face on a regular day, the most dangerous of all

is being alone when the winter winds whip into our homes. Without the love and protection of our community we would

never last and our way of Ife would be no more.”

— Message from the Penguin

The Ten of Cups is often referred to as the happily-ever-after card, for after the emotional journey through the suit of Cups, you come to the end and all is well. But it is not just about happily ever after, it is about mastering your emotions, learning self-love, working with self-care, and understanding that you never journey alone. Penguins are a great totem for anyone who needs to move from the shadows of the solo journey and step into the awaiting light of community. Penguins cannot survive on their own; they must be with others in order to live and thrive. This is really the lesson of the Ten of Cups: it is great to walk out of the shadows, but know that what you have achieved is not just for yourself, but for those around you as well.

Business and Career

This card indicates a time that will benefit all those you work with. A time of overflowing creativity and joy are about to come


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

212    The Minor Arcana

}oui way. II you have been working on a project or trying to land a client, know that this will all end on a very positive note!

Family and Relationships

1 lu Fen ol Cups in a relationship reading is an auspicious card. It shows that you are entering a time ol joy—maybe even bliss, keep in mind that this current state ol being came because of the' work and commitment you have made to your relation­ships. Shift your focus and all of this newfound happiness will slip right through your fingers.

Health and Well-Being

Go ahead and take a nice, deep breath; you deserve your cur­rent healthy, happy glow.

^iou have reached a good point in your healing journey. But remember that in order for this to continue, you need to keep up the good work.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What does it mean to have a happy, healthy life?
  • How do you deal with your life when things are this good?
  • Are you able to celebrate your victories while still finding way to move forward?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

è fi»£&£ s#«t

more focused. On that note, what’sfor lunch?”

Ace of Swords / Panda

“Sometimes, in order for a moment oj clarity to hit,you have to ijo do something else, like cat. It is not always about clearing one's mind as much as it is about distracting it from what it H dx you were trying to think about. Food is a great distraction from your thoughts. It moves your mind from thinking to just being open and available. This is also called grounding the energy so it is

— Message from the Panda

The great Panda likes to eat—a lot! In fact, it spends most of its life eating. You don’t get that cuddly by restricting vour calories. The Panda spends up to fourteen hours a day eat­ing. That’s a lot of teeth and jaw action; you could say this guy has a lot to chew on.

The Ace of Swords stands upright with its point towards the heavens in the Panda’s enclosure as a symbol of truth, knowl­edge, and reason.The truth is, sometimes you have to consume a lot of information before you attain the knowledge you need to make the appropriate decision. The Panda and the Ace of Swords remind us that we don’t always get the quick and easy answer. Quite the opposite, actually—you need to take your time, gather all the information you can, and devour it.

Business and Career

The eating habits of the Panda take time, lots and lots of time. In order to make the right move at the right time, you need all


||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

216 The Minor Arcana

the information you can get. With the Ace of Swords at your disposal you can cut through all the unnecessary distractions and just focus on what needs to be obtained.

Family and Relationships

The Ace oi Swords offers you the starting point to an honest and open dialog. Under the watchful eye of the Panda, you have the time you need to make your point, just remember the sword cuts both ways. When you have had your time to speak, honor those around you and take a scat and listen—really lis­ten—and take in all that is being offered to you.

Health and Well-Being

When one is on a plant-based diet there is no need to count calories. In fact, you can eat what you want, when you want it, and not have to worry about a thing. Now this is some healthy information to chew on.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where do you need to cut through unnecessary distractions right now?
  • Are you getting the right sort of information for the decision you need to make?
  • How do you stay focused and keep your mind sharp?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS


Two of Swords / Wilsons Plover

"Decisions arc not always easy to make, and it can be so easy to talk yourself out of doing something you really want to do. But ultimately, you need to make a decision. Will you go with your gut or will you go with your head? Everything looks so magical on the shoreline,yet you can’t stay in this in­between place for long. Things change quickly here and your time is limited. There is no room for procrastination here.”

— Message from the Wilson’s Plover

The Wilson’s Plover only wanders to the shoreline dur­ing twilight to feed, spending the rest of her time further inland, on the protected sand bars. Twilight is much like the shoreline itself; it is a meeting place, a place where nothing gets to stay, but anything and everything is possible. The shore­line is the meeting place of the land and the sea, or in this in­stance, practicality and creativity. The Two of Swords shows the two mental processes present on the shoreline, logic and intu­ition. Both are available to you at this time, but ultimately you can only use one. You can wade onto the shore and dip your feet in the creative energy of the waves, but just like the Plover, you have to decide where you will end up, be it back on familiar dry land or taking the plunge into the watery depdis of the un­known. Only you can decide and only you will be held account­able for your choice.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

220 The Minoi Arcana

Business and Career

'lou currently have two very viable options at your disposal. Stop waiting for a guarantee that one will be more beneficial than the other. 1 he longer you allow yourself to stay in the energy of in­decision, the longer you block the benefits of your choice.

Family and Relationships

Don t look to others to make your decisions for you. Be brave and trust that you, and only you, know what is best for right now.

Health and Well-Being

You know exactly what you need to do for your own good, yet for whatever reason you are still on the fence. Just keep in mind that the only person who will continue to suffer from your inability to do what needs to be done is you.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What else needs to happen before you can make this decision?
  • How does doing nothing serve you at this time?
  • What if there is no wrong decision?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Three of Swords I Elephant

'There is something to he said for taking a moment and honoring what hurts. Pain itselj is not a problem; not knowing what to do with that pain, however, is where you can get into trouble. Loss is a very important part of this physical world. You cannot have new life without death, nor can you have gain without loss. So in this still moment, bow your head and honor all that was, is, and is on its way.”

— Message from the Elephant

The Three of Swords is one of those in-your-face kind of cards, just like the image of the Elephants. There is a mis­conception in today’s world that happiness somehow means the exclusion of all other feelings that are considered downers. Grief is probably the most misunderstood of all of these downer emo­tions, and the Elephant is here to show you that it is not only okay and natural to grieve, but it is absolutely necessary to do so. Elephants will honor any and all fallen members, even if it is not one of their own pack. This honoring of life and death is really what the grief cycle is all about, for in order to move from where you have been to where you want to go, first you must honor the fallen. The lost, hurt pieces of die self diat are no longer needed will be missed, but they arc in no way helpful to the you that you are becoming. The Three of Swords balances the three energies of past, present, and future. Right now, in this moment, all time exists along with all the loss and all that which will be gained.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

224 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

Allow yourself to grieve for that which did not pan out the way you had hoped. It is okay to feel some form of disappointment when things go south, especially when you have invested time and energy into growing them. Give yourself a moment to hon­or that which has come to an end so you can open the door for what is yet to come.

Family and Relationships

The Three of Swords is often called the heartbreak card, as it traditionally is shown piercing an image of a heart. Here the heartbreak is seen in the real world—the world of the Elephant.

Heartbreak is inevitable in this game of life. There is nothing you can do about it except to feel it and allow your­self to grieve it. Just don’t stay in this energy long; it is not a long-term vibration.

Health and Well-Being

The Elephant in the Three of Swords is here to teach you not to linger when setbacks happen.

Sure, things have a way of falling apart and sometimes in the healing process we can see backward progress along with forward momentum. It’s all part and parcel of the whole.

Don’t be discouraged; just acknowledge where you are and keep moving.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where arc you currently experiencing pain in your life?
  • How do you handle disappointment?
  • When you are wounded, how do you react to those around you?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

È fi»£&£

Four of Swords / Zombie load

"Did you know that the most successful people ofyour time nap? Resting one’s mind and body docs wonders for the creative energy of the soul. It is in this stillness that we can remove ourselves from the workings of the physical world and just allow things to fall into place, without our constant interference. Sometimes the best course of action is no action at all. fust for today, take a load off and rest those weary hones.”

Message from the Zombie Toad

The Sonoran Desert Toad, a.k.a. the Zombie Toad, got its nickname from the fact that it spends most of its life bur­

ied underground, in a state of hibernation. The only thing that can wake this Toad up and get him to come aboveground is the rain. When the monsoons hit the deserts of the Southwest, this triggers an internal alarm in the Toads and lets them know it’s time to rise and shine. The Toad, much like the Four of Swords, knows when to act and when to lie in wait. Sometimes you just have to wait until the time is right. Acting before you need to could be not only a waste of energy, it could be dangerous. Now is the time for stillness, to rest and increase the amount oí naps you take. It may even be time to take an actual retreat.

Business and Career

I he saying “get out of you own way” rings loud and true for this card. Now is not the time to push; instead, it is time to do


HH é sffi^^i aww

1 he Minor Arcana

nothing at all. Stop whatever it is you are doing and just allow things to fall into place.

Family and Relationships

Do you need to stop and let others look alter you for a change.'' Allow yourself to lean on others, or to let those around you play a bigger part than you have allowed them to in the past. lake yourself out of the action for a while and sec what happens.

Health and Well-Being

This card can literally mean rest. So for now, put your feet up and allow your body the rest and recovery it craves. This is not the time to push yourself to your limits; instead lie down, sleep, dream, and heal.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What are you afraid will happen if you are not there to control everything?
  • Where can you include more down time in your schedule?
  • If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would you go and w

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Five of Swords I Echidna

Although I am hardly afraid oj sharp, pointy things, I do find it bothersome when they show up where I least expect to encounter them. I have to admit, it does throw a girl off her game. But in this world you have to see what is really there and then change direction accordingly.”

— Message from the Echidna

When it comes to weird and wonderful animals that look like they were created during a bad stoner session, look no further than the largest island in the world, Australia.

The Echidna looks kind of like a hedgehog, but has the nose of an anteater, lays eggs like a reptile, and yet is a mammal. When it comes to not knowing what you’re getting by looks alone, you can’t beat the surprise factor of our adorable spiny anteater. The Five of Swords lets you know that something un­expected is about to happen, or has already happened.

And guess what? It’s in the last place you expected it. The real trick is to sec the blessing in what is really there; sure, it’s not what you thought, but it happened this way for a reason. Don’t be deceived by how things currently look, because just like our humble little Echidna, something truly amazing can be hidden in the most unusual of packages.

Business and Career

In business there are always going to be winners and losers. Sometimes it’s you who hits the home run and sometimes it’s


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

- 32     1 he Minor Arcana

not. As Andy Warhol proclaimed, we all get our fifteen minutes ol lame. But it s how you act when it is not your time to shine that really says the most about your level of integrity, and it is your integrity that will either draw people to you or push them away.

Family and Relationships

1 low important to you is it to be right? Oftentimes, being right is all the fuel that is required to head into battle with those you love. Yet rarely docs it yield the result you expected it would. Now may be the time to try another way. Listen instead of speaking, and honor instead of chastising.

Health and Well-Being

Victory is an event—and a short-lived one at that. Do not lose \oui locus just because you had a small win. Lingering here will only cause problems in the long run. Instead, honor your win by keeping up the momentum and working on the next challenge.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • When conflict happens in your life, is it because of you, or are you just merely attracted to it?
  • I low do you practice the art of non-engagement?
  • What do you do when things don’t go as you had planned?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Six of Swords / Sugar Glider

"Movement of any kind is a risk, but then again not moving can also be just as dangerous. Trying to stay where you no longer feel safe and secure iron t scrveyou.You have outgrown your old self, and it is now time to say goodbye once and for all. No one said any of this would he easy. But at least for now,you don’t have to do anything other than glide on the wind current of inevitable change.’

— Message from the Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider soars effortlessly from one tree to anoth­er. With the spread of his arms and legs, he can take flight with just a small effort on his behalf. Everything the Sugar Glider needs, he already has. This is true for the Six of Swords, as well. Everything you need for your journey, you already have. No need to prepare or even worry about leaving anything behind. All you need is in you, with you, and a part of you. This card is all about the journey, not the destination, so don’t worry about what happens next. Just like the Sugar Glider, you are now at the mercy of the elements. You have no choice but to sit back and see where this all takes you.

Business and Career

It is time to move on and just take what you can carry with you. The Six of Swords doesn’t show what happened before you got to this point, as its only focus is on the journey you


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

2 }(•» I he Minor Arcana

now need to take. So jump like the Sugar Glider and .see where vou land.

Family and Relationships

Swords can drive us batty. The Six ol Swords is no exception. Right now vou need a mental vacation from your relationship, vou are truly overplaying this in your head. The Sugar Glider says take a break. Go outside and raise your arms in the air. Close your eves, lilt your head towards the sky, and just feel the air blow all of the mental cobwebs oil.

Health and Well-Being

This card is a reminder that you already have everything you need to make your journey to health and well-being. It s not something you have to acquire; it’s already there. You’re prob­ably just not noticing, because you are too busy trying to dic­tate the terms of the dialog. Let go and let your body do what it needs to do.Take a seat and just listen, for a change.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where can you take yourself for a mental vacation?
  • What do you need to just walk away from right now?
  • Are you keeping your eye on where you are going?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

lili è fi»£&£ fimm

Seven of Swords / Ferret

"lie <;// have a sneaky side. It is a necessary skill for our survival. II hether you have to he the one who is sneaky, or he the one able to spot others in their sly ways, the art of deception is not to be taken for granted. Smoke, mirrors, and sleight of hand all have their place; the real trick is knowing when and where to use them.”

— Message from the Ferret

The Seven of Swords is often referred to as the thief card.

But to be honest, I think that’s an unnecessary judgment of the energy it represents. To be fair, we all to have use a little sleight of hand once in a while. It truly does not serve us to be transparent one hundred percent of the time. However, the lesson is knowing when we are doing it to benefit ourselves and others, and when we are using it to harm.The Ferret is a member of the weasel family and just like its cousin, it has the ability to move in and out of tight, tricky places. The Ferret teaches us how to use stealth as a form of protection, as well as a form of play. Never forget that some surprises are actually good. And sometimes the need to keep things out of view from others is absolutely necessary.

Business and Career

One of the first rules of manifestation is not to share your plans or ideas, so you can keep the energy protected as it grows.The Ferret can show you how to hide your manifestation seeds and


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

240 rhe Minor Arcana

also how to protect them. Just loi' now, claim what is divinely rightfully yours and keep it to yourself.

Family and Relationships

Are you being totally forthcoming in your relationships.'' I he Seven of Swords might be the sly card, but being sly and sneaky in a relationship will always come back and bite you on the bum. Remember, Ferrets have razor-shai p teeth.

Health and Well-Being

I have no idea why, but the Seven ol Swords always comes up as a weight issue card for my clients. Hiding under clothes and sneakinn food vou shouldn’t eat are traits ol this card, as is sud­den and abrupt weight loss. Either way, you are being asked to consider your weight right now and see if you are being totally honest about the condition of your physical vessel.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where are you being sneaky with others in your life?
  • Do vou currently feel cheated?
  • When is a good time to hide the truth?


||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Eight of Swords / Mole

"Sometimes iic all end up in situations that arc foreign to us. It miijht be strange and new surroundings, or maybe hating to solve a problem in a way you have never had to before. Either nw, what was once normal is no more, and to find your iruy dojvyou are going to have to surrender to what is, so that a new way can be discovered.”

— Message from the Mole

Our little Mole has been forced from his protective under­ground home to the world above. This puts the Mole in a vulnerable position; he can’t see and he has no way of being able to get his bearings. Under the ground, the Mole relies on his sense of touch to guide him. He is constantly feeling his way through the earth, but once he is pushed above ground he has no way of feeling his surroundings. The Eight of Swords shows us what it means to rely on our other senses, when the ones we normally rely on are inhibited or unavailable. How you used to make decisions is not the way this particular issue or situation can be resolved. Just like the Mole, you are going to have to dig deeper and find a new way around this current problem.

Business and Career

It’s time to think on your feet and stop complaining about the fact that this is not how you normally do things. This is the new normal, and the Eight of Swords is asking you to adapt. Learn­ing new ways of doing and being is good for business, as it shows


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

244      1 he Minor Arcana

flexibility and a willingness to be vulnerable.These are all good qualities in a world that is looking for more genuine people to do business with.

Family and Relationships

II 1 was being brutally honest, the original Rider-Waite image oi this card has a bit of a bondage feel to it, and frankly, 1 think that is a good way to see this card in a relationship reading, and get

out of your head.


Being in one’s mind can stop one from experiencing plea­sure. Release the mind and allow the body to feel all the pleasure it can handle.

Now is the time to stop doing what you norm

Health and Well-Being

Are you relying on what you think you should be able to do,

rather than what you can and need to do right now in this mo­

ment? Time and time again, I have seen people sabotage their healing work by constantly trying to create a new body with

old ways of thinking. It just doesn’t work. Like the Mole, you have to rely on experiencing the world differently. Your old habits won’t do you any good here.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • 1 low is your head getting in the way of your intuition?
  • What old habits are blocking your path?
  • Where could you be more flexible in your problem-solving techniques?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Nine of Swords / Whip-poor-will

*7 don't mean to keep you up all night. It’s really not my fault;you chose to live near where I find my food, hut in truth, my only crime is loving the sound of my own voice. My song may not he pleasant toyou, but raising up my voice and singing under the moon is heaven to me. I know I don t have much of a range and I only seem to know three words, but it is my song and I will sing as loud as I want to.

— Message from the Whip-poor-will

If you want a good night’s sleep, then you better hope you don’t have your bedroom window right near the roost of the Whip-poor-will. These little birds are hard to see, but boy, are they loud. To say there is no shame in their game would be an understatement.

But perhaps this is a lesson you need to learn. You wouldn t be sleeping well even if this little guy weren t singing in )our ear.The Nine of Swords is known as the stressed-out insomniac card. When I myself was going through a more turbulent time in my life, this card showed up time and time again. Instead of playing things out in your head, take a feather from our night­time friend, open up your throat, and sing, even if the song is not one others particularly want to hear. Let go ol stress and


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

248 1 he Minor Arrana

Business and Career

I here is a good chance you have taken on more than you alone can deal with. We can put a lot of stress on ourselves for no particular reason, especially when all you have to do is ask oth­ers to help you. Now may be the time to delegate and share the load, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

you can be assured that things are not the way you

Family and Relationships

When the Nine ol Swords shows up in a relationship reading, had hoped they would be. But guess what? You can change all of that. Stop

agonizing and start becoming accountable for the choices you and you alone have made.

Health and Well-Being

Believe it or not, things are not as bad as you are making them out to be. You may not be where you had hoped or seen the results you had hoped for, but allowing yourself to have a pity party won’t help you reach your health goals.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What are the monsters in your head really saying?
  • How are you allowing stress and anxiety to paralyze you right now?
  • Where should you be speaking up and not keeping quiet?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Ten of Swords / Pigeon

“Your supply is always flowing and growing. But to stay within its flow,you have to move as it moves and go where it flows. Staying away from the flow means certain pain and hardship. You cannot grow where there is nothing left to support you. Admit it is over and move on."

— Message from the Pigeon

This bird is often referred to as the rat of the sky and is con­sidered more of a pest than a powerful totem animal. But just like the rat, the Pigeon has many lessons, and only the fool­ish would turn their backs on this bird’s wisdom. Due to the easy food supply, these birds have become quite the urban dwellers, and like their human urbanites, they prefer the company of oth­ers. Pigeons can become quite territorial about land when the eating is good, but not territorial enough to defend it when the supply has run dry. This is the lesson of the Ten of Swords. Your supply has run dry, and it’s time for you to face it and move on. Staying where you currently are is only going to bring you pain and misery.

It’s done, it’s over, and like the pigeon, it’s time to find a new flow to be in.

Business and Career

A lot of businesses make the mistake of only fishing in one pool for clients. Eventually the pool dries up, and you have to move on to another one. Fishing in a dried-up pond will only cost


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

’52      1 hv Minor Arcana

you. Don t let your pride stop you from admitting that you had a good run where you were, but now it’s time to move on.

Family and Relationships

This is never a good card to see in a relationship reading, as it usually means things have come to the end. Sometimes it means the relationship itself and sometimes it doesn’t.

Most times, unfortunately, it does. That said, it can repre­sent an ending of any kind: maybe an end to an argument, an end to a legal matter, or an end to a hard time. Either way, you must be prepared to move the energy on, as it no longer serves its purpose where you currently have it.

Health and Well-Being

I have to admit, I would not want to see this card in a health and wellness reading. If this card is coming up, you serious­ly need to take a good hard look at habits that are doing you harm. The Ten of Swords comes as a warning, and if you ignore it, you will only bring yourself future pain and discomfort.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Are you trying to stay somewhere you no longer belong?
  • What are you in denial about?
  • Where do you need to go to make sure your bounty continues?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

sending you? 1 know not everyone will be able

Ace of Wands / Firefly

"4rc you able to read my signals? Can you decipher the message 1 am

to decode the message I send out into the darkness. But I think if you try really, really hard you will be able to fgure it out. My message is one that can be understood not with your mind, but with your heart. For when I speak, I do so with the language of my heart’s desires. Let’s see if your desires match up to the light / am offering.”

— Message from the Firefly

During the day, the Firefly looks a lot like any other bug. It blends in while the sun is shining and is easily overlooked or missed altogether. But come nightfall, its tiny body shines so bright it is impossible to miss. You see, the Firefly needs the contrast in order to shine. In fact, it is the contrast that creates the perfect environment for this member of the beetle family to show its uniqueness to the world.The light the Firefly produces is actually for mating purposes, which means they shine in order to attract that which will fulfill the burning desire within them. The Ace of Wands wants you to understand that you too must seek the right sort of contrast in order for your light to shine. In today’s fast-paced, noisy world it can be easy to be mistaken as just one of the crowd. But you are so much more. Inside you, the Ace of Wands burns with an intense energy.

You just need to find the right place for your unique gifts to be showcased.


||| A fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

S6 1 he Minor Arcana

Business and Career

I he Ace ol Wands wants you to take your inner light and shine. It wants you to trust that the conditions are right for you to seek a stage on which to showcase what you have to offer to the world. Now is the time for your unique gifts to be revealed. Don t wait any longer: act now.

The Firefly is not what you

bug; he is

Family and Relationships

Male fireflies often appear to be doing stunts in the air, but re­ally they are sending out S.O.S. love signals. It’s true: their pat­terned jumps are complex codes and can only be read by their perfect mate. That sure sounds like a complicated way to find a partner!

But in reality you do the same thing. You send out a certain code and only those who truly understand it will respond. So are you getting the response you want or do you need to work on your love signals?

Health and Well-Being

would call a courageous

just doing what he was created to do. He shines when he can and he fades into the crowd when he has to. Here’s the impor­tant part: he never tries to stay in just one state. He knows he has to roll with the punches; it’s just the way of the world. He can’t shine in the day so why waste his energy?Take this lesson to heart and don’t allow yourself to waste your energy on re­sistant patterns of behavior.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What sets you apart from those around you?
  • Do you know what your true heart’s desire is?
  • Where can you shine your light the brightest?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Two of Vfands I Stingray

"Gracefully 1 make my way through the sea. Far and wide, near and far, but always with a destination in mind. To swim aimlessly would be not only dangerous but potentially deadly.

Here in the sea there are many options and opportunities, just as on land, and just like in your land-based world, if one doesn’t act guickly they will be gone forevermore.”

— Message from the Stingray

This scene is drawn from one of my favorite places to clear my mind—the San Francisco Bay. Walking this stunning marina, I have had more than one encounter with my friend Stingray.

The Rays seem to love this spot as much as I do, and they al­ways seem to show themselves right when I need to move from the watery world of my emotions into the energy of action.

What better match could there be for the passion, creativ­ity, and spark of the Two of Wands than the Stingray? These an­gels of the sea carry the spark from the Two of Wands around with them. The Two of Wands knows you need to make a deci­sion. You need to clear your head and act.The time for ponder­ing is coming to an end. Sit with the Stingray and let him guide you out of your emotional waters and into the energy of your heart’s desire.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

260 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

All planning and no action means no results. You have planned well, but now you have to set that plan in motion. The Two of Wands lets you know that the energy is right for you to start bringing forth that which you have had under wraps. If need be, seek a mentor to assist you.

Family and Relationships

There is something to be said about the power of two. In a re­lationship, generally speaking, there are two of you—and with two people both working towards the same goal, the sky really is the limit. Now is the time to join forces with your partner to bring about something that you both wish to experience.

Health and Well-Being

It is time to put your money where your mouth is, literally. Commit to that healing session, join that gym, or take that cooking class. The Two of Wands speaks of partnerships, and health is all about you and the partnership you have with your body. So go take your body and do something together that adds to the vortex of your well-being.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How could having a mentor help you with your current situation?
  • What dream is screaming out for you to take action on?
  • When you visualize your future, who is there with you?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Three of VC&nds / Woodpecker

“Sometimes your ears can deceive you, as sound has a way of bouncing around. In order to find me and the door I have unlocked for you, you will need to be silent and aware of nothing but the sound of my knocking.”

Message from the Woodpecker

Would you believe that I grew up in one of the only three countries in the world, other than the polar caps, that does not have a species ofWoodpecker in its native bird family?

It wasn’t until I moved to a small village outside of Buffalo, New York, that I had my first encounter with a live Woodpeck­er, and he was knocking. I had to still myself and really allow myself to hear before I could find him pecking away on the side of the cabin I was living in. The Three of Wands is an opportu­nity, or a door wide open, if you will, but can you find it? Of­tentimes we believe there is only one way to accomplish a goal or dream, yet here there are three; the Woodpecker along with the energy of the Three of Wands wants to

that which you seek, but he is only knocking on one Wand. It is up to you to stop, center, and focus so you can find him and the door he has opened lor you.

Business and Career

Have you ever heard the expression “once in a lifetime”? The Three of Wands lets you know that this opportunity may be big and important but it won’t ruin your life if you miss it.

guide you towards


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

264 I'lie Minor Arcana

1 here are no “once in a lifetime” opportunities; there is just uni and opportunity, and your decision to take it or not. I he Woodpecker is knocking, but you have to decide il you will follow the call.

Family and Relationships

The Three of Wands lets you know that now is the time to start putting vour long-term relationship goals into action, be it buy­ing a house, getting married, starting an investment portfolio, or planning that grand world-class vacation. Every journey re­quires you to take a first step, so do it now.

Health and Well-Being

There is a natural order and rhythm to progress, even when it feels like it’s now or never.

The Woodpecker knocks when more than one energy has

aligned with what you have been asking for. In other words, the solution you seek is now being presented. But you must allow

it to show up in its natural form, in its own way. Pushing or coming at it too fast will only hinder your progress. Relax into this energy and just follow the sound of success.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • The time to stand still is over, so what direction will you head?
  • What is calling to you right now?
  • How w ill you allow' the rewards of your hard work to return to you?

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Four of V&nds I Bowerbird

“Have you ever noticed that the best things in life are the ones you had to put in a little extra effort for? The hard work, the challenge to outdo yourself the rush of seeing it all come together and then basking in the afterglow. ..Ah, these are the sweet moments we live for. To know that you can rise above the ordinary and create the extraordinary is energizing.”

— Message from the Bowerbird

The Bowerbird has outdone himself and stands in front of his creation. He has worked hard and gathered the most colorful flowers and brightest berries that he could find. He has given the best he has to give. Now all he has to do is

put on his dancing shoes and wait for his dance partner to show up. The Bowerbird knows that it is much easier to let one’s hair down when things have been done the right way, at the right time. Structure and process is important to harness the passion that awaits in this Bowerbird’s soon-to-be love nest. The Four of Wands is the card of passion and strategy. This is achieved through focused creative expression.

Business and Career

If you have built your team correctly you are about to have cause for celebration, as everything you have put in place is about to pay off. If, however, your team is not showing up as well as they


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

268 I hr Minor Arcana

could be, then you as the leader need to .show what it means to bring only your best to the table.

Family and Relationships

lake a leaf from the Bowerbird’s book: spruce up your love nest and bring the best version of your sexy self to the party. All relationships arc long-term investments of our time, our love, and our desire to be the best possible partner. Now it s your turn to tend to your investment.

Health and Well-Being

The Four of Wands is about structure, and in a health reading it lets you know that you have a fantastic foundation in place for recovery. Congratulations are in order, as you have done well in bringing together your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are focused and ready to continue building from this wonderful new’ place of health.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Are you giving the best of who you are to those around you?
  • How can you gather others to showcase their unique creative expressions?
  • What creative project are you working on right now, that needs more structure to it?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Five of Wands I Honey Badger

)bu know someone has to he the bad guy, otherwise what would unite those who seem to focus more on their common differences than on their same soul goal? I know you think that we bad guys serve no purpose, and the utopian world you crave would have no place for us. But ask yourself this: how would you create it if no one were able to unify the energy in thefrst place?”

— Message from the Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is part of an elite group of animal totems

I like to call the badasses”; this group of animals really doesn t have a care or thought for anyone but themselves. They teach us about total self-reliance in a hostile environment. The Honey Badger is vicious, deadly, and not an animal you would ever want to cross paths with. Yet, there is something special and unique about how these sorts of totems bring others to­gether. In the card above, we see how the five Wands are all acting in one dynamic energy. Their goal: remove the Honey Badger without harm to anyone. In order to achieve this the villagers have to work together; they just don’t have a choice. A wrong move here would be disastrous. This situation is volatile and its outcome is in no way set in stone, but with focus, ef­fort, and coordinated action this could lead to a very positive outcome indeed.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

272 I hr Minor Arcana

Business and Career

I he Honey Badger asks, are you the badass leader in your field whom everyone looks up to, or is your message confused and

vour delivery

* ✓

chaotic? The Five of

Wands gives you a choice:

either stand out from the crowd and create a movement, or get lost in your own noise.The choice is yours.

Family and Relationships

Mixed signals and crossed wires are often the cause of conflict in a relationship. Let’s face it, most of us can’t read minds, so unless something is clearly spelled out, you or someone else in your life is more than likely getting it wrong. This card gives you the opportunity to turn the energy around and end the confusion once and for all.

Health and Well-Being

When it comes to health, everyone and their mommas have an opinion on what you should and should not be doing. This be­comes very confusing. The Honey Badger brings with it the gift of not caring what others think, do, or say, when it comes to what is right for your body. Instead, the Honey Badger holds the space to allow you to just focus on you.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • In what way do you have the opportunity to bring others together?
  • How have you allowed the opinions of others to confuse your current situation?
  • What would need to happen for you to find your way out of the chaos that now surrounds you?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

è fi»£&£ s#«t

Six of Winds I Bee

"Never underestimate the part you play in the world around you. Even the smallest of actions can cause the largest of ripples. No matter how big or small your part, make sure you play it to the best of your ability. Sure, it’s easy to be good when everyone around you is good, but it takes a higher level of success to doyour best when those around you are not able to pull their weight.’’

— Message from the Bee

Bees, in general, live in colonies and throughout history have been symbols of regulated and successful society. You will find hives and Bees on many family crests and suits of armor, as well as on academic stamps and letterheads. This connection to the Bee speaks of organizing and sustaining excellence within one’s community. Bees are highly organized and understand that if one succeeds, they all succeed. The Six of Wands is the card of victory, albeit a small victory. Like the Bee, you have played your part well and you have added value to the commu­nity you serve. Allow others to praise you for your efforts be­fore you move on. Know that this honoring of your success is part of keeping others motivated and inspired.

Business and Career

You are about to experience recognition for a job well done. Times are good, and more people are beginning to see your true value. But don’t let this go to your head. Instead, be like


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

276 The Minor Arcana

the Bee and continue to show up and do your best, even if no one is looking.

Family and Relationships

The Six of Wands in a relationship reading means you have ei­ther made the right choice in partners or that you are finally in a good place in your relationship. Either way, give yourself a pat on the back.

Health and Well-Being

Congratulations! You have done well, and those around you want to celebrate your success. This is a good thing, and you need to allow yourself some time to honor all that you have achieved. Take it all in, as you will need to connect with this good-feeling energy the next time you hit a wall or reach a plateau.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How do you celebrate your personal wins?
  • What mentors or role models inspire you to be the best you can be?
  • What does success mean to you?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Seven of Wands I Skunk

*7 am not really much of a fighter. Truly, I prefer to be left to my own devices and treat the world around me with as much respect and honor as possible. But sometimes I have to stand up for myself and I am not afraid to do so. It is, however, the very last resort, as I do give a preemptive warning of what is to come if things don't calm down."

— Message from the Skunk

Skunks get a bad rap, in many respects. They are just as cute

and cuddly as any cat or dog, yet because they come armed and fully loaded, people presume the worst of them. It is true you don’t want to be on the wrong end of an angry Skunk, but the truth is it does take a lot to get them to the point of firing at will. If you were backed into a corner, you would be look­ing to see what you could use to defend yourself, as well. The Seven of Wands asks if you are ready to stand up and defend all that you have created. Not that it is necessarily under at­tack physically, but it may be under attack from your own lim­iting beliefs. Think of this card as the doubt before the break­through. You saw some success in the Six of Wands, and now you are wondering what’s next.

Business and Career

Business is a team sport. Like it or not, you won’t get very far by yourself. The Seven of Wands says that now is the time to start refining your team. Find the people who will go to bat


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

?S0 1 he Minor An ana

lor you, especially those who will lend a hand if you ever find yourself backed into a corner.

Family and Relationships

I he Seven of Wands asks it are you willing to defend what tou have, and are you proud ol the life you have created? All long-ter m relationships will be tested, but those that have solid looting and a united front will still be there when the test has passed. Can you say the same about your current relationship?

Health and Well-Being

The Skunk says you have two options: either get others on board with you and create your own personal fan club, or be willing to go into battle and defend the work you have done, the work you are doing, and the work you still have to do.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where in your life do you constantly feel defensive?
  • How long can you hold your ground when it comes to defending your dreams and goals?
  • List your current support team and write about how they consistently show up for you.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Eight of Vfands I Horse

"Rreak free from all things that tic you down, as now is not the time to be hound to others or weighed down. Trust your gut and go where the energy moves you. The path is now clear and the universe is giving you the green light to run as fast as you can "

—Message from the Horse

The Horse is all about freedom through movement, and to the horse the ability to run free is the greatest gift there is. The Eight of Wands wants you to know your freedom now de­pends on how and where you move, along with how fast you are willing to get there.This is often how it feels when you are filled with inspiration: you move faster, think faster, and make faster decisions. It all happens quickly and in the moment. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Dig deep and push towards the goal line with all you’ve got, because you just don’t know- when the energy of the Eight of Wands will be passing through again.

Business and Career

There is an urgency to this card, not a suggestion to move, but a real urgency to get up and run. Things are just not falling into place enough for you to sit on your hands and w atch.

There is an energy current that is flowing, and you need to be in it.The fire you lit back in the Ace of Wands is now burning, and you need to saddle up and get what needs to be done now!


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

?S4      1 he Minor Arcana

Family and Relationships

Now is the time to make your move. All the obstacles have been cleared -well, at least for the moment—so what are you waiting for? Just know this is a last-moving card and it won’t hold the door open for long.

Health and Well-Being

'iou have worked hard and now things are beginning to shift in your favor. Opportunities are appearing and possibilities that you have been waiting for are now' ready lor you to take action. Dig deep, because the time is now.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Are you prepared for this fast-moving energy?
  • How will you deal with all the opportunities that now seek your attention?
  • What door has now opened that you never thought would be available to you?

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Nine of Winds / Ram

"ll /jcn jou have what others want, there will always be another battle lurking just around the corner. Yet what the untrained warrior doesn’t know is that with each battle you become stronger, more focused, and even more committed to your goal. Your scars are more than repaired wounds; they are badges of courage and honor and each one makes you tougher and more resilient than before.”

— Message from the Ram

In our card, we see the lone, dominate male preparing him­self for another season of defending his leadership. We can physically see the toll of his success, but what we can’t see is his resolve to keep what he has worked so hard for. The very first time I saw a Ram, or bighorn sheep as they are also called, was on a boat ride down the Colorado River in my home state of Nevada. They were hard to see at first, as they blended so artfully into the sunburned, barren rocks they live on. To say they pick harsh living conditions would be an understatement. Yet somehow they thrive where others would find themselves failing. Here in the Nine of Wands we see some of the scars you have gathered as you have made your way through the suit, but this is not the time to give up. You have worked long and hard to get where you now stand. Draw on your inner strength and brace yourself for the last lesson you will have to endure for the time being.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

288 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

In business, there arc always those who want to rip off your ideas or try and move in on your territory. The Ram says, let them. Let them try to be something and someone they are clearly not. You have earned your place and those around you know this. Never forget that you will still be standing when all the other wannabes have failed and fallen.

Family and Relationships

A couple that stands together never falls. Instead they patch each other up and lovingly heal the wounds inflicted by those who seem jealous of what they have built. Always remember that you will accomplish more together than you will apart. Strengthen your resolve and allow your relationship to flourish even when the conditions are harsh.

Health and Well-Being

It takes courage and stamina to walk a healing path, as many will w ant to pull you off of it, or distract you from doing some­thing that they themselves feel unable to do. The Ram says, stand your ground and draw power from the inner know ledge that you are doing exactly what you need to do, for your own physical and spiritual well-being.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How do you handle obstacles and objections?
  • What do you normally do when the going gets tough?
  • Are you good at finishing what you started?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Ten of Vfands / Snail

“ l/r hide-and-seek abilities connect me to the rebirthing power of the soul in its many physical forms, and my slimy silver trails track the natural magnetic pull of the earth, as I travel t hrough my physical life. I am totally contained on this journey and need nothing more than what and who I am. Allow me to show you how you can travel your own path unencumbered and unrestricted."

— Message from the Snail

Snails are such interesting little creatures, with their spiral shells and their slimy trails, not to mention their ability to pull their whole body into their shell and back out again. Have you ever noticed how right after the rain, you see an abundance of Snails in the garden? This is because Snails don’t travel in the rain, or in extreme cold, or in the heat, for that matter.Thev wait until they have the perfect set of conditions to travel in. The Ten ol Wands lets you know that you have traveled to the end of the suit of Wands. With each card, you learned a new lesson and now you hold its power inside of you. But to know if you trulv understand this power, you first have to lay down the physical Wands. From this point forward, there is no need to continue carrying the past around with you.The conditions arc now right for you to unburden yourself and start a fresh journey.


||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

292 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

It ever there was a time to delegate, it would be now. You are

trying to carry too much of the load, and if you continue you will trip, fall, and hurt not only yourself, but your professional

reputation, too. It takes a

strong leader to know when to let

things go and when vou need to focus your energy on more

important things.

Family and Relationships

The Ten of Wands in a relationship reading lets you know that you have taken on more than you can actually handle.Your own needs, wants, and desires have gotten lost in the pile and now If you do not rec

quickly, all of this fiery energy will quickly ignite into anger and resentment.

vou feel weighed down and heavy,

tify this

Health and Well-Being

This card represents the load that you are carrying—the weight that you have been carrying around with you, both physically and vibrationally. The Snail lets you know that you don’t need it, you have never needed it, and now it is time to let it go.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Do you have a problem saying no to others? If so, why?
  • What lessons have you learned that you no longer need to keep learning?
  • Where are you currently feeling anger and resentment towards others?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Ace of Pentacles / Dung Beetle

"Everything in the physical material world operates in a cycle of reincarnation. That which is past its usefulness for one person becomes the most coveted resource to another. We all require different things at different times, so be open to where that resource can come from. Waste not, want not, is my personal motto, and if you know how to be open-minded, it will be yours as well."

— Message from the Dung Beetle

The energy of the Ace of Pentacles brings your focus back to the material world, a world which sometimes can feel like it is just full of things. Yet the Ace of Pentacles offers a new perspective—or new direction—for your current set of circumstances. In fact it asks that you take a really good look around and make sure you are using all that is available to you to vour full advantage. The Dung Beetle is an expert in using w hat looks like waste for other purposes. You see, this small yet super effective Beetle disperses the seeds eaten by larger her­bivores, allowing them to germinate and grow into new plants. For the Dung Beetle, the world is a treasure trove of abun­need that you cannot find.You may,

however, have to be somewhat more creative in your thinking and become one with repurposing.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

2%        1 he Minor Arcana

Business and Career

This card oilers new opportunities to sec the resources at your disposal, in vour business, as points of abundant expan­sion. Just like the Dung Beetle, everything you could possibly need is currently at vour fingertips. You may, however, have discounted their importance at first glance. Try again with cre­ative vision and allow vour gifts to shine.

Family and Relationships

Now might be a good time to take another look at your budget,

as there may be more wiggle room than you first thought. Not

everything has to be brand-new. Sometimes things can be re­claimed or repurposed.The Dung Beetle asks you to look around

your home and see what items you can breathe new life into.

Health and Well-Being

A gift is rolling into your present experience, but looks can be deceiving—and perhaps you are yet to see it for the treasure it truly is. The Ace of Pentacles asks if you are really ready to receive what you have asked for, regardless of how it chooses to show up.

  • What new gifts have come into your life recently,

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

that you have yet to fully explore?

  • How can you make better use of what you currently have?
  • Where is the energy of recycling or repurposing showing up in your current situation?

è fi»£&£ fimm

Two of Pentacles / Harrier Hawk

Every Jay brings with it something new to deal with. It is like a never-ending cycle of lessons, demands, and chores.Yet 1 know I am not alone and that those around me share the same burden. Each of us only deals with that which we are skilled to deal with. Meaning we only ever carry small pieces oj the larger workload so none of us ever get overwhelmed or burned out."

— Message from the Harrier Hawk

The Harrier Hawk lives deep in the southwest deserts. Un­

like other hawks, this predator likes to keep its nest close to the ground, hidden and secure. This allows the others in the cast to keep a watchful eye out from the cactus above. In this card, we see a full nest and this mother has her talons full.The Two of Pentacles indicates a time of juggling responsibilities and personal goals. Just as the Harrier must divide her time between her nest and her responsibilities to her cast, so too will you feel divided. Just know that this juggling won’t last forever, but for now it requires your time and energy. Take a page from the Harrier’s playbook: keep your body close to the earth so you can recharge when you start to feel run-down and overwhelmed.

Business and Career

When you run a business, it can seem like all you do is juggle. There are multiple things to get done on any given day, and


HH s sffi^^i aww

jOO ] he Minor Arcana

there never seems to be enough time in the day to get through that ever growing to-do list. Let’s face it, if you don’t have help, you really need to get some. Prioritize your tasks, and hand oil those that are truly below your skill level to someone else. our clients and your bottom line will thank you in the

Family and Relationships

The Harrier knows only too well that in order to get everything done, she has to work with and rely on other members of the family and community. This is a key reminder that you’re not meant to be doing this all on your own. You are meant to be working as part of a team. So, if you have been too afraid to ask for help or to delegate tasks, now would be a good time to stop acting like a martyT and start acting like a team player.

Health and Well-Being

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in either/or situations, when we can pick one choice over the other. But not this time. Like it or not, you must step up to the plate and be present for all of your current responsibilities. Rest when and where you can, but don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How good are you at being a team player?
  • Which tasks do you need to delegate to others?


resources are you currently juggl

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

È fi»£&£

Three of Pentacles / Giraffe

"There is nothing wrong with keeping your eye on the prize, hut keep in mind that this is only one part oj attaining what you require. Lift your head and look towards where your goal or dream is and start walking towards it. As you walk, you will meet others along the way who will he willing to assist you. Take advantage of all that is offered to you, as you will never get to where you want to be on your own. Attaining goals is a team effort; remember this and you will be amply rewarded."

— Message from the Giraffe

The Giraffe is best known for its incredibly long neck. This unique bone structure is both a blessing and a curse for the poor giraffe, as most of the Giraffe’s injuries are in its neck, and these injuries can become fatal very quickly. Yes, the most impressive thing about this beautiful animal is its most vulner­able flaw. This is much like getting lost in one’s own personal vision. If that is all you are ever focused on, you allow yourself to become a vulnerable target.

The Three of Pentacles wants you to reach your goals, but it wants you to be aware that standing still anti daydreaming is both dangerous and a waste of energy. Threes are about manifesting, but you don’t manifest alone: you need help. Manifestation is about collaboration and the Giraffe knows all about this. Don’t just stick your neck out. Instead, stretch to see what resources are available to you at this time and then move toward them.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

'04 the Minor Arcana

Business and Career

No matter how tempting, now is not the time to take your eyes oil 'your long term goals.

Make sure vour daily goals are moving you closer to where you w ant to be and not into the danger of distraction.

Family and Relationships

Teamwork always gets things done faster and with less energy. Find people around you who will assist you in your goals today. This may mean using your social time to meet new people wrho to yourself.

Health and Well-Being

^our body, mind, and soul are a team. In order for you to achieve your divine purpose here on the physical plane, they all need to be working together. Check in and make sure your thoughts, feelings, and intentions are in alignment with what vou sav you want.

>                 J J

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What safeguards will you put in place to make sure you stay safe and on course?
  • What resources are you missing right now and how will you go about acquiring them?
  • Who are your biggest fans and how do you honor their ongoing support?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Four of Pentacles / Squirrel

"They say you can never have too much of a good thing. But there comes a time when things are no longer any good, and all you are left with is something that you can no longer use. It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of always wanting more, but when is enough, enough? There is only so much you can enjoy at any given time. The rest is merely taking up space."

Message from the Squirrel

he art of gathering and hiding is an essential part of the Squirrel’s daily life. They invest a lot of time and energy in

collecting enough food to sustain them during the harsh winter months. Unfortunately, most of what the Squirrel stashes ends

up becoming useless as a food source, as these seeds sprout into plants come early spring. The Four of Pentacles shows us

that hard work can and does pay off, and that your financial goals can be achieved if you commit to savings or, pardon the pun, squirrel your money away. Just remember that money it­self is nothing more than an energy and it needs to flow. There needs to be a give and take, not just a take and hide. Just as the forgotten nuts become useless to the squirrel, material things that never bring you any joy are not worth having.

Business and Career

You are seeing the financial results of all you have chased after, but now is not the time to keep chasing. Instead, take some


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

MX The Minor Arcana

money from your stash and start looking lor ways to invest back into your business so it can continue to grow.

Family and Relationships

Now is not the time to be stingy with yourself or others. People know when you arc being deliberate

right now. A little splurging won’t kill you, but stressing your­self out over every penny you have or don’t have most defi­nitely will.

ly c heap, so stop it

Health and Well-Being

Iwo words: spa day! You have earned some pampering and your body is in need of it. All of that tension in your muscles needs to be released in a productive, healthy way. Frown lines and worry marks arc not only bad for your face, but bad for the acid levels in your stomach. Let go, unwind, and your body and your mind will thank you later.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What are you really holding onto?
  • What hidden things have you forgotten about?
  • How do you reward yourself when you achieve your goals?


Five of Pentacles / Raccoon Dog

“They xur there are no passive players in this game of life, that hc all come in and play a part. Do you know what part you arc plating? Some of us come to teach, some of us come to learn, hut most of us come to do hoth.You, however, decide if the lessons you learn and the part you play will be easy or hard. It's up to you, so choose wisely."

— Message from the Raccoon Dog

Unless you are heavily into fur or the fur trade, there is a

£ood chance you have never even heard of the Raccoon Dog. This small canid is used extensively in the fur industry and made headlines recently when it was found that some design­ers were using Raccoon Dog fur and trying to pass it as faux fur. The Five of Pentacles warns you of the repercussions of vour decisions. Yet at the same time, it lets you know that looks can be deceiving. Sure, the cart loaded with dead Raccoon Dog pelts looks ominous, but it means that the trappers will be able to feed their families at least for another night or two.

The Five of Pentacles tells you that right now your situation serves you. Find out how and why you cling to this energy, and then you will be able to come in from the cold.

Business and Career

The Raccoon Dog is hunted only because there is a human demand. Are your decisions based on feeding your human de­mands or are they coming from a point of true soul expansion?


||| i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

you have draw n this card in a relationship

i I 2 I he Minor Arcana

I hose decisions will ultimately be how others view you and vour business.

Family and Relationships

reading, then there

is good chance that you are allowing your own demands to hin­der the outcome you seek. If you no longer want the cold shoul­der, you may have to think about someone else for a change.

Health and Well-Being

It is a conscious decision to wear fur and all conscious deci­sions have physical consequences. Is your body starting to show' the signs ol the decisions you have made over the years? Your physical body is the best point of reference you have of how your decisions have affected you. Take an inventory of all that is working and all that is not.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • What old story have you been holding onto that no longer serves you?
  • What part have you played in your own misery?
  • Where do you have the opportunity to reverse this energy from a negative to a positive?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

è fi»£&£ s#«t

Six of Pentacles / Chicken

"Although it only takes one person to be the seed of change, it takes the power of many to transform that change from a thought into a reality. ds one single energy you may feel powerless, but with the energy of many you will be able to conguer any and all obstacles that now present themselves.'’

— Message from the Chicken

In my many animal totem classes, I have seen the faces of those who have ended up with the Chicken as their animal guide. This is because they see this magical power animal as a meal and not as a guide. But food has a lot to teach us. One sin­gle Chicken may seem completely useless, but Chickens never work alone. Oh no, they are very organized and they can go

from quietly minding their own business to flapping up a storm in the blink of an eye. I know—I have seen it first hand—and

it’s the reason I will never set foot in a chicken coop again.The

Six of Pentacles is about bringing others together through a single act. This act is often the giving of something, be it mon­ey, time, assistance, or advice that in turn helps others achieve a like-minded goal or dream. You could say that the Six of Pen­tacles, mixed with the energy of the Chicken, is the beginning of a movement that can either enact change for the better—or

create a riot.


||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

} 16 The Minor .Arcana

Business and Career

Have vou ever thought of connecting your business to a charity or organization that vou believe in?This sort of collaboration is a win win. It shows your clients and prospective clients you are a giver, and vou get to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Family and Relationships

Do vou allow those around vou to help you? The Chicken warns vou that being a martyr can end as you becoming din- with you feeling

alone. Work with those you love and not against them, and see just how much you can accomplish together.

Health and Well-Being

Are you prepared for things to go right? The Six of Pentacles shows how one small action can have big

quences, but you are really ready for them? Enlist the help of those who can see your healing vision as clearly as you do, and create the movement tow ards success now.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How organized are you?
  • Where can you offer assistance to those around you?
  • What sort of movement do you wish to be a part of?

ner. Trying to do it all alone will onlv end up

long-term conse-

||| È fiffi±^I fiffifflS

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

Seven of Pentacles / Elk

“Have you ever noticed how restless you become when you are waiting for something to happen? No matter what you do or where you go, this restless energy just seems to be right there, bubbling away under the surface, a mix of both anticipation and anxiety. You know something is about to happen, and you canjeel it, yet this holding pattern makes you nervous about how it’s all going to work out. The best cure is to start practicing like it is already here. Start now and by the time it allJails into place,you won’t even notice the dijference.”

Message from the Elk

n this card, we see an adolescent Elk in limbo, too young to mate and too old to play with the younger Elk. All he can do is practice what he will do when it is his time to step out of this uncomfortable, in-between energy. The Seven of Pentacles is the waiting card; when it shows up it lets you know that you are in a holding pattern. The good news is, just like the young Elk, there is only one direction you can go: forward.Timing is key with the energy of this card, as you have to be ready when things shift and you are able to move ahead. The Elk prepares for this shift by practicing being a full-grown Elk, faking it till he makes it, if you will. The Seven of Pentacles tells you to do the same.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

320 The Minor Arcana

Business and Career

You may be feeling like your business is standing still. Welcome to the energy of the Seven of Pentacles. When the biggest in­ner growth is happening, the outside world seems to have been put on pause. This, however, is not a sign for you to stop doing what you are doing, but for you to put aside your doubt. It is moving, even if vou can’t see it right now.

Family and Relationships

Building a good relationship takes time. Sometimes lots and lots of time. Just because it isn’t all rainbows and fireworks right this second, doesn’t mean it never will be. In fact, this card indicates a huge growth spurt, so don’t give up yet. In­stead, be like the young Elk and fake the fireworks and rain­bows until you can truly start to see them.

Health and Well-Being

Your physical body is the very last place things show up. Be it wellness, illness, weight gain, or weight loss, your body is the last to show the signs. But just because it’s the last place for healing to show up, doesn’t mean it won’t! Healing is taking place, things are shifting, moving, and changing. Believe with all your might that you are about to have a tremendous break­through, and you will really get into the vortex of the Seven of Pentacles,

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • How are you tending to your manifestation garden?
  • What ways can you, like the young Elk, fake it till you make it?
  • Where in your life do you feel you have reached a plateau?

Eight of Pentacles I Mountain Goat

"If you look carefully,you will notice I am not as clumsy as I used to be on these rocks. I have seen how each place I need to step has a special mark on it. With each pass through this part of the mountain, I become more and more surefooted. You will also build your confidence and become sure of who you arc and what you have to offer, with each step of your own. Just remember the golden rule: don’t look down.”

— Message from the Mountain Goat

When your life depends on every step you take, you will make sure you master your footwork. This is exactly what our adolescent Mountain Goat is doing, high in the Rocky Mountains. This path is one that he has to mentally remember and build into his muscle memory. When you put in the time to master your craft, you build muscle memory. This memory is then turned into a habit, and before you know it something that once seemed hard is now second nature. The Eight of Pen­tacles wants you to hang in there and keep going. The more you practice, the better your skills become, and before you know it you and your work will be in demand.

Business and Career

The Eight ol Pentacles says, work like no one is looking— or cares, for that matter. Do what you do because it means something to you, and you alone. This card often means put­ting in some extra time and effort to get your craft where you


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

’4 I he Minor Arc ana

personally want it to be. 7 here is no room for half measures under the influence of this card, because if you do, you and you alone will pay the price.

Family and Relationships

It s time to roll up your sleeves and get dow n to business—the business of being the best darn friend, partner, or lover you can be. When you show up in a relationship, you know wheth­er you’re giving it your all, or if you’re just phoning it in.TTie Eight of Pentacles wants you to be more attentive and practice being more present to those around you.

Health and Well-Being

When the Mountain Goat shows up, he is letting you know that each step you take gets you closer to your health and well­ness goals. This means each step is a personal win.

Remember, health is a skilled journey and it does take prac­tice to walk this new path of well-being. Just know that with the Eight of Pentacles on your side, you will actually begin to see your progress.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Where do you need to do more or be more in your life right now?
  • What skills would you like to sharpen just for the sake of it?
  • How surefooted do you fee) in the world at the moment?

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Nine of Pentacles / Ibrtoise

")bu already have all that you need, right where you are. So take it easy, slow down, and just this once allow yourself to stop and smell the roses. It is okay to relaxJor a moment, because where you are is safe and protected. Here in this garden no one needs or wants anything from you. Relax, take a deep breath, and count your blessings.”

— Message from the Tortoise

The Tortoise is one of the earth’s gentle giants. He moves at his own slow pace, carrying all of his worldly possessions wherever he goes. Everything he could possibly need is right there, in his shell, fully protected and hidden away from pry­ing eyes. Living well over a hundred years, these gentle giants move to their own time, a much slower time, a time where all is provided and everything comes exactly when it is meant to, and not a second before. The Nine of Pentacles is more a card

of how to build and sustain resources over the long term.There is nothing short-term about this card.The garden in which the Pentacles and the Tortoise find themselves also shows how

things grow, change, and rejuvenate over time. The Nine of Pentacles offers a lesson about stamina and the long haul. Do what needs to be done so that what you need in the future will already be taken care of.


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

328 I he Minor Arcana

Business and Career

When it conies to business, it’s very easy to get caught up in the making of money. But money itself comes and goes; what stays is wealth. Wealth and money are not the same thing, and they require two totally different mindsets. Which mindset are vou using to build your business?

Family and Relationships

The Tortoise moves slowly. It’s not in a hurry. Instead, it takes time to enjoy the scenery. Can you say the same with your rela­tionship? Are you taking the time to enjoy where you are right now with your partner, or are you to busy worrying about what comes next? This card lets you know that everything you need for this relationship to grow is already there—you just need to be present and aw are of it in the moment.

Health and Well-Being

How would you like to have the life expectancy and health of a Tortoise? If so, you need to be more like the Tortoise. Slow’ down, take your time in all things, including eating and learn­ing to enjoy the current space you occupy. Health is not a race to the finish; it is an ongoing form of dedication and devotion to your physical vessel, and this takes time.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • Are you chasing money or are you interested in building wealth?
  • Do you need to slow down and take the time to really explore all the gifts you already have?
  • Where do you need to protect what you have so it can grow and multiply?




è fi»£&£ s#«t

Ten of Pentacles / Rabbit

"Some sur / am lucky, some consider me a pest, but no one cun argue about my ability to multiply rapidly. There is a reason Rabbits breed—-well—like Rabbits. It is part of our survival—no, part of our legacy. The more we create, the more h c have to share. Our gifts benefit not only us, but those around us. lie all play our part in this physical world, even if it means sometimes ending up as someone else’s dinner!”

— Message from the Rabbit

Rabbits are without a doubt a symbol of multiplying abun­dance. I mean, who hasn’t heard the expression “breeding as fast as rabbits”? Mixed with the Ten of Pentacles, these Rab­bits want you to take notice of more than your money. You may have finished your journey through the suit of Pentacles, but you are not done with what is possible in the physical world in which you live. In many respects this card says, “Well, good for you, you made it.” Now what? Rabbit energy moves fast, which means that this moment won’t last long, unless you do something with it. Go ahead and admire your handiwork, but prepare to move on to something much more meaningful and

Business and Career

The Rabbit speaks more of legacy than of continued accumula­tion. Andrew Carnegie once said that it was his divine purpose to make as much money as possible in the first half of his life,


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

The Minor Arcana

so he could spend the last half of his life giving it away. How will your business he remembered, anti how is it building a leg­acy outside of its profits?

Family and Relationships

How can you take the blessings of your family into the com­munity? Can you take a bag of groceries to your local food bank? Join together with family and friends to donate money to a cause you all believe in? The Rabbit and the Ten of Pen­tacles asks you to extend your good fortune out into the world around you.


Health and Well-Being

gratitude as

possible and let the universe know that you want more of this. Focus on what you do have today, and let the feelings of thanks multiply until they fill your body up.

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • The Rabbit asks, what will you do now that you have what you need?
  • How will you maintain your resources and keep yourself and your abundance healthy?
  • What gifts have you been hiding that those around you need right now?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Chapter 8 Exploring Your Deck

In this chapter, I will walk you through three spreads that I feel work well with this particular deck. Not that other spreads won’t work with this deck, it is just these three spreads align more cohesively with both the energies of the animals and the structure of the tarot. These are the three spreads I personally use the most with clients who want to know more about their animal guides, and how to bring their energy into daily life.

Spread One—The Inner Totem Pole

I have to admit, I am not the creator of the inner totem pole; this is a meditation I found in the works of Ted Andrews, and I have used variations of this meditation in various classes and work­shops I have taught over the years. But I wanted to take this inner journey out of the mind and bring it into the physical realm, which is how I ended up blending it with tarot. I have been working with this spread for a couple of years now, and it has helped hundreds of my clients come to a better understanding of the power that lies inside of them, just waiting to be tapped into. My wish is that it will do the same for you.

So let’s begin.

For this spread we are only going to work with the Major Ar­cana, which means you will need to separate these twenty-two


i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

<       Exploring Your I )cck

cards Iron) the rest ol the deck. Once you have them separated, put the other cards away and then go ahead and shuffle the Ma­jor Arcana cards. Fan the cards out in front of you, facedown.

Use the pain) ol your hand to skim across the cards in front ol you. 1 he moment one of the cards heats up the palm of your hand, pick it up—hut don’t look at it—and place it next to you. Place your hand hack over the spread-out cards, and again wait to feel the heat coming up to your palm; take that card and place it facedown above the first card you pulled. We are building upwards, building from the ground towards the heav­ens. Place your hand back over the spread-out cards and wait lor the heat; repeat this process until you have eight cards face­down, forming your totem pole.

Keep your cards facedown; you want to turn them over only one at a time as you build the energy, not only in the cards, but in your own body. As you turn over each of the cards, really connect with the energy and notice how it makes you feel. Al­low yourself to shift and bend with each energy as you grow your inner totem pole, and learn about the power you hold within you. Remember that the strength of the totem pole lies in the attention to the sturdiness of each of its layers. So take your time and do not rush working with this spread.

Card One—The Earth from whichYou Grow

This card is the fertile ground, where everything you create is rooted and grows from. These are not the roots themselves, but the earth in which they grow, expand, and feed. The bot­tom of your totem pole is what holds everything else up. It provides the guidelines for everything that comes after it and represents the first step of your process. You will draw your power from this card first.

Don’t worry if the animal you have drawn is not aligned with earth energies. Look at the animal’s message, and then

||| é fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J.®

Exploring Your Deck      337

see what the tarot itself has to oiler you. There are no wrong cards in this position and it’s important for you to note that each card brings with it a supporting gift, an opportunity to grow and nourish your journey. It is up to you to see the gift in the earth you have planted your roots in.

Take a look at the card you have in this position. What sort of foundation do you have? Is it nice and solid like the earth itself, or is it more fluid and able to move? What do you need to do to keep this part of your totem pole strong and healthy? animal give

you can tap into to empower your current situation?

you in this position that

What strengths does your

Card Two—The Roots

In all good soil lie the root systems of healthy, abundant plants and trees. The root system is what brings the much-needed nu­trients up to the rest of your totem pole. In many ways, it feeds and nourishes you so you can grow and expand. The richer the soil, the stronger the roots, which means cards one and two work hand in hand, keeping your totem pole straight, strong, and erect.

Healthy roots have plenty of room to spread out; some spread sideways and others like to go as deep as possible into the earth. But roots can become restricted, unable to stretch out and grow. If you have ever transferred a plant from a small pot to either a bigger pot or into the earth itself, you will see how the roots can grow around themselves and end up strangling each other.

Take a good look at the card you have in this position. Does the energy from this card need lots of room to roam and grow, or will it do better contained? How does this card work in re­

lation to the soil it must grow in? Is your animal more on the wild loner side, or is it organized and more community mind­ed? What power does this card have for you to tap into for your present situation?

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

BS     Exploring Your Deck

Card Three — Create, Regenerate, and Give Birth

Fhe animal aligned to this position in your totem pole sits at vour seat of creation. This card draws the life energy up from the roots and brings it into physical form.This watery spot in your totem pole is full of emotion and can he plagued by memories of the past. Where there is water there is life, and where there is water there are flow, currents, undertows, and stillness.The card you have placed here not only balances your emotions, but it also shows you ways to deal with your past by using only the love and the lessons to build the new creative energy of the future.

In every aspect of our lives we are creating something. In business, we work to create money and increase our reach as an expert in our field. In relationships, we look to create pas­sion, harmonv, and unity. In health, we look to create a body that is strong and resilient. If we are working on a goal, then we have an outcome that we wish to create. Understanding the power of this particular part of your totem pole just makes the whole creation process easier to get a handle on.

Hold this card at eye level; really look closely at it and say out loud, “I am the one that feels...” (fill in the blank). Just draw the energy from the card itself; at this point don’t even read the meaning in the book. The colors, animal, composi­tion, and overall visual appearance of the card will automatical- Iv trigger an emotional response from you. Just let the words How until you feel done. Now go and check the message and meaning of the card, and see how it aligns to how it initially made you feel.

If the overall image made you feel scared, confused, and unsure, but the meaning did not, then this lets you know what parts of your past are playing a role in your emotional response to the world around you. Use the animal to empower those feel­ings and thus heal the creation center. If, however, the image it­self made you feel safe, secure, and at peace, but the meaning did

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

bring outwards into the world point is never internalized, but

Exploring Your Deck 339 not, then explore why. What is it about the meaning of the card that bothers you so much? Use this contrast to explore what ele ments of your past are overriding your desire of peace and calm in vour current life.

Card Four—Action, Inspiration, and Reaction

This is the hot seat of your totem pole, pulling up from the center of creation. Here your emotions dictate whether or not the energy in this position will inspire action, or just an explo­sive reaction.This hot seat is where you will find the energy of the inner child. Your animal and card will let you know how this child is feeling. Pay very close attention to what you see here, as this is the energy you around you. The energy at this

rather played out in every decision you make, every person you meet, and every situation you find yourself in.

A healthy, happy, balanced inner child allows us to bring the energy of power and confidence to our actions, knowing that each step forward will bring us rewards and closer to our soul’s divine destiny. An unhappy, angry, and hurt inner child, how­ever, will fill our lives with self-sabotage, confusion, and de­struction, and keep us trapped at a victim level.The animal that shows up in this position brings with it the gift to heal the en­ergy around your inner child, and allow it to live for moments of wonder and inspiration rather than allow it to stomp around and demand all your attention.

Look at the card you have drawn for this position; take note of what element it is connected to and how this element works in conjunction with the power of fire. Does it fan the fire’s flames or put them out? Can it be used to control the fire, allowing you to rise with the flames when needed, but calm them down when you do not have the need?Then hold the card

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

t+0 Exploring Your Deck

at eye level and say the following out loud: MMy inner child al­lows me to ...” (fill in the blank).

Card Five—The Heart of the Mediator

In many respects, this card represents the mediator energy within vour totem pole. It brings the energies from both above and below and merges them into one. It sends the higher en­ergies back into the earth to be regenerated, and raises the energy of emotion and action up to the level of thought and consciousness. It’s as if all conflict is resolved here, in the heart of the totem pole. For nothing can proceed without first going through this space, just as nothing can be released.

The animal sitting in this position in your totem pole will also let you know how you process your feelings about love—not vour emotions, but your feelings. Emotions are memory-based; feelings are vibrational. Let me give you an example: If you have an air element here, then for you, love is an intellectual matter; it all happens in your head first. If you have a water element here, then love for you is truly an emotional experience that you have created, over and over again from the memories of your past. If you find an earth element here, then there is a good chance you are far more practical about love, and if you find a fire element here, then look out, because sparks are going to fly.

So how does your mediator process? How is the heart of your totem pole beating? What are your heart-based strengths, and what are your heart-based weaknesses? How can you use the message from this card to move your current life situation into a place of love? Remember, if things in your life seem to be stuck and immovable, you might want to come back and check in with the heart of your totem pole, as it will be here that you will see the cause of your conflict as well as the way to resolve it.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Exploring Your Deck 341

Card Six — Communication

After the energy in your totem pole moves up through the me­diator it will deliver a message. Can you hear it? Are you listen ing? Do you know how you receive information? The card in this position will show you how you listen and communicate with the world around you. Each of us has a different way of giving and receiving information, and the animal sitting in this position is about to unlock the secret chambers of your com­munication network.

Some further study might be needed at this point, on how your animal actually hears and speaks. Does it have ears? Does it hear through feeling? How does it communicate with oth­ers? Does it sing, and if so what is the purpose of its song? Did you know that the elephant does not even hear through those huge ears? It actually listens through the chambers of its feet, connecting its communication process to the vibrations of the earth plane, whereas a lot of monkeys are brilliant at reading each other via body language.

So how do you hear and how do you listen? Remember that hearing and listening are not the same thing. One can hear words being spoken, but not listen to the meaning, which turns the words into mere background noise. We all want to be heard, which means we must listen in return. Let the card at this posi­tion show you how to both give and receive communication in a respectful manner, so that you can honor your need to be heard as well as the needs of those around you.

Card Seven —The Eyes Have It

Vision is more than just seeing what is in front of your face. It’s about being able to see what is not there just as clearly as what is there. Vision is about being able to see the map, the journey, and the destination all at once. Once the energy hits this point of your totem pole, you will start to see flickers of what could

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

i42     Exploring Your Deck

be-or could not be. You get Hashes of potential and branches ol oppoi tunity. fes, it is here that the bigger picture starts to come into locus.

So what do you see? Is it a complete picture, or are there pieces missing? II anything has gotten lost in translation from the communication center, it might he hard for you to form a crystal-clear picture in your mind of what was birthed in the cre­ation center. Lucky for you, your animal is here to help you put all the pieces together. Just like the previous card, some further study might be needed in order to truly understand how your animal sees. Does it see in color, or in black and white? Does it even create visual images with its eyes, or like a bat, does it cre­ate 3D maps by bouncing sound around its surroundings?

Not all eyes are the same, and some see better than others. Some see clearly in the dark but are blinded by the light, and some need the light to see anything at all. So how do you see best—with your eyes wide open or shut tight? Remember, in order to manifest the growing energy in your totem pole, you must be able to see it clearly formed and already existing in the material world. When in doubt, come back to the card in this position.

Card EightTop ofthe Totem Pole:Awareness

Our final stop is, of course, the top of the totem pole, the posi­tion that oversees all below it. Once the energy has traveled to this point, it is time to send it out into the world around you. This is done via your awareness of what you are creating and why you are creating it. The mind needs to stay focused in or­der to allow the energy within your totem pole to increase in momentum and bring forth all that you wish to experience. An unfocused mind, or a mind that is out of awareness, will create haphazardly and inconsistently, bringing nothing but confusion and frustration to your life.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Exploring Your Deck    343

The card vou have sitting at this position shows you how to control your mind and how to bring it to a stage of awareness, so that you can send your requests out to the universe and then get out of the way, to allow the universe to respond back to you, fully manifest. You can and should spend time with this card in meditation, as it will open up to you more and more, the more you connect with its energy. In fact, if you are sti ug- gling with keeping that mind of yours from racing, pull out this card and just stare at it. Allow it to pull you in and ground you, making you aware of nothing but its image and the moment.

The animal sitting at the top of your totem pole works hand in hand with the animal at the bottom of your totem pole. To­gether they keep you balanced, circulate your energy, and al­low you to heal, create, and love. So who oversees your spiri­tual journey as a physical being? How do they make sure you keep your feet on the ground, while you shoot for the stars? What tips and tricks docs this card share with you about keep­ing your mind focused? And last but not least, how does your awareness work?

Congratulations! You have created your inner totem pole. This spread is not one to use on a regular basis. If anything, it is a once-a-decade kind of deal. I would only suggest doing it again if you happen to come out of a huge life change, or if you notice a cycle in your life has come to an end, and through this closure you have transformed and grown beyond where you once were. Keep in mind, too, that there are no wrong cards in this spread. Just because you don’t like the card that shows up does not make it wrong; it just means you have points of resistance to work through. It’s all a process, so simply enjoy the journey and work with building and moving the energy through your inner totem pole.

||| È fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

544 Exploring Your Deck

Spread Two —The Archetype Spread

This second spread is for you to start exploring the many differ- <nt fates and energies of the royal families and is recommended lor a situation, problem, or concern that involves other people as well as yourself. In many ways, this spread allows you to see the many different faces of who you are in regards to your in­quiry, in a detached manner. Do not take any of the cards per­sonally; remember the cards have no attachment to the out­come, nor do they have an emotional interest in the end result. The> merely want to offer you the best possible guidance.

For this spread we are only going to be working with the royals or court cards, so go ahead and separate them from your deck. Once you have them, put the rest of the cards away. Go ahead and just spread them all out in front of you, facedown. Take a moment, place your hands in a prayer position, and close your eyes as you ask your question. Make sure the question is fully formed in your mind before you open your eyes. With your eyes open, go ahead and select three cards, keeping them face­down for now. Place them one after the other, in a row of three.

  1. 1. Card one represents how you see yourself acting in this particular situation.
  2. 2. Card two represents how others see you acting in this situation.
  3. 3. Card three represents how you should be acting to re­solve this situation.

As we discussed briefly in chapter two, the court cards bring a more human aspect to your reading, which makes them perfect to explore the many different roles we play and how others see

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

I spinning Your Dec k

the roles we phv said, look at the cards you now have in front ol you. Note the ages, the elements, and the roles these characters are playing. Is (here a big difference between how you see voursell and how others sec you? Also take note ol the role J

you need to play in order to bring resolution to this situation.

There is no room lor your ego in this spread, so if you find voursell feeling somewhat offended by how others see you, then 1 suggest you take a nice deep breath and remember that perception isn't everything—but it is the reason nothing is working out the wav you want it to. Ask yourself what is more important right now, getting this issue behind you, or taking is­sue w ith the perceptions of others? Keep in mind that once you move into the energy of the last card, perceptions will change and things will start falling into place, just the way they were always meant to.

We all play many roles in this game of life; some we like, and some we do not. But in the end, there is only one thing that matters: how the end result moves us forward along our path.

Spread Three—The Situation Spread

In this spread, we are going to explore the Minor Arcana and how they can help us with our day-to-day concerns. Many times, when for guid

things: we are either hoping to be told our own thoughts or intu­ition are correct, or we just want someone else to tell us what to do. Either way, there is another layer playing out that many of us are just not aware of, and that is what is being scripted by the sub­allows you to not

into the divine web for guidance, but allows aspects of the sub­conscious to come forward and bring themselves to the forefront of your conscious decision-making process.

we find ourselves looking

ance we are doing one of two

conscious mind.The following spread

only tap

||| A fiffi±^I fiffiffl®

<+6 I xploringYour Drck

For this spread you are only going to need the Minor Arcana cards, so go ahead and separate them from your deck, and put the cards you don t need away. Now you are going to divide the cards into suits, which will give you lour piles of cards: one for C ups, one for Wands, one for Swords, and one for Penta­

cles. Place the four piles facedown for now. Go ahead and grab a piece of paper and cut it into four separate pieces.

  1. 1. On the first piece of paper write, “How do I really feel about this situation?”
  2. 2. On the second piece of paper w rite, “How I really think about this situation?”
  3. 3. On the third piece of paper write, “How' is this experi­ence affecting my daily life?”
  4. 4. And on the last piece of paper write, “What is the next step for this situation?”

Go ahead and place the first piece of paper down in front of you and pick up the Cups pile of cards. Shuffle the cards and spread them out facedown. Gently glide your hand over the cards until you feel heat, tingling, or a pull coming up from one of the cards. Turn this card over and place it on the piece of paper. Now take the second piece of paper, place it next to the first and pick up the Swords pile of cards. Shuffle, spread, and once again select a card, placing it face up on the piece of paper. Pick up the third piece of paper and place it face up next to the second. This time, grab the pile of Pentacles, shuffle the spread, and pick a card again. Place it face up on the third piece of paper. Bring your final piece of paper to the end of the row, and using the last pile of cards, the Wands, shuffle, spread, and select, putting the final card on the final piece of paper.

i fiffi±^I fiffifflS

Exploring Your Deck    347

Now, in front of you, is a short storyboard about the situ­ation for which you are seeking guidance. Each card presents you with a gift, an opportunity to see what is really going on, how it is impacting your day-to-day life, and the next step you need to take in regards to this particular situation. As each part of this situation unfolds, stay as open as possible to the mes­sages that come with each of the cards. Do your best to keep your need to be çight out of the equation. Also keep in mind that the last card is the next step, which may not necessarily be a resolution to this particular situation.

The reason it may just be a next step is that perhaps there is a lot more that needs to be learned yet, and more information needs to come to the surface before a clear decision or definitive resolution can be made. Not everything in our lives is meant to be rushed or sped through. Sometimes, time is the best answer we can get. So if your final card is clearly just the next step, do this spread again in a couple of weeks and see what progress you have made with this particular situation, and take note of how the energy around you has changed. Have fun with this spread and use it for what it is—a guide, a tool, a form of further ex­ploration of something in your life that you need assistance with. Nothing more, nothing less.

||| è fiffi±^ï iaffiÊ'J®

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