Archangel Gabriel is the beloved angel from the Bibic who announced, ’‘Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy!” Gabriel continues to bring us all joyful messages, in addition to supporting human messengers such as writer-, artists, craftspeople, musicians, teachers, journalists, and more. Gabriel also delivers happy announcements and support to parents and those who care for children.

In this guidebook to accompany the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue teaches you how to ghe yourself and others an accurate Angel Card Reading, and explains the expanded meaning ol each card. You’ll receive nurturing, encouraging, and compassionate messages related to your creative and teaching endeavors, as well as your work with children.





How to Work with the

Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards.... 1

The Meanings of the Cards............ 9

Agent or Manager.......................... 11

Allow Yourself to Receive............. 13

Ask for What You Want................ 14

Authenticity..................................... 15

Birth................................................... 16

Blocks Lifted.................................... 17

Classes.............................................. 18

Creative Expression........................ 19

Daily Practice................................... 20

Deserving.......................................... 21

Detox Time....................................... 22

Divine Guidance.............................. 23

Editor................................................. 24

Express Your Inner Truth.............. 26

Gratitude........................................... TJ

Happy News!................................... 28

Have Confidence in Your Creations 29

Helping Children............................ 30

Inspiration........................................ 31

Journaling........................................ 32

Keep Going...................................... 33

Law of Attraction............................ 34

Let Go............................................... 35

Listen Only to Love........................ 36

Media................................................ 37

Mother Mary................................... 38

Motivation....................................... 39

New Project..................................... 40

Nurture Yourself............................. 41

Open Your Heart to Love............. 42

Pay Attention to Your Dreams.... 43

Perfectionism.................................. 44

Prosperity......................................... 45

Recognition..................................... 46

Retreat..........................................   47

Sensitivity................................     48

Share Your Art with the World.... 49

Speeches and Speaking................ 50

Stay True to Yourself..................... 52

Success!............................................ 53

Time Management . ........................... 54

Vision Board ......................................... 55

Vulnerability................................   56

Writers’ Group................................ 57

About the Author........................... 59


Archangel Gabriel

Oracle Cards

After I wrote my book The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, I felt even more love and appreciation for this remarkable archangel than I’d already had since childhood. I think of Gabriel as the “Christmas angel,” because of the association of the Annunciation with the birth of Christ. Yet Gabriel is so much more!

Gabriel’s name means “the strength of God,” and this angel definitely lends us strength to move forward when life seems tough or uncertain. Gabriel is the angel who delivers clear messages. In fact, in the canonical Bible, Gabriel is the only angel who speaks!

And Gabriel continues to speak today, in modern times, to those who need God’s messenger angel. Just as Gabriel announced the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ to their respective parents (Zacharias and Mary), so does this beloved angel continue to help parents and child-care


workers. Gabriel also supports other messengers, including journalists, writers, teachers, and artists.

In this deck of Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, you can receive messages and encourage­ment about your creative, parenting, child-care, and other work. Archangel Gabriel is actively involved in the lives of those who are making a positive difference on this planet.

These cards can help you develop a closer connection with this sacred angel. Like all arch­angels, Gabriel is unlimited, nondenominational, and unconditionally loving. This means that Gabriel can simultaneously help everyone who needs a message from Heaven.

Oracle tools go back to biblical times, when people would cast lots and stones to make decisions about the future. We can all receive direct communication from God. However, sometimes when we’re confused or stressed, it’s difficult to know whether we’re following Divine will, wishful thinking, or a lower energy. That’s when divination tools, such as these cards, are helpful.

Oracle cards are an ancient divination sys­tem based upon the Law of Attraction, which


says that any question you have will magnetically attract the card that most accurately provides your answer. These cards use Pythagorean prin­ciples, which hold that every color, letter, and number vibrates in mathematically precise ways.

Here’s how to prepare and work with your Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards:

One-Card Messages

Step 1: Clear Your Card deck

Your cards are sensitive instruments, so they’ll need to be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed from the manufacturing process. Steps 1 and 2 only need repeating after another person touches your cards, or if your readings lack clarity because the cards have become clogged with too much energy.

To clear your cards, first hold the deck in your nondominant hand (the one you normally don’t write with), as this is the hand that receives energy. Then say a prayer over the cards, asking that they be cleared of any energy that they may have absorbed, such as:


“Dear God, thank You for lifting away anything from these cards that is not of Divine love. ”

This clears out the old energy so that the cards are now a blank slate and ready to be imbued with your own vibration.


Briefly touch all of the cards to infuse them with your personal energy. You can simply touch one of the corners of each to accomplish this. Next, fan the cards out with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you’d like to bestow upon them.

Your cards are sensitive and absorb your thoughts and feelings, so any intentions or prayers you think or say will be integrated into the deck’s energies. Ask and pray for whatever help you’d like while working with the cards, such as confidence, clarity, compassion, and so forth. Your cards now carry your personal vibration and intentions.


Step 3: Ask a Question

Think of a question you’d like to have answered. If you’re pulling the card for someone else, ask him or her to either think of or verbalize a question. Heaven hears your thoughts, so you needn’t say your inquiry aloud.

Step 4: Shuffle the Cards

Continue to think of the question as you shuffle the cards, and ask Heaven to help you with answers and guidance. I often say this prayer, similar to the one in Step 2, while shuffling:

“Dear God, I ask that You watch over this experience, making certain that only true Divine guidance comes through. Please help me release my ego fears so that I can clearly see, hear, feel, and know the messages that You have for me. I ask that this oracle-card reading bring blessings to everyone involved. ”

If one or more cards “jump” out of the deck while you’re shuffling, place them to the side. They’ll be part of your reading.


As you’re shuffling, you’ll likely notice feel­ings, thoughts, words, or visions. This Divine guidance will help you further understand the card you draw, so pay attention to these impres­sions as they come to you.

When your cards begin to clump into two distinct sections, it’s time to stop shuffling. You may also receive a feeling, thought, or vision to cease—or you may even hear the words Stop shuf­flingnow. Trust and honor these Divine messages that are helping you with the reading. You can’t make a mistake and stop shuffling too soon, as the Divine Law of Attraction ensures that you’ll always choose the correct cards.

Step 5: Choose a Card

There’s no single “correct” way to draw a card, as your inner guidance will always lead you to the right one for you. You may feel most comfortable drawing the top card of the deck, or look for a card that sticks out of the pack, as I do. Whatever way you draw the card is perfect for you and your reading.


If you set aside a card that “jumped” out of the deck while you were shuffling, carefully examine it, too. Jumping cards carry additional information for you, much like a footnote in a book that adds to your understanding.

Step 6: Consult This Guidebook

Turn to the corresponding page within this guidebook for each card. As you read the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you, as they’re once again a personalized part of the answer. Heaven will give you specific guidance to help walk you through any life changes, or to encourage you to take appropriate action.

Three-Card Messages

After completing Steps 3 and 4, pick three cards from the top of the deck. With the images and words facing up, lay the first card to your left, the second one in the middle, and the third to the right.

The card to your left speaks about the immediate past with respect to the situation you


inquired about. The middle card reveals your question’s current status and what you need to know or work on right now. And the card to the right shows your immediate future if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance in the middle card. You can always improve your future path by holding a positive outlook and listening to your inner wisdom.

Because these cards are specific to birthing and parenting children and/or creative projects, you may need to meditate upon the reading to get the deeper meaning. The cards will “speak” to you through your thoughts, feelings, signs, and dreams. Trust the first impression you receive when looking at the cards. These messages are always loving and accurate.

In the next section of this guidebook, you’ll find specific meanings for each card. Always remem­ber that you have freewill choices about life. You can also improve the outcome of any situation through prayer, visualization, and positive affirmations. Heaven can help alter your future for the better if you’ll ask for, and be open to, Divine assistance.


The Meanings of the Cards

This guidebook explains the meanings for every card in the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards deck. The card names are listed alphabetically, according to the first word of each.

When you’re ready to look up a card’s meaning, find the corresponding page and read the interpretation and symbolism for the entry. Your intuition will offer you even more person­alized guidance, so as you read, simultaneously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Your body will also react when you’re reading about an inner truth—recognizing it as such with physical signals, including shudders, sighs, chills, or goose bumps.



It’s time to get serious about your messenger career, and for that you need some help from professionals. Appar­ently, you’ve been shy about

revealing your work publicly. An agent or man­ager can bypass this fear for you, because he or she will showcase your creative gifts to the world. This person will also give you helpful advice to polish your work so that it’s even more successful.

Give worries about possible criticism or “fail­ure” over to God, and you’ll be relieved of any perfectionism keeping your creative works hidden from the world. Remember that you’re not trying to please everyone, just those who resonate with your message. The only way others will receive the blessings from your work is if you make it avail­able to them. An agent or a manager pays for him- or herself, because it’s better to pay a percentage of some sales than no percentage of no sales.


You can find names of agents or manag­ers through an Internet search, by reading the Acknowledgments section of your favorite books, by asking your mentors for referrals, or through your writers’ group or art teacher.


Allow yourself to Receive

You drew this card as a reminder to receive. You give so much, but now it’s your turn. Heaven can only answer

your prayers—and people can only assist you—to the degree that you will allow yourself to be helped. So, it’s time to allow yourself to receive.

You can feel better about receiving by remem­bering these three spiritual truths:

  1. 1. God wants you, and everyone, to be happy, safe, and provided for. In order for this to happen, you’ll need to allow support to come to you.
  2. 2. You, like everyone, deserve to be happy. Aren’t you happier when the people around you are happy? Well, the same applies to you, too.
  3. 3. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you’ll have available to give.



This card comes to you because God, Archangel Gabriel, and all the angels know your heart’s desire, yet also respect your freewill

choices. Heaven is waiting for you to be clear about your desires and to ask for them to be fulfilled. You may be reluctant because of fears of making the “wrong” choice. Yet. being stuck in indecision is, in itself, a decision to have your life stay as it presently is.

Asking for what you want means taking a risk upon yourself and believing in your ability to help others through your creative work. You can add, “This, or something better, God,” as a way of ensuring that you have not asked for too little. After all, God desires that all His chil­dren be well cared for.




This card asks you to cre­ate from your authentic voice. Don’t change your work to fit the marketplace. Be yourself! The definition of creativity is making something fresh and new. So if you copy others’ work, you are not creating.

It’s not about creating something that appeals to everyone. It’s about creating what appeals to you and makes your heart sing with joy. Allow God’s magnificent light to shine through your heart, through your hands, and into your creation.



Archangel Gabriel announces births, both biblically and in modern senses. You drew this card as an announce­ment of a forthcoming birth. This could literally herald a pregnancy or adoption. Or it

could mean the birth of a new project or idea.

With any newly conceived child or idea, it’s essential to take good care of yourself and your creation. Nurture yourself with extra love and gentle care. Now that the birth is imminent, allow yourself to be Divinely guided in your action steps.


Blocks Lifted

Congratulations! This card signals the lifting of obstacles previously standing in your way. Now you can expect to enjoy smoother sailing. For example,

payments will arrive on time, decisions will be made in your favor, and your work will receive the respect and attention it deserves.

This is a time when it’s extra important to stay optimistic and filled with faith. Enjoy and appreciate the small successes, and recognize that they add up to big ones. The more you stay cen­tered in gratitude, the more positive opportuni­ties will come your way.





Higher education is, literally, in your cards, with classes enhancing your skills and confidence. This card guides you to research, and then enroll in, one or more classes related to your interests. Being

in a learning environment stimulates your ideas and exposes you to new perspectives. Classes are also a wonderful place to meet new friends who share your passions.

In some cases, this card is a sign that you’ll be teaching classes as part of your messenger work. Pray for guidance as to the form your teaching work will take. Know that Heaven will hold your hand and lead you to the forum and students who will benefit from your wisdom.


Creative Expression

This card calls for you to fully express your feelings and artistic energies. Sometimes this means creating something just for the sake of creating.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be for sale. This is especially relevant if you’ve been feeling creatively blocked lately, which is a sign of overthinking the marketplace viability of a project—or of being self-conscious about possible future criticism.

To overcome these blocks, take the time to express yourself in a medium that you will probably never show to anyone else. Go crazy with creativity, in ways that may seem over the top. Doing so will unblock your creative spirit so that you can appropriately channel it, without fear, into future projects.


Daily Practice

This card reminds you that the key to success is practice, practice, practice. If you’re procrastinating, it’s proba­bly because of fears of doing

something that’s not “perfect” in the beginning. Yet, the only way to improve is to commit time each day to your aspiration. Research shows that those who practice and study become the most proficient with their creative endeavors.

The reason for daily practice is to create a healthful new habit. When you become accus­tomed to creating every day—even if it’s just for a few minutes—you lose self-consciousness and become more confident about your work. You will also enjoy creativity more when you treat it like a natural part of your life, instead of like something that’s stressful, requiring work.



Heaven sent you this card to remind you that you—like everyone—deserve happiness, in all of its splendid forms. Perhaps you believe that everyone else deserves happi­ness, but not you. That would explain your receiving this card. Allow God and Archangel Gabriel to help you understand that you are one with the Divine and all other creations of God; therefore, it’s impossible to exclude yourself from the gifts God constantly bestows upon every­one. It is possible, however, for you to block your receiving these gifts if you’re struggling with feel­ings of guilt or unworthiness.

The solution is for you to call upon Heaven to help you forgive yourself for what you’ve done or not done. Healing occurs when you remember that you are God’s innocent child, in spiritual truth. And just as loving parents want the best for their children, so too does God will the best for you.



Detox Time

As a creative individual, you may feel overwhelmed with sensitive feelings, so you turn to addictions to numb the intensity. This card comes to you as a reminder that those feelings in the raw are the inspiration for your greatest creations. In addi­tion, an addictive habit may be lowering your mood and vibrations by artificially inducing depression or anxiety.

You already know in your heart which sub­stances or behaviors are detracting from your health and happiness. It could be consumption of wheat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, meat, dairy, or sugar. Call upon Heaven’s loving assistance to release unhealthful cravings so that you won’t struggle with your detox. You may be Divinely guided to human help to support your decision to approach life with your heart open, your mind clear, and your body detoxified.


Divine Guidance

This card asks you to notice, trust, and follow the repetitive messages and signs that are coming to you. Messages urging you to make

a positive change are Divine guidance. These signs from above are often how prayers are answered.

If you’re unsure whether a message is true Divine guidance or not, ask God to send you additional signs as confirmation. When you fol­low true Divine guidance, your path is harmoni­ous, enjoyable, and safe.



You received this card because Heaven wants to help you pol­ish your creative work so that it shines brightly for all to see, admire, and benefit from. You are therefore guided to seek the counsel of an experienced professional editor for your writing, or a teacher for your artwork. This is not to diminish your own abilities to edit or critique your work. It’s just encouragement to bring in a second set of eyes, and to give you someone with whom you can bounce around new ideas and inspiration.

You may feel reluctant to pull in a fresh opinion, feeling very protective of your work. Yet the angels see that doing so can give your work the completion that it needs for public appre­ciation, acceptance, and enjoyment. Perhaps your editor will have a question about the proj­ect that you hadn’t thought of. If the editor has the question, so will the public, and it’s easier to answer it ahead of time, before releasing your


creative work in the world. Trust that you will be Divinely led to the right editor for your project, and that this person’s work is an investment that will pay for itself.



Express your Inner Truth

If you’ve been feeling cre­atively blocked, the message from this card will help you flow again. Begin by express­ing exactly how you’re feeling

right now. Write it, sing it, paint it, photograph it, dance it, or proclaim your inner truth in whatever way you like. When you begin with the truth of how you’re feeling in the moment, you unplug creative blocks.

Although you may feel vulnerable when you express your current emotions and thoughts, remember that this is a process that will lead you to new creative heights. You don’t have to reveal your embarrassing feelings to the public; how­ever, you do need to express them to yourself in order to get to the place of authentic creativity.



This is a powerful and loving card for you to receive, as the energy of gratitude is magnetic and healing. When you have genuine apprecia­tion for all the blessings that are in your life, you open the door for them to continue. Gratitude is a prayer that attracts wonderful opportunities and relationships. It’s the opposite of complaining, which is a prayer of negativity that attracts more negativity.

This card asks you to acknowledge the blessings surrounding you, your family, and your creative works. Be thankful for tomorrow, and you’ll automatically erase all worries about the future. It’s safe for you to open your heart to the loving and warm experience of being grate­ful for what you currently have, what you’ve had in the past, and what you will have in the future. Gratitude is faith in action.



Happy News!

This is an announcement of forthcoming news that you will be very happy about! All of the good work you’ve been doing is culminating in suc­cess. The results may differ from your expectations, but you will be pleased with them nonetheless. For that reason, stay open-minded as to how your rewards come to you. If you’re only looking for one type of success, you may not notice it arriv­ing in a different form.

As to the question of when this happy news is coming, Archangel Gabriel is saying that it is imminent, arising within the next few days or weeks (less than two months). In the meantime, continue with your current healthy and produc­tive activities. Your rewards are unfolding in exactly the right way.



This card means that you are talented and also highly

sensitive. The two go together, as your heightened emotions fuel your creativity. Yet your sensitiv­ity has a double edge, because you sometimes feel different from other people who appear to be confident, which may lead you to worry that your artistic creations won’t be well received by the public. You may be concerned about whether you’ll be able to financially support yourself with creative work.

So this card comes to you as reassurance that, yes, there are people who will love what you do and who will support you with their purchases. Pour love energy—not worry energy—into your creations. This energy will attract everyone who will receive blessings from your work.



Helping Children

This card comes to you in answer to your question about your life purpose, because it involves children. Your Higher Self connects

with the purity of children, and you long to help them to be healthy and happy. In doing so, you also nurture your own inner child.

Your work with children can take an infinite number of forms, including caring for the little ones in your family. Allow the inspi­ration you receive to be dedicated to helping children. This intention that you set will be broadcast through the ethers, and call to the children who will receive blessings from your work. There is soul recognition between your heart and theirs. Trust this process, and enjoy sharing love with the children whom you are meant to help.



You received this card as an invitation to explore something new . . . and to be inspired! This may involve traveling to a beautiful loca­tion or exploring an iconic museum’s collection. Allow

your passions to be your tour guide, and think of the exploration as an investment that will yield future benefits.

Traveling for your art is a way to open up to new perspectives, gain new cultural experi­ences, and discover new mediums for creative inspiration.




As a messenger, you’re always receiving ideas and feelings. So, your guidance is to begin recording your inspirations in a journal. This can be either an electronic notebook

or a physical journal, which acts as your private brainstorming teammate.

Record each idea, no matter how far­fetched or insignificant it seems. It’s too easy to forget about ideas if they’re not recorded where you can review them later. These are seeds, which—if planted in your journal—will blos­som into beautiful creations.



Keep Going

Perhaps being discour­aged is part of the roller coaster of creativity. During those times when you feel rejected, remember that over the years, millions of artists like you have felt the same way. The ones whose work remains an inspira­tion are those who listened to the inner voice and ignored any criticism or rejection.

Perhaps it’s time for you to watch a movie or read a book or an article about artists who’ve kept going in the face of criticism to remind yourself that you’re not alone. You received this card as encouragement to continue upon your path. Keep practicing your art, polishing your craft, and expressing your creativity.


Law of Attraction

Dear one, have you been chas­ing after your dreams? This card comes to you with an important reminder that any­thing we chase will run away

from us. Nothing enjoys the energy of pursuit. That's because there’s an underlying fear behind the chase that says: Maybe I won't receive what I want. It’s actually that fear that manifests as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Keep doing your good work, but with the energy of gratitude for all that you have and for the blessings to come. Give thanks to God for bestowing bountiful opportunities for you to share your creativity. Attract your desires, instead of chasing them.


Creativity is a dance of receiving and giving. You re­ceive inspiration, which you then give to your creative proj­ects. This card is encouraging you to give through release. You’ve got a lot to say, even


if you have self-doubts (which all artists struggle with at times).

The main message of this card is that it’s time to let go, which has multiple meanings. You’ll know which of these meanings apply to you: Let go offears about your work; Let go of a job that’s taking all of your time; Let go and let God be in charge; Let go and express your authen­tic feelings through your creativity; Let go and show your creative project to others. Whatever form it takes for you ... let go.


Listen Only to LOVE

You began your journey with a positive intention, so it’s im­portant that you focus only upon that intention through the ups and downs along the

way. Everyone encounters unexpected detours upon their path, so don’t take yours personally.

This card comes to you as reassurance that any criticism you receive (from yourself or oth­ers) can be viewed through the lens of love. There may be some valid and helpful ideas within the criticism, if you can extract them with confi­dence. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by the energy of fear. Fear is merely trying to dis­tract you from your path. That’s why it’s essen­tial to listen only to love.




Your messages need to be broadcast far and wide, which is why you received this card. It’s time to explore new multimedia outlets for your work, and also to let people know about your proj­ects via media publicity. If you have already been receiving guidance to increase your multimedia exposure, then let this card be additional moti­vation to do so.

Your prayers for greater exposure, higher income, and the ability to reach a wider audience are answered. It all begins with you taking the first step, in terms of reaching out to those who can help you and being proactive in creating and accepting opportunities. Do research, hire a publicist, or contact media outlets. Any action you take in this direction will propel your work into the public arena.



This card signals the positive healing influence of Mother Mary in your life. She symbol­izes purity, devotion, miracles, faith, and care for children. Most likely, you’re receiving this card because your life pur­pose involves helping children—your own or those of others. This can mean parenthood or being a caretaker, teacher, healer, writer, artist, or inventor who helps children.

You’ve also received this card to draw you in closer relationship with Mother Mary, who blesses the lives of all who call upon her. Mother Mary, like Archangel Gabriel, is nondenominational and unconditionally and equally loving to everyone. Call her name, tell her about your feelings, and ask her to help you with your life’s purpose . . . and she will always be there for you with the sweetest love you’ve ever felt.




This card comes to you because you have the ideas and the desire, but you need help motivating yourself to put them into action. Your message is that you’re over­whelming yourself by trying

to do everything at once. God and the angels can help you break your project down into smaller steps that are achievable and enjoyable.

So, take a moment now to breathe and relax, while saying a prayer for Divine guidance about the next step to take with your project. Focus only upon that single step and don’t worry about the future ones, as you can’t take care of the future right now . . . only the present. With the burden of future worry released, you’ll have more enthusiasm toward your current creative actions.



New Project

This card comes to you as validation that you are on the right path with your new project. Heaven can see that you have some fears,

which are triggering procrastination and second thoughts within you. Give your fears to God, and move forward one step at a time. Be in the present moment with your excitement about this project, and do not allow yourself to worry about the future.

Archangel Gabriel is also guiding you to avoid compromising or watering down your proj­ect to fit your imaginings about what consumers want. Be fully invested in the power of your own vision, and allow your work to be a reflection of your inner truth.



Nurture yourself

As a sensitive person, you may get caught up in dreams or worries. This places your attention on the future, so you may forget to take care of

yourself right now. That’s why you received this card: as a reminder of the importance of self-care.

If you could snap your fingers and instantly have enough time and money to nurture your­self, what would you do? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? These are answers from your body, which is asking you for care. While you may not be able to do exactly what you envi­sion, you could definitely approximate it, no matter what your schedule or financial budget is like. And by nurturing yourself consistently, you will receive many rewards in return.



Open Your Heart to Love

The key to everything you’re seeking is love, as this card reminds you. Yes, you’ve been hurt and disappointed. Yet,

closing your heart for the sake of protection isn’t the answer. By choosing to open your heart, you shine the light of love so brightly that it sends a beacon to illuminate you and your work. This attracts all of the right people who will give you companionship and support.

When you create with an open heart, peo­ple can intuitively feel the healing love energy within your work . . . and they are magneti­cally drawn to it. Call upon the hearts of God, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Archangel Gabriel to help you sweep away past pains, and look upon a more fruitful plain of promise and love.




You are continuously cre­ative, but this card comes to

you as a sign that you’re in a cycle of heightened creativity right now. That means that you’re being showered with artistic ideas around the clock.

Some of your greatest insights come during your dreams, while the skeptical mind is asleep. For this reason, it’s essential to keep a notebook by your bed to record whatever you can remem­ber about your dreams. Even a little fragment of a memory is enough to open a new pipeline to your imagination.




You are receiving this card because of a tendency that could block your creative flow: perfectionism. Your spiritual mind is one with the mind of the infinitely creative Creator. Therefore, your inspired cre­ativity is Divinely perfect, in spiritual truth.

An earthly truth is that all physical forms of creativity could be improved; however, there comes a time when you must release your creation out into the world for others to enjoy. Any fears you have about perceived imperfections will only attract critics as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perfectionism can also lead to procrastination, as you wait for the “perfect” moment to begin your creative work. You may be delaying until more time, inspiration, confidence, or other conditions arise. The truth is that now is the perfect time for you to begin, even if you’re just taking small daily steps toward the fruition of your dream.



This card heralds abun­dance related to your projects. It looks like you will be the recipient of royalties, advance payments, or an unexpected windfall. You received this card as guidance to release any fears you may have about prosperity, such as romanticized notions of “the starving artist” or feeling undeserv­ing of wealth.

Think of finances as a tool giving you more time and freedom to devote to your creativity. Since your projects will inspire and help many people, you are actually allowing yourself to receive in a way that will benefit others. The more you receive, the more you have available to give to others.




Congratulations! This card announces that you’ll be getting recognition for your efforts and accomplishments. You may be receiving media attention, compliments, hon­ors, awards, or a promotion.

This card can also be a signal of your own se^recognition, which is the key to high self- esteem. It’s healthy for you to acknowledge how hard you’ve worked and to reward yourself for your efforts.




You need some time alone to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. This isn’t selfish on your part—it’s necessary. Jesus modeled the need for retreat as an act of self-care that strengthened his ability to care for others. And so it is for you as well. Even if you believe you don’t have the time or money to get away, this card says that if you set the intention, everything else will follow.

Think of your retreat as an investment that will pay glorious yields of renewed energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. The retreat will surely pay for itself when you think of it in this way. It’s not the amount of time you spend apart from others; rather, it’s the quality of that time in which you give yourself complete permission to let go and simply be.




You received this card because you’re in a period of even more heightened sensitivity than normal. During this time, it’s essential to protect your­self from harsh energy. This may involve saying no to social invitations that may involve intensity beyond your present comfort levels.

On a positive note, your sensitivity can be funneled into your creative projects, and serve as your muse. You can be certain that other sensitive people will appreciate your revealing your truth through your art, because it helps them relate to you and not feel alone.


Share Your Art with the World

This card signifies that you are keeping your proj­ects under wraps because of perfectionism or fears

of rejection and criticism. It may be helpful to remind yourself that there’s never been an artist in this world who was universally accepted and appreciated. An attempt to cre­ate something everyone likes is a futile goal— especially if it’s preventing you from sharing your art with the world in the first place.

Begin by sharing your creations with kind and trustworthy people, who will give you hon­est feedback in gentle and respectful ways. Their reactions will encourage you to keep moving for­ward with your projects.



Speeches and Speaking

You are a messenger, and your message now needs to reach a larger audience. So this card is encouraging you to step up onto the stage and

deliver your messages. If you feel intimidated by public speaking, then take a speech class or join Toastmasters International to gain confi­dence and polish your speaking skills.

Nervousness comes from self-consciousness, with worries like What if they don’t like me? or What if I cant do it? All of the ego’s fears are about “me” and “I,” whereas your true Higher Self is focused upon helping others through selfless service. So your Higher Self approaches speeches with the attitude of Please let me bring blessings to everyone I can. And those blessings come right back to you when you help the world by spreading your message of love.


Remember that you can always call upon Archangel Gabriel to help you give speeches in an articulate, confident, and clear way.


Stay True to Yourself

This card is a message for you to trust and follow your in­ner guidance. Don’t second- guess yourself or veer off course to please other people.

You know, deep down, what to do. Partner with God’s guidance. Trust and follow the path you’re shown, one step at a time.

If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or if your business stalls, you can be sure it’s because you’ve compromised your original ideas. This stems from listening to fears and trying to satisfy everyone or fit in with others. Fears will never lead you where you want to go. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get back on track by staying true to yourself. This experience will help strengthen your assertiveness. Call upon God and Archangel Gabriel for help in being honest with others.

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Your hard work has paid off, and you are receiving acknowledgment and rewards!

This card heralds suc­cess coming your way, and asks you to keep the faith and continue upon your

path of action steps. The result will exceed your expectations, and will also be an import­ant stepping-stone leading you to your ultimate dreams.



Time Management

You’ve been very busy, so this card is here to help you. A great deal of the creative pro­cess involves managing your time so that your priorities

(such as your creative projects) are given daily attention. You are being guided to do an inven­tory of what’s on your schedule that you could release, to free up more time for your passions. Even an extra hour you can devote to creativity will invigorate you and renew your enthusiasm for life.

Begin by making daily appointments or deadlines with yourself, which you commit to your calendar. Seeing these self-appointments will motivate you to reflect—and, hopefully, also act—upon your creative ideas and inspirations.



Vision Board

This card is a fun Divine assignment for you to visualize God’s plan for you. A vision board can take many forms, but classically consists of a poster-size firm, white back­ground, on which you glue pos­itive words and inspiring pictures. You can find the vision-board ingredients via Internet image searches or in magazines. You can even create the pictures yourself. Anything that helps inspire you is a won­derful addition to your vision board.

It’s traditional to make a vision board in honor of significant events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, the New Year, or solstices. However, any time is a per­fect one to create a vision board! You can continue to add to it as you discover new avenues of inspiration.

Place your vision board where you can readily see it. That said, because the board is personal, you may wish to hang it in a private location where it’s only visible to you.



This card is reassuring you that it’s safe for you to face your tender feelings, and to view them as muses for your creative spirit. Feeling vul­nerable doesn’t mean that

you actually are vulnerable or unsafe, but rather that your feelings are speaking to you . . . and seeking outlet through your cre­ative projects.

You can be sure that everything you’re feel­ing is universally experienced by others. You can heal the feelings of isolation and abandonment pervasive among so many people by helping them know that they’re not alone in their emotional experiences.



Writers' Group

You’re guided to join or start a writers’ group (or a group focused upon your particular art form) for sup­port and motivation. When

you join a group of like-minded people, the energy of creativity is magnified. Groups can also give you the incentive to complete proj­ects and meet deadlines because of promises you’ve made to yourself and the members. Studies show that collaborations lead to en­hanced creativity because of the contributions of brainstorming with others.

Look for existing groups in your local news­paper or on a website such as, and if none exist in your area, volunteer to start one. There are also online support groups for writ­ers and artists that you can find through your Internet search engine.

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