Cat Tarot Guidebook


Cat Tarot Guidebook


Like a cat forced to wear accessories, we all feel foolish sometimes.

Upright: This card, first in the deck, reminds us that trailblazers needn’t worry about the opinions of others. Cat-like curiosity is your guide. The sunny yellow background represents optimism about the venture ahead, and the white rose signifies trust. Whether that will turn out to be misplaced remains to be seen.

Reversed: In this position, the Fool reminds us not to overthink matters. In general, things are what they look like, and we shouldn’t pretend they’re not. A beautiful day is a beautiful day, and no occasion to wear a fleece hat. Take responsibility for your choices.



The Magician straddles two worlds, one paw reaching skyward, two more on the ground, signifying the work of creativity.

Upright: This is the magic of everyday invention. The circular snake reminds us that this is an infinite process in which matter is never truly created nor destroyed, just transformed. The playthings represent the four elements and the four tarot suits, all the material needed to make magic, or art. Add wisdom and purity represented by the red roses and white lilies and the spell is cast.

Reversed: The Magician card can spell trouble, suggesting that your old tricks aren’t working and it’s time to try some new ones. Because you are not a dog, you can learn them. Trade the hocus- pocus for hard work, and transformation is not only possible but inevitable. Presto change.




Like an unexpected doorbell chime on a boring day. a visit from this card is both welcome and mysterious.

Upright: The High Priestess card depicts a world fertile with possibility and power, as suggested by the symbols of moon and water. The candles represent darkness and light, secrets and clarity; the curtain conceals what, exactly, is germinating. Whatever it is, it’s catnip to you. Surprises are much more fun when you know they’re good.

Reversed: The card is a reminder that plans don’t bear fruit unless you do the work to carry them out. Wishing is good; action is better.



This alpha female rules over an empire of peace and plenty.

Upright: All is abundance. The stars in the Empress's crown represent her connection to the seasons and the sky. The red cushion signifies love and luxury, echoed by her heart-shaped shield. Who cares if it’s actually a squeaky toy? What matters is that it’s at her feet.

Reversed- The card suggests trouble in paradise. Maybe you're having bad luck in love; maybe your squeaky toy bit back. Focus on yourself while you regroup.



Worn with the right attitude, even a cone of shame can be a crown.

Upright: The Emperor holds all the cards with absolute authority. After all, a cone only prevents cats from biting themselves; everyone else is fair game. But power must be used responsibly, and the card reminds us to exercise serious self­control. Master yourself, and destiny will follow.

Reversed: Upside down, the card is a reminder not to be too rigid. Good rulers, like cats, are flexible.



This card represents conformity, both good and bad.

Upright: The hierophant, or high priest, is associated with Odin, the one-eyed god of wisdom and prophecy, and his raven companions. The wise elder always follows the rules; sometimes he even makes them. But what about the rules that are meant to be broken, the counters meant to be jumped on, the upholstery meant to be clawed? Sometimes, it's okay to turn a blind eye.

Reversed: The card represents those who choose their own path. House cats aren’t pack animals; neither are you.


  1. 6. THE LOVERS

The Lovers bask in the sunshine of perfect harmony on a day undarkened by clouds.

Upright: Love, like sunshine, can scorch if you stand still too long. Burning love is exactly that, and embers require tending. Remember that this card is often associated with choices: yes, no, stay, go. Are your ears burning, or are your feet getting cold?

Reversed; The burning-hot card turns cool, but affections needn’t cool off entirely. Winter is a time when plants retreat to their roots. This doesn’t mean the bloom is off the rose, or that it won’t blossom later. In the meantime, a little cold can be refreshing, especially when you’ve got someone or something (preferably furry) to warm you.



It may be called the company chair, but we all know who actually sits there.

Upright: This card reminds you that you’re the one who holds the reins. The winged upholstery represents your freedom to fly, while the top reminds you not to spin your wheels. You’re in control. You sit and stand when you wish.

Reversed: The card is a reminder to move bravely forward. It may be time to find your wings instead of eating them.


  1. 8. STRENGTH

Everyone gets tired, but Strength always comes roaring back.

Upright: No collar can contain you. The dangling infinity symbol represents your inexhaustible store of stamina, no match for the pests at your feet. You are up for anything, whether it’s a four- hour nap or making your voice heard after a successful hunt.

Reversed: The card is a reminder to draw on the strength you may forget you have. Even house cats can roar.



  1. 9. THE HERMIT

Indoor kitties needn’t be any less worldly than wild ones.

Upright: Much wisdom can be gained simply by watching from the window, or even hiding in a shopping bag while the rest of the world goes about its business. The eye of Horus suggests protection and healing: Here is a safe space to turn your gaze inward. Soul-searching may lead you to new realizations or past selves.

Reversed: The Hermit card reminds us not to be scaredy-cats. The world needs your wisdom. Come out of your cave and share it.



Leave the rat race to the rats. You’re rolling with the punches.

Upright: This card reminds us that life is circular and cyclical. Sometimes you’re at the top of the wheel and sometimes you’re at the bottom, but you’ll always go up again. The bowl of water represents plenty; the eagle, strength. Mice represent trust and opportunity. So many upsides; Let the spinning wheel spin.

Reversed: Upside down, the card signifies the sense that things are spinning out of control. It may be best to sit a spin or two out.



Just because the hand feeds you doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve an occasional nip.

Upright: This card reminds us that actions have consequences, and cause is followed by effect. No surprise that this card is associated with cautious, measured Libra. Fairness will prevail, so play by the rules.

Reversed; The Justice card is a reminder that karma applies to you, too. You will lie in the bed you make; plan your catnap accordingly.



Although it looks like doom and danger, this card isn't the disaster it appears to be.

Upright: Your problems are of your own making, and may not even be problems at all. You climbed up the tree; you'll be able to climb down. In the meantime, patience and a new perspective will serve you well.

Reversed: Upside down, the card is a reminder that patience stops being a virtue after a while. Eventually, the shoe will drop; you probably should, too.


  1. 1 DEATH

Like the vacuum, this card makes a lot of foreboding noise but doesn't actually portend doom.

Upright: The Death card brings change, a cleansing of unhealthy attachments, surrender. Let the vacuum vacuum. Hide if you must. Transformation can be scary, but it’s better to clean your problems up than brush them under the rug.

Reversed: Change is inevitable, and while resistance is not necessarily futile, it can certainly be counterproductive. The carpet is getting vacuumed whether you like it or not. Why not get out of the way?



Temperance reminds us that nothing is more satisfying than exercising self-restraint (except perhaps where fish are concerned).

Upright: Moderation in all things, even seafood. The water in and outside of the bowl represents the spotless satisfaction that results from balanced behavior; the rays represent angelic equanimity. Go with the flow, not the trickle, not the flood. Patience can get results.

Reversed: Upside down, the card invites you to consider what aspects of your life are out of balance; what actions feel too fast, too impulsive? Sometimes it's best to dip a toe before you dive in.


  1. 1 THE DEVIL

Like most dogs, the Devil is all bark and no bite.

Upright: The dog’s gentle expression and uplifted paw represent the lure of more base desires, such as slobbering and tail-wagging. The leash around the dog’s neck symbolizes how we are held in bondage, slaves to our own self-destructive instincts. Yet, looking closely, you can see that the leash is actually quite loose. The dog could free itself if it tried. But it is a dog. and therefore incapable.

Reversed: Turned around, it’s even more obvious how easily the leash can be escaped. There is hope. The dog can break free, as we detach from our destructive patterns and scamper off. Go on, dog. Scamper off.


  1. 1 THE TOWER

The Tower represents sudden and unexpected change, chaos and upheaval. Everything may be thrown into question.

Upright The Tower is the foundation you have built, carefully, over time. The lightning strike seen through the window tells us that this unexpected change comes from a source far greater than ourselves; you feel you have no power or control. Two cats dive from the tower, clearly startled and unsure of what is happening. Falling down, you are humbled. But what if you leap?

Reversed; You may be trying to avoid changes that are inevitable. There is no way to do this, but fear not. Tearing down and rebuilding is necessary, and things will work out in the end. You will land on your feet.



Like Polaris, this card guides us to our personal true north.

Upright: The cat pours out the water, perhaps to nourish the earth, perhaps to destroy the carpet. What matters here is the transformation. Things grow and change, and so do you. This is the path of healing, forgiveness, success. Carry on.

Reversed: You may be having trouble seeing your star. Remember that anything standing in your way can be maneuvered around or knocked aside.


  1. 1 THE MOON

At night, we do our best work: Dream, recharge, or run madly around the room knocking things over.

Upright: Night is when you see most clearly: your wishes, your desires, your self. Pay no mind to the little dogs that would get in your way; they may create anxiety or uncertainty, but they’re nothing more than pests. The crayfish represents the ego, hard- shelled and stubborn, which may also be unearthed in dreams. Follow your intuition, push through these fearful illusions, and you'll always make it home by morning.

Reversed: The moon waxes and wanes, as do fear, confusion, and unhappiness. If no moon shines tonight, remember that it will again soon, and the sun will rise in just a few hours.


  1. 1 THE SUN

The Sun provides a backdrop to the cat, on whom it rises and sets.

Upright: The cat lies on her back in a gesture of perfect optimism, sure that the universe will offer nothing but belly rubs today. Sunflowers represent a world fertile with the seeds of joy. This card invokes creativity, possibility, power. No surprise that it’s linked to Leo. Like the lion, you are a radiant creature with great hair.

Reversed: Creativity, possibility, and power can also be used to wound and destroy. Remember that you're the one with teeth and claws: use them wisely. The reversed sun also reminds the lonely lion to reach out to others. Pride means others. Go find yours.



Here comes the judge.

Upright: We are our own toughest critics; the judge, it turns out, is you. This card invites you to examine your choices and actions. A feather represents the weighing of souls in the final accounting. Are you where you want to be? If not. are you doing what you need to get there? Weigh the scales. How do you rule?

Reversed: The reversed card is a reminder that you don't have to weigh every detail. Insignificant matters may be clouding your judgement. Remember that justice is blind, and look away.


  1. 2 THE WORLD

You’ve got the world on a string.

Upright: The final card of the Major Arcana, the World represents completion. In the four corners, we have the four elements: three delicious food groups and the fire used to cook them. This card finds you well-fed, satisfied, and purring. Let the wide world spin.

Reversed: Upside down, a full vessel spills. Shortcuts or a lack of closure may cause a feeling of incompletion, like a bowl with only one kind of kibble. What have you avoided, missed, overlooked? Look closer and fill in any gaps.



Wands (sometimes called Staves or Staffs) symbolize the element of fire, and are represented here by toys and other playthings. These cards tell a story of energy, travel, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, invention. They are about ideas, innovation, achievement, and the ambitious spirit, and they have a lot to say about life and love too.



Creativity is in the air—along with a rainbow of possibilities. This is a time of new beginnings, motivation, inspiration, creativity, vitality and energy.

Upright: Beware of letting ambition cause you to reach for too much. New ventures can promise wonderful, colorful, creative work, but there is the danger of becoming impatient, overwhelmed, or overbearing.

Reversed: If you can’t quite seem to reach your creative goals or find a new opportunity, don't give up. Rethink your plans and take a fresh swipe at your dreams, this time with full commitment.



The world offers so many lovely distractions. Don't worry. The sea in the background doesn't mean there’s swimming ahead-just the possibility of a new experience, a brand-new opportunity.

Upright: There are lovely things all around you. The question is: Do you go

for them or just stay where you are, your paws firmly planted on the ground? If you’re feeling adventurous, itching to take a leap, this a good time to make a decision. Either chase that toy or don’t.

Reversed: Fear of making any concrete decisions is causing a delay in your progress. You have natural talent for catching what you want. Go for it!



At the confluence of inner balance and our outward connections to the world, the Three of Wands promises something new on the horizon.

Upright: Sometimes we can see everything wonderful that is right in front of us, but sometimes we have to turn around to shift our perspective. With

concentration and focus, the big picture shifts more clearly into view and growth and good fortune are within grasp. (Note the triangles on the wallpaper-suggesting the sails of ships, they hint at new adventures on the horizon.)

Reversed: Turning your back doesn't always expand your view-sometimes it just means you're facing a wall. (Avoiding confrontation, perhaps?) Maybe you're better off on your own, but beware of turning your back on loved ones. You might be missing out on some fun and frolicking.



It’s been said that this is one of the happiest cards in the Minor Arcana-and the key lies in sharing the pleasure and rejoicing in beauty together.

Upright: What’s not to love? A wide lawn to sprawl on, bountiful sprays of catnip.

Everything is calm and stable. A veritable wealth of joy and celebration has sprung

up around you, so make time to enjoy the rewards together with your loved ones.

Reversed: On the flip side, the Four of Wands foretells instability, either internal or external. This may accompany feeling neglected, out of place, or separated from loved ones. Refocus on everyday pleasures and reforging connections.



There are only so many toys to go around, so there may be some competition on the horizon, even a little struggle and conflict in the seeking of rewards.

Upright: You have your eyes squarely on the prize, but watch out for the five C’s: conflict, competition, chaos, commotion, and cooperation, or lack thereof. Struggles

lie ahead, even fiery, passionate ones. Be prepared to fight for your fair share.

Reversed: Five of Wands is one of the few cards whose reversed meaning seems more encouraging than its upright meaning. Here, it suggests a spirit of working together in harmony to end conflict and develop mutually beneficial solutions. Or at least to lift one’s nose in the air and pad away with, “Agree to disagree!"



Whatever the question nagging at you, there’s a good chance the answer is yes.

Upright: You have an eye on what you want, and everything you need is yours for the swatting. All the hard work you’ve put in is paying off, and your self-confidence is well earned. Your passion shows. This big win is all yours.

Reversed: Your lack of self-confidence may be due to external factors, or it may be because of how much you’ve taken on. Whatever the question is, whatever you are reaching for, the answer right now is no. Delays, setbacks, and even bad luck may lie ahead.



You're no stranger to tenacity and perseverance at all costs. Some may even call it stubbornness.

Upright: While you may be outnumbered by your enemies, rest assured that your position on that high precipice gives you the distinct advantage. Stand your ground and you'll have no trouble batting them

over the edge. You have the upper paw. Rest assured, you are in full control.

Reversed: Perhaps you underestimated the strength-or sheer number—of your adversaries. Sometimes the best course of action is to count your losses, lick your scratches, and surrender. Temporarily, of course.



Stay on your toes! Life’s about to speed up, in the best way: Too many fun distractions! Which way to look? What to play with first?

Uprights Like a gust of wind ushering in a million fall leaves to chase, this card ushers in an exciting time. All that effort of chasing and jumping pays off in the

form of some quick changes. It might be time for a change of scenery-out of the house and into the backyard to play. (Pay attention to grooming; you want to look good for this phase.) In matters of the heart, a heady and unexpected romance could be on the horizon.

Reversed: It appears those dreams of a change of scenery and new adventure will have to go on the back burner. Consider slowing down, lazing around, languorously licking your nether regions. It happens. No judgement.



No matter how worn-down you may already feel, it might be time for you to guard your own territory carefully.

Upright: You're safe. You have a nice, sturdy wall of protection around you. That said, it’s not a time for complacency. It's a time for courage, persistence, and great strength. You’re close to having

everything you want, but remain on the lookout.

Reversed: There’s no question that you're entirely comfortable where you are. However, that could be to the point of being unyielding, inflexible, and obstinate. Now’s the time to try flexibility and a bit more openness. Let go of your control before you get tangled up in it.



The fight has been won. The spoils are yours, but you're weary from the battle.

Upright: Understandably, you're exhausted-look at all the goodies you’ve acquired! It may be the home stretch, but it’s not time to let your guard down. Don't take on more than your fair share of burden and responsibility. Believe it

or not, you have even more treats coming your way. but it’ll take a little longer.

Reversed: You may be overwhelmed, but now is the best time to do something about your situation. Learn to say no. Delegate. Compromise. Ask for more space, if you need it.



Like all Pages in the tarot, the Page of Wands brings a youthful energy, but can also bring his youthful lack of judgement.

Upright: Spring is in the air, with all the freshness and vitality and energy that comes with it; not to mention its colorful birds. Its plump, delicious, colorful birds. Stay positive! Now is a time of fun and

adventure. (Maybe not so much for the bird.)

Reversed: Your overeager energy has resulted in setbacks, indecisiveness, impatience, even aimlessness. It’s past time to figure out a course of action, a line of pursuit—just don’t let the flash of a wing distract you.



Both gallant and a tad annoying, the Knight of Wands always believes he knows best—and. with his energy and passion, he often does.

Upright: You're being controlled by your impulsive nature—those colorful ribbons in your line of vision are pretty hard to resist.

There’s nothing wrong with spontaneity, except when it affects your ability to follow through. Don't get bored halfway through the game and walk away.

Reversed: Now. everything's just gotten out of control, and words like “reckless." “hooligan," and "foolhardy" are being tossed around. All you can see are the flickering distractions around you. Take a beat. Slow down and finish what you start. Shred the toy in front of you before moving on to the next.



The Queen of Wands exudes confidence.

She is a Seer: strong, capable, vibrant, fearless, and ambitious. No matter how sleepy she may look.

Upright: Under the watchful eye of the mighty Leo, the Queen both absorbs and radiates the fire's warmth. Even in sleep, she

rules her domain. Be as fearless and independent as she is. Find strength to have faith in yourself and to stand up for what's right. Right after this nap is over.

Reverted: The Queen does not like to listen to others, nor to cede control of her warm spaces. But if she doesn't, she may become aggressive and demanding. This is a time to take stock, to focus on your own issues and not nitpick others. Try listening for a change.



The King of Wands is everything a leader should be: strong, powerful, ambitious, and experienced.

Upright: The crowns on the curtains are no coincidence: You were born to lead, so it's time to act like it. Take control of your life before leading others, but don't hesitate to take advantage of an

opportunity that presents itself. The King is pure fire, a natural role model, ruler of the jungle. Go roar.

Reverie: Decisive is one thing; impulsive and hasty is another. That kind of weakness comes across as ineffective and makes for a poor role model. The kitten will only be king once he has matured and worked to become dependable and trustworthy.



The Suit of Cups (sometimes called Chalices or Hearts) is all about the element water, represented here by dishes and bowls. Think flow: our emotions, our spiritual needs, our psychic adventures. Cups encompass our relationships and our souls.



The Ace of Cups is the very gift of life, with water representing how we are connected to everything around us, with the greatest abundance symbolizing that of the ocean. The Ace always brings us the representative element in its purest form.

Upright Your bowl spilleth over. New beginnings take center stage, and while this

can serve you just as well in your day-to-day life, its true calling is in matters of the heart. The water lilies in the background symbolize good things coming from dark growth. Think good thoughts, big love, healing, and spiritual growth.

Reversed: Sadly, the reversed Ace of Cups brings heartbreak, a lost sense of spirituality, empty feelings, and empty bowls. But there’s room for learning. Be willing to look inward to explore your own insecurities and self-doubt, and keep an eye on people making outsized emotional demands on you.



What is better than the joining of two souls? This card is about unions and partnerships of all sorts.

Upright: Looks like someone’s going to be sharing their water bowl soon! It could be a new romance, or just the realization of balance, harmony, peace, and partnership in other areas. Domestic bliss is in the stars

for you: lap cuddles, treats, and a whole lot of purring. You may even find yourself letting bygones be bygones in a troubled relationship.

Reversed: Things aren’t looking quite so rosy. The good news is that you have solid instincts and you should trust them. If something smells like old fish to you, there's a reason for that. You can still work to slowly, cautiously, rekindle a connection.



Three is the magic number—the number of the balance between strength, justice, and temperance. This card can be about all those good things and more.

Upright: Who doesn’t love a good celebration, a display of abundance, with drinks spilling over and too many treats to eat in good conscience? Go ahead. The time to indulge is now. Keep it lighthearted and filled with love. Don't be afraid to show off your hidden talents. Enjoy being both independent and part of a group.

Reversed Someone’s been hitting the water bowl a tad hard; that flirtation or indulgence has crossed the line. Now everyone’s in a tizzy, and relationships are falling out because of bad communication and even worse understanding. Take a moment to reassess and reconnect.



Ever wonder if you’re legitimately bored and restless, or if you should be content with what’s in front of you? What’s this cup? What’s in it? Should I take it? What about that one? So many options.

Upright: Love can be annoying. No wonder you’re disillusioned. You’ve been

hurt in the past. And those high standards of yours? Whether they are for self-protection or you’re just being finicky, if you don’t lower the bar a little you might miss something right in front of you. Open up. Take a risk.

Reversed More dissatisfaction, more ennui. No need to knock over the food bowl. This limbo is merely a temporary state. Think creatively. New tactics and approaches will bring more options.



A warning: There may be loss, sorrow, departure, or spiritual exhaustion. But rest assured all is not lost.

Upright: It’s hard not to focus on our empty bowls. There may be some confusion, endings, or disappointment on the horizon. Perhaps it's time for a change of scenery, especially if it puts some distance between

you and those causing you anguish. There is no turning back, but you'll move on. A bridge in the distance is a good sign, leading you to where you're supposed to be. Friends and family may provide fresh bowls and help you move forward.

Reversed: It looks like it’s onward and upward from here on out. Healing is close at hand. Get out in the world for a little fresh air and a change of perspective. Pick up the pieces, reemerge. It's a good time to start a new project or relationship.



Youthful, kitten-like innocence is front and center. Happy childhood memories abound.

Upright: Perhaps you’re reconnecting with your inner kitten or with actual kittens. Either way, good things from the past are coming up for you. Maybe it’s a good time to laze in a ray of sunshine with an old pal?

Spend quality time teaching a young one how to keep their food inside the bowl? (As opposed to, say, sitting in it.) Whatever's on the horizon, it's happy times ahead.

Reversed: You might be looking at life through a rose-tinted bowl. Let the past stay where it is. You’ve outgrown both the things and people that used to define you.



Having options always seems like a good thing, doesn’t it? Think carefully and look deep inside before making choices. Note the fish here, which represent a deep dive into one’s soul, focusing on introspection and an almost sonar-like instinct to make good choices for yourself.

Upright: Sometimes in life it’s not always

clear what's reality and what's fantasy. You have a number of different paths ahead of you. Don’t rush into a choice. The last thing you want is to pick a bowl and find it filled with less-tasty treats. You're known for your instincts. Trust them.

Reversed: The choice in front of you may be overwhelming, but it’s not as bad as you imagine. Take note of extreme emotions and make sure that you're being honest in how you appraise your options. See things for what they are and stay out of the drama.



Not everything in life is about material or physical possessions. Do some seeking, figure out what it is you want in life, and reach for something meaningful.

Upright: You might be feeling restless lately, even disappointed, but it’s time to go with the flow... or move on to the next faucet. What you’re seeking is already

available to you, and much more accessible than you may think. Use your feelings as motivation and do something.

Reversed: Time to turn off the faucet and take a long, hard look at yourself. It isn't easy to examine our feelings of disappointment, of simply not having attained enough. But clinging to the past isn't serving you either. You’ll know when it's the right time to take action.



Fulfilled wishes-and, perhaps, bellies—are on your horizon.

Upright: The Nine of Cups is sometimes called the Wish Card, and it foretells a dream coming true—and abundance of joy, hope, gratitude, love. Growing intimacy may bring a new partner to your food bowl. Regardless of the form it takes, it's

well-deserved and will bring great contentment.

Reversed: It's okay to want fulfillment and happiness, but maybe it’s time to take a few hours off from ego and narcissism to reconnect emotionally instead of seeking, seeking, seeking. Step back from the bowls. Self-care would be a really great idea right now.



Let’s face it: Ten cups is a lot for one alone. The alignment of beautiful bowls can be a protective barrier above your head or something to keep an eye on. (The prettiest bowls still hurt when they tumble.)

Upright: The sight of the rainbow means an end to hard times, especially where family is concerned. There's great happiness ahead.

Think togetherness and not competition. Not a bad time to think about buying a new home, either. Just make sure it has lots of big windows that let in rays of sunshine.

Reversed: Those towering, colorful rewards might actually be standing in the way of true happiness. Don’t ignore the potential for problems. Hash it out once and for all, and make sure everything is sturdy and authentic. Concerns won’t go away on their own.



As usual, the Page brings in a youthful perspective, but he is still willing to take a good look at his reflection in order to understand his true feelings.

Upright: As determined and studious as he may sometimes seem, make no mistake: The Page is also fun and young at heart. (Note the lilies, symbolizing the freshness

and innocence of youth.) He can relax and take the time to gaze deeply into his feelings and motives-or whatever needs gazing into. This card is a sign that it’s a good time to start a new creative endeavor, although it doesn't have to involve getting your head


Reversed: Upside down, that kittenish energy can spell frustration and immaturity. There’s a little too much drinking out of the toilet and not nearly enough responsibility happening. It’s time to pull it together and get down to whatever you’re avoiding.



Knights show up when there is a declaration to be made. The Knight of Cups invites you to look at your beliefs and goals to figure out if you’re on the right path.

Upright: Owls symbolize wisdom, so take a good hard look into the wisdom that surrounds you. (Maybe not too hard.


Nothing is less wise than getting one’s head stuck in a flowerpot.) Through imagination and knowledge, you can find your own true path. Emotions reign. Let them—and don’t be so quick to judge others while you're on this journey.

Reversed: Sadly, this Knight brings news of disappointment, of unfulfilled dreams, and dashed hopes. Your emotions have led you a place you can't get unstuck from. Be on the lookout for someone who is not as they appear—nobody needs the manipulation, jealousy, or drama.



Regal to the core, the Queen demands your respect. She exemplifies love and kindness, but she’s also intuitive about emotional security.

Upright: The Queen of Cups may symbolize you or someone in your life. Roses bring love, and blessings and positive influence abound. You are in your

comfort zone, filled with comfort, love, and kindness. This time

calls for compassion and a special emphasis on self-care.

Reversed: Emotional insecurity is never pretty, no matter how it manifests: jealousy, obsession, or obstinacy. (Have you noticed your claws out lately? A little hissing?) Take stock. Make sure you’re not angling for your own way all the time. Put the needs of others first for a while, and don’t keep the entire countertop to yourself.



The King of Cups represents dignity, structure, order, and authority. He may be charismatic, but he also has his mercurial side.

Upright: The King of Cups seems to have it all: He’s warm, charming, wise, and sensitive. He’s not afraid of intimacy or commitment, as the anchor shows us

here, and he likes a good lap cuddle as much as anyone. But he is also a master of self-discipline, so be prepared to give him a little space. He is deeply connected to the water, the dolphins on the wall representing his instincts for what lies deep beneath the surface. Trust that kindness and generosity are the key to setting sail.

Reversed: Your need for control can lead you to emotional vulnerability, which in turn can lead to behavior that runs the full gamut, from volatile to downright destructive. Use caution. Protect yourself from your own shortcomings.



Swords—represented here by claws and fangs—may seem to be displays of might, but in tarot they are symbols of our intellect: double-edged and often razor-sharp. The Suit of Swords, concerned with the element air, is about how we use our minds—but also how our minds intersect with our hearts, and the choices we make concerning both.



Aces herald new beginnings and, in this case, the spawning of new ideas, words, thoughts, and plans.

Upright: You have tremendous mental clarity, independence and power—and somehow you manage to be big-hearted on top of it all, too. Just be careful how you wield that sword. Getting your claws

trimmed is good for you. whether you like it or not. Be open to new ideas, feelings, and opinions, and they’ll find you.

Reversed: Chaos, confusion, and panic abound. Relax. Let down your hackles and take a breath. The sky isn’t falling, but poor planning has led to poor communication, and neither the mind nor the heart feels free in this state. Try not to worry so much. It’s a stressful moment, but it shall pass.



Open wide. A difficult decision looms large.

Upright: You may be baffled by a situation around you or biased in your view of it. The Two of Swords asks you to stretch, to broaden your horizons-and at least try to see things from an objective point of view. (Is it fear that’s keeping you from seeing things clearly?) Perspective is key.

Reversed: You're still feeling stuck. Is part of you intentionally failing to grasp the situation at hand? It’s time to let go of the past; it's not helping or informing your circumstances. Think very carefully before you make a decision or open your mouth. You do have to act, but not in haste.



This card represents the intersection of our hearts and our intellects.

Upright: There’s no pussyfooting around this one: there's emotional pain on the horizon-a piercing of the heart. It hurts and there's nothing to do but feel the feelings. Make time to cry. (Yowl, even.) You can’t heal until you get it all out.

Remember: Pain is sometimes necessary for growth.

Reversed: Upside down, this card portends forgiveness, healing, and even a little optimism. That fluffy, heart-shaped toy is surprisingly resilient. The pain isn't absent, it hasn't been avoided, but feelings have been shared; and reconciliation is on the horizon.



The mind finds access to deeper levels during periods of rest.

Upright: It's time to relax. Find a sunny spot and settle in for hours of snoozing. Whether you’re mentally worn down or just in need of some belly scratching, this is a good time to conserve your energy and recharge. It may look like you're being lazy,

but being still allows your mind to do the work it needs to.

Reversed: Not all downtime is good downtime. It may be that you're stuck or feeling burned out, following a misuse of resources and energy. Paralysis is not the same as exhaustion. Stillness sometimes means fear rather than rest. Focus on self- care. Recovery is slow, but it's coming.



Surrender doesn't mean relax. It means defeat and loss.

Upright: Your position at the forefront— seemingly larger and more powerful than the cats behind you—speaks to the growth and healing you’ve achieved. That said, you can’t ignore that backs are turned-there's discord here, too. You may be holding on

to bad habits, doubts, fears. If you can let go and compromise a little, even more progress lies ahead. It won’t be easy, but the destruction and conflict can be resolved.

Reversed: There is an end to your clashes ahead, but there’s a lot of mess to clear away first. Ignoring each other doesn’t resolve anything. There’s arrogance, volatility, shame, and remorse to be waded through. Maybe even a little biting and clawing at those around you. Compromise is everything. This is the tipping point. Things are either going to get much better or much worse, and the result is up to you.



You’re feeling a little low, but you’ll soon be moving on from a rough situation. Or trying to, at least.

Upright: Your past transgressions are behind you, even if the damage you've done is still glaringly apparent. Everyone can see those tears you’ve made with your

claws. Whatever the next phase, know that it offers you some opportunity to calm down. It’s a bit of a stretch, but if you just go with the flow, something more positive awaits.

Reversed: Sometimes we aim to stretch, but our claws just get stuck in the carpet, making us feel a little trapped. You don't have to stay stuck, but you do have to take a good, hard look at what you did to help create the circumstances.



All you need to know is that this card is commonly called "The Thief.”

Upright: Someone-not necessarily you-is trying to get away with some mischief, perhaps trying to take what isn't rightfully theirs. Whoever it is needs to face the music. The only way to ease the pressure is by dealing with the situation head-on. It's wise to hold tight to your assets right now, emotional, intellectual, or otherwise. Be alert to other people's deceptions.

Reversed: Your iron grip is not helping you. There's so much to let go of: old, destructive habits; inner doubt; boredom; lack of follow-through. A personal overhaul is in the offing if you want to get out of this rut. Ignoring matters won't make them go away. Time to take a stand, no matter how much it scares you.



This card is short on subtlety but long on symbolism.

Upright: Well, you’re tangled up, all right. All those feelings of entrapment, of restriction, are distracting you from seeing things clearly and facing the facts. It's leaving you feeling isolated and vulnerable. You can break out of this. Look inward, take

responsibility, and face the music and you'll see a path forward.

Reversed: Sweet release. Whatever's been binding you is loosening its hold. You may find that those bonds are as flimsy as toilet paper. There's definitely a way out. With self-acceptance, a fair bit of healing-perhaps aided by just a little gnawing through the bonds—possibilities and opportunities abound.



A dark cloud is looming, serving as a warning of things to come.

Upright: Depression, fear, anxiety, grief, sadness. No wonder your claws are out and you're clinging on for dear life. You’re overwhelmed with a sense of dread, and it may feel like you're barely hanging on. Just know that your perspective might be

skewed by mental exhaustion. Things are tough, but they may not be as bad as you think. There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Reversed: Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to all the worry, fear, and depression. That said, those negative feelings about yourself aren't helping. Retract your claws. Whatever this darkness is. the only way out is through.



The worst seems to have happened. Or at least you’ve found yourself in a situation without a quick or easy remedy.

Upright: Talk about stuck. Your claws are in deep, and there isn’t a clear escape route. That has you feeling vulnerable, exposed, and embarrassed. Rest assured, this is the lowest point. If you can just figure out a plan to get down from

here, you can get through anything.

Reversed: Growth follows pain, and healing and recovery are ahead. Take a careful look around, and the path to safety is much clearer. Solid ground is within reach.



The Page of Swords is a reminder to stay on your toes.

Upright: The Page may be a bit jumpy, but it's hard to contain this level of energy. Who knows what’s around the next corner? It could be a nice treat or a formidable foe. Either way, that cunning sense of curiosity is going to insist that you find out.

Reversed: There is a growing sense of trouble on the horizon. If you talk the talk, prepare to walk the walk. There’s no need to jump at every sudden movement. Calm down and make sure you are prepared for what’s next.



The Knight of Swords rather dramatically wants to know: Are you the hunter or the game?

Upright: If you’re the hunter, now’s the time to pounce. Whatever it is you’re contemplating chasing after, go for it, but don’t be completely impulsive. Forethought and strategy are still your

friends. An intense circumstance may arise, but you’re ready for it. Just make sure you’re not rebelling or being dramatic for all the

wrong reasons. Check your motives.

Reversed: Your overconfidence is causing chaos and, worse yet, might come across as insensitive and egotistical. Leap too high and you’ll most certainly fall. Time to check yourself and rethink your approach.



This Queen is all sharp mind and self-awareness.

Upright: The Queen of Swords is the epitome of leonine regality. She is smart, dignified, and disciplined without coming across as demanding. She holds her place on her throne with great dignity, and wears her crown with grace. Symbolism

surrounds her. The birds on the wallpaper are not prey; they represent the height of her knowledge and inquisitiveness.

Reversed; The Queen’s downfall is being a bit too self-critical, a result of her perfectionism. Her direct style of communication can come across as spiteful, haughty. And, addled by a painful past, some say she can be aloof and withholding of her affections.



The King of Swords is intellectual and

analytical, in the service of finding a solution. Clear communication is his strong suit. That doesn’t mean he's beyond chasing a butterfly or two.

Upright: Behold your brave leader. This royal brings his smarts and his power to govern to bear fearlessly and wisely. He's

very focused on the task at hand—furry head ruling the heart— to the point of seeming unemotional and impersonal. Don’t mistake the butterflies for frivolity—they actually symbolize transformation and growth.

Reversed: Upside down, the King of Swords reflects a loss of self­control and mental discipline, which is leading to dysfunction and chaos, not to mention a complete lack of power. Not just sarcastic and critical, this king can be downright sadistic.



The Suit of Pentacles-represented here by food and treats­is, as you might imagine, consumed with matters of physical possessions, wealth and work. It is associated with the element earth, which is sometimes symbolized in tarot by the pentagram, whose five points represent the four elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) and the unknowable substance of ether.



Aces are about new beginnings and gifts, and this one is especially fortuitous.

Upright: Good things lie ahead-happiness, contentment, and getting your paws on what you desire. If you have a specific goal in mind, it's a good time to move forward. Just remember: When a hand reaches out to offer you a gift, don't bite it.

Reversed: It's time to back away from the materialist thinking and, dare we say, greed. You're so focused on attaining one goal that you haven’t noticed the other aspects of your life that are suffering. Take a look around-there are so many other pleasures to enjoy.



Two of Pentacles represents a looming choice, perhaps even conflicting distractions.

Upright: The tides are changing and you have some decisions to make, likely around getting your paws on the possessions you crave. The infinity shape of the green ribbon suggests that endless

possibilities abound. Still, this can be a time of stress, so keep an eye on your treats and don't get too distracted. Seek balance and avoid pressure to rush into any decisions or agreements.

Reversed: You may be spreading your resources too thin. Rein in the overindulgence and start your own personal austerity measures. It’s time to exercise some of that discipline you're known for. This situation isn't permanent but it isn’t ending anytime soon.



Your rewards are in direct proportion to your dedication to your path, for better or worse.

Upright: This is a good place for you. While it may not look like much to the outside world, your diligence is paying off. That cardboard box wasn't going to chew a hole in itself, after all. People will start to recognize your talents and reward you accordingly. Still, don’t forget that it's also a great time for teamwork and broadening your knowledge.

Reversed: Focusing on the task at hand-be it hunting prey or gnawing on cardboard-is distracting you from the bounty available to you. When you stop and take a look around, you’ll see that rewards are yours for the taking.



That which you seek is coming into your possession.

Upright: Things are looking stable and secure. Your treats are here, and all feels right with the world. Just remember to keep a paw firmly on what’s yours. You earned it, after all.

Reversed: The reversed Four of Pentacles asks you kindly to release your grip a tad. Not just on your insecurities, but also on your possessions. It might be a time for giving, rather than receiving. Don’t let your tendency toward control mean missed opportunities.



Circumstances have changed, and financial comfort seems a thing of the past. What’s to be done?

Upright: The picture painted by the Five of Pentacles is not always a pretty one, although it has its comforts. It reminds us of the potential emotional hardship of the outside world-the threat of eating out of

trash cans, sleeping in cold garages, and the other travails of street cat life. Some interpretations, though, are far cheerier, focusing on the wealth we find in love and companionship.

Reversed: Consider this a firm tap on the shoulder. If you look up, the view will help you clearly assess your values and fears. Avoid hanging on to stuff from the past while avoiding important matters in the present. Take a look at your relationships; they’re playing a big part in your circumstances and how you feel about them.



You have an abundance-don’t forget that it’s thanks to generosity and aid from others.

Upright: That is one full belly you have there! If you’ve been blessed with more treats than others, perhaps it's time to share that which has been so freely given to you. Generosity begets generosity, so pay it forward with gifts from outside, nuzzles, and head-butts.

Reversed: Yes, treats are headed your way but, for some reason, you won’t be able to hang on to them. Be careful about taking an eye off your bounty. It could also be your own self-centeredness that allows good fortune to slip through your hands. The universe gives and it takes away.



Clever you! Not everyone can wrangle the treat out of the cat toy, but you’re one of the smart ones.

Upright: Your commitment to your vision and your singular focus means rewards are coming your way, bringing tremendous satisfaction. Things may seem a bit tedious right now—it happens

with anything worth pursuing—but just keep moving forward. It’ll pay off.

Reversed: Maybe it’s time to take a beat and go back to the drawing board. Lack of a clear long-term vision plus a solid dose of procrastination is leading to a frustrating inability to get what you want. Staying stuck isn't doing anyone any good. Make a plan and take action.



It’s reward time!

Upright: Rest assured, the universe sees your commitment and rewards you with a giant plate of delicious anchovies. Enjoy them-but don't get too comfortable with your abilities. Openness to acquiring new skills will make you even more successful in the future.

Reversed: If you’re feeling unsatisfied, maybe it’s because you're not working toward the right rewards. A deeply unsatisfying cycle will soon come to an end, but it's going to require some change on your part. Take pride in your endeavors, put in the time and effort, be reliable. Most of all, find something you feel passionate about.



Peace and satisfaction abound. Is it possible you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Upright: Your diligence means your rewards are great and many-treats at your feet, a fine-feathered "friend’’ just a swipe away. You’re right to feel secure and to take pride in your

accomplishments. All your discipline is bringing you even greater success than you’d dared hope.

Reversed: You’re trying too hard, and it’s putting everything off-kilter. Your ego is in the driver’s seat, which is clouding your vision and could lead to a real mess. Take a step back and reconsider whether or not you already have enough.



Treats, success, and family are inarguably intertwined.

Upright: Your success was not a flash in

the pan. It's been a long process, and now you have complete fulfillment. Take note of the arched doorway here, a bridge that represents connection, love, and respect. So be generous. Good relationships

and returning affection bring their own reasons to purr with contentment.

Reversed: Relationships are tough, and there always seem to be communication problems, especially across the generations. Don’t let disagreements about treats and entitlement interfere with family dynamics. Self-focused ambition will merely lead to isolation. It's not too late to mix up your priorities.



Getting off to the right start will portend great success and good fortune ahead.

Upright: Precocious youth that he is, the Page of Pentacles needs you to take a good, hard look at your future. This is about seeing beyond the treat in the outstretched hand in front of you. A good plan and a strong start guarantee success.

The brightly hued pentacle suncatcher here reminds you to find

all the unique and colorful things about yourself. Let your light

shine through it.

Reversed: On the other hand, an unwillingness to learn, an incomplete education, and a lack of ambition will get you exactly where you think: nowhere. Victory isn't dropped in your lap. There are no miracles; but diligence will get you there, no matter how boring that sounds.



The Knight represents the ideal mastery of attaining rewards and possessions.

Upright: You can see the bowl of cereal. You know exactly what you want. But there's hard work ahead to make it yours. Plan. Set realistic goals. Success is yours with patience and persistence.


Reversed: Can’t quite get your paws on what you want? If you're unhappy with your lot in life, you can change course, providing you understand that everything won’t be sorted out overnight. Reconsider your approach and be prepared to follow through.



The Queen of Pentacles portends great tidings ahead but, as always, it takes both diligence and intelligence.

Upright: The Queen of Pentacles is nurturing, supportive, strong, loving, creative, and successful, thanks to her paws-on approach to the tasks in front of her. She’s incredibly astute and willing to

keep at it until the treat is out of the maze. If she sounds ideal,

that’s because she is. These are the standards to aim for.

Reversed: Upside down, the Queen isn’t happy. All her good traits seem reversed: She becomes greedy and self-serving and. worst of all, unsuccessful. The rewards are not materializing. It’s time to start taking care of yourself. Change your perspective, and things will get better.



The King of Pentacles is the ultimate provider, deeply focused on achieving success and abundance.

Upright: This king likes the finer things in life and he’s entitled: He has worked for everything within his reach. Although perhaps he’s not as clever as the Queen, his big ambitions mean big rewards. Giant

jars of rewards, even. Abundance is great, but he warns you to make the most of your treats.

Reversed: Inverted, Mis Royal Highness warns of being greedy and untrustworthy. That determination to win at any cost is deeply destructive. Turns out that being domineering, controlling, and possessive don’t actually lead to long-term success. It’s the oldest story in the book: hard work and perseverance.

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