Tarot Of Sexual Magic Guidebook


Tarot of Sexual Magic

The magical and creative power inherent in sexuality and the sexual act is a reality man has been aware of since the dawn of time. Moreover, if magic is reco­gnised as one face of reality, it is not surprising that sexuality - which is so important not only in the life of the individual, but for the entire human species - plays a fundamental role in magic as well.

The magic power that derives from the sexual dimen­sion can be developed through abstinence, virginity, or retaining sperm so that the magician may channel the energies that accumulate within him or her in a mystical direction. In antiquity, this aspect of sexual magic was embodied in priestly figures, like those of the virgins of the oracle of Delphi or the vestal virgins of ancient Rome.

More often, however, sexual magic is expressed by people through the act or sexual desire, embracing rather than denying the urges that drive the human being.

The Male and the Female In order to understand the essence of sexual magic, one must recognise that there are two opposites, separate yet complementary: male and female.


The male represents the part of reality linked to creation and the ability to fertilize. In the Tarot, in particular, the male is associated with the suit of Swords and Wands (which are both typically phallic symbols) and some of the Major Arcana, like the Emperor, the Hierophant, and the Sun.

The female represents the part of reality linked to receptivity and fertility. In the Tarot, these aspects are associated with the suits of Chalices and Pentacles, and some of the Major Arcana, like the High Priestess, the Empress, and the Moon.


Sex - on a mystic level - is the only moment in which the male and female unite and coexist. This aspect is a source of enormous power. Most people refer to it as “passion”; for those initiated into magic, however, this represents a greater power that can be used and controlled to alter and transform reality.


The Sexual Magic Tarot may offer a variety of appli­cations.

Above all, it can be used as one would use a traditional deck, but while taking into consideration its strong erotic impact. It can be used for personal divination and inspiration, as long as the reader takes into account that the images and symbols were studied to enter into synch with the erotic, passionate, and secret aspects of the soul of every individual. For this Tarot, the body is the key to reaching the spirit.

Secondly, the Sexual Magic Tarot Cards can be seen as a ritual map of an erotic path, or as the stops during a voyage towards the sexual awareness of the individual or couple. In this sense the voyage begins with the Magician, who represents erotic intention, and passes on through the invitation and the refusal, abandonment and doubt, as far as fusion, to gratification and sensual freedom (symbolized by the Fool).

The third and more complex aspect of this deck is the use of the Tarot as a magical means within a magical and sexual act. In fact, each Arcana is the symbolic and graphic representation of a spell or a ritual from the great book of sexual magic.

In this sense, it is essential to remember that sexual


magic is bom of abandon and awareness, from instinct and urges that transcend corporeity. Those who plan to use these means to dominate others or to satisfy their own desires are destined to fail.

Reading the Arcana

Below are descriptions of some of the aspects of each Arcana that may be useful to the reader in interpreting this deck.

- The name: indicates the traditional name of the Arcana and the number associated with it.

- The act: indicates a key word that describes the role of the Arcana in the erotic path of the individual or the couple (in cursive type)

- The magic procedure: indicates the magic action the Arcana refers to and suggests the ritual or spell it is symbolically tied to (in bold type)

- The description: proposes a divinatory meaning or inspiration, useful for a traditional reading.


Major Arcana

I  - The Magician. Courtship. Magic Intention. Desire is the drive behind a new story; willingness and passion guarantee success.

II  - The High Priestess. Waiting. The Magic Formulary. Everything is already written in the book of destiny: the magic procedure requires knowledge and patience while waiting for a change within you.

III  - The Empress. Invitation. The Magic Alphabet. The prerequisite of magic is thought; once put into action, the idea generates reality.

IV - The Emperor. Virility. The Magic of the Stones. To exercise the power entrusted to you, you must know how to dominate yourself.

V  - The Hierophant. Support. Magnetic Powder. Before calling on a higher strength, you must protect yourself and be certain that you have support. Your intention must be clear.

VI - The Lovers. Seduction. The Red Magic of the Plants. Nature is an unerring guide: plants and animals are examples to be imitated. Magic perfume seduces and sustains us in important sentimental choices.

VII  - The Chariot. Conquest. The Sceptre of Command. To conquer a rival, you must change tac­tics and perspective, faking a retreat and then staging a forceful surprise attack.

VIII - Justice. Meeting. The Sword of Power. To obtain love, you must give something in exchange and pay the price for the errors of the past.

IX   - The Hermit. Refusal. Ritention of the seed. Slowing down your pace allows the magic to germi­nate. When the psychic force is restrained, its power is doubled.

X  - The Wheel. Change. The Seduction of the Mirror. Propitious destiny to be seized or old desires and feeling undergoing transformation. By observing, you understand where and how to change your strategy.

XI  - Strength. Dominion. The Magic of the Contact. Supremacy requires the utmost concentration of magic force to resist outside attacks.

XII  - The Hanged Man. Sacrifice. Bonding. A strong bond, even if platonic; magic action against impedi­ments and impotence.

XIII  - Death. Abandon. Sublimation of the Instinct. Temporary abstinence from sex reinforces your desire. A relationship undergoing a transformation: even the end of things must be accepted serenely.

XIV - Temperance. Discontent. Filter of Love.Friendly but cool relations to be warmed up with the magic of plants. The filter of love sparks a slumbering desire and restores harmony to the relationship.

XV - The Devil. Magnetism. Liberating Orgy. Eros is a grandiose force that, when deviated, becomes dange­rous; it risks deception, betrayal, or blackmail.

XVI - The Tower. Betrayal. The Doll. A dangerous situation, betrayal, deception, or imminent break-up. Protect yourself from this threat by using all your own resources.

XVII - The Stars. Attraction. The Magic of the Union. An action aimed at attracting with no obligation brings serenity and relieves the soul of pettiness. It is only a romantic invitation to love, the rest will come spontaneously.

XVIII - The Moon. Fancy. The Spell of Love. A slow but effective magic action based on the sound and evocation of happy images. It defeats deception and illusions, restoring serenity at home and increasing fecundity.

XIX   - The Sun. Fusion. Fascination. The eye is the mirror of the soul and creates with the magic of thought. If partners suggest happy images to each other, the couple reaches a state of union and lasting splendour.

XX  - Judgment. Love at first sight. The Magic of Sound. Sound changes the level of the spirit, the unex­pected bursts forth to transform a stagnant situation.

XXI - The World. Gratification. Magic Intimacy. Touch ensures continuity; a gratifying and complete relationship, peace and lasting happiness, a serene family.



0 - The Fool. An Erotic Outburst. Surrendering to love. The magic action frees us from uncertainty,urging us to surrender to love. Willingness in sponta­neity and spontaneity in willingness.

Minor Arcana


Ace. Ecstasy. The Magic of the Comb and Brush. Loving magic crowned by success, satisfaction, festivi­ties; good reasons to be happy and in love.

  1. 2. The Magic of the Scarab. Tenderness, attraction, affection, and collaboration. You can seduce by leaving yourself open to seduction.
  2. 3. The Magic of the Egg. The egg is a promi­se of life. It indicates improvement, success in love, and relief from heartbreak.
  3. 4. The Magic of the Scissors, of the Magnet, and the Coin. Immobility, habit, and indifference cau­sed by routine must be fought.
  4. 5. The Magic of the Glowing Ember. The weight of the past and its consequences is always remembered, but must be left behind to break overly oppressive attachments. You must open yourself to adventure and freedom.
  5. 6. The Magic of the Parchment. A portrait reminds us of those who were only distant memories. It may revive desire for an ex and destroy blocks of the past.
  6. 7. Flight of Fancy. The Magic of the Four Leaves of Mint. The penetrating perfume of mint is like the thought of our loved one upon us: it fuels ideals and plans of love.
  7. 8. The Magic of the Bundle of Thistle. You must try to know your partner’s character in spite of his reserve. Beneath the thorns you find the right choice: an honest and sincere person.


  1. 9. The Magic of the Lantern. The light of the lantern ensures the triumph of love, overwhelms the senses, and dispels rivals and hesitations.
  2. 1 Attachment. The Magic of the Chalice. The attachment between partners orients the relationship towards continui­ty and it is necessary to form a happy family.

Knave. Jealousy. The Magic of the Ink. Doubts are slinking along in the distance. You must find a way to communicate and meet in spite of the considerable distance. Knight. Modesty. The Magic of the Red Candle. Is awareness of oneself and sexuality born of shame or discretion? Without encounters with others, you cannot find yourself.

Queen. Tenderness. The Magic of the Yellow Leaves. A tender and gentle story brings you to the point of planning your future with serenity.

King. Satisfaction. The Magic of the Spiced Tea. A transparent and harmonious relationship must be fuel­led by surprises, awe, and constant bantering.



  1. 1. The Magic of the Three Candles. A complete and gratifying relationship unites mind, flesh, and spirit. Love is rooted in the intimacy that follows intercourse.
  2. 2. The Magic of the Verbena. Embarrassment, uncertainty, unease, and the fear of getting involved must be overcome.
  3. 3. The Magic of the Earthenware Pot. In order to become meaningful, a relationship must be able to offer warmth and protection. You must give in order to be able to receive.
  4. 4. The Magic of the Fan. Pleasure is like hot coals: it does not flame, yet it burns.


  1. 5. The Magic of the Rose and the Violin. You cannot give up on transforming the world around you and making it more similar to your ideals. After all, the world is the home of our love.
  2. 6. The Magic of the Cut Apple. There are loves of the past and loves of the future. There is only one love today and it must not be neglected.
  3. 7. The Magic of the Seven Knots. A love cannot remain pure and precious over time, unless you learn how to give energy to your partner.
  4. 8. Magic in the Cup of Coffee. An affec­tionate, gentle, and tender approach helps to overcome your partner’s indifference, because it reflects simple and honest feelings.
  5. 9. The Magic of the Lock of Hair. Reserve and discretion bear secret, wild, and powerful loves in which two people nourish each other.
  6. 1 Desire. The Magic of the Mirror. Vanity is the soul of love. You must love yourself to let yourself be loved, and you must love yourself before you can love another.

Knave. Arousal. The Magic of the Wine Goblet. Transgression leads to excitement, but neither one nor the other can last without some moderation.

Knight. Discontent. The Magic of the Green Lemon. Waiting allows the desired fruit to ripen, while haste makes every Chalice bitter.

Queen. Coolness. The Magic of the Bay Leaves. You must fight coolness and convince your partner to be generous, both sentimentally and materially. This will bring serenity, safety and sincerity into the couple.

King. Fear. The Magic of the White Dove. Fear incre­ases the distance, and pursuing your partner will do no good. Happiness is bom of a mutual effort to move towards each other.



Ace. Union. The Magic of the Statues in the Fire. Abandon is the surrender of oneself. One loses his own likeness to enter into something much greater.

  1. 2. The Magic of Sliced Bread. Sharing every bite of food to unite with another person without losing yourself.
  2. 3. The Magic of the Ribbon Tied around Your Leg. The force of understanding and desire and the craving for nostalgia help to rediscover a feeling you thought you had lost.
  3. 4. The Magic of the Seven Beans. Sexual intent is born of play and enjoyment, just as harmony is born of happiness.
  4. 5. The Magic of the Jug with Three Ribbons. Good luck and happiness are not always and only for ourselves, but can be passed on to others, expecting that someone will give them to us in the future.
  5. 6. The Magic of the Hare and the Dove. Growing closer, growing apart, deluding, confirming... every game of pleasure must end and doubts must be dispelled.
  6. 7. The Magic of the Lizard. Doubts and suspicions dissolve in the sunlight. Clarity illuminates feelings and situations.
  7. 8. The Magic of the Swallows. Pleasure in and of itself is like the essence of springtime. Savouring eroticism as a pastime allows you some breathing room.
  8. 9. The Magic of the Three Little Birds. When a situation is suspended or blocked by doubt, you must hurry to resolve it because it cannot go on forever.
  9. 1 Penetrating. The Magic of the Toad. The power of man meets the power of woman. Success in love must satisfy both partners.

Knave. Abandon. The Magic of the Olive Branches. The eccentricities of character do not necessarily lead to unreliability. You must look beyond appearances to see the essence of the feelings.

Knight. Embracing. The Magic of the Spike of Wheat. The bond that prevents others from escaping us is made not of fear but of joy, not of chains but of freedom, not of past promises but of future plans.

Queen. Undressing. Magic of the entwined rings. Honesty and devotion between partners are bom of daily pleasures. You must seduce your partner every day as if it were always the first time.

King. Embracing closely. The Magic of the Bracelet with Nine Knots. Commitment is important. The con­quest derives from quiet willpower and mutual determi­nation to offer yourselves to each other.


Ace. Bonding. The Magic of the Knotted Red Rope. Accept that bonding means giving of oneself. It means accepting doubt and transforming it into trust.

  1. 2. The Magic of the Black Chicken. Empathy and understanding are born of promising the right things and then keeping one’s own promises.
  2. 3. The Magic of Fire and Salt. You must call attention to disagreements and incompatibilities before finding the courage to end a relationship that is now empty.
  3. 4. The Magic of Black Pepper. Excitement allows you to overcome a lack of affection. However, if this should continue, you will have to seek

forgiveness and not punish yourself excessively for your errors.

  1. 5. Shaking things up. Magic of the Purple Flowers. You must overcome the fear of judgments, shame, and a sense of inadequacy. You must give yourself a good shake and take some risks.
  2. 6. Rolling about. The Magic of Verbena in the Brook. Searching for new horizons involves a couple as it involves a single person. Outside of your daily routine lies the rest of the world.
  3. 7. The Magic of the Seven Red Tulips. Only the beginning is not enough, but it is a beginning. Not ever}' seed can ripen in a day, this is why you must persevere.
  4. 8. Magic of the Green Cloth. Green frees sensuality and allows the body to guide the spirit before the mind can guide the body. You cannot teach the flesh if it is not willing to learn from you.
  5. 9. The Magic of the Black Cat. Taking some distance to restore harmony, exciting to appease desire, giving of oneself to let mystery die: even the world of love is the fruit of paradoxes. You must begin again after each error.
  6. 1 Squeezing. The Magic of the Tears. Even pain can be transformed into power. You mustn’t flee from emotions, but rather use them to find the true essence of our desires.

Knave. Biting. The Magic of Bitter Almonds. Enemies of the couple are both inside and outside of it. They should look at each other. Vigilance does not distract from pleasure and pleasure does not distract from vigilance.

Knight. Taming. The Magic of the Frogs. Hunting is an age-old sport. The ends justify the means, but today’s prey will be tomorrow’s hunter and vice-versa. Queen. Exploring. The Magic of the Black Candle. Solitude is not death. A undesired partner must be sent away, even at the cost of breaking your own heart.

King. Fondling. The Magic of the Black Orchid. Love is made of strength. True love is capable of going beyond strength. There are different kinds of strength.

Desires and Fears.

This simple divinatory spread can be used to read the cards either for yourself or a Querient. After having shuffled and cut the deck, draw 3 cards and position them face-down on the table in a triangular form as in the figure on page 2.

  1. 1. The first card represents desires.
  2. 2. The second card represents fears.
  3. 3. The third card represents the life lesson that may be learnt.

In order to use this spread, you must take into account that in each situation, especially when involving love or eroticism, an individual is divided between his own desires and fears. Before repressing the former and without ignoring the latter, it is possible to grow and learn something from experience: a life lesson that is born of an encounter-confrontation between desires and fears.

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