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Welcome to your journey with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot. As those familiar with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle will know, my own journey with the chakras began with a near-death experience in 1988, when I suffered a strange dehydration and passed out. I left my body and floated up to the light, yet some part of me knew it wasn’t my time. I struggled against the pull of that light and eventually I regained consciousness. I'd always had a touch of the psychic, but in the days that followed, this part of myself truly made itself known.

I began to hear angels.

Having found a direct line to my consciousness, over the next five years these angels recounted what I thought were simple children’s stories or fables to me. These were somehow familiar - stories I thought I knew, but didn't.

The Chakra System

As well as being told by a different angel in their own unique voice, each fable

came to me enveloped in a distinct colour, providing both the backdrop and overriding message of the story. It was not long before I realized that the message of each fable reflected one of the colours of the seven major chakras - the wheels of energy in the human body. As each chakra represents specific life areas, such as communication or spirituality, another vital layer of information about the stories’ meaning emerged through the connection.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle

In time, I self-published a card deck

Seven major chakras

This diagram shows the bodily position and traditional colour of each chakra, which are followed in the Chakra Wisdom Tarot.

4 introduction

developed from these fables, which was entirely based on colour. It was during this time that I began organizing them into seven chakras. The more I worked with the deck through the energy of When you learn the divine order the chakras, the more profound the and follow it, internal wisdom will healing became. It didn’t take long for unlock internal peace for you. me to recognize that these oracle cards contained a chakra map. It was a secret that would be unlocked after they had been renamed the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, and soon I was teaching people how to read the cards and use them for intention-setting and manifesting.

Over the past decade I have come to know, appreciate and love the chakras through the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. It has allowed me to discover what it is that will make my soul sing - and to do it. Not long after I had self-published the deck, I knew the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards could support more people in

their lives, and so I took an offer from Watkins to publish the deck.

I had no idea how much I would personally learn in breaking new ground with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle, sharing evolutionary concepts with others and teaching an entirely new language of card interpretation through the veil of the sevenfold Western chakra system.

The ability to set intentions and see them come to fruition by comprehending the internal power of our invisible chakra map was exciting! The chakra map was a powerful manifesting tool and yet it was only

available through one deck: the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards.

Then, one night a few years ago, I shot up out of a sound sleep. Could this chakra map be found within another deck? I scrambled to pull out my Universal Waite Tarot, and slowly, methodically, I reviewed the deck with the chakra map.

It worked.

Knowledge of either the Chakra Wisdom Oracle or the Tarot is not important. Each person brings their own intuitive wisdom when they start to use any card deck. Trust yourself. YOU are the magic.

Introduction 5


Many experts will agree that Tarot cards offer life skills, such as self­understanding and clarity of purpose. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot also offers an internal manifesting map. As I combined the two systems, something miraculous unfolded. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot allowed each Tarot card to be interpreted through a chakra. Each card offered a window into both systems, giving a totally new perspective that aligns who we are (the internal) with the world in which we operate (the external).

So. what is Tarot?

A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards: the 22 that form the Major Arcana, referred to as the Fool’s Journey and the cards of destiny; and the remaining 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, which consist of four suits: Cups, Coins, Wands and Swords.

There are literally thousands of Tarot decks available, with a vast array of interpretive art and meanings, yet the worldwide understanding of Tarot creates a common bond between Tarot readers of all languages and countries. As a universal language, it allows people to begin their journey on a level playing field because it contains symbols and concepts everyone can understand.

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot offers the chakra system as an additional key to help unlock further mysteries within your own Tarot wisdom.

The Difference Between the Chakra Wisdom Oracle and the Chakra Wisdom Tarot

As we’ve seen, a standard Tarot deck contains 78 cards. An oracle deck, however, can contain any number of cards; they are as individual a creation as the person who develops them.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards grew from the original fables given to me from a variety of angels after my near - death experience. These fables, therefore, were the basis for the meaning of each oracle card.

The fables were delivered with names in colour, like “Princess of Amber’’ or “Kelly the Green Dragon”, which naturally fell into a pattern of the seven chakras. As the oracle developed, it revealed a map to guide us as we explore our personal chakra wisdom. The chakra teachings that emerged were new and evolutionary. They encouraged intuitive development, using what we all have inside: our chakra map.

6 Chakra Wisdom Tarot

While these tools of interpretation were unorthodox, they fit the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards and were completely separate from how one would view a Tarot deck. Or were they?

Tarot is already so well established, with thousands of brilliant teachers and ways to use it. And yet, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle brings something unique: colour and chakra. As I played with the idea of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot deck, a pattern emerged - one that brought a new dimension to Tarot.

What if it was easy to add to Tarot, without taking anything from it? What if chakra wisdom unlocked a new doorway to deeper internal wisdom with Tarot?

And what if... it worked?

Breaking Away from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle

In the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, the sixth and seventh chakra cards (based on the original fables) were separated by energy, not necessarily traditional chakra colours.

The sixth chakra is commonly associated with the colour indigo, and yet, in the oracle deck, I found that all the purple cards including violet (the traditional colour of the seventh chakra) resonated with the meaning of the sixth chakra.

The highest chakra, the crown chakra, is often depicted as violet or pure white in our modern tradition. However, as the fables were the basis of the oracle deck, I realized that the cards that remained after all the other ones were put into their traditional colour categories were not of the colour violet.

As I reviewed each fable, it became clear that their message was that Spirit is neutral. Each of the seventh chakra cards took on a more neutral colour palette of white, grey and taupe. The message of each card was to pass no judgement, and this message became more important than colour.

Traditional Tarot Calls for the Traditional Chakra

For the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, it was more important for the seventh chakra to follow the traditional colour of violet, as here it was not necessary to show how the seventh chakra was neutral. This is because all the cards that represent the seventh chakra in Tarot highlight issues surrounding the concept of judgement, or the lack of it.

That means that the Chakra Wisdom Tarot links the sixth chakra with the traditional chakra colour of indigo, while the seventh chakra cards are all violet.

Chakra Wisdom Tarot 7

What Will This Deck Do for Me?

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot, while still following a traditional Tarot deck, brings with it all the elements of chakra wisdom that are found in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. But whereas in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle we look at setting intentions, with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, you can not only read the cards, but also fine­tune your awareness in order to find out exactly where you are in your personal manifesting process.

As we evolve through each chakra, we gam a natural sense of where in our body we are holding energy, and the Tarot's divination power also gives us ways to work through these issues. In addition, the concept of a chakra focus (see page 13) gives you a new tool to guide others. Finally, as youjourney through the Tarot with a deeper perspective, the chakra, and its mysteries, will be unlocked.

This deck tells you where you are on your internaljourney, as well as revealing secrets of divination to guide you toward your chosen outcome. The chakra always offers us a window of understanding into our current situation

For Tarot Experts

If you are already familiar with the Tarot, using this deck will give you knowledge of each chakra to add to your card interpretation skills. The chakra offers an internal view of personal magnetizing and manifesting. In addition, you will gain a new way of seeing reversed cards (or “blocked” chakras) as retrogrades in astrology. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot provides Tarot experts with a new dimension to their already vast reading knowledge.

For Chakra Wisdom Oracle Readers

In this deck, the tools and insights that Chakra Wisdom Oracle card readers already use will give the Tarot an extra layer of meaning. The reading techniques from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle can be easily applied to this deck, bringing the Tarot to life and offering a new view of the chakra system.

For Energy Healers

Some energy workers have found the idea of Tarot has been elusive, and they may have used it only sporadically. With the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, however, healers, teachers and facilitators can expand their Tarot interpretations by bringing their chakra knowledge to a reading.

8 Chakra Wisdom Tarot


On the next few pages we focus on manifesting and magnetizing. The idea is that the more personal the journey (the more it relates to you and where you are in your life), the more you may try to go too deep into the cards too soon. The guidance in this section will offer you clarity about your truth, so that when you do a reading, that clarity will carry through. We then look at the power of chakra meditation, and I've included some easy techniques to get you started so you’ll get an idea of how the chakras work within the Tarot deck itself.

Afterwards, we will move on to a more complex system: the Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana, which encompasses the three levels of evolution we will all encounter in life: learning, living and mastering. Every step our Fool takes is one that we all mirror in our lives, whether or not we take them in the same order. So, as we relate to the Fool’s Journey, we can - at any time - see where we are. Knowledge of where we are can be the very thing needed to persevere!

In this book you will find profiles for each individual Tarot card, in both the Major and Minor Arcana, which include the following:

Chakra Message: This will illuminate the divination perspective in the form of a message from that card’s associated chakra.

Indication: Each card can seemingly appear to indicate one meaning. The invitation here is to look beyond the indication. What else, other than what it appears to be, can this card mean to you?

Keywords: These will spark an idea, a concept or a memory that may offer deeper insight into the meaning of the card. Do not be thrown off if a word seemingly does not make sense; simply look up the meaning, along with any synonyms and antonyms.

Z                                                                          \

I ★ TIP: Don’t underestimate the idea that your intuition may be  ft

communicating with you cryptically; some keywords may turn out to   fl

have a completely different meaning to what your brain is telling you. |

Card Reversed: All reversed cards will take on the energy of a retrograde planet, and that is not necessarily bad. It may mean a need to repeat or revisit something, or a return of someone into your life.

How to Use This Book 9

Chakra Meditation: Think of all meditations as suggestions. Use them as they work best for you. The suggestion may be for journaling or meditation,'< but these are interchangeable. Some prefer meditating on a question, while others like to write down their thoughts. Journaling may help create prompts that support you while working with intention-setting.

Next Steps/Contemplation: The heading of Next Steps in the Major Arcana cards is replaced with the heading of Contemplation in the Minor Arcana. This is because the Minor cards are more representative of day-to-day matters and offer an opportunity to look more closely at the moment, whereas the Major cards are cards of destiny, and so may indicate a crossroad and an action that needs to be taken. The Major Arcana is the evolution of the Fool’s journey through her chakras, and therefore the cards’ focus can be on actions that may have been, are being or will be taken. They also foretell a possible fork in the road.

Astrology: As an extra connection to our seven chakras, the astrological component of each chakra aligns us with the universe. In the introductions to the Minor Arcana, you’ll find a brief explanation of the planets as they relate to that chakra, whereas in the Major Arcana each card has a more in-depth look at how a planetary aspect relates to you and your specific journey.

Finally, at the back of the book, you will find a few layouts unique to this deck. They are similar to what you may be familiar with from your own card-reading practice. However, remember that the Chakra Wisdom Tarot can also be read with any layout you use or have used in the past.

The layouts described in this book will highlight the four stages of implementing your chakra wisdom through the Tarot:

  1. 1. Determining your own chakra focus as a reader;
  2. 2. Determining your client’s chakra energy;
  3. 3. Combining the astrological elements with the chakra, and
  4. Seeing where you are in your personal chakra map.

In the third and fourth layouts, you will notice something unique: each card position takes on a different meaning depending on whether the card pulled is right side up or reversed.

10 How to Use this Book


Many people get excited by the idea of working with the law of attraction, yet often find themselves quitting because they have no way to chart their progress. One of the fun things about working with the chakra is that it offers an internal map that allows you to see at any time where you are on the road to manifesting.

Find Out What You Want

If you know what you want, this exercise will no doubt validate your choices (though don’t be surprised if a few newjuicy ones emerge!); if you don’t know or are unsure of your desires, this is a really good way to get around any resistance and find out.

fl ★ TIP: If you don’t decide your path, your brain is going to decide based on I what it determines is safe for you.

  1. 1. Start by creating a bucket list. Take 10 minutes to write down all the things you want to do before, well, you “kick the bucket". The reality is that it is often easier to come up with things you'd love to experience before you die, than in the coming months or years. You might have dreams of becoming a marathon runner, becoming a published author, starting a family or simply being independent. It can be something that you’d like to be or have. Take your time and be honest, but don't belabour it You can revise it at any time. Ready? Do it now!
  2. 2. When you’re finished, ask yourself: "If I left the earth in two days, what is the one thing on this list that I would really love to experience?" Pick THAT one.
  3. 3. Next, take 7 minutes to make a sub-list of conditions that need to exist in order to live that life or create that experience. (So, for example, if you chose “to be independent” from your bucket list, you could include things like “find a job that lets me work flexible hours” or "move into my own apartment”.)

Note: Keep in mind that the reason for creating a bucket list is to discover something vitally important to you - for example, realizing that you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer or a therapist. Don’t underestimate the power of focus.

Working with Chakra Manifesting 11

  1. Now write out, in detail, what you would be experiencing if you did live that life for one day. What would you do? Who would you be? What would you have that you do not currently have? Do this in 2-4 paragraphs for a total of 14 minutes.

Now that you have a sense of what you really want, it’s time to play. Ready to do a mini-reading?

Remember: Avoid dismissing something because it feels too big. A childhood friend did this exercise on New Year’s Eve over 20 years ago. He was training as a fighter pilot, but he’d always wanted to be a doctor. I heard from him years later - when he called to tell me that he had resigned from the Air Force and had gone to medical school.

Set Your Intention

  1. 1. Shuffle the deck with the cards face down and pull one card at random to be your chakra focus for the day. (When setting intentions, pull no more than one card a day - this is your brain trying to ignore your intuition.)
  2. 2. Place the card face up in front of you. The card’s associated chakra will tell you what your overall focus for the day is (see box, opposite).
  3. 3. Open yourself up to your vision. Hold it in your heart. Experience the feeling until it is so familiar you think it already exists This is what you will attract. Do this for 30 seconds at a time - any more and it will be hard to hold the focus.

4 Meditate, open your imagination, envision it.

  1. Send your vision into the chakra of the card you have pulled that day - and breathe.

Magnetizing vs Manifesting

Magnetizing is an internal energy that begins in the emotions. (Imagine how you feel when you are flirting - that is the energy of magnetizing.) This is why, when people speak of the law of attraction, they stress the importance of feeling what your outcome is like.

Manifesting, on the other hand, is the material or physical appearance of your desires, i.e. what you create. The universe will always respond to your request - if you do not quit and keep your magnetizing energy going.

12 Working with Chakra Manifesting

The Chakra Focus

The Route Taken: Family beliefs, shifting old ideas.

The Emotional Response: Are your feelings mature or immature7

Making Plans: What you think and where that is leading you.

Permission: Whose approval do you need? I rue fears are revealed.

The Messages: What you see in your life is your creation

The Origins: Is this real or a hidden family agreement?

The Universal: Tapping into the consciousness of a unified world.

Your Turn

Look at your life. What have you intentionally created, or manifested, in the past? What was the original magnetizing feeling? Where in your body did it live7 There is always a pattern. You can capture the feeling you had when you began magnetizing and use it as a trigger to fast-track the process in the future.

I rarely add a deadline to an intention. As you can see, there is a natural order of things; in the time between your intention and its realization, magnifying and manifesting prepares you to receive it. The delicious agony of the in-between time is preparing you.


Meditating is another great way to connect with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot. The meditations or journaling prompts for the cards will provide you with a way to allow your intuition to reveal a message for you. The answers to our questions are already inside of us - meditation simply gives us the space to hear them

The Power of Chakra Meditation 13

uncensored. Meditation takes many forms, and I want to underline the idea that ALL your answers are inside you. The three types of meditations below are ways to get a sense of your own internal truth. Remember, too, that there is no “right" way to meditate. Do whatever works best for you or your client.

Written Meditation

Automatic writing is a great tool to connect with your intuition because it is essentially a free-fall of thoughts, uncensored. You just start writing and edit nothing. Written meditations work because there are no rules: they are you, the pen and paper, and your choice of focus. Spirit will guide you.

Try this: Pull one card from the deck. What chakra is it? Put pen to paper and simply start writing. There need be no specific focus; just let the words flow onto the page. Think of the words that appear as a message from your angel guides regarding your enquiry.

Guided Meditation

This can mean listening to a guided meditation, perhaps one downloaded from the internet; or it could be as simple as reading the meditation in a specific card profile and going on an internal journey with it. if it is a Major Arcana card, you can expand the journey by imagining where the Fool is on herjourney before and after the card you are using. Using the structure of a guided meditation can be very helpful in gaining clarity around your present circumstances.

Try this: Pull one card from the deck. Look at it closely and write your own version of the story it tells. What do you see?

Silent Meditation

Feelings that are overwhelming, when truly experienced, can shift your entire life. We tend to avoid or want to rid ourselves of what we call “blocks". But, to “rid” ourselves of something, we must first identify it, feel into it and allow ourselves to acknowledge the depth of what we have been avoiding. When we are uncomfortable, simple silence allows us to breathe, identify and expand the chakra that is in confusion or pain. This quiet time allows us to be with an experience and transform it.

Try this: Do not write, do not speak. In the silence, simply observe what the “block" (the uncomfortable feeling) is. Now pull one card from the deck. Which

14 The Power of Chakra Meditation

chakra is it? Take the feeling you are having and silently assign it to the card. Breathe and allow yourself this time.

Staying the Course

If you are using this deck to chart your chakra journey on the road to manifesting, the beginning is always fun. You’ve made a decision and you are on your way!

Then, your momentum stops. It feels as though nothing is happening, and suddenly you are in limbo. This is when most people give up. If you get discouraged, meditate and allow challenging feelings to strengthen you. Step into your power by acknowledging and validating that your feelings are real. This stand is faced by everyone who experiences breakthroughs in their life.


As we work with the chakras, we evolve (or ascend) to our highest self. When we arrive at the seventh chakra, we have reached true bliss. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot cards reveal where you are on your path and offer ideas to move you forward in attracting the circumstances to match your new inner reality.

There is a natural chakra rhythm within a traditional Tarot deck, so you can think of the Minor Arcana in patterns of seven:

The first set of first chakra cards are the Aces. These are red. The first set of second chakra cards are the Twos. These are orange. The first set of third chakra cards are the Threes. These are yellow. The first set of fourth chakra cards are the Fours. These are green. The first set of fifth chakra cards are the Fives. These are blue. The first set of sixth chakra cards are the Sixes. These are indigo. The first set of seventh chakra cards are the Sevens. These are purple.

The second set of first chakra cards are the Eights. The second set of second chakra cards are the Nines.The second set of third chakra cards are the Tens. The second set of fourth chakra cards are the Princesses The second set of fifth chakra cards are the Knights. The second set of sixth chakra cards are the Queens. The second set of seventh chakra cards are the Kings..

The Major Arcana is formed of three sets of seven (there are three cards in each chakra, see page 17), until we reach the final card, the World, which integrates all the chakras as well as holding the eighth chakra wisdom. Let’s now look at the Major Arcana in more detail.

The Chakras within the Tarot IS


Did you know the word ARCANA is Latin for "secret” or "mysteries'?

The 56 Minor Arcana cards represent day-to-day matters and they closely resemble our modern playing card deck, with one exception: the Princess (aka Page) has been removed. She is a spiritual messenger - this may be why she was not included in the playing card decks.

The Major Arcana are the 22 cards that illustrate the Fool’s Journey. They are referred to as “major” because each one of these named picture cards depicts the path we all must take. They represent experiences through life, from the Fool (or 0) card, which indicates the beginning of the journey, to the World (or XXI) card, which is the culmination of the Fool’s Journey.

In other Tarot decks, the Fool is seen only in the first card of the Major Arcana. In the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, however, we begin with the Fool herself and follow her chakra journey as she appears in every Major Arcana card to illustrate how the ways of chakra manifesting affect us all.

What makes Chakra Wisdom Tarot special is that the Major Arcana reveals the internal chakra map of the Fool's Journey. This gives a true window onto the secrets of the path we all take as we evolve through the chakras in the Major Arcana cards.

These cards of destiny are more representative of events that take place in life than the path of the person going through it. So, for example, the Strength card represents the idea of strength, while in the Chakra Wisdom Tarot we see the Fool acquiring her strength.

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot Major Arcana is split up into three levels, each

representing a stage of chakra evolution. The Fool, therefore, will either be seen learning, living or mastering, depending on which level of the Arcana she is in.

16 The Major Arcana

The Three Levels of the Fool’s Chakra Evolution: Learning, Living and Mastering

  1. 1. From the Fool card (0) through to the Lovers (VI), the Fool embarks on finding mentors for her training. In each card, she is introduced to a new tool She is learning
  2. 2. The Fool continues on her chakra evolution from the Chariot (VI I) through to Death (XIII). Her chakra lessons are tools for living
  3. 3. From Temperance (XIV) through to the World (XXI), she is in the state of mastery; the Fool knows how to apply the tools, yet her choices may not always be for the highest good - for herself or others.

The chart below illustrates the Fool’s ascension through the chakras.

O'TSltrvol ■              H •      IV*V* TN* HSrrplwii VI'lIwUw*

XIV • T«mo»ranc«f XV • Thu Devil XVI • The Tower XVII* The $w XVHf • The XIX‘The Sun XX • .Judgement

XXt • Ttv

The Three Levels of the Fool's Chakra Evolution 17

THE MAJOR ARCANA: Level One - Learning

In the first level of the Major Arcana, the Fool emerges as a learning vessel. From here, she will journey through the learning process and meet the mentors who will teach her lessons that will guide her in life. These first seven chakra cards will reveal an aspect of magnetizing that we can apply to our own life - we have the opportunity to take the Fool’s chakra journey with her.

★ TIP: What you skip will always stop you.

In the cards opposite, you’ll see that the Fool is visiting and learning from her mentors. Notice how each of these first seven cards reveals lessons about our own chakra evolution.

As you observe the Fool’s progress, can you see how she is learning a new skill or way of being with each new card? Imagine this journey being available to you. Where could you go with these tools?

18 The Maior Arcana






in the: empress


The Fool appears and visits the Magician, who introduces her to the four main symbols of tne Tarot. The High Priestess represents a level of discipline required to discern where you are in life. The Empress shares the fourth chakra wisdom of compassion and empathy for others. As the Fool approaches the Emperor, she will be introduced to masculine power. The Hierophant notices the Fool’s arrival. She holds a crystal wand. Will he teach her about the focused use of power? The Fool’s final visit is with the Lovers. Is that her in the painting? Or is she merely admiring it?

On the following pages, we will look more closely at the first seven Major Arcana cards.

Level One - Learning 19


The Adventure Begins

The roots of our Fool's gown illustrate her connection to earth. Although they are a part of her essential being, she will need to break free from these roots in order to travel the path ahead. The journey begins with her, and she is us.

First Chakra Message: This first chakra card reveals our arrival, with the beliefs, challenges and natural characteristics we receive from our genes, and so fits nicely into the grounding aspect of the root chakra. Our roots are where we source our life from. Transplant your roots, change your life.

Indication: footed in beliefs that you will need to break free from. Family restrictions. Choosing a new route <r> life.

Keywords: Beginning, journey, risk, naivety, starting afresh, newness, bravery

Reversed: Staying stuck in the past, feeling isolated, chronic health issues, indecision, staying

connected only to what is familiar m the present

Planet: Sun. The self, survival. Our basic nature, inherited The Fool in the first chakra is like your sun sign. It is your basic nature right now at the time of this reading. What is your current outlook? Your temperament?

Meditation: If there is no need to stay attached to a past that no longer defines you, is it time to choose a new route? What kind of foundation do you need to build your life?

Next Steps: With no knowledge of the world or what she will need, the Fool will venture on to discover her emotional power. If feelings are conjured, will she need a Magician? Will you?

20 The Maior Arcana


The Fool Learns Magic

The Magician knows the secret power of conjuring. The crystal wand he presents to the Fool offers training in the ways of soul magic. She is being taught the skill of magnetizing from him. Will she remember how it feels? Will she choose to use it?

Second Chakra Message: Here in the second chakra, we witness the first encounter with emotions. In order to use the tools of spiritual attraction, we must choose the tool that works best in directing our feelings in manifesting. What will the Fool choose to take with her? Will she use these skills she has now learned?

indication: All lessons that are vital to our evolution must involve emotional investment. Spiritual gifts. Using your intuition.

Keywords: Conveying, implementing, operating, adopting, practising, transmitting

Reversed: Hesitancy, unemotional, unhealthy

relationships, attracting trouble, ignoring gifts, destructive emotions

Planet: New moon The new moon does not light the sky; yet it is in the darkness that plans are made and seeds are sown. This indicates the time to go within and look at how you feel - what your deepest desires are. Here we offer them to the Magician, who has all the tools you need for magnetizing your desires.

Meditation: Admit to yourself the true level of emotional investment your next steps will require. Either concentrate on or write down as descriptively as you can the emotion most valuable to you for magnetizing. What is it?

Next Steps: Now the Fool has learned about emotions from the Magician, her next stop will be the Priestess, who is the embodiment of intuitive thought. Will she learn the secrets this mentor has to share?

0 - The Fool i - The Magician 21


The Fool Sees Who She Will Become

The Priestess is the everywoman. She holds the secrets of feminine power and guards them with her instinct. Her mind is sharp and she protects the tools that the Fool must learn in order to survive. Will the Priestess share her legacy?


Third Chakra Message: The Fool holds the image of what she seeks, though she does not yet know who or what she is looking for As ideas start occurring to her, she wonders whether this is her brain talking, or her intuition. Will she become the vision she seeks? Will you?

Indication: Thinking, critical thinking, teachable. Gut instinct, and the ability to use it wisely, must be embodied.

Keywords:   Wisdom, mentor, reflection,

understanding, discernment

Reversed: Distrust, frivolity, superficiality, obsessive thinking, wait to begin anything new Planet: Mercury. Speaking, writing and consulting. The ability to sum up a situation or a person fairly quickly. A shrewd thinker and decision-maker, the energy here is of a sharp mind. Insights into the correct action are possible now. Meditation: If you had an opportunity to learn from ANY mentor in the world, alive or in spirit, who would it be? Why? What can they tell you7 What would you like to hear, share and learn? Meditate or journal to discover the instinctual pattern you are seeking to copy from your mentor. Ask them to join you and share their experience.

Next Steps: Having met the austere High Priestess, tne Fool will now be welcomed into the loving embrace of the Empress, who will support her m fully opening her heart chakra, showing her how to evoke the compassionate person she truly is

22 The Major Arcana


The Fool Learns of a Compassionate l-leart

The Fool sits listening to the ways of the Empress, who offers a safe place to be open and relaxed in her presence. Notice that she does not look at her pupil; rather, she is focused on the lesson she is offering. Will the Fool learn it?

Fourth Chakra Message: Here in this first heart chakra card, deep emotional issues with the feminine side are represented Possibly there is a need to seek permission from a female in your life or an underdeveloped relationship with the feminine.

Indication: The wisdom of feminine power is experienced, not taught. What thoughts must you take on internally to know you are magnificent,just as you are?

Keywords: Love, safety, trust, empathy, kindness, commitment

Reversed: Nagging, smothering, overinvolvement, uncaring, loving too much, fear of shaming

Planet: Venus. Although often called the planet of love, this planet represents much: our taste, our sense of beauty, our likes and dislikes. There is a summoning of compassion and kindness with Venus. The Empress offers us the space to appreciate the beauty of who we are. What is it you love and enjoy?

Meditation: The Empress will teach us that there is nothing more beautiful than what is inside us. Is this true? Yes? No? Take time to explore both ideas, then, when you are ready, come back to the Empress and accept the teaching she offers.

Next Steps: When you know who you are and what is truly in your heart, you will learn the ways of the Emperor. His message is his presence and, as the Fool moves into the throat chakra, she will learn that communication - whether spoken or unspoken - is a powerful thing.

II- the Hign Priestess/III-Tne Empress 23


The Fool Learns of Unspoken Energy

The Emperor alone knows the true power behind personal intention; his presence commands results. He offers the lesson of communicating and the messages that we send out to others, particularly the unspoken ones.

Fifth Chakra Message: The Emperor is the first real masculine energy the Fool encounters. She does not need to fully see him to feel his serious energy. He holds his crystal wand loosely in his hand. Perhaps he is awaiting his pupil. Is she ready to embody the secret to emit her essence to the world? The Fool holds herself in pause upon approaching him. Will she stay or go?

Indication: The power we fear is power we cannot own. Are we aware of our own silent power? What we are unaware of controls us.

Keywords: Empire, control, jurisdiction, leader, initiator, ambition

Reversed: Domineering, abusive, unambitious, broken trust, chaos, uncontrollable, manipulative, excessive criticism

Planet: Mars. The planet of the fifth chakra, Mars - associated with aggression and war - gives us the energy to urapologetically send our intention out to the universe. Use this energy with your fifth chakra to speak up and express yourself. Meditation: Are you aware of your own unspoken messages? How do people respond to you? How does the universe respond? Make a list (on paper, or in your mind) of all the silent messages you send out. Act as if you know exactly what your messages are, and when you are finished look carefully over the list; are there any energetic vibes you would change? Perhaps to alter the outcome? Next Steps: The Fool will soon meet the Hierophant, who alone holds the door between the earthly plane and universal consciousness. But who is he to you?

24 The Maier Arcana


The Fool Seeks Spiritual Knowledge

He is there when the Fool arrives, standing under the all-seeing eye. She carries a wand the colour of indigo, which vibrates at the frequency of all past and future visions. But is she ready for this knowledge?

Sixth Chakra Message: The Hierophant connects the Fool to the sixth sense of her sixth chakra. This is a window into her psychic ability. His teachings of intuitive trust will carry her forward in uncertain times. In this sixth chakra, he must teach her to see darkness and light, and she will draw on these mystical lessons in the days ahead

Indication: The power of meeting a true spiritual mentor creates synchronicity and opens the path to walk alongside them and learn until you no longer need to. When it is time to become your own Intuitive Guide, you will know.

Keywords: Intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual

guidance, ritual, hierarchy, knowledge, counsellor

Reversed: Wickedness, rebellion, immorality, faithlessness, invalidation,

cold manipulation

Planet: Jupiter. The planet of luck and expansion. You will notice that the sixth chakra Jupiter cards offer a time to trust and expand your intuition and enhance your spiritual integrity. Ideas outside your earthly knowledge will show up to inspire you when they are most needed.

Meditation: Can you recall the First time you experienced a powerful life lesson From someone outside your family of origin? This is the true power of the Hierophant: the teacher who brings your world to life. Search your memories and explore what comes to you. Who do you see?

Next Steps: Returning from the world of mysticism, the Fool will encounter the Lovers. Is it a dream? Reality? Or a dream she will create’

IV - The Emperor / V - The Hierophant 25


The Fool Discovers the Delicious Pleasure of Desire

The Fool stands viewing the love she desires, observing passion and desire. Or is she in the picture, looking upon her own experience? This is her opportunity to step into the picture she has only imagined until now. Will she?

Seventh Chakra Message: in the Fool’s first visit to a seventh chakra card, we wonder if she has learned

of real love or only dreamed of it. Does it matter? Her connection to the universal consciousness

has always been there. She sends this message to create - the world, the union, the partnership, the pain/pleasure she seeks.

Keywords: Clarity, enlightenment, knowing,

cosmic consciousness, union

Reversed: Divorce, disharmony, separation, opposition, disillusionment, lack of connection to the universe

Planet: Saturn. This planet requires discipline and hard work, yet that is also what it takes to ascend to the God consciousness of the seventh chakra, and the reward is for a lifetime. There are times when people may wonder how someone achieved what appeared to come merely from luck. This is the mystery of both the seventh chakra and Saturn. What you work for will come to fruition.

Meditation: This first trip through the chakra with the Fool has ALL been a dream - one of our making. We created it to light our own path. Are you in or out? Will you choose to live the dream? What do you now know that only moments ago was unclear? This will reveal your rate of manifesting.

Next Steps: The Fool appears again on her own. This time, she is awaiting the Chariot - a first chakra card. She no longer has visible roots, but instead a clean slate, a new beginning It is time for her to start the journey through the shadow chakras.

26 The Major Arcana

THE MAJOR ARCANA: Level Two - Living

This second level of the Major Arcana Chakra Tarot cards begins with the first (red) chakra card of the Chariot - and our Fool continues herjourney, integrating her shadow with her light. Will she implement the lessons she has learned?

These cards will offer her a direction and connection to the choices she has made, and those she must make to sustain her future.


First, the Fool will encounter the Chariot, as she waits for what she does not look for. She will then demonstrate her Strength and a connection with her own power. She will soon face her shadow side, which she seeks tn the Hermit. Living means there is always an adventure waiting, and whether up or down, the power of the divine feminine spins in the Wheel of Fortune. Justice is experienced for or against us, and we have a chance to do what is right at any moment. The Hanged Woman communicates a pulling m and rediscovery of self Death will force us to really live - and embrace our own resurrection. What will bring you back to life?

VI - The Lovers / Level iwo - Living 27


The Fool Begins Her Life

At first glance, it may appear as if the Fool is not aware of the Chariot. Closer examination reveals that she is in a meditative trance. She is magnetizing the Chariot from the heavens, yet she is unaware of her own power of manifestation.

First Chakra Message: The shadow emerges here in this revisiting of the first chakra. The Fool, no longer deeply rooted, is free. There is a sense of security when you are feeling grounded in what you are bringing into form. Creating a new foundation, no longer tied to the past, means stepping out and creating your own platform. You are ready. Whether you take a risk or not is a choice - yours. Indication: Rooted in beliefs that you will need to break free from. Family restrictions. Choosing a new route in life. Allowing your shadow to emerge Keywords: Ally, forging ahead, risk, starting over, not knowing where help is coming from, staying open

Reversed: Hiding, escaping old ideas originating from the family

Planet: Sun. Think of'.his as a solar return (your birthday). This card reflects the things that will be directly affecting you at this time. Also, look closely at the overarching theme of the reading, as this may indicate facing or avoiding what is surfacing.

Meditation: True power comes not from avoiding the darkest part of us, but rather leaning into and sending love to our shadow. If the dark parts are your unloved aspects, are they your untapped resources? What if the broken parts are the magnificent tapestry of your life? What do you see as you piece it together? Next Steps: Accessing our shadow can feel emotionally foreboding. The tendency is to attempt to jump ahead and use our third chakra to tuck pain away. This requires emotional strength, not mental strength. Will the Fool be capable of this?

28 Th* Major Arcana


The Fool Has Reined in Her Emotion

The Fool sits atop the golden lion. Why is she dressed in the yellow of her third chakra and not in the orange of the second? The strength it takes to harness her emotions requires the disciplined thinking of the third chakra, which she summons.

Second Chakra Message: Emotional maturity has emerged through the shadow of the second chakra. Harnessing her feelings required the Fool’s focus, and is one of the valuable keys to chakra evolution. Notice that she is not ignoring her feelings - she is engaging them, In travelling from the second chakra to the third chakra, the shadow becomes the bridge to manifesting.

Indication: This is not about suppressing feelings; instead, it is about taming and focusing emotions to be productive and empowering.

Keywords: Psychic strength, intelligence, vitality, joy, leadership, pride

Reversed: Overreactions, faqade, anger, cowardice, violence, cruelty, sexua dysfunction, possessiveness

Planet: Moon. The waning or waxing moon brings shadow aspects to your emotions. Waning energy indicates a draining emotional situation, while waxing brings more energetic light to your circumstances. At the time of your reading, look up the phase of the moon to see where you are in the moment.

Meditation: Can you step back and observe your feelings as they happen, rather than react to them? What would your world look like if you applied this technique more often’

Next Steps: Having gained emotional strength and maturity in the second chakra, the Fool must now journey within and use these tools to find the answers she seeks. In the Hermit, she will discover where they are truly hidden.

Vli - The Chariot / Vm - Strength 29


The Fool Begins to Think for Herself

The Fool wanders in the darkness with a lantern for light. She will soon discover that what she seeks in her shadow side are all her supressed emotions. The lantern’s light connects with the heavens; she is being guided on this journey.

Third Chakra Message: The Fool is bathed in orange, an indication that she is in the second chakra of her emotions, using a lantern from the third chakra to see what she needs to. Yet, in order to progress, she must find the feelings she has kept hidden, which will be the key to opening her heart.

Indication: Here, in a third chakra card, we are looking externally when the answer lies within. If we are the answer, why look for it outside of ourselves?

Keywords: Reflection, study, fire, seeking, searching, contemplation

Reversed: Resentment, alienation, perfectionism, rejection, arguments, risky behaviour, the struggle to find oneself

Planet: Mercury. A conjunction energy. Fast connections and lightning decisions. This can also indicate internet communication - quick results and connections. A chance to make decisions that will be lasting and are what you sought.

Meditation: Sometimes it is best to be in the dark, as the solution cannot easily be revealed in the light. The lantern holds your instinct and ability to think beyond this moment. You still carry the energy from what you have learned. Can you apply what you know? Is this what soul-seeking is? Are you willing to look at the true plan your emotions have led you to?

Next Steps: The Wheel of Fortune indicates the manifesting energy of the divine feminine. The Fool has learned of the true power she has held inside. She is now using it to change her fate. Will it change yours, too?

3 0 The Maior Arcana


The Fool Discovers that Destiny Requires Timing

The Fool is now using all the tools the Magician gave her. She is summoning the forces of the universe to manifest only what is true in her heart. We have all the tools we need to create that which we choose.

Fourth Chakra Message: In this fourth chakra card, the Fool is using her feminine power and compassion she learned from the Empress. Like the Fool, you too can now summon all the tools you need to create your heart's joy at will Will you manifest your own destiny? Will you summon the tools of the Magician?

Indication: Knowing we all have everything we need to open Our heart to our true desires, we are then no better or worse than anyone else. Will you step forward and summon what your heart craves? Keywords: Compassion, surprises, development, possibilities, unforeseen events, destiny

Reversed: Misfortune, hitting bottom, blockage, unchanging, suspicion of others’ intentions, carrying a grudge

Planet: Venus. A conjunct energy. When Venus syncs up within your birth chart, it creates a conjunction or doubled energy. You experience a heightened sense of desire - and are more determined to create your intention. Energy is intense and powerful. Use it. Define what you enjoy now.

Meditation: Look at how far the Fool has come. She reminds you that your heart knows the path. It is by summoning the truth from our darkness that we can make requests from the heavens. Think about what you will summon from the ether. What does your heart truly crave?

Next Steps: Truth of your heart is when you are willing to be open to what you really desire, not what looks good on paper. The right thing will happen as depicted in the fifth chakra card of Justice.

IX - The Hermit / X - The Wheel of Fortune 31


The Fool Discovers Justice

The Foo! holds a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. She is clear that her life is a reflection of what she stands for. She has determined what she will create in her world and will defend and protect your right to do the same.

Fifth Chakra Message: The fifth chakra teaches us that the intention you choose must be one that you will stand for, or you will fall into the nothingness of righteous indignation. The Fool reminds us that we are owed nothing. She delivers what you say you desire. Are you speaking the truth?

Indication: There is a sense of divine intervention here. An advocate will appear to remind you of who you are. Allow yourself to correct your direction if you so choose.

Keywords: Equity, equality, impartiality, morality, objectivity, reasoning, argument

Reversed: Dishonesty, avoiding the truth,

irresponsibility, being taken advantage of, being used, gambling debts, ambivalence, inability to speak up, lying

Planet: Mars. A conjunct energy. When Mars syncs up within your birth chart, it creates a conjunction and the drive to action is doubled. When we connect the fifth chakra of creative expression and a Mars conjunction, it can be time to take on that project and make it happen. Get moving! The tides are turning m your favour,

Meditation: What does justice look like to you’ Write it down or meditate upon its elements until you have created a vision that resonates with you.

Next Steps: The Fool doesn't allow herself to be diverted from her intention. However, in the Hanged Woman, she will make the important decision to withdraw from decisive action as she waits for her intuition to guide her.

32 The Major Arcana


The Fool Pauses Her Future

The Fool has become trapped by the things she has overlooked, and must now pause and do nothing. Like the mountains of ice floating behind her, she must remain frozen. Any movement coulduhsettle the progress she has made.

transition, sacnfices, rebirth

Sixth Chakra Message: The sixth chakra represents a time for intuitive knowing, to look and discern if this is your true intention or if you are trying to live out a dream that is not yours. When struggle is put on pause and we relax into the unknown, we allow new ideas and family-of-origin agreements to be revealed. It is a time for us to be certain our choices are our own.

Indication: As we follow the Fool on her shadow journey, it becomes clear that we cannot proceed if our plans are made only to impress or help others. Obligations based on guilt keep us stuck.

Keywords: Delay, waiting, pause, confusion.

Reversed: Stalling, refusal, preparedness, wasted time, stand-still, shut down, beliefs that are not our own

Planet: Jupiter. A conjunct energy. When we have a Jupiter return, it indicates a re-visitation of what was once a fortunate circumstance in our life. Here the indication is that you are about to break free and step into who you came here to be. You are in alignment with the universal energy. Breathe into it.

Meditation: Think about what you have long awaited in your life, the future you see for yourself. Is this what you truly desire? Be honest with yourself and try to connect to the voice of your inner child. Write down what they would say if this is helpful. Is it time to recognize your own vision?

Next Steps: Allowing the false self to dissipate is the only option for the Fool, as life as it has been known is over. Death beckons. A new time will emerge.

XI - Justice/ XII - The Hanged Woman 33


The Fool Steps Out of Her Cocoon

The Fool emerges reborn, having her shadow self tied to the roots of her past. This is the death jfall that once held her back. She is now in the universal state of mastery and emerges into a new life.

Seventh Chakra Message: Allowing old resentments to die means no longer giving them meaning in your life. If you choose, you can embody the enlightenment of the seventh chakra and evolve to mastery. From this place, manifesting is as natural as breath.

Indication: There is now no need to live in the heaviness that lack of certainty brings. When we let go of terminal vagueness, there awaits the clarity of internal peace.

Keywords: Higher self, ending, illness, universal understanding, completion

Reversed: Regrets, resistance, attachment to the

past, fear of the unknown, delusional ideas, inability to discern fantasy from reality Planet: Saturn. A conjunct energy. When transiting Saturn syncs up with your birth chart Saturn, it is known as a Saturn return. This energy can often feel like a turbulent plane ride, but this is not necessarily an indication that anything is wrong It is truly a mini-death, for who you are as you enter is not the person you will be when you emerge. This time is a rite of passage.

Meditation: Are you ready to step out of the false self? Who would you be if you allowed your true self to run your day today? What would that day look like? What could you accomplish?

Next Steps: The Fool has completed her shadowjourney and will begin agam with Temperance. Even stepping into the mastery level of chakra evolution does not mean always making wise choices; it is about recognizing the unwise decisions we have made and, as soon as possible, walking away from them.

34 The Major Arcana

THE MAJOR ARCANA: Level Three - Mastery

The Foci’s journey has included mystical lessons from her mentors, as well as expanding the abilities she has acquired to magnetize and manifest with her internal magic. She is ready for the road to mastery. She will now encounter her greatest challenges - things that would make almost anyone want to withdraw or quit. In the evolved state of mastery, the skills and tools learned open the door





The Fool has transcended her Death and emerges as an angel in Temperance When the Devil overtakes her, is she deceiving herself or others’ln the Tower the Devil falls upside down while the Fool floats to the ground, yet in the Star she has lost her wings. Is this indicative of a new beginning? The cost of her diversion has led her into her shadow side tojoumey with the Moon, perhaps to inspect the ashes of the Tower. The Sun shines on the Fool for she now knows that all her choices have brought her to this point Now, m Judgement, the Fool honours the wise teachers who guided without judging her and, as she will soon see, in the World card, evolution to a higher consciousness necessitates the choices she made, as this past - her path - is the only past that can empower her as a leader, mentor and guide.

Xlll - Death / Level Three - Mastery 35


The Fool as an Angel

The shadow period ended with the seventh chakra card of Death, and now the Fool opens up to personal ascension with Temperance. The Fool, in angelic form, now has wings. The energy flow between the cups calls for a mixing of elements.

First Chakra Message: Situations that appear tempting or easy can send us hurtling back into lower vibrational energy. Here, the Fool’s hair is a true second chakra of orange, indicating that she is operating from her feelings, which rnay indicate the lack of a solid foundation. Remember, emotional confusion may indicate a need to review the prior chakra. Make sure that you are solid in your footing before progressing forward.

Indication: Knowing what your goals are, allowing the right things to flow from unexpected sources - this power is massive. Will it go to your head? Will you share?

Keywords: Fulfilment, destiny, guiding others, replenishment, blending Reversed: Separation, disassociation, arrogance, unwise choices, misdirected power Planet: Sun progression. Each year, our sun sign progresses one degree If we look at the planetary influence as a parallel, this indicates the potential for you to integrate your past with who you have become. This integration is part of moving up to the next chakra, and lends purpose to our past.

Meditation: When personal power is not owned, it can be misused and directed in a hurtful way. Who in your life was unaware of their personal power? How did it influence you? To do it differently, own your own power and support others in doing the same. What comes forward to you here?

Next Steps: Feelings may play a bigger role in influencing the Fool’s decisions than one would have thought. In the next card - the Devil - we clearly see where her feelings are taking her.

36 The Major Arcana


The Fool Ignores Her Instinct

The Fool is part of the destruction of what an unwise emotional choice can produce. Perhaps the surreal imagery on the card suggests that this may be a premonition. If this is a dream, can she shift directions or her choices in time?


Third Chakra Message: The Fool has climbed the tower, against her own instinct. In the Devil card, she was clothed in orange and surrounded by the yellow fire, which implied that her current thinking would burn her. Here, she is dressed in the third chakra of yellow, and she is falling, although she is able to land on her feet. Even our gut instinct (third chakra) cannot protect us from unwise choices brought on by immature emotions (second chakra). Indication: When manifesting and magnetizing, it is vital to remember the motto "do no harm”. This includes you, toward yourself. Things can be repaired. It is not too late. But changes must be made.

Keywords: Destruction, problems, rethinking, profound transformat ons, shifted reality, emerging truths, warning

Reversed: Accidents, collapse, devastation, relapses, fatigue, dismissal, bankruptcy, feeling controlled by outside forces

Planet: Mercury. Retrograde energy. Reconsider or reconnect with what's left behind, perhaps take a new direction. In some cases, it’s a do-over; in others, it's a completion. This may also indicate a reconciliation. Remember, while things can appear to be haywire right now. a new start may be what is called for.

Meditation: What shake-up do you need? Are you trying to avoid the outcome? Could this be indicating a missed opportunity? Have you ever let something go, only to find something better? Consider without deciding.

Next Steps: As we move on to the fourth chakra, implying self-forgiveness and spiritual healing, the Fool encounters the Star, which represents recovery after a fall.

38 The Major Arcana


Is the Fool Seeing Her Shadow?

The Fool stands holding an orange chalice, yet the surrounding yellow flames indicate that she is making decisions that may bum her. Can she see that her own shadow does not reflect the image we see? Is her brain attempting to ignore this reality?

Second Chakra Message: Here is a chakra indication that the message being sent may not be the one being received. Knowing what our shadow is, there really is no need to fear this card. There is no harm in making a choice that may be questionable, as long as you course correct as soon as it hits your awareness. The time to look at your motives is now. Indication: The hidden forces within us do not define us. While it may feel that options are limited right now, what if they are not?

Keywords: Lower vibration, competitiveness, jealousy, self-deception, violence, cheating, shortcut

Reversed: Submissiveness, blame, targeted, shallowness, indulgent fantasies Planet: Full moon. The full moon illuminates hidden emotions and brings things into the light. Literally. Emotional trickery will be exposed; yours or another person’s. Here, you will see the truth - if you look.

Meditation: If you betray yourself, who can you blame? Ultimately, doing the will of another against your own instinct is the crossroads faced here. Have you ever trusted someone you knew was untrustworthy, simply because you wanted the dream they offered? As you journal, write with compassion about the you who had that dream. What can you do to keep it alive now?

Next Steps: The Tower illustrates what happens when the Fool ignores the lessons she has learned and forgets who she truly is. Will she to recover from the fall?

XIV - Temperance / XV - The Devil 37


Did the Fool Learn from the Tower?

After the events of the Tower, which have left her open and vulnerable, the Fool celebrates with a grateful heart. When she had wings, she directed the flow between two worlds; here she is returned to earth.

Fourth Chakra Message: This fourth chakra card indicates a season of spiritual healing. Somewhere along the way she forgot herself, but the drama of the Devil and the Tower have passed and not all is lost: the heart of stars in the sky indicates redemption through personal forgiveness.

Indication: .Mastery means being gentle; personal healing is taking place. It is time to let others off the hook for choices you knew were not in harmony with who you have become.

Keywords:   Beauty, sentimental values,

acceptance, mental clarity from the heart, loving ideas, evolving, wonder

Reversed: Ignored skills, futurizmg, PTSD, not feeling good enough, worry, regrets, inability to relate, profound loneliness

Planet: Venus. Retrograde energy. This implies remembering what you like about you - what it will take for self-love to be an honouring process, rather than a defence.

Meditation: Have you ever forgiven someone, yet not really felt complete7 Take stock and make a list of some of the people you have “forgiven”, but still keep them on watch. What would happen if you forgave yourself for loving someone who wasn't capable of loving you back?

Next Steps: Discovering a misstep on our part is followed up by self- examination. We enter the world of the Moon. Once we truly meet our soul, we will solidify who we are.

XVI - The Tower / XVII - The Star 39


The fool Learns Through the Light of I ler Shadow Side

The Fool’s path is lit by the moon. She travels effortlessly into the dark night of her soul. Two wolves guard and guide her as she travels deep into the night. She is not alone, but this path is not without risk; yet she travels knowing the rewards.

Fifth Chakra Message: As this is a fifth chakra card, we are being given a chance to review the message we send out invisibly to the universe. Are we cultivating something that we don’t want but haven't yet seen clearly? Here in the full moon we can see everything: where we’ve come from, and what we have. The Moon card will light up whatever internal behavior is pulling us off track.

Indication: The moon illuminates our darkness and can be challenging if we are unable to see what’s going on. When we are willing to see what is preventing us from clarity, we become the master of our own destiny.

Keywords: Self-trust, habits, unconscious, fearless, psychic prophecy

Reversed: Restrictions, turmoil, anarchy, nightmares, distrust, misinterpretation Planet: Mars. Retrograde energy. This can be experienced as losing steam, or a sense of loss. When the fifth chakra is in a retrograde energy, it is a time to reassess or reconsider your current methods. How are you behaving? Are you getting the results that you desire?

Meditation: Beware of the phrase. “Well, I guess it's not meant to be ..." This is a way to disown your feelings of disappointment and give up your desires to avoid being hurt in the future. Where have you done this in the past? Is now the time to try again?

Next Steps: Having faced the Moon and recommitted to her mner courage and true path, the Fool will find the Sun a welcome friend at this point in her journey.

AO The Maior Arcana


The Fool Has Joined Her Darkness and Light

The Fool sends her thoughts out to the universe, and the sun illuminates the true chakra energy. She wears pure blue, which indicates the activation of her fifth chakra. If the chariot carries her dreams, could it also contain her legacy?

Sixth Chakra Message: The Fool has achieved what few others can: she has evolved through her past challenges and now celebrates her heritage. She can acknowledge her own path and set out in a new direction. What lies ahead is richer through knowing that she has survived and honoured what has come before­

Indication: The Sun card is an awakening you could be here to celebrate. Take a moment to thank your ancestors whose energy went into your survival. You can only attract and sustain what you have

appreciated from your heritage. Keywords: Belonging, child,

vacation, joy,

optimism, accomplishment, acceptance

Reversed: Doubt, melancholy, unhappiness, pessimism, workaholic, personal

breakdown, inability to experience joy

Planet: Jupiter Retrograde energy. You are being offered the opportunity to consider where you are now, and the planet of expansion and luck supports you

in reviewing your options.

Meditation: Create a list of “feel -good" questions to use on days when you could use an energetic boost: “What was it like when I won the [contract, championship, award etc]?” or “When I have stood up for what is right, I feel_______________________________ " The answers

will create a feeling of a higher vibration; opening up your intuitive highway will allow solutions to come to you.

Next Steps: The Fool discovers that Judgement, like true wisdom, relies upon knowing the difference between her own voice and her own intuition.

XVIII - The Moon /' XIX - The Sun 41


The Fool Summons Gratitude

The Fool again appears in angel’s wings. She now knows that judgement is discernment. She recognizes that at times her own judgement faltered, yet she has consistently self-corrected and found her way.

Seventh Chakra Message: Having reached the seventh chakra, the Fool is now a vessel of clarity for the universal good. When we live in mastery, we honour those who taught us how to live. This is not a place of forgiveness, rather a place of raised consciousness. Self-forgiveness takes place in the fourth chakra and below; here, the work is complete and acceptance owns this energy.

Indication: You are more than magnetizing your dreams: you are creating light for yourself and others. The student has become the master.

Keywords: Wisdom, improvement, appreciation, realization, release, harmony, acceptance, unity

Reversed: Reflection, unlearned lessons, self-criticism, inability to forgive, missed opportunities, cynicism about the universe

Planet: Saturn. Retrograde energy. This indicates going back and reviewing where you have come from, taking stock of choices made. It also means preparing for challenges you may not have seen until now. What will I need to prepare for? Meditation: The voice of insecurity can be calmed using meditative silence. Breathe. Settle into the space you currently occupy. Experience the feeling of insecurity. As you do, write in yourjournal and allow the feeling to move through your pen and onto the paper. When you are ready, sit silently with the Feeling and bring love energy into any spaces it still occupies.

Next Steps: You have now separated the material from the spiritual. One is not better than the other, and the World card will offer you the opportunity to combine and rejoice in the complete synchronicity of your circumstances.

4 2 The Major Arcana


First Chakra / Muladhara

REFERRED TO AS Root chakra

LOCATED Base of spine




MANTRA lam (rhymes with ahm)


In astrology, the sun represents identity - as does the first chakra. The red cards offer the astrological idea of where you personally shine, and illustrate ways the sun is shining on what you may need to see.


Manifesting Secrets of the Universe

While on our own chakra journey, we only refer to the seven chakras that we know. The World card represents the eighth chakra, located two feet above us. It is the protector of our physical being and also represents karma from other lifetimes.

Eighth Chakra Message: Chinese medicine offers greater detail into the more developed scope of this advanced energy centre, using the nadis (chakra energy clusters) to pinpoint where your body can be called upon to support you m healing. The World reminds us that there is indeed little we know intellectually about the chakras. This level of power, without the higher learning, can be likened to using a blowtorch to light a candle.

Indication: The World brings the energy to us m stillness. Spirit finds us and delivers our wishes.

Keywords:   Discovery,

certainty, travel,

satisfaction, triumph, inclusiveness

Reversed: Unfinished business, deficiency, lack of vision, stubbornness.

inexperience, over-committal, anxiety

Planet: Uranus. The planet of sudden change and disruption. Its awakening is radical and shocking. This metaphysical energy reveals the future of innovation. Meditation: Step into YOUR world energy. Do not let the lady on the card “fool" you. She has evolved to heavenly dimensions. She is a reminder that things are not as they appear, and it. is time to know your worth. Do you? Take time to draw a picture of yourself, of your world. It doesn't have to be a work of art - you can just doodle. What is important is that you allow the inventive energy within to

inspire you.

Next Steps: Our wounding is our greatest gift, which leads to our purpose. This card indicates completion. You are ready.

XX - Judgement / XXI - The World <.3


The first chakra represents our current energetic source. This chakra is about foundation, our family roots and our very DNA. It also houses family beliefs that may hold us back. It is an opportunity handed to us from the creator, as represented in the Aces, or where we begin again, as in the Eights. The new beginnings in the red cards can reveal to us who and where we are in our journey through the chakras.

The Aces

The Aces offer us the raw power of the first chakra to dive deeply into where and how we source our energy. In Tarot, they are a gift from our creator. In the first chakra, they come from our familial roots. This combines two polar opposites: one from above, as in the Tarot, and the other from our DNA. The first chakra invites you to forge your own path and an Ace reminds you that at this time the force is with you. These cards may indicate whether we sustain or abandon our dreams.

The Eights

The Eights are the next evolution of the first chakra; look for a chance to revise your intention, especially if it is incomplete. New connections, new ways of relating, and personal challenges will be uncovered here. Will we stretch our roots and venture out with a newly structured foundation or will we stay with old beliefs from our family that no longer serve us?

★ TIP: We will journey twice through the seven chakras in the Minor Arcana and see our emotional progression on the path to manifesting our visions.








The Route of Wanton Abandon

The Lady of the Ace reaches from her internal desires to the cup of bliss being offered by the creator. Will you allow yourself to do better than your family of origin?

Chakra Message: This Ace represents love offered, and being fully committed to the moment. Are you being ruled by your brain, or is your soul reaching away from the roots of your past?

Indication: The grounding power of the root chakra brings tangible results from a vision. Do you have a vision of love? Can you experience it?

Keywords: Spirituality, exhilaration, engagement, devotion, fidelity Reversed: Disillusionment, separation, infertility, longing, disloyalty Meditation: Imagine reaching to the heavens as white light comes into you and brings your desired result down to the earth. What would most support you in this moment?

Contemplation: While others may influence you, only you can choose to receive the love offered.

The Card of Elegant Receipt

She stands in the clouds of manifestation. The roses around her indicate growing through a challenging past. She is grounded and confidently summons creation from the dreamer's realm.

Chakra Message: This chakra relates to the growth of your personal root chakra. This may present as an untapped skill or a personality trait that will result in a tangible manifestation in your life.

Indication: An inheritance is coming to you and will present in physical form. The indication is that it is a form of divine provenance being handed to you.

Keywords: Co-creation, visualization, tangible results, a new venture

Reversed: A missed opportunity, a challenge, discontentment, financial loss Mediation: When you experience material gain, is it seemingly from happenstance? What comes from above needs the grounding of the red chakra. This is your new foundation. Breathe and stand in the frequency of what you will create.

Contemplation: You are already a manifestor. Will you choose to be a conscious one?

First Chakra - Red: Aces 47



The Card of Confident Creativity

The Card of Mental Strength

This wan J is an offering From above and is summoning the force of manifesting. The universe is converging to inspire forward movement on your dreams.

Chakra Message: Light from the red crystal illuminates the path ahead. You are being summoned forward into your next steps. You may not see that you are ready, yet all the signs are there. Imagine them.

Indication: The idea is Right! Let’s GO.' Contemplate your talents. Are bold moves necessary? Can you feel the energy? Your creativity is taking form. Will you nurture it?

Keywords: Opportunity, breadth, emerging, expansion, new possibilities Reversed: Frustration, dissatisfaction, decline, an ill-conce>ved plan Meditation: Allow the crystal wand of fire to ignite your root energy. A gift, a mysterious adventure and a bold move are all possible. Can you see it? You are ready for a new creative identity. Breathe. Only you know this vibrational frequency.

Contemplation: Experience igniting your spiritual magnetizing frequency that is alive in your first chakra.

She emerges from the deep waters of her past. While she is not underwater, she is not yet on steady ground. She brings protection and prepares you for an auspicious offer.

Chakra Message: Some situations require triage, not meditation. Your first chakra holds fragments of the past in your personal mosaic. When faced with a challenging situation, protecting what you are creating is necessary. Be kind, but not unwise. Indication: Whose permission do you need? What ties will you be forced to cut? Your abilities will emerge when you recognize the power of the sword you hold.

Keywords: Advancement, protection, wisdom, negotiation, reclaiming, cutting

Reversed: Tension, conflict, regret, sarcasm, misinformation

Meditation: Your first chakra is the fierce protector of all that is small and delicate. You are guarding creative ideas, loving thoughts, and your own vulnerable self.

Contemplation: Your first chakra is aligned with the power of the creator. You can do this - you are not alone.

68 The Minor Arcana








The Card of a New Reality

There is a deliriously intoxicating energy that surfaces when one has created their dream. Even if you loved it, the striving is finished. You have created something from that first cup; enjoy what you have created before starting again.

Chakra Message: You have reached a conclusion and may not yet have imagined anything beyond it. It is okay to enjoy what you have accomplished by seeking spiritual solace.

Indication: You are not necessarily being unappreciative; it may simply be the time to be you again after a long journey.

Keywords: Splendour, expansion, resonance, repetition, karma, departure Reversed:              Perception,    misery,

people-pleasing, hopelessness Meditation: Sit quietly. Imagine posing as the woman on the card. This is someone who has created and achieved her intention. In your mind’s eye, see yourself experiencing personal enjoyment from an accomplishment.

Contemplation: Prepare to reach for your dreams. You can and will bring them to fruition.

The Card of the Missing Element

She has returned to finish what she perceived as work left undone. As a re-visitation of the root chakra, could a step back be necessary for completion?

Chakra Message: Delays in the past were related to fearing completion. This is not the same. You are relating to the original issue in a new way, which will create a different outcome. What you will gain is more meaningful now.

Indication: Take pride in your work, create something to be proud of - a lasting result.

Keywords: A specialist, painstaking, diligence, reputation, professionalism, liberation, freedom, grace

Reversed:    Hypocrisy, criticism,

tediousness, a shortcut, fraud Meditation: Step forward and examine your coin. Look closely at it; this is the final piece of your masterpiece. What do you feel as you admire it? This feeling will offer you a vital clue to your next step.

Contemplation: Choose freedom at the end of this road. Prepare for a new journey.

50 The Minor Arcana



The Card of the New Adventure

The wands light the way even if the destination is not yet clear. IF spirit lies on the road ahead, are you ready for your next adventure?

Chakra Message: It is time to focus on what you value. Your ambition is the necessary foundation.

Indication: You may not yet be aware that you have arrived, but the path to freedom and manifesting requires you to acknowledge that you have created more than you once imagined.

Keywords: A conclusion, solution, results, momentum, travel, rewards Reversed: Quarrels, bickering, a setback, computer errors, missed connections

Meditation: Drop your shoulders and breathe. Ask your guides to lift you away from the need to keep anyone on the “hook” or be responsible for past pain. Yes, it was real. Yes, YOU are correct. This is your chance to grow away from what has held you back. How far can you ascend?

Contemplation: Continue to ascend toward your purpose, even though you may be using a foundation that you cannot yet clearly see.

The Card of Self-Imprisonmenl

There is both vulnerability and safety m her captivity. Are her thoughts keeping her tn a place of an uncertain future, or does she have an inner dread of starting over?

Chakra Message: While being stuck feels real, it may be time to challenge old ideas. Perhaps these circumstances were created by family patterning. Can you source it and clear it?

Indication: The swords here represent the mind preventing movement and joy. What could you do with the power of all those swords if you did not use them to trap yourself7

Keywords: Drama, stagnation, a dilemma, inner turmoil, blame, judgement, consequences

Reversed: Treachery, an accident, uncertainty, desperation, exasperation Meditation: In your mind's eye, see yourself surrounded by swords. Step outside your vision and look back at your “trapped” self. Can you send love out to her? Wait for the shift. What do you see now?

Contemplation: You have the strength and power to begin again at any time.

First Chakra - Red: Eights 51


Second Chakra / Swadhisthana

REFERRED TO AS Sacral chakra

LOCATED Genitals




Vam (rhymes with ahm)


In your personal astrology chart, the moon represents who you are emotionally and the way you relate emotionally to others. Similarly, the second chakra is a powerful connection to our emotional, sexual and creative drives, which means that an awareness of the moon can offer other aspects in the interpretation of these cards.



The second chakra represents our internal feelings - some of which we will have learned from our family of origin, some we gain from our chemical makeup. What we must decide is whether these emotions will inspire or hinder us.

The Twos

Twos in the Tarot represent a time where connections are made or ignored. If you look at the chakra connection, each card is aligned with the second chakra and thus has an emotional connection built into it. When a Two card is right side up, it lends a positive, uplifting emotional message. When reversed, there is an immature viewpoint and undercurrent within the message. The new moon energy of planting ideas brings with it a chance to experience a new emotional future.

The Nines

The Nines are the culmination of everything we have created. Think of Nines as you would a full moon; everything that you’ve done up to this point will be revealed in the light. The results may lead to emotional fulfilment, as in the Nine of Cups, or emotional defeat, as in the Nine of Swords. By the time we reach the second chakra in the Nines, whether the best or worst of a situation, it is the end of the road with it.

* TIP: You will notice that some orange cards have more yellow in them. When you see another chakra colour dominating a card, it may mean that this chakra is at play with the next one. For example, more orange implies more emotions; more yellow implies more thinking.



The Card of Intimate Connections

The intimacy revealed in this card, the happiness of this connection, appears real. She wished for a true emotional connection and has created it. Is she in joy, or in fear of losing it?

Chakra Message: Immature love creates a hunger so deep that another person may only awaken pain, rather than soothe it. Clinging to an inner wound manifests a desperation that can never be filled.

Indication: The true friendship that began with a powerful spark is real. It is your own self-love that is the magnetizing energy here.

Keywords: Connection, courtship, attraction, offering, love, marriage Reversed: Dissolution, conflict, dissent, injustice, histrionics Meditation: In your mind’s eye, begin to see your emotional experience of love outside of yourself. Knowing how we relate to the issue is the issue; what are you really experiencing emotionally around love and your connection with others? Is there a flow or a tightening? Contemplation: The second chakra reminds us of the powerful emotions within. Choose its focus.

The Card of a New Vision

As she stands anchored by her coins, the open door beckons her to a calmer sea, while her internal state is turbulent.

Chakra Message: Your true desire is to be found on the other side of the door. Take time to breathe and allow yourself to step from the vision into the reality of peace.

Indication: You may have addictive behaviour around money, spending or material things. It is time to look at and experience real feelings around behaviours that disempower you.

Keywords: Decisions, flexibility, adaptability, negotiation,juggling Reversed: Confrontation, debt, rigidity, carelessness, clutter Meditation: Focusing on what you desire is a natural intention. It forces a letting go of what drags you down emotionally. While not easy, chakra discipline is required for magnetizing. Contemplation: The door has opened to your true vision. Will you step into the state necessary for magnetizing?

Second Chakra - Orange: Twos S S



The Card of a Magical Manifesting

The white light orb she bolds summons the angels to carry her intention out to the universe. This emotional force translates emotions into form.

Chakra Message: When we demand magic of the universe without a commitment to manifesting, our energy will go elsewhere; often to distractions that dissipate our intention. Indication: There is an unspoken agreement with the universe that we will use our energy wisely. Holding the energy of possibility and vision is only possible through emotional maturity.

Keywords: Invention, influence, pioneering, authority, restlessness, expansion

Reversed: Pessimism, a cancellation, incompletion, an unknown fear Meditation: In your mind’s eye, see the orb on the card. Allow this ball of light to expand and envelop you. Can you feel the magic? Write down or picture the feeling. Is it familiar?

Contemplation: Will you choose to join your harmonic joy with universal joy? Will you allow yourself the experience of emotional excellence?

The Card of Seductive Restriction

Light emanates from the lady in the image. Imagine that this light holds the same rays of protection that surround you. They contain the ability to guide you to wise emotional choices and can reignite your true power.

Chakra Message: We can blame those who hurt us when we purposely fail. They can't take credit for our success; rather our failure validates our experience of abuse.

Indication: Resistance can overshadow what we are actually for. What are you willing to stand for emotionally?

Keywords: Denial, being closed-off, self-protection, fear, containment, righteousness, withholding

Reversed: Deliberate, lopsided, caution, imposture

Meditation: When we choose to turn our back on our emotions, we stay safe from the possibility of feeling them. A lower, slower vibrational frequency creates temporary safety. When you are ready, energetically turn toward the feminine power to ignite your dreams again.

Contemplation: You may never be ready to change the status quo, but you may need to take action anyway.

,56 The Minor Arcana




The Card of the Fulfilled Wish

She lives in the luxury of emotional fulfilment. From here, she casts her eyes upon her next adventure. This is not a card of stalling; it is one of enjoying the moment knowing that she has manifested her desires.

Chakra Message: Be aware of any tendency to exaggerate your importance or use your accomplishments to prove your worth. This can reveal the need to work through the emotional deprivation of past wounding.

Indication: This card indicates mastering the experience of Joy and a fulfilling emotional connection with what has been created.

Keywords: Luxury, rewards, prosperity, pompousness, maturity, an achievement Reversed: Self-sabotage, ovenndulgence, smugness, agitation, dissipating Meditation: Stand in a soothing orange light and imagine a higher vibrational energy that lives at the frequency of emotional pleasure. Breathe. Your dream is already fulfilled. Can you connect to this frequency now?

Contemplation: When you step into a higher frequency you will create the energy of joy and magnetizing.

The Card of Personal Inventory

Making wise financial choices means investing in memories, not things. The boldness of the orange orchid indicates personal pride in achievements that are yours to enjoy. Chakra Message: The higher vibration of our emotional relationship with finances is the trance of financial freedom. Guide your emotions, harness them and allow them to propel you into abundance.

Indication: Continual focus on how to create financial security can create a lack of self-care. Hoarding or a lack of generosity can lead to illness. Imagining yourself in fearful situations. Keywords: Independence, security, sophistication, ownership, harvesting, prime

Reversed: Deficient, clutter,

inaccuracy, danger, dependence Meditation: Using the life force of your second chakra, tap into the universal energy and summon your guides. Go deeply into what you'd like to create. What is the feeling associated with your intention?

Contemplation: The better you allow yourself to feel, the more secure your financial future is.

58 The Minor Arcana



The Card of Igniting Inner Fire

The wand she holds is on fire, indicating that she is still not yet beyond the problems that she is recovering from. While she may soon be ready to move forward, it will not be until she puts out the emotional fires that plague her.

Chakra Message: Pushing forward when it’s time to stop and heal can create costly mistakes - first emotionally, then elsewhere. There will be a price paid in the future for a decision made in the present.

Indication: You may have a “fire” to deal with before you can proceed. Will you burn through the obstacle? Or will you experience the burden it leaves? Keywords: Guardedness, recovery, stamina, patterns

Reversed: Doubt, defensiveness, being inundated, hopelessness, neglect, contrary

Meditation: Allow the wand of fire to be the stake you drive into the ground. Light a candle if you can and stare into the flame. What passion still burns in you? Can you feel it? What is your next step?

Contemplation: Are you willing to stop burning yourself out?

The Card of Deep Grief

She has lost faith in all she once knew. Her values, energy, life choices and allies are gone. To her, there is nothing, as she is in utter despair. There is only one answer: be still and wait for the pain to pass.

Chakra Message: As deep as emotional devastation can be, it also indicates the depth of love you felt. Validating a loss becomes the rite of passage into personal power. Embracing authentic emotions is cathartic. Can you feel it? Indication: Feeling like the world has turned against you can be devastating. An inability to self-soothe can expose a pattern of neglect. If you are emotionally burned out, rest.

Keywords: Grief, defeat, despair, devastation, incarceration, insomnia Reversed: Resentment, stubbornness, inflexibility, caution

Meditation: There is a cliche that says, “The only way out is in.” Invite a loved one who has crossed over to join you. As you walk together, allow their light to envelop you. Breathe deeply. Allow the dialogue between you to continue until you feel complete.

Contemplation: You will know when you are ready. You will love again.

Second Chakra - Orange: Nines 59


Third Chakra / Manipura

REFERRED TO AS Solar plexus chakra





MANTRA Ram (rhymes with ahm)

PLANET Mercury

We’ve all heard the phrase “Mercury in retrograde” - usually accompanied by a warning that things are about to go haywire. While this is a generalization, it is true that Mercury is a planet of fast action concerned with decisions, and of planning where our communications are taking us. Combining the power of Mercury with the Tarot cards of the third chakra can show us whether our thinking is working with us or hindering us.


Our third chakra is where our gut instinct lies, as well as our thoughts, plans and the path we take. These cards are concerned with thinking, quick action and responses. The “fight or flight” reflex may be ignited by the second chakra’s emotional reaction to circumstances facing us, but it is in the third chakra that we make the decision to take a stand or flee.

The Threes

The third chakra highlights our plans, thoughts and decisions. Planning and re-thinking our past emotional choices will be revealed in the Three cards. When there is a question of how the querent arrived at their choices, look no further than the prior chakra. The more orange you see in a third chakra card, the more it will reveal how much emotion is directing choices being made.

The Tens

The way we relate to the world around us and roles played in our family of origin are revealed in Tens through the lens of the third chakra. In the Tarot, the Tens represent the aftermath of our success or failure. The Ten of Swords indicates the way in which our mind has responded to a complete defeat and our progress out of a difficult situation, while the Ten of Cups reveals the pure joy of a dream come true.

* TIP: When a card is reversed, think of it as a retrograde planet. When one of the third chakra cards is reversed, it may be important to look at something that has to be repeated or needs a do-over, as Mercury retrograde is known for temporary setbacks.




The Card of Celebrated Collaboration

The women on the card represent celebrating in their own way. There is a sense that their pattern may have some thought behind it.

Chakra Message: An emotional start indicating where we learn emotions from AND the gift we are offered. Follow your instinct; it is not the time to worry what others think of how you appear.

Indication: Be guided by your own instinctual thoughts regardless of outside opinions. Face your fear and celebrate your accomplishments. What others see may not be what you feel.

Keywords: Harmony, celebration, socializing, friendship, pregnancy, teamwork

Reversed: Fatigue, codependent relationships, lack ofjoy, procrastination, impulsiveness, becoming disconnected from supportive people

Meditation: Do the three women on the card appear silly or phoney? Being seen as foolish can make it challenging to stay focused. A plan will withstand judgement. Do you have that clarity? Contemplation: Get ready to focus on connecting with like-minded people for your mutual excellence.

The Card of Creative Study

The master artist’s plan is well- thought-out and in action. Of the two women waiting, one is wearing a yellow headdress, indicating that her plan is solid and ready. The final woman wears a red/orange headdress, so perhaps she is still uncertain in her creative endeavours. Which one are you?

Chakra Message: Wait your turn. Get more training. Know you can do better. This card may indicate a worthwhile collaboration.

Indication: If what you desire has been done before, then the path forward exists for you, too.

Keywords: Plans, growth, mentorship, dedication, promotion, craftsmanship Reversed: Competition, a distraction, being uninvolved, forgetfulness, unthinking, vagueness

Meditation: Ask your guides if there is something that must be completed before you can move forward. Take time to allow them to speak.

Contemplation: Look honestly at where you are now in your creative focus. When you do, you will know your next steps.

Third Chakra - Yellow Threes 63



The Card of Intentional Thought

She sends her emotional energy into the wand's crystal of manifestation. Her focus has calmed the sea of emotion surrounding her. The stars imply the magic has happened; the spell has been cast. Can you ignite all the wands and allow them to light the way to your destiny?

Chakra Message: Adjust your internal thermostat in preparation for receiving what you desire. Your future is in your own hands. Direct the emotional power discovered in the prior chakra. Harness transformational energy - the power of the mind - without needing external validation.

Indication: Do not make decisions that are overly emotional. Rein in hasty impulses.

Keywords: Expansion, journey, vision, cooperation, luck, magical thought Reversed: Criticism, anger, bully­ing, nerve pain, inability to take responsibility, frantic misuse of power Meditation: Imagine the glowing yellow crystal on the wand. Allow its power to ignite and energize your plan. Do you experience higher consciousness?

Contemplation: Harnessing your inner fire is the key to visions becoming reality.

The Card of Painful Thoughts

The image of the heart is orange and yellow, indicating mental anguish. Will she recognize that the pain is over, then change her thinking and progress? The prognosis is good.

Chakra Message: This card points to choices that no longer support you, and may indicate false friends. You may be coping with loss or struggling with defeatist thoughts.

Indication: Someone can love you and still leave. Knowing what a person is thinking will not bring relief. Sometimes, it’s the right time to declare a pattern complete. Is this paradigm finished?

Keywords: Surgery, painful thoughts, strife, ending

Reversed: Stepping back, avoiding reality, lingering resentment

Meditation: Send breath into any pain or discomfort in your solar plexus. Validate any sadness and acknowledge that your pain is real. Allow yourself time to be sad. Lean into the pain and allow your raw emotions to empower you.

Contemplation: Sadness and loss do not necessarily equal devastation.

64 The Minor Arcana




The Card of Emotional Bliss

She supports creative endeavours for herself and others, creating family peace, emotional delight, gathering and healing. She allows her service to reflect love.

Chakra Message: This card means choosing to do for others and to plan happy events for those closest to us. Relationships, like people, ebb and flow; give equally to those you love and include yourself.

Indication: Beware the difference between service and servitude. Find bliss for yourself; live not for others.

Keywords: New home, idealism, destiny, family, appreciation, harmony, new beginning

Reversed: Believing fantasy is better than reality, withholding truth from a loved one, disenchantment with a desired result, passive-aggressive behaviour Meditation: The third chakra suggests that you followed your instinct to create what you now have. Meditate on your family of origin. Sorting through emotional wounds and turning them into new thoughts brings healing.

Contemplation: What if... it can get better? What if it can get better than better...?

The Card of Ancestral Legacy

She has wealth beyond reproach, which she inherits from her ancestry. When she connects the past to her future, the bridge of the third chakra will open her heart.

Chakra Message: This card implies buried treasure in your heritage. Time to choose your own future and the financial ties that go with it.

Indication: It is time to plan - and learn about money. This will support you in finding internal peace.

Keywords: Birthright, ancestry, contracts, obligations, property, comfort, luxury

Reversed: Lack of effort, unwise investments

Meditation: Step into your ancestral energy now. Who would you be if you thought you descended from royalty? As you see the legacy you have inherited, you wib be ready to live and ultimately leave your own legacy.

Contemplation: What if the support from your ancestors is more powerful than you thought?

66 The Minor Arcana


Fourth Chakra / Anahata

REFERRED TO AS Heart chakra




MANTRA Yam (rhymes with ahm)


Strongly associated with love, the planet Venus also represents what we like, our tastes and our personal preferences. It indicates what we gravitate toward and value the most.

★ TIP: All reversed fourth chakra cards can indicate being in our shadow side of avoidance and outgrown attachments.



The Card of Self-Imposed Burden

She can hold only one wand comfortably. The others, unseen, are looming over her. While she appears poised, she carries the burden for others. Do you?

Chakra Message: You may have accomplished your goals and face new decisions that require reassessing your needs based on where you are now. Time to look at more supportive choices for yourself.

Indication: You may be unable to recognize a burden or are carrying a burden alone. This card can also indicate power without responsibility. Keywords: Burden, over-committal, defensiveness, replanning, over- extension, rethinking

Reversed: Low self-esteem, exhaustion, mistreatment, time to sort things out Meditation: Focusing on your solar plexus, allow your gut to guide you. Is there a flow or tightening energy? If the energy is uplifting and flowing, enjoy it; if it is confining and painful, send it love. Do not attempt get rid of the burden. It is okay to be incomplete. Contemplation: What if you could hold the high watch and magnetize the support you needed?

The Recovery from Unavoidable Defeat

The Nine of Swords indicated emotional devastation in the second chakra. Here in the third chakra the winter of despair is slowly melting. Rejoining life may feel overwhelming, but healing has begun.

Chakra Message: The depth of sorrow is never as great as the love felt. This may be a time to recover, hit rock bottom, leave ajob. Feel the pain lifting. Indication: Do not rush yourself It is more important to allow yourself to be than to force a plan when you may not really want to move on yet.

Keywords: Liberation, collapse, overkill, exhaustion, depression, obsessive thoughts

Reversed: Rebuilding, comeback, trusting your gut, feeling cornered Meditation: Be proud of the depth of pain, for this also expands the capacity for joy. You did the greatest of all things: you took a risk. Soon, you can go further and wider than you ever thought possible. Write down or meditate on all your great qualities.

Contemplation: If you had the courage to make a stand for your new direction, would your life look like you were free and autonomous?

Third Chakra - Yellow: Tens 67







As a balance between the first three “grounded or tangible" chakras and the final three "spiritual" chakras, the fourth chakra will play a pivotal role in all matters of the heart. It exhibits our compassion not only for others, but for ourselves. Cards in the fourth chakra act as a reminder of what we truly care about, and reveal our true path. They are concerned with stability, consistency, discipline and structure and prepare our heart for the request we will make of spirit in the fifth chakra.

The Fours

In the Tarot, there is a consistency to the Fours, as they are a retreat into our internal self: from the Four of Swords - a card of meditative contemplation - to the Four of Cups, where we will or will not see what we are being offered.

The Princesses

Each Princess understands and welcomes her purpose as the mystical messenger of the fourth chakra cards. They lack the pretence that others have perfected and bring truth that we may not be aware of. Princesses fight for your heart. They are the bridge between immature and mature choices and remind us that compassion and love must be present in all our communications. This prepares us for requesting what we truly desire in life.

★ TIP: We evolve in opening our hearts in the fourth chakra or our plans will get kicked back to our prior chakra and create a "block”. Are the plans we have made in alignment with our heart? Or are we feeling stuck?


The Card of the Heart’s Joy

In that moment before she will accept the keys to her Queendom, she ponders her accomplishments. While her journey ahead will have new challenges, it will be everything she has dreamed of. A new life.

Chakra Message: Wands in the fourth chakra indicate a coming bloom. The excitement is related to something good, and while you are ready, preparing your heart to be open tojoy is necessary.

Indication: How GOOD will you allow things to get in your life?

Keywords: Homecoming, reunion, anticipation, expansion, awakening Reversed: Smaller gathering, needed gratitude, moving on, further research Meditation: Go inside and tap into yourjoy and the happiness surrounding the true spirit of anticipation around your desire. What would your world look like if this was the only true anticipation?

Contemplation: Get ready to open your heart to a life change and celebrate with your new community.


The Card of Solitary Preparation

He rests now, as the unseen manifesting bridge must be built before he can cross it. He has travelled faster than anticipated. As the planning and thinking is now complete, he must pause to decide if he is on the path of his true heart’s desire.

Chakra Message: What predated this card may have been frustration over circumstances outside your control. Are you being turned down for something that you don’t deeply desire, and pretending that you never get what you want?

Indication: It may not be procrastination. Your heart may be preventing you from pursuing what is not right for you.

Keywords: Respite, meditation, contemplation, rest, retreat, recovery Reversed: Restless sleep, slowed progress, rejoining life

Meditation: Energetically imagine your guardian angels surrounding you as you feel into your heart. Do not seek meaning or attempt to define this time. Resting your brain will allow new ideas to congregate.

Contemplation: Are you ready to connect with your spirit guides? Get ready to be rejuvenated.

72 The Minor Arcana



The Card of Wishful Thinking

She makes no effort, because she simply does not want what she is being offered. The universe offers her something better than what she wished for, yet she cannot see her true path for she refuses to let go of her personal vanity.

Chakra Message: This card can reveal love with an imaginary "ideal’1 love, waiting for someone else to change, or a life lacking structure.

Indication: What is desired may be beyond current reality and far bigger than you are ready for. You are being offered something from your angels - a step forward perhaps?

Keywords: Disillusionment, stagnation, entitlement, lack of awareness, apathy, feeling unmotivated, resignation Reversed: Awareness, clearing, premonitions, sobriety, attentiveness Meditation: Draw into yourself. Placing your hand over your heart, feel into your truth. Are you withholding for fear of someone else taking credit for what you create, OR are you in any form of upset about not yet receiving what you desire? What do you see?

Contemplation: With kindness, look at what spirit offers you.

The Card of the Blocked Soul

He stands alone with his coins, determined to have things his way. Yet, if he releases the past, who can he hold responsible for his future? Can he “unlock” this fear and open himself to the adventure his heart longs for? Chakra Message: Allow yourself to let go of what you think of as “yours”. Observe how you respond.

Indication: This card can imply a conditional love, a need to reframe your reality. The glass is half full.

Keywords: Obstruction, hoarding, feeling stuck, deprived, accumulation, guardedness

Reversed: New opportunities on the horizon, things happening behind the scenes

Meditation: Take a moment to observe your physical stance at this moment. Drop your shoulders. Can you feel or observe anything that you are holding onto? Breathe and imagine throwing it up into the ether, so the universe can repurpose it for you.

Contemplation: If your calling is to enjoy what you have, be grateful and reinvest in yourself and others.

Fourth Chakra - Green. Fours 71







The Card of Self-Forgiveness

The messenger comes with an open heart. This Princess reminds us to have compassion for what others may be going through. She knows the value of love and brings the mystical message of a renewed faith in love. Chakra Message: You are awakened. An offer is made. Your true desire may have been dormant, but it is now time to recognize that what is coming will reawaken your desires.

Indication: It is time to forgive yourself for loving others who hurt you.

Keywords: Idealism, elegance, tenderness, intensity, reminder, reconnecting, romance

Reversed: Slacking off, ignoring warnings to correct behaviour, lack of focus, needing creative expression, feeling held back

Meditation: Imagine the seduction of pure desire. Fall into this feeling and live through it. Are you ready to truly step into your most luscious yearning? Write down or meditate on what comes forward.

Contemplation: Stand in your open heart, expanding your capacity to receive. Can you imagine being open to your heart’s desire?


The Card of Practical Solutions

The Princess holds the com; she does not offer it. The peonies that grow at her feet imply wealth, an omen of physical manifestation and realistic expectations. Any project or idea may be in its infancy, and although not yet ready, soul-utions are coming. Stay focused.

Chakra Message: The Princess of mystical coins brings realism to your dreams. Open your heart to wealth.

Indication: A rejection is not an attack, it is an opportunity to review what you have created. It simply means “not ready yet". Stay open to loving feedback.

Keywords: Materializing, being practical, ideas, exploration, determination Reversed:    Missed opportunity,

unpredictability, inactivity, reassessing, reorganizing

Meditation: In your mind’s eye, the solution bridge is before you. Breathe and cross the bridge. On the other side is the “answer”, though it may not yet be in your consciousness. Journal or meditate on what would open your heart.

Contemplation: If you have arrived, then what you desire already exists. Will you allow it into your heart?

74 The Minor Arcana


Fifth Chakra / Vishudha

REFERRED TO AS Throat chakra


Throat/neck region






Ham (rhymes with ahm)



Mars is known as the planet of war and has a masculine energy. We use the symbol of Mars to indicate men; it is fast, sudden and driven.


The Card of Optimistic Creativity

This Princess is connected to her open heart. Her surroundings are a part of her, and she is in energetic harmony with the pulse of the world. Her message is not to open your heart, rather to lead with it.

Chakra Message: Allow the focus from the third chakra to give way to an open heart. When you free your own heart, you immediately and energetically give others permission to do the same.

Indication: Keep your heart engaged in all decisions now. Expand the love and stay positive.

Keywords: Autonomy, independence, loyalty, consistency, rebellion, fearlessness Reversed: Denial, indecisiveness, defensiveness, tantrums, debates, animosity, ignoring

Meditation: Step into the energetic place of no judgement and breathe. There is a natural uncertainty that occurs when we transition from sending the message to the universe, to opening your heart to receive it.

Contemplation: Can you have compassion for those who cannot yet see that you have transitioned from striving to arriving?


The Card of Piercing Truth

The Princess brings truth and perhaps criticism. She is ready to defend herself after delivering her message. She will not waver from her task. Integrity must be upheld at all costs. Allowing your desire to manifest may be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Chakra Message: What if it is time to discover that your mind may have kept you in an old idea of thinking that dreams were impractical. Be aware that resisting a pattern offers a cycle of repetition. What is revealed can be healed.

Indication: The sword is a reminder that you hold intelligence and integrity m your hands Be mindful to do no harm. Use your ability to pierce through old thinking and false ideas. Keywords: Study, examination, spying, perseverance, exposure

Reversed: Unpredictability, suspicion deviousness,jealousy, weasel

Meditation: Breathe, drop your shoulders and align with your heart wisdom. Ask: what will I use my sword for? What do you see?

Contemplation: Slice through the false beliefs that have kept your heart protected and safe. True integrity requires fearlessness.

Fourth Chakra - Green: Princesses 7S


The fifth chakra is the first chakra above the heart, and therefore represents what we will or will not manifest with spirit. It indicates outcomes, and is concerned with self-expression and speech.Fifth chakra cards often depict a crossroads in life.

The Fives

The Fives in Tarot reveal a crossroads we will be or are currently facing. The fifth chakra is the message we are sending out to the universe and ultimately represents what will show up in our lives. The Five cards can also expose what needs to be removed from our lives. So the Five of Swords, for example, indicates manifesting something but losing something else too - perhaps finding the love of your life may mean moving to another country.

The Knights

The Knights in the Tarot bring action, whether or not the card depicts any movement. As fifth chakra cards, the Knights show if you will take the necessary steps to create your dreams. The way you approach manifesting and magnetizing is revealed when a Knight appears. In general, they establish who we are or our current intention in a reading. This has a direct influence on how we are using (or not using) our fifth chakra energy as a message to the universe.

★ TIP: By journeying twice through the seven chakras in the Minor Arcana we can see our emotional progression, as we revisit each chakra in an evolved state.



The Card of False Appearances

She does not yet see the message from the prior (fourth) chakra card. Though she is fully in her body, she is not fully in her heart chakra, revealing her refusal to see that her life is not over. She can still pick up the cups left behind and reclaim her life.

Chakra Message: If the message sent out is one of helplessness, the universe will send situations to create this internal state. It could be that your unconscious old ideas are running your life.

Indication: Allow the universe to send in a new opportunity. Change the message, change the outcome.

Keywords: Impermanence, regret, inconsolable, loneliness, unaware, victim Reversed: Disoriented, immaturity, blindness, self-centeredness, frozen Meditation: There is nothing permanent about pain - if we sink into it. Release into a space where you are completely alone and bring down the white light from the heavens. Breathe into your pain and allow your entire body to feel it. Stay in this space until you experience a shift.

Contemplation: Things may never get better, but you can and you will move on to a new horizon.

The Card of Moving On

Help has appeared, yet the woman chooses to leave. The child sees it, yet the adult does not. When we manifest what we ask for, will we recognize it when it comes?

Chakra Message: There are times when we must leave behind what we manifested, which at one time was what we desired. We can outgrow something and know that it is no longer for our highest good, without it or us being bad.

Indication: This card indicates reflecting on what you have created, and perhaps offers a new way of seeing who you really are.

Keywords: Hardship, hunger, rejection, illness, alienation, an outcome Reversed: Clearing, treatment, progress, improving circumstances Meditation: Take time to energetically evaluate if where you currently are is where you want to be. There are times when it is wise to walk away. There is no harm in leaving. Remember, it is enough if you simply do not want what is being offered.

Contemplation: It is enough to say no to what you do not want, even if it suited you at one time.

Fifth Chakra - Blue Fives 79



The Card of Mixed Messages

These women are too well dressed and prepared for something far more elegant than their current location. They may have gathered to compare what they each have - yet their body language belies where they are in the varying stages of manifesting.

Chakra Message: If the fifth chakra sends our manifesting message out to the universe, could it be that mixed messages are being sent?

Indication: This card may trigger discomfort and an old feeling of things being more difficult than they really are. Is this a time when you generally give up?

Keywords: Inner struggle, challenges, a skirmish, impatience, hassles

Reversed: Soul-searching, fear of success or failure, anxiety, hostility Meditation: Look closely at the image of the five women on the card. Pull out your journal and describe the messages they are sending out to the universe. Do you recognize anything that feels familiar?

Contemplation: Choose to surrender the fears keeping you from remaining consistent with your vision.

The Card of Necessary Losses

He loses, but not what he most values. In the manifesting chakra, when things are removed it opens up an invisible door to an uplevelmg. Is he courageous enough to make this sacrifice, or is it long overdue?

Chakra Message: Here is a reminder that what you have been through is real, and you may have had to defend and protect yourself in a situation that has left you feeling numb. There is no easy way to lose familiar yet limiting ideas about ourselves.

Indication: If you are steering in a new direction, you cannot progress with a mutinous crew.

Keywords: No-win situation, breakdown, bickering, destruction, gloating, threats Reversed: Mourning, compromise, firing, thoughtlessness

Meditation: Step into the imagery on the card. Can you see the necessity of his choices? Is the woman who is turning away trustworthy? Feel into each character and observe their feelings. Allow yourself to see which energy most aligns with you at this time. Contemplation: Challenging circumstances do not define you.

80 The Minor Arcana


The Card of an Unanticipated Offer

This Knight is transporting your message to spirit, which announces the arrival of an opportunity that will spin your life in a new direction. Could it be that a dream is coming true?

Chakra Message: The Knight will soon deliver your message. Continue to imagine emotional delight to stay connected to your desire.

Indication: You will need to decide if you can receive the ever-after part of your dreams.

Keywords: Invitation, proposal, artisan, intuition, an offer, visionary, peacefulness

Reversed:    Feeling scattered,

unmanageability, trickery, hastiness, immaturity

Meditation: Placing attention on your fifth chakra, allow light to illuminate your throat area and become aware of what you communicate to the world. Imagine that the Knight is carrying your desires to spirit. Now, in this state, look at your reaction to this experience.

Contemplation: Are you ready to experience your dream arriving in your life?


The Card of Focused Intention

This Knight brings news of material gain and implies that, while progress is underway, it is yet unseen.

Chakra Message: What the universe receives from you will bring what you energetically asked for. No more, no less.

Indication: You can never become what you hate or dislike. If you hate wealthy people, you will never be one of them.

Keywords: Lucrative, skilful, consc­ientious,      honorable, profiable,

sustainability, unwavering,

Reversed: Greed, extravagance,

foolishness, irresponsibility, under­


Meditation: In your mind’s eye, climb up onto the horse with the Knight of Coins; with him, see the material things you have created in your life. To this point, you have manifested things that are in alignment with your energy. It may be time to climb the mountain before deciding if you like the view. To follow through is a decision.

Contemplation: Only you can change your outcome by recognizing that it is you who sends your message to the universe.

82 The Minor Arcana


Sixth Chakra / Ajna


Third eye chakra


Between the eyebrows









Jupiter, the planet of expansion, also represents the ushering in of luck, the world of publishing, foreign countries and foreigners. It indicates a true expansion of ideas.


The Card of Daring Change

This Knight charges in with the crystal of magical manifesting and can move mountains with his power. If you set a clear intention, this may be its fruition. If not, the change will still be for the better, albeit more unexpected.

Chakra Message: The clearer your intention, the more rapid the result. Change is in the air with a new love, job or home.

Indication: What you deem as “out of the blue” may have been an intention of yours for quite some time.

Keywords: Being da'ing, speediness, impulsiveness, extrovert, entrepreneur Reversed: Corruption, unqualified, instability, delay, resentment Meditation: Drop your shoulders and imagine yourself with a wand held high in the air. You are about to charge into your own life and give yourself some surprising news. Breathe, and write down what this wonderful news is.

Contemplation: The good news is: there is always good news.


The Card of Rapid Results

This Knight does not wait. He rushes in with little to no emotion. He carries a result or an answer. It is your intention that has set this in motion.

Chakra Message: As a fifth chakra card, the time for communicating may be past; action is now necessary. Things may or may not resolve in a way you'd like, but they will at least be complete.

Indication: When you attempt to understand your present situation, look back 90 days. Wherever you were then is where this Knight began his journey.

Keywords: Intelligence, assertiveness, fanatic, feeling tense, wit, bluntness, quick thinking

Reversed: Illogical, unclear, slowness, negative people

Meditation: Breathe and summon the wisest of the wise. Ask your angels to bring forward a calm, soothing white light energy to envelop you. With one magical sweep of peace, cast all fear into the light and ask for resolution. An ending may be the best outcome for you.

Contemplation: Calling on your guardian angels may reveal the action necessary for the highest good.

Fifth Chakra - Blue' Knights 83


The mystical, occult and the neutrality of spirit are represented in the seventh chakra. The Tarot cards here are unconcerned with the material world and are a direct conduit to universal consciousness. The seventh chakra exists just above the physical body and is attached to nothing; each card has a neutral quality to it.

The Sevens

In the Tarot, the Sevens will address finding our place in the universe, whereas the seventh chakra represents universal themes. As the final chakra, they are going to reveal intentions -those for the highest good or those that keep us stuck. They reveal the way we approach decisions, whether we incorporate spirit or overthink ourselves into confusion.

The Kings

The King in each of the four suits represents the universal idea of power and the way in which opportunities to use this energy will appear. They invoke the true idea of universal protection. They each sit on a throne, fierce, kind, loyal or patriarchal, and they guard the access to universal consciousness - which, as the seventh chakra reveals, is the highest calling of these cards.

★ TIP: When you are stuck, look to the same card in the prior chakra. So, if the Seven of Cups is confusing, look instead to the Six of Cups - the prior chakra energy may energetically reveal what came right before the confusion.







The sixth chakra Tarot cards reveal family agreements and, if we look close enough, the legacy we’ve been left. They can denote transforming the challenging energy of the prior chakra and directing that Mars energy into personal opportunities that turn out for the best.

The Sixes

In the Tarot, the Sixes represent departures and arrivals, giving and receiving. They are cards of the journey that is in process. The sixth chakra is our sixth sense. It also represents family healing and the legacy that has been left behind for us to discover. When combined, the Sixes remind us that our current journey is indicating a coming awareness of a connection to something greater than ourselves.

The Queens

As the sixth chakra has now evolved, the Queen cards each represent an aspect of our personal lineage. They are an opportunity to acknowledge our intuitive power and what we will do with it. A Queen may be offering you a new way of seeing things beyond what you currently know. They are unique in that they simultaneously represent heritage as well as the legacy that will be left. They are the mature aspect of an integrated sixth chakra.



The Card of the Emotional Conjurer

She emerges from the past, yet she exists in a netherworld. Is she a spirit? Or a remembrance of a cherished memory?

Chakra Message: You are being asked to acknowledge a past that you cannot remember, since it is the emotional memory from your family of origin. This indicates hidden family agreements regarding the healing of our ancestors or a yet-unseen inherited gift or talent.

Indication: When we feel the support of our ancestors, we recognize that our success is attributed to our past. You have more ancestral support than you are aware of, but will you choose to see it? Keywords: Ethereal, imagination, empathy, femininity, healer, romance Reversed: Avoidance, resentments, indulgence, invalidation, past abuse Meditation: Embody the energy of your sixth chakra. Allow the conjurer’s loving energy into your space. Who would you be if you could stand in this energy frequently? Since results take 90 days to take root, continue your physical focus every day for at least 25 seconds. Contemplation: Will you choose to allow support from your ancestors?

The Card of Financial Reciprocity

The hands reach out on the card, yet the coins come not only from our indigo woman, but unseen sources. A sense of non-attachment to a financial outcome is indicated.

Chakra Message: While the sixth chakra is our sixth sense, it can also be inherited family beliefs around inheritances. Our ancestral history may indicate how we relate to finances. What and from whom did you learn about money? Would these ideas be something to carry on or discontinue?

Indication: Personal rewards from unexpected sources.

Keywords: Resources, knowledge, power, employment, receiving, humanity, karma Reversed: Inequality, alienation, double-dealing, malevolence

Meditation: Imagine that one of your spirit guides is handing you six coins. Reach out and touch them. As you do, notice the energy you experience. Now, notice something about each one. It could be a feeling, a shape, an intention or what it means. Trust that you will know. Contemplation: While you are in touch with this energy, allow this connection to reveal your next step.

Sixth Chakra - Indigo'Sixes 87



The Card of Celebrating Your Heritage

She faces not us but those who left her their legacy: her ancestors. They gave her the strength and fortitude to succeed against the odds.

Chakra Message: She will turn around and walk toward her future, but for now, she celebrates where she came from. The wands light up the path indicating the way.

Indication: Your ancestors have passed on the baton and they do not want you to live in the past, as you are the living example of their legacy. Embodying this inheritance is what will heal future generations.

Keywords: Adaptability, victory, success, headway, fulfillment, praise, glory, leader

Reversed: Unpopularity, defeat, withdrawal, exclusion

Meditation: As in the card image, open your arms wide. What energy surges through you? Breathe and see what it is you are manifesting. Inhale it, expenence it - and now step into the excellence necessary to live it into reality.

Contemplation: You are more than this moment; you are all that has come before. Recognize, with gratitude, the sacrifices made by your ancestors.



88 The Minor Arcana

The Card of a New Horizon

She escapes, yet three swords are left behind. The child is the part of her that can help her remember her past. As she leaves difficult times behind, will she use the qualities of the child to light up her future?

Chakra Message: This card indicates the journey, not the destination. Swords depict the painful thoughts of leaving others behind, as well as a calculated decision.

Indication: Our heritage always travels with us, yet it may be time to cut away from fake obligatory agreements.

Keywords: Escape, distance, departure, weariness, assistance, transition Reversed: Theft, cancellations, disorganization, contrivance

Meditation: In your mind’s eye, see the swords on the card. What does each one represent to you? Take a moment in each energetic state and observe them. Now, make a note of each state: have you ever felt this way before? Is this your thinking, or an inherited response? How can your shadow side support the light?

Contemplation: Are you willing to look at the legacy you have been left, regardless of how you feel about your family?







The King of Emotional Agreements

This King does not hold the cup, rather it is suspended, reminding us that the seventh chakra is the ascension to God consciousness. What we do for the whole will support the individual.

Chakra Message: Emotional support and strength exists somewhere in your family of origin. Are you ready to use it?

Indication: You are ready to create your dreams in your own style and stay connected to your own life path. Your message, your voice, matter.

Keywords: Loyalty, amorousness, protectiveness, fairness, adoration, simpatico

Reversed:    Volatility, punitive,

alcoholism, irrationality

Meditation: Breathe. Step into the emotional power around this King. What feelings are presenting? Ask yourself: If how I relate to the issue is the issue, what is my true feeling about power?

Contemplation: Empath'ically connecting to the emotional challenges of your ancestors opens the door to becoming the leader you choose to be.


The King of Ambitious Goals

This King brings higher conscious ideals to all material considerations. He owns his own success and welcomes those who wish to learn into his midst.

Chakra Message: You may be further along than you think. Knowing what you wish to attain reveals the mile marker for the journey ahead.

Indication: Universal forces are conspiring to fulfil your request. Financial contentment is on the horizon. If you have a fear of money, you will hide from it.

Keywords: Possessions, diplomacy, provider, practicality, principles, negotiator, prestige

Reversed: Skimping, stinginess, mismanagement, controlling

Meditation: Step into your own idea of material luxury. Feel and enjoy it. Breathe. Sink further into the experience. Living this way in a dream sets up the energy of attraction. What if this was part of your legacy?

Contemplation: Staying focused allows the intangible to become tangible.

98 The Minor Arcana



The Path of Indomitable Strength

She is aligned with spirit. The wands behind her were never challenges, merely tools she did not know how to use. Her connection to spirit makes her focus mesmerizing. Do not undervalue feminine energy. Anything in the way of her being victorious will be moved elsewhere.

Chakra Message: Things are happening that you do not yet see. Cultivate an unrelenting commitment to rise above obstacles. Hold strong and focus on your outcome.

Indication: Extraordinary vision requires universal support. Feminine power offers the confidence of support and indicates a summoning from the universal consciousness.

Keywords: Resolve, faith, forcefulness, leadership, harassment, gossip Reversed: Quitting, weakening, depression, nightmares, addictions Meditation: Feel into the difference between your internal knowing and internal doubt. Breathe. Now that you know the difference, you have the power of choice in any moment.

Contemplation: Turn on your inner compass. Step into your own certainty in knowing what and who you stand for.

The Lesson of Universal Impatience

She does not need to take what the universe wants to give her. She is energetically trying to remove the dark night of her soul.

Chakra Message: Fear creates an energy that prevents the connection to spirit. Are you ready to break free? There is no need to settle for less.

Indication: There are two sets of swords; one being taken, the other left behind. If what you skip stops you, what are you leaving behind?

Keywords: Adaptability, cowardice, deceit, sneakiness, underhandedness, insecurity

Reversed: Forgetfulness, clumsiness, unkind words, items returned

Meditation: Step into yourconnection to the universe. Breathe. The woman on the card takes less than she deserves for fear of not getting what she desires - yet. Have you ever given up on yourself too soon?

Contemplation: While you may not yet see a result, refocus on magnetizing that which is for your highest good.

96 The Minor Arcana



The State of Emotional Overwhelm

The Time of Financial Evolution

universe opinion.

comes yourself.

She appears unconcerned with the choices before her, perhaps implying that the decision is not hers to make.

Chakra Message: The is neutral and holds no Emotional overwhelm from second-guessing Dream big.

Indication: While your confusion may not be real, this still may not be the best time to make a decision.

Keywords: Disorganization, options, choices, confusion, daydreaming, laziness, excess

Reversed: Entrapment, timidity, destroyed fantasy, realism

Meditation: Breathe and lean into peaceful white light energy and allow it to envelop you. Pick one of the seven cups before you. Allow it to tell you a story. Write down what you hear.

Contemplation: You cannot know where a feeling will take you, but if it inspires you, then the adventure has begun.

She lovingly appreciates one of her coins, illustrating gratitude for the journey she has taken. Her unspoken message to the universe from her coin collection is to attract more friends. Money will come as love encourages continued growth.

Chakra Message: Who in your ancestry had material prosperity? Manifesting abundance may be what you came here to do. Resistance indicates fear of losing what you have. Indication: Something must be removed to make room for the new. There is financial and material gain mixed with healing.

Keywords: Tenacity, restraint, progress, pondering, relentlessness, crossroads Reversed: Unemployment, frivolity, disillusionment, handouts, entitlement Meditation: Imagine inviting the light from the universe in and ask that money come to you from unexpected sources. Breathe. Hold this energy for 27 seconds. Repeat as often as necessary.

Contemplation: You have attracted money when you intentionally requested it. How can you turn on the money energy effortlessly?

Seventh Chakra - Violet: Sevens 9 S


As I have touched on throughout this guidebook, you have all the answers you need inside you. The chakras give you a map of where you are in your journey.

Think of this layout as a map of your chakras. Each position will offer an idea of where you are and you will be able to see what needs to be done energetically to progress. Use the meditations to gain more insight into the energy of the card.

As with the Seven Planets spread (pages 108-10), a reversed card will change the meaning of the card's position in this layout. If the card shows up

Layout 4 Your Path to Manifesting 111

reversed, you will read not only the reversed meaning, but use the reversed interpretation as well.

I suggest using the whole deck for the spread. However, if you feel that you want to focus on one particular chakra, you can also do this layout usingjust the 11 cards of that chakra, too.

★ TIP: You can also add the World card in any spread you use with the 11 cards of one chakra - if you are drawn to it.

  1. 1. Right side up: What is taking hold. How your roots are deepening. Reversed: Where do you need to go deeper and wider? What must be expanded?
  2. 2. Right side up: The feelings that are driving you.

Reversed: You may not be connected to your feelings. What could be stopping you?

  1. 3. Right side up: What is on your mind, what you would like to plan. Reversed: Could indicate a plan not yet set in motion. Unclear planning, not ready yet.
  2. 4. Right side up: Where your true compassion lies. What you will invest in. Reversed: A disconnect is occurring. Where you lack connection with your heart.
  3. 5. Right side up: Your true message. How your message will be received. Reversed: What message are you really sending out? How might you refine your message?
  4. 6. Right side up: What you do to support yourself intuitively. Reversed: What hidden family agreements are holding you back?
  5. 7. Right side up: How will your dreams support the universe? Reversed: Is there a hidden motive for your dreams?

112 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts

Let’s now look more closely at the seven planetary positions in this layout:

  1. 1. The sun - The foundation of the intention

Right side up: What shines. Your personal disposition, or the tendency you will default to when you begin ajourney.

Reversed: Old ideas, what you must move away from.

  1. 2. The moon - The emotions surrounding your intention Right side up: What is supporting you at this time.

Reversed: What is creating emotional disharmony.

  1. 3. Mercury - The mindset that will support your intention Right side up: What plan you are ready to set in motion.

Reversed: Mercury retrograde energy - delays and what must be redone or a chance to reconsider decisions made.

  1. 4. Venus - The compassion necessary to be open to your intention Right side up: What you love, your persona! taste and the things you like. Reversed: Where you may need to apply more compassion.
  2. 5. Mars - What your present action reveals about your intention Right side up: What you are attracting.

Reversed: An old idea of resisting or fighting for survival may rise to the surface to be healed.

  1. 6. Jupiter - What you must expand to create your intention

Right side up: Where your luck is coming from. A door will open to a magical opportunity.

Reversed: What must be addressed to turn luck in your favour.

  1. 7. Saturn - Pay attention and tell the truth to move toward your intention Right side up: Who you will become through the highest evolution for the good of yourself and others.

Reversed: What the universe wants you to learn. Note: it may feel like an impossible task..

110 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts

  1. Venus Green Fourth chakra
  2. Mars

Blue Fifth chakra

  1. Mercury Yellow Third chakra
  2. Jupiter Indigo Sixth chakra
  3. Moon Orange Second chakra
  4. Sun Red First chakra
  5. Saturn Violet Seventh chakra


Layout 3 Seven Planets 109

Card 3: What is wondrous about your heart? What is the treasure inside?

Fifth chakra spread - What are you really asking the universe for?

If you chose the blue cards:

Card 1: Your true communication card. What are you saying?

Card 2: What will support you in shifting your energy to the trance of attraction?

Card 3: What must you do to reclaim your true voice?

Sixth chakra spread - What legacy have you been left and what will you leave?

If you chose the indigo cards:

Card 1: What legacy have you been left? Can or will you see it?

Card 2: What is hidden behind the family facade?

Card 3: What must you acknowledge from your ancestors. Are you willing to see their legacy in order to see yours?

Seventh chakra spread - What is your universal slate of consciousness?

If you chose the violet cards:

Card 1: Are you connecting to the universe? Or is something m the way?

Card 2: What must you clear, or get clear on, to move forward?

Card 3: How does your divine energy contribute to the world?

★ TIP: Remember, these are only tools. YOU are the one with magic.

Layout 2: Chakra Focus 107


This layout is unique in that each card position offers two meanings to draw from: one right side up and the other reversed. As this is a planet influence layout, think of each position as direct motion or a retrograde planet.

You can use the full deck and pull at random or use the 11 cards in each chakra to correspond with the planet/chakra position. If you use the full deck, assign the World card to the chakra that you want the most information about.

Note: You will find information about how the planets relate to the chakras at the beginning of each of the seven chakra introductions in the Minor Arcana, and in every card of the Fool’s Journey.

A few things to look out for in this spread:

  • If you look at this layout as a chakra spread, the sun is interchangeable with the first chakra, the moon is interchangeable with the second chakra, and so on through each of the seven planetary positions (see opposite).
  • This layout reveals where you are in moving your personal intention forward.
  • As with the evolution of the chakras, when you look at the planets, you’ll get another view of whether things are working with you or if you are meeting resistance in moving forward.

Remember the Tarot!

Let’s say the Two of Swords appears in the third position of the layout. This will reveal a decision to be made. In this case, the card has a very solid, direct meaning, which is “stay as you are and go nowhere” or “set the swords down, take ofFthe blinder and see what is really going on”.

If it is a nght-side-up card, this card reveals that you are entirely capable of making this decision and moving on.

But what if it were reversed? Well, this might mean delays and an inability to change where you are in the moment.

And since it’s in the third chakra, with a reversal we would be aware of the idea of a fight -or-flight response creating an inability to make a decision.

108 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts


Once you discern where you are, you can use a focused chakra spread to dive deeper into a chakra’s message for your client. You can use this for yourself as well.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. 1. Determine which chakra you’d like more information on.
  2. 2. Take the 11 chakra cards out of the deck (make sure to use both the eight Minor Arcana cards and the three Major Arcana cards).
  3. 3. Shuffle and lay out three cards in a row.

Each reading will follow the theme of darkness, dawn and light


  1. DAWN
  2. LIGHT
  3. 1. Darkness - What is past, what you may not see, what is motivating this enquiry
  4. 2. Dawn - What is appearing now, what you are seeing, the new awareness, how this chakra relates to what is appearing in your life
  5. 3. Light The intention, why now, what the real question is, who you will become in this enquiry

On the next two pages, look to see what the three card positions mean for the chakra you chose.

Layout 2 Chakra Focus IOS

For example, the first position (the “darkness" position) with the blue, fifth chakra cards is looking at your communication. The first position with the red, first chakra cards will indicate your foundation.

* TIP: Look first at the chakras, even if you are more familiar with the Tarot.

Use the enquiry questions with your knowledge of the chakra you have chosen to go deeper.

First chakra spread - What energy do you need to draw from?

If you chose the red cards:

Card 1: This is your foundation.

Card 2: What is the root of the issue?

Card 3: Where did this belief start?

Second chakra spread - What emotional state do you need to recognize for manifesting?

If you chose the orange cards:

Card 1: This is your emotional relationship to the enquiry.

Card 2: What immature or mature emotions are surfacing?

Card 3: How does it impact your outcome at this time?

Third chakra card spread - What thought trance will ignite your magnetizing?

If you chose the yellow cards:

Card 1: What thoughts keeps unproductive plans alive?

Card 2: What discipline is required to make wise choices?

Card 3: What must you realize to make yourself unstoppable?

Fourth chakra spread - What does your heart need now?

If you chose the green cards:

Card 1: If this is the truth of your heart, what might you not see?

Card 2: What are you ignoring? What must be revealed to be healed?

106 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts

them (at one time) to not have the answer. Tread lightly: if they begin to defend or deflect, do not push. Switch gears.

Supportive intention: Validate the person as being a manifestor and very smart. Ask their permission to go deeper with them to guide them in what they need to know. This is not disingenuous; it creating a safe place for your client to see what adjustments they need to make in their energetic focus to create a desired outcome. (Try the "Your Path to Manifesting” layout on pp. 111 -12 with them.)


You are pure intuition today! This is often the chakra of the medium. Sometimes a relative or guide shows up because this may be the only way a client can hear their message. Be forewarned: do not try to interpret the messages, simply deliver them.

Watch for: Some kind of trauma that your client is carrying. Often they have done a lot of personal work already. These clients are aware that they have missed something - yet they do not know what it is.

Supportive intention: Guide them to their own intuitive wisdom, and validate that whatever they are experiencing is real for them. Once they have a sense of where their upset is coming from, observe where YOU are. If you feel lost, let the client know that they may need to delve deeper with a professional counsellor. It is never wrong to suggest a therapist or a specialist.


You are tapped into universal consciousness and can download at a rapid rate today. You can step into the state of being a spiritual way - shower, as you will see the far-reaching effects of a person’s actions.

Watch for: Frustrated energy over things not happening. In the seventh chakra, you cannot fix a problem through the problem. You must go under it.

Supportive intention: Use the reading to look at the real issue. If how we relate to the issue is the issue, offer your client a window into what is going on by saying: “What opposes, exposes." The third chakra of yellow opposes the seventh chakra of violet. Thoughts may therefore be what is causing discomfort. Enquire about what is going on, but let them sort it out. Stay in your higher consciousness as you hold space for them.

104 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts

Watch for: Inadvertently invalidating painful feelings. If a client feels invalidated, it can shut down their ability to hear what you are saying - even if it is brilliant. Always enquire if they are in a place to take action or make plans before suggesting a plan.

Supportive intention: Breathe and slow down. Sync up with your client’s vibrational chakra energy. Remember that you can validate feelings without condoning them. Acknowledging the upset, without trying to calm it, will offer the client a chance to feel heard.


On days when our heart needs opening, it is almost predictable that a client will show up with the exact same issue.

Watch for: When someone asks if another person loves them, remember that love does not always mean “available”. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into the "will-or-will- he -not -call” conversation. Once you become giver of the answer they want to hear - or not - you become part of the problem.

Supportive intention: Recognize the humanity of the question. Ask your client to find their centre. As they do this, ask them to tell you what outcome they truly see. If they tell you how they belong with this person and push you to answer, gently steer them back to what they see.

★ TIP: The fourth chakra cards will address how your family approaches love and what you have worked through or have yet to. You will attract clients with these issues.


Today is the day of the manifestor. Look for clients who show up with a vision. It may be that they seek next steps or can’t understand that what showed up is not what they wanted. They may not see the message the universe is getting from them. The reading could be about being a mirror for them to see the message they are sending out.

Watch for: The person being read may be VERY smart and have the answers, but that may not be taking them where they want to go. It may have been unsafe for

Layout 1: Centering Yourself to Read for Others 103


I'm often asked how I connect with my clients and create breakthrough readings. In my practice, I need to first step back and carefully dissect my process, chakra by chakra.

As a card reader, you cannot work independently of your own energy, and yet we rarely consider what our chakra energy brings to our clients and each individual reading. Finding out what chakra you are vibrating in beforehand not only creates a grounding for the reading (allowing you to enjoy the process), but makes it much easier to empathetically move to where your client is (and so speak the language that will best support them).

The self-awareness allows me to be present with another person and hold space for their breakthroughs This is the secret ingredient to client breakthroughs.

Once you know where you are, you can be more aware of where your client is. This spread is designed to support you in centering yourself, giving you that all-important foundation, before a reading.

Here is a sample three-card spread:




The next pages describe how the seven chakras apply to this layout

Layout 1: Centering Yourself to Read for Others 101


You are changing patterns and bravely heading in the direction of growing past family beliefs that have hindered you. Your strength today is in holding space for others to grow into their potential, find their truth and break free of unsupportive ties. You love to see people have breakthroughs, and grow their own roots into new ways to support their dreams.

Watch for: Trying to help (aka advising or being overzealous) someone see the way to healing their family dynamic and giving up their old iceas.

Supportive intention: Be in enquiry around the support they need rather than advising. If you are collaborating with your client, they will discover the answers they need in this space.

★ TIP: When between clients, you can pick one card to see where you are in the moment. This will give you a quick insight. Note: if you do not relate to the chakra card pulled, it may be that this is the energy coming from the person you are reading. That means allowing that energy to open for you to offer them a window into what they need in the moment. Staying involved without giving advice is the key.


You may be close to your own emotions and more empathic today. The strength is your ability to tap into and support your client's Feelings. It can offer you a vision into the higher vibrational emotional nature necessary to be an open channel or guide for your client.

Watch for: Giving advice. Beware of allowing your client to be a storyteller to sway the reading. Do not allow heightened emotions to lure you into telling them what to do. Let others have their feelings without involving yourself in the story. Supportive intention: The true gift here is that you can go deep and empathically support another person’s emotional healing without advising them.


You are in fight-or-flight. decisive, “let’s-do-this” mode today. Your focus may be on plans, thoughts, ideas or action.

10 2 Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts



The King of

the Creative Adventurer

This King instills faith in his followers. The seventh chakra in its exaltation is to be respected and admired on merit rather than a title He possesses the energy of ten men and will persevere long after others have quit.

Chakra Message: Stay focused on higher consciousness. This is the time to collect inspired energy and ideas. Your ancestors, those in the seventh chakra energy, are aiding you in your endeavours.

Indication: Determination hides loneliness. Allow yourself to be present, even if it is painful.

Keywords: Influential, mentorship, energetic, resilience, competitiveness, fulfilment

Reversed: Short-temperedness, bully, cheating, pushiness, being overbearing

Meditation: Sit in the same pose as the King on the card. As you breathe, feel into his state. Summon your angels and guides and ask that your internal resolve be matched with his and set in motion. Those who will support you will now find you.

Contemplation: Each step you take creates a new future that will become the legacy you leave.

The King of Verbal Precision

The seventh chakra is the place of true warriors. This King enters as a master of the legal and business realm. He stands ready to guard what is yours or cut away what will not serve you.

Chakra Message: Allow things to fully unfold before saying no. You may have created what you wanted, though it may not look the way you thought it would. You can change the original intention to fit your outcome.

Indication: Clarifying discussions are required for you to get clear on your true intention. This is not a time for subtlety; be direct or you will repeat the past.

Keywords: Analytic, conservativeness, meticulousness, scrutiny, punishment, education, justice

Reversed: Injustice, cruelty, know-it- all, hinderance, unscrupulousness

Meditation: Focus on one thing in your life. Breathe as you open your energy to the seventh chakra and receive a beautiful, violet-white light. Allow your thoughts and decisions to come into clear focus. Ask for clarity and your motive to be revealed.

Contemplation: Be aware that your intention is a contract with the universe and requires precision.

Seventh Chakra - Violet: Kings 99


Card layouts (or “spreads" as they’re often called) are just as important as the cards, and sometimes they can offer insight that you might otherwise overlook.

I have created four card layouts for this deck - each one designed to deepen your relationship with the chakras and reveal their influence on the Tarot and you as the reader. There are three things to know about these layouts:

  • Each layout will build on the prior one.
  • Although some are focused on you as a reader, there is no reason why each cannot be used while working on your own or with a client.
  • There are multiple layers involved with this deck: Tarot, chakra and astrological planets. If you are skilled in one area, you may see deeper there than I do! Trust that your skillset will apply here.
  1. 1. Centering Yourself to Read for Others: I created this to work as a three-card layout OR a quick one-card pull. You will find that each chakra is specifically designed to illustrate where YOU are as a reader today, where your strength is and to honour that your client may not be in the same space. I love to pull one card between readings. It offers me insight into either my own or my client’s state and gives me a starting point energetically.
  2. 2. Chakra Focus: This layout will give you a three-card spread through which you can focus on one chakra. You or your client may need to drill down here, and this is a great way to see how a chakra can offer a brand-new window onto the Tarot.
  3. 3. Seven Planets: This is a fun spread that matches up the chakras and their associated planet. For example, the first card placement is about the first chakra and its planet, the sun. In each placement, a card can be read right side up or reversed (retrograde), offering different meanings.
  4. 4. Your Path to Manifesting: This is a great layout to see where you are in your journey of magnetizing and manifesting. Use it to encourage yourself! In any spot you can dive deeply down and explore where you are. This spread is designed as a chakra map - you can see the path you are currently on, and whether or not you need to make any energetic shifts.

too Some Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card Layouts



The Card of Emotional Healing

This elegant Queen owns her realm and is willing to fill her cup with tears if need be, as this summons healing. She brings harmony to disharmony and solace to heartache. She reunites us with the vocabulary of emotion and puts us on the path of our legacy.

Chakra Message: Someone in your ancestry sacrificed a great deal to ensure your survival. Can you energetically feel into the love your ancestors had for you? They are your spirit guides.

Indication: Keep going; feelings will come and go like thunderstorms. Hiding under a tree was never the safest option.

Keywords: Calmness, being gifted, artistic, dreamer, comfort, tender heart, intuition, psychic, spirituality Reversed: Abandonment, narrow­mindedness, reactionary, intolerance Meditation: Breathe and lean into a past that goes beyond you, into an emotional memory from your ancestors. Every family has an emotional theme. What was yours? Ask yourself: what about this can I use to create my own dream come true? Contemplation: Draw on what makes you happy about your family, and smile as you recall the memory.

The Card of Luxurious Lifestyle

The Queen of Coins is generous and acquires possessions as a balm to heal past wounding. The large coin indicates the magnetizing skill she has mastered.

Chakra Message: If you have been fighting against your own magnetizing and calling it a block, this may be an inheritance to disown. You have a choice: to live in a world of the “block” or the world of manifesting. When we lift our vibrational energy toward honouring our heritage, we then have access to the legacy we will leave.

Indication: Learning an intuitive path is not always meditation or playtime; rather, it can be fraught with ups and downs.

Keywords: Reliability, organization, prosperity, genuineness, homemaker Reversed: Pretentiousness, hoarding, skepticism, wariness, disadvantage Meditation: Your family history may offer answers as to why certain things have eluded you. Perhaps there is a memory of pain that is not even yours. Write a freeform letter to yourself or an ancestor. What do you notice?

Contemplation: You will only see your legacy once you acknowledge the one you have been left.

90 The Minor Arcana







Seventh Chakra / Sahasrara

REFERRED TO AS Crown chakra


Just above the top of the head

ELEMENT Eternity

COLOUR Violet or white


Silent contemplation or Ohm/Om


Saturn is the planet of discipline, lessons and hard work beyond our six senses. It rewards those who toil and makes it painful for those who don’t. Saturn brings challenges and roadblocks to those who shirk their responsibilities.


The Card of Sustainable Vision

This Queen is a window to the big picture. She represents holding space as we process our internal sadness, and soon recognize who we have been all along.

Chakra Message: The sixth chakra allows us to see the way forward. True freedom is only available when we let others off the hook, but this is not the same as forgiveness. The past you made meaning of with limited information is no longer dictating your future.

Indication: You may notice sadness appearing here for no visible reason. This may indicate a time when you will soon find peace through what you are creating. Keywords: Ambition, adventure, inspiration, involvement, self-worth Reversed: Self-deception, exhaustion, recklessness, self-sabotage Meditation: Step into the true vision of your future. Now, take one full minute and walk around the room acting as if you are already in your new life vision. What do you see, feel, know? What are you doing and about to do? Do this as often as you can until your new vision becomes real.

Contemplation: Are you willing to let go of those whose vision of you no longer supports either of you?


The Card of Cold Truth

This Queen is not alone or uncaring. Her furry companions betray her internal warmth. She has the ability to face any adversity and can cut off all ties if necessary.

Chakra Message: Be prepared to protect what is yours. Open yourself to setting aside limiting ideas, something you may not have been willing to do until now.

Indication: Be decisive and forthright. You may be faced with a departure or ending, but you will land on your feet. You have everything you need to face any challenge.

Keywords: Integrity, severing ethics, advisor, aloofness, separation, decisiveness Reversed: Bitterness, vindictiveness, revenge, viciousness

Meditation: Step back and ask one of your relatives to come forward and speak to you. What did you learn from this aspect of yourself? Can you see any new ideas? What have you created from this information?

Contemplation: Decisiveness is necessary to create anything. Remember: we procrastinate when we care. Release attachment and move forward.

Sixth Chakra - Indigo Queens 91

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