Tori Hartman is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher. Her motto, "Enlightenment Maae Simple", refers to her desire to give people the support they need in order to do spiritual work on their own Bom and raised in the free- thinking atmosphere of New York's Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Tori has been aware of her psychic abilities since the age of eight A series of encounters with angels that began 25 years ago. after a near-death experience, revealed the profound fables that were to form the basis of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. These brightly-coloured fables became the backdrop for Tori’s life-long fascination with colour and its power to transform and heal lives. Ton is based in Los Angeles. California.

For more information about using the 49 cards of this extraordinary divmatory system to set your intentions, break through blockages and manifest your dreams.



The complete spiritual toolkit for transforming your life

Tori Hartman

Illustrated by Gretchen Ralsch-Baskln



Chakra Wisdom oracle Guidebook

Tori Hartman

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The complete spiritual toolkit for transforming your life

Tori Hartman

Illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin



Sharing Wisdom Since 1893




First Chakra: Red 10

Renewal, Soulmate, Perfection, Complacency, Insecurity, Discovery, Acceptance


Second Chakra: Orange 20

Service, Self-worth, Passion, Guilt. Impasse, Perseverance, Completion


Third Chakra: Yellow 30

Miracle, Enlightenment, Joy. Prayer, Dissipating, Facade, Abundance


Fourth Chakra: Green 40

Victim, Gossip, Perception, Growth Grief, Trickery, Wisdom


Fifth Chakra: Blue 50

Bittersweet, Isolation. Workaholic. Vanity, Expansion, Impatience, Quest


Sixth Chakra: Purple 60

Despondence, Mysticism, Faith. Gratitude Forgiveness, Recovery, Balance


Seventh Chakra: Neutral 70

Impartiality, Rejection, Release, Instinct, Destiny, Confusion, Creation


The Layouts 80

Index 95

Acknowledgments 96



"He who knows others is learned: he who knows hirnself is wise ' Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching

Welcome to your journey with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle The stories associated with the cards in this deck are the result of my own spiritual journey that began with a near-death experience in 1988 I'd always had a touch of the psychic (as my grandmother would say), but one day things got really Interesting when I suffered a strange dehydration and passed out I left my body and floated up to the light When I regained consciousness, angels began talking to me But I kept this to myself -1 was In hospital and thought It unwise to tell the doctors that I was heating voices!

The angels had found a direct route to me. Over the next five years they recited what I believed to be simple children's stories or fables. The angels insisted I write the stories down But I had no idea what to do with them, so I locked them in a drawer for nearly 20 years.

you may be wondering what sparked my interest in these stories after sc long I wish the explanation were more spiritual, but the truth is that a friend. Paul, a very talented graphic designer, came to me distraught because he was in trouble financially He needed to earn $2,000 by the end of the week - and It was already Tuesday

As we spoke, I looked In a drawer for a notepad and came across the original fable writings. There in front of me was the fable of "The Carrot-coloured Cloak" (which relates to the Perseverance card, see page 28>. This story Is all about not quitting before the miracle takes place And that was my message for Paul I reminded him that we never earn money, we attract It. I explained that he had to set an intention and believe above all.else that it could happen I turned him loose with the fable and the meditation - and of course to make phone calls, for work, I mean, believe in God. buf lock your



doors, right? Thursday morning a client Paul hadn't heard from in over a year phoned him He needed a rush ,ob, and would pay Paul $2,000 the following day if he could do it overnight. That did It. Paul was convinced m the power of manifesting. Within two months, he had created $16,0001

Over time, as I worked with the fables and they helped more and more people. I realized that together the fables embodied in these cards formed a spiritual toolkit Because they appear so whimsical, they catch us off guard and give us lessons without the lecture, preparing us for life's challenges:

Bach fable was told to me by a different angel with its own unioue voice, which is why the stones are all so individual. The fables all came to me in distinct colours, each one bathed in a hue that created a backdrop for the story Each individual colour powerfully conveyed Its Fable's message in a visual

way - while concepts can be             A 4H&

hard to grasp, colour is universal

and offers an alternative way to grasn the heart of the story. I

Bfcv/ chaUra

■■ Tnroar.criakta

soon realized that the colour of each fable naturally reflected one of the colours of the seven major chakras - wheels of energy in

Heart chXkra


the human body. As each chakra represents specific life areas. such as communication or spirituality, another vital layer of information emerged through this connection.

| tanh/Vpot

9 sfakra

Seven major chakras

77?e most/mporrant chakras fit* on tne same fine as che oocy s some each one fmKea co a different colour



The hignest chakra, the crown chakra, is often visualized as violet However in the fables that the angels revealed to me. the highest Chakra was associated with neutral colours, such as white, grey and tauoe. I believe this is because Spirit - the universal consciousness outside us - is itself neutral.

When I began studying the chakras. I felt as though I couldn't understand what the scholars exoounded on in their teachings The entire concept seemed inaccessible to me Yet I like everyone else, had chakras. Why then was i t that I felt excluded from them?

Then it hit me. I had to look at the chakras as they applied to me. If our spiritual relationship with the God of our understanding isour own. why not also our understanding of our chakras? It they reside inside us all. they must have a personal meaning ror each and every one of us. Let me cite this example: you walk into a store to buy a pair of shoes. Does one size fit all? Of course not!

And what if. like us. our chakras are ever-changing to reflect our circumstances? What if we could use cards to read our chakras and pinpoint exactly wnat is going on with us? I believe that our chakras are ever-evolving and that we can read our own internal chakra state easily using cards. Our cnakras relate ro our lives today, not iust to some theory in ancient books. To help you understand this, each chapter in this book opens with a look at now the relevant chakra relates to you The insignts you receive as you learn about each cnakrg will make this a profoundly personal experience.

All the information you need is already within you This is as my motto says, “enlightenment made simple'

How to set intentions with the cards

As well as using these cards to answer direct Questions or shed more light on a particular situation (see pages 82-3 and 91-4). you can also use them ro help you set intentions and manifest whatever your heart desires! Before starting to work with rhe cards in this way. it's



important to have a clear idea what you really want Write down whal you desire in these areas of your life personal, financial and creative.

  1. 1. Personal - This can be anything from a love relationship to a new circle ct friends; Choose lust one thing to work on at a time. Make a list of ores and cons of bringing this thing into your life.
  2. 2. Money - Leaving our the "how" simply come up with ar. amount that you wish to manifest each month Just looking at the numbers can give you a sense of relief and by making your intention tangible you offer the universe a signal that you are ready for change.
  3. 3. Creative - How do you choose to express yourself0 Write down your goals, whether you want to create special effects for the movies, make pottery or lose some excess weight. State your goals positively Say "I'm committed to being in great physical health" instead of "I'm not going to be fat anymore." Now list all the reasons why you must have these goals

Once you have a clear idea of each intention, use the cards to do readings on it to check Its strength and learn more about its meaning and how to achieve It (see pages 84-90)

Once a week, go through your list of what you Intend to manifest, then oick a card Read the fable and allow its words and meaning to bring you new awareness in manifesting your intentions

Meditating with a card

In each card profile is a meditation. A few deeply contemplative minutes provide a perfect way of interacting with the fable Once you have freed yourself from distractions, read the meditation Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax and allow your mind to journey Into the meditation. Try to accept whatever happens and do not ludge yourself - not all meditation is profound When you are ready, open youi eyes If you like, write down your experience. And remember that meditation is simply time- spent with yourself, an opportunity to get in touch with the things that matter most to you




Let your intuition be your guide




Vital, sexual, passionate, energized, forceful


The first chaxra relates to the source of your energy and to how you are building your foundation. Think of the root chakra as a platform. The red cards represent the support you have created or are creating for your future.

The root chakra cards show us a new way to bring our dreams to fruition. They denote beginnings and reveal how to create a solid foundation in tangible form. Keep this in mind: if you are not yet creating what you say you desire, you may need to grow your energetic root deeper and wider into the earth plane.

An abundance of red cards in a reading is a strong indication of how you are building your foundation, and will offer energetic ideas about what is necessary for you to manifest. These cards represent the beginning of an undertaking - and may guide you away from the old ideas that no longer work tn your life.

Red cards ask. "How does this card represent the place from which I can create something extraordinary?"


Renewal - Geranium'. You are being offered a chance to awaken to a new lite You may need to deepen your roots and anchor yourself by taking stock of what you would like to create. This is a time to start again and grow a strong foundation.

Soulmate - Rose without Thorns: This card indicates changing old communication patterns and being open to a new way of interacting. You may no longer be aoie to have conversations that don't sustain your authenticity Freedom lies ahead - better than you can imagine

Perfection - Righteous Raspberry: this card indicates protection and an inner conflict between wanting to look good and having compassion for others. Remain kind and unattached to an outcome. Being right and letting others know that you are right may not support the understanding you desire.

Complacency - Crimson Dreams: Life-force energy must be taken seriously. Are you standing tall in your own dreams or trying to build on someone elses? Sadness and an inability to disassociate from a lost dream can show up here It is time to walk away from anything that does not deeply resonate with you Release and be free

Insecurity - Demon Red Rainbow: Energy turned within car ead to fear and stagnation Courage is necessary if you are to be fearless and move forward This is a message to grow up inside, mto a greater energy, and to Invoke courage from the angels to progress.

Discovery - Pink from Pinkton: in the past you may not have been fully prepared to face facts Being willing to take the journey regardless of the outcome will prove rewarding. Get ready to camy a commitment Ihrough to completion

Acceptance - Cherry Heart: Innocence and an inability to see one s gifts are indicated, as well as the protection of spirit guides, good luck and an increase in self-esteem and confidence

Frst Chakra. Red


Geranium This is another beginning,

The Legend: Geranium's leaves shrivel and are stolen by the wind. She is pried from her pot and is deeply saddened when she is thrown away. But when she awakens, she is blooming once again1 Now she Ilves in a large park (a former landfill site), surrounded by lush greenery, and her roots reach deeper than ever before. Opening her to the possibilities of her new life.

Inspiration: What appears to be an end may

not be one after all This may turn into a remarkable opportunity. Trust that whatever is coming is better than what you have known to this point.

Personal Inquiry: Am I positive in the face of change? Or defeated? Am I ready to step into the new me?

Key Ideas: Sourcing from a more beneficial place: feeling "in the dark change in circumstances: unexpected blessings

Keywords: Regeneration, awakening, fortune


Imagine being discarded, like Geranium. Feel her fear and sadness as she surrenders to the inevitable. Now wake up in a new place.

Notice how you feel. Let your feeling take you on a journey. Allow yourself to see and hear whatever experience is meant for you.

Observe how you handle change.


Chapter One


Rose without Thorns It is time to face my true feelings

The Legend: it is time for him to leave her again - to use the script he always does at this point He even knows her next line. She will say. "How can you do this to me ...?" But unexpectedly she says. "I love you " The words of the script die on his tongue. He struggles to get them out - just a few words and he will be free - but they won t come Suddenly, he clasps her to him. He loves her. This is the true freedom he sought

Inspiration: To enjoy the beauty of a rose, we must risk being pricked by our inner thorns. This offers a new way to live. The best incentive to change is love.

Personal Inquiry: What truth am I embracing? This card indicates no longer living a lie.

Key Ideas: Speaking your truth: choosing love; freedom through transformation: resistance to commitment; an unexpected outcome: new truths

Keywords: Authenticity, treasure, trust


Take a deep breath and keep relaxing until you find yourself in a safe place.

Ask the Great Spirits to help you face that which you long for. Allow any nerves to pass. You may now know how to handle your present situation or this knowledge will come to you soon.


First Chakra: Red


Righteous Raspberry

' nave the same high standards for myself as I have for others

The Legend: Raspberry needs no make-up to accentuate her exquisite features, but she wears it anyway. She is a oerfectiomst. She speaks the truth at all times, believing that she Is helping others by sharing her truth While statements such as "your child is overweight" are honest, they make others avoid her Lonely, she seeks the advice of her favourite. Elderberry, who teaches her that honesty without kindness is cruelty Her new vulnerability allows her to see the beauty in others as well as in herself.

Inspiration: Are you being too hard on yourself, and consequently on others? Begin to look for what’s right and good m your world, and you will see it.

Personal Inquiry: Where am I presently focusing? "Knowing" what’s right and telling others about It might not be the best way of being.

Key Ideas: Alienating others; feeling alienated, seeking perfection; deeply desiring love:, transformation ahead

Keywords: Uniqueness, friendship, acceptance


Think about the people In your life. Find something good about every person who comes into your mind (no matter who they are or how you feel about them), before you release them. You will know this meditation has concluded when no more people come forward.


Chapter One


Crimson Dreams

I  am feeing the loss of my dreams

The Legend: At the end of her life. Flo reflects on the dream she shared with her late husband to move to Florida. They never went. After Flo dies, her daughter discovers that her parents had enough money to move there. As she plans what to do with her inheritance, she wonders why her parents never lived their dream

Inspiration: This is a warning not to give up! Beware of coasting along tn a situation that

is not what you really want. You will never be fulfilled by the unmet dreams of others.

Personal Inquiry: How can I redefine my dreams? How can I stop procrastinating?

Key Ideas: Finding self-nourishment: leaving dreams unrealized, feeling depleted: time for deep rest: lack of motivation: holding back

Keywords: Daring, indomitability, reclamation


Imagine yourself doing the very thing you desire. Can you feel the joy of participating in your dream? Look back at what you are leaving behind to live your dream. For example: how would you live with less money?

When you are ready, move toward the |oy. Open your eyes.

What has been revealed?


First Chakra: Red


Demon Red Rainbow

The greatest adversary is the one living inside me

The Legend: Sob is an inventor, yet never finishes anything, always giving up on his projects, convinced they are useless One day he finishes something and is elated, until a demon appears, taunting him. The Demon Red Rainbow is comprised of out greatest fears. In a dream, Bob discovers that he can distinguish between real and imagined fears The Demon Red Rainbow can no longer stop him from realizing his dreams.

Inspiration: Miraculous changes be ahead Life always takes a turn for the better when we face our demons Stay on course. Trust that an ally will appear The gift of adversity is never given without the ability to overcome it.

Personal Inquiry: Do I listen to my fear? How can I tap into my courage?

Key Ideas: Being courageous: facing adversity, finding tremendous power within, undervaluing your contribution

Keywords: Freedom, bravery, success


From a place of peace, call upon two or three of your spiritual protectors.

When they appear, express your fears. Allow your protectors to give you strength and assist you in becoming greater than your fears.

HOW do you feel now?


chapter One


Pink from Pinkton lam more than I think i am

The Legend: Life is easy for young Pink He takes his gifts for granted, until one day he loses Petunia, the love of his life, forcing him on an inner loumey He works hard on himself, hoping for another chance that doesn’t come In desperation, he consults Sky God and learns that Petunia is incapable of receiving love. Pink recognizes that Petunia's role in his life has been to expand his capacity to love.

Inspiration: Are you trying to recapture a past that no longer fits? If you are presently upset or struggling with a difficult situation, you may be seeking to keep something that is. far less than what you deserve.

Personal Inquiry: Am I happy In this situation? How Is It benefiting me? The healing of predetermined agreements must be addressed Awareness is healing.

Key Ideas: Leaving the past behind: a readiness for a new adventure: a willingness to venture into uncharted territory; a new level of self-care

Keywords: Uplift, journey, commitment


Imagine something that you are presently passionate about Allow the feeling to well up Inside you. Now begin a journey to the mountain of the Sky God. Your human worries drop away as you climb. When you reach the peak, the Sky God ioins you and begins to speak. Listen carefully.


i- irst Chakra: Rea


Cherry Heart When i accept myself. I find love

The Legend: Cherry loves her work as a waitress, but feels that something is missing from her life. She has a boyfriend, yet she senses that he is unfaithful One day. a customer orders cherry pie Cherry cuts a slice and sighs to a friend that her life is like that pie - with a slice missing Her friend remarks that maybe Cherry is a heart-shaped pie Cherry's perspective changes. She leaves her boyfriend and. later, meets a man who makes her happy

Inspiration: A magical box of seif-acceptance appears before you Your unique qualities reside within. Open it Are things simple now? Cherry Heart invites you to see yourself as complete, just as you are

Personal Inquiry: Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? .Can i simply accept myself?

Key Ideas: New ways of seeing yourself; embracing imperfection, feeling incomplete; selling yourself short

Keywords: Manifesting, knowledge, luck


With your mind's eye. imagine Cherry Heart She’s glad you came to see her and wishes to give you a slice of pie See the slice you feel has been missing from your life. Allow it to become the gift you've always desired. Let your feelings create a new awareness for you. When you are ready, write down your new awareness.




Learn to observe your emotions




Active, motivating, optimistic, emotional, sociable, enthusiastic, affectionate, humanitarian


The orange cards represent our emotions and how we relate to them. In the second chakra you can learn emotional discipline, if you choose. You need to master the skill of steering your emotions as you would a ship on the high seas. This Is very important in manifesting.

The orange cards reveal your emotional experience in a particular situation If you are struggling with your feelings, look back to the red chakra - the root chakra - for the answer. Why? Because you source your emotional experience from a particular foundation or belief created In your root chakra. This helps you to understand where your emotions are coming from.

Next, observe your feelings rather than act on them, and your angels can speak directly to you through the emotions revealed in these cards. However, you must stand fearlessly and observe your emotions; if you can do this, you have begun the journey into manifestation. You can walk the path you have previously only wished for.

Master emotional discipline and you master how to manifest anything!


Service - Honey Adams: The energy here is one of man •■ssj.r.g through being of service This card indicates a steadfast ability to stay the course emotionally, and create something sustainable and lasting. It can also bring to light not seeing or valuing what you have

Self-worth - Salmon Chair. Salmon is the colour of deep emotional peace You have been given a gift of self-love. This card indicates a iove of life and no longer trying to prove your value to others, who may not see what you see. Rely on your inner knowing

Passion - Princess of Amber. This card indicates creative focus and an ability to ignite the passion necessary to manifest what you desire The power of Amber is that focused emotion can create anything, for it brings the gift of emotional discipline.

Guilt - Saint Apricot: This card indicates deep caring and protection from emotional hurt through standing strong in your emotions. There is great inner resolve here. Once your mind is made up. you can see when others have tried to manipulate you Reclaim your life.

Impasse - Reggie Rust: What's done is done. This card can indicate the end of great emotional upset.. The power to change direction for the better is supported in Rust. Your angels appear to protect you in the long run. This is a detour, not a “No;" Be in the here and now. Things will change. Go where you are led. for now.

Perseverance - Carrot-coloured Cloak: This card refers to movement and true feelings. Focus on that which supports you. You may have a neigntened emotional state and this card can inspire or discourage. You are being offered a way of getting something back on track.

Completion - Final Sunset: Here is a warm and cheerful energy that brings calm to an ending, making it poignant, not sad. Something is taking place outside your comfort zone, so step into the emotional grace Of completion. There is no drama here, only resolution.

Second Chakra: Orange


Honey Adams

/ attract to you whatever you desire. if you give up your desire.

The Legend: Honey Adams loved her three

children very much and had a rewarding family life, though sometimes she regretted never finding a career outside the home. At the end

of her life she realizes that this "failure" was not a failure at all She achieved something

more important: passing on a legacy of service

to her daughter Frannie Being a mother is a great accomplishment

Inspiration: Are you seeing your life as >t really   M

is? Though we may wish things to be different, often we create just what we heed. This is an opportunity to look at where you are today, give up what you think you deserve and start being of service.

Personal Inquiry: How does the idea of service inspire me7 How can I make the most of my present situation? What can I give?

Key Ideas: Favouritism, unwillingness to compromise values: finding contentment, the joy of service: precious memories

Keywords: Compassion, loyalty, strength


Keep relaxing until you find yourself In a place where you feel safe.

Honey is there. She has come a long way to visit you. It doesn't matter what you say: simple words are fine. Explain to Honey why this place is safe.

Now she has to go. She gives you a warm hug and thanks you for meeting her Watch her walk into the light. What was the last thing you told her?

Open your eyes and write it down.


Chapter Two


The Salmon Chair 'Come sit in my chair and /eel my love." says rhe Great Servant

The Legend: The Salmon Chair appears to an Inuit child playing In the snow. Valley and River are the Salmon Chair’s protectors “I never get to see it." complains River. Valley whispers- "There are those who can close their eyes and see it.” The child rushes home to tell her elders about the chair, but no one believes her and she lies down, exhausted Later, the chair appears to her again. She climbs in and feels the Great Servant's love

Inspiration: People, events and material objects beyond your frame of reference are being drawn to you Aim higher, for you.Will draw even greater experiences into your life Allow your energy to grow Receiving is an action.

Personal Inquiry: now do I relate to the word deserving '? Am I ready to allow myself to receive what others may not?

Key Ideas: Greater knowledge: innocent curiosity; being rewarded, receiving divine love

Keywords: Faith, self-love, value


Let go of any tension as you fall like a feather into the Salmon Chair. Imagine the chair receiving you Feel yourself being filled with Salmon light. Stay there until you have received an abundance of energy from the light.


Second Chakra: Orange


Princess of Amber

1 quietly sizzle and shine.

The Legend: The Princess of Amber spends her time volunteering. No person or task is beneath hen she loves her subjects and looks after them like a loyal servant. When the newspapers criticize her. her family begs her to behave more "like royalty". She refuses. The people hold a free election and. to the surprise of the aristocracy, vote for the Princess as their new leader

Inspiration: You are correct to feel passionate

about your position Follow your instincts, for you know intuitively what Is right for you.

Personal Inquiry: Are my daily actions supporting my real passion? What am I willing to stand for?

Key Ideas: Following your passion; being authentic, taking a stand for yourself: being acknowledged, feeling ostracized by family/ friends; being emotionally centred; strong feminine energy, a happy outcome

Keywords: Passion, bravery, royalty


Ask yourself the following questions What is my greatest strength? What are my challenges? How do I serve others? How can I serve myself? What represents love in my life’ Close your eyes and invite the Princess of Amber to take a Walk with you What does she reveal to you?


Chapter Two


Saint Apricot

I  am sorry but i have to take care of myself

The Legend: Apricot truly is a saint. She sets aside her own needs and happiness to help others, even allowing freeloading friends to get involved in her business One day her latest business 'partner' announces that she wants to dissolve '’their" company and split the profits. Apricot stands up to her The company Is hers and she did all the work, while the so-called "partner" did nothing. Now she will only give from her

excess, not from her reserve

Inspiration: Do not do for others what they need to do for themselves Speak truth from your heart, Honesty Is freedom. Any guilt is fear of being disliked

Personal Inquiry: Am I giving away too much time and energy, and resenting it? Is my anger really guilt?

Key Ideas: Self-care: burdened by obligations: enabling others; finding personal power

Keywords: Awareness, awakening, release


Imagine chains holding you down. As you relax, the links weaken one by one See and hear each one fall to the ground. With each thud, see a chunk of fear or guilt fall away. When you are free, get up and walk into a glowing Apricot light. What happens then?


Second Chakra; Orange


Reggie Rust

This peth is obstructed: re-route

The Legend: Reggie Rust Is a guardian angel. One day two friends, Clem and Craig, are dismayed to discover Reggie blocking their path through the mountains, with no way to get around him. Wondering why Reggie wanted to stop them, and not daring to try to oass. they take another route. Reggie then moves on, having protected Clem and Craig from a landslide ahead that would have claimed their lives.

Inspiration: This is a re-route, not an ending. The path Is blocked and you are at an impasse, but the goal is still there. Do not wait for your present situation to change Stay focused and find another path

Personal Inquiry: now adaptable am P What does this card reveal about my feelings and my. reaction to delays?

Key Ideas: Change of direction, re-group and re-focus: protection from harm: guardian angels

Keywords: Wisdom, opportunity, surrender


Visualize that which you wish to create- See yourself doing the very thing that you feel Is currently blocked. Allow yourself to experience the joy this outcome will create for you. When you are ready, open your eyes and write down what you have visualized. Remember that there are many paths to your destination


Chapter Two


Carrot-coloured Cloak Don't quit before the Miracle

The Legend: Shannon’s Carrot-coloured Cloak is a gift from a famous stage actress and she wears it always, as a symbol of her own talent. One day. frustrated by the sacrifices she has made in her long pursuit of success. Shannon throws off the cloak and gives up her acting career The Great Goddess tries to convince Shannon to put the cloak back on and stay the course, but she doesn't listen Just around the corner had she persevered, was great success.

Inspiration: When we do our chosen work, we are serving the highest order, if we stop, we upset the universal balance What you work toward will materialize You may not see it. but it lies anead.

Personal Inquiry: Can I ignore the feelings that would sidetrack me? Will I let go of fear, and persevere’’

Key Ideas: Breaking through, unseen help at work: feeling taken for granted; overcoming doubts

Keywords: Steadfast, success, miracles


imagine yourself walking along a path, wrapped in a cloak.

You reach a glass wall Through the glass, you can see your goals Step forward and pass through the wall Your cloak falls to the ground, staying with your past Let it go You do not need it anymore.


Second Chakra. Orange


Final Sunset A Ute comes to a spectacular close

The Legend: He was raised in an orphanage and never wore new boots unbl he enlisted in the army in 1942. By the end of the war. he was a decorated veteran and had survived what many of his brothers had not Later, he became an actor He was well loved But history will remember him as a war hero. When he was finally laid to rest, Goddess smiled upon him as she received him into the heavens.

Inspiration: This is a reminder to cherish all the beauty in your life, including endings. Reflect upon your part in history and discover what you value most. Do not fear completion, embrace it

Personal Inquiry: Am I present in the moment? How do I respond to the idea of completion?

Key Ideas: Honouring your legacy: a natural ending to a grand adventure: a new beginning on the horizon, a new adventure; honouring those who give to us

Keywords: Achievement, determination, fulfillment


Allow all your feelings about endings to come to you, whatever they may be. Do you fear them or rejoice in them?

Do some journalling to find clarity here.




Explore your thought processes






Creative, intellect, precise, cooperative, reasonable. Innovation, originality, wisdom, instinct


The yellow cards of the third chakra (the solar plexus chakra) reveal our planning processes. Do we have a logical or a scattered approach? Because they represent thinking and problem solving, yellow cards reveal our ability to resolve issues. In essence, they show what's on our mind.

In Yellow, we turn on the lights and let the spirits know we are home. If we don't let them know where we are, they cannot bring us our desires. Ultimately, the third chakra relates to our instinct and to how our life is directed by it. When we can see how our instinct guides our thoughts, we will understand why we do what we do.

And when it relates to our emotions, instinct is frequently the first thing that gets shut down. Remember what I said? Look to the previous chakra (the second chakra in this case) if you feel blocked. Every decision we have ever made is made in a flash: to move forward or to stop. There is a moment, a split second in which we decide. In this chakra you decide If you will allow magic Into your life


Miracle - Sun Sparkler. The brightest of all thoughts resides ir. sun yellow, as natural radiance stems from pure integrity Be honest and forthright no matter what. With the energy Of the sun, a miracle awaits You instinctively know what is authentic. trust this

Enlightenment - Topaz: The opportunity to make an enlightened decision is mherent in topaz. A journey of true destiny is the vibrational energy here Regal gold and earthy brown mix to.create something spectacular - your experience will guide others.

Joy - Dancin' Daisy: This vibrational energy is walking on air A pure essence of joy comes through detachment. Daisy yellow brings joy, but does not experience It Its purpose is to radiate what is inside This powerful energy moves your projects forward It is too detached to be creative, but will draw in assistance necessary to further your goals

Prayer - Cool Lemonade: inquiry and original thought. are mspired by the angels in lemon yellow Cut through and face the truth - and surrender to a higher calling. There is collaboration here and a willingness to change one's mind. Try letting go of control.

Dissipating - Canary Yellow. Allow gentle flight to your thoughts Canary yellow supports rhe creativity in daydreaming Recognizing the difference between a daydream and a well-thought-out plan is key, as creativity must be freed from its cage.

Facade - Bronze God: Personal comfort comes with this metallic energy, and a deep need to discover your true self Earthly values and care for others are also represented. Being cut off from feelings may be a challenge Recover who you are and rethink your journey

Abundance - Gold Coins: Gold represents the power of rhe mind to choose One choice may be wise; rne other, foolish Choosing well may involve temporary sacrifice in order to gam your desires. Remember that you can always make a new choice

Third Chakra: Yellow


Sun Sparkler Integrity is what turns on the light

The Legend: Darkville is a town ot self- centred people. One day Betty is given too much change after making a purchase - ana she returns the extra money A brilliant light bursts from the stump of a dead oak tree in the centre of the town The citizens are bewildered by the sudden brightness, but neither question the Sun Sparkler nor change their cheating ways One day a child asks it why it came. It tells her that it shines for all that is good in the world, and appears when a

good deed occurs. The residents of Oarkville are touched and become

more selfless.

Inspiration: Do you let someone <n or do you pretend not to see them? You cannot shut out pain without shutting out pleasure Kindness exists to lend magic to integrity

Personal Inquiry: The essence of inspiration is integrity Can I be counted on?

Key Ideas: Being a light, lighting the wav for others: coming miracles

Keywords: Integrity, gifts, reward


Imagine a warm yellow light pouring down from the heavens.

Stand directly under the vibrant energy as it showers over you.

Allow all material worries to melt away Sun Sparkler will speak to you now When you are finished, return to your normal consciousness and write down what you have heard.


Chapter Three



If I seek peace. I must embrace my rears

The Legend: Topaz is a renowned spiritual teacher. People travel to hear his wisdom. He is journeying up a mountain to seek private counsel with the Great Servant when a young boy stops him. The boy asks. "If enlightenment is to be found in my own mind, how do I get there?" The moment before he disappears into the mist. Topaz replies. "Through your fears."

Inspiration: At this time your iourney is more important than your destination Remember, if you face your fear, you will grow stronger Relief awaits.

Personal Inquiry: My thoughts always drive my choices. How can I use my thoughts to heal myself’

Key Ideas: Path to enlightenment: the reluctant sage: taking time alone to connect, trusting your intuition: needing solitude; time for reflection

Keywords: Support, courage, confidence


Write down three fears, then close your eyes. Imagine these fears staying with you always Then imagine them, one by one. walking In faith alongside you. Stride through the Garden of Fear and allow them to stay behind. What is more painful, keeping your fears or releasing them?

The choice is yours


Third Chakra. Yellow


Dancin' Daisy

Let's just tump and see what happens.

The Legend: We don't know much about

Dancin' Daisy, but we do know that she brings joy whenever she appears Everyone who sees her becomes happier and more peaceful. Arguments cease as she comes close. People ■ are even heaiea physically as a result of her MM presence Noone knows where she tame Hp from, and just before the TV crews arrive. K» . she leaves         W     fi

Inspiration: Dancin' Daisy represents a new joyous phase in life and a significant change, such as a move, a new job or a marriage. This is the moment after the leap You may not see where you are going, but you will land on your feet.

Personal Inquiry: What can I do to invite happiness into my life? Being present is not the same as truly experiencing something

Key Ideas: A conduit for joy: detached from joy. higher purpose: profoundly Impacting lives, improved health: a birth

Keywords: Joy. playfulness, delight


Sit with Dancin’ Daisy. Look at her and allow her joy to fill you. Now imagine a ball of sunshine in your solar plexus.

Let it expand, allowing the room to be filled with this radiant energy. Send it out to the universe with love. Things manifest quickly

after touching this energy.


Chapter Three


Cool Lemonade My prayers are answered.

The Legend: An old man sits on his porch with his grandson, sipping lemonade and reminiscing He'd wanted to be a travelling preacher. He’d been all set to leave home, but his father reminded him to pray for guidance That very night his father died and the man realized that Spirit was telling him to stay, Now his grandson appreciates the lemonade and the old man smiles, he never regretted staying on the farm.

Inspiration: Cool Lemonade is a reminder that there is always a plan. If you were sidetracked from your path, then you will be guided back to your true calling

Personal Inquiry: if my most powerful thoughts are a form of prayer, how can I live in active prayer?

Key Ideas: All prayers are answered; following where life leads: being of service; fulfillment

Keywords: Clarity, destiny, authenticity


Knowing that you cannot take anything with you when you leave the Earth, that thoughts create your world, think now of the things that make you happy

Having all that you desire begins with taking what you need at the right time- Trust that you will be offered the best Whether or not you take what is offered is entirely up to you.


Third Chakra Yellow


Canary Yellow

I  am more Chan I think1 am

The Legend: Canary, a pet bird, has wonderful Ideas for an action movie starring his owner. Mrs Robinson. They frequently discuss the exciting plot with friends and family. But when they are given money to make the screenplay a reality, Canary and Mrs Robinson choose to go on a cruise instead. For the rest of then- lives they talk about their great story - and exist in fantasy, not reality.

Inspiration: Beware of being imprisoned by the story you tell. Do you intend to do what you say’

Personal Inquiry: A lack of planning does not indicate misfortune Am I doing what I say?

Key Ideas: raking action, content to dream; going in circles; strong Intelligence: making excuses: procrastinating

Keywords: Companionship, connection, assistance


Sit auietly with what you speak ot so frequently. Take a breath.

What do you wish to do? Become aware.of the feeling in your body.

Is it apprehension? Enthusiasm? In your mind's eye, take one step toward carrying out your wish. For example, are you thinking of writing a book?

Pull out the first sheet of paper or turn on the computer. Then take the next step Then the next. Will you dream It - or do it?


Chapter Three


Bronze God This isn't Who I am

The Legend: The bronze boy. Darnel, was young when his father died and he became the man of the family. Out for a walk one day many years later, he was mesmerized by the sight of children playing. As a child he'd never played, and he hid behind a tree, crying bitterly, then quickly buried his emotions. At the very end of his life, on his way to heaven, he stopped at the park and finally reclaimed the inner child ne had left behind many years before.

Inspiration: If you are unhappy in your relationships, you may be relating to others through a false sense of duty. Give up being something you're not

Personal Inquiry: Bronze God is about reclaiming life. What have I done to heal my childhood pain?

Key Ideas: Disassociating from yourself; reclaiming your life, healing childhood pain

Keywords: Recovery, integration, play


Imagine yourself as a child, running and taking flight.

Veer off to the clouds and find a playground in the sky. Swing, slide, laugh and. if you choose, find other children to play with. Enjoy yourself While you are there, you will receive a message of some kind, You can ask your child-self if there Is anything you need to know.


Third Chakra: Yellow


Gold Coins

I  only seek to give you what you ask for

The Legend: Inside a magical treasure chest, gold coms swap stories. One coin tells how a man foolishly dropped her down a drain, then cried instead of trying to get her out. Later, an enterprising little girl used string and chewing gum to fish her out. The coms remember how this girl saved them, along with many others, and eventually bought a house. As all coins desire to be well spent, they agree that she was indeed a wise person.

Inspiration: Think about your relationship with

money. Are you the wise girl or the foolhardy man? Money is naturally attracted toward appreciation and gratitude.

Personal Inquiry: Be wary of using your financial situation as an excuse to avoid doing something. Are your thoughts and actions around money empowering or disempowering you?

Key Ideas: Abundance through gratitude; releasing regret; being good with money

Keywords: Friendship, wisdom, windfall


Place some money before you. Pick It up. Have you thought about how many souls have touched it before it came to you? Feel Its energy The value we derive from money is the exchange of energy. Imagine this money transforming Into your desire Be aware of your improved relationship with money.




Discover the wisdom of the heart




Balance, harmony, brotherhood, hope, growth, healing, love, peace, prosperity


The fourth chakra - the heart chakra - relates to matters of the heart In manifesting, we are always blocked if "our heart is not in it". There Is something very pivotal about every green card, as though each one indicates a key moment of personal choice. They tell us about the "heart of the matter" tn this chakra we decide whether we will proceed or whether things will get kicked back to our yellow chakra, where we spend time thinking without progressing our decisions.

In essence you will see here whether your heart is truly invested in the actions you are willing to take Every green card owns the distinction of revealing what happens when you do - or don't - follow your heart. The question these cards ask is. "What does your heart tell you?"


Victim - Green Acorn: To grow into a tree, a planted acorn must be fully brown. A green acorn is an indication that you may need grounding and a more solid plan to achieve what you truly desire Are you trying to create something before you are ready to do so?

Gossip - Charmaine Chartreuse: This card represents the truly open heart with no personal agenda other than love. But it could also indicate the opposite: rebellion and denying your true gifts. An ability to follow your heart can appear to others as careless or strange Yet in truth, everyone wishes they had the loving openness of Chartreuse.

Perception - Emerald Stone: Emerald offers a regal ability to see things differently - and the chance of embracing transformation There is an ability to attract wealth here, if you have an open heart.

Growth - Grass: This card implies personal commitment and following one's heart. It Is about honouring your growth, and the growth of others There is a sense of courage and abundance and an ability to stand tall. This is a time to uphold what your heart knows is true

Grief - Penelope and Pickle: Pickle represents the strength of character inherent in true love. This card heralds a deep caring and an ability to heal and love again, however deep the pain or hard the challenges you face. Troubled times denote smooth sailing ahead.

Trickery - Kelly the Green Dragon: Notice here that there may be manipulation, because of a fear of being rejected. There is no evil Intent, only a deep desire to be loved This card may also indicate that you should practise asking for your true heart’s desire, rather than fearing someone else’s resentment

Wisdom - Sage: This is the earth green, which brings wisdom, patience and acceptance. Sage is perfect when you need to prove nothing, when you choose simply to be wise. There is an ability here to bring serenity to any situation - and indeed It may be needed.

Fourth Chakra. Green


Green Acorn

I  am not a victim' / chose to do what t am doing!

The Legend: Green Acorn is asked to star in a fable by Kelly the Green Dragon. He was promised top billing, but in the end. he says, his best work never made the final edit. Now he doesn't even have a speaking part He feels betrayed by Dragon. But Green Acorn is not resentful; being in the fable landed him a job on display at a museum. He insists he is content. But we can see denial and the underlying anger

Inspiration: The Green Acorn indicates that being in denial may be holding you back. To move forward, you must make an honest assessment of your situation.

Personal Inquiry: How are my actions connected to my inability to create Breakthroughs? Am I willing to make new choices in order to grow?

Key Ideas: Feeling blocked, blaming others; past resentment; deluding yourself, potential for greatness

Keywords: Growth, breakthrough, empowerment


See yourself sitting in a cinema. As the movie begins, you watch a scene from your life about a dream that never came true. Maybe you’d wanted a promotion, a new house, a relationship - something you were promised that did not come to pass Allow yourself to fee! the disappointment again Now rewrite the scene How does your fable end?


Chapter Four


Charmaine Chartreuse

I  never met a person I didn't like

The Legend: Charmaine is eccentric and kind. From her chartreuse-green house to her fascination with scarves, she is a topic of town gossip. After her death, the local people discover her incredibly detailed paintings of their town and realize she was an extraordinary artist, who painted their lives with love. They feel sadness for never having really known her.

Inspiration: Charmaine Chartreuse suggests

that appreciating differences is key This card is a warning that you may lose a valued relationship if you do not appreciate what you have

Personal Inquiry: Charmaine is about prejudice and misunderstanding. What am I resisting?

Key Ideas: Uniqueness of others: naivety; support for your vision: lack of appreciation; refocusing your life

Keywords: Freedom, dance, honour


Visualize someone you may be judging harshly. Notice how powerful your negative feelings are. Picture yourself in a room with that person and tell them what you like about them. If you run out of things to say. start repeating. You can accept this person as they are.

Allow them to tell you things they like about you.

When they finish, thank them for coming.


Fourth Chakra: Green


Emerald Stone

The heart knows what the eyes cannot see

The Legend: A young princess wanders into her untended garden. As she daws through the decaying undergrowth, she finds a brilliant emerald stone. The stone speaks and tells the princess to open an old wooden door. She enters a dark corridor and the door slams shut. Afraid, she moves forward until her hand falls upon another door. It opens to reveal the same garden she left behind: only now it is beautiful, filled with flowers, butterflies and birds. It is magnificent and familiar.

Inspiration: Often our journey brings us full circle, leaving us to wonder why things happen. Emerald Stone teaches us to follow through on whatever is before us. Going back is not an option Personal Inquiry: What in my life needs tending? How good will I allow myself to feel?

Key Ideas: Transformation in the heart; change in perception, the unknown; promise of a richer experience

Keywords: Beauty, open-heartedness, appreciation


Begin to imagine the Emerald Stone. When you see It. place it In your "untended garden" Feel waves of Emerald light filling you with courage. Emerald Stone may have some thoughts to help you. Listen carefully.

When you are ready, see what has changed.


Chapter Four


Grass Your message is best expressed when you are uniquely you

The Legend: Grass is excited. He is ready to tell his best friend Weed that he is gay. But Weed reacts negatively, and it is the first of many judgmental encounters for Grass. For years he is turned down for jobs, and even when he applies for an apartment. Grass fights for the right to live where he wants, and wins, but soon after he moves into his new apartment someone breaks in and attacks him. In the hospital, his loved ones gather, sharing stories of who Grass was to

them. He dies, leaving behind his legacy of love and courage.

Inspiration: Grass says "break away" It may be time for a change of scenery. Visit a foreign country, embark on a new enterprise or learn a skill. Most importantly, grow.

Personal Inquiry: What have I outgrown? Am I willing to become independent?

Key Ideas: Taking a stand; living your truth; lack of safety; clashing values: teaching by example

Keywords: Warrior, peace, courage


Find a peaceful place where you can listen to the sounds outside.

In your mind's eye. watch the grass sway in the wind. Allow Images to come to you as you see a road and wander down It. Where do you find yourself?

If you wish, write down what you see.


Fourth Chakra: Green


Penelope and Pickle Grief is love without a place to go.

The Legend: Penelope meets Pickle, the puppy, when she is at college. They go through everything together. When the day comes, much later, for Mother Earth to call Pickle home, he dies in Penelope's arms. Her friends are hard on her, suggesting that she should just get over her pet's death Penelope knows she loved Pickle deeply and is simply in grief. Loving Pickle was worth every moment of sadness. When she is ready, she will love again.

Inspiration: Penelope and Pickle remind us that what we reveal, we can heal. Give yourself time: you will love again. If you honour your pain, It will change your life

Personal Inquiry: is lingering grief preventing me from progress? What can I see in my heart?

Key Ideas: Feeling grief: healing process; missing someone/ something, being unafraid of sadness: love Is on the horizon

Key words: Love, commitment, vulnerability


Close your eyes and allow cleansing white light to wash over you.

Invite someone you miss into the light Feel the happiness this moment provides. Tell them how much you miss them, and let them tell you the same.

Create space for another visit in the future, if you wish.


Chapter Four


Kelly the Green Dragon The tempter is as guilty as the thief.

The Legend: Kelly the Green Dragon has one lumbo-sized acorn to get him through winter Squirrel spies ttie huge acorn and decides he lust has to have it. to win the forest's annual acorn contest To tempt Kelly, he fills a basket with rocks and scatters the tiny acorns he has collected on top. Kelly feels the weight of the basket and steals it. allowing Squirrel to grab the single acorn But they both lose Kelly now has less food and Squirrel is disqualified from the contest for cheating

Inspiration: During trying times, things may be easier if you ask for help. Don't be disappointed if assistance does not come from the place you expect

Personal Inquiry: Am I afraid to tell the truth? How does that fear make me manipulate others? What do I really need to say?

Key Ideas: Dance of scarcity: coveting possessions; vulnerable heart, self-honesty: accusing others: hidden motives.

Keywords: Vision, honesty, greed


Who do you identify with? Squirrel, the trickster, or Kelly, the greedy Dragon? When you close your eyes, which one comes forward? Whoever it is. ask him what he Is afraid of. Listen, then ask the Great Spirits for guidance Their guidance may come during your meditation or at a later time


Fourth Chakra: Green



Wisdom rs knowing the difference between a calculated nsk and stupidity

The Legend: One day a young sagebrush asks his grandfather how to grow old with wisdom, The elder answers. "We must learn from our mistakes Before you worry about something, ask yourself if It will be Important in the future Enjoy your present form, as we al) change with time."

Inspiration: Is there some wise counsel that you have sought, only to ignore It? Are you trying to do things alone’ A solution may

come from those more experienced than

yourself Stay In the present moment and do not let your thoughts jump ahead

Personal Inquiry: Do I go with my heart - or against it’ Am I ready to live in leadership’

Key Ideas: Wise counsel; focusec energy; honouring yourself: contribution; being chosen, contentment: transformation

Keywords: Maturity, tranquillity, support


Imagine yourself at a huge campfire. The Great Servant approaches and his energy radiates toward you. He speaks to you not with words, but with energy. Allow the wisdom of the message to reach you. When you have received the message, the Great Servant will depart When you are ready, come back to your reality. What was his message?




Find your way of expressing yourself





Truth, communication, loyalty, serenity, faith, spirituality, creativity, expression


The cards of the fifth chakra - the throat chakra - reveal at a core level matters of communication; this includes creative focus and your ability to be heard and understood. Being able to communicate the truth you feel in your heart will bring forward all the positive attributes of these cards. When you deny your heart's knowledge, challenges will present themselves.

Here you will find a definition of personal leadership and redefine beliefs that no longer serve you. Personal responsibility will be brought into play.

The blue cards are a reflection of how you relate to the world. All matters concerning self-expression will be revealed. These include personal forms of expression such as writing, art. speaking and presentation skills. The resulting experiences in your life are linked to how you communicate with the world around you. In essence this means that you will not get what you ask for. but you will get who you are. reflected back to you.


Bittersweet - Blue November. There Is an inner strength here, helping you to rise above circumstances ano do the right thing, it is time to set aside your personal agenda for the good of the group The person you are becoming is capable of more than you imagined

Isolation - Sapphire's Blue: A childlike playfulness is hidden under Sapphire's serious, elegant exterior This card denotes wealth and an ability to do anything well Trust and loyalty are indicated Sapphire also has a great capacity for healing

Workaholic - Brad Blueberry: Here the earthy brown of creation mixes with inspirational violet' This card indicates one of the most powerful manifesting energies. Now you are very prolific It what you are creating stalls, you may need to recharge Know your limits

Vanity - Aqua People: The tenuous balance bet ween what is true In our heart and what we communicate is reflected in Aqua. Are you nving and communicating your truth or just playing along? This may be a time of awakening to a new way of being. Be aware of distractions that may pull you away from the true you.

Expansion - Sky God: Your life is changing as you move away from the o'd way of relating to others. New people are entering your life. Relationships may no longer work You need to reach out to those who are in the same vibrational frequency of personal upl'ftment. Call upon higher companions to advise you at this time

Impatience - Electric Blue Moon: Your desire to create may overpower me necessity of aligning with divine timing The time to shine will come Move with the energy and not in front of it. being present has its own reward.

Quest - The Navy Trail: Navy combines the blue of communication with the darkness of me unknown, allowing us to discover the truth There is bravery here and an ability to face the truth head on.

Fifth Cnakra Blue


Blue November

A window is opened as a door gently closes

The Legend: We celebrate in the midst of grief. The celebration has been planned for the birthday child We cannot tell the child that our hearts are not joyous If merriment rules In our home this day. so does sorrow that a child cannot see. God bless you. departed friend. God bless you, birthday child.

Inspiration: The passing of all things is inevitable. Whatever is happening may require release This card could also represent unexpected news

Personal Inquiry: Parents often make difficult decisions not supported by their children Can I see the strength in the choices of others’

Key Ideas: Hidden blessings, celebration tempered by sadness;

protecting someone: ability to honour others, new horizons

Keywords: Poignancy, release, maturity


Imagine stepping Into a dark hallway. As you enter, the door pehmd you shuts. Vou may feel panic After a few moments, you hear laughter down the hall - you recognize the voices. A door opens. You have reached your destination. You enter the party and the guests toast youl Your friend puts their arm around you The hallway to the light Isn’t an easy place to be


Chaoter Five


Sapphire's Blue I've got all I could ever need, right here

The Legend: Sapphire is blue; Occasionally, he gets invited somewhere, but invariably he turns the nvitation down. After all. what would he wear’ He bought a tux once, "just in case", but won't wear it because he might spill something on it. Besides, going out would alter his routine. He's tried to meet people, but hasn't met anyone "of his calibre" So, Sapphire stays home alone and remains quite blue

Inspiration: Do not wait for the right time to live your life. You are on the verge of something big. but if you don't participate it could pass you by.

Personal Inquiry: Sapphire does not know the difference between isolation and solitude Do I?

Key Ideas: Self-protection, making excuses, over-preparing: never feeling ready to take action

Keywords: Celebration, experiences, play


Think of something that you have been putting off - a vacation, calling a friend, painting the house ... Close your eyes and imagine yourself totally involved in the activity, Come back when you are ready. Now. taking action will be that much simpler.


Fifth Chakra: Blue


Brad Blueberry

While i worked my life happened

The Legend: Brad Blueberry paints and paints and paints. He has no time for anything other than perfecting his art An elder blueberry reminds Brad that one day he will be bld and shrivelled too, so he'd better live life to the fullest Brad takes the advice and discovers that having fun enriches and sharpens his art. He finds out that life is what makes work valuable.

Inspiration: Are you waiting to complete your career before you live your life"5 Busy work may be helping you hide from the real issues.

Personal Inquiry: Am i working too much and suffering from burnout9 Is there something important that I’m avoiding doing?

Key Ideas: Feelings of inadequacy: transformation indicated, not being fulfilled by work, heeding warnings; refreshing your mind to improve your work

Keywords: Talent, fun. friends


Imagine completing something you are excited about.

Now. stretch your arms out. Become aware that you are floating on water The water is at the perfect temperature and in harmony with your body The Lady in the Lake is holding you Feel yourself twirling freely and playing in this space. She invites you to relax Into her Enjoy.


Chapter Five


Aqua People

I need more, better bigger Yes. that wilt make me okay.

The Legend: Crystal. Peter and Mike are at a party in Mike's posh home, toasting success in their business. A mysterious old man appears and asks them whether they prefer gluttony or generosity. Puzzled, none of them answers. He reminds them that more does not mean better, and they laugh Suddenly, they are alone, far from the party, in rising water “We're getting morel'' cries Peter. Rain falls and the water rises faster "Play!'' shouts Crystal. "We must do well with what we

have.'' As they begin to have fun in the water, the rain stops.

Inspiration: We all say we will stop when we have enough, but there's never enough. You may be looking outside yourself for validation.

Personal Inquiry: Am I feeling disconnected from any people in my Fife? Am I growing away from limiting relationships?

Key Ideas: Environmental tension; living in illusion, self-doubt; power to change; lesser companions; empty conversations

Keywords: Faith, awareness, transformation


Visualize an Aqua light within you Imagine people you love surrounding you. Feel the light building and spilling onto your loved ones. Send gratitude to those you love and those you have yet to meet. Bless them all. Notice the energy and any messages that you receive.


Fifth Chakra Blue


Sky God You'll see it when you believe it.

The Legend: Sky God was seeking wise counsel to choose the colour of the sky. He wanted the beings of Earth to feel serene when they looked at his work. Other Great Spirits remind him to trust his intuition. He will know the right colour when he sees it. Sky God trusts - and sees the colour clearly Thus, the sky becomes Sky Blue.

Inspiration: Seeking good advice Is vital When you are pushing into new territory Stay away from anyone who is critical of your dreams. This indicates possibly changing your friends.

Personal Inquiry: How can I create powerful alliances’ Are new people entering my life?

Key Ideas: Wise counsel; fruitful collaboration; spiritual support; state of uncertainty; being guided

Keywords: Counselling, connections, progress


Imagine something that you believed to be impossible tor you to achieve - maybe your dream Job. more money, a divine relationship .. can you imagine It? Repeat aloud “I know this is possible." Say this phrase until you believe it.

When you are ready, let it go. If you know your desire can be. it already is.


Chapter Five


Electric Blue Moon

If I dent take care of it. it'll never naooen.

The Legend: Etan grows impatient waiting for dawn, so he buys a used moon. Once it is in the sky, he steps back to see his handiwork The moon will not stay in place unless he holds the cord. Sky God assures him that dawn will come when he lets go. but Etan <s fearful and grips onto the cord until he falls asleeo and releases it. When he awakens, dawn has come and the radiant light in the sky is blocked only by his used moon

Inspiration: Now is not the time to make a rushed decision You have made your needs known now leave it alone. You may block something wonderful from coming to you if you are hasty

Personal Inquiry: Am I jumping the gun’ If I am honest with myself, am I forcing something?"

Key Ideas: Scarcity-thinking, being exhausted by your efforts, success through patience

Keywords: Unfolding, revelation, success


Imagine something you strongly desire. The Electric Blue Moon appears and begins to cool the heat of your emotions. Write down any communication you receive In the moonlight - It is a message from the Council of the Great Spirits.


Fifth Chakra: Blue


The Navy Trail

When Tarn somewnere else my life will have meaning.

The Legend: Mrs Patriot, the oldest woman in the town of Blue, decides she is ready to set out across the deadly swamp and walk the Navy Trail that no one has dared tread before. The wise youngster points but that the swamp has vanished - and the path she seeks is already before her Mrs Patriot sees that her life is not elsewhere, but is in the here and now. As Mrs Patriot travels home, the Navy Trail stretches out before her

Inspiration: You may be on a quest that is

unnecessary Allow yourself the space for self-discovery

Personal Inquiry: it is time to take a risk. Where m my life do I need to "walk my talk'"’

Key Ideas: Being open to wisdom: imagined dangers, commitment to your path

Keywords: Courage, journey, answers


Write down five truths about yourself. Look at your list and close your eyes. Imagine the Navy Trallstretched out before you.

You may see Images or hear a song or feel the sun on the path.

Allow all sensations When you are ready, open your eyes.

Did you come to any new awareness about your truths?




Learn to see without sight



Seeing the unseen


Guidance, intuition, secrets, integrity, knowledge, spirituality, inner child, mystery, dignity


The sixth chakra represents our sixth sense. All the cards In the purple colour ray - indigo and violet - appear in this chapter. The brow chakra is the third eye and houses all that Is hidden within, including our intuitive knowing. The cards often reveal family agreements made before you were born and karmic Issues, which you have brought Into the world to work out.

The sixth chakra reveals your intuitive focus and your inner knowing. The cards in this chapter may reveal the behaviours you’ve either inherited or unknowingly chosen to copy from your family of origin.

This reflects where you are In terms of your own awareness and reveals your willingness to do your own soul searching.

Are you living your past into the future? Faith is the unspoken element here. All Intentions are fulfilled with the help of Spirit.


Despondence - Violet Iris: You have all the answers you need within. This card may indicate an emotional tie that no longer serves you. Remember, how you relate to the issue is the issue. Obstacles are removed when you change your relationship to them.

Mysticism - A Woman Named Aubergine: This Is a time of trusting in the unknown. You already sense the answer, even if it is not apparent. Do not ask others what they see. for you alone can see into the heart of the matter; trust your intuitive powers to guide you.

Faith - Royal Purple Brick: We are all wounded; some wounds are recognized easily, while others are not. Forge ahead and do not allow your pain to hold you back. You are meant to inspire others, and if you do not carry on, they will suffer. It is time to deliver your message.

Gratitude - Lucy from Indigo: You are capable of more than mere mortal conversation This is a time of enlightened communication and you will raise the consciousness of others. You are stepping into self- mastery; the gifts you see in others already live within you.

Forgiveness - Rhonda Rhino from Amethyst: Amethyst protects us from toxic situations. This card indicates healing and allowing yourself to return to the natural state of peace once again Remember, we never forgive others, we only forgive ourselves for loving others who betrayed us. This is a time of personal evolution.

Recovery - The Lilac Key: Lilac offers detachment as you allow yourself to see the big picture. What once may have been immaturity is now about growing into a new partnership with Spirit. Step back and allow the angels to bring healing to you

Balance - Emaciated Periwinkle: This card may indicate a reluctance to change You may be hesitating because of the past - but that doesn't mean you should be hasty: Weigh all sides before moving forward This can mean the start of a relationship; proceed slowly.

Sixth Chakra Purple


Violet Iris

By taking action. / found the road out

The Legend: iris is depressed and unable to look after herself or her home She cries out to the Great Spirits for help. Mother Earth appears and suggests Iris shower, eat a good meal and clean up her house She does, but still feels despondent. Suddenly, a hurricane hits and Ins springs into action to rescue her neighbour's children. In the urgency Iris finds the way out of depression by taking action;

Inspiration: Iris teaches us that the only route

out of stagnation is motion. If we do nothing, we must accept the


Personal Inquiry: In which part of my life am I feeling immobilized? I know what I need to do Am I willing to trust myself’

Key Ideas: Peeling helpless: acceptance of circumstances; change on the horizon; taking action

Keywords: Revelation, movement, encouragement


Imagine an expansive countryside with nothing to block the view. The wind blows and without warning carries you to a place of sadness. Ask the Great Spirits to reveal the action you must take. You will either intuitively know what to do or it will soon be revealed to you.

Open your eyes and see that all is calm. Be grateful.


Chapter Six


A Woman Named Aubergine You are not toknow

The Legend: A woman named Aubergine calls on the telephone to confirm that she will be with us tonight, yet no woman named Aubergine has been invited Of the four invited, two are wed and two are unknown to each other, a woman and a man. Surely, if this mysterious woman were the guest of the man. she would have made it known? A woman approaches - the woman named Aubergine. The woman who "will be with us tonight­

inspiration: It is wise to be the observer. Do not respond until you are certain The unknown is not easy, but it is no longer necessary to fear.

Personal Inquiry: Am I ignoring my intuition? What I suspect is probably true. I must breathe

Key Ideas: Ignoring signs: unknown motivation: intuitive knowing: fear of the unknown: lourney

Key Words: Intuition, courage, uncharted


See yourself in a crystal-clear pool. As you wade in the water, a whirlpool swirls toward you and catches you. Aubergine is afraid you would leave if you weren't captive. Assure her that you will stay If she sets you free She doesn't believe you. You have met your own fear.

Open your eyes. What is real? What Is imagined?

What is no longer necessary?


Sixth Chakra: Purple


Royal Purple Brick

I am more than I think I am

The Legend: Peggy is terrified. She can’t see past the wall in front of her and it is preventing her from moving forward She cries out for help The Great Spirits appear and tell her that she is holding a Royal Purple Brick, thinking it is a wall. They encourage her to place the brick back in the path and ask her not give up on life. Peggy lowers the brick to the ground and courageously steps forward. Her future lights up.

Inspiration: What frightens you is something much smaller than you know If you are experiencing pain holding on tighter will only worsen the situation. Your greatness awaits

Personal Inquiry: I have a tremendous amount of personal magnetism. Am I willing to allow myself to shine?

Key Ideas: Narrow focus; miracles all around; not following wise counsel, not accepting your gifts: using energy in a self-defeating way

Keywords: Gifts, muse, fear


This is the time to let go and recognize your own gifts.

Thank your guides tor protecting you and not allowing you to give up. This is the first step In communicating and sharing with the world The Royal Purple Brick is a part of your path, not the entire journey.


Chapter Six


Lucy from Indigo / am so glad you are in my life

The Legend: Lucy's best friend writes a letter to Lucy’s unborn child. She does this so that one day the child will understand how extraordinary her mother is. Lucy is a "friend from Indigo", someone who always supports, never judges, always sees the good side whatever the circumstances and uplifts all those around her. In the letter, her gratitude for Lucy shines through,

Inspiration: Gratitude raises bur vibration to a higher level. If you are unhappy in any

relationship, Lucy reminds you that it is always in your power to change it. There is no mystery to being a good person Good people just do good things.

Personal Inquiry: Who is the person I admire most? Why? How can I live at that level?

Key Ideas: Friendship: deep love, pregnancy: nurturing: unconditional love toward self or others

Keywords: Appreciation, recognition, esteem


For the next 10 days, spend a few minutes each day making a gratitude list. Do not look at the previous day’s list when you begin each day.

At the end of 10 days, read all the lists. Notice what keeps coming up Are you on your list?


Sixth Chakra: Purple


Rhonda Rhino from Amethyst

We never forgive others, only ourselves for having judged them

The Legend: in the town of Amethyst Ilves Rhonda Rhino She doesn't take her mother’s drinking problem personally, but she dreams of becoming a beloved family pet One day gunfire rings out Rhinos scatter and a small human child is caught up in the chaos Rhonda picks him up and runs to safety Humans discover the pair curled up asleep under a tree, and they shoot Rhonda with a sleeping dart When she awakens, she is in a garden with the little boy and his family - Rhonda's

new family.

Inspiration: Rhonda's true essence lies in not harbouring resentment She transcends forgiveness because her focus is on her intention not bn her pain,

Personal Inquiry: This may be a time of family healing. Can I forgive myself for loving people who hurt me?

Key Ideas: Wishes fulfilled; holding onto dreams, past wounding

Keywords: Belonging, self-forgiveness, fulfillment


Take a deep breath, exhaling all that does not serve you.

Bring forward someone you are struggling to forgive See them as a small child. Allow them to reach out to you Notice your reaction to them. Which deserves your energy - holding on to your dream or holding on to resentment?


Chapter Six


The Lilac Key

Pain from our past unlocks the door of understanding

The Legend: Greta wakes to find painful childhood memories all around her room, In the distance appears a huge wooden door with white light streaming through the keyhole As Greta tries to gather up her painful memories, they melt and form the great Lilac Key She places the key in the lock and a wave of fear engulfs her The door opens and the pam and fear recede. Clarity comes survival is no longer enough,

Inspiration: Once the key has been used to open the door, you will have a new way of living, one without keys. Where you are heading there are no locks

Personal Inquiry: It is time to recover a part of me that has been dormant. Am I ready to live an inspired future?

Key Ideas: Facing fears, wounding is strength; courage to face pain; awakening greatness

Keywords: Genuineness, regeneration, understanding


Imagine standing outside a door, holding a string of keys. Each one is a different chakra colour. A key calls out to you. Visualize opening the door with your key Let the light from the other side wash over you as you enter. Is the light a particular colour’

What is this journey about?


Sixth Chakra' Purple


Emaciated Periwinkle

I must create before the opportunity disappears

The Legend: Periwinkle is a small-town theatre actor with big-time talent An agent arrives in town and is quite impressed with young Periwinkle. She offers him a contract and he drops everything that once mattered to him to be available for fame. Feeling sure that his "big break" is coming, he alienates his loved ones. He signs a contract with the agency, but there are no jobs - he is told he must wait for the right one. He learns that waiting for a dream is not as powerful as living a loving reality.

Inspiration: Running toward something may chase it away Be wary of being deceived by your own desires.

Personal Inquiry: I take me with me wherever I go Is there a part of my life that may be out of alignment with who I am?

Key Ideas: Chasing illusions: health matters; compulsive behaviour, dietary imbalance; being result-oriented, self-neglect, honouring values

Keywords: Assistance, courtesy, support


Journey with Periwinkle. He tells you of the work he had todo to repair past mistakes. He says: "We all end up In the same place, so enjoy your journey." Sit with him. You will know when It Is time to come back




Embrace the Spirit of Universal Consciousness




Enlightenment, consciousness, purpose, wisdom, spirituality, unity, expansiveness


In the seventh chakra - the crown chakra - we reach the place of universal consciousness, which is outside our physical body. You may notice that these cards represent some aspect of our collective being. The idea here is that we all vibrate through our seventh chakra and in a powerful way It keeps us connected to our humanity.

The cards of the seventh chakra are neutral In colour because Spirit in essence Is neutral. Here you will receive messages from Spirit that are detached from human worry. These cards indicate the higher- minded thinking that happens when we align with Spirit. The power of holding space can also be seen in the still energy of each card.

Here, you will see how conscious choice can bring you spiritual magnetism These are the cards of mastery.


Impartiality - Bahana Beige: This is not a time to personally shine, but to allow others to come forth with their gifts. You may find yourself in the role of neutral advisor. Hold the space for others to find their own answers Advice may not be well received. Be unbiased now

Rejection - Ivory Tower. You no longer need to prove yourself This is about understanding who you are and what you have created. Ivory allows others into your life. Choose wisely.

Release - Shadow Grey Storm: See all that you are. for you possess a power that you have yet to understand. This may feel daunting, but great freedom awaits as you meet your shadow self Profound inner wisdom is coming to you Stand steady You are more than you know

instinct - Wolf of White Light: To step into the light, we let go of all senses other than our pure instinct. When unfiltered. it guides us to the high ground and the help of our angels. This is a time to be the protector or to be protected You will know which role you are in

Destiny - Black and White: Black is the shade that demands to be taken senously. As it absorbs all the colours. Black emits the warm, powerful energy of the protector. Unlike Black, White is isolated.

Together they balance and create. You will be guided by your angels to what is best for you and all concerned.

Confusion - Silver Cloud: When you are in the unknown, it may be little comfort to know that you are safe. Understand that your angels have brought you to this point. You may need more information at this time. Remain still and allow inspiration in; it will come

Creation - She Shaman: Letting go of old ideas and allowing new growth are primary now. The mission you have been on may be complete. A new dawn is coming and it is time to open yourself to divine inspiration. The message here is: "Let go - you no longer need to be the warrior."

Seventh Chakra: Neutral


Bahana Beige

I quietly listen, allowing you to colour your own palate

The Legend: Bahana Is tne wise dictator from the town of Beige. She is known for settling disputes fairly. One day. two neighbours are arguing about what colour to paint their fence. Bahana gives each of them a can of paint and instructs them to paint their side of the fence the colour that the other neighbour wants. She knows that when they can colour their world in the love of their neighbour’s eyes, they will understand and accept one another.

Inspiration: Take an impartial look at your situation. The action here is to listen and observe.

Personal Inquiry: If I step back from my present situation, what do I see? Can I be neutral?

Key Ideas: Neutral position: allowing things to unfold: standing In another's shoes; uplifted communication

Keywords: Guide, open-minded, fairness


As a mist forms, take a few deep breaths. Bahana Beige beckons you into the mist. When you are ready, allow her energy and knowledge In.

If something happens, then allow it to happen, but you are to follow, not lead Nothingness is the goal. Open your eyes when you are ready and thank Bahana for reminding you to be with yourself.


Chapter Seven


Ivory Tower They won't use me

The Legend: The artist Is summoned for jury duty, but they won't use him. He doesn't fit their concept of what a juror should be He paints pictures no one understands. He lives alone. They want somebody who will put himself in the other guy's place, but he will never do that. He doesn't get mixed up with anything or anyone. They honour his individuality when they invite him. yet when he appears, they reject it by not using him.

Inspiration: You don't have to be "on the inside track”. Be true to yourself and you will not be unhappy Rejection is Spirit’s protection.

Personal Inquiry: Am I working with or against my environment?

What is the purpose of my present solitude’

Key Ideas: Others' approval, unsupportive environment; working alone: arrival of a teacher

Keywords: Protection, exclusion, development


Imagine divine Ivory light filtering down and encircling you. In the distance, the Ivory Tower beckons. You reach the castle and the drawbridge slowly lowers You enter the castle grounds and come to the tower At the top of the stairs is a door. Inside is the place of no judgment.

You have finally found your way home.


Seventh Chakra Neutral


Shadow Grey Storm / can no longer keep your secrets

The Legend: Nikita cuts through the graveyard as she rushes home in the wind and ram. She is terrified when Shadow Grey Storm appears and speaks in her own voice, repeating painful things she has said to herself and others: "It's all your fault I'll never forgive any of youl” As she listens in the rain to her own words, she learns it is she who has been making herself miserable. She leaves the graveyard with a changed heart, ready to forgive herself and others.

Inspiration: This is about personal responsibility and release of blame It is time to clear the debris and move on. You cannot move forward while you continue to hide.

Personal Inquiry: This indicates healing family of origin issues. Am I ready to face my past and let go?

Key Ideas: Release; dwelling on past; righteous anger; change in consciousness, judgment day; seeing clearly: hidden truth; great discovery

Keywords: Healing, remission, integration


To do this meditation, you must have no distractions.

Shadow Grey Storm simply asks that you sit and listen. In the silence you will hear yourself. If you sincerely seek freedom. Shadow Grey Storm may come to you.


Chapter Seven


Wolf of White Light There is a guide inside us.

The Legend: Wolf climbs the treacherous rocks, his eyes always fixed on the high ground. During the time he prepared to be a guardian, his master trained him never to turn back "When we look behind, we sap the energy we are to use In the future." his master said Wolfs defence is his instinct and he senses danger. Hence Wolf journeys on and does not look below for his enemies. He climbs unseen, for only those who seek a spirit guide can see him.

Inspiration: Your instinct is finely tuned, so why doubt it? Your journey is guided.

Personal Inquiry: How can I master letting go. and move on? Do I trust my inner guidance?

Key Ideas: Solitary journey: Spirit lies on the road ahead: led by Spirit, following your instinct

Keywords: instinct, guides, awakening


Imagine a waterfallof light washing down from above. The Wolf of White Light beckons to you Go. As he guides you. what do you see? Does he talk to you? He may not; communication takes many forms. Is he friendly? Neutral? Do you have any Innate knowledge about him?

If he allows it. look into his eyes. Previously unseen sights may now be revealed ro you.


Seventh Chakra: Neutral


Black and White Together we are stronger than alone.

The Legend: Black and White are in heaven, waiting to go back to Earth (yet again) to complete their work When they meet and fall in love, they learn that they will not be together on Earth In previous Ilves, their love was ill-fated They appeal to the Council of Great Spirits - who turn down their request to be together. But the Great Servant appears and grants their wish Together they accomplish greater things than they could have done alone.

Inspiration: Take a risk. Dare to have your life the way you decide. Are you willing to make sacrifices to have what you desire?

Personal Inquiry: What tools do I need to form my own destiny? Am I ready for my destiny?

Key Ideas: True love: taking a stand: positive omen: radical thinking­deep satisfaction, ability to change

Keywords: Love, pathway, faith


Recall a time when you fought for something you believed In, and won.

Allow the feeling of triumph to filter through your body. See yourself before the Council of Great Spirits. Make a request. They will grant It If it’s for the highest good of all. They tell you their decision. Thank the Spirits for their wise counsel, Relax In knowing that the council will confer with Great Servant for you You are welcome to go before the council anytime.


Chapter Seven


Silver Cloud Every silver lining has a doud

The Legend: Janna climbs Faith Mountain in dense fog, wondering whether her decision to leave her boyfriend was the right one. There is another man waiting in the wings (there always is). Silver Cloud surrounds her and It is cold and scary. Despite her confusion, she keeps ciimbing. As she reaches the summit, the fog clears, revealing the town far below. With Silver Cloud's help, she has journeyed much farther than she realized. She now knows what to do. She begins the long

journey home to reclaim her love.

Inspiration: Through the willingness to be in confusion, we find clarity There is nothing to solve Meditation and quiet time will bring clarity.

Personal Inquiry: Can I see confusion as a good thing? Can I learn to let go of needing an immediate outcome?

Key Ideas: Allowing confusion: spiritual support: consequences of actions: finding love

Keywords: Clarity, support, revelation


Close your eyes and visualize the room you are in. Focus on one object in the room. When you are relaxed, sense the presence of Silver Cloud.

When the object is no longer visible in your mind's eye. relax even more deeply and breathe. You are in the place of not knowing. It is a completely safe environment. Ask for the highest good and this shall be revealed.


Seventh Chakra: Neutral


She Shaman

I will guide you to your muse

The Legend: in a time before history, She Shaman walks the earth, bestowing artistic talents on a select few One day she rests under a birch tree. "Hey!" says Birch. "I want my muse, too!" Birch entertains She Shaman for a long time, singing and telling tales She Shaman smiles. "My great friend, you have had your art all along." She vows that from then on she will give everyone their own gift. To this day. She Shaman has never left us, we see her inside every creative work.

Inspiration: Your oath is an artistic one. Express your love in a tangible art form, It is time to make decisions

Personal Inquiry Am I waiting for someone's permission to create my life? What do I need to see in order to claim my own gifts’

Key Ideas: Opening to magic: lasting transformation: divine feminine awakening creativity: finding your muse: owning your gifts

Keywords: Creativity, muse, magic


Open a notebook to a clean page. Close your eyes and imagine She Shaman standing in the mist, holding out her hand. Follow her Into the mist. As you walk she motions to sit. Ask for her guidance. Pick up your notebook and write. Simply write whatever comes. Do not censor or judge the words. They may mean nothing right now. but they will.

Thank She Shaman for her visit.




What is revealed can be healed



Readings can reveal the truth of our heart - allowing us to see what we may be avoiding In our lives. If you are unsure about where you are on a particular issue, a reading can offer poignant insight. You can also receive vital information on how to manifest what you desire. Sometimes just one card can reveal everything you need in the moment, but using multiple cards to explore various aspects of a situation will help you to understand It. The layouts on the following pages will get you started, but feel free to create your own layouts once you feel more confident working with the chakra cards.

By reading the information given in the card profiles and looking at each card's picture, the answers to your questions may begin to appear. If you find It hard to relate to any card, or choose to go deeper, explore the relevant chakra chapter.

In this chapter you will find sample readings for the more complicated layouts. Let these inspire you and you will see how each reading has a life of its own, The meaning of every card changes according to Its position In any layout and the pictures on the cards also tell their own story. Remember that the cards also hold their opposite energy - what opposes, exposes An advanced reading considers the three aspects of every card Darkness (the subconscious). Dawn (what is currently going on) and Light (the card’s highest calling).

Chapter Eight

Standard Divination Layouts

Let's begin with some traditional card layouts that you can use to gain insight and information about a situation, as well as direct answers to your Questions Layouts that helo you set your intentions are explored on pages 84-93

Single-card Layout

One card can give you a complete answer to a direct question Try selecting one during meditation, spreading out the deck in front of you face down and picking a card with your eyes closed. Read the card profile in this book and write down the impressions you get about your question You can also purposely pick a particular card that best represents the question or situation at hand Further study of the meaning Of this card will Often reveal a course of action and it is an amazing way to focus your energy on something specific

Two-card Layout

This is a good layout to do if you are facing a decision it will illuminate what will unfold in either path, the road taken (the first card) or not (the second card). You can also try this with a yes or no question. Ready? Shuffle the cards and concentrate on a question Select the first card and lay it to your left, then place the second card on the right Use the story of each card to guide your intuition about the outcome of either decision



Standard Divination Layouts

Three-card Layout

This is a more complex layout that gives insight into a particular issue and helps you to understand what needs to be done Shuffle the cards and focus on your situation Lay the cards left to right as shown below Your three positions describe.



What is going on




Your emotional situation

Challenges to bo overcome


Suzanne was trying to find out if she should send ner six-year-old daughter. Courtney, to a new school. Here are tne cards she drew:

1 Growth - it seemed that perhaps little Courtney was being bullied for being different Suzanne confirmed this as her reason for wishing to move Courteney to a new school

2  Forgiveness - Suzanne really wanted her daughter to feel that she belonged at school and was as valued and loved as she was at home. Suzanne needed to do some self-forgiveness, as she was feeling that her daughter's challenges were somehow her fault.

3  Quest - This card revealed that the decision to find a new school for Courteney was the right one - and that Suzanne would succeed in finding a much better school where Courteney would be happy.


Chapter Eight

Intention Layouts

When you have determined what it is you truly desire (see pages 8-9). you can delve more deeply into why you set this Intention and the path to achieving it Not only can you get clarity, you can also discover any beliefs that have stood in the way of fulfilling your dreams With all these layouts, concentrate on your intention as you shuffle the cards.

The layouts on the next pages are a starting point for learning how to use the cards to achieve your goals They are:

1  Is Your Intention Authentic? - Designed to test if your intention is what you really need at this time

2  The Purpose of Your Intention - Why you set this Intention and its purpose in your spiritual journey and evolution.

3  Intention for Love - Who you are. what you desire and the path to attracting love are revealed here.

4  Intention for Wealth - Your beliefs about money and how you approach wealth. What is revealed can be healed.

5  Removing Blocks - The most common intention: find what has been blocking you from moving forward and remove it from your path

6  Your Career Path - What you really desire as a career and how to achieve It.

While these are only a few layouts, you can easily create more yourself by substituting "money" for "health" or "a new home" for "love", for example. Be creative and remember that card placement changes each card's meaning. There are countless ways to interpret the cards. Begin with the basics and. as you progress, you will clearly see other, more detailed information emerge

Now. shuffle the cards and concentrate on your intention!


intention Layouts

Is Your Intention Authentic?

This Is a form of spiritual muscle testing - a perfect way to reveal your

true motives for choosing your intention and to see If you are willing

to do what is necessary to create it Here Is the layout

Your intention

Your motive for wanting this

The journey ahead

The potential outcome


Elizabeth wanted to find out if the huge project that she was undertaking - starting her own business - was what she really wanted, and if it would succeed. Here are the cards she drew

  1. 1. Bittersweet - This card indicates that must end in the celebration Of the hew The transition would not be easy, as Elizabeth was leaving a job she'd had for 20 years. This card showed clearly that her intention was about a personal change and that she was willing to take this oh
  2. 2. Soulmate - By changing her life, Elizabeth would receive what she had always craved - a deep connection to seif-acceptance and love
  3. 3. Abundance - The journey ahead would cost money and this card was an indicator to be Wise and frugal. Elizabeth had to do her homework When she got this message, she went back over her budget and realized that she had underfunded her venture She updated her budget and applied for a larger loan.
  4. 4. Gossip - This card implied that everyone may be wrong to think Elizabeth crazy in the end her new business could be successful


Chapter Eight

The Purpose of Your Intention

This layout will help you to understand the ultimate purpose of your intention and how it will enable you to grow Here is the layout:


Why you set this intention


The lesson you must learn


The journey ahead

The highest potential of growth in this circumstance


Sam was a producer who asked about directing his own films Here are the cards he chose

1 Service - The importance of setting this Intention for Sam was to let go of the ego in his work and remember that as an artist he must focus on the work and not rhe reward

2 Facade - Sam needed to face himself in the journey ahead He would not be able to h'de who he was if he pursued this career and had to be vulnerable to proceed.

3 Deserving - Sam had to own his talent and be confident without being arrogant This fable ends with the child exhausted from trying to convince others that she has learned the secret of the Salmon Chav Sam would need to become centred m his choices and no longer try to convince everyone of his vast knowledge.

4  Impartiality - Sam could see that his highest potential growth was m learning how to become a respected leader


Intention Layouts

Intention for Love

This layout will reveal wnat you really bong to the mix as you set an intention for love. This offers the ability for the querant to make other choices if necessary. Here, is the layout;


attraction       outcome


Gina's true feelings quickly surfaced during this reading Here are the cards, she chose

1 Perfection - This card Indicated who Gina was in a relationship. But Righteous Raspberry sees every flaw' Gina was being too hard on potential dates. Nothing was going to happen with that perspective.

2  Complacency - Gina really saw relationships as a burden and something to put off - just as Crimson Dreams does. This card revealed Gina's feeling that she didn't really want a relationship.

3  Impasse - The path of attraction was blocked - re-route. It was obvious that Gina was not going to attract love when her true intention was to put it off

4  Isolation - The story of Sapphire s Blue is about waiting for the right moment and putting off life. This was a simple way for Gina to see that she was responsible for her own outcome


Chapter Eight

Intention for Wealth

This layout reveals your beliefs about money and the blockages you face in obtaining it Here is the layout.

Potential outcome if you do this work

What you need to work through


Jim was frustrated by his lack of money He set an intention to double his Income. Here are the cards he chose:

1 Recovery - This card revealed that Jim was already doing work to repair his beliefs about money - and things were changing

2 Guilt - Jim was used to dropping everything to help anyone who needed him, but that would no longer work if he was serious about increasing his income. He needed to value himself and his time

3 Impasse - As Jim examined his beliefs more closely, he realized he would have to “re-route" some of his feelings about wealth. He believed that rich people were all rude and greedy, but it’s pretty hard to become what you dislike. He created a new belief that many wealthy people were generous and kind.

4  Miracle - Wow I A miracle as the potential outcome! Jim's being honest and really examining his beliefs and behaviour patterns would create a new way of being and open him to true wealth.


intention Layouts

Removing Blocks

This is a simple but powerful layout that will point out your path to achieving the "impossible" dream Shuffle the cards and concentrate on your feeling of being blocked Here is the layout:


What do you perceive as the problem?

What is blocking you?


What would create breakthrough?

What you must do to create what you desire


Bailey was feeling stuck with her writing and wanted to know what was blocking her. Here are the cards she chose:

1 Expansion - Bailey had to learn how to seek wise counsel and how to stay away from unsupportlve people and unhelpful advice

2  Creation - Bailey already knew how to work on her project To create breakthrough, she just had to trust in her own knowing arid stop seeking outside validation.

3  Instinct - This card was a strong indicator that nothing real was blocking Bailey. All she had to do was listen to her inner wisdom and keep moving forward:

  1. 4. Workaholic - Brad Blueberry offers the idea of total aosorptlon and focusing on work and nothing else While this is not necessarily healthy in the long rerm. the message is that Bailey would do well to focus as intently as Brad Blueberry in order to finish her work


Chapter Eight

Your Career Path

Use this layout to open up to messages from your angeis who will offer insight as to what (s possible for you. Here is the layout.


The path ahead

What you don't know

What you need to learn


What inspires you’


Barbara asked about her decision to go to college and tram to be a teacher. Here are the cards she chose:

1 Discovery - Barbara was clearly dedicated to her education

2  Abundance - Barbara needed to be aware that she would run into money troubles if she was not careful with her funds.

3  Prayer - The path ahead revealed a rewarding life, telling Barbara that her decision was the correct one.

4  Balance - Barbara had to learn balance. The card reminded her that she gets stressed out and forgets to take care of herself

5  Wisdom - What inspired Barbara was the idea of legacy and imparting wisdom to generations to come.


The Chakra Layout

The Chakra Layout

in this seven-card layout, each card you draw represents one of the major chakras. Refer back to the relevant chakra chapter in this book if anything is confusing - and remember that a problem or uncertainty in any of the chakras can often be traced back to the previous chakra This layout draws together the wisdom of all the chakras to give you a complete picture of your true motives, thought processes, challenges and the path ahead. Each chakra position describes the part of your life associated with that chakra (see page 92)


Chapter Eight

  1. 1. RED - First chakra Basis of the reading This card shows wna: currently sustains you. what you are sourcing from and what will require growth in order to sustain your intention.
  2. 2. ORANGE - Second chakra Your emotional state This indicates your true feelings, as well as what may be attracting or recalling your desires. It reveals your level of emotional discipline, your ability to sit with your feelings, and what is supporting or blocking you emotionally.
  3. 3. YELLOW - Third chakra What's on your mind? fins refers to your intellectual process. Are your thoughts supportive or challenging? It addresses ways to clear and sharpen focus and reveals hidden energy drains and the family habits that are blocking you.
  4. 4. GREEN - Fourth chakra Is your heart in it? This shows the path through the heart. What is revealed here is pivotal to your journey The card shows you the way to free yourself from past emotional obligations Hidden agreements that have held you back will show up here You see what must be healed
  5. 5. BLUE - Fifth chakra How you express yourself This indicates your ability to communicate. It reveals me barriers to clear communication, any gap between wnat you say you want and what you really want, as well as ways to shift your inner reality to affect your external reality
  6. 6. PURPLE - Sixth chakra Sixth sense This is your inner compass. Here you will see how you are using your intuition. Concealed family issues that hold you back may show up here. too. This also refers to your intuitive gift and may reveal your purpose.
  7. 7. NEUTRAL - Seventh chakra Trust Spirit This is the card of results.

it will reveal an outcome that depends on your ability to work through this card's three aspects

  • The Darkness or subconscious
  • The Dawn or what Is currently happening
  • The Light or highest calling of this card


The Chakra Layout


Anna had shared a home with some friends for a few years, but the living conditions were no longer acceptable to her She wanted to know if moving out was a wise decision Here are the cards she chose.

  1. 1. Balance - Anna already knew that she felt alienated where she lived In this case it didn't matter if the alienation was caused by her own actions, moving would bring Anna a sense of balance, the highest calling of this card To feel supported she had to move to a place where she would be more grounded
  2. 2. Instinct - It was important for Anna to follow her instinct and to trust her feelings. This card was a strong indication that what she sensed emotionally - that she needed to get out of her current home - was spot on And as Wolf reveals, the message here is to move forward and trust that you are guided on the journey ahead.
  3. 3. Joy - Anna realized that she was pretending to be happy in order to keep the peace in her current home. This card illustrated how exhausting this behaviour was It came to her that she had been used to faking happiness as a child around her mother She began to see that she had to make herself happy. Note that this is a third chakra (yellow) card appearing in the third chakra position; this makes the card key to the overall reading as It Is in its natural placement Always pay attention when this happens.
  4. 4. Vanity - This card confirmed what Anna already sensed she could no longer live in a situation that mirrored her challenging relationship with her mother. She realized that she was trying to fit into a group that she didn't really connect with in an attempt to make them like her, lust as she'd done with her mother. This was her opportunity to release the ''pleasing" behaviour of the past.
  5. 5. Perception - Anna's perception that her; current living situation was the real problem shifted when she saw that she had created a story about the place so that she wouldn't have to accept that her roommates, like her mother, didn’t really likeher This indicated


Chapter Eight

that ttie way she perceived her life also offered her the ability to change it.

  1. 6. Bittersweet - The bittersweet feelings were what was keeping Anna stuck in a situation in which she was unhappy This card allowed her to see that she would have some sadness in leaving, and also that her current reluctance to leave stemmed from a profound hope that her friends - or her mother - would suddenly change and start to like-her. She accepted that this wasn't going to happen
  2. 7. Faith - Remembering that a card may also refer to its opposite energy. Arma understood that she was faced with the choice of fear or faith. The Faith card represents facing fears to transform your own life and that is just what Anna did when she decided that she would find a new home for herself In considering the Darkness Dawn and Light aspects of the Faith card. Anna realized that Darkness was her fear of moving forward while the Dawn aspect made it clear that the problems she was experiencing were of her own making Finally, the card's Light aspect showed that she could choose faith to move forward courageously,

Final thoughts

The cards in rhe Chakra Wisdom Oracle offer a way to play with your beliefs and to make profound changes easily in your behaviour and circumstances Hard work is not required’ Simply use the fables associated with each card to break down the barriers to manifesting what you truly desire. The stories are designed to expand your perceptions and challenge you to re-think old ways of behaviour that no longer serve you,

Use the cards to expand and prosper Change really does happen in an instant. Connecting with your chakras and your angels will enable you to access that change right now Welcome to your journey



Aqua People 52. 56

Bahana Beige 72. 73 Black and White 72, 77 blocks, removing 89 blue cards 50-59. 92 Blue November 52. 53 Brad Blueberry 52. 55. 89 Bronze God 32. 38 brow chakra 60-69

Canary Yellow 32. 37 career paths 90 Carrot-coloured Cloak 6 22. 28

chakra layout 91-4 Charmame Chartreuse 42.44

Cherry Heart 12.19 colour of fables 7-8 Cool Lemonade 32. 36 Crimson Dreams 12.

16.87 crown chakra 8. 70-79

Dancin' Daisy 32. 35 Demon Red Rainbow

12; 17

Electric Blue Moon 52. 58 Emaciated Penwinkle

62, 69 Emerald Stone 42.45

Final Sunset 22. 29

Gold Coins 32. 39 Green Acorn 42 43 green cards 40-49 92

heart chakra 40-49 Honey Adams 22. 23

intention layouts 84-94 authenticity of your Intention 85 career path 90 love 87 purpose of 86 removing blocks 89 setting 8-9 wealth 88

Ivory Tower 72.74

Kelly the Green Dragon 42, 48

layouts, chakra 91-4 intention 80-94 single-card 82 standard divination


three-card 83 two-card 82

The Lilac Key 62, 68 Lucy From Indigo 62. 66

meditating with cards 9

Navy. Trail 52. 59 neutral cards 70-79. 92

orange cards 20-29.92

Penelope and Pickle 42.47

Pink from Pinkton 12,18 Princess of Amber 22, 25 purple cards 60-69. 92

readings 80-94 red cards 10-19. 21, 92 Reggie Rust 22. 27 Rhonda Rhino from

Amethyst 62. 67

Righteous Raspberry 12.


root chakra 10-19.21

Rose Without Thorns


Royal Purple Brick 62.65

sacral chakra 20-29 Saint Apricot 22, 26 Salmon Chair 22 24. 86 Sapphire's Blue 52. 54.


Shadow Grey Storm 72. 75

She Shaman 72 79

Silver Ctoud 72, 78

Sky God 52. 57 solar plexus chakra 30-39

Sun Sparkler 32. 33

throat chakra 50-59

Violet Iris 62.63

Wolf of White Light 72.76

A Woman Named Aubergine 62.64

yellow cards 30-39. 92



This book and deck are dedicated to the angels who came to me in the 1980s. They visited because they knew that I would shelter them, as my children, and because, as I was told at the beginning, I would one day make it happen

And I did. In February 2013. after five years of successfully self­publishing the original deck. I was guided to travel to London and create the angelic team that the Chakra Wisdom Oracle needed

I have so many people to thank. Rachel Pollack, who taught me to read Tarot over 25 years ago and is a brilliant and enlightened teacher Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. who i met when they were first married - about 30 years ago now - and who are still amazing supportive friends and an example for many. Christopher Wold, my agent and one of the brightest, smartest and most sincere people I know - I am honoured to have him represent me Jo Lal, my publisher at Watkins Publishing. I knew the moment I met her that I wanted to work with her - and my psychic sense was correct. Vicky Hartley and Sam Collins in publicity are brilliant, as is my fantastic editor. Fiona Robertson; we are all blessed by her insight and ability to cull the gems from some of my scramblings John Tintara in New York, who is a delight to work with on marketing -1 cherish our weekly brainstorms. Emma. Sian and all the others who I got to know in London. What can I say? I miss the tea and the fun! And James Spackman, our managing director, who leads us all with integrity and kindness. Just once in their life, everyone should have the experience of working with a team they love as much as I love everyone at Watkins Publishing! And finally. Gretchen, a brilliant artist whose life was cut short Your art will live on

It is my sincere wish that you feel the love and blessings that created this project from all those who touched It on its way to you

Tori Hartman, January 2014

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