Dieam Oracle Cards Guidebooks



Words are like a finger pointing at the moon.

~Zen Teaching

It doesn’t matter from what geographical location we hail, what ancestral blood runs through our veins or what the vocal expression is that we call our mother tongue. If we go back to the beginning of time—back to cave paintings—we would sec that our first language is comprised of symbols. According to Carl Jung, when we speak the language of symbols, it harkens us back to our roots, and we are simultaneously speaking the language of the soul.

If you think about it, every word in our language is a symbol, from the esoteric (astrology) to the common (a toothbrush). Even our names, our streets signs and town names are a weave of symbols. In fact, we can’t move an inch without bumping into one—we are literally swimming in a sea of symbol and metaphor and in our dreams we speak this language fluently.

If you have a desire to live a more fulfilling, rich and soulful life, then becoming fluent in the language of symbols and


archetypes (in the waking state) is part of the curriculum. You can do this by decoding your nighttime dreams. You can also do this bv paying attention to the signs all around you in your waking reality -by noticing what the songs on the radio are telling you, how the billboards that hover over your head are instructing you and how the messages expressed by your co-workers or .significant relationships are nudging you. As you do this, you become the “awake” version of yourself, and, in effect, die co-creator of your “dream” life.


According to the American Hypnosis Association, it is believed that our subconscious is our dreaming mind and it comprises approximately 88 percent of our mind’s power, as opposed to our conscious waking mind, which is only 12 percent of our mind's power. One wav to live a more awake and soulful life is to bridge the gap between the dreaming mind and the conscious mind.. .while we are awake.The Dream Oracle Cards can help you do just that. Whether you have exquisite dream recall or can barely remember what you had for breakfast this morning, widi these cards you have a tool to deliberately engage, stimulate and inspire access to your dreaming mind... and thus your soul.



Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.

—Sigmund Freud

An oracle, according to Dictionary.com, is “an utterance... given by a priest or priestess at a shrine as the response of a god to an inquiry.”

A Drcam Oracle uses dream symbols as a springboard to assist you in accessing your own higher wisdom, creativity, healing and direction, whether you have a specific question or desire a dream theme for guidance during your day.






Before you begin working/playing with your Dream Oracle Cards for the verv first time, begin with a blessing. For example, you can:

  • Light a candle
  • Burn sage or incense around your body and oxer the top and bottom of the cards

While holding the deck in your hands, evoke a prayer like this one (or feel free to create your own) as a way to bless and refresh your cards:

God/Goddess, Beloved Dream Maker, Holy Spirit, and all tnr heavenly guides (insert any name or word here that calls upon your highest guidance and source),

I open myself to the highest guidance. I consecrate my life and my Drcam Oracle Cards ro“Thyl\'ilI Be Done'as a demonstration of my willingness to actualize my dream life and be all that I came here to this world to be. I am willing to become “fluent "in the language of my soul. I am willing to pay attention to the ways life whispers to me so that I may become the most awakened version of myself, uplifting the lives of everyone with whom I meet. I know these Dream Oracle Cards arc a physical representation of the love, wisdom and higher guidance that is always here for me. Direct me, through the use of these cards, to the highest possible path, for the greatest good of all. I release this prayer, knowing it was already done before it was uttered.

Amen. Awotnen. A-dreams!



For each symbol there is a Message, Meaning and Mantra written specifically for each card.

Message: The message of the card is an insight for you that relates to your waking life to help with your earth walk in the light of day.

Meaning: The meaning suggests what the dream symbol may represent if you dream about it by night. You can use this section as a dream dictionary to stimulate your own awareness of what the symbol might mean for you.

Mantra: A mantra is a positive statement that we repeat over and over to condition our mind to align with the resonance of our most awakened life. The mantra related to each symbol is an affirmative statement to empower you to ground the essence of the symbol into your dailv life. Consider that where attention goes, energy flows and results show.Think of it like this: your ears hear what your mouth says. Your words are the artist’s tools with which you craft your life. A mantra, like an affirmation, can be written down, spoken aloud or read silently. When a mantra is brief, worded positively and emotionally charged with vivid images,it becomes a mental magnet that draw s to you the people, places and situations that align with the life of your dreams.



The dream symbols contained within the Dream Oracle Cards explore the 53 most frequently dreamed symbols among modern dreamers.

There are a variety of ways to use the Dream Oracle Cards; however, the most basic way is the following:

  1. 1. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
  2. 2. Shuffle the cards as you contemplate a question, such as:
  • What is important lor me to pav attention to right now? •What is my message for the day?
  • What dream svmbol is important for me to connect with today? •Why am I facing this particular issue right now?
  • What is the gift/lesson/blessing in the issue I am facing today? •What do I need to know to be more successful in my creative endeavors/relationships/health/financial situation/ spiritual pursuits?
  1. 3. Select a “random” card that feels right to you. For example, with closed eves, move your hands an inch above the cards. You will feel either a rise in temperature or a tingling sensation, or your hand will “accidentally” touch a card.That’s the one for you.


  1. 4. Meditate upon the card’s message and image. Contemplate the written message that goes with your chosen card, and allow it to help you access your inner answers and guidance.
  2. 5. Carry the card with you throughout the day. Repeat the mantra several times throughout the day, allowing it to speak volumes to you as you receive its navigational nudges.
  3. 6. If your nighttime dream features one of the symbols in the Dream Oracle Deck, look it up in this guidebook and allow the meaning to stimulate your inner knowing about w hat the message of the dream holds for you.
  4. 7. If you pull an upside down card, consider that it may be bringing up an issue that is in your blind spot, perhaps a “shadow ” or an unintegrated aspect of yourself. Revel in the blessed opportunity to bring an aspect of your power (genius, talent, energy) that has been heretofore concealed into the light of your being.



Pick three cards and lav them in front of you face up from left

to right:


  • The first card (left) represents your past.
  • The second card (center) represents your present. •The third card (right) represents your future direction.

This spread is helpful when you desire to gain a dear perspective on the larger “story” of your life. Perhaps you arc present to a wound that doesn’t seem to heal and you’d like to gain a new perspective. Or perhaps you are seeking to understand how your past is affecting your present.. .and your possible future.

As you repeat this process on a regular basis, you not only strengthen the bridge between your conscious and subconscious the mystical and the mundane, the ocean ol your emotion and fertile land of your practical reality—but you incorporate the power of your dreaming mind into your waking reality. Within this practice lies the possibility that you might access 100 percent of your mind's power, and in so doing discover a more soulful way of interpreting your life and fulfilling the life of your dreams!



Pick four cards:

  1. 1. The first card (on the left) represents insight about the conflict.
  2. 2. The second card (second from the left) represents insight into your part of the equation (the aspect of the conflict for which you are responsible).
  3. 3. The third card (third from the left) represents insight into the other person’s part of the equation (the part that he or she is responsible for).
  4. 4. The fourth card (on the right) represents insight into the gift, the lesson and the blessing of this interaction, as well as the possible benefits to both parties.



Pick six cards:


2           3

  • Place three cards horizontally in front of you, left to right, face up.
  • Creating a cross, plac e die second set of three vertically, from top to bottom, with two cards overlapping in the center.
  • Interpret your cards from the perspective of a medicine wheel, for example:
  1. 1. The card on the far right (3) represents East and the element of Air (new beginnings; what you are bringing in).


  1. 2. The card on the bottom (6) represents South and the element ol Fire (passion, intense feeling, anger, what you are expressing or releasing).
  2. 3. The card on the far left (1) represents West and the element ofWater (introspection, depth, maturity, flow, what you are learning).
  3. 4. The card on the top (4) represents North and the clement of Earth (elder wisdom, completion, groundedness, the end of the cycle, what you are to teach).
  4. 5. The card on top in the center (5) represents wisdom from above (Grandfather Sky the highest perspective, omniscient awareness, wisdom you are to project).
  5. 6. The card on the bottom in the center (2) represents wisdom from below (Grandmother Earth, nurturing, healing/guidance, what you arc to embody).



In order to assist your clients in accessing a deeper insight or spiritual awareness of the “signs" around them, ask them to identify a question or issue on which they wotdd like guidance.

  • Ask your clients to choose a card.
  • Encourage them to read the card’s message, meaning and lastly, the mantra.
  • Ask them to identify any insights, thoughts or feelings that have been triggered by the card’s information or its image.
  • Hold the space for your clients to draw their own associations regarding the answers to their questions, and the corresponding action steps that arise as a result of this dialogue.


As you tuck yourself into bed, become centered by taking several deep breaths.

  • Ask God, your spirit guides, angels or whomever you feel most comfortable praying to/with to help you choose a card that contains the information and energy to guide your dreaming.
  • Meditate for a few moments on the card’s mantra and image as you lav in bed. Allow this meditation to lead you into your dreamtime.


  • Take note of your dreams upon awakening in the morning.
  • Become aware of any correlation between your dreams and the Dream Oracle Cards.


If you awaken from a dream that features one of the symbols included in the Dream Oracle Cards, look it up in this guidebook.

  • Allow the dream's meaning to stimulate your inner knowing about what the message of the dream holds for you.
  • If your dream or dream symbols are not featured in the Drcam Oracle Cards, you can look it up in I Had the Strangest Dream:The Dreamer 's Dictionary for the 21st Century or any other dream dictionary or book of symbols.
  • Carry the dream, dream symbol or the card with you throughout the day. Become aw are of any synchronicities related to your dream.. .and any corresponding action that it may inspire (i.e. make an important phone call, ask your boss for a raise, launch your new business, throw yourself a party or buv a lottery ticket.. .whatever it is that would be your next bold move toward living the life of your dreams).



I pray these cards open you to your highest guidance and that you become sofluent in the language of your soul that you co-create the most heavenly life for yourself and all beings you encounter. May you become an awakened version of yourself and may you know that with each card you hold, you are surrounded with more love, wisdom, beauty, healing and creative energy than you could ever fathom. May these physical representations of divine love remind you that you are precious and that your dreams (both the nighttime and daytime ones) are held as sacred to the One who dreamed you into being. May your wildest and most wonderful dreams and dream life all come true!

Amen. A women. A-dreams!

— Kelly Sullivan Walden



©Spread your wings and fly



Your dreams are taking flight, and you are awakening the ability to see life from a higher view.This objective perspective makes everything crystal clear. Even challenging circumstances, when seen from a bird’s-eye view, become simple. As you rise above the ego, you can truly choose to “Be in the world hut not of it." You arc now being presented with an opportunitv to soar above the clouds.. .and bevond!

MEANING | Liberation

Dreams of an airplane represent the desire and ability to experience life from a higher view- to live on a higher “plane." II the plane in your dream is experiencing turbulence, you mav be in the midst of dramatic change, and you are being shown that you must take time to stabilize your energy. If the plane is on lite ground, you are being guided to have patience as you prepare for your next journey. If you are soaring through the air, your goals are in midflight, and you are well on your way to manifesting your desires.


I am supported as I fly to the heights of myjullest potential!



(f^/lccept that you are an unrepeatable, spectacular phenomenon


You are unique, just like everyone else. Being cast out is among one of our deepest, most primal fears. But you can relax knowing that, despite appearances, you are inherently connected to die whole of life. With this awareness, it is now safe to probe into the places where you feel different, where your out-of-sight, out-of-the-box talent and genius waits to express... with a bullhorn! Bring light to these hidden aspects of your uniqueness and watch the illusion of separateness and your longing for belonging dissipate. Honor the fact that you stand out from the crowd, and learn to wave your “freak dag” with pride!

MEANING | Uniqueness

Often what is most “alien” to us is ourselves—especially our higher selves. Alien dreams reveal feelings of rejection, loneliness and alienation. Perhaps you are afraid of exposing your true self for fear of being cast out. If your dream takes place in outer space, you are opening to a universal perspective beyond the myopia of mundane ordinary life, tapping into unexplored solutions and inspiration. A higher vision is now here to assist you with your earthbound challenges.


1 am a one-of-a-kind creation, and my uniqueness is fully embraced by my Universal Family that is united in Love. Wherever I go, I know 1 am home.



(ffiip into your higher wisdom


Don’t you sometimes feel that a team of angels is needed to help you through the day? Voila! Here they are!Take a deep breath, and feel their glowing, strengthening, uplifting presence. Your angel’s essential message to you is that you are loved more than you know, and you are never alone.They are also revealing life-changing information and reassurance, as well as protection and guidance beyond what can be measured. Your job is to acknowledge the presence of these beings of light, recognize the answers they are offering, act on their guidance, and sav “yes” to their assistance. It is yours for the allowing.

MEANING | Supernatural Support

Dreams ol an angel mean that assistance is here for you. You are tapping into your own healing abilities; higher guidance; and the realization that you are loved, adored and always being guided.


/ am gifted and uplifted by all that is seen and unseen. Everything is working together to support my greatest good.



(^‘mbrace your wild side


Make room for your animal nature to rainbunctiously roam free. Create the time and space to dance passionately, paint your face, make love, howl at the moon, sit in the dirt, roam through the park or roll on the grass with your dog. Being civilized is overrated. Let your inner “Tarzan” (or“]ane”) swing on a vine and scream unintelligible sounds of unedited freedom and joy.

MEANING | Basic Instinct

When a creature from the animal kingdom crawls, slithers, sniffs or pounces into your dream life, it comes bearing gifts of untamed power. Animal senses are acute and precise. Let their power give you an advantage in your ability to survive and thrive in this jungle called life. Each animal offers a specific type of medicine to enhance your life. Invite your dream animal's nature to join with yours to make your life more alive.


I am a wild and wonderful being—hear me HOAR!



<^/7ccept your well-earned praise


When you are living your authentic dream life—doing what you came here to do and being who you came here to be the cherry on top is the outward recognition of your contribution. Congratulations! You have made great strides and are being recognized for them. So take a deep breath, acknowledge this milestone, relish the feeling of worthiness and allow it to propel your dreams forward with increased velocity. Proceed knowing you arc successful always have been, always will be- and even more fortuitous events than these are in the cards for you.

MEANING | Success

Dreams of an award symbolize outer recognition and inner acceptance as well as a fortuitous confluence of events. You arc awakening to a feeling of worthiness regarding your work, hobby, relationships or health.


That which I appreciate appreciates, so I recognize myself every day in every uuy. as I grow and glow from glory to greater glory!



(Reconnect with your innocence


Born from beginner’s mind are all things fresh and new, and you now have an opportunity to release your baggage and start with a clean slate. The birthing process is breathing in different relationships, new endeavors, fresh perspectives and an unconditional wide-open heart. Feel your spiritual umbilical cord connecting you with your higher self as it cradles and feeds you the guidance you need to take each turn, each breadi and each baby step along your dream journey. Babies have an innate sense that not only is the world a friendly place, but that it revolves around them. Relax and receive. You don’t have to have all the answers.

MEANING | New Opportunity

Dreams of a babv symbolize innocence, vulnerability, untapped potential and dependence. This dream might also be telling you that a new project or relationship is forthcoming.. .one that may require a regular feeding schedule of time, attention and energy in order to flourish.


With complete trust I allow the universe to midwife me into this new chapter of my life.



(j^lush away all that no longer serves you


Nature abhors a vacuum, and you can’t receive the new influx of blessings, wealth and creativity if you are holding on to the old.You may need some privacy while you do your releasing (crving, screaming, sleeping) behind closed doors. Once you feel safe and unguarded, unclench and relieve yourself of the grip you've had on the wav you thought life was supposed to be. Flush away all resentments and attachments. Give something awav today that used to be valuable to you. As you emerge lighter, you will open to something better than you could have ever imagined!

MEANING | Alchemy

Dreams of a bathroom (and all that takes place therein) symbolize purification and the releasing of negative emotions and unsupportive thoughts, so that your instincts mav flow more easily. You mav be at the end of a cycle and need private time to let go of emotions that would be embarrassing to you if viewed by others.


/ honor my need for personal space and boundaries so I can say good-bye to all that no longer serves me. I emerge light as a feather, completely refreshed and renewed.



(Reveal your secret power


Examine your deeply cherished belief systems about yourself and the world you live in,There is a motto in

12-Step Programs, "You’re only as sick as your secrets.” Ask yourself if you have buried treasure (memories/beliefs) you’ve been protecting. II you do, then find a trusted friend, coach or therapist to whom you can unearth your secret. Once you unpack these contents and examine them in the light of day, you will unleash a power and resource that will enable you to live a more authentic, transparent, “out-of-the-box,” powerful life.

MEANING | Hidden Resources

Dreams of a box, drawer or vault represent your secret feelings and latent resources. Dreams of a box could also point toward repressed emotions, feelings and/or cherished memories you’ve packed up or stored away. Perhaps you don’t want people to know how powerful and talented you truly are. Additionally, this dream may be showing that you possess untapped potential, uncultivated genius and unrealized w isdom.


It is safe for me to open up and be genuinely, radically, authentically me!



(pjiay strong and remain connected to what is important to you


You arc en route from one station of life to another, connecting one place in consciousness to another, networking one relationship to another or bringing one aspect of yourself into harmony with another. Skillful communication is extremely important at this time, as you may be called upon to see different points of view and to mediate the differences between people in your life. You're discovering your unique wav of being honest vet gentle in order to keep the overpass of relationships intact. Also, be sure to let any drama roll off your back and simply be “water under the bridge,” so that it doesn’t take a “toll” on you.

MEANING | Transitions

Dreams of a bridge are about connection. If a bridge is broken or in need of repair, your dream may be telling you to slow down in your new relationship or business venture. If a bridge is burned, this may mean a relationship has been severed or is in the midst ol major transformation. If you are crossing a bridge, you are moving forward in your life, connecting the dots between your past anti future.


11 ith my heart wide open. I realize that I am the energetic bridge that connects me from where I am to where I want to be.

+ 1


%}et into the driver’s seat of your life


You are going places! Once you identify your “vehicle” (project, relationship or opportunity) consult your internal GPS to become clear about where you are, where you want to go and the best route to get you there. Make sure you are aligned with your life's higher direction, then get into gear to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams. If this is indeed the right vehicle for you, you will discover the “drive” to persevere.

MEANING | Ambition

Ka is the ancient Egyptian word for “spiritual double,” or a higher “vehicle” for transporting one through this life and beyond. A drcam of a car usually symbolizes your body and your identity. If a car is in good shape, this represents a reflection of your self-care. If a car is in need of repair, then so are you. If a car is being worked on, this suggests you are undergoing a transformational overhaul. Drcams of being in a car can mean that you’re on a journey from one place in consciousness to another. If you are a passenger, the dream is revealing that you have taken a backseat to someone else’s direction. If you are driving, you feel in control of your destiny and are taking responsibility for your power.


/Ifv life is a journey not a destination, and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.



(fTdkc care of yourself-—trust that if you do, you’ll always land on your feet


Because cats are highly independent and can take care of themselves, their message to you is to be more self-sourced and sovereign. In other words, it is sale to withdraw your emotional claws from the people or situations you’ve depended upon to prop you up and allirm your identity. Additionally, cats are anything but martvrs, and their message to you is to be unashamed of carnal pleasure. Think about it: If a cat yearns for affection, it has no problem pawing at you, rubbing up against your leg or rolling over to reveal its belly. And in the next breath, when it’s done being fawned over, it raises its tail and slinks away.. .guilt free!

MEANING | Resourcefulness Dreams of a cat or a member of the cat family (lion, leopard, tiger, cougar, bobcat or Ivnx, oh my!) represent your autonomy, sensuality and willingness to leap into uncharted territory. Perhaps because you innately know you are invincible—with at least nine lives to speak of you should throw caution to the wind and do what Joseph Campbell advised: “Follow your bliss!” Ultimately, dreams of a cat are a nudge to stop “chasing your o« 11 tail,” and instead leap boldly into the mystery. Alternatively, this dream may beg the question,“Have you been ‘cattv’ lately?” II so, stop your hissing, unhook your clenches from lower-level scratching posts and engage your precious energy in climbing upward toward higher ground.


/ follow my inner-pleasure principle and trust it to lead me to the prrrfect situations and the prrrfect people at the prrrfect time.



©thine like the star that you are


Your days of hiding in the shadows are over! It is time to celebrate and share your gifts with the world. Step into tile spotlight of your life. Remove the masks you used to wear to play small or emulate someone else, because now it’s time to perform the role of a lifetime: the authentically expressed you. You have cultivated your unique genius and talents, and the red carpet awaits. As you reveal your celebrity attributes, you will illumine the path for others.


When a star enters your dream scene he or she may reveal an issue that demands attention or shine a spotlight on hidden resources essential to your real-life drama. Ask yourself, “What is this celebrity' known for? What larger-than-life quality' are they' emblematic of?” This dream celeb may very well be revealing aspects of yourself to face and embrace. When celebrities make an appearance in your dreams, consider it a backstage pass that can assist you in developing your own star qualities so that you, too, may step confidently into the spotlight of your life.


/ celebrate mi life and allow my star qualities, gifts and talents to shine at their brightest!



(polish your communication skills


When you sav, “cell phone,” it sounds like “self-own.” This mat be a message to stop seeking outside of yourself and become the sell -owned tower of your own power. Trust your abilitv to communicate empathetically and telepathically. Plug into your higher self, and, from a solid place of connection (lour bars), share your feelings, thoughts and insights with someone who will pick up the receiver and then return the favor.

MEANING | Connection

Cell phones are more than just communication devices;

we store our lives in there. If you dream of losing your phone, you arc venting fear ofa loss of self. If you find your cell phone, you are rediscovering and appreciating your abilitv to communicate. If you are speaking to or texting someone, you are exploring your telepathic connection with this individual and the part of yourself he or she represents. The person you are calling and/or who is calling you, whether or not you are able to connect and the status of your connection (four bars, three, two, one or none), represents significant aspects of the dream.


/ am a wide-open vessel of sending and receiving heart-centered, intuitive communication.



f^/fonor how far you’ve come


You’re in the midst of a major shift with life-altering changes in tow—coming into completion of an old cycle while preparing for a whole new version of yourself to emerge. Before rushing headlong into the next phase of your life, take a moment to give yourself a bubble bath, decorate your hair with a garland of flowers, toast yourself with a flute of champagne or write a gratitude list lavishlv praising yourself for who you’ve become as a result of your journey thus far.

MEANING | Acknowledgment

In real life, a ceremony represents an initiation or completion of a chapter in your life, celebrating your graduation from one incarnation to the next. A dream ceremony is less about the physical realm and more about the emotional, spiritual or psychic aspect of what you are going through. As you acknowledge this important internal, emotional rite of passage, you make it sacred and thus evoke your higher nature.


I honor the changes through which I am going, growing and glowing!



(ffiace and embrace the person in the mirror


It is human nature to seek to avoid someone or something you consider unpleasant, threatening or out of your league, even if it is an aspect of yourself. From a quantum physics perspective, you are connected to everything.You can run, but you can't hide from your shadow, nor from your light. Create alchemy bv confronting your“F.E.A.R.” Face it, Embrace it, Ace it and Replace it! After all, what you resist persists, and you become more powerful when you recognize that you don’t have to hunt down what is already yours.

MEANING | Reconnection

Dreams of chasing or of being chased signify that you believe what you need is out of reach. You have forgotten that you are the hunter and the hunted. In other words, we are either hunting our power or being hunted bv it. Awaken from the seductive thrill of the hunt. Stand still, and allow the disowned aspect(s) of yourself, like puzzle pieces, to magnetically integrate and click into place. Let them find their home within you.



/ can run, but I can’t hide from my power.



(((jive yourself permission to play


Like most adults, you may have fallen into the rut of too much work and not enough play! Well, it’s time for a change! Your inner child is hollering for you to come out and play. Just as there are many toys in the sandbox, there, are many aspects of your inner child. For example: Magical (“Let’s pretend and make believe!”); Nature (“Let’s romp through the forest!”); Vulnerable (“Give me my blanket, and hold me while I crv."); and Creative (“Give me crayons and lots of space!”). When you make time in your busy day to let your inner child plav, you will be gifted with more magic, vitality and satisfaction than you ever dreamed possible.


Dreams of a child symbolize new life, innocence and connectivity to everyone and everything. Your subconscious is giving you a message to integrate feelings of unbridled joy, fun and unlimited creativity into your serious adult endeavors. If you dream of being a child, this is about your need or desire to be taken care of, pampered and babied.


Today rm inner child takes me by the hand and leads me to the land oj joy and imagic-nation.



(Remember where you’re from and who you really are


Take a trip down memory lane to assuage your longing lor belonging. Your true home doesn’t hare a physical address, yet it is a “residence of resonance.” The home you grew up in (die one with a physical address) whether it was harmonious or not was a container for your valuable soul-ular essence and memories of innocence, vulnerability and magic. You mav have climbed out of the window and run awav long ago, but in order to feel grounded in your tile today, reminisce your core­residence. Maya Angelou said, “You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it's all right.”


Even though you are an ever-expanding being, your primary imprint of self is often represented by memories contained within the walls of your childhood home. When the action of your dream takes place there, this means you mav be processing unresolved issues that imprinted during tour formative years and are evaluating old belief structures. You may be grappling with a situation in your current life that is bringing up old feelings so that you can put the storv to bed once and for all. As they sat in 12-Step Programs, “Take what you want and leave the rest.” Your trip down memory lane mav be attempting to ground and reconnect you with a more innocent and authentic aspect of yourself.


I take the familiar essence of "home sweet home”with me wherever I roam.



(Recognize your spiritual authority


You are mighty.. .more so than you will ever be able to humanly fathom. Most people kneel at the altar of lack and limitation, seeing themselves as human beings having occasional spiritual experiences. However, you are coming to realize that you are a spiritual being expanding within your temporary human incarnation. Encoded within the word “human" lies the key to who you really are: “Hu” comes from die Egyptian word for God, and “ Man” comes from the Sanskrit word for (of the) mother, mind, earth and bread. As you remember who you really arc, you can release the cross of self-doubt, drop the garments of limited beliefs and discover your ability to co­create “church” wherever you are. This is not grandiose. In fact, it would be a sin for you to not awaken to your magnificence!

MEANING | Oneness

Dreams of a church or temple symbolize your relationship with spirituality, religious attitudes and beliefs.This dream might also be revealing your most cherished beliefs regarding yourself, life and the world you live in.


I how to the holy trinity of oneness, wholeness and unconditional love—within and all around me.



fExpress your true feelings


If your emotions could speak, what would thev say?

“Be bold! Be bright! Be wild! Sing, dance, plav, cry, veil and laugh!” In other words, be alive while you're alive! Draw your attention to your unique creative wellspring ofTcchnicolor self-expression. Don't worry about fitting in, blending in or being safe. Every color of the rainbow is beautiful, necessary and yours for the exploring. Use your entire palette, anil paint with broad strokes. It's okav if you go outside the lines. Participate vividly in your life!

MEANING | Aliveness

Colors in a dream symbolize leeling, passion and emotion. If a person or thing in your dream is particularly vibrant, it is a message to pay attention. Color svmbolizes significance and importance. Drcams that feature a specific color signifv strong feelings and creativity and that you are in or are moving toward a creative peak. In the Hindu chakra system, each color has a specific meaning, placement in your bodv and emotional/physical/spiritual functionality.


I allow the full rainbow of mr creative brilliance to paint the canvas of my life.



(ff/pgrade your mental software


You are wise beyond your years, more resourceful than

you realize. All the answers (and all the RAM) you could ever need, want or desire are just a click awav.The challenge isn't access, it’s your operating system. You would never think of trying to send an e-mail from an old Macintosh' computer from the '80s -it wouldn't work. From time to time, we all need to change our mind, update our belief systems, delete the spam and download our personal reference points to thoughts that arc relevant to this brand new moment.Take a breath, open your mind to see things in a new wav and be willing to cut and paste a new point of view that supports you in living at the highest, most optimum level of functionality.

MEANING | Resourcefulness

Throughout all Eastern religions there is the belief in the one supreme mind and being that interconnects us all. The computer is often used as a symbol in dreams of this one mind, your unique access to the universal mind, as well as your desire to connect and express yourself to others.


I avail myself to the unlimited intelligence and infinite possibilities of the universal mind and heart of creation.



(fffove to the rhythm of your soul


Twist, shout, spin and twirl in a way that makes your heart sing. You are discovering your unique groove that inspires your every move.The sensual, magical, ecstatic, freedom­seeking being that you are intuitively knows how to do this with grace.The more you sync up to this fluid rhythm within, the easier it is to find your perfect meter, rhvme and timing. Allow your whole soul to move through your human physical experience in such a wav that no one gets their toes stepped on and everyone is invited to participate.

MEANING | Aliveness

Dreams of dancing represent your self -expression and a desire to be unabashed, uninhibited, sexual, passionate and primal.These are fortuitous dreams, telling you that if you give yourself permission to be more of yourself, you will magnetize partnerships that will support you in your creative expression. Il you dream of dancing with another person, you are harmonizing with the energy that person represents and with the masculine and feminine energies within.


Life is my dance partner, and I let it lead each step, each groove and each move I make.



hu are loved more than you’ll ever know


Your personal angels (aka your departed loved ones) are with you. Breathe in the fact that their wisdom and love are here lor you anv time you need or desire them. You can stop feeling alone in the world, for il you could fathom how much support and guidance there is beaming down upon you from the other side, you would never cry again. You are held in a supernatural web of light, miracles and prayers. Let this energy and guidance inform your steps, words and decisions. Tap into the higher view of your deceased loved ones to envision how thev see you and the wavs in which thev arc rooting for and assisting you.

MEANING | Eternal Life

Are dreams of departed loved ones simplv memories playing out in the dreamscape, helping the bereaved to move through the grieving process? Or are our beloved departed’s drcam visitations actual encounters?Thev can certainly be both. However, according to Elisabeth Kiibler-Ross, dreams about our loved ones on the other side of the veil are “true contacts on a spiritual plane with messages for the living.” You mav be surprised to discover that communication is a two-w av street that can allow for resolution, an expanded version of the relationship you had on the earth plane, as well as a wav to make you aware ol your multidimensional soul.


I honor my beloveds on the other ride by receiving and sharing the gift of their love and guidance.



(fffleal thyself


There is not a problem you don’t already have the answer for.

Nor is there an ailment lor which you don’t already possess the cure, inject yourself with the confidence to administer sell-care into your own IV along with the awareness that you are incubating in a hath of pure positive energy. Imagine yourself in your white coat, channeling universal healing wisdom in and through your very being. Your prescription? Up your daily dosage of forgiveness and gratitude until you vibrate with well-being, which produces a medicinal effect on all those with whom you administer care.

MEANING | Healing

Drcams of a doctor represent your inner wisdom and authority regarding your mental, spiritual and physical health. You have direct access to the correct prescription that will bring sou back into balance. Don’t just put on an emotional Band-Aid;give yourself the medicinal attention you need.This dream might be a message to “examine" the attitudes and beliefs that are producing dis-ease and imbalance within sou. “Open mind” and “open heart” surgeries are wonderfully therapeutic ways to realign yourself with the source of your inner wisdom, abundance, vitality and creativity.


I am the authority oj the temple of mr physical. emotional and spiritual well-being.



(frfrfr your own best friend


You may have become overly domesticated, trying to obey everyone’s commands. But you’re no one’s lapdog! Your loyalty is a gift that is given to only those who are worthy of your devotion. Bypass your logic and book smarts, and follow your instincts! Sniff your way through the situation you’re in to find your wav. You may find that you have to dig your wav out, play dead, roll over or even bare your teeth. Your natural instinctual gifts (and yes, your sense of smell) will see you through.

MEANING | Domesticated Wildness

Dreams of a dog typically symbolize unconditional love; lovalty; fidelity; a best friend and the wild, protective nature that marks its territory, keeping threatening energy on the other side of the fence. If the dog in your dream is angry or vicious, it may represent a disowned part of your nature that is demanding attention and food. It also may represent your need for protection and boundaries. Dreams of a gentle dog mean that you are connecting to your innocent vulnerability and sense of true companionship.


I pat myself on the backjor expressing my instincts for love and loyalty.



ffiUse above


You have figured out the buttons anti levers to press to manifest the experiences you desire in your life.You are elevating to a level of mastery, skill and success. With each new level, you are rising in awareness, wisdom, power and stature. With this raise comes responsibility. In order to remain grounded as you grow, keep the K.l.S.S. method in mind: Keep It Simple, .Sweetie! Some people sabotage their success at this point because they fear it may be “lonely at the top.” You can avoid this scenario by allowing "As I am lifted, all are lifted!” to be your mantra.

MEANING | Ambition

Dreams of moving up in an elevator signify that you desire to elevate your career status or spiritual awareness and thus move up in the world. You now know where the buttons are, so you are advancing with a sense of confidence anil control over a situation that mav have been a challenge for you in the past. II you are moving down, you mav be exploring a depression or are seeking to understand the foundation of your current situation. If you are moving sideways, you are making lateral moves not necessarily progressing, but gaining a broader perspective. You are learning how to be decisive about what moves are the best for you, your relationship and your career.


/ am moving up in the nori J, and I grow and glow from glory to greater glory.



(f/de mindful of the messages you send


Spell out what you want. Choose your words wisely to ensure that thev represent what your heart truly desires to communicate. You are becoming aware and responsible for the fact that your words create worlds. Clearly and carefully express that which most empowers, inspires, uplifts and expresses your intent as succinctly and elegantly as possible. Know that you are becoming increasingly telepathic. In fact, before you even speak, write or press the send button, your message has been transmitted.

MEANING | Mindful Expression

Drcams ol e-mail or text messaging represent communication, telepathy and a desire to reach out and touch people. Thev also represent efficiency and expeditious interactions from a distance (or “aloof intimacy,” if you will).These dreams also signify a desire to connect and stay in touch with what is important to you. You have a desire to get to the point, spell out what you really want and say what you mean (without having to say it mean).


I communicate with clarity, candor and compassion.



(Reunite with a lost aspect of your soul


Relationships don’t end when the door slams or when the divorce papers are signed. On a parallel plane, the love you and your former partner shared continues and is as alive now as it ever was. Take a stroll down memory lane, and remember (put back together) the puzzle pieces of your soul that were alive back then. When you resurrect these buried aspects, you resuscitate them into your present life.This energy belongs to you, by the wav, not your ex. As you reclaim what is rightlullv tours, you enhance your ability to love the one you’re with, namely you.

MEANING | Reunited

All your exes don’t just live in Texas.. .most of them live in your deep subconscious and come to call in your nighttime dreams. Dreams of an ex are ex-tremely common and arc about tenting and processing ties to former lovers and aspects of your own soul. By the light of dav our lives are lived in a linear fashion, where one relationship ends and another one begins. However, in the dreamtime, the rules of engagement are completely different. As you dream, all die complexity of your emotion bursts forth from beneath the bed. Perhaps it would be inappropriate to explore lingering feelings about t our ex in die light of day, but it is perfectly appropriate to do so bv night.This way nobodv gets hurt. Often an ex represents a part of your shadow that needs forgiveness and/or healing. When you dream of a former beloved, consider diat you are retrieving die parts of your heart you left behind.


/ open love’s floodgates, send love to mi exes and reclaim the love that is mine.



(f/)rop into the deep end of your soul


What is overwhelming you? A new relationship, job or life situation? All this change may leave you spinning and disoriented, feeling a bit out of control.Take heart in knowing that you are an infinite being dropping into the depth of your soul's ever-unfolding nature. Wings are provided upon request to facilitate a soft landing on the solid ground of your spiritual essence.The adventure has just begun, so you can now explore a deeper level of your true nature and a greater insight into your purpose for being alive. Remember, sometimes things need to fall apart before they can come back together in a new and better way. From this perspective, your challenge is to learn to drop into your depth with grace.


Dreams of falling signify a feeling of loss of control, insecurity, overwhelm or lack of confidence. You may be losing your step as a result of not having your feet firmly planted on the earth. Or you may be in a growth spurt in your life, experiencing changes and thus feeling that you’re in over your head.You mat be judging yourself for having failed at something you set out to do. It is also believed that there are “falling spirits” that are beckoning you to them so they can initiate you into a deeper level of wisdom, power and awareness.


I am grounded in the bedrock of the here and non; rooted to the heart of unconditional love.



(^ffxplore your sacred root system


You are grappling with tribal belief sy stems. You may be in a tug-of-war between deeply planted family expectations and the desire to uniquely branch out beyond your tribal territory. You will swing back and forth between independence and dependence until you find true interdependence. Here’s a secret: Even if your family tree seems resistant to your self­expression, underneath it all they are secretly rooting for you!

MEANING | Support

Drcams of family symbolize issues of loyalty, strength, unconditional love and deeply rooted belief sy stems from your ancestral line. They could be an indication that healing among family members is taking place or is forthcoming. If you dream of a particular family member, you might literally- be processing and healing current issues you face with this person. Or, you mat be drawing attention to issues that arc symbolized bv this family member's character (i.e., what part of you does this person represent?).This dream could be calling forth the process of breaking yvith your family’s worldview. In other words, you may be pruning away all family tree “shoulds” and planting seeds of beliefs, attitudes and visions that support your one-of-a-kind branches in reaching skyward.


/ honor the soul of ny family lineage by blossoming to the fullest of ny' unique potential.


fofokc responsibility for your power


Fire is an ancient symbol of power, and with power comes the need for responsibility, maturity and balance. Find a safe and contained place to express the unabashed zeal ol your heart and the scorching embers of your deepest emotions, whether they be passion, anger or lust. Become willing to burn away (release and let go of) all things that no longer serve your highest expression so that you can ultimately be present to the gold that remains. Your feelings mav be hot right now so much so that you fear thev may start a forest fire. Most people extinguish their light because they don’t know how to take the heat.That won't happen to you if you unleash your power mindfully.

MEANING | Transformation

Dreams of fire represent big change. Fire dreams can also mean passion, love, sexuality, anger and/or destruction. Fire represents an energy of alchemical initiation that may feel out of control as it burns away all oi your impurities. A dream ol fire contained in a hearth sy mbolizes warmth, security and domestic tranquility.


/ marvel at the miracle of alchemy as 1 transform and awaken to the full radiance of my destiny.



(fffxpress the ocean of your emotion


Mae West said, “Too much ofagood thing can be wonderful.” Well, that may hare been true for Mae, but for most of us too much of anything (good or bad) can leave us feeling overwhelmed as we dog paddle our way through life. Perhaps you’ve been bottling up your feelings, and it’s time for a good crv. If this is the case, light a candle, get out your journal, write about what has been burdening your heart and let ’er rip! Crv your heart out, and release the ocean of your emotion! 11 you’re in a crisis, think of it as a “cry for Isis!” Isis is known as the goddess of motherhood and fertility who die Egyptians believe floods the Nile River even vear with her tears of sorrow for her beloved, Osiris.Tears are highly underrated they are the vehicle of your transformation. Just as amniotic fluid nourished and protected you as a fetus, transforming you into an infant, let the Hood of your tears birth you into a whole new incarnation of yourself. Once you’ve fully expressed yourself, the sun will come out again and reveal a whole new horizon of possibilities.

MEANING | Catharsis

Flood dreams signify that you art' feeling over your head with emotions, or you mav be drenched with a torrential to-do list. You mav be feeling saturated with more abundance than you think you can handle as your subconscious expands your capacity to receive and transform into a more bountiful version of yourself. If you dream of a storm or tsunami, this represents that you mav be undergoing radical change, in which case let yourself cry and ride the wave of transformation.


/ am becoming a more expanded and powerful version of myself than ever before.



tf/fiick the weeds and plant the seeds of your most magnificent expression


Bloom where you're planted. In other words, acknowledge that although sometimes the grass may look greener on the other side of the garden wall, it never really is. When you shine, the sunshine ofyour awareness on your intent to maximize the beauty of your own gifts, talents, relationships and experiences, you realize that you’ve got all the elements necessary to grow to your fullest glorv. Remember that the fertilizer anti the flower are equallv important. Stat grounded by feeding yourself healthy foods, spending time in the sun and drinking lots of water. Enjoy the sweet smell of success at every stage of your blossoming during this fertile time of your life.

MEANING | Honor the Process

Drcams of a flower are a svmbol of the stages of your life. You mav be planting new seedlings of desire for what you tvant to create. Or you mav have a new skill, business or relationship that is just beginning to bud. Or it may be time to reap die harvest of all your hard work. Regardless of where you are in the garden of life, the message of the Hower is to celebrate each stage, from gestation to full bloom.


The bouquet oj my dreams is flourishing as it brightens and enlightens the entire world.



(ff/hise and see a higher point of view


You are connecting with your angelic/soul essence.'! his higher perspective is your reference point for making decisions that uplif t your spirit and the souls of those around you. From a skv-high view, even the most challenging circumstance is small anti manageable. As you incorporate this broader wav of seeing into your daily life, the skv of your dreams anti the most joyous route to their fulfillment reveal themselves to you as you elevate from glory to greater glory.Take a deep breath, and encode this feeling of freedom, liberation and weightlessness into your cells, your bones and your heart.

MEANING | Self-mastery

Dreams of living represent freedom, joy, expression, lightness, confidence, creatit itv and independence. You are rising above your obstacles, seeing the world from a new, more liberated perspective. You have broken free from physical constraints and limitations and are feeling the breadth of your mighty wingspan, finding your groove, soaring to new heights and exploring your creative and spiritual potential.


Mr greatest dreams are coming true: as I am lifted, all are lifted!



(fyf>e mindful of the thoughts you are ingesting


What are you truly hungering for?You might be starved for time, attention, romance, quiet, stillness or recognition. Or you mav be stuffed with tidbits of data, morsels of information and finger-licking good scraps of awareness from the menu of life. Remember the old adage, “You are what you cat.” That goes for food as well as your thoughts and belief systems. Be mindful that you feed your bodv/mind/spirit only that which empowers, fortifies and uplifts you in the highest wav.

MEANING | Nourishment

Dreams of food represent values, customs, belief systems, influence, knowledge or “food for thought.” On the physical level, food enriches the body. On the mental level, knowledge feeds the mind. Dreams of a feast signify “cornucopia consciousness.” If this is a pleasant dream, you are allowing yourself to relish the fruits of y our labor. If you are uncomfortable in the dream, you mav be attempting to reject the belief systems you've been swallowing. If you arc enjoying a healthy dream meal, you have found a recipe for success.


I feed my body, mind and soul the nutrients to make me a vibrational match to the life oj my dreams.



@?e present


Let’s (ace it.You are God’s gilt to this world. It’s true.

This is not grandiose; it is actually considered humble to accept this. So take in a deep breath, open your heart, expand your mind and unwrap the blessings that have your name written all over them.'lake your treasures oil the shell, and incorporate them into your life, right now! Allow any issues of deservability or unworthiness to be dissolved. Remember, your greatest wisdom and talents have come at a cost and you have finallv earned the blessings that are now beginning to arrive, seemingly out of thin air.

MEANING I Blessing

1         o

Dreams of a gift symbolize an insight, an opportunitv orcven a pregnanes. If you drcam that sou are giving a gift, this signifies that you are appreciative of something or someone in your life. If you dream of reccis ing a gilt, this is a message that you are being recognized, acknowledged, loved and appreciated bv others anti most importantly, bv yourself.


I am "present "in the heart oj non; constantly sharing and receiving unexpected windfalls of grace.



(follow in the footprints of greatness


You are being shown a way out of“no wav.” Just when you thought your back was against a wall, you are discovering the light within you that illumines infinite possibilities. At each turn in the road, take a moment to stop and meditate upon your own North Star, your highest sell s compass. When in doubt ask, “What would my highest self do in this situation?” As you do this, you will realize that you alwavs have the answers you seek before the questions are even formulated. You can now travel along your life’s path with confidence, know ing that your lite is not a problem to be solved, but a magical treasure hunt in which to navigate.

MEANING | Leadership

Whether you dream of a life coach, an angel, a guru or a leader of ant kind, you are connecting with tire highest part of your self that has “been there, done that.” Dreams of a guide symbolize your higher wisdom, confidence, claritv, certainty and the answers to your questions, backed with a take-charge kind of power. This is the part of you that can help you traverse even the most treacherous terrain with grace and ease.


.V marks the spot—where I am is where all the wisdom, guidance and divine direction reside.



(fff'ome home to the residence of your sold resonance


Drop your bags and all your worldly armor at the door. It’s time lor you to come home to your true identitv, the place where you are enveloped by unconditional love and acceptance. TTiink of yourself as an adventurous angel who has traveled long and tar. Perhaps you are a bit “homesick for heaven,” longing for the environment that matches your deep sense of authenticity and connection.The more you incorporate the authentic expression of your soul essence into your physical life, the more this place called Earth will bear a resemblance to the place from whence you came.

MEANING | Identitv

Dreams ol a house symbolize your view of yourself, your body and your mind. The levels of the house represent different parts of the mind (i.e., the attic — higher consciousness; main floor = mundane/ego perspective; and basement = unconscious/primal point of view). On a physical level, the shape, size and decor of a house, as well as the activity within it, are a reflection ol how you think and how you see yourself. If you are uncomfortable with the home in your dream, this indicates that self-improvement is needed. If you are comfortable with the home in your drcam, you are “at home” within your own skin and have integrated a great deal of your soul’s infinite essence within the four walls of your finite human experience.


There's no place like home, so I carrj“home”with me wherever I roam.



({jfmbrace the fact that you are the world


You are intertwined with everything and everyone, realizing that “it’s a small world after all.” All of humanity is within you, and you have access to all of it. From the most foreign to the most familiar, from blasts from the past to those with w hom you aspire to have a future connection everything you need or desire is just a thought (keystroke, tweet or Facebook post) away. At the root of any pain you experience is the false belief that you are separate from your fellow humans. However, when you remember your oneness with the World Wide Web of life, you awaken to the reality that you exist in a unified field, and all of life is ultimately on your side. Allow this awareness to assist you in casting your net to reel in wonderful relationships, job opportunities, financial abundance and solutions.

MEANING | Connectivity

If you drcam of being online, surfing the Internet, social networking or blogging, you are realizing your inherent relationship to everything and everyone, all the time. You are in a “net” in which all solutions are caught. You also may be wrapping your head around the wavs in which you can up your participation in the world; make your mark; be noticed; announce yourself and go global with your thoughts, opinions and creativity.


I am at one with the World Wide I Feb of people, places, ideas and possibilities.



  • ^ove what you do and do what you love


Remember the last time you felt in the zone? Well, it’s time to work at bringing that feeling into your current job.The Pleasure Principle is more than just indulgent frivolity. When you are engaged in the activities that light you up from the inside out, you serve humanity (spiritually and physically) in the highest way. Look for opportunities to turn your job into a Joyous Orbit ol Bliss. Your job is to love fully.. .your job is to forgive completely.. .and your job is to be as present as you can be while doing whatever task is before you to do. Mother Teresa said, "We can do no great things; only small things with great love.”

MEANING | Sleep-working

Dreams featuring your job are assisting you to process thoughts, leelings, challenges anil unfinished business regarding your waking work and business relationships. Imagine you have an after hours “personal assistant” whose job is to render spotless the clutter of your mind even night while you sleep. Your “assistant” works the night shift, filing important documents, discarding irrelevant scraps and helping you find solutions and ideas for questions that were posed throughout the day.Take note of the guidance and clarity you glean from your “assistant,”and turn it into action.


I excel at my true job, incorporating as much of my soul into my life as possible.



(fyfeek no further, your aha moment is at hand


The answers to the questions you seek, the solutions to the challenges you lace and the financial resources you desire are at hand. In fact, thev mav be closer than your breath and nearer than your hands and feet. Remember, you are that which you seek. Ask yourself the question, “What part of my feelings, emotions and/or desires are locked away?” Once you identify this, unlock the door of your mind and allow the wisdom, grace, genius, healing and brilliance of the universe to have its wav with you.

y J

MEANING | Solutions

Dreams of a kev(s) symbolize answers, opportunities, access, secrets, freedom, control, knowledge, responsibilities and power. You mav either be trying to lock a part of yourself away, or you are the one setting yourself free. Either way, you are in control. In the 1 Ching (the ancient Chinese oracle), The Keeper of Keys is the one who contains wisdom and wealth in great measure. You hold the kev that can open up any locked-up area of your mind, body or spirit. It's time to set yourself free! Often the key (as in a “kev word” or new thought) will open up a whole world of insights, opportunities and possibilities.


I allow mr dreaming mind to catapult me out of the box to reveal all the treasures I’ve ever desired.



(ff3et on yourself


You can stop waiting to exhale. You are coming into a windfall of abundance on all levels, so breathe, smile and say “YES!” Make room for wealth and overwhelming happiness to find a welcome space in your life. What appears to be luck is reallv the elevated consciousness, worthiness, confidence and esteem that you’ve been cultivating for a long time now. And this winning combination is now beginning to pay oil! You are co-creating the life of your dreams in 3-D reality, from the inside out. You are realizing that life is like a genie in a bottle, anti as you resonate with your heart anti soul’s desires, you magnetize fortuitous circumstances that align with your highest destiny.

MEANING | Fortune

Dreaming of winning the lottery or coming into a windfall is considered a wish-fulfillment dream. Your subconscious mind cannot discern between actual events anti that which is vividly imagined, so your lottery dreams create an energetic map that can lead you from where you are to where you would like to be. Just as people who are wealths attract more wealth and happy people attract more circumstances to themselves that make them happy, allow this heightened state to make you magnetic to the real-life fulfillment of your desires. Consider this dream to be good luck regarding your health, wealth and/ or relationships a message that you are on track.


1'he life of mi dreams is being realized now in multicolor, multidimensional fullness.



(ff/jiscover the source of your true power


Most humans (this includes you) forget that they are trust­fund babies. You arc a treasure beyond measure that comes from an unlimited source of love, abundance, creativity anti wisdom. Regardless of what your temporary financial circumstances may appear to be, your true essence is literally dripping with wealth—King/Queen Midas, eat your golden heart out! It’s time for you to cash in on your inheritance and start accessing the lucre that is your birthright. Rewire your thinking to align with your personal vein of gold, and realize that you are abundantly provided for in ways that are both seen and unseen. With this point of view, it’s just a matter ol time before your outer circumstances match your inner reality, y                                                      j

MEANING | Security

Money dreams symbolize issues of energy, power, survival, security and resourcefulness. Even if you are Paris Hilton, which I am betting mv bottom dollar you arc not (don’t worry, neither am I), money is an issue you have to deal with in a very real way in your life, whether you are awake or asleep. Host the money is being used in the dream will indicate what you value and the specific financial/power issues that are being worked out.


I am a generous giver and receiver of the unlimited abundance that is flowing to and through me.



(^each your goals


You are an ever-evolving being in a constant cycle of growth.The challenge^) you face are making you stronger, smarter and more resourceful, and each challenging cycle has a beginning, middle and end.This means that the mountaintop you aspire toward resides within you. Picture yourself there, with 20/20 claritv, beholding the fulfillment of all your heart’s desires. Keep this perspective with you as you take each step. Breathe deep as you realize the magnificence of who you are. When you take this in, mountains will move, seas will part and the bounty you seek will lav at your feet.


Dreams of a mountain or hill represent your attitudes toward obstacles. If you dream of walking, climbing or driving uphill, you arc lacing your challenges and surmounting them, doing what it takes to make progress in your life. If you are at the bottom of the mountain looking up in frustration, you may feel that life is an uphill battle, and you may be upset that your goals are taking longer to achieve than planned. If you are on top of the mountain, you are feeling victorious, powerful, clear and successful in that you realize you have what it takes to overcome the ups and downs of life and emerge on top.


I keep my eyes on the prize, and I enjoy every step along my divine journey.



C/zng the song of your soul and dance to your unique rhythm


Your soul is singing to you right now.. .can you hear it?

II you listen closelv, you will hear the sweet sound of your soul in harmony with the uni-verse, which is serenading you at all times. You have been sing led out for this special concert. In order to hear/feel this love vibration, you must step out of time and rise to a higher place where your heart beats in unison with your intuition, psychic abilities and pure positive energy. Take a moment to truly listen, so that you may be moved and guided by this pulsing melody of love.

MEANING | Harmony

I f you dream of music or hear a song in a dream, you arc in harmony with your soul, your higher wisdom, your higher self and your angelic essence. If the music you dream about is chaotic and dissonant, you may be experiencing a lack of harmony within yourself, grappling with conflicting needs.

In general, music in a dream predicts prosperity, healing, creativity and joy.


I allow the song oj the spheres to sing through my physical instrument in pure celebration.



(£/)are to bare all


Your true, authentic nature is more beautiful than any costume you could ever wear. Ask yourself, “What is it that I am afraid people will find out about me?” Once you answer that question, your work is to fall in love with that part of yourself (remembering there is something lovable even in the parts we reject). As you amplify your self-love and acceptance quotient, you will discover that you have nothing to hide, and you will find it becomes effortless to walk your talk, talk your walk and wear your soul on your sleeve.

MEANING | Transparency

If you arc embarrassed by your nakedness in a dream, this might mean you are afraid of what would happen if your true feelings or secrets were revealed. Perhaps you feel you've overexposed yoursclf to people who were unacccpting of your honesty. If you dream of being naked and you feel comfortable, you have embraced your authentic, sensual/sexual nature, and you have nothing to hide. Additionally, if you have this drcam, celebrate the fact that your life choices can serve as an invitation for other people to take off their costumes as well, to unabashedly reveal their own authentic nature.


The more open, honest and transparent I can be, the more exhilarating my life becomes.



(f(/o with the flow and flow with the glow


You are exploring the realm of your inner mystery, creativity, sensuality, and synergy with the cycles of life.

Take some time to delve into your feelings, cry your eyes out and open to the mysteries of your femininity. Remember, you are comprised ol at least 70 percent water, so flowing is your natural way.Your emotional waves run the spectrum from hope to pain and back again. Your quest, when feeling emotionally under water, is to retrieve the buried from the ocean floor of your subconscious and usher it to the top of your conscious awareness.

MEANING | Feminine Mystery

Because the ocean is in constant motion, associated with the cycles and tides of life, it is thus symbolic of the ebb and flow of your feminine energy. If you have a pleasant experience in this dream, you have a harmonious and trusting connection with your inner mystery, emotions and abilitv to be “current” with life. Water is essential to life, and in the language of mind, water and the ocean symbolizes someone or something essential to your well-being. If you dream of sea creatures (i.e., fish, dolphins, whales or mermaids), you are connecting with your own multidimensional wisdom, intelligence and healing.


I turn within and allow the flow to lead me to oceanic wealth, depth and wisdom.


(fff'elebrate yourself


Sir Isaac Newton said, “II1 haw seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” There is strength in numbers, and whether you can see litem or not, you have legions of joyous beings toasting you, uplifting you and doing a victory dance for you at this very moment. You are walking through a rite of passage, elevating from one level of consciousness to another. All your hard work is finally paying off. However, if you are like most people, you may already be fixated on where you think you should be 10 steps from now. Instead, take a moment to pat yourself on the back, acknowledge how far you’ve come and celebrate the miracle of who you arc and where you are at this very moment!

MEANING | Triumph

Dreams of a partv reflect your level of self-integration (integrity) and harmonv within the manv aspects of yourself. If you dream of being a “party crasher” or don’t feel that you fit in, you arc at odds within yourself, grappling to find a sense of unitv and belonging in your waking life. If you are trying to stand out from the crowd, perhaps your sense of self-preservation is in conllict with the part of you that wants to “toe the party line.” 11 you dream of being celebrated at a party, you are unified, strengthened, empowered and championed within the multidimensions of yourself.


/ celebrate the diverse energies within me as I realize that I am the life of my own party!



((/Jursue your true wealth


Discover the power of die purse. Open your heart to see financial issues as a blessing a tool to assist your soul in remaining grounded during your earthly adventures. You are being called to create a sacred relationship with money and your identity surrounding success. Imagine yourself in your grandest, most opulent expression, trull holding the purse strings of your life. As all fear drops awav like loose change into a piggv bank, the floodgates of abundance open wide to reveal a direct route to your vein of gold.

MEANING | Purse-onal Power

In real life, your wallet or purse contains your money, identification, credit cards, meaningful photographs and other sentimental items. For this reason your purse or wallet is seen as an extension of yourself and your power, as well as your identity. It is a nightmare (in real life and in dreams) when a purse or wallet is lost or stolen- this may be a message to get a grip on your finances. If you drcam of someone stealing your purse or wallet, you may feel as though someone in real life is K ing, manipulating or taking advantage of you. On the other hand, if you dream of finding your purse or wallet, this may represent a renewed sense of self-appreciation, sell-worth and the ability to value tlie essential aspects of your life that you may have previously taken for granted.


I am rich and abundant, and responsible for becoming my highest, most soulful, prosperous expression.



(Examine your beliefs about being tested


You have a highly individualized curriculum for life.

In order to grow to your fullest potential, voti ve orchestrated the aspects of your life that are testing you right now. You knew long ago that you would emerge through these trials brighter, better and wiser for the experience. Remember, you have access to the Hall of Records and the teacher's manual that has all die answers to the problems currently “grading”on you.You have paid die in-tuition, and you have the combination to the locker that contains the resources you need. With this realization, hold your head high as you walk confidently through the halls ofthis“universe-itv” called life.

MEANING | Being Tested

In the language of dreams, school signifies a learning phase in your life. This dream may reflect a job or relationship that is testing you. You also mav feel under scrutiny, exam ining the truth of who you really are. The first cut is the deepest, and school dreams mav harken back to the first time you felt pressured to make the grade. These dreams may be helping you to remove your heavy backpack of insecurities so that you mav graduate into a more empowered future. Most people who have recurring school dreams are highly driven, success- oriented individuals who are constantly testing themselves. In other words, I’ve never met an underachiever who had this recurring dream.


I am making the grade with flying colors, as I continually earn higher“degrees”oj wisdom in the school oj life.



((fFace and embrace all parts of yourself


You are intimately connecting with all of life, intertwining with the parts you place above you and undulating with the aspects you place below you. You are all of it—everyone, every thing, everywhere, all the time. Allow the orgasmic blending of opposites within you to elevate, strengthen, deejx'n, uplift and amplify your personal power anti ability to co-create the life of your dreams!

MEANING | The Urge to Merge

Intimacy (into-me-see) with someone in a dream whether it be a kiss, hug or sex- symbolizes a merging with the qualities that person represents to you. A drcam hug symbolizes acceptance, forgiveness anti the dissolution of barriers, giving you a heart-to-heart connection with the qualities of the person doing the hugging. Breath (respiration) is a symbol of spirit, so a kiss represents the desire to know and be known in your truest, purest essence. Sex in a dream raises the bar. Your sexy dreams might simply be a release of pent up, carnal energy, although dream sex most often symbolizes tossing and turning, unifying and co-creating with the qualities of your dream lover.


I revel in every delicious moment of being alive in this miracle otherwise known as a physical body. My life is a sensual exploration of life and of love.



(£7Jay attention to what energizes you


You have an abundance of resources at your disposal. The question is, which cache will you choose? fake a breath, and unplug from all that blings (i.e., consumer consciousness you've bought into based on trends and the market place). Where in your life are you looking for an external fix to an internal challenge? How might you be using retail therapy to ease your pain or to give you a false sense of security? From a place of“platinum-level” honesty, return that which no longer suits you, and buy into only the belief systems that lit you and your soul to a tee.

MEANING | Discernment

Dreaming of shopping is a message from your subconscious mind to take your time and shop around before buying into a relationship, job or new life situation. This drcam mav lx- helping you to grow out of the false belief that something or someone “out there" will make you sexier, wealthier, prettier, skinnier, smarter or better. You are realizing dial all the external glitter comes with an expiration date, whereas your golden, authentic essence accrues compounded interest, becoming more valuable as you cultivate your sell-love, talent and natural genius.


From a place of wholeness andfullness I spend my resources (time and energy) on relationships, creative ventures and ideologies that give me a return on my investment.



(fTcike a big bite out of life


Smile, and share your pearly whites with the world.There's a saving, “All roads lead to Rome.” But the truth is, all roads lead to your mouth, and your teeth are the gatekeepers for your self-expression. You get what you give, so make sure you feed yourself and others with communication that empowers, uplifts and enlightens. Before making a big decision, take time to “chew” on all the data (so that you won’t end up baring your teeth in defense). Speak, sing and express yourself as if what you have to sav makes a difference, because it does!

MEANING | Communication

Because teeth are located in the mouth, any dream about them could relate to matters of communication, your abilitv to process or “chew” on data, as well as the way in which you perceive survival issues. After a dream of losing teeth, consider cleaning up any communication that mav have gone awrv (i.e., loose speech, like loose lips, sink ships). If your teeth are breaking or crumbling, you mav be dealing with passive- aggressive issues, like withholding your expression when it’s important for you to speak up. Consider that these dreams may also be triggered by teeth grinding during sleep. If you dream of strong pearly whites, you are communicating with integrity, which frees you to focus on issues of thriving, rather than merely surviving.


I chew on my thoughts before I speak; I express myself with mindfulness and impeccability.



(Release attachments to what was and prepare for what is to come


Give thanks as you release the completed cycle that has just taken place, whether it be a relationship, project or experience. In order to stand on your evolutionary edge, honor the natural phases of life, including endings. Give thanks tor the memories and wavs of life as voti ve known them, then set them free. Move toward the new horizon with vitality, presence and outstretched arms to embrace the brand-new opportunities that arc beckoning.

MEANING | Rebirth

Contrary to popular belie!, dreams of death or disaster are not a bad thing! Your dreams may be giving you an edge on how to best survive and thrive in your current life circumstances. These dreams may also be helping you to gain a paradigm shift about the things you fear most that keep you from fully living. Keep in mind that Native Americans believe the most powerful wav to live is as il death were over your shoulder. Often a dream ol death or destruction represents that you are through the ending of a chapter in your life, just as the new chapter is simultaneously being w ritten. Dreaming of someone dying-—or making their transition is about transformation and change in your relationship. Mav this dream inspire you to ponder an aspect of your life that mav be coming to a close and how you can more harmoniously participate in the transition. Voltaire said, “It is no more surprising to be born twice than once, everything in nature is resurrection.”


/ honor each experienceJrom my past as I open my heart to preparefor the new life that is emerging.



“Doctor Dream ”


Dream Oracle Cards were created with love and dreams by “Doctor Dream” Kelly Sullivan Walden, a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Kelly is the author of seven books, including the Amazon.com #1 best-selling dream interpretation book, I HadThe Strangest Dream, as well as It's All In Your Dreams, Dreaming Heaven and Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen.

Kellv is the host of The D-Spot, a weeklv web-radio show where she. explores the nexus of dreams, desires and destiny. Kellv is featured regularly on Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC news and a variety of publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Elie, brides, Seventeen.Woman's World and Us Weekly: She is the creator and founder of The Dream Project (www.DreamProjectUN.org), a non-profit organization inspiring young people to solve the issues described in the United Nations and the Millennium Development Goals.

Kellv is passionate about the magical realm of dreams. She is a lover of life and languages and considers dreams to be the most important language in which to become fluent. Kellv teaches dream work in a unique weave of depth, playfulness, humor and spirituality to catalyze people to awaken to their magnificence so that they can make manifest the life of their dreams.

For more about Kellv, to receive her monthly newsletter, and/or receive free dream gifts visit:


To learn how to become a Certified Dream-Life Coach:






Rassouli, world-renowned “Fusionartist,’’ throws rules to the wind and dives into the moment. His excitement stimulates evervone around him to do the same! He has been called a delight, a rascal, a rogue, a legend, a messenger, a visionary, and a libertine. To know him is to feel alive and inspired to express in your own unique way! Rassouli is a living legend heralded in the art community as an artist w ho reflects mysticism and Near Eastern spiritualitv in his paintings and murals through the use of European painting technology. What appears on canvas is a timeless perspective that illuminates the divine creative light through the form of feminine power and beauty.

The true reflection of who Rassouli is cannot be found in details or categories or ordinary descriptions of what defines a person. The best wav to express the essence of who Rassouli is lies in the words of the mystics, Rumi and Hafiz. Rassouli often says that his primarv purpose here on earth is to create. He brings a message of the spontaneity and joy of creating in whatever nays he is given to express it, which for him includes painting, sketching, writing, speaking and inviting others to create and express with him. He oilers classes and retreats to provide a safe place to play and explore in order to help others become free enough to have fun creating and sharing with each other.

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