Dreaming Way Lenormand Guidebooks



  1. 1. • W

"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Co forward and make your dreams come true."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The Rider card brings positive news and change. Though the Rider looks back, she trusts her horse to carry her eagerly forward toward her destiny, perhaps to places she has always dreamed of. When this dynamic card appears, it means the Rider is ready for anything.

Her turned-up collar suggests she is geared up for whatever challenges


come her way. Her horse takes her up and over any obstacles to her success. She may also be the carrier of an important message, informa­tion or announcement from afar. A person or event that has been eagerly awaited will soon arrive.

Keywords: News, change, movement, messages, discovery, visitor, opportunity


  1. 2. CLOVER • 6<>

"Go and wake up your luck." (Persian proverb)

The Clover card brings a bit of unexpected luck that may arrive as a happy coincidence, synchro­nicity. windfall, favorable twist of fate, chance meeting, or a felicitous occurrence. This is the kind of luck that disappears as quickly as it arrives, so waste no time in taking advantage of the moment. When an opportunity like this arises, don’t just analyze it, utilize it.

The three-leaf clover is also a sign


of harmony between the mind, body, and the spirit. But it is not something you need to do to achieve it; you need only open your eyes to see it, like the clover that grows right in front of you.

Keywords: Luck, synchronicity, harmony, opportunity, felicity

  1. 3. SHIP • IO4>

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover." (Mark Twain)

The Ship brings an exciting adven­ture or a profound journey, outward or inner. You may have been stuck in a situation, caught up in the doldrums, but now is the time to break away and broaden your horizons. This is a card of transi­tions, of charting new directions,


especially if you’ve been dreaming of exploring new ventures profes­sionally or creatively. The Ship card can mean freedom to make your own choices and navigate your own course. There may be a few storm clouds along the way. but once you break out of your comfort zone, you will find a whole new world waiting for you.

Keywords: Travel, transportation, adventure, exploration, journey


  1. 4. HOUSE •

"A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." (Benjamin Franklin)

The House in Lenormand is the card representing your house, your home, that place that means security and stability. It is a warm, safe place, a source of comfort and contentment. In this card we see smoke rising up from the chimney, suggesting that someone is home tending to the hearth, providing a warm welcome to family or visitors. Just as the house is the structure


that protects you, it means that you need structure and boundaries in other areas of your life as well.

Keywords: Security, stability, comfort, structure, welcome


  1. 5. TREE • 7 V

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."

(Amelia Earhart)

The lush green tree exudes health and vitality. This Tree of Life card reminds us that the closer our connections to nature, the more we nurture our physical and spiritual well-being. With its roots deep in the earth and its branches reaching for the heavens, the Lenormand Tree illustrates the vital connec­tions between the elements and all living things. The tree symbolizes


humanity’s long-term responsibility for stewardship of the environment. The tree teaches us that actions we take today and the choices we make have long-term ramifica­tions. When we nurture ourselves and deepen our relationships, the benefits will be widespread. The Tree card also refers to longevity, stability, and life cycles.

Keywords: Health, vitality, well­being, stewardship, ecology, fertility


  1. 6. CLOUDS •

"If it is cloudy and raining, there are clouds and rain in my soul." (Jerzy Kosinski)

This card shows clouds rising up from a dark cup of coffee or tea. Though a cup of tea may be a comforting image, the clouds warn that troubles can occur quite suddenly and without warning like storm clouds appearing on an otherwise pleasant day. Confusion and uncertainty can catch you unaware if your head is in the clouds and you are daydreaming when you should be focused. To

attain clarity about an issue, you need to stay mentally grounded rather than allowing your thoughts to drift away. The cloud image warns you to not become lulled into a false sense of security. You need to pay close attention to what­ever situation surrounding cards indicate, as they will likely bring formidable challenges.

Keywords: Sudden troubles, confusion, daydreaming, issues, challenges, distractions

  1. 7. SNAkfE • 04>

'Look before you leap, for snakes among sweet flowers do creep."

(German proverb)

This Snake card shows a beastly serpent coiling itself around a sweet, young lady. It appears that the snake is a threat to the charming lady. But is she really sweet and innocent? Perhaps she is the threat. This Snake card is warning you that appearances might be deceiving. The people who seem to be your friends and allies could be deviously under­mining you because of jealousy,


resentment, or sheer ambition.

Pay close attention to the card that immediately follows the Snake; this situation may be rife with treachery. This card may also warn you not to be dazzled and taken in by someone who seems charming but probably has his own agenda. When the Snake card appears, make sure you keep your eyes open and see the situation for what it really is.

Keywords: Treachery, deception, charm, threat, blind-sided, envy, intrusion, ambition

  1. 8. COFFIN • 90

"Health is not valued till sickness comes." (Thomas Fuller)

The Coffin card is referred to as the Death card but it does not always mean a literal death. While it can relate to serious illness and end-of- life issues, more often it refers to endings and losses that may be personal or possibly financial.

This Coffin card shows someone lying in a sardine can but we don't know if the can is being opened or closed. The person may have chosen to retreat into a dark place,

away from people and problems. Sometimes before moving on from a difficult or painful situation, it's necessary to grieve or process the change. This card may indicate the need to withdraw and isolate, at least temporarily. The Coffin may signify an estrangement, which may even occur because of your choice. On the other hand, this card may be pointing out something that is frightening you or causing anxiety. On the positive side, the Coffin card may indicate the end of difficult circumstances.

Keywords: Endings, retreat, illness, anxiety, fear, losses, estrangement

  1. 9. BOUQUET • Q4>

"When you take a flower in your hand and really look al it, it's your world for the moment. 1 want to give that world to someone else."

(Georgia O'Keeffe)

The Bouquet card represents much more than a bunch of pretty flowers you might see somewhere. These lovely flowers have been carefully selected, arranged, tied with a bow, and are ready to be offered as a gift to someone special. Giving a bouquet as a gift is a gesture of deep affection for a beloved friend, lover, or family member. This is a

happy card signifying intimacy, sincerity, harmony and content­ment in a relationship. The sweet bouquet reflects your own feelings of gratitude, confidence, and clarity. If the Bouquet card follows a threatening card such as the Coffin or the Clouds, it probably means that after some difficulties understanding the situation you will soon find clarity or reach an accord.

Keywords: Affection, content­ment, sincerity, intimacy, gift, understanding, clarity


  1. 1 SCYTHE • J<>

"Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative." (Anonymous)

In general, the Scythe card indicates the sudden, abrupt and complete cutting away or clearing out of something significant from your life. It could mean a separa­tion from someone or something you value. Interpretation of the Scythe card very much depends on the direction the blade is pointing. If the Scythe card is to the right (so the blade points left) of something deeply valued like the loyalty of


the Dog or the luck of the Clover, be prepared for a sudden, painful loss of that relationship or situation. On the other hand, if the Scythe follows a negative card such as the Coffin or the Clouds, it would mean a rapid end to sickness, grief, confusion or a threat that has been hanging over your head. It could also mean severing of ties with someone who has been hurting you.

Keyword: Cutting away, separation, abrupt ending, severing of ties, loss


  1. 1 WHIPS • J4>

"Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex."

(Norman Vincent Peale)

This card, showing a whip and a birch rod, has multiple interpreta­tions; some negative, some positive. Whatever situation being referenced by this card, things are happening in a repetitive, ongoing manner. The Whips card often relates to communication so may involve arguments, banter, negotiations, prayer, mantras, incessant nagging,


criticism or bickering. This card is sometimes interpreted as indicating physical punishment or violence, or abuse of power. But its more general meaning is any action that occurs regularly, repeatedly, or ritualistically. So it could refer to exercise, training, dancing, sports, cleaning, hobbies, practice, habits, sex, or any repetitive routines. This card is also a reminder to sweep away harmful behavior.

Keywords: Repetition, routines, practice, punishment, arguments, rituals, habits

  1. 1 BIRDS • 70

“Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs." (African proverb)

The Birds card is ail about commu­nication, both the manner of conveyance and the information itself. Birds may represent conver­sations, discussions, news, verbal or electronically transmitted ideas. When you receive information, pay attention to both the medium and the message. Not everything you see or read online is completely true. Before reacting to any news, consider the source and the context,

for it may be sheer gossip, inflated hype, misleading innuendo or inaccurate third-hand misinforma­tion. On the positive side, the Birds card may indicate the sharing of valuable advice and wise counsel. The mother bird on this card may be offering important life lessons to the young fledglings. The Birds card delivers a message to keep your eyes open to signs and symbols that may appear around you.

Keywords: Communication, information, transmission, gossip, advice, signs, lessons



“There's nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn't even have to matter what they're laughing about." (Chriss Jami)

The Child card may represent a youthful person in your life or it may indicate youthful qualities, such as cheerfulness, inexperience, or immaturity in you or someone you are dealing with. The young girl on this card looks directly at you without guile or disguise. There is an honesty and directness about her and an innocent sense


of wonder. This cord reminds you to see things through a child's eyes and to act spontaneously, without over-thinking the situation. Try to approach things with a "beginner’s mind”—free of pre-conceived ideas. The Child card is about new begin­nings and fresh starts. Depending on circumstances (and surrounding cards) the Child card can indicate the debut of a creative endeavor or the launch of a career move.

Keywords: Youthfulness, new approaches, cheerful, honesty, open-minded, inexperienced


  1. 1 FOX • 9$

"Ifyou forgive a fox for stealing your chickens, he will steal your sheep."

(Georgian proverb)

This Fox card depicts a conniving creature nuzzling a beautiful woman, posing as a pet or a play­thing. The sly fox is a false friend who has tricked this woman into trusting him and letting him close. This card indicates that someone you think you know may be manipulating you or using you to further his or her own agenda. This card may refer to personal situa­tions or deceptions and duplicity

at work. The appearance of the Fox is warning you to keep your eyes open. Do not allow yourself to be charmed and taken in by an attractive con artist. This card also may refer to fraudulent financial schemes. You can avoid falling into the fox's trap by remaining vigilant and responsible.

Keywords: Deception, charm, manipulation, betrayal, fraud, agenda, trickery


  1. 1 BEAR • 10$

“Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling power." (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

The Bear card represents strength and power. Though there may be a gentle person behind the bear's face on this card, her assertive energy is quite intimidating. Even a kind, maternal person can be over­bearing and dominating. This card may indicate an authority figure, someone who commands atten­tion and respect. Alternatively, the Bear may represent a resourceful


person who wisely manages his material assets. You might do well to heed the wisdom and protection of someone who offers to mentor or advise you, especially in the area of financial decisions. The Bear defends its territory and its resources, but she also protects her own, and offers safety and security.

Keywords: Strength, authority, power, protection, domination


  1. 1 STARS • 6V

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."

(Vincent von Gogh)

The Stars card shows a luminous display of stars scattered across the indigo heavens. )ust as the constel­lations provided confidence and guidance to ancient navigators at sea, the Stars card offer clarity and inspiration. If success has seemed beyond reach, the appearance of the Stars card assures you that your highest aspirations are attainable. The stars provide the light at the


end of the tunnel to guide you toward your visions. If you have not even dared to believe in happy endings, this card encourages you to explore new paths, trusting that fate has amazing things in store for you. There is abundance beyond your wildest dreams out there. Reach for the stars!

Keywords: Inspiration, guidance, illumination, optimism, abundance


  1. 1 STW • QV

"Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything." (William MacNeile Dixon)

The appearance of the Stork card means the arrival of an important development. Though the stork traditionally symbolizes the birth of an actual baby, it can also signify the arrival of major changes in other areas of your life. These changes are usually positive ones that result


from a long, laborious period of careful planning, rather than from mere luck. The Stork card symbolizes productivity and movement forward toward tangible results. The migra­tory bird also signifies the beginning of a new season and transformation. This card may also represent reliable people in your life who bring assis­tance and gifts, represented by the eggs. The Stork card communicates to you that you are receiving what you desire and what you deserve.

Keywords: Arrival, improvements, productivity, movement, results


  1. 1 DOG • W

“The only way to have a friend is to be one."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This joyful card shows the bond of unconditional love between a dog and its person. The Dog signifies true loyalty and faithful friendship. The card may represent a friend, companion, lover, partner, soul mate or family member who has proven their devotion to you. This person is someone you rely on for support. Though in the canine world each creature has its place in the hierarchy, from this card it is


clear that both the boy and the dog derive mutual benefit from their special bond. They trust each other and rely on one another through good times and bad. This card may also refer to positive working rela­tionships. When this card is near, consider not only what you will get from a person or situation, but also what you will give.

Keywords: Friendship, loyalty, devotion, companionship, mutual benefit, camaraderie


  1. 1 TOWER • 6«

“A man's mind is wont to tell him more than seven watchmen sitting in a tower." (Rudyard Kipling)

The Tower reaching for the sky is a stronghold of imposing authority and bureaucratic power. It may offer protection and structure, such as provided by corporations, governments and institutions. This card may represent a person (or group) with high standards and lofty aspirations. It might denote a social climber, a person reaching for higher status, or a leader who


has reached the top of a hierarchy. This card suggests that blindly climbing the steps upward can lead to dead ends. Also, once the summit is reached, it may be lonely at the top. The Tower card can mean isolation or separation, an official position, or it may indicate the establishment of boundaries.

Keywords: Bureaucracy, authority, hierarchy, institutions, isolation


  1. 2 GARDEN • «❖

"I do believe in an everyday sort of magic—the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like." (Charles de Lint)

The Garden card illustrates a special place to interact with other people and with nature to enjoy beauty. The setting may be a public space such as a park or museum, or it may involve a private social gathering such as a party or reception. The miniature garden depicted here suggests that the group dynamics are a microcosm of social structure,

wherein individuals contribute their talents and energy for the benefit of all. What a group of people can accomplish together is far greater than what anyone can do alone. The Garden card may refer to networking, clubs, communi­ties, meetings, recreation, support groups, conferences, fundraisers, leisure activities and cultural events. The setting itself is not as important as the sense of enjoyment derived from participating in communal activities.

Keywords: Community, social interaction, culture, beauty, recreation, enjoyment


  1. 2 MOUNTAIN • 8£

"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."


The Mountain card represents the obstacles that may be standing in the way of your goals and objec­tives. There may be formidable challenges you need to face or problems you must solve before progress can be made. Unavoid­able delays will have to be dealt with. The Mountain may represent physical obstacles or mental ones. You may face resistance from others or from within yourself. Paralyzing


fear or lack of confidence may be holding you back. Yet, sheer will is not the way past the mountain. Once you accept that you've hit a wall, you can begin to formulate new approaches and creative solu­tions to resolve the situation. There is a way forward, but it may entail stepping back and starting over.

Keywords: Obstacles, challenges, delays, resistance, limitations


  1. 2 CHOICES • Q<>

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Unlike the Mountain card, which offers limited options for finding solutions, the Choices card reveals that you have a multitude of paths to consider. There are many ways through the labyrinth of life deci­sions. This Choices card illustrates that there are no wrong answers. Even if you find yourself in a corner you can always turn around and

try another direction. Though you feel you might be right back where you started, you now have greater knowledge of the landscape and of your choices. The ladder shows yet another option and a new perspective. Use the many tools and resources available to you to deal with challenges. When the Choices card appears near an ominous card, the outcome is not yet deter­mined but you are!

Keywords: Options, decisions, determination, directions, paths, alternatives, crossroads


  1. 2 MICE • 70

"The open door invites the thief. ” (Dutch proverb)

"Even a thief is frightened by a mouse." (French proverb)

When the Mice card appears, watch out for these tenacious thieves. They may be small but they can do a lot of damage over time. You may not notice the gradual loss at first, but eventually, bit by bit, they will eat away at your resources and savings, or your health, confidence, good­will, and your peace of mind. This card could mean that someone or


something is draining your time and energy. In a work situation, someone may be undermining you and trying to take credit for your ideas and efforts. The card could also mean that you are running out of time or options, especially if it occurs next to the Choices card. If this card is near the Tower card, it may signify corruption or instability.

Keywords: Theft, loss, destruction, erosion, deterioration


2,4. HEART • JV

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.* (Helen Keller)

The Heart card is just what it seems; it's all about love, affection and tender emotions. The Heart can refer to the romantic love between partners, or the love shared among friends and family. This card refers to the affinity and harmony felt in any relationship. The Heart can also designate passion not only for people but also for beliefs, artistic


endeavors, creative projects, or social causes. This card relates to compassion and caritas; the love of mankind that leads to altruism and charity. This card designates someone who not only feels deeply, but who acts with generosity. This card encourages you to put your heart into whatever you do.

Keywords: Love, compassion, charity, passion, affection


  1. RING • k#

"Commitment is an act, not a word. ” (Jean-Paul Satre)

The Ring card in the Lenormand system signifies a bond and a deep commitment. This partic­ular card illustrates the many facets of the card’s meaning. The man and the woman shown on the Ring have made a long-term commitment to one another and together, as spouses or partners, they have created a family and a home. Procuring and maintaining a house requires an investment


and a contract. Even their garden demands careful planning and dedication. The Ring refers to all types of pledges, promises, oaths, unions, alliances, legal agreements and financial investments. Beyond the act of making an agreement, the card indicates the responsibility to see the obligation through.

Keywords: Commitment, bond, dedication, agreement, contract, obligation, responsibility


  1. BOOK • 100

"You cannot open a book without learning something." (Confucius)

A book is more than pages between two covers. This Book card illus­trates so aptly that a book is a doorway to vast amounts of infor­mation and knowledge. The book is a universal symbol of education, scholarship, curiosity, expertise, discoveries, revelations, secrets and wisdom, whatever the source. The Book card can refer to traditional, formal learning from teachers and textbooks, or informal learning


from mentoring, manuals, spiritual seeking, workshops, self-improve­ment and life lessons. The Book card can also refer to the wonderful worlds opened up through litera­ture. history, fantasy, and inspira­tional resources.

Keywords: Knowledge, wisdom, information, learning, seeking


  1. LETTER • 74>

"More than kisses, letters mingle souls. ”

(John Donne)

On this card we see a letter that has been postmarked and is on its way to be delivered to its recip­ient. Inside, there is information, news or a message. The Letter card represents any means of written communication or transmittal of information between people. Unlike the Birds card, which usually indicates light-hearted conversa­tion or gossip, the Letter conveys something more significant such as


an invitation, an announcement, or a document. The Letter card may represent important paperwork such as memos, orders, contracts, deeds, reports, certificates, records, and the like. It may also represent more personal forms of commu­nication such as postcards, love letters, greeting cards, emails, notes, journals or poetry, especially if it falls near cards like the Heart, the Dog, or a person card.

Keywords: Message, greeting, information, document, news, announcement

  1. 2 MAN • A

This card presents a sophisticated, worldly man, shown gazing outward. He may represent the male being read for, or a woman’s lover, husband or partner, partic­ularly if the Man and the Woman cards are close together and facing each other. If they are far apart, but facing each other the rela­tionship has potential. If they are close together but facing opposite directions, their connection is tenuous or troubled. The Man may be more focused on something else. If he is looking toward the Snake,


Fox, Bear, Tower, Clouds, Star, Rider or Ship he is dealing with his own challenges or ambitions and does not have the time or inclination for an intimate relationship, in this case, the Man indicated may be a friend, advisor, or colleague. If he is gazing at the Heart, Ring, House, Garden, Anchor, Tree, or Bouquet he is open to romance and perhaps a long-term commitment.

Keywords: Husband, lover, partner, soulmate, mentor, father, brother, colleague


  1. 2 LADY • AO

This card shows a beautifully dressed woman who exudes confi­dence and charm. She may repre­sent the woman being read for, or a female friend, partner, lover, wife, mother, sister or daughter. There is an air of romance about this woman, which could indicate an intimate relationship or passion for arts and beauty. This attractive woman is reaching out with her hand. What she is attracting is determined by the cards to her left. If she is facing the Man and the Heart card, a romantic relation­

ship is likely. If the House, Child or Stork card lie before her, family and domestic bliss are important to her. If her back is turned toward the Man she has other things on her mind. If she is turned toward the Ship or the Rider this worldly woman may have travel and adventure on her mind. If she faces the Sun or the Stars, she has great aspirations and success is within her reach.

Keywords: wife, lover, partner, soulmate, mother, sister, daughter, friend, confidante


  1. 3 LILIES • E4>

"And lilies white, prepared to touch The whitest thought, nor soil it much,

Of dreamer turned to lover."

(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

"And the stately lilies stand Fair in the silvery light, Like saintly vestals, pale in prayer; Their pure breath sanctifies the air, As its fragrance fills the night."

(Julia C.R. Dorr)

The simple elegance of this white flower indicates peace and harmony and a kind of purity and innocence. Yet at the same time, there is a certain sensual beauty


found in the lily. The flower is associated with mature, sexual inti­macy, the kind of passion shared by long-term couples. The Lilies card implies traditional bonds, wisdom and experience. It may relate to ideas, status, or reputation passed on through heritage, legacies, and ancestry. The lily is also a symbol of virtue. Historically, it denotes something regal or holy.

Keywords: Harmony, sexuality, purity, virtue, status, legacy, regal


  1. 3 SUN - AO

"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. ” (Samuel Smiles)

The big, bright sun radiates warmth, clarity, energy and vitality. The Sun is a card of affirmation that offers positive answers where outcomes are in doubt. If the Sun is near the Birds, Rider or Letter card, there will be good news. If near threatening cards, the Sun mitigates their negative effect. Where there was sickness (Coffin) or despair (Clouds) the Sun card

brings recovery, hope, and opti­mism. Near the Fish, the Sun brings abundance. Near the Heart, the Sun brings the promise of love. In busi­ness or personal endeavors, the Sun means enthusiasm and confidence, leading to success. The Sun also indicates insights, epiphanies, inspi­ration and spiritual awakenings.

Keywords: Vitality, optimism, success, recovery, inspiration, victory


  1. 3 MOON • SV

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."


Many myths and legends around the world interpret the shapes on the moon as depicting the rabbit with his mortar and pestle. On this luminous Moon card we clearly see the tiny rabbit conjuring up his celestial magic. The Moon is asso­ciated with myth, dreams, reverie, mystical matters, enchantment and inspiration. When we gaze at the moon in the sky we see not only a reflection of the sun’s light, but also


a mirror to our imagination and our subconscious. The Moon illumi­nates intuition, instinct, perception, creativity, fantasy and passion. The crescent moon reminds us that things happen in cycles, so if negative experiences are suggested by nearby cards, it may be necessary to wait for the conclusion of events before expecting improvements. The Moon card reflects and enhances other cards in its orb.

Keywords: Dreams, magic, reflections, intuition, inspiration, mysticism, cycles

  1. 3 KEY • SO

"The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys that can unlock a wealth of potential."

(John C. Maxwell)

In the right hands, this simple key has the power to unlock mysteries and find answers that have been hidden away. In a Lenormand reading, the Key card manifests the resolution of problems and chal­lenges. Other cards shed light on a situation, but the Key provides the missing piece of the puzzle. Most cards are read in left/right pairs in a spread. But whatever card

lies beneath the Key provides the crucial element required for success, especially if the Sun is nearby. A key can also secure things and keep them safe. Near the Bear card, the Key delivers protection from nearby ominous cards. Near the Moun­tain, it removes obstacles. Near the Moon card, the Key provides insight, near the House, it provides security. The Key card brings more than good luck; it is a card of empowerment that safeguards your destiny.

Keywords: Answers, destiny, resolution, protection, security, empowerment


  1. 3 FISH • FO

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."


The fish is a universal symbol of abundance. In Lenormand, the Fish card indicates the flow of plentiful resources, but it is a card with a double-edged meaning. One of its messages is that too much of a good thing can be harmful. While the farmer prays for rain, torrential rains can have devastating effects. The Fish card signifies commerce, transactions, trade, opportunities, profits and prosperity. Expanding


business can be a lucrative endeavor, but excessive working can lead to neglect of other important areas of life and greed can undermine the virtue of hard work. This card is also associated with the excessive behavior that leads to addiction and alcoholism, especially near the Whips card. The Fish card is a reminder to manage resources wisely, enjoy things in moderation, and be careful what you wish for!

Keywords: Abundance, prosperity, profits, opportunities, resources, commerce, excess, immoderation

  1. 3 ANCHOR • 9«

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." (Andre Gide)

To the sailor, the anchor means safe mooring and returning home to security and stability. This card showing a tattoo of an anchor also suggests courage, perseverance, endurance, permanence and confi­dence. The Anchor card signifies jobs, marriages and other long­term commitments that come with heavy responsibilities. These life choices mean sacrificing freedom


but they are the things that keep us grounded and provide a sense of identity. In a Lenormand reading, the Anchor is a positive card that means you’ve reached your goal. This card is not about fleeting gratification or mundane victories. The Anchor is a sign that you have successfully fulfilled your destiny.

Keywords: Safety, completion, commitments, permanence, security, groundedness

  1. 3 CROSS • 6#

“People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.’’

(George Bernard Shaw)

In the Lenormand tradition, as in religion, the cross is a symbol of burdens, suffering and profound sacrifice. The Cross card often signifies ordeals and trials that are unavoidable and sometimes necessary in order for progress to be made in life’s journey. Though the card is associated with grief and despair, it does not always have a negative meaning. The Cross


symbolizes spiritual ascension and the integration of the self that follows a spiritual quest. The Cross card references faith, devotion, unity, redemption, religious beliefs, the Divine, mercy, and universal spiritual energy. Near the Fish card, the Cross can mean a bounty of blessings. Near the Anchor it can signify finding shelter and comfort in one's faith. The Cross can also symbolize karma or fate.

Keywords: Suffering, sacrifice, ordeals, devotion, unity, faith, religious doctrine, spirituality



To begin reading with Lenormand cards, it is helpful to start with pairs of cards. This simple method will help you learn to begin the associa­tive process that is essential to the Lenormand system. Generally, with a pair of cards, the first card (on the left) will be thought of as a noun, and the second card (on the right) will be interpreted as an adjective.


For example:

Woman + Stars = Successful or ambitious woman Rider + Heart - Message or arrival of love

Working with two cards is a good way to do daily drawings for general insight.


To get answers to specific questions, try laying out a line of cards.

This method works best with an odd number, such as five or seven cards. The middle card becomes the focus of the reading. Cards 2 and 4 offer information about the nature of the issue. Card 1 indicates some influences on the situation. Card 5 suggests an outcome.

Below is a sample reading based on a question posed: "Should I seek a promotion at work with more responsibilities or remain in my current position?"


With the Ring as the central card, the focus is clearly on the commit­ments and responsibilities the job entails. The Cross card in position 2 indicates that the job is seen as more of a burden that a source of


gratification. The Tower in position 4 suggests that a rise to the top could create more isolation and separation from other things in your life that are important to you. The Mice card hints that the job would be stealing all your time and energy. The Child card in the final position (especially in combination with the Ring card) suggests that your home life and family time (and leisure time to play) should be your priority right now, and you are not ready or willing to sacrifice your domestic happiness for the promotion.



Start with a card that will be your significator; this card will represent you (or the person you are reading for). It may be the Man or Lady card, but it need not be. You may choose a card that resonates with you. Or simply shuffle the cards and see what card surfaces as the first card, your significator. You may use all 36 cards or start with a small spiral of ten cards. Lay out the cards, face down in a counterclockwise spiral, as shown on the next page. Turn over each card one at a time and consider what information

each additional card brings to the reading. Cards 2-6 have the most direct impact on the situation. Consider what each card says about the card it follows.

For example, what does the card in position 4 say about the card in position 3? Cards 7-10 (or additional cards if using more) will have less influence on the significator’s situation, but they may shed more light on the inner cards.



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