female self love tarot guidebook

other cards-0.5
There are a total of 91 points in the deck
The points for the game are calculated using the
R-the difference between the number of po-
ints played and the required number (calculated
from the number of honors required).
P-bonus of 10 points for taking a trump I(the
Magician) in the last trick.
M -game value:small game xl,big game x2,a
big game without dog x4,big game versus dog x6
H-a bonus for having the right number of
trumps,declared before the game.
C-a bonus for taking all the tricks:200 points
With a declaration:400 points.In case of decla-
ring and not taking all the tricks:penalty -200
A number of trumps(Major Arcana) needed to
receive the bonus(H from the formula above):
Three-player game: 
13 trumps-20 points
15 trumps-30 points
18 trumps-40 points

One card layout
After the preliminary steps(shufling,calming
yourself, and preparing your surrounding)
you simply draw one card.
Simple question-simple answer.Ask a qu-
estion that is bothering you, and analyze the
advice that the card gives you.
Three Card layout
put out three cards from the deck and starting
from your left interpret them to answer these
1.How much do I love and respect myself?
2.What in my beliefs prevents me from loving
myself fully and healthily?
3.What in my beliefs helps me to healthily and
fully love myself?

the Major Arcana
0 The Fool-spontaneity,enthusiasm,a clear
mind,a new path,morning,child
This is a card of new beginnings,possibilities,
and potential.
I The Magician - intelligence,talent,stage
magnetism,fluency of words,boldness,belief
in yourself and your abilities.The Magician
brings you the tools and resources you need to
achieve your goals.
II The High Priestess-intuition,initiation,
contact with the unconscious realms of the
mind,spiritual wisdom in feminine energy. en-
trusting the secret
Focus on your subconscious and try to hear the
answers to your questions,but coming from
you,from within.
III The Empress-femininity, creativity. fer-
tility, pregnancy feminine authority nature
The Empress is calling you to connect with
your feminine side.Beauty., fertilitys, creativityx
sexuality. Allow yourself to indulge in pleasu-
res. Take care of yourself and your senses.
IV The Emperor-orler, fathes,masculine
energy structure,responsibility logic,reason.

V The Hierophant-Spiritual power,spiritual
master,guru,morality,social conventions,tra
dition,sense of community.
VI The Lovers-Relationship,Love,Harmony.
making choices,duality,good health,commu-
VII The Chariot-Movement,acceleration,
control,ambition, triumph,journey.
When you hare learned how to make decisions
in alignment with your values-nowis the time
to put those decisions into action.
VIII The Justice - justice,cause and effect,ri-
IX The Hermit-introspection,puzzle-solving
X The Wheel of Fortune-opportunity, wheel
of the year,winning the lottery, change,good
luck,advancement,movement. Be prepared
for good opportunities and catch them when
they appear in your environment. Don't be
afraid of change and let it take you by storm.
XI The Strength-Strength,health, integra-
tion, self-improvement, power, compassion,
XII The Hanged man -Change of perspective,

new point of view.
XIII The Death-The End,Success,Effective-
ness,Transformation,moment of transition,
Something irreversible,breaking off ties,re-
It is the ending of certain things and events.
The cdosing of some phase of life.
XIV The Temperance-balance,synthesis,pa-
Seek to balance your expectations of yourself
and the world.
XV The Devil-balancing between extremes,
great energy potential,bondage,addiction,ob-
session,reclaiming power.
XVI The Tower-Necessary change in dificult
circumstances,ruin,sudden event changing
the course of things,destruction.
Remember that a fall,even though it is a shock
-gives you a chance to get back up and correct
your mistakes.
XVII The Star- happy turn of events,faith.
beauty, aesthetics,harmony. hope,blessing.
XVIII The Moon-intuition,imagination,un
reality, subconscious,llusion,dreams,visions.
XIX The Sun -joyr. enthusiasın,success,fame
revealing what was hidden,awareness,day be-

XX The Judgement Rebirth.absolution,
binding decision,a rite of passage,an impor-
tant exam,healing, a reward for hardship.
starting a family,family.
XXI The World-Closing a cycle while ente-
ring a newone,sense of completeness,perfec-
The world card shows us a sense of connec-
tion with the universe.It is a card that sym-
bolizes success,the culmination of hard work.
Minor Arcana
The CUPS represent Water,emotions,feelin-
gs,subconscious, parapsychic abilities
Ace -friendship,joy, happiness,beauty, ple-
nership,marriage,yin yang
3-friendship,joy, meeting with relatives, lo-
ose cooperation.
4 - dissatisfaction, apathy, boredom,excess,
selfishness,lack of gratitude and satisfaction.
5- bereavement, disappointment,sadness,
grief,pessimism,regaining hope and cdarity
of vision.

6-memories,childhood,joy, innocence.
7-Illusion,temptation,excess of possibilities,
8-Departure from what has already served its
purpose,arranging life anew,abandonment.
9-Happiness,fulfilled dreams,prosperity
10- Radiant energy,harmony, love,satisfac-
tion with life,relationship.
Princess - creative, emotional, curiosity
possibilities,young person with a romantic
Knight - artistic,creativity, charm,beauty.
misguided knight.
Queen-intuition,emotional stability,mani-
pulating the feelings of others,insight.
King-giving support,open mind.
THE SWORDS represent Air,mind,intel-
lect,book knowledge,bring wisdom to get
out of difficult situations
Ace-truth,clarity of mind,new ideas,clear
2-a difficult decision,evasiorns,necessary but
dificult compromise,nmediation.
3-betrayal,heartbreak,sadness,cold diplo-

4-necessary rest,mcditation,regeneration,peace,
the strength of mind.
5-conlict,discord,self-destruction,right lessons
learned after loss, winning at too great a cost.
6-hope,journey, change,unexpected good reso-
7-mystery, self-interest,deception,theft,getting
something back by trickery,cunning
8-trapped,powerless,hands tied,unable to move,
overstepping boundaries.
9-Insomnia,depression,anxiety, brainstorming
10-Painful ending,a punch in the back,ability to
deal with pain -both physical and emotional.
Princess-honesty, integrity, new ideas,attentive
curiosity, naivety,and impulsiveness.
Knight-strength,determination,ambition, quick
Queen-cdear vision,perceptiveness,difficult past
King-fair,inalytical mind,full view of the situ-
ation, authority,high intellect.
THE PENTACLES represent Earth,matter,phy-
sical health,work,money, abundance, worldly go-
Ace-beginning of a new business,the good seed
of events,new opportunities in career.

2-balance.priorities,choice between Iwo.equiva
lent material qualities.
stage,working in a group,learning.
4-control,possession,frugality, greed.
5- sadness,fear,sense of loss.
6-development,wealth,generosity, receiving re
payment of the debt,return of arrears.
7-time of reflection,investment,sowing,waiting
for harvest.
8-Skills,mastery, deepening knowledge.perfec-
ting a talent.
9-happy and healthy home,lasting stability. mate
rial blessing,health,earned wealth.
10-fulfillment,wealth,family, rest,satietys ultime
te and lasting success.
Princess-responsible,kind,supportive,skill deve-
lopment,introvert firmly on the ground.
Knight-loyal,quiet,dedicated,focused on.work
Queen-homemaker,loving, patient.generous.her
aler -herbalist.
King-calm,prosperous,wealthys steady bual:
nessman,Jeader,discipline,thoughtfal investmens,
THE WANDS represent fire directing eaergs

Ace-Inspiration,expansion,high energy,growth.
new opportunity for growth is all around you.
2-Determination,taking direction,progress,di-
3-Vision of the future,progress,development.
4-Malking plans,celebration,festivity,joy.
nal recognition, medals,decorations,and awards.
7-Courage, inner strength,challenge,fighting for
a good cause,success within reach.
8-Sudden movement or change,good,unexpec-
ted news.
9-Endurance,balance,courage,awareness of one's
10-Heaviness,blockage,difficulty, excessive re-
sponsibility,overstimulation,feelin powerless.
Princess- Unpredictable,visionary passionate,
free spirit,busy and joyful person. Unstable ego.
Knight-Charming,adventurous,sexual energy.
Queen-Full of color,courage,energetic,will do
any errand,very attractive woman,ubiquitous,ef-
fective,Jeader, alpha.
King-Charismatic,creative,leader, alpha,inffuen-

(simplihed rules)
We use the entire deck to play.The game can be
played by3105 people.
-In a game for 3-4 people:we put 6 cards into the
stock in the middle of the table(the dog),the rest
are distributed among the players (every player
gets 24 0r 18 cards respectively).One person(the
attacker),who bids for the game,plays against the
team of the other players(the defenders).
-In a 5-player game:3 cards are put in the stock,
the other cards are distributed among the players
(everyone gets 15 cards).In this game,two teamis
are formed:the attacking and defending one.The
person who has won the bidding chooses blindly
a partner by choosing one king(the attacker).The
partner of this person is revealed during the game
by playing this lking card. It may happen that the
king is in the dog,in which case the player plays
against all the others.
-Counting the points:If the attacker wins the
trick,he gets the number of points,(calculated
from the formula),multiplied times 3.If he loses
he gets minus points.
If the defending team wins,then each of those

plevers receives exactly the amount of points that
coume ot oi the fornula.If they lose then the po-
irsts are dediscted in the satme way.
The sun of the points of all players is 0.
In the Tarol game,the Ace is the 1, the weakest
ne sut
Excase-the 0 RoN card,is used as an excuse not
to play ancther card.It can be played on any suit
(cups,wands,swords,pentacles)and trumps.It
returns to its owner's hand after being played.In
return,that person must give the trick winner
ome of the cards from his hand worth half a point.
Dog -a stock of cards in the middle of the table.
Hand-the cards in the hand of the single-player,
dealt at the beginning.
Trick-cards of al players,discarded on the table
during a single play.
Homors-also lnown as the edge cards:excu-
se (Fool),trump I(Magician),and trump XXI
Trump-all the Major Arcana(I-XXI,except for
the Fool).They are stronger than any suit.
Full hand dedaration-declaring to have the ap-
propriate number of trumps Major Arcana.

Slam-declaring to have taken all the tricks.
CGanae-consists of several hands.
Deal-consists of bidding playing,counting po-
Suits -wands,cups,pentacles,and swords.In
the beginning,you have to play according to the
right suit.If you don't have any card in this suit,
you have to play a trump first.If you don't have a
color or a trump,you can play any card you like
Attacker- the team or the person w1o made the
Defenders- the remaining members of the
Each player,starting with the person to the left of
the dealer, may,either declare a game or fold.A
player may only bid once.
The following declarations are available for bid
SMALL- A player reveals the dog to the other
players,and can exchange any number of cards
from it.No honors or kings can be placed in the
dog.The cards in the dog do not take part in the

gane bait are sdded to the player's points at the
80G-he sane as the small game but scored do-
BMG WTTHOUT THE DOG-the dog is not re-
venied,bui the points for the cards in it go to the
player.This game is scored quadruple.
BIG AGAINST THE DOG-the dog is not reve-
aled,bul the poiats for the cards in it go to the
opponeats. This game is scored six times.
The player,who won the bidding,starts the game
and plays the first trick(puts down a card first).
Before the start of the game, any player can dec-
lare a full hand(collecting the appropriate num-
ber of trumps)or decdare that they will take all
the cards(a Slam).For declarations,the player
receives bonus points,added at the end of the
The player who starts a trick can play any card.
Players must follow suit if they have a suit-led
card;,otherwise,they must play a trump if he has
any, there is a rule of 'overtrump which means
that the player must playa higher trump that was

played so fdr. Only if the player has no cards in a
suit of trumps cards can he play any card.f the
trick is led with a trump,all other players must
play a trump,and each trump must exceed the
rank of all trump previously played in the trick
if possible.If this is not possible,a lower-ranked
trump,or any card if the player has no trumps,
can be played.
The player with the highest card in the suit,or
the highest trump,wins the trick.The value of a
trump is determined by its number:the highest
is trump number XXI and the lowest is trump
number I,which is weaker than the other trump
but stronger than any suit. The player who took
the trick starts the next trick.
All cards included in the collected trick are set
aside for later,to calculate the points at the end of
the game.An exception is the Excuse card,it can
be placed on any suit (cups,swords,pentacdes.
wands)or trump.The Excuse card returns to its
owner,after being played.In return,the Excuse
cardholder gives to the player,who won the tricdk.
of one of his cards,from the hand worth 0.5a
point. If the player starts the last trick with the
Excuse card,it goes to the opponent,who won
the trick, The only exception is when the player
has won all the previous tricks.Then the Excuse

card wins the last trick.
The goal of th:game is to score the appropriate
nurmber of points,depending on how many ho-
nors the player has won in the played tricks.
There are three honors:XXI-the highest trump
(World),1-the lowest trump(Magician),and
Excuse card- Fool. One of the most important
elements of the game is to get the trumpI(Magi-
cian) in the last hand and then receive 10 bonus
A number of honors and a number of points
needed (necessary to calculate R in the formula
3 honors-36 points
2 bonors-41 points
1 honor-51 points
0 bonors -56 points
Points for cards:
queen -3.5

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