Healing Light Lenormand Guidebook

'Clubs' sayno. Spades suggest a 'maybe no', whilst Diamonds say 'maybe yes'. Drawing three Club cards would suggest a definite 'no' for example. By contrast, a heart, a club and a diamond would say 'maybe yes'. In this case, the definite 'yes' and 'no' of the heart and club cancel each other out, leaving the diamond to decide the issue.
1:THE RIDER(9 of Hearts)
The Rider is a courier, a kind man bearing news or a message. He represents swiftness, agili-ty, updates and feedback. He can be an eligible young man or the 'other man'in an extra mari-tal affair. The Rider brings good things into your life, including renewal or improvement. With the House,you have home improvements.With the Ship you have a shortened journey. With the Whip, you have disruptive news or someone up-setting entering your life. With the Mice, his news causes anxiety.

2:CLOVER (6 of Diamonds)
Clover is a symbol of good luck and short-term good fortune. This is a happy wild card or a happy go lucky person. The card also represents life's little surprises. It's the card of taking small risks but it's also the card of optimistic outcomes.Clover goes a long way to negate negative cards, so with the Snake, it would suggest short-term adversity. With the Fish,you have financial good fortune. With the Heart,you have luck in love. With the Mountain, you'll somehow find the means to overcome.
3:THE SHIP(10 of Spades)
This card represents prosperity and successful commerce. It's also the card of travel and long journeys. In practical terms, this can often mean going abroad. If it speaks of a person, it sug-gests someone from overseas. This is something (or someone) foreign or strange. The card also suggests the winds of change. Ship and Anchor symbolise conflict between staying put and go-ing away. With the Whip, you have a punishing journey. With the Crossroads,you have a choice of journeys. With the Dog, you have a travelling companion.

4:THE HOUSE(King of Hearts)
This is the card of home and stability. It's also the card of staying put, domesticity and family life. The house is stable base to work from, plus being at home or indoors. In material terms, this is a small or domestic property. With the Cross,you have a place of worship. With the Fish,you have a valuable property. With the Ring, you have a marital home or jointly owned property.With the Mice, you are being warned of structural prob-lems, dry rot or some urgent bricks and mortar issue that needs attention.
5:THE TREE(7 of Hearts)
The Tree represents growth and stability.When it appears, roots are being putting down. It also represents health, vitality, strength and an extend-ed family. It points to a family tree, ancestry and inherited family traits. The Tree and the House show an ancestral home. Tree plus the Child shows a progression towards maturity. With the Anchor, you have something deep rooted and un-shakeable. With the Fish, your wealth is growing.

6:THE CLOUDS (King of Clubs)
The Clouds symbolise worries and clouded vi-sion. They can also represent confusion, depres-sion and moodiness. Troubles are approaching or receding, depending on the surrounding cards. If Clouds appear to the left of a card,your period of uncertainty is passing. If they appear to the right, you are entering that same uncertain space. Clouds and Mice represent anxiety through un-certainty. With the Heart, a cloud hangs over your relationship.
7:THE SNAKE(Queen of Clubs)
This card represents a dishonest or devious per-son. Malice or danger lurks in the shadows. De-ception or manipulation can be at play in your relationships. The Snake is sly and slippery, rep-resenting all things poisonous. When the Snake appears next to any card, you should act with caution, particularly if it appears with the Cof-fin or Scythe. Coupled with the Fox,you should apply double caution, for this is deception with stealth.

8:THE COFFIN (9 of Diamonds)
The Coffin represents stagnation,endings and goodbyes. Emptiness, sadness and despair ac-company this card. It puts an end to situations or relationships and can herald both sickness and finality. As the saying goes, it is 'the last nail in the coffin'. With the Fish, we see financial loss-es. With the Ring or Heart, we see the end of a relationship. With the Tower, a business may go bankrupt. If this card appears to the right of the Star,your hopes have been thwarted.
9:THE BOUQUET(Queen of Spades)
A gift of love or a token of affection; the Bouquet is all about happiness and feeling appreciated. This card indicates romantic gestures, invitations, pleasant surprises and thoughtful gestures. With the Tower, it represents positive recognition at work,or recognition via the law. With Clover,you have the ultimate combination of good luck and happiness. With the Dog, you have an apprecia-tive friend but with the Snake, generous gestures are empty.

10:THE SCYTHE(Jack of Diamonds)
The Scythe indicates sudden change.Something is being severed when this card appears. The undergrowth is cleared to make way for fresh green shoots. It also indicates surgical precision. With the Heart, Dog, Ring, Lady or Gentleman, it shows a severing of relationship. With the An-chor, it shows loss of stability. With the Sun, it means a loss of happiness, whilst with the Moon you lose your ability to reflect objectively.
11:THE WHIP(Jack of Clubs)
The Whip signals tension,quarrelling,trouble and strife. It also symbolises punishment and abuse. Repetition is key with this card.Violence and aggression are suggested but also vigour and energy. The Whip can induce pain but when paired with the Heart, it also represents lustful sex. With the Tower, corporate or legal punish-ments are suggested. The Birds and the Whip suggest malicious gossip but with the Mice,ob-sessions are indicated.

12:THE BIRDS/OWLS(7 of Diamonds)
This card represents gossip, chatter, hearsay, Chi-nese whispers and rumours. It also shows con-versation, debate and curiosity. In modern terms, this is can be electronic communications, so tele-phone and social media are very much indicated. With the Rider, you have the spreading of gossip. With the Cross or Coffin, you have destructive or hurtful gossip. With the Garden,you have a place to exchange news. With the Book,confidential information has been leaked.
13:THE CHILD(Jack of Spades)
This card shows a baby, a child or a teenager. It symbolises a state of infancy, talks of new begin-nings, eternal youth and an omen of happiness. The child also represents something small. Chil-dren can't always fend for themselves so this in-dicates vulnerability and the need for protection. Child with Scythe shows someone orphaned or cut off from their family. Child with the Stork rep-resents the birth of a new baby. The Child and the Bear shows protection and empowerment.

14:THE FOX(9 of Clubs)
This represents survival, cunning or taking advan-tage. It also talks of things going on out of sight. The Fox is trickery or an imposter; someone who isn't be-ing honest. Next to the Lady, Gentleman or the Child, someone you know is deceiving you. With the Dog, a friend is being dishonest. Fox and Fish is dishonest gain whilst Fox and the Book is stealthy concealment.
15:THE BEAR (10 of Clubs)
The bear is someone big and strong; someone brave and protective. This is an imposing, pow-erful personality or maybe someone in a position of power. The Bear could be a manager,director or chief exec. This is also someone of big physical build, or a fierce, maternal protectionism.With the Lady, you see a protective Mother; with the Gentleman, a strong, protective man. With the Tower, you see a manager at work. With the Fish, this is profit through business.
16:THE STARS(6 of Hearts)
The Stars represent your wishes come true.These are lucky stars - all things esoteric and magical.

They are also Divine guidance, purity and clear vision. Direction and navigation are symbolised, as is the North, for the North Star is the star to steer by. With the Clouds on the left,you are emerging from confusion, but if they appear to the right, your clear vision will be lost. Coffin plus the Star suggests a breath of fresh air to blow away the cobwebs.With the Heart or Ring, a rela-tionship is blessed.
17:THE STORK(Queen of Hearts)
The Stork represents change, restlessness, migra-tion and upheavals. It also symbolises the birth of a child, a change of scene or a spring clean. Cycles and seasonalI change are part of this card. The Stork with the Ship represents a round trip. With the Scythe,it represents the end of a cycle. Paired with the Cross, it shows hindered progress and reluctant movement.
18:THE DOG(10 of hearts)
The Dog is friendship, loyalty, a faithful compan-ion,someone to be trusted and a best friend. It denotes neediness and dependency, as well as unconditional love.The Dog with the Bear is an

advisor or a protective friend. The Dog and the Tower shows a friend with powerful influence.
19:THE TOWER(6 of Spades)
The Tower is a strong building or vantage point, a guard tower or a look out post. It can be a business headquarters or any type of municipal or official building. The Tower provides protection from un-seen enemies. It also represents someone or some-thing old. With the Anchor, it's an impregnable fortress or an unbreakable shield. With the Book,it becomes a safe place to hide. Paired with the Letter, it represents a business letter or an official message.
20:THE GARDEN(8 of Spades)
The Garden is a place to meet, a social invitation or a lovers' tryst. This is a social space, repre-senting openness and inclusivity. The Garden is a place for community. It signifies green spaces, countryside and recreation.With the Book, it sig-nifies secrecy in full view. This combination also signifies a place of learning. Garden with Fish represents a gambling establishment. With the Lady or Gentleman, you have a gardener. With the Ring,you have a registry office.

MOUNTAIN(8 of Clubs)
mountain to climb, a blockage or an ob-. The Mountain represents something mething unmoveable or a challenge to me. While symbolising delays,the Moun-n also indicate durability and resilience. If ountain comes before an important card, ave overcome adversity. If it comes after a ificant card,your path remains blocked. In combinations, it also denotes great strength, with the Bear you have a person of great power. ith the Snake,your challenges are complex.
22:THE CROSSROAD (Queen of Diamonds)
This card represents decisions, dilemmas and prob-
lems.Several different alternatives lie ahead of you.
Which one do you choose? The card challenges you
to take a different path. It represents advantages,dis-
advantages and choices to be weighed up. With the
Ring or Heart, it represents a choice between two
lovers or who to marry. With the Stork,it challeng-
es you to break cycles of addiction or complacency.
You may simply need to step out of your comfort
zone.With the Garden, you have a choice of venues.
With the Bouquet, it becomes about choosing a gift.

23:THE MICE(7 of Clubs)
The Mice symbolise nervous energy, stress and anxiety.When they appear, something is gnawing away at things behind the scenes. They represent gradual erosion, fear of loss and low self-esteem. Dishonest opportunism is a hallmark of the Mice. Look out for slow leaks in your finances and oth-er resources. Mice are small creatures, so their influence is reduced when combined with posi-tive cards like the Sun,Star or Clover. With other cards, they tend to denote an unhealthy state of affairs; so with the Dog, a friendship causes you anxiety.
24:THE HEART (Jack of Hearts)
This is the card of love, partnerships and creating a union. Care and affection are indicated, along with romantic feelings and gestures. When it ap-pears, the Heart indicates tenderness and passion. With the Lady or Gentleman cards, the Heart in-dicates a relationship with a specific person. With Clover, you are lucky in love. With the Ring,a re-lationship will lead to marriage or living together. Be careful when this appears with the Fox or the Snake,for your heart will lead you astray.

25:THE RING(Ace of Clubs)
This card signifies an engagement or contract; a promise or a bond. The ring can bind whichev-er card it appears alongside, making it a contract or obligation, so with the Heart, the Bouquet or the Clover, this is a happy union. In combina-tion with the House, it represents a property sale, whilst with the Garden you have a land deal. Combination with the Fish symbolises a financial transaction. The Ring and the Cross signifies a re-ligious commitment or vow.
26: THE BOOK(10 of Diamonds)
The Book represents secrets, knowledge,wisdom and learning. If the book is drawn to the left of a card, a secret is already known. If it is drawn to the right, the secret is yet to be revealed. For example,the Book following the Crossroads indi-cates a hidden path, but if the pairing is reversed it shows a way forward. Similarly, the Snake plus the Book indicates hidden danger or deception. The other way around,treachery is exposed.

27:THE LETTER(7 of Spades)
This card stands for written or electronic commu-nication including letters, emails, instant messag-ing or invitations. The written word is important here and news may soon arrive. Combined with the Stork, this would be a newsletter or circular. With the Lilies, it'sa letter from a family member. With the Birds,your letter contains gossip whilst combination with the Scythe means you letter may spell the end of a contract or relationship. With the Sun or Clover, the Letter brings good news.
28:THE GENTLEMAN(Ace of Hearts)
This is the male Significator. If you are male,this represents yourself in a reading. It also represents any male you're reading for. This also represents masculinity, potency, male energy and initiation. The Gentleman and the Bear indicates a powerful man. With the Stars, he is the man of your dreams whilst with the Book he is a man of learning.
29:THE LADY(Ace of Spades)
This is the female Significator. If you are female this represents yourself in a reading. It also rep-

resents any female you're reading for. This also represents femininity, fertility, female energy and receptivity. The Lady with the Key suggests a woman who holds the answers you seek. With the Ring, she becomes a married woman.With the Lilies, she is a woman of wisdom.
30:THE LILIES (King of Spades)
Wisdom, purity, maturity, family and community welfare are all indicated by this card. The lilies represent virtue and genuinely good intent. If the card indicates sexual relations, they are monog-amous and within a faithful relationship. Lilies with the Lady show a female family member, while with the Gentleman a male family member is suggested. Lilies plus the House suggests the family home whilst combination with the Tower indicates a reputable business, charity or other organisation.
31:THE SUN(Ace of Diamonds)
The Sun stands for success,positivity,warmth and light. It is a card of cheeriness and significant achievements.The card of the conscious mind, it also represents the season of summer, abundant

harvest and things coming to fruition. One of the most powerful cards in the deck, it tends to out-shine and overpower the effects of negative cards, so with the Coffin, stagnation is swept away. Where positive cards are concerned, it enhances their blessings.
32:THE MOON (8 of Hearts)
The Moon represents reflection, creativity, intu-ition and dreams. It is also the card of work, voca-tions and all the recognition that goes with them. The arts,entertainment and fame, along with ro-mance and eroticism are also symbolised by this card. Moon with the Cross to the left is a religious vocation while Moon and the Heart show roman-tic love. The Moon coupled with the Garden in-dicates public recognition but when coupled with the Book, it represents mysteries beyond rational explanation.
33:THE KEY(8 of Diamonds)
Key suggests the act of locking or unlocking. The choice at hand is whether to open the door or to keep it closed. To hold the keys to a situation or place is to be in a position of power. The card

suggests a sought-after solution or something of key importance.Paired with the Rider, a messen-ger will bring your answers. With the Anchor,the solution is to stay put, whilst with the Ship, your answers will be found elsewhere. With the Snake or the Fox, keep the door locked and the truth to yourself, but if the Key appears with the Child, honesty and openness will win the day.
34:THE FISH(King of Diamonds)
The Fish symbolise good fortune, money,success and material wealth. Wages, investment and fi-nancial transactions are also covered by this card, as are self-employment and entrepreneurial en-deavour. Fish plus the Clover suggests a lucky windfall.With the Crossroads,financial decisions must be made. With the Lilies, family wealth or an inheritance is suggested. Beware of their pair-ing with the Cross, for this suggests a disastrous financial risk or miscalculation.
35:THE ANCHOR(9 of Spades)
The Anchor stands for stability and routine. It is something reliable, dependable and unchanging. Long-term goals, quiet confidence,perseverance,

stubbornness and resilience are all qualities be-stowed by this card. With the House, your home life is stable. With the Tower,your workplace is similarly stable. Anchor and Garden show a safe place or refuge, whilst the Anchor and the Key show the way to stability. Paired with negative cards, the Anchor shows bad traits that are diffi-cult to dislodge. With the Birds, you have an en-trenched culture of gossip. Pairing with the Cof-fin denotes a rut that is difficult to escape.
36:THE CROSS(6 of Clubs)
This is a difficult card as it represents both per-sonal faith and fate. It symbolises what is pre-des-tined or ordained. It also represents suffering and adversity. A step too far can lead to disastrous consequences. When the Cross appears,you need to grin and bear a difficult situation. You are in the hands of the gods. With the Mice,untreated anxiety can lead to chronic depression. With the Whip you have genuine cruelty. With the Moon to the left, suffering becomes difficult to explain, whilst a pairing with the Stars shows a destiny that is profound yet challenging.

need to tread carefully. Both playing card inserts are Clubs,pointing you to challenging circumstanc-es in your life. If you're asking a yes/no question, two Clubs would suggest a firm 'No'.The Heart + the Sun suggests a blessed and thriving romance. The combination of Hearts and Diamonds in this context shows a stable base, which allows for joint enterprise or adventures. For yes/no questions,this suggests a strong probability the answer will be 'yes'.
If you want to increase clarity and accuracy, partic-ularly with yes/no enquiries, three card draws are even more effective. Clouds+ Mountain +House gives us two Clubs plus one heart in the pip inserts. Iwo Clubs normally suggest a firm 'No' but the presence of a Heart dilutes this to a possible 'No' with a window left open for other possibilities. The Mountain in the centre blocks the difficult influ-ence of the Clouds to the left, while enhancing the stability of the House to the right. This is a stable and protected home. The fact that we also have two Club cards and the King of Hearts reinforces this reading. The challenges of the Clubs bear down on the homeliness of Hearts. Despite this,the Moun-tain in the centre provides key protection.

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