Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards Guidebook



How to Work with the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards     

The Meanings of the Cards   9

Believe in Yourself!  11

Best Friends........ 12

Brothers and Sisters 13

Change 15

Creative........ 16

Curiosity     18


Definitely Yes    21

Exercise 22

Family Culture   23

Finish What You’ve Started   25

Forgive. 26

Grandparent      28

Happy Surprise........29

Happy Thoughts      30

Healer.. 32

Hello and Good-bye      33

Imagine 34

Il's Okay to Be Different  35

Just Be Yourself........37

Laughter.................. 38

Let Go of Stress!... 39


Listen to Your True Feelings  41

Lone.. 43

Love front Your Parents  44

Love Heals Fear.... 46

One Step at a Time   47



Relax—Everything's Okay      51

Share. 52

Simplicity................. 53

Talk about Your Feelings 54

Teamwork................ S5

Thankful................... 57


Try Something New........59

Very Soon................ .61

Water 62

Wish Upon a Star........63

Worth Waiting For........65

You Are Gifted...... 66

You’ll Know in the Morning   67

Artwork Ordering Information     69

Thank You 84

About the Author. 85

How to Work with the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

The Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards will help you get messages for yourself and others. All the cards have positive messages that you can trust, because the unicorns want to help you feel happy, safe, and loved. They also want your wishes to come true.

Many people believe that unicorns are real. Do you? Some people think that unicorns once lived upon rhe earth just like horses do. Since the unicorns were hunted for their magical horns, they decided to become invisible to those who might hurt them. Today, only children and peo­ple who believe can see and feel them.

Unicorns are angelic helpers who want to assist us in living happier and healthier lives. Many children are aware of, and openly discuss, their unicorn spirit guides. This is particularly true with the new Crystal and Rainbow Children (highly sensitive youths who generally were born

in the 1990s and earlier). Yet, children of all ages (including adults) can ask for and receive help from the unicorns simply by asking. Just think. Unicorns, please help me with this! and they will work with the rest of Heaven to assist and guide you.

These cards have pictures of unicorns, and also a type of magical horse called a "Pegasus.” A Pegasus is a winged horse that flies, and helps just like the unicorns do. Both types of horses are pure, and they can be trusted.

These cards work well for both children and adults. Children believe with all their hearts, so they often have rhe most success with oracle cards. One way to begin working with the unicorns and the cards is to ask them for help. Say, “Unicorns, please help me to see and feel your presence! Please help me to truly believe!”

As I mentioned above, all the words and pic­tures on the cards are positive, because rhe unicorns are always positive. They know that if you think happy thoughts, you’ll feel happy. They know that if you make a wish and truly believe, your wishes can come true. By working with these cards, your life will become even more magical. The unicorns hope that you enjoy working with them!

Step I: Prepare Your Card Deck

These are your cards, and your feelings will guide you in working with them. You will be giv­ing “unicorn card readings,” which means that you'll use the cards to answer questions for your­self and other people. Before you give a card reading, you'll need to prepare rhe card deck.

The first step is to clear away the old energy from the cards so that you form a personal team with them. To do this, make sure the cards are out of the box. Then hold them and:

If You Arc Right-Handed: Hold the cards in your left hand and make a fist with your right hand. Gently tap the cards with your right hand to knock away the old energy.

If You Are Left-Handed: Hold the cards in your right hand and make a fist with your left hand. Gently tap the cards with your left hand to knock away the old energy.

After you do this, touch each card quickly. This helps you and the cards get to know each other. Next, hold the cards and spread them out like a fan.


Hold the fan to your heart, with the pictures facing you. Say a prayer, and ask God, the angels, and the unicorns to help your card readings. For example: “Dear God, angels, and unicorns, please help me to pick and understand the cards so that I can bring answers of love and light to everyone.”

Step 2: Shuffle the Cards

Next, mix the cards up so that they’re in a new order. Make sure that all the backs of the cards are on the same side. (Don’t worry if some of the cards’ pictures are upside down, though.) The card deck is now ready for you to give readings.


Step 3: Ask a Question

What question would you like help with? If you’re giving yourself a reading and answer­ing your own question, then think of that ques­tion as you shuffle the cards again.

If you’re giving a card reading to someone else, ask that person to tell you their question. Then, think of the other person’s question as you shuffle the cards.

If one or more cards "jumps” out of the deck while you're shuffling them, place those jumping cards aside. They’ll be part of your card reading.

Ask the unicorns to tell you when to stop shuffling the cards. You’ll get their answer as a feeling; or as something you think, hear, or see. Trust this message and stop shuffling.

Step 4: Lay Out the Cards

Now ask the unicorns how many cards to pull from the deck in order to answer your question. You’ll get their answer as a feeling, as a word you hear in your head, as something that


you know, or as something you see in your mind. Trust this message about how many cards to pull.

Take that number of cards from the top of the deck. Lay the first card down, with the picture facing upward. If you’re giving someone else a reading, make sure the picture faces you, since you're the card reader.

Then, lay the second card to the right of the first card. Lay any more cards to the right of those cards, in order. Make sure that all of the unicorn pictures face you.

Step 5: Read and Look at the Cards

The pictures and words on each card help you understand the answer to your question. Also notice your thoughts and feelings as you look at rhe cards, because these are important answers for you. Trust your feelings and your first thought as you look at the cards.

Next, look for your cards in this booklet, and read more about their meanings. If you don’t know what the cards are trying to say, close your eyes and ask the unicorns to explain


it to you. Then, pay attention to more feelings and thoughts.

Also notice signs that you get, such as seeing birds, butterflies, or a rainbow. A lot of times we get messages from things that we see over and over. These are called “signs.” These signs will also help you understand your cards' meanings.

Taking Care of Your Cards

Your cards are sensitive tools, and they easily absorb energy. For that reason, it’s best to store them in a special place. For instance, keep them in a beautiful velvet pouch, a carved wooden box, or some other nice container. Placing a clear quartz crystal on top of the cards also has a protective effect. Additionally, you can visualize shielding the cards with a blanket of purple light.


The Meanings of the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

This guidebook will help you to know what your cards mean so that you’ll understand the answers to your questions. The meanings listed in this part of the book are to help you hear what the unicorns are saying to you.

To use this section, find the picture or words of each card that you pulled from the deck. Then, read the description to get an even bigger sense of rhe answers to your questions.

It’s very important for you to trust your own inner voice and feelings as a big part of realizing rhe answers to your questions. So, read the following section to ger more informa­tion, while also paying attention to feelings in your body and your heart, the words in your head, and any pictures you see in your mind. Al! of this information works together to help you know what to do.


Remember that all of Heaven, along with the unicorns, wants you to be happy. Heavenly beings will only give you words and feelings that make you feel loved and safe. That’s because they love you very much.


Believe in Yourself!

See yourself doing well, and you will.

This card asks you to hold positive thoughts and feelings about yourself. If

there’s something you need or want, then hold a vision of yourself doing well. Only think positive thoughts about yourself, such as I can do it, and / am good at this. The more you believe in yourself, the better everything will go.

If you expect success, you’ll have good results. But if you worry about failing, you won't enjoy your experiences. You can enjoy life more if you believe in yourself. If someone else tells you that you won't succeed, then picture a big “X" through their words to cancel them. Don’t let someone else’s words take away your belief! Instead, act in a way that makes them change their mind and see what you can really do.

Belief means making a decision such as “Yes, 1 can do this!” When you clearly decide


to do it, instead of just trying, you approach the situation with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something new. What matters is that you believe that you can do it. Each time you do something new, you learn and grow. And you’ll thank yourself for learning that you can do anything you truly believe you can do.

Best Friends

1 'rue friends stick together, no matter what.

This card says that you need to spend time with a friend. Perhaps you had a fight

with your buddy, or one of you needs some extra attention. Take some time today to contact this person and share your feelings with each other. The time that you share is a big gift to both of you. It also helps you become even closer.

Sometimes you might feel alone in the world. At these times, remember that you always have the angels with you. Ask them to help you with your friendships. The angels can bring new


people into your life whom you’ll really like. The unicorns can also help you feel happy whenever you’re sad or alone. All you need to do is think about rhe angels, and they’ll help you right away.

We all need friends, and spending time with them is the way that people become our best friends. So reach out to the people you like today. Talk about your feelings, play games, laugh, take a walk, eat lunch together, or just sit and watch the clouds go by. No matter what you do, it’s better to do it with your best friend.

Brothers and Sisters

To get along with others, see the love—and the best—within them.

Sometimes family members take stress out on each

other, so you may feel angry or hurt by a brother or sister (or a close friend). Instead of fighting with them, first take a moment. Can you see the best within them? Can you think of a time when you felt a lot of love for them? By thinking and


feeling love toward your brothers and sisters, you can all get along better. The more unlov­able someone is, the more they need love.

When people ger angry at their loved ones, they do so because they don’t know how to control rhe stress in their life. They might be angry with their teacher or boss and feel like they can’t do anything about it. So, they take the anger out on rhe people they live with . . . and that might include you. You may do the same thing to your family members without knowing it.

Deep down, you all love each other. Family members always have love, but some­times this love is hidden by anger. It doesn’t feel good to be angry with your brothers and sis­ters, even if you have a good reason for the anger. Can you forgive them in the name of peace? Can you be the first one to say "I’m sorry” or “I love you”?

By drawing this card, the unicorns want you to know that your brother, sister, or friend really needs your love and understanding right now. You have the power to help everyone get along.



The changes that you’re going through are positive.

At times, we’re afraid of making changes because we don’t know what will hap­

pen in rhe future. This card wants you to know that the changes you’re going through are for the best. You’re walking through a gate into a new life. Don’t worry about your future, because it’s all going to work out just fine.

These changes come, in part, because you're growing older. You like different things now, compared to when you were younger. It’s okay for you to change, because change is a

part of life. In the same way, your friends and family members will change as they grow older. You’re all letting go of things that no longer work well for you, and you’re bringing in the new. Even though these changes may seem to make your family and friends act differently, in rhe end everyone will be closer. You’ll make new friends through these changes, too.


Yet, even happy life change can create stress that affects your body, energy, and moods. So, it’s more important than ever to take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercise, and time for play. Also, talking about your feelings with friends and family members can help.

This card may also be asking you to change something in your life that’s making you unhappy or unhealthy—for example, changing a habit or a relationship. The first thing that you think about is correct. Ask your angels, the uni­corns, and your friends and family members to help you with this change if it feels difficult or frightening. Support is very important during times of change. If you can learn to enjoy life’s changes, you’ll enjoy life itself much more.


Draw, paint, think, and act in creative ways.

You’re a creative person, which means that you like to express your thoughts

and feelings in artistic ways. It doesn’t matter


whether your artwork is "perfect.” What matters is that you express yourself creatively.

This card asks you to spend more time being creative. That means doing something artistic, such as painting, drawing, singing, dancing, dressing in costume, writing a story, or raking photos. When you do something creative, you'll feel free and happy.

Creativity also helps you see the world in new ways. You notice amazing new details in everyday life and see colors that you never noticed before. Creativity also sparks new ways of doing things, which also positively affects work and play.

Doing things in the same way every time puts you into a "rut." Ruts are major causes of stress, and stress can lead to sad or tired feelings. The best way to get our of a rut is by doing something creative, it doesn’t mat­ter what you do, as long as you do it with a creative flair.



Start a project related to something you 're curious about.

What do you wonder about? What would

you like to learn more about? Your curiosity is a like a road map that helps you know your soul’s preferred direction. You're naturally curious about areas of life that are related to your Divine mission (which is the big reason why you came to Earth).

Watch your thoughts and actions to get a better sense of where your curiosity lies. Notice any topics that really excite you. Observe what you do in your spare time. Watch what grabs your attention about other people. Your close friends and family members can also offer their observations about your areas of curiosity.

For instance, are you fascinated by science, animals, the weather, fashion, swimming, Egyptian history, or some other area of life? This card asks you to start a special project


that allows you to learn more about this topic. Make the time to read about the area related to your curiosity. Interview experts who are work­ing in the field. Create an experiment or science project to help you learn more.

In other words, use your curiosity as fuel to drive you forward toward a better under­standing of yourself and your world.


It’s time to clearly make a decision about what you want.

As you go through life, you gain more respon­

sibilities—one of the biggest is to decide what you want. You’re now in a time where you could go in a few different directions, depend­ing upon your decisions. In other words, you must decide, “What’s next for me?”

It’s not always easy to make decisions. Fortunately, you have help: You can call upon Heaven to guide you, as well as trusted friends,


family members, and experts. You can also “try on your future.” This means closing your eyes and imagining the different possibilities for yourself, and then noticing how each choice feels. Which one makes you feel happi­est? Which choice makes you feel loved and safe? Which one feels like it would be most helpful to yourself and others? Always choose the path where you can do the most good in the world.

If you ever feel stuck, as if your life isn’t moving along smoothly, then you need to make some clear decisions about what you want. Decisions are magical, in that they ger things moving again. If you don’t like the direction in which your life is going, you can examine your decisions to see if they need changing. The best decisions will make you feel happy, and will make rhe people around you happy, too.


Definitely Yes

The answer to your question is a strong “Yes!”

What you’re asking about will definitely happen, provided that you keep your

thoughts positive. You can bring about your desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings, words, or visions that repeat themselves to you. When this inner guidance asks you to take positive action, it’s important for you to do so. For instance, if you have strong feelings to call a certain person, then make that call. Your angels will always guide you to take actions that have positive and healthy effects on you and others.

This card asks you to set aside doubts or worries, and to feel secure that everything is

positive. Your desires are going to happen, and probably in better-than-expected ways. Imagine that your dream has already come true, using your inner vision and your feelings as you do. You just need to stay filled with faith and hope, and take action when you’re guided.



Run, walk, swim, or otherwise move your body.

Th is will give you more energy and happiness.

Exercise helps you breathe air deeply, which makes

your body feel alive and awake. Breathing air so deeply can also spark new ideas and answers to your questions. This card asks you to exercise more often, to take your life to a higher level.

Sometimes you may not feel like exercising because you’re bored, tired, or busy. Yet, even just a little activity can make you feel much better than you did before. It’s worth the time and trouble to exercise, because afterward, you’ll have more energy to play or get your chores and other work done.

Exercise helps you sleep better, which improves your outlook and moods. Plus, it’s the best way to deal with stress. After you’re done exercising, you’ll forget about any troubles, or you’ll have answers to help you deal with them.

Exercise is more fun with a friend or family member. Or, you can take your dog (or a friend’s) on a long walk or run. Do something physical every day . . . and you’ll thank yourself for it!

Family Culture

Learn more about your family’s stories and history.

Your family’s history affects you in many ways.

This card asks you to learn about the stories of your fam­ily’s past. Find out which

countries your parents and their relatives came from. How did they travel to their current loca­tion? What languages have been spoken? What jobs have your family members held? The answers to these questions and more will help you understand yourself better. You can also feel good about your heritage as you learn more about it. And learning about your family will help you feel closer to them.


This card also says that your past may be affecting you right now. It asks you to remem­ber anything in prior times related to your pres­ent circumstances. For instance, was there an experience in which you were scared or hurt? This card means that you need to clear this past energy, which you can do by talking to someone like a counselor or trusted friend, writing about it, or asking your angels to heal you. Perhaps there was an experience so long ago that you’ve forgotten about it? You can ask your inner self—especially as you’re falling asleep—to help you remember whatever you need to know.

The most important time in your life is right now, so don’t spend too much time focused on your family’s past. However, learn­ing about it will definitely help you enjoy your­self more right now. So, take the time to ask your family and your inner mind some ques­tions about your past, bur put most of your energy into enjoying all rhe present moments.


Finish What You’ve Started

You’ve started something important, and now it’s time to complete it.

At the beginning of a project, you feel excited because it’s

something new and different. This excitement gives you lots of energy. It also makes you want to spend a lot of time working on the task. But the excitement may fade away, causing you to lose interest. At that point, you may walk away from it. When you have lots of unfinished proj­ects, your mind feels scattered. The unfinished jobs nag at you, which isn’t fun.

This card asks you to go back to an impor­tant project (you already know which one it is) and complete it. The act of finishing something helps you become a more organized person, and makes you feel better about yourself. This specific task will also help with your larger goals. That’s why it’s important to finish!


It’s actually easier to finish something than it is to deal with feelings related to the project being incomplete. The easiest way to finish it is to spend daily time working on it a little bit. What can you do today to bring rhe project to completion? If you're unsure, ask your angels and unicorns for help. They can give you ideas, as well as rhe energy to work on finishing what you’ve started. You’ll thank them and yourself after the task is done!


It's time to let go of anger or blame.

Are you blaming someone or something? Are you feeling angry? This card tells

you that blame and anger are holding you back. Blame takes away your power and gives it to the other person. You have a lor of power, and one way to feel it is by letting your anger go. You don’t need to forgive the other person’s actions if they really hurt you, but you do need to stop


seeing that person as an enemy, because this anger is toxic to you and your body.

You know that happy thoughts make your lite happy. Well, angry thoughts can bring more anger into your life. The unicorns know that this isn’t what you want, so they ask you to give your anger to them, and also to your angels. Being free of anger and blame gives you more power and energy, and makes you feel happy.

Are you mad at yourself for some reason? If so, this card means that you need to forgive yourself. You can learn from your past and grow much stronger by letting go of anger toward yourself. You can do this by under­standing why you acted as you did. You prob­ably had a good reason for your actions at the time. Now, after thinking about it, you may wish that you had acted differently. But regrets aren't helpful unless they help you learn.

Everyone is learning as they go through life, even adults. Do your best to understand this, and you'll be able to let go of anger toward your­self and others. This is what it means to forgive.


You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken.

This card wants you to know that your grand­

parent loves you very much. You have a special bond with a grandmother or grandfather (or

both), and their love is helping you right now. No matter what, you and your grandparent will always be connected by this love. You will always love and help each other, even if you’re far away from each other. That’s because the special bond that you share travels everywhere— even from Heaven!

Your love makes your grandparent very happy. He or she is also very proud of you, and wants to help you discover your hidden talents. If you'd like help from this grandparent, just ask! You can ask for help by holding a silent mental conversation, by writing a letter, or by asking directly. Your grandparent will do whatever is possible to help, and probably


will help you in an even better way than you could have imagined.

The best way that you can help your grand­parent is by being a happy and healthy person. Take really good care of yourself, do the right thing, and you’ll continue to make your grand­parent very proud of you in all ways.

Happy Surprise

Something very good is about to happen!

You’re in for a treat, as you’ll soon have a very happy surprise. Don’t try to

guess what will happen ... or it won’t be a surprise! Instead, just feel excited and joyous.

Happy surprises come in many forms, and you just need to notice them. The surprise may be a gift that you receive or a favor someone does for you. It might come as an unexpected kindness, a fresh opportunity, something valuable that you find, or some good news. This card also means that your dreams are coming true, although they


may happen in different ways than you expect. Still, you’ll be pleased.

All of these surprises are gifts of love. The more you notice them and say “Thank you,” rhe more gifts you’ll continue to receive. Have faith, because the world really does love to give to you. The world loves it when you’re happy.

Happy Thoughts

To feel happier right now, think about a memory or something else that makes you smile.

The unicorns say that hap­piness is actually quite

simple: It comes from thinking happy thoughts. By drawing this card, the unicorns say that you’ve been thinking some unhappy thoughts lately. They want to help you turn your life around by changing your thinking.

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt really happy and safe? Think about that memory now, and feel it in your body.


Even if’ some sad things are going on in your lite right now, you have the power to be happy by thinking these positive thoughts. The hap­pier you are, the more quickly things will get better in your life. Happiness is a magical energy that attracts pleasant experiences to you, so don’t delay in choosing to hold only good thoughts.

This card also asks you to have happy thoughts about other people. You can always choose to see good or bad things in people (and that includes what you choose to see in your own self). To have better relationships, focus on the good within yourself and others. This will motivate everyone to act in better ways.

You can bring more happiness to the world by being joyful yourself. When you’re happy, you lift the moods of everyone around you. Your happiness helps everyone feel better, and helps all of us to enjoy a better world. What are some happy thoughts that you can think of right now? Enjoy them!



You have the power to help and heal others.

This card means that you’re a healer who can help people and animals feel better.

You already know how to heal in many ways, and with time, you'll learn new ways through books, classes, and personal experience.

By drawing this card, you’re asked to trust in your power to heal. It isn’t you alone doing the healing work: Being a healer means that you’re open to Divine love coming through you—and also through people, animals, or situations that can benefit from this love. Ask your angels to help you with your healing work. They can answer your questions, help you with classes, and guide your healings.

You can use your healing ability' on yourself, too. The more you have faith in love, the more powerful are your healing abilities. Ask your angels to increase your faith, and they will be happy to do so.


Hello and Good-bye

You’ll soon see that this change will make things better.

Your life is changing, and you may feel that you

don’t have much control. Yet you’re safe and taken care of during this time of change. During your life, you'll experience many changes. As you say good-bye to the old and hello to the new, you’ll learn that change is a part of everyone’s life.

You may feel sad to say good-bye, and you may feel afraid of what will happen in rhe future. This card tells you that new friends are coming your way. You aren’t alone, though, as you will always have old friends and current family members who love you and care about you. So please tell them about your feelings.

Change helps you let go of anything you’ve outgrown. As you say good-bye to the past, you’ll always keep rhe love and lessons you’ve learned safely within your heart. They’re treasures that you’ll always keep through your life.


Say hello to the new people, places, and events that are coming to you. There’s nothing to fear about your future: It’s happy, bright, and will be lots of fun.


What would you see, feel, think, and hear if your wish came true?

When you imagine your dream coming true, you

help make it happen. This card asks you to think of a wish that you really want, and imagine that it has come true. Next, close your eyes and notice how your body feels while you think about your wish. How do you feel—excited, happy, nervous, or some other way? Do you feel tingles any­where in your body? What else do you feel?

Now, notice what you see when you imagine your wish coming true. What people, colors, and things do you see? What do you see yourself doing as your wish comes true? What else do you see?

Then, listen for any words that you hear in


your mind. What do you hear? What do you think it means? At this point, focus on your thoughts as you think about your dream. Do you have any ideas? Anything else that you think?

When you imagine your dream coming true, and notice all your feelings, thoughts, words, and visions, you help make it happen! This is the power of the human imagination. It’s sometimes called “faith." You may be surprised when your wish comes true in a better way than you think. Let yourself see all sorts of wonderful dreams and wishes. And have faith that they’ll come true in ways beyond your greatest imagination!

It’s Okay to Be Different

You don’t need to be like everyone else. You’re perfect just as you are!

Everyone wants to be liked, so it’s normal that you

want to fit in with other people. You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don’t belong.


You may even feel that you’re not as good as other people. But this card is here to tell you that your special talents are needed in this world.

You don’t need to change in order to please others. If you try to be different from who you really are, you won't be happy and you won’t make true friends. But if your inner voice tells you to improve yourself through learning new skills and raking care of your body, then you’re being good to yourself. This will lead you to true friends who really love you as you are!

As long as you feel good about yourself, you’re doing well. The best way ro do this is to tell the truth, treat people with kindness, keep your promises, and do the work that you need to do. You needn’t be perfect, wear the latest styles, or be the most popular person. Just trust that God made you exactly how you're sup­posed to be, and make the very best of what you’ve got!


Just Be Yourself

You 're a great person— enjoy being yourself!

Sometimes you may worry whether other people like

you. Ar those times, you may

pretend to be somebody other than yourself. For example, you may try to act, talk, or dress like someone you admire. This card says that you’re great right now! You don’t need to act like anyone else. In fact, things will go a lot better, and you’ll feel happier, if you’ll just be yourself.

The problem may not be with you, but with the people around you. Perhaps they’re trying to change you. Change is a part of life, and there may be behaviors that you can improve upon within yourself, but be sure that you’re not trying to change into a different person. And also know that true friends love you as you are and won’t try to change you into someone new. True friends will ask you to stop dangerous behaviors, but they won’t try to


change you in ways that make you feel bad about yourself. So spend your time with true friends, instead of with people who don’t understand you.

This card also says that things go better when you trust your intuition. You already know what ro do in your heart. Trust this inner truth and act upon it.

Great inventions, books, and businesses are born when someone follows their own inner voice. You, too, are here to make a positive difference in this world. And the best way to do so is by being true to yourself.


You need a good laugh!

You’ve been so serious lately that you’re feeling stressed. It's time to lighten up and see the humor in the

situation. There’s always something to laugh about. Think about it for a minute: What part of your life is like a movie? What parts are funny? Laughing with love is very healing.


Sometimes the best way to heal a situation is to step away from it. Can you read a funny book or watch a comedy on TV? Can you get together with friends and tell silly jokes? It feels so good to laugh hard, especially with loved ones.

This card asks you to see the humor within each situation, and nor take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humor and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what’s happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.

Let Go of Stress!

Don’t take on other people’s stress. Breathe it out now.

Your body has been tense because rhe people around

you are wound up too tight. This has made you think that you're the one who’s stressed, when it's really them. Stress has had some bad effects on you, such as making you feel angry or sad. You


may have also had some trouble sleeping. Now is the time to do something about this.

Stress can worsen things, so it’s important to let it go. Breathe in a deep gulp of air and think about all the things that make you feel stressed. Then blow those things out, and the angels and unicorns will take them to Heaven where everything is fixed. Stretch your arms and legs so that your body lets go of stress, too.

Now, think of something that makes you feel happy. You can also talk to a friend, a pet, or your angels and unicorns. You don’t have to feel stress, anger, or sadness. You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings. The unicorns hope that you'll choose to feel happy right now.


See the light within yourself and everyone else.

Everyone has a beautiful light within them, no mat­ter what they look like or how


they act. This light is pure. The more you focus on the light within others, the more you can help them be healthy and happy.

You can also protect your loved ones, your­self, and your belongings by imagining them sur­rounded by light. This card may mean that you or someone you love is in a situation with harsh energy right now, and they need extra spiritual protection. Imagine them in an eggshell covering of light in your favorite color. Or choose one of these: white light to protect, green light to heal, and purple light for a better night’s sleep.

As you focus on seeing and feeling light within yourself and everyone, you'll notice a pos­itive change in your life. For example, people will treat you better, your family members will seem happier, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Listen to Your

True Feelings

Don’t let others talk you into doing something that you know is wrong.


This card means that someone might ask you to do something against your better judg­ment. You may be tempted to give in, to please the other person. You might worry that if you say no, the other person won't like you any­more. But this card reminds you that it’s very important for you to listen to your true feelings before taking any action. You must choose for yourself what’s right and wrong.

If you feel confused, then talk with some­one you trust, such as your mother, father, teacher, or best friend. You can also speak to your angels. In the end, though, you must decide what’s right for you. This choice must come from your inner voice, nor from outside pressure.

Choose rhe path that will make you happiest in the long run. Some choices only feel good tem­porarily, and then afterward you feel let down. The best choices make you feel happy for a long, long time.

To hear your true feelings, you’ll need to make some quiet time. Close the door of your room and turn off all noises. Shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Then ask a question in your mind and listen: Listen to your body, your heart,


and your mind. Write down everything that you think, see, hear, and feel from within. Take rhe action that you know, in your heart, is the right thing to do.


The answer that you’re seeking is love.

This card wants you to know the simple yet pow­erful answer that you seek:

It’s love—pure love. Divine love, healing love.

You can heal your current situation by acting more lovingly toward others. You can also tell them, “I love you.” Even holding loving feelings toward another person is a powerful way to heal them and the relationship. You can send love to someone who’s in need by seeing or feeling love coming from your heart and going to the other person.

You’re also called upon to teach others about love. You can do this in many different ways. You can talk, write, or sing about it. You can


draw, photograph, or paint a picture that shows love. You can make someone laugh to open their heart, or inspire them with your own example of living a life of love.

This card may also mean that another person really loves you hut doesn’t know how to show or tell you these feelings. Remember that not everyone is comfortable with strong feelings. Compassion is part of love, which means being open to other people’s differences.

Love from Your Parents

No matter what, your mother and father love you as much as they can.

This card is telling you that your mother and

father both love you, even though you may not always be able to feel their love. Everyone shows love in different ways—for example, some people show that they care through actions, such as giving you things or trying to


help you. Other people express it through words that they say or write. If your mother and father show their love in ways you don’t understand, you can talk to them about your feelings.

The bond between parents and children can never be broken, no matter what. Even during times of anger, parents and children still love each other deep down. If you focus on this love, it grows even stronger and deeper. This love also helps everyone feel better and get along better.

If your mother and father are angry with each other, you can still love them both equally. You don't need to take sides. Everyone has something good inside them, after all. God put love within every person. Your love toward both your mother and father is always deep and strong, even if you don’t see one of your parents very much. Focus on what’s good about your mother and father to help them—and you—be as loving as you can be.


Love Heals Fear

The power of your love can help bullies and angry people to be less afraid.

People who are angry are really afraid of getting into

trouble—even adults and people with important jobs. So when you meet someone who acts like a bully, remember that this person is really just afraid. If you get angry back at the person, you’ll just add to their fear.

You can heal away anger with your thoughts of love. See the goodness in every­body (including yourself). Know that everyone really wants to be happy. No one likes to be a bully. No one enjoys being angry. Bullies and angry people are very lonely because their anger pushes other people away from them. So, you can help by being kind to such people.

You’ll also want to be kind to yourself and listen to your inner voice, which tells you how to stay safe. Call upon angels, especially Archangel Michael, to protect you if you ever


feel afraid. And love is your best protector, because your inner voice helps you to know rhe love that’s within every person. It will keep you strong, no matter what.

One Step at a Time

Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.

This card says that you have a big dream, but you may not know how to make it

happen. The unicorns want you to know that your dream can come true if you’ll focus on taking one small step at a time. If you will just do one or two things a day related to your dream, it will come true more quickly than you can imagine!

You can take small steps to complete any project. For example, if you need to write a report or clean a room, you can focus on one page or one corner of the job at a time. Don't think about the

whole project—just focus on the little bit that you’re doing right now. Then, once that page or corner is done, you can think about the next page


or corner. You can even plan how many pages or corners you’ll complete (on a calendar) to help you plan ahead.

Taking one step at a time is a secret way to success. You'll be amazed at how much you can do if you’ll just make slow and steady progress.

Take a moment and think about your project or dream. Imagine that it’s already com­pleted, and notice how you feel in your body and your heart. Then ask your angels, “What step should I take right now to make this happen?” Notice any thoughts, feelings, words, or pictures that come to you. If you receive a strong message to take action in a positive way, then do so.

Remember that every big job or dream can happen if you’ll just break it down into small steps and then take them.


You love and understand animals.

Animals love you. They know that you understand


their special voice and that you respect them and their needs. Your pets especially love you, and they really appreciate it when you give them extra time and attention.

This card is a message from all animals and your own pets to let you know how much they appreciate you. Spend more time with animals, as they help you feel a sense of love that’s safe and sweet. Animals also help you play and have fun. So, take your dog (or a neighbor’s) for a long walk, pet a kitten, feed some wild birds, or brush your little animal friend. And be sure to give your pet fresh water and food every day.

This card also suggests that you work with animals, either at school or as a career. You'd be very happy and good at any work involving studying or helping animals.

This card can also be a message from pets who have passed on. They want you to know that they’re happy in Heaven, and that they still love you very much. Tune in to feel the love from those pets right now, and know that you’ll love each other forever.



The best way to be good at a skill is to practice, practice, practice until you get it right.

Do you want to know why some people are really

good at sports, music, or art? They practice these skills a lot! This card is a sign that you need to practice a skill that’s important to you so that you can he really good ar it.

As you practice, some days you’ll feel stronger than others, yet you'll notice that your skills improve rhe more you use them. So have patience with yourself and your teachers. It may rake time for you to learn how to do something in the best way. Practice really is the best way to improve your skills.

As you practice, you’ll learn new ways and methods. You'll also enjoy yourself more as you get better and better at your new skills. So, whether your dream is to paint, write, dance, sing, or do crafts, practice is one way to make your dreams come true.


Relax— Everything’s Okay

Don't worry... it’s all going to be fine.

No matter what your

situation looks like

right now, this card asks you to relax and let go of worries. Everything will he okay.

Have you ever seen a movie in which everyone seems to be in danger or in trouble of some sort? As you watch the movie you wonder. How will they ever get out of this? Yet ar the end of the film, everything works out fine and everyone’s happy.

In the same way, your movie will have a happy ending, too. So don't stress or worry. Instead, enjoy watching how your life story unfolds in an amazing way! Life works itself out in ways that we could never have thought of.

Your current situation will be over soon, and you'll be fine. You'll learn life lessons that will help you in the future. So use this current time to make yourself stronger. Breathe deeply,


try your best to stay positive and happy, and remember to relax because everything’s going to be okay.


When you share, everyone feels happy.

Jf you'd like to make new friends, start by sharing with them. You can do this in

many ways, such as helping someone with their work or giving them some food. You can also share your feelings with a person, and they’ll also share their feelings with you. Sharing feelings often makes your friendships closer.

It’s also a good idea to share things with others. Do you have anything in your closet that you never use? If it's okay with your family, why not give it away to someone who needs it? This will make you both feel happy. As you give away old things, you’ll discover a secret: New things will come to you as if by magic. It’s true!

You can also share when you’re with a group of people. For example, let someone else talk while you listen, or work as a team to win a game. (You can also let another person win a game as a nice way to share.)

It’s also important to let other people give to you. In friendships, both people give to each other. So let your friends share with you. All you need to do is say "Thank you” and feel happy about how fun it is to share with your friends and family.


Put your energy into the basics, a nd let go of excess.

This card says that things have gotten too complex for you lately. It’s time to pull

back and focus on what you know for sure. For example, what do you really want? What do you know that you don't want? These are basics that will help you answer bigger questions later.


You’ve also drawn this card because there's a need to clean out some part of your life— whether it’s your room, a closet, or a messy relationship. When you clean the space around you. your mind feels more clear and focused. Your energy also increases.

This card also means that you may be trying too hard with a project. You need to put your energy into the basic parts of it. Focus on the simple areas, and the complex will rake care of itself.

Talk about Your Feelings

Tell a friend how you feel.

This card means that you’ve been holding some feelings inside and need to let them out.

When you talk or write about your feelings, you understand them better. Sometimes you don’t know how you really feel until you begin talking.

It’s not healthy to hold in your emotions, especially anger or sadness. Find a trusted person who will listen to you, such as a friend, family


member, or teacher. Let that person know that yon need to talk, and tell them what you need. For instance, if you want them ro listen without giv­ing you advice, then let them know. If you want them to comfort you, then let them know.

If you don’t have someone to talk ro, or your feelings are so private that you don’t want ro share them out loud, then you can write about them. You can also silently talk to your angels or the unicorns. They'll listen to you with love, and help you feel better and find answers.


Work with others to make this situation come about.

The situation you’ve asked about will resolve itself with the help of other peo­

ple. You need to be part of a team to make it happen in the best possible way. Teamwork means that everyone shares in the work and the

fun. It also means thinking about other people’s feelings, as well as the group’s goal.


This card asks you to be a good team player. First, be open to asking other people for help. Second, when other people try to help you ... let them do so! It’s okay to have other people’s help, after all. (And be sure to thank people who have helped you). Third, you’ll need to offer to help others. In this way, you'll all help each other. A ream can do more than one single person.

You might have also picked this card because the unicorns see that you'd benefit from playing a team sport. If so, they’ll help you find a wonderful team with an activity that fits your interests and abilities. Team sports can have benefits that help you in other life areas, such as making new friends, exercising, get­ting out in the fresh air, and experiencing the joy of victory.

Also, remember that you and your angels are a team. Whenever you need help with any­thing, just think, Angels, please help me with this! and they will go to work right away.




Think about the people and things you feel grateful for.

Gratitude warms your heart with good feelings

that are healthy for your mind and body. You can make yourself feel better by making a list of everything and everyone you're thankful for. Gratitude replaces sadness, and makes every­thing go better.

Gratitude is such a powerful way to make your life better that it’s almost magical! Everyone loves a thankful person. They want to be friends with, give to, and help a person who says “Thank you.” When you say “Thank you” and really mean it, you find more reasons to feel gratitude.

People who aren’t grateful or who have self-pity actually make themselves sad. They can’t understand why other people avoid them, and why they don’t receive many gifts. They take away their own power because they believe


that life doesn’t give them much. But if you count your blessings and think about all rhe reasons you have to feel grateful, then you’ll see how generous life really is.

The more you believe that "life gives me lots of gifts,” the more you’ll receive. Then you’ll want to give to others, too. To get more out of life, stop and feel grateful for all that you’ve received so far. Then, get ready to feel gratitude for count­less blessings that are coming to you now!


Yes, what you’re asking about is the truth.

This card wants you to know that you're correct in what you’re thinking about

this situation. You already know the truth, even if it’s knowledge that’s held deeply in your heart. Take a moment and feel what your body says about this situation. Your body also knows the truth, and it will tell it to you if you will just stop and listen.


You can also hear the truth from your angels. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and silently ask a question. Then listen to rhe words that come into your mind. Your angels always tell rhe truth. They use words and feelings of love and warmth, even if they’re telling you something that you don’t want to hear (such as asking you to make a life change that you don’t feel ready for).

This card also asks you to tell the truth to yourself and others. As long as you speak like the angels do, and use loving words and actions, it’s best to be truthful. If you’re afraid to tell the truth, ask Archangel .Michael to give you courage and protection. He'll also help you know exactly what to say and do so that everyone will benefit.

Try Something New

You ’ll only know that you can do something if you try!

One reason why you may feel bored is that you’re

doing the same things over and over. To feel


excited about life, you need to try new things! This card asks you to think of something that you've always wanted to do, and then learn about it. Ask your family or friends to take you along on their adventures.

When you try something new, you may feel funny at first, like it won't work. But just do your best to enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about being perfect—especially at the start. The more you can relax and have fun, the better everything will go.

So, sign up for a class where you’ll learn something new—like a language, drama, or photography class; or maybe take up a new sport. Stretch yourself beyond what you think you can do. You may find that you really enjoy this new activity, and you'll most likely make new friends. You'll also find that you will learn new skills that will help you in other areas of your life, too!


Very Soon

What you ’re asking for will happen soon in a happy way.

This card wants you to know that your prayers

are coming true very soon. There’s no need to hurry or rush, and there’s definitely no need to worry. (After all, worry can slow down your wishes.)

Your desires are coming true in what’s known as “Divine timing.” This means that they’re happening at exactly the perfect time for everyone involved. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in just the right way. You’ll be very pleased with the results!

This card asks you to keep believing and not to give up hope. As you’re waiting, put your energy into taking positive action to help your prayers along. For instance, if you get a strong feeling to do something like reading a book, taking a class, or writing something, it’s important that you do so.


You’ve created your own luck because of your strong faith, your positive thoughts, and your willingness to do the work that’s needed to make your dreams come true.


Drink more water, and eat foods with water in them, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

To feel good, your body needs to have water and

foods that have water in them, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. This card asks you to drink a lot more water as a way to fuel your energy. When your body doesn’t have enough water, you may feel tired and not be able to think well. So, carry a water bottle with you, and drink from it a lot.

When you drink water and eat fruits and vegetables, you’ll have a lot more energy and feel happier. Stay away from foods that have sugar. Even though sugar tastes good, notice how your body feels after you eat it: You'll find that your


body gets tired soon after you ear sweetened foods. A better way to enjoy this taste is to eat ripe fruits.

This card can also mean that swimming or bathing in water would make you feel happy and healthy. You can also pray over your drink­ing water and food, and the prayers will make your meals even more healthful and tasty.

By eating and drinking fruits, vegetables, and water, your skin will look good, you’ll feel good, and other people will soon ask what your secret is!

Wish Upon a Star

Make a wish and expect the very best.

Here’s a secret to a happy life: Expect the best.

That’s because life gives you

what you expect. So, if you have fears about your future, your fears may come true. It’s so much better to feel happy about your future. You can do this by looking for stars in the sky


Worth Waiting For

Your patience will be rewarded.

You know what you want and you’ve been waiting

for it. This card means that

your patience is about to pay off! You'll soon have what your heart desires. It will most likely be better than you expect.

Everything happens at the perfect time, and this is why you needed to wait. You had lessons to learn, and other people had to be ready as well. Now, everything is set, and you’ll find that your prayers have been answered. All of your patience and hard work will now be rewarded.

For now, keep your mind focused on what you want, and don’t think about fear in any way. If you become afraid, then ask your angels for help. You need to keep the faith.

What you want is worth waiting for. Instead of settling for something that’s "good enough,” you’ll now have rhe best. You deserve the best!


You Are Gifted

You are very intelligent and talented.

This card wants you to know that you’re very intelligent. Like a high-speed

computer, you have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material. You’re especially gifted in finding out which topics interest you. You also have the gift of creativity. With your wisdom, and your ability to see things in a special way, you can be successful at almost anything!

You have a different way of learning, so you may have had experiences in which you didn't feel you were smart. It’s just a matter of figuring out how your mind works. For instance, do you think in pictures? If so, you’ll need to learn material by seeing them in your mind’s eye. Or do you tend to think in feelings? If so, you’ll learn best by hearing emotional stories, or by touching and feeling examples of what you're learning about.


If people don’t understand you, don’t let it bother you. What’s important is that yon remember who you are: a smart, wise, talented, and gifted person. Although you may be differ­ent from other people, you have a lot to offer. Use your talents to help others. Finish any proj­ects that you start, and know that you’re a gift to the world in many special ways!

You’ll Know in the Morning

When yon wake up, you ’ll ha ve a better idea about what to do. Relax until then.

One reason why you feel unsure right now is that you're trying too hard to know the answer. The best thing to do is to let go and relax. The answer is right there for you, and as soon as you stop trying so hard, you’ll know what to do.

In this case, the best solution is to sleep on it. When you awaken, you'll have a much better


idea about the best plan of action. During your dream time, the angels and unicorns will show you how to come up with a happy solution. They’ll show you that the power of love and light heal everything. They’ll also help you find rhe strength to take action.

So for right now, don’t worry. Trust that your answer will be there for you when you wake up in the morning. It may not be the whole answer, but it will at least guide you in the right direction. Sleep well!


Artwork Ordering Information

You can order prints of many of the images on the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. The prints come in different sizes, without the border or words written on the card. To purchase these prints, please contact the artists directly through the methods listed below. Neither Hay House, Inc.; Angel Therapy. Inc.; nor Doreen Virtue assumes responsibility for any sales conducted between you and the individual artists.

Artwork by Norisa Anderson

Card Name: Happy Surprise

Norisa Anderson is a recognized illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. The spectrum of her style ranges from fun and fanciful, to accurate technical rendering, to spirited fashion illustration. An award-winning editorial cartoonist, Norisa maintains a freshness to her work that is as versatile as the publications to which she contributes.

Inspired by her mother’s art talent and supply of materials, Norisa’s first artworks were usually of horses. While in her teens, Norisa began working as a cartoonist to earn money to help pay for her horse. Too soon, she found she had an art career.


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