Money Tarot Guidebook


The Fool
Beginning. Optimism. Trust in life. Innocence. Having beginners luck. Improvising. Being carefree.
The 20 franc banknote was issued by Switzerland in 1979. The note was designed by
Swiss designers, Ernst and Ursula Hi- estand. On the reverse was a mountain range with alpinists and an ammonite.
The Magician Power. Action. Awareness. Manipulation. Application. Resourcefulness.
The 10 franc banknote was issued by Switzerland in 1979. The note was designed by Swiss designers, Ernst and Ursula Hiestand. On

the reverse was
a large illustration of a water turbine
that was initially sketched by Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), a well-known Swiss mathematician and physicist. Next to the turbine, and even superimposing parts of it, is a depiction of a ray diagram with an object in front of five converging lenses and the object’s resultant image. Such a depiction represents Euler’s work with optics. Featured in the center of the reverse, superimposing the turbine but covered partially by the ray diagram, is a representation of a model drawn by Euler of the solar system.
The High Priestess
Secrets. Mystery. Intuition. Virginity. Knowing. Psychic. Oracle. Secretive. Influential.
The 50 kronen banknote 1902, Austro-Hungarian Empire, designed by Koloman Moser (1968- 1918) an Austrian artist.

The Empress Fertility. Protection. Assurance. Creativity. Abundance. Femininity. Promise.
Germany 100 Mark 1900 Munchen. Bay- erische Notenbank (Bavarian Reserve Bank) was a central
bank in the Kingdom of Bavaria. The bank operated from 1875 to 1934 and was headquartered in Munich. The impressive 100 mark German Empire banknote were issued on January 1, 1900 by the Bayerische Notenbank.
The Emperor
Authority. Strategy. Masculinity. Practicality. Ruler ship.
The Banque de France issued French Franc banknotes in 5 different denominations, including this 100 French Francs

banknote (Napoleon). They are part of the French Franc banknotes series. The Banque de France started issuing these 100 French Franc banknotes in 1959. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1964. This cent nouveaux francs - 100 nf banknote features Napoleon Bonaparte, French military leader and emperor.
The Hierophant
Knowledge. Respect. Law. Holy. Social life. Ceremony. Tradition. Conformity.
Spanish 500 Pesetas, Bank of Spain, 1940. Detail of the painting “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” by

El Greco. The theme of the painting is inspired from a legend of the beginning of the 14th century. In 1312, a certain Don Gonzalo Ruiz, native of Toledo, and Senor of the town of Orgaz, died (his family later received the title of Count, by which he is generally and
posthumously known). The Count of Orgaz was a pious man who, among other charitable acts, left a sum of money for the enlargement and adornment of the church of Santo Tome (El Greco’s parish church). He was also a philanthropist and a right-thinking Knight. According to the legend, at the time he was buried, Saint Stephen and Saint Augustine descended in person from the heavens and buried him by their own hands in front of the dazzled eyes of those present.

The Lovers
Sex. Love. Union. Trust. Health. Passion. Dependence. Temptation. Vulnerability. Communication.
Czechoslovak 50 korun, 1929. Designed by Alfons Mucha. Por
trait of Worker and peasant woman.
The Chariot
Motion. Tact. Action.
Ascension. Control. Focused. Skill. Driven. Balance. Physicality.
Russia China HARBIN Asiatic paper money currency banknote 1 Ruble, 1917,

Russo-Asiatic Bank in Harbin, Chinese eastern railway - Harbin.

Patience. Balance.
Courage. Compassion. Strength. Understanding.
Belgium 20 Francs 1919 issue, Minerva (Roman goddess) and lion.

The Hermit Wisdom. Solitude. Searching. Detachment. Humility. Deliberate. Observation.
Romania 500 Lei banknote 1991, National Bank of Romania, Constantin Brancusi, a Roma
nian sculptor, painter and photographer who made his career in France. “Self-portrait in the studio, 1934”
Wheel of Fortune
Destiny. Chance.
Change. Luck. Revolution. Consequence.
Yugoslavia 10 Dinara banknote of 1920, issued by the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Allegory “Progress” (a man

with a wheel). The naked man turning the wheel of progress.
Equality. Truth. Balance. Justice. Congruence. Admission. Examination. Accountability.
10 Deutsche Marks banknote, 1949. This German banknote features three symbolic
figures: a man, woman and Lady Justice, printed by the American Bank.

The Hanged Man

Yield. Surrender.
Suspend. Submission. Sacrifice. Non-Action. In-Between.
The ten euro note. All banknotes depict bridges and arches/ doorways in a different historical European style; the ten euro
note shows the Romanesque era (between the 11th and 12th centuries).

The end of something. Change. The impermeability of all things. The beginning of a new life.
Switzerland 100 franc note with the legend of St Martin on the back were issued in Swit
zerland between 1956 and 1973. On the back we find a wonderful rendition of the legend of St Martin who, in the 4th century, was approaching Amiens on horseback and in full armour wearing a white fleece cloak. As he approached
the gates of the city he noticed a beggar with ragged clothes. St Martin, overcome with compassion slashed his cloak and gave it to the freezing man.
Moderation. Balance. Healing. Blending.

Connection. Merging. Chemistry. Fluidity.
1000 Hungarian forint, series 1998, Picture: the “Hercules Fountain”at the Royal Palace of Visegrad, the residence of King Matthias, and an initial from one of his codices (Matthias was famous for his library).
The Devil
Ego. Addiction. Loss. Dependence. Illusion. Error. Disruption. Enslavement.
Belgium 500 Francs (1998). Parts of stylized pieces of Magritte's (Belgian surrealist artist

(1898-1967)) unexplained surrealist art featuring men in hats from his oil painting “Golconde”, also featuring a chair with an animal tail, a stylized apple and a segmented building.

The Tower
Cataclysm. Change. Eruption. Upheaval. Exposure. Blind-sided. Sudden Shift.
Continental Currency. 50 dollars, Continental Congress. September 26, 1778. The emblem on the front
shows a thirteen-stepped pyramid, with the motto: “Perennis” (Everlast
The Star
Hope. Ascension. Promise. Healing. Guidance. Cleansing. Assurance. Rejuvin- ation.
500 euro note, the five hundred euro note shows Modern architecture (around the 20th century).

The Moon
Cycles. Emotion. Intensity. Reflection. Confusion. Influence. Emergence. Perplexity.
Spanish 100 Pesetas banknote 1953, Bank of Spain. ecLa Fuen- santa”, 1929 painting
by Julio Romero de Torres, (1874 - 1930), a Spanish painter.

The Sun
Growth. Life. Energy. Clarity. Vibrancy. Understanding. Illumination. New Beginings. Breaking Through.
Banknote Germany Federal Republic - 5 Mark 1948 “Europa”.
Woman (Europa) on the bull at right.

The Judgment
Faith. Transformation. Honesty. Judgment. Resurrection. Heeding a Call.
Italian 5000 Lire, 1985. A stylised representation of a scene from Bellini’s opera “Norma”, the main el
ements being a tree and a column with pediment and the reproduction of the statue of Norma taken from the sculptor Giulio Monteverde’s monument to
Bellini in Catania. Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini (3 November 1801 - 23 September 1835) was Italian opera composer.
The World
Balance. Achievement. Fulfillment. Attainment. Illumination. Enlightenment. Self-Awareness. Accomplishment.
French Currency 5000 Francs Victory banknote of 1942, issued by the Bank
of France - Banque de France. Allegorical woman representing France wearing an olive wreath and placed in a concentric olive leaves, she is holding a statuette of La Vic- toire and mint branch which symbolizes
the newfound prosperity. 5000 francs banknote “Victory” type (meaning: victory over the economic crisis).

King of W Honest. Creative.
Liberal. Integrity. Integrity. Trustworthy. Harmonious. Conscientious. Compassionate. Entrepreneurial.
Poland 50 ZZotych
1 1994, King Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great) (30 April 1310-5 November 1370)
Queen of Wands Kind. Poised. Patient. F aithful. Intuitive.
Truthful. Generous. Nurturing. Balancing. Well-liked. Comforting. Humanitarian.
1871 Two Dollar banknote USA. Lady Liberty Holding Flag

Knight of Wands Bold. Wild. Brash. Cavalier. Raucous. Energetic. Impatient. Charming. Rebellious. Surprising. Audacious. Exuberant. Determined. Opinionated. High spirited. Uncontrolled. Strong willed. Unpredictable.

The 5 mark banknote was issued on January 10, 1882. A knight with a sword and a shield depicting the Re- ichsadler.

Page of Wands
Free. Artistic. Soulful. Initiator. Creative. Talented. Eloquent. Visionary. Intelligent. Impetuous. Clairvoyant. Flamboyant. Resourceful.
5 Canadian Dollars banknote series 1937.
Electricity seated (allegorical man)

Ace of Wands
Passion. Direction. Ignition. Expansion. Initiation. Creativity. Energization. Resourcefulness.
2 Gourdes of Haiti 1979
Two of Wands
Insight. Control.
Strategy. Advantage. Reflection. Preparation. Leadership. Forecasting. Surveillance. Incubation of Ideas.
Soviet Union 1 Rouble 1961. Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.

Th ree of Wands Time. Calm. Power. Insight. Solitary. Journey. Planning. Foresight. Adventure. Advantage. Confidence. Progression. Perspective. Forecasting. Contemplation.
Angola 500 Angolares
banknote 1927Banco de Angola. Vignette of african fish eagle at center, value in ornate guilloches at upper left and right.

Four of Wands Growth. Vitality. Fertility. Gateway. Unifying. Claiming. Initiation. Invitation. Enhancing. Invocation. Preparation. Home- coming. Establishing. Youthfulness.
Switzerland 50
Francs 1961. Apple harvesting scene (symbolizing fertility).

Five of Wands Debate. Opinion. Conflict. Practice. Contrast. Sparring. Challenge. Unfocused. Participation. Disagreement. Disorganization. Meeting of minds. Creative disruption.
1000 Austrian Schilling banknote of 1954, issued by the National Bank of Austria. The “Bruckner Organ” in the church of the Abbey of Sankt Florian, Austria.
Six of Wands
Grace. Pride. Power. Honor. Action. Victory. Triumph. Liberation. Leadership. Motivation. Facilitation. Vindication. Illumination.
Iran Banknotes 100 Tomans note 1924 Im

perial bank of Persia, Qajarian style of
the National emblem of the Lion and Sun in the middle and the Kiani Crown (Qajar dynasty 1796-1925) above it.
Seven of Wands Defense. Derision. Authority. High ground. Reevaluation. Taking a stand. Accountability. Communication. Cautionary action. Contemplating other opinions.
1000 Rials banknote

of Iran 1934, Persian Soldier Basrelief Killing a Bist Stone Statue in Shiraz.

Eight of Wands
Rest. Wait. Intuition. Direction. Indication. Perspective. Deliverance. Reprioritizing. Back to basics. Getting a signal. Environmental matters. Going with the current.
Japanese Currency
500 Yen banknote 1969, Mount Fuji.

Ni n e of Wands
Realism. Veteran. Heroism. True grit. Protection. Patriotism. Reliability. Infallibility. Commitment. Virtuousness. Determination. Purpose driven. Impenetrable forces. Defend
ing the cause.Retreat
500 Talonas banknote from Lithuania 1993. It shows a wolf pack and a plant.
Ten of Wands Retreat. Harvest. Defense. Burdened. Shielding. Collecting. Stockpiling. Crossroads. Overextended.
Mexico 100 Pesos 1981, ‘La Trinchera” - a mural painting by Jose Clemente Orozco.

Suit of Cups
King of Cups
Ruler. Leader. Healer. Advocate. Sensitive. Diplomat. Idealistic. Negotiator. Nobleman. Influential. Scrupulous. Charismatic. Responsible. Philanthropic. Understanding. Communicative.

10000 Hungarian Forint 2001, King St. Istvan

Queen of Cups
Calm. Gifted. Loving. Distant. Artistic. Dreamy. Psychic. Elusive. Angelic. Isolated. Revered. Inspired. Spiritual. Powerful. Guardian. Distracted. Connected. Mysterious. Comforting. Com
passionate. Self-sacrificing.
Georgia, 1 dollar, Bank of the Empire State (1857-1860)

Knight of Cups Vain. Cool. Lover. Volatile. Effective.
Cunning. Sensitive. Defensive. Observing. Perceptive. Charming. Handsome. Duplicitous. Calculating. Manipulative. Unpredictable. Well
20 dinars tunisien (2013), a la memoire de Kheireddine Pacha, un homme politique du XlXeme siecle.
Page of Cups Deep. Calm. Gentle. Caring. Stylish. Creative. Artistic. Feeling. Gullible. Dreamy. Flowing. Youthful. Sensitive. Emotional. Flamboyant. Clairsentient. Philosophical. An

drogynous. Misunderstood. Accommodating.
Switzerland 100 francs 1956-73. Boy with sheep. The picture prepared by artist Pierre Gauchat especially for banknote 100 Franken.
Ace of Cups
Love. Peace. Patience. Harmony. Assurance. Tranquility. Compassion. Acceptance.
Yugoslavian paper money 1000 Dinara note. Jajce waterfall (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Two of Cups
Union. Sharing. Relating. Harmony. Partnership. Combining. Connection. Cooperation. Compromise. Communication. Instant Attraction.
Currency of Austria 5000 Austrian Schil
ling Mozart banknote, issued by the

Austrian National Bank, 1989. Vienna State Opera, two Music Sculptures at right.
Three of Cups
Joy. Bliss. Elation.
Festivity. Reunion. Freedom. Fecundity.
Indulgence. Abundance. Partnership. Celebration. Cheerfulness. Complimentary.
Fulfillment of Senses.
banknotes CHF 500 Swiss Francs banknote of 1923, Swiss National Bank. Portrait of Woman from Appenzell.
Four of Cups Ideas. Lessons. Isolation. Distance. Epiphany. Exclusion. Grounding. Incubation. Separation. Withdrawal. Acceptance. Perspective.
Regrouping. Development. Contemplation.

50 Belgian francs banknote of 1926, issued by the National Bank of Belgium. On the left, seated allegorical man in antique tunic with symbols of Agriculture.
Five of Cups
Regret. Doubt. Solitude. Self-blame. Loneliness. Wallowing. Contemplation. Disappointment. Second-guessing. Unrealized potential. Readjusting attitudes.
Greece 1 Drachme 1941.

Aristdteles (Aristotle) (384 BC ■ 323 BC), ancient Greek philosopher and scientist.

Six of Cups
Trust. Sharing.
Harmony. Nostalgia.
Surrender. Openness.
Generosity. Friendship. Partnership.
Community. Perspective. Forgiveness.
Italy 1000 Lire 1990, teacher and student.

Seven of Cups Choice. Variety. Illusion. Judgment. Expansion. Awareness. Observation. Discernment. Recollection. Manifestation. Understanding. Diversification. Compartmentalization.
Kazakhstan New 5000 Tenge 2011 banknote. The images of Kazakh Eli monument, flying doves and panthers.
Eight of Cups
Phases. Growth.
Maturity. Progress.
Isolation. Evolution.
Surrender. Pilgrim
age. Withdrawal.
Completion. Contem
Spain 100 Pesetas
1928, Effigy of Miguel

de Cervantes Saavedra (1547 - 1616). Monument to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra on Plaza de Espana in Madrid.
Nine of Cups
Knowing. Success.
Pleasure. Assurance.
Allegiance. Satisfaction. Confidence.
Congruency. Sitting Pretty. A Sure Thing. Proclamation. Preparedness. Consummation. Accomplish
ment. Emotional Intelligence.

Germany 5 Mark 1904 Art Nouveau Banknote, a dragon is drawn, designed by Alexander Zick, (1845-1907) a German painter and illustrator.

Ten of Cups
Elation. Sharing. Allowing. Stability. Harmony. Increase. Reflection. Abundance. Community. Grass Roots. Achievement. Contentment. Wholesomeness.
East Germany (DDR)
200 Mark 1985, teacher with school children in front of a school building.
Suit of Sivords

King of Swords
Wise. Kindly. Soulful. Logical. Isolated. Truthful. F atherly. Seasoned. Generous. Insightful. Analytical. Intellectual. Counseling. Introspective. Retrospective. Philosophical. Conscien
tious. Contemplative. Transformative.
Portugal 1000 Escudos banknote 1965. Dom Diniz engraved at right and as the watermark. He was Portugal’s sixth King. Although he advanced Portugal in a number of ways, his prime
concern was the rural infrastructure and that earned him the nickname Farmer King.
Queen of Swords
Alone. Proud. Regal. Strong. Driven. Intuitive. Focused. Sensitive. Beautiful. Edu

cated. Effective. Obsessed. Structured. Calculating. Controlling. Demanding. Dominating. Independent. Authoritative. Commanding. Uncompromising.
Russia 1000 Rubles 1919, Rostov-on- Don, South Russia, State Bank. Allegorical Mother Russia seated holding a shield and a sword. Roses. Wheat bunches. Sickle.
Knight of Swords Cold. Valiant. Willful. Valiant. Dynamic. Arrogant. Cunning. Strategic. Chiseled. Immature. Righteous. Handsome. Utilitarian. Conquering. Headstrong. Highly sexed.

Kyrgyzstan 1 Som, 1993 Kyrgyz national ornaments and Equestrian statue of Manas the Noble (a hero of the national epic ”Manas”)

Page of Swords Flow. Clear. Genius.
Clarity. Growth. Ecology. Pensive. Cyclical. Alacrity. Insightful. Dreaming. Technology. Biodiversity. Discernment. Improvement.
100 portugal Escudos,
1984, Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (1765- 805) a Portuguese Neoclassic poet, writing at the beginning of his career under the pen name Elmano Sadino.
Ace of Swords
Focus. Force. Clarity. Vision. Insight. Intensity.
France 100 Francs 1991. Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, 1830, Louvre; Paintbrushes (Ferdinand Victor Eugene

Delacroix, French Romantic painter 1798-1863)
Two of Swords Flow. Trust. Choice. Balance. Patience. Openness. Buoyancy. Confidence. Preparedness. Psychic Reliance. Tacit Understanding.
Greece 5000 Drach- mai 1942. Statue of Nike of Samothrace.

Three of Swords
Faith. Focus. Clarity. Choice. Conflict. Fidelity. Decision. Centering. Maturation. Interaction. Distraction. Consumption. Embroilment. Congregation. Contradiction. Revealing Truth.
Self Examination. Obtaining Balance.
Portugal Banknotes '500 Escudos banknote 1958. The first governor and viceroy of the Portuguese State of India, Don Francisco de Almeida and an
embassy received from the great King of Narsinga.

Four of Swords
Rest. Stasis. Solitary. Stillness. Dreaming. Gestation. Meditation. Dormancy. Perspective. Cocooning. Objectivity. Hibernation. Supplication. Introspection. Recuperation. Contemplation.
The Russian 5-ruble notes from 1938 feature a vignette of a determined-looking aviator with his parachute strapped over his shoulders as he
stands next to a plane.
Five of Swords Faith. Action. Change. Strategy. Sacrifice.
Amputating. Standing firm. Meeting a challenge. Victory by surrender. Choosing a direction. Confidence of position.

Greece 50 Drach m ai, 1955. “The Age of Pericles"painted by Philipp von Foltz, 1853. Pericles orating on the Pnyx - Famous speech, given at th e end. of th e first year of the Peloponnesian War (431- 404 BC) as a part of the annual public funeral for the war dead.
Six of Swords Adrift. Escape. Motion. Leading. Guidance. Transition. Distancing. Avoidance. Reparation. Being lead. Navigation. Compromise. Temporary relief.
Greece 100 Drachmai, 1944. Greek Goddess.
Seven of Swords Choice. Irrational.
Duplicity. Instability. Ignorance. Impetuous. Indirection. In

Aid’ action.

decision. In-between. Juxtaposition. Impulsiveness. Lack of conviction.
France 5 Francs 1966-1970, Statue (by Truffot) of a fifteen-year-old shepherd, Jean-Baptiste Jupille, in front of Pasteur Institute, who lived not far from Arbois at Villers-Farlay in the department of Jura, subduing a mad dog I wolf infected with rabies. Jupille was a second child saved from rabies.

Eight of Swords
Fear. Abuse.
Trapped. Illusion. Limitation. Exclusion. Constriction. Toxification. Paralyzation. Helplessness. Misperception.
Mexico 100 Pesos, 1982. Artifacts from
Tula, Hidalgo; Chac Mool statue at Chichen Itza.
Nine of Swords
Agony. Denial. Confusion. Avoidance.
Inflexibility. Suppression. Misdirec
tion. Self-delusion. Consumption. Contradiction. Disillusionment. Misunderstanding.
Flossenburg concentration camp, Germany, 1 reichsmark on card, 1944

Ten of Swords
Defeat. Release. Division. Renewal. Surrender. Liberation. Integration. Realization. Consequence.
Estonia 100 Kroon, 1994. A view of the north Estonian limestone shore.
Suit of Pentacles

King of Pentacles True. Rich. Tried. Stern. Dark. Strong. Stable. Virile. Crafty. Caring. Patient. Sexual. Proven. Fatherly. Wealthy. Protective. Grounded. Gregarious. Persevering.
Overbearing. Family
man. Enterprising. Businessman.
200 Hungarian Forints banknote, 1998, Robert Karoly, King of Hungary (1308-42).
Queen of Pentacles
Picky. Classy. Doting. Caring. Fertile. Loving. Natural. Festive. Stylish. Sensual. Intuitive. Affluent. Graceful. Admired. Groomed. Energetic. Motherly. Feminine. Sensitive. Nurturing.

Emotional. Substantial. Self-effacing.

Portugal 50 Escudos 1964. Portrait and. bust, of Queen Santa Isabel (Rainha Santa Isabel), Elizabeth of Aragon, also known as Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, queen consort of Portugal, a tertiary of the Franciscan Order and is venerated as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.
Knight of Pentacles Loyal. Handy. Bossy. Honest. Simple. Steady. Worthy. Patient. Faithful. Practical. Generous. Steadfast. Protective. Pragmatic. Functional. Industrious. Materialistic. Conventional. Hard working. One dimensional.
Scotland 20 Pounds 2003, Robert the Bruce ■ Robert 1 was Scotland’s heroic king who defeated overwhelming numbers of English soldiers at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
Page of Pentacles Free. Fresh. Gifted. Sincere. Vibrant. Natural. Curious. Friendly. Devoted. Innocent. Feminine. Studious. Caregiver. Nurturing. Thoughtful. Resourceful.
Portugal Banknotes

50 Escudos banknote 1955. “O Pensa-
dor” Statue of The Thinker by Leopol- do de Almeida.

Ace of Pentacles
Reward. Safety.
Grounded. Fresh
Start. Improved Status. New Responsibility.
50 Belgian francs banknote 1956. A peasant woman with a basket of fruit.

Two of Pentacles Flow. Trust. Travel. Motion. Balance. Well-being. Preparation. Utilizing skill. Combination. Contemplation. Thought before action.
Italy 500000 Lira banknote 1997. On the
right, in copperplate, the self-portrait of Raphael, Uffizi Gallery, Florence; in the centre, a detail from Raphael’s fresco “The Triumph of Galatea” (Villa della Farnesina, Rome).
Three of Pentacles Skill. Work. Focus. Study. Vision. Control. Creation. Progress. Ingenuity. Formation. Integration. Foundation. Commitment. Manifestation. Concentration.

10000 Portugal Reis 1910. Five men representing sculpture, painting, reading, music and writing.
Four of Pentacles Gain. Greed. Pride. Tight. Stingy. Closed. Limited. Isolation. Hoarding.
Insecurity. Blockages. Immaturity. Constipation. Shortsighted. Incompletion. Self-interested.

Serbia 100 Dinar 1943.

Five of Pentacles
Outcast. Enabling. Fortitude. Criticism. Rejection. Pilgrimage. Consequence. Determination.
European Union 20 Twenty Euro 2002. Gothic architecture: Gothic windows.

Six of Pentacles Giving. Sharing. Balance. Prudence. Receiving. Abundance. Responsibility. Sound judgment. Humanitarianism.
Italy 100000 Lire
1994. Portrait of Caravaggio, repro
duced from a drawing by the painter Ottavio Leoni, preserved in Florence at the Marucellian Library. Detail of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio “The Fortune Teller” (Second version, c. 1595), held in Paris at the Louvre Museum. Logo depicting winged lion of St. Mark, symbol of Venice above three shields of Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi.
Seven of Pentacles Focus. Reward.
Allowing. Reflection. Flexibility. Aware-
ness. Recognition. Reevaluation.
Contemplation. Nurturing the dream.
Switzerland banknotes 50 Swiss Francs of 1926, Swiss National Bank. “The Woodcutter” oil on Canvas - painter Ferdinand Hodler.
Eight of Pentacles Skill. Progress. Execution. Innovation. Leadership. Invention. Creativity. Productivity. Determination. Remark-ability. Attention to detail. Commitment to a vision.

France 100 Francs 1937. Allegories du Travail (Forgeron).
Nine of Pentacles
Growth. Training.
Nobility. Stability. Assurance. Confidence. Expansion. Prosperity. Equilib
rium. Refinement. Attunement. Creative focus. Tactile sensuality.
Russia 100 Rubles 1910. Duchess Czarina Catherine Ekaterina II; Allegorical man.

Ten of Pentacles Family. Loyalty. Totality. Stability. Idealism. Reunions. Prosperity. Integration. Abundance. Community. Celebration. Community. Friendliness. Achievement. Estab
lishment. More than enough.
Great Britain 5 Pounds 2002-2004. Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) reading to prisoners at Newgate Prison in London. In recognition of her work she was awarded the key to the prison, which is used in the design of the banknote.


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