Way Of The Panda Tarot Guidebook



Pandas with a major presence to lend you a paw whenever you are bamboozled by the harsh winds of life - so that you can chew on their wisdom and bear their magical powers!




Panda Message: Stay curious. Let your nose guide you towards your next best adventure. You may not know what you are leaving behind. You may not know what you will find. But you know it's gonna be good. Destiny's calling on the other side of the World - calling for you to arrive!

Light Attributes: exploration, potential, epic beginnings, the start of an adventure Shadow Attributes: recklessness, irresponsibility, non-commitment

1        - THE MAGICIAN

Panda Message: Did you know that you can shoot sparkles out of your fingertips, and make flowers blossom and grow? Did you know that you can do magic, and that you are powerful - and that you simply cannot fail...unless you quit? Earth, water, wind and fire - they are at your command. Now go blow something up!

Light Attributes: creation, imagination, empowerment, kickass awesomeness Shadow Attributes: manipulation, arrogance, destruction, misuse of power

2            - THE HIGH PRIESTESS

Panda Message: Listen to your inner voice - you will discover the truth of who you are. You will know what you have always known, and you will know where you are always meant to go. You'll solve the riddle in your heart if you close your eyes and call for it to be solved. It's in your DNA. Tune into it - you will always find what you seek.

Light Attributes: intuition, spiritual connection, inner wisdom, divine download Shadow Attributes: neuroticism, denial, spiritual bypassing, wishful thinking

3            - EMPRESS

Panda Message: See the world through my eyes, for the world is a thing of beauty, and you are a sweet gem made out of nothing but love. Just like the world, you are meant to be adored. And I love you - for you are my children - my children you will always be, and forever I shall love you.

Light Attributes: beauty, creative expression, Mother Nature, unconditional love

Shadow Attributes: over-protection, smothering love, co-dependency

4              - EMPEROR

Panda Message: No need to prove yourself - for there is nothing to prove. No need to bend the knee - for we stand as equals. Dust off your fur, panda cub. You are worthy.. You are worthy of the bamboos before you, you are worthy of this world - and you will lead, and I shall behold your glory.

Light Attributes: discipline, mastery, competence, leadership

Shadow Attributes: tyranny, abuse, domination, destruction

5              - THE HIEROPHANT

Panda Message: No, only / get to chew while talking, so drop that bamboo in your hand. Now, let me break it down for you: learn from me as much as you can; I will tell you how the world has always been and what it's made of. But the world is always changing, and unlike pandas, it is never black and white. So go see things for yourself.

Light Attributes: tradition, education, knowledge, instruction

Shadow Attributes: dogma, propaganda, blind faith

6            - THE LOVERS

Panda Message: You there, are black and white and the colors of the rainbow all in one - a bear of opposites, tying to stay under the same umbrella against life's rain. Who you are is what you choose to be at the present moment, so make that choice a great one.

Light Attributes: beautiful paradox, shadow and light, peace within oneself and with others Shadow Attributes: polarization, dichotomy, alienation, disharmony

7            - THE CHARIOT

Panda Message: Run? Don’t be ridiculous. Pandas don’t run! We dread any form of muscle activation. We roll when there is an incline available, but when we really need to go somewhere, we ride! Sprouting wings on our bikes to fly, reaching for the sky. Nothing can stop you once you’ve locked on your target! You are already a winner, and you only lose when you don't play. So are you game or are you game? Vroom vroooooooooooom vroooooooooooooooom!

Light Attributes: victory, momentum, purpose, alignment

Shadow Attributes: impatience, aggression, stubbornness, colossal pettiness

8                     - STRENGTH

Panda Message: Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Though we are not as ferocious as a lion or the big cats of the wild - we are powerful in our own ways. There is power to be had when we choose to see ourselves for who we really are and what we're capable of. I’m good at eating, for one, and Mousey here is an expert swordsman. We are #cutebutfierce.

Light Attributes: softness, inner strength, self-acceptance, autonomy

Shadow Attributes: weakness, insecurity, lacking centre and boundaries, complacency

9               - HERMIT

Panda Message: Oh, I didn't see you there - sorry. Sorry not sorry, that is. I enjoy the mushroom shrub's quiet company, and the wisdom rustling in between the leaves. They speak to me since I am far far away from the noise of the world, and they tell me all kinds of things that I wish to know.

Light Attributes: introspection, higher perspective, self-awareness, the search for wisdom

Shadow Attributes: isolation, disconnection, detachment, ungroundedness

10                - WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Panda Message: Ah, the Ferris wheel has its up’s and downs, just like life. You won't taste much wind until you spin and whirl to the top of the wheel - then the wheel shall carry you down again, where you'll see the delightful cotton candy stand. Either way, I've got a lollipop with your name on it. Whatever happens, let's enjoy the ride and we're lucky to have each other's company.

Light Attributes: anticipation, luck, change, opportunities, seizing the moment

Shadow Attributes: instant gratification mindset, leaving it up to chance, entitlement

11               - JUSTICE

Panda Message: Who are you? You got a permit? Oh, it's you. The traveler other pandas told me about. Just so you know - good vibes and constructive bad vibes only. This is MY sacred space, so I am going to defend it This panda right here is setting the tone. You ought to do the same for yourself. Store some truth bombs, erect walls made out of loving- kindness, and put your foot down. Or in someone's face, in my case.

Light Attributes: cause and effect, karma, courage, liberation from falsehoods, truth

Shadow Attributes: victim mentality, perpetuated suffering, cowardice, negligence

12                       - THE HANGED PANDA

Panda Message: This ab work is dreadful. Pandas aren't supposed to do abs, but I guess I'll just have to...hang in there. The Universe has put me on the spot for a reason - ah, I think I    I'm gonna sneeze any moment now, any

!              moment. I must be patient. Maybe I should

i switch to diet bamboos...I'm really putting on :  some weight.


t              Light Attributes: suspension, patience,

‘              processing lessons, rising above discomfort

'              Shadow Attributes: numbness, lethargy,

I;             self-punishment, giving up, martyrdom

13                       - DEATH

]              Panda Message:                            Life goes on,                 like the

j              changing seasons,                         like the coming          of spring

f              after winter. Tears                          won't stop the           calendar.

When a heart dies, it ceases to be broken. Grief ; is an insatiable emptiness, so we plant a flower ' there, to be reminded of its absence, and to fill I it with beauty and growth. Death is life, just as life is death.

Light Attributes: the dying of an old self, the end of a cycle, honouring the past, rebirth


Shadow Attributes: clinging, refusal to change, fear of the unknown

14           - TEMPERANCE

Panda Message: There is no place, no people, no me. There is only this moment, and I am in it. I don't think about it much, and neither should you. When we do, it stops being a moment. Come sit by me - the water is calming and rejuvenating. Sorry - did you say something? What do you mean Tm kind of fat"? That's it, get out of my panda moment. NOOOOOW!!!!

Light Attributes: balance, inner peace, centering, being in the Now, letting go Shadow Attributes: unhealthy consumption, absentminded, distraction, feelings of anxiety and stress

15           - THE DEVIL

Panda Message: Don’t make me do what I don't want to do. Please. Don't make me into someone I am not I am my own panda, and I deserve to be free. I am my own panda, and I can never be anything more or less than who I am meant to be. Let me go. This is not my destiny.

Light Attributes: confronting & integrating the ego, shadow work, self-liberation, determination

Shadow Attributes: obsessions, addictions, quick fixes, self-repression & betrayal

16            - THE TOWER

Panda Message: Terrible and unfortunate events want us to believe that we have no choice but to become struck down with misfortune and misery. Little do they know - we are not the tower, WE ARE THE LIGHTNING!! Pure energy, pure light, and pure power - electrifying our fates and cracking open the sky!

Light Attributes: catharsis, crumbling of old structures, divine intervention

Shadow Attributes: destruction, disempowerment, despair, trauma

17            - THE STAR

Panda Message: Oh, it's you! Come sit on the branch with me and put your sorrows in that bowl. To be released, of course. What else. And sing with me: twinkle, twinkle, giant star - how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, telling us we'll be alright. Twinkle, twinkle, giant star, because not all hope is lost.

Light Attributes: rest, rejuvenation, healing, hope, optimism

Shadow Attributes: pessimism, waiting to be rescued, a sack of sadness

18        - THE MOON

Panda Message: Oh boy. Why on earth am I on the moon? Wait...that doesn't make sense. What did I just say? Why am I here? What was I looking for? Oh, my head feels so airy...I think I walked past this tree before. Hold on, where did this tree come from?

Light Attributes: dreaming, wayfinding, shadow working, cycles and natural rhythms Shadow Attributes: illusions, escapism, trapped in one's imagination

19        - THE SUN

Panda Message: I'm quite positive that the world is a bright, bright place. The sun in the sky, the wind on my face, and the grass tickling my toes. Ah. *happy sigh* Wonderful, isnlt it? Don't you wish we could always see the world just like this - so full of light and so alive?

Light Attributes: honesty/truth, openness, illumination, innocence, inner child Shad°w Attributes: denial, avoiding problems, spiritual bypassing

20                       - JUDGEMENT

Panda Message: Dun-dun-dun-DUN!!! Oh my, have I been asleep all this time? Thanks, Cosmic Alarm Clock, for waking me up! Thank you for never giving up on me and thank you for waiting for me! Now that I am finally awake from the sleep of life, I am ready to take on the world!

Light Attributes: synchronicity, divine timing, epiphany, awakening

Shadow Attributes: resistance, over­projecting spiritual meaning unto everything, disguised egotism

21                       - THE WORLD

Panda Message: I have arrived - the other side of the world. Here I am, and how curious - I'm back at where I started, and the treasures that I sought were within me after all - the treasures that I sought were me and my own becoming, after all. Here I am - on top of the world. Whole and complete.

Light Attributes: validation, completion, karmic closure, self-actualization

Shadow Attributes: self-negation, insecurity, vicious cycles


The Elemental Pandas are excited to meet you!

Join the Fire Pandas for epic adventurers, the Air Pandas in their quest for truth, the Water Pandas for a cuddling session, and the Earth Pandas to chew on some lucky bamboos.






Pandas from the Suit of Wands are curious, playful and adventurous - little rebels running about hoping to conquer the world. Be careful when you meet one. They just might "kidnap" you to accompany them on one of their exciting adventures, and I'm warning you - they are simply too cute to resist.

The Suit of Wands is associated with: creativity, passion, courage, personal power, confidence, manifestation, action and momentum.



Panda Message: If you want to be a cool panda like me, fire up your creative engines and unleash the playful powers within. Mmm, what's that? This magic stick I'm holding? You can't touch this, sorry. Besides, you gotta find your own stick! Otherwise, it just won't work.

Light Attributes: creative sparks, inspiration, inner fire, playfulness, infinite potential Shadow Attributes: restlessness, creative overload, rampage, misuse of power


Panda Message: So many possibilities and adventures to be had! Where should I go? The Sparkly Sparkling Lake beyond the Shadow Bamboo Forest? Or the Valley of Willow Dragons? Ah! They're both so fun and I want to undertake them ALL!

Light Attributes: brainstorming, considering possibilities, excitement for the future Shadow Attributes: over-commitment, never settling down, irresponsibility


Panda Message: SO IT IS DECIDED, I shall go that way! Oh, look! There are crystals spurting next to my butt - must be from all the good vibes I'm getting - or better yet, blessings from a unicorn! ;)

Light Attributes: optimism, expansion, anticipation, alignment, positive outlook Shadow Attributes: unrealistic expectations, entitlement, reality bypassing


Panda Message: We are the Ferocious Four - and nobody can beat us! When we are together, we are unstoppable, because we got each other's panda backs, and we always help each other out during times of need. #4everFam #SquadGoals #PandaPower

Light Attributes: home, supportive structure, safety, creative community, your "fam" Shadow Attributes: over-dependence, immaturity, lacking autonomy, neediness


Panda Message: Oh, curse my itchy furs - we're stuck in a panda knot. Your paw is in my FACE, Bo-Ping! HEY WATCH IT! UGH! I'm still the prettiest panda of this bunch - Gah! Get off

me! That's my PAW you're munching on. GRAH!!

Light Attributes: competition, conflicting interests, creative clashes

Shadow Attributes: aggression, hostility, sabotage, intolerance



Panda Message: Let's go, fellow pandas. Follow my lead and I will march us towards greatness! We are going to succeed, and we are going to look cute doing it. Let's ROLL!

Light Attributes: victory, success, public recognition, leadership

Shadow Attributes: blindly charging, hot­headed rampage, carelessly leading


Panda Message: You think you can get me, but you can't! You want me to follow your ways, but I won't! I am my own panda, and it doesn't matter what you say -1 will walk my own Panda Way and that's THAT! Now GO AWAY AND


Light Attributes: confronting challenges, holding pressure, standing your ground

Shadow Attributes: spiteful rebellion, stubbornness, uncompromising


Panda Message: Whoa - are those shooting stars? Eight of them - for eight of my wishes. I didn't even finish my bamboo, yet! I guess sometimes dreams arrive when you're busy eating and making other plans...nom nom nom!

Light Attributes: moving towards success, charging towards the future, speedy manifestation

Shadow Attributes: inability to stop, over­activity, events spiraling out of control


Panda Message: Time to take a break from all that manifesting - except there's no time to take a break. There are still businesses to attend to. I'm tired, but I can do this! A panda shouldn't be too overworked to look cute for the people, but oh well, this panda can handle it!

Light Attributes: protection, endurance, overcoming hard battles, harnessing power Shadow Attributes: defensiveness, high- strung tension, antagonistic assumptions


Panda Message: I'm pooped. I honestly can't move anymore. I have no more cuteness left in me! Let me take a quick break. Ugh, my BACK! Maybe I've grown some muscles - who knows. That one-pack ab seems to be staying, though.

Light Attributes: shouldering responsibility, sorting out creative overwhelm, keeping calm and carrying on

Shadow Attributes: collapse, exhaustion, heavy burden, too much on your plate



Panda Message: What's that over there? Let's go see! Hurry - before the light fades! Hold on -1 need to bring my staff and my spyglass - OK I’M READY! LET'S GO! This is gonna be fun!

Light Attributes: curious explorer, excited, playful, likes to try new things

Shadow Attributes: fidgety, distracted, irritable, flaky - never waits for you


Panda Message: Everybody’s kung fu fighting - dun dun dun dun dun dun! Hyah! Wo-pah! Nothing stops me. I ain't afraid of nothing! Hl- YAH! YOU THERE! WANNA FIGHT TO SEE WHO’S STRONGER!?

Light Attributes: thirsty for adventure - in love with action, speed and adrenaline; fast and furious

Shadow Attributes: impulsive, temperamental, selfish, solves problems with fists


Panda Message: Oh my, oh my! Who do we have here? I can't believe it - IT'S YOU! I have never seen anyone with so much LIGHT! And potential! And pawsomeness! You’re destined to do great things. I believe in you!!

Light Attributes: radiant, warm, full of passion, excitement and energy - dancing queen

Shadow Attributes: easily annoyed, pushes you to keep up with her, manipulative


Panda Message: What's that? I see it in my mind's eye. Whatever I see, I achieve. Whatever I dream, I will make reality. I see myself getting cuter - and so cuter I shall be! Cuteness explosion - UNLEASH!

Light Attributes: visionary, leader, entrepreneur - passionate about dreaming and creating

Shadow Attributes: arrogant, hateful, threatening - thirsty for power




Pandas from the Suit of Swords are honest, smart and witty. They like to mull things over, explore concepts from different angles, and entertains a good debate when there is one to be had. When they disagree with each other, they do their best to resolve things peacefully. If not.. .well. Let's just say fur is fluffed, and pandas are rolled over.

The Suit of Swords is associated with education, philosophy, introspection, mental exploration, logical deduction, critical thinking, clear communication & intelligence



Panda Message: I think, therefore I am. My name is Pandascartes, and I will tell you exactly what I think. I find myself perfectly adorable, and I know it to be true because it is the truth. Always know the truth of things, especially the truth of yourself. That way, you can't be bothered by idiots.

Light Attributes: truth, clarity, focus, perspective I opinion, identity

Shadow Attributes: mental constipation, confusion, falsehood, identity crisis


Panda Message: These ideas and concepts must be thoroughly examined before reaching a conclusion. What do I do? Both arguments are equally compelling. Ah, so many considerations -1 don't know what I will choose. I do know I need more tea, however.

Light Attributes: dilemma, conflicting / contradicting perspectives, decision-making, choosing a better thought

Shadow Attributes: analysis-paralysis, indecision, lacking proper information


panda Message: pain...clashing... do not...compute...gah!! Who am I if I give this up? Who will I be if what I know is no longer real? So this is how it is. Reality is harsh; it is hard to look at - but I must turn my gaze towards it...for this is the price of truth. P.S. I am not dead: just resting with a book stabbed with swords on my back.

Light Attributes: confronting challenging worldviews, shattering of ego, facing reality bravely

Shadow Attributes: resistance, seeking drama, negative thinking, self-inflicted heartbreak


Panda Message: Hello, hello. I am the Pondering Panda, and this is my beanbag. My beanbag is my thinking place - that is where my Muse comes to me. Not to mention it is the perfect excuse for a nap, and I look cute while mulling things over. Win-win, really.

Light Attributes: contemplation, meditation, reflection, sitting with your thoughts Shadow Attributes: foggy-brained, mental withdrawal, cold detachment, nap addict


Panda Message: Listen to me, you fluffy brained cub! Unbearable. UTTERLY unBEARable. That is not how truth is settled - that is not how a conclusion is reached. Your logic is faulty. And that is the end of that. Also, your glasses are ugly.

Light Attributes: debate, mental sparring, assertiveness, facing confrontation

Shadow Attributes: petty argument, bitter sarcasm, provocation, disdain


Panda Message: I see a paper boat in the river. It spins by itself, seemingly without direction, yet it is carried by the river's current. I wonder what's written on the paper - the meaning of life, a recipe for summer bamboo salad, or maybe a love poem for me.

Light Attributes: renewal of thought, a new mental space, evolving ideas

Shadow Attributes: aimlessness, roaming, loose identity, astray


Panda Message: Rules are meant to be broken. Old thoughts are meant to be challenged. Rigid systems must be messed

with. And identity must be ever so slightly shaken. What’s the fun in staying the same? The world needs a rebel like me, so new ideas can be born. ARRRRRRRRR!

Light Attributes: curiosity, thought experiments, defying the norm, innovation Shadow Attributes: disrespect, trickery, trolling, intellectual theft



Light Attributes: problem-solving, exercising caution, anticipating danger

Shadow Attributes: self-imposed limitations, entrapment, immobility, negative projection


Panda Message: There are monsters in the closet - but I shall face them bravely. Come out, monster! Here you are! Ah, it is my old unwashed sock from ten years ago - how ghastly. Oh and a green-horned demon with creepy hands - surprise, surprise. Oh, never mind. It's just my mother-in-law.

Light Attributes: determination, mental fortitude, conquering fear, confronting your demons

Shadow Attributes: insomnia, nightmares, paranoia, mistrust, existential threat


Panda Message: Is that really what the back of my head looks like? Gosh, what have I been COMBING all these years’? Who am I if not a perfectly combed panda? This cannot be...oh it simply cannot be...but one must shed the hairy layers of one's identity...to be fluffily reborn. IT HURTS THOUGH.

Light Attributes: end of a cycle, death of an old self, embracing the pain, releasing the ego Shadow Attributes: perpetuated suffering, unresolved tragedy, self-destruction



Panda Message: Why do you think the pandas are black and white? Curious disposition, don't you think? One thing is for sure: our unprecedented adorableness is a result of the "Cute Gene" in our DNA.

Light Attributes: inquisitive, nerdy, likes to learn and explore interesting questions

Shadow Attributes: narrow-minded, easily triggered, annoying, likes to argue


Panda Message: I. AM.


Light Attributes: champion of justice: righteous, loud, idealistic, impulsive - a panda with powerful ideas

Shadow Attributes: brainwashed, spreading propaganda, ruthless in speech


Panda Message: I respect you, which is why I will tell you exactly what I think. Truth may be hard to hear, but truth is liberating. Let it go. It is said and it is done. Look me in the eye — oh what these shades? Specially made for cool mama bears like me. No, you can’t have them.

Light Attributes: truth-bomber, tough love giver, diplomatic, self-respecting

Shadow Attributes: judgemental, gossipy, insulting, mean


Panda Message: Nothing escapes my eye. I J see you. I see what you're doing. I know what you intend to do. Understand this: I am always 100 steps ahead. It is my curse and my blessing. Yes, my eyes are open, thank you very much. Yes, pandas have eyes. I'm rolling them at you, in fact.

Light Attributes: strong morals, meticulous i attention to detail, extremely intelligent - has a powerful mind

Shadow Attributes: neurotic, harsh, unforgiving, controlling










Pandas from the Suit of Cups are sweet, affectionate, loving and ultra adorable. They like to spend time with their friends r- and family, chasing away sadness and cheering each other up. Wherever they are, they are connected by their heart­strings and their love for each other.

  • The Suit of Cups is associated with relationships, emotional connection,
  • compassion, dreams & inspirations,

intuition, and psychic abilities





Panda Message: Shhh - don’t tell anyone. I just put all of my love in there for the other pandas to find - as much as my little panda heart can muster, anyway. Which is a lot! Oh, since you re here, you can have it!! Here it is - all of my love! Of course you deserve it - don't be silly.

Light Attributes: emotional openness, heart expansion, cosmic healing, dreams and wishes coming true

Shadow Attributes: dejection, loneliness, separation, melodrama


Panda Message: Love is in the air, love is in my fur. Love is you when I look at your eyes. We are just meeting, but I love you. I see you. I know you. I feel you. Our hearts are made of the same stuff, the same fluff, marching to the beat of the same drum.

Light Attributes: attraction, in sync, finding yourself in another, kindred spirits Shadow Attributes: jealousy, desolation, loneliness, bitter yearning


Panda Message: Nerdy panda, dapper panda, hipster panda. Each of us is unique; our souls are radiating in different colors. But we are black, and we are white. And we are pandas!

Light Attributes: social acceptance, harmony, celebration, belonging

Shadow Attributes: rejection, ostracization, peer pressure


Panda Message: I wonder if there's anything beyond this life that I currently have? I want to feel something new, to see beyond this forest of bamboos. I will only know if I try...but should I? Sorry - what? Just take the cup? Oh, your arm is getting sore. My bad.

Light Attributes: boredom, hesitation, yearning, imagining

Shadow Attributes: resistance, bewilderment, inaction, emotional suspension


Panda Message: There, there. You tried - and it broke your heart. That's okay, though! I'm here, and there is still more to see in the world! More fun to be had! More joy to be experienced!

But seriously...you need to stop crying now. My shoulder furs are wet.

Light Attributes: facing your disappointments, emotional release, healing, holding space, courage

Shadow Attributes: dwelling, sulking, defeat, discouraged, hopelessness, regret


Panda Message: Remember you made me this hat because you thought it would be funny if I had cat ears? Since, you know, the Chinese word for "panda" actually means "bear-cat"? Hehe. Hehehe. Cute, I know.

Light Attributes: kindness, compassion, sharing & giving, sweet affections

Shadow Attributes: unreasonable sacrifice, people pleasing, childish sentiments


Panda Message: Bamboos... yum...must find...more... bamboos...SNAKE! Oh, it's just you. What? I was snorting? I must be dreaming, then. I only snort when I dream. Did you just say my snort sounds apocalyptic!? Well. Guess whose world is about to end? YOURS.

Light Attributes: imagination, exploration, inspiration, muse, daydreams

Shadow Attributes: illusion, confusion, paralysis, overwhelm


Panda Message: Bye-bye, the life I once had. Something better is waiting for me, as I begin this new journey. Good-bye. Talk to you later. See you probably never.

Light Attributes: letting go, realization, emotional clarity, re-alignment Shadow Attributes: toxic relationships, codependency, baggage, held back


Panda Message: Come here, you!! Yes, you. I have enough drinks for both of us. Cuz you deserve it, you silly. Give me your paw, NOW. TAKE THE GOODIES! And sit by me. We’ll enjoy life together, water panda style.

Light Attributes: fulfillment, generosity, abundance, luck

Shadow Attributes: dissatisfaction, insatiability, selfishness


Panda Message: Here you are - time for a bear-hug!! Your dreams will always come true, and you deserve love, and joy, and eternal sweetness. The pandas will always love you. We love you just as much as the Universe does - so make sure you...bear that in mind.;)

Light Attributes: grace, gratitude, happily ever after, storybook ending

Shadow Attributes: suffering, ingratitude, entitlement



Panda Message: I saw a fish in the clouds. No, I really did! You wouldn't believe how fast it flew. It swam across the path of rainbows, greeted the birds that glowed like stars, and towards the castle in the sky. Huh? What do you mean you didn’t see it? It was right therel

Light Attributes: shy but sweet, imaginative - always seeing the world through magic and light

Shadow Attributes: trapped in daydreams, attention seeking, childish and prone to tantrums


Panda Message: Follow your heart, and everything will be coming up roses. Show your heart, too, because you will always be able to find hearts that beat like yours - but you will never know who if you don't bare your chest first. There's nothing to be afraid of - just let yourself bloom.

Light Attributes: charming, affectionate, romantic - always wears his heart on his sleeve

Shadow Attributes: confusing social boundaries, melodramatic, falling in love with love


Panda Message: I love you, forever and ever and ever I do. Let me hold you close to my heart - know that it beats for you. Whatever it is that you have done, I forgive you. Whatever wounds that you carry, let them hurt you no more. You are the world to me. And you will always have a place in my heart.

Light Attributes: infinitely loving, nurturing and forgiving - deeply psychic and intuitive Shadow Attributes: lacking boundaries, prone to self-sacrifice and emotional drain


Panda Message: Ah, here you are. I was wondering when I'll see you. I want you to know that like everyone else, you have a place in the world, and a special purpose. Like me, you are here to serve, and the world has yet to experience your uniqueness and your special brand of love.

Light Attributes: humanitarian, altruistic and compassionate - always striving for collective joy and growth

Shadow Attributes: prone to martyrdom and idealistic sacrifices - burdened by the suffering of others




Pandas from the Suit of Pentacles are driven.. .by food. They are conscientious, hardworking and steadfast eaters. They are not in a hurry.. .for success is always assured if you focus on the path you are treading and keep your eyes on the prize. They may seem slow moving, but their pace is always perfect, for it is the Panda Pace.

The Suit of Pentacles is associated with resources, sustainability, growth, health, prosperity, and luck



Panda Message: Goals can be realized through hard work and dedication. So spring to action, and make real your vision. Once your efforts are through, your dreams will surely come true. And don't forget your lucky bamboo, they'll make sure fresh opportunities come through to you!

Light Attributes: practical action, actualization, abundance, treasure, opportunity

Shadow Attributes: materialism, superficiality, greed, Joyless labor


Panda Message: Check out our panda groove, as we work this bamboo. Join the show, find your flow. Juggle your tasks, prioritize snacks, and don't let the balance get out of whack!

Light Attributes: balance, prioritizing, time management, productivity

Shadow Attributes: busy but not productive, lost in the grind, disorganized


Panda Message: A chewer, a climber, a joker - we are here to harvest the bamboo together. We share our skills and talents to help each other achieve what we cannot achieve alone, and we bring the bamboo stalks back to the other pandas in case their stomachs get forlorn!

Light Attributes: community, collaboration, combining talents, harmony

Shadow Attributes: disagreements, division, one-upping, a "panda-eat-panda" world


Panda Message: Everything according to plan, everything strategized into system. I'm safe and secure within this structure - one step out and it's pandamonium. ALSO, WHERE'S MY HABIT TRACKER!?

Light Attributes: safety & security, structure, accumulation of resources, habit-building, routines

Shadow Attributes: rigidity, inflexibility, hoarding, controlling


Panda Message: Pentacles may be broken and lost, and bamboos may be eaten - but your spirit remains strong. You always have something, and it is never nothing - even if it feels like you can't have everything. Your something can be everything...even when you think you have nothing.

Light Attributes: resilience, patience, realignment, humility

Shadow Attributes: poverty consciousness, lack, trapped in failure, bitter resentment


Panda Message: Don't worry about paying me back; I have enough bamboos to share. TAKE. THE BAMBOO. Now go do something useful. Repay me by paying it forward. Let's show up for the world in our own ways, together. Because we are pandas. And pandas always help each other.

Light Attributes: contribution, charity, patronage, championing others, sharing Shadow Attributes: gullibility, unfair exchanges, conditional giving, exploitation


Panda Message: What's this new development? No worries. Everything is still going according to plan. A few minor adjustments - still staying on course. This panda knows what he's fishing for, and his butt is made for sitting long.

Light Attributes: strategy, evaluation, research / taking stock, redistribution of resources

Shadow Attributes: impatience, disorganization, chaotic measurements, disruption


Panda Message: Once, twice and thrice - the more I practice, the more I suffice. Every day I do the grind, and more skills and efficiency I shall find. I'm always leveling up - what are you doing to catch up?

Light Attributes: attention to detail, practice makes perfect, honing your craft Shadow Attributes: perfectionism, workaholism, obsessing over details


Panda Message: I’m the boss panda of life, free as a kite. I have all the bamboos I need; I oversaw them since they were seeds. I write my own rhymes. Aww yeh, I’m in my prime!

Light Attributes: prosperity, accomplishment

I success, self-sufficiency, reward

Shadow Attributes: indulgence, debauchery, wastefulness, ingratitude


Panda Message: There is enough for me, there is enough for you - there is enough for our elders, for our neighbours, for our children, for our pets, for our friends, for everyone! Wealth, abundance, prosperity abound! Pandas, go pandas, wow, oh wow!

Light Attributes: a world of abundance, countless gifts, ultimate security, legacy Shadow Attributes: impossible standards, objectification, consumerism, slavery



Panda Message: Today I am planting this seed, and soon it will grow into a bamboo. Don’t give me a textbook, show me what to do. I leam with my paws; they know what to do when they begin to move.

Light Attributes: studious, diligent and results-driven - loves planning, prepping, scheduling & organizing

Shadow Attributes: lacking action and execution, over-planning, busy but not productive


Panda Message: Slow and steady wins the race - I always keep my eyes on the prize. Every day, I am one paw closer to my goal. Every day, I rock and I panda roll.

Light Attributes: focused, dedicated and results-driven - the ultimate productivity beast Shadow Attributes: easily gets lost in a joyless grind and soulless auto-pilot mode; obsessive-compulsive


Panda Message: You want my spectacularly and privately grown bamboos? You can have some, and I'll even teach you how to grow some. But you mustn't be lazy and expect it to fall from my paws. Now get to work, panda!

Light Attributes: down-to-earth, giving and rocking at life - the ultra-capable adulting queen

Shadow Attributes: becoming the maid, overwhelmed with chores, neglecting self-care


Panda Message: I've got the biggest pentacle in the panda grounds. Yes, yes, please admire it. It is an exquisite acquisition, if I do say so myself. What's that? You need to borrow some bamboos to start your own chair company? Sure, sure! Always down to invest in young talent such as yourself. Plus I’m too rich anyway. Now go out there and change the world!

Light Attributes: loves win-win situations & smart + worthwhile exchanges, business- minded, abundance-master

Shadow Attributes: selfish, greedy, does everything for his own gain, wants to own the "biggest pentacle" at all costs


As Significators. Use the wild card to represent you during a reading. This can help emphasize the importance of your position as you interpret the rest of the cards in a spread - placing the focus on who you are, how you perceive yourself, and the role you want I need to play going forward.

For intention setting. You can also use the wild card to represent and channel a specific intention + to set the tone during a tarot reading, a prayer session, or a ritual.

Sling it with the rest of the deck. Include the bonus card with the rest of your deck as you shuffle and allow synchronicity to chance upon its emergence.

As a bookmark. But only if you’re a savage.

For detailed information on the individual wild cards, what they represent and how you can best use them, visit fablesden. com/pandawildcards



Panda Message: Your heart is precious - because within it are powerful seeds with infinite potential that will grow and manifest into dreams that will fill you and set you free. Here - hold mine as well - yes I’m giving you my panda heart. Now your dream space is even bigger. Also, you better not be a clumsy-paw and drop it, or I’ll beat you with a bamboo stick! NOW GET TO WORK! YOUR DREAM AWAITS!

Light Attributes: dreams, imagination, action, manifestation, potential, growth & expansion, destiny at work

Shadow Attributes: daydreaming, illusion, limiting beliefs, lack consciousness, ingratitude, toxic people that need to shut up and let you grow and be the best that you can be





The Panda Spirit is gentle, carefree, and open ~ not to be equated with weakness and unassertiveness. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to break free from negativity in a nonconfrontation al manner, this spread is for you.

  1. 1. How can I achieve a panda’s carefree balance in life?
  2. 2. Black & White. How can I be more flexible and approach things from a more holistic & empathetic perspective?
  3. 3. Tai-Chi. How can I create "flow” and neutralize negative energies without unnecessary conflict?
  4. 4. How can I create a sense of ease and comfort?


Anytime you need to do some serious butt­kicking and channel some epic heroism - use this spread to unlock maximum power and awesomeness.

  1. 1. Stretch Sesh. What do I need to master in order to establish a solid foundation for channeling my power?
  2. 2. Fighting Stance. What do I need to do to get in the panda zone for some serious butt­kicking?
  3. 3. HI-YAH!! No mercy! This is how I’m going to rock and roll! How do I unleash maximum panda power to conquer any challenge that comes my way?


Not quite looking like a ferocious tiger or a venomous viper - but who says you’re weak? You are cute, but fierce! And you face up to your challenges with the same level of strength, if not the same kind of power!

  1. 1. Looking Quite Harmless. What is a strength or quality that I have that is often overlooked or perceived as a weakness by others?
  2. 2. Cuteness Overload. How can I best utilize and express my cuteness, my adorableness, my positivity and my strength?
  3. 3. Cute but Fierce. This is why my way of dealing with problems works for me. Who says I need claws or fangs to get things done? Imma get them, fluffy panda style!


The traditional Celtic Cross Spread, but with a panda twist.




  1. 1. Panda Power. What power do I need to channel so I can bring forth the best possible panda outcome?
  2. 2. Panda Push. What is the challenge I must confront right now to level up to the next panda level? (Crossing Card #1)
  3. 3. Poor Panda. What sob story am I carrying that is stopping me from being my best panda self?
  4. 4. Panda Potential. What is an opportunity that I shall seize so I can grow and explode into my ultimate panda-ness?
  5. 5. Panda Guardian. What do I need to know to trust the Great Cosmic Pandas - to trust in the


  1. 6. Panda Poop. What is constipating my panda light right now? Might it be the questionable bamboo yesterday? Better deal with it soon so I can move forward!
  2. 7. Panda Party. Alright - what’s going on in this panda party right now? What are the vibes in the present room?
  3. 8. Panda Pause. What is something outside of myself that I need to acknowledge and take into consideration so I can make better choices?

i 9. Panda Ponder. What is something that I love to manifest so much, that it scares me just as much?

  1. Panda Pah-Pah-Power! I have the power to create my life and my destiny! What is the ultimate panda outcome that I am seeking to create and achieve?



Plant your heart seeds and nurture your dreams - heart space to head space to dream space all the way.

  1. 1. Your Heart Song. This is it. The cosmic seeds from your heart space. What is it? That feeling in your chest - that intention - wanting to be born, wanting to grow?
  2. 2. The Pandas are Calling a Cosmic

Rain...to nurture your heart seeds and your dreams! How will the Universe help your dreams grow once you’ve sown the seeds?

  1. 3. You, the Dream Gardener. Your dreams will grow much faster if you work hard to nurture them. What can you put into action to manifest your dreams faster?
  2. 4. Growing into Dream Space. Where are your dreams taking you? What are you becoming?

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