Murder Of Crows Tarot Guidebook



0The Fool - It begins with a cry in the darkness, the first herald of a lonesome journey. The trail un­rolls itself before you through unfamiliar terrain. Here and now you can be exactly who you say you are. Your first step is imminent and it cannot be re­taken. Heed the bird’s warning. Allow its full-throat­ed cry to echo before you, calling the path ahead out of the smoke and mire. Set yourself into motion even though the second and third steps remain uncertain. Keywords: The call of the unknown, the step yet un­taken, human frailly.


1 The Magician - The in-drawn breath becomes the

exhalation. Now is the time for the words of pow­er. You speak your mind and your wishes become

truths. The powers of insight, healing, will, and connection obey your command and what you envision becomes a new reality. The elemental powers are in balance, there at your fingertips to help you shape and change your reality. Draw their power into your­self, decide that you belong here, believe it of your­self that you have earned this place.

Keywords: Strength of will, manifestation, use of j magic words, manipulation.


2High Priestess - They croak and cry all about you, hemming you in and feathering their nests with bits and pieces they steal from you. Dim the outer lights and let the ordinary senses become dulled. J Shut them out entirely. Pour yourself into the silence that pools around you in the silver light of the moon. Drift down past dreams, hopes and desires releas­ing them as you submerge until you reach the cen­ter, until you comprehend the truth.

Keywords Looking within, donning the shroud of wisdom, shedding the pretense of obvious opinions, contemplation of many possibilities.


3,Empress - A haunting lullaby calls from out of tire darkness. Lt speaks to you of safety and security, a mother’s eternal and unyielding love. A hand takes your hand, bearing you up against the coming storm Her lips kiss your forehead and leave a mark protect­ing you in your journey through the night. You were bom from her egg, as were all who live. There is heal­ing to be found in her kindness-just be careful not to drown in it.

Keywords: Nurturing, self-care, sensuality, love and loyalty, compassion for all, fertility and prosperity, motherhood, smothering and obsessive behavior.


4Emperor - A firm hand lakes your shoulder and ushers you to the high seat of power. The clouds part and you can see a vast dominion. Nothing es­capes his attention. One eye sees the surface of all things while the other sees the hidden truths, the normally invisible depths. Crows wheel above him, bringing the messages that he needs to govern his domain. His mind is steel, his words are iron and his judgement is forever. He receives counsel lor good and ill. His years of leadership allow him to know the difference.

  1. Lovers - At long last, weary of wandering, you see that you are not in fact alone on this road. An-

Keywords: Rule of law, good governance, wise advice, leadership and political acumen, fatherhood, authoritarianisin and ruthlessness.


5Hierophant - Bells of bronze sing out between the mountains and over the valleys of this strange land, calling the faithful to attend to what is needful. A ca­thedral soars before you, strong, imposing and an­cient beyond memory. Within its halls the myster­ies are made plain. A narrow door opens out upon the world and a robed man stands in your path. To submit is to be made worthy, to join the choir of fel­lowship and sing the ancient hymns. The only path into this hallowed hall requires going through this pious guardian.

Keywords: Traditional values, conservative approach­es, submit to a higher power, gatekeeping, the voice of Heaven, cooperate, earn your place, dogmatic ap­proaches.


6Lovers - At long last, weary of wandering, you see that you are not in fact alone on this road. An­other soul searches through this strange land for meaning and redemption. The choice is before you, a decision of great consequence. To eat of the fruit of the sacred tree will bring your hearts into align­ment, and your paths will join. The dark angel lifts its wings above you both, giving its sincere blessing. Your hand hesitates beneath the branches. Are you ready to bite into the flesh that will erase loneliness of independence? The juice on their lips smells sweet and inviting.

Keywords: A chance for union, draw strength from passion, find your missing half, choice between two paths, Companionship and romance, dependence.


7Chariot - In this new world of doubt and fear you cannot remain small and hidden forever. The time has come to choose to rise above and be more than you have been. Step into the cart and you cari fly faster and farther, all you need do is hang on for dear life. Bring the chaotic strands together and weave them into the harness that will fuel your travels. Harness power, put on the mask you wish to present the world.

Keywords: Victory, movement and travel, vehicles, power over others, exert control over the external world, conquest, vengeance.


8,Strength - You can sense and feel the changes within you more than you can see them. Your trials in this wasteland have made you strong. And what is to come requires that you be stronger than you have ever been. You hear the rumbles of your power deep within; your greatest adversary cannot escape. Your unending strength dwells in your mind, your heart, your blood. It scratches at its bonds, ready to , tear and rend and devour. It can never be silenced there’s no need to even try. It can listen. Il can be cajoled. It can be loved. This task will take all your reserves but after all, it’s what you have been pre­paring for.

ling               Keywords: Power from within, overcome the inner saboteur, master restraint, wrestle with the Shadow.


9Hermit what is the atm of this endless wandering? What would journey's end look like? Yon have heard answers from so many but their truth is not your own. there are hidden passages known only to you that can take you to heights where you might peer at the stars and scrape wisdom down from the heavens. The stairs ascend before you by the thou­sands. I he iron bars of the birdcage are a heavy bur­den as you climb and the bird bristles at its captivi­ty. but once you attain the summit you shall fly free. Keywords: Solitude, find your own truth, search your soul, loneliness and quiet, asceticism, retreat from die community.


10The Wheel - The wheel spins and you rise to the top; it spins again and sends you crashing down into die briars. What goes up must come down. Today, to­morrow. next year, some year lime has no interest tn our comforts, our decisions, all our plans and schemes, our hopes and fears. It is die apex predator in this strange landscape. It buoys you up, it pulls you down. The moment will come again when you have the pow­er to choose. While you cannot change the greater workings of the universe, you may choose what to do when chance is in your favor. You decide what to do when you are again at the bottom ot the heap Keywords: A change in fortune, the passage of the seasons, a fleeting opportunity, ups and downs, tem­porary setbacks.


11I. Justice - You travel through a realm where illusions and shadows gather around you, muddling your vision

in shades of gray. And then her voice, the voice of truth. It rings in your mind, as clear as crystal. There is black, I! there is white, there is right and wrong, and you can discern the difference. The scales click into balance and she places her sword in your hands. She trusts you to take the needed action at the right moment.

Keywords: Balance, right action, severe ties that no longer serve, perceive the situation, act decisively.


12,Hanged man Your feet are bound and your body hangs in the void. You struggle, you cry out but the only answer is the mocking cry of the crows’ In this place of loneliness you still have yourself. Bide your time; let your bonds become your anchor. In the stillness your unbound spirit flies free. From this new vantage point, the world may seem strange to your eyes. Perhaps it was always this way and it took an un­expected inversion for you to see it for itself.

Keywords: Vulnerability, stillness, a new point of view, initiation, powerlessness, vision quest, a deserved punishment.


13Death - And now has he come, the herald of all endings, the angel of oblivion. Black wings spread above him, blotting out the stars. It is the silence be­tween one word and the next. He is time, the great devourer. It serves no purpose to struggle against the door he closes before you. Your task now is to find a new path.

keywords: Closure, closing the present chapter, sick­ness and weakness, fear of change, the chance for something new to grow out of the ashes of the old.


14,Temperance - Dark wings part to reveal the face of the Angel She pours a healing the golden chalice and you pray that she was your parched lips. She has poured out just to restore you and that is the secret she has come teach. In a life filled with need and longing, it is a  great gift to know the meaning of enough, To be, to do, Lo have just enough, gives your body a new sense of balance and you are finally light enough for your own wings to lift you up.

Keywords: All things in moderation, virtuous behav­ior, a middle path between extremes, consider all sides of the situation.

15,Devils - In die darkened halls of the demon lord Malphas, the night closes in around you - blinding you to what is before and behind you. Now the world is only what you can feel, what you can much and taste. You hear only’ what the shadow whispers to you. There is much pleasure to be found, here where the senses dominate, but the shadow uses your plea­sure and relief to forge a golden chain that impris­ons your free will The longer you listen, the harder it is to block the sounds, the harder it will be to re­gain your own mind

Keywords; Domination, addiction, valuing flesh and the material world above all else, seeking pleasure,giving in to the Shadow.


16,Tower - All day the birds have squawked omens of doom, black winged prophets urging you to flee. You hear the roar and feel the air crackle as

the lightning bolt strikes the palace walls. Stone shiv­ers around you. it cannot hold for long. Stay in this place of opulence’’ - a voice whispers - “here you have been safe. But the birds' warnings screech in defiance, ringing truer than the honey-sweet words You seek the door as beams creak and moan Keywords: Imminent disaster, a shakeup in the natu­ral order, a chance to relinquish old ways of thinking, uncomfortable truths rise to the surface.

  1. Stars - You have followed the bird through planes of dust and drear. Onward forever and just as your faith threatens to crumble, the smoke clears and she is there The lady of peace beckons you to her pool She raises the golden chalices before her in ancient rituals of restoration ‘Lay down your bur­dens here, 1 have the strength to carry them. Give me your grief and bathe in my pool. What is broken can be mended, what is hurt can be washed clean and restored." You imagine yourself entering the waters and accepting incredible bliss.

Keywords: The return of hope, healing, a need to clear energy.


18, Moon - the shadows lengthen and grow as the shining orb of the moon rises to its zenith, bathing the wastes in a strange silver light. Its expression is inscrutable, revealing nothing, just as its pale illu­mination casts a weird, otherworldly glow. You look into the eyes of a friend and see a complete strang­er. Your journey has given you the mind of a mys­tic, to hear the unspoken and see the invisible. But if you view the world with tills enchanted sight for too long, phantoms emerge from the mists

Keywords. Illusions, messages from instinct and instinct, a journey through darkness, strong psychic in­formation. delusions and madness.


19, Sun - It bows before you, glistening like shin­ing oil. You climb onto its back and great soft wings carry you up. up above mist and smoke and doubt From this height you see the world anew, where living things sprout and grow out of the conceal­ing shadows, where hearts seek the light As you fly higher and higher, the light causes your skin to glow with a newfound brilliance. This is who you are. this shining soul held aloft in the dark­ness. This is a world of opportunities to seek and find great joy.

Keywords: Clarity, happiness, find your center, joy, limitless possibility.


20, Judgement - One note sends them forth to change the world forever. The sleepers awaken to sing a new song with voices restored by their slum­ber The clear note of revelation reinvigorates body and soul. What are these new wings of yours? When did they become a part of you? And where now can they take you as you join the chorus in the skies? The old life can be left at the tomb, a new day dawns

Keywords- Awaken, revelation, follow your destiny, transformation, heed the call.


  1. World - No journey leaves a soul unchanged. The chrysalis that has held you tight falls away and you emerge into a new life. You are more than you were before. Your black winged companion m the land of shadows has become a part of you, you see with its clear eyes, you speak with irs mighty voice. You hold aloft tokens of victory, lor the spi­ral of time has brought you new gifts in accordance with your actions. And now. finally ready, at long last you dance.

Keywords: Achieve your goals, completion and cul­mination, evolve and transform, bear great burdens.



The Realm of Dreams. with the symbols of Chalices

Ace of Cups - You are born out of a cosmic soup of possibilities, the eternal returned. Feathers glisten­ing in the sun, you leave behind the vessel, the eggs empty shell and become aware of your new purpose. In another heartbeat, you can spread your wings and find your heart's desire

Keywords: Dreams manifested, birth, renewal, pow­erful emotions.


Two of Cups - You see yourself reflected in the eyes of another and begin to truly perceive yourself. To partner is to trust, to let the stranger into your pro­tected inner circles From this place of intimacy, visions can be shared, dreams hatched i washes away as true communication bcg^1^ Keywords: Connection, conversation, romance.


Three of Cups - In the wild places of the world you will find your tribe. You teach them your songs and learn theirs in return. They will allow you all of your needed fictions and accept the masks you have cho­sen to wear. They take your story as it is given and spin it forth to weave with their own. Sublime de­lights are exchanged without expectations other than a few moments of peace and revelry.

Keywords: Friendship, benevolence, harvest.


Four of Cups - You have perched for too long in one place and have forgotten what you were waiting for. In the mists of solitude you can contemplate un­hatched plans and unfulfilled dreams; you can try to remember who you were supposed to be. But if you  remain seated here, you might stagnate in a fog of anguish and regret, knowing what you have failed to accomplish and what has eluded your grasp. Look over your shoulder, a possibility awaits you, if you  will only notice it. Look over your shoulder.

Keywords. Quest for perfection, doubt, completion, ignorance.


Five of Cups - As you cry out into the night, the startled members of your murder flap their wings, taking to the darkened skies. If you hold your agony silently, you let it take root too far inside to ever be free of it. So let loose the whoop of pain, of loss, of fatigue, of condemnation You dig sharp talon.- into the soil. What does not kill us makes us stronger. or stranger.

Keywords: Disappointment, dwelling on mistakes anxiety.


Six of Cups - Out of the night a sudden vision star­tles you - your very own reflection. It seems impos­sible that you are the being you spy in the looking glass. You wonder when things changed so drastical­ly. Let your mind drift back to the times you remem­bered. the joys of the rose-colored world Be kind to yourself. Remember yourself as you were, before things became sour.

Keywords: Memories, simpler times, innocence, nos­talgia, naivete.


Seven of Cups - Phantoms and doubt drift be­fore you and passage seems impossible You feel ill- equipped and uneasy. But the shades who haunt your mind are powerless when you reveal your true sell to them Your guides in this realm have never truly left you. Their many gifts can be found with­in, they add their power to your own. They helped you to perceive the many facets, real and potential. You need only make the right choice to overcome the present obstacle.

Keywords: Illusionary fears, a choice of approach, personal revelation.


Eight of Cups - You can seek for something for so ' very long and yet discover the desire was not yours after all. Perhaps others encouraged you along this path. The time has come for you to find your own way. You leave them to struggle and attend to pet­ty dramas that no longer hold any meaning for you. The night is young. To remain here is to dwell too long in someone else’s dream.

Keywords: Choose a new path, a time to pivot, go further.


Nine of Cups - Your guides and angels urge you to 1 [ travel farther and plumb new depths. But the journey has also taught you much about striving for ' j something and learning to experience joy in what 11 you find. You now know how to fulfill your passions 1 and say to the dark voice of skepticism and hesitation, “Begone, 1 have found hearth and home and I you aren’t wanted here anymore.”

Keywords: Satisfaction, bliss, acceptance.


Ten of Cups - They may squawk and squabble, but some greater force binds you all together These are your kith and kin There is a harmony in the sound of your many voices uplifted in unison. Wingtip to wingtip, you soar and dive together, confident m their next move and your own.

Keywords: family, similarities, peace


Page of Cups - The contents of the glass swish gently in the chalice as they contemplate the bird, the sound of crickets singing to the rising moon fills the air. Such a curious creature can look at something familiar in a new way. The world opens up before them They feast their eyes in wonder, imagining what the world cries out for you to create What oth­ers perceive as mindless croaking, they experience as the most fascinating of lessons Ever.- masterpiece has a humble beginning.

Keywords: A creative young soul, discovery, new per­spectives.


Knight of Cups - The soft, dry grasses crunch be­neath hooves as the mists pan to reveal this worthy traveler. An untamed soul ready to journey beyond the known place to find their destiny. This brave one's passion calls you: "Let us leave all this, there are places only 1 can show you." The dark eyes beneath the mask remind you that the greater danger is found in not pursuing your dreams.

Keywords- Quest for romance, ardent lover, quest for emotional novelty and connection

Queen of Cups - The hall fills with die sounds of feasting and merriment and the light of the warm hearth fire casts curious shadows about the room Majestic in repose, she possesses a quiet mind and an open heart. She can drink in your pain and distill wisdom from it. Kindness is die balm that she offers in the raised goblet. It has the power to wash away the ugly dirt of the world. She fills your glass and your heart to the brim, knowing that both have felt empty for too long

Keywords. Virtuous healer, unconditional love.


Queen of Cups - The hall fills with the sounds of feasting and merriment and the light of the warm hearth fire casts curious shadows about the room. Majestic in repose, she possesses a quiet mind and an open heart. She can drink in your pain and distill wisdom from it. Kindness is the balm that she offers in the raised goblet. It has the power to wash away the ugly dirt of the world. She fills your glass and your heart to the brim, knowing that both have felt empty for too long.

Keywords: Virtuous healer, unconditional love.


King of Cups - An understanding and agile mind. His goblet offers a clear reflection. Wise counsel is his greatest gift and he is generous in sharing it. His cool head balances his strong heart; and he makes no move out of anger or anxiety. But his brow is trou­bled; his joy dimmed by taking on others’ pain. The lord of the hall’s wise counselors, Thought and Mem­ory take their proper place at his side. He has learned to listen to each in turn, knowing it is unwise to trust only his own judgment. Wisdom is learning to bal­ance the advice of heart, body, mind and spirit.

Keywords: The master of emotion, weighing emotion and reason.





The Realm of Greed, with the symbols of Coins.


Ace of Pentacles — You have found a firm perch that will serve as the foundation for the life you build horn here. Plant the seed deep in firm soil so that it might take root and thrive. A single coin invested well shall make your fortune.

Keywords: A prosperous beginning, careful planning.


Two of Pentacles - It is difficult to serve two mas­ters. While the soul longs to dance, your feet are planted in the solid earth. Now is a time for balance, for cautious choices, for move followed by coun­termove. Each thing you love gives you its blessing. By giving them proper attention, you maintain equilibrium.

Keywords: Economy of action, caution.


Three of Pentacles - You don’t have to leave the world the way you found it. Change your surround­ings to your liking, find a small part to make more like yourself. Tear out what does not belong and fill the void that cried out for you to shape it.

Keywords: Industriousness, skill, playing to your strengths.


Four of Pentacles - We erect strong walls to keep safe that which we have earned. It is wise to pro­tect what we treasure, but fear of the thief can rob us of the joy we may experience from our belongings. To hold on loo tight is to squeeze the life out of life. Keywords: Protectiveness, greed, mistrust, firm.


Five of Pentacles - In a world ruled by machines, living inhabitants feel lost, abandoned, alone. The vice grips tightly and we ache for assistance and sup­port. Our pleas are met by mocking laughter.

Keywords: Failure, loss, lack of help or resources.


Six of Pentacles - Hands open, hungry mouths feed. Wings Happing against one another, each in the little family stakes its claim to its rightful por­tion. You must give so that others might eat. In the end, who really serves and who is served? You stretch your hands forth to mouths that never for more.


Seven of Pentacles - Resources must be marshal ' if we are lo reach the farthest shores. Within tfo earth are ancient devices The careless fly forth, risking alt The patient and wise know that the secrets will unfold in lime. You make yourself familiar with the spinning wheels and meshed gears, calculating how to adopt them to your designs.

Keywords: Biding your time, a fallow season, cautious editing, maintenance, boredom


Eight of Pentacles - In this realm, position is earned, not given. To wear the mask of the healer you must be ready to bring yourself to the very brink of death. The traditions of the past have much to teach. You take up the quill again, dipping it over and over, un­til the ceaseless grind and the pounding of your own blood in your head wears away all self-doubt.

Keywords: Careful study, apprenticeship, diligent work, drudgery.


Nine of Pentacles - The great device must follow a single design and purpose. Why shouldn’t the pur­pose be yours? To cultivate the pieces and bring them together in a greater whole is a life’s work. Not all vi­sions can be shared and you have built high fences your allies and followers watch for those who would interfere. Those who create the great masterworks that echo through the ages must choose to live bold­ly and in accordance with their own destiny.

Keywords. Successful enterprise, spirited leadership, completion of a long task, standoffishness.


Ten of Pentacles - Your tribe gives you strength Sifting through things from the past, you find objects that are useful lor others and (or yourself When you draw from rile shared resources of the flock, there is enough for all

Keywords; Collective wealth, vast resources, legacy, inheritance, reliance on community.


Page of Pentacles - Listen to the clatter and clink as they work, separating the useful gear from the garbage A wise and cautious soul deeply interested in learning the intricacies of how the world works their love is found in creation. when they find the courage, even in innovation Pieces are fit together in new ways and, novel designs are horn and recorded. Theirs is a delicate and exacting an, requiring time, patience, and concentration.

Keywords. A dedicated worker, meticulousness, at­tention to detail.


Knight of Pentacles - The birds may squawk at the rider to pick up their pace and bring the horse to a gallop, but their mind is set and their steady step will

not be altered by these angry croakers. This one can be relied on to see the quest through to the end The will journey into uncharted realms; while they gaze at the horizon their wise spirit keeps them safe on the ground. They will follow the certain route to victo­ry'. There is a nobility in taking the straight track and turning a blind eye to distraction.

Keywords Devoted emissary, functionary, grounded exploration, taking the sensible path to success.



Queen of Pentacles - The soft swish of silks and vel­vet whispers as she steps regally into the room. There are many pleasures and comforts to be found in this world, anti this noble creature understands the value of peace and luxury’. She understands and instructs on the correct forms for poise and nobility. To live well, satisfied and sharing with those around you, is to dwell in your own masterpiece None are turned away from her doorstep for her worthy heart is open to all who seek her care. The lowliest beggar will find something waiting for them at her table.

Keywords. Caretaker, opulence, love of comfort, hap­py home, shallowness.


King of Pentacles - It is said he can hold that calm, composed gaze longer than any marble statue. Some leaders in this world have to earn their crown. Noth­ing is handed to them; their fortunes are built with careful planning and shrewd judgement There is a weariness in those who have adopted such disci­pline, but they know the true value of every stone in their kingdom. The king will allow no shortcuts.

Keywords; Wily businessman, wise use of resources, succeeding through hard work, materialism.





The Realm of Growth, with the symbols of Thorns.


Ace of Wands - This is a wild world, pulsing with purpose and life, it will take great effort to live the adventure that you have been gifted You set your­self to the task, knowing that each scratch and scar is a lesson you have learned. Your own potential is a mirror of the wild worlds greater potential; both are complex, tangled and boundless.

Keywords; Vast resources of energy, an exciting ad­venture is about to begin, incredible potential.


Two of Wands - Into this world you are thrown The maps here are not yet written and it will take your hands to tame the lands before you, to carve a path so that others may’ follow in your footsteps. Or you can choose to risk nothing, feel no pain and for­ever regret not answering adventures call. Doubt is the first obstacle You must defeat your doubts before you can take your very first step.

Keywords: The desire (or adventure, fear of failure, a fork in the road, the will to proceed.


Three of Wands - You hear the velvet [|a on the air and scan the horizon for a returning herald It whispers news of how plans and schemes are shape m the realms you have journeyed. Armed with this knowledge, you pivot from analysis to action. Everything falling into place.

Keywords. The journey has begun, returns on invest­ment, evaluating progress, al the mercy of external forces.


Four of Wands - The strange procession winds its way through the fields. In this bleak and desolate land, any harvest is a blessing to be celebrated. Voic­es lift together, joyous at new lite springing up and sorrowfully remembering those who passed beyond the veil this season. Each cycle brings new joy and sorrow, these rituals help us to find and hold our places on the wheel.

Keywords; Joy and exultation, rites of passage, prog­ress, plateau.


Five of Wands - Clatter and crash, the cacopho­ny is raised. For the moment, all hope of peace is lost. Feathers fly free, pulled by wicked beaks as each strives to be the master on the field this day. As the sun beats down, precious time that could be used to fill bellies is spent in the ordeal of dominance arid aggression

Keywords: Conflict, competition, frustration, game playing, disorganization.


Six of Wands - Long have you wandered over un­forgiving terrain, finally reaching a boundary' mark­er, lb continue you must go up and over the bor­der, flouting the limitations others try to impose. You know within your soul that if you leap this fence oth­ers will follow and eventually the restraining walls will crumble and fall You rise, up and go forth. Your spirit cannot be contained.

Keywords: Rising to meet the challenge, progress, overcoming obstacles, leadership, arrogance


Seven of Wands - Treading steadily with weary feet through terrain choked with thorns, your bools are in tatters... Only by relying on your staff for careful maneuvering can you navigate the path. Aching from the energy you have expended on this journey, you falter. Not sure if you have the fortitude to take even one more step, you see your companion, sleek wings folded, patiently wailing on a nearby stone It cocks its beak ever so slightly, ink black eyes never leav­ing yours. The message rings within your spir­it: keep your head up and have faith. You plant your staff, gather your strength in alignment with your purpose, and take another step.

Keywords: Defending your position, preparing for a leap of faith, holding the higher ground


Eight of Wands - Out of the weeds they rise, their perches shooting up into the sky in defiance of the brambles they grew out of Between heaven and earth, they are noble birds ready to fly free. You feel an itch between your shoulder blades and you could swear that trembling beneath your skin, ready to Un fold and carry you into the clouds, you feel your«^ magnificent wrings.

Keywords: Taking to the sky. rapid growth, extreme intensity, coordination


Nine of Wands - How quickly things can turn! Your boon companions, your faithful guides, now dart about you, pecking mercilessly. You teeter on the brink, a breath away from falling into vines that will cut you and hold you fast. You rally your strength to defend the hill you have worked so hard to climb. They won’t take this from you, not today.

Keywords: Defending your position, facing adversity, endurance, struggle.


ten of Wands - Do journeys ever end? You found the boon you sought, secured it at great pains to yourself and now you must bring it home. Its weight crushes you, bending your back toward the tangle terrain. How easy it would be to simply let it fall, to be free of it, so you could stride unencumbered to­wards the horizon. But then what would it all have been for? You summon the last of your resolve and continue towards the setting sun.

Keywords: Grueling experience, being ground down, at the end of your energy and resources.


page of Wands - The wind whistles around them, tossing their cloak back into the sky but it doesn’t cause them to shiver in fear. True courage comes

from acting not without fear, but in spite of it. Here is a being who hears the call of their own surging adrenaline and answers ‘Yes! They see the thorns and stride forth anyway. To stay put would be intol­erable. the wild beast has awakened in their heart and it hungers for adventure

Keywords: Herald of good news, spark of inspiration, beginning a new journey


Knight of Wands - A wild soul called to the fron­tiers, they boldly push beyond the edges of the map. Their joy is in discovery and their desire is for expe­rience. even those that bring tears and terror. Each new thing they behold compels them further on their quest. The cold moon rises in the east, cast­ing shadows throughout the land and a mist creeps onto the path like a predator seeking to overwhelm its prey. These horrors embolden this young spir­it to screw up their courage and conquer that un­known horizon.

Keywords: The knight errant, romantic conquest, ex­uberant lover, throwing caution to the winds


Queen of Wands - A savage, unbound beauty, in love with all that is lush and alive. She demonstrates lhe wonder to be found in experiencing the world with all her senses, and never apologizes for her in­tensity. Her charisma is intoxicating and her speech is direct and uncompromising. Hear the crunch and crack as she uses her stall to tear away the brambles that attempt to block her path. If she let such petty inconveniences slow her down she would never have

become queen of this realm The wise learn to follow her lead, bowing to her incredible will.

Keywords: The life of the party, incomparable charts, ma. intense focus, a Hair for drama


King of Wands - A heart laugh resounds from be­neath his helm. Political acumen and statecraft will take a person far. The greatest leaders know how to motivate others io carry out their will. Their words warm the heart and inflame the spirit, inspiring their subjects onward to victory Some call his success­es luck - what they fail to understand is that luck opened the door but it was courage that brought him through it.

Keywords Charismatic leader, activation, despotism, propaganda.



The Realm of Riddles, with the symbols of ivy


Ace of Swords - In one swift motion the blade whistles through the air and the squawking is silencer To begin anew some things must come to an end, the path must be cleared of obstacles and debris. I11 the quiet air, heavy with possibility, new thoughts emerge

Keywords: A decisive new beginning, clearing away what does not serve, painful surprise.


Two of Swords - Not all decisions have clear an­swers born of instinct Sometimes the best solu­tion emerges in its own time. Cutting oft your own senses, you let advisers give their opposing counsel And you wail, and you watt. A train o! ivy grows up around you and still you wait, allowing the truth to manifest in the ebb and flow of your mind

Keywords: Careful consideration, weighing options, waiting for the opportune moment, (ear of making a decision.


Three of Swords - There are many deep wounds that we survive if only we could find a way to extri­cate ourselves from the source of pain The blades pierce the heart at many angles - the pain throbs in die body in the emotions, m the memory. Its Memo­ry that takes the longest to heal, long after the body has mended die scar of betrayal will linger. Constant attention to our pain keeps us from healing.

Keywords. Heartache, treachery. holding onto old hurts, inconsolable sadness.


Four of Swords - You enter the still crypt with trep­idation. The cool marble slab invites you to lay down your cares and woes for a while To rest on the bier seems like tempting fate, goading it into making your rest eternal. At last the quiet penetrates you. Without troublesome dreams, sleep brings peace that can re­store you in the fullness of lime.

Keywords: Self-care, rest and recuperation, peace and quiet, a debilitating situation.


Five of Swords - This world can be such a place, where hunter and prey are locked in they cannot escape You hear their cries of chalky, they are coming and they mean to strike lo bypass claws that tear and beaks that bite, your sword must be merciless and true.

Keywords: Use of force, bullying, unkindness, wining at any cost.


Six of Swords - The. land is hushed as you approach the shore. Rolling mists obscure the far bank. The ferryman beckons you into the boat This place holes a familiar loneliness, a feeling you have outgrown, like a too-tight skin. There is no guarantee that the next world holds any greater promise, hut still, in hope, you step into the boat for the chance of a bet­ter life beyond the tides.

Keywords: Passage, leaving behind die known, jour­ney over water


Seven of Swords - Clever wings swoop; the nimble beak strikes true. Your wings carry' you as you raise your prize aloft. This is the victory your talents and skills afford you, striking in shadows, moving un­seen, playing by only your own rules, or by no rules at all There are those who shake their heads al your larcenous ways, but their approval doesn’t feed your hatchlings.

Keywords: Cunning, non-confrontational problem solving, thinking outside the box, theft.


Eight of Swords - Terror seizes you as • he trap takes hold legs locked firmly, arms outstretched, you cry 10 the heavens but only the birds answer and the) are no good to you in bus precarious position All is not lost’ but it will take all your resolve to extricate your­self horn this prison. Limbs will need to move with cautious effort. If only you could quiet your racing mind long enough to figure out how to claw your way free.

Keywords:Entrapment, disempowerment, a careful retreat is needed.


Nine of Swords - Of all the horrors you face in this land, die most overwhelming are those that take shape in your mind. Pitiless wings the color of the void unfold before you. A shrill cry penetrates your bones. The demons in your dreams, your own de­mons, rob you of sleep.

Keywords. Fears, oppression, insomnia.


Ten of Swords - Beaks tear and rend. Tom flesh re­leases fountains of blood, pale limbs cool and stiffen. Restrained by cold iron, you writhe in agony, grind­ing your body into the dense foliage that will soon claim it. You prepare your spirit to fly free before its too late. You have managed it before. Now, just in the nick ol time, you release your spirit a wail of rage that rattles the heavens. One journey must end be­fore another begins

Keywords: Defeat, loss, illness, the need for an im­mediate exit.


Page of Swords - All is still and quiet as this one keeps watch over their post. With a keen mind t0°k world’s wonders and puzzles, this one watches fro the shadows, drinking in all they can see. They cautiously and aim to be invisible so they can uncover and remember hidden secrets. There is no information they cannot turn to their advantage when the time is right.

Keywords: The attentive observer, keen insights, clev­erness, espionage.


Knight of Swords - The horse whinnies as its rid- er spurs it onward. An unstoppable force, this one propels themselves faster and faster, further beyond. Heedless of danger and without hesitation, they rush into battle held high by their own zeal and drive. Do not be fooled into thinking they are unthink­ing. Rather, they have mastered the skill of relying upon their instincts to guide them to the right deci­sion moment by moment and they do not hold back. To faller is to lose.

Keywords: Reckless hero, lack of preparation, ready­ing for battle, fickleness.


Queen of Swords - Here is a spirit who never has nates to step over corpses in her pursuits. She has felt much pain but always gained incredible wis­dom from the experience, crafting a resolute dia­mond-hard will. She has learned to edit things out of her life with surgical precision, keeping only what she needs to gam power and achieve her goals. Fools think they can outsmart her but she cleans their blood from her blade all the same Their mistake was forgetting that no one is entirely as they seem, just look at her shadow and you will see there is more to her than meets the eye.

Keywords: Wise governance, accomplishing difficult tasks, femme fatale, bitterness.


King of Swords - Ambition and a long view of the world has won him many victories. Renowned for taking the right action at the most opportune mo­ment. he has few surviving enemies. To lead he must be willing to do what is most difficult, to go where others cannot. Though scarred and battered from many battles, he keeps his blade sharpened to deliv­er a deadly bite.

Keywords: Ingenious general, taking the long view, impartial decisions, heartlessness.


additional cards

In the limited edition of the Murder of r there are 4 additional Arcana. Beside being 4 breathtaking

The 4 Arcana appear on 2 card, as each of these new card has one illustration on each side.

The best way to use these Arcana is as Significators. A Significator is a card that is chosen and not drawn and it’s used as a reference concept for all other cards in a Reading. Many times the Significator is connect­ed to l he Querent, and represents his point of viewer his nature. Other times it is connected to the Ques­tion itself, and helps relate all the other cards drawn to the topic in hand.

I he 4 Arcana are:

Aspect Card

The Crow Mother

The Crow Father


The Crow Mother: Turning this card to show the Crow Father means that you are giving attention to the outward and practical aspects of a situation. Not how you are feel­ing and what you truly want or need, but rather how to reach a result, how to overcome an obstacle and how to solve a challenge. The card suggests action, choice, direction and assertion. It is not focused on inner world, but rather on the result and on the prac­tical steps that can be taken to achieve it.


Day Card

- The Crow of Dawn

- The Crow of Dusk


The Crow of Dawn

Turning this card to show the Crow of Dawn means that you are giving attention to causes and beginnings. As the energy’ of the morning is what starts the day and bring clarity and vision The card suggests look­ing at the origin of dungs, at the past, using hindsight to get a better understanding of the present.

The Crow Mother

fuming the card to show the Crow Mother means du'1 you are giving attention to the psychological aspects of a situation. Not what happens or what to do, but how do you (eel, and how it makes you fee! The card sug­gests introspection, reflection and understanding. It is not focused on the result, but rather on the experience and grow that can derive from the process.


The Crow of Dusk

fuming this card to show the Crow of Dusk means that you are giving attention to consequences and re­sults. As the energy' of the evening is what ends the day and bring closure and accomplishment. The card suggests looking at (he direction we are walking, at the future, at what may happen, using foresight io better steer our choices and actions.

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