Tanis Lenormand Guidebook

  1. Rider
  2. Clover

Neutral / positive card

Keywords : Message, messenger, travel, speed, news.

Spiritual: What carries us and makes us move forward.

Body and well-being : Cardiovascular system.

Time indication : Two Days.

The further away from the significator, the longer the message will take to arrive.

Count two days per card between the rider and the significator.

Positive card

Keywords : Stroke of luck, happiness and well-being immediate, synchronicity, opportunity.

Spiritual: Intuition.

Body and well-being : Fertility.

Time indication : Straight away but short-lived.

I wait for this message that is already on its way.

How much time will it take to arrive, while it comes from so far ?

Let's hope Clouds don't carry bad news or that Mice don't steal it.

But if a Key is close to my missive,

then i'll know that the message will be important.

1 wait but I know my wait will be short.

I looked for it and here it is, close at hand, a four-leaf clover.

I grab it quickly and look at the sky.

If the Sun is shining, luck is looking up.

If the C/ouds are spreading, my luck will turn. Close to my clover, the Broom is resting... luck, good or bad, will go on.

  1. House

Neutral card

Keywords : Travel, travel covering great distances, move, transportation, exploration, journey.

Spiritual: Incarnation and life mission.

Body and well-being : Bladder, adventurous spirit.

Time indication : Count in month.

At least three weeks if the significator is close.

Count three weeks per card between the Ship and the significator.

Neutral card

Keywords : Home, daily, security, stability, comfort, at home, family.

Spiritual: Spiritual family.

Body and well-being : Physical body, hereditary illness.

Time indication : Suspended time.

My feet leave the shore where 1 was standing until now.

They swing now on the planks of the boat that is talcing me away. Unless a Mountain or dark Clouds stand before me, my Ship will set sails soon for a long trip to unfamiliar places. And if J see Crossroads close by, my trip will be spiritual and of great meaning.


My cocoon, my home, In between your walls, I feel safe. Once your door closed, I can let go, be myself in the space I created.

i You keep my memories, you hold my present. And if on the threshold, a Dog stops, he will be a reliable friend and a confident. But if Birds sing under my windows, beware of the gossipy neighbours.

  1. Tree
  2. Les Nuages

Neutral card

Negative card on the dark side of the Clouds. On the light side, difficulties are clearing up.

Keywords : Health, vitality, natural, ecology, being rooted.

Spiritual : Connexion to elements, anchoring.

Body and well-being : Poumons, health. The type of health will be defined by the cards around.

Time indication : Slowly but on long term. A life.

Keywords : Confusion, trouble, challenge, distraction, doubt, depression.

Spiritual: Need to get back to the center, to find one's values again. Body and well-being : State of mind (often malaise), unconscious, nebulous symptoms.

Time indication : Changing so uncertain and undefined.

A breath and my feet take root.

An exhale and my arms reach for the sky.

All that surround me define how 1 am.

If the Clouds, the Coffin, the Stork or the Scythe are unpleasant, the Garden, the Sun, the Moon, and the Anchor are good for me. And if a Book is close by, i can study all of this with my full attention.



Under the shadow of the Clouds, I was lost.

My path was not clear and my steps were uncertain.

Every decision was difficult

and the closest the Mountain was getting to me, the deeper depression was taking roots.

Luckily, the Sun broke up.

The dark spot in the sky cleared up and ended my confusion.

I started on my path again, light hearted.

  1. Snake
  2. Coffin

Negative card

Keywords : Seduction, betrayal, lies, deception, rivalry, secret ambition.

Spiritual : Transformation.

Body and well-being : Intestine, feel yourself.

Time indication : Dusk

Neutral card

Keywords : End of something, mourning, retreat, impasse.

Spiritual: End of a cycle.

Body and well-being : Warning to exhaustion.

Time indication : Final stop, midnight, December.

Between you and me, a Snake is standing, echo of our lies.

So I'd rather get on a Ship for an aimless trip than stay locked up in a routine that do not fit me, like an Anchor.

I'd rather give you back that Ring on my finger than to be fooled and think about a compromise.

Now that 1 am aware of it, I'll be careful, not to assume anything and look at truth as it is.

The bats guide me to what disappears, keeping me company at the end of this cycle.

It is a time for assesment, and for turning towards the unknown.

  1. Bouquet
  2. Scythe

Positive card

Keywords : Gifts, talent, affection, nice, material happiness, refinement, pretty.

Spiritual: Expressing one's gifts, creativity.

Body and well-being : Good health, phytotherapy.

Time indication : Summer.

Negative / neutral card

Keywords : Abrupt severing, cutting away, separation, harvest, loss, danger, quick.

Spiritual: Our actions and our choices are giving results.

Body and well-being : Surgical procedure.

Time indication : Instantaneous. September

Petals from my Bouquet make everything they touch beautiful and nice,

and my Heart swoons from gratitude during an honest exchange.

Something is ending abruptly.

It is that suddenness that tlirows me off guards, with the Mountain I should exile, cut off links with the world. My Heart ? Broken...

Broken with that Key showing me that this decision was made too quickly.

The Anchor itself points that sudden need for the security I miss.


  1. Whips / Broom
  2. Birds

Negative / neutral card

Keywords : Recurring event, conflit, arguments, routine, repetition.

Spiritual : Ritual. Regular practice (meditation, yoga ...).

Body and well-being : Regular physical activity.

Time indication : Repetitive.

Neutral card

Keywords : Gossip, discussion, communication, increase, rumor. Spiritual: Spiritual community, communication and oral tradition. Body and well-being : Speech therapy, mouth and throat.. Time indication : Count in hours. Changing.

Whatever is at my side,

I multiply it again and again.

Careful of my Broom, while lifting the dust, it might bring truth to light or start fights and problems, making the air murky and unbreathable.

Talking and chatting, little birds on a tree. They get together, play together, they are many to chirp all day.

I lend an ear... what do they say ? Nothing serious, for them it's only a game.

  • ^3 -
  1. Child
  2. Fox

Positive / neutral card

Keywords : Childhood, youthfulness, innocence, beginning, small, immature, naivety, honesty.

Spiritual: Beginning of a new cycle.

Body and well-being : childhood disease, growth.

Time indication: Spring.

Neutral / negative card

Keywords : Cunning, trickery, manipulation, fraud, smart, self-employed.

Spiritual: Intuition, instinct.

Body and well-being : Knowing one's needs and making them a priority, senses.

Time indication : Dawn and dusk (The moment when limits become blurry.)

My Child, my little one, you who lives the moment with simplicity, your naive outlook lights up for anything, and in your eyes everything is possible. How I wish for your innocence that opens wild the doors of your mind.

I am smart and skillful.

What is the most important for me ? It’s me !

For my own sake, I am up to anything, like dressing up as a Dog to fake friendship.

But if I come across a Clover then my intuition is flawless and a good opportunity will come up for me.

  1. Bear
  2. Stars


Positive / neutral card

Keywords : Stability, charisma, authority, protection, parental behaviour, awesome, wild, quiet strength or brute force.

Spiritual: Connection to Earth, anchoring.

Body and well-being : Physical and mental strength, self-confidence.

Time indication : Six-month cycle. Switch between time to rest and time to move.

Neutral card

Keywords : Success, guidance, inspiration, hope, illusion, idealism.

Spiritual: Guide, astrology.

Body and well-being : Spirit.

Time indication : Night.

Bear of thousand faces :

Either wild and dangerous, bear, Lord of the woods, or protecting and steady, teddy-bear watching over sleeping little ones. He will rely of those around him to decide which face to show.

High above, tire night shines of a thousand jewels.

Their twinklings guide and inspire me.

If I pay attention, I can see through illusions and recognise the road led out for me.

Who knows, maybe I'll make a wish come true...

_____ ' ■ i .■

~ - —

  1. Stork
  2. Dog

Positive / neutral card

Keywords : Change, migration, benevolence nest, improvement, care, pregnane}', birth, travel.

Spiritual: Changing paths or new spiritual practices.

Body and well-being : Fertility, pregnancy, health improvement.

Time indication : Moving. Indicates the time of pregnancy and birth.

Positive card

Keywords : Friendship, loyalty, reliability, dependence, mutual aid.

Spiritual : Soul mate

Body and well-being : Regular exercise, walking.

Time indication : A pleasant moment.

Like the Stork, I am a woman of heart.

I create a cozy nest for my little ones, and if necessary, I take flight for a better place, jf Clouds predict unhappy changes, the K-ty Pocket tells of important changes.

Like Birds on a Tree, I have a lot of friends.

Some look like Bear, are overpowering but you can depend on them, others like Snake, will not hesitate to betray me, or like Foxes, are opportunistic.

But I know the ones that are steady as an Anchor, and for me, the Key to a great friendship is in honesty and loyalty to the other.



Neutral card

Positive card

Keywords : Institution, official, formal, isolation, loneliness, highness, ambition, authority.

Spiritual: Consciousness, fixing one's limits and living according with one's values. Need for isolation.

Body and well-being : Hospital, backbone, conventional spirit. Time indication : Two years. Add two years per card between the Tower and the Significator.

Keywords : Outside, social interaction, community, group, meeting, public.

Spiritual: Share experiences, spiritual community.

Body and well-being : Going towards the others.

Time indication : Ephemeral.

The Tower rises in front of me, impressive wall of stones ready to crush me. If I had ambition, I would rise like it, proud and strong. If I needed to be alone, I would hide inside its walls. But for now, I just need to follow the rules.

It seems there is as many people as flowers in this garden.

All bending towards each other, easy chatting and short attention span. Crossroads open the mind and soul, and time is not important, only the encounter is.

The neighboring House is always open and welcomes family get-togethers, while the sky and its network of Stars make relationships virtual.

  1. Mountain
  2. Crossroad

Negative card

Keywords : Obstacle, challenge, difficulty, resistance.

Spiritual : Need of a retreat. To prove one's worth, a source of evolution

Body and well-being :Bones, immobility.

Time indication : Delay due to an obstacle.

Neutral card

Keywords : Choice, decision, free will, direction, crossroad, ambiguity, alternative.

Spiritual : Choose his spiritual path.

Body and well-being : Veins, hobbies.

Time indication : January (Month of resolutions)

Ahead of me, this Mountain, high and imposing...

1 am not going back, because I need to overcome it and I know, deep inside that I can do it.

Once it will be done, that the Mountain will be behind me,

I'll be stronger from that experience.

So inhale... exhale...

I'm getting all my courage together and I'm starting the climb.

1 am at a Crossroad in my life

and there are several possibilities for me.

The moment is not about indecision.

I am not a Child anymore, who makes choices without thinking and I do not want to think of the Coffin that will bring me to a dead-end.

Clouds are darkening my point of view and make my decision a difficult one, but the Key will show me the way to freedom.


  1. Mice


Negative card

Keywords : Theft, small losse, reduce, erosion, deterioration.

Spiritual: Loss of beliefs.

Body and well-being : Loss (weight, memory stress.

Time indication : Step by step.

Positive card

Keywords : Love, harmonyjoy, passion, vitality, romance, tenderness.

Spiritual: Soul mate.

Body and well-being : Heart.

Time indication : Equinoxes (Moment of harmony).


Trot little mouse, trot and snack, In my cupboards, there are only crumbs, Cheeky, you grab everything around you, and little by little, everything withers and disappears.

Trot little mouse, trot in my head.

Your wheel turns and leave me no rest, i think, 1 mull, I stress, 1 worry myself sick...

My Heart misses a beat,

Reason escapes me,

My emotions are overwhelming.

If the Clover promises a romantic encounter the Ring talks of commitment.

Carefi.il the Scythe will break my heart.

  1. Ring
  2. Book

Positive card

Keywords : Union, commitment, contract, promise, wedding, cycle.

Spiritual : Karma

Body and well-being : Biological cycle.

Time indication : Running into circles.

Neutral card

Keywords : Secret, studies, knowledge.

Spiritual: Transmission of knowledge, initiation.

Body and well-being : Memory, unconscious.

Time indication : Time of the studies.

Let's agree first

and promise to be true to our word.

In love, friendship or business,

the Dog pushes us to loyalty, the Crossroad unites us for better and for worst, and the Anchor shows how to balance our connection.

Close to the binding, the secret is master... But where the pages open delicately, Revealing their sacred words, Knowledge takes flight and sets free, offering meaning and a light in darkness.

  1. Letter
  2. Gentleman

Neutral card

Keywords : Written document, information, news, message, graduate.

Spiritual : signs and synchronicitics.

Body and well-being : Hand, have a check-up.

Time indication : Coming soon.

Neutral card

Keywords : The consultant, man, husband, father, brother, colleague. Spiritual : Spiritual Action, yang, sacred masculine.

Body and well-being : Male sexual organs, masculine energy.

Dearest friend,

I quickly write what 1 am seeing.

News become words

and sink from the tip of my pen on paper.

I hope this letter will not be censured or lost,

taken away by dark Clouds,

And that it will bring you good news, like the Clover I am slipping in this missive.

I must now take care of the paperwork brought from the Tower...


Man and significator, customer or partner of the customer, two cards represent you, only one will be chosen.

With the Ship you are often traveling, the Cloud depresses you, the Bouquet makes you stylish, but the Fox makes you sneaky.

The Dog sees you as a reliable support and the Heart makes you a romantic....

  1. Lady
  2. Lilies

Neutral card

Keywords : The consultant, woman, wife, mother, sister, colleague.

Spiritual : Intuition, yin, sacred feminine.

Body and well-being : Female sexual organs, feminine energy.

Neutral card

Keywords : Happiness, purity, beauty, harmony, serenity, peace, maturity, sexuality.

Spiritual: The Middle path (Tao), Tantrism, purification.

Body and well-being : Acquiring maturity.

Time indication : Autumn, slowdown.

Woman and significator,

customer or partner of the customer,

two cards represent you,

only one will be chosen.

The Tree means you are healthy and tells of your female ancestors, and if the Mountain shows you single, the Stork tells of pregnancy.

the Bear makes you strong and maternal,

Fishes push you to independence

and the Moon whispers to honour your intuition and femininity.

I sit and take the time to look at you.

Your smell purifies the air

and it brings happiness and harmony to the one inhaling it.

Heady Lily, you initiate me to a carnal relationship, harmonious and fulfilling.

This new maturity overflows in my partnership as in my life.

  1. Sun
  2. Moon

Positive card Card of "Yes”

Positive card

Keywords : Heal, light, success, prosperity, charisma, day, vitality.

Spiritual : All that deals with energy.

Body and well-being : Healthy, conscious.

Time indication : One year.

Keywords : Gratitude, emotion, success, celebrity, work, reflection. Spiritual : Dream, intuition.

Body and well-being : Subconscious, cycle, empathy.

Time indication : One month.

Beautiful Sun,

Your heat shines on all that surrounds you.

Positive energy, you bring victor)', charisma and light.

With you, optimism and vitality shine.

The projects are enthusiastic

And problems are tackled with confidence.

Your light is a sign of positive outcome And you improve everything close to you.

Sweet Moon,

You mirror the Sun light,

You bring recognition on work well done.

Success, celebrity, public image is valued by others.

The closer you are, the quicker the success, The farther you are, the further the success...

  1. Key
  2. Fish

Positive card

Keywords : Solution, answer, openness, revelation, unblocking, new beginning, opportunity, security.

Spiritual : Awakening.

Body and well-being : Diagnosis, find a solution.

Time indication : Acceleration.

Neutral card

Keywords : Money, abundance, prosperity, finance, fluidity, material possession, circulation, exchange.

Spiritual: Letting oneself be lead.

Body and well-being : Hydrotherapy, move, kidney.

Time indication : Comes and goes, movement.

No lock can resist me,

No door is closed for me,

With my Key everything is possible.

1 must be a smart strategist to unlock the intricate codes of the CJoud or the false passwords of the Snake,

but the Book helps me translate and reveal the secrets

1 was looking for.

A trace forms on water,

Then two, then ten, then a thousand...

Fishes are together in school,

Dancing under water with fluidity and grace.

The lucky fisherman brings his net up

And gets back to shore with a full hold, and a smile on his lips.

  1. Anchor
  2. Cross

Neutral card

Keywords : Stability, security, work, permanency, safety, durable, groundedness.

Spiritual : Anchor, roots, channeling, mediumistic message.

Body and well-being : Feet, routine, setting up a goal.

Time indication : Durable, on long term.

Negative card

Keywords : Sacrifice, burden, destiny, faith, spirituality, doctrine, devotion, responsibility, transition.

Spiritual: SHard to live spirituality.

Body and well-being : Back, discomfort, stress, suffering.

Time indication : Difficult but transient.

The Anchor, strong and reliable,

Keeps me in place when the storm is raging.

Like a Tree, it gives me reassuring roots.

Close to it, the Gentleman or the Lady becomes for me a pillar, a reliable person,

But careful of the Cloud showing me obsessive or smothering security.

Its chain, link between air, water and earth, is my channel, Showing me how to mix the various sides of my psyche To stabilise my whole being.

I'm fed up,

I am so tired.

I carry my Cross and it seems heavier and heavier...

I think about previous experiences

and I know that in difficult times graced moments can appear.

Maybe I do not control the events around me

A but I can change my difficulties in strengths for the future.

In the distance a next path appears.

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