The Spacious Tarot Guidebook



potential leap adventure

The Fool beckons you to leap into an expansive landscape. Your potential is as limitless as the glorious sky before you! Be open to experience. Be one with the magic as it unfolds. Choose to view your current circumstances as an adventure, for that is what they are! Anything could happen from here.

As number 0, the Fool is the infinite spiritual energy that animates everything. This energy takes shape and form as it moves through you. In this way, the Fool connects you to the cosmos at large. As Rumi said, “you are the universe in ecstatic motion.”


You might be required to take a risk in order to fulfill the potential of this card. What might happen if you let pure life energy lead the way? You could choose to remain on the precipice, but doesn’t your soul long to soar? You may not know for certain what the future holds, but it will always contain meaning if you choose to seek it.


creation action doing

The Magician empowers you to be an active participant in life. An offering is made to you from the infinite cosmos: a sword, pentacle, cup, and wand. These symbols evoke the power of the universe (above), as well as your ability to tap into that power and utilize it here on earth (below). These four tokens are now yours. Learn from them, experience them, create with them.

Consider exactly what you’re currently doing with your energy. These tarot tokens may ask you to examine your mental energy (swords), physical energy (pentacles), emotional

energy (cups), and passionate energy (wands). How can you direct these energies more consciously?

The Magician affirms your ability to shape reality. Julia Cameron says that, as you are a creation of the universe, you are here to continue the process of creation. The Magician invites you to become conscious of your creative abilities and commit to using them with intention.



The High Priestess immerses you in the realm of intuitive awareness. The depths within you are as vast and mysterious as the ocean. Before you is a shell, seawater shimmering inside, casting a reflection of the moon and stars above. Visions may present themselves to you here - how can you be open to receiving them?

While the Magician is the energy of doing, the High Priestess is the energy of being. Stillness and meditation are just as essential as action - sometimes even more so. The High Priestess offers you a space for deep processing, for sinking

into your unconscious awareness, a space to simply be.

Go beyond the surface. Experience non-rational ways of knowing.

Let your intuition move to its own rhythm, just as the tides and the moon do. Be present with that ebb and flow. This is how your inner wisdom develops. This is how you connect with the spiritual principles of the universe.



The Empress invites you to revel in the lusciousness of life. Abundance is your birthright, you are meant to be limitless. Healing flowers and berries grow in their own natural way here, evoking your senses. Look for ways to experience your body and the world around you through touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound.

The golden eagle teaches you to nurture what you value, yet retain your freedom. How might you tend to what really matters in this moment? Let your giving come not from a place of obligation, but from a natural desire to be a force for flourishing.

| Give care, and in turn accept the care that is given to you.


This card asks you to embody an j organic way of being. Instead of forcing, flow. Instead of trying

I to mold a situation to be any one thing, adapt to what is. Now is not

> the time to hem yourself in and try to be tame - embrace the fact that you are something wild.



The Emperor directs you to be rational and reasonable. While the flowers of the Empress are sprawling and abundant, the poppies of the Emperor fall into line. But the Emperor’s structure is not at odds with the Empress’s nurture - in truth, they complement one another.

Red is a color of power, and the power of this card can be constructive or destructive. In its shadow aspect, the Emperor’s discipline can be harmful and controlling. But helpful systems create space for beautiful things to grow. How might a healthy sense of discipline serve your vision of greatness?

This card asks you to be regimented. Tap into your inner authority and give yourself permission to be a leader. Consider what is in your best interest as well as what is in the best interest of the whole. Then, impose boundaries and take charge of your environment.


societal structure
belief system

The Hierophant summons you to explore your beliefs. Stone circles were important to many ancient cultures, but we do not know exactly how they were used. Perhaps they were the location of sacred rituals or ceremonies. The stones here invite you to share space with them in whatever way resonates with your belief system.

As important as your individuality is, it is also important to know you are a member of something bigger. Having a sense of group identity is a vital aspect of this card. Although the Hierophant has been traditionally linked to organized religion, this

sense of belonging can arise in endless settings. Embrace the type of community that is right for you.

The Hierophant also shows the value of education. Be open to the teachers you encounter, but be cautious of dogma. A good instructor does not aim to convince you that their view is the only correct way. Seek instructors who guide you in finding the way that is right for you.




The Lovers reminds you that you are a light beam among light beams. Connect to your true self, connect to your loved ones, connect to the divine. Just as these beams of light intertwine, how might you open to the love and light that embraces you?

This card can speak to partnerships, but it is also about personal identity. What is your unique light? Are you making aligned choices? Where is your passion? These questions are crucial to the relationship aspect of the Lovers as well, as a greater understanding of yourself creates a better dynamic with others.

The Lovers empowers you to experience love in whatever way speaks to your heart. This might have sexual implications, but it also applies in a broader sense. Focus on ways you can create love, harmony, and light.


will power

The Chariot gives you the will to press on, even if you’re going against the current. There may be obstacles. There may be complications. You might have to navigate rocky terrain. It won’t be easy, but how can you make it happen?

Light is breaking through on the horizon. It’s not a time to look backward- keep facing forward towards that light. The Chariot asks you to remember who you are and to define exactly what it is that you want to do. When you focus intensely on the task at hand, you can move mountains,

The Chariot affirms your autonomy, but beware of an inflated ego. Bring forward self-confidence without becoming overly domineering. What hard things do you need to do at this time? Affirm that you are capable and go do what you need to do.


fortitude patience

gentle power

Strength coaxes you to take a gentle but confident approach. There is a similar boldness in Strength as that found in the Chariot, but there is more grace and softness here. Strength affirms that you can bloom delicately even if you find yourself in a harsh environment.

Approach challenges with fortitude, instead of ruthlessly bulldozing forward. Find empathy for the terrain you find yourself in. Have the patience to understand your circumstances and find ways to work with them instead of against them.

The cactus lives in a dry environment yet holds reserves of water within. As such, this card reminds you that you also have great reserves of gentle power. Tap into those reserves. Be patient with yourself and others. You are strong and compassionate - believe this, know this, and act accordingly.




The Hermit brings you to a place of solitude and contemplation. Here you can withdraw from the noise of the outer world and seek the quiet messages of your inner world. The trees offer a clearing, a sacred space to reconnect with yourself. The lantern is a representation of your inner guidance system - let it serve to illuminate your path.

In order to live authentically, you must occasionally retreat from the norms of society. Although this experience is beautiful, it can also feel lonely. Even if some discomfort is present, trust that your inner wisdom will ultimately give you

the guidance you need to live more meaningfully in the outer world.

Instead of asking others what you should do, turn within and ask yourself. Instead of focusing on external approval, ask yourself how you can be led by your own compass. Knowing who you are is a key part of living a magical life. The Hermit creates a space for you to explore the varied dimensions of your own existence.


turning point

The Wheel of Fortune shows you how to roll with the shifting dynamics of the universe. The branches depict the seasons, one example of the cycles you exist within. They say the only thing that is constant in life is change. When you resist this truth, you are at odds with life. You are not required to like change, but you are required to accept it.

Sometimes you have the ability to influence the turning of the wheel. Free will allows you to influence the course of fate. But some turning points have a bigger scope than human understanding can fathom. Know that even when things seem

chaotic on a micro level, there is a rhythm at work on the macro level.

What meaning does change hold for you at this time? You get to decide. It is okay to view some shifts as pivotal plot points and others as random happenstance. The Wheel of Fortune shows that change simply exists, and you get to decipher the meaning at work.





cause and effect

Justice affirms that your action has an impact. This is true not only on a physical level, but on an energetic level. Each thought, each movement, each decision that you make ripples outwards. Be conscious of what you put out, as it directly influences what you attract.

The call here is to do what honors your values, not what is easy. Examine your morals and beliefs, but be careful not to slip into black- and-white thinking. Few things are entirely ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ This card creates a space for you to experience nuance.

Heed the words of Gandhi and “be the change you wish to see in the world.” What does living with integrity look like right now? How can you be the type of person you want to be? Know that as you take responsibility for your energy, you cast out a ripple that inspires others to do the same.


alternative perspective

The Hanged One drops you into infinite different perspectives. This image is inspired by the NASA photo Earthrise, and you certainly have a new view of all that unfolds on the earth when you view it from the moon! Gravity is defied and assumptions are turned sideways and upside down. This reframing may be strange at first, but ultimately it offers you a broader understanding of your story,

If you find yourself in a challenging situation, the Hanged One asks what might happen if you surrender. We spend so much energy trying to cling and control. How might your energy

transform if you release your normal filters of awareness?

This card invites you to explore liminal spaces. What waits for you in the pause between breaths? What gifts arise between where you are now and where you want to be? Where is comfort available even within discomfort? The Hanged One holds space for you to sit with these questions.



Death teaches you that endings are unbiased and necessary. Life can not exist without decay. The hands here cannot reach for the flower of renewal without first shedding their old skin. Endings may not always be pleasant as they occur, but they are necessary to create space for something new.

Although physical death is one aspect of this card, Death is most often metaphoric. What is withering away right now? Respect these closures as part of the whole. Do not shy away from what is dying. Be willing to face it and be present with this sacred process.

Remember that Death is not here to cause you agony, it is a neutral force serving the natural order of the Universe. Death does not have a vendetta against you, it comes for us all. By accepting Death, what transformation might you find?



Temperance gives you the power to alchemize seemingly opposite forces. Fire and ice do not have to be at odds. Indeed, these different forces can combine to create something new: smoke. Perhaps in this moment your magic unfolds by finding a middle ground, letting extremities blend together.

Look for ways to moderate the energies within and around you. Do you currently have too much of one thing? Too little of another? Remember there is no singular formula for balance. Experiment until you find the right blend,

and know that this might look different from day to day.

As a human being, you are a mix of different forces. Love and anger. Despair and hope. How can you find the magic in your contradictions? When you bring together these different forces in creative ways, you utilize the magic of Temperance.

XV.        THE DEVIL

inner demons

The Devil challenges you to enter a realm of shadows. Where are you experiencing contraction? What darkness is within and around you? Resistance might sway you to avoid this difficult space, but you can’t find liberation until you are willing to confront your stuckness.

The trees here form a barrier, a metaphor for self-imposed prisons and inner demons. Are you grappling with addictive behavior? Has shame cornered you? The task here is not to rid yourself of these shadows. Instead, the Devil asks you to simply acknowledge your demons,

to relinquish their bonds, and to integrate the darkness into the light.

At its worse, Devil energy tricks you into believing there is no way out of the dark forest. Know that there is a light to move toward - but you can’t bypass the darkness. Be willing to do challenging inner work. Being present with contraction inevitably leads to greater expansion.



The Tower jolts you into dramatic change. Lightning breaks through, shaking up what previously seemed stable. What you assumed to be true about yourself, other people, or the universe at large is suddenly upended. Tower energy might be experienced as a breakdown, but can also be experienced as a breakthrough.

The pile of stones here could be a cairn, a marker indicating a well- trod path. What happens when that marker collapses? Perhaps your established routes are no longer viable. Listen to the whispers of your life - otherwise, an explosive turn of events will force you to pay attention!

The Tower can be destructive, but it is also creative: an opportunity crumbles so that an even more fitting opportunity can arise, an old system is uprooted so that something more sustainable can be implemented. Seek the revelations the Tower generates.





The Star welcomes you to a realm
of peaceful reprieve. Cast your gaze j
upwards and the bright stars above i
will assure you that you’re where you
are meant to be. Find inspiration by |
plugging into this restorative energy. |
Relax, open your heart, and come
back to your center.

The trees form a clearing where it
is safe for you to let your light shine
freely. The Star is a gentle reminder
to be true to who you are, affirm your
magic and live authentically. “Finding]
the north star” is a metaphor for
finding your unique path. Where
is your “north star” leading you?

How can you exist in the most genuine way possible?

The human experience can be hectic, and it is no mistake that the Star follows the upheaval of the Tower. How can you find intentional pockets of tranquility? Even if you’ve been through difficulties, the Star restores hope. Let yourself be one with the magic of this space.


altered consciousness

The Moon envelops you in both dreams and nightmares. An enchanting shapeshifter, the Moon is equal parts wonder and bewilderment. It emanates a glow, yet is a reflection of the sun. It appears one way on a certain night, only to take a different form the next.

Mushrooms occupy their own kingdom, neither plant nor animal. They thrive in dark places. Some mushrooms alter consciousness, evoking visions and aiding in spiritual journeys. Other mushrooms can be lethal. Such is the way of the Moon: the energy here can be anxious and

scary, but it can also offer great insights and curious journeys.

Things are not always what they seem in this realm. What is true and what is illusion? What is beautiful fantasy and what is pure madness? Seek the wonder available here, but be careful not to lose yourself in the darkness.

XIX. THE SUN joy                 I


radiance                      fl

The Sun infuses you with life­affirming vitality. Like the sunflower, i allow yourself to revel in the radiance of life. And like the sun itself, be the dazzling force of nature that you are. How might you open more fully to the light surrounding you at this time?

Nothing is hidden in the light of the Sun. Where there was once fog, clarity emerges. However, the enlightenment you find in the Sun may not always be easy to assimilate! Truths can be glaring in the unforgiving light of day. Epiphanies abound, but they might be dazzling at first glance.

The Sun is a reminder that life energy is infinite and boundless. No matter how cold and dark the nights, the warm Sun rises again. Serve the light in whatever ways you can: by telling the truth, honoring yourself, and emanating your own warmth.



Judgement draws you fully into your highest callings. There are forces guiding you at this time. Depending on your belief system, this might be your higher self, God, the Universe, or something else. It does not matter how you label it, what matters is heeding the call.

While the Fool is a broad opening to possibilities, Judgement is an invitation onto a specific path. If you have been feeling pulled towards certain actions or decisions or ways c being, this card could be a sign that you’re moving towards a magnificent purpose. It is time to do what you know you’re meant to do.

There are many cycles of ushering out old and welcoming in new throughout tarot. Judgement is one of these cards, offering a chance for rebirth. There is a mystical realm that exists alongside the ordinary world. Step into this portal. Absolve yourself of the past and witness what you are becoming.



The World aligns you with your inherent wholeness. The Magician and High Priestess explore themes of duality. The World unifies these themes, affirming that All Is One. You are whole in your Self, and you are a component of a greater whole. Be at home within yourself and remember that you belong in this universe.

The circle at the card’s center has no beginning and no end. The spiral acknowledges that even as one phase concludes, expansion continues. How can you integrate what you’ve been through before rushing onwards? Let the lessons you’ve learned so far settle into your heart, mind, and soul.

The World speaks to the process Jung called individuation. Individuation means integrating all aspects of your psyche in order to connect with your Self. The Self is the seat of your soul, the unification of ego, personal consciousness, and collective consciousness. Know that you are complete. You are magic in motion.

ME Of fENTAClES material potential - organic growth The Ace of Pentacles offers you a seed of potential for the material realm. 4 Aces are often referred to as seeds, j and this one is represented by a literal seed! Contained within is the entire ! spectrum of the suit of pentacles. Solid, healthy things can grow from here as you tend to this seed.

A fresh start is available to you. It is a good time to ground yourself and focus | on what is tangible. What messages are coming through your physical senses? Enlist your vision, taste, touch,) and hearing. Remember that just as a seed grows at its own pace, so do you. Be present with growth spurts when they happen, but be patient when results take time to manifest.


flexibility - dynamic factors

The Two of Pentacles sweeps you up into the dynamic energy of life. Vines grow, hummingbirds flit about, coins dance. There’s a lot going on in this card, and there just might be a lot going on in your life! You must constantly adjust your approach as different factors move in and out of your experience.

Remember that your aim isn’t to do everything perfectly. Instead, try to enjoy the act of juggling it all. Don’t push beyond your limits, though! Instead, look for ways to have fun and be flexible. Learn from this bustling experience and adapt as you go.


planning - collaboration

The Three of Pentacles connects your resources with other people’s resources so sturdy things can take root. The imagery here is inspired by Pando, a colony of aspen trees which is actually one living organism. Viewed from the surface, these trees look like separate entities. But below the ground they share the same root system.

How can you build a better reality as part of a team? This might require planning, so take the time to create a blueprint to guide you forward! Draw upon existing concepts and add your own unique perspective. Make your own contributions and embrace the effectiveness of collaboration.


comfort zone - rigidity

The Four of Pentacles points to where you’ve become rigid. It can be useful to gather and stabilize your resources. But it’s another thing to become ensnared in your own stubbornly spiky ways. Refusing to budge from your comfort zone ultimately leads to blocks and stagnation.

Notice where you are firmly set in your ways. As pentacles are associated with the physical realm, this may manifest in your body or in your approach to time, money, and belongings. Set the intention to relax some of this clenched energy and trust that it is safe to do so. There’s nothing wrong with protecting what you value, but don’t let the need for control sap away your precious energy.


struggle - scarcity

The Five of Pentacles shows that sometimes life feels like an uphill battle. Rejection, sickness, and scarcity come to visit us all. Perhaps this card is asking you to acknowledge the difficulties you face. Don’t dwell in self- pity, but be real about what is rough.

While it is necessary to affirm what is difficult, it’s also helpful to direct your attention towards opportunities for abundance. Hardships can actually be worsened if you fixate only on heaviness. Don’t deny what is lacking, but don’t forget to notice all that is available! Like the wolf here, be tender with your wounds but ; keep going. There is a higher ground waiting to welcome you.


reciprocity - giving and receiving

The Six of Pentacles turns your attention to all that you have, as well as what you don’t have. The pentacles here could represent any type of resource: time, money, skills, and so on. How are you distributing your resources? Where there is lack, are you choosing to give and receive?

Perhaps these pentacles are finding their way into the nests below. Or, perhaps they are emerging from the nests and being offered up to a higher plane! Either way, the importance of reciprocity is highlighted. If you give when the timing is right to give, you will be supported in return.


evaluation - planning

The Seven of Pentacles shows you all of the progress you’ve already made. Now is a time to acknowledge the fruits (pumpkins, in this case) of your labor. You may still have much work to do, but first pause and evaluate the growth that has transpired so far.

It’s also a good time to plan for what you’d like to cultivate in the future. Does your current trajectory still feel right? Are the results you’re seeing so far in line with your broader vision? Keep going if the path feels fruitful, but remember it’s never too late to adjust the way you plant your crops.


dedication - productivity

The Eight of Pentacles advises you to focus your efforts on the things that matter most. The bee does not succumb to distractions or excuses. Instead, the bee dedicates its energy fully to the present task. Move away from busy work and embrace meaningful productivity.

The message of this card may not be flashy, but there is a magic that can only unfold through good old-fashioned work. What can you do to hone your craft? Does your to-do list reflect your priorities? This card reminds you that nothing meaningful happens unless you show up, again and again, for every step of the process.


luxury - refinement

The Nine of Pentacles invites you to affirm your sovereignty. Define what makes your life fulfilling and comfortable. Just as this plant is lovingly pruned, curate your experiences in an authentic way. The goal isn’t external approval, but instead about cultivating your unique preferences. Be the dignified, refined creature that you are!

The gated garden is a reminder that your life is yours. You get to decide how to shape what grows in your space. Give yourself permission to experience luxury, and remember that this is about more than just wealth. Where do your senses crave indulgence? Let yourself savor the finer things in life.


stability - establishment

The Ten of Pentacles connects you to a powerful grounding force. This tree trunk is solid, firm, and established. In some circumstances change is a good thing, but this card reminds you that at other times it’s better to stick with what is tried and true. What routines and traditions best serve you? Perhaps now is a time to recommit to those approaches.

Keep the long-term course of events in mind. A stable tree does not appear overnight. This tree is the result of a seed that was tended to and given plenty of time and space to develop. As such, it’s a good time to reflect on those who have come before you and built the foundation for you to thrive. And, in turn, ask what can you do today to ensure sustainability for the future.


experimentation - trust

When you interact with your surroundings in spontaneous ways, you align with your inner Child of Pentacles, Mistakes don’t exist when you live in this way. Like the bear cub, you may sometimes fumble when you try something new. This is okay - the only way to improve is through experience!

Give yourself the gift of experimenting instead of fixating on getting it right. Try things and take note of what works and what doesn’t. Take a fresh view of your circumstances and notice all that you have to work with! Trust life and know that everything is progress.



dedication - thoroughness

When you approach goals with a thoroughness bordering on stubbornness, you’re activating your inner Explorer of Pentacles. Like the forward facing bear here, go in the direction that beckons to you - even if it seems like you’re slogging through mud. Move at your own pace, but don’t let perfectionism

I result in procrastination!

The Explorer of Pentacles acknowledges that trust must be earned, so prove your thoroughness. Keep your commitments, especially the commitments you make to yourself. Be resolved, but don’t get too headstrong! Know when to press on ceaselessly, but also know when to be flexible.


service - capability

When you sense your own needs and the needs of others, you align with your inner Guardian of Pentacles. The bear sits in a forest clearing, touching the pentacle, showing a keen awareness of the material world. Like the bear, you are called to sit with what is, and ask how you can be of service.

The Guardian of Pentacles turns your attention to how capable you truly are. How are your unique skill sets being called into play? This might mean caring for plants or animals, digging into the roots of problems, or attuning to your body’s wisdom. Ground yourself, then emanate that earthly energy outwards.


competence - direction

When you use your competencies to generate tangible results, you activate your inner Elder of Pentacles. Like this bear, you are centered, you are strong, and you are the director of your life. It’s time to leave your mark in whatever way calls to your core. You can make things happen, you can effect change - get out there and do it!

While the Guardian is more concerned with the roots of problems, the Elder advises you to focus on solutions. Be practical, find what works, and embody a healthy sense of self-worth. The bear here doesn’t try to hide away, it stands front and center. Let yourself take up space.


mental energy - lucidity

The Ace of Swords guides you in carving out the possibilities of the mental realm. Just as the sword pierces through the clouds to let in the light, incredible things can happen when you harness your mental energy. Remember that a sword can be used respectfully, or it can be used to cause harm. Be intentional in your approach.

Your words and beliefs are powerful tools. How might you best utilize these energies at this time? Cut away mindsets that are not useful and make space for new perspectives. If an idea strikes you out of the blue, be inquisitive of this new offering. Seek what is true, even when the truth is sharp.


avoidance - indecision

The Two of Swords points you towards what you are denying. Have you been avoiding something you really need to think about? Assimilating new information can be difficult and making decisions can be unpleasant. But if you’re not willing to do these things, you’ll remain at a standstill.

The two swords are crossed against each other, obscuring the light. If you are experiencing blocks, consider where your own thinking may be dimming the light of clarity. Swords are the emblem of the mental realm, but there’s water present in this scene as well. This is a reminder to let the wisdom of your heart harmonize with the knowledge of your head.


pain - isolation

The Three of Swords reminds you that pain can be caused by thoughts and words. The ice is pierced and the sky is dark, but dawn approaches. This can be a difficult place of isolation, but there are powerful lessons here. How can you use your reasoning to make sense of this experience?

Khalil Gibran said “the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” The Three of Swords affirms that pain is as honored a component of the human experience as joy. Through whatever challenges are arising for you at this time, your humanity is increasing.

m or wis

reprieved - contemplation

The Four of Swords offers you a pause from the noise of the world - and the noise of your own mind! A vast, snowy landscape forms a clean slate. Release the pressure and take a break from the stress of life. Come back to your center. Let your thoughts settle.

The pace of life can be incredibly fast. The Four of Swords is a disengagement from the go, go, go mentality of the dominant culture. The time for action will return, but now is a time to catch up with yourself. Harness your mental powers and engage in deep contemplation before moving forward.


criticism - betrayal

The Five of Swords asks what battles you are fighting, and if they are worth your energy. The vulture perches on the sole sword left standing, but at what cost? Is it really that important to win, to prove a point? Someone may be overly aggressive (maybe that someone is yourself). Identify and question these harmful approaches.

This card often points to your own inner critic. Have you been picking yourself apart with negative thoughts? Are you focusing too intently on your self-perceived flaws? Do not betray yourself! Know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.


reel - recovery

The Six of Swords holds you in the space between what was and what will be. This card often appears when the worst part of the storm is over, but you are still reeling in the aftermath. Affirm that healing is happening, and be patient as the clouds take time to fully clear.

You may be tender; you may be lacking mental or spiritual energy. Be with the reality of your situation, but attune to the rays of hope already appearing around you. There are many bright things to come. Recovery is a process and you’re already on that trajectory.


sneakiness - aloofness

The Seven of Swords urges you to confront what you are hiding, and why you are hiding it. Sometimes it is wise to go your own way or separate from the pack. Is this coming from a place of integrity, or is it coming from a place of dishonor? Have you slipped into any dubious mental tendencies such as procrastination or betrayal?

It is important to be honest with yourself, as this card sometimes appears when you are trying to justify doing something you know is sketchy. Question the ethics you are leaning into. A little sneakiness isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s a fine line to skate.


stuckness - limiting beliefs

The Eight of Swords shows how you are restricted by your thoughts. Just as the swords are bound to the tree, sometimes the more you think the more stuck you get. Similar to the fog in this scene, you may be experiencing fog in your mental plane.

Know that help doesn’t usually come from an outside source, but from an internal shift of perspective. One sword is not tied to the tree. This suggests that even just one change in your narrative can help you liberate yourself. Quit affirming how stuck you are. Instead, affirm your ability to figure this out.


anxiety - worry

The Nine of Swords confronts you with the power of fear. Your mind is capable of many useful things, but it’s also capable of conjuring nightmares and worries. When anxious thoughts arise, you might find yourself frozen in place just like this little rabbit.

Humans evolved to pay special attention to threats, but many of these threats exist only in your head. If you’re in a mental spiral, seek relief in ways that work for you: perhaps moving out of your head and into your body, or talking to a trusted friend or therapist. Validate fear, but know that it may not be telling you the full truth.


overkill - martyrdom

The Ten of Swords implores you to differentiate between melodrama

i and real concerns. Tens show the

I energy of their suit taken to a natural conclusion, and here we see what happens when the mind is left to run unchecked and create all kinds of wild stories. Thinking critically about your situation is useful, but make sure you are not overreacting.

Ten swords stab the trunk, even though the job of cutting down the tree has clearly already been done. These swords just won’t let up! Check in with your reactions at this time. Are they in proportion to the situation? Know when to say enough is enough.


simplicity - directness

When you embrace beginner’s mind, you align with your inner Child of Swords. What clutter can be cleared away from your thoughts and actions? Like the crow here, give yourself a clean mental landscape to work with. They say that what’s simple is true, so pare your thoughts down to their most essential message.

The crow looks at the sword from a unique angle, encouraging you to take on the unbiased perspective of a child. Interesting observations arise when you do something like it’s the first time. Avoid frills and nonsense, be willing to call a spade a spade. This is the way of the Child of Swords.


criticality - opinions

When you shout your truth with no filter, you activate your inner Explorer of Swords. Are you thinking critically and carefully articulating your opinion? Or are you ranting, raving, and shouting into the void? The Explorer of Swords can go either way, so check yourself.

The crow has a lofty vantage point which may lead them to assert that they know it all. How can you utilize the knowledge you’ve gained so far while remaining open to new or contradictory views? You are intelligent, but remember that you are absolutely still learning.




astuteness - wittiness

When you calmly cut down nonsense, you align with your inner Guardian of Swords. Just as the crow has cut down these trees, it’s time for you to cut away what is no longer useful. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic process

-      in fact, the Guardian of Swords is largely averse to drama. It’s simply about honoring what is true and doing what needs to be done.

The Guardian teaches you to be a realist while also maintaining a sense of humor and astuteness. Your current circumstances are a learning experience

-      what lessons are on offer? Do not be afraid to call others out on BS, but your main focus should be on yourself. ' Live your own truth and teach by setting a clear example.


analysis - principles

When you let the power of your mind guide you above all else, you activate your inner Elder of Swords. As the most experienced of the courts, the Elder asks you to draw upon all the insight you’ve accumulated. Face the facts head on. Make clear, rational decisions. Hold yourself, and those around you, to a high standard.

The crow soars over the sword, aligned with the sun. This could be a reminder to let your mind guide you without becoming pinned by its shadows, avoiding immediate conclusions or judgements. Think things through thoroughly and trust your own authority.


igniting energy - momentum

The Ace of Wands ignites you with an initial spark. Your flame could evolve in any way from here - it all depends on how you interact with this fiery burst. Your gut instincts are particularly potent at this time. Ask yourself: what feels warm? Then, carry your torch in that direction.

Although this is an exciting energy, it can also be fleeting. This could be the first phase of something huge... or it could just be a flash in the pan! How can you make the most of the momentum available in this moment?


personal power - originality

The Two of Wands empowers you to be | bold. It’s as though you could reach out and grab these wands, and by doing so activate a wholly original magic! Things don’t have to be done the way they’ve always been done. Where are you called to innovate?

This card reminds you that everything you do is an opportunity for creativity. Imbue all your actions with a flare of your original personality. This is your life, live it your way. It may not always earn you approval, but it will make things a lot more interesting!


exploration - leadership

The Three of Wands entices you onto an adventurous course. It may still be early in the process, but you’re moving in an exciting direction! Chart your own course forward and say YES to life. Don’t wait for someone else to lead the way - blaze your own path.

Although this is a card of action, it is not a card of impulse. Consider not only your immediate wants, but also the broader purpose you seek to fulfill. Take action that comes from a place of intention. Be energetically open to all that you might find from here. Experience awaits you.


milestones - celebration

The Four of Wands summons you to celebrate LIFE. The simple fact that you are here and doing what you can is a miracle! Be proud of yourself, even when your achievements seem small. These wands seem to be dancing jubilantly, reminding you that tiny sparks add up to create real momentum.

Many of us celebrate big milestones in life, but this card can be a reminder to find joy even in the subtle landmarks. A regular day offers many opportunities to revere your progress. You are on your own wild path, and every action you take is a special occasion.


hassle - conflict

The Five of Wands asks how you handle life’s inevitable hassles. It may seem like all sorts of petty things are conspiring to irritate you. Perhaps plans are faltering, stumbling blocks are popping up, annoyances are arising. Sometimes things just don’t seem to go your way.

How do you handle this vibe? Are you fuming over something that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things? Are you unproductively raging against reality? Even if you can’t control your external circumstances, you do have say over your internal reactions.

SIX Of ms

pride - acclaim

The Six of Wands buoys you to take pride in who you are. Instead of trying to shirk away, show up fully. Assert yourself, assert what you want, and keep your head held high. The laurel wreath symbolizes victory, reminding you to believe in your ability to succeed.

Look for those who are cheering you on. Focus more on your supporters than your critics! Even when you can’t see it, there are forces out there that want you to win. Remember that the approval you need most is self-approval. How can you be your own greatest champion?


conviction - defiance

The Seven of Wands pushes you to ignite your fighting spirit. Perhaps fife is hurling all kinds of trials your way. Do not turn away. Show up! Defy the status quo! Be fierce in your conviction and know you are a force to be reckoned with.

However, as you work with the energy of this card, be aware that burnout is a real possibility. You cannot always be in fight mode. Quick and strong bursts of adrenaline may be called for, but monitor your energy carefully to ensure you don’t crash and burn.

EI&tiT or wank

aligned action - synchronicity

The Eight of Wands leads you to an awareness of meaningful coincidences. Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe these meaningful coincidences, and right now synchronicity is likely at work for you. The universe is showering you with winks and nudges - are you getting the message?

This card can be a sign to “strike while the iron is hot.” If a certain action feels right in this moment, take that action before the moment passes by! Trust your instincts as they align with the rhythms of the cosmos. Act when you are called to and magic takes flight.


protection - stamina

The Nine of Wands assures you that you can thrive despite any setbacks. This card offers you the stamina to keep going even after you’ve been knocked down. Some things in life are absolutely worth doing, even if they’re challenging!

At the same time, there is a fine line between admirable perseverance and harmful stubbornness! Wands are the suit of fire, and this is another card which reminds you that burning out is a real risk. Just as the wands protect the rose, fortify yourself so that you can keep going strong.


overextention - energetic clutter

The Ten of Wands teaches you that you can’t do everything at once. Being a multi-passionate person is a good thing until you become bogged down with more than you can actually take on. Other wands cards hint at the risk of overextension. Here, that risk becomes reality.

How can you clear away the clutter within and around you? Reaffirm your priorities and remember it’s necessary to say no sometimes. You can’t constantly push forward! You may simply need to take a break, set down all those wands, and reexamine the big picture.


optimism - self-assurance

When you intimately connect to your instincts, you align with your inner Child of Wands. There is no pressure to conform here. The salamander doesn’t look to outside sources, but instead to its own channeled flame. How can you embrace your unique creative spark?

The Child of Wands teaches you to be optimistic! You’ll never know how good things could get unless you’re willing to try. So what if you slip up? Like a child might, go for what excites you and don’t conceal your enthusiasm.

Let your zest for life radiate out and lead you forward.


adventure - fire

When you set the world ablaze with reckless abandon, you activate your inner Explorer of Wands. This salamander practically radiates life force. Release inhibitions, get fired up, and be unapologetically alive. Just be careful you’re not leaving a trail of destruction in your wake!

The Explorer of Wands craves adrenaline, which can be a good thing... or a not so good thing. How can you embrace adventure while not abandoning responsibility? How can you be unabashedly yourself without being arrogant? Keep seeking passion, but don’t run away from the present.


devotion - warmth

When you create and care for something vibrant, you align with your inner Guardian of Wands. Just as this salamander tends to the fire, you are asked to fan the flames that matter to you. Devote to your craft, your vision, your passion. Where are you called to light up the night?

Let your vibrant internal energy radiate outward. Check in with your vibes, because they influence those around you. Stand up for what is warm and good. Create what you are called to create. Believe that life is bright and beautiful, and give the warmth you have to give!


exuberance - assertiveness

When you artfully unleash your passion, you activate your inner Elder of Wands. The Child has a spark, the Explorer has a burst. But the Elder has exuberant fireworks, showing a mastery of the fire element. It takes time and effort to develop this skill, but the results are worth it.

This card invites you to be assertive when it comes to your desires. Declare your ideal outcome and go for it. You have developed your power, and now you must choose how to channel it. Don’t be afraid to be flashy - the world needs your big, bold contributions.


emotional energy - raw feeling

The Ace of Cups saturates you with emotional energy. This cup is a vessel that holds space for all feelings: love and disdain, happiness and sorrow, peace and discomfort. No feeling states are labeled good or bad here. All are allowed and held.

The design of this cup is in harmony with the natural landscape. This could serve as a reminder that although your emotions are yours, they are also part of the natural order of things. The cup overflows, showing that emotional energy must be allowed to move freely. No feeling state is permanent. Be with what is, but stay open to the flow.

two of curs

connection - bonds

The Two of Cups offers you growth through connection. The two cups here are united by a lotus flower and face another flower, moving toward it together. There are other souls out there who enhance your journey. Embrace the bond you share with a lover, a friend, or even a non-human companion.

Relationship dynamics can get complicated, but this card affirms your ability to empathize and share space with another. Receive heart-centered energy, and keep the reciprocity flowing by emanating your heart­centered energy outwards. Unite with the ones who keep you afloat.


community - network

The Three of Cups welcomes you into a broader social circle. Each cup contributes something to the pool below, a reminder that life is a collective journey. Three minnows swim together, showing the importance of community. What can you do to uplift not just yourself, but those in your network?

Consider how you are currently affected by your circle, and in turn how you are contributing to those around you. Your empathy may be heightened at this time, so ask how you can care for your own emotional energy while you continue to participate in togetherness.

FOUR. Of curs

withdrawal - apathy

The Four of Cups asks if you are | withdrawing from the flow. The four I cups sit on a boulder, outside of the I water’s current. Have you removed | yourself from the sea of opportunities I available to you? At times, this card I suggests apathy or self-centeredness. I Have you slipped into these energies?

There is a complexity to the Four of Cups. Although it can indicate sulkiness, it can also suggest a need for emotional stability. Is your heart asking you to temporarily disengage so you can return to your own center? Feel into the nuanced message this card offers you in this moment.

w of curs

sadness - heavy emotion

The Five of Cups nudges you to sit with sadness. As much as you may wish to avoid unpleasant feelings, heavy emotions are part of the human experience. It is okay to not be okay. « Give yourself time to mourn when that? is what you require.

Perhaps, in this moment, the broken cups before you are all you can see. Yet two whole cups await on the other side of the river. Don’t rush yourself as you process what has been lost, but stay open to the good that is still here.

six of curs

kindness - nostalgia

The Six of Cups offers you a sweet and simple kindness. The large cup holds a bouquet of flowers and has offered them generously to the other cups. Look for the good in yourself and in others. What acts of kindness can you engage in, right now, to encourage personal and collective healing?

You may feel pulled to reflect on the past. Find the sacred in the experiences that led you here. You don’t need to don rose colored glasses, but can you find ways to look back on the past with fondness? Send tender loving care to both your past self and your present self.


options - befuddlement

The Seven of Cups pours you a mixture of interesting options and empty illusions. Do you feel like the sky’s the limit? Or do you feel so perplexed by your options that you’re frozen in place? This card asks you what actually feels right and what feels like mere fantasy.

Just as the cups are scattered throughout the card, you may also be feeling all over the place. Have you been procrastinating or getting lost in smoke and mirrors? Embrace your inner dreamer, but not when that means losing your focus.

M Of ours

meaning - progression


The Eight of Cups guides you away from what no longer fits, and toward the meaning that awaits. Your heart is pulling you somewhere, to do something, to be in a certain energy. Your feelings are beacons: seek to deeply understand them, and just as the cups form a path here, they will lead the way.

Sometimes you need to move on from things that are just “okay” so that you can find things that are truly incredible. Where in your life do you feel restless, drained, or lacking? How might you start moving - slowly but surely - towards a more fulfilling way of being?


wishes - gratitude

The Nine of Cups sprinkles you with feelings of satisfaction and desire. It has been said that dandelion seeds can grant wishes. What do you yearn for right now? Look at your wishes, let yourself feel that longing. This is the first step in transforming reality.

This card also invites you to be grateful for what you already have. What magic surrounds you in this moment? How can you feel that magic in bigger ways? Dream about the future while staying attuned to the glorious beauty of the now.

TEN Of curs

kinship - joy

The Ten of Cups encircles you in joy. You are love, you are loved, you are golden! These sentiments may sound sappy, but it is not saccharine - there is a genuine sweetness to this card. Set aside cynicism and embrace the colorful waters offered to you here.

It is a time to be directly in the flow of life, contributing to the circle we are all a part of. Consider ways you might consciously create good feelings. Care for yourself, care for your chosen kin, and embrace a joyful sense of belonging.


optimism - open-heartedness


When you open your heart to unfiltered emotions, you align with your inner Child of Cups. Just as the fish peeks out its head, you may need to be a little vulnerable. Be optimistic and know that it is okay to let your emotions come forward freely. Let your softness be your superpower.

Fish are associated with the unconscious realms of dreams and intuition. The Child of Cups invites you to immerse yourself in this energy. How can you remove barriers to your intuitive awareness? Look for the messages arising from your depths.

EXFLOKER Of WS hypersensitivity - romance When you get way deep into your feelings, you activate your inner Explorer of Cups. It’s a powerful time to explore your emotions through introspection or art. And, like the fish here, be willing to dive into the darker, murkier waters.

The Explorer of Cups has an admirable romantic nature, but can also be dramatic and moody. Remind yourself that feelings are valid, but they are not always facts. You’re still learning to navigate your emotional energy. Embrace these deep waters, but be careful not to succumb to the undercurrent.


empathy - heart-centeredness

When you harbor an innate understanding of emotions, you align with your inner Guardian of Cups.

The Guardian has a mature connection with the suit of cups. As such, this fish teaches you to respect and protect your emotional energy, just as it watches over the lotus flower.

Your empathic senses bring messages from beyond the surface. Deciphering these messages requires grace and self- love, as well as compassion for other beings. Let your intuition guide you forward. Listen to your heart, because i it speaks of what is best for you and 1 what is best for the whole.


emotional intelligence - diplomacy

When you are the master of your emotional realm, you activate your inner Elder of Cups. How can you deepen your emotional intelligence? How can you feel the entire sea while remaining centered? The Elder asks you to sit with these questions, then proceed accordingly.

Just like this fish, you inhabit two realities at the same time: the internal depths and the external surface. Remember that there is no true division between these. Both are real, both are essential. Someone may be looking to you as a leader, so be the most diplomatic version of yourself.


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