The Star Seeker Tarot Guidebook



There are two parts to the tarot - The Major

Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana

cards each carry the energy of a specific

archetype. These 22 archetypal cards bring

greater power and significance to your readings.

When you pull a Major Arcana card it can be read

as a deep spiritual lesson, an important message,

or a significant theme in your life. Always pay

attention when a Major Arcana card makes an


In this deck, we've created an extra Major Arcana

card, called “The Womb. You may choose to leave

this in or take it out depending on what feels

right to you.

The Fool innately knows she is a child of the

divine - always connected to something greater

than the self. She is divinely guided and

protected, fully trusting in the path laid out

before her.

The figure in this card is pictured with eyes closed,stepping from one stone to the next. She may not be able to see with her eyes, but in her heart, she knows she's following the right path. She also has a guide close by, helping her to make the best choices for her highest good.She carries no bags and has no long term plan... from one stone to the next, her purpose will unfold in time.

The Fool asks you to take a leap of faith. It may be time to set out on a new journey or path. As you take steps toward an unknown future, trust that you are guided and supported by the unseen forces of the universe.

Keywords: Trust, fearlessness, oneness, new journey,leap of faith.

Reversed: Irrationality, immaturity, naivety.



The Magician stands at his table of tools; a mountain in the background, mirroring his great power. With the elemental tools of water, air, fire, and earth before him, the master of these tools prepares to create.

The Magician recognizes his individual power and

ability to manifest thoughts into matter. He

represents a moment of understanding - of

becoming conscious and self-aware.A departure

from the Fool, the Magician now recognizes

himself as separate from The Divine. Where the

Fool is one with the universe, the Magician

partners with the universe. Through this

partnership, the potential for magic is limitless.

You now have the tools and power needed to manifest your desires. The Magician reminds you of your own individual power and encourages you to focus on your goals and take steps towards manifesting them into reality.

Keywords: Manifestation, magic, power.

Reversed:Manipulation, aggression, ego.




The High Priestess walks through the gateway

separating mundane from magical. As the

guardian of this passage, she sees and knows

everything. As she walks into the land of Spirit,

she leaves a trail of stardust behind. This trail is

an invitation, beckoning you into the realm of the

unseen. In this space, nothing is hidden...are you

ready to look at the truth?

The High Priestess asks you to look beyond logic

and trust your intuition. If you have a gut-feeling

or idea, it's time to follow your own inner voice

and look at deeper truths within yourself. You

have the answers you seek, but you must be

willing to walk your own path- beyond logic or

outside expectations.

Keywords: Intuition, divine feminine, spirituality, subconscious.

Reversed: Self-doubt, secrets, mistrust.




The Empress sits comfortably upon her simple

throne,completely at peace with her world. Her

life is one of abundance and harmony. She is

surrounded by the beauty and life-force of

Mother Earth, and she also grows life within her

own womb. Embodying the mother archetype, she

lives and breathes creation energy; her purpose is

to create and sustain life.

Anyone can embody the mother archetype and all people have feminine (and masculine) energy.All people have the power to give life to something, as a mother does. The Empress says: It is time to breathe life into something new.

Focus on feeding your feminine energy.Nurture and be nurtured, connect with the beauty of nature, allow your creativity to unravel without boundaries or worry. See and feel the abundance and support of the universe all around you. You are protected and will be provided for on your path to creation and growth.

Keywords: Mother, feminine, creation, fertility, abundance,nurture.

Reversed:Lack,stagnation, creative block.




The Emperor builds the protective boundary which allows the Empress to create freely. Where she focuses on caring for the trees, he focuses on protecting the forest.

The Emperor sits on his throne, arms crossed and back straight. The sun glares in the distance, to represent the force of his masculine energy and vitality. The Emperor not only provides for his family, but for an entire kingdom. Therefore he must always consider the long term effects and magnitude of his choices. Sometimes he must set hard boundaries in order to protect and preserve the greater good.

If you pulled this card, it's time to call forward

your masculine energy (we all have both feminine

and masculine energy). Use logic when

decision-making and always consider how your

actions impact the bigger picture. This is a time to

set firm rules and boundaries to better your life

or situation. Planning, organizing and setting

realistic goals should be your focus.

Keywords: Boundaries, logic, planning, leadership.

Reversed: Rigid, controlling, unwavering.




The Hierophant is the keeper of the past - the guardian of ancient secrets and traditions. Within him rests the knowledge of the ancient ones, and he holds that knowledge with the intention to share it.

Understanding and obtaining ancient secrets and

past knowledge is a journey that takes time and

commitment. The Hierophant stands atop the

crest of your path and waits for you to join him as

a pupil or disciple. Are you willing to climb the

hill, only to put in more work once you reach the

top? The rewards and growth will be worth the

effort, but this journey requires you to be a

willing and patient student.

It's time to learn from those who came before you. This may be a tradition or ritual from your own lineage or a lesson from other people or places of the past. Follow the path that others have created - learn from their experience and even from their mistakes. The learnings of others may not become your way of life, but you have a lot to gain from understanding them.

Keywords: Tradition, knowledge, teacher,ancient wisdom.

Reversed: Narrow-minded, conformist, inflexible.



Two lovers sit side by side, on a clear day in a

floral oasis. A rainbow shines above them,

indicating a harmonious and blessed union. In

this sacred paradise, the sun and moon both

shine... representing balance between the

masculine and feminine energies that The Lovers

represent. Everything is as it should be.

This card can indicate a balanced and loving relationship between two partners; potentially even a deep soul connection. While The Lovers often indicates a blessed romance, it can also speak to a multitude of important partnerships.

If relationships and partnerships are not related

to your reading, consider this a card of alignment

and harmony. If you are trying to make a

decision, this is an affirmation. This can also

speak to the need to find balance within yourself

and your own life. Perhaps an aspect of your life

has fallen out of balance; The Lovers encourages

you to realign and find your center again.

Keywords: Partnerships, relationships, harmony, alignment,Love, Soulmates.

Reversed: Disharmony, imbalance, toxic relation-shipa.




A person walks forward in the desert, confident

in her direction although there is no obvious path.

Even though she has no cart, reigns or saddles,

she is able to guide her horses through the power

of her will. One black and one white, the horses

represent opposing energies that she must

harmonize in order to move forward.

The figure in this card knows that power comes from within and not through physical tools. It is largely through belief that she is able to control her surroundings and move ahead with such confidence.

It is time for you to take control. Realize that your circumstances and toolkit may not be perfect, but that doesn't mean you can't move forward. You have the power within yourself to be a leader. Especially if you are trying to make a sensitive decision, the Chariot gives you permission to take the lead and move forward.

In some cases, the Chariot can signify physical travel or movement. It may be time to take a trip or change locations.

Keywords: Power, control, movement, action.

Reversed:Chaos, self-doubt, feeling stuck.



A young woman and her lion friend enjoy a day

lounging in the sunshine. The environment is hot

and barren, but in their unlikely friendship, they

find it easy to relax and enjoy themselves.

Perhaps at first, the woman was afraid to

befriend the beast, but over time she recognized

they had much to learn from each other.

There is strength in befriending the wildness within you. Strength in looking at the parts of yourself and your life that bring you fear. And strength most of all in showing those parts of yourself and others compassion and understand-ing.

Strength asks you to approach challenges with

softness and empathy, whether it be within

yourself or throughout your life. In showing love

to that which you fear, you may discover

something new about yourself or your situation.

You may even befriend a previously suppressed or

challenging part of yourself.

Keywords: Inner Strength, acceptance, courage, compassion.

Reversed:Fear, insecurity.



The Hermit has journeyed to the ends of the

world, collecting information through experiences

along the way. The vast amount of knowledge he

carries is stored safely in his crystal ball - an

object of great magic and memory. When he needs

to draw on the wisdom of his past, he finds a

quiet place and calls it forward. The crystal ball

only responds to the Hermit's magic; only he can

locate the answers and information he needs.

Think of the crystal ball as an extension of

yourself. A deep part of you, perhaps your

subconscious, that holds information and answers

collected throughout your life. Sometimes when

you feel lost or confused, you just need time alone

to reach a little deeper within yourself and access

this wisdom.

The Hermit asks you to separate yourself from outside expectations and opinions so that you can find your own truth within. You may want to consider spending some special time alone so that you can process and reflect before taking action in your life.

Keywords: Introspection, inner wisdom, soul Searching, processing.

Reversed: Isolation, loneliness.





The Wheel represents the cycles of life that keep turning. Just like the seasons, we are a part of this natural rhythm. As the wheel turns, we go up and down! The Wheel reminds us that there is a bigger plan, and often the flow of life is entirely outside of our control.

Pictured is the web of life. You are a part of this web that connects us all, and throughout life, your position on the web will shift and turn. Sometimes that means you will feel powerful, like the spider - master of the web. Other times you may feel lost or helpless - like the wandering fly. The Wheel appears to remind you that the position you're in is not always your choice. Accept where you are and realize there is a reason you find yourself here.

Instead of struggling against the sticky threads of

the web, surrender to the flow and work to

understand the lessons of this time. Remember

that all phases of The Wheel are fleeting and

cyclical, and you won't be in this position forever.

Keywords: Fate, divine timing, cycles, change in luck, soul lessons.

Reversed: Bad luck, resisting fate, fixating on control.



Lady Justice stands firmly atop her floating pedestal. Though she stands high in the sky, she knows she is not at risk of falling. The tools she holds are weighted evenly, and so she remains balanced and secure. Up here in the sky, there is nothing to influence her choices. Removed from society and the voice of humanity, she is able to make clear decisions from a moral high ground closer to Spirit.

The sword in her right hand points to the sky,

representing her connection to the mind and

logic. In the left hand, she holds the scales,

balancing logic with her emotional and spiritual

connection. In all thoughts and actions, she values

both the mind and heart with equal measure. As

you make decisions moving forward, be sure that

you are acting from this place of divine balance.

Justice could also be appearing to assure you that

the universe is taking care of you. If you are

concerned about an unjust situation, know it is

not your role to resolve or manipulate the

outcome. Everything will unfold in a fair way and

any wrongdoings will be righted in time.

Keywords: Balance, fairness, natural law, karma.

Reversed:Injustice, imbalance.





The Hanged One seeks enlightenment through a

period of voluntary surrender. Isolated and

suspended, the Hanged One began his meditative

period sitting up in his swing. He looked out at

the shore and began to grow tired and bored with

his narrow view. And so he shifted his position

into something less expected. In letting go and

bending back, he sees something new and

invigorating. A glowing object - a thing of magic

and beauty! Within this object lies the insight he's

been hoping for. If he had never shifted his

position, he never would have noticed it.

The Hanged One asks you to let go of control and open yourself up to something new. This is not a time for action or forcing your will on the world. Instead, take a step back and give yourself some time and space. Through inaction and observa-tion, the answers you seek will make themselves clear to you. Give things time and be open to an unexpected perspective.

Keywords: Surrender, new perspective, medita-tion.

Reversed:Resistance, stalling, impatience.



Death represents the inevitable endings in life.

Endings are a natural aspect of all cycles, and

something we can't typically avoid. The Reaper

appears to help you close the door and move

forward into your next phase of life. He reminds

you that when one cycle ends, a new one gets to

begin. There is life, healing, and transformation

in death... as well as challenge, grief,and

uncomfortable change.

Change is upon you and you are encouraged to accept it. Death is not an easy process, but it is sometimes necessary in order to realign. Keep in mind this card speaks to a symbolic rather than literal death! It's time to let one door close so that another may open. Let go. Remember it's normal to grieve and feel sadness as you shed things that must fall away. Down the road, you will be able to look back on this moment in gratitude and with full understanding.

Keywords: Endings, change, closure, transforma-tion.

Reversed: Resisting change, delayed endings.




Temperance is balance embodied. The figure in this card is of both masculine and feminine energy,and s/he draws equally upon the most divine aspects of both. Pulling in the emotional and internal qualities of water alongside the stable and expansive qualities of earth, Temper-ance advises you to always find this place of center before taking any kind of action.

Temperance is the bearer of peace and tranquili-ty. This card appears to assure you that peace is possible if you are willing to make the effort and step into balance. In order to achieve peace, you must slow down and recenter. If you feel out of balance or unsure about what to do, give yourself time to rest and recharge before moving forward. Know that you are taken care of there is no need to worry or rush. Do not push yourself too hard. Approach everything with moderation in mind and avoid doing anything in excess at this time.

Keywords: Balance, moderation, patience, peace.

Reversed: Impatience, excess, misalignment.





A monster in the dark binds two figures at the forefront of this card. However, unbeknownst to them, the monster is just a manifestation of their fears- a nightmare illusion. In reality, they are free! It is within their power to wake up from this dark dream and break away... but first, they must recognize their power to do so.

The Devil is an illusion. It is the untruth that you are trapped by strong forces outside of your control. This card appears to remind you that to shift your mindset is to shift your reality. You are not obligated to remain stuck or attached to any negative experience or situation at this time. Letting go of the illusion and taking control of your life can feel daunting and impossible, and sometimes that fear can keep you from breaking free. But it is your choice - to stay stuck or to move on.

Keywords: Illusion, negative attachments, fear, addiction.

Reversed: Releasing negativity, freedom.





Built on an eroding island, this once extravagant

castle is now nearing desolation. Truthfully,this

crumbling tower was already in danger before the

storm hit - but it's hard to abandon that which

was once so grande. So the residents of this

dwelling remain in a kind of ignorant comfort,

ignoring the inevitable doom as long as they can.

Sometimes when you avoid necessary change, the universe steps in and changes things for you. We often avoid change because of the discomfort it brings - but without change, there would be no growth. The Tower asks you to let go of your old structures once you've outgrown them- and warns that if you refuse to do this, the universe will step in to assist.

Unexpected change and destruction is upon you.

The world may feel harsh as something that once

felt stable falls apart, but you are encouraged to

surrender to this necessary transformation. It

won't always feel hard. In fact, you will be able to

look back at this moment and realize it was

necessary for your alignment and highest good.

Keywords: Destruction, inevitable change, awakening, restructuring.

Reversed:Avoiding change, fear of disaster.





The Star is the guiding light that keeps us moving through any challenges we face. It's the promise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how challenging the path is in getting there.

This card represents our connection to the

cosmos. It reminds us that we are always guided

and protected along our path and especially

throughout our hardships. Not only are we

guided, but we are also part of the divine

ourselves. The Star calls you to get in touch with

your highest self and your true purpose. Perhaps

you have lost some sense of who you really are,

behind all of the layers. It may be time to strip

back some of the pieces you have built up around

your truth. In order to do this, begin by taking

care of yourself: Mind, body and spirit. Bring

sustenance and love to any stagnant or neglected

aspects of your life so you may move forward

from a place of wholeness.

All will be well. Following every challenge is a period of rest, recovery and healing. Have faith.

Keywords: Faith, healing,higher purpose, recovery.

Reversed, Lack of faith, hopelessness, burnout.





The Moon is an invitation from your own

subconscious mind, calling you to step beyond the

obvious and into a place of deeper truth. The

Moon asks you to bring your shadow up to meet

your light. It's time to illuminate your darkest

corners and acknowledge what's been hiding

there. In this place of darkness, you may find

fear, desires or memories of old. You may also

uncover intuition and divine messages.

Pay special attention to your dreams at this time, as this can be an easier way for your spirit to communicate with you. This is about willingly traveling into the unknown and untouched areas of your mind and reemerging transformed and more aware of the self as a whole. What messages, feelings or desires could be hiding in the depths of your soul just waiting to be acknowledged? And how are they already affecting you, unbeknownst to your conscious self? The answers you seek are all within you - empower yourself and bring them to the surface.

Keywords: Subconscious, fear, initiation, hidden truths, shadow-work.

Reversed: Illumination, clarity, self-realization.



The Sun shines big and bright, illuminating even

the darkest corners of your world. The Sun shines

with great strength, bringing life to that which

needs to grow.The Sun SHINES! It brings

warmth, radiance, and light to everything it

touches. Embrace the positive energy of the Sun,

letting it's light fill you up and permeate

everything in your life.

This is a time to be optimistic and open to positive changes. If you have felt uncertain or lost in any aspect of your life, the Sun will help you to find clarity at this time. The path will illuminate and you will soon understand the way forward. To help in this process, remain positive and enjoy the present moment. In being grateful for the good things, you will attract even more blessings.

Life is meant to be joyful! Do what makes you feel good and let your pleasure fuel you. You are free and your purpose is to love and be loved. Put your focus there and everything else will fall into place naturally.

Keywords: Optimism, joy, illumination, life-force.

Reversed: Pessimism, denial.





A woman walks through a trail of fire, at peace

with the spirit of flame. Like the phoenix,she

rises with the fire not burnt, but reborn. The fire

Spirit has helped her to burn away the patterns

and attachments that were not serving her highest

good and purpose. Now she can move forward in

her full power, free of the weight she was


You are invited to step through the door of change where transformation awaits you on the other side. Judgment is asking you to look within and identify any changes that need to be made in your life to move you closer towards your soul's calling. Ask yourself if there is anything holding you back from living the life you want. Letting go of old patterns may be challenging, but it's not impossible.

Judgment represents an awakening within you.

It's the moment you realize that you can

transform yourself and your life for the better.

You have choices, and if you choose to change,

this could be the beginning of a bright new phase.

Keywords: Transformation, change, rebirth.

Reversed:Resisting change, self-deception.



The World is a card of blissful finality and closure. After a long journey, when you find what you've been looking for, a sense of peace and knowing washes over you.

The figure in this card is at peace with her journey, knowing that every challenge and turn in the road lead her to this place of alignment and victory. We see her leaping from a doorway into the expanse of the universe. This is the end of her mundane journey and all at once the beginning of her magical one. The star seeker seeks no more; she is now one with the stars. One door closes and another opens.

The World encourages you to celebrate the end of one path and the beginning of a new path. You have accomplished so much, and it is time to move on to something new. This is a moment of positive change and The World lets you know you're in alignment. Honor your past and embrace your future.

Keywords: Completion, celebration, success, finality,closure.

Reversed: Incompletion,procrastination.





I am here.

Waiting and receiving, in passive hibernation. I am not ready to transform... though I am not resisting. I am surrendering. I wait and I am open. I embrace and I allow myself to grow, to ebb and flow with the natural rhythm and progression of life.

I wait.

I watch as my environment feeds me and I expand in response.

Soon I will grow too large for the comfort of this embryo. I will puncture these walls and push forward to meet the air.

I will take the gifts that sustained me in suspen-sion and meet them with my own.

Things are moving, even if you're not aware of it yet. For now - observe, absorb and flow. You will know when it's time to take action.

Keywords: Receive, nourish, surrender, patience.

Reversed:Forcing, impatience.




The Minor Arcana is separated into four suits -

Pentacles, Swords,Cups, and Wands.The pentacles are ruled by the element of earth and

typically represent matters of finance, work,

health and life on the physical plane.Swords are ruled by the element of air and represent logic, thought, and communication. The Cups are ruled by the element of water and generally represent emotions, intuition, and matters of the heart.

Lastly, the Wands are ruled by the element of fire

and represent creativity, vitality,energy,and

pleasure. These are general rules of thumb and

should be treated as loose guidelines; in truth, any

card can speak to any aspect of life.Where the

Major Arcana usually appear in a reading to

represent larger lessons and events, the Minor

Arcana typically indicate smaller, day-to-day

events and themes.




The Ace of Pentacles is an offering, carrying the gifts of abundance and prosperity. The universe is reaching out to you with this offering,and it is your choice to acknowledge and accept it.

This gift will often appear as a new opportunity

or idea; one that will bring greater earthly success

to your life. Perhaps a job offer is on the horizon

or a chance to learn a new skill. Maybe you're

getting a promotion or moving to a new and

exciting location! You may even have the chance

to manifest a long time dream. Just remember

that accepting a gift is only the first step and

must be followed by hard work and commitment.

The Ace of Pentacles is an opportunity, but what

you make of it is entirely up to you.

Keywords: New opportunity, a financial gift, prosperity.

Reversed: Missed opportunity, procrastination.




A beautiful young sky woman returns home after a fruitful Summer day on the land. In addition to a day of swimming and play, she has found two intact pentacles in the dense northern forests. It is now late and she journeys home, delicately climbing the sacred stones to her village in the clouds. While the pentacles are heavy and the climb strenuous, it is something she has done many times before. She has found the perfect technique to carry her treasures safely, and she's found that a light-hearted attitude always makes the trip easier. Under the soft crescent moonlight, she smiles in contentment, satisfied with her day and the gifts she carries for her people.

The Two of Pentacles reminds you to make room

for both work and play. There is a way to be

productive without sacrificing your joy in the

process. You are called on to find a balance at this

time between responsibility and pleasure.

This can also be a reminder that challenges don't have to completely overwhelm you. If you're going through a difficult time, do your best not to let negative thoughts and emotions overcome you.

Keywords: Balance, positive attitude, adaptability, work and play.

Reversed: Overwhelm,imbalance.




Three broken pieces in separate hands come

together to create a whole. Each individual piece

is beautiful alone, but still just a shard of

something greater. Together, the whole picture

appears. What was once beautiful but unclear now

forms a perfectly unified shape and purpose.

The Three of Pentacles encourages you to seek guidance, talent or expertise outside of yourself. The skills you possess are beautiful on their own and they will only be enhanced by the comple-mentary skills of others. This card speaks to the power of teamwork and unison. Recognize your strengths and the strengths of others at this time. Be honest about where you may need help and where you may be able to help others as well.

This card can also speak to a missing element. It may be time to learn a new skill or seek something outside of your usual plan of action. Your typical approach may not be adequate for what you are trying to accomplish. Consider what - or who -may be missing from your plan of action.

Keywords: Teamwork, expertise, collaboration, unity.

Reversed: Inability to work with others, missing piece,misalignment.




A person meditates in a space beyond time and

earth. Through expertly focusing her energy,she

maintains her position while holding the

surrounding pentacles in place. While this is an

admirable pursuit with some definite benefits,it

leaves little time for anything else. Without

precise focus, the pentacles will fall out of

alignment and she fears this would disrupt her

state of peace. Her unwavering commitment to

maintaining stability keeps her locked into her

practice, and it also keeps her from experiencing

much else.

The Four of Pentacles commends your discipline

but asks you not to take it too far. You are

encouraged to loosen your grip on anything you

are holding too tightly. It may be your finances,

your daily routine or your diet. It could be your

spiritual practice or your job. Sometimes you need

to be flexible with your rules in order to truly

enjoy what you have. What is the point of

accumulating wealth and stability if you can't

bring yourself to enjoy any of it? It's time to find

a healthy balance between discipline and flow.

Keywords: Security, stability, fear of losing control, fear of poverty.

Reversed: Greed, over-indulgence,lack of discipline.




A cloaked traveler huddles beneath the shelter of a large tree, trying to stay warm amidst the deep snowdrifts. The traveler has lost all his worldly possessions and is no longer sure of what to do. Resting against this tree, however, he experiences a moment of unexpected peace and warmth. The Tree Spirit watches over the traveler, protecting and giving him much needed strength for his journey.

Even in times of hardship and struggle, you are

never alone and you are always guided. The Five

of Pentacles indicates a period of loss or

challenge and encourages you to remain hopeful.

Realize that often our thoughts give life to our

reality, so be careful of your expectations at this

time. If you are expecting hardship, it is more

likely to be so. If you expecting abundance and

positive change, it is more likely to be so. No

matter how difficult, it's crucial not to get stuck

in a poverty mindset. This too shall pass.

Keywords: Hardship, poverty, lack mentality, hopelessness.

Reversed: positive change, shift from lack to abundance.




As if from nowhere, blessings rain down from the

sky and into the hands of people in need. Hands

outstretched,the people accept these gifts

graciously and eagerly. With a prayer of gratitude

and thanks, they will put these gifts to good use

and return the favor to others when they are able.

The Six of Pentacles encourages you to give when

you can and receive when you're in need. If you

are in a position to lend a hand to others, give

what you're able to without expectations or

agenda. If someone is offering an unexpected

blessing or gift to you, graciously accept if you are

truly in need. Through selfless sharing, we find a

divine balance.

This card can also speak to a lack of balance.If

you feel you are constantly on the giving or

receiving end in some aspect of your life, it could

be time to reassess your position.

Keywords: Giving and receiving, unexpected gifts, sharing, acts of kindness.

Reversed:Depleted resources, abuse of power.




A determined gardener plants her seeds in the clean tilled soil. She pours water from a sacred vessel over her seeds in equal measure. This is just the beginning of the season, and she knows that there is much more work ahead. Through proper care, dedication and determination, she hopes that most of her seeds will make it through the


The Seven of Pentacles brings you the patience

and strength needed to slowly work through your

goals from start to finish. It may at times feel like

things aren't moving fast enough, but this card

reminds you that the road to all good things takes

time. A seed planted today will not be a flower

tomorrow. Instead of fixating on the future

outcome, do your best to get swept up in the

process. Choose your seeds carefully, as the more

excited you are for them to fruit, the more likely

you'll be willing to put in the work. Nurture,

observe and tend to your seeds. As time goes by,

your dedication will bear results and all of the

hard work you put in will pay off.

Keywords: Dedication, process, long term planning,investment.

Reversed:Poor planning, impatience,burnout.




An artisan works late into the night, carving shapes into stone and bringing them to life. He is dedicated to his craft and working to perfect his skills and process. Behind him on the shelves are sculptures from different phases of his life, to remind him of his journey and how far he's come. He sits indoors and works through the night, closing himself off from outside distractions. With this level of dedication and work ethic, he will soon be the finest craftsman in the kingdom.

The Eight of Pentacles represents a time of hard

work and improvement. Through commitment

your skills will grow, until eventually,you'll

achieve mastery over your craft. You are

encouraged to work hard and remain focused,

persistent, and committed at this time. If you are

in the middle of a project or situation that

requires dedication, put in the effort and you will

persevere! If you are thinking about learning a

new skill or trade, this card is an affirmation.

This can also be a message not to get too caught

up in the minutia of a project, as sometimes being

a perfectionist will delay you to the point of


Keywords: Hard work, persistence, mastery, skill.

Reversed: Laziness, lack of progress.




A graceful woman takes a leisurely walk through the forest, stopping occasionally to admire her lush surroundings. After so much hard work, she now lives a life of comfort and prosperity. Her surroundings reflect her internal world; peaceful, nourished and abundant. The Hawk rests on her arm, all at once controlled and wild- a mirror of her spirit.

The Nine of Pentacles invites you to reflect on your hard work and celebrate your independent accomplishments. You are deserving of the life you've built and the rewards you've earned. You are worthy of comfort, and yes, even luxury. This is a call to appreciate yourself fully and be proud of your unique gifts and offerings. If you are having a difficult time seeing your worth right now, focus on building your confidence and shifting your self-perception.

This can also be a message to break from the group and focus on your own path. For example, this could mean becoming self-employed or choosing to work on a project independently.

Keywords: Self-worth, independence, self-suffi-ciency,luxury.

Reversed: Lack of confidence, codependency.




Three generations sit together, unified through the great cosmic web of life. They sit beyond the physical constraints of the earthly plane,forever linked Spirit-to-Spirit. Each of them lives forever in each other, on and on and on...

The Ten of Pentacles is a reminder that you are

much more than yourself. You are connected to

ancestors, earth, and Spirit. What you create for

yourself intrinsically affects and touches

everything that came before you and everything

that comes after. Through this card,you are

encouraged to be mindful and intentional about

the vision you are manifesting for yourself. Are

your goals aligned with your Soul and will they

leave behind a legacy that you are proud of? Take

some time to visualize and consider what you

want your life to be. Dream big and believe in

your power to manifest your greatest vision.

This card can indicate that you've already accomplished your highest vision. In this case, enjoy what you've built! Be proud of what you have created for yourself and how it will impact all that is connected to you.

Keywords:Legacy,dreams come true,soul purpose, wealth, family.

Reversed: Loss of wealth, family disagreement, misalignment.




The Page of Pentacles sits on an island of

blooming flowers, surrounded by various books.

The Page reads as fast as possible, hardly able to

finish one sentence before jumping to the next.

It's all so new and this young Page is so curious.

These books contain stories of the past and

theories for the future. New concepts and

learnings wash over the Page like sunlight. The

days are open with nothing to do but learn!

This card invites you to embody the energy of the

student. It may be time for you to learn something

new. You could do this through mentorship,

schooling or personal study. This could also

indicate the beginning of a new and exciting job.

Instead of viewing your lack of knowledge as an

inconvenience, channel your inner child and face

this new path with curiosity. It's fun to be a

beginner! Be open-minded and enthusiastic about

this role and soon you will begin to retain

knowledge and grow.

The Page of Pentacles may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Student, studying, new job or skill.

Reversed:Lack of focus, procrastination, unfulfilled potential.




The Knight of Pentacles stands at thebeginning of a challenging quest. While the road ahead is long and full of obstacles, he knows the rewards will be worth the effort. Under the Knight's armn is a book of notes. The notebook contains important information he's collected throughout his studies; information to help prepare him for the journey ahead. Of course, there will be unexpected twists and turns along the road. Things that his book cannot help him with. As long as he can patiently work through setbacks, he will persevere.

The Knight of Pentacles invites you to patiently push forward on your path. You may have some knowledge of what lies ahead, but there is still so much you cannot know until you experience it. As unexpected twists and turns appear before you, don't be deterred or turned away. Most impor-tantly,the Knight of Pentacles never gives up on his quest. There is always a way forward if you are willing to learn as you go.

The Knight of Pentacles may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords:Perseverance,patience, ambition, gaining life experience.

Reversed: Overly ambitious, lack of discipline.




The Queen of Pentacles sits on a simple wooden throne in her great outdoor kingdom. She slowly brushes her long red hair, taking a well-deserved break from her studies. She is surrounded by lush greenery, alive with the hum of earthly creatures and animals.

The Queen of Pentacles takes a methodical and

gentle approach to life. She is practical, nurturing

and patient, and life has rewarded her for this

approach. She achieves the perfect balance

between emotional and earthly fulfillment

through hard work and compassion towards

herself and others. The Queen of Pentacles

reminds you that in order to gain success, you

must be disciplined and patient. You must also

make time to recharge and care for yourself.

This card can also be a message to connect with Mother Earth. This will help you to ground, slow down and rebalance your energy.

The Queen of Pentacles may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Patience, slow and steady, abundance, mother earth, nurturing.

Reversed: Overworked, Disconnected.




The King of Pentacles sits comfortably on his throne, carved from a great fallen tree. The book he once carried to guide him now rests under his arm as a reminder of his journey. As a leader, he is grounded, self-assured and present.

The King of Pentacles invites you to make

practical decisions based on your collected life

experiences and lessons. Above all, do what is best

for your long term wellbeing rather than acting

from a place of impulse or passion. The King of

Pentacles is reserved in nature and asks you to

ground yourself before taking action. Make

responsible proven choices that will benefit your

future self and those connected to you.

This card can be a message to make firm decisions based on your beliefs. You may need to instill some boundaries in your life and the King of Pentacles assures you that you have the strength and wisdom needed to do this.

The King of Pentacles may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Practicality, wisdom, grounding, responsibility, thoughtful planning.

Reversed:Stubbornness, inability to change.




A sword appears as if from nowhere, seeking a master to wield its power. The power it holds is one of clarity, spoken truth, and justice. Are you prepared to take hold of this offering and wield the power of truth?

The Ace of Swords invites you to think and speak

from a place of truth and clarity.The suit of

swords represents the mental realm, and the Ace

is a potential gift connected to that realm. This

could come through as a new idea, realization or

epiphany. This could also come through as an

opportunity to speak your truth or stand up for

justice. As with any gift, it is your choice to wield

its power and nurture its growth. You can choose

to take this offering forward or let the opportuni-

ty find someone else.

Keywords: Honesty, clarity, new idea, communi-cation.

Reversed: Brain-fog, lack of clarity, missed opportunity,dishonesty.




A wise woman stands at the edge of an ocean cliff, distressed and confused. The waves crash below her,illuminated only by the light of the full moon above. There are challenging decisions that must be made and she doesn't know what to do. The Moon above is actually trying to help her, symbolizing her intuition and trying to bring light to her inner knowing. However, the blindfold she wears keeps her from seeing the moon, and so she continues to struggle internally.

The Two of Swords indicates a crossroads. There

is likely a challenging decision to made or a

general lack of clarity in your life. It's time to

remove the obstructions that keep you stuck in

your head. Remove the blindfold that keeps you

from connecting to your intuition. It's important

to be in a safe and supportive environment where

you can still your emotions and think clearly.

Separate yourself from the people and situations

that cloud your judgment and confuse you

further. Calm your mind and connect with your

deeper knowing. The answers you need are within

and this is a time to listen to your own heart no

matter the consequences.

Keywords: Indecision, stalemate, crossroads.





Human hands hold a personal universe, now suddenly wounded and irreparable. What once felt like a source of light is now gone, and the heart breaks at the thought of it.

The Three of Swords indicates a loss, heartbreak

or disappointment in life. When something we

loved or desired is suddenly gone it can be

challenging to move past it. In many ways, this

card speaks the mind-heart connection. When we

experience loss our mind often influences the

heaviness we carry in our hearts. It is important

in times of sadness to let yourself mourn. It is just

as important to make sure your mind doesn't

perpetuate or inflame the agony of loss. Negative

thinking can feed heartbreak beyond what is

necessary. Be careful with your thought patterns

and lean into healthy coping mechanisms at this

time. You can and will heal if you allow yourself

  1. This experience may be painful, but there is

hope ahead. The clouds will lift and there will be

new opportunities on the horizon.

Keywords: Heartbreak, loss, grief, negative thinking.

Revered: Forgiveness, hope, recovery.




A set of chimes hang from the branch of a treeon

a nearly windless day. Occasionally a light breeze

passes through and the chimes tap against each

other, creating sweet sounds of peace. What a

perfect day to lay in the grass and look at the

passing clouds, under this musical tree. The truth

of the chime is it was not always a chime. It was

crafted from swords - weapons of war - from a

battle long past. They were uncovered and

reclaimed.What was once a symbol of war has

become a symbol of peace.

The Four of Swords encourages stillness of the

mind. This is a time for rest and contemplation,

not a time to take action. Still the areas of your

life where you feel you are at war and move from

aggression to peace. Back away from any

situations or people that challenge or confuse you.

Sometimes when we are too close to something, we

lose sight of the best way forward. Take a break

and revisit your challenges when your mind is

rested and your heart is at peace.

You may also consider adopting a meditation or

mindfulness practice that can help with

day-to-day stress management.

Keywords: Peace, meditation, rest, contemplation.

Reversed: Burnout, mental stress.




Two figures turn to walk away, hearts full of

regret and sorrow. A wall of swords has been built

between them and a former loved one, and

nothing can be said to bring down this barrier.

After much struggle and pleading, the two women

turn to leave. Sadly, there is nothing left to be

said or done. The man on the other side of these

swords watches them leave with satisfaction,

feeling triumphant. However, as the days pass he

grows lonely, and soon comes to regret pushing

away the ones who loved him.

The Five of Swords indicates an ego-driven

conflict that is driving a wedge between yourself

and what is right. This could manifest as a

disagreement between yourself and others, or

between your own ego and Spirit. You may be

clinging to a certain opinion, habit or way of

thinking that benefits you in the short term but

doesn't truly align with the needs of your Soul.

Step back and deeply consider the consequences

of your actions at this time. Are the steps you're

taking putting you on the best path? Are your

actions in line with what is right or are they more

reflective of what you want “right now”?

Keywords: Ego, selfishness, conflict, competition.

Reversed:Making amends, forgiveness.




Two people have fled conflict in their village and

now seek refuge in a sacred oasis. It has been a

difficult road and to be so close is the greatest

relief of a lifetime. They walk the sacred sky

bridge towards the door of light. In the light

world they can recover and be cared for until they

are ready to move on to a better life.

The Six of Swords represents a challenging but

necessary transition in life. It is time to move on

from the connections and situations that no

longer feed or serve you. Especially if you're

holding onto anything that keeps you in a place of

pain or struggle. This includes any thought

patterns or memories you hold onto that keep you

stuck in place. Let go of what is familiar so that

you can make space for what is new. This

transition will not likely be easy, but the Six of

Swords promises that you will benefit from these

changes and your Soul will grow. Be unafraid as

you move forward, without regrets or doubt.

There is something wonderful awaiting you at the

end of this path!

Keywords: Transition, release, positive change.

Reversed:Fear of change, clinging to the past.




A frightened young pickpocket hides in the hollow of a great tree. In a moment of desperation, she stole a great number of swords resting outside of the guard station in the village. She hoped to sell them in the next town over, but the swords were so heavy that she barely made it to the outskirts of town. Now she clutches them in her hollow, not sure of what to do. Soon the guards will be out searching for her and she knows she is at risk of being caught. But to leave the swords behind feels like too great a loss...

Sometimes we do dishonest things in an effort to

protect or sustain ourselves. The Seven of Swords

reminds you that no matter how well-intentioned

you are, the poor decisions you make will create

even more burdensome consequences. Be honest

and transparent at this time, even if it feels hard.

Cutting corners and hiding the truth will only get

you into deeper trouble. If you are struggling in

some way, communicate truthfully to someone

you trust. You may be surprised to find that

others can help you to lift your burden in a loving

and safe way.

Keywords: Dishonesty,betrayal, burden, deception.

Reversed:Confession, transparency.




A woman clutches her knees to her heart, feeling lost and powerless in this unfamiliar prison. In truth, this prison is an illusion; a matrix created through the power of her mind. There are no prison guards - it's only fear and self-doubt that hold her in this nightmare. Her hands are free to remove her blindfold, but she's too afraid to open her eyes. If only she would, she would notice the offering in front of her! The universe gifts her with the tool she needs to see the truth of her situation and set herself free.

Sometimes it's hard to see your own power.The

mind and the world can make you feel small or

unimportant. At times it can feel like you're

floating in the sky, with no control over anything

at all. The truth is: There are always choices and

there is a way out of any predicament you may be

in at this time. The Eight of Swords reveals the

hard truth - that you are the only one keeping

yourself small and powerless, and only you can

choose to change that. Claim your power and set

yourself free! The only thing in your way now is

your own fear and self-imposed limitations.

Keywords: Fear, self-imposed restrictions,victim mentality.

Reversed: Reclaiming power, releasing fear.


A young woman is surrounded by swords, each representing her imposing fears and stressful thoughts. They inch ever closer to her, pointing at her accusingly. She feels she can't escape them and so she just sits in despair. But unseen to her are two guides, Snake and Bear. They comfort her, protect her and guide her through this time of stress. She is not as alone as she feels, and this connection is always available for her to tap into.

The Nine of Swords indicates a period of great

stress and anxiety. It's most important to know

that so much of this stress comes less from actual

events and more from the inner workings of the

mind. Fear, worry and doubt will inflame

everything they touch, and so it's crucial at this

time to manage your thought patterns and keep

fear at bay. Excessive worrying will not serve or

benefit you at this time and it's important to find

healthy ways to manage your stress. The guides in

this card remind you that you are not alone at this

time. Lean into your spiritual support system and

you will have a much easier time letting go of

irrational fear and coming back to a place of


Keywords: Excessive worry, anxiety, stress, nightmares, irrational fear.

Reversed: Faith, releasing worry.




After years of running from the pursuit of a

mysterious ghost-like creature, a man falls to his

knees in fear and surrender. He can't even

remember how long it's been since he was not

afraid, forever running from something he didn't

even understand. He's been carrying fear in his

heart for so long, he cannot bear the weight

anymore. So this time as the creature approaches,

the man prepares to accept his fate.

The Ten of Swords signifies the end of a long and stressful journey. In many ways, this card is about facing fears and the consequences that come with that. Running in fear is often more tiresome than facing the issues at hand, and the Ten of Swords reminds you that you can't avoid the inevitable forever. Likely there will be a challenging closure or confrontation in your life, but with that follows the gifts of peace and new beginnings. No longer will you have to run, avoid fate or let fear rule your path.

Keywords: Difficult endings, facing fear, depletion.

Reversed:Recovery, rebirth.


A young Page bounds through the clouds,

fearlessly at play with his new training sword. He

doesn't truly know how to wield the sword yet,

but he can feel the power and magic coursing

through this sacred object. He is determined,

moldable and ready to learn.

The Page of Swords invites you to be open-minded

and adaptable. This is a time to break free from

your usual thought process and consider how to

approach things in a different way. As you pursue

new ideas, be humble and willing to learn. The

Page of Swords is determined but largely

untrained. He tells you that there is much you

don't know and it will benefit you to seek training

or teachings outside of yourself. With enthusiasm

and openness, you will take your new ideas to

great heights.

The Page of Swords may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: New ideas, open-mindedness, willingness to learn, shift in thinking.





An ambitious knight prepares to storm the

training field, wishing in earnest it was a

battlefield instead. He thirsts to prove his skills in

a real fight, aIthough he's only been training for a

few short years. His competitive nature and

natural intelligence have pushed him forward

quickly, though he always seems to be fixated on

what comes next.

The Knight of Swords invites you to channel your ambition and charge forward into confident action. Regardless of your experience level, this is a time to go for what you want. Your natural gifts, ambition, and intellect will compensate for your limited knowledge.

The Knight of Swords can also be a warning to

think before you speak or act. Sometimes this

character jumps into action before properly

thinking things through. Don't be reactive at this

time and be careful not to let your ambition result

in a cutthroat competition.

The Knight of Swords may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords:Ambition, wit, quick-thinking.

Reversed: Competitive, impulsive,reactive.




The Queen of Swords stands poised and proud,

looking directly into your eyes. She leads with

honesty and compassionate realism. Her

experience in life has instilled both discipline and

love in her heart, and she acts from this unique

place of balance.

The Queen of Swords invites you to marry logic

with compassion. You are encouraged through this

card to communicate and act from a place of

honesty. Be direct with anything you need to

express, putting emotions to the side and opting

for the simple truth. Even if the truth requires

you to set some uncomfortable boundaries!

Maintain empathy, but don't let it keep you from

expressing yourself. She also invites you to take

the challenges of life and turn them into

something positive. Instead of letting the hard

things harden you, let them inspire you to stand

up for what you believe in. Live a life of your

choosing - a life of heart and integrity.

The Queen of Swords may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Compassionate logic, honesty, direct communication.





The King of Swords meditates above the clouds,

his sword in a resting position within reach. The

King has mastered the art of the sword, but more

importantly, he's learned that he usually doesn't

need it. In his youth, he was ambitious and

competitive, always eager for a fight. Now his

greatest goal is to maintain peace within his

begins with the self.

community, and he knows that collective peace

The King of Swords invites you to act from a place of mental maturity and integrity. Where you may have been immature or unsure of yourself in the past, you now have the tools you need to make more informed choices. You have the intellect, clarity,and experience needed to act from a place of certainty. Be confident in your actions and decisions. The King of Swords also challenges you to think outside of your own needs. Use your intellectual gifts to help others at this time, putting collective needs above personal ambition.

Keywords: Maturity, intellect, wisdom,mental mastery.

Reversed:Rigidity, controlling,mental manipula-tion.




This wand is an offering, bearing the gifts of passion, creativity, vitality and adventure. It is the torch you need to bring more fire into your life - more heat and more light. The power in this wand is yours for the taking, all you need do is open your eyes and your heart to it.

Often the gift of this card appears as a small

spark of inspiration, so if you have a new idea or

dream bubbling up within you, honor it by taking

an action step. Other times the gift comes through

as an outside invitation or opportunity. Say yes.

Take impassioned action and be bold. This is a

time to let passion and instinct lead you into

newness. The Ace of Wands offers you the

potential to grow something from a place of pure

creativity, but remember you must continue to

tend to the seed it offers in order for it to thrive.

Keywords: Potential, inspiration, new opportuni-ty,passion,action.

Reversed: Uninspired, lack of drive, low energy.




A young person sits indoors, restless and caught up in a daydream. While her house is grand and the land beautiful, she yearns for something more. She imagines one day she will travel far away.Perhaps she will uncover great mysteries and discover important and magical things. For now, it's just a dream, but those dreams will shape her future. She prepares by studying, training, and planning. When the time comes for her grand adventure, she will be ready.

The Two of Wands encourages you to dream and

plan for your future. You may be full of inspira-

tion, but it's not yet time to take action. Instead,

think through your options and visualize

different ways forward. Explore your ideas more

deeply and be thoughtful before making any

moves. You must draw the map before your set

out on your quest. This would be a good time to

further research any ideas you have and come up

with some tangible steps for how you might get

closer to your goals.

Keywords: Planning, options, brainstorming, dreaming.

Reversed: Poor planning, lack of foresight, premature action.




A traveler sets out on her first great adventure,

leaving behind everything she's ever known.

Guided by her alchemical torches and the dim

light of the full moon, her heart is full of hope

and promise. The excitement of this new

adventure is almost too much to bear! She's

dreamt of this journey for so long and now it's all

becoming real. Anything and everything is

possible in this moment.

The Three of Wands indicates a time of progress

and expansion. Where the Two of Wands required

planning, the Three of Wands demands action. If

you have a big idea, you are now encouraged to

take it forward into reality. If you aren't seeing

an opportunity to do this, it's only because you're

not looking in the right places. Think bigger and

reach further! The universe is on your side,

pushing you to grow and find success. So get

excited and see your reality for what it really is -

a vast landscape full of endless potential.Have

faith in your goals and move forward with


Keywords: Limitless possibilities, expansion, forward movement.

Reversed: Self-imposed limitations, moving backward, small-mindedness.




A couple enjoys a magical moment in each other's

company. This special moment is a celebration

and reward for all of the effort they've put into

their journey together. They are celebrating their

success and accomplishments. Together they

spend a day in the clouds, rising above the

mundane and experiencing life from a higher

place. This is a place without worries, deadlines or

duty. In this place and time, they can simply be;

observing and appreciating the beautiful life they

have built together from the ground up.

The Four of Wands encourages you to be present

with your accomplishments. Take time to

celebrate all that you've achieved, no matter how

small your feat may feel. If you never take time to

enjoy the fruit of your efforts, what is the point of

working so hard? If you are currently nearing the

end of a goal, the Four of Wands foretells success.

Continue to put forth an effort and remember to

enjoy the journey as much as the outcome.

This card can also be interpreted as a specific celebration or rite of passage. For example, a wedding,homecoming or party.

Keywords: Celebration, accomplishments, harmony,being present.

Reversed: Lack of presence, misalignment.




A warrior fights to break free from her prison,

pushing against the cell window with her wand. In

her panic, she has forgotten that her wand is

magical! She wields it like a common stick,

pushing out with brute force. The window bars

are also wands of magic, and a spell holds them in

place against her human strength. She has the

power and magic to break free from this prison,

but she is so lost in a panic she hardly remembers

who she is. She must step back and recenter

herself in order to discover the best way


The Five of Wands indicates a time of chaos,

conflict or confusion - within yourself or

somewhere in your life. You are encouraged to

step away from your challenges as opposed to

getting lost in them. Take time to contemplate

and organize your thoughts and feelings before

reacting or taking action at this time. There is a

solution, but it won't come from a place of anger,

fear or frustration. Find your center and you will

find the way forward.

Keywords: Conflict, chaos, confusion, competi-tion.

Reversed: Surrender, peace, resolution.




A young person sits atop her magic wand,

enjoying its power and her connection to it. The

wands of her ancestors and spirit guides light the

path for her, and they watch from behind the veil

with pride and joy. This young person has

dedicated herself to growth and learning. As a

student, she fully committed to the teachings of

her elders and excelled in her magical studies. She

now enjoys her new skills and shares her mastery

of them freely and confidently. She soaks in the

praise and appreciation others give her and she is

proud of herself.

The Six of Wands asks you to stand proudly in your gifts and skills. It's time to share your voice openly with the world. You have come so far and learned so much,and now you have something unique to offer others. Don't hold back; it's your time to shine.

Keywords:Confidence, recognition, sharing your gifts.

Reversed:Lack of confidence, arrogance.




A radiant and powerful woman looks down in

sadness and contemplation. She is being cast out

of her community for expressing her power too

freely. Her magic has been deemed too great and

has grown beyond the understanding of her

people. Those who once supported her now see her

through eyes of jealousy and fear. To stay is to

live under threat or to hide her true gifts... and so

to honor herself, she must depart.

The Seven of Wands represents a pivotal moment

where you must choose yourself over the

expectations of others. You may be growing past

certain people or beliefs, and those who once

supported you can no longer understand you. A

part of you may want to take a step backward and

forget your new power so that you can go back to

blending in. But you can't ungrow - and why

would you? There is nothing wrong with growing

where perhaps others have decided not to. The

truth is, not everyone will grow with you, and

that's OK. You deserve to be accepted for who you

are, and you deserve to feel good about coming

into your truth and power.

Keywords: Power, individuality, authenticity, standing up for yourself.

Reversed: Resisting growth,conformity.




A burst of energy flies forward from the heart

center, providing much-needed inspiration and

drive. With this new energy, ideas begin to form

and manifest at a lightning pace. Where this

woman felt previously blocked, energy now moves

freely and quickly. She embraces the

breakthrough moment by driving her heart-cen-

tered goals forward.

The Eight of Wands indicates a time of fast

growth and expansion and encourages you to take

advantage of the opportunity to progress quickly.

There is no waiting around and contemplating

your options - the time to act is now. Move with

the flow, even if it feels fast. Support this

breakthrough energy by getting focused and being


Keywords:Forward movement, breakthrough, rapid growth,new energy.

Reversed: Lack of progress, delays,energy blockage.




A traveler stops to rest, taking a moment to recenter before continuing on her journey. She has fought her way through many obstacles on her path back home. Now she kneels at the base of her last great stretch. She is worn but resolute. She knows she must stop to recenter her energy before continuing, though never long enough to let her tired bones stop moving completely. Snake is both her guide and a representation of her energy. As she gets closer to her goal, Snake rises with her.

Somehow the journey can feel heavier and harder when it's almost over. When the finish line is in sight, you may find yourself struggling with those last few steps. The Nine of Wands invites you to catch your breath only briefly, and then keep moving towards your goal. If you take too long resting, you may not remember where it was you were going in the first place - or why you were trying to get there. You're close to the end of this journey, and soon you will be able to rest having accomplished what you set out to do. Don't lose sight of what is almost in your grasp. Tap into your energy reserves and rise up to give it one final push.

Keywords: Perseverance, willpower,resolve, commitment.

Reversed: Struggle, defensiveness.




A person climbs a steep rocky path, carrying the

weight of her work up the hill. At first glance it

may appear a burdensome task, however, this

woman is a Wand-Smith and this bundle of wood

is the fruit of her labor. She's spent the day in

town selling her wears, and now she returns home

with the remaining items. In selling these wands

she can provide for her home and family. Her

cozy cabin peeks out above the hills in the

distance, an inviting plume of smoke curling up

from the chimney. A hot dinner is waiting, and

the love of her companions. She works hard, but

she loves her craft and the rewards are worth the


It's time to asses whether or not the rewards of

your work are worth your efforts.Does the

responsibility you carry feel overwhelmingly

heavy? Or does it feel vital, important and

fulfilling? If you feel weighed down, consider

delegating or releasing some of your less

rewarding obligations. Put your energy into the

roles that feel the most fulfilling and fruitful.

Keywords: Hard Work, purpose, providing, commitment.

Reversed: Burden, overwhelm, overworking, burnout.




The Page of Wands plays outdoors, borrowing a wand from an older sibling. Did we say borrow-ing? We meant borrowing without permission! This is a play-day, as are most days in the life of this Page.Imagination reigns supreme, and a mundane afternoon easily turns into a magical adventure. Everything is exciting and every moment is full of infinite possibilities.

The Page of Wands embodies a childlike energy, bubbling with excitement and curiosity. This card is an invitation to come out and play - using your imagination to bring adventure and newness to the forefront. Be curious, inspired and playful. Be bold, daring and led by creativity.

The Page of Wands may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Adventure, inner child, play, imagina-tion.

Reversed:Immaturity,acting out, avoiding resposibility.




The Knight of Wands jumps from a rocky cliff, fully clothed with a wide grin on her face. The appeal of the thrill far outweighs the discomfort of wet clothes. Free and wild,the Knight acts on impulse and is led by her fearless nature. She will always leap before she looks, for better or worse. She lives for the jump - to feel as if she can fly. Stability is her discomfort as she prefers a life of freedom and excitement.

The Knight of Wands invites you to live a life of passion - acting on impulse instead of relying on logic.This is a character of intensity, and she calls on you to prioritize excitement and pleasure. She is full of charisma and vital energy, coming into your life to light a bonfire of inspiration beneath you.

The Knight of Wands may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords:Impulsivity,passion, lust.

Reversed:Unreliable, irresponsible, easily bored.




The Queen sits in confidence atop her favorite

grandmother tree. She looks at the sun and laughs

in delight. She can light up any space with that

smile, lift any mood and brighten any dark cloud.

Her smile is authentic, radiant and easy. This is

the smile of a person who accepts and expresses

herself fully. This is the smile of someone who

climbs a tree in the middle of the day just


The Queen of Wands invites you to accept and

express yourself authentically. Be proud of what

makes you unique and share your special gifts

with the world. The Queen of Wands has a lust for

life and there is never a dull moment in her

presence. Follow your heart and find ways to

make life more pleasurable. Remember that there

is magic in even the most mundane experiences,

all you need to do is open your eyes to it.

The Queen of Wands may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Authenticity, self-acceptance, vibrancy, confidence.





The King of Wands is a person of both passion and restraint. As a leader, he must make wise decisions for all based on experience and logic. As a person, he favors instinct and impulse over calculated reasoning. He is someone who finds the balance between both in order to lead with both passion and reason.

The King of Wands invites you to be wise, but not

to the point of sacrificing your desires. There

must be a balance between following your

instincts and being responsible. Joy and pleasure

must mix with obligation and logic. To be a

confident leader, it helps to love and believe in

the message you are sharing. Make sure what you

stand for is truly authentic to you. That is where

you will find your confidence and authority.

The King of Wands may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Confidence, leadership,charm.

Reversed:Arrogance, insincerity.




This overflowing chalice is a blessing and an offering to you. An offering of love; uncondition-al and limitless. Will you open your heart to the love that is seeking you? Will you reach out and accept the love that is trying to awaken something within you?

This card indicates a current or upcoming

opportunity for emotional and spiritual fulfill-

ment. Perhaps you have a new love entering your

life - be it a new friend, romance, project, or even

a place or time. You are encouraged to keep your

eyes and your heart open to unexpected love, and

to trust your heart in all matters at this time.

Follow whatever attracts you and whatever sparks

a light in your heart. Practice giving and receiving

love from a place of compassion and openness at

this time. Doing this will help to align you with

this potential gift of love.

The Ace of Cups can also be asking you to get in touch with your emotions - to tap into your truth and seek what your heart really wants. Now is a time to express your true feelings without fear or embarrassment.

Keywords: Love, spirituality, new relationship.

Reversed: Feeling emotionally drained, loneliness, missed opportunity for love.




A couple embraces each other lovingly. Love flows from each cup in perfect unison, representing the open channel and flow from one heart to the other. This unison is one of mutual trust and balance. Here there is peace, compassion, and understanding.

The Two of Cups can indicate harmony within a particular partnership or relationship. This is a blessed and balanced union with love and respect at the center. You are encouraged to be trusting and open-hearted within your relationship, giving and receiving love equally. (This can speak to harmonious romantic relationships as well as friendships and other meaningful partnerships.)

This card can also indicate a balance of energy

within yourself. From one cup flows masculine

energy and from the other feminine energy. We

all embody both, and the Two of Cups can

indicate these energies are in a place of peaceful


Keywords: Relationships, harmony, balance, romance.

Reversed: Toxic relationships, imbalance.




Three friends gather in a magical place above the

clouds, celebrating their connection through

dance and ritual. Their movements naturally fall

into synch, creating a beautiful balance between

these three unique beings. The magic they create

simply by coming together is intrinsic and

inevitable. This is a special gathering place, potent

with the magic of many gatherings past.

This card invites you to connect with loved ones and celebrate with the people you love. This is a wonderful time to socialize and bond with new and old friends. Especially if you've been feeling introverted or even lonely, consider reaching out to people and finding confidence and happiness in their company. Generally, at this time, you are encouraged to have fun and let loose - enjoy life and the activities you love most.

The Three of Cups also speaks to the importance

of new energy. It may be time to change your

routine by trying something different or putting

yourself in a new environment. Adding an

unexpected element to the stagnant parts of your

life could be just what you need to shake things

up and inspire more creativity.

Keywords: Friendship, fun, connection, celebra-tion, creativity.

Reversed: Alone time, isolation, fake friends.




Under the dim light of a crescent moon, a person

sits mournfully on a rocky outlook. The dark

ocean churns gently below, sweeping away this

person's empty chalices. These chalices once held

his hopes and dreams, like magical containers.

But the magic faded over time and the dreams

were lost - leaving nothing but the weight of 3

empty stone cups. With them gone, he sits in the

empty space they left behind. He now finds it

hard to bring forward new hopes and dreams.

When he's ready to open his eyes, he'll see there is

one already in front of him!A gift from the

universe to light his path and offer a new


It's healthy to mourn over your losses and failures or to miss the things you once desired that are no longer available to you. But dwellingtoo long on the past will only feed apathy and stagnation, so the Four of Cups reminds you there is new hope on the horizon. When you are ready to let go of what didn't go well, there will be something new and bright awaiting you. Love and blessings lie ahead; have faith and find the couIrage to move forward.

Keywords: Apathy, disengagement, bad mood, hopelessness.

Reversed:New hope,letting go.




A cloaked traveler falls to her knees in exhaustion

and defeat, having dropped and spilled three of

her precious chalices. The desert is dry, dark and

unforgiving, and fear is overcoming this

disheartened wanderer. It has been a long and

tiresome road, and sometimes it can be hard to

maintain hope. So this weary traveler takes a

moment to mourn before pulling herself up and

continuing on her journey. The two full cups

behind her will provide more than enough

nourishment to sustain her.

The Five of Cups doesn't pretend that everything is easy. You may be experiencing some hardship or loss at this time, and you are encouraged to honor all of your emotions without resistance. We must let sadness flow freely in order for it to pass. Once it does, don't forget to pick yourself up and continue forward. There are likely more obstacles ahead, but you do have the resources and strength to persevere. On the other side of that dark red hill is a beautiful village... with an abundance of warmth and love to fill you.

Keywords: Loss, defeat, mourning.

Reversed: Silver lining, restoring faith.




A scene from the past is observed in a dream

state. Through the hazy lens of sleep, the dreamer

watches her most revered memories unfold. In

this fantasy realm, the romanceof the past is

amplified and only positive moments are

projected. Looking at the past through this

romantic lens can be both pleasurable and

punishing. The dreamer loves reliving these

unreachable pockets of time, however, the dream

doesn't bring forward the whole truth of what


The Six of Cups encourages you to live in the

present and be careful not to idealize 'the way

things were'. It can be lovely to reminisce on

sweet memories, but be aware of what you may be

romanticizing. Memories are distant and they

soften over time, so people have a tendency to

look back at them through a rosy lens. In truth,

the past is not where you belong. You have grown

and would no longer fit into your past experienc-

es.Once you're able to let go of the past,

everything in your life will begin to flow forward

in alignment.

Keywords: Memories, nostalgia, childhood, idealization.

Reversed: Living in the past, inability to forgive.




A woman of royalty has been separated from her carriage. Lost in the dark wood, she wanders in search of the path. The deeper she goes,the more confused she becomes. Though she knows she's not meant to trust or take anything from the dark wood, the trees whisper promises of help. It's a temptation she's finding harder to resist. But just ahead is a light! She hasn't looked high enough to see it, but it's there to guide her out of the wood and back to safety.

It can be easy to lose your way when surrounded

by darkness. It can be easy to lose your way when

you are being offered an easy choice, a quick

choice, or a fantastical choice. But there is always

a guiding light in the darkness, no matter how

small or difficult it is to see. There's always a

choice that will bring you into alignment and

move you towards love and harmony. It may not

be the easiest to find, to recognize or to choose;

sometimes it is further away and requires a

longer journey. Focus on finding the light and you

will find your way out of even the darkest of

places. Make choices based on reality and truth,

being honest with yourself about what is just

fantasy or temptation.

Keywords: Temptation, confusion, illusion, choices.

Reversed:Clarity, reality.




A wise old traveler stands at the gateway to

another world. To cross through this portal and

into the land of brightness, he must leave

everything he carries at the door. He gladly

unburdens himself and walks forward feeling

lighter than he has in years. In fact, he wonders

why he didn't discard these heavy items sooner!

With nothing but his staff and the clothes on his

back, he steps out of the shadows and into a world

of light.

The Eight of Cups encourages you to release any

emotional baggage you are carrying. Particularly

if you have been carrying the weight of someone

else's problems, or holding onto the pain of the

past, it's time to move on and do what is best for

yourself at this moment. This card indicates a

time of transition and release, asking you to let go

of the heaviness in your life and embark on a

journey of self-discovery or spiritual awakening.

Consider spending more time on your own and

giving a rest to any situations or relationships

that hold you down. Follow your intuition and

engage in things that bring you emotional

fulfillment and meaning.

Keywords: Release, spiritual journey, self-discov-ery, walking away.

Reversed: Over-burdened, refusing to let go.




In a sacred oasis under the protection of a great

willow tree, a person bathes in the magical waters

of a healing mineral pool. High up in the

mountains, alone and at peace, there is nothing to

do but soak in the gifts of this blessed place.

The Nine of Cups invites you to celebrate and

enjoy the blessings in your life. There is so much

to be grateful for; to celebrate and enjoy. This is a

card of wishes fulfilled. Relish in the wishes that

have come true already, and open yourself up in

hope to the ones that are surely manifesting in

this very moment. Above all, enjoy yourself by

engaging in all things that bring you true

happiness. Be present in the moments when there

is nothing to do but soak in your gifts and

celebrate the blessing that is your life.

Keywords: Good fortune, emotional fulfillment, wishes come true,happiness.

Reversed: Overindulgence, greed, never feeling satisfied.




Where the 9 of Cups represent independent emotional fulfillment, the 10 of Cups is shared emotional fulfillment. Pictured is a contented family, enjoying a perfect day in the ocean water. Everyone smiles without a worry, enjoying each other and the life they have created together. There is not just happiness here, but a feeling of satisfaction. This family could not envision more for themselves, as they are perfectly at peace with what they have.

The 10 of Cups urges you to reach for your biggest

dreams. Everyone's picture of perfection is

different, and you are encouraged to hold true to

your own unique vision. If you're not yet sure

what that looks like, now is the time to consider

  1. When your vision does come to life, cherish

every moment of it.

This card can also indicate a time when you are blessed with good fortune and harmony within your life and relationships. You are in alignment and the universe is in support of you. Continue to follow your heart and the direction of your spirit.

Keywords: Alignment, harmony, love, content-ment, emotional fulfillment.

Reversed: Unhappiness,misalignment.




A child stands at the edge of the ocean, a cup of magic dust flowing naturally from their hand. The magic is so innate and heartfelt, and other creatures of magic are drawn to its purity. In the distance, a mermaid appears, curious to see who wields such a beautiful and natural power. The child is delighted but not surprised to see the mermaid, believing that magic is all around and available to everyone. They watch each other smiling from afar, admiring each other without expectations.

The Page of Cups invites you to connect with your

innate magic and creativity. In order to do this,

you must release the attachment you have to

doing things in your usual way or having specific

expectations.Let go of what human life has

taught you and connect with the purity of your

spirit. Be open-minded and that's when magic will

come through you unexpectedly.

The Page of Cups may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Blossoming creativity, spiritual connection, synchronicities, open-mindedness.

Reversed: Creative block, emotional immaturity.




A young knight sets out to find the legendary mermaid of the Western Seas. He's heard tales of her otherworldly beauty and his heart is set on meeting her. He catches sight of her and hurriedly wades deeper into the waters, eagerly sending out a flare of magic to attract her. His eagerness is genuine but somewhat overwhelming. His magic is so powerful that he hinders his view of her, and she skeptically swims away.

The Knight of Cups is romantic and at times overwhelmingly so. He invites you to be vulnera-ble, heartfelt and loving. He also warns you against being emotionally dramatic or overly moody. Follow your heart and be true to your desires, just do your best not to smother them.

The Knight of Cups may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.


Reversed: Moodiness, drama,jealousy.




A mermaid sits atop her island rock, peacefully connecting to her self and the spirits around her. She is an ageless creature, with the wisdom of many lives lived. Magic is threaded throughout her entire being - it is not just something she does but more who she is. She gently holds a bowl of ocean water, using it to scry and connect with her intuition.

The Queen of Cups invites you to connect deeply

with yourself and your surroundings. This is a

time to be compassionate and understanding with

yourself and others. Call on your inner wisdom to

guide you forward with love and empathy,

trusting in the deepest knowing of your heart. Let

your intuition be your guide and your soul be your


The Queen of Cups may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords:Intuition, compassion,emotional wisdom.

Reversed: Emotional instability, self-doubt.




The King of Cups sits on a cosmic cloud above the

sea, beyond but still a part of the vast ocean

below. The cup before him floats in place,

mirroring the energetic wellbeing of his kingdom.

The King contemplates the state of his people,

considering how to best care for the happiness

and peace of all.

The King of Cups invites you to still your mind and calm your emotions. Act from a place of emotional maturity and rational compassion at this time.

As you move forward, be sure to consider not only how your actions affect the self but also how they impact a greater web of people and events. Be considerate of others at this time and do your best to strive for collective harmony above individual gain.

The King of Cups may embody a part of you or another person in your life. It will depend on your reading and what makes sense for you.

Keywords: Mediation, emotional balance, maturity.

Reversed: Emotional manipulation, selfishness.




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