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object - the card +1) that will help us during difficult moments.

Third Line: this line illustrates the epilogue, the answer to our initial query. Was what we wanted the same as what we needed? The card +1 represents the magic work that opens the door to our wishes: the treasure conquered during our hero’s voyage.



Since their creation, through different reinter­pretations, the Tarot all share the same origins, but the meanings of the Arcana are different ac­cording to the deck or the period. Here below is a brief list of the “traditional” meanings of the Tarot. This is provided to allow a satisfac­tory consultation immediately, even for those who are approaching the fascinating world of the Tarot for the first time.

0 - The Fool: Distance from material strife, ec­centricity, madness, light-heartedness.

I - The Magician. Initiative, dexterity, inven­tiveness, ability, autonomy.



Il - The High Priestess: Severity m judgment, wisdom, enlightenment.

Hl - The Empress: Intelligence, comprehen­sion, charitable influence.

IV   - The Emperor: Strength, stability, power, I authority, legitimacy.

V     - The Hierophant: Modesty, calm, pity, in- I dulgence.

VI    - The Lovers: Trial, examination, attempts.

VII - The Chariot: Triumph, success, spiritual or material evolution.

VIII            - Strength: Courage, energy. Intelligence that triumphs over brute force.

IX        - The Hermit: Wisdom, prudence, spiritual

■ search, material indifference.

X      - The Wheel: Undeserved success, serendip­itous advantages, unexpected events.

XI     - Justice: Law, balance, objectivity, justice, harmony.

XII     - The Hanged Man: Indifference, altruism, penance, atonement.

XIII     - Death: Sudden changes, decisive trans­formation.

XIV     - Temperance: Moderation, harmony, ad­aptation, joyful transformation.



XV   - The Devil: Sexual attraction, enchant­ment, seduction, charm.

XVI   - The Tower: Arrogance, pride, presump­tion, problems preceded by omens.

XVII   - The Stars: Faith, hope, inspired grace, protection, favourable omens.

XVIII   - The Moon: Visions, eccentricity,* illu­sions, errors due to fantasy.

XIX      - The Sun: Harmony, friendship, serenity, sincere sentiments, love, happiness.

XX     - Judgment: Ethical renewal, change in po­sition, reawakening, birth.

XXI   - The World: Fulfilment, reward, a crown­ing achievement.



Although these Arcana are defined as ‘minor’, they encompass precious indications and ad­vice. Generally, the cards from the Ace to the 10 speak of events and situations, while the Court Cards speak of individuals.



I Chalices

| The suit of Chalices has the element of Water as its I focal point. The basic concept is that the soul can- I not be separated from the communion of inferiority, I emotivity, and sentiment

I Ace: Joy, happiness, sustenance, abundance, ■fertility.

I 2: Passion, friendship, affinity, love.

I 3: Unexpected pleasure, spontaneous gratifica-

I tion.

4: Boredom, aversion, oppression, trouble in a I relationship.

5: Loss, justified fears, situations or antagonis- I tic people.

| 6: Happy memories, valid considerations.

1 7: Dreams, desires, and imagination.

8: Concreteness, farsightedness, moderation, shyness.

9: Harmony, physical well-being, success, ad- I vantage.

10: The heart at rest, perfection of the current I situation.

Knave: Learn to control emotions, relation­ships, and art.



Knight: Arrival, approach, advancement, in­tentions.

Queen: Honesty and loyalty, support in emo­tions.

King: Support in decisions, professional, rela­tional, or artistic credibility.


The suit of Pentacles has the element Earth as its focal point. The body, in reference to both the hu­man body and any physical matter, intended in a holistic sense.

Ace: prosperity, ecstasy, favourable moment, great success.

2: Happiness, fim, great news, positive mes­sages.

3: Trade, commerce, excellence.

4: Security of property, but attachment to one’s own assets.

5: Material concerns, obstacles, excess ambi­tion.

6: Rewards, gifts.

7: Business, exchanges, satisfactions.

8: Work, commitment, commission, manual skills.



9. Prudence, salvation, success.

10: Family fortune, earnings, wealth.

Knave: Application, study, reflection, knowl- I edge.

Knight: Attention paid to the physical world I and resources.

Queen: Opulence, generosity, magnificence.

King: Value, common sense, business, and in­tellectual activities.

I Wands

| The suit of Wands has the element of Fire as its I focal point. Its key element is willpower and the I variety of resources belonging to human beings.

Ace: Creation, invention, enterprise: begin­ning, debut, origin,

2: Malevolence, uncertainty amidst abundance.

3: Affirmation of strength, entrepreneurship, | trade, commerce, discovery.

4: A place of refuge, rest, peace, harmony

5: Imitation, simulation, even strenuous com-

| petition.

6: Victory, success; clarity; a dream come true, i public recognition.



7: Discussions, quarrels; the strength of persua­sion.

8: Initiative, activities undertaken, a journey.

9: Strength in dealing with adversity and final success.

10: Oppression, over-exertion, falseness, dual­ity, deception, treachery.

Knave: Loyalty, falling in love, message in ar­rival.

Knight: Travel, departure, absence, flight, movement.

Queen: Chastity, lovability, dignity.

King: Honesty, being conscientious.


The suit of Swords has the element of Air as its focal point. The main key represents the mind and every- thing that has to do with rational thought.

Ace: Triumph, maximum results.

2: Adjustment, balance, courage, friendship.

3: Removal, absence, delay, separation.

4: Vigilance, retreat, solitude, a solitary place.

5: Debasement, destruction, cancellation.

6: A sea voyage, a trip, journey, shipment.



7: Scheme to be implemented, an attempt, de­sire, hope, trust.

8: Bad news, displeasure, crisis, censure, im­pediments.

9: Transition, loss, failure.

10: Pity, tears, desolation, unhappiness.

Knave: Authority, attention, secrecy, vigilance.

Knight: Ability, courage, capacity, defence, dexterity.

Queen: Widowhood, sadness, difficult situa­tion (for a woman).

King: Authority, decision, communication.


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