Angel Dreams Oracle Cards Guidebook


Every night when you're asleep, your angels, your un­conscious mind, and the universe are giving you guidance, answers to your questions, and cautionary signs. You can • take charge of your life and experience deep healing by un­derstanding and processing these dream messages.

This guidebook to accompany the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards gives you step-by-step instructions on how * to conduct accurate and trustworthy dream readings to r resolve your deepest questions and concerns. It explains the meanings of the 55 dream symbols in the deck and provides specific details that can shine light upon your un­conscious mind. In this way, you can harness the power ’ of your dreams to steer yourself in your desired direction!


ORACLE CARDS Guidebook Contents

* •*

How to Work with the

Angel Dreanu Oracle Cardd............ 1

The Meanings of the Cards........... 15

Amethyst........................................... 17

Angels................................................ 19

Astral Travel...................................... 21

Autumn.............................................. 24

Bathroom.......................................... 26

Blue..................................................... 28

Dancing............................................. 31

Dandelion.......................................... 33

Daydream.......................................... 35

Dolphin.............................................. 37

Dragonfly.......................................... 39

Dream Guide.................................... 41

Dress Rehearsal................................ 43

Fairies................................................. 45

Fire...................................................... 47

Fire Opal............................................ 49

Food................................................. 51

Full Moon........................................ 53

Gardening....................................... 55

Green................................................ 57

Hawthorn......................................... 60

High Council................................... 63

Kitchen............................................. 65

Lady’s Mantle.................................. 67

Lucid Dream................................... 69

Mirror............................................... 71

Moonstone...................................... 73

Mugwort.......................................... 76

Nettle............................................... 78

New/Waxing Moon....................... 80

Obsidian.......................................... 83

Orange............................................. 85

Passed-Over Loved Ones............ 87

Past Life........................................... 89

Premonition.................................... 91

Problem Solving............................. 93

Purple............................................... 95

Reaching for Your Dreams............. 97

Red...................................................... 99

School............................................... 102

Selenite............................................. 104

Silver................................................. 106

Snake................................................ 109

Spring............................................... 111

Stairs................................................. 113

Summer............................................ 115

Sun.................................................... 117

Travel................................................ 119

Unicorn............................................. 121

Violet.............................................. 123

Waning Moon............................... 125

Water................................................ 127

White................................................ 129

Winter............................................... 131

Yellow............................................... 133

About the Artist.............................. 135

About the Authors......................... 137

How to Work with the Angel Dreamr Oracle Carde

As a student of spirituality, you already know the impact of your thoughts and feel­ings upon your health and happiness, and the manifestation of abundance. In fact, they af­fect every area of your life. You know that the more you hold positive thoughts, the better your life flows. Yet we all have unconscious beliefs or emotions that affect our daily ac­tions. You may also unconsciously absorb other people's negativity. If you harbor hid­den negativity, you have unknowingly been blocking or sabotaging your own happiness.

* 1 *

Fortunately, our nightly dreams reveal these unconscious patterns so that we can become aware of the underlying mental and emotional causes of situations we want to im­prove, heal, or eliminate. That's why it's es­sential to notice and understand our dreams.

Many people complain that they don't dream or that they can't recall any of the content. In reality, everyone dreams nightly. However, people may not consciously recall their dreams. Dream recollection is a habit requiring patience and persistence to devel­op, and the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards can be an important tool of assistance.

Connecting with these cards on a daily basis will help your dreams become more vivid and easier to decode. Taking time to understand the symbols through study and meditation each day will allow your un­conscious mind to bring forward the ones in your dreams. The more you connect to the symbols in these cards, the more you will begin to remember and understand your dreams.

These cards were created for novice and expert alike. With the help of the an­gels, you can manifest your heart's desire.

* 2 *

Intended to be used as an oracle, this deck will familiarize you with some basic dream symbols. For example, if you see green in your dream, you can learn what this color symbolizes by looking at the "Green" oracle card and then referring to the explanation in this guidebook.

These cards will offer you the opportu­nity to explore the magnitude of the colorful world of dream journeying. You may draw one card daily or use a spread of three or more to determine future events and receive guidance, like a conscious "waking dream" oracle.

When you use this deck, you are receiv­ing messages from Source and your angels through each card you pull. Not only are these oracle cards helpful for prophecy, sup­port, and advice, but they will also attune you to your personal dream time. They'll deepen your understanding of dreams and awaken your subtle dream bodies—vital forc­es facilitated by exposure to cosmic energy at night. The more you expand and open up to your dream time, the more you're able to cre­ate and manifest the life you desire.

* 3 *

There are 55 cards in this dream deck. The number 55 imbues the deck with its vibration as the Way Shower, leader to the light. This number also contains the vibra­tion of change, whole-brain thinking, quan­tum spirituality, telepathy, clairvoyance, and ultimate freedom and oneness. Enjoy your journey!

How to Prepare Your Cardo

Hold the cards in your non-dominant hand (the hand you normally don't write with). Imagine white light pouring down through the top of your head, through your heart, down through your arm, and into your hand. Let your hand hover above the deck while you "see" or imagine all ener­gies washing away into a vessel below it. You can imagine any container you like catching these energies from the deck. This receptacle transmutes all energies into love and light. As you clean, clear, and consecrate your cards, know that you are also empowering them.

Next, say a blessing while holding the deck to your heart. You may say something

* 4 -*

such as: "Divine Love and Light, please help me receive and understand the messages of the cards clearly, for the highest good of all. I give thanks and gratitude for your guidance and protection."

Caring for Your Cardo

Store the cards in a lovely pouch, on your altar, or in a container that feels ap­propriate. You may want to set a clear quartz crystal atop the deck to keep the energy clean. If you feel your readings have become hazy, you can always clear your cards by vi­sualizing them bathed in white light. You should also do white-light visualizations if someone else touches the cards, because that person's energy will alter how they respond to you. These are sensitive instruments, and you want them to be filled with your own high-vibrating, clean energy whenever you do a reading.

* 5 *

How to Do a Reading

Say a prayer or blessing to begin. Ask a question out loud or in your mind as you shuffle the cards. Spread them out or fan them, and choose one card at a time with your dominant hand. Lay it in front of you (see the "How to Lay Out the Cards" section to follow). Turn the card over and feel, hear, see, and intuit its meaning in relation to your question. You may refer to this guidebook for basic interpretations.

If you're reading for someone else, say your prayer or blessing first. You may do so out loud, before the person arrives, or silent­ly. Then you may want to state: "This read­ings is for[name]."

Have the person ask a question out loud. Pull the cards for him or her, or use the spreads listed in the next section. It is always a good idea to keep a journal of your read­ings, as messages for others do usually weave together with those for you.

Sometimes cards "jump" out of the deck while you’re shuffling. These cards are try­ing to get your attention. They're part of your reading, or perhaps the entire reading. In any

* 6 *

case, know that they're important messages to be heeded.

Upon awakening in the morning, you may want to refer to some of the symbols in the deck if you need a reference for the im­ages from your dreams during the night. This deck comprises basic dream symbols that can help you interpret and understand the con­tent of your personal dreams.

The herb and crystal cards can also be a tool to focus your mind before sleep. By meditating on these cards, you can manifest the topic you dream about. For example, if you focus on the hawthorn card before bed­time, you can dream about a future situation, because you are connecting to the qualities and energies of hawthorn. This connection acts as a key that brings forward prophetic dreams. And the selenite card, for instance, can help you recall your dreams. Meditate or focus on it before bedtime. When you tune in to this card, the crystal's qualities and en­ergies will help you remember your dreams upon awakening.

Get to know the cards by pulling a daily, weekly, or monthly card. Sit with its energy or meditate upon the picture on the front.

Place a card on your altar. You might even want to put one under your pillow at night to bring in deeper understanding.

How to Lay Out the Cardd

One Card

A single card can be used for several pur­poses:

  • Draw a card in the morning for guidance about what you need to know that day.
  • Draw a card after you ask a question. The one you pick is your answer.
  • Draw a card to help further explain your dream.

X $ *

Three-Card. Spread

A three-card spread can also be used in a couple of different ways:

  • Draw three cards representing what you need to know in general terms.
  • Ask any question, then draw three cards: card one represents the past, card two represents the present, and card three represents the future—like this:

1               2             3

_______ . > \

Past Present Future

Dream Spiral

This spread involves enlightenment, cos­mic awareness, Divine connection, or “danc­ing" toward the center of an issue. Use it when divining an all-purpose answer; seeking advice in work or personal matters; problem solv­ing; or looking for insight into the next week, month, or year.

1     2          3

8          9 A

7 Jl6 5

* 10 *

  1. 1. Root of the situation.
  2. 2. Your true feelings.
  3. 3. First step to take.
  4. 4. External influences.
  5. 5. Turning point.
  6. 6. Possible obstacle.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Steps to make the situation better.
  9. 9. Outcome/result.

The Moon

This spread represents the inner self, in­tuition, and completion. Use it when asking about a new project.

. ii *


3            1


  1. 1. The substance of the project or subject you're inquiring about.
  2. 2. Hidden help to obtain your goal(s).
  3. 3. Outside influences and obstacles.
  4. 4. Outcome/result.

* 12 *

Seasons of Change

Use this spread when you are experienc­ing a life challenge. Remember to ask a spe­cific question.

  1. 1. This aspect of the situation is complete.
  2. 2. This is complete, but the effects linger.
  3. 3. This is where you are heading.
  4. 4. This is your expectation.
  5. 5. This is your lesson right now.

+ 13 *

The Meanings of the Cards

This guidebook explains the general meanings for every card in the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards deck. The card names are listed alphabetically, according to the first word on each one.

When you're ready to look up a card's meaning, find the corresponding page and read the interpretation and symbolism for the entry. Your intuition will offer you even more personalized guidance from the angels, so as you read, simultaneously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

* 15 *

In addition, possible specific meanings are listed for each card in this guidebook. Your inner wisdom will tell you if any of these apply to you, or the entries may trigger further insights about your situation.

* *

* 16 *



Poychic Abilities Behavior Patierno

Amethyst comes to you today to remind you to practice and hone your psychic abili­ties. Find a space where you feel safe and protected to work on these skills. Amethyst is symbolic of protection, Divine communi­cation, the ethereal, the third eye, the crown chakra, and purification.

This card is also showing up today to help you identify damaging beliefs, behav­iors, and habits that block your development. Identify and release these behaviors so you

can move forward. Check in to feel if your emotions or attitudes are impeding your progress.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raziel, Jeremiel, Uriel, and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • Work with amethyst to balance and align your physical and spiritual selves, your awake time and sleep time, and your energetic bodies.
  • You are safe and protected while you awaken your natural abilities to see Divine energy. Work with amethyst to open and accelerate your psychic development and clairvoyance.
  • There is an animal in need of healing, nurturing, and attention.

* 3K *

* 18 *


Support Guidance

These messengers of the Divine come to you today to let you know that they are sup­porting and guiding you. They are surround­ing you right now, sending you messages from God. These messages can show up in the form of a friendly smile, or as an obvi­ous sign. Allow the angels to help you. They are calling upon you to connect to and work with them.

* 19 *

A dditional meanings:

  • Ask for ideas and inspiration. The angels are waiting to help.
  • The angels want you to teach lessons of love and light.
  • The angels are bringing you messages in dream time. Ask them to help you remember them.

* 20 •

Astral Travel

Vital Force Information

Dream-Time Soul Travel

This card is telling you that it is time to expand your horizons. Perhaps you need to travel to experience a foreign culture or learn a new subject. Possibly you need to widen your circle of friends.

This card also lets you know that you're receiving vital information for your well­being. Astral or soul traveling—an out-of- body experience in which your astral body travels to another place or dimension—occurs

* 21 *

when you are between the "asleep" and "awake" states of being. Your astral body, or dream body, is filled with sparkles, like a thou­sand tiny stars and universes.

Additional meanings:

  • It is time to feel your greater sense of purpose and focus on the bigger picture.
  • Your astral body needs a charge. Go outside to stand beneath the stars and the beautiful moon, allowing yourself to absorb this cosmic energy.
  • You need a break or vacation.

If you cannot travel right now, choose a place you would like to visit and pick up some books to study that location and culture.

  • You've been gaining knowledge through out-of-body experi­ences. Call in protection and
  • 22 *

release your fears about astral traveling.

A positive change is coming.

Use dream time to accomplish a specific goal.

* 23 *


Abundance Preparation Harvest

This card heralds bounty and abun­dance. You will reap the rewards of the projects you've been working on, gather the "goods" from your goals, and harvest the fruits of all your efforts. You will see your abundance flow to you now. Open your arms and heart to receive.

* 24 »

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Ariel, Chamuel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • Tune in to your mother/father aspect, which represents a fulfilled protector who is ripe with wisdom, stable, powerful, and giving. Foster the mother/ father within yourself or someone else.
  • It is time to engage in the study of ancient wisdom, sacred knowledge, and mysteries.
  • Gather your resources in preparation for a transition.

+- *

* 25 *




This card calls for you to release burdens and cleanse yourself of toxins. The bathroom is a private place that allows you to wash up and get prepped. It could be time to cleanse your habits. Perhaps you're transferring all of your junk onto others, or they are unburden­ing theirs on you. Pay attention to feelings you might be harboring inside. It is time to release them. But take care not to unload them onto someone else.

* 26 »

This card also represents clarification. When you rid yourself of unwanted attitudes and feelings, you become more grounded. Your focus becomes sharper, and your mind clears out clutter. You need to spend time tending to your mental, emotional, and physical cleansing process. You are in need of self-care.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raphael, Haniel, and Uriel are associated with this symbol.
  • You need to soothe and calm your spirit.
  • It is time to care for your body on a physical level.
  • You need time alone.
  • Allow yourself to release toxic energy, relationships, or situations.

* 27 *



Inner Truth

This card asks you to empower your­self by seeking your inner truth, emotional calmness, or creative expression. You need to communicate who you are. It's time to accept your (and others') originality and unique­ness. Don't worry how people might view you. Jump into your creative expression. You don't need anyone's approval. If you seek it, your inner truth is being stifled. A clue that this imbalance exists is feeling compelled to prove your views are right. Another clue

* 28*

is the inability to share your thoughts and opinions, and harboring feelings of inad­equacy. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, representing communication.

Blue merges your individual conscious­ness with the universal consciousness. It ups the ante on creativity. Discover your authen­tic voice and speak your truth. Challenge your views. Look at the beauty in the world's religions and philosophies. Go beyond your cultural allegiances. This exposure will pro­vide you with keen insights and help you stay open to the many pathways of life. Your creativity will expand a hundredfold.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raguel, Sandalphon, and Gabriel are associated with this symbol.
  • It's time to vocalize your thoughts, concerns, or intentions.

- 29 *

Release stress and strengthen your voice by surrounding yourself with the color blue.

Recall which images were blue in your dream, as this will be a clue to areas of your life that need emotional expression or calming influences.

Blue represents a connection with other planets or star systems.

# 30 *


Self-expreMum Movement

The time to dance is now. You need to move your body, expressing your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self. Move vigorously, sway gracefully, or jump around. Dancing is a universal language of body, mind, and soul that allows you to balance your chakras, release pent-up emotions, and give yourself an outlet for joy. Let your in­tuition guide your movements. Dance to ex­ercise and ground yourself; to give thanks, gratitude, and blessings; and to express Spirit.

* 31 »

Discover the messages your body is relaying to you through movement.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Gabriel and Raphael are associated with this symbol.
  • Take time to express yourself artistically.
  • Pay attention to the messages you are giving others with your body language.
  • Care for yourself physically through movement. This will cleanse the body of toxins, bring vitality, and broaden your perspective on life.

* -sfc *

* 32 *



Empowerment Perseverance

Dandelion is here to empower you with vitality. Your wishes and prayers have been heard. You will persevere. This powerful herb is helping you work through the layers of this situation by bestowing on you the qualities of strength, determination, and adaptability.

This card is encouraging you to be strong and flexible. The dandelion grows with fierce determination. Although people mow it down, it finds a new way to survive,

« 33 *

sometimes by growing through a crack in the sidewalk! Adjust what you can so you may continue to grow and reach for the light.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Sandalphon and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • The goddess Brighid is also associated with this symbol.
  • Keep a balance of humility and confidence.
  • It is time to acknowledge and release your deep-seated negative emotions.
  • Get some bodywork, such as a massage, to loosen the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Your project or goal requires patience. Keep going.

* 34 ♦

r •' 'DAYOKtAAi' -Tl



Allow Your Mind to Wander

Quiet Time

This card comes to you now asking you to shape, sculpt, and redefine your life. You can do this through wakeful dreaming, also known as daydreaming. Take a moment to sit quietly and allow your focus to soften. Let the images, sounds, feelings, and smells flow to you. Write these down in your journal, as they are messages from your angels.

This card is also letting you know that it's time to take a day off or just a few moments

of respite. Allow your mind to wander and your imagination to flow so the angels can easily bring in images and thoughts related to your growth and life purpose.

Additional meanings:

  • Divulge your deepest dreams, hopes, and wishes to a trusted friend.
  • The messages you are receiving are to be shared for the benefit of the greater good.
  • Collectively dream with others for support, healing, and inspiration.


Cosmic ConacioiameM


Sacred Geometry

The dolphin card is reminding you to breathe. Connect with your breath regu­larly throughout the day. Breath work will help you align, center, and expand your awareness. It will relieve stress and keep you focused.

This card also represents your connec­tion with cosmic patterns called sacred geom­etry. Perhaps you need to work with crystal grids, ley lines, or platonic solids to connect

* 57 *

with cosmic consciousness. The universe is calling for you to attune to its sacred shapes.

Additional meanings:

  • Use breath work to connect with cosmic consciousness, your primordial origins, and the universe.
  • Spend time near the ocean or listening to oceanic music.
  • Do manifestation exercises using your breath and sacred sound.
  • Incorporate sacred geometric shapes into your daily life or ritual work. You can paint, draw, or meditate upon them to enhance your creative powers and open doorways into new dimensions.

♦ 38 •


Transformation Alagir Illusion

This card is reminding you to use cre­ative imagination as a force within your life. It can transform your world! When you uti­lize your mind in this manner, you're actively expanding yourself psychically. Do not allow illusion to hold you back. Know that nothing is permanent or set in stone. You can change your life. Dragonfly, weaver of dreams, is the symbol of transformation and new visions.

♦ 39 »

This bringer of light also reminds you to keep yourself light (carefree), harness your light (magic), and allow light (Divine inspira­tion) to illuminate your path. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it. Peek behind the veil and discover the magic awaiting you.

Additional meanings:

  • Work with this card to see through the veil of illusions so that you may be clear on those things that matter most to you.
  • There is an underlying purpose for the situation about which you're inquiring. Trust that

all will be revealed in Divine timing for the greater good.

* *

* 40 *

Dream Guide

Teacher Guardian

This card has shown up to remind you that your dream guide is always with you, supporting and protecting you on your nightly journeys. Ask for guidance. Journal what your guide shows and teaches you, and where you are taken during your dream time. Pay attention to all details, as they are a part of a larger message.

Your dream guide also reminds you that there are many lessons to learn and offer

♦ 41 *

others. You are a teacher. Employ your teach­ing abilities now.

Additional meanings:

  • It would be beneficial for you to journal every day.
  • It is time for you to connect with your guides, or for you to be a guide to someone else.
  • Walk through the door of opportunity that is presented to you now.
  • You are being called to teach.


* 4'2 *

Dress Rehearsal

Alternative Course Choices

Do not delay in making the choice fac­ing you. This is an auspicious moment to feel out an alternative course of action. Take time to sense your body's reaction to your current circumstances. "Rehearse” an option you would like, and gauge your physical reaction. Note the differences between your current life and the imagined scenario. Go with the choice that makes you feel happier, even if it's a seemingly difficult change.

x 43 *

If you would like to try out an alternative in a dress-rehearsal dream, focus upon the relevant situation before falling asleep. Upon awakening, notice how you feel and any messages you received during dream time.

Additional meanings:

  • You are being guided to change your course of direction, as your current situation no longer serves you.
  • Call upon your support system for help in this life change.

» -* X

* 44 X


Environment Playtime Enchantment

These ancient, magical beings of the elemental realm are sending you messages of Earth awareness. Remember your sacred relationship with Mother Nature. Support her and her creatures by taking care of her inhabitants and the environment. Be joyful and "play nice" upon the earth. That joy will teach others how to treat our planet.

The fairies are teaching you how to use enchantment to change hearts and minds

* 45 *

while maintaining the utmost integrity. Pay attention to your intentions when helping others. Be careful to stay true to using your gifts for the highest good of all.

Additional meanings:

  • Someone is trying to trick you or manipulate a situation in which you're involved.
  • You need to get outside and connect with nature.
  • Learn and employ the magical arts. They are tools for growth and connecting to the wondrous beings and workings of the universe.
  • The fairies are encouraging you to become more playful by releasing the seriousness bogging you down.

* *

* 46 *


Tra/uniuta tion Purification

Fire is the bringer of transmutation. It’s time to come out of your cocoon, and allow yourself to become that beautiful butterfly. Have courage. Burn off the old, allowing the new to enter. You know what needs to be done. It is time to light that inner fire (or the one under your seat!). Get busy and take steps to allow this wonderful change to occur. Have courage during this time of tran­sition. Know that all is well.

* 47 *

Fire also represents purification. In every transformation, a cleansing process takes place. Perhaps it is time to purify your thoughts, actions, relationships, or some­thing else that has become unhealthy. Trans­mute your old habits.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Michael and Jophiel are associated with this symbol.
  • Performing a ceremony or rite would be perfect right now.
  • Stand in protection of something or someone.
  • Take care of your home and hearth.
  • Take a break from routine.
  • You need some independence right now.

* * X

♦ 48 X

Fire Opal



Fire opal's energy opens the channels to creativity, passion, confidence, and sensual­ity. This is the time to connect with pleasure by blending more love into your experience. Let go of the shyness, fear, or shame holding you back. Allow yourself greater enjoyment by releasing self-conscious feelings. This gem resonates with your sacral chakra, which re­lates to physical desires.

This card encourages you to do things that help you feel sensual. Listen to music,

* 49 *

light candles, burn incense, wear red, or dec­orate your bedroom—anything that sets the mood. Your self-confidence will grow when you allow your sensuality to be unleashed.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • Stimulate your creative self­expression through the balancing of your yin and yang (or male and female) energies.
  • Feel confident in your abilities.

They will help many people.

  • Meditate on fire opal, giving free rein to your curiosity, sense of discovery, artistic creativity, and physical energy.
  • It is time to check the health of your circulatory and nervous systems.

* 50*

r . • foo& * ■. i


Nourishment Relationships Health

Fuel your body, mind, and emotions with healthy sustenance and situations. This card invites you to take a look at the state of your surroundings and relationships. Who is feeding you? Are you being fed honesty? Per­haps you are not able to "digest" the habits you feed yourself. Take time to look at your career to see if it is fulfilling you. Evaluate your workplace and home. Unhealthy peo­ple and environments can cause your body

* si *

to respond physically. It is time to nourish yourself with beneficial choices. Food also indicates a need to reevaluate your over­all health. Think about how you can better nourish yourself through your eating habits and lifestyle.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raphael and Raguel are associated with this symbol.
  • Evaluate your diet. Choose foods that are purple, orange, red, and green—all colors

of the spectrum—and that contain omega-3 nutrients.

  • Your relationships are in need of nurturing.
  • Check in on your physical, mental, or emotional health.



■' full MoO1v ■

Full Moon



A stage in your life, or a particular cir­cumstance you have been dealing with, is now coming to fruition. Completion ushers in another beginning. Therefore, a new day is about to dawn.

This card is also letting you know you are at your peak of power and clarity, rep­resented by one of the moon's aspects—the wise woman. That wise part of yourself is inviting you to understand life on a grander scale. You can see the bigger picture if you

* 53 *

step back. You are on the cusp of a great shift. Stay open and receptive as your desires begin to manifest. Call upon the angels for any help you might need during this time.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel, Jeremiel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol, as are Mother Mary and the goddess Kuan Yin.
  • Banish unwanted influences.
  • You are pregnant with ideas and creativity (or with an actual child).
  • This is a perfect time for divination.

* 54 *

* . Garden-//^ ' • J


Manifesting Planting Reaping

Plant a physical garden or the seeds of your desires. This card symbolizes the sow­ing and reaping of manifestation. It is time to start gardening—physically, mentally, emo­tionally, and spiritually. Share your desires with God and the angels. Let them know what your heart yearns for. But do not be idle. Take action by using visualization and manifestation techniques. Do affirmation work.

* 55 *

This card is also calling for you to gather the gifts of the harvest without guilt. Do not block that which you have asked for. There's no need to be afraid to accept the wonderful bounty of your desires and hard work. You deserve to receive.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Jophiel and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • Take some classes that expand your horizons and inspire you.
  • Reap what you've been sowing by allowing yourself to take a rest and enjoy your abundance.
  • Spend time in nature and care for the earth by planting a garden according to the moon phases. *

* **

* 56 *


Companion Love


When this card appears to you, it's time to ask yourself what needs healing in your life. Keep your heart open, and be compas­sionate toward yourself and others. Allow love to weave a beautiful tapestry within your heart, expanding your senses. Then you will start to see it all around you, in every person and life-form. You'll begin to re­spond and communicate lovingly. You'll feel lighter, happier, and free of burdens. Green

* 57 *

asks you to open to self-love now and culti­vate a relationship with yourself. This color is associated with the heart chakra, which in turn represents healing, growth, love, and nurturing.

Green also represents communicat­ing from the heart. Trust yourself and oth­ers. Keep faith that your heart will not lead you astray. Love is a compass. If you're un­balanced in your heart chakra, compassion is what you need to be employing, not em­pathy or sympathy, as these drain energy. If you offer others help out of obligation, shame, guilt, or fear, you'll burn out. You need to allow yourself to receive. Foster a safe and supportive environment by releas­ing judgment. See the world with the eyes of your heart. When you do, you'll feel vitality returning to you.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raphael, Chamuel, Metatron, Zadkiel, and Jophiel are associated with this symbol.

* 58 *

You need to nurture and cultivate a relationship or spiritual practice.

A condition or situation is being healed.

Open your heart as much as you can.

Make love with life. Abandon personal control and defensiveness by assuming the role of a beloved partner who takes action and responds to life with compassion.


* 59 *



Elemental Kingdom

This card is asking you to open to the magic surrounding you by taking time to feel gratitude. Hawthorn is an ancient tree, sa­cred to the elemental kingdom. Also known as a fairy tree or tree of protection, it is an ally for healing. Acknowledge the blessings in your life. Begin to cultivate a relation­ship with the fairies (sometimes called the good folk, fae, or sidhe). Invoke their blessings in ritual and energy work. Open up to your

* 60 *

healing abilities. Respect these abilities and use them to help others.

Hawthorn calls for the balancing of your male and female energies. You need to in­tegrate and harmonize these two qualities within yourself. Seek out the side that has been non-dominant, and express it.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Ariel, Jophiel, Metatron, Raguel, Michael, Raziel, and Raphael are associated with this symbol.
  • Ona physical level, hawthorn berries strengthen the heart and blood. Keep your heart healthy through good nutrition and by listening to its needs and desires.
  • Open the pathways of the metaphysical heart so you may be more receptive to love and your highest good.

♦ 61 »

Hawthorn comes to you now to give you the courage to take a risk.

You are very fertile at this moment.

* *

* 62 *

High Council

Evolution Information Potential

If you have nightly dreams about going to a mountaintop, city hall, or a library, you're connecting with the High Council. This card shows up to help you become the best pos­sible you. The High Council is an alliance of beings from across universes who have come here to help you on your evolutionary journey on this planet. These beings of love and light are trying to get your attention. There is an important project or task you are being asked

* 63 *

to take on. The size of the assignment doesn't matter—large or small, it will create a shift for the highest good of all.

The High Council is coming to you in dream time to "download" messages into your energy field for retrieval at a later date. This information is to be used when it is needed for the evolution of you as a human, and for the earth as a whole.

Additional meanings:

  • You have much potential. You are being encouraged to move forward with your development in all areas of your life.
  • Think about your spiritual perception. Does it need to shift?
  • You are being reminded that the Divine mantle is always about your shoulders, lending you strength and help in your daily life. All you need to do is ask.

* 64 *



It's time for you to start creating new "dishes," such as relationships or opportu­nities to feed yourself. Start assembling the ingredients for your goals ... or spicing things up! The kitchen card symbolizes the place where you cook, create, socialize, and nourish yourself.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Jophiel and Hanicl are associated with this symbol.

* 65 •

Close friends and family members are there to comfort or support you; ask them for assistance.

Clean up your environment by removing clutter, employing feng shui, and donating items you no longer need. External disorder is reflected in your internal life.

Add variety to your daily social routines.

* *

* 66 *

Lady's Mantle

Mother Healing Alchemy

This card is calling you to take time to heal your wounds—whether physical, mental, or emotional—from the inside out. When your wounds aren't healed, you lose life-force energy. This means you might feel drained or tired all of the time.

Lady's Mantle, a sacred herb, symbolizes the mother in all aspects, as well as healing. You're being invited to connect to your own mother, yourself as a mother, or Mother Earth.

* 67 *

Lady's Mantle is also associated with alchemy, as it was once believed that the leaves impart­ed wisdom to whoever came in contact with them. This card is urging you to spread your knowledge to others as well. Share your stories of inspiration.

Additional meanings:

  • You are being offered a sacred space and protection from nightmares.
  • Connect with the goddess Brighid for healing and feminine wisdom.
  • You are receiving support with childbearing, fertility, or pregnancy.
  • Call upon this sacred herb to aid you in developing a deep inner peace and whole-body healing.
  • There is a need for you to work on forgiveness as it relates to your mother.
  • Studying alchemy would be beneficial to you.

* 68 •

Lucid Dream



The lucid-dream card has come to you to bring awareness of new opportunities. Wake up to any that are around you. You have the ability to change your personal reality. In every situation there are at least two choices. Stay present so you may be aware of them. Trust yourself, your intuition, and your abili­ties. Remember: at any moment, you can make a choice to change your situation. You are a co-creator.

* 69 *

During a lucid dream, you are aware of the fact that you are asleep. This recognition allows you to change situations and your sur­roundings in your dream state. Basically, you can create anything that you choose! Lucid dreaming helps you actualize your dreams in waking reality.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Zadkiel, Raziel, Raguel, and Uriel are associated with this symbol.
  • Many opportunities are headed your way.
  • Tune in to your senses—both physical (such as taste, touch, hearing, and so on) and metaphysical (clairaudience, clairvoyance, ciairsentience, and ciaircognizance).
  • Take action to make your dreams reality.

x *

* 70 »


Truth Revealed

This card asks you to take a moment to see the truth about a person or situation that you've been hiding from yourself. Tune in to your honest feelings.

Mirror dreams reveal what's real in your relationships and circumstances. They usually occur when you're in denial about something.

* 71 ♦

Additional meanings:

  • Archangel Jophiel is associated with this symbol.
  • Take time to view this situation from a different angle or perspective.
  • The beauty you see around you is a reflection of you.
  • See the innocence within yourself.

x 72 »


Afyitery Intuition

This card is asking you to take time to observe the mysteries around and within you, such as your dreams, intentions, and relationship to the world. Work on hon­ing your psychic skills. Deepen your intui­tive understanding of the sacred through travel, study, connecting with mystical sites, spiritual workshops, observing nature, and discovering the god/goddess within. Moon­stone is an enhancer of clairvoyance. This

* 73 +

gem represents the high priestess, keeper of feminine mysteries and intuition.

As you might expect, moonstone reso­nates with the moon. It is asking you to con­nect with your emotions. Open up to the deeper meanings and inner workings of life. Take time to delve into your intuitive state. This card also asks you to become attuned to the cycles of the moon. Notice its phases. Chart how they affect your body. Moonstone stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland, balancing the hormonal cycles with nature's rhythms.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel, Jcremiel, Raguel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • Work with moonstone for revelation of your past lives during dream time.
  • Remember to extend compassion to yourself and others, especially at this time.
  • 74 *

Unblock and enhance communication with your beloved.

You are receiving help with the changes in your life on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Connect with your clairvoyant ("clear seeing") and clairsentient ("clear feeling") abilities.

* *

* 75 *


Riled of Paddage

This card has come to you because you (or someone you know) are crossing a thresh­old, and a prominent episode in your life is coming to a close. You need to acknowledge your accomplishments. It's time to recognize this milestone. Celebrate it with a rite of pas­sage, or perhaps you need to acknowledge a transition or lead a ritual for someone else to mark a major turning point in life.

Mugwort (an aromatic herb once thought to bestow magical protection) is calling you to perform a personal vision quest, which can

» 76 +

mean connecting to your dreams or waking visions. There are images and messages you need to receive through the quest.

Additional meanings:

  • Stimulate your creative brain.
  • Recharge your life-force energy.
  • Your home or aura needs a "detox” from negative energies.

* * *

* 77 *


Boundaries Caution

This card is warning you to maintain your boundaries. There is a situation that needs to be approached with caution and respect. Heed the red flags. Be gentle with yourself, and take care to protect yourself.

Nettle is a plant of maternal and meta­physical protection that encourages adapt­ability and flexibility. This herb helps shield you from harmful energies. It provides deep nourishment, teaches healthy boundaries, and keeps away negativity and danger.

  • 78 ♦

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Haniel are associated with this symbol.
  • Consider drinking nettle tea for blood health and stimulating nourishment.
  • You need to be more adaptable and flexible in this current environment.

* *

♦ 79 *

New/Waxing Moon

Conception Inner Self Expansion

This card asks you to expand and stim­ulate your nightly visions through active dream work, which might consist of affirma­tions, setting dream intentions, journaling, dream meditations, and learning dream-re- call techniques. The new moon symbolizes the deepest movements of your inner self. Intentions planted during this phase have much power behind them.

» 80 *

You may or may not be aware of the in­tentions you set forth, so pay close attention to the messages your dreams are sharing with you during this lunar cycle. Goals will begin to manifest with the waxing moon, and your drcams will reveal what stage they in. As the moon grows, so do your goals come closer to being realized. Be sure to put action behind them.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangel Haniel is associated with this symbol, as is the Egyptian deity Thoth.
  • A deep meditation or rest is called for.
  • Allow your thoughts and ideas to germinate.
  • The timing is right for attracting and manifesting that which you desire.

* 81 >

Expand your comfort zone by trying a new look, redecorating a room in your home, discovering a new facet of your spiritual beliefs, or experimenting with a different exercise routine.

* ♦

* 82 *


Grounding Shielding Void

This card is calling you to shield your­self from disharmonious patterns of anger, guilt, fear, or resentment. These lower ener­gies do not serve you. Obsidian can be placed in your home for grounding and protection.

Obsidian is a uniquely powerful stone. It is created by the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and ether; resonates with the platonic solids; and connects you to each element and the patterns of life. Obsidian helps you

* 8.3 *

access that magical place of manifestation called the Void. In other words, if you feel there is no hope in your current situation, look again, as this card is telling you not to despair. There is always a way in which you can create "something" out of the seeming nothingness around you.

Additional meanings:

  • It is time to take responsibility for your own healing.
  • Placing this stone in your room will help you fully return to your physical body after dream time.
  • Be gentle with yourself, and think only loving thoughts about your body.

4 **

* 84 #


Creativity Change

This card is encouraging you to express your creativity. Discover hidden talents. Make some positive changes in your life. Orange resonates with the sacral chakra, which is related to the energy of optimism and con­fidence; change; the social sphere, including family and society; and creative expression such as singing and dancing.

This card asks you to explore pleasurable activities. What attracts or repels you? Orange is calling for you to free your sensuality. Allow

» 85 *

yourself to feel desirable. Fully awaken to this moment of sensations and emotions. Enjoy your journey. Transform the mundane into something special. By doing so, you open up a whole new perspective on your daily life. Let go of your judgments.

Perhaps your experience of pleasure is im­balanced. This is usually manifested through jealousy or losing yourself in drugs, alcohol, food, or sex. Balance yourself with creative outlets. Allow yourself to appreciate beauty. Delight in it. Know that you will attract that which you need for your highest good.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Metatron, Uriel, Gabriel, Raguel, Jophiel, and Sandalphon are associated with this symbol.
  • Do affirmation work.
  • It is time to make social changes.
  • Boost your confidence by wearing orange.

* 86 *

Passed'Over Loved Ones

Comfort Forqive/uw


Loved ones in heaven are offering you comfort, guidance, and support. They are sending you messages of love and light.

Perhaps you need to forgive a passed- over friend or family member. He or she is coming to you to bring healing and closure to your relationship.

*87 *

Additional meanings:

  • Archangel Azrael is associated with this symbol.
  • If you were estranged from friends or relatives at the time of their passing, they are seeking your forgiveness now.
  • You need to heal a situation that involves loved ones.
  • All is well.
  • Call upon and connect with your ancestors. They are your spiritual allies and wisdom­bearers. They will help you with matters such as family and cultivating respect for the core of all living creatures. *

* **

* 88 *

Past Life

Giftj Review

This card is asking you to recognize the gifts you have acquired throughout this life­time and others. It is time to remember those lessons you've learned on your soul path in order to bring them into the present for the highest good of all concerned.

This card also asks you not to dwell on past-life experiences. Don't discount the les­sons you are learning in this lifetime. Exer­cise free will, take responsibility, and live in the now.

* 89 *

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raziel, Jeremiel, Raphael, and Raguel are associated with this symbol.
  • Heal any unresolved relationship issues from past lives or from this one.
  • Look to your recent or ancestral past for wisdom by studying indigenous spiritual traditions or your cultural heritage.
  • Review patterns of disharmony in your current life so you may perceive their cause.




Trust your instincts and your ability to know, see, feel, and hear the prophetic mes­sages that are coming to you now from the Divine. The dream appearance of circles, the number three, and awakening with a sense of knowingness all denote prophecy.

This card also reminds you that premo­nitions are to be respected. They might come to you through symbolic images or intuitive feelings. You are being prepared for an event that is about to occur unless you change your

* 91 *

course of action—there is no "destined" outcome.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Chamuel and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • Stay present. Be in the here and now. Live in the moment.
  • Use your imagination to actively create and shape your future.


* 92 *

Problem Solving


This card shows up today to announce the need to resolve a situation in your life. It also heralds that a resolution is coming. You know what needs to be done.

A problem-solving dream allows you to probe a lingering question or issue. Focus upon these circumstances before you fall asleep. During dream time, you will receive the answer you seek.

* 93 *

Additional meanings:

  • Stand firm in the face of this challenge. Persistence will benefit you.
  • Call upon your angels and dream guide to help you heal this situation.


* 94 *


Third Eye Clairvoyance

You are being sent loving messages via clear visions in your mind's eye, your dreams, or recurring patterns you see with your phys­ical eyes. Notice the images in your dreams. Do not be afraid to see them. They are from God, the angels, and your dream guide. Pur­ple symbolizes the third eye, or sixth chakra. Your clairvoyance (clear seeing) is open.

Purple can also indicate that your sixth chakra is unbalanced, which manifests in the form of a need to escape from reality.

♦ 95

Another symptom of imbalance is a feeling of superiority. In this case, this card is asking you to acknowledge that all people have in­nate powers of clairvoyance.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Michael, Haniel, Metatron, Jeremiel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • Give yourself or someone else the "royal treatment." Allow yourself to enjoy activities that bring about feelings of luxury.
  • It is time to clear your third eye with energy work, crystals, or affirmations.


  • * 96 *

Reaching for Your Dreams

Go for It

The answer is yes! Go for it. Dreams come in many forms, such as daydreams, hopes, and wishes. When you hold your goals and desires within your heart, they have time to incubate in this sacred space.

You may feel doubts from time to time about whether or not your dreams will come to fruition. Trust that you were given the seeds of your desires from the Great Universe for a purpose. Your dreams would not have

X 97 *

been placed in your mind and heart if you weren't supposed to accomplish and live them. The universe is supporting you. All is in perfect alignment, as your dreams are ready to be made manifest.

Additional meanings:

  • All the archangels are associated with this symbol.
  • Give thanks for the blessings in your life. You may want to keep a gratitude journal, perform small ceremonies, or just smile.
  • Remember your connection to All-That-Is.

* 98 *




Red asks you to check in to see if you are balanced or unbalanced. This color pertains to your physical body at its deepest levels. It also asks if you're grounded or scattered. It is time to tune in to your animal impulses. If you're unbalanced, your fears begin to expand. Release them. Trust that your in­stincts will sound off and remove you from harm's way if necessary. In doing so, you will feel liberated to enjoy life more. If you are balanced and grounded, that would mean

* 99 +

you've chosen the environment that your physical body thrives in.

Red resonates with the root chakra, pas­sion, the drive for survival, and sexual en­ergy. It also represents the circulatory system and the strengthening of life force. Perhaps you need to check your blood pressure or your metabolism levels.

This card may also be letting you know that it's time to discover or acknowledge your passions. Taking bold action toward what stirs your excitement, especially if you're worried about money, will guide you to your bliss. The universe is supporting you with the flow of abundance.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Metatron, Jophiel, Michael, and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • You need to ground and balance yourself, your home, or your career.
  • Affirm your abundance in the face of any money issues.

100 «

You might be angry or upset about something. It's time to discover the root of the issue and release those feelings and situations that no longer serve you.

Your vital force is a bit low; look around to find what might be draining you. Wear red to give yourself a boost.

* * *

* 101 *



School represents the lessons you're learn­ing at this moment in your life. This dream card asks you to notice if you are learning on an "elementary" or "university" level. Who is helping you with your lessons? Acknowl­edge those teachers and mentors. Take time to find the answers or solutions so you can "graduate."

For example, perhaps you dream of being in first grade, trying to solve a math equation. The teacher is guiding you through the prob­lem. You could interpret this to mean that

* 102 *

you are at a beginning level of this lesson in your life. You're trying to solve an issue that has you stumped. Your dream might be tell­ing you that you need to ask for help. Or one in which you forget your homework might be a sign that you're panicking over some­thing that could easily be resolved.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangel Zadkiel is associated with this symbol.
  • Before bedtime, focus on a situation with the intention to have your lessons revealed in your dreams.
  • If you've dreamed of school, notice what you were learning, as it represents (symbolically or literally) the lesson of

this moment or a particular situation.

* -5k *

* 103 *


Spiritual Activation Stimulation

This card is coming to you today to in­spire you to become more spiritually active. You can use a selenite crystal to stimulate and balance your chakras. Use it to clear any congested energies and negativity from your physical and etheric body. This will lift your awareness to higher planes of inner experi­ence, where you can commune with the an­gels and your spirit guides.

Selenite also acts as a magic wand, and its energy expands all it comes into contact

* 104 *

with. This card asks you to be clear with your intentions, as they, too, are similar to a magic wand: they will carry your thoughts out to the universe to manifest.

Additional meanings:

  • Attend to what you've started.
  • It's time for you to move forward with your life.
  • If you haven't been feeling well, your physical healing is imminent.

* * *

* 105*




When this card shows up, it's time to tap into your most mysterious, magical self. This part of you is powerful. It holds great wisdom. Seek answers within.

Silver is symbolic of the goddess. It repre­sents the Divine feminine, the moon, speech and public speaking, insight, reflection, per­severance, and patience. The goddess is a part of Divine Source. She represents the trinity of maiden, mother, and crone. When this card shows up, it is asking you to recognize

+ 106 *

which stage of life you are in. Acknowledge and celebrate the aspects of the goddess you're revealing in various areas. Commune with goddess energy, which is connected to the phases of the moon.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel, Gabriel, and Jophiel are associated with this symbol.
  • It is time to go public with your work.
  • Become aware of the cycles of the moon to synchronize your own rhythm.
  • Acknowledging the ebb and flow of life will help you have patience in this situation.
  • This project might take a "gestation" period of nine months to arrive at completion.
  • Prosperity is flowing to you now.

» 107 *

Take responsibility for your actions.

A balance of logic and emotion is needed at this time.

* **

* 108 *


Rebirth Release


The snake heralds a time of transition, during which you will go through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Enjoy the shed­ding of the old while stepping into your power. The snake's wisdom may lead you to ask yourself many questions: What project or relationship do you need to begin? What do you need to shed, release, or uncover in order to bring about new opportunities? What do you need to bring back into your life? The

* 109 *

snake represents rebirth in all forms. It sym­bolizes hidden teachings or information, as well as the integration of physical and spiritual form.

The double snake, or caduceus, is the em­issary of transcendence—a balance between your physical and spiritual energies. Open your awareness to the spiraling dance of cos­mic forces. Study the hidden knowledge that has been beckoning you.

Additional meanings:

  • Study and work with Divine magic.
  • Don't be afraid of your personal power; it is a gift of healing and rebirth.

* 110 *





Spring heralds new projects and renewal. Your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies are awakening, quickening, and opening to a new vitality. Implement an exercise regimen, and take simple steps to stretch and move every day.

The spring card also indicates that all the goals and new projects that you "planted" are taking root. Continue to tend to these seed­ling ideas so they may fully blossom.

* 111 *

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, and Metatron are associated with this symbol.
  • You will be heading in a new direction, which ushers in a rebirth or fresh start.
  • Rekindle a relationship.
  • Awaken your maiden/warrior aspect. Try responding to situations with delight and grace. Cultivate these qualities within yourself so they may become fully realized.

* 112 *




This card is here to remind you of Divine timing. Although you might feel ready to move forward, the universe has a better plan for you. Maintain a steady and confident at­titude. Continue climbing toward your goal.

Stairs symbolize the direction in which you're heading on your life path. In dreams, going up the stairs means moving in harmo­ny with your goals, as well as spiritual expan­sion. Going down symbolizes the descent away from your goals. Perhaps you need to

♦ 113 *

begin at the base level of learning in a situa­tion. Descending stairs can also reflect going deep within to clear away old beliefs.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel, Jophiel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • You might need to plumb deep inside yourself to access hidden emotions. Check in with yourself to discover any blocks you may be experiencing.
  • Taking one step at a time is key.
  • You are reaching new heights of spiritual understanding.

* 114 *


Taking Action Fruition Intellect

This card is calling you to take action. Use your intellect to determine the actions that need to be applied. You will encounter the variations of light and darkness, the fa­miliar and unexpected. Don't be afraid. This experience will open you to new personal growth.

Summer is also symbolic of the stage at which your goals or desires bear fruit. Expect

* 115 *

that your projects, relationships, and aspira­tions are coming to fruition now.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Uriel and Ariel are associated with this symbol.
  • This is a high-energetic time for you, therefore you need to stay grounded. Spending time outdoors will help you do so.
  • Your mind is quite active. Your ciaircognizance is powerful; hone this ability.
  • Focus on your maiden/warrior aspect by wielding power and channeling self-confidence into a positive force.
  • Socializing opens you up to growth. Get out there and meet new people.


* 116 *


Illumination Growth

Got) Energy

The sun is the masculine energy of Source, the counterpoint of the feminine goddess energy. This card is calling you to discern the masculine aspects within you: the young warrior, the mature king, and the wise sage. Express these sides of yourself in the various areas of your life.

* 117*

You are being called to connect with the heavens and bring your mind, body, and spir­it into balance and alignment. The sun sym­bolizes God energy, renewal, illumination, knowledge, understanding, and growth.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Sandalphon, Uriel, and Michael are associated with this symbol.
  • An infusion of masculine energy is needed now.
  • Allow understanding to illuminate this situation.
  • Spend time in the sun (but don't forget your sunscreen!). This will raise your energy levels and give you a welcome dose of vitamin D.

* * *



Journey Path


This card signals a journey, a new path, or a change in location. Do you know where you're going or where you want to go? It is time to make that decision. A shift in geog­raphy is coming. Perhaps it's a job relocation or new home.

This card also indicates the time to evaluate "modes of transportation." Pay at­tention to how you're piloting your life right now. This card is asking you to reassess the

manner in which you're getting yourself from point A to point B. Your vehicle can rep­resent your physical body, manners, habits, and actions. Take note of who is with you on this journey. Are you in charge of the direc­tion in which you're traveling, or is someone else driving? This dream card is asking you to reevaluate your choices on your journey at this moment.

Additional meanings:

  • Perhaps you need to "park" yourself for some resting and assessing.
  • Be patient with the pace at which your life is flowing.
  • There is an upcoming opportunity for you to move or travel.

* 120 r





This card is reminding you to be honest with yourself and others. Check in to see if your intentions are pure and your decisions are for the highest good of all concerned. The unicorn is a magical creature who ema­nates innocence, trust, and integrity—the combined energy of both the elemental and the spiritual worlds. The unicorn's horn is known to be a pure essence, with the ability to help you heal.

This card reminds you to trust the flow of your journey right now. Keep a balance between bucking convention and yielding to it freely.

Additional meanings:

  • Honor and respect others, yourself, and the earth.
  • You can neutralize the poison of gossip through honesty.
  • You have the ability to help others heal themselves.
  • Try to see the innocence in the people around you.
  • 122 •





This card is here to remind you of the wisdom of humility on the spiritual path. All gifts are given equally and without discrimination.

Violet represents the blending of the red (root) and blue (third-eye) chakras, which suggests that a balance of passion and calm is needed now. This card has come to help you keep a balanced perspective with respect to the practical and spiritual aspects of life.

  • * 123 *

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Sandalphon, Jeremiel, Michael, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • It would be beneficial for you to study, and meditate on, spiritual laws and beliefs.
  • Wear or focus on the color violet if you’re feeling depressed, socially isolated, or blocked.
  • Place violet items by your bed to stimulate dream activity.

* * *

* 124 *

Waning Moon



This symbol lets you know that intro­spection is key right now. This moon repre­sents your shadow side—the part of you that can be difficult to look at or come to terms with. Yet now is the time to recognize this shadow self. Surrender your fears to the an­gels. Take time to become more comfortable with this aspect of yourself.

» 125 »

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel and Jeremiel are associated with this symbol.
  • The Egyptian deity Thoth is associated with the waxing and waning phases of the moon. Call upon him to help you during this period.
  • Your feelings about a situation are beginning to wane.

Recognize this so that you may act for the highest good.

* 126 *





This card is letting you know that you need to tune in to your emotions. Water symbolizes human consciousness. Are you swimming in deep or shallow emotion? Are your feelings muddy or clear? Do they run vast like an ocean? Perhaps it's as if your emotions come crashing down upon you. It is important for you to take time to under­stand them and their root.

♦ 127

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel and Raguel are associated with this symbol.
  • Spend time near a body of water, rest, and purify and balance your emotions.
  • "Rebirth" yourself through a water initiation.
  • Jump into this opportunity with both feet. You will swim.
  • Unlock your sensuality by connecting with water.

♦ **

* 128 *


Source Divinity Enlightenment

This card is reminding you of the Divin­ity within you. White represents the crown chakra. It symbolizes purification, transfor­mation, and Source. It is the color that re­flects all colors. You have all you will ever need inside of you. You are a spark from Di­vine Source. You are a child of Divine love and light.

This card asks you to surrender to Di­vine guidance, which is bringing you small

* 129 ♦

glimpses of understanding called enlighten­ment. White supports you in leading a life of sacred awareness. Begin by treating all things as holy and worthy of respect.

Additional meanings:

  • Your personal guardian angels and archangels Metatron, Sandalphon, Raziel, Haniel, and Raphael are associated with this symbol.
  • A significant transformation is occurring.
  • Continue with meditation, prayer, and reflection.
  • You are receiving higher learning from the Divine.

* * *

* 150 *





This card is asking you to take a moment to retreat inside to discover the truth about the matter at hand and what steps you need to take. Do not move into action. It is time to draw your energies inward for introspection and reflection. Keep any plans or projects you are thinking about on the shelf.

Winter heralds the dying off of that which does not serve you. The leaves of a tree are shed in order to make room for spring's

* 151 x

buds. You, too, need this rest time to release the old. With this release, you allow the new to bloom when the timing is right.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Haniel, Jeremiel, and Jophiel are associated with this symbol.
  • The old is "dying off"; allow the time needed for this transition.
  • Incubate your plans, ideas, and energy until it's the best moment to share them.
  • Work with the crone/sage aspect of yourself in order to impart wisdom, compassion, and truth.
  • Enjoy a life review. Reflect back on your past to appreciate the lessons you've gained.

* X *

* 132 *


Flexibility Adaptability

Personal Power

This card asks if you are being flexible in a particular situation. It is time to stand in your power and be adaptable to change. Yellow represents the third (solar-plexus) chakra. This color pertains to boundaries, so be sure to define yours. It is time to be as­sertive. Allow yourself to be an individual within a group. Stand up for what you be­lieve. Identify what is important to you with

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regard to principles and ethics. Discernment needs to come into play at this time.

This card could be revealing an imbal­ance in your third chakra. Feeling highly competitive with someone else is a sign of this imbalance. You may also feel defensive or insecure, or have conflicts with others.

Additional meanings:

  • Archangels Uriel, Metatron, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.
  • A shift is about to occur in a job or relationship.
  • It is time to empower yourself or another.
  • You are overthinking this situation.

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About the Artist

You can order prints of many of the im­ages in the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards deck. The prints come in different sizes without the border or words that appear on the cards. To purchase a print, please contact the art­ist directly through her website. Neither Hay House, Inc.; Doreen Virtue, LLC; Melissa Vir­tue; Angel University; Angel Therapy, Inc.; nor Doreen Virtue assumes responsibility for any sales conducted between you and the individual artist.


Melissa Gay is a Nashville-based artist who aspires to Imaginative Realism in her work in oils, acrylics, and inks. She delights in fairy tales, myths, legends, ancient history, and modern science. Her philosophy is: "Life is an amazing journey, and inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere you look."

Melissa says: "I dedicate this art to my dad, Dr. John F. Gay, III. He is responsible for everything I know about tarot, spirituality,

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and religion. I just cannot find the proper words to thank him enough for all he did to influence my life. I love you, Dad!"


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About the Authors

Doreen Virtue is a lifelong clairvoyant and fourth-generation metaphysician who holds three university degrees in counseling psychology. She's the author of many books, card decks, and audio programs about an­gels, psychic development, and mind-body- spirit topics.

Doreen frequently appears on television and radio, where she's known as "The Angel Lady." For more information on her work­shops, products, podcasts, and weekly call-in radio show, please visit her website at: www For a catalog of Doreen's books, audio programs, and oracle cards, please contact Hay House.


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Melissa Virtue began studying dreams and communicating with the angels at a young age. She is an Angel Therapy Practi­tioner®, a medium, and a Light Resonance Healing® Practitioner. Melissa teaches work­shops on dream interpretation and angels; created and teaches SpiralDance™, a spiritu­ally based dance technique; and is the au­thor of Dreamtime and the children's book series Magical Dream Journeys. For more in­formation about Melissa, please visit:

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