Angels Abundance Oracle Gards Guidebook By Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue


When You Need Answers about Abundance ...

Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive the ever­flowing bounty Heaven continuously provides. Yet a 'flack mentality" may hamper our natural abundance.

If money worries are blocking you from the path of greater well-being and happiness, the Angels of Abundance can help! This companion guidebook to the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue offers instructions on how to conduct a card reading and get specific insights and angelic messages to identify, heal, and remove blocks to manifesting support for your earthly needs, life purpose, and charitable giving. You can enjoy the blessings that are your Divine birthright!




How to Work with the

Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards   1

The Meanings of the Cards.......... 13

Abundance Mindset..................... 15

Ask for Your Needs to Be Met... 17

Attracting, Not Chasing............... 20

Block Out Distractions.................. 22

Bountiful Nature............................ 24

Clean-Energy Food...................... 27

Clearing Debts............................... 30

Conscious Consumer................... 33

Cooperation Instead of Competition 36

Declutter......................................... 38

Deservingness................................ 40

Detox Your Friendships................ 43

Donations, Tithing, and Charitable Work 46

Do the Work................................... 49

Dreams of Abundance................. 52

Employment Change.................... 54

Exercise to Increase Your Energy and Manifestation Abilities   57

Face Your Financial Fears............ 60

Focus on Your Priorities............... 62

God Is Your Source....................... 64

Gratitude List.................................. 66

Have Courage to Ask for —and Accept—Help     68

It Is Safe for You to Receive........ 71

Let Go of Guilt............................... 73

Moonlighting................................. 75

No More Complaining................. 77

Obstacles and Blocks Are Lifted. 79

Organize for Success.................... 81

Partnership..................................... 84

Pay Yourself First........................... 86

Positivity, Faith, and Optimism... 88

Power of Prayer............................. 91

Quiet Retreat.................................. 94

Raise or Promotion....................... 96

Release Jealousy............................ 98

Release Resentments about Money   101

Savings.......................................... 103

Sever Vows of Poverty............... 105

Successful Funding..................... 107

Take a Divinely Guided Chance 109

Unlimited Ideas............................ 112

Visualize Abundance in All Forms 115

Windfall of Abundance.............. 118

Words of Abundance................. 120

About the Artists......................... 123

About the Authors...................... 137

How to Work with the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

God's angels have specialties, just like people. The Angels of Abundance are those members of Heaven's team who help us overcome "lack mentality," which means beliefs, thoughts, and habits impeding our natural abundance. The Angels of Abun­dance can give us the strength to heal harm­ful patterns such as debt and worry so that we can enjoy the steady flow of support that the Divine is continuously sending our way.

In our travels around the world to give spiritual workshops, we've met hundreds of talented people with important life pur­poses. Many of them were working long hours at jobs just to pay their bills, and they didn't have much time or energy left to


fulfill their missions. They longed for more meaningful work but worried whether their passion could support them.

We envision positive-energy people having enough money to start their own radio stations and other media outlets, open healing centers, run schools for sen­sitive children, and so forth. That's why we wrote the Angels of Abundance book, filmed an online video course by that name with, and now offer you these oracle cards and companion guidebook. We are passionate about helping others get onto their Divine path by manifesting the earthly resources that they need.

When you step into the flow of abun­dance, you have more resources available, which you can use to help your loved ones and your favorite charities. Abundance truly is unlimited, so there are no dimin­ishing returns, only exponentially increas­ing rewards!


Using Your Angels of Abundance Oracle Caras

Step 1: Clear Your Card Deck

Your cards are sensitive instruments, so they'll need to be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed from the manu­facturing process. Steps 1 and 2 only need repeating after another person touches your cards, or if your readings lack clarity because the deck has become clogged with too much energy.

To clear your cards, first hold the deck in your nondominant hand (the one you normally don't write with), as this is the hand that receives energy. Then, say a prayer over the cards, asking that they be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed, such as:


"Dear God, thank You for lifting away anything from these cards that

is not of Divine love."

This clears out the old energy so that the cards are now a blank slate and ready to be imbued with your own vibration.

Step 2: Consecrate the Cards

Briefly touch the cards to infuse them with your personal energy. You can simply touch one of the corners of each to accom­plish this. Then, fan the deck out with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you'd like to bestow upon them.

Your cards are attuned to your thoughts and feelings, so any intentions or prayers you think or say will be absorbed into the cards' energies. Ask and pray for whatever


help you'd like while working with the deck, such as confidence, clarity, compas­sion, and so forth. Your cards now carry your personal vibration and intentions.

Step 3: Ask a Question

Think of a question you'd like to have answered. If you're pulling cards for some­one else, ask him or her to either think of or verbalize a question. Heaven hears your thoughts, so you needn't say your inquiry aloud.

Step 4: Shuffle the Cards While Thinking of the Question

Think of the question as you shuffle, and ask Heaven to help you with answers and guidance. We often say this prayer, similar to the one in Step 2, while shuffling:


"Dear God, I ask that You watch over this experience, making certain that only true Divine guidance comes through. Please help me release my ego fears so that I can clearly see, hear, feel, and know the mes­sages that You have for me.

I ask that this oracle-card reading bring blessings to everyone involved."

If one or more cards "jump" out of the deck while you're shuffling, place them to the side. They'll be part of your reading.

As you're shuffling, you'll likely notice feelings, thoughts, words, or visions. This Divine guidance will help you further understand the cards you draw, so pay attention to these impressions as they come to you.

When your cards begin to clump into two distinct sections, it's time to stop shuffling. You may also receive a feeling,


thought, or vision to cease—or you may even hear the words Stop shuffling now. Trust and honor these Divine messages that are helping you with the reading. You can't make a mistake and stop shuffling too soon, as the Divine Law of Attraction ensures that you'll always choose the cards meant for you.

Step 5: Choose a Card

There's no single "correct" way to draw a card, as your inner guidance will lead you to the right one for you. You may feel most comfortable pulling from the top of the deck, or looking for a card that sticks out of the pack. Whatever way you draw the card is perfect for you and your read­ing. Again, you can't make a mistake and choose wrongly.


If you set aside a card or cards that "jumped" out of the deck while you were shuffling, carefully examine them, too. Jumping cards carry additional information for you, much like a footnote in a book that adds to your understanding.

Step 6: Consult This Guidebook

Turn to the corresponding page within this guidebook for each card. As you read the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you, as they're once again a personalized part of the answer. Heaven will give you specific guidance to help walk you through any life changes, or to encour­age you to take appropriate action.


Three-Card Messages

After completing Steps 3 and 4, pick three cards from the top of the deck. With the images and words facing up, lay the first card to your left, the second one in the middle, and the third to the right.





-            J


<_________ >

The card to your left speaks about the event that triggered the situation you're inquiring about. The middle card reveals your question's current status and what you need to know or work on right now. And the card to the right shows your immedi­ate future, if you continue on your present


path and follow the guidance of the middle card. You can always improve your future path by holding a positive outlook and lis­tening to your inner wisdom.

Because these cards are specific to your evolving relationship with abundance, you may need to meditate upon them to dis­cover the deeper meaning. You can also use this deck in conjunction with another oracle deck to get more details from the Angels of Abundance.

The cards will "speak" to you through your thoughts, feelings, signs, and dreams, very often reporting changes before you're even consciously aware of them. Every time, these changes offer opportunities for blessings and important life lessons. Trust the first impression you receive when look­ing at the cards. This message is always lov­ing and accurate.

♦ ♦♦


In the next section of this guidebook, you'll find specific meanings for each card. Always remember that you have freewill choices about life. You can also improve the outcome of any situation through prayer, visualization, and positive affirmations. Heaven can help alter your future for the better if you'll ask for, and be open to, Divine assistance.


This guidebook explains the meanings for all the cards in the Angels of Abun­dance Oracle Cards deck. The card names are listed alphabetically, according to the first word of each. Every entry lists multiple meanings for you to meditate upon, as the particular meaning can shift according to the question asked.

When you're ready to look up a card's meaning, find the corresponding page and contemplate the interpretation and symbol­ism for the entry. Your intuition will offer you even more personalized guidance, so


as you read, simultaneously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Your body will also react when you're reading about an inner truth, recognizing it as such with physical signals—for instance, shudders or sighs, or chills or goose bumps.



This card comes to you because the angels have heard your prayers about abun­dance. They are helping you elevate your thought processes and beliefs to an abun­dance mindset, which is a powerful way to manifest.


This card signals that you may have harbored some worries, pessimism, or resentment about your finances. Usu­ally this also involves complaining about money, an unconscious habit that can block your abundance flow.

An "abundance mindset" means that you choose words affirming what you desire, instead of affirming what you don't want. You speak, think, and feel abundance as if it were already here for you. Once you affirm a current state of abundance with your words, then physical abundance rapidly appears: that is, first abundance occurs as thoughts, words, and feelings, and then this energy manifests into recog­nizable form for you. So this card is a strong reminder to use only positive words in your discussions about finances and other sources of support and supply.




Have you asked for help with this sit­uation? This card is a gentle reminder that Heaven can come to your aid only if you make a freewill choice to request help, and then accept it when it is offered to you.


Of the countless wonderful gifts that God has bestowed upon us, free will is the most powerful. So, remember that in order for God and the angels to help you manifest the abundance you desire in your life, you need to ask.

Don't worry that you'll ask for the "wrong" thing. As long as you're sincere in your prayers, Heaven will bring you every­thing for your highest and best good. Tell God whatever is in your heart that has been worrying you, ask for help, and then be open to receiving.

God and the angels know that you have earthly needs, and they are happy to help you fulfill them ... as long as you ask! It doesn't matter how you ask, but only that you do ask. This card is urging you to do so right now.

Asking is a sign that you are willing to work as a co-creator with God and that you freely accept Divine intervention into


your life. God and the angels want you to be happy and to be able to achieve your life purpose. By asking for help, you are coming into alignment with your mission on this planet.




Dear One, this card indicates that per­haps you've been chasing money or some other object of desire. The Angels of Abun­dance remind you that whatever you run after runs the other way. The underlying


fears that compel chasing behavior are the very same ones that result in lack and dis­appointment.

Instead of chasing, attracting can bring your desires to fruition. Attraction happens when you speak positively and hold posi­tive thoughts and visions about your man­ifestations. You "love" them into reality!

Every day, send gratitude and love to whatever you're dreaming about. Welcome it into your life. Thank it for being a part of your experience. And take love-based action steps as you're guided ... to rapidly bring about this manifestation.



This card comes to you as a sign of being distracted, which is preventing you from completing actions necessary for your abundance flow. The distraction that


immediately comes to mind is the first one your angels are guiding you to block out.

When your attention is fragmented, you have difficulty focusing on—and put­ting time into—your priorities. The angels are asking you to examine these distrac­tions to see which ones can be eliminated. They will help you let go of anything pull­ing you off your path, such as cravings for addictive substances, drama-filled relation­ships, worries, or activities that hold little meaning for you.

Most distractions represent a diversion so that you don't have to face fears of fail­ure ... or fears of success. Now it's time to put consistent daily effort into your priori­ties so that you can relieve these fears as you make steady progress toward your goals.



This card is coming to you to remind you of the importance of spending time in nature. We are natural beings, and we instinctively change in accordance with the rhythms of our environment. When we spend time in nature, we recharge our


physical bodies and reconnect with all the other creatures we share this planet with. This connection with nature helps calm our often-frazzled minds so we are able to focus more clearly on the abundance we are bringing into our lives.

Try having a picnic on a sunny day. See how the simple act of eating out of doors makes you feel like a part of the natural world.

So much of modern life revolves around screens and machines—to the point that we tend to lose our connections with other people and nature. By spending more time outside, we come into contact with our neighbors, as well as grow more aware of our surroundings.

Notice if you start to feel more cen­tered and grounded when you spend more time in nature. See if your priorities shift. You may even find yourself cleaning up after others and collecting litter, as people


who are particularly connected with nature often do.

Nature has invaluable lessons to teach about abundance. When you're outside, notice how incredibly varied the world is, with a profusion of life and natural splen­dor that defies categorization. Observe how the animals you see scurrying about are abundantly provided for by God, and know that you too are abundantly provided for.



The Angels of Abundance have shown you this card to remind you of the impor­tance of fueling your mind and body with "clean-energy food," which means unpro­cessed, chemical-free nutrition that's nat­ural and organic. When we eat cleanly, it


allows our thoughts and muscles to react with speed, precision, and vigor. Clean food helps us sleep well, learn well, and live well!

You may believe that you need to have more abundance before you can afford clean food. However, the opposite is true: first you take good care of yourself with health­ful eating, then your energy and focus are raised to a higher vibration, and then you become more productive, have better ideas, and grow masterful at manifesting your needs.

Clean food also helps protect our nat­ural environment. The pesticides and arti­ficial fertilizers used in modern farming have been shown to have negative effects on people's thought patterns and emo­tional well-being. When we protect our­selves from these toxins, we ensure that we manifest only those things that are for our highest good.


When you choose to invest in clean food, it will directly add to your abun­dance, because your health, productivity, and problem-solving will improve. You will spend fewer days ill, experience a shorter recovery period from exercise, and be able to think through any obstacles you encoun­ter with your work.



This is a card of both acknowledgment and guidance. The Angels of Abundance can see how debt is causing you worry and pulling your energy down. So, they are guiding you to consistently pay off your financial obligations. Even if this takes a


long time, you will at least feel better know­ing that you're making progress.

When we asked the Angels of Abun­dance for an easy and effective method by which to pay off debt, they passed on the following technique: Calculate the total amount you are paying per month for all your debts. Continue paying this amount to your credit card, immediately stop increasing your credit-card balance, and soon you will have paid off at least one of your debts. Once you have done so, take the monthly amount you were paying toward that obligation and spread it among the other debts you are paying off. This will pay them off faster. The secret is that you never pay less per month than you are right now, and you pay that same amount to a smaller and smaller pool of lenders. This will enable you to incrementally get out of debt!


Working with a debt consolidator or a free in-person or online support group like Debtors Anonymous (which lists meetings on may also help you to get a handle on your finances (and help with any compulsive-shopping issues).

This card can also refer to an emotional debt, where you feel beholden to someone out of guilt. This energy has been dragging you down and affecting your moods, moti­vation levels, and abundance flow. Let's now call upon Archangel Michael and the Angels of Abundance to release the cords connected to guilt, fear, or shame that have been controlling you. You are now free to choose actions, career goals, and relation­ships based upon love, not fear.

In some cases, this card comes to you with the good news that your debt is now clearing up! In this instance, the angels congratulate you on taking excellent care of yourself.



This card acknowledges the world­healing power that you exert with your spending decisions. As you shop con­sciously for products that are good for the world, you single-handedly make it a better


place. This would include buying fair-trade and ethically made products, where the workers were paid a living wage in safe and kind conditions. Organic, non-GMO, and chemical-free products support the health of the environment and all beings who work with or consume them.

Being a conscious consumer also means shopping at locally owned farms and stores whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting items and to sup­port families in your community. When you give money to companies that have values you believe in, your purchases lead to a kinder, gentler world.

This card can also signal a need for you to be creative in reducing your expenses. Question whether an item is really a neces­sity or is an emotionally impulsive pur­chase to fill an emptiness that can only be addressed spiritually.


You are to be congratulated for being a conscious consumer who is aware of the connection between your purchases and planetary abundance and well-being.

♦ ♦♦




The energy of competition is blocking your abundance, so the angels sent you this card to bring you awareness and help. Com­petition is based upon a "lack mentality,"


which is an old energy believing that there's not enough to go around.

With lack mentality, you put a message out to the universe that you must struggle to receive your "portion of the pie." And so that struggle is what comes true for you.

The angels are guiding you to release beliefs in lack or competition. What's yours is yours, and no one can take it from you or beat you to it. Leave competitive energy for football games, and focus upon cooper­ating with potential partners to collectively create projects and offer services to help the world. With a focus upon service and coop­eration, instead of competition, abundance will naturally flow to you.

♦ ♦♦



This card is a strong message to clear away the "excess" from your home, work environment, and calendar. A cluttered space or schedule translates to a cluttered mind, and can prevent you from focusing.

All too often, we accumulate excess possessions. How much of your energy and


attention is directed toward looking after your material belongings?

The Angels of Abundance encourage you to clear away the clutter in your life. Only keep those items that actively serve you or make you happy in some way. if you are holding on to an item out of guilt, obligation, or habit, now is the time to get rid of it. This is especially true if the item reminds you of painful experiences.

Clutter can go beyond possessions as well, such as having false friends in your life who drain your resources or saying yes to too many appointments.

If your surroundings or schedule is cluttered to the point where you cannot focus effectively, please ask God and your angels for inspiration on how to clean out the excess . . . and then follow their guid­ance without hesitation or delay.

♦ ♦♦



The Angels of Abundance present you with this card as a reminder that you—like everyone—deserve abundance in your life. You may feel discouraged or believe that those who have abundance are different or better than you. The angels want you to


know that you are a Divinely perfect child of God, and just as you would not want to see your children go without, so too will you be provided for.

God and the angels do not want to pro­vide us with this bounty simply so that it can be hoarded in a bank account, however. They want us to use it to support the great work of ethical charities, to support our­selves while we work on our life purpose, and to do all we can to make the world a better place. The Angels of Abundance know that too many of those who want to do good are not able to because they feel trapped in energy-draining jobs. By provid­ing for them, the angels are helping every one of God's creatures.

It's helpful to affirm that you deserve to receive abundance, because it will be invested in good causes! That includes pay­ing for your education, buying supplies to


serve your life purpose, reducing your stress levels with self-care, and giving to charities.

Reaffirming the fact that you are wor­thy of the same goodness and opportuni­ties as everyone else helps dissipate old feel­ings of undeservingness. Acknowledging the abundance that you have, and actively asking for that which you need, will realign your energy with respect to receiving bless­ings in your current life and situation.



This card reminds you that your abun­dance is being affected by your relation­ships. The people in your life can influence your energy, outlook, and manifestation abilities. The first individuals who come to


mind are those who are influencing your cur­rent situation. Trust your intuition on this.

Perhaps it's not the people themselves but your feelings about them that are dis­tracting you. It seems that you are getting hooked into some drama, which is pulling you away from your path. This can include inner turmoil, such as having arguments in your mind, feeling afraid of or angry at someone, and other draining processes.

It's time to take an honest inventory of how you feel about the people in your life, including your social-media friends. If someone is impacting your self-esteem or ability to focus, it's time to question whether the relationship is toxic. Open dis­cussions or counseling can improve toxic relationships. Sometimes, taking a break is also the answer. Allow your heart to tell you the truth.

When you release an unhealthy rela­tionship, you make room in your heart and


schedule to welcome new healthy relation­ships. And, of course, your positive relation­ship with yourself and with God is essential to health, happiness, and abundance.



This card reminds you that giving and receiving are two sides of the same energy. If you've felt stuck lately, as if your efforts aren't being rewarded, then it's time to reverse the energy flow.


We often become blocked when our focus is solely upon receiving and "What can I get?" To turn this around, focus upon "How can I serve?" One way to open up the flow of abundance is to give away what you'd like to receive. So, in order to have more time, volunteer for a worthy cause. To get more love, offer it to others. To mani­fest material items, donate some articles to charity. To receive money, make a financial gift as you are Divinely guided.

Tithing is the practice of giving 10 per­cent of your income either to a spiritual or religious organization that you are a mem­ber of or to a. charity that you feel is bene­fiting the planet.

Tithing is essentially a recognition that all forms of abundance come from God. By returning a percentage of your money back toward God through support of spiritual organizations, you are declaring that your Source is not your job, your government,


the economy, or your family but rather the Creator. When you acknowledge this spir­itual truth, you unlock barriers to abun­dance and allow the infinite flow that is intended for us all.

The key is to give with a joyful heart, without expecting anything in return. God and the universe will ensure that the ener­getic output is balanced in the best way, so you needn't worry about reciprocity. The more you're open to giving and receiv­ing, the steadier your flow of all forms of abundance.

♦ 4*



If you see this card, please don't think of it as a chastisement. Nobody is doubting your work ethic or suggesting that you're not carrying your weight when it comes to your life purpose. Instead, this card reminds you to avoid the "manifestation


trap" of doing visualizations, saying affir­mations, offering up prayers, and so on, while ignoring inner guidance that advises you to take action.

It is up to us to act upon the guidance we've asked for. The majority of manifes­tations occur when we listen to our inner urge to:

  • Make positive changes
  • Learn something new
  • Do research
  • Make connections with others

Life is a collaboration, from the moment we are born until the moment we transition. We are forever working with other people, our angels, and God. With­out doing our part, we often don't get the results we would expect.

What guidance have you been receiv­ing that you've been ignoring? Perhaps


you feel intimidated, confused, doubtful, or unprepared to act on it. Yet, God doesn’t give us guidance unless we have the ability to follow it.

Today, take one action step in the direction of your inner guidance. If you're unsure what to do, take a moment right now to pray for clarity. Then take another action tomorrow, and another the next day, and you'll soon manifest support in ways that exceed your dreams.

♦ ♦♦


Dreams of Abundance

As yon sleep, God. your angels, and your higher self arc giving you Divinely gukied ideas, answers. and solutions. Be sure to record your drcams in a journal, because they contain valuable insights that will help you manifest your desires into reality.


This card signals that the Angels of Abundance have been sending you inspi­ration and guidance through your dreams. When you are asleep, your ego is "offline" and you are more open to receiving


guidance. It is important to analyze what your dreams are trying to impart.

Sometimes on the surface they may not even make a great deal of sense, as their content is often symbolic. However, when you spend time deciphering the imagery and the symbolism present, dreams lay out a very comprehensible message. If you find you are not remembering your dreams or feel that they are too complex for you to fig­ure out, ask your angels to send you clearer messages that you are more likely to retain.

Each of us dreams every night, and with practice we can start remembering more and more of our dreams. This practice comes in the form of writing down what we recall upon awakening; asking for dreams of guidance; and analyzing the messages we receive either on our own, with a partner, or with a professional dream interpreter.



This card heralds a positive change in your career path. You are headed in a much better direction, aligned with your true beliefs and passions. No more suffering just to earn a paycheck. You will now be working from inner truth.


This change requires a lot of faith and trust. This card is your assurance that as long as you consistently take action as you're Divinely guided, you will continue to be supported.

When you adjust your life to be more heart centered, there's a positive effect upon your finances:

  • Your expenses decrease because you are no longer buying things in an attempt to feel happy.
  • As a happier person, you attract more people who want to work with you as a customer, client, partner, investor, and so on.
  • Your business is successful because it's built upon passion.

God and the angels are guiding your career transition, and there's no need to rush, push, or try to control this process.


Your role is to keep your mind quiet and sober so that you can clearly hear your Divine guidance . . . and then follow it without hesitation or delay.



The Angels of Abundance bring you this card to remind you of an important


truth: The higher your physical energy levels, the faster your physical manifestations will appear. One of the best ways to increase your physical energy is through healthful exercise.

Exercise, much like meditation, allows messages and guidance from the Angels of Abundance to come through more clearly. People who incorporate exercise into their daily lives generally have much more positive thoughts and take more positive actions. This infusion of positivity can have a ripple effect into every part of your life.

Choose the type of exercise that makes your heart sing with joy as another way of increasing your energy and ensuring you'll be motivated to do it regularly. Or, pair your workout with something pleasant— listen to uplifting music or podcasts while running, for example, or watch an inspira­tional movie while jogging on a treadmill.


Make exercise a nonoptional activity, just like brushing your teeth or hair. When your energy and optimism stay high, you'll be rewarded with increased abundance as well.

♦ ♦♦




Dear One, this card comes to you because the angels see how your uncon­scious anxieties have pushed away abun­dance. Deep down, you worry whether you deserve to receive abundance. In addition,


you've been struggling with fear—both of failure and of success—which has kept you stuck in indecision and inaction.

Fortunately, once you admit these fears to yourself, they lose their power to uncon­sciously control you. Perhaps it's helpful for you to hear that every person struggles with self-doubts. The human ego is designed to keep people afraid and prevent them from fulfilling their Divine destiny.

Thankfully, you are blessed with the gift of self-awareness. You can take an hon­est inventory of your thought processes, and admit that you have sometimes sabo­taged your own success. These realizations are ensuring that you no longer allow your­self to be intimidated. Your decisions are guided by love, not fear.


Focus on Your Priorities


You received this card because the angels are trying to help you to stay on track with your priority projects. You've been distracted as the ego tries to pull you away from your Divine destiny. This card is


a call for you to "detox" from distractions, and get to work!

You were born to fulfill functions that bring peace to Earth—and it begins with being at peace with yourself. The fastest and most effective way to feel peaceful is to align your actions with your beliefs. That means "walking your talk," or only doing things that are meaningful to you.

Perhaps your distractions have stemmed from work or family obliga­tions. It's important to remind yourself that taking care of yourself is also one of your primary responsibilities. Fortunately, you can make a lot of progress by devot­ing consistent time to your priorities. Even 30 minutes a day can result in a masterful accomplishment! You do have 30 minutes a day available, if you purge your schedule of nonessentials.

♦ ♦♦



This card reminds you that your job is not your Source—God is. When you worry about your work, or whether people will buy your product or service, you are blocking your flow of abundance. It's time to focus upon your true Source of everything that you need for your life and your purpose.


God is omnipresent, so that means that God is within you and in every situation you are concerned about. Take whatever worry you have and put it in words—for example, "getting a promotion and raise at work" or "selling my home." Then add God, please help me with    or God, thank

You for helping me with to the front of

the worry. So, "God, please help me with getting a promotion and raise at work," or "God, thank You for helping me with sell­ing my home."

Feel the immediate positive energy shift as you move from worry to prayer. Your renewed faith opens the door to miracu­lous solutions. Keep in mind, though, that prayers are often answered in unexpected ways. So, for example, you may get a pro­motion at a different job. God's solutions are always for the highest and best good.



You drew this card because the angels want to point you in the direction of grati­tude. Perhaps you've slipped into a habit of worrying or complaining about finances. These negative energies only attract more problems.


One of the fastest and most effective ways to shift into a higher vibration is to focus upon what you do have instead of what you think you don't have. Take a moment to make a gratitude list, naming everyone and everything for which you are grateful. You can write, speak, or think each entry. Ideally, make a gratitude list daily or more often.

You'll soon realize how fortunate you are, and your positive thoughts will attract more for you to be grateful about.



Have you been trying to do everything on your own, Dear One? Because this card is signaling that you need help but have been reluctant to ask for it.


Asking for help takes courage. Often we feel that doing so is a sign of weakness, or that it burdens someone else. This unwill­ingness to ask for what we need can have a negative spiral effect. The longer we go without asking for help, the longer we go without receiving any. If this pattern con­tinues on long enough, we can even come to the erroneous viewpoint that there is no help to be had at all.

God and the angels reassure you that they are without limitation. They can be in as many places at once as they are needed. You can never bother them. No problem is too large, and no issue too trivial. They don't have physical bodies, so they can never tire.

Having the courage to ask for help— from God, Jesus, the angels, or another person—is an important step toward man­ifesting abundance. It is such a powerful step that it is almost instantly rewarded


by an answer. Tune in to how your body and mind feel immediately afterward. You may be receiving on-the-spot guidance as to how you can co-create the abundance you are asking for. Flashes of inspiration, sudden invitations or job offers, and other signs present themselves to those who take this leap of faith.




This card is here to help you recognize and overcome a block to abundance— namely, worrying about "how" your prayers will be answered. Your worries are prevent­ing you from opening yourself up to a flow


of Divine support, slowing the manifesta­tion of your desires.

Once you have expressed your prayers to God, trust that God will answer in the way that's best for everyone involved. If you are supposed to take action to help, you'll be clearly guided to do so by repeti­tive ideas, a gut feeling, or physical signs.

God is omniscient, meaning that every possible variable of a situation is known and can be accounted for. We humans do not have that ability, so when we assume that we know best, we are not always seeing the whole picture.

When we "let go, and let God," in con­trast, we are signaling that our trust is in our Divine Creator. We believe that God will provide exactly what we need in order to fulfill our life purpose. We give permis­sion to God to shower us with all those bountiful gifts that we can use to bring even greater blessings to the world.



This card indicates feelings of guilt about abundance. Perhaps you're worried that your success will make others feel bad, or you believe that you don't "deserve” to receive. Darling, nothing could be further from the truth!


Even if you've made mistakes—and who hasn't?—you still deserve to have a safe, healthful, and meaningful life. Take a moment right now to pray, and make a commitment to forgive yourself for what you think you've done or not done.

When you receive, it does not take away from someone else. In fact, the more you open yourself up to receive, the more resources you have available to help others. Abundance allows you to purchase supplies to fulfill your life purpose, provide a safe home for yourself and your loved ones, eat high-quality organic food, and give dona­tions to charity.

You inspire others with your success, especially if you're happy and generous. There's nothing to feel guilty about, so open your arms to joyfully receive!



You received this card because you've been praying about having financial secu­rity and a meaningful career. The angels are showing you a way to have both, through “moonlighting." If you've been dreaming


of running your own business, this is a gen­tle way to get started and succeed.

You can begin your self-employment part-time, while still maintaining a job that pays the bills. You will feel less stress at your regular job, because you'll have your dream career to focus upon. Your dream career will flourish faster, because there's no pressure for it to make you money (pres­sure to make money always blocks abun­dance and slows manifestation).

Since your business will naturally grow with your passion and enthusiasm, you'll "build up" to the option of leaving your other job because your dream one will pay the bills.

♦ ♦♦



This card is a clear reminder that com­plaining about finances or the economy is a sure way to manifest money worries. Complaining is an affirmation of victim­hood, stating that someone else has power and control. To take back your own power,


you'll need to avoid complaining or blam­ing. This doesn't mean that you should stuff down financial fears or pretend that everything's okay. Rather, the angels are guiding you to elevate your feelings and thoughts so that you can receive the sup­port you need.

Try this: Go a whole hour without complaining (silently or aloud), and notice how you feel. Then go another hour, and another. Work up to going 24 hours with­out complaining, as you build your faith and positivity.

Just as complaining instantly attracts something new to complain about, so too does positivity attract wonderful experiences and feelings. You might even form a pact with a friend, whereby each of you points out when you hear the other one complaining. Since complaining can be an unconscious habit, this partnership can help you to fine­tune your new "abundance vocabulary."


Obstacles and Blocks Are Lifted

AU your good personal work and your positive energy shift have overcome previous obstacles, and blocks are lifted away. You will now experience progress and forward movement with your projects. Stay centered in gratitude to ensure that your flow'of abundance continues.



Congratulations! All your personal­growth work has disentangled you from the snares of fear-based blocks. All systems are go, and you are on your way.


The key now is for you to stay centered in positive energy. Any doubts or worries must be immediately faced and dealt with, such as giving them to God for healing.

Do not allow your mind to wander to worst-case scenarios, lest you manifest those fears into reality. Remember that God gave you the spiritual power of creation—so use it to craft your masterpiece that will leave a helpful and inspiring legacy.


Organize for Success


Do not let the word orffinize intimidate you, as it

is situplv a wav for vou to ensure claritv of purpose.

Organizing vour thoughts. vour reports, your living

and work space, and vour finances will help vou

know and plan vour next action steps.

< __ >


The Angels of Abundance have brought you this card to remind you of the impor­tance of organizing your work and living space, as well as your schedule.

Disorganization can lead to feeling overwhelmed with normal life activities. It


can seem as if your chores and responsibil­ities are too numerous to keep track of. You may even start to forget important pieces of information and deadlines. This can have a negative effect on your ability to calm yourself, get centered, and visualize ... all critical components of manifestation work.

Organizing simply means you have a sense of order in your life. This can be as simple as keeping a calendar so that you remember when bills are coming due. Writ­ing a to-do list and then checking off each accomplished task ensures that you'll finish what you start.

Once you start to get organized, notice how much clearer your mind feels. Feel the lightness of spirit that will become your new reality. Pay attention to your stress level and how it drops noticeably.

If you feel that you are already orga­nized, check in and see if you are exces­sively organizing—at the expense of


allowing. Do you spend most of your time "tidying up"? Do you feel out of sorts if the slightest thing in your space is off? If so, the Angels of Abundance are reminding you that this is a delay tactic by your ego. It's good to be orderly and streamlined, but not to the point that you don't get any actual work done on the priorities that support your abundance.



Allow healthful, supportive partnerships into your personal life and career, a nd both pan ies benefit as a result. You are receiving help front I leaven and front a person who brings needed skills and resources.


This card speaks to the influence of other people in your life, such as a romantic or marital partner or work associate. Trust the first thought or feeling that you have about the word partnership, as your higher self already knows the truth about these influencing energies.


If you feel that certain people are adversely affecting you, this card signals the need to take a "relationship inventory," to bring positive energy to the relationships or to decrease your involvement with them.

Studies are showing that a person's income is proportionate to that of the peo­ple he or she spends time with. If you hang out with those who complain, this will bring you down. If you spend time with those who are working to improve their lives and this world, you'll feel inspired.

This card also signals a business part­nership, and again, trust your first thought or feeling for inner guidance. Many suc­cessful businesses are formed from part­nerships, so you may be guided to network with others or to join a networking group to meet potential partners. God is guiding you to the right people to support the frui­tion of your Divine life purpose.

♦ ♦♦



This card is guiding you toward finan­cial self-care through an ancient abundance secret: paying yourself first.

While it is vitally important to your financial well-being to take care of your bills and other responsibilities, it is equally


important to honor your debt to yourself. When you go to pay your bills, pay your­self. Common wisdom says that you should save 10 percent of each paycheck. Commit this money to be used only for responsible investing for your future.

It's easy to justify not investing in your­self. It can seem egotistical, or even waste­ful. However, energetically, paying yourself first offers up a prayer to the universe that says "I am worth it. I too deserve abun­dance, prosperity, and peace. I am a co­creator of my financial well-being, and 1 accept nothing less from myself than what others expect from me."

Paying yourself first also involves other forms of self-care, and treating yourself with the same respect and generosity that you would extend to a loved one.




This card comes to you as a reminder that God and the universe are on your side. The only block has been worry. So, a simple shift to faith will result in a positive shift in your abundance flow. If you need to, pray


for help in lifting away worries and replac­ing them with optimism.

Remember that God is your Source of everything and is watching over you and your loved ones like a caring parent. God also respects your freewill choices. So, if you have been making negative statements about your finances, then Heaven won't interfere.

Trust that the infinite wisdom of God's Divine intelligence and creativity already has all the solutions for you. You'll receive these solutions as ideas and intuition, when you relax and so are better able to hear the inner voice of God.

Positivity is particularly useful when trying to manifest more abundance. Money is simply energy, and we want to attract this energy to us. Just as we are naturally reluc­tant to spend time around negative people, money is more likely to surround positive people. The same goes for any other type


of abundance. For example, if you are try­ing to manifest an abundance of health in your life, speaking and thinking positively about it will have a much larger effect than negativity. The energy behind these pos­itive words and thoughts can change any situation for the better.



This card usually appears when you've been worrying, and trying to figure out "how" your situation will be resolved. The angels are guiding you to replace worry with prayer. It doesn't matter how you pray or what words you use, but only that you do pray sincerely from your heart.


Prayer brings you into direct commu­nication with God, Jesus, and your angels. When you are speaking directly to these powerful beings of love and light, you are ensuring that your desires and needs are expressed. Just as asking for help opens the door to Divine abundance, prayer can have powerful effects on every aspect of your life.

There is no such thing as an unan­swered prayer. While we may not receive the specific response we're hoping for, it is reassuring to remember that we always receive the one we need. We are not always aware of the myriad variables that sur­round a situation, as our human view is very limited. God has no such limitation and can follow any path to its highest and best outcome.

This card guides you to pray for what­ever you feel you need more of, including patience, faith, abundance, health, love,


and so forth. After you pray, let it go and put the whole situation into God's hands. Trust that God has a full picture of your needs and complete information about the best way to resolve the situation.



This card is coming to you now to let you know that you can improve your mind, your life, and your flow of abundance by spending quiet time alone in deep thought or meditation. Meditation is a spring­cleaning for your mind, a way of tossing


out all the cluttering thoughts that can block manifestation.

It appears that you need to be away from people for a while so that you can hear your inner voice and focus upon what's next. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of a retreat? This is your inner truth, guiding you to take action.

Even Jesus would go away for quiet retreats to replenish his energy and check in with God. So, there's no need to feel guilty as you disconnect from the world for a few minutes, hours, or days. Think of it as an investment in spiritual renewal.

In some cases, this card is a signal to create a quieter environment at home or work. For example, try playing softer music, turning off your television set, or setting your telephone to silent.



The Angels of Abundance have shown you this card as a sign that it may be time to ask for a raise or a promotion. Or perhaps you will soon receive one without having to ask.


If you are self-employed, this is a reminder that it's appropriate and healthy to give yourself a raise. You do not need to invest every bit of profit back into your busi­ness. You are allowed to reap the rewards of your hard work. Prioritizing yourself ensures that you continue to strive toward innovation, prevents burnout, and reminds you that you are a person who deserves happiness.

If you are not self-employed, asking for a raise or a promotion can seem intimi­dating. Yes, it certainly isn't without risks, but being complacent and never speaking up also poses a risk—namely, that you will not receive that promotion because you did not ask for it. Get past the risks, go beyond the fear, and ask for the recognition and pay you deserve as a responsible and skilled employee.



The Angels of Abundance are reminding you that jealousy is not a necessary or help­ful part of your spiritual journey. When we express jealousy, what we're actually express­ing is the fear of lack. We may fear that there is a lack of funds, customers, opportunities,


or even love. Then, when we see someone else's abundance, we may feel that they are blocking us from receiving ours.

The Angels of Abundance want to reas­sure you that this is a false fear. God's love and abundance are infinite, and therefore there is no lack anywhere. There is more than enough for each of us to receive what we need for our life purpose. You would not have been brought here to Earth if there were not enough tools available for you to succeed in your mission. Please release thoughts and feelings of jealousy, and real­ize that God has a plan for you and that you need only ask for the things you need.

The angels teach us that jealousy slams the door on manifestation. Beneath this emotion is the underlying negative affirma­tion: Why do you have that, and I don't? And so you manifest exactly as you affirm and you don't have it. Instead of being envious of someone else's success, let them inspire


you. If they can do or have it, so can you ... so can we all!

In addition, this card can mean that someone else is jealous of you, and their envy is negatively affecting you. If you suspect this is the case, immediately pray: "Dear God, Jesus, and Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing the energy and protecting me from jealousy or other negativity. Please help me forgive those who have attacked me in any way."




The angels sent you this card to help you to face and release resentments about money or the economy. They realize that economics can seem to be a rigged and cor­rupt system, and having to work for money


can feel upsetting. Yet, you only hurt your­self when you harbor ill will about money or those in financial power.

Resentment is a negative affirmation that blocks your manifestations and abun­dance flow, because it sends out the ener­getic signal that you don't have enough and that others are to blame. Take back your power by affirming that you are your own economic system.

Align your beliefs about money in a more positive direction by thinking about all the good you can do as you allow your­self to receive abundance. For example, you can donate to charity, open a heal­ing or educational center, rescue animals, invest in earth-friendly inventions, start your own good-news newspaper, and so forth.



The Angels of Abundance guide us to build a savings account. They know that a solid cushion of savings provides security and a reliable source of funds from which to invest in abundance-generating ventures.


This is not to say that the Angels of Abundance would like us to hoard money. They want us to use the abundance that is provided for us by God for the highest good of all. They also, however, want us not to be so burdened by debt that we have to work in jobs that do not serve our highest pur­pose. When we save—and especially when we invest intelligently through high-yield savings, ideally with credit unions—we are demonstrating self-respect.

You are being shown this card because it is important that you remember that you are a co-creator in every aspect of your life, including your financial life. You have the power to be an agent of change both for yourself and for the whole planet. Making a conscious effort to set aside a percentage of your income is just one step in creating that powerful change.




This card means that your finances are being affected by vows of poverty that you have taken in the past. At one time it was common for spiritual and religious seekers, monks, and nuns to take a vow of sacrifice,


including forsaking personal income and comforts. Vows of poverty, self-denial, and chastity can block you in this lifetime.

If you have chronically negative pat­terns with respect to your finances and relationships, it's helpful to release their hold over your life. This is nothing to fear, and anyone can do this. It's a matter of saying aloud or silently: "I hereby sever and release any vows of poverty, self-denial, self­sacrifice, or chastity that I may have made in any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of those vows be forever undone in all direc­tions of time for everyone involved."

Your body may shudder as you release this pent-up energy, and as soon as you do so, you should notice improvements in your abundance flow and relationships. You only need to sever these vows one time, and their effects are lifted.



This card signals that your project will be successfully funded, and your hard work is being rewarded. When this card comes to you, it's a sign that your idea is Divinely inspired, it will help many people once it is materialized into form, and the angels will be with you each step of the way.


In many cases, this card guides you to connect with a crowdfunding website to gain financial support, connections, and confidence to pursue your ideas and inventions. An Internet search for "crowd­funding” will lead you to various options. Many well-known and successful products were "born" on sites such as and, and yours can be too.

Take some time to read about other crowdfunding campaigns to familiarize yourself with the process. You'll need to have the courage to post your pitch and then spread the word to others.

There's also a message for you to be extra-organized with your paperwork during the funding process. Take your time before signing contracts, and work with a trusted professional, such as an attorney or accountant, if you're more of an artist than a businessperson.



This card encourages you to move for­ward with your inner guidance, even if you presently can't foresee how it will all work out. When you take a chance with the guidance that you are receiving, your


actions are saying that you trust God and the angels.

Placing our trust in the Divine makes good sense, since Heaven can see our actions from a 360-degree perspective that we often lack. God and the angels can see the repercussions of our actions echoing out into infinity, whereas we are lucky to be able to accurately predict the ripple effect through the next day.

Very few monumental and important tasks have been achieved by people who did not take some sort of risk. We know that it can be intimidating, but trust that you are being led toward a positive and abundant future. God and the angels are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you will only receive that which is for your highest good.

The Angels of Abundance are not encouraging you to take needless risks or to behave recklessly, however. Ensure that you


are following your Divine guidance, not some ego-based desire. Greed, anger, and lust are not the emotions of the angels, and they will never guide you with those feel­ings. True non-ego-based guidance comes in the form of love, inspiration, and giving. You can be assured that if you are receiving guidance that does not come from a place of deep and powerful love, it is not true guidance and you should not follow it. You can always ask God to help you to know if your guidance is true or not, and you will receive clear signs to answer you.


Your mind is one with God's infinite mind. Therefore, yon have complete access to unlimited ideas guaranteed to bring blessings. All you need to do is to take Divinely guided action to allow these ideas to conic to fruition.


This card comes to you now to remind you that your imagination is boundless and is the gateway to all your abundant desires. Sometimes we come to the belief that it's simply "make-believe" and has no basis in reality. The Angels of Abundance want you


to know that the human imagination is responsible for so many wonderful achieve­ments. After all, your mind is one with the infinite Mind of God.

This card is a sign that your ideas are Divinely inspired. Perhaps you've dreamed of an invention that could help others, or a product or service you wish was available. You can manifest these ideas into reality by focusing upon one step at a time. What's one action that you can take today related to your idea?

The Angels of Abundance want you to develop an active imagination, as they will use this tool to help bring abundance to you now. You will receive flashes of insight and wonderful new epiphanies. You can even use your infinite imagination to take your visualization techniques to new heights!

Every wonderful invention, product, or service was once an idea that someone


received. They had the courage to act on this idea, and the angels are urging you to have courage as well. With each step you take, you'll gain confidence and clarity.




This card reminds you that whatever you imagine is what you experience. The angels guide you to visualize your desires instead of your fears.


You received this card to help you adjust your visions (including those that arise from your thoughts and feelings). Have you been imagining worst-case sce­narios? The ego employs this technique as a way of trying to foresee and "control" the future. Yet when we visualize the worst, we call those experiences into being.

Everything that you've been visualiz­ing is in a thought-form of energy around you. Angels, clairvoyants, and sensitive people can discern these thought-forms, because they are real energy masses that take the shape of what you're visualizing. So, for example, if you're envisioning a new home, there will be a thought-form energy mass of a home floating next to your head and shoulders. That's how psychics can accurately say "You are manifesting a new home," by sensing this thought-form.

Eventually, all thought-forms crystallize into solid matter. The good news is that


you can un-crystallize anything in your life that doesn't work by withdrawing the power you've given to it. Do not complain about it, or affirm its reality, unless it's something positive.

When you are visualizing a desire, it helps to have a physical representation. This can be a picture that you cut out of a magazine, a model of a car you desire, or even a clay sculpture that you make yourself. Having an image or a placeholder object can make the visualization more real to you, and that will increase the effect.

A vision board is a place to keep these visual cues of your desires. This can be something as simple as a corkboard where you can pin pictures, or a large piece of con­struction paper where you glue inspiring magazine pictures and phrases.

♦ ♦♦



Great news—this card heralds a finan­cial windfall! An expected payment or an unforeseen increase in your abundance could be on its way to you. The angels guide


you to keep your heart and arms open with gratitude and graciousness in receiving.

It is important to recognize this wind­fall, whether it occurs in one lump payment or represents a gradual rise in income level. In either case, the Angels of Abundance want to remind you that a wise and respon­sible use of your funds ensures that you stay in the energetic flow of abundance.

Paying attention to Divine guidance, your intuition, and signs from Heaven is the best way to hasten the arrival of this windfall now. God and the angels cannot directly intervene into your life, but they can give you subtle nudges in the right direction. Sudden bursts of inspiration, an unexplained desire to travel, or even the impulse to contact someone can be a sign that will directly unlock this financial tide surging your way.

♦ ♦♦



The angels bring you this card as a teaching tool to increase your flow of abun­dance. Affirmations are phrases that you can repeat to yourself in order to achieve a desired outcome. In truth, everything you say is an affirmation of your reality. If you affirm that you're having money


difficulties, that's what you will receive. The angels urge you to affirm only abundance.

For example, you can post a note with the positive affirmation "I am filled with abundance. Every aspect of my life is pro­vided for." This helps brings your true, abundant nature into reality and replaces doubt with security and faith.

You start to believe that you are abun­dant through affirming the positive, and very soon your life is abundant! When we believe that we are abundant, it shifts our mindset toward more positivity, and the universe responds in kind.

Throughout your day, listen to yourself. If you are using any negative affirmations out of habit, try finding a positive slant on what you are saying. Even if you feel silly, try it anyway. We have heard from people all over the world who have changed little other than this one small aspect of their lives and have experienced much more pos­itive and abundant outcomes.

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