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  • From the Author

Angelarium is a lifelong project of mine. Each angelic creature embodies and gives personality to concepts that are normally abstract. It’s my own internal exploration, externalized in the form of paintings. It’s a blend of my aesthetic and the rich history of Kabbalah to create a lens through which to see the world.

Kabbalah is an esoteric interpretation of the Jewish Torah and the Zohar. This lore has been around for centuries and forms a well-rounded mythology of creation. The Tree of Life is a core tenet of this system. It depicts the natural balance of the human experience, creating a dia­gram outlining the many continuums we all ex­ist within: masculine and feminine, earthly and spiritual. Observing the interplay of the many aspects within the Tree of Life can give us great insight. We use it as a system to help us under­stand and balance the experiences of our lives.

The Tree of Life has two parts: 11 Emanations and 22 paths. The Emanations act as gates on the path through the Tree of Life. They are man­

ifestations of indivisible and universal concepts essential to understanding our existence. Pass­ing from one gate to the next gives us a variety of continuums to see the balance between each point.

These card images are a manifestation of my own relationship with the concepts they repre­sent, but they are not mine alone. The similar­ities between our experiences make them just as much yours as mine. Using symbolism as guideposts, this deck offers a path through the world of the subconscious. As you use the cards and the booklet, listen to how they speak to you. That voice you hear may be your own, but it is one within a chorus. Angelarium is a world that exists in all of us.

M Stepping into Angelarium

There is a place where all things exist, and we will go there.

Imagine a bead of water floating at the center of the universe. All things stretch out from this droplet. All worlds, all galaxies, and the full ex­panse of creation extend infinitely in all direc­tions from its surface. Beholding this tiny thing amidst the expanse around it does no justice to what it truly is. To understand its size is impossi­

ble because it’s as infinitely small as the universe around it is infinitely large. To see the bead is to lose sight of the universe around it and vice versa.

Now try to picture that our imaginary water bead holds a reflection of that universe within it. The space inside its boundaries is equally as infinite—a small and delicate infinity and yet in­finity nonetheless. Like the bead that contains it, its size is impossibly small. And yet, as we peer deeper into its center, we see the universe inside. We may believe that this experience of look­ing from the outside in is what it may be to see through the eyes of a god. But we must respect that our view of the universe within the water is no more complete than our view of the universe outside of it. The interior universe is filled with our experiences and expectations, the glimmer­ing lights of our knowledge and the vast dark­ness of our unknowing.

Angelarium is an infinite expanse within our own internal world. We see it not by looking outward to the great expanse that surrounds us but by looking inside the delicate world captured within ourselves. It’s a reflection of the outside world. The deeper we examine it, the better we can understand the world around us.

  1. Emanations of the Tree of Life

These 11 Emanations reveal the dynamic nature of Angelarium. Through its features, we are giv­en insight into a concrete structure, a landscape to explore. These aspects represent the com­ponent pieces of an indivisible whole. Each of them is a complete idea unto itself and yet non­existent without their relationship to each other. They are the body of Ein Soph, the Infinite. The Tree of Life.


The Crown - Spirituality

The first Emanation. The first utterance, the font of energy through which Ein Soph emanates into the universe.

The crown sits above the head and embodies that which is beyond our comprehension. One must envision Keter not as an object that can be per­ceived, but as the light that is cast upon it. Keter’s light is beyond knowability, a timeless expanse of pure consciousness. Only through respect for our own limitations do we begin to see the shad­ow of its nature.

It is the dark orb beyond which lies the Infinite.

As the highest point on the Tree, all continuums

cascade downward from it. Keter stands in con­trast to Malkuth, who rests at the very bottom of the Tree. The span that lies between them measures the complete distance from the most spiritual to the most physical aspects of our exis­tence. Journeying downward from this point, all other Emanations become increasingly close to our present experience.

Found in: Spiritual epiphany, faith, humility


Right Eye - Wisdom

The second Emanation. A vessel to hold that which is most precious. The first gate out of potentiality and a step into the realm of the known.

Chokhmah is the first moment a newborn child opens its eyes. That child’s first steps and first word. He is the beginning of a lifelong jour­ney, whose path disappears over the horizon. Where Keter is the pen that hovers over the page, Chokhmah is the moment of contact. From nothingness, wisdom is formed. To have insight into that which is not known is a gift that is not bestowed lightly.

The grey orb breaks the surface of our consciousness.

Descending from the summit of the Tree, we see its duality begin to form. Chokhmah sits atop “the pillar of mercy,” forming the first masculine aspect of the diagram. Its partner, Binah, opens next to reveal the two eyes through which we see the world.

Found in: Birth, intuition, the subconscious


Left Eye - Knowledge

The third Emanation. A flow of light that pours into the world. A candle whose flame may light another without diminishing its own.

Binah seeks not only creation but purpose. She is a flare of pure intent that blossoms from the heart of existence and out into the world. Her energy brings with it a desire for knowledge. She is the force that churns all the potential from higher Emanations into a form that can be re­ceived by our consciousness.

The white orb illuminates the way forward.

Binah sits atop “the pillar of severity,” heading the feminine aspect of the diagram. Creating a perfect balance with Chokhmah at her side, to­gether they represent a continuum of psychic un­derstanding. While Binah represents the power of knowing, Chokhmah reveals the power of not

knowing. One acts as a vessel as the other fills that vessel, giving it purpose.

Found in: Learning, shared experience, creation


Null - Emptiness

This Emanation is a conduit. It radiates no light for itself, holds no shape, and touches nothing. It is perfect and invisible. A space through which nothing—and everything—passes. In its arms, all ten of the Emanations dance, each of them shining a great light through its void.

This Emanation has no number, no color, no connection to the other Emanations. In that it is unique. Its solitary nature sets it apart from the other Emanations in such a significant way that Da’at is sometimes considered to not exist at all. To give a name to the emptiness at the center of the Tree is vital and so too is the need to under­stand the significance of that emptiness.

Found in: Meditation, silence, sleep


Right Hand - Empathy

The fourth Emanation. The hand that embraces. The healing tears brought on by the forgiveness of sins. Each kindness repaid in kind.

Chesed’s force pulls humanity together, allowing peace to exist between us. This is the power to look inside the hearts of those around us and see that we are truly alike. Our need for love and kindness is an essential part of our existence and transcends all other differences we might have.

The blue orb’s embrace extends across all existence.

Chesed is at the very center of the pillar of mer­cy, defining its core characteristic and forming an extreme opposite to its female counterpart, Gevurah. The two arms of the Tree extend in op­posite directions. Chesed pulls tight so that Ge­vurah cannot push away. This wrestling match cannot be won by either side, yet the struggle itself is meaningful because it is the struggle that defines our morality.

Found in: Kindness, charity, love


Left Hand - Judgment

The fifth Emanation. The hand that separates. The rule of law that brings order to the world.

Gevurah assesses what is just, helping us over­come our adversaries both without and within. Hers is the power to cleave apart a unified whole and leave its component pieces. It is a trait that

commands as much fear as respect because with it comes an inherent violence. She does this without enmity—it is an act that must be com­mitted to create balance.

The red orb exists as a boundary, closed to the unwor­thy.

Gevurah’s position at the center of its pillar defines that pillar’s trait of severity. Her push against Chesed, on the opposite side of the Tree, is met with equal and opposite resistance. With­out both of them in equal measure, we have no means of maintaining healthy relationships. We must have judgment to discern what is healthy for us, so that we can bring it into our lives and embrace it.

Found in: Law, bravery, punishment


Heart - Beauty

The sixth Emanation. The temperate force that allows the rest of the Emanations to coexist in beautiful harmony.

Tiferet is without extremes or absolutes. As each other aspect rages around him, he neither yields nor resists. He is the equilibrium that exists be­tween those forces. He is the guiding hand that

braces against the many aspects of the Tree to gracefully bring them toward one another.

The yellow orb brings balance to the universe.

Forming the midpoint between Keter and Mal- kuth, he defines the “pillar of balance.” At the glowing center of the Tree and the midpoint be­tween all its relationships, he distributes energy from each Emanation back across its paths. It’s a careful balancing act, incorporating such ex­treme opposites, but this is the nature of the Tree as a whole. Tiferet mirrors the structure of the Tree, existing as a microcosm of the whole.

Found in: Art, health, community


Right Leg - Endurance

The seventh Emanation. The force that resists.

Stalwart in the face of adversity, this great leader carries us forth through our darkest times. Net- zah is the strength to endure, regardless of suffer­ing. When we feel that we have reached our lim­its and yet new strength continues to emerge, we find the embrace of Netzah. With any increase in force, he too grows stronger. Each challenge is met with equal vigor.

The green orb is both the weight of a great boul­

der upon our shoulders and the strength needed to carry it.

Supporting the “pillar of mercy,” Netzah is the closest we get to the base of the Tree be­fore merging back into the middle. His station is one of constant stress and strain, supporting the weight of the Tree by pressing back upward against it.

Found in: Victory, exercise, leadership


Left Leg - Submission

The eighth Emanation. The force that abides.

Hod is what guides us when we surrender ourselves to the flow of fate and let destiny guide our motion. Through her light, we see the boundlessness of glory. Waving our hands through the wind, we feel the air pull us up­ward. It’s only by resigning ourselves to the forces around us that we truly experience the nature of those forces.

The golden orb shines a radiant light upon our shoul­ders.

Supporting the “pillar of severity,” Hod does not press back against the weight of the Tree. In­stead, she simply lets it pass through her, flowing

like water down into the lowest portion of the diagram. Through the two opposing characteris­tics of Hod and Netzah, relinquishing and resist­ing, we gain the power to move. Together they form the power to carry ourselves through the world with grace and intention.

Found in: Prayer, nature, mysteries


Root - Connection

The ninth Emanation. The foundation that sup­ports the world and forms the gateway between the spiritual and the physical.

Yesod is the medium through which we experi­ence the Tree of Life. Upon his shoulders rests the sky, and all that lies beyond it runs through his fingers. We stand at this doorway and peer through, seeking answers to our nature.

Through the indigo orb, a gateway appears.

As a single column again, the flow of energy through the Tree only moves downward. Yesod is the last stop before moving into the fully phys­ical realm. He is the looking glass through which we examine ourselves.

Found in: New life, speech, a doorway


Ground - The Kingdom

The tenth and final Emanation. The physical world in which we live. The domain of mankind.

Malkuth is an emanation of Emanations, the culmination of the many aspects that form the Tree of Life. Everything—from our bodies to the experiences we have in them to the world in which we exist—is Malkuth. The infinite space that expands across the universe is a manifesta­tion of her.

The boundless prismatic orb holds all the colors of the universe.

At the feet of the Tree, the ground stretches out­ward, forming a base. This is the space where Malkuth exists. She is beyond just being the lowest point, she is the foundation itself. Being the thing that we experience every moment in our lives, Malkuth contrasts clearly with Keter, whose existence is marked by its total unknow- ability. As with all things in the Tree, one mir­rors the other, forming a complete continuum through which we can understand the boundar­ies of existence.

Found in: The earth, our bodies, home

M Angels

One can see the Tree of Life as a literal tree, as a body, or (as it is often intended) as a diagram to describe our inner experiences. This organi­zation reveals the relationships of each sphere in turn, and each of those relationships spawns forth a new concept. This is the domain of An­gels. They are fire made flesh. An insight into their nature gives them life and with that life a new character emerges. Each of these figures stands upon a ley line between points on the Tree, inviting us to explore its meanings more deeply.

GABRIEL - Angel of Heralds

The guardian that stands beside the gateway between Angelarium and the rest of existence. Gabriel’s lantern points into the seething dark­ness. Its light breaks open the unknown and banishes doubt. There is certainty in this light. It fills you. This Angel issues no command—it doesn’t need to.

Shine, little light, shine. The impetus for action burns in you—in fact, you burn in it, fueling this light. Suddenly you burst forth, blazing the way, piercing the dark, leaving change in your wake. There is light everywhere you tread. You

are the light of Gabriel’s lantern. The might of this Angel does not command you, it aims you. Signs: A lantern, a mirror, a discovery

RAZIEL - Angel of Mysteries

The Keeper. The speaker of truth. All knowledge is pressed within the binding of his book. Raziel stands at the foot of the Tree of Life and observes all of creation, ever the diligent witness, forever transcribing the whole of creation. The book is passed to Enoch through his journey into the Tree of Life.

There are some things we simply cannot know. Such is the precious narrative of life. We can know the parts of the play but not the story’s end. Secrets and hidden endings keep the perfor­mance alight and dancing through the universe.

Raziel, rapt on high, our ever-present observer. We dream and fill Raziel’s Book of Mysteries. Our breath turns its pages. Exhale.

Signs: A book, a mask, codes

AZRAEL - Angel of Death

The assistant to man’s creation and the architect of the human body. Azrael stands alone on the shores of mortality, helping remove the souls

from the bodies of dying men, like precious seeds from the rotting core of an apple. The grim harvest is not to be feared, but demands respect as few other things in time and space.

From under the shroud of purpose come the hands of Azrael.

Oh, death

Oh, death.

Come to lay your hands upon me.

Oh, death

Oh, death.

Unfurl your fingers from my destiny.

Oh, death...

Do not search here or there, it will reveal itself in time, it will breach the surface for a moment. It will take you and pull you under. You will know and the knowledge will fill you, even as it con­sumes your soul.

Signs: An apple, the ocean, a skull

REMPH - Angel of Time

Eternally vigilant and forever burning. Remph is the movement through space measured out with deft precision. Our footsteps upon the earth mark its passing, for we are all bound

to time. One by one, we tick and lock, and ev­ery life is counted, even as those lives pass. We are all sand and seconds and moments, all fleeting.

Fire burns until it doesn’t. Lives are lived until they aren’t. Dreams are dreamt until we wake. Remph stands by all of this, counting. What better unit of measure than the souls that pass through the Tree of Life into Angelarium?

Remph walks between the pillars of past and present, turning every corner in every second. Remph’s movements can be seen in our own, as a fulcrum between moments.

Signs: A clock, a torch, a wave

LELIEL - Angel of Night

A fleeting spirit who dances across the sky, beautiful but aloof. Stars fill the tresses of Re­liefs hair. The night passes whether we are lost to quiet murmurs of sleep or staring out at a darkened expanse of sky. For every thing you see, there are a thousand things unseen. You witness the glimmer, the gleaming, of what is truly there.

Leliel passes from star to star, filling the night with light. One would think the darkness

Leliel’s realm. However, it is starlight that her­alds Night’s arrival.

Star bright, star’s light, dance on and on across this night.

What lullabies await us? What glittering night charms will Leliel hang upon the sky for all to see, for all to dream?

Signs: Wind, sheer cloth, the moon

DUMAH - Angel of Dreams

Docent to the unknown. Dumah is the impetus to doubt a false reality, to crack the shell keep­ing you from the truth. When the world shifts around you, Dumah is your guide. The world is stranger than you believed it to be.

What we all dream, we dream together. Those dreams pool together in Dumah’s cupped hands. Look below the surface of the water. You know you’ve missed something and yet you wonder what. You listen closely and yet you hear nothing. All the while, you dream the truth you think you seek.

It is said that Dumah and Leliel are connected. The truth of this can only be found within An- gelarium.

Signs: A reflection in water, a golden cage, an eye

MATARIEL - Angel of Rain

Matariel’s touch is felt, seen, and heard. Its presence is heavy, filling the air, saturating the ground. Matariel is heralded by thunder clap­ping through the sky, signaling change and shift. There is a great migration coming, and it arcs like lightning.

The potentiality from one body is moving to an­other—a precarious transference. A swift com­munion like the arrow taking its target.

Awareness is paramount for the journey. Don’t try to create an outcome for your future. Be in the moment. Let the rain fall where it may.

Signs: A fountain, a cup, an arrow

URIEL - Angel of Flame

Wild and unwieldy. Restraint is unthinkable. Uriel cannot be bound. The flames peel back the dark like silken fabric. The heat licks the edge of your awareness and as you turn to meet it, you are consumed.

The rhythms of heat and passion and flesh fill your mind. It comes over you like a wave, press­ing your consciousness into your body. You can no longer think, you can only feel. Sensations tremble through your being.

Uriel knows nothing but yearning. Look into the balefire of Uriel and it will expose your heart and leave you writhing in desire.

Signs: A brazier, a stallion, a tongue

EISTIBUS - Angel of Divination

You’ve called its name and so it has come. But you do not command what is foretold. Eistibus can only be an uncertain ally in these mercurial times. Eistibus reveals the ever-shifting rhythm of the skies and beckons us to observe the alignment of signs. Something is seen in the clouds, in the leaves, in the shadows. Something as glorious as Fate.

You observe something that could not, must not, be real. Curiosity is your call to action. You are compelled to go...

Signs: Sacred geometry, a cup of tea, a falling star

SIMIKIEL - Angel of Vengeance

When the time comes, we all call its name. It is ever the instinct in our throat when we seek retribution. We choke on it even as we languish in every syllable. But those who call on Simik- iel without cause will have harm fall back upon them threefold. It is the way of Simikiel’s sword, cutting in both directions.

While we will gird our fragile hearts against be­ing hurt, pain will make its attempts on us by any means necessary. It is in our soul to survive at all cost, even if it means violence. Try to resist the urges of your barbed heart. Simikiel knows not forgiveness.

Signs: A sword, a thorny branch, pierced skin

ISRAFEL - Angel of Song

The herald that will call the coming of end-times. Israfel is a presence, a beacon, a warning. Heat­ed judgment is upon us. The horn that blows the final call rests against the flesh of Israfel’s lips— if even it is flesh. Israfel is both melody and the cacophony of existence. Songs can be soft and warm, especially when they end.

Under the serene score of creation the danger of total destruction is hidden. Beyond that destruc­tion may be a new beginning. You must con­sider the implications of your actions seriously. Choose your steps wisely as you dance upon the cinder-soft earth.

Signs: A horn, the setting sun, a flame

ZACHRIEL - Angel of Memory

Eternally lost, Zachriel carelessly winds and un­winds the threads of thought. Memory has no

worries or concerns. You are safe to wrap yourself in the bands of time-gone-by as well. It is warm and safe within the fog of Zachriel. All you knew greets you, welcomes you, longs for you.

The power of remembrance is balanced by the power of forgetfulness. Pouring memory into the cup of forgetfulness makes room for new mem­ory. Zachriel is the Angel of all memory, even memory lost. If you take something with you, you must also leave something behind.

Signs: A knot, a loom, a maze

HASMED - Angel of Annihilation

The Unmaker. A terrible sight to behold—the void eating itself and making itself anew.

That which should no longer exist is unmade by Hasmed’s hands. There is something that needs to be removed. Look upon that which should not be and loose it from existence.

Signs: A hood, an eclipse, an empty field

SHELEGIEL - Angel of Snow

The bravery of happiness in the face of sadness. Happiness that stands against the stark cold and does not shiver. The winter is heralded by the fall of snow as Shelegiel dances, each step as unique as the snowflakes that frolic about this Angel.

The quiet reveler of winter, Shelegiel moves over the rime, a bright and joyous visage amidst a harrowing landscape. Its presence brings re­lief to those seek escape from an overburdened world. Take refuge from what ails you. It is time to recover.

Signs: A snowflake, a seed, a pine tree

SAHAQIEL - Angel of Sky

The shield bearer and the gatekeeper who stands outside the gateway between Angelarium and the expanse of existence. A benevolent figure whose compassion knows no bound or equal.

Sahaqiel blesses and protects, shielding us from storm and fire alike. The sky forms a ring around the earth many times over. Its movement forms the clouds, obscures the sun, and reminds us that Sahaqiel stands guard.

Signs: A shield, a ring, a blessing hand

REMIEL - Angel of Visions

The shepherd of good graces. A shining light in the distance, beckoning us forward into the fu­ture. The green pastures beyond the next hill are hard to see. Remiel assures us that things will get better. It whispers, “Something is coming and it is beautiful.”

Keep pushing toward the horizon, toward the setting sun. As the light fades, you feel as if someone is watching you. Far in the distance you see a lone figure walking, a dove on its shoulder. You stop for a moment to marvel at this vision. When you move again, it is gone. You hear a flutter of feathers as the dove lands gracefully on your shoulder.

Signs: A cane, the rising sun, a white dove

ZAJDKIEL - Angel of Mercy

The one who metes out forgiveness, and the one who judges transgression. Zadkiel is the swift gavel as well as the crushing hammer. Those who have sinned against your fellow man, Zadkiel may relieve you of your pun­ishment, but in asking you submit yourself to the scales of the Angel’s judgment and wrath. Zadkiel sees all the cracks and seams of the soul, finds all the things we cover up to convince ourselves of the illusion of a moral existence.

Zadkiel reminds us to reveal our failings open­ly and be judged by those that have the power to forgive. It is only the just who may make such reckoning.

Signs: Scales, rising smoke, a gavel

KUSHIEL - Angel of Punishment

The hunter whose prey is falsehood. Oathbreak­ers beware, Kushiel will seek you out. Even as you stalk your own victims, punishment is upon you. No one who escapes the mark of Kushiel. There are consequences for breaking your word; the pieces sharpen and sink into your flesh, em­bedding themselves within your heart.

So long as the offense stands, you will always be held in the sights of the hunter. Seeking absolu­tion is noble, however tedious. Begin that jour­ney with haste lest Kushiel find you first.

Signs: A spear, a shaft of light, a raven

SHATEIEL - Angel of Silence

Words fail, the wind dies, the earth comes to a rest. Shateiel descends in stillness. New forms for all things emerge, touched by the elusive fin­gers of the Angel Shateiel.

Space fills with silence and “void” gains new meaning. We are held still by the grip of its pres­ence. Fear is useless, as its presence is almost always brief. Silence slides over your ears, envel­oping your awareness completely, as if you’ve closed your eyes.

Take a moment. Take the silence within you and

use it to still the tremors of your soul. Shateiel wills it.

Signs: A feather, a chair, a person kneeling

SUCHLAPH - Angel of Verdancy

The wind moves through the grass in waves, car­rying with it the seeds of growth. It flows across the landscape and burrows into the cool soil. Be­neath the fallow earth, seeds vibrate and burst, changing the loam. The transmuted life already craving the open air and the ecstasy of sunlight.

It is Nature and natural for plant life to seek the sky and the blessing of the sun. With this sim­ple act—no, prayer—the dominion of Suchlaph expands. With open hands Suchlaph denies decay and defies entropy. All is verdant where Suchlaph wanders.

Let your roots take hold, and allow the gaze of Suchlaph to fall on you. It is the season for blos­soming.

Signs: A branch, a flower, a seed

PHANUEL - Angel ofTruth______

Phanuel will wait for your arrival. It was here long before you arrived, standing at the thresh­old to the throne room. You may not have borne

witness. Its sound may have escaped you. But Phanuel has waited there for you, eager to wrap you in a cloak of Truth.

Reality is ever present. It is a simple matter to find it. It is another, much more difficult task to under­stand that its truth can be different from Truth.

Hold the torch high. See what stands before you for what it is.

Signs: Wine, a torch, a bleeding eye

SANDALPHON - Angel of New Life

When the time is right, the twin Angel will re­turn. Sandalphon was the first and now we follow it forward along the shoreline and into the water.

Sandalphon’s footstep brings with it great fear but also awe and hope. With each step, we move closer to the conclusion and a new beginning.

Embrace this new epoch; what has come has already passed. What will be is still a dream. Sandalphon flows through it all. When a new era emerges, the blood of the twin Angel brings fertility to everything it touches.

Angelarium too was formed this way. So too will the next world, born in the wake of Sandalphon.

Signs: A wheel within a wheel, a child, a spiral

M Using the Cards

The path you take through these cards is your own. Though they hold their own truths, the ultimate truth always lies in your own interpre­tation. Leave your mind open to the sights that come to you unbidden. Meditate on where these visions come from and where they lead you. The reflections that you experience when you gaze upon the cards are the true meaning.

&& Daily Meditation

Shuffle the deck as you meditate and pull a sin­gle card from the pile when you are ready. Take note of where this card exists in the Tree and contemplate its relationship to your own daily experience. Take notes on how your relationship with the cards unfolds over time.

M Focus Card

Draw a card at random from the pile and lay it in front of you. Concentrate on its position within the Tree as you reshuffle the pile. Draw 4 more cards and lay them out above, below, left, and right, to create a cross shape.

How do the cards’ relationships strike you? How is this orientation similar to the Tree and how does it differ? Is there meaning in their arrange­

ment that speaks to your experiences? Let the examination of these images allow you to seek an inner truth.

M Walking the Path

Start by arranging the 11 Emanation cards face up in their natural arrangement. Shuffle the re­maining 22 cards and place 9 at random along all 9 spaces of the path starting from Keter and walking all 9 steps downward toward Malkuth. Use this path to consider your recent experienc­es or experiences you are visualizing for the fu­ture. The whole journey from start to finish has the capacity to mirror the paths within your life. Whether you choose to examine your journey as a whole or a single meaningful moment is up to you. Let this be a roadmap to guide you to your own personal insight.

M The History of Angelarium

It started it back in 2004 as a series of 12 An­gel portraits. This was the basis for everything that has happened in my career over the past ten years, and returning to it has brought me back to the feelings of excitement I’ve always had about creating art.

Angelarium is not a series of illustrations. It’s not an art book or a comic book. It’s not a series of prints or figurines. It’s a space where we can use metaphor to describe our shared experienc­es. This gives it the freedom to manifest in any

medium and tell any number of stories. My goal for it is to create honest, interesting work in as many mediums and with as many collaborators as I can.

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