Arcanum Tarot Guidebook



The word arcana conjures deep, dark ideas. Mys­teries, secrets, a mystical world filled with imag­inative creatures. This beautiful photo-realistic deck is your companion for tapping into the mag­ic and mystery of tarot. These wonderful imag­es will guide you into new realms of exploration.

Use these instructions as your guide to under­stand the basics of tarot, what each card means, and how to craft interpretations for your ques­tions. You can choose to work with each card in the deck by itself, or read them as a sequence of intricate answers. While this booklet describes each card's unique voice, you are the best guide as to what each cards means to each situation and how they want to answer your requests. Lis­ten to your intuition. Let it teach you.


Tarot is a wonderful tool for insight. A standard pack has 78 cards, with a distinctive structure: a major arcana and a minor arcana. The twenty-two major cards detail common archetypes to all cul­tures. Arcanum Tarot lists these in Roman nu­merals starting at 0 and ending with XXIL


The remaining 56 cards belong to the minor ar­cana. It has four suits, each with its own symbol: Swords, Cups, Pentacles, and Wands. Each suit ties into one of the four elements. They deal with daily activities. Swords describe how we com­municate and deal with conflicts. Cups repre­sent relationships and emotions we have. Penta­cles show how we create better foundations and deal with the material possessions within. Wands describe our creative passions and impulses and our mastery over them.

Each minor arcana suit has four court cards. In Arcanum Tarot, these are Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Pages are usually young adults explor­ing their suifs symbol. Knights are fierce war­riors on horses using the suifs power. Queens are women using the suit's symbol to offer guidance. Kings are men holding the mantle of mastery for each suit.


This booklet contains expanded information for each one of the 78 cards. For each card, there is a short quote describing the card's core mean­ing. What would you want this card to tell you about itself? This quote is followed by detailed information on what the card means and how to


understand key symbols located on each card. [ Finally, a short list of selected interpretations ap- pears for both upright and reversed (reading with the card upside down) positions.

This information is a starting point to help you crack the code for reading tarot. Be patient when working with the cards! Assigning meaning to ' your question does not come easy. It may take awhile to decipher what the cards say, especial- * ly when many cards appear on the table. Tarot cards contain a lot of visual information. Slow down, give your intuition space to unravel the mysteries.

Close your eyes, open them to the world of pos- % sibilities tarot brings. Take a deep breath and al­low the characters on the Arcanum Tarot to guide you into a world of connecting with your intuition.



  1. The Fool. "The universe opens to me. I stand at the precipice ready to explore and ex­pand my horizons.,,

The Fool begins their journey at the edge of a •; cliff. Dressed in the bright colors of medieval ; times, they stand barefoot. A small black and white dog hops around at their side. A white rose, a symbol of purity rests gently against the tunic.

Their right hand is offered up and out, in a ges­ture showing reverence to the world and all it of- 0 fers. The twelve zodiac signs appear, giving the Fool a glimpse into the mysteries in the world.

Upright meanings: new journey; innocence;

► freedom.

Reversed meanings: reluctance to change; be­ing blocked; wanting to stay put.

  1. The Magician. am in complete control of the forces in the world. Watch me manifest reality.'* The Magician seeks to control the forces of the universe. He manipulates tools on his altar. The sword, the cup, the pentacle, and the wand. This library gives him space to practice his craft. He does not look at the magic he creates, rather he allows the power to flow through him. He trusts that his skill is good and the work he does will result in the desired effects. His red cloak indi­cates the power needed to work magic. The lemniscate represents infinite possibilities. Finally, the caduceus represents medicine and the pow­er to heal thyself.

Upright meanings: external knowledge; mani­festing desires; channeling the will.

Reversed meanings: abuse of power; too much control; disappointment.

  1. The High Priestess. "I meditate on the § knowledge gleamed from the divine. The secret 么 of the sacred is within me."

The High Priestess allows her intuition to guide her. While she reads books and learns to ap­preciate knowledge within, she knows the true source of wisdom comes from communion with the divine. Her crown is shaped like a full moon and a crescent moon. She attunes her self to natures cycles. She stands before two pillars, pro­tecting the other side from prying eyes. The key held between her fingers is a tool of her craft, it helps her unlock the mysteries she meditates on. The books contain knowledge and new per spectives.

Upright meanings: listen to your intuition; trust in the universe; keeper of secrets.

Reversed meanings: being out of touch with the cycles; not trusting your intuition; being / fake.


III. The Empress. Come sit with me and learn the secrets of Nature. For it is abundant with life and nourishment.,,

The Empress is Nature. She is the mother of all,  

and holds reverence to the world she is apart      -

  1. Her green gown connects her (quite liter­ally) to the world. A powerful waterfall spills


down from her belly and into the overflowing

pool of water. She holds a scepter in her left % hand, a symbol of rule and power. A lotus flow- l er is in her other hand, a symbol of the creative r; power. A dove hovers over her. as a symbol of ; peace and tranquility. Wheat for nourishment F grows near her right side. The Empress is the ? ultimate symbol of the feminine and has strong connections to Venus.

Upright meanings: abundance; feeling cre­ative; sustained nourishment.

Reversed meanings: scarcity; taking more than what you can handle; disconnect from surroundings.


  1. The Emperor. "See this land, I rule over it.

:1 protect it, define it, and help it grow. Without me, it would fall into chaos.”

g A strong Emperor stands guard over his lands. % He wears the regal red and purple robes of royalty. His crown is adorned in jewels of many colors, representing the various facets of regu­lation. His scepter has a ram's head, a sign of

Mars and the thick skin it takes to be a lead­er. An eagle perches on the railing, a symbol of freedom and strength. The Emperofs face is warm, etched with years of deep decision mak­ing and meanings: setting boundaries; guid­ing the shape of things to come; authority.

Reversed meanings: chaotic times; lack of good boundaries; being too rigid.


  1. The Hierophant. I stand here ready to teach you, to tell you the word of divinity, and to 」 enlighten your mind."

Hierophants are priests, they keep the sacred ways. This hierophant stands as a conduit, a con­nection between man s world and the world of the divine laws. He wears red robes, the color of bkx)d as it flows throughout all life. One hand is free and points upwards, towards the heavens and the sky. The other holds a staff with 3 bars: each one representing the different gates to reach the divine creator. A thick set of crossed keys lay over his heart, a symbol of coming together in true knowledge and power. The papal hat also has three levels, suggesting the connection to the divine trinity.

Upright meanings: receiving knowledge from a higher source; connect to the divine; awaken to understanding.

Reversed meanings: having a closed mind; turning away from the light; challenge authority.


  1. The Lovers. "We make a choice to be to gother in this union. Nothing can separate us 、 now, not even an arrow from the divine.,,

Two angels face one another. They gaze direct­ly into each others eyes, seeing the other for who they really are. The woman, with white flow­ers in her hair, represents the feminine divine. : The man leans in with form and structure. Their union represents a choice made, to join together, to form a new path of togetherness. An apple, tra­dition symbol of temptation, sits between them untouched. Lush plants grow all around them. An arrow points downwards uniting them with the power of the divine.

Upright meanings: making a choice; being con­nected; connecting to others.

Reversed meanings: being together for the sake of it; hurtful emotions; lack of empathy.


VII. The Chariot. I trust in the power of my horses to take me to where 1 need to go. 1 cre­ate my own path and have the freedom to enjoy j the jouney.,,

A charioteer stares straight forward while his two horses pull the cart he stands on. He does not hold the reigns. Instead, the horses are free to pull the chariot as they will. One horse is black, suggesting the darker yang forces and the other is

white, suggesting the lighter yin forces. The light from the charioteer's staff glows, directing their journey. The golden crab on the man's chest ties this card to the astrological sign of Cancer. Look closely, the cart has no wheels, allowing the char­iot to move with great speed. The cart has wings, suggesting a connection to Hermes, and to flight. Upright meanings: now is the time; take swift action; travel.

Reversed meanings: wait until your goals are clearer; get focus and clarity; feeling over­whelmed.


VIII. Strength. "The lion and I friends, not en­emies.We walk together in peace and harmony." A maiden and her lion pose for a portrait. Her hair is folded up and she wears a slim gold crown with beads. White flowers decorate her ear, a

symbol of purity. The lion is young and appears cautious for his eyes are trained elsewhere. He has a double chain adorning his neck. His mane is long suggesting the raw power within the beast. One of the maiden's hand rests against the lion.

The lion represents the untamed wild; his pres­ence connects this card to the astrological sign youthful trust. The white and yellow flowers represent love and friendship.

for Leo. The girl represents our Upright meanings: allow your inner strength to shine; be gentle to yourself in troubled times; heighten your self-esteem.

Reversed meanings: trust yourself; stop seeing the world as lacking; have courage.


  1. The Hermit. shine my light out into the world so others can find me. Then Pll teach them the way."

The Hermit hovers high above a gorge. One large hand holds a lantern which shines light down the sandy fields. His face is calm and serene, and his heart chakra is wide open, blasting energy. The Hermit does not seek. He holds the light out for those to come to him. His light shines, illuminat­ing the dark corners of the unknown. He tends to his flame (in this case, symbolized by the one in­side the lantern), not worrying about what else goes on around him. His cloak is purple, a tradi­tional symbol of spiritual knowledge. He holds a staff in his right hand, a companion for when the journey gets rough.Upright meanings: seeking answers from with­in; spend time alone; a deeper understanding.Reversed meanings: don't isolate yourself for too long; let others know your wisdom; hiding.



  1. The Wheel of Fortune. "I hold the wheel in my hands. It does not seem to spin, and yet, the energy around it swirls and affects you. What fortune does the wheel have for you?"

A sphinx grabs hold of an eight-spoked wheel. The twelve signs of the zodiac appear around the inside. The inner hub features the rays of the sun. In each comer of this card appears one of the four alchemical symbols for the elements. Starting at the top left we have air, then fire. The bottom left sigil is earth, and then water. Behind the wheel is the universe, the stage on which all things good and bad happen. The wheel signi­fies the changing cycles, the good fortunes and the bad we encounter. The sphinx is a creature of riddles, questions, and not many true answers. Upright meanings: the cyclical nature of life; karma; asking deeper questions.

Reversed meanings: learn to adapt to change; look deep into your negative cycles; going against the grain.


  1. Justice. I hold the scales of light and dark. How much would you weigh if you were to place yourself on this device?*'

A blind-folded woman stands rigid behind a large scale. A sword, point downwards, forms the scale's pillar. The pan on the left holds a heart, symbol of emotions. The pan on the right holds a feather, a symbol of purity and lightness. Does 卜 your emotional content weigh lighter than a feather? How will your actions be judged? What does the scroll contain? Will this Justice let you pass into the beyond? White is a prominent col­or here, of purity, of lightness, of letting go of the § dark. The sword, a tool of judgement, is at rest, suggesting no harm will befall you if you light­en your load. The scroll symbolizes the words of judgement that may pass onto you.

Upright meanings: let go of the darkness; find your balance; a win in your favor.

Reversed meanings: being weighted down; a loss against you; poor decisions.


XII. The Hanged Man. "Hanging upside down releases me from the burdens I carry. I am light­er, free to view the world as I see fit."

A young man hangs upside down, his arms dan­gle free. Dark waters ebb and flow beneath him. A long thin piece of fabric, a ribbon, holds him to an unknown surface via only one leg. The oth­er leg bends at the knee. The young man is al­most naked, a loincloth keeps him modest. While he hovers in the air, his fate unknown, his face is serene, almost joyful, as if the experience is showing him the true world for the first time. The

waters represent the unknown. The upside down man represents surrender and freedom. The tree > behind him is a symbol of being connected.

Upright meanings: sacrifice and surrender; en­lightenment; perspective.

Reversed meanings: lack of faith; stagnation; being selfish.


XIII. Death. "Why are you here? Are you not ready to face the experiences life has to offer? There is so much more for you to learn. Come back when you are ready.”Death stands patiently on top of a pile of skele­tons. His hands rest on the pommel of his rosy sword. We cannot see the face of death, for no one knows what lies beyond the veil. The dark back­ground suggests the fear and confusion death has on us, while the light around death itself, gives us hope, that there is more to the journey. The skele­tons have all shuffled off their mortal concerns, the beings they were no longer exist. They have moved on. The raven bears witness to this meeting.

Upright meanings: an end to this stage of your journey; transformation; rebirth from one form • into another.

Reversed meanings: reluctance to change; ob­sessive thoughts; inability to move on.


XTV. Temperance. "This cauldron holds magic. You mix two elements together and watch as

life grows."

An angel stands behind a cauldron. She pours fire and water from two chalices. The pot is thick with mist and from the elixir a small plant with pink petals grows. Her eyes are trained down- : wards, focused on the task at hand. She wears a headband with the sun's symbol atop her fore­head. Around her neck is the symbol for water, which has no shape or form. She is dressed in U white, a color tied to heaven, and to all things * good. The golden cauldron bears the mark of the triple goddess, a symbol of the divine feminine  forces. The growth is a symbol of the mixing of  two powerful magics coming together, a new life from the old.

Upright meanings: creating life from two differ­ent things; focused attention; moderation.

Reversed meanings: going to extremes; blowing things out of proportion; falling apart.


  1. The Devil. "Are you ready to free yourself from the chains you hold dear? Then let's begin."

A ghastly face blocks a doorway. His eyes burn red with desire. A pentagram hangs around the figure's neck. He appears to be bald and wears a hood. Two naked figures huddle in angst

below in the chamber. While they're not bound in chains, they are stuck, unable or unwilling to 匕 leave. The alchemical symbols for the four el­ements dangle near by from silver chains. The pentagram is a symbol of personal power. The elements are the building blocks used to attain power or perform activities. The stairs represent - freedom.

Upright meanings: strong desires; addictions; ; temptations.

Reversed meanings: abandon addictions; stay on the right path; don't give in to peer pressure.


XVI. The Tower. Destruction befalls those who < do not get out of the way from strong disaster." A four-pi Hared stone tower gets struck by light­ning and a tornado. The roof of this structure - seems to be breaking apart, joining with the pow- 、 erful forces of the tornado. The four pillars seem to have no strong footing anymore, being pushed right off the side of a cliff. No people appear on this card. The strength of the building is still not strong enough to stand against nature.

Upright meanings: upheaval; destruction of old ways; shaken foundation.

Reversed meanings: clinging to the past; delay change; rejection.


XVII. The Star. "lam the one who gives you hope when you feel like nothing is going right." A young woman with blue hair hovers high over the world. In one hand she holds a carafe made of gold, in the other a silver carafe. Silver liquid pours from both. One directly into a pool of wa­ter, while the other nourishes a small plant grow­ing from the water. Lush plant life surrounds the water. A full moon illuminates the world from be­hind this woman. Her robes seem to fade into the universal background. Eight stars shine bright, four on the left of the woman, and three on the right. A single bright star glows from the center of the woman's headdress.

Upright meanings: blessings; dreams; cleans­ing and renewal.

Reversed meanings: deny your inner truth; ig­noring signals; lack of vision.


XVIII. The Moon. "What light protects you when there is nothing but darkness all around? Do not listen to the whispers."

A crab glides under water, its shadow illumi­nated by the moon above. A portal of dark, jag­ged wood keeps the moon in place, preventing it from moving across the night sky. A jackal sits at the base of each stand. An animal delighting in the folly of others, they protect of the under­

20 c-

world. The crayfish represents the creatures of 三 the deep, dark unknown, sometimes this can be- 5 come our subconscious. The background of this ' card is dark and misty, obscuring the reality of § what is there from us.

Upright meanings: face your dark side; dealing with uncertainty; pay attention to your dreams.

Reversed meanings: having issues determining reality; not all is bad; lack of clarity.


XIX. The Sun.We delight in the activities that make us happy. The sun sustains us."

Two children hold hands as they dance under the warm sun. The left child is bronze and has a cropped hair style. The silver child has long blonde hair. They symbolize happiness and joy. They don't understand boundaries and rules. They only know love for one another. Once again, the twelve astrological symbols for a circle around the figures, connecting this card to the universal flow of all things. Everyone deserves to feel the sun on their shoulders. Everyone should feel the freedom to dance and be who they want to be.

Upright meanings: joy; success; confidence of doing a job well done.

Reversed meanings: being bullied; not being in control; feeling cold.udgement. "I call upon you to rise up. ee and take the next step on your jouney.,,

The angel of mercy blows her golden horn. Her wings spread wide open, in a welcome gesture. Her shoulders are bare, suggesting she has no need to hide, her intentions are authentic. Four bodies rise up from the dark valley heeding the ethereal music. The horn blows the music of the universe, giving instructions to the listening spir­its. Not all the spirits will pay attention. Many will stay behind, terrified of what is to come. The background image is hazy, suggesting we cannot see what is beyond. Only those who are beyond mortality can view.

Upright meanings: resurrection; rebirth; awak­en to a brighter future.

Reversed meanings: resisting the call; avoiding a connection; questioning it all.


XXL The World. "With the right pose, and the right tune, I can manifest anything in the universe.,9

The dancer on this card hears music from a un­known source. She is alert and poised, ready to start spinning her wands. She is connected to the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. She is scantly clothed in belly dancing attire, her has wispy scarves cling to her skin. Her energy is

powerful, surrounding her in total protective light from top to bottom. She commands the four elements of the corners, casting a spell. Their en­ergy reveals a double circle of strange script sur­rounding her. Is this the script of the universe manifested for her view?

Upright meanings: reintegration; feeling com­plete; job well done.

Reversed meanings: hard to take ending; mourning; hanging on past due.




Ace. We take to the air to help you realize your mental capacity.,,

A single sword rises from the sky. A yellow gem glows in the hilt. Two bald eagles hover on either side of the sword. In the background are snowy mountaintops. The sword is the tool of this suit, it represents the ability to have a sharp mind and to make swift decisions. The golden ivy laurel signifies achievement. Eagles are a powerful symbol for freedom. The moun­tains represent the peaks of the dreams and


Upright meanings: inspired ideas; bright intel­ligence; truth.

Reversed meanings: hesitation; grandiose ideas; inability to push forward.

Two. “I sit here, blindfolded, waiting to inter­act. I do not want to make the wrong decision.,^ A woman rises up from the rocky shores. Two swords lay crossed against her chest. She is blindfolded and cannot see what is going on around her. A decision must be made, but she can only use the information from her oth­er senses to make it. The moon is full, cast­ing strange light on the land around her. Will she drop the swords or wield them? Only a wise and informed decision can guide her now.

Upright meanings: facing a choice; getting yourself unstuck; stalemate.

Reversed meanings: relying only on what you feel; being picky; not listening.

Three. "Things seem hard now. Nothing is permanent, the petals keep falling and 1 can­not stop them.,,


A girl holds a bright red rose. She wears a yel­low dress, and her face is sad. Tears stream down £ from her eyes. The petals slip through her fingers and fall to the ground below. Three staggered swords point downwards. The one closest -- to the ground stabs through another rose. Ros­es are a symbol of love and affection. The cru bling flowers suggest a deterioration of an idea. / The yellow dress is a symbol of friendship and of mourning. The tears suggest a painful situation unfolds. The sky is dark and rainy. The moon, wanes, turning from the most powerful light into the darker moments.

Upright meanings: heartbreak; betrayal; watch your back.

Reversed meanings: let go of the past; heal your mind; hang in there.



Four. "I sit in communion with my surroundings meditation. I am supported. This is my time to re- center and balance my inner and outer worlds."

A man sits in deep meditation. Four swords, pointed down, float behind him. His hands

gently placed palm up on each knee. His face is relaxed and calm. His robes are the colors of mental discipline, orange and purple, suggest­ing that he's been practicing this for a long time. The darkness does not enfold him. He radiates a



Upright meanings: contemplation; resting; pre­paring for what is next.

Reversed meanings: thinking too quickly; not resting; hesitation.

Five. T won, didn't I? Who cares how fair this battle was, 1 am still victorious no matter the cost."

A fighter smiles victoriously while holding three swords. Two more rest behind him in a crossed pattern. His opponent walks away empty hand­ed from the battle field. Two shields lay on the ground. The fighter has one foot resting on top of each of them. There are also two arrows, which seems like an unfair advantage, given all the swords laying around. Some cheating must have happened for this person to have won. The skies are clouded, suggesting that something tricky could have happened. Green is the color of jeal­ousy, black is a color of evil and trickery.

Upright meanings: selfishness; hollow victory; cheating your way to the top.

Reversed meanings: being disappointed; being open to new ideas; dejection.

Six. 6tThe boat carries me to new vistas. Places where I can have a fresh start and not feel the burdens of my past."

A Ione figure sits in a boat headed for a island g teeming with life. Two swords point downward in front of them. The ferryman is hooded and has a basket holding four more swords. This suggests he is prepared for a struggle, a fight along the way. The boat is a symbol of moving forward, of taking a trip. The blue clothing of the figure sug­gests they are dealing with a lot of emotional in­put, for blue is associated with emotions. The fig­ures do not look at us, instead they are focused on the bright days ahead of them; leaving the darkened skies behind.

Upright meanings: rights of passage; moving forward; healing.

Reversed meanings: inability to move forward; traversing difficult mental terrain; being inflexible.


Seven. T need to defend and protect what is mine. Does it really matter who these swords be­long to?"

A hooded figure stands at the bottom of the steps. He holds one sword defensively, looking over his back for some unknown followers. He holds four : swords close to his chest in his other hand. Tvvo swords have been placed deep into the earth. '

Perhaps in frustration because he cannot carry them all with him? There is a lot of light around this person, like he's trying to carry out a crime in broad daylight but didn't think it all the way through. The steps signify escape and success. However, he has not moved up them because he is afraid of what may lurk behind him.

Upright meanings: deceit; keep others at bay; watch your back.

Reversed meanings: returning to the scene of the crime; drop everything and focus; sincerity.

Eight." How did I get myself in this situation? How will I get out? Will there be anyone out there when 1 am freed?"

A woman draped in a red blanket stands with her arms at her chin. She wears a matching red blind­fold over her eyes. Her mouth is pursed in wor­ry, and her head is bent as if she is listening for sounds. Off in the distance stands a tower placed on some sandstone. Eight swords surround her, blocking her in. Many of the swords have their sharp edges facing the woman. She knows if she moves, she may be cut. Unaware of how close or far each sword is, she stands still, not tempting fate. A small opening appears in front and behind her, giving her a way out of this situation. How­ever, with her eyes blindfolded, she does not see.

Upright meanings: feeling trapped; rest in isolation; fear of being cut.

Reversed meanings: removing obstacles; take the blindfold off; clear the path.


Nine. T don't know how much more of this I / can take. I need to rest and the nightmares keep "枣 coming."

A woman sits awkwardly on the floor. Her hand resting on her forehead. Nine swords hover above her with their points down. It is night time and the window is open. An owl beats its wings near her. A lantern rests by her feet cast­ing a gold hue for her to see. She is not star­ing at the lamp, however. Her eyes are closed and she is giving into the drama, the anxiety, her mind creates. Owls are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, they are also nocturnal, and as such, can bring in illusions and nightmares. A full moon is seen beyond the swords adding to the confusion as the line between reality and fantasy gets blurred.

Upright meanings: anxiety; giving into illu­sions; temporary stress.

Reversed meanings: release; simplifying the situation; a return of good dreams.


Ten. T am done. There is nothing left for me to complete.,,

A woman lays on the rocky shores of a beach. Ten swords are pointed down at her skin in vari­ous places. The tips of the swords glow with en­ergy. Her eyes are open, yet she does not move. One hand is laid out and open at her side. This is a gesture of giving up, of giving in. It is as if she has lost all will to live and cannot go on any more. She wears a black shirt. Black is the col­or of darkness, of protection. Her skirt is red, the color of blood and life. The skies darken with angry clouds. Yet, at her angle she does not see the slim beam of light descending down over the ocean. Perhaps ifs the reason the swords glow?



Upright meanings: losing all hope; giving up;




the end.

Reversed meanings: keep fighting; you are not

there yet; more to do.

Page. T have my first sword. I do not know how to use it yet. However, they will expect me to learn quickly."

The Page of Swords stands on a clouded balco­ny. His face shows determination and a spark of mischievousness. The sword in hand, he stands at the ready to challenge whoever comes by. Sev­en butterflies hover around his head. The way

the Page holds his sword suggests that he is R not skilled yet and wants to see what he can do. 以

The butterflies are a symbol of the intellect. The f dark chain mail the Page wears suggests that he 日 is ready for battle, inexperienced as he may be. The swirls on his clothing suggest that he is filled f with new ideas and cannot wait to put those ideas into motion. He wears a padded tunic, which will protect him as he learns how to use his weapon. m

Ten birds hover in the background.

Upright meanings: curiosity; new approaches; keep your mind open.

Reversed meanings: caution; closed minded; caustic.

Knight. T take charge and lead the path to our victory.,,

The Knight of Swords rides off through the mists on his horse. He grips his sword lightly on one hand and is prepared to strike out. His helm has a tall plume of white feathers. The shield is lowered, protecting the knighfs face. He wears his armor tightly around his body. Protecting him for what is to come. His horse is adorned with tan and pur­ple dressings, a sign of authority and willingness to get the job done at all costs. The silhouettes of five birds fly above and below him, giving the illu­sion that he is floating through the air.




Upright meanings: having a plan; taking swift action; impulsive.

Reversed meanings: impatient; out of control; not having all the right information to act.

Queen. "Don't be so quick to judge me, dear. I know how to use this sword in my hand. I just prefer to cut you in other ways."

The Queen of Swords wears the regal purple and tan robes of her suit. She stands facing the right, a sword poised in her hand. She looks like she is lost in contemplation, perhaps she is. Or perhaps she is passing judgement, get­ting ready to speak it out to those ready to lis­ten. Her crown is appears tarnished, from years of wear. It9s sharp points don't hide the fact that she is in control and knows how to wield weap­ons. The archway behind her displays a wood­land scene behind her. The stone pillars have wings on them, wings represent the element of air tying the suit of swords to it. No birds take flight in her skies.

Upright meanings: logic; calculating; knowing the right answers.

Reversed meanings: fantasy; daydreaming; un­able to be objective.


King. UI stand ready to protect all that is mine. I pray, do not come any closer.,,

The King of Swords stands prepared to tackle on any challenges that come his way. His tan and purple robes can be seen under his weathered chest plate and leather robe armor. This is a King who has seen his fair share of battles. His crown juts out from his head in many sharp points, sug­gesting he rule is law and he has absolute au­thority of his lands. His sword stands ready to defend, for it sits across his chest. Yet, he is not ready for battle. His face suggests he is ready to listen first and then take action later. Once again, the wings of air are seen on the pillars. Two birds hover in the sky beyond the archway.

Upright meanings: authority; someone in con­trol; firm leadership.

Reversed meanings: unsympathetic; falling on deaf ears; not taking a stand.



Ace. 4*This cup runs over, spilling all the good­ness that life has to offer."

A golden cup sits in the middle of a coral reef. A school of fish swim to the left and right of it. The cup is overflowing with water, it spills up and out over the sides of the rim, falling down into the ocean. Fish are often symbols of happi­ness and can be given as gifts to ensure lasting relationships. The ocean ties the suit of cups to the element of water. The sky is bright and free from darkness, this is a sign that things are good and can only get better. The ocean waves are also calm, nothing disturbs the cup, it stands firm.

Upright meanings: new emotional beginnings; overflowing goodness; compassion.

Reversed meanings: feeling overwhelmed; emotional limitations; withholding.

Two. “We devote this day to each other. We join as one, in mind, body and spirit.^,

A couple gazes lovingly into each others9 eyes. They have taken the next step and are building a commitment to one another under the warmth of the sun. The stillness of the ocean's water does give way to steamy waves. l\vo cups hover beneath the man and the woman. A flow of water, or energy, springs from the center of each cup and connects between the couple. The symbol for woman ap­pears between the two cups, for relationships and emotions are seen as a feminine capacity.

Upright meanings: true love; capacity to grow; emotional completion.

Reversed meanings: empty promises; emotion-

Three. "It's time to enjoy the bounty. Come 诵 drink. Eat from the bountiful fruit. And dance.,^

A young woman wears the seductive garb of a dancer. She lightly pours liquid from two cups into a third. Her eyes are closed, suggesting this is some ecstatic ritual, a way to deeply connect to the activity she does. Two bundles of fruit sit in the peaceful waters before her. One has apples and grapes. The other has more exotic fruits like kiwi and mangos. Fruit is often bundled in this way to give as an offering for the harvest season. It appears as this girl is preparing for a party, a ceremony. The ocean's waves react to the churn­ing of the waters for it rises up and churns along with the overflow of liquid.

Upright meanings: celebration; enjoying one's company; a tryst.

Reversed meanings: having no time to enjoy life; being unfulfilled; feeling withdrawn.

Four. "I'm bored and not sure what else to do other than stare down into the water."

A young woman kneels at the edge of a lake. Her head bends forward, her eyes trained down. What does she contemplate? Does she even see the cup of water being offered to her in the sky? Two more cups appear in her periphery, overflow­ing with water. Does she not see the magic that


F is being offered? A single cup stands out from the ;; other three, is is empty. Perhaps this is what she is looking at. Does she wonder why her cup is emp- l ty? The lake's water appears calm for now, but the 「dark clouds in the sky suggest trouble brews.

: Upright meanings: boredom; contemplation; I taking a break.

Reversed meanings: shake off the passiveness; : step away from what you are doing; find some- ! thing new.

Five. 'This is not going well. This is not what I had planned. I'm not sure I can do this anymore." A man sits on an barren island, his head resting

I on his knee. He is bare, suggesting he has given up and stripped himself in order to get away from something. Three cups have been turned upside down in front of him. Is this why he seems to be mourning? These cups represent the losses which happen in life. Two cups hover above him, g. right side up. They represent the potential and the experiences to come. He does not see them g because he refuses to put his head up. He still has a lot of processing to do before he can real­ize all is not lost.Upright meanings: depression; hopelessness; giving up.



Reversed meanings: feeling recovered; re­newed; things are looking up.

Six. uWe enjoy this moment because we know that it won't last forever. So we'll have fun and play for as long as we are allowed to."

Two children lay down in the soft grasses. They smile and enjoy each other's presence. Six cups have been placed around them, almost as if they were a fort for the children to hid in. Each cup has a flower placed in it, their color spanning the spectrum of the rainbow. The day is young, the sun has not fully risen yet. High in the sky is a rainbow colored kite, dancing in the winds. The kite represents dreams which are ready to take flight. It also represents imagination, something children partake in a lot.

Upright meanings: imagination; nostalgia; seeking solace.

Reversed meanings: too much reality; growing old; feeling stuck.

Seven. "We are here to tempt you from your course. Anything your heart desires can be yours for a price. Which item will you take?" Seven cups float in the air forming a wall which those who come upon it cannot pass. Each cup holds a different object. Beads drip down from the first cup, representing wealth. A castle sits on top of the next cup, representing stability and se­curity. A young woman appears in the third cup, she represents youth and beauty. A ghost appears in the fourth cup, symbolizing death and imper­manence. A snake perches on the sixth cup, rep­resenting temptation. A dragon darts out of the fifth cup, representing the fantasy realm. And laurel sits in the last cup, representing victory W and recognition.

Upright meanings: make realistic dreams; be- * ware of temptations; illusions.

£ Reversed meanings: be logical in your deci­sions; lose touch with reality; dreams not fully realized.

Eight. i'm leaving it all behind because there is nothing else here for me. I must go my own way." A dark haired woman turns her back from the coast. She heads into the murky forest. The dim illumination from the full moon lights her way. She wears a long, thin red gown, which trails be­hind her as she steps. Her hands rest at her side, suggesting she keeps an open mind for her ad­venture. Eight cups line the sides of her path,

four to each side. They are complete and sym­metrical, so what else does this woman need to feel whole?

Upright meanings: separation; starting a new journey; seeking a deeper connection.

Reversed meanings: stick with the moment; re­union; feeling lost.

Nine. "See all this? I built it all and now can take time to enjoy what I have created."

A young woman dressed in blue and purple clothing kneels. She is surrounded by nine cups, each topped with a particular fruit. Her head leans over one shoulder in artistic admi­ration of all she has done. Each fruit was hand picked and harvested for her enjoyment. Each item is the right size and shape, a perfect spec­imen of its species. Fresh water pours down from the top cup and into each of the cascading cups. The woman has placed fresh lilies and roses around her neck, something else for her to enjoy.

Upright meanings: enjoying the moment; wish­es come true; true joy.

Reversed meanings: disappointment; feeling exposed; hidden lies.


* Ten. "We are happy together, and we share the 「wonders of the world with one another."

A mother and father share the delight of viewing I a rainbow with their baby. They all look up at the heavenly display appearing above them from the t safety of an archway. The arch is made from sol- ;id stones, which suggest the family unit is strong 卜 and will stay together through thick and thin. Ten cups flowing with water hover next to the arch. Rain pours down in front of the arch, but the fam­ily does not see it. They only have eyes for the beauty of the rainbow and the wonder of the nat­ural world around them.

Upright meanings: all is well; enjoying compa­ny; legacy.

Reversed meanings: dysfunctional family; j needing a reality check; disruptions.

Page. "I hold this cup with a fish in it because I know the value of not taking everything too se- riously.,,

The Page of Cups stands on a balcony, holding a golden cup in his hands. He wears a blue tunic adorned with scales. He gazes outward, his eyes daring people to really take a look at what is in his hands instead of looking at him back. The fish in the cup isn't a practical thing, reminding us that sometimes imagination is stronger than

our realities. The archway behind him is done in rich blues and greens, the color of the waters. It has a fins built into it, tying the suit to the ele­ment of water.

Upright meanings: get inspired; romantic dreamer; support.

Reversed meanings: resistance to emotions; ex­aggerations; being too sensitive.

Knight. ^The cup I hold is a symbol and beacon of hope and faith.,,

The Knight of Cups wears silver armor and holds a shining cup in his hand. His helm has wings, for he is a messenger bringing good tidings to all. His faceplate is up and we can see the serene calm on his face. He boldly trots forward, allow­ing all to see his prize, for it was not meant to be hidden but to help lighten the loads of all who see it. His horse is adorned with colorful blan­kets. While the armor of the knight proves he is combat ready, they are only for display. This is not a mission of war, there are no weapons, only colors and messages of shining happiness.

Upright meanings: courtly desires; emotional openness; enjoying your station.

Reversed meanings: scheming; unrequited love; overwhelming emotions.


, Queen. "I am not interested in the gems deco- r rating this cup. I am interested in what the vision q inside the cup offers me."

The Queen of Cups wears a long blue gown fit­ted with a corset. Her crown is made of sea shells and sea stones that point up and out. Her long brown hair flows free, like the waters she is sworn to protect. She holds a cup in one hand, the mist forming shapes which only she can deci­pher their meanings. Her other hand holds a lo­tus flower. Three more lotus flowers appear at her feet in the water. The flowers suggest a deep con­nection to creation and the gifts of prophecy. She stands in front of another finned archway.

Upright meanings: psychic gifts; having deep compassion; emotional connection.

Reversed meanings: unstable feelings; being used to further someone else's gain; denying your power.


King. "My domain rests not with this world but what is in my mind. This cup symbolizes the con­nections I have made and mastered.,^

The King of Cups wears decorative robes in vari­ous shades of blue. Two golden fish appear on the robe where it affixes to the garments. His crown appears to have been cut from a seashell itself. He holds a cup in one hand. The cup is large and


very bright. It has been taken care of throughout the years of this King's service. Six fishes swim in the water beneath the King's feet. They are loy­al to him for he has treated them well during his rule. The archway behind the King appears once more and it features the finned decorations.

Upright meanings: generosity; emotional re­sponsibility; being there for someone else.

Reversed meanings: heartless; stifling; self harm.


Ace. "You live in a lush world, ripe with over­flowing plants and abundant

A large golden coin hangs in the middle of a path. White, yellow, and pink flowers on vines hold the disc from falling onto the ground. A five star pen­tacle has been etched into the coin, the symbol for earth and magical change. The land this coin ap­pears in is overflowing with green plants and new life. The sun and the elements have favored this land and it can support many flora and fauna. Two bees hover near the ground, pollenating the plants so they can continue to grow. Bees are a symbol of fertility and is a key element to many ecosystems. Upright meanings: the time is right; you have all you need; support systems.

Reversed meanings: things are drying up; wait for a better opportunity; have faith.



Two. uHaha! Look at me! Dude, I can do so 丫 much, this is awesome. I wonder what else I j incorporate into my act.,,


 A joker performs on the rocky shores. Standing : on one foot, they raise two coins high into the air. I They are certainly pleased with their progress, : juggling two things while standing on one foot, i Their face is in obvious merriment. Two ships appear in the distance. One looks like they

coming in to port, the other looks like it is mov­ing out to the high seas. There is an odd sense of work in this card, despite the focus being spent on the juggler. A lemniscate of energy appears around the two coins, reminding us of the balance between working hard and taking time for oneself.

Upright meanings: growing your skills; find the right balance; have focus.

Reversed meanings: doing too much at once; being too rigid; turn back.


 Three. "Painting this window takes time and dedication. If I work faster, the paint doesn't dry and the art they want will ruin.”

 A master artist focuses his attention on the delicate task of painting tiny flowers on a stained glass. He wears a simple smock in green to pro­tect his body from any paint getting on it. His

tools, more brushes and ink bottles, appear ready to be used at his feet. Three coins have been tucked in a triangular pattern in the stained glass. The flowers touch various parts of the coins, weaving them into the image the artist has in his head. Two onlookers, a friar and a cloaked person, look on at the progress the artist makes. Are they there to correct his mistakes or have they come to help?

Upright meanings: teamwork; take small steps to progress; make valuable short-term goals.

Reversed meanings: operating alone; not taking advice; fighting the plan.

Four. 'These are my shinies. I have taken great care to collect and hoard these. You cannot have any of them.,,

A young maiden sits on top of trunk. She wears a heavy green dress and cloak, lined with red ac­cents. Green is a color for greed, red represents desire. Both colors show the woman's intention of keeping her goods. A key to the box rests in her lap. Strangely she clings to the coins as if they were the more precious items to own. What if the box has not been looted yet? Perhaps, if the key were to be removed, and the box opened, there would be something more valuable inside. The woman's face wears an expression of surprise,



mixed with a bit of daring visitors to reach for the key. Do you have what it takes?

Upright meanings: holding on too tightly; hoarding the goods; blocking the new.

Reversed meanings: give freely; stagnant po­tential; try a new approach.

Five. "Please, I am all alone and it is snowing. Can you help me? Spare some change so I can survive."

ii- A woman stands barefoot in the cold. She extends an offering bowl out, in the hopes that someone will take pity on her situation and help her by donating anything. The light from the nearby church highlights her dim situation. She wears simple clothing, green tunic and black pants, and a brown cloak. They are the only things pro­tecting her from the cold. Brown and green are i symbolic colors of earthly matters. She cannot think past basic survival needs. Five coins ap- & pear in the church window behind her. They are r in the shape of a body, suggesting one needs to take care of their body first.

Upright meanings: lack of faith; hopelessness; £ fear of not enough.

? Reversed meanings: ask for help; open to ? omens; depend on others.

Six. T'm here to balance the scales. A stable society is one where everyones needs are being met."  out to hands of

A well-dressed person passes coins  

people passing by. Several coins trickle down from one of this person's hands. An ornate pair of scales dangles from the other hand, both plates holding more coins. They have been well balanced. At the moment, there are only three hands desiring the money being handed out freely. This could change as the word of donation spreads. Six coins hov­er in the air behind the wealthy person. Three are on the person's right, one is directly overhead, and two are on their left. Clearly, things are not as bal­anced as everyone may think.

Upright meanings: donations; balanced reci­procity; having the right support and respect.

Reversed meanings: imbalance between giving and taking; wanting handouts; project misman­agement.

Seven. "I need to reap the freshest fruit from this bush, so that my family can have a bountiful harvest. But how to do it without killing the bush is the question/9

A woman stands at the base of a walks up to a overgrown bush. She stares at the coins, the fruit dangling down from the branches. She is think­ing of her game plan, the process in which she'll


r remove the best of the coins off the bush. She holds a large basket ready to hold the ones she

1 takes from the tree. Six coins hang from the t plant. One coin lays on the ground. Has it fall- : en because it is no longer ripe? The girls dress ;is simple, suggesting she leads a life in tune with

2 nature's cycles. A thin head covering covers most f of her hair, protecting her from the weather as

she works.


Upright meanings: celebrate your achieve­ments; pick the best ones; sustainability.

Reversed meanings: frustration regarding the task; stuck in a rut; fear of trying new ideas.



Eight. T've been at this all day. Fm sharpen­ing my craft, making sure that each artifact looks the best it can.^,

A man leans over his work bench, focused on carving out another piece of his craft. Wood shav­ings appear all around this coin as he removes many delicate slices from the base. A pentacle appears in the material. Another coin appears to rest next to the floor by his feet. A second pen­tacle has been laid down at the opposite comer of the table. Five more discs appear hung on the wall, next to the window. They have been deco­rated with more ornate filigree. The weather out­side appears warm and inviting. Yet this artist


does not give into the temptation of being out- * side. He has work to do and an art to perfect.

Upright meanings: perfect your craft; put in the effort; encouragement.

Reversed meanings: taking the easy way out giving up too soon; laziness.


.        .                        .         i

Nine. "This is my garden, the center jewel of my world. It brings me far greater joy than anyplace else.,

A wealthy woman strolls through her vineyards. She wears an ornate layer of dresses, green, brown, blue, and white as she admires the beau- * ty surrounding her. A capped hawk sits quietly  on one shoulder. Black, purple, and green grapes hang ripe off various vines. Six coins have been suspended on the left, their filigree holing them together. Three more coins appear on the oppo­site side. They border the three steps going deep- T er into the orchard grounds. The falcon is a sym­bol of success.

Upright meanings: enjoy the results of a job well done; dealing with things easily; steady pace.

Reversed meanings: keep going; moving at a J slow pace: put in more effort.

Ten. 'This is my legacy. This house, these lands, have stood here far longer than I have lived. They will continue to stand long after I am gone."

Ten coins, patterned in the Qabalistic Tree of Life stand guard to the entrance of a grand estate. Just beyond this symbol lies a doonvay. Carved into stone, on the right, is a bearded man, sitting. A modesty wrap envelops part of his body. His head looks over to the left. On the left pillar is another carved figure. This bearded man holds his modes­ty cloth which appears to be a pelt from a creature. He has his head turned to the right. The doonvay is made of the same stone as the pillars, it seems to be a solid block. A face has been carved high above in the center of the doorway. The lawn of this house is well maintained. The mansion seems to stretch out, for it goes far beyond the edge of the view. Opulence and wealth belong here.

Upright meanings: completion; building a wor­thy legacy; having it all.

Reversed meanings: unstable foundations; scarcity; struggling to make it work.

Page. "See this coin? I bet I know more about it than you because ifs been in my possession longer."

The Page of Pentacles stands in the center of a stone archway. She holds a large coin in her

hands. She's smiling, as if this were the best thing she's seen in a long time. She's taken the

time to admire, to learn, and to appreciate this : object. Her jerkin is green and has red arm- bands which match the cap she wears. She dis- « plays the coin out to anyone who may see. There is ivy climbing on the sides of the archway, tying / the suit to the element of earth. Fields filled with [ livestock appear behind her.

Upright meanings: don't underestimate the pow- - er of observation; noticing all the details; focus.

Reversed meanings: feeling scattered; taking stock of what you've done; stop investing in ideas s which don't work.

Knight. T'm making slow progress through this field. I'm taking my time because I don't know what will appear out from the unknown/9

The Knight of Pentacles wears chain mail and leather. He delicately holds his coin close to his chest. Is this going to protect him if trouble hits, or is he showing it off as a badge of his inten­tion? Caution and trepidation reads across his face. His powerful black horse moves slowly, de­liberately across the land. It has several blankets across ifs back. Could it be that this beast is the weapon guarding it's rider? The Knight wears a red cape, which given his attitude towards the situation stands out. Ifs the one bit of flash he al­lows himself while performing his duty.

Upright meanings: caution before entering situation; slow and steady; take your time.

Reversed meanings: falling into routine; strong ; motivation; perfectionism.


Queen. T am the mother of all. I tend to the needs of my charges so they can grow and fulfill their potential.

The Queen of Pentacles stands in the middle of a stone archway. Her gown yellow and green and flows to the ground. She wears a crown made of feathers and horns. She is well connected to Na­ture, a rabbit companion rests at her feet. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility, and abundance and this Queen desires to provide for her subjects. Her fo­cus is drawn to the coin in her hands. She looks lov­ingly at it, as if it were a creature needing nurturing attention. Vines of red roses grow up along the arch­way. They symbolize love and nurturing. A pasture filled with livestock appears far off in the distance.

Upright meanings: take great care of things you love; enjoy down-to-earth activities; connect to nature.

Reversed meanings: feeling disconnected; not taking good care of yourself; arguments.

King. T got here because I worked hard for it. I can enjoy this and continue to help others rise." The King of Pentacles stands in the center of an archway. He holds a coin across his chest in one hand. In the other he wields his scepter. His crown is made of oak leaves, acorns, and antlers. He is also dressed in greens and golden colors. His garb is more ornamental, he cares about his appearance, rather than the function of his rank. The colors of harvest, of bringing in your suc­cess. His gaze is trained down, to the next step in his long list of things to take care of. Grape vines

wrap themselves around the archway pedestals. They are ripe and are a sign of his ability to pro­duce and provide.

Upright meanings: natural born leader; commit to the path; credit where credit is due.

Reversed meanings: hindering progress; over controlling; loosen your grasp.



Ace. "I am the ultimate representation of your untapped power and potential. Seize me and lead the charge."

A wand appears firmly placed down into hot magma. The shaft glows bright with the power pulsing ; up from the heat. A crystal, set into the tip, sends pure white energy out from the transaction. Golden leaves fashioned out of metal holds the crys­tal firmly in place at the end. Volcanic rock crawls up the sides of a cave, framing the wand. Wisps of heat coalesce in the air. Creation happens in events like this, signaling the time for action.

Upright meanings: flash of inspiration; bust of energy; start this now.

Reversed meanings: feeling blocked; channel enthusiasm; wait until a better time shows itself.

Two. UI invested a lot into what is out there. 1 wait for their return so I can see if what I did is worth it." A young man stands on a veranda overlooking the cove. A wand, ifs crystal tip glowing bright­ly, sits to the right of this person. He holds a sec­ond wand in his right hand, stabilizing their posi­tion. A globe of the world's continents sits next to the wand. He wears red clothing, a sign of power and the color of energy. He waits for something, a sign, or a ship, perhaps? A bird of prey flies above this person, looking for it's next victim. The sky brightens... bringing in the new dawn.

Upright meanings: waiting for the right mo­ment; making plans; look to the future.

Reversed meanings: close minded; not putting enough energy into the moment; set a course for your life.

Three. “I wait as the ships come in. I wonder what new treasures they'll bring, what new sto­ries they'll have. Perhaps I can go with them on their next voyage.,,

A figure watches two ships sail along the ocean waters. They hold one wand in their right hand. Two other wands have been placed to either side of the figure. Are they providing light for the fig­ure to see by or are they there to help guide the ships as they travel? The ground of the shoreline is rocky and treacherous. The ships's sails are down, they have not yet reached the winds to car­ry them over vast distances. A flock of seagulls circle overhead, looking for food. The sun seems to set, as the figure stands watch as a witness. The ships are symbols of fortune and traveling. The figure's red robe signifies power, the green nurturing and nature.

Upright meanings: opportunity; waiting for your moment to shine; brainstorming.

Reversed meanings: watch your expectations; lacking connection to a project; clarify your in­tentions.


Four. "We dance to honor the ceremony tak­ing place later today. There will be much to celebrate,,^

Two maidens, dressed in dance costume, prac­tice under a four-post stage. One girl wears green and the other wears red. They carry a round posey of flowers. Four wands set the corner of the stage. Each has been decorated with boughs of flowers and wheat. Two doves hover over them, bringing omens of good fortune. Wheat is a sym­bol of a good harvest, that nourishment will hap­pen. The flowers symbolize commitment and friendship. The stage rests up against a stone cir­cle, suggesting a strong foundation.

Upright meanings: celebration; having support from those around you; building upon a idea.

Reversed meanings: ungrounded; seeking at­tention; stand on your own merits.


Five. "He won't get me. I'm stronger, more ca­pable, and know far more about this game than he does. Who does he think he is attempting to best me?"

Two combatants are locked in a game of tug-o- war. Their hands wrap tightly around the rope that cuts in and out of five wands. Both men have been at this for a long while, their mus­cles strain, and their faces are locked in wick­ed determination. Neither shows signs of weak­ness, nor of backing down. The five wands have been set in various heights. The sun seems to set

and this competition will continue by the light of the wands.

Upright meanings: locked in battle; not being flexible; brute force.

Reversed meanings: rise above petty dispute; own up to your mistakes; widen your perspective.

Six. T ride home the victor in the battle I have fought. I am grateful for the chance but wonder what would the outcome have been if I

A well decorated knight rides a victory lap through a crowd. He holds a wand with a lau­rel hanging from it. Laurels are prominent sym­bols of a good deed and success. They are given to winners. His armor looks shiny and polished and his horse has been decorated in ornamental dress. A lion, tree, and triangular tower appear on the chest guard of the horse. They are symbols of status and protection. Five other wands rise up on the air forming an impromptu arch for the knight to ride under. This is a salute for all the good deeds the knight has accomplished.

Upright meanings: victory; mastery over your skill; you are becoming well known.

Reversed meanings: focus on quality, not acco­lades; recognize those who helped you; re-exam­ine your beliefs.


F Seven. 'They told me not to let anyone enter t and that is what I am going to do. None of you are getting in here, not until someone tells me otherwise.”

; A guard stands at attention in front of heavy

I wooden doors. His face is determined, he has a job to do and that is to protect whatever is in- | side from those outside. He holds a wand across & his chest, protecting himself from any attack. His gaze, however, is not trained on the six wands pointed at his body. His eyes stare off to the side. Does this mean a tougher opponent is on their •?. way. Will his defenses finally be breached.

Upright meanings: take defensive measures;  protecting what you care for; last man standing.

Reversed meanings: reevaluate your conditions; stop fighting yourself; think before acting.

Eight. "We'll send the signal on my mark. Watch the arrow as it flies and hits its target. We got this."

An archer kneels in the field, his bow stretched

' to the limit. A single wand nocked, waiting to be released and to take flight at the target across the

field. The archer wears a simple shirt of white i fabric. Their intension is pure and their aim true. ? They are focused on the task at hand. Seven more wands float nearby, poised to fly with the arrow

as soon as the archer has released the package. Ominous clouds fill the right corner of the sky and dark birds of prey circle waiting for signs of carrion.

Upright meanings: Swift decisions; act with courage; harness available power.

Reversed meanings: pause and wait; lack of commitment; energy flow is blocked.


Nine. i'm taking a much needed break from this hard work. Everything is doing fine so I can afford to do this."

A man, dressed in a red shirt, holds onto a wand trapped by vines in the ground. He appears wea­ry, as if he's sneaking a break from some task he has been hard at work doing. The green ivy holds the wand upright so it makes a good lean for the man. Eight more wands appear behind him in a v-formation. They line the way to the brick tow­er behind. A waxing moon appears in the sky. The perfect time for working on new goals and projects.

Upright meanings: goal close to completion; build resilience; in it for the long haul.

Reversed meanings: conserve energy; growing tired; take a step back and reevaluate the work.

Ten. "I've been on this path for a long time.  These wands aren,t easy to carry. I've got them & for now, but I hope I can reach my destination soon."

: A boy rushes through a meadow, awkwardly car- l rying ten wands in his hands. He wears simple ; traveling clothing, a red cowl hangs at his neck, i His face filled with resolve, his eyes trained on the destination. The city is closer than he thinks. Once he gets there, he'll be able to release his burdens and move onto the next assignment. All he has to do is keep moving and get there before 二 he drops everything. It will be hard to recover them all when the moon rises.

? Upright meanings: make one more good push towards the end; lighten your burdens; focused t. determination.

Reversed meanings: giving up; dropping it all; I' struggle.

Page. "I am ready. Fve done a lot of work with this wand already and I am eager to prove mv- g self.”

The Page of Wands holds the wand in her hands confidently. She knows this is her life and the tool will become an extension of all she is and does. She wears her suifs red jerkin, a sign of power and energy and action. She smiles because she

has passion for what she does. She stands in the middle of an archway. Two salamanders run up each side of the pillar. They are a symbol of fire, which the suit of wands is connected to.

Upright meanings: enthusiasm; eager to please;  constant movement.

Reversed meanings: showing immaturity; lack :* of coordination; scattered.

Knight. T don't wear this for show. I have a job to do and I'm setting off to start. Get out of my way." The Knight of Wands is ready for action. He wears silver armor and there's two plumes of red feathers flowing from his helm. His shield is down, ifs a heavy mask, set to protect him from massive blows. His brown horse has been pushed hard, white foam flows from his muzzle. It rush­es across a dusty desert, taking the Knight to the next battle to be fought. A deep red leather sad­dle has been draped over the horse. It blends into his brown hair and gives the appearance of dried blood.

Upright meanings: rushing towards the action; commitment to win; push forward.

Reversed meanings: have prudence; look be­fore you leap; slow down.

Queen. "Self-expression is an art. You think this comes naturally? I know my assets and culti­vate them to strengthen how others see me.,^

The Queen of Wands stands under an arch­way. She faces the sun to the right and allows the warmth to wash over her. She holds her wand out from her body, in a way to enhance her ap­pearance. A crown of wooden tendrils adorns her hair. It almost appears as if they grow from it. A large black cat sits near her feet, its eyes wide open and aware of all going on around her. Her long red gown accentuates her form and gives her an air of authority. People want to watch and lis­ten to what she has to say. The archway with two salamanders appears once more.

Upright meanings: step into your power; ac­knowledge your talents; enjoy the center stage.

Reversed meanings: overbearing personality; monopolizing others; playing games.

King. "My creativity and vision have served me well. They help me lead others to their greatness." The King of Wands strikes a pose of authority. His red and white robes suggest that he uses log­ic and creativity to rule, giving his full mastery over his rank. His wand leans out from his body, giving him an air of authority. His crown, made of wood, juts out like flames from his long black

hair. Two more salamanders appear on the pillars of the archway. The King of Wands commands your attention and shows authority.

Upright meanings: trust your gut; lead strong and fair; your authority is law.

Reversed meanings: rise up to challenges; use your power wisely; keep your negative emotions in check.


Tarot helps many people get clarity on areas in their life. The cards can also be used for oth­er purposes like meditation focuses, creativi­ty boosters, or whatever your mind can come up with! That said, this booklet focuses solely on helping you use the cards as a divination device.


When you are ready to do your first reading, think of a question you want an answer to. The best questions to ask are questions that are open ended— these start with What or How. Take the time to hone in on what is going on in your life, the reason you are turning to Tarot for advice. A well thought out question can help you get bet­ter information from the cards. Questions such as “How can I change to bring love into my life?" What can I do to be more creative?" will yield | better results than "Who will I marry?,, or "Will I get this promotion?^,

; After you have a good question, hold the cards in ; your hand and begin shuffling. There is no right L or wrong way to shuffle the cards. As you shuf­fle, keep your question in the forefront of your

* mind—hold it there. Focusing on the question while you shuffle helps you remember what the question is and gives you space to allow spirit to help select the cards for your answer. When you feel your deck is properly mixed together, you can stop shuffling.


Many readers use spreads, purposefully de­signed patterns, to set the cards in. Spreads come in all sizes and shapes, from self-designed to pre-created. They can be one card or take an entire deck. In the next section of this booklet, there is a spread designed specifically for the Ar­canum Tarot for you to use.

The simplest spread is a single card used to an­swer your question. All you need to do is look at the card, let the imagery speak to you, and write down what you think its communicating. If you feel stuck, or lost in what is being said, flip through this booklet to unlock what the card might be trying to tell you. Be creative and allow your imagination to guide you into how you want S to use the cards. Draw cards from the top, or the bottom of the deck.

When you are done with your reading, pick up all the cards and shuffle them back into the deck. This way your deck will be ready for the next reading.                                   


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