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Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

The in-depth study and practice of astrology is complex, and in the hands of an experienced astrologer can be very precise. This booklet is a brief introduction to a few of the different components of a complete astrological study. It can serve as an initial foray into astrology or can be used on its own as a tool for insight and guidance.

In these pages, we will explore the signs, the planets, and the elements. Areas that we won t cover in detail include the houses (the wedges numbered I - 12 in an astrological chart) and aspects (the relationships between the planets in an astrological chart), although you will find a houses-based spread at the end of this book­let. Astrological charts are created based on the position of the stars at any particular time. Astrologers can create charts based on time of birth, for any moment in time that one wishes to explore, and they can also even make charts that look into the future. There is a branch of astrology called horary astrology, which casts a

chart based on the moment a question is asked and uses that chart to divine the answer.

This oracle uses the wisdom of astrology along with the element of synchronicity to help you divine your own guidance quickly and easily. Just like tarot cards, astrological compo­nents have many levels of meaning. The more you study, the more is revealed to you. To start you off easily, this booklet will provide general meanings and advice that can be easily extrap­olated to most questions and situations. The signs will be explained first, then the planets, and we ll end with the elements. At the end of the card interpretations you will find a few ways to use the cards.

The Cards

The cards are numbered to facilitate easy ref­erencing while doing a reading. The numbering is arbitrary and not part of the card's meanings. Each type of card—signs, planets, and ele­ments—play a different role in divination, just as they do in an astrological chart. Only the use of elements as separate aspects differs. The

signs, just as in astrology, represent how yon do something. The planets indicate what you are doing or expressing, as well as a need or desire that you want to fulfill. The elements, in this oracle, represent other energy that may be present in a situation or energy that you are ad­vised l<> bring into a situation to help resolve it.

The Signs

Most of us are somewhat familiar with the signs, knowing at least our own sun sign. The sun sign is only one part of a natal chart and is the sign that the sun was in at the moment of your birth. People are far more complex than simply one sign can describe. It indicates your core self. But other parts of a natal chart are also commonly known, such as one's rising sign (the sign that was breaking the hdfizon al the time of your birth and represents the way you present yourself to the world) and one's moon sign (the sign the moon was in at the mo­ment of your birth and shows your emotional self). Just by adding these two other signs, we already get a fuller snapshot of a whole per­son. There is. however, much more to discov­er about natal chans. If you are interested in

pursuing the study of astrology, I recommend either Llewellyn s Complete Book of Astrology by Kris Brant Riske or Astrology for Beginners by­Joann Hampar.

Each sign has its own meaning, including some shared attributes, namely an element and a quality

The elements are discussed in more detail below, but most of us have an understanding of the elements, even if only intuitively.

  • Lire signs: Aries. Leo. and Sagittarius
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
  • Air signs- Gemini. Libra, and Aquarius
  • Barth signs: Taurus. Virgo, and Capricorn

The qualities—-cardinal, fixed, and mutable— are not generally as well known and may not be intuitive, so let's examine them a little here.

  • Cardinal signs: Aries. Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

The energy of cardinal signs loves to take on new challenges, create new ideas, and foster

change. This energy is great for starting proj­ects. but .sometimes fizzles out before finishing.

  • Fixed signs: Taurus. Leo. Scorpio, and Aquarius

The energy of fixed signs, on the other hand, dislikes change, as you can tell by its name "fixed." It likes to remain fixed in place. This energy is great for finishing things, but can also stubbornly keep going even when it would be best to stop.

  • Mutable signs: Gemini. Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

The energy of mutable signs is just that, mutable. It is changeable and usually easy go­ing. riding the natural flow. While exceedingly adaptable, it can stagnate if not moved by other energy.

The element and quality will be listed with each sign, for easy reference.

As mentioned earlier, the signs represent "how" you do something (while the planets represent "what" you are doing). Each sign has a traditional key phrase that gives a good clue

as to how that sign approaches the various sit­uations represented by the planets and their main motivation. These key phrases are also listed with the cards for easy reference.

Each sign covers a specific timeframe in the calendar. These dates are included in case you wish to use them for timing purposes in your divination work.

Finally, all signs have their negative traits. The end of each interpretation includes a neg­ative characteristic to avoid as you decide what to do next in your situation.

  1. 1. Aries

Fire. Cardinal.

Key phrase: lam

March 21 - April /9

The dynamic energy of fire blends with the cardinal "can do” quality and advocates taking action. Take charge, take risks, take control. The key phrase “I am” means that the motiva­tion is centered on the self. In this situation ask

"how does this benefit or affect me?” Whatever you do, do it with as much energy as you can muster.

The energy of Aries can be really self-in­volved. While paying attention to your own best interest can be a good thing, it is easy to get caught up in that track and loss sight of the larger situation. Avoid selfishness.

  1. 2. Taurus

Earth. Fixed.

Key phrase: I bare

April 20— May 20

The stable energy of earth combines with the fixed "determined" quality and advises practical planning. Gather the facts, understand the data, figure out the next best step. The key phrase "I have” means that the motivation is centered on resources and to best deploy them. In this sit­uation ask "what do 1 have and how I can best invest it?" Make a plan and commit yourself to seeing it through.

Determination is a great quality Hut if taken to an extreme, it can lead to disaster. While you are being advised here to make and commit to a plan, be flexible enough to modify it if need be. Avoid stubbornness.

  1. 3. Gemini

Air. Mutable.

Key phrase: / think

May 21 - June 20

The fast-moving energy of air moves with mutable flow" and suggests that you consider every option, every facet of a situation before taking action. The key phrase “I think" means that the motivation is centered on gathering and assessing as much information as possible. In this situation ask “what do I need to know more alxiut?” Follow your curiosity and don't stop until it is satisfied.

Gemini energy is very fast moving and can easily get distracted. There are so many things to be curious about and pay attention to. Reel that in a bit and make sure you stay focused. Avoid flightiness.

  1. 4. Cancer

Water. Cardinal.

Key phrase: I feel

June 21 - July 22

The sensitive energy of water finds strength and direction through the cardinal "take charge" quality and reminds you that emotional intel­ligence plays a huge role in shaping relation­ships and life. The key phrase "I feel" means that the motivation comes from your emotions. In this situation ask "what feels right?" Take the emotional temperature of the situation before acting.

Feelings are complicated things. We often confuse our actual emotions with the stories we tell ourselves about those emotions. Those stories can distract us from the actual feeling. Avoid emotional manipulation (of yourself and others).

  1. 5. Leo

Fire. Fixed.

Key phrase: I will

July 23 - August 22

The passionate energy of fire gives life to the fixed "focus" quality and says remember your sovereignty. Express your natural leadership qualities. This is no lime to be shy but instead accept the spotlight. The key phrase "I will" says it all. Your will shall be done because you will make it happen. Ask yourself "how can I shine?" Gather all your courage and confident and create your reality.

Leo energy is all about confidence and tak­ing your rightful place as King of the Jungle. But you are not really the boss of anyone else. And you are not infallible. Avoid arro­gance.

  1. 6. Virgo

Earth. Mutable.

Key phrase: I analyze

August 23 — September 22

The realistic of earth creates a stable, "eye of the storm" center in the swirling mutable energy and suggests shutting out all distrac­

tions in order to properly analyze the situa­tion. The key phrase “I analyze’- clearly states the motivation. In this situation ask “what can be ignored and what must be attended to?” The details matter.

Analysis is a great skill, as is paying attention to details. However, taken to an extreme, those gifts can become traps of pettiness and obses- siveness. Avoid being overly critical.

  1. 7. Libra

.-l/r. Cardinal.

Key phrase: 1 balance

September 23 - October 22

The discerning energy of air takes on the cardinal "solve it" quality and encourages iden­tifying and solving problems. The key phrase "I balance" means that fairness, justice, and every­one getting along are the primary motivational drives. In this situation ask “how can 1 manifest fair and stable balance?" Ideals are beautiful things and very good guides.

Ideals are great guiding stars and the desire for fairness, commendable. However in the real work! ideals rarely exist in pristine form and justice elusive. At some point, decisions need to be made. Avoid indecisiveness.

  1. 8. Scorpio

Water. Fixed.

Key phrase: 1 create

October 23 - November 21

The mysterious energy of water takes on the fixed quality of intensity to suggest a de­termined quest to unearth the truth. The key phrase “I create" plays out as a motivation to create reality based on handpicked truths. In this situation ask "what is the truth behind the facade?" Things are not always what they seem.

The energy of Scorpio is alluring and pow­erful...and can be dangerous when pursued for its own sake rather than as a means to a healthy and balanced end. Avoid using your powers for evil.

  1. 9. Sagittarius

Fire. Mutable.

Key phrase: 1 perceive

November 22 - December 21

Fire's strong drive strives to stand out from the crowd as it rests in the mutable "go with the flow" quality. The key phrase "i perceive” means there is motivation to look around to discover your own individuality while finding your place in the world. In this situation ask "how can I best be true to myself?" Be honest with yourself and with the rest of the world.

Sagittarian energy is said to be a mile long and an inch deep as well as self-involved. Slow down so that you can perceive the depth as well as the breadth of the situation. Avoid care­less unkindness.

  1. 1 Capricorn

Earth, Cardinal.

Key phrase: I use

December 22-January 19

Earth's practical energy takes on an almost fiery intensity through its cardinal qualities. Determination to succeed leads sometimes to success and sometimes to learning lessons the hard way. The key phrase "I use" means that you are motivated to use whatever is to hand in order to achieve your goals. In this situation ask “what do I want and what can use I manifest it?" Spin gold from straw...hard work but the sense of satisfaction is priceless.

The drive to achieve is great but there is dan­ger in chasing goals simply for to enhance your reputation. You may step on others on the way up the mountain. Avoid heartless ambition.

  1. 1 Aquarius

Air. Fixed.

Key phrase: 1 know

January 20- February 18

The communicative energy of air finds deter­mination in the fixed "stick to it" quality You may not have the answers, but you have a net­work available to you. Use it and the answer to everything is at your fingertips. The key phrase

"I know" is a little misleading. You don’t neces­sarily know" the answers, but rather you know how to find them. In this situation ask "who has the information I need?" Also. Google is your friend.

Having big visions and loving ideas makes for great conversations, but can leave a rela­tionship empty of human emotion and others feelings neglected. Avoid being distant, de­tached. and cold.

  1. 1 Pisces

Water. Mutable.

Key phrase: I believe

February 10- March 20

The intuitive energy of water flows and flows and (lows through the changeablcness of the mutable quality. There is creativity and psychic insights available, probably hidden in plain sight. The key phrase "1 believe” means that you do believe that the answers are out there and that you. by paying attention as only you can. will find them. In this situation ask “how can I tap into the compassionate

heart of the universe?" Listen and see with your heart.

Pisces energy is very aware of the unseen currents in the world, including the emotions of others. This can be overwhelming. Employ sim­ple energetic protection techniques and avoid destruction escapism.

The Pianets

Even though technically the Sun and the Moon are not planets, in astrology they have always been categorized as such because they, along with the planets, are seen as equally im­portant energetic forces in the heavens.

As mentioned earlier, the planets represent something you want to do. something you need to express, or a desire or need you wish to fulfill. How those needs are met or how you choose to express or do things is determined by the signs. For example, if the Moon represents emotional needs, how you try to get your emo­tional needs met would be determined by a sign. Paired with Sagittarius, the need would be

met by presenting what you consider your true self in the world, hoping to attract what you are looking for. Paired with Taurus, you may look through your resources (friends, families, lovers) and determine who can best meet your specific need. So the interpretations for the planets will focus on the human need, drive, or action that is yearning to be met or expressed.

13- Si x

The Sun is strongly associated with your birthday...the day you came into being and represents the need to express your sense of self. Other issues involve variations of this, such as self-image, self-esteem, individuality, identi­ty. and personal creativity. Ideas about paternal figures and authority might also be indicated if the Sun card appears.

  1. Moon

'1'he Moon shows us the regularity of cycles and teaches about the importance of change, as it moves through its cycles each month. It gov­erns emotions, instincts, and intuition, as well as memory' and imagination. Issues around ma­

ternal figures, traditions, and adaptability can also be represented by the Moon card.

15- Mercury

Mercury is associated with the Roman god Mercury, the messenger of the gods and the intermediary between humans and the gods. Mercury is all about the mind, specifically in­telligence and communication. The desire to share your ideas and be heard, as well as the yearning for further education (formal or infor­mal). is also under Mercury 's governance.

  1. 1 Venus

Venus is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, fertility, anil beauty. Venus is all about what you value, such as money and posses­sions but also your ideals. Love, relationships, and partnerships are also indicated if the Venus card is revealed.

  1. 1 Mars

Mars is associated with Mars the god of w ar. Mars represents some very powerful drives.

such as competitiveness, assertiveness, and aggression. Issues about courage, confidence, passion, and strength are also part of Mars' do­main.

  1. 1 JliPH ER

Jupiter is associated with the Roman god Ju­piter. ruler of heaven and earth, thought of as a fair and just protector. Jupiter is often thought of as the planet of luck and expansion. The desire to understand the bigger picture, to pros­per. and to experience joy are a big part of Jupi­ter's influence. Optimism, faith, and spirituality play roles in these issues.

  1. 1 Saturn

Saturn is associated with the Roman god Sat­urn and sometimes with l ather l ime. Saturn is often called the hard taskmaster, probably be­cause Saturn pushes us to feel ambition, set and achieve goals, and create secure lives. When we undertake theses tasks, we usually learn im­portant lessons through facing challenges.

  1. 2 Uranus

Uranus is associated with the primal Greek sky god of the same name. Uranus brings up some powerful human needs, such as the de­sire for freedom and individuality, as well as push toward a larger vision and humanitari­an service. Big thoughts, big insights, and big changes are represented by Uranus.

  1. 2 Neptune

Neptune is associated with Roman god Nep­tune, who was the ruler of the fresh and salt wa­ters of the earth. Neptune is a complex planet governing diverse human drives such as imag­ination. compassion, and psychic experiences. Bundled with those ideas are issues of sacrifice and obligation. Balancing between giving and resentment can feature large with this card.

  1. 2 Pi.uto

Pluto is associated with the Roman god Pluto, who ruled the underworld. Small Pluto carries a lot of important human experiences, nothing less than life, death, rebirth, and sex.

Tied in with these ideas are issues of power and control as well as finding personal freedom from confining mindsets.

The Elements

The four elements play an additional role in this oracle beyond helping define the charac­teristics of the signs. When doing a divination, you will learn about the energy present in a situation. Part of gaining advice about a situa­tion is discovering what energy you can bring in through your actions that will help advance or resolve the situation or question in a bene­ficial way. These interpretations will include a basic description of the energy as well as ways to manifest the energy if needed.

As mentioned earlier, the elements are fairly easy to understand for most of us. If we sim­ply think about the actual thing—fire, water, air. and earth—we can extrapolate from the actual to the metaphoric. There are negative aspects to all the elements, for example, fire can ruth­lessly destroy, water can drown and smother, air can blow away all connections, and earth

can create blocks and stagnation. The focus here, however, will be on the positive attributes that can be activated to help bring healthy and peaceful balance to a situation.

2,3. Fire

Powerful, focused, and intense, the ener­gy of Fire burns brightly and moves quick­ly. Passion, drive, the desire to create, strong and sometimes scary emotions like anger arc fueled by Fire. It both destroys and purifies, which seems in opposition to the desire to cre­ate, but really is pan of the creative process. Bring the quality of Fire to a situation by tak­ing action and doing what needs to be done; being courageous by saying or doing the scary but essential thing that needs expression; be­ing focused and determined to see something through to the encl: or honoring and following your passion.

  1. 2 Water

Flowing, cleansing, and healing, the energy of Water refreshes and moves gently. Spiritual renewal, forgiveness, the need to connect, to

understand and be understood, intimacy, and creative expression ride the current of Water. It can wash away the detritus of life, making everything feel fresh and new. Bring the quality of Water to a situation by opening your heart, speaking the truth with kindness and compas­sion, encouraging connections, expressing for­giveness, and healing wherever and whatever you can.

  1. 2 Air

Crisp, ethereal, and decisive, the energy of Air fuels the winds of truth and whispers grand insights. Clarity and truth are supported by rationality, reason, common sense, and log­ic. Air energy breaks stalemates and stagnation through wise decision-making and mutual un­derstanding. Bring the quality of Air to a situa­tion by seeing things as clearly and objectively as possible, focus on the facts (and not the sto­ries we like to attach to the facts), truth, calm communication, comprehending the points of views of others, and promoting understanding of all sides.

  1. 2 Earth

Stable, secure, and abundant, the energy of Earth nurtures life and promotes long, leisurely pleasures. The things we need, the things we want, and the material and temporal things we value are expressed here. The acquiring and distribution of resources is at the center of Earth energy. Bring the quality of Earth to a situation through generosity of your material goods, re­sources, and time. The earth is slow and sure, so take an unhurried, calm approach and avoid sudden or unexpected actions. Create a calm place in the center of chaotic energy.

Using the Cards

You can divine about any situation, large or small. In fact, you may wish to begin with less important or dire situations in order to gain ex­perience and learn to trust your interpretations.

Technique 1

As with almost any oracle deck, you can use the cards in a very simple way by thinking about your situation or question that you want

advice about, pulling a card, and extrapolating its meaning to practical advice. The more clear and specific your question, (he easier it will be to interpret the card.

Technique 2

These cards were designed, though, with an­other method in mind. Again, you start with a clear question. Forming the question is import­ant because the focus here is using the wisdom of the heavens and earth to empower yourself to take action in your life. Phrasing the question in a way that invites advice works best.

Advice Spread

After you’ve decided on your question, di­vide your deck into three piles separating the signs, the planets, and the elements. Shuffle each of the three piles, keeping them separate. Draw first from the planets pile and place in the first position. Draw from the signs pile and place in the second position. Draw from the elements pile and place in (he third position.

  • The first position is your drive, need, or motivation in the situation.
  • The second position is how you can best express that drive, need, or motivation.
  • The third position is additional energy you can bring into the situation to resolve or bal­ance the situation in a beneficial manner.

The element chosen may be the same as the element in the sign card, in which case, you are being advised to give extra attention to that as­pect and enhance it. The element chosen may be different from the element in the sign card. In these cases, you are being advised to bring in another energy to modify or soften the main energy represented in the sign card.

Technique 3

Most situations we want advice about involve not just ourselves but other people. W hile we cannot change or control other people, if we understand their drives, needs, or motivations in the situation, we can better determine how to reach a beneficial and healthily balanced res­olution.

Advanced Advice Spread

As with the previous spread, formulate your question and divide your deck into three piles, but drive two cards from the first pile.

  • Position 1: Your drive, need, or motivation
  • Position 2: The other person's drive, need, or motivation
  • Position 3: How you Can best express your drive, need, or motivation
  • Position I: Additional energy to bring into the situation

While this spread is very similar to the first one. the biggest difference is incorporating an understanding of where the other person is coming from. That gives you another point of reference in shaping your ultimate response Compare your drive need motivation to the other person's to find common ground and to note differences. As you consider the best way to express your need and the additional energy, notice how it reflects your authentic seif and also notice how that need and energy will react with the other person's This will help you craft the very best response to achieve your goal.

Technique 4

This technique is more of an "add on'" rather than a stand-alone method. If you have the lux­

ury of deciding when io do something or want to know when the most propitious time is to take an action, after you've done your reading, gather up the sign cards, shuffle, and draw one. Consult the text and see the date range for the cards' advice regarding timing.

Technique 5

I sing the concept of astrological houses as its inspiration, this is a good spread to use on birthdays or at other milestone events, al­though it can be used any time to get a general overview of the energy present in your life at any time. It is a simple one to interpret, as you simply go around the circle reading each card separately. Each position represents an astro­logical ' house.” Each house governs an area of a person's life.

Astrological Houses Spread

Shuffle all the cards together anil place one in each position. This will show the energy present in each area of your life al the time of the reading.

  1. 1. First House: Your self-image, personality, ambition, drives, and body.
  2. 2. Second House: Your value systems, mate­rial possession, and financial attitudes.
  3. 3. Third I louse: The way you communicate, think, and learn: siblings and neighbors.
  4. 4. Fourth House: Your mother and father, your roots, your domestic life and family.
  5. 5. Fifth House: Creativity, affairs of the heart, fun. hobbies, social life, and children
  6. 6. Sixth House: Your job. responsibilities, work habits and relationship, and health
  7. 7. Seventh House: Business and romantic re­lationships: how you interact with people.
  8. 8. Eighth House: Jointly controlled money and assets, taxes, inheritances, obligations
  9. 9. Ninth House: Spirituality, religion, morals: higher education: long distance travel.
  10. 1 Tenth 1 louse: Your public image, and ca­reer; relationships with authority figures.
  11. 1 Eleventh House: Friendships; member­ships in groups; hopes, goals, and wishes
  12. 1 Twelfth House: Your inner sell, dreams, secrets, the past; subconscious; karma.


Select only the houses that are of particular interest to you at this time...up to four at a time. Separate your deck into signs, planets, and ele­ments. Shuffle each deck. Place one card from each pile into the house or houses you are inter­ested in. The cards will give a fuller picture of the energy in that house, including what is driving or motivating you in that area, how you can best ex­press or meet that drive or motivation, and what extra energy can give a boost to your efforts.

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