Beautiful Creatures Tarot Guidebook


Introduction.......................... 9

First and Foremost......... 9

About These Beautiful Creatures . 10

About This Tarot Deck.. 11

How to Use This Deck... 12

Spreads................................... 13

One-Answer.................... 13

The Beautiful and Ugly. 13

The Mirror Within........... 14

Beauty, Truth, and Light 15

Triage en Croix................ 16

Mind Over Heart............. 17

30-Day Outlook ............ 18

Voice of the Beautiful Creatures 19

Vice Versa........................ 20

Family Tree and Heredity 21

Time After Time.............. 22

Lucid Dreams................... 23

Mend a Broken Heart... 24

Next Best Thing............... 25

Astrological Houses....... 26

Past Life............................ 27

Astrological Game.......... 28

Major Arcana......................... 30

  1. The Fool....................... 33
  2. 1. The Magician............. 35
  3. 2. The High Priestess... 37
  4. 3. The Empress.............. 39
  5. 4. The Emperor.............. 41
  6. 5. The Hierophant......... 43
  7. 6. The Lovers.................. 45
  8. 7. The Chariot................ 47
  9. 8. The Strength.............. 49
  10. 9. The Hermit................. 51
  11. 1 The Wheel................ 53
  12. 1 The Justice................ 55
  13. 1 The Hanging One... 57
  14. 1 The Transformation 59
  15. 1 The Temperance.... 61
  16. 1 The Habit................... 63
  17. 1 The Decadence........ 65
  18. 1 The Star...................... 67
  19. 1 The Moon.................. 69
  20. 1 The Sun...................... 71
  21. 2 The Judgment........... 73
  22. 2 The World................. 75

Minor Arcana......................... 76

Wands ............................ 78

1  of Wands..................... 79

2  of Wands.................... 80

3  of Wands.................... 81

4  of Wands.................... 82

5  of Wands.................... 83

6  of Wands.................... 84

7  of Wands.................... 85

8  of Wands.................... 86

9  of Wands.................... 87

10  of Wands.................... 88

Cups................................... 89

1  of Cups........................ 90

2  of Cups........................ 91

3  of Cups........................ 92

4  of Cups........................ 93

5  of Cups........................ 94

6  of Cups........................ 95

7  of Cups........................ 96

8  of Cups........................ 97

9  of Cups........................ 98

10  of Cups....................... 99

Swords............................ 100

1  of Swords................... 101

2  of Swords................... 102

3  of Swords................... 103

4  of Swords................... 104

5  of Swords................... 105

6  of Swords................... 106

7  of Swords................... 107

8  of Swords................... 108

9  of Swords................... 109

10  of Swords................. 110

Pentacles................................ Ill

1...................... of Pentacles..... 112

2...................... of Pentacles..... 113

3...................... of Pentacles..... 114

4...................... of Pentacles..... 115

5...................... of Pentacles..... 116

6...................... of Pentacles..... 117

7...................... of Pentacles..... 118

8...................... of Pentacles..... 119

9...................... of Pentacles..... 120

10................... of Pentacles..... 121

Court Cards...................... 122

Queen of Wands......... 125

King of Pentacles ...... 127

Knight of Swords ...... 129

Queen of Cups .......... 131

King of Wands ........... 133

Knight of Pentacles.... 135

Queen of Swords........ 137

King of Cups................ 139

Knight of Wands......... 141

Queen of Pentacles.... 143

King of Swords............ 145

Knight of Cups............. 147

Page of Wands............ 149

Page of Pentacles....... 151

Page of Swords........... 153

Page of Cups............... 155

Bonus Cards.......................... 156

You are One.................... 159

The Paranormal ............ 161

Conclusion............................. 162


Barbara Moore

and each one more complex and elusive than the other. Tarot is, in many ways,

a purveyor of beauty, truth, and light. The images are usually considered beautiful. The messages we get from the cards, we consider truth. And the wisdom and guidance, as well as spiritual lessons, we consider as lights that shine, helping us along our path.

The longer one considers and studies beauty, truth, and light, the more one realizes that these three characteristics have no clear and objective definition. And in fact, we often find our most hard-won victories and experience our most tender and moving moments when we learn to see the beauty in what we thought was ugly, when we understand a new truth, or when we find that tiny shimmer of light in what we thought was a vast darkness.

  1. R. Rivera, one of the most earnest and sincere Tarot lovers that I know,

has put together a deck that, at first glance, may appear overly simplistic, almost childlike. As the title rightly says, this is a deck of Beautiful Creatures. And so we flip through the cards seeing, because we expect to see, a series of lovely young women —for that is what Jasmine Becket-Griffith is known for. Then we pause and see an image we think is perhaps not, shall we say, conventionally lovely. We are asked, then, to search the card and find the beauty it holds. Beauty is not always sweet, not always gentle. Beauty can be terrible, as Yeats told us.

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot, Second Edition ... may you find what you desire and desire what you find as you look into the mirror that is Tarot —a mirror reflecting all manner of beauty, truth, and light.

Book of Shadows Tarot; Steampunk Tarot; Tarot Spreads: Layouts and Techniques to Empower Your Readings; Tarot of the Pagan Cats; Tarot for Beginners; Shadowscapes Tarot Deck and Book; Pagan Magickal Tarot Kit; The Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night; Tarot of the Sweet Twilight; Dream Enchantress Tarot; Enchanted Oracle; Mystic Dreamer

First and Foremost...

before anything,

the ultimate key to learning and understanding the Tarot. So this deck is meant to be simple and easy to understand and use. But it is also intended to lead you on a fantastic, yet memorable voyage of intuition, discovery, and endless possibilities using the beautifully sublime illustrations of Jasmine Becket-Griffith as your guides. Brace yourself, as this will be one journey that will keep you coming back for more.

In each card within this deck, you will encounter benevolent mystical beings who will aid and entice you to explore the answers you have been seeking and longing for. These magickal beings have been with you since the creation of man and since the day you were born. They are far more experienced than you and I —or anyone else who dwells on this planet. They have seen it all. They know your past, present, and future. They know all about you. They have seen you shed tears of joy and sorrow. They were there in your most difficult times. They have seen you walk down those lonely, cold paths time after time. When you were wide awake, they were in your consciousness, and when you slept at night, they were inside your subconscious as well. But you were too blinded to see or feel them near you. So today, they've decided to manifest themselves once more to keep any past pains and regrets from repeating themselves, and to pave the way to a better and brighter future that awaits you.

Before you read any further, if you are a seasoned Tarot reader, you will notice the traditional Court cards — the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings — have taken on different characteristics:

The Pages have been replaced with Flower Fairies.

The Knights, Queens, and Kings have been replaced with astrological signs.

This was done to simplify the Court cards for beginners who are starting to learn and read Tarot cards for the first time. Although, as many of you might not be aware, astrological signs are traditionally associated with the Court cards anyway (for example, the Queen of Pentacles associates with Capricorn). Regardless, I've also provided the traditional Court card meanings for those who are more experienced


(GBoul tBese

^BeauTtiuB Grefflures

the Beautiful Creatures Tarot, Second Edition, will be like using any other Tarot deck. It is meant to guide you and give you wise advice when you most need it. When you feel like you have lost hope and have nowhere to run, these beautiful creatures are here for you. Always! For as long as you need them to be.

Some of these creatures you will be familiar with. You will feel as if, and believe, you've seen them before. Where exactly? Maybe they have been in your dreams when you've slept at night, in your imagination when your mind has wandered off from your daily duties, or maybe even in a past life! Then there are those you may not be familiar with; but don't worry. They are totally familiar with you.

All of these creatures are benevolent, yet some appear to be malevolent. Don't let malicious attributes intimidate you. These childlike entities are nowhere near mean, rude, or evil; they are simply audacious, sassy, and yes, even prissy. But most important, they are honest to a fault and carry a very strong personality. These beautiful creatures come disguised as mystical beings such as fairies, witches, countesses, maidens, etc. Other creatures might be similar to people with whom you've crossed paths or people in your life. If you are unfamiliar with one of these creatures, make time to get to know her better. Talk to her if you must. Before you sleep or take a nap, ask her to come into your dreams. When you're home alone or driving in your car, ask her if she has a message for you. Don't be afraid. These creatures want to connect with you. They will not judge you; in fact, they will help and understand you.

Overall, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I bond and collaborate with these beautiful creatures?
  • In what areas of my life will I ask them to assist me?

The answers are strictly up to you. You see, these creatures were once in your shoes. Yes, they were! That is why they've made a world of their own — a place where pain doesn't exist and where there's a solution for every problem. They've made a place to share with you.


About this Tarot Deck

This Tarot follows the same structure as any other Tarot deck; for example, it features 78 cards. These 78 cards are divided into the Major Arcana that consists of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana that contains 56 cards. Out of the 56 cards, there are 16 that are called the Courts. The Courts embody the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages.

For this second edition Tarot deck, the traditional groups and titles of the traditional Tarot have been applied to each of the cards. For example, you will have the original names of the Major Arcana and the original elements (Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles). The Courts have kept their original titles (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages).

One thing that you should take into consideration is that the images in this deck are somewhat different and only loosely based on the traditional meanings found in the Rider-Waite (RW) cards, though, there are some images that bear an uncanny similarity to that of the RW cards. Don't let this discourage you in learning, studying, and using this deck. The point is for you to connect with the images and let them whisper to your subconscious, speak to your heart, and converse with your spirit. At the end of the day, you and the cards will become one.

There are keywords printed below the images for this second edition. These keywords are meant to be a pinpoint, a compass for you so you do not lose your focus or concentration on what the cards mean and the messages conveyed. After spending time working with these cards, you will see that the need to depend on keywords will no longer be an issue for you because you will have already connected with the cards on a deeper level. And this, my friends, is a step in becoming an authentic Tarot reader —by listening to your cards and what they have to say.

Keep in mind that Jasmine has had her artwork published in different oracle decks. Be assured that none of those artworks will appear in this deck making Beautiful Creatures, Second Edition, special and unique.


How to Use This Deck

Within the companion book you will find that each page provides a quote that is delivered to you by the creatures on the cards. Then, one keyword will help summarize the meaning of the card followed by an explanation of the illustration so that you might better understand it. There will be an upright and reverse meaning for you to consider for your readings.

Two bonus cards bring the total of cards to 80 and these two can be read like any other card, but they do serve a special purpose. Many readers like to pull out a card and use it as a significator. But when this is done, it breaks the structure of the Tarot. So instead, one of the extra cards will represent people and the other will indicate situations.

This Tarot deck can also be used as an oracle deck. If and when there is time, take one card, put aside the original Tarot meaning of that card, and incorporate your own meaning to it based on your intuition, visual cues, or anything else that draws you into the card. When you do this, write the meaning down in a journal. Do this until you've created different meanings for all 80 cards. You don't really have to feel obligated in creating meanings for all 80 cards—just do as many as you like. You will note that your intuition and your thinking skills will stretch.

Now, in order for you to read the cards and get your juices flowing, you will need Tarot spreads that will help you exercise the meanings and how to interpret the cards. Following you will find 16 Tarot spreads that will range in laying a total of 1 card to 12 cards. These spreads will cover pretty much anything you want and need to learn. But this is not an obligation to use these spreads; by all means, create your own! There will also be an astrological game for you to delve into personalities!




The One-Answer spread is very helpful when you need to receive a simple, short answer or quick advice for a question you have. Once a day, you may draw a card for an answer or advice to help you carry on with your day.

If you don't feel like having a one-card reading but would still like to learn about your deck, you may instead shuffle the deck and select one card that you can study, explore, and even journal about.

The Beautiful and Ugly

This is one of the many spreads that I use when I want to get to the core meaning of something or someone. It is ideal if you are inquiring about the qualities of a person you've just met or a situation that has manifested. (The Beautiful and Ugly Spread was inspired by Barbara Moore's Foreword.)

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 Represents the question/option/interest.

Card 2 Represents the beauty about it; good qualities.

Card 3 Represents the ugly about it; bad qualities.


The Mirror Within

The Mirror Within spread is one that you may work with when you want to tap into or know what a person feels and thinks, and their intentions towards you. You may even turn it around and tap into your own subconscious thought, feelings, and intentions towards a person — because, once in a while, everyone is bound to doubt these things.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 The true feelings about a person or situation.

Card 2 The true thoughts about a person or a situation.

Card 3 The true intentions about a person or a situation.


Beauty, Truth, and Light

This spread is designed to gain clarity and truth relating to a problem or a situation. It helps you to see things from a positive point of view. For example, when you wrongfully perceive or think of a situation or a person that may appear malevolent, this spread will help change that perception and allow you to dig a little deeper into the problem.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 The beauty about this particular person or thing.

Card 2 The truth about this particular person or thing.

Card 3 The light about this particular person or thing.


Triage en Croix

The Triage en Croix (which translate to "The Cross Spread") is a Tarot spread that was developed in France and is highly recommended for the Tarot de Marseille. The Triage en Croix is equivalent to the Celtic Cross spread. All it takes for this spread are five cards.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 Represents the consultant.

Card 2 Announces any obstacles that are hindering the consultant.

Card 3 Gives wise advice that should be taken into consideration.

Card 4 Explains what will happen if the advice is neglected.

Card 5 Denotes the final outcome of the situation.


Mind Over Heart

This is another spread I use whenever someone is stuck and can't decide what advice to listen to, including logic and intuition. It's helpful for times when you hear a voice or have a gut feeling telling you something, but you ignore it. Well, this unique spread is very handy for double-checking what your instincts are telling you.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 The situation.

Card 2 What your mind says.

Card 3 Outcome if you listen to your mind.

Card 4 What your heart says.

Card 5 Outcome if you listen to your heart.


30-Day Outlook

This spread is designed to help you have an overall and general outlook for the current month. A month consists of four weeks, and each card will give you an idea of what to expect for each week. Now, if you want to twist things around and know what will happen during a particular day, feel free to draw one or many extra cards for each day in the month.


The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 What you will encounter within the first week.

Card 2 What you will encounter within the second week.

Card 3 What you will encounter within the third week.

Card 4 What you will encounter within the fourth week.

Card 5 The final outcome for this month.


Voice of the

Beautiful Creatures

This spread is specifically dedicated to use with this Tarot deck. In this deck, you may receive advice from any of the beautiful creatures, and to do so is very simple.

Begin by shuffling the deck of cards.

Draw one card and place it in the center of your work area.

Find, in this book, the description of the character on the card. This will be the creature who will provide assistance to you. For example, if you draw the 3 of Cups, then the creature coming to help you will be the deity Goddess Circe. If you draw the Queen of Wands, that zodiac sign will come forward.

After you've drawn the first card and know the identity of the beautiful creature who has come to provide advice, start to draw different cards for different questions you need solutions for. There is no limit to how many questions you may ask. The important thing is that you have your questions answered or your problems figured out. Each card will provide the advice from your helping creature and assist you in solving your issues.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 Represents the creature that has come forward.

Card 2 Represents why this creature has come forward.

Card 3 Represents how you can work with this creature.

Card 4 Represents what this creature will do for you.

Card 5 Represents what this creature will not do for you.

Then begin to draw separate cards to solve each problem you face.


Vice Versa

This spread is designed for people who have already met and have, or are in, the initial stages of dating, or for someone who is partnering or collaborating with another.

The Vice Versa spread is meant to give you a quick answer, but if you want to explore additional information, you may add extra cards on top the ones shown. This will deepen or sharpen the advice given. For example, should you want to know more about a person's feelings toward you, add cards on top of Card 2 and read them along with Card 2.

The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 That person's thoughts towards me.

Card 2 That person's feelings towards me.

Card 3 That person's intentions towards me.

Card 4 My thoughts towards that person.

Card 5 My feelings towards that person.

Card 6 My intentions towards that person.

Card 7 How can we work together?


Family Tree and Heredity

The beautiful creatures value family ties and tradition, and are a beacon when families reunite and accept and treat each other the same. Of course, some of these creatures grew up without families or without knowledge of their original kin. They encourage you to learn more about your birth families.

This spread is designed to help you identify what traits you've inherited from your family members — whoever, whenever, or wherever they dwell. You may add additional cards (as shown in the example from the prior spread) to know what you've inherited from your families. You may insert other family members for the slots shown to see what they've inherited as well. The possibilities are endless.




The meanings for card placements are as follows:

Card 1 Represents you, your way of being.

Card 2 Represents what you've inherited from your mother.

Card 3 Represents what you've inherited from your father.

Card 4 Represents what you've inherited from your maternal Grandmother.

Card 5 Represents what you've inherited from your maternal Grandfather

Card 6 Represents what you've inherited from your paternal Grandmother.

Card 7 Represents what you've inherited from your paternal Grandfather


Time After Time

This spread is a tad more elaborate version of the simple three-card spread called "Past, Present, and Future." This spread will include cards and will stretch the Past and the Future a bit more.


The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

Card 1 Distant Past: This represents something that happened long ago. It can indicate several years or decades.

Card 2 Recent Past: This represents something that happened not too long ago, a few years, months, even weeks.

Car d 3 Present: This represents what is happening right now, in some cases, a few hours ago.

Card 4 Near Future: This represents what will happen a few weeks, months, maybe even a few years.

Card 5 Father Future: This represents what will happen many more years to come. Like the past, it can indicate decades.


Lucid Dreams

Like everyone else, you had a dream that was so beautiful or horrific that it was as if you were living in it, step by step. Upon waking up, you may have forgotten a few details. This spread was created for you to go back into your dream(s) and find out what you missed and to understand the dream better. I recommend that you have a piece of paper and writing tool to take notes when doing this spread.

First, you will have to choose a card that represents the dream (anything that you can remember or stood out can help you pick a card). Leave this card in the center.

5 SI SI 9 SI SI 9

The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

Card 1 This card will represent what you felt when you were in the dream.

Card 2 This card gives pointers to the events happening in the dream.

Card 3 This card represents the energy as whole of the dream.

Card 4 This card denotes what the dream means to you in the waking life.

Card 5 This card tells what the dream means to you at an inner psychic level.

Card 6 This card is about what energy is needed to make this dream a reality or to dispel it.

Card 7 This card advises you what you ought to learn about the dream.


Mend a Broken Heart

You've lived through a relationship that was either short or long term, but has ended. It may have ended well, or it could have been painful. This spread is one of my favorites, and it was created for those of you who have gone through a bad relationship. It will provide in-depth information that you will use to heal and learn from.




' 1

' 1
















RM 00 MH


L> - J

b - J

i) - J

b - J

L> - J

J  X.

L> - J

L> - J

b - 1

The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

Card 1 What the relationship was like.

Card 2 How I felt about it.

Card 3 How my partner felt about it.

Card 4 The things that were perfect in the relationship.

Card 5 The things that needed work in the relationship.

Card 6 Hidden factors that ruined/jeopardized the relationship.

Card 7 Obvious factors that helped/maintained the relationship.

Card 8 The lesson that this relationship taught me.

Card 9 What I should avoid in my next relationship.


Next Best Thing

This spread is designed to help you see what your next partner/lover will be like. If you are currently involved or talking to someone who interests you, this spread can help you to know what you can expect from and/or how this relationship will develop. If you are single and wanting to know about your future partner, you can still use this spread.

The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

Card 1 This card represents his/her way of thinking.

Card 2 This card represents his/her personality

Card 3 This card represents what that person believes in.

Card 4 This card represents that person's goals/accomplishments.

Card 5 This card represents what that person hides/secret agendas.

Card 6 This card represents what that person is truly looking for.

Card 7 This card represents what how they feel about you.

Card 8 This card represents how the relationship will start off.

Card 9 This card represents what the relationship will endure.

Card 10 This card represents how the relationship will end or how you can keep it alive.




This spread is used to get an overall perception about your life and all things that are involved in it. It will help you to know which things are going well and which things need attention. This spread requires 12 cards to be laid out in any fashion. Most people like to draw 12 cards in a clockwise manner. To make it more interesting, and if

you'd like, you can retrieve 12 Court cards (Kings, Queens and Knights) and use them as significators.

The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

1st House This represents yourself, the image that you project to the world.

2nd House This represents your money, finances, and what you spend it on.

3rd House This represents communications with the people in your life.

4lh House This represents life at home and how you cater to it.

5th House This represents your personal interests with people or things.

6th House This represents the work that you do for others who are in need.

7th House This represents love affairs and relationship with other people.

8lh House This represents your possessions, things that you own.

9th House This represents your education and everything you've learned.

10th House This represents your career/jobs and your reputation.

1 llh House This represents the relationship that you have with friends and acquaintances.

12th House This represents things that are hidden from you, and secrets that you keep.


Past Life

This spread is designed for you to know who you (or others) were in a past life. This spread can help you see what things, like personality traits or habits that you had in your past life, have made their way into your present life. This is designed to give you awareness of who you are.

X x j £ s x {85 f9*


The meanings for the card placements are as follows:

Card 1 This represents what your thoughts and ideas consisted of.

Card 2 This represents what your physical strengths and limitations were.

Card 3 This represents what your beliefs and devotions consisted of.

Card 4 This tells you what revolved around the day you were born.

Card 5 This tells you what your life as a child was like.

Card 6 This tells you what you were like as a teenager.

Card 7 This tells you what went on when you were an adult.

Card 8 This tells you what you projected to the world and the things that you did.

Card 9 This tells you what the environment you lived in was like.

Card 10 This tells you what went on in your relationship with people

— be it lovers, spouses, friends, family, or acquaintances.

Card 11 This tells you things that were hidden from you or things that you were not aware of.

Card 12 This tells you how you may have died or

who may have been responsible for your death.


Astrological Game

Have you ever wanted to know if you are compatible with a family member, friend, co-worker, or significant other —or maybe even a secret crush? With the use of your zodiac sign and theirs you now can. This game is simple and will be lots of laughs and fun. What you need to do is to look for your sign and identify the sign for the other person you want to know about. (If you do not know their sign, you can always ask them for their birthdate, and look for it on the chart provided on the next page.) Within the Court cards, find your sign and that of the other person (use pages 124 to 155 to identify your card). If you do not want to break the deck, use the two bonus cards. Draw your card and place it to your left-hand side. Place their card on your right-hand side. If you happen to share the same sign, go ahead and substitute the Bonus card "You Are One" for either of you. If you choose, you can read the cards representing each of you that may give you a glimpse of either personality or a connection to the question answered.

Now, shuffle the remaining cards in the deck until you feel ready to lay them out. Hold the deck in your hand and pose a question like: What is our relationship really about?" or "How can we understand each other?" Draw a card and place it in between the two signs, and look for the card in the companion book to interpret the message.

If you want to know something about yourself or the other person, simply draw a card and place it next to your card and/or their card sign. You can ask something like: "What should I know about myself?" or "What should I be aware of said person?"






January 21-February 19




February 20-March 20




March 21 — April 20




April 21-May 21




May 22— June 21




June 22-July 22




July 23-August 22




August 23-September 23




September 24-October 23




October 24-November 22




November 23-December 21




December 22-January 20







The 22 Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck are known as "the big secrets." These big secrets are what you are not aware of or what you are ignoring. These cards are red flags when they appear in a reading. Take their messages seriously. When several Major Arcana cards appear, you should address the situation. The Major Arcana will feature reverse meanings; heed what they have to say!


  1. 'ffie Fool

I'm off on an adventure unknown to me. When I get there, I will collect what I've seen and experienced.

Keyword: Exploration

Fluttering her wings out of a fancy cottage adorned with flowers, a sweet and delightful little butterfly fairy who loves to explore is on an adventure—one where she will learn different things needed for everyday life. She's not the least bit worried about where she's going, nor will she listen to what people have to say, because her plan is for her adventures to be a surprise. Her dress is adorned with purple irises and her hair with a variety of flowers that produce a lavish scent, just in case she needs motivation while she's exploring. Accompanying her is a wise and beautiful yellow butterfly. This butterfly will join her on her mission and will serve as her guardian. The butterfly will protect and keep her from making senseless choices. Should she ever run into danger, because her curiosity leads her to it, the butterfly will lead her to the right direction.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents that it is time for you to know that you have to let go and explore what's out there. In this adventure, you will encounter people and things unknown to you. This exploration may be as simple as going out of town or hiking in the woods. The card also denotes a new beginning, a fresh start. Remember that when you are done with something, a new beginning starts to develop.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that you are not looking closely enough at where it is you are venturing and that you are not being careful with what it is you are exploring. You're conducting your actions and behavior in a foolish and naive manner.


  1. 1. Magician

I see that you possess great skills that remain undeveloped. Is there something that you want to pursue? Come here; drink out of this potion I have. Maybe this will do the trick.

Keywords: Inner skills

Beneath a creepy medieval cathedral that used to belong to a French emperor, there's a dark and gloomy crypt where no one has set foot inside —only those who are magicians. In this crypt, there is the smell of scented candles of all fragrances, as well as the odors of harsh chemicals penetrating the air. Underneath all that lives a mysterious mage who has acquired profound and immense knowledge and skills. Her vast wisdom is almost "God"-like. In her crypt, she conducts many experiments with the use of scientific methods and magick. Many people, including those who have encountered this mysterious alchemist, claim that she gives off an "extraterrestrial" vibe. Her magick skills are far more extraordinary than any sorcerer could acquire. It is rumored that the Wizard of Avalon and Morgan La Fae collaborated with this alchemist from time to time.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that you should start to learn how to develop your skills and put them to use. In order to create whatever it is that you want, you must first learn by trial and error. Nobody becomes good at something without trying. You see, within you, you possess magickal skills of which you are unaware. If anything, put your skills to use.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that someone who claims to be a professional in a certain field is actually a con-artist with bad intentions. Also, you have all the necessary tools to help you fix areas in your life, but you'd rather take a different direction that serve no reliable purpose.


  1. 2. High Priestess

The unknown is not revealed to you just yet. But what I know, I know because I know. You see, I don't have to know because I already know.

Keywords: Inner Wisdom

This beautiful and serene priestess standing in a field full of greenery carries an open book that appears old and useless. When she looks into this bookz she closes her eyes and waits for a few minutes until mystical writings appear throughout the pages, and in turn, she is able to see it in her mind. These writings are not something she has fabricated, but they are from a divine source that only she has contact with and an understanding of. How she managed to read and understand this book is still a secret, one that only she knows. Much like a Goddess, she sees all, but tells none. Not only that, she is very intuitive. Also, if anyone were to explore the book she holds, it would take years, if not millenniums, to read and understand it. Our priestess has read the book, not just once, but many times before, and she has managed to understand it well. Now she comes to help others to get in touch with the wisdom that resides inside their hearts.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that the answers to your questions are hidden from you and it is now the right time for you to look for them. The more you look for hidden solutions, the more additional things you will uncover. What's hidden from you is not too hard to find; it just requires patience. Of course, with a wrong question comes a wrong answer, but with a right question, you receive a right answer. This card also indicates that your intuition is required. Spiritual guidance is before you.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that you are not listening to your inner voice, your intuition. Secrets that you want to know will not be revealed to you any time soon. People around you are being very secretive without a motive. You'll discover very hurtful secrets.


  1. 3. me Empress

What is it that you are trying to create? Are you creating a legacy?

Do you need my aid? Here, let me help you.

Keyword: Creativity

In a magickal land, creativity is a must-have for everyone, yet very little inspiration goes around. Here sits a beautiful, light brown-haired maiden, the aspect of a saint; yet she embodies the archetype of a mother. She creates just about anything she pleases. Aside from being creative and nurturing creativity, she emanates fertility and conception on all levels and for every aspect. As you can see, a gentle and benevolent black cat sits on her lap. In reality, however, this cat is a creative muse. It gives The Empress any tools, instruments, and even blueprints she needs to create whatever it is that you want to have her create. Or, she hands you these tools so you can acquire whatever it is that you need to create, and whatever it is that you want, without hesitation.

Upright: In a reading, this card tells you that you need to put your creativity into action. Make it happen! Even if you have to start from scratch and build your way up. The card also says that anything you want to create is possible. Not only does this creature denote creativity, she also denotes motherhood. Motherhood applies for both men and women. Via motherhood, nurture someone or something that needs it. She can also represent a female figure, be it a stranger or a family member.

Reverse: When reversed, this card advises that you have several creative venues, but you are being too lazy to really create anything. People, situations, and you, need nurturing, but you would rather nurture and cater to things that are irrelevant in your life.


  1. 4. me Emperor

Over here! No, look at me, the furry authority figure! Please, don't underestimate me. Beware when I rule; I expect obedience. I expect honesty and nothing less.

Keyword: Sovereignty

The feline that you see being held by the beautiful creature before you is no ordinary feline; he is a leader, a commander, a chief. A sire! Unlike many other male rulers, this feline does not depend on anyone, nor does he let others depend on him. He holds no intimate relationship with anyone whosoever. The only relationships with others (of his or of a different kind) are relationships based on command and sovereignty. When this feline stomps his foot, his commands must be completed and fulfilled. He applies rules where there needs to be ruling, and leadership to those who need it. He is building a legacy where other emperors cannot keep up. A simple word of advice: do not underestimate him; despite his true-nature size, his ideas and commands are far stronger than an army of soldiers. He can do and undo as he pleases.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a need to know that not all the things in life are going as expected. You've been so careless for some time that you've neglected your properties. You are at a point where you sit back and just expect things to get done. But the truth is, nothing ever gets done on its own. Now is the time for you to take charge and apply order, or restore order, where it needs to be applied and restored. If people in your personal life or circle of friends are getting out of control and not following the laws, set an example and be a leader to them.

Reverse: When reversed, this card means that instead of tackling a problem or situation with strife and assertiveness, you are being very passive and neglectful. Something or someone has gotten out of control, so concentration and focus is vital right now.


  1. "M? Hierophant

Welcome mij child. Today is the perfect day to learn something new. Whatever it is that you want to learn, orthodox or unorthodox, I will teach you.

Keyword: Morals

A wise angel sits in front of two apprentices who have been chosen because they lack wisdom and the ability to learn new things. The angel knows all, but unlike the priestess, she carries the outer-knowledge — the kind that tells you how to solve things, how to work out a problem in an instant. This angel is well-known in restoring faith in the faithless, like the two angels dressed in black. The angels dressed in black have had their knowledge diminished. They can't think or function correctly. For them, everything seems difficult to understand. In the end, they'd lost all their faith and belief. This is why this angelic creature has called them: to teach them, to make them learn. With a single strum of her instrument, these two dark angels will open their eyes and a wave of wisdom will come shooting at them —like arrows.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a time when you are in a situation and cannot think clearly. Things around you seem too complicated to understand. People become difficult to understand as well. You don't have to panic anymore; your wisdom will be restored and will help you understand clearly. This card is also telling you to be keen in your thinking. Use tactic to solve things that could endanger you. People may play mind games with you to fool you; be sharp and know when to play back.

Reverse: When reversed, this card lets you know that there are so many things you need to learn that you are not taking into consideration. Lessons and advice are being thought to you by people who are more experienced, and you don't heed what they have to offer.


  1. 6. ifie Lovers

Stop right there and look; you've come to a fork in the road. We need you to make a decision.

Keyword: Ultimatum

A taboo love affair of passion and lust with a frenzied desire for ecstasy between a mythical creature and a human has manifested. These two lovers encounter a problem, a fork in the road. The spirit, standing in all her grace, brought these two together and encourages them to indulge their physical thirst for one another and become one. Meanwhile, the legislator of matrimony points at them, seeing this affair as obscene and vulgar, and demands them to leave it or they will face corporal punishment. They look into each other's eyes with an ardent carnal desire ready to render them weak and consume them. Listening to the spirit, the sphinx latches her claws onto him; her heart beats and she moans, panting while demanding him not to part from her. The warrior listens to the legislator and, painfully and unwillingly, refrains for their sake and safety from giving in to her advances. They are left with a choice: save themselves from their love affair or pay the price for giving in to their temptation.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents having a strong and developed passion for something that you find very interesting—be it a person or a thing (like a hobby). The best advice you can take, or strategy you can heed, is to follow your heart. You have to unite with something or someone you can love. By love, remember that you can love on all levels and degrees. This card can also signify that you have come to a point where you will have to face and make a final decision.

Reverse: When reversed, this card advises that you are not being too passionate about something that you like to do or someone who has an interest in you. You're involved in a romance or relationship with someone and you've not invested or shown any attention, interest, or time.


  1. 7. Chariot

I'm on a mission where everything is in motion. The great thing is that I have full control of where I want to go and when I will arrive.

Keyword: Motion

A beautiful butterfly fairy sits in a golden chariot where she maneuvers the butterflies to take her wherever she wants to go, even if it means going to outer space or to heaven. She's set and has made her mind very clear regarding the destination, for she does not like traveling to familiar destinations, nor does she like being forced to travel somewhere she does not want to go. At the velocity this fairy is ordering her butterflies to push the chariot, nothing and no one is going to stop her. She has full support from her butterfly chauffeurs who follow her orders. Besides the butterflies maneuvering her chariot, the wind plays a role in paving the way for her and her team to soar as fast as they want to go. As you can see, she holds only the cords in her hands to move her chariot about—nothing else —because her mission is not intentional; it is her own free will.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that you are in a position where you have full control of what's around you and of what you want to do. The control is in your hands. Apart from having power, situations are happening at a fast pace and you can see them, or at least feel them, but you can't seem to do anything about the movements or outcomes. You are given the gift of prevention, so that a problem does not become bigger than what it already is. Most importantly, if something is about to be blown out of proportion, you have the ability to control it and sustain it. Beware, though, of how and who you control. Having control should be applied only when necessary.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that there is no physical motion or mental motivation occurring in your life. You are feeling so much pressure that everything around you is starting to collapse. Instead of gaining self­control, you are losing control of what's around you.


  1. 8. Strength

You fear and dread something, don't you? Tell me what it is that you are so afraid of, and I will teach you to gain strength over your fears.

Keyword: Fortitude

The melody of bells and wooden flutes fill the air, up in the sky, where clouds and the sun dance to these melodies. The clouds twist and spin and the rays from the sun expand and, soon, the clouds and sun rays blend. From the heavens, and among all the Hindu deities, her divinity, the Hindu Goddess, Durga, along with her mystical tiger, manifest before you. The tiger can smell her weakness and intimidates her only to test her. But Durga...she knows, and can see the root of weakness and fears. As you can very well see, she holds weapons and rewards in her six hands. The baton, pitchfork, and sword are needed to break away from fears. The golden sudarshana chakra and the two pink lotus blossoms will energize her courage after mustering the strength to overcome her apprehensions. As for the tiger, he will serve as a reminder that self-power and willpower are two criteria that she needs to invoke.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the fact that you are a strong person. You have the strength to overcome any obstacle and to withstand so much of what life throws at you. You are entitled to use mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional force at any time that you please. Never withhold your strength and force and never consider yourself weak, because weakness is only a state of mind. Fortitude is at your dispense and disposition.

Reverse: When reversed, this card says that you are not trying to be strong enough; you're letting people and situations overcome you. You need to invest time in finding your strong points and what areas in life can be defeated. Someone is underestimating your strength.


  1. 9. I be Hermit

I've seen that you've managed to get away from your busy life and routines. Now is the perfect time to see and discover what you've been looking for.

Keyword: Introspection

This beautiful green-eyed maiden comes from a very dark and cruel world where peace and harmony are not an option. Her world reeks of chaos, havoc, and destruction. Her kin travel to other dimensions to inflict pain, torture, and suffering on others. However, the pain that her kind causes is not so much physical pain, but rather emotional, mental, and spiritual distress. This maiden knows that there is nothing she can do to stop this — nothing she can say will end it. Being a witness to this monstrosity, she retreats faraway from her world into another where there is nothing but silence and peace. All she hears in this new world is white noise and her very own inner thoughts. The green-eyed maiden finds shelter in a dark and gloomy cave. She lights a candle in hopes that she can shed some light into her soul to elevate her consciousness from all that she's witnessed.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that in order to find an answer to a problem, you must learn to retreat from your society when it is moving at a rapid pace and giving you no time to look for what it is that you are searching for. It does not really matter what it is that you are looking for, only that you find it in the end. All the answers to your problems are hidden right there­under your nose. It is you who has to make it a priority to go out and find solutions. This card may represent something that has been kept secret, and it suggests that you shed some light on it. To discover something, some sort of illumination is needed — something that can light up and help you see clearly. At the very least, the light will give you a glimpse of what you're looking for.

Reverse: When reversed, this card denotes that the time to concentrate, refine, and retune yourself is mandatory. You are refusing to listen or to accept good advice from people who care. You may be spending too much time alone, causing a detachment from your duties and people who care about you.


  1. Wheel

Hello there; did you know that the clock, table, and the world are spinning? Please understand that something is about to change and you have to be ready for it.

Keyword: Changes

This alluring yet powerful pixie and her dragon friend only manifests on our planet Earth from time to time to do her bidding. She is invisible to the human eye, but there are times when she lets her presence be felt. This entity is unlike any other that has existed, and she is not to be taken lightly, for she possesses many powers. She is known to possess three abilities: fate, karma, and destiny. With the roll of her twenty-faced dice, a tool so powerful that we cannot begin to understand (and even if we did, we would not know how to conduct it) she will foretell the official and permanent outcome —an outcome that can't be avoided —for the person she has bestowed the roll upon. Her dragon friend is the keeper who tells her where she needs to go and who she needs to attend.

Upright: In a reading, this card pertains to having luck and being lucky regarding so many things and aspects in your life. But, at the same time, it could pertain to Karma — what goes around comes around. In many instances, it indicates taking a chance on something new — something unfamiliar —in order to gain a new foundation for luck. It can also represent that something is going to change for the better, depending on the circumstances and how your past actions have been portrayed and played out. Don't forget that changes happen no matter what. These changes could be personal, spiritual, physical, and/or emotional.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that anything you were expecting to change has become stalled or idle. The time has come for you to recognize stagnation and make important changes in your life. You may be fighting for or preventing things from changing in your life; surrender and let changes take their course.


Intolerance is not an issue. You see, we are both different in our own right. But, we've learn to come to terms and be fair with one another.

Keyword: Equality

Could these two witches, whose attributes are so different and so distinct, get along — even when they collaborate with one another in everyday activities? As a matter of fact, they sure can. The Green Witch is the type of creature that sets out and ventures on her own. Her word is, and will be, the last word. She shows no remorse and does not feel sorry for anyone. All eyes, and the spotlight, have to be on her. Always! The Fair Witch is a total opposite of the Green Witch. The Fair Witch is the type of creature that likes to mingle with people and enjoys having them around her. She hears everyone, regardless of what they have to say. Most of the time, she puts other people before herself. The Fair Witch likes to see both sides of the problem, and she has lots of empathy for those around her. Even though these two witches know that they are very different from one another and their personas may clash, they've made a truce and have come to a decision whereby they will accept each other's way of being.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that there will come a day when you will have to accept situations and people for what and who they are. You will have to change your way of being and, even though you may not change someone else's way of being, you will change yourself in order to keep peace around you. Also, you will learn how to play fair and show equality to others. It is most important that you be fair and equal to yourself as well — this, more than anything.

Reverse: When reversed, this card says that people around you are not being fair to you or to others; you may also find that you are not being fair to others, or even to yourself. You or someone else is giving in to favoritism, favoring those with material gain and those in power, rather those who have compassion to offer.


  1. 1 Hanging One

Look within yourself; you hold the power to do anything you please.

The only question I have for you is: Where will you invest your power?

Keyword: Perception

Within the bright wilderness where strange and unearthly monsters dwell, we see a beautiful and sensual maiden. The swing upon which she sits and swings is unlike any other experienced before. The swing is something real, something legit. Only those who are willing to change their point of view — the way they see things or those who want to gain powerful and deeper sight —are allowed to swing on it. You see her happy and content while she swings on her swing. But little do you know that this maiden, at one point in her life, never saw things for what they really were; she only saw things that were convenient to her and never made something meaningful out of her life. But then she took it upon herself to start seeing the reality of things, to accept what she could and couldn't see. The maiden took a ride on that swing and changed her life around, for the better.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents seeing things from a whole different perspective. Don't lose yourself within an illusion or become a slave to people who are nothing more than holograms. Learn how to distinguish what is real and what is fake. Additionally, learn to sacrifice old points of view to be able to gain a new point of view. See things, such as people and situations, for what they really are.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that there's a time to surrender yourself to something that you can't beat. Refuse, however, to give up, even though you don't seem to be getting anywhere. You are also declining to see things and people from a different point of view.


  1. 1 ^fSe Transformation

Don't fear me. I zuon't harm you. Instead, I will transform you. What is old and useless will end right now, at your convenience.

Keyword: Transition

In front of you, there is a serious, yet alluring, maiden. Little do you know that she is the Princess of the Dead. She is responsible for discarding what no longer should be in use, what no longer is needed. She paves the way for different beginnings and transformations. When the life of a living creature is about to end, she comes closer and closer. Many think that she comes to terrorize those who are at the verge of dying; but in reality, she's there to assist those who need to let go of life and transcend to another destination, another dimension. All these creatures have to do, as their lives slip slowly away, is to look into her eyes, and without pain and without hesitation, they will find themselves softly letting go of life and being lifted to eternal and everlasting bliss. The skeletons that you see around her were once living creatures—just like you —and like all things, living or material, the time came when their lives needed to come to an end.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents understanding that the end is near. Your final destination is right around the corner. There is no escape and no salvation for this. The good thing about this card is that it does not pertain to a physical death, like everyone dreads. Instead, it pertains to a transformation, a transition. From something old, something new is born, like a snake shedding its skin or a larva turning into a flying creature. The process is very simple: learn to let go. Accept this transformation as it will be very useful and beneficial for you.

Reverse: When reversed, this card tells you that you are not letting changes manifest in your life, but rather you are just keeping the same routine. At times, you feel like not changing the negative aspects in your life and, eventually, those parts of you will take their toll.


  1. 1 me Temperance

Ever heard the saying that a little bit of something goes a long way?

Well, that is true. But did you also know that there needs to be a limit?

Keyword: Moderation

A dame who sits on a lavish, velvet Victorian sofa is pouring herself a crystal cup of delicious imported Italian champagne. She's had this drink many times before, by herself and among friends, but never once did she let the effects or intoxication of alcohol affect her body and health. That is because she knew better than to over-indulge. She knows that she has too much at stake to let something so silly happen. How can she drink so much alcohol and not have any side effects? The answer, and best of all, the strategy, is very simple—but takes lots of determination and self-strength. Her strategy is that she moderates her alcoholic intake. This is why she enjoys drinking without any harm. She knows very well how to balance her consumption and, now, she is pouring you a cup of champagne. Don't be afraid to take it —it's a treat —she's monitoring your intake.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that you should start moderating your life nowl Moderate all that's around you. Learn how to live with the things that annoy you — and yes, with people who annoy you as well. Of all things, learn how not to give into temptation. Keep away from all the harmful things. Do not invite or attract negative energy. Allow yourself to live in perfect peace and harmony. The way to balance issues in your life is to silently observe your surroundings and be aware of all that's around you. React properly to unexpected surprises.

Reverse: When reversed, this card lets you know that you are not carefully balancing situations between your personal and social life. You are bringing problems into your work and home environment that make you feel out of balance. At times, your long-term visions of the future is slowly disappearing into oblivion.


Hi, you must be my next victim... oops, I mean, my friend. Hey! Ever heard of that saying about old habits dying hard? Here, try this. Let's see hoiv hard your habits die.

Keyword: Dependency

Stranded, lost and alone, in a dark and secluded area is a young female angel who has indulged in some heavy and dangerous temptations. Life was perfect for her when she lived in a pink house with a white picket fence, all while taking care of a loving family who needed her more than anything. One night, in order to help out others who were in need of guidance and protection, a devilish cat appeared to her and asked her to try a drug so delicious. After giving in, she tried it and has never looked back. As a punishment from her superior, she has been asked to go far away where she will have no contact or company with any living creature, except for the company of the evil cat who got her into the mess in the beginning. But all is not lost; her only salvation is to detach from the company of the cat, and all will return to normal — but for now, she is slave to her addiction.

Upright: In a reading, this card indicates that you are being led in the wrong direction —a direction that has no good consequences whatsoever. Should you proceed down this path, you will find yourself a slave to addictions that will never let you rest. If you develop bad habits, it will take a very long time for you to overcome these patterns. You may also find yourself depending on others —worst of all, living off them! In the end, once an addiction has developed (whether it's drugs or sex or of another variety), mercy and salvation will seem very far away and difficult to attain. But with willpower and self-control, you can fight being a victim to your addictions.

Reverse: When reversed, this card is a good omen and it is telling you that you are slowly becoming able to untie yourself from your addictions. You've opened your eyes and now you are realizing the harm it is causing you, or may cause in the future.


  1. we Decadence

Do me a favor and please look below; you're above great heights, but when you fall, what will you expect? What will you hold on to for dear life?

Keyword: Abruption

Beneath the dark skies and at the water's shore, there sits a very upset angel who is no longer able to return to her kingdom. The night is silent and there are no water or air creatures swimming below the dark sea or flying above the shadowed skies. All that this angel can hear is the harsh sounds of the waves and the echo of her own thoughts rambling in her head. She knows that she will eventually have to adapt to her new surroundings. The real story concerning this angel is that she's never had to fly and be someone's guardian angel. She never became a fallen angel for her actions, although she has seen many angels fall down to earth and transform into fallen angels or demons. This privileged angel and her fortunate peers lived in a heaven where the beautiful skies would turn into different figures and where their heaven was far away from the galaxy. One night, without any of them seeing it coming, three omnipotent lightning bolts descended into their heaven and struck the clouds on which they lived. She and her peers fell from the top of the tower along with their hopes, dreams, and imagination. The jar she carries with the eye is her wisdom, retained after her catastrophic fall.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that you need to learn how to expect the unexpected. Stop pretending like nothing is ever going to happen to you. Remember that what goes up, must come down. When you are at the highest of your achievement, remember that it can come crushing down upon you under the right (or wrong) circumstances. This card also denotes release. If you suppress or bottle painful memories or grudges for long, do consider the consequences: all that you've kept hidden inside will burst and the outcome will not be pretty.

Reverse: When reversed, this card is telling you that you are not understanding the gravity of a problem that has been circling you. By not taking this situation into consideration, it will only become worse than it already is.


  1. Star

I've seen you lost in desperation. I also see you are alone and in confusion. Why don't you take this star and let it spark hope and guidance? There's plenty where this one came from.

Keyword: Hope

Up above the night skies and from the heavens, a star angel has crossed into our earthly realm. She did not come empty handed; instead, she is bearing gifts for you. The stars she is gifting are not just for anyone. In order to receive one of her stars, one must earn it. Each star at her disposal grants several things you really need. But only she knows what it is that you truly want. Or, you can ask her and she will kindly see to it that you get what you desire. Among all the stars, hers serve as an aid. Let's say that you are lost; she'll display a star so you can find your path to your destination. If there is something missing in your life, she'll shoot a star across the skies and grant you one wish (or more than one, if you see her shooting several stars at once). Also, she can display a huge, bright star and, once you look at it, your life will be filled with hope —the kind of hope that you anticipate when desiring something.

Upright: In a reading, this card advises that you should not give up too easily on what you want to achieve. Your goals and dreams are only the beginning. Once you fulfill your dreams, then it's the finish line. If you are feeling lost and alone, know that there is someone there to guide you. It may be an actual person or a divine spirit or angel. When the stars manifest in the heavens, it is a reminder that you are not alone and that your wishes, goals, and dreams are ready to come true, but only if you find the inspiration to make that happen.

Reverse: When reversed, this card is not ill-intended and remains positive. It says that even though nothing is going as you planned, and despite your troubles and the feelings of hopelessness, rest assured that your hope is still there, waiting for you to pursue it.


  1. Moon

I've come to understand that some say that what you don't know, won't hurt you. But if you were to find out ivhat you don't know, will you ivithstand the pain that comes with it?

Keyword: Concealment

Late at night, in a grassy field and sitting on top a Celtic stone, we have the angel of midnight with a sad and desperate look on her face. This angel of midnight lives in a world where everything is hidden from everyone. To find the truth, one has to dig deep. Many are afraid of the truth and decide to leave it hidden. The moon and the crows know everything, since they deliver messages to one another. But this angel doesn't know anything about what is happening around her. The moonlight ignites her intuition, leading her to sense vibrations from all that's around. Her intuition soon turns into strong hunches about things, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't decipher her gut feelings. She remains unaware and is unable to deliver us a warning. The crows are sworn to remain silent, so the only thing they can do is give this angel of midnight clues. She holds a crow in her hands, hoping it will speak, but before she relays a message to you from the unknown, she worries, too, whether you can handle it.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the uncovering of a harsh secret from an unknown source. This will be the kind of news where you already know it's bad and you don't want to hear about it. . . well, in this point of view, you don't have a choice but to heed the message. It will hurt, but you'll get over it. You may face a person or a situation that appears one way, but in reality, it is the opposite. You may also find yourself involved with the occult or supernatural. Depending on what you do in life, the moon represents your feelings, and your feelings are a reflection of who you really and truly are underneath your skin.

Reverse: When reversed, this card does not change its meaning to a positive interpretation, but it is not sinister, either. This card tells you that you are slowly starting to uncover things that have been kept secret. You are getting in touch with your emotions.


  1. Sun

You can't see what's in front of you, can you? Here, let me undo the blindfold.

Can you see clearly now? Well, can you?

Keyword: Clarity

Up close and personal, a beautiful Goddess by the name of Saraswati sits and looks in your direction with joy. Her metallic red and green clothing flutters as the wind passes right through her. Her clothing glows in immense bright and burning colors, like jewels. Unknown to you, this Goddess comes from a world in the solar system where nighttime and darkness don't exist. Lies and deception are always uncovered. In her world, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. From time to time, other sun Goddesses, as well as sun Gods of all pantheons, pay her world a visit. Those who are blinded or unable to see clearly are recruited to her world and stay there until they are able to see again. Due to her immense illumination from the sun's rays reflecting off her blue skin, everything lightens up. She gets closer to you and gently opens your eyes, as her peacock dances and sings in celebration. Soon after, this Goddess whisks away. All that's left swirling in the air are sparks and small fire balls floating aimlessly.

Upright: In a reading, this card says that you see clearly the matter and truth of a situation or person because either you've voluntarily, or involuntarily, wanted to do so. You are seeing with the eyes of your logical sense, and better yet, with the eyes of your soul. You see the truth in everything, which gives you the privilege to accept or decline things that may benefit you for the greater good. If you want others to live a life filled with joy and honesty, try to see things and people for what and who they truly are. The best thing in life is to live an honest and happy one where truth and honesty coexist. The time has come to open your eyes and see the light. Yes, the reality of a matter might hurt, but it's best to see clearly than to live in blindness.

Reverse: When reversed, this card advises that even though you have a clear and perceptive clarity, you still are not seeing things clearly. The solutions to your problems are right in front of you, but you look the other way. Open your eyes to see things differently.


  1. Judgment

Look at me; you're given a second chance to rebuild yourself and to cherish what you have around you. Use this second chance that I've given you with grace.

Keyword: Opportunity

The island creatures before you were not always as vibrant and healthy as they now appear. They were malnourished and neglected and were soon in the process of becoming extinct! The water and air in which they swam and flew was filthy and contaminated with unhealthy elements. This majestic and mystical Hawaiian spirit descended from the heavens to assist these creatures and their environment. She looked around and was disgusted by how people could make a mess of things and walk away without holding compassion for other living creatures who also served a purpose in life and on this earth. The Hawaiian spirit sent a message to the water and air deities about the conditions of their empire. The water and air deities sent her the tools she needed to clean up the mess and offer the nourishment needed for the island creatures. Thankfully, after a long and stressful day, the island went back to its natural condition, and so did the creatures. Receiving a new chance, the creatures became forever grateful. Now, those who trespass without consideration are punished without questions asked.

Upright: In a reading, this card indicates that after all your losses, you are granted one chance to make up for whatever it is you lost or gave up. Of course, like anything, and depending on the circumstances, one must wait and earn this second chance. Second chances are given to those who truly deserve them or have fallen victims to an unjust ordeal. When you are given a chance, you must know when and where to apply it. When granted a second opportunity, it is a magnificent time to renew yourself. Also, this card can denote a calling; you are being called to something that you will want to do. This is something that you've never even thought about before.

Reverse: When reversed, this card says that you are not taking a chance that has been given to you so that you could change or rebuild your life. You have the right to do anything you want, but you would much rather stick to the same-old, dull routines rather than change.


  1. World

Voila ! Did you know that you're through? You're done and you're on top of the world! I'm proud of you.

Keyword: Completion

A long time ago, before she became a Goddess, Fauna was assigned to protect and watch over the kingdom of Earth that she inhabited. Due to her outstanding merit of work in caring and nurturing all the animals, the Roman Goddess Terra made Fauna the Goddess of all the animal kingdom. All the animals loved Fauna dearly. All of them obeyed her orders. This new Goddess set a goal for herself: to make the animals in her kingdom produce and breed more of the same species, as well as new and different ones. Of course, the other Gods who ruled water and air animal kingdoms did not believe that was possible. She held on to this goal for as long as she could. For so long, she motivated her animals to mate and produce. This took a lot of time and endurance. After long millenniums of encouragement and waiting, Fauna woke up to discover acres and acres, and more acres, of different kinds of animals that had been produced. Terra, being proud and astonished by Fauna's revelation, made her the prime Goddess of the Earth's animals.

Upright: In a reading, this card is telling you that you've already completed what you've most aspired to. Your ambitions have been realized. This is where you draw that white or red line and sit back and enjoy what you've accomplished. You've planted your flag where you've wanted to be. No longer do you have to worry and work hard; your work is finished. There is nothing more to say or do than to rest on your laurels. Though, do remember that even if this is the ending of something that you've completed, a new goal will emerge and you will once again set out to finish it. Remember to focus on the area within your life where completion is desired and where you need to apply new concentration.

Reverse: When reversed, this card means that you are far from finishing what you have started and that you'd rather just leave it right where it is. It could also mean that someone or something is stopping you from completing a long-term goal you've been working on.

The Minor Arcana, unlike the Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck, are known as "mundane things." These cards denote situations and energies in our everyday life. When a Minor Arcana card appears in your reading, it's usually there to remind you of your daily routines. These cards may also advise you of different practices you should consider. When several Minor Arcana cards appear in your reading, you are being told that you should address a particular situation or problem in your everyday life. You will notice that the Minor Arcana cards have reversed meanings assigned to them because, in reality, our everyday life routines do have their "ups" and "downs."

The suit of Wands, which is also known as the suit of Fire, represents powerful energy that we manifest within us. Fire is what ignites our passion and strives for things that we need in our lives. This helps us to go and search for what we really want and need. It is something that burns within us and won't stop until it is fulfilled. When a fire, or passion, is burning so strong, there is nothing or anyone that can extinguish it. Those who try to put out the fire may just get burned. Fire also represents the essences of our existence and our spiritual nature. The suit of Wands is closely associated with three Fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. When many Wands cards spark in your reading, you are being given pointers about your passions and vour motivations.

1 ofWands

I need you to concentrate. Your inspiration is about to be born; it is up to you to cater to it. Don't let it waste away because it's only born once.

Keyword: Energy

Up in the heavens, everything is the color gray because all souls and angels residing there have lost their inspiration — all except a little benevolent witch, seen here holding a pumpkin that carries the spirit of a newborn baby. This baby glows in immense and radiant colors of light, which inspire energy and a sense of spiritual initiation and motivation. The angels close their eyes and concentrate, as they praise the newborn baby. When the time is right, the little witch and the

angels will see to it that this baby is fully developed, since they know and feel that this child is at the start of a spiritual journey.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the initiation of something spiritual. A surge of energy is running inside of you, and anything that you put your soul into will build itself and unfold in front of you. You may also want to inspire someone who appears to have lost their inspiration. If you feel inspired to do something, employ it to the max and don't look back, because your energy will help manifest and develop anything you desire.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies a feeling of being unmotivated. You fee] like you don't have the inspiration to do anything. Your motivations remain still, and have not ignited or fully developed. Your spiritual awareness is down and will be for a while.


2 Of W A N D S

As I close your eyes and cup your hands, feel the poiver to do anything you please. Only problem is, where will you invest your power?

Keyword: Decisions

A dainty fairy holds a variety of healing herbs and flowers that she has grown in her whimsical garden. These living plants have very powerful remedies: they have the ability to heal all types of pains. But she's at a fork in the road and the problem that she faces is how she will dispense these remedies. How will she know who is truly in need of the tonics? The two birds and the frog will advise her how and where

she should invest these healing

remedies and she knows she will have to make a final decision on her own.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the stage of facing a time of contemplation or indecision. You may be facing several decisions that seem to have outcomes that are too good to be true, so you will have to learn to distinguish between your varied options and pick one. You must understand that nobody can make decisions for you. Time will be running out, so you will have to think through your options without hesitation.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies the waste of potential power due to laziness. By not making an effort to make the right choices from those in front of you, your time is running out quickly. At times, you'd rather have someone make your decisions for you.


3 ofWands

Everything has been planted. I shall wait for everything to develop according to how I intended it.

Keyword: Patience

A patient and beautiful gardener sits still, waiting deep inside her dark and gloomy garden for her flower friends and guardians to wake and speak to her. She has been waiting for this moment for so long. Finally, the time has come. The flowers shake and slowly lift themselves up, letting her know that they are ready to talk to her. When the flowers are fully awake and conscious, as well as energetic, they can have countless hours of conversations. Meanwhile, she will wait. Should

they become tired, she has a jug of water to relieve their thirst.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents prolonged processes and developments. You've put your effort into something very special at the moment and now you are asked to sit back, relax a little bit, and wait for everything to develop or fall into place. Eventually, or within a matter of time, you will see your hard work and dedication cultivate in front of you. Remember, there is no need to rush anything.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that rushing things in frustration and desperation will only prolong their development. You're being a bit too hasty and, whatever it is that you're waiting on, will be delayed or not what you expected.


4 of Wands

I am uniting you with something or someone you love; see to it that nothing separates you from them.

Keyword: Unity

A beautiful Halloween princess, along with her Jack-o'-Lantern pumpkin brother, only have one another for love and support. The Halloween princess is the definition of coalition and the Jack-o'-Lantern brother defines affiliation. Together, they form a resistant bond. Though the brother is not a human like his sister and is the only masculine member of the family, the connection and unity between the two has no barriers and is unbreakable. Their differences

help them to connect and stay united, as well as to keep guard from intruders.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the important value of being united with loved ones. When you are connected with those you care about, and who care about you as well, the bond is strong. Learn to love and accept those who are different —even yourself. When you are feeling alone and neglected, search for someone to trust and then build a union, and if someone else is feeling alone and neglected, bond with them.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies losing touch and not giving yourself a chance to unite with people who truly matter. Due to your egocentric pride and your complete focus on irrelevant things, you look for a bond with material things instead of your loved ones.


5    oj Wands

I advise you that a simple and friendly debate doesn't hurt me or anyone else competing ivith me— unless I allow it, of course.

Keyword: Rivalry

A mischievous prehistoric princess has traveled in time, from the Stone Age into our modern era, and has made a spoiled decision that this is where she wants to stay. Her two dinosaur guardian friends and caretakers have traveled from their Stone Age era into our modern times as well to take their princess back where she belongs. The princess likes it here so much that she has refused to go back to her world. The dinosaurs strongly and forcefully debate whether to

leave her where she wants to stay or take her back where she truly belongs.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a process of debate. You're debating for something that you want very badly or a change that you want to make in your life for the greater good. Remember, by engaging in a competition, you are not fighting, nor should you be hurting other people or yourself. Put your skills to the test in order to obtain all that you've been longing for with a clean strategy and with a clear mind.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies two things: one, you are not competing for things with ease by using your skills; instead, you are competing with aggression and inconsideration for others. And two, you are letting things get out of control. A competition has clouded your judgment.


6 ofWands

Yom see, victory is yours and mine! It is time for us to celebrate what we've finally achieved. Let nothing stop you. You deserve it.

Keyword: Victory

A beautiful, determined butterfly fairy dances to the smooth, yet fast-paced, melody and rhythm of victory, while her eight butterfly musicians and two ladybug friends parade around her with flowers of all colors that are only awarded to those who succeed at something. Her friends are in full admiration as they recognize her for her accomplishments by fluttering their wings with energy and dance. Her victory is that she mastered the art of being able to shapeshift from a woman to a butterfly —

something that no one in her realm has ever been able to accomplish.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents an achievement that deserves a celebration. You have accomplished something good in your life, like a promotion or a raise at work. You have gotten something you have been anticipating for a very long time. You've displayed hard work and dedication, and now you are being recognized for it. In some instances, this card could mean that you have gone as far as possible to prove someone who doubted you wrong.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies being afraid and feeling unmotivated regarding a victory, due to lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. If you don't play it smart, you may be the victim of someone else's deceit.


7           W A N D S

I've never let anyone defeat me, and yon won't either. 'You're stronger than they are, so fight till you can't fight any more!

Keyword: Bravery

A siren princess and several of her savvy guardian goldfish are prepared to fight another epic battle coming their way. This battle is one that requires strategy and concentration because they've never engaged and fought one like it before. Trial and error, as well as defeat, have trained them well, and the conflict will put them to the test. Time has made them stronger, smarter, anti durable. They possess no fear or remorse in their desire to defend what is rightfully theirs. Of course, these battles, and the

next ones, are fought with dignity, and they are aware that there will be more to come.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents having the courage to overcome any problem or obstacle that stands in your way. You are in the middle of facing a challenge, one where you will have to show that you can conquer or handle it with professionalism. When you feel like you're being used and abused, know that only you have the advantage and strength to stand up and to defend yourself.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that you must think twice before becoming too defensive. You might fight for something that has no value at all. You may be letting people step all over you and, eventually, you won't be able to stand up for yourself.


8 of Wands

I've come to tell you that you'll be receiving an important message, whether conscious or unconscious. Please, listen to it.

Keyword: Message

A beautiful young girl sits on the grassy floor of her garden, holding a very delicious cupcake that comes attached with a cat who serves as a messenger. This cat has a very important message for her that is in dire need of attention. She's been expecting correspondence from someone she's known for a very long time. She thinks twice before listening to the messenger, but regardless, she finally grasps the significance. The girl will not say if the news is good or bad — it's just news that came from far away.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents one or several messages that are on the way. Messages may come consecutively or at separate times and may be from someone unknown or familiar. It may be good news that you're waiting for or bad news that you will have to pay attention to, whether you like it or not. This card denotes rapid and swift movements. Things will start to pick up pace rather quickly.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that mercury retrograde is at its peak. All messages that you expect to receive, such as phone calls and emails, will arrive very late or might get lost. Also, things will be moving very slowly for you.


Just like me, you've been hurt on so many levels. Nozv is the time to get back up and walk forward.

Keyword: Stamina

A beautiful young saint by the name of Veronica lives in a remote village in Jerusalem. She has had a miraculous and holy vision that no one in her village has witnessed before. She's seen the face of Christ. Knowing that the people in her village are skeptics, she shares with them what she's seen, but they all laugh at her. Her feelings are deeply hurt and so is her mentality. Despite all of this, she forgives her people, learns from her past pains, and musters the courage to overcome this hurt and move on with her life.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents an opportunity to recuperate after being hurt by people or from over-exhausting yourself. You have been physically or emotionally wounded by someone you care about and the pain is devastating, but you have to see yourself through. It's crucial that you conserve your vitality for what's ahead in your future. The rewarding thing is that you have the power and the ability to heal and walk forward.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies a moment of self-hurt. You may be inflicting pain upon yourself and, at the same time, other people are hurting you. The worst part is that you are not doing anything to defend yourself. You may also be hurting other people unconsciously.


10 ofWands

In the same fashion as me, you'll have to endure harsh times and physical hurt to get to where you want to go. But now is the time to enjoy your accomplishment over adversity.

Keyword: Hardship

A butterfly fairy, who for so long has been suffering with all sorts of problems, has finally gathered the valor to lift the burdens from her back and discard them for good. By walking a very long path, this fairy achieved what she's always wanted to become by doing what she needed to do. She wanted to be a radiant and unique butterfly fairy, and after prolonged harsh and troublesome times, she at

last attained her goal. She finally

pulled through. Now she enjoys a life without burdens and rejoices in her magnificent transformation.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents overcoming struggles. However, you are doing too much and not giving yourself time to rest. You've carried your burdens long enough that you've developed self-assurance and self- awareness to endure more of what's to come. It would be wise to find a way to cope with your problems, because by doing so, from this moment on, you will be able to overcome any troubles in your path.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that there is an intention of giving up too easily. You want someone to fix your problems. You're struggling and don't want to do anything about it. You are overloaded with difficulties and you neglect to fix them because you want to be "stress-free."


The suit of Cups, also known as the suit of Waters, represents the emotional energy inside of us, ready to unleash great potential. Cups have no limits as to what it wants us to feel; it has no direction at all and may splash at any given moment. Cups also represent gut feelings and the inner voice of intuition: it tells you to listen to your feelings, your sensations. Listen to that nagging inner voice telling you that something is not right. Apart from this, Cups can also cleanse us; they can wash away any negativity that tries to develop. The suit of Cups is closely associated with the three Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces. When many Cups cards appear in a reading, they are telling you to listen to your gut and not ignore or mask your feelings. Be honest with what you truly feel.

1    of Cups

I'm advising yon that if you've ever loved before, then you have a heart. If you've never loved before, acquire a heart.

Keyword: Fondness

A dragon fairy sits in a green field along with her purple, best­friend dragon who is her trusted companion, as well as the protector of love and feelings. The fairy is a beacon when it comes to loving someone else and loving everything else as well. She holds a valuable red heart in her hands. This heart is filled with compassion and inspires nothing but true and honest love. She knows how much people, animals, and nature deserve an abundance of tender

love and care and, with her big red

heart, she is ready to give all the love in the world.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the start and development of an emotional journey or connection. A new and fresh start is happening in your emotional life. A deep love for someone else (be it romantic, brotherly, or paternal) will develop in a profound manner. You may engage or commit to something because you feel it is right to do so. You will learn what it's like to have sentimental values and will learn how to love yourself.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies a feeling of depletion and emptiness. You are hiding, denying, or faking your true feelings for someone or something. Your feelings are not fully developed yet. You may also feel abandoned or that your emotions are still raw.

  • 90

2     of Cups

Mij feelings him into love, love turns into a relationship, a relationship turns into a bond, and all of the above becomes a commitment.

Keyword: Relationship

Two committed figures, a male and a female, stand in front of each other with admiration and passion in their eyes for one another. They hold hands and know that their relationship and their love is true, pure, and honest. The cunning orange cat that lies on the floor, smiling with some sense of accomplishment, is the real reason why these two beings were brought together to bond and engage in a relationship in the first place so they could never live with an empty void in their hearts.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the development of a tender and passionate relationship. You are falling in love with someone who makes you feel complete. An intimacy is building between you and your partner. You have also developed compassion for those around you. This card not only speaks about love, but it talks about establishing any kind of partnership, in any form, with good intentions. It invites you to love people for who and what they are.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that feelings are not being expressed. You are not being fully committed to your partner or a situation. The breaking of a promise or commitment will manifest. A feeling of love is not pure and honest by both partners.


Did you know that having friends is the best thing that can happen to you and me? Why? Because you can celebrate with them.

Keyword: Celebration

A beautiful Greek Goddess by the name of Circe, the Goddess of magick, and her two Swine companions rejoice in the fact they are friends. They have cups from which to drink together; they tell funny jokes and recall when and where they first met; they dance to music and laugh in good company. The flowers around them bring them closer together. They celebrate in the heavens where their friendship has no ending and where there is nothing but honesty. Since they know what

they feel for one another, they don't care about each other's differences. Their friendship is based on a blood pact, making them inseparable.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the closeness between friends. When possible, you celebrate all sorts of events and special occasions with treasured companions —to the maximum! You're surrounded by people who give you joy and with whom you feel comfortable. Life is a celebration. You love to entertain and you will inspire friendships with everyone you encounter. Unhappy and depressing situations are now becoming a thing of the past.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that there is no real friendship between two people. Someone is pretending to be a friend for personal gain. At times, you may be partying way too much, causing you to forget your obligations or to give in to intimacy without thinking.


4 of Cups

Everything around me is very dull and useless. I'm honestly unsatisfied with everything and everyone. I'll wait till something catches my attention.

Keyword: Ennui

A young, aloof, and tiny butterfly fairy sits inside the bushes with an immobile look on her face. She is thinking of absolutely nothing because she has lost all interest in everything that once made her happy or excited. To her, nothing has value or is worth her investment of time. The three blue butterflies that spin around her do their best to cheer her up. They try really hard to restore her interest in things, but to no avail; the butterfly fairy has made up her mind and

there is nothing that's going to change her or her thinking.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a loss of interest. Things you were once passionate about have now lost all value. This has been on your own account, with no one else to blame. You are also refusing help from those who care about you, even though you know that the assistance that is being offered to you is for your benefit. Your dissatisfaction is leading you to disconnect with nature and the people you love.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies regaining your interests. You're feeling enthusiastic as you become acquainted with people, and your need for knowledge, or taking someone's assistance, will help you in the long run.


5 of Cups

I've seen you crying over regrets and this is worthless. You must learn that what's done is done and can’t be undone.

Keyword: Regret

A remorseful raven fairy sits at the top of a cathedral, remembering oh so many past mistakes. She participated in hurtful things without thinking. She said bad words to her parents and friends, she lied to her siblings and boyfriend, she was rude to her guests, and was mean to her pet. This creature knows very well that what she's done can no longer be undone, and regretting it will only make matters worst, leaving her devastated and restless for a

long time.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents wasting precious time and obsessing over something that can't be fixed. Sorrow is taking over and preventing you from moving on. You try to reflect on the errors that you've made, but know that you can't change anything. Reliving and rethinking past mistakes will only hurt you, which at times you feel entitled and inclined to feel. It is time to be strong and learn to let go and move on.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies learning to both accept mistakes and to learn from them. Once the lesson is realized, you will be at peace with yourself and others. You've renewed your faith and beliefs and paved the way to brighter days.


I've understood that history and memories can only fulfill you to a certain extent and they belong in the past. But it never hurts to look back once in a while.

Keyword: Memories

The spirit of a reminiscing young lady walks through the friendly and lively woods; she hears sudden jolly giggles echoing around her. As she looks to her surroundings, she sees three cheerful fairy seahorses jumping and flying about, calling for her undivided attention. She has the slightest recollection of meeting these entities before, but she can't remember quite clearly. The brown butterfly in front of her reminds her that she has, indeed,

met these friends in her past life

in the city of Atlantis. She is then bombarded with blissful flashbacks about her past life.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents sweet memories from the past that are resurfacing. You are remembering a time when everything was delightful. Something or someone from the past is coming back and it's time to embrace it! You may find a significant object that belonged to you in the past —like a childhood teddy bear or something that inspires fond remembrances. Try to reflect on positive memories. Also, this card could represent your past life.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that you are too caught up in the past. That mindset has you neglecting your present and blinding you to your future. You are also suppressing past memories that might hurt you if they were to resurface. You may be unable to think about your future.


7 ofCups

Let me help you distinguish zvhat it is that you are seeing: reality or fantasy. Otherivise, you may become lost in it all.

Keyword: Delusions

A beautiful, but delusional, young countess, suffering from delusions of grandeur, sits upon a worn-out sofa in her dim and gloomy living room. Everyday she envisions from her possessions all the material things that she does not have at her disposal. Blessed, and cursed, with having a wild and crazy imagination, she's always intrigued by what she pretends to see in front of her. She shies away from seeing what she actually has, but instead, only considers what she does not have. The mirror and fan

in her hands, the candle holder, headless statue, bouquet of fruit, and the boat dressing her hair are just part of her imagination.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents not perceiving the reality of things. You are only seeing what you want to see. You cannot handle or accept reality. You are stuck, living in a fantasy world, and you avoid facing your problems. A wasted imagination is indicated. In some instances, you are being offered a wide range of options that may benefit you or you may be getting your hopes up over something that may not happen.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies accepting what you are seeing in front of you — reality. You've gained absolute clarity and are now envisioning things in a normal fashion. You are using your imagination for a good cause, rather than for self-interest.


All that I have isn't making me feel complete. I know there is something missing and I must go and look for it.

Keyword: Quest

A beautiful water sprite protects the ocean by taking care of the living creatures that swim below and deep in the water. She also guides sea travelers to their right destination. By doing so much, she feels deeply unappreciated and that there is something missing in her life. The fish and butterflies sense that she is frustrated and restless and that she wants to give up what she loves to do. But they won't have any of it. They do their best to encourage her to move forward and find other areas in life

that need her love and protection, and she follows their advice. Together they travel the seven seas and see that everything is as it's supposed to be.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents going out to find something in particular that is needed. You are at a point where something is making you very unhappy and you must leave it at once. At times, you will find yourself needing to concentrate on what is truly important in your life. In many instances, you will find a deeper meaning regarding what truly matters to you. You may also be seeking hope, or a sign from the universe, or things to fulfill you.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies abandoning a commitment or something that you've started. You are wandering around in circles and have not come to a conclusion or a destination. You may also be unable to keep up with the things in your life.


9 ofCups

Look at all of this! What have I got here? My wishes came true! This is not everything I had wished for, but for now, this will do.

Keyword: Satisfaction

A beautiful, Swedish peasant girl has traveled from a small, poor village in her country to New York City in search of a life filled with fame and fortune. She wants to become a model, she wants to wear expensive designer clothing, and she wants to walk down the catwalk so that journalists will write about and take pictures of her. In an instant, she has realized her dreams and found overnight success. From this moment, she enjoys her wishes coming true. The young peasant is emotionally

content in knowing how far she has come, but she also knows very well that this contentment may be temporary.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents wishes coming true. From this moment, you will be having the best of everything in life. However, you have not received everything you've wanted. You are still content with what you have for now, though. A wish that you have been longing to have come true and have held on to for some time has finally come to fruition. Please be thankful and count your blessings for what you have.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies overindulging in material gain— and you have no true use for these things. You are thinking about your own needs and no one else's. Also, you are wishing and obsessing for the wrong things, rather than the right ones.


10 of Cups

I am finally emotionally satisfied and secure. Everything that I have acquired complements my feelings and emotions.

Keyword: Contentment

Flora is the Goddess of flowers and springtime. She sits in a beautiful and radiant garden, where the flowers come to life and speak to her, as well as entertain her by singing and dancing. She receives from them a sense of security and relief, allowing her to feel that she is all right and happy, and that she has done a wonderful job of pampering them. She no longer needs something to keep her satisfied. The simple fact that she's around these living plants, having done everything in her power to

maintain and keep them fresh, is enough to make her feel whole.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a permanent, everlasting happy ending of a different kind of emotional completion. You feel emotionally content with all that you have around you. Savor the present and what you are feeling now. You are starting to count your blessings and you are thankful for all that you have. This could also represent a family gathering or reunion. In regards to family, you will need to commit love, time, and attention to your family and friends.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that you are not feeling emotionally satisfied. You don't need anything, but you'll have it anyway without asking. Also, you don't have any regards or feelings for anyone but yourself.


The suit of Swords, also known as the suit of Airs, represent mental energy that we develop from our psyche. Air is what sets things into motion; it is what blows things away into another direction. It is like a compass telling us where to go, what direction to take, and it gives us a mental initiation. It also represents the ability to think clearly and consciously, to put our thoughts into perspective, and to make our dreams come true. Apart from this, Swords can also denote our psychological well-being: how we think and process ideas. The suit Swords is closely associated with the three Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. When many Swords cards appear in a reading, they are telling you to take a closer look and consideration in regards to your thoughts and ideas. Try to uncover what it is that you're thinking about.

1 or Swords

In my opinion, wisdom does not mean one has to be a genius to possess it. It simply points out knowledge that you've acquired through experiences and time.

Keyword: Intellect

The spirit of a maiden sits in a forest inhabited by other creatures of the night. Within this forest, she has lost her thinking abilities, as well as her imagination. She doesn't like her location, and she's lost, unable to find her way to cross to the other side, where she rightfully belongs. At times, she stays in a painful, immobile catatonic state. She collects the skull of a rare animal and, by the single stroke from its horn, it will grant her absolute and immense knowledge and liberate her from her mental hindrances.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents thinking processes that are developed and in full motion. Your ideas are becoming brighter, more vivid, and transparent. Your mental clarity is at its best. You now have the confidence to think ahead. Little by little, you are starting to reevaluate your situations and your thoughts. This is a time when you will need to stop self-doubting your intelligence and begin developing a strong mindset where nothing can hinder your thoughts and ideas.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies going through a series of mental blockages that are preventing all ideas and thoughts to flow. You are over­analyzing the simplest things without probable cause. You are also over­thinking things that are of no significance.


I'm asking you out of experience: What will you listen to and get in touch with? Your heart or mind; your conscious or subconscious? You can't do both.

Keyword: Confusion

These twin sisters are standing on the beach after having descended from the heavens to restore balance in opposite situations, which will make the world much different and more diverse. Though they are twin siblings and are presumed to be alike in every way, they are very opposite and distinct. The day sister brings light and clarity to people and situations, while the night sister brings darkness and confusion. When these sisters visit different worlds and dimensions,

everything turns polar and contradicts itself from one thing to another. There may be true balance; and, at times, it's not too hard to gain a sense of things. Real stability is never established.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a time when everything appears to be a complex compromise. You may not realize this, but you are denying your true feelings for someone or something. The truth and facts are right in front of you, but you choose not to look at them. Your judgment is temporarily clouded and you can't see what's right or wrong about anything. Try to pay attention to your heart (intuition) or mind (logic).

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies a time when there is no easy solution for anything. You can't distinguish between people or situations. You're letting someone else run your life and make decisions for you. You're scared to see both sides of the truth.


3     o Swords

Ouch! I gave my heart and it was thrown up against the wall. I should've seen the signs. What a dummy I was!

Keyword: Disappointment

A hurt and sad, little angel sits deep within the lonely and gloomy woods where deception and lies roam freely. This angel has been hurt very badly by the one she loved so dearly. Due to all the mental pain inflicted on her heart, her white wings are now black, her bronze skin has gone pale, her golden hair is slowly turning black, and her sky-blue dress has taken the color brown. The tears she has cried have turned to tar. She is broken from the inside out.

In her hand, she gently holds her

own delicate heart with a nail stabbed into it, representing a pain she can't seem to bear.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a time of deception that leads to a heartbreak. A heartbreak is soon to manifest and it is best if you clear out of the way. Your confidence has been sabotaged. Your feelings have been played with and your heart has been shattered because of someone's lies. At times, your expectations were misdirected. Slowly, you've learned to embrace your hurt and learn from it.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that you are slowly but surely healing from a heartache. You've suffered a heartbreak, but the pain isn't gone just yet. Nonetheless, you are making a recovery. This experience serves as a valuable lesson to learn how to protect your heart.


4     of Swords

This is too much to withhold. I feel like I've walked a thousand miles with my legs and arms tied. I shall take a peaceful slumber and recuperate.

Keyword: Repose

A beautiful and very worn-out queen spirit has been going through an extremely rough time trying to keep order and enforce regulations in her cemetery kingdom. Her thinking process and her voice have grown tired due to pressure and stress. She feels highly independent, which is why she rules her kingdom all by herself, without help from the outside. But now, she is going to retreat from her ruling position to get the proper rest that she needs

to replenish herself and to conserve her vitality. She does not need to close her eyes; she stands stills and lets her brain shut down. Her eyes are wide opened to give the illusion that she is still watching her surroundings. The tombstones and guardian spirits provide her with anything she needs to make herself comfortable and able to repose.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a time of rest and recuperation. You are feeling very tired and stressed and it's time you took a short break. Try and find an environment that gives you a sense of peace and harmony. Meditate to nourish your mind and body. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on anything you're wondering or confused about. Take or make time for yourself. If you're hurt, learn to relax and allow the healing process to do its job. Tranquility is the word of the day.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies the lack of sleep or concentration. You're overworking yourself and neglecting the idea of resting to recuperate. You are feeling exhausted, yet you still obsess over useless things. Your mind and body have disconnected.


5    of Swords

Ugh! This is not fair! I folloived rules and regulations, I played by morals and ethics, and yet, I've been cheated and humiliated.

Keyword: Defeat

A devastated maiden, who is deeply upset by the fact that she has lost an art contest, sits on the floor surrounded by semi-colored roses that she's painted all on her own —without anyone's help. She's displeased because she lost to a wicked and deceiving cat, who you can see blending into the flowers and hiding behind her. This cat bought the judges' votes with gifts and precious goods. Despite that, the maiden painted all those roses on merit, using hard work and dedication. She can't

help but feel angry and cheated that the judges would comply with the cat's bribes. To her, this is unforgivable.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents being defeated based on dishonor. Be cautious with other people who will try to humiliate you. You've lost a battle and it's time for you to resign and accept your loss. If you feel overpowered or dominated by someone, it's best if you remove yourself from this competition. You're prone to being a victim of humiliation. Read between the lines and be aware of who you're dealing with. You may find someone conspiring against you.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies empty victories. You're not being fully honest with others and yourself. Cheating may be a solution and a getaway for you and you may be taking what doesn't belong to you. You're plotting something against somebody.


6     of Swords

You've been stiff ering for some time and looking for a gateway. Come here; jump inside. Let the symbols on my hands take you far aivay.

Keyword: Detachment

A beautiful angel holds cryptic symbols that are written on her hand as a map to be able to guide those who have lost their way. She also helps those who want to escape to find something better for their lives —she's their travel agent. The symbols written on her hand reflect another dimension, a whole different world, and with a swift movement of her hand, these symbols will allow her to take people wherever they want to go. She's responsible for transporting them to their destination. This

angel is also accountable for clearing anything that blocks their path. Of course, only those who travel and transport are getting away from a harsh life. They are the only ones who are seeking to go somewhere different.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents moving from a rough situation to a smooth one. You are leaving a bad set of circumstances and entering into a time of new solutions. You are running from something, but it's for your own good and well-being. You may embark on a faraway trip alone or with company. As a side note, this card may also represent that your ideas drift from one concept to another, so you may want to stabilize your thinking.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies going back to the same old, hurtful state of affairs. You know you have to leave a bad situation, but you stay where you are due to a fear of leaving, and this will move things in the wrong direction. A trip that you may be embarking upon will be delayed.



No! I ivill not trust in anyone anymore! Everyone that I've trusted has lied and betrayed me. Enough is enough!

Keyword: Treachery

A petrified garden princess and several manipulative and conning orchid flowers and baby dragons, who were once kind and gentle, stand together in the middle of a dark and isolated green house, ready to deceive her. The princess appears to be lost and unable to walk back to her castle. The orchids and dragons, who are intruders in her presence, are nothing more than really bad company. They do nothing but inflict doubt and fear into the princess's head, leaving her vulnerable and unable to

move forward. Now that the orchids and dragons have the princess both intimidated and in their trap, they will unleash their secret agenda and ill intentions towards making her feel helpless.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents enemies and betrayals of all kinds. Something of sentimental or physical value is being stolen from you. You may have to keep an eye on those around you. Take into consideration that not everyone is trustworthy. You are being, or bound to become, a victim of backstabbing by someone close to you. Caution is deeply advised. You may need to use harmless tricks to get what you want.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that something stolen will be returned. You will go to great lengths to regain something that was taken from you. Good advice is given by someone you know; pay attention. Someone's betrayal will be revealed soon enough.



You knoiv, nothing got me stuck in this rut. I actually did this to myself. I'm just too afraid to get out of it and move on.

Keyword: Imprisonment

A young maiden from the future has traveled back in time to set things right for the evolution of humanity and all living species. Upon her journey, she becomes trapped in the prehistoric era where she will remain until she finds a solution to escape and travel back to her time. She is now responsible for taking care of all the dinosaurs that live in this era. She has no choice but to comply to this task. The Triceratops inside the glass bowl represents the manifestation of a different

problem and the frustration that hides deep within her subconscious mind, keeping her stagnant and unable to move forward. Her mind is somewhere else, and this causes her to neglect the fact that she needs to find a way to liberate herself and those creatures trapping her there.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents feeling mentally tied down and helpless, which prevents thoughts from moving forward. Your inner beliefs are being affected. A wave of insecurities and doubts fill your mind. You may need to seek guidance and clarity from someone trustworthy. Stop doubting solutions to your problems. You feel as if your thoughts are trapped and you can't liberate your ideas. You're being deprived willingly, or unwillingly, of speaking your mind.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies finally being liberated and ready to leave a situation. You are able to run free. It's time to remove the blindfold from your eyes and see how you've gotten yourself tangled in the first place. Let go of other people's beliefs and opinions.


9 ofS


Oh my goodness, time is running out! What should I do? Somebody please help me! Oh no, I'm going mad!

Keyword: Anxiety

A beautiful princess is going through a state of mortifying distress that is leaving her restless every night. She has too much going on in her mind and it's leaving her exhausted, worried, and unable to concentrate on important tasks in her life. She can't handle all the stress and it's making her physically ill. The princess has tried to find help to relax her mind, but nothing has worked for her. The masquerade is the only thing that helps her to remain calm and to ease her busy mind. But again, that mask does nothing for her. What's worse is that she doesn't even know where all the stress is coming from.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a period of distress and nervous breakdowns. With fears taking over, you're feeling worried and restless. Blowing everything out of proportion, you are causing too much drama over nothing — and hurting everyone around you. Your guilty conscious is taking control and you may be feeling overly responsible for something. Someone is spilling their problems onto you and you are becoming very stressed and anxious.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies a state of relief and serenity. At last, you can think clearly. Your mined is functioning normally. Now, you can finally sleep better and wake up feeling calm and rested. You're able to concentrate on any task. Stress is over and done with. You feel at ease.


10 of Swords

It was as if 1 was pierced by multiple razor blades all over my body. I was walking in quick sand. But now, it's all over.

Keyword: Finality

A beautiful, Gothic, young girl sits inside an underground Mexican graveyard in Guanajuato, better known as a catacomb, where countless bodies of diseased Aztec Indians are laid to rest. This does not scare her, but she is in a place where she must embrace countless skulls that are not attached to skeletons. The skulls remind her of all the problematic situations that were taking a toll on her ability to live. As a result of breaking through her problems, those events are finally finished. Butterflies remind her that she is now able to move on with her life. She has survived

and needs to prepare for what is ahead for her.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents something that is far from done. What you have been dealing and struggling with is over. You no longer need to live in pain and suffering. Problematic situations will be experienced, but eventually they will come to an end. You have found a solution and an exit from all your problems. When this card is drawn, you will have to leave your problems and obstacles outside the door.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies not letting something come to an end. You haven't accepted the fact that something is already over. You may be over-killing a problem that has ended a long time ago. You keep holding on to something that is hurting you.


The suit of Pentacles (or Coins), also known as the suit of Earths, represents physical energy that we obtain for our exteriors. Pentacles are what keeps us standing and grounded. They also gives us physical initiation. Pentacles represent the ability to do what we can and to do what we must. Apart from this, Pentacles also represent our financial well-being. (Ironically, money and jewels are made from earth elements.) The suit of Pentacles is closely associated with the three earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. When many Pentacles cards show themselves in your reading, you are receiving a snapshot of your physical and financial well-being.

Take this. This is a fortune that Mother Earth gave to me to give to you. This will replenish your physical state.

Keyword: Abundance

A little angel has descended from the heavens and acquired several precious emerald jewels that have been given to her by Mother Earth. The emerald stone that she holds in her hand glows with an immense energy that radiates persistence and endurance. She knows that these jewels will serve as a cure for physical ailments, which is why she's searching and collecting as many as possible. After she collects these emeralds, she will gather them all and share them with creatures of the earth who are

in need of physical health. She will take the remaining stones up into the heavens to distribute and share with all the heavenly creatures.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the initiation of physical healing or a profoundness of prosperity. Make the time and effort to replenish your physical state, which will help your body develop vitality, strength, and endurance. In a matter of time, your energy will manifest and expand anything you want to do. On a side note, you may want to be practical and down-to- earth in order to achieve respect.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies neglecting physical health and prosperity of money. You feel like you don't have the inspiration to do anything because your physical strength is not vital at the moment. This is an important time to focus on your financial spending and earning; don't over spend on things you don't need.


2 of Pentacles

Life threiv things at me, so I became a juggler. But know this: juggling becomes fun after all.

Keyword: Flexibility

This beautiful girl, who is highly educated and very sophisticated, yet charming as well, has ventured into a remote land where gravity is non-existent. There is no order and she finds herself balancing two aspects of her personality that are connected to her psyche. The ball represents her childlike demeanor and the book represents her sophisticated persona. These two objects cannot connect so she understands very well that she can't show both characteristics at the same time. She'll have to make

time to enjoy her characteristics

individually, so she must learn when and where she can be who she feels like being.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents both a time to multi-task and a time to be at harmony. You will have to provide maintenance. Try and see both sides of a situation or problem. Expect busy times. Balance your words and actions. You will have to learn to be more flexible with things. When it comes to fun and entertainment, this card speaks about doing things that you truly enjoy. Try to see humor in a situation —even when it's bad.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies not being able to handle things sufficiently. You feel as if your life is out of control. Too much is going on for you to handle. You're contemplating too much and can't come to a decision. Things are falling apart.


Look at what we've done; ive've mastered something that we like so much. How about you try and do the same for yourself.

Keyword: Mastership

Three planetary teenage witches, who represent Mars, Earth, and the Moon, stand in preparation with their keen skills, ready to make their galaxy a safer place for living. The witch representing Mars sets the stage for everything to go into action, the witch representing Earth makes sure that everything runs naturally, and the witch representing the Moon is responsible for seeing that things go into cycles. After all their training, they know exactly what has to be done in order to

keep residents and their planets safe and sound. But in order to make the planets a safer place to live, they will collaborate together — three minds will become one.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the process of putting ideas and skills to work for further development. You've started on a new project and you will see it through. This is a time for collaboration with others, where everyone will need to share ideas. You will have to be meticulous to have something completed the way you want it. You'll be teaching someone how things should be accomplished. Your recognitions will be fully satisfying.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies not being able to handle obligations and duties. You don't work well with others. What you've worked for will fall apart due to lack of interest. Someone may be taking credit for your work. You are procrastinating too much.


4 of Pentacles

At one point, just like you, I was holding on to something way too tight. Now, you have to learn to let go before it consumes you.

Keyword: Greed

A swamp princess has found a rare frog swimming within a lagoon outside her kingdom. She has never in her life seen something so beautiful, and she knows and feels the absolute value of the frog she clutches with her bare arm. Greed has taken over and she knows very well that others will fight with her to have this prize in their possession. Each minute she has grown overly attached to this creature and she can't bear to let it go. So, instead, this material possession will stay with her forever, till her death, or until the c

of time.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents being overly attached to material things or a person. You are becoming obsessed and this is making you insecure and selfish. You don't care about anyone's necessities but your own. You're hoarding material things that are irrelevant and you are becoming stingey with money. You don't understand what losing is.

Reverse: When reversed, this card represents the process of learning to let go of things. Whatever it is that you have in your possession, you are no longer attached to it. You've learned to release things that are useless to you and to value what's really important.


5 of Pentacles

Yes, I understand that this is a difficult situation you are dealing with: being left with nothing. As hard as it seems, you must survive.

Keyword: Poverty

A surviving young maiden kneels with a touch of desperation within a lost city that has been corrupted and contaminated with unnatural and unhealthy elements. Illness and physical disabilities, as well as financial losses, have run wild within the city where she lives. It amazes her that she has become one of the many victims, losing everything that she'd gained through hard work and dedication. Despite this tragedy, she has not lost hope, and she scavenges the city for what she needs in order to survive and push through.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents losing material belongings and feeling helpless. You've lost what you've worked hard for, but you do realize that this is not the end. You are feeling ill or fatigued. You've gone out on a limb for someone, or you are not receiving the full support from someone you care about. It is now the time to carry on and move forward. Recuperate and then fight for what is important for survival.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies dwelling too much on useless things that are no longer available or valuable. You have to accept what is lost, and that what was lost will do you no good anyway. Don't cling to what was not meant to be. Understand that nothing lasts forever.


6     of Pentacles

Sharing is caring. I share, I care. You share, you care. How does that sound? Try sharing and caring sometime.

Keyword: Generosity

A beautiful dragon queen sits in her homey and warm lair, where all forgotten and ill creatures go to feel alive and loved once more. In her lair, and in her arms, she is holding a neglected and bewildered baby dragon whose mother left him at her door step. Without holding back and without being selfish, she attends to this creature's physical and emotional needs with the utmost and sincere generosity — since nobody bothered to do so from the start. She wants this baby dragon to know and understand

that it's not alone. The dragon is forever thankful and will remain her most loyal and humble servant and true companion.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a time where giving and receiving is needed. You have enough material things to share; donate to those who are less fortunate. Give without hesitation or obligation. When you are given a donation, don't be shy — accept it. Don't be afraid to ask for help; someone will aid you in some way. This card not only speaks about sharing and accepting material things, but also physical contact and verbal communication.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies being consumed with greed. You are being selfish with material things. You spend more money and time on things that are useless. You neglect helping others who are in need. You won't receive help from someone anytime soon.


7    of Pentacles

I can see that you've done all that you can do. Now you'll be waiting for everything to come gracefully to you.

Keyword: Progress

A beautiful blonde maiden has taken time off her busy schedule to pay a visit to this abnormal land that has become completely redundant; everything is abstract and lifeless. Nature and time stand still here. Feeling compassionate, yet pitiful, regarding how things have been left abandoned and to what the place has become, she gathers her natural resources and has taken it upon herself to restore a little bit of life and activity to this land. She sits, waits, and diligently observes the hands on the clock

moving slowly. She waits until everything goes back to its natural form — she is not going anywhere anyway.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents waiting upon what has already been completed to flourish. At this moment, it's time for you to sit back as, eventually, everything begins to prosper again and develop gracefully. Even though a small amount has developed, enjoy it as a reward. While you're waiting, learn to observe carefully and see the value of the hard work, time, and effort that you have invested with dedication.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that rushing the development of something with desperation will only delay the progress. You're being hasty and impatient; your efforts have failed you. Learn to wait without anticipation.


Did you know that mastership cannot be obtained overnight? It must start from the bottom; it must blossom from within you.

Keyword: Practice

A young astronomer and apprentice is doing her best in formulating and constructing a new galaxy and planets — one where humanity can live happy and healthy. She sees that our galaxy now has become corrupt, and she fears that every species, including mankind, will perish. Gathering everything her professors have taught her and all the hands-on skills that she acquired in grade school, she applies it to her new task. She knows that this will be a prolonged mission, one that will take time

to perfect. But for now she stands in an isolated realm where she'll apply everything she knows until it meets her expectations.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents acquiring a new skill, or better yet, a new talent. You will be able to gain the skills needed to do something that you've wanted to do. You will need to find yourself fully dedicated when working on a goal to receive the results you'd like. Everything that you are producing will have steady effects. Live up to your potential and do whatever it takes.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies underestimating your potential to become great at something. You've lost hope and ambition to improve your prospective skills. Contemplation and self-pity will not help you to use the skills that you possess.


9 of Pentacles

Believe me, it was difficult to achieve so much and be rewarded for my effort. But it was all worth it, and I'd do it again.

Keyword: Rewards

A calm butterfly fairy sits in a backyard where everything looks natural. She is beholding the fruits of her labor via her hard work. It took some time and effort to acquire these delicious and fresh fruits, and there were times she'd thought she would never acquire them. For so many weeks, she took care of all the earthly living plants in the most tender way. As a compensation for her hard work, Mother Nature granted her a peach to smooth any hardships that she might endure, a pear to secure her fulfilled relationships, and a plum to protect her against any physical ailments. They are now available for her to enjoy.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the achievement of all good things. You've created a higher standing for yourself. Your projects will turn into completions. What you've worked for will be a gateway to abundance. You've handled many bothersome situations all by yourself. What you've envisioned has come to you. You've gotten to where you want to be. You must trust and believe in yourself. Keep in mind that you have achieved much success, but there is still more ahead.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies unsatisfactory achievements that feel empty and worthless. You don't have anyone to share your accomplishments with. You've envisioned everything correctly, but failed to manifest it. You are not finding easy routes to get what you want.


10 of Pentacles

family album and tree, admiring

You and I are now surrounded by riches and family. We've acquired a profound stability with our physical selves. Enjoy.

Keyword: Legacy

The blonde maiden and her relatives gather around for an annual family reunion, where they embrace and enjoy each other's company. At their annual get- together, they go through their

their legitimated legacy and family dependency. These five ladies and their animal relatives live happily together in a house filled with love and respect. They rely on each other just as a family having pacts within the group. They don't need anything, since they come from a well-earned inheritance. They use their good fortune for beneficial security and to provide for the greater good.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents a state of being physically or financially secure. You've done a good job investing your priorities and time. You now have everything you care for well secured. The current state of being and health regarding your family is a very good one. An inheritance from a beloved family member will come to you soon. Bond with your family members. There's an abundance to look forward to. You're passing forward a legacy.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies relying on resources for personal gain and accumulation. You are expecting too much for so little. Your money and dignity have been tarnished. There are issues within your home and family life. Things are dysfunctional.


The Court cards are usually the most complex and difficult cards to learn and to get in touch with. The majority of Tarot readers who are learning to read the cards do struggle with these. Court cards denote people and their characteristics, and if you think about it, it is not easy getting to know a person. But nonetheless, the Court cards do not always represent a person; they can also represent a situation. The court cards are known as the Page, Knight, Queen, and King (or the Maiden, Lord, Prince, and Princess), but in this Tarot deck, they are known as the Astrological and Elemental signs. Also, the astrological and elemental cards will represent two things: an archetype of a person and a particular situation. The characters (which are all females) incorporated in the Court cards will not represent the role of males; but instead, they will represent the energy of the normally male Court cards. For example, Kings and Knights are male figures, therefore, the female characters here will represent the energy and archetype that the Kings and Knights possess.


Queen of Wands

I am seeing that you need to move forward and ahead for what you want.

Keyword: Determination

A sparky ram entity sits and carefully plans where she should go to obtain her next source of determination. The entity does not care, much less worry about the outcome of her actions. When she needs to do something, she does it without anyone stopping her. This ram also helps others to do the same for themselves so they won't stay with the urge or idea that they could have done a lot more.

The energy of the Queen of Wands is active, dynamic, and assertive. Ruled by Mars, the planet of battles and strife, it is associated with Aries, who embodies an archetype filled with determination. Aries rules physical appearances and first/final impressions.

Archetype: The Queen of Wands denotes a person who is absolutely straightforward and takes challenges head on without hesitation. If and when they have to clear something in the air, they will see to it that they are heard. Their courage to be able to tackle problems takes them far and wide. On a negative side, they may also be shortsighted, which leads to making wrong choices that have grave consequences. When these bad choices are made, they ignore the outcome and avoid making amends with those who they've hurt, or they avoid fixing their problems. They are not keen on learning from past mistakes.

Situation: The Queen of Wands represents a situation where you will have to be direct with obligation and with people in order to set things into motion. The ability to do what you have to do to set things right is right in front of your face. The determinations you need to fulfill this are things that will grow within you. On a negative side, avoid becoming narrow minded and only seeing one option or one side of a problem or truth. By doing this, you will have no options or motivation to help you clear things that are bothering you, which in turn, takes a toll on what you want to do. This may create a habit of narrow mindedness.


I have a word of advice for you: be a faithful person to others and yourself.

Keyword: Loyalty

A steady bull entity has planted both her hoofs onto the ground, absorbing the earth's loyalties to all living things. She is true to her word. When someone needs a shoulder to cry on or a secret kept, she comes and gives faithfulness to them, without expecting anything in return. When someone needs a lesson to remain loyal to others or to themselves, she becomes a teacher.

The energy of the King of Pentacles is honest, sincere, and comforting. This King is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction and is associated with Taurus who embodies an archetype that is loyal. Taurus rules money and material possessions.

Archetype: The King of Pentacles denotes a person who is dependable and serves as a rock, or a touchstone, for someone in need. Asking them for a favor and receiving that favor will not be an issue. When you need someone to be your secret keeper, they are the perfect person to count on. When it comes to borrowing money or materials, they will give you a hand. On a negative side, they may be stubborn and allow pride to get in the way, making them egocentric. Once their stubborn side is set into motion, there is no way to dissuade them. When becoming egocentric, in their point of view, you will be an irrelevant part in their life.

Situation: The King of Pentacles represents a situation where you'll have to be dependable in order to have people's trust and respect. This will be very beneficial when you want to impress your boss or even co-workers. Being dependable will open many doors for you. On the negative side, avoid becoming stubborn. Pushing things and people aside will not lead to anything good. You will only be left with things undone. People will grow to dislike you and not be there for you when you need them the most. This may lead to becoming rigid with yourself and others.


I think you shouldn't contemplate on your ideas; just set them free.

Keyword: Idealism

Two witty identical twins are ready to take off, letting their curiosity lead the way into unknown places. What they experience by their curious attitude serves as a lesson. When they search for someone who needs to learn from curiosity, they manifest, take that person's hand, and throws them into an unknown situation. These twins are responsible for manifesting the effects of their curiosity, which in turn, becomes idealism.

The energy of the Knight of Swords is keen, curious, and playful. The Knight of Swords, ruled by Mercury, the planet of speed and communication, is associated with Gemini, who embody an idealistic archetype. Gemini rules sibling relationships.

Archetype: The Knight of Swords denotes a person who is unwillingly curious and, at times, an adventurer who likes to learn through experiences. Their ideas are never grounded, and many times they are up in the air. They think and imagine the outrageous. Their thoughts are what lead the way and open possibilities in their lives. On the negative side, this can indicate a person who is indecisive and can't come to a concrete decision without going in circles. The majority of their failures happen because they do not center their thoughts. Instead of searching for one solution at a time, they would much rather be bombarded by many thoughts that serve no purpose.

Situation: The Knight of Swords represents a situation where a simple task of curiosity may lead to and feed you wonderful knowledge. There are so many ideas running through your head to aid in fixing a problem you have been unable to overcome. Your analytical ability will be one that you will have to rely on, no matter what. On the negative side, avoid being too indecisive and learn to make a final decision for once. You are running around in circles that provide no option or solution. This is also hurting you in the long run by making you not trust yourself. Being indecisive leads to confusion and mental blockages.


Queen ofCups

I feel that you should listen to your inner feelings, they never lie.

Keyword: Intuition

A serene human-crab sinks her feet into a lake, igniting her intuition with the vibes of the water. This creature knows very well that she should follow her gut feelings. The idea of her doubting herself is out of the question, and she advises others to never doubt themselves. When she dips her feet into water, a ripple effect of self-intuition is spread, and those who dip their feet into the water obtain that feeling and courage to trust what their heart says.

The energy of the Queen of Cups is intuitive, motherly, and bearing. The Queen, ruled by the Moon, the planet of reflection and intuition, is associated with the sign of Cancer, who embodies an intuitive archetype. Cancer rules home and family life.

Archetype: The Queen of Cups denotes a person who is unconditionally perceptive regarding the emotions and well-being of the people they love and care about. Age, race, and religion are not an issue, and they see the aura and feelings of people and know them. They have the ability to feel what people carry in their hearts and can sense the frequency of their emotions. On the negative side, this may be a person who does not heed their feelings, causing them to become defensive; in turn this leads to fights and verbal abuse. They have a bad habit of correcting people for the sake of belittling them, and when they are too emotional, they can become overbearing by inflicting nasty and offensive body language.

Situation: The Queen of Cups represents a situation in which you will have to follow your gut feeling and protect all things that matter to you, especially the people you love and those who are close in your life. But in reality, the time has come for you to take care of yourself and to trust your instinct. You will have to accept this and fend for yourself. On the negative side, listen to your heart. Do not lash out at someone without thinking twice; this will only cause you to get into more trouble. Get in tune with your feelings, and trust the right time for you to defend what matters to you without creating a huge fuss over it.


King of Wands

I will set a wonderful example and be a true role model for you.

Keyword: Leadership

A radiant lioness is ready to influence you with her charm and charisma. She is ready to teach you how to be and act like a leader and how to lead things into your direction. Whenever she sees someone who has lost their path, this lioness is there to guide and advise them so they will not remain lost. She also helps people to be the center of attention, so others can recognize and acknowledge them.

The energy of the King of Wands is self-confident, brave, and inspiring. The King, ruled by the Sun, the planet of ego and individuality, is associated with Leo, who embodies a leader archetype. Leo rules procreation and recreation.

Archetype: The King of Wands denotes a person who is a rightful leader. Their charismatic nature attracts people from all walks of life, serving others as a good influence. This person does not have any difficulties in leading the way for people who will become longtime friends. Their good nature and influence will serve not only a purpose to them, but to others as well. On the negative side, this may be a person who is too flamboyant and likes to show off material belonging to others. They do nothing good but to rub someone's face into the petty and valueless things that they own. This person is too conceited and does not care about anyone's feelings, only their own.

Situation: The King of Wands represents a situation where you may want to set your charisma and charm free. This may help you to lead the way for others or for yourself. This will also help people see who you really are. You may even help someone learn how to release their happiness into the world. On the negative side, avoid being too flamboyant and egocentric, and learn to have a bit of compassion for others who may have less material things than you. This will only give you a very bad reputation, and those who care about you will distance themselves from you. Keep in mind that no matter what you do, money can't buy happiness



Knight of Pentacles

I have analyzed that going forward will help yon cross the finish line.

Keyword: Servitude

A holy virgin sits in front of you, ready to assist and attend to your responsibilities. She is one who keeps her promises and loves to help people and animals out without a cause. Her task in life is that you remain virgin (not sexually), but to be pure of heart and learn how to forgive those who have caused you harm. She gives you the ability to last long without becoming fatigued, so you can finish what you have started.

The energy of the Knight of Pentacles is rational, analytical, and pure. The Knight, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, is associated with Virgo, who embodies an endurable archetype. Virgo rules work and humanitarian services.

Archetype: The Knight of Pentacles denotes a person who finds it within themselves to help other people in need without thinking twice about it. May it be money or simply an extra hand, they are one step ahead. When it comes to helping someone, their only mission is that it gets done. On the negative side, they may be too critical of people's physical flaws or someone's actions. The littlest thing will bother them and they will point it out without taking that person's feelings into consideration — they will justify their reasons for pointing it out. This in turn will only make them too self-centered.

Situation: The Knight of Pentacles represents a situation where you may want to lend a hand to someone who is in need of assistance or to help yourself in some way. If you are feeling stuck with something that you feel you can't do for yourself, ask or seek help. If you know of someone who needs help, feel free to offer your assistance to them. Good karma goes a long way. On the negative side, avoid being too critical of people and things that you do not have control over. Do not be too harsh on yourself; avoid trying to be perfect; learn and understand that nobody is perfect.


Queen ofSwords

I balance two things: fairness and injustice in all aspects and to all.

Keyword: Fairness

A stern mediator holds and balances two powerful scales, weighing the pros and cons of situations and people's actions. This is not new to her; she has done this for a very long time. She knows who is being dishonest and who is not. When she finds those who are lying and cheating, their punishment is equivalent to their actions.

The energy of the Queen of Swords is fair, diplomatic, and establishes equilibrium. The Queen, ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, is associated with Libra, who embodies an archetype who is fair. Libra rules marriage and partnership.

Archetype: The Queen of Swords denotes a person who is diplomatic and uses their intellect to deal with tasks and people efficiently without complications. This person does not like it when other people are being unfair to others. They try to see and set discipline so everyone gets along and keeps a peaceful environment. On the negative side, this may be a person who is distant from others and not quite as fair as they should be. They see the perfect opportunity to take more than they should. They may also like to meddle into people's fairness without the other person's consent, which in turns results in nasty arguments and rejection.

Situation: The Queen of Swords represents a situation where you will have to take a diplomatic tactic and use your skills and thinking to work with other people. This will be useful for you because it will let you give other people a chance to do what they have to do. Also, it will give you several chances to construct your plans and ideas and set them into motion. On the negative side, avoid being distant from people; it will not help you to reject other people. Rejecting people and not being fair in giving others a chance will backfire, and you may end up lacking self-confidence or motivation to work well with others.


King of Cups

I want you to guard and take good care of what you love the most.

Keyword: Fascination

A mysterious girl and her pet scorpion search throughout the world for living creatures who have not known what passion is or feels like. Once they find them, they will help them find something that they can apply their best interests to. When this happens, they will know what is it like to be passionate.

The energy of the King of Cups is sensual, vibrant, and magnetic. The King, ruled by Pluto, the entity of regeneration and final outcomes, is associated with the Scorpio, who embodies a passionate archetype. Scorpio rules intimacy and death.

Archetype: The King of Cups denotes a person who is ardently passionate about their creative venues and all that pleases them. When they feel something in their bones, they know that it is a sure thing, and they will stop at nothing to obtain it. Once this thing is in their possession, they will protect it until they can no more. On the negative side, this may also be a person who becomes too obsessive over irrelevant things that serve no purpose. These things may be the simplest issues that turn into bigger issues. It is very difficult to talk them out of something even though you know it serves no purpose for them.

Situation: The King of Cups represents a situation where you may want to be passionate over something to have a sense of fulfillment. In order for you to be passionate for it, it must be something that you know will bring you absolute fulfillment. It must also serve a purpose in your life and help you in any possible way. On the negative side, you may want to be careful not to become too obsessive over things that have no solution or hope; these things will only lead you in the wrong direction and will eliminate your sense of finding what is really out there for you. You will have to learn to detach from these things.


Knight of Wands

I see that you obtain what you really want at all costs.

Keyword: Desire

A wise archer holds a bow and arrow, ready to aim it at what she most anticipates. She has searched far and, with the help of her wisdom, she knows exactly where to find it. With her experience, she travels and looks for people who are wanting to obtain what they are looking for. Once she finds them, the archer lends her bow and arrow to them in hopes that they find what they are seeking.

The energy of the Knight of Wands is adventurous, off-beat, and footloose. The Knight, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is associated with Sagittarius, who embodies an archetype filled with desires. Sagittarius rules higher education and long journeys.

Archetype: The Knight of Wands denotes a person who becomes eagerly enthusiastic over both small and large pleasures of life. When it comes to these pleasures, they see to it that they are worth their while, and not just a quick fad. And when they want to possess deep knowledge, they know very well that it has to be something they desire. On the negative side, this can be a person who procrastinates and leaves things to the last second or fails to fulfill their duties. Their desires and the things that they aspire to are no bigger than their hopes. At times, they envy others who have far better and beneficial desires.

Situation: The Knight of Wands represents a situation when you may need to show enthusiasm for what you are wishing for. This has to come from your heart —your emotions and spirit. Do not pretend that you are happy for something when you are not. Invite others to celebrate and be happy as well; it will be a healthy thing that all of you can rely on. On the negative side, avoid being Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All. You may want to teach yourself new things and stop pretending like you know them already; do some research first before you give your opinion. If you happen to have vast knowledge in something that other people don't, be kind and share it with them.


I use physical motivation to do what I want to do.

Keyword: Ambition

A practical goat entity stands on top of a mountain; she is recharging her nurturing habits and ambitious personality. She has traveled throughout the land, helping people and animals to learn how to care for themselves and her. In order for people and animals to receive nurturing and ambition, she send her waves through the ground we stand on.

The energy of the Queen of Pentacles is driven, disciplined, and industrious. The Queen, ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations, is associated with Capricorn, who embodies an archetype that is ambitious. Capricorn rules careers and social statues.

Archetype: The Queen of Pentacles denotes a person who is a go-getter. They nurture their ambitions as best as possible and like to accomplish their goals with clarity and restrictions. It is difficult for anyone to send them into the wrong direction or make them do the opposite of what they have set their mind to. And if someone dares to do it, there will be trouble. On the negative side, the Queen of Pentacles may be a person deeply fatalistic and believes there is nothing people can do to change the future. It is hard to convince them that there is hope when something bad happens or when they feel that it is the end of the world. This may take time and effort to convince them otherwise.

Situation: The Queen of Pentacles represents a situation where your ambitions must be met and you must realize your accomplishments. See to it that what you want to obtain is something that you have been longing for and something that you know will bring good benefits. You will need to find reliable allies who can help you get to where you want to be. But it is most important for them to stay by your side when you need them. On the negative side, avoid being fatalistic by thinking that problems are set in stone and nothing has a remedy. Change your mind and believe that things can change and that there is a solution for problems. Understand that issues can be altered with determination.



King of Swords

I know that you produce your ideas carefully with tact.

Keyword: Logic

Up in the heavens, the spirit of a maiden holds a sacred jar of water that contains endless possibilities for the future. When she appears, she showers people with the sacred water from her jar. Many of those who accept the shower of water think outside the box, but those who do not, remain in their same mindset.

The energy of the King of Swords is futuristic, progressive, and consistent. The King, ruled by Uranus, the planet of changes and turning points, is associated with the Aquarius, who embodies an archetype that is a logical thinker. Aquarius rules friends and friendships.

Archetype: The King of Swords represents a person who thinks with logic and does not allow ideas and thoughts to be cluttered. It is difficult to let other people manipulate them; on the contrary, they are the ones who may manipulate. When they are being distracted by others, they may find it hard to think ahead and need peace and privacy. On the negative side, they may have tendencies to think stupid things that do not have meaning or reason. They may make unnecessary jokes about real issues that pose potential danger to them or others. They may make radical assumptions regarding things that have yet to manifest.

Situation: The King of Swords represents a situation that you will have to think about with logic and conviction. Take time from your busy schedule to think of a way you can deal with personal problems hindering you from doing what you want to do. On the negative side, you will have to make judgment calls and omit things that are not useful or beneficial for you; this may even involve people who are close to you. But think of it as a beneficial thing that may help you. Try to avoid staying stuck in the same place where you are unable to move ahead. If and when you feel stuck, it is something that you've brought upon yourself.


I believe you should try and put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Keyword: Empathy

A dainty mermaid charges her psychic powers with the energy of the waves of the ocean. She has swum the seven seas and has gone thousands of feet below the water and has aided all sea creatures to follow their intuition when they feel lost and bewildered. She has also helped people who travel through the water.

The energy of the Knight of Cups is sympathetic, sensitive, and compassionate. The Knight, ruled by the Moon, the planet of feelings and intuition is associated with Pisces, who is an empathic archetype. Pisces rules the occult and psychic abilities.

Archetype: The Knight of Cups denotes a person who is compassionate towards living things. They do their best to keep these things happy and healthy. They share how they feel about them and see to it that they are well taken care of. They are very empathic and tend to feel what other people are going through and can reason with them. They don't judge; instead, they do their very best to understand by hearing what is said. On the negative side, the Knight of Cups may also be unrealistic and fanatical about things that are impossible to obtain. They have a habit of making up a dreamland in their heads and then filling it up with air. To convince them that it is not real is impossible. If you happen to burst their bubble, they may become nasty towards you and try to make you feel guilty.

Situation: The Knight of Cups represents a situation where you will have to learn to be empathic and understanding to people around you. You may find much common ground that will help you open your feelings towards all living beings and things, and you may even help someone to open up to you or someone else. On the negative side, avoid being unrealistic; it is time to wake up and know that there are things that are impossible to obtain or may take a very long time to happen. It is time to put your feet on the ground.



Page o/ Wands

I touch all that I can because it gives me motivation.

Keyword: Venture

A gray-haired nymph stands behind several poppies. These poppies are as red as the fire that burns within her. Her pale skin and silver hair are what the fire within has caused her. She offers you a poppy from her garden so you too can have a burning desire and passion to give life to whatever it is that you want to do.

The Page of Wands rules all things that burn and spark. The Page lights up and illuminates your path. Where there is darkness, the Page of Wands is your aid to see through the dark. It is associated with the sun that burns bright up in the sky. Those who don't know how to handle a Page of Wands are likely to get burned. It will prove that they can't handle the heat!

Archetype: The Page of Wands denotes a person who is radiant, fierce, spunky, and has a spark of life. Their persona and attitude burns anything and everything like a wild fire, igniting it with energy. With a simple word or action, they inflict motivation and inspiration into other people. They also bring out the best out in a person when they are feeling at their worst. On the negative side, the Page of Wands may be a person who lets people down. They are able to cause big deceptions and often lie for their own purposes. They have the capacity to extinguish your inspiration as well as aspirations by telling you mean and hateful things that really hurt your feelings.

Situation: The Page of Wands represents a situation where you may want to live your life and moments as if they were your last. You will not be hurting yourself or anyone by doing this; on the contrary, you will be showing them what they are capable of doing. Take a risk without fear and one that means a lot to you — something that you have always wanted to do, but never felt up to. It's better to have tried than not tried at all. On the negative side, avoid people and situations that bring your self-esteem down, or people who doubt or disallow your ability to achieve and oversee problems hindering you. As much as it may hurt, you will have to cut the cord, and distance yourself from them.


Page of Pentacles

I use stability to calm all things that are chaotic.

Keyword: Reliability

A brunette-haired nymph stands behind hemlocks that provide her with stability. These flowers have a white, yet yellow tone to them and entwine with her dark hair. Her olive skin tone is a representation that she was born from and out of the earth, giving her the ability to protect and make things stable for our planet. When you need for things to run smoothly, slowly, or at a natural peace, she will give you her flowers to help you.

The Page of Pentacles governs all that is solid and stable. It builds, rebuilds, and hardens your ambitions. When a foundation seems loose and unreliable, this Page will see to it that everything turns to concrete and is secure. The Page of Pentacles is associated with the planet Earth where all living things reside. Those who don't know how to handle a Pentacles Page are likely to remain stuck in a rut.

Archetype: The Page of Pentacles denotes a person who is stable, secure, reliable, and has a trustworthy demeanor. Their persona and attitude are concrete and they pave the way for anyone —like those walking down a path in the park. They can help someone out by keeping them grounded and stable. They often like to help those who are having a hard time doing for themselves. On the negative side, the Page of Pentacles may also be a person who is stubborn and unreliable. You may never see a favor or a donation out of goodwill. They are stingy and will make any lame excuse not to share what they have with you or anyone else. They are hardheaded, and they'll do things when they feel like it. They are known to procrastinate heavily.

Situation: The Page of Pentacles represents a situation where you may want to start looking for reliable things in life, such as people and careers. Look to people you trust. Conduct research into sources that you find trustworthy for careers. Learn to be patient and carry things in a steady way. On the negative side, avoid people and situations that will limit or slow you down. Try not to feel envy for others who are more successful than you. This will do you more harm than good.


Page of Swords

I let the wind take me where I want to be taken.

Keyword: Inspection

A blond nymph is surrounded by foxgloves that summon the wind. The pink flowers compliment her golden hair and light skin, and she becomes one with the air. Not only do the flowers have the ability to call upon the air, she too possesses the power to summon the air to clear things out of the way. When you need something to be cleared away, let her give you some of her flowers.

The Page of Swords produces ideas and creativity. This element is our muse, the one that inspires us to think the impossible. The Page of Swords blows all of our memories out from our subconscious. The Page is the reason for anything we set our minds to. It is associated with the wind that blows everything in its path to clear things out. For those who don't know how to handle a Page of Swords, they are prone to get carried away and be taken by the wind.

Archetype: The Page of Swords denotes a person who is quirky, feisty, quick­witted, and has a smart remark for everything. Their persona and attitude whisks away what is no longer needed. They have the ability to clear up all confusions. On the negative side, the Page of Swords may also be a person who blows things out of proportion. Any little thing they do not like, they bring to everyone's attention. They make small problems into bigger ones just for the sake of comedic relief and at the other person's expense.

Situation: The Page of Swords represents a situation you may want to analyze on your own to draw your own conclusions. Avoid getting other people's feedback. Face your problems squarely and equally, without fear and doubt and without letting anybody tell you that you should or shouldn't face your problems. On the negative side, avoid anything that will discourage or bring down the way you feel about yourself and other people —like new friends or a lover. You will encounter people who will not treat you fairly and may make you feel less than you are. Stay away from people who keep you from accomplishing your goals.


Page of Cups

1 listen to my spirit and heart; they are never wrong.

Keyword: Inventiveness

A black-haired nymph stands behind several Datura flowers because not only do they connect with the water, but they also help her connect with her emotions. She is intuitive and does not have to rely on others to tell her what she should be feeling —she already knows it well enough. When you are feeling lost and distrustful of your own feelings, let her hand you some of her flowers so you, too, can learn to trust your feelings.

The Page of Cups is very sentimental and values the sentiments of others. The Page shows you that you can open up and express your feelings. It is associated with the ocean where beautiful things are submerged and well- kept. Only those who truly want to discover its treasures are welcomed to the ocean's waves. For those who don't know how to handle a Cups Page, they will most likely lose touch and sensation of worldly things.

Archetype: The Page of Cups denotes a person who is calm, intact, and emotional, and their feelings are true and alive. They may tap into other's feelings and emotions. They are good at finding how people are feeling, especially if secretly hurt or abused. On the negative side, the Page may overreact to minor things, like criticisms or not getting their way. They have a habit of hiding what they truly feel and go through periods of denial. They often like to make another the fool and even make themselves out to be the victim by asking for sympathy. They cry wolf for their own agenda.

Situation: The Page of Cups represents a situation where you may want to let your feelings inspire you to do great wonders. It would be ideal for you to share it with someone close to you. You may even seek inspiration from someone you trust, as long as they do not bring your self-esteem down. You may also want to show affection to those you care about. On the negative side, avoid overreacting to small situations and problems that serve no purpose; this will only make you seem like a fool, and no one will take you seriously. Don't hide your feelings; express yourself, even if some people won't listen.

Every once in a while, a creator of a Tarot deck will include extra bonus cards as a sign of gratitude towards those who have purchased and work with the deck. Many Tarot readers pay little to no mind towards the bonus cards, while others assign an interpretation for them.

In this Tarot deck, I've selected two bonus cards that may be used as the "significator" (the person who is having a reading done) or a particular situation. If you happen to be one of those readers who loves bonus cards and wants to assign meanings to them, I've provided my interpretation of these cards entitled "You Are One" (representing the querent) and "Supernatural" (representing the situation). But by all means, you don't have to use my explanations; you may as well use your very own interpretations.


You^W One

I want you to believe that there is no one more special and unique than you. 'You embody everything that outshines and distinguishes you from the rest. Love yourself.

Keyword: Authenticity

This beautiful maiden is an outcast to the people in her village because of her physical attributes, which are very rare. The Gods and Goddesses blessed her by giving her a red streak across her eyes, platinum hair, and light skin, as opposed to the people in her village, who have black hair, and dark skin, and a black mask across their eyes. To them, this maiden is cursed and will bring nothing but bad omens to the village. Nonetheless, the maiden has disregarded the villagers' senseless assumptions and has traveled to another village where, there, she will be accepted and loved for her unique attributes.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents learning about and acting out self- love and self-acceptance. People may not be accepting you for who you really are; you must learn to accept and love yourself and know that you are worth much more than people make you out to be. It is vital and empowering to accept your flaws — physical and emotional, big or small. Know and accept that everyone and everything is different—just as you are.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies pretending to be something you are not for acceptance or personal gain. You're lying to yourself in order to be someone you are not. You want to fit into a particular group of people and you will do anything to gain approval.



I've learned the hard way that there are some things that should remain a mystery and should be left alone. Of course, discover which at your own risk.

Keyword: Curiosity

These beautiful sisters gather around and initiate a seance to contact a spirit that has been lingering in their home for a long time. This spirit is an intruder, a nuisance, an entity that does nothing but annoy and frustrate people. The redhead and blonde sisters are very sensitive and they are scared. They warn their brunette sister about the consequences of meddling with the unknown. Of course, the brunette sister, who is far braver and tougher than her two sensitive siblings (and who initiated this seance in the first place), disregards their advice and proceeds to contact the spirit to cast it out of their home for good.

Upright: In a reading, this card represents the dire need to figure something out. Things are a mystery to you and you may not be able to solve it. There is a calling from the unknown that summons your attention; follow it and see what you discover. A bit of skepticism clouds your beliefs and you feel that you must prove something right or wrong, either or; don't step on anybody's personal beliefs.

Reverse: When reversed, this card implies that you are meddling too much in a particular area that should be left alone. You may find yourself poking around in someone else's business. Or, somebody is meddling too much in your personal affairs. Either way, it has to stop!

First and foremost, thank you for acquiring the Beautiful Creatures Tarot and for becoming familiar with these wonderful entities. When you hold and admire these beautiful creatures, please, remember that you yourself are a beautiful creature, too. Despite your flaws and contradictions, remember that you are unique and unlike anything else on this planet, which is why you were placed here — there's a reason.

Whenever you feel lonely, sad, or frustrated, turn to these beautiful creatures who will always be here and there and everywhere for you. Their world is not only theirs to dominate, but yours to find refuge in, if you ever need to.


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