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Get Some Rest................................ 39

Gracefully Aging............................. 41

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Leaving............................................. 57

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New Career...................................... 65

New Exercise Program.................. 67

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Realizations and Epiphanies........ 71

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Seeking and Finding...................... 80

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Sentimental Feelings...................... 86

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How to Work with the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes

Change is a constant part of life, like a river that's always flowing and like the cycle of the seasons. Getting insight into the forks you encounter in the road can make navigating them less stressful and intimidating. You can actually get excited about making changes when you have reassurance that you're on the right path. That's why these Butterfly Oracle Cards were created for you.

A butterfly is a perfect symbol of the beauty that occurs when you undergo life changes. The metamorphosis unfolds after a long period of darkness and isolation in the cocoon—and life can similarly feel dark and lonely at times. Yet, these fright­ening experiences are what lead you to

0- 1 *

new strength. Change is what gives but­terflies wings to fly, and it can do the same for you!

Butterflies are also signs from Heaven that our loved ones are watching over us and sending their love. When you see a butterfly and think of a deceased friend or relative, trust this as a sign. The same is true if you glimpse butterflies acting in unusual ways, or if you notice references to them (such as words or images in mag­azines, on television, on clothing, and so forth) at a time when you're grieving a loved one's passing.

Change can feel stressful, even when it's the happy kind. There's a part of us that resists change, even if it improves our lives. Psychologists call this eustress, simi­lar to the stress felt during holiday times.

My prayer is that these cards can lessen the stress of life change. You can use this deck to gain clarity and insight

«► 2 ♦

about anything you're going through that seems to be instigated by forces outside yourself (such as job loss, family issues, health challenges, and the like), as well as any changes you are considering or con­sciously creating.

With the help of the butterflies and the support of the angels, your transfor­mations will always be carried by the soft breeze of God's love to the place of your highest good.

How to Prepare and Work with Your Butterfly Oracle Cards

Step 1: Clear Your Card Deck

Your cards are sensitive instruments, so they'll need to be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed from the manu­facturing process. Steps 1 and 2 only need

<► 3

repeating after another person touches your cards, or if your readings lack clarity because the cards have become clogged with too much energy.

To clear your cards, first hold the deck in your nondominant hand (the one you normally don't write with), as this is the hand that receives energy. Then, say a prayer over the cards, asking that they be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed, such as:

"Dear God, thank You for lifting away from these cards anything

that is not of Divine love."

This clears out the old energy so that the cards are now a blank slate and ready to be imbued with your own vibration.

♦ 4 *

Step 2: Consecrate the Cards

Briefly touch the cards to infuse them with your personal energy. You can simply touch one of the corners of each to accom­plish this. Then, fan the deck out with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you'd like to bestow upon them.

This deck is attuned to your thoughts and feelings, so any intentions or prayers you think or say will be absorbed into the cards' energies. Ask and pray for whatever help you'd like while working with the deck, such as confidence, clarity, compas­sion, and so forth. Your cards now carry your personal vibration and intentions.

♦ 5 *

Step 3: Ask a Question

Think of a question you'd like to have answered. If you're pulling cards for some­one else, ask him or her to either think of or verbalize a question. Heaven hears your thoughts, so you needn't say your inquiry aloud.

Step 4: Shuffle the Cards While Thinking of the Question

Think of the question as you shuffle, and ask Heaven to help you with answers and guidance. I often say this prayer, sim­ilar to the one in Step 1, while shuffling:

"Dear God, I ask that You watch over this experience, making certain that only true Divine guidance comes through. Please help me release my ego fears so that I can clearly see, hear, feel, and know the messages

<► 6 ♦

that You have for me. I ask that this oracle-card reading bring blessings to everyone involved."

If one or more cards "jump" out of the deck while you're shuffling, place them to the side. They'll be part of your reading.

As you're shuffling, you'll likely notice feelings, thoughts, words, or visions. This Divine guidance will help you further understand the cards you draw, so pay attention to these impressions as they come to you.

When your cards begin to clump into two distinct sections, it's time to stop shuffling. You may also receive a feeling, thought, or vision to cease—or you may even hear the words Stop shuffling now. Trust and honor these Divine messages that are helping you with the reading. You can't make a mistake and stop shuffling too soon, as the Divine Law of Attraction

«► 7 *

ensures that you'll always choose the cards meant for you.

Step 5: Choose a Card

There's no single "correct" way to draw a card, as your inner guidance will lead you to the right one for you. You may feel most comfortable pulling from the top of the deck, or looking for a card that sticks out of the pack. Whatever way you select the card is perfect for you and your reading. Again, you can't make a mistake and choose wrongly.

If you set aside a card (or cards) that "jumped" out of the deck while you were shuffling, carefully examine it (or them), too. Jumping cards carry additional infor­mation for you, much like a footnote in a book that adds to your understanding.

o 8 *

Step 6: Consult This Guidebook

Turn to the corresponding page within this guidebook for each card. As you read the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you, as they're once again a personalized part of the answer. Heaven will give you specific guidance to help walk you through any life changes, or to encourage you to take appropriate action.

Three-Card Messages

After completing Steps 3 and 4, pick three cards from the top of the deck. With the images and words facing up, lay the first card to your left, the second one in the middle, and the third to the right.

The card to your left speaks about the event that triggered the situation you're inquiring about. The middle card reveals your question's current status and what

♦ 9 ♦

you need to know or work on right now. And the card to the right shows your immediate future, if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance of the middle card. You can always improve your future path by holding a positive out­look and listening to your inner wisdom.

















Because these cards are specific to life changes you've just made, are currently making, or are considering making, you may need to meditate upon them to dis­cover the deeper meaning. You can also use this deck with one of my others to get more details about life changes. For


In the next section of this guidebook, you'll find specific meanings for each card. Always remember that you have freewill choices about life. You can also improve the outcome of any situation through prayer, visualization, and positive affir­mations. Heaven can help alter your future for the better if you'll ask for, and be open to, Divine assistance.


example, you can shuffle the Magical Mes­sages from the Fairies Cards together with the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Or you can lay out three cards from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes and then, right below, lay out three additional cards from the Magical Mermaids and Dol­phins Oracle Cards.

The cards will "speak" to you through your thoughts, feelings, signs, and dreams, very often reporting changes before you're even consciously aware of them. Every time, these changes offer opportunities for blessings and important life lessons. Trust the first impression you receive when look­ing at the cards. This message is always loving and accurate.


The Meanings of the Cards

This guidebook explains the mean­ings for all the cards in the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes deck. The card names are listed alphabetically, according to the first word of each. Every entry lists additional meanings for you to meditate upon, as the particular answer can shift according to the question asked.

When you're ready to look up a card's meaning, find the corresponding page and read the interpretation and symbolism for the entry. Your intuition will offer you even more personalized guidance, so as you read, simultaneously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Your body will also react when you're reading about an inner truth—recognizing it as such with physical signals such as shudders, sighs, chills, or goose bumps.



This card comes to you because of changes involving your children who are now grown. Usually, it signals that an adult child has moved away from home, is getting married, or is off at college or with other family members. Regardless of the circumstances, this change is eliciting strong feelings of grief, as the parenting


part of your life now shifts. You drew this card because there's a void that needs to be filled with new meaningful projects and activities.

In some cases, this card means that you are the once-child who is now grown. Perhaps you or your family still sees you as a child or adolescent. In these cases, you are being guided to view yourself as a responsible adult and to work with your family to view you that way as well.

Additional meanings: Seeking coun­seling help for Adult Children of Alco­holics (ACoA) issues • A child who acts mature beyond his or her years • Planning for your child's future

«►! 6*


You drew this card because of an inner conflict. You're struggling to make a decision about your next actions. You worry whether following your desired path is the right choice, and how doing so will impact others.

♦I 7*

The answer is that you must be true to yourself. Any path where you compro­mise your vision will put you out of sync with the rhythms of success, health, and happiness. Of course, you'd never do any­thing to harm another person or ignore his or her needs. However, you can't harm or ignore yourself, either. As you are tru­ly happy, you automatically lift up those around you. You also become a role mod­el for following your inner truth.

Additional meanings: Be assertive, speak your truth, and stand up for your beliefs • Accept and enjoy your unique qualities • Be creative and free-spirited • Don't be swayed by outside pressure




This card guides you to focus on changes in your body so that you can influence it in a healthy direction. It's time to take charge of your own health and remain optimistic. After all, the butter­flies show us the power of going through physical changes as they enter the chrys­alis phase. You are undergoing a similar


preparation stage, which will bring you blessings of new strength and insights.

Whether your body changes are a result of the aging process, your medical status, or your lifestyle, this card reminds you that you have many options available. Give yourself permission to take positive and healthful action steps supportive of your physical well-being.

Additional meanings: A new exer­cise program • Changing your health-care regimen • Improving your diet • Getting a makeover




This card means that you've changed your mind about a previous decision, and you're struggling with the possible reper­cussions. Maybe you're worried about what other people may think or whether you or another will suffer consequences due to your second thoughts.

<>21 *

You know more now than when you made your original decision. Perhaps you could have uncovered this information with a little more investigation. None­theless, the circumstances unfolded as they did for a higher purpose. Learn from your former actions so that in the future, you take your time doing research prior to making decisions. In the meantime, know that changing one's mind is an op­tion for us all.

Additional meanings: Leaving a rela­tionship • Regretting a purchase • Quit­ting a job • Deciding not to accept an offer • Staying home rather than attending an event

<$£> $£>



Your card reminds you that you do have the courage to make this change! Everything you've been through in life has taught you how to cope and be strong in the face of the unknown. You've learned that being positive and having faith are necessary tools to overcome fear or disappointments.


Take this change one minute at a time, and try not to look too far down the road—especially if attempting to predict the future brings up anxiety for you. After all, you can plan for the future, but you can only take charge of this present mo­ment. So, take positive action steps today toward your desired outcome, and know that you will have everything you need in each moment that follows.

Additional meanings: Facing your fears • Stepping into a leadership position • Breaking out of your comfort zone • Assertiveness

<Sx> o<>

♦24 *

resolution. This card reminds you to trust your inner knowingness and ask yourself: Which path brings me closer to my life pur­pose? What would Love do in this situation?

Sometimes this card appears because you've been avoiding making a necessary decision. If so, you are being reminded that not making a decision is a decision— since you've decided to allow things to remain the same. Similarly, if you're try­ing to choose between two options, there may very well be a better third option for you.

Additional meanings: Pray for clear guidance • Notice and trust the signs





You drew this card because you're wrestling with a decision and are unsure which way to go. Your Divine guidance has been attempting to show you the best path, so you already have the answer in your heart. Deep down, you know the right direction. Yet, fears are holding you back from taking action based on this wise



This card signals an improvement in the quality of the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You definitely are guided to make a positive and healthful change in your diet. As you do so, you receive additional rewards of increased energy, confidence, and well-being, plus an enhanced appearance.


Remember that you can receive sup­port for this change from a licensed nutri­tionist and groups like Overeaters Anon­ymous. You can also pray for Heavenly help with motivation and dealing with cravings.

Additional meanings: Detoxification • Veganism or vegetarianism • Eliminating allergens from your diet and your home • A change of health-care practitioner or a second opinion


There's something in your life that is becoming intolerable to you. You once were able to endure or even enjoy this sit­uation, but because you have changed, so too have your emotions. This card asks you to be honest with yourself, and take an inventory of how you're feeling. You don't have to resort to drastic action to resolve anything. Sometimes it's enough just to acknowledge your own feelings so that your heart feels heard and under­stood.

Additional meanings: Getting guid­ance from a therapist or joining a support group • Dealing with an emotional loved one • Empathetically absorbing other peo­ple's emotions





You're evolving and progressing, so it's natural for you to have a different per­spective now than you did before. You drew this card because your feelings are speaking to you, and it's important for you to listen. Ignored emotions only grow stronger and louder.

❖29 o

a similar state right now. So please prac­tice daily self-care—and don't feel guilty about saying no to extra activities—so that you can rest, heal, and prepare for the next era ahead.

Additional meanings: Take time to grieve over losses and transitions • Make plans for what you wish to do next • Seek help from a counselor or support group



Like chapters in a book, life has eras that begin and end. You drew this card because this cycle of beginnings and end­ings is touching you right now. It's im­portant to be very gentle with yourself during times of change. Think of the but­terfly in the cocoon, dormant in prepa­ration for a rebirth with wings. You’re in

<>31 <•

those involved. Your role is to keep steady prayers that everyone chooses the path of God's love. Then release your prayers with faith and love. If you need to take action, God will clearly guide you and support you all the way.

While change can seem threatening, in the long run it always works out for the best.. . and so it is with your loved ones. Truly, this change will bring you closer together and bond you in new ways.

Additional meanings: Pregnancy, birth, or adoption • A change in living situation • Divorce or separation • Life transition • Health concerns • Marriage

<$£> <5g>




This card comes to you with the announcement of a change in your fam­ily. You needn't worry about this shift, because it unfolds with Divine bless­ings. Trust that you and your family are entirely watched over and protected by God and the angels, and this change only arises because it is the freewill choice of



This card signals a change in your financial situation. Please don't allow yourself to assume that this is a negative reversal. The only reason why you would feel afraid is because the ego associates change with fear. Yet, this card heralds a reward for the diligent work you've done, and are committed to continuing.

  • >35-o

Through the spiritual Law of Cause and Effect, efforts always yield corre­sponding results. This also means that if you haven't been actively putting in effort, your financial returns will reflect this. Happily, though, you do have the power to change your finances for the better by taking the steps that you are Di­vinely guided to. Keep your thoughts ele­vated, because positive thoughts really do create beneficial financial changes.

Additional meanings: Good timing to ask for a raise or promotion • Starting a new business • Reducing expenses • Cau­tion about whom you enter into a busi­ness agreement or sign a contract with • An investor • An inheritance • Winning a settlement • A favorable outcome • Grad­uation • Settled debt




Dear one, have you been carrying around anger, guilt, shame, or regrets? This card indicates that it's time to set down these burdens so that you can spread your wings and fly higher. You are guided to release stored emotions and thoughts that may block you. Forgiveness doesn't mean that what others did to you is okay or that

  • >37<>


This card comes to you because your energy and mood haven't been as high as you'd like. You've been pushing yourself to keep going even when you're tired. Now it's time to balance your busy times with some relaxation. This is the natural cycle of all living beings, so there's no need to feel guilty because you'll now get some much-needed rest.


During your naps and nocturnal cy­cle, do pay attention to insights that come to you. After all, when you are asleep, so is your ego . . . making it much easier for Divine messages to reach you. Pay atten­tion to your body's signals, which may call for changes in your diet, lifestyle, and exercise program if you still feel tired and drained after resting. Sometimes seeing a licensed health-care or mental-health professional is the best path to recovering your energy and your enthusiasm for life.

Additional meanings: Start delegat­ing to others and asking for help (and accepting it when it's offered) • Detox from any energy-depleting substances • Feng-shui your bedroom for optimal sleep • Detach from whatever you've been chas­ing and "give it a rest"





You received this card because Heaven can see your inner and outer beauty and wants you to appreciate your Divine mag­nificence, too. This means that you allow yourself to see the beauty that growing older represents. The more you hold posi­tive thoughts and feelings about the aging


process, the more you glow with inner peace and sage wisdom.

Your maturity signifies that you will be seen as an elder, and others will look to you for answers. This is an honor, which is one reason why this card is guiding you to age gracefully—meaning that you em­brace your hard-won years of learning. Al­though you may feel much younger than your chronological years, graceful aging means that you are comfortable with yourself in every way.

Additional meaning: Caring for aging parents or other elders • Learning from an elder • A change in beauty-care routines • Preparing for retirement



This card signals that your heart needs some healing from one or more losses. There's grief work to be done as a way of moving forward with your life. Already you can think of how this spe­cifically applies to you. Unhealed grief is compounded by each subsequent loss. Although it's uncomfortable to mourn and


cry, sometimes this is the only path to healing. That's why it's best to heal with an experienced grief counselor, grief sup­port group, or trauma-trained therapist.

Loss is one of the more painful pro­cesses of change, yet it can also help us develop compassion and more apprecia­tion for life.

Additional meanings: Changes that feel like a loss • A calling to be a grief counselor • Performing a eulogy • Com­forting a grief-stricken friend

*►44 ♦

Additional meanings: Facing your feelings • Forgiveness healing work • Lead­ership and activism • Releasing emotional and physical weight • Donating old items




This card comes to you because there's a recurring pattern that stems from hurt feelings in your past. It's time for you to change this pattern by facing and healing old emotional pain. You may feel tired of revisiting the same issues yet believe that there's no other way.



This card is a loving sign for you to protect your health by acknowledging the changes in your body. Most likely, you'll seek professional advice from a physician, naturopath, dentist, optometrist, or nutri­tionist so that you can plan how to best manage your health.


Stay positive, and also proactive. Pre­ventive treatment is called for as a way to empower you to stay healthy for many years to come.

Additional meanings: Get a second opinion • Change health-care providers • Study healing • Recognize that you are a healer



Have you been seeing a lot of butter­flies lately, dear one? This card comes to you as one of many signs you're receiv­ing from above to let you know that you're loved and watched over. Heaven frequently dispatches butterflies to signal that a passed-on loved one is happy and sending you encouragement. Additional


signs may include birds, feathers, and rain­bows, or something else in nature. Or your signs might involve coins, music, or other human-made items.

You're asked to notice and trust these signs so that you'll feel Heaven's presence in your daily life. When you know that you're watched over and loved, you feel safer and more secure following the path of your dreams.

Additional meanings: An anniver­sary or birthday • Answered prayers • Achieving big dreams one little step at a time




can be productive, as many people turn them into careers.

So, imagine that you have unlimited time, energy, and money available for a hobby. What's the first one that comes to mind? That's your inner truth, and there's always a way to make it work on any budget and schedule. Joining a group related to your hobby is a wonderful way to make new friends who can be there for you during the next part of your life. Any change—even a positive one—can be stressful, but with playful outlets like hobbies and good friends, it can feel pur­poseful and joyful.

Additional meanings: Self-employment • A career based on your passions • Trying something new • Balancing work and play




How are you spending your free time, dear one? When you're going through life changes, hobbies can provide a stress out­let and meaningful foundation. Your card is guiding you to invest in these pursuits as a way to relax, learn, and enjoy yourself. You love to stay busy, and these interests bring fun into your hectic life. Hobbies



You are being called to push past shy­ness and meet new people. Although you might not think of yourself as sociable, it's time to take action and get acquainted with like-minded friends and associates. Your social fears stem from spending time with insensitive people, and you'll benefit


from connecting with gentle and kind individuals like yourself.

You received this card because, in or­der to meet these new friends, you'll need to join in. That means literally joining an in-person (not online or virtual) class or group so that you can network with oth­ers. Joining in also entails introducing yourself at these groups and having con­versations. This positive change in your social life will open new doors for you in other areas.

Additional meanings: Do charity work • Join a spiritual or religious group aligned with your beliefs • Commit to a relationship



Some of the changes you've experi­enced have been challenging, and this card urges you to keep your faith in Divine intervention and positive outcomes. After all, lapsing into pessimism won't help the situation.

Faith can come in many forms, such as reconnecting with God through prayer


or reviewing all the times when every­thing worked out for the best. Faith is an inner knowing that your experiences are purposeful and that you'll have a happy ending . . . which is true!

Additional meanings: Spiritual or religious study • A spiritual or religious community • Prayer vigil • Optimism, hope, and a positive outlook



you're on the right path—which you are— everything works out for the best.

Your departure doesn't need to be sudden or drastic. Like a butterfly build­ing a cocoon, you can plan and prepare for this transition right now. You can even make your exit gradual, so that you feel comfortable and secure during this healthy change.

Additional meanings: Letting go of fear • Releasing an addiction • Travel • A family member leaving home





This card confirms what you already know: it's time to leave a toxic situation. You've done your best to heal the condi­tions, but sometimes the circumstances become intolerable and the healthiest choice is to move on. This naturally brings up feelings of confusion and insecurity. However, rest assured that whenever

*5 7*


This card guides you to reflect on happy memories as you look back on your life. Remembering the good times can elicit those joyful feelings and help you focus upon the love instead of pain. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, feel­ing glad for the time that you did spend together is especially helpful.


Your guidance includes honoring these memories through a photo album or scrapbook, through a memorial contri­bution or celebration, or by writing your memoirs in an autobiographical book or article.

If you experience recurring challeng­ing flashbacks, it may be time for you to work with a counselor who's specially trained in trauma therapy. This profes­sional can help you shed the shadow of the past in a way that's healthy and pro­motes growth.

Additional meanings: Contacting someone from your past • Creating a trib­ute to a passed-over loved one • Taking care of your mind through meditation and brain-stimulating work • Improving your focus and concentration through detoxing and good nutrition



You drew this card because your moti­vation is changing, and what once inter­ested you doesn't anymore . . . and what does interest you seems to be distracting you from your responsibilities. This card indicates that this pattern is stressful for you. Yet by facing the pattern, you are empowered to both understand and heal it.


There's a need to deal with the bore­dom that has set in because of routines that no longer appeal to you. Sometimes it arises due to a desire for drama—to stir up excitement and variety. In order to re­cover your initial enthusiasm, it's often enough to discern the truth underlying why your motivation has flagged. Oth­er times, boredom is a sign of burnout, which needs to be addressed directly or by heading in a new direction.

Additional meanings: Increase your energy by detoxing or exercising • Speak the truth about your needs and desires • Admit the truth to yourself • Shake up your routines to add interest


6-0 <20 <20



This card indicates that you are mov­ing (or just moved) into a new home. This is a huge change affecting every part of your life. On the one hand, it is a wonder­ful way to clear the energy and start anew. On the other hand, the upheaval can be very disruptive. This card acknowledges


how much your current or impending move affects you.

With this relocation, self-care be­comes even more important. Take time to rest instead of rushing to get everything immediately completed. Keep up your normal routines of exercise and health­ful eating. You need your strength and energy for this move—and during the ad­justment period as well. Self-care also in­cludes exploring your new neighborhood and making new friends.

Additional meanings: Changing your workplace • Redecorating or remodeling • A second home or vacation • Moving your body through a new exercise program • An emotionally moving experience




This card signals a happy change in your work life, even if that change doesn't seem to be under your control. Rest assured that your career track is heading in the right direction and you are learning much-needed skills and lessons along the way.


The more you can stay focused on your highest visions, the smoother and faster you'll travel along your career path. However, do stay flexible, as exciting new doors may open for you unexpectedly. This is a good time for you to make an em­ployment change, provided that you've done planning and self-assessment first. Instead of impulsively switching jobs, you're guided to research, prepare, and then take action.

Additional meanings: Exciting part-time work • Starting your own busi­ness • Meeting with a career counselor • Increased sales • Launching new products • Trusting your business ideas • A new business partner • Funding for a business venture • Taking classes toward your new career




You've likely already heard this Divinely guided message: it's time to make a change with your exercise pro­gram. This may mean you simply start exercising if you've been sedentary. Most likely, though, it's a sign for you to change


your fitness regimen so that it suits your current lifestyle. Notice the first thought that comes to mind about changing your workout routines, and your answer will be there.

One thing's for sure: you are being guided to exercise in a way that you'll find enjoyable and stimulating. As a re­sult, you'll look forward to exercising, and you'll gain practical benefits such as in­creased energy, confidence, productivity, and flow of new ideas—along with all the known health benefits.

Additional meanings: Mental stim­ulation and study to exercise the mind • Exercises to improve vision and sharpen eyesight • Weight lifting for strengthening • Going on nature walks or hikes • Yoga • Using a workbook or attending a class that teaches healing methods and exercises

  • >■68 <’

and comfort. However, how do you balance your own health and comfort?

You drew this card because your ag­ing parents are weighing on you, and you are guided to ask for help and support from health-care professionals and other relatives. It seems that you might have been assuming that no one else would lend a hand, yet garnering appropriate assistance is essential to everyone's well­being. Loving someone does not require you to be a superhero or to "wreck" your­self to save him or her. Love takes every­one's highest good into account, includ­ing your own.

Additional meanings: Caring for a friend or relative • Deciding on living arrangements for aging parents • Healing your relationship with your parents

OO OO 60



This card indicates that the parent-child roles have reversed, and you are now involved in the caretaking of your folks. Elder care is a process of attending to your elderly or medically challenged loved ones, which can mean a big lifestyle change for you. Of course you care about their health



The changes you're experiencing are influenced by internal processes. You've been recognizing important truths, and now you're questioning parts of your life that you once took for granted. You've arrived at some new insights that are


making you reconsider your previous choices. What you once felt comfortable with now makes you uncomfortable.

You received this card as acknowl­edgment of this development, and also as guidance to take your time in mak­ing life decisions and adjustments. Do your research, get support, and adopt the changes as you feel ready. After all, you don't want to increase your stress levels with any radical shifts you're not prepared for.

Now that you've had these realiza­tions, you'll make positive changes at a natural and healthy pace. Your new out­look will lead the way, without stress or worries.

Additional meanings: Meditation • A spiritual path • Channeling • Growing apart in relationships



This card indicates that there have been some changes in one or more of your relationships—with your family, friends, or romantic partner. There's a sense that you have less in common and are grow­ing apart. This may be because you are now more sensitive, and more conscious


of your feelings when you're with certain people. Perhaps in the past you numbed your emotional awareness, and now your feelings are "awake."

The most important relationship of all is with yourself, so you do need to take care of your feelings and needs in this situation. Yes, relationships involve com­promise. But ultimately, if you're denying yourself happiness, this will have a nega­tive impact on the relationship. Therefore, you are guided to be honest with yourself about your needs, even if it means working with a counselor for support.

As you make changes, all of your re­lationships will be affected. It's time for you to sort through your feelings about each of them, to bring healthy balance into your life.

Additional meanings: Moving your relationship in a healthier direction • A



Your spiritual life is shifting because you're getting in touch with your honest beliefs. What worked for you in the past doesn't ring true for you now. This may cause confusion within your family— or within yourself—if you are leaving a


religious tradition. Your loved ones may worry about your spiritual safety as you venture into areas they don't understand.

It’s not up to you to win your fami­ly’s approval of your beliefs and choices. However, if you are following a spiritual teacher, do use discernment before leap­ing in with a full commitment. Make certain that everything is as it appears to be, and that you retain your ability to ex­ercise your free will. Most important, be sure that you are happy and on a spiritu­al path that is aligned with your sincere beliefs.

Additional meanings: Marital con­flict over different religious beliefs • Blend­ing a multi-faith family • Returning to your childhood religious path • Convert­ing to a new religion • Spiritual study or teaching

<Sg> <&>

”>77 o


This card indicates a change in your work schedule, most likely related to reducing your hours of employment. This may or may not be voluntary on your part. Retirement is a big change in your daily routine and your identity. Whether this transition is something you planned for or not, you'll now be focusing on how


to spend your freed-up hours, as well as accompanying financial changes.

You received this card as acknowl­edgment of your shifting schedule and budget, and also as encouragement that— with planning, self-honesty, and the in­put of experts such as financial advisors or counselors—you will enjoy a beautiful retirement.

Additional meanings: The retirement of a parent or other loved one • A change of employment • An opportunity to pur­sue your dreams • Making the best of your time • Getting some rest • Taking a mean­ingful vacation to a place you've always dreamed about



Like a butterfly flying from flower to flower, you are searching for what's next. This card reassures you that you'll find what you’re looking for. Hold the vision of success, experience the excitement of the process, and feel fulfillment as if every­thing has already been accomplished. Keep calling upon the guidance of God


and the angels to lead you in the best direction. Look within yourself to find great love and beauty.

Don't draw fear onto your path by worrying about what will come. Put only love into any thoughts and feelings you have about your future. Trust that every­thing that is rightly yours already belongs to you spiritually. Anything you are seek­ing is seeking you, also. Have faith and open your arms to receive.

Additional meanings: Finding a lost object • Reunion with a long-lost loved one • Discovering your Divine life purpose • Meeting your soul mate • Meditation

  • >81 «•


Before a butterfly emerges with beau­tiful wings, it spends time in its cocoon. Similarly, this card is asking you to retreat for some much-needed rest and self-care. If you are breathing a sigh of relief upon reading this, that's another sign of the need for a healing pause.

<►82 <•

Self-care can take many forms, but the important thing is for you to look af­ter yourself in a way that promotes your happiness, health, and high energy. This may involve a detox of your diet, or get­ting away from any harsh-energy rela­tionships or circumstances. Take great care of yourself, and you will fly high and free like a butterfly.

Additional meanings: Go on a retreat • Simplify your life • Assert yourself and learn to say no



You are guided to work for yourself, in a field that brings you fulfillment and joy. Your card encourages you to launch—or grow—your own business. You could start part-time and then ease out of a day job as your endeavor begins to support you. If you are currently self-employed, you


are being guided to seek out new ways to express your vision.

Being your own boss usually means that you put in longer hours; however, the hours feel more like devotion to a calling than work. You may partner with someone who brings extra skills to the table, or consult with a mentor who can teach you business skills. Follow the path of your true interests, and focus on a pur­pose of serving others The rest will take care of itself.

Additional meanings: laking busi­ness classes • Learning how to market your business • Taking over the family business • Changing professions





There's something from your past that is attracting your attention. This card is asking you to explore old and deep feel­ings as a way of opening and healing your heart. Perhaps you've located an item that brings back memories. Use those memo­ries and feelings as a pathway to explore


emotions you may not have processed previously.

Now is a perfect time to work on un­healed situations from the past so that you can resolve them and move on. Hav­ing guidance from a therapist or support group can help you face feelings that seem intimidating. Ultimately, you will come to recognize that there was nothing to fear at all. This process will lead you to let go of heavy weights you didn't realize you were carrying ... so that you can en­joy your life and move forward fearlessly.

Additional meanings: Recovering a lost sentimental object • Creating a scrap­book • Writing your memoirs • Paying tribute to a loved one • Collecting vintage items


OO <5*8

‘►8 7-0


You're becoming more aware and sen­sitive, according to this card. By detoxing and abstaining from chemicals, you're more in touch with your inner guidance and true feelings. Sobriety allows you to focus so that your healing and manifesta­tion work head in the best direction.

<>88 <>

Getting and staying sober usually re­quires some support, which is normal and nothing to feel ashamed about. There are free 12-step meetings in every city and even online under addiction names such as "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "Narcot­ics Anonymous." These meetings will set you up with a sponsor, which is a layperson counselor to help you remain sober.

Additional meanings: A loved one's addictions or sobriety • Codependency issues • Detoxing • Recovering from a relapse • Helping others gain sobriety





This card signifies that the change you're currently in the midst of (or con­templating) is part of your spiritual growth. It will bring about great bless­ings, even if challenges present them­selves along the way. As this experience comes to a conclusion, you'll know that you are very strong indeed.

<>90 «

In fact, this situation will push you to leave behind your comfort zone. You'll reach deep inside to a reservoir of strength that you didn't know you had. This strength is both peaceful and pow­erful, and it helps you learn new life les­sons, as well as let go of old pain and for­give your past.

Additional meanings: Spiritual seek­ing • A change of religion or new spiritual path • Being true to yourself • A legal issue • A health challenge

<^> <^>


<>91 •<»


You received this card because you've been accustomed to doing everything yourself, and now it's time to request and receive help. This is a valuable life lesson that will allow you to grow in every area, so think of it as an investment.

This card indicates that it’s time for self-honesty, in which you admit to your­

  • >92<>

self that there's one or more areas where you'd benefit from getting assistance. This is not the same as telling yourself that you've done something wrong, though. It's just that many parts of life require a team approach, with people pooling their strengths to help each other.

Additional meaning: Money coming to you • Joining a support group • Child support or alimony • Consultation with a health-care professional • Asking for the support you need • Allowing yourself to be supported

<ty> CO



If you feel stalled or stuck, this card is offering a solution. It's time to take action. Even a small step in the direction of your vision will help you feel a sense of progress and hope. You already know what the next step is, as your heart is leading you there.

o94 <»

Imagine what you would do if you had unlimited time, finances, and energy. This is your answer. As you step into the world of the unlimited, your resources come to you exactly as you need them . . . provided that you listen to and follow your inner wisdom. Remember that you will never be asked to do anything that could harm you or a loved one, as your Divine guidance is a conversation of love.

Additional meanings: Take a leap of faith • Break your goals down into baby steps • Focus on today instead of looking too far down the road

oo c^>



Sometimes volunteer work is the best method of effecting change related to an issue that you're passionate about—and also of exploring a new potential career and meeting like-minded friends! This card is guiding you to volunteer in a way that is meaningful for you.

  • >96<>

Remember that when you give, you also receive. You can't "outgive” the uni­verse.

Additional meanings: Donate items • Help a person in need • Volunteer to be on a committee • Pray for God to "assign" you where you're most needed • The "Vol­unteer State" (Tennessee)



  • >97 ♦


Change can be exciting, bringing you opportunities for joy, learning, and success. This card indicates that you may have been anxious in the face of new­ness. You are reassured, though, that this change will bring many blessings for everyone involved. Although it may

<>98 *

occur differently than how you would have scripted it, all is in Divine and per­fect order.

Have faith that you'll know what to do in each moment. Trust that your needs will be provided for every step of the way, as long as you follow your inner guid­ance. Allow yourself to feel excited about this change, and approach it with a spirit of adventure!

Additional meanings: A big positive change • Respecting the freewill choices of everyone involved, even if they differ from your own • Taking an adventure trip • Going on a holiday • Trying something completely different

O CO <70

‘>99 <>


A positive change in your finances is indicated by this card. Although the new­found abundance may be unexpected, it definitely serves a purpose in your life. Your prayers for support have been heard and answered, and now it is your role to utilize the windfall in the most beneficial way.


Pray and meditate to have the strength to say no to distracting influ­ences that could squander your resourc­es. You have access to Divine wisdom to guide your investments so that they con­tinue to support your health, happiness, and mission. Most of all, do not allow any fluctuations in your finances to stress you, as you have the power to be at peace no matter what's going on around you. And as you emanate peace, so too do you attract all that you need.

Additional meanings: Paying off debts • A healthy and positive change in spending habits • Learning how to receive

<>■101 <»


Challenging situations show you your inner strength, especially when you seem to have no choice but to handle the mat­ter directly. This card is encouraging you to keep going and to call upon the deep well of strength that God has given you.

♦ 102*

It is within you now, and you can draw it upward to serve you, like a tree drinking water through its roots.

While you may feel like giving up, this is a time to persevere. It's a self-test... so that you can gauge how much strength you truly have. After the situation is re­solved, you'll feel safer and more confi­dent because you’ll know that you can rely upon yourself.

Additional meanings: Strength train­ing at the gym • Asserting yourself • Not backing down • Fighting (peacefully) for your health and wellness • Championing a cause

<> 103 ■*


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