Conscious Inspirit Oracle Deck Guidebook


Conscious Inspirit Oracle Deck



CONSCIOUS SPIRIT ORACLE DECK was created to honor, cele­brate. and reconnect to Nature. Spirit and the Divine Feminine in all her forms: the angel, fairy, goddess, the maiden, mother, and crone.

This booklet contains interpretations to help guide you through the wisdom and energy each card carries. However, should you feel further messages coming through a card, then trust your intuition and follow through with this. The cards have also been arranged in a sequential journey.' By working from card 1 through to card 44. you will be taken through the steps to awaken and discover your own unique path. The cards are not quick-fix pills'. The guidance they share requires your input and work. They are here to assist you in making lifestyle changes that bring you into alignment with your higher self. These Oracle cards are meant to be a conduit between your higher guides and yourself: the cosmos and the earth, a tool through which spirit, angels, and guides can touch your heart. The cards were designed to gently and lovingly share their wis­dom and the wisdom of the universe with you. allowing you to find your soul's purpose and in so doing, raise the energy of earth and bring about healing, compassion, and love for all life. The purpose of these cards is also to awaken you to the beautiful, unique human being that you are and to remind you that you have valuable gifts and lessons to share with all of humanity.


The concept for this deck evolved through the artist s per­sonal journey to connect to her own unique spiritual self. In her journey to become a more conscious spirit' Kim Dreyer re­alized that by sharing the knowledge and experiences she has gained she could help others move towards a more fulfilled, joyous life.

Should you wish to share your own experiences of these cards or have any queries regarding them you are welcome to con­tact Kim through her website:



7 embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully. "

We are often so caught up in the physical and mental aspects of life that we neglect our spirits and our souls. This card is a reminder to you that the spirit aspect of self is one that endures, life after life and must be acknowledged and nurtured on the physical plane. Perhaps you place too much emphasis on your physi­cal body or your mind. By awakening the spirit within you are able to become aligned to your soul purpose and can find peace and meaning to life. Beware of al­lowing others to determine your spiritual path. It is a very personal journey and you must find your own. Do not allow others to force their beliefs or religions on you. Spirituality does not need to be linked to a spe­cific religion or dogma. It is an inner knowing; a feel­ing of connectedness, of love and joy: of being one with the Divine Source By bringing together your lower chakras and higher chakras and merging them within your Heart chakra you are able to lovingly connect to spirit and all spiritual wisdom that will serve your soul purpose while at the same time keeping you grounded firmly to Mother Earth. Follow your own unique spiri­tual journey and become the magnificent being you are meant to be.


"I meditate daily to allow universal wisdom to flow through me."

This card is asking you to make time on a daily basis for quiet meditation. The practice of meditation will help you find inner stillness within your mind and help you de-stress. Meditation also allows messages and knowledge from your Higher Self and Guides to flow through you. There are many forms of meditation—find one that suits you. Try meditating out in nature, allowing yourself to be held and supported by the Earth. Whichever form of meditation you choose, begin slowly and be patient with yourself. Our modern minds are filled with chatter that is difficult to let go of. But persevere and you will be rewarded. Once you have found a meditation to suit yourself you will be able to go into this relaxed state easily. Guided meditations are a wonderful way to begin meditating and allow you to drop into a relaxed state without worrying whether you are doing it right or wrong. Even if you do not use medita­tion as a form of connecting to spirit guides, it will greatly assist you in relaxing and calming your body and mind.



7 journey within to meet my higher self and to find true happiness."

Society leads us to believe that possessions and external things will bring joy. happiness, and contentment, but that is not true. Real, lasting happiness can only be found once you go within and connect to your true self. This card reminds you that transformation must begin from within and only you can decide to begin this journey. By acknowledging and understanding the darker aspects of self as well as your inner light, you can begin to move to­wards a greater understanding of who you are and what direction your life needs to move in. Light casts shadow —the two are intricately bound. Often it is your shadow self that gives you courage and strength to live in the light. Be gentle and kind to yourself on this inner journey. Know that at all times you are guided and supported by beings of light and your higher self. You can take this journey alone by following your intuition or you can seek guidance from books or people you trust. There is no right or wrong path. Your path is unique to you. Follow it with courage and strength, remembering to always show compassion and love to yourself as your true self unfolds.


7 am grateful for everyone and everything in my life and the lessons each brings."

Every day. every situation and person brings with them a unique experience, a unique gift. This card is asking you to stop focusing on what you perceive you lack in your life and focus on what you do have. Your life is filled with blessings and abundance in many forms. Give thanks for all of life's gifts -the small and the big. the positive and negative. At the start of each day. give thanks for the gifts the new day will bring. By giving thanks in advance, you can learn to acknowledge and receive each gift unconditionally as it appears. If you feel you do not have anything to be grateful for because of emotional, mental or physical suffering, this card is asking you to stop focusing on the negatives for this brings only more of the same. Only when you acknowledge and give thanks for the blessings you do have, will you be able to heal and move forward. Being alive is one of life's greatest gifts. Begin by showing gratitude for life.


7 have everything I need to survive and grow on the physical plane."

The Root chakra is linked to the Earth, your survival, your physical needs: food, warmth, and shelter. Its name is Mulad­hara and means root support'. The color associated with it is


red and it is situated at the base of the spine. This card has ap­peared to remind you that your lack of self-esteem comes from measuring your life against others. Your basic needs will be at­tended to only if you follow your own truth. By doing this you will gain confidence and find that you are able to manifest all that you need. It is important to ground yourself to the Earth to balance this chakra. Balancing your root chakra will allow you to be the master of your own life and will assist you in finding limitless energy in achieving your goals. However, it may be necessary to take an objective look at aspects of your life that prevent you from doing this. Your physical and psychological roots have shaped who you are today. There may be a child­hood experience which prevents you from finding meaning to life. Seek professional help to move past childhood blockages. If you experienced lack as a child, this memory may prevent you from accepting abundance as an adult. Meditating, work­ing with red crystals, or practicing yoga can also assist you in balancing this chakra.


"I gratefully accept the abundance the Earth bestows on me."

This card is asking you to recognize that abundance flows from Gaia. Mother Earth. She is also the foundation for the other three elements—Air. Fire, and Water-all life. Her vital life-giving energy flows into the water we drink and the plants


we eat. It flows into every creature, every rock and crystal on this planet. Become a conscious consumer by eliminating tox­ins in your life. Do not use chemicals in your home or garden and avoid chemical-laden products that contaminate not only your body, but the Earth as well. The Earth can only support healthy life if we keep her healthy. This card could also be an indication that you need to balance your body's energies. Per­haps you live too much in you mind, up in the clouds. Balance this by grounding yourself—come down to Earth. Sit or walk in nature and align yourself with her nurturing energies. Crys­tals. rocks, and soil are associated with this element. Gnomes and dwarfs are symbolic of its energy and can help you de­velop your individuality, determination, and appreciation of all things.


"I find peace, security, and contentment when surrounded by Nature's beauty."

This card is a reminder to strengthen your connection to nature by finding or creating a safe, sacred space for yourself in your garden or in your home where you can surround yourself with the sounds, images, and objects of Mother Earth. The sacred feminine’s connection to Earth is an important connection that will awaken your intuitive side to the lessons of nature. It will also allow you to become aware of and to understand the loving support that is available to you from Mother Earth


and the Elementals. Whether you use your sacred space for meditation, inspiration, ritual, prayer, or simply to de-stress, sitting calmly in this space will allow you to absorb nature’s soothing, healing energies. Use this space to learn to love and appreciate every aspect of nature: her plants, animals, moun­tains. crystals, rivers, and seasons. Once you have created this space and feel comfortable and secure within it. you can hand over any question or concern you may have about your lite to the animal spirits or elementals. angels or guides, asking them for their help and guidance. The more time you spend in this space in quiet contemplation, the more calm and content your life will become.


7 am loving and compassionate and able to bring healing to others."

This card is here to ask you to awaken your natural feminine healing abilities. But before you can begin to heal others, you need to bring about healing in your own life on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. To do this you must connect to the healing energies of nature by eating fresh, organic whole foods, and if possible, follow a vegetarian diet. You also need to remove chemical toxins from you diet, your beauty regimen, and your environment. Treat your body with the utmost re­spect-give it rest, exercise, and nutrition when it needs it. Do not neglect any aspect of your self. You may need to see a natu­


ral healer should you have a recurring or persistent con­dition. If you are healthy and this card comes up it could mean that you need to share your own healing experiences with others or study a natural healing technique so that you are able to heal others. There are many natural heal­ing fields that bring about a greater understanding and respect for nature and the universe—herbalism, crystal healing, reiki—find one that resonates with you. Whether you simply read about the subject, or do a course, both will bring about further healing and a greater understanding of health in your own life.


7 invite Archangel Raphael to bring healing and knowledge into my life."

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and knowledge. His name means "God has healed." Call upon Raphael to bring mental, emotional, and physical healing to the ar­eas of your life that you are struggling with. Perhaps there is a health issue you have been ignoring and you need to seek professional help. Don't ignore your body’s signs that there are imbalances. Raphael supports all of life on this planet. This card could also be asking you to help others find their own path of healing by working with the angels. If you are a healer, bring the light and love of Raphael into the healing techniques you already use to strengihen them.


Raphael can help you balance your chakras, boost your im­mune system, and teach your body to learn to heal itself. Always remember to heal yourself before embarking on a journey to heal others.


"I feel comfortable in my own body and I 'm sensitive to other people s feelings."

The Sacral chakra is linked to water, sexuality, and emo­tions. Its name is Svadhisthana and means 'sweetness'. The color associated with it is orange and it is situated between the navel and the genitals. This card is asking you to let go of any manipulative or aggressive behaviors that bring conflict in your life. You need to learn to be intuitive and un­derstanding in your relationships with others and yourself. If you are shy and untrusting, this card could be an indica­tion that you need to seek out the reasons for your distrust of others. By acknowledging and releasing a past experi­ence that brings our this emotion in you. you will be able to begin to trust once again. This chakra is very much about being attuned to and trusting your own feelings. But you must learn to distinguish between true feelings and the ego. If you are very sensitive, find a creative outlet such as paint­ing or writing that will help you to release and understand your feelings, by allowing you to view them from a more objective perspective.



"I allow my body. mind, and spirit to flow intuitively through the changes in life. "

The element of water is the most fluid of all the elements. It is associated with emotions, the subconscious, and love, as well as intuition and creativity. This card is ask­ing you to be aware that life is in constant flow, forever changing. Do not hold onto past emotions, relationships, objects, or situations that prevent you from moving with the natural flow of your own life. Invite into your life people and experiences that make you feel happy and give you pleasure. If you tend to isolate yourself too much now is the time to gradually start spending more time with people you feel comfortable with. The element of water is also linked to the planting and germination of new things. Perhaps it is time to start the project or course you've always wanted to do. Put your heart into it and find enjoyment. If you are very emotional, this card could be a reminder to you to be gentle and understand­ing with yourself. Recognize what brings out your emo­tions and move away from that which brings out nega­tive emotions in you. The oceans, rivers, and shells are associated with this element. Mermaids and sirens are symbolic of their energy.



"I reach out my hand and my heart to connect to and unite all of humanity."

We each possess unique gifts that we need to develop and share with the world. Whether you are aware of your gifts or not. by reaching out to others and sharing your experi­ences. hopes, and dreams, as well as your fears, you will begin to understand your specific gifts and their purpose in this world. With modern-day technology it is easy to reach others far across the globe. But do not overlook family and friends or the community you live in. This card is asking you to open your heart and connect to people near and far. Share your talents and knowledge to help those in need. Communicate with like-minded souls and learn from those whose cultures and belief systems are different from yours. Expand your world by expanding your heart. It is time to set aside your differences and connect to others on a soul level in order to spread love, compassion, tolerance, hope, and solidarity between all cultures and races. Only by joining together can you build a brighter future for all concerned. Do not isolate yourself, for your life will only truly have meaning when you share it with others.



7 take actions daily that awaken my personal power. "

The Solar Plexus chakra is linked to fire, personal power, and self-esteem. Its name is Manipura and means lustrous gem'. The color associated with it is yellow and it is situated roughly two inches above the navel. This card deals with your lack or excess of personal power. If you allow others to make decisions for you or allow them to manipulate you. you will never find happiness. By following your own path and making choices that are your own, you will find that your own inner strength and confidence will grow. If you are over-confident or use your power to control or manipulate others, this card is asking you to start acknowledging the strengths in those around you. All people have their own part to play in this life No-one is better than another. Only by respecting and recog­nizing the strengths in others will you find their cooperation. By acknowledging your own strengths you will be able to live life to the fullest. Remember, power is not about control, but about recognizing and awakening the unique inner strengths of all those around you.


7 ignite the fire within me that connects me to the Divine."

The element of Fire is an extremely powerful force and must be handled with caution. It is associated with will, passion.


and change. Fire represents the Divine Spark that resides in all of us. This card is asking you to find the fuel that ignites this spark. Finding your bliss will assist you in connecting to rhe Divine. The energy of fire will stimulate your passion and determination, which will help you through the changes in your life. This card could be telling you that to flow more easily through the changes in life, you need to reignite your passions. Move your life in the direction where your passions lie. Make choices based on what makes you happy, not what others want or expect. Candles and flame are associated with this element. Salamanders are symbolic of their energy and they help in releasing old patterns to make way for the new.


7 am following a path I love and am fully aligned to my soul purpose."

This card is here to remind you that you will only be truly happy when you are doing what you love. Start making small changes in your life to help steer you into a career or path that fulfills you and satisfies your passions and talents. Know that the Universe will support you in these changes, but you have to start taking the necessary steps. If you are unsure what your bliss is. begin to research subjects that spark your interests. Connect with others who have similar interests and find cour­age and inspiration from them. If you are already on a path that you love, perhaps it is time to think of new directions in


which to steer it. Don't become complacent. Continually challenge yourself and your talents, and new doors will constantly open up for you.


7 am grateful for the strength and courage Archangel Michael brings to my life "

Archangel Michael s name means "Who is as God". His sword of light represents strength and courage in both our physical and spiritual aspects. You can call upon Michael to cut away your attachment to fear or any negative emo­tions that might be preventing you from moving forward. Michael can also be called upon when you need protection from a person or situation. If you are burdened with situ­ations or relationships that do not serve your higher self, call upon Michael to cut the cords attaching you to them, so you can move on in your life without their burden. Al­ways request Archangel Raphael to heal these cuts and re­lease the cords with love and gratitude for the lessons each has given you. Michael is your rock in the angelic world. As long as you are on a path of truth and are aligned to your soul purpose, he will assist you in releasing all that does not serve your higher good, while at the same time instill­ing within you a feeling of strength, courage, and aware­ness of your path ahead.



"I love myself and others unconditionally and nurture loving relationships. "

The Heart chakra is linked to air. love, and self-accep­tance. Its name is Anahata and means 'unstruck'. The colors associated with it are green and pink and it is situated in the center of the chest. This card has ap­peared to ask you to look at all the relationships in your life, including the relationship you have with yourself. Only by loving yourself and unconditionally accepting your own truth, can you show genuine love to others. Get to know and communicate with your inner self. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Understand where your insecurities come from. Learn to accept yourself for who you truly are and do the same for others. Do not judge or criticize them. Put yourself in their shoes to understand their situation. We are all different and yet not so differ­ent. By showing empathy for others you will find com­mon ground with them. You do not have to agree with everything everyone says, simply allow them their point of view. By allowing love and understanding to be the basis of all dealings you have with people, you will find that others will be more tolerant and understanding of who you are and you will be able to build loving, lasting relationships.



7 embrace the element of Air and am open to all knowledge and wisdom. "

The element of Air is the realm of intellect and thought. It rep­resents movement and change. This card is a reminder to you to get up and move, expand your horizons, and become an ac­tive participant in your own life. The element of Air can assist you when you are studying, or anytime you are required to use your mind. This card could be telling you that you need fur­ther information regarding the issues you are struggling with. Gather information from all points of view before making hasty decisions in your life. Take time to evaluate and ponder all outcomes before moving forward. Make informed choices that consider the consequences of your actions. Feathers and incense are associated with this element. Fairies are symbolic of its energy and help you develop mental acuity and intuition.


7 am a protective spirit and reach out to all life with love and compassion."

The feminine spirit is the protective, nurturing energy within the universe. It is time to awaken this energy within your heart and allow it to flow lovingly out across the universe. You must once again take back this feminine power and nurture your


children, family, friends, yourself, animals, plants, and Mother Earth. Protect them from that which does not serve the greater good. Only through love and nurturing can you heal wounds. Life is the greatest gift you have been given. By awakening this powerful energy, not only do you bring healing and love to all, but you also show your gratitude to your higher self. Mother Earth, and to Source. Awaken the mother within you. Become one with Mother Earth, stand firm and strong by her side, and spread your motherly love and compassion to every corner of the Universe.


"I speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs."

The Throat chakra is linked to sound, communication, and self-expression. Its name is Vishuddha and means purifica­tion'. The color associated with it is blue and it is situated al the center base of the neck. This card is a reminder to en­gage your heart and mind before speaking. Your words have great power over your own life as well as the lives of others. If you can't think of positive, uplifting things to say to or about people or situations it is sometimes best to say nothing at all. Once a hurtful word is said, it cannot be taken back. Before speaking, ask yourself whether what you are about to say will benefit all concerned. Speaking your own truth, standing up for your rights and beliefs is also an aspect of a


balanced Throat chakra. But always do this in a way that acknowledges the beliefs and truths of others. A balanced Throat chakra also opens you to your own inner creativity and will help you live in the now.


"I follow my own unique path with courage and strength."

You are a unique spirit and have special gifts to offer the world. But you must follow your own path. Do not allow family, friends, or society to choose it for you. Your path will have obstacles that may seem insurmountable. The way may seem unclear at times; or it may open up brightly and allow you to see far in front of you. Never allow yourself to be deterred. Each part, whether diffi­cult or easy, has specific lessons for you. At times it may require a leap of faith to take the next step. Move along your path with courage and strength, holding the light of your heart out to guide your way. If you stay true to your heart, your soul purpose, you will receive guidance and support from the universe and your path will be­come even more illuminated. By holding steadfast and true to your path you will help encourage those around you to follow their own unique paths too.



"I invite Archangel Gabriel to bring hope and intuition into my life."

This card is a reminder to you that you can call upon the an­gels to assist you in your life, irrespective of what your beliefs are. Archangel Gabriel can be called upon to show you ways to bring hope into your life when feelings of hopelessness set in. Gabriel can also be called to assist you to develop your natu­ral feminine intuition. She will help you develop appreciation and skills for art. music, and literature. If you are an artist or a writer, invite her into your life to help you find inspiration or motivation. This card could also be a sign that you need to take up art or writing as a hobby. Gabriel can also assist you in interpreting your dreams. She will remain by your side sup­porting your dreams and aspirations as long as you request her help. Her name means "God is my strength. " Invite Gabriel into your life when you need strength to follow your dreams.


"I fully experience every moment of my life by living in the present."

This card is telling you that it is time to release the past and trust that the future will be as it should be. Align yourself to the now. Become fully present in everything you do. Don't worry about what has been or what might be. By experiencing


the moment, being in rhe now. your energy is aligned to and focused on the task at hand. This allows you to give 100% to whatever it is you are doing and help align yourself with the laws of attraction. By doing this you will be able to achieve more success. If you are not in the present you easily lose focus and concentration. By living in the present you will experience every gift, every opportunity, every miracle of each day. and gain a greater appreciation for life. Most of your worries stem from the past or the future. Living in the present releases you from fear and worry and allows you to begin to experience a life filled with greater abundance, joy. and contentment.


"I see the wisdom of my higher self and apply this wisdom in my life. ”

The Third Eye chakra is linked to light, intuition, and self­reflection. Its name is Ajna and means to know or perceive’. The color associated with it is indigo and it is situated above and between the eyebrows. This card is a reminder to you that we all have the ability to awaken intuitive and psychic pow­ers within us. Guidance from higher realms often comes to you as a gut feeling. Learn ways of developing this intuition. By learning to tune into your intuition you will be guided to make the best choices in your life. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Keep a diary of your intuitive feelings and ex­periences as well as your dreams and you will discover that the


more open you are. the more accurate these feelings will be­come. Trusting your intuition will also help release you of fear and instill more confidence within you. Remember to honor and encourage this ability in others, so they too can become masters of their own lives.


"I open my heart to my guides and trust in the wisdom they share with me."

Guardian Angels. Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self form part of a spiritual support system that can help guide and protect you through difficult stages of your life. But you need to ac­knowledge their presence by inviting them into your life. You have free will and they cannot interfere unless you request as­sistance from them. This card is a reminder to you that through meditation or prayer, you can get the guidance you require. It is important to connect to and thank your guides regularly, building up a relationship with them. Learn to read the signs and messages they share with you. Your questions to them may be answered in ways you might not expect. They can come through situations of synchronicity, through friends or family, or through a book or object you are drawn to. Signs of their presence are often feathers, butterflies, or birds. Be open and aware of these signs and soon you will understand their mean­ings. Be patient and understand that the help you seek will come to you at the right time. Trust in Divine timing. The more


you work with your guides, the easier it will become to recog­nize the ways in which their love and guidance is shown to you. Try not to contact your guides only when you want something from them. Regularly connect with them and show your love and gratitude.


7 know I am part of Source and my life is guided by Divine wisdom."

The Crown chakra is linked to thought, cognition, and self- knowledge. Its name is Sahasrara and means thousand fold'. The colors associated with it are violet and white and it is sit­uated at the top of the head. The Crown chakra is your link to Source, to Divine knowledge, the spiritual aspect of self. It is through this chakra that you can experience pure, spiri­tual peace and acceptance of the Divine. It represents pure thought. This card is asking you to balance and open your Crown chakra and tap into the deepest sources of spiritual wisdom The time has come for you to acknowledge that you are a spiritual being experiencing a physical existence. All the higher dimensions support your spiritual growth. By awaken­ing your true spiritual aspect, you will find unlimited support and guidance. Embodied deep within each of us lies our own unique spiritual language. Go within, learn this language, and share it with the rest of the world. This card is also asking you


to encourage and assist others to find their own personal spiri­tual connection. Your path may not be exactly right for them but the destination is where you will find common ground. Help others find the tools and guidance they might need.


7 reignite the Divine spark within me and recognize I am part of all Creation."

All life forms contain within them the Divine spark of the Uni­verse—the Source. An energetic life force connecting all things together, from where all of life evolved. This card is asking you to connect to that Divine spark. Acknowledge that you are part of the whole. By living disconnected and separate from other people and nature your own life is no longer supported by the universal energies. You need to understand that everything you do. say. and think affects everyone and everything around you. Take responsibility for all you do in this life for it affects all future generations. Irrespective of your situation, you still have choices. Make choices that contribute positively to all life on this planet. Don't wait for others to lead the way. Always remember that what you do to others you do to yourself. Take charge of your own life; become a responsible, caring human being and your own Divine spark will strengthen your con­nection to the supportive energies within the Universe. As you awaken this connection all aspects of your life will begin to flow more smoothly and easily.



7 release that which does not serve my higher purpose with gratitude and love.'

To connect to Spirit and raise your energy you need to release all physical, emotional, and mental blockages that hold you back from reaching your full potential. People, objects, emotions, and experiences come into your life in order for you to learn from them, but not all are meant to stay. Release these with love and gratitude and ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to cut and heal the cords attaching you to this baggage. This unwanted clutter holds stagnant energy which ties you to the past, preventing you from fully experiencing the present and moving forward. Once you have released the clutter your life will open up to new opportunities and abundance on all levels. This card is also asking you to release your ad­diction to material goods. By being caught up in the trap of consumerism, you waste time and energy on accumu­lating unimportant objects in your life that add no true value while at the same time contributing to the deple­tion and destruction of your home—Mother Earth.



7 understand and embrace the opposing forces in life that bring about balance."

The yin yang is a symbol of balance and represents dark and light: passive and active: feminine and masculine: contraction and expansion. Balance is not achieved by bringing about equal measures of each side to a situ­ation but by recognizing when it is the correct time to apply either one of these in your life. This card is ask­ing you to look at all aspects of your relationships and situations. Ask yourself whether your response is the best choice to bring about a positive outcome. If your first instinct in a situation is to become aggressive (ac­tive) perhaps it is time to practice a calmer (passive) ap­proach. This card may also mean that you need to prac­tice moderation in certain things. Take stock of your life with complete honesty. Seek out the areas where there is lack or excess, conflict or stress, and concentrate on bringing about more balance to these areas by taking a different approach. Habits are difficult to change, so be patient but firm with yourself when making these changes in your life.



"1 am the creator of my own dreams and achieve them with confidence."

Your dreams give direction and enthusiasm to your life. It is time to take action in moving towards them. If you have lost sight of them now is the time to plant the seeds of your dreams. By taking action daily and aligning your life with your dreams, you will nourish them and help them grow. Do not let life's daily chores or hurdles keep you from reaching your dreams. This card is a gentle reminder that sometimes it takes a bit of courage and determination to break through the surface that seems to be holding you back. But that seemingly impenetra­ble surface is an illusion. Once your seed sees rhe light, it will grow and blossom into whatever your heart desires, as long as you feed and nurture it daily and it is aligned with your high­est good. It is never too late to plant the seeds of your dreams. Always remember to encourage others to have faith in their own aspirations.


7 move easily and confidently through the changes in my life. ”

We often become complacent in our lives and resist or are fearful of change. But change brings new opportunities, friendships, knowledge, and experiences. This card is remind­


ing you that all things in life change: the seasons, your body, and situations. By learning to embrace the changes that pres­ent themselves in your life and seeking out the positive within these changes, you will realize that change can be exciting. If you constantly resist change your life will stagnate and you will have little joy and may begin to feel that your life is mean­ingless. The Universe presents new opportunities in your life in order for you to grow and fulfill your soul's purpose. When change does occur, allow yourself to flow smoothly and easily with it. Do not force nor resist it. Divine timing will allow the transitions you need to go through in your life to occur in the correct sequence and at the correct time. Trust that all will oc­cur when and how it is meant to.


7 celebrate and honor my physical body through dance and movement."

Standing still, maintaining the status quo and stagnating are the results of lack of movement. Our physical, mental, emo­tional. and spiritual bodies can only grow and develop if we move—take some form of action. Movement brings an added spark to life. This card may be an indication that you are not getting enough physical exercise. You are a physical being, honor your body by walking in nature, or dancing and stim­ulating your heart. Mental movement and action are just as important. Start a new hobby or study further. Do something


you have always wanted to do. If you are an exercise junkie this card may be telling you to slow down a bit. Do not over tax your body. Perhaps you should try an alternative form of exercise. Yoga and Tai Chi are great workouts for body, mind and soul. Do not focus on your physical body at the expense of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


7 celebrate each sunrise and recognize the healing energies of the sun."

Since the beginning of time, the sun has shone its vibrant, life­giving energy onto the Earth. This energy has been stored in the natural world in many forms, but we have exploited these stores. We need to use these resources sparingly and in a sus­tainable manner. Acknowledge the vital part the sun plays in the Universe. Greet the sun with gratitude each morning and give thanks for its warmth and energy. The sun controls the seasons. Learn to sense the different stages and how they af­fect your life and your own energy. The sun's energy is healing and can help lift your mood. Simply by sitting in a sunny spot and imagining the warmth and light of the sun flowing through your body can bring relief from pain and can make you feel happier. By eating fresh organic foods you are also able to enrich your diet with the healing energies of the sun. If you spend most of your day indoors, start putting aside time daily to sit or walk in the sunlight. You must also understand that the


powerful rays of the sun can be harmful if not respected. If you spend too much time in the sun this card could be a warning to you to take the necessary precautions in protecting your skin from the harsher rays of the sun. The sun's energies are chang­ing and expanding—be aware of how this affects all aspects of your self.


7 am a guardian of Mother Earth and protect all who live on her."

This card is a reminder to you that it is time to awaken the pro­tective angelic side of yourself in order to safeguard the Earth and all life on it for future generations. Begin by ensuring that your actions and words are supportive of a sustainable future for this beautiful planet. Through active participation in living a harmonious life with all of Nature you can show others the way forward. Be unselfish and compassionate in all your deal­ings with people, animals, and all of the natural world. Show compassion to friends, family, and strangers through daily random acts of kindness. Remember though, that expecting something in return negates the sincerity behind your good deeds. Give unconditionally! By sharing and caring for all life on this planet you will help raise the energy, bringing the Earth closer to a point where fear can be replaced by love and future generations can have their own hopes and dreams for a better future.



"I respect all of nature 's elemental beings and help preserve life on Earth."

Each of us is a spirit, residing in a physical form. So is ev­erything in Nature, from the animals to the plants, from the oceans and rivers to the rocks and crystals. All contain that spark of Source energy. This card is asking you to become aware of this. Make an extra effort when spending time in Na­ture or in your garden to acknowledge the life force energy in everything around you. This energy supports and feeds your life in turn. When gardening, treat your plants with respect. Feel the earth’s energy rising up through their roots, into their stems, leaves, and fruit, helping to sustain life on Earth. When at the sea or a river, give thanks to the life-sustaining waters, without which no life would exist on this planet. If this card keeps coming up it might be an indication that you need to actively take part in your community through nature conser­vation or help out at your local animal shelter. If you work in­doors all day it may be a sign that you need to start looking for hobbies or other interests that take you outdoors. Nature s energies are healing, revitalizing, nurturing, and loving. She shares them unconditionally. Open your heart and welcome these energies into your life.



"I am grateful for the abundance Nature and the Universe provide in tny life."

Our modern day lives have led us (o believe that abundance comes in the form of material goods. Yet even when we have an excess of material wealth, we still feel that something is miss­ing from our lives. This card reminds you that true abundance is not found in material goods, but in nature: in loving rela­tionships: in following your dreams and passions: in opening your heart to others and to Nature. Nature and Spirit provides you with all you require and it is time to live in harmony with them. By aligning yourself with the laws of attraction, you can manifest abundance in all areas of your life. However, this card also carries with it a warning that if you use the laws of attrac­tion to acquire material abundance for selfish reasons or at the expense of Mother Nature, you will never find true happiness and peace. Recognize and pursue abundance of a sustainable nature. Never take more than what you need. If you have abun­dant material wealth and are still unhappy, this card is here to tell you that you are looking in the wrong areas of life for abundance. By living from your heart center: respecting all life and showing gratitude for what you do have, abundance will begin to flow into your life. Gratitude and abundance go hand in hand.



"I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom."

You are being asked to bring crystals and minerals into your personal environment. Your current environment contains too much artificial energy from material pos­sessions. cell phones, computers, and microwaves, which causes an imbalance in both your body's energy field as well as the energy within and around your home and workspace. Crystals contain the earth's natural energy fields as well as stored wisdom, which they have accumu­lated through the centuries of being on this planet. In­tuitively select one or more crystals to carry with you or wear at all times and others to place around your home and workspace. These will not only balance your ener­gies but bring you into greater alignment with Mother Earth's natural energy fields. If you feel an especially strong connection with this carh.'mtA'^tftA\5<saJs>'s>.'jwx meditations. Books or courses will give you a basis for the understanding of crystals but your own heart-cen­tered intuitive work with crystals will give you greater insight into their uses.



"I acknowledge my inner child and open my heart to the joy she brings. "

Too often everyday burdens and chores pull us down and pre­vent us from enjoying our lives. This card is a reminder to you to release the burdens of life and make time for fun. laugh­ter. and play. Take yourself back to when you were a child and took joy in the simple things in life. A time when you had no cares in the worlds and would dance in the rain: climb a tree: or take your first exciting steps into the ocean. Your inner child never leaves you: she resides deep within you. yearning for the occasional release—for some freedom from the mundane, from responsibilities. When you are feeling burdened or sim­ply need a lift to your spirits, call upon your inner child. Allow her or him to flow out through your heart, sharing with you memories and experiences of joy and freedom of play. Let go ami play-have fun with that beautiful child. Revel in the pure bliss and innocence of her childlike merriment.


7 am open to all of life's wisdom and share it with gratitude."

The wise woman comes into your life to remind you there is still much to be learned. She asks you to turn to the ancient ones for wisdom: the trees, the earth, grandparents, and those who


have spent lifetimes absorbing knowledge on the earth plane. Their experiences can give you greater insight into your life. If you have been seeing or hearing owls it may be a sign from Spirit that gaining or sharing wisdom will help you in your current phase of life. Wise woman also reminds you that not all experiences in life are easy. Some lessons will leave behind scars on your physical body but they are simply a reminder of valuable lessons learned. Be grateful for ail of life's experi­ences and gain wisdom from them so that you may one day pass that wisdom on to others. If you are in your senior years this card is asking you to connect to younger generations and share your wisdom and experiences with them in order to as­sist them on their own life's journey. Always remember to show great patience when sharing knowledge with others.


7 find peace in Nature and rest my body and mind in order to connect to Spirit. "

This card is a reminder that rest is as necessary a part of life as work is. Your body and mind need time off from the hectic pace of life. Whether you take an hour off during the day to recharge your batteries or a day or week off from work, you need to do this. By running on empty you are unable to put 100% effort into your work and life. Eventually your body will manifest symptoms of dis-ease to force you to take a break. Do nor let it get to this stage. Recognize and respect your body's


signs of overwork and fatigue. Time off in Nature is extremely beneficial to recharge and re-energize your body and mind. Create a tranquil sitting area under a tree in your garden and spend a peaceful hour sitting grounded to Mother Earth each evening, instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer. When you take a break from work or situations you are able to view them from a different perspective. It is only when you step away from your life that you can truly see your own ac­complishments.


7 am in harmonious flow with the moon 's energy and all phases of life."

The Moon Goddess symbolizes the connection between the moon and Earth. She reminds us that we need to connect to and live in harmony with the moon's phases as they affect our bodies and our minds, the oceans, plants, and animals. By con­necting to and living in harmony with these cycles we can bet­ter understand ourselves and all life on this planet. Each cycle has its own benefits and strengths that you can use to gain knowledge and wisdom. Only by learning to live with these natural lunar cycles will your journey through life become smoother and more enjoyable. Take notice of how the vary­ing phases of the moon affect your mood and your body and learn to plan your life according to them. Do not resist them. Understand they are phases you must go through. Once you


accept these cycles you can use each to your own benefit, learning when you will be at your peak performance or when it is best to rest or move into a more passive stage of your life.


"I am guided by the cycles of life and Hue in complete harmony with them."

Life is a continuous cycle of birth, death, and renewal. From the changing seasons, to the phases of the moon. From the ebb and flow of the tides to our own stages of maiden, mother, and crone. Resisting these cycles causes unease and prevents us from fully experiencing life. This card is asking you to become fully aware of all the cycles of life. Feel them and absorb the knowledge, understand­ing. and energy each brings. Don't wish for summer in winter or that night will quickly become day. By doing so. you are not living in rhe present. Accept and love yourself and your environment at every stage of life. By learning to live in a harmonious flow with all of life's cycles you will find peace and contentment. By being part of the cycles of your life, of Nature, and the Universe you will connect more fully to your soul's purpose and be guided and supported by the Universe.



"I celebrate every day by honoring and respecting all life on Mother Earth."

The five elements of Earth, Air. Fire. Water, and Spirit combine to create and sustain all life on our planet. The life we experience on the physical plane is truly a unique gift. This card is asking you to honor this gift by living life to the fullest. Live from your power center—your heart. By truly feeling every experience through your heart, you will gain a greater appreciation and enjoyment of life. Fully experience your connection to all of life. If sitting under a tree, really see and feel that tree. Become the tree. Sense its powerful roots anchored deep within the Earth, drawing nurturing energy up into the branches and leaves. Feel it reaching out to the sky. drawing the energy of the sun down towards it. Apply these feelings to your own life. Feel the pulse of life in everything around you. Merge with the elements and with Nature. Look around you and take in the wonder and beauty of all things. Life is short: do not waste time by creating negative emotions or experiences for yourself or others. Do things you love to do daily and allow that love to flow out into the world. Celebrate every moment, every aspect of life.



"I combine body, mind, and soul to lift all of humanity into a new dimension."

This card is asking you to be aware of the part you play in the greater picture. Every aspect of life is connected: nothing is separate. Only by combining with all the forces of Nature and Spirit can you reach your full potential. The Universe is emerg­ing into a new phase. You cannot avoid this, but you do have a choice whether you embrace the changes or resist them. Re­sisting will perpetuate fear-based emotions, whereas embrac­ing this change will release you from these fears. You must take responsibility for your own life. By merging body, mind, and soul and also integrating all true wisdom you have gained in your life, you will be able to find total acceptance, understand­ing. and love of life. Leave the darker past behind and step into a brighter future for all.



Kim Dreyer is a fantasy artist and graphic designer who was born and raised in the diamond town of Kim­berley. South Africa. Since a very young age art has been the driving force in her life. After spending over 16 years creating pottery and sculpture, she turned her creative talents to wearable art' crystal jewelry and fantasy paint­ings and illustrations. It is important to her that her cre­ations are not only visually pleasing but are imbued with a sense of spirit, nature, and love, and touch the viewer on a deeper level. Her own soul path is to live a more con­scious life and to connect with nature in whatever ways she can. She currently lives in the tranquil village of Mon­tagu. South Africa where the surrounding mountains in­spire her creative energies.

Kim has always had a passionate interest in the su­pernatural. fantasy, and esoteric world as well as a deep love of nature. The idea of incorporating her artistic vi­sions as well as her own inner spiritual journey inspired her to create Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck. Through this deck she hopes others will find their own truth and unique spiritual path.

Kim's work is available online and through selected outlets worldwide. She is available for commissions for a variety of artwork, from soul portraits to design work.

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