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Amethyst........................................ 19

Ametrine.... ................................. 21

Angelite .............................................       23

Apatite........................................   25

Apophyllite.................................. 27

Aqua Aura ........................................        .29

Aquamarine... ...   ................     31

Azurite........................................   33

Calcite............................................. 35

Charoite.....................   ............... 37

Citrine.............................................. 39

Clear Quartz..............................   41

Diamond............................................ 43

Dolomite.......................................   .45

Emerald.........................................   .47

Fluorite............................................... 49

Garnet................................................. 51

Gold.................................................... 53

Jade..................................................... 55

Kyanite................................................ 57

Lapis Lazuli........................................ 59

Lariinar................................................ 61

Malachite........................................... 63

Moldavite . . ......................................... 65

Moonstone........................................ 67

Opal.................................................... 69

Peridot................................................ 71

Rhodochrosite.............................   .73

Rose Quartz....................................... 75

Rubellite.............................................. 77

Ruby.................................................. 79

Sapphire............................................. 81

Smoky Quartz.................................... 83

Sodalite............................................... 85

Sugilite................................................ 87

Tanzanite............................................ 89

Tiger’s-Eye......................................... 91

Titanium Rainbow Quartz............... 93

Topaz.................................................. 95

Turquoise........................................... 97

Unakite............................................. 100

Watermelon Tourmaline............... 102

Yellow Jasper................................... 104

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How to Work with the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

God created both angels and crystals to help us on our path of healing and peace. Your guard­ian angels arc assigned to you by God. and they're always with you. However, when you feel stressed, you may not feel your angels’ presence or hear their messages for you. That’s why these cards and crys­tals can help you receive clarification about your divine guidance.

Crystals are natural amplifiers of energy, which is why they’re used in watches, computers, and medical devices. I hey boost whatever energy they're near. So, these cards combine crystals with angels, to amplify your connection and conversa­tions with God and your guardian angels.

Crystals arc God’s creations on Earth to help illuminate and heighten our Divine connection. Crystals are mentioned throughout the Bible, in­cluding in God’s instructions to place crystals in

rhe tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant. However, crystals are also mentioned in prophetic warnings against attributing powers to the crystals that they don't have. In other words, we don’t want to make crystals into idols. All power comes from God.

Crystals are both filled with energy as well as conduits of energy. Each type of crystal has a specific healing purpose and specialty, from physical health to emotional support, determined by their colors, shapes, and other characteristics. Thus, the angels will send us certain crystals to convey messages of support related to particular life areas.

Since God is unlimited, and God created the angels, they are unlimited as well. You never have to worry that you’re "bothering” Heaven, because angels have untiring energy. Just as God never gets tired, the same is true for God’s angels. We don’t worship angels, but we do recognize that they are gifts given to us by God for a sacred purpose.

You’ve been accompanied by your guardian angels throughout your entire life, and these angels love you unconditionally. They send you guidance through your intuitive feelings to help you stay safe, healthy, and happy.

You can always speak directly with God. Jesus, and your guardian angels. You don't need special prayers, skills, or tools. These cards are simply


focal points to initiate a Divine conversation, or increase your awareness of the messages your guard­ian angels arc giving to you. When you’re stressed, though, it's often easier to get Divine messages through oracle cards. When you combine the cards with the energy-boosting power of crystals, tour Divine messages become crystal clear.

About Your Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

t\s with all my card decks, the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards are 100 percent gentle and positive. They were created with the prayer for God’s will, and with the intention that they help you clearly understand your Divine guidance.

The name of each card corresponds to the crystal in the center of the card, not the surrounding border. On most of the cards, the specific crystal is held in the hands of the featured angel. On the cards Azurite, Malachite, Titanium Rainbow Quartz, and Yellow Jasper the artist decided to highlight the natural beauty of the crystals. So an angel or symbol (such as the heart on the Charoite card) isn’t featured on those specific cards.



Specialty Function


Environment & animals


Healing grief


Finding what you're missing


Delivering messages


Grace X intuition




Beauty & positivity


Children's spirituality




Healthy friendships




Spiritual epiphanies




Inspired ideas


Cognition & memory





Pale pink

Rose quartz


Yellow calcite

Pale green



Copper or citrine

Pale blue


Pale purple


Dark pink


Pink & green

Watermelon tourmaline

Royal purple

Charoite or sugilite



Emerald green

Emerald or malachite


Clear quartz



Pale yellow


Indigo blue

Lapis lazuli


I’ve written about the crystal-archangel connection in my previous books. While this deck of cards features our personal guardian angels instead of rhe more universal archan­gels, the list on rhe preceeding pages of arch­angels and their crystal correspondences may be of interest to you. It's based on rhe specific functions of each archangel, intuitively trans­lated into energy aura colors corresponding to crystals of those colors and functions.

Working with Your

Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

I encourage you to have crystals near­by when working with these cards. After all. crystals boost whatever energy they are near, as I mentioned. Even more amazing ( but not a necessity) is to have examples on hand of the specific type of crystal named on each card to amplify its meaning. Please note that you do not need physical crystals to benefit from these cards. However, this deck may spark your interest in obtaining rhe crystals that you arc drawn to.

Here’s how to prepare and work with your Crystal Angels Oracle Cards:

Step 1: Clear Your Caros and Crystals

Your cards arc sensitive, and they absorb en­ergy from everyone who touches them. The crystal images on each cardtnake them even more sensitive and prone to absorbing energy. There’s no need to worry about this, though, as you can thoroughly clear them simply by holding the intention to do so.

It's a good idea to clear your deck before you use it the first rime, and then periodically as you feel guided. Steps I and 2 only need repeating after an­other person touches your cards or if your readings lack clarity because the cards have become clogged with too much energy. Other people's energies can influence future readings, even if those energies were very pure. For that reason, it’s best to only have your energy imbued in the decks that you use.

To clear your cards, hold the deck in one hand and sweep your other hand over it. Then think the thought that vou’d like the cards to be cleared, and say a prayer over them, such as "Dear Cod, thank Fou for lifting away anything from these cards that isn’t of Divine love."7 his clears out the old energy.


If you are planning on having crystals near­by during your readings, please take a moment to clear their energy as well. You can do so by saying a prayer such as “I ask that these crystals be restored to the pure energy with whieh Cod created them.’’

Step 2: Prepare Your Cards and Crystals

Briefly touch all the cards to introduce your own energy to them. You can simply touch one of the corners of each to do this. Then fan the cards out with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you'd like to bestow upon them, such as "/ ask that all the readings I do with these cards bring blessings to everyone involved."

Similarly, your crystals will amplify your in­tentions. So, hold your crystals you'd like to work with in your palms—or place your hands upon them. (If you don't have crystals available, you can also look at images of them to ethnically connect with their energy.) Visualize, feel, or think your in­tentions in order to infuse them into each crystal. For example, you may intend that the crystal boost your confidence or clarity. Please don't overthink this process, as it's intuitive.

Step 3: Ask a Question

Think of a question you’d like to have an­swered. If you’re pulling cards for someone else, ask him or her to either think of or voice a question. Heaven hears your thoughts, so you don't need to say your question out loud.

Your crystals can be sitting next to your cards, or you can hold or wear the crystals as you are guided.

Step 4: Shuffle the Cards

Think of the question as you shuffle the cards, and ask Heaven to help you with answers and guid­ance. I often say this prayer while shuffling:

'Dear Coil, I ask that You ensure that only Your pure and trustworthy messages come through these cards. Please protect my loved ones and me. Please help me see, hear, feel, and know the messages that You have for us. I ask that this card reading bring blessings to everyone involved."

If one or more cards "jump" out of rhe deck while you’re shuffling, place them to the side. They’ll be part of your reading.

As you’re shuffling, you'll likely notice accom­panying feelings, thoughts, words, or visions. These inner messages will help you understand rhe cards you draw, so pav attention to everything that you feel, think, hear, and see.

You may also receive a feeling or a “knowing” to stop shuffling the cards, or you may even hear rhe words Stop shuffling now. You can't make a mistake and stop shuffling too soon. So please give any wor­ries about doing t hings wrong to God and rhe angels.

Step 5: Choose a Card

Once you stop shuffling, pull any card from the deck. The card you draw is always the right one. All are positive, so don't worry about choosing incorrectly. Whichever card you pull is the answer to your question. As you read rhe words on the front, notice any thoughts, additional words, feel­ings, or visions that come to you, as these arc also messages for you from Heaven. The picture on the card is important as well. Notice where your eves go when you look at it. and pay attention to how you feel. Everything you see and feel is parr of rhe answer to your question. Holding your crystal can


also amplify the Divine messages yon receive while looking at the card.

If you set aside a card (or cards) that "jumped" out of the deck while you were shuffling, look at it too. The jumping card is also giving vou a message.

Step 6: Consult This Guidebook

Turn to the messages for each card within this booklet. As you read the words, continue to notice any thoughts or feelings that come to vou. as they too are part of the reading. On many of these cards, you will see the angel holding the named crystal in his or her hands. Heaven will offer vou answers and guidance about every part of your life. You can give yourself or another an amazing, wonderful, and helpful reading, even as a beginner!

Three-Card Messages

With the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards, you'll re­ceive most of your answers from simple three-card readings. For example, you can start the morning by­asking God and your guardian angels, "What do I need to know about today?"

After completing Steps 3 and 4, pick three cards from the top of the deck. With the pictures and words facing up, lay the first card to your left, the second one in the middle, and the third to the right.

Card I is your past, Card 2 is your present, and Card 3 is your future. You can always change your future by changing what you're doing right now.

Examine how these three cards relate to the question you asked. Listen to your feelings and thoughts as you look at the cards. They’re part of the answer to the question.

In the next section of this guidebook, you'll find meanings for each card. Remember that you have freewill choices about all areas of your lite, and you can also change the outcome of any situation through prayer, visualization, and positive affirma­tions. God. Jesus, and the angels can help alter your future for the better if you’ll just ask for, and be open to, their assistance.


The Meanings of the Cards

This guidebook explains the general meaning for each card in the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards deck.

When you're ready to look up a card’s mean­ing, find the corresponding page and read the in­terpretation and symbolism for the entry. Your inner wisdom will tell you if any of rhe information applies to you, or it may trigger further insights about your situation. And always remember that your intuition will offer you even more personal­ized messages from God and your guardian angels, so as you read, simultaneously pay attention to vour thoughts and feelings.



Give It to God

You received this card because there’s an issue weighing you down, and this burden could be lifted by you giving it to God. You don't have to deal with this situation alone, as Divine help is readily avail­able. Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you are unsure how. to let go Mill let God handle this situation.

As you read this paragraph, pause for a mo­ment to pray from your heart, asking for help to let this go, with whatever words are sincere. Hanging on to a problem never resolves it—and actually can make it worse.

Amber reminds us that God has always been with us. since rhe beginning of time and materi­al existence. This reminder is meant to boost our faith that God knows how to solve any problem. However, we first have to^ivr it to God. because our freewill choices are respected.

A bent Amber: Amber is fossilized tree resin, not technically a mineral. However, it is a light-filled gift from nature, so it is frequently included within the crystal realm. Amber can brighten your mood, and fill your senses with Divine light. It also helps you connect with and heal from your past.


Revealing Your True Self

This card comes to you to reassure you that it’s safe to be real and authentic with others. You will feel much better when you reveal your true feelings, even if others don’t understand. Bottling them up isn't healthy, nor is it effective. Remember that people can disagree and still love each other, provided that they treat rhe relationship with respect.

If you have been teased for being different, you may fear revealing your true self. Your guardian angel is assuring you that vou arc unique.


created for a special purpose, and you will ftml your special purpose by revealing your uniqueness.

Your guardian angels love you unconditionally and knows who you really are. what your dreams are, and what you’re capable of. Be sure to call upon God and your guardian angels to boost your con­fidence and learn to love yourself as they love you.

This card is also a sign for you to complete a project that's from your heart, such as writing a book or song, creating an artistic piece, or starting a business that will help others. Pray for courage and to be led to trustworthy, helpful people who will honor and support your journey.

About Amethyst: On the outside, amethyst stones appear to be plain gray rocks. It’s only once they are opened up that you see the inner beauty of these violet quartz crystals. Amethyst can boost your positive energy and confidence.



Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

This card comes up whenever you find your­self "stuck" in your masculine energy because of a competitive or stressful work or family situation. Perhaps you feel like you’ve had to do battle, or be extra vigilant. Yet, there’s a time to balance that masculine energy with the nurturing gentleness of your feminine energy.

Even' person has both masculine and femi­nine energy within, and balancing them is essential for health and effectiveness in life. The feminine

energy receives Divinely inspired ideas and creative insights, and the masculine energy puts these ideas into motion. Both are equally important, as they are 50-50 partners.

Too much feminine energy can lead to passiv­ity. where dreams aren’t acted upon, and too much masculine energy can result in uninspired or ag­gressive action. Prayers can help you find your bal­ance. Once you do, you’ll discover that your stress levels are reduced, and you 11 be better able to relax when you get home from work.

About Autetriue: This beautiful purplish stone has the sunset colors of gold pecking out from it. as it is a mixture ol violet amethyst and yellow citrine. It’s because of this dual nature that amerrine is con­sidered such a wonderful stone for balancing your masculine and femmine sides.


Spiritual or Religious Community

Have you been feeling lonely? I his card conies to you as guidance to connect with like-minded people in a spiritual setting. Perhaps you've received the inner call to attend church or temple, or to find a spiritual group aligned with your beliefs. This card confirms that this is true Divine guidance and encourages you to take the needed action steps.

You have been receiving guidance about your spiritual path, including intuitive ideas about which communal settings would provide support and friendship. Spiritual groups arc also powerful

because of rhe energy of joined prayer, which lifts everyone up. In these contexts, you are likely to re­ceive healing insights and visions.

Making friends with people who share your spiritual beliefs offers you a feeling of safety, where you can easily be yourself in social settings. Studies also show that having a spiritual community is cor­related with increased health and longevity. Now it’s rime for you to take the next step and attend the spiritual meetings as you arc guided.

About Augelite: This robin’s-egg blue stone, also known as anhydrite, is formed from dehydrated gypsum—and the stone can dissolve in water. This crystal is known for its calming influences, as well as its connection to the throat chakra—the body’s energy center related to your voice—and Divine communication with God and the angels. An- gelite can leave you feeling spacey and unground­ed. so it may be a stone reserved for times of quiet contemplation.

ProfrMi Not P»rf«ct»on


Progress, Not Perfection

This card is a sign that you may be holding pcrfectionistic judgments about yourself that arc blocking you. Perhaps there's a fear that if you or your work isn't perfect, you won't receive what you need.

God and your guardian angels are reassur­ing you that you’re spiritually perfect, because you were made in God's image and likeness. You needn’t try to be humanly perfect. In fact, noMy is perfect in the human sense—everyone is a work in progress.

Your guardian angels want you to focus upon the progress you’ve made and acknowledge your successes. Please don't be so hard on yourself, and stop judging yourself. You are lovable, inside and out. If anyone is criticizing you. especially abu- sivelv, get away from them. You deserve to be with people who are supportive, kind, and encouraging.

About Apatite: This gorgeous translucent blue or green stone is a rare variety of phosphate miner­al. which is more often ground up as an addition to fertilizer. Interestingly, the word apatite stems from the Greek for "deceptive” or "misleading.” because the crystal is often confused with other stones. You can use apatite to fertilize and “grow" healthy and honest communication within relationships. It’s also helpful for Divine communication and receiv­ing epiphany insights.



Increased Support

This card is a wonderful sign that you’re receiving increased support so that your needs are met. The support may take the form of abundance, emotional comfort, or relief from some of your responsibilities, giving you more time to focus upon your priorities.

God has heard and is answering your prayers, which may involve you receiving intuition or ideas to take positive action. Be sure to do so. so that you won't miss the blessings being offered to you. These Divinely guided actions could include making

healthful lifestyle changes (such as improving your exercise, sleep, or eating habits) to raise your spir­itual vibration, which will in turn attract higher outcomes.

This is also encouragement for you to ask for support from God, your loved ones, or a compas­sionate therapist... or to join a support group.

About Apophyllite: This mineral has many vari­eties, but it generally appears as a starburst cluster of crystal ‘'leaves" and points in pale milky white or blue tones. This stone stimulates psychic expe­riences and supports receiving intuitive visions and healing dreams. Place it on your altar or nightstand to receive its beneficial spiritual support while you are meditating, praying, or sleeping.



Healthy Communication in Relationships

This card brings hope for you and your rela­tionships, especially if you’ve struggled to be un­derstood by others. A gentler and clearer form of communication is on the horizon, initiated by you in answer to your own prayers.

New strength gives you the courage to talk about your honest feelings, in a loving way that keeps communication open. You aren’t trying to change or convince others—you’re being your true self.


This card can be a sign of improvement in existing relationships or of new healthy friends or a romantic partner on their way. When yon speak from the heart in your relationships, others have rhe opportunity to know and appreciate the real you— which relieves loneliness because you know that you (not a false version of you) are loved.

Abouf Ai/tta Aura: This gorgeous translucent turquoise crystal attains its lovely coloring when clear quartz is treated with the vapors of gold. Aqua aura makes a wonderful pendant worn over the throat to enhance speaking or singing skills.


Divine Life Purpose

This card appears in answer to questions about your next steps, your career or spiritual path, and your life purpose.

Your purpose, like everyone rise’s. is to love. The form that you choose to express love needs to be based upon what you love to do. For example, do you enjoy writing, counseling your friends, being with animals and nature, cooking, artistry, teach­ing children, doing healing work, or conducting research?


Following your heart will lead vou in the right direction. Yes. you may need to use your head to do some planning and partner up with others who have strengths complementary to your own.

God and your guardian angels are reassuring you that the love you feel is a sign that this path of action is your life purpose.

About Aquamarine: This lovely clear turquoise stone is from rhe beryl mineral family, which also includes emeralds. The first eyeglasses in history were made of beryl, and so too does aquamarine help with clarity, especially within the spheres of communication and creativity. It’s an excellent crystal for speakers, writers, teachers, singers, and artists.




Deep Emotional Healing

1 his is a positive card, showing that you're ready to process and move on from painful experiences and trauma. T his means that you're open to receiving healing energy and insights about your experiences.

You’re guided to devote time for your personal healing work. This may involve appointments with a therapist or healer, or spending extra time in prayer or meditation or on self-care practices.

Detoxification—from chemicals and pro­cessed foods, and also negative influences—comes up very strongly for you right now.

About Azurite: This beautiful royal blue stone is an oxidized form of copper. Azurite is helpful for facilitating spiritual visions and clairvoyance, as well as deep emotional healing.



Busy Times and Multitasking

This card comes to you because you are juggling multiple responsibilities, and you may feel stressed about vour schedule. There's also a possibility that your health has been strained because you arc doing everything yourself without help. You may even feel that other people are taking advantage of your kind generosity.

You are being guided to take charge of your schedule. What can you release in order to give yourself more breathing room? Remember to pray for strength in setting boundaries, and say no to

inappropriate requests for vour time, if you tend to people-pleasc and feel obligated to say yes to others.

This card can also be an indication of drama addiction, when there’s a pattern of stressing yourself needlessly. Signs of this include feeling a rush of adrenaline or a sense of self-importance in response to vour hectic schedule, boasting about how busy you are, or affirming a sense of victimhood and powerlessness over vour schedule.

In addition, this card is a sign of busy times ahead. In these cases, it's best to plan vour health strategy for dealing with multiple responsibilities while still being responsible to yourself.

About Calcite: One of the most common crys­tals on the planet, calcite comes in a variety of col­ors and ranges from opaque to clear. It is renowned for clearing negativity, assisting with grounding, and increasing focus.


Spiritual Protection

I his card is reassurance that you are pro­tected. and that your prayers have been heard and answered. Perhaps you have been feeling vulnerable lately or have been attacked verbally, psychically, or physically. It appears that someone is challenging you. and God and your guardian angels want you to know that they are watching over you and your loved ones.

This is a sign that some emotional or physical issues could be stemming from "psychic attack." in which someone is sending anger or jealous

energy your way. Praying to God and Jesus, and calling upon Archangel Michael, can help clear and shield you.

Visualize yourself in a protective bubble of royal purple light, which is God’s Divine radiance that only allows love to enter and exit your sphere. This purple light will bounce away negative energy and transmute it into healing love for both you and the "artacker." So, instead of retaliating against or fearing whoever sent negativity your way. you help bring healing love to the world.

About Charoite: Named for the Siberian river where it's found, charoite is a purple stone that helps with psychic and spiritual shielding and pro­tection from religious persecution.


Unnecessary Worries

Have you been worrying, dear one? This card comes to you as a sign of needless worry, which God and your guardian angels are helping you release.

Chronic worry can:

  • Be draining and debilitating to physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Create and attract self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Distract you from your priorities
  • Cause you to second-guess your qualifications to fulfill your life purpose

___________________________ w

That's why God and your guardian angels are lifting these burdens from your mind, heart, and body. They first remind you that all worry is cen­tered in thoughts about the future. With your at­tention fixed on what's ahead, it’s difficult to focus on the present moment.

You’re guided to notice this present mo­ment, such as how your body feels right now. For example:

Notice how your fret Jeel. JFtgg/r your toes. Then no­tice your muscles, and breathe to release tension. Notice your heartbeat and breath rate, and hold the intention for them to relax. Notice your thoughts, and notice your feelings. By fo­cusing upon what is going on in the present, your mind shifts away from future worries.

It’s also helpful to reframe statements ex­pressing your worries, using the words God, please help me with. So, for instance, instead of "I'm worried about my health,” say "God. please help me with my health." Worry never helps any­thing, but prayer always helps everything.

About Citrine: Named for the French word for "lemon." citrine is a yellow quartz crystal that offers the energy and happiness of crystallized sunshine.


Let Yourself Feel All Your Emotions

Tliis card guides you to open your heart to the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions. This is a key to feeling great love. By allowing yourself to acknowledge the not-so-plcasant feelings, you drop defenses and open your heart.

When we deny the existence of anger, sadness, and such, we close off part of our hearts. And the denial means that these feelings become repressed, stuffed down, and hidden, where they can affect our mental, emotional, and physical health.

This card can be a sign of receiving valuable creative inspiration, based on some challenges you've experienced. Now you want to help others overcome or avoid the same challenges. Bv delving into the unpleasant feelings through creative ex­pression, you allow others to know that they are not alone in their feelings. This could be a business idea, a form of healing, a book or workshop, or some other service or product that will help those who are experiencing similar difficulties.

About Clear Quartz: An amplifier of whatever energy it’s near, clear quartz refracts light into rain­bow rays. It helps clear away negativity and dissolve blocks.


Value Your Self-Worth

Diamonds are wonderful symbols of how be­ing under pressure can lead to beauty. After all, diamonds are formed by pressure on the carbon el­ement that composes them. Perhaps you have been under strain recently, or in a significant period of your life. All the stress or trauma you've endured has made you who you are.

Th is card comes to you as a reminder that you are God’s precious diamond. Although you’ve been through a lot, God's strength has always sup­ported vou, and always will. Now it’s time for you to recognize how valuable you are!


Just as you would only choose diamonds that are mined in a humane, fair-trade wav, so too do you want to treat yourself with kindness and fair­ness. This may mean developing an assertive style of communication, where you show yourself respect and teach others to respect you too.

About Diamond: This gemstone is valued for its sparkling beauty, and for being the hardest natural­ly occurring substance. Diamonds arc also excellent thermal heat) and electrical conductors, making them natural amplifiers for your prayers and inten­tions. Although they are expensive to buy because of high demand due to marketing campaigns asso­ciating them with romantic love, diamonds aren’t rare. As a sensitive and conscious consumer, you’ll want to purchase only those certified fair trade or conflict-free to ensure that rhe miners were treated with compassion and concern for their well-being.


Stay Strong in Your Faith

This card symbolizes a different kind of strength, built on the foundation of trusting your inner guidance. Not aggressive toward yourself or anyone else, it recognizes the need to honor every­one’s feelings and rights.

The message here is to stay internally focused upon your guidance. Keep your mind and heart filled with faith, even if your path seems illogical and you feel anxious or afraid. Immerse yourself in positive activities, such as reading uplifting materi­al, listening to gentle music, and attending spiritual or religious gatherings that boost your faith.

This card means that vour outcome is depen­dent on keeping a positive mind-set, which you do have control over. By choosing to pray for help, and making the choice to keep your surroundings as positive as possible, you embody Divine feminine strength (which is needed, even il you're male;. This is also a sign to stay strong with respect to your personal beliefs and faith.

About Dolomite: This beautiful cloud-like pearlcscent stone is made of calcite and magnesium. It appears in white and gray colors, as well as the pink shown in the angel’s hands on this card. Pink dolomite has a soft and calming vibration, which is particularly supportive for feminine energy and health, including menstrual cycles.



Ceremonies and Celebrations

There will be a reason to gather with loved ones and celebrate together. This card is a sign of an important human ritual to signify a passage, such as a wedding, birth, or graduation. You may be called into leadership for this event, including being a planner or officiant.

This card may be a sign of taking a love re­lationship to the next level and celebrating your union. If you arc currently single, this can be a posi­tive sign of meeting your long-term partner.


Ultimately, you are a conduit to bring the Di­vine energy to Earth and have the ability to celebrate all life, for the upliftment and healing of others.

Al’cul Emerald: This green stone is part of rhe bervl family, and it is beautiful in both its raw and polished states. Emerald magnifies Divine healing love and enhances spiritual knowingness of nondu­ality. It's also an empowering stone that brings out your inner high priest or priestess.


Natural Beauty and Authenticity

This is a card about feeling comfortable and happy with your natural self. Perhaps you had been trying to conform to others’ expectations and lost yourself along the way. Now it’s time to be yew— wonderful and amazing, as God created you.

This may involve you speaking more authen­tically from your heart and letting people know your real thoughts and feelings. You may detach from people-plcasing or worrying about others' approval.


You may be guided to be more real in your physical appearance, such as ditching hair dye or artificial tanning, eyelashes, or fingernails. This is a sign of embracing and loving your true self, and owning who you are.

This card may also be a signal to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For example, you might feel the urge to detox your diet and household supplies. You might also join an environmental organization or spend more time outdoors. It's all about being more natural.

About Fluorite: Fluorite is so clear that it’s often used for scientific optic lenses. It comes in a variety of colors that all have different vibrations. Purple fluorite brings light beautifully through, to enhance clairvoyance and spiritual understanding. The gor­geous colors of rainbow fluorite make it ideal for healing from psychic attack or from traumas that have shattered your faith. Green fluorite can help with intellectual activities, and it’s also thought to support healthy skin.


Purification and Detoxification

I his card probably validates what you've al­ready been sensing: it’s time to release physical and energetic toxins from your life. In particular, this is a necessary change to support your health.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind to detox? Perhaps you have been receiving inner Divine guidance to enjoy a clean-energy diet or to abstain from chemicals. Or maybe you are feeling called to avoid harsh energy in relationships, on social media, in vour dailv activities, or in the media.

a     i

This is a supportive time for you to make this healthful shift. Reach out for qualified help if addictions are creating uncontrollable cravings.

Prayer can also help you purify your moti­vations and intentions so that they arc inspired from your higher self instead of your ego. With higher-vibrational intentions, your manifestations will be more fulfilling and satisfying.

About Carnet: Although we think of garnets as being deep red, they actually come in a variety of colors. Derived from the Larin word for "seed.” referring to pomegranate seeds, garnet is actual­ly the name for a family of gemstones, not just a single type. The most magnetic gemstone, garnet has long been used in support of detoxification and purification.


Divine Intervention

You can expect a miracle to help with a situa­tion you're concerned about. Prayers from multiple people have been heard and are being answered.

This card indicates the need to hear and fol­low Divine guidance. .Many prayers are answered by God giving you a set of instructions to take action steps, which will bring about the blessed outcome. So do keep your mind clear and sober so that you won't miss noticing them. Create quiet space as well so that you can hear your inner voice of God.

Keep giving this troubling situation to God through prayer, including praying for help in sur­rendering the concern if you are struggling with fear or control issues. Since gold is associated with Jesus, this card can also be a sign to reconnect with him.

About Cold: This precious elemental metal is considered valuable because of its relative rarity and its malleability, which makes it soft enough to easily transform into jewelry. Scientists believe that gold arrived on the earth from asteroids. While technically an element rather than a crystal, gold (like copper, which is also featured in this deck in the form of azurite and malachite) is both symbolic of the Divine and an amplifier of prayers and in­tentions. Gold is also the energy aura color of Jesus Christ.



This card announces improved health and wellness, with a focus upon recovery. An increased commitment to healing yields positive results. A multimodal approach to health, including espe­cially prayer, faith, and optimism, is indicated and appropriate right now.

This is also a sign that your own work to help others is flourishing. God and the guardian angels are working through your intentions to bring heal­ing energy to your loved ones and clients.

Your commitment to being a healing Earth Angel is opening up physical and energetic avenues in your therapeutic practice or acts of service. This is a good time to do research, skill building, and marketing to expand the scope of your healing work. Follow your intuition closely.

About Jade: This beautiful stone is prominently featured in carved Asian statues and jewelry. Usual­ly deep green, jade has been used as a healing crystal since ancient times.


Make Time for Self-Care

This card comes tip whenever you've been putting your own needs last on your list. It is a sign of being overly busy, and not feeling that you have enough time for rest, exercise, health­ful eating, spiritual practices, and other forms of self-care.

So this card emphasizes that self-care isn’t optional but necessary for your health, happiness, and life purpose. God and your angels want to elevate your life so that you no longer feel oppressed or victimized.

The message here is that not only do von deserve self-care, but you must carve out rime for it without delay. The urgency comes in answer to your prayers tor a better life. God has given you the strength to take the first step yourself by adding self-care to your daily schedule and deleting unwanted tasks.

It's time for you to say no to distractions and yes to your priorities . .. which include sell-care.

About Kyanite: Although this stone comes in various colors, the name kyanite stems from the Greek word for "blue.”' Kyanite is a wonderful bridge stone, balancing your energy and your life.


Life-Changing Epiphany or Experience

Your life is about to change, with blessings supporting your progress in learning and grow­ing, This card signals that you're reaching a piv­otal moment when you will make a life-changing decision.

You may also have an epiphany that seems to turn your life upside down. Perhaps you realize a truth about yourself, a relationship, your health, or your career, lacing truths can be frightening, vet it's also freeing.


Lapis lazuli can also signal transformation on your spiritual path. You may return to core beliefs, connect with Mother Mary (who is associated with rhe color blue and lapis), or awaken your natural spiritual gifts.

About Lapis Lazuli: This highly sought-after royal blue crystal is actually composed of several other stones, including calcite and pyrite. It was crushed into powdered pigment in ancient times to paint images of Mother Mary. Lapis can initiate spiritual insights and realizations and help you dis­cern and understand Divine guidance.



Sensitive Emotions

You received this card because you've been feeling extra sensitive. Perhaps empathetically ab­sorbing negativity or other people's fear energies has compounded the emotions you were already dealing with, connected to a situation you endured. You may have felt upset, without knowing why. Or perhaps your mind has grasped for reasons to justify your sadness, and you've begun to worry.

Now that we’ve identified some of the foun­dations for your sensitive emotions, let’s go ahead and clear you ol anything that is not from God and

your higher self. Since you pulled a card related to the oceanic civilization of Atlantis, going to the ocean or soaking in a warm bath filled with seasalt would be an appropriate way to draw out physical and energetic toxins. Plus, the experience of self- care raises your confidence and helps relax you.

Be very compassionate with yourself, and use discernment about where and with whom you spend time. This is a time to avoid harsh energy as much as possible, as you honor your need for gen­tleness, rest, and healing.

About /.aritnar: T his stone is typically seafoam green or pale turquoise in color, echoing its connec­tion with rhe ocean and the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Larimar can soothe your emotions, help with stress management, and reconnect you with a past Altantean lifetime.



This card indicates a positive shift in your flow of Divine support. This could refer to meeting your needs financially, emotionally, or in some other wav.

Previous blocks arc lifted, because you've re­leased old anger or fears, and are now focused upon faith and taking guided action.

As long as you continue on this path of posi­tive thinking and following your Divine guidance, you can expect to sec a greater number of opportu­nities arise and experience deeper fulfillment.

About Malachite: This rich green crystal, part of the copper family, is an abundance stone, which helps with manifesting material support. Its deep color also assists with opening rhe heart to healing Divine love.





This card reassures you that your unique qualities are a part of your life purpose. It’s possible that you have been teased or felt excluded for being different. Perhaps you’ve tried to change yourself to fit in and be ‘‘normal.’’ Yet, doing so is betraying who you arc. and ignoring the blessings and gifts of your authentic self.

If it seems that your opinions and thinking style are not the same as those of other people, this is a sign of your creative ability. You have inventive, fresh ideas and talents that rhe world needs. You see

things in a new way. which will inspire others out of their stagnation.

Seek out other unconventional people so that you won't feel so alone. You may encounter like-minded people ar clubs, conventions, and other gatherings focusing upon areas aligned with your interests. Like moldavite, you are otherworldly— yet, fortunately, there arc many others who share your origins and points of view ... it’s just a matter of going out and finding them.

About Moldavite: This clear green crystal is from meteorites, and the genuine stone is found only in the Czech Republic. Because of its extra­terrestrial origins, moldavite has such a high ener­gy that some people feel spacey and ungrounded in its presence. Moldavite is a catalyst for lucid dreaming, astral projection, and meditations for world peace.


Heightened Intuition

You're already highly intuitive, and this card shows that your intuition is being taken to new levels. Be extra aware of your “Divine downloads,” which encompass strong feelings, clear realiza­tions. a sense of knowing, visions, dreams, and signs. Keep your mind clear and sober so that vou'll notice your intuition.

In addition to noticing, trust the feelings and knowingness about the meaning of the message. The ego wants to second-guess your insights, but don t ignore or override your first impressions. This isn't a time for logic. It will all make sense soon.

This card can also signify that you're extra sensitive to lunar phases, especially the full moon. You may wish to plan accordingly, such as easing your schedule during full moons. In addition, this may be a sign related to feminine "moon cycles."

About Moonstone: This beautiful opalescent stone shimmers like moonbeams in white, pale blue, and rainbow colors. Moonstone, like the moon itself, carries and supports Divine feminine sacred energies. It can amplify the effects of the full and new moons, and help with receptivity, nurtur­ing. spiritual visions, and other feminine aspects.



Let Yourself Sparkle and Shine!

Now’s the time to reveal your personality and shine brightly! This card comes up whenever you have been hiding your light for fear of being "too much.” You are guided to show your larger-than-life side.

Laugh heartily, express your opinions freely, dress boldly, and don't hold back. You inspire others to shine their light through your living example.

This card can also be a sign of expressing and clearing any anger you've been repressing in a re­lationship. In particular, take healthy action in a

marriage where hidden resentment has negatively affected the romance and friendship within rhe partnership. Marital counseling or mediation is ad­vised to bring about healing and resolution.

About Opal: These fragile light-refracting stones are formed from silica and water. Opals are celebrated for their fiery coloring and their associa­tion with spiritual alchemy. They can amplify hid­den wishes and feelings, as well as your intentions for manifesting.


Life Lessons

This card is reassurance that the challenges you’re experiencing bring you valuable life les­sons. Upsetting situations aren't "rests”—they are experiences that help us learn truths about ourselves and others.

If you keep experiencing recurring patterns, the key to breaking free from these negative cycles is understanding the lesson they offer you. l or instance, a series of negative relationships could be an opportunity for you to look at your levels of self-esteem. Arc you settling for unhealthy

relationships because of a feeling that you can't have a healthy partnership? Similar insights can heal negative patterns related to your career, your health, and other life areas.

Ask God to reveal the underlying lesson within a troubling situation. Be open to seeing the role you may have played in accepting these patterns. The intent is not to blame yourself but to assume re­sponsibility for your part as a way ol empowering you to take charge of the pattern and not allow it to continue ... with God’s help, of course.

About Peridot: This translucent stone is always pale olive green, unlike other crystals with color variations. Peridot has an uplifting, positive energy that helps with mental focus and clarity, study, and decision-making.



Be Gentle with Yourself

This card comes up because you have been through a lot, and you've been pushing yourself. Now it is time to rest and recover. However, you must rake charge in order for rhe rest and recovery to occur.

You may have gone through a very upsetting situation, and your heart needs to mend from old traumas, triggered and compounded by recent ex­periences. If you have suffered a loss, please take the time to heal. Honor yourself by getting extra sleep and avoiding anything or anyone with harsh energy.

Bathe yourself in gentle energy, perhaps by re­ceiving soothing self-care treatments, listening to relaxing music, and eating healthful comfort foods. This may be a time when you need to retreat—as long as you don’t isolate yourself from the support that would be healing and helpful to you right now.

About Rhodochrosite: This beautiful rose-colored manganese mineral has a soothing, soft, and gentle energy. Rhodochrosite helps heal the heart of old emotional wounds and prepares you to love again romantically and spiritually.


Love Life

Your heart is ready for great love, and this card validates that your romantic prayers have been heard and are being answered.

Rose quartz is associated with innocent, youthful, and playful romantic love, so if you are currently in a relationship, you may want to have a "play date” with your partner. If you arc single and looking, rose quartz is a sign of courtship, crushes, flirtation, and the bliss of new love on rhe horizon for you.


This is also a sign of falling back in love with your life and valuing life itself. Focusing upon your blessings and what you're grateful for allows you to regain the love of life. Prayers can help you appreciate this amazing gift that God has given to you.

About Rose Quartz: This pale pink quartz crystal is associated with attracting, healing, and maintaining romantic love. Polished rose quartz stones are often carved into heart shapes to further amplify their connection to love.


Passion and Purpose

This card is a sign of feeling passionate about a new project that is part of your life purpose. Your calling to help others motivates you to devote time to this pursuit. Even if you’re not yet sure how to complete rhe project in question, you arc sure that you will do it.

Your passion also gives you the strength and courage that you need to speak up, such as asking for crowdfunding, posting about relevant issues on social media, creating videos or blogging, and ad­dressing audiences.


Spend time praying, researching, raking class­es, networking, and interviewing mentors to gather vour resources and all the information yon need to devote yourself to a meaningful project, [ust be sure that your preparation activities aren’t delaying you from moving forward.

About Rubellite: Part of the elbaite mineral family (which also includes tourmaline), rubellite is a beautiful translucent deep pink gemstone. This crystal evokes romantic passion and a passion for life, including your life purpose.


Bless Your Heart

You received this card because your heart needs some tender loving care following a loss or the ending of a relationship. You’re grieving and could use a reassuring hug, which your guard­ian angels arc giving you now. This can also be a sign to reach out for emotional support after a heartbreak.

In some cases, this card may mean that your physical heart needs care and attention. Perhaps a healthful dietary or exercise change or medical intervention is needed.


This can also be a sign to connect with the sacred heart of Jesus for spiritual healing and pu­rification. God is blessing your heart, and guiding you to take the path that’s true and right for you.

About Ruby: This deep red gemstone is second only to diamond in hardness, which symbolizes your strong and healed heart. Rubies soothe and heal you—physically, energetically, and emotionally.



Easy Does It

The angels send you this card because you've been pushing yourself past your limits with mul­titasking, rushing against deadlines, and worrying about other people. You may have also overdone it socializing or partying in your nightlife. Now is the time to rest, and a good detox (or permanent abstinence) can help you recover your energy levels and health.

This card is also a reminder to stay in the pres­ent moment and tackle projects one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you've been

overly focused upon the future, anticipating better times or worrying about what lies ahead. Or you may have been consumed with past events. You are now guided to concentrate upon the here-and-now so that you can enjoy your life, even if your current circumstances aren’t ideal.

In addition, this can be a sign to retire from a strenuous job or give up a hobby you've outgrown, if it puts your physical or mental health at risk. Take it easy, and approach your life gently.

About Sapphire: This gemstone is in the same mineral family as ruby. While generally brilliant blue, sapphires can be other colors as well (except for red, which is reserved for rubies'). Sapphires are wonderful stones to meditate with, as they help to quiet and calm your thoughts.


Clearing Negativity

You drew this card because there’s a need to clear away negative energy from within or around you. This could be negativity in your present life or some grievance from your past that you have been harboring and have had difficulty forgiving. Fortunately, you don’t need to consciously know which form of negativity you are clearing, nor are you advised to analyze it. After all. focusing upon negativity only gives it strength and power.

You need some self-care to clear yourself right now. This could take the form of praying for God,


Jesus, and Archangel Michael to lift away what doesn't serve you. You may even want to ask a trusted religious or spiritual healer for help with this process.

Those who arc highly sensitive often absorb lower energies. So it's nothing to fear or be ashamed of. It’s simply a matter of taking care of the situa­tion. Other effective clearing methods include:

  • Sleeping next to a smoky quartz crystal
  • Spraying sage oil. “smudging” a sage wand, or eating powdered sage spice
  • Soaking in a sea salt bath
  • Spending time in nature
  • Doing gentle exercise

About Smoky Quartz: This crystal is usually gray, brown, or black and frequently translucent. Smoky quartz helps with psychic protection, releas­ing negativity, clearing the past, and grounding.



Socialize or Join In

This card comes up whenever you crave con­necting with like-minded people. It's a sign for you to get out of the house, away from the computer, and meet people with common interests.

You’re highly encouraged to join clubs, attend networking meetings, or get involved with spiritual or religious groups. Again, it's not enough to chat online. You need face-to-face interaction with peo­ple who can hold your hand, hug you, and offer you support and friendship.


This is also a sign of career advancement through networking and business connections. Similarly, it might be time to reach out to a mentor or take a class related to your life-purpose passions. It's all about receiving the teachings that other peo­ple can bring you, as well as developing friendships.

About Sodalite: Named for its high sodium con­tent, sodalite comes in many colors, most common­ly blue. It looks similar to lapis lazuli, but without the pyrite golden flecks. Sodalite is an excellent supporter of intuitive insights and visions.



Own Your Divine Power!

This is a card of empowerment, reminding you that you were made in the image and likeness of God. So you have rhe power of God always within you. In addition, ail that you’ve experienced in life has made you stronger.

This card comes up whenever voti ve been giving your power away to others. Perhaps you feared that they’d take away something valuable if you didn’t comply with their wishes. Or may­be you're codependently worrying about people’s opinions.

This is a time for assertiveness on your part, including holding boundaries and saying no to un­reasonable requests for your time, money, or other resources. Assertiveness helps you honor and follow your inner guidance, which is the path of harmony and health.

A be nt Sugilite: This mineral is a beautiful lav­ender shade. It invokes spiritual empowerment and higher vibrations within those who wear or hold it. Sugilite helps clear your energy and invites calm­ness and protection from harshness.



Ready to Love Again

This card signifies char your heart has healed enough from grief over a loss for you to allow an­other relationship into your life. You've been under­standably guarded, wary of being hurt again, and you took the necessary time for healing. Now you feel ready once more to love.

You are guided to be gentle with yourself, and case back into your love life. Begin with meeting and dating people through trustworthy sources, such as your religious or spiritual community or your close friends. Avoid scenes that feature alcohol or drug

abuse. Notice red-flag warnings about someone’s character. Take your time and remember the old song “You Can't Hurry Love” as you patiently and prayerfully wait for the right person.

This card can also be a sign of your readiness to adopt a new pet, after grieving the loss of a be­loved animal companion. Pets do return to us from Heaven in new forms, and they know how to find us for a reunion.

About Tanzanite: Named for Tanzania. Africa, where it’s found, this mineral appears in different colors and shades of royal blue, turquoise, purple, and violet, depending on the angle and lighting. Tanzanire can help you feel safe opening your heart to love again, following a previously painful relationship.


Self-Confidence through God-Confidence

Have you been doubting yourself, dear one? Because this card is reassurance that God is work­ing through you. Have confidence in Heaven's un­limited ability to solve and heal anything and every­thing (as long as other people's freewill choices are aligned with God's will).

Pray that your will be aligned with God's, and you’ll be an unstoppable force of Divine na­ture. Shift from worrying about whether "you”


can do it to trusting that God working through you can do anything.

7 his card is a sign that you're safe and pro­tected, as you follow your inner guidance to make positive changes. Keep checking in with God every step of the wav, and you'll experience the last track to deep fulfillment.

About Tiger’s-Eye: Named for its coloring and stripes resembling a tiger, this gold-and-brown quartz stone can bring you a feeling of safety and protection. Tiger’s-eye helps you to feel like a ti­ger yourself, filled with courage, confidence, and ferocity.




The person or situation that you're asking about is multifaceted, like a gemstone. That means that there are mam different sides to consider. There isn’t one plain truth here, but several, which could create con­tradictions, inconsistencies, and confusion. You’ll need to be honest with yourself about whether these differ­ences are acceptable or upsetting to you.

If you're asking about a certain person, this card is a sign of a complicated and unpredictable relationship. Some may consider this exciting, while others find it

to contain too much drama. Most people have layers to them, and as long as the other person is behaving ethically and with integrity, you may benefit from this relationship. Again, it’s a matter of being honest about your likes and dislikes.

If your question is about a specific situation, this card is a sign that there’s no single right answer. Some­times this is because freewill choices are currently shap­ing the outcome, and nothing has been predetermined. In some cases, this card means that it’s up for interpretation whether or not this is a positive situation, according to individual tastes and preferences.

All in all, being comfortable with ambiguity and an undetermined future is an opportunity for you to be the director of your own unfolding movie masterpiece. You were made in rhe image and likeness of the Creator, so t on can create a wonderful present and future!

About Titanium Rainbow Quartz: Similar to aqua aura, this stone is created bv covering quartz crystal with a mixture of titanium and gold co pro­duce the rainbow effects. Titanium rainbow quartz is a wonderful focal point during meditation to inspire visions and creative ideas.




Forgiveness Heals

This is a beautiful sign from your guardian angels, who love you so much and want to help you reach the next positive level in your health and hap­piness. They can see that you arc being blocked and held back by repressed anger and resentment. Most likely you already know what needs to be released, but perhaps you've had difficulty letting it go.

Forgiveness isn’t condoning, accepting, or excusing someone's behavior. It means an unwil­lingness to harm yourself anymore. You don't have to like the other person or hang out with them. You

simply need to agree to release their energy from your psyche.

This card could refer to forgiving yourself for actions that you regret. Sr/f-blame is as toxic as blam­ing others. The only thing valuable about reflecting on the past is learning from it, not holding on to shame or guilt.

Your guardian angels remind you that har­boring anger hurts only you, not the other person. Repressed resentment is toxic to your physical, emo­tional. and financial health. All it takes is a little willingness to forgive, and God. Jesus, and the angels will do all the rest of the work.

Alvut Topaz: This stone is mentioned in the King James Bible five times, as it is ancient. Originally, any vellow gemstone was called a topaz. Now we realize that while vellow is the color most commonly associated with topaz, it can also be colored blue, green, and pink. Topaz in all its hues offers a gentle, soothing energv, supportive of clearing your mind and heart of chaotic energy. In particular, this crystal can help you forgive and release anything that’s been distracting or dulling you.



Spiritual Path

This card comes co you because you’ve been praying and medicating about your spiritual path. You may be feeling conflicts with your true beliefs, wondering whether to take a traditional or alter­native route. Perhaps you have been studying or attending different religious and spiritual groups, trying to see where you fit in and find other people aligned with your values.

Your religious upbringing and family' culture are factors here. While you would like to make your spiritual-path decisions independently', you find


yourself being influenced by your past. You also want to make the right choice that is best for your soul, and you do recognize that some traditional beliefs have merit.

Even when people have the same religious faith, they have different interpretations. It’s un­likely that any two individuals agree on every as­pect of religion or spirituality, because it’s a deeply personal experience. Your life lessons continue to shape your beliefs, so keep praying and following your guidance. Finding people who have similar or complementary beliefs (even if they’re not identical) can lead to deep friendships and help you navigate your own spiritual path.

This card can also be about a relationship that is experiencing conflicts because partners have dif­ferent religious or spiritual convictions. This is a challenging situation for both people, and it needs to be handled with prayer and often with counseling.

About Turquoise: This beautiful greenish-blue stone, associated with sacred Native American jew­elry, is one of the oldest recorded mined gemstones. Archaeologists have found turquoise jewelry and ornamentation in Egypt dating back to 5500 B.C.

Turquoise stones bridge Heaven and Earth, and bring sweetness and pure love into your spiritual and religious practice.



Answered Prayers

You’ve been doing great work recently to for­give. release, and focus upon positivity and oneness. Because God respects your freewill choices, by choosing the healing path of love, you have opened the doorway for your prayers to be answered.

God hears and answers all prayers, and does not discriminate. However, if we have shut down our hearts to God’s connection, wr may not hear the whispered answers. A negative focus also casts doubt upon the likelihood of Divinely guided plans working, lessening our faith.

This card is a sign char you have shifted to a conscious connection with God s pure healing love. You are praying with sincerity and a willingness to be guided and helped. This positive shift within you is an answer to your own prayers for peace and happiness. The external circumstances will now shift accordingly, as they are uplifted to the highest and best outcome.

About Unakite: This is actually a naturally bonded compilation of three different gemstones (feldspar, epidote, and quartz), which results in a lovely peach-and-green coloring. Unakite, with its soft, gentle energy, is supportive of physical and emotional healing, offering a reminder that we are all one with God's Divine love.



Stress Reduction

This card appears whenever there’s a need co de-stress your mind. body, schedule, and so forth. You already know which life areas are triggering your elevated stress levels. God and your guardian angels arc empowering you to reduce them by rak­ing charge of your schedule and surroundings.

You are encouraged to introduce stress­management practices into your daily life, such as prayer and meditation, gentle exercise, time spent in

nature, fun hobbies, massage, naps, and a chemical- free diet.

This is also a message about simplify ing your life. Look for tasks you can release or ways to clear clutter from your schedule. When there is too much vying for your attention, y'ou will feel fragmented.

It’s possible to get addictivcly hooked on dra­ma, under the mistaken belief that it is exciting. However, it’s much more pleasurable to have "peace­ful excitement." in which you create rhe soothing and harmonious life that you desire and deserve.

About Watermelon Tourmaline: This beautiful granite stone is translucent green on the outside and deep pink on the inside, hence the watermelon name. Watermelon tourmaline is a soothing crys­tal that helps with simplifying and de-stressing vour life.




Control Issues

This card can be a sign that you’re experienc­ing a power struggle with someone, or feeling not in control of your life. Power struggles can be like a tug-of-war, with both sides pulling on the energy' in an attempt to "win.'’ This can be frustrating and draining, so this card is reminding you to find a healthier path.

Remember that you were made in God's im­age and likeness, and therefore you are naturally filled with the strength of God. Many a tug-of-war is ended when one person drops the rope—which

metaphorically means that you stop seeing the oth­er person as powerful or controlling.

Don’t give away your power to others, and sur­render any control issues to God. Who can peace­fully heal and balance this situation. Focus upon your own energy and actions, instead of fearfully monitoring others'.

About Yellow Jasper. This variety of chalcedony —an opaque quartz stone—is called jasper, mean­ing "speckled.” because of its spotty appearance. It comes in a range of colors, including yellow jasper’s deep golden shade. Yellow jasper is related to the solar-plexus chakra—the energy center located in the stomach area—and it lends strength, courage, confidence, and protection

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