crystal spirits oracle

58 oracle cards to connect with the Conscious Universe for practical guidance and insights about your life

"Have you ever wondered if crystals were alive and could communicate a message to you? And what if, when you asked for guidance from the Universe or a sign about your relation­ships or prosperity, you could receive this insight from a Crystal Spirit? Now you can!

Oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid has created this origi­nal oracle system with 58 unique oracle cards to connect with the timeless wisdom of Crystal Spirits for practical guidance and insights about all aspects of your lite. Ask a question and focus on the highest good to receive profound, and sometimes playful, wisdom from the symbolic energy of the Crystal Spir­its. Reflect on the intimate and meaningful life-altering mes­sages delivered by your Crystal Spirit guides!



Welcome to the Crystal Spirits Oracle!. . . . ix How to Work with This Oracle.......................................................... xvi

The Cards, Their Messages,

and Their Meanings

  1. 1. Aegirine .......................................... 3
  2. 2. Amazonite.................................. 6
  3. 3. Amber....................................... 10
  4. 4. Amethyst................................... 14
  5. 5. Apache Tears........................... 18
  6. 6. Aqua Aura Quartz................... 22
  7. 7. Aquamarine............................. 26
  8. 8. Auralite...................................... 30
  9. 9. Bixbite........................................ 33
  10. 1 Black Tourmaline................... 36
  11. 1 Blue Chalcedony.................... 40

... Continued

  1. 1 Blue Lace Agate..................... 44
  2. 1 Bronzite................................... 48
  3. 1 Carnelian................................. 51
  4. 1 Celestite................................... 54
  5. 1 Chrysocolla............................. 58
  6. 1 Citrine....................................... 62
  7. 1 Clear Quartz........................... 65
  8. 1 Dalmatian Stone.................... 68
  9. 2 Diamond................................. 72
  10. 2 Dumortierite........................... 76
  11. 2 Emerald................................... 80
  12. 2 Euclase.................................... 83
  13. 2 Fluorite.................................... 87
  14. 2 Green Aventurine.................. 90
  15. 2 Hematite................................. 93
  16. 2 Jade......................... ’.............. 97
  17. 2 Kyanite.................................. 101
  18. 2 Labradorite........................... 105

... Continued

  1. 3 Lapis Lazuli ....................... 109
  2. 3 Lemurian Quartz........................ 113
  3. 3 Lepidolite.............................. 117
  4. 3 Lithium Quartz..................... 120
  5. 3 Malachite.............................. 123
  6. 3 Moldavite.............................. 126
  7. 3 Mookaite Jasper.................. 130
  8. 3 Moonstone........................... 134
  9. 3 Nuummite............................ 138
  10. 3 Obsidian................................ 142
  11. 4 Orange Calcite..................... 146
  12. 4 Orange Sapphire................. 150
  13. 4 Petalite.................................. 154
  14. 4 Petrified Wood.................... 158
  15. 4 Pink Sapphire..................... 161
  16. 4 Pyrite...................................... 165
  17. 4 Raw Morganite.................... 169
  18. 4 Rhodonite............................. 172

... Continued

  1. 4 Rose Quartz......................... 176
  2. 4 Selenite................................. 180
  3. 5 Seriphos Green Quartz...... 184
  4. 5 Smithsonite.......................... 187
  5. 5 Sodalite................................. 191
  6. 5 Spessartine Garnet............. 194
  7. 5 Spirit Quartz......................... 197
  8. 5 Sunstone............................... 201
  9. 5 Tigereye........................ 205
  10. 5 Turquoise.............................. 208
  11. 5 Watermelon Tourmaline... 212

Acknowledgments...................... 217

About the Artist........................... 219

About the Author........................ 221


Crystal §pirits Oracle!

<F)o you love crystals? Do you feel an affinity for some but not others? It’s not in your imagination—there is an energy to each crystal that is distinct and unique. It's true that most people think of them simply as decorative rocks that the New Age has made popular ... but they are not used just for smooth or sparkly bookends or pretty pendants. Since rhe beginning of time ancient healers, medicine men and women, and shamans have highly valued crystals for a reason. Across continents and cultures, many legends about the healing powers of crystals have endured.

In The Crystal Spirits Oracle, every crystal is honored as a beautiful gift to us from Mother Earth. Each stone offers us the power to align with its con­sciousness, which in turn is woven into the Universal Consciousness. Each crystal comes bearing its own


message. Imagine that connecting with the crystals in this oracle deck is like communicating with beings oflight. frequency, and energy, with different person­alities, who have opinions, ideas, wisdom, and special gifts to offer us.

Through attuning with the consciousness of these pieces of iMother Earth, you can more easily return to a state of balance and well-being as you reso­nate with the healing, stabilizing energies they pos­sess. Working with this oracle will do the same: the crystals’ sacred messages are meant to help you—to bring you into harmony during challenging times and to support your drcams taking form as your personal journey evolves.

This oracle can assist in illuminating what you need to see to support your evolving journey and to give you guidance with love and good information about your next steps. It show's what is invisible or unavailable to you whenever you are hurt, scared, or out of balance and feeling disconnected and con­tracted, and encourages you to find peace and healing. The Crystal Spirits Oracle will guide you co stay in alignment with your highest good and remind you that you are nor alone, that you are co-crcating your world with a powerfid partner. When your internal

radio of the soul tunes in to that vastness of what’s possible for you in your life, you can receive so much more than your own conscious mind real­izes. Tie Crystal Spirits all work on behalf of the Conscious Universe, as expressed through Mother Earth, which is known by many names: Source, Gaia, Divine Matrix, Goddess, and many others. Use whatever name suits you.

Work with this oracle and this conversation wil I be ampli fied and clear. What was lost or forgot­ten can be reclaimed for your benefit and healing, and you can begin to deepen your understanding of your experiences, past and present. Tie messages of the crystals will sometimes tell you to stay the course and keep the faith. Other times they will urge you to open your eyes to what you have been overlooking, to step onto a new path, and to let go of the old, familiar patterns that arc no longer working in your favor. The oracle wi 11 show you the way to course-correct, i f necessary, and encourage you to stay on track i f that is what will best serve you on your journey.

Crystals can begin their healing and harmo­nizing magic by waking you up to the incredible power available to you at all times. They help keep you aware and awake when you’re likely to fall into


“spiritual narcolepsy,” forgetting your connection to divine wisdom and the source of all love and heal­ing. As expressions of the Conscious Universe, the crystals, like their Creator, want only the best lor you: healing, wisdom, and the power of finding pos­sibilities you didn’t realize were there.

If these ideas are difficult for you to accept, consider that the Universal Consciousness is present everywhere—within us, between us. above and below us, and all around us. It resides in the plants and ani­mals, in beams of sunlight, in organic matter in the soil and the seeds that begin to germinate there. Why wouldn’t the consciousness of the universe, then,also be in rocks, mountains—and crystals? Why wouldn’t Mother Earth provide us with tools for dialoguing with her when we need help?

Tltc Conscious Universe finds every which way to work magic in your life and wants you to find ave­nues for tapping into the power of this extraordinary alchemy. These crystals serve as a device to receive the divine guidance they channel from the Universe, so you can choose your destiny rather than be subject to a fate determined by past patterns and the influence of others. 1 have been so fortunate to be rhe midwife for The Crystal Spirits Oracle, and 1 hope you too will fall in love with it when bringing it to life.

Gifts from Gaia.

“The Earth is abundant with many crystals and minerals—far more than 1 could possibly fit into one oracle deck. Every deck I create presents this same dilemma! There are so many options to choose from. Thar’s why I allowed the crystals to speak to me and tell me if they wanted to be in­cluded. meditating to open myself up to their mes­sages about which to place in this deck of 58 cards and how best to convey their messages.

As I began to dream about rhe crystals, they appeared to me as diaphanous intelligent energies surrounding their “ forms." This is why the art on th is deck looks the way it does, with faces peering out at you on each card. These drcams were like listening in on conversations about what 1 was creating. The crystals even argued among themselves like petulant siblings, squabbling over overlapping meanings or swapping positions. I had to move them around a few times before they settled down and assured me that the right associations and symbolic attributes had been ascribed to them.


I n The Crystal Spirits Oracle you hold a tool for connecting to archetypal energies helpful for guid­ance. clarity, and support. You may recognize some of these themes as similar to ones incorporated into other ancient divination systems. 1 have studied the I Ching, the Tarot, and other systems and used them forcommunicatingwith the Universal Consciousness for more than 30 years. But with this deck, 1 wanted to create a unique lexicon (that is, a language of symbols) that could help you recognize your power to work with the gifts the Conscious Universe has provided to you in this lifetime on the planet Earth. I also wanted those who are unfamiliar with working with crystals to begin to understand how you can use them in your intentions for manifestation, healing, and meditation, so you can be allied with the Conscious Universe at all times. We are in an era when we are called to remember that the earth is not just a planet in the solar system, but our home—a home suffused with consciousness that has the supreme quality of love.

Many of us feel disconnected from our home, the Great Mother, or Gaia, who supports us with water, food, and all manner of resources—and stable ground beneath our feet. One reason to work with


The Crystal Spirits Oracle is to be reminded that the earth is always there for you and can help you shift out of feeling discombobulated and anxious. Some of the actions suggested in these cards involve getting in touch with the earth herself—her land, her trees, and of course, her crystals. All can “ground” you and help you feel at home in your body. If you have a habit ofgetting too distracted by the modern world, 1 hope this oracle will help you lovingly reconnect with the Conscious Universe, working with the crystals to recognize your life’s meaning and purpose. You can experience the beauty of your life, enhance your strengths, heal your wounds, and honor your experi­ences with unconditional love.

To heal, repair, and replenish yourself, you can, in a sense, phone home to Mother Earth, who loves you dearly. Think of this oracle as a type of commu­nication technology, like a two-way radio that both receives and transmits as you dialogue with the divine through your own spirit and intuition, going within for the answers you seek. Respect this communication device—when what it tells you makes you uncomfort­able. remain fully present.


Sometimes what we most need to know for our own healing is not what we want to hear. The Con­scious Universe gives us the messages, and when we consciously choose to listen, and to work with the crystals’ powers, resistance soon melts. It is then that we are able to more easily surrender to the path that is right for us right now, the path determined by our souls, whose purpose we are meant to express as we journey on the healing road.


How to Work with ciris Qracle

You always have within you the power to choose to align with the Law of Synchronicity and to use The Crystal Spirits Oracle, receiving its guidance sourced from the universe. But to work with it ef­fectively, you first need to understand what an ora­cle can and cannot do for you.

Ifyou want to know what the future holds, this oracle can give you a sense only of what may happen ifyou stay on your current course—or shift to another one. Use it for understanding and you will find it easier to break free of the conditioning that too often leads to a repeat of the past and old patterns that blind you to the incredible possibilities before you. With greater awareness of the potential the universe offers you, you can step into your destiny consciously.


An oracle can lead you to your personal power, but it will never have power over you, for you have free will, always. Mother Earth wants to ally with you to keep you on a healthy path. Th is oracle won’t answer yes-or-no questions clearly and definitively, so don’t project your desire fora simplistic answer onto it. Your job is to work with The Crystal Spirits Oracle by lis­tening to its message and pondering it thoughtfully, with your heart open and your intuition fully engaged. Instead of a question like “Will this relationship work out for me?” ask: “What do I need to know about this relationship right now?” or "What is the best action for me to take regarding this relationship right now?” or “If 1 stay the course in my relationship, what am 1 likely to experience?” Note that all the cards have a general interpretation to guide you, as well as one more focused on relationships, particularly partner­ships such as romantic pairings, and one more focused on prosperity and affluence. They do not have specific upside-down, protection, or reversed meanings.

If you are used to oracle cards that have such a reversal or protection message, notice that in this deck you have instead been gently guided in the interpre­tations of each card. Here you are asked to consider


what role you arc playing in the creation of your current conditions—and what you might change to bring about different circumstances in the Realm of Form. Ifa card is reversed, it may signal a resistance to the message of that crystal. 1 promise that you will see things from more angles, and start moving back into balance, by aligning with the crystal and listening to what it is here to tell you. So. ifyou draw a card in an upside-down position, think of it as an extra nudge from the Conscious Universe to be honest with yourself about your choices, emotions, and observations around the subject the crystal rep­resents. Consider it a loving tap from rhe universe to look a little closer—not as a warning but as a sign to love yourself more—so you might make a change you otherwise would not have made. There is no specific message when the card is upside down, just a hug from the Conscious Universe and a nudge to take the message a little more seriously.

I encourage you to open this card pack and familiarize yourselfwith the cards—their feel, their images—and then shuffle the deck. Meditate, clear­ing the clutter in your head, so that your mind is in a state more open to your own understanding


and interpretations of the cards, as directed by the Conscious Universe. If it feels right to you, pray, speak words of affirmation, or simply state your intention aloud or internally, asking for help to gain clarity and insights and assistance for the highest good of all.

When you arc ready, ask the oracle, “What can you tell me about this situation?" or “What do 1 most need to know right now?" or “What do 1 need to become aware of consciously?" Let yourself be guided to turn over the card that “pulls" you toward it.

Each card has symbols to take in. Notice what you feel as you look at the card’s face. Then, when you look up the meaning of a card you have drawn, do not take the words too literally. Perhaps only one sentence stands out for you—or even just one word. Let your inner wisdom guide you with its own ideas of what you arc meant to learn from a card: what to do, what to change, what to surrender, and what to embrace. It might direct you to act, or to become quiet and still. It might direct you to focus on some­thing you haven’t considered or thought wasn't very important before now.

After a reading, follow through with the work of acknowledging, thinking, integrating, making choices, and contemplating the message—in short,


ground the message you received with action in the real world of the senses. In this way. you co-create a new reality with the help of the Conscious Universe working through the crystals.

Examples of Readings

You can use Crystal Spirits Oracle like any other oracle to answer questions about what you are not seeing that you need to be aware of, what actions you should consider taking, what outcomes may await you in the short term if you do take a par­ticular action (staying on course or maybe moving in a new direction). You might also want to draw a clarity card (an extra card conveying more informa­tion) to get deeper insight into a reading you have just done—with this deck or another.

All my oracle decks were created to work together, so I love to encourage adding a deck for a second opinion. Perhaps you’re drawn to The Good Tarot, The Spirit Animal Oracle, Ute Goddess Power Oracle, or Wisdom of the Oracle along wirh this one. Remember, oracle cards arc a tool for com­municating with the universe. Listen to your intuition

when it comes to working with them. It’s through this first sense ofyour own connection to the universe that information is filtered.

Maybe today all you need to draw is one card­er maybe it would help to ask three key questions (as in the sample readings on the following pages). You might want to consider drawing a second card and posing a clarifying “Anything you want to add to all this?” question. As longasyou intend to work with the Conscious Universe for the highest good of all, and you use your intuition while consulting this oracle, you will receive rhe answers you need right now.

Jon’s Creative-Project Reading

Jon had an opportunity to begin an exciting creative project, and he wanted to get some insights before sayingyes. He was very enthusiastic, yet some­thing didn’t feel right, and he couldn’t quite identify what it was. He turned it over and over in his mind but didn’t gain clarity, so he chose to work with The Crystal Spirits Oracle to feel grounded and secure as he made his decision. The questions he asked and the cards he pulled were as follows:


What do I need to know in this situation?

#2> AMBER: Healing family patterns, releasing karma, preserving the wisdom gained by the lessons of the past

For Jon, new projects spoke to his ad­venturous nature, and the opportunity he was considering was particularly juicy. But as he reflected on his dysfunctional family patterns, he realized the message from this crystal pointed to how the owner of the new company reminded him of his absent father, whom he could never please. Jon had felt uneasy when meeting the owner, and recalled himself overselling his ideas and saying yes to things before he thought them through. He was triggered to re­member as well how the new opportunity required him to present himself as some­thing other than he truly believed himself to be. Although the new job would have been very lucrative, Jon realized that his integrity just wasn’t up for sale. Now Jon recognized why the project was making him so uncomfortable. It just wasn’t him.


Where am I headed if I stay the course?

#14 CARNELIAN: Increased confidence, dignity, poise, self-assurance

Jon chose to say yes, only if the proj­ect would change to be in sync with his in­tegrity and honesty. Being true to himself might mean saying no to the job, but he felt confident in this course of action. There would be other projects that would fit with what he valued, so there was no reason to compromise—he felt sure of this now.

What action should I take to achieve the highest good?

#48 Rose Quartz: Self-love, self­worth, being enough, worthiness

Jon smiled when he saw this card, which felt like just the right companion card to #14, Carnelian Spirit, in this read­ing. He had worked hard to let go of his need to have other people like him and, as a result, developed a strong sense of self-worth. There still were times when he


questioned whether he was good enough to deserve great opportunities—like this project—but he wasn’t second-guessing himself with this decision. He recognized that the action he most needed to take was to turn down the project, explaining to the person who offered it to him why he was saying no, unless his conditions were met. Jon felt good about passing up the project if the element that made him un­comfortable could not be changed. He was confident that given his talents, he would be able attract another project soon—one more suited to him.


Investment-Opportunity Reading

Elizabeth wanted to do a reading about an investment opportunity. Her pattern was to be afraid of taking risks with her money, and she re­ally wanted to get over her old belief that she had to play it safe or disaster would strike. It was a story set back in her childhood when money was tight, and now she had an investment opportunity that her head told her would be beneficial financially.


But she wasn’t sure. Perhaps she was feeling too ad­venturous, or perhaps that voice that said “Stop! Beware!” was just her ego’s fear talking. She pulled the following cards:

What do I need to know in this situation?

#31 Lemurian Quartz: Vision, big­picture thinking, unlocking the secrets of infinite possibility

Go for it—that’s the message of Le­murian Quartz Spirit, and Elizabeth was relieved to have the card confirm that this opportunity really was not one to pass up. She felt reassured that she was not being reckless or foolish, just nervous because of her old fears about financial risks leading to ruin.

Where am I headed if 1 stay the course? #25 Green Aventurine: Luck, good fortune, potential, possibility, new opportunities

Elizabeth needed to learn not to re­gret past opportunities she had forgone by


playing it safe. She was also learning to stop being afraid that if she didn’t jump on ev­ery opportunity presenting itself, her hesi­tation would make her miss out. Always a thoughtful, deliberate person who was re­sponsible with money, Elizabeth was start­ing to trust herself and her ability to make good financial choices and do her home­work. Green Aventurine Spirit reassured her that she didn’t have to let her ego’s fear of not having enough, or not being enough, confuse her and make her anxious as she moved forward in pursuing the opportu­nity with her eyes wide open.

What action should I take next to achieve the highest good?

#51 Smithsonite: Rebirth from chaos, evolution, stress relief, emotional boost, clearing of obstacles to growth

New opportunities require us to transform and become comfortable with the turbulence of uncertainty. Fear can be an ally, and Elizabeth recognized that


she didn’t have to let it stop her. Instead, it could accompany her as she began to embrace an opportunity that would chal­lenge her in positive ways and help with her personal development. Taking risks made her anxious, but she could learn to quell her fear and make smart decisions that came from confidence rather than anxiety. Her nervousness would keep her alert to any pitfalls, so if she wasn’t calm the entire time—if her emotions were a bit turbulent—it was just a sign that she was evolving into the new Elizabeth who was comfortable investing. Elizabeth was truly ready to leave her old story behind. She knew that in time that roiling sensa­tion in her belly would go away, because she was standing on the solid ground of her own wisdom and experience.


^Ihe Cr^stal §pirits Oracle §preads

Although 1 hail from the tarot tradition where a 21- or 15-card spread had once been my norm, since I started creating my own unique oracle card systems 1 found that working with oracle cards such as these can provide you with deep and meaningful messages using much fewer cards.

One-Card Reading

There are a few variations of one-card readings that will support your relationship to this deck. First choose from one of these three question options:

  • Which Crystal Spirit has a message for me today for my highest good?
  • IVhich Crystal Spirit tvould serve me in meditation today?
  • Which Crystal Spirit illuminates what is hidden from me?


You can also create your own one-card question. Remember, in order to have a conversation with clar­ity you must allow the deck to reflect the subject you arc asking about. For example, the first question could be modified to “Which Crystal Spirit has a message for my highest good about my relationship [or job]?” Keep in mind that The Crystal Spirits Oracle will point the way for you . . . but won’t give you a pat answer. It is designed to empower you to find your own deeper, intimate answer once you have reflected on the message provided to you.

Two-Card Reading

I like these simple versions of two-card readings:

  • Card 1 answers “Where am I now regarding situation?”


And Card 2 answers “What is my next right action for my highest good regarding this situation?”

  • Card 1 answers “What do I need to know about this relationship from my point ofview?” And Card 2 answers “What do I need to know about this relationship from the other person’s point of view?”
  • Card 1 answers “What in my life needs realigning now?” Card 2 answers “How do I realign for the highest good?”

Three-Card Reading

1               2               3

A three-card reading is a great way to see the flow of potential and possible outcomes from whatever


vantage point you start from. What is most impor­tant is to recognize that you are a story in motion and your future will never land on any specific fixed destination. The oracle will show you the essence of your experience rather than tell you the exact form it will take. This distinction is very important when you work with oracles and are trying to discover what tomorrow holds. Remember, the future is mutable, changing all the time based on your current state of mind, your actions, and the effect ofwhat happens in your environment.

Here are two versions of a three-card reading. For each, first state what you want to know about a specific situation and where it s heading:

Version One

Card 1 represents Past (the experience of your past) Card 2 represents Present (where you are now as a result of how you’ve integrated the past)

Card 3 represents Potential Future (the potential experience you are heading into)

Version Two

Card 1 represents Now

Card 2 represents Next Right Action

Card 3 represents Potential


The Clarity Card

Whenever there is doubt about the meaning of your reading, you can always choose a clarity card, asking about either the entire reading or just one specific card. Sometimes you might need another card to give you more information—often be­cause you’re too close to a situation and are unable to understand the subtle nudge from a Crystal Spirit—so you have clarity about the message.

Reversed/Upside-down Cards

Just another note about cards that show up up­side down. If you have any of my other decks, you know that 1 don’t design all of them with rever­sal readings, what I refer to as Protection Cards. In this deck, if a card shows upside down, the Crystal Spirit requires you to have a look at your resistance to the subject of the card. Consider it a gentle, loving nudge from that Crystal Spirit to spend more time in self-care and compassion around the message.


My Reading for

Mhis <E)eck for You

I always ask a new oracle I am creating to make sure it is absolutely the best it can be. For this deck, I did a three-card reading using these questions:

  • What do I need to know about this oraclefor the highest good of all who will use it?
  • What will people get out ofusing The Crystal Spirits Oracle as I’ve designed it?
  • What is the next right action for the highest good of all that we can take with the help of this oracle?

And I followed up with a one-card reading to answer the question:

  • Is there anything else I need to know about making this deck extraordinarily helpful for people?


Here is what happened when I drew the cards:

What do I need to know about this oracle for the highest good of all who will use it?

#49 SELENITE: Liquid light, fluidity, flexibility, illumination and clarity, rais­ing your vibration

The message of Selenite Spirit is to release our rigidity and become more fluid and flexible—to join in the liquid light of Universal Consciousness and stop seeing ourselves as separate from the flow, hi fact, its our rigidity that makes us look for how we are different from others or how a card doesn’t quite fit our situation or answer our question. When we become flexible, clarity arises, and we raise our vibration because we stop blocking the insights and answers that don’t sync up with what we thought the cards would tell us. Then we become open to their wisdom.


What will people get out of using The Crys­tal Spirits Oracle as I’ve designed it?

#10 Black Tourmaline: Healthy boundaries, repelling and dispelling un­wanted energies, shielding and protecting, healthy interdependence

Giving too much when you’re parched is something wc all need to be aware of, and in a world that’s changing rapidly, setting healthy boundaries be­tween yourself and others is ever more important. Take time to work with The Crystal Spirits Oracle to protect yourself when you’re feeling that the world around you is going crazy or you are distracted by your own empathy or affected by other people’s dramas or negative energies. You may start to view the conditions of the outer world as the only reality, and won­der if your intentions will ever come to pass. Recognize that you have the divine fire within you and that you matter. So have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and set good boundaries. It’s im­


portant not to wear yourself out dealing with all that you have to deal with. Learn how to say no and to be discerning about your choices.

You are finding your way home to belong to yourself and making that re­lationship sacred as you connect to the Conscious Universe. Working with the oracle as it has been designed—with an aim to ground you, amplify the quali­ties you need to draw upon, and help you rebalance—will keep you from exhaust­ing yourself and getting stuck in un­healthy relationships with others in your circle and your community.

What is the next right action for the highest good of all that we can take with the help of this oracle?

#17 Citrine: Joyful expressiveness, exuberance and happiness, letting go of any and all negativity

Don’t worry what others think, and don’t try to make yourself small to fit in.


Your full self is needed right now! This crystal reminds you that you are enough and don’t need to prove yourself worthy of self-expression and doing your “thing” out in the world. Just do it! Jump in with joy, exuberance, and enthusiasm! Citrine Spirit can help you find the balance between giv­ing to the world and within your relation­ships in a healthy way and simply letting yourself be the incredible, amazing person you are without apology, without hold­ing yourself back. Be present in the light, expressing your purpose, and don’t get too caught up in worrying about the darkness. We arc all being called to let our light shine so that the darkness will start to disappear. The light always dispels the darkness!

For clarification on this reading, I asked:

Is there anything else I need to know about making this deck extraordinarily helpful for people?


#53 SpessARTINE Garnet: Charm and charisma, shining and sparkling, be­ing a brilliant beacon of confidence that inspires others

Every one of us is a being of light meant to shine and sparkle. Your light draws others to you, for we all seek the light, and this beautiful crystal’s message is to embrace your natural charm and magnetism. Do you think you’re not all that special? If so, that is only because you haven’t discovered your natural charisma and expressed it. The Conscious Universe wants you to let it shine forth, for your dazzling brilliance will be a beacon for others as you walk the healing path to­ward discovering your destiny. You can attract those who will help you and chose who will benefit from all that you have to share—your talents, your love, your joy. We are all so lucky to have you here. Feel your magnetism today. Express it. Shine your light with all your glory and let your­self draw in whatever will help you on your journey.


Whatever our challenges, we are meant to be joy­ful as we undergo this incredible experience of living on Earth at this time in history. Let’s never forget to be joyful, to express ourselves with exu­berance, to shine our light and share our talents with the world, because life is good and we are so fortunate to be here!


Mhe (ards, 'RTiEir^o Messages, and their- Meanings


---- ♦---

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Integrity, solidarity, impeccability, reliability, consistency

Although we arc always evolving, we all possess deeply held values that we do not have co compro­mise. Your personal integrity matters, so if you're feeling pressured to say yes when your heart says no, or to be something you're not, listen to the message Aegirine Spirit brings you: now is a time to remember the importance of being reliable and impeccable with your word. If you really wanted to


say no, don't say yes tor now and try to correct your mistake later. People may struggle to accept your truth and your decisions, but stick to them—be solid and consistent, because what matters to you deep down matters to the Conscious Universe, who loves you.

if you are feeling unsure, doubting whether you have a right to take a stand, become still and recon­nect with the Conscious Universe through this crys­tal. It s not your job to protect everyone’s feelings and keep the peace at all costs. You don’t have to rush about smoothing everything over. Be ar peace as you stand firm, for your deepest values arc in sync with your purpose, and the Conscious Universe wants you to feel and be strong right now.

Relationship Message

Do you struggle with trusting others? You need to trust yourself first! Aegirine Spirit is calling you to be confident, for you deserve to trust yourself trust the universe, and be true to yourself. Your strength and integrity will inspire others to show up as strong and reliable too, so be impeccable with your words. Consistently assert the values you hold dear


and your right to be your unique self; for there can be no well-being when you are denying your truth. Be a beacon of integrity and you will draw to you others who appreciate you.

Prosperity Message

Now is a time to be unfailing in your adherence to your values. Know where you are willing to bend and where you arc not. Be in touch with what mat­ters most to you, knowing that abundance takes many forms—and will show up in many ways. Be fully present and impeccable in your financial trans­actions and dealings. If you have money decisions to make, meditate on what “fair” looks like. You will have greater clarity about where to make a stand and where a little compromise feels right.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Aegirine helps pull us out of oiw emotions and place us firmly in the well of our strength. Meditation with this stone can assist in showing us how far we have come in our journey. It encourages us to embody all we have learned and reclaim our power.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Truth, revelation, the evolution and natural flow of events

Hot everything reveals itself right away in full detail. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) But the Conscious Uni­verse is unfolding a plan for you so much more bril­liant than you can imagine, and Amazonite Spirit is here to help you trust in the process and flow of revelation. Some things will be disclosed that may­shake you up, but if so, it’s all for your highest good, so pay close attention and go with it. Hie Conscious


Universe prefers you co learn your lessons without suffering, so if you allow situations to fluidly evolve instead of trying to control them, you will see that much, much wisdom is being made available to you right now. Mind, body, and the Conscious Universe arc interconnected, so be attentive to connections you previously overlooked or thought weren’t such a big deal. They have more insights for you than you might have expected.

What is unfolding will help you understand your purpose and find your destiny. You don’t have to be a victim of fate, with your future defined by repeating lessons learned in the past. You are being prepared for something awesome that you arc already moving toward. Excitement and trust arc in order!

Relationship Message

Love is sometimes so blind, and we see what we want to sec. Thus, we might need a little nudge from the Conscious Universe in order to become aware of something bigger on the horizon for us. Maybe this relationship isn’t meant to be, but rather, is here to prepare you for the one you most deserve. Or maybe it needs to change into a new and better

form ... and you have to let go so it can evolve nat­urally. perhaps developing into something deeper and more meaningful. Maybe what you have been worried about is an obstacle to trust and intimacy placed there to help you and your partner grow and become even more connected in love. Fear not, for what is being revealed is for the highest good of all. The Conscious Universe wants you to be happy and has much to teach you about getting in your own way. Be open to the revelations you are about to experience.

Prosperity Message

Situations change, requiring us to change too. But we like the familiarity of old patterns—even when they aren’t working. Now, however, as a potential future is revealing itself to you, you’re feeling the challenge of letting go of the old and embracing the new. You have enough, and you arc enough, but you still have some growing to do to fully embrace what is unfolding. So pay attention to what is being disclosed.

Let go of your need co steer your boat, and let the river of life carry you forward. Ask the Conscious Universe to help you be brave and enthusiastic as an


unfamiliar map unfurls before you, and trust that its treasures will all be revealed when you arc ready. Pros­perity and abundance are your natural state, and you are returning to that. Open to a new plan now. Ama­zonite Spirit is calling you to tread a path that will take you away from false beliefs about your potential.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with this stone encourages us to explore who wc are at the deepest level. It assists us in ascer­taining what is true for us at the core of our being, and asks us to own what wc know as our truth with unshakable certainty and absolute confidence.




--- ♦--

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Healing family patterns, releasing karma, preserving the wisdom gained by the lessons of the past

Hhe families we come into as infants and the ones wc grow up in offer us experiences that yield gifts: lessons about love, about resilience and forgive­ness. and about our own power to leave behind old ways and embrace the new. Our current families do this too. By exploring our relationships with family members, wc can discover our own strength and wisdom.


Amber Spirit is here with a message to reconnect with the “wounded” story you still recount, one that is a legacy ofyour family. Can you heal this story and instead tell one from the perspective of love? How beautiful it is to alchemically change the experience of family! This way you may receive and give love within a family as defined by the heart and the magic of the Conscious Universe, who sends people your way to make sure you have the caring and affection you need and deserve. Friends can be new family.

Reflect today on the love you have created for yourself and how precious you arc—a gem like no other. Reflect on the family surrounding you, the guides and manifestations of the Conscious Universe here to support you and send you love, love, and then some more love. Look to those who choose to offer you this gift, for they are your human—and animal— family. Draw strength from knowing that love shows up, always, to bring you what was missing in your own family in the past. This balm is available for you to heal the family wound that has hurt for too long.

Relationship Message

In romantic relationships, we always have a choice to stay or go—to learn and grow ... or to move on


to a new partnership. If you want to have a different sort of relationship the next time around, Amber Spirit's message to you is clear: explore your fam­ily relationships. The nuggets of wisdom you mine will help you avoid repeating the pain of the past in your partnerships today and in the future. Find these hidden gifts of wisdom and strength so that you may enjoy the loving partnership you deserve.

Prosperity Message

The lessons we learn about security and prosperity in our families of origin are brought into our lives as adults. Do you know what those lessons were for you? What messages about money and finances, about saving and investing, and spending and shar­ing were you given? Amber Spirit appears with an invitation to explore those lessons and messages in order to move forward consciously on the path of prosperity, unencumbered by old habits related to finances. These were perpetuated by you ... be­cause, well, you never thought to question them. To enjoy prosperity, explore what your family taught you about abundance and make conscious choices about whether to keep, alter, or replace the lessons


you learned. Hie Conscious Universe wants you to be prosperous and will support you in making changes and in creating and sustaining wealth.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Amber is not a true crystal but fossilized tree sap. Just as this resin is solidified, so too are patterns sometimes passed down by family. Meditation with Amber Spirit is excellent to help explore these pat­terns and shed light on those that may no longer serve us.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Familiarity, unconscious habits, old patterns in need of being released

(j^utopilot cakes over when we require a rest from mental overload. While this reaction can serve us well, Amethyst Spirit brings a reminder to stop sur­rendering to the familiar, be mindfrilly present to the now, and examine your habits. Are they work­ing for you the way you want them to? Arc you overdue for a new routine, perhaps a small, simple shift that can make a huge difference? What could


you say more often to those you love, or do more often to nurture yourself when your “go-to" is to sacrifice for others? What habits could you begin to develop today to build your security and increase your prosperity? Can you see how the old habits these replace should have been discarded long ago?

Amethyst Spirit’s message to you is to be con­scious of your habits so that you don’t fall asleep to your potential for transformation and healing. You deserve so much more than you have right now. so awaken to your ability to co-create anew, one replaced habit ar a time.

Relationship Message

Relationships can be like a comfortable pair of slip­pers, well broken in. But amethyst is here to awaken you to the exciting possibility of an even richer part­nership or relationship with someone you feel a con­nection to. Step out of the same old same old and into a new way of interacting, perhaps something as basic as saying “thank you" or “I love you” more often, or speaking your truth with love and convic­tion even in relation to seemingly trivial things. Big journeys of healing start with small steps, such as as­serting your need to be listened to even when you


say something that might make someone you care about uncomfortable—or to pause when someone is giving you new information that might makejow feel defensive. The energy of rediscovery is calling to you to deepen your trust and intimacy—don’t be shy! You can do this!

Prosperity Message

Playing it safe can mean not taking risks or, para­doxically, taking big risks to create that familiar and comfortable drama. Are you aware of some money habits that are ready to be questioned and changed, so that you can get off the roller coaster of Oh no, it’s a disaster!/Oh yes, I’m on a roll and everything is going to be fantastic! Or, arc you afraid to even look at your relationship with finances because you don’t trust yourself to be able to build your wealth? Amethyst is here to urge you to give up the drama and fear and simply pay attention to your patterns related to prosperity. Trust that wealth is your natu­ral state. Tic Conscious Universe is supporting you in making rhe inner changes you need so that outer conditions can begin to reflect your new internal stare. Free yourself to enjoy the wealth you deserve by breaking the chains of old habits.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Amethyst calms our minds, helping us release at­tachment to all we think we “should” be doing and allowing us to relax into being. Meditating with amethyst clears the mind of extraneous thoughts, disengaging us from the busyness of our daily lives and offering us the opportunity to connect to Spir­it. It is a wonderful stone to assist in exploring and trusting our intuitive abilities.



-------- ♦-------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Letting go of grief, re­covering from the past, releasing pain so old wounds heal

(P)cforc we came to this planet, our souls agreed to experience both love and loss in this lifetime— along with the pleasures and pains of being in our bodies—so that we might experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and find our destiny. There is great beauty in being broken open,- for a heart that has fully expanded with grief is one that truly


understands that “rejection is Gods protection.” Faith in something better coming our way will set the wheels in motion for attracting that which we most deserve. Often, we simply cannot recognize that there is a far better plan at work than our own.

The message of Apache Tears Spirit is not to fear or repress your emotions. Release them through your body so you can prepare yoursel f to heal from the heartache and receive all that the Conscious Universe has in store for your pleasure and happiness.

Relationship Message

Often, our purpose starts to reveal itself in times of rejection as the Conscious Universe whispers, “You will see this through a different set of eyes one day. I promise!” Know that the Conscious Universe is allying with you even now, eagerly supporting you in your opening to the fulfillment and joy that you were born to feel. When Apache Tears Spirit ap­pears, it is calling you to recognize that losses and even betrayals come bearing unexpected gifts; they can break your heart open and send you on a mis­sion to live more fully, more lovingly, more mean­ingfully. Much goodness is coming your way, so


hold on and hold fast to the truth that you have a destiny unfolding before you. Recognize the Con­scious Universe as your ally in co-creating some­thing so much better than what you are experi­encing now. Clear space by releasing the past and washing away the old with your tears. You do not need to hold on to old emotions.

Prosperity Message

At times, the Conscious Universes answer to you is “no,” but only because the Conscious Universe loves you unconditionally and wants you to experi­ence the very best of everything, lire tears that flow will also water seeds of joy you don't even know are planted in the field of infinite possibility. Now is a time to allow yourself to grieve your losses as if you were sweeping the doorstep and taking our the gar­bage, so that you can make way for a new delivery. Hie Conscious Universe has so much planned for you, so release any emotions that might block you from moving into a state of receptivity. Abundance and prosperity will soon be visible in your outer conditions.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Apache Tears are a translucent, water-smoothed type of obsidian invaluable in helping us process loss. Carrying an Apache Tear while grieving can assist us by providing a focal point and encouraging us co release painful emotions. Once the grieving process feels complete, the stone can be buried in the earth, allowing the emotions to be transmuted.



(flQUA $ura Quartz

------------ ♦-----------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Connecting to infinite potential; a renewed sense of purpose, won­der, and awe

^]hc earth is only one planet within a solar system within a massive galaxy that itself is a mere speck within a vast universe. How awesome it is to recog­nize the power we all have when wc choose to see ourselves as part of this incredible creation, and when wc tap into the Universal Consciousness that continually generates love and guides us with rhe- wisdom of the ages.


The appearance of this crystal is a message to you to cease your cynicism and worry, and open your heart to the wonder that is your life. How unlikely we all arc. and yet we are here! Drink in the magic of life in your body on this planet and let yourself be filled with wonderment. Open yourself to healing in its many forms as the Universal Consciousness eternally cre­ates new beginnings and generates abundance. Today is a day to appreciate the magic that is everywhere.

Relationship Message

There arc eight billion people on this planet, yet sotd mates somehow find each other, friends and lovers show up in the most unexpected places, and love makes itselfknown just as you are beginning to doubt that it is out there for you. Aqua Aura Quartz Spirits message to you today is to become childlike with wonder. Believe in magic. Believe in the power oflove to find its way to you no matter how dark the hour, for love is everywhere and you have not been forgotten. Open to the love that the Universal Consciousness wants you to feel in every cell of your body and every particle of your being, for you are the stuff of stars.


Prosperity Message

As long as you are on this earth and in this body, you will always need to pay your bills and fill your belly, but Aqua Aura Quartz Spirit is here to remind you of the magic that happens when you align with the How of abundance—you realize you really do have what you need. Resources multiply and you start to feel like Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. with a basket overflowing with gifts from those who remember what you did and who you are, who want you to know that the money and support show up when you let go of your fear that you aren't enough. You are enough—and more. Open yourself to the abundant gifts from rhe Conscious Universe today and be in awe of the signs that say “Yes, I am listen­ing, and I love you to there and back!”

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Aqua Aura Quartz is a clear quartz that has been treated with a specialized process, bonding finely powdered gold to its surface. The addition of gold changes the energy of the quartz into something “more” and very different than the original crys­tal. Meditation with Aqua Aura Quartz soothes


rhe emotions and seems to on some level feel “sa­cred," bringing in a feeling of attunement to rhe upper realms.



ESSENTIAL MEANING: Enhanced clarity, calm discernment, awareness and acceptance of one's truth

More than ever, it’s easy to get lost in a flood of in­formation. While remaining focused and on task may be difficult when your senses are overstimu­lated, Aquamarine Spirit has appeared to tell you that you really do have what it takes to sort it all out and become clear as you make decisions. Your powers of discernment are now magnified, and you


arc poised to make healthy choices for yourself and the good of all.

Crystals can be found when looking carefully at a big rock formation or layer of earth. If you call on the help of the Conscious Universe and work with the energy of aquamarine, you can see what sparkles and calls for your attention—and you can quickly understand it too. Take a deep breath and be patient as you practice discernment and observe details you might have overlooked before, first one at a time and then in unison. Know that your ability to recognize the importance of small details is supported by the Conscious Universe. You are on the brink of attaining some powerful insights, and Aquamarine Spirit has come to show you the way.

Relationship Message

Slow down and look carefully, for there are details that need your time—this is the message of Aqua­marine Spirit, which can help you to become crys­tal clear both in communicating your needs and in understanding those of others. Old patterns may cause you to overlook new information, material that could give you important insights into your re­lationship and assist you in making the right choice

for yourself Trust what you notice. If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu when it comes to your relation­ship, it is the Conscious Universe calling you to learn the lesson of aquamarine. Be discerning and observant, and you will surely make decisions that are for the highest good for all.

Prosperity Message

Your ability to note details benefits you right now, and Aquamarine Spirit will help you make calm, clear decisions. With the confidence of having the Conscious Universe allied with you to co-create wealth and abundance, you can take your time. Be­ing methodical is called for now. Those details you already checked? It’s a good time to go over them again. You arc poised to gain insights that will ben­efit you as you work to heal old patterns generated by your ego’s fear, patterns that no longer serve you. Break free by exercising discernment right now. for the Conscious Universe has much wisdom to share with you. You can be confident that everything you need will be right there for you.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Aquamarine assists us in communicating on a fre­quency oflovc. Meditation with this stone enables us to soften the edges of our words, teaching us to express ourselves from the heart rather than strictly from what we know. This brings a loving vibration to our speech and, interestingly, allows us to be truly heard, as rhe vibration is felt by those wc are speaking to.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Mindfulness, medita­tion on the present

Ho be mindful is to be aware of the now rather than distracted by the past or future and any thoughts of oughts, shoulds, and might-haves. Your quest for healing requires discovering what you are truly thinking and feeling when you are not distracting yourself Auralite Spirit calls you to be mindful of your needs right now. for this may be a time to let tears How or laughter arise, to recognize some­


thing so subtle that you previously missed it, or to understand that you are so much more than what you can accomplish or produce. Be here in this mo­ment, fully present and accepting of what is. Make the time to meditate today and simply observe what you know and feel, without starting to talk yourself out of it and into something else. No matter how hard this moment may seem, simply by observing it you will change it.

Relationship Message

Are you mindful of what is going on right now in your relationship—its qualities and patterns? Au- ralite Spirit wants you to observe what is work­ing so you can build upon it, and to see what is not working so you can begin to address it. Be fully present in your relationships today. Meditate, and then, as you interact with those you love, pay attention—observing without judgment, noticing what is happening without spinning a story of shoulds and ought-to-haves. Open your eyes, that you might deepen your love and connection; for now, your ability to be present and free of distrac­tions is very strong.


Prosperity Message

Embrace your ability to be present in the now in­stead of lost in the past, thinking about the should- haves, or wandering aimlessly in the future, worried about the what-ifs. Auralite Spirit is here to am­plify your consciousness of this moment and your experience of prosperity. You have much to build upon, so let go of your fear and just sec and know what is yours right now. What opportunities are at your door? What have you gathered—wisdom, knowledge, and wealth—that can remind you of your ability to bring about the prosperity you seek? Meditation will help you sec the answers.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Auralite contains 23 different minerals and is a healer on so many levels; no one benefit outweighs the others. Starring slowly, meditating with this stone for short periods of time regularly allows us to become used to its energy. It works on all the chakras and is a stone that can be used effectively to address any issue of the mind, body, or spirit.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Drive, courage, full speed ahead, spirited action

nhere is a rime to hesitate and a time to move forward with conviction, courage, and total determination—and that time is now. Bixbite Spirit has arrived to tell you to take a deep breath and move full speed ahead with forceful action on behalf of your own healing. Be fierce as you push through obstacles with laser focus, for nothing will


stand in your way. You are meant to feel driven at this moment, to break free of the chains binding you to unhealthy patterns. Advocate for yourself unapologctically and be unshakable in your belief that you are worthy of achieving your goal. The Conscious Universe, the force that propels you, is always there for you as your ally. Now is a time for fearless action. Sail on!

Relationship Message

Let go of anything that might impede you as you act on that inner conviction to bring love into your life by nourishing your relationships. There is time enough for to-do lists. Today is a day for connect­ing and reconnecting with those you care about, and for reaching out to those you have said you want to get to know better. The universe is in love overdrive right now and wants you to stop focusing so much on the everyday tasks that can start to wear you down. Prioritize relationships, for they have the power to help you heal and to recognize that you have all you need right now to experience content­ment and fulfillment.


Prosperity Message

Full speed ahead, Captain, even though your ship may be sailing into uncharted waters. But that is exactly what you are meant to do on your quest to experience the prosperous life the Conscious Uni­verse wants for you. Bixbite Spirit's message is to take action toward growing the wealth that is all around you. Claim your power to co-crcatc a solid foundation for any adventure you wish to take. Your boat is made of sturdy wood so sail with confidence, leaving behind the scarcity thinking of the past.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Bixbite is a rare red form of beryl. Due to its rarity, only small specimens can generally be found. How­ever, even a little piece packs a big punch! Bixbite is an excellent stone to increase self-esteem while simultaneously giving us the courage and energy to take action on our own behalf




----------- ♦----------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Healthy boundaries, repelling and dispelling unwanted energies, shield­ing and protection, healthy interdependence

^"Therc is a saying chat good fences make good

neighbors. Well-being likewise requires healthy boundaries that respect everyone’s uniqueness, sim­ilarities, and differences. Tire appearance of Black

Tourmaline Spirit is a sign that now is the time to make sure those fences arc neither impenetrable


walls nor so porous and broken down that you stai r to lose track of where you end and others begin.

It’s invigorating to move between alone time and together time. Maybe you need to be with some extroverts for a while, or maybe you need a long eve­ning alone with a good book. Ifyou’ve been feeling tired lately, pa)' attention to whether you're neglect­ing yourself at some level, giving too much, suffer­ing from empathy overload, or depending too much on someone else and crowding them. You may need some down time to remind you that you are a human being not a human doing. You do not have to earn love through perpetual self-sacrifice, nor do you have to feel overwhelmed and needy. Healthy boundaries mean leaning on others in a balanced way, and Black Tourmaline Spirit is here to nudge you to be mindful ofwhen you need time to yourself and when you need to be among those who accept you exactly as you are.

Relationship Message

It’s natural ro yearn for that one special someone to be everything you need, but even if you’re matched with your soul mate, the two of you require some rime away from each other now and again to truly


appreciate how much you enjoy being together. An afternoon with friends or working on a project solo can recharge your batteries. Ifyou don’t want to be apart from the one you love, be sure that it’s not be­cause you’re afraid to be alone. The Conscious Uni­verse wants you to be yourself and relaxed in your relationship, for you deserve the gift of a love that is fulfilling and nurturing.

Prosperity Message

Healthy boundaries build trust, which is important when it comes to money and finances. It’s so easy to jump up and insist, “Oh no! I think I’m not getting a fair deal here!” When this crystal appears, be espe­cially observant of any tendency to be unclear or in­secure about rhe flow of money between or among you and your circle. Now is a good time to check in with everyone to be sure they are comfortable with how the force of prosperity is moving from person to person. We are meant to help each other and share our affluence, so confirm that you arc main­taining healthy boundaries as you work with others in ways that involve money and wealth.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly valuable stone for sensitives, empaths, and anyone susceptible to absorbing the energy of others. When carried or worn on the body, it works industriously to cap­ture incoming energy rhat is less than desirable and transmute it into usable energy. When used in meditation, it helps work through old “stuff” from a neutral perspective, allowing us to keep the “wheat” and discard the “chaff?



gLUE (halcedony

---------- ♦---------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Slowing down, easy does it, restoring balance and serenity

[ifc’s pace can feel overwhelming ar rimes, and this crystal shows up just when you need ro slow down and experience serenity and balance. Certainty won't present itself just because you are rushing around. Blue Chalcedony Spirit brings the message to immerse yourself in the moment and to surren­der your sense of urgency to the Conscious Uni­verse. You arc pushing too hard now. Easy does it as


you transition horn the old ways into the new and begin to try out your fledgling wings.

You are ever evolving, and rhe unfamiliar can send you hurrying back to where you were or rushing ahead to get past the uncomfortable part—the part where you have to confront rhe truth thatyou are fac­ing many unknowns. Your fearful ego will try to con­vince you that rhe way to get what you need is to work harder and faster and move as swiftly as possible, but your best action now is to slow down. Allow yourself to be clear on what you want so that your intentions begin to coalesce in ways that will please you.

As you look around, be fully present to what is, allowing a sense of tranquility and case to arise in you even though you may not be able to sec what to do next. Ute Conscious Universe has much to offer you, so take a breath and remember: easy does it.

Relationship Message

Easy does it is again your motto as you decide on your relationships best course, for the Conscious Universe wants to be sure you move forward with clear intention—and that requires reducing your speed. You will advance in the right way at the right time, balancing swift movement with progress at a


relaxed pace. Blue Chalcedony Spirit wants you to know that the healing of old patterns is easier when you are not letting fear drive you to move too quick­ly through a transition. You wanted to change the old ways, and you arc doing so, guided by the Con­scious Universe. So let yourself feel serene. Trust in this process as you slow things down to gain a clearer view.

Prosperity Message

It’s only natural to want to build on your inner af­fluence. You have been doing much to change the old patterns—good for you! Now, however, Blue Chalcedony Spirit is calling you to take a closer look at what you have set in motion. Is it time to consider changes? Are you happy with what is com­ing into being, or do you need to do some healing work to ensure you are comfortable with your new­found material wealth? Perhaps you need to work on trusting yourself and your co-creativc powers. You can learn much that will help you build and maintain a solid foundation—if you slow down at this time.

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Crystal Spirit Meditation

Blue Chalcedony is quite simply a serenity stone. Meditating with it soothes the emotions, calms the adrenals, and brings peace to the body and mind. As a balm for frazzled nerves, it would be well uti­lized worn or carried on ones person when entering a situation where remaining calm is required.




--------- ♦---------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Peaceful acceptance, stress-free nonattachment, freedom from unnecessary dramas

Qfllthough crystals seem solid and permanent, all things on this earth change over time, even the minerals and the rocks. Transformation can be slow and nearly imperceptible, but we are always changing. Our lives flow like a river, slowly or quickly but always in motion—and that’s a good thing. The appearance of Blue Lace Agate Spirit


calls for you to embrace the possibility of change without stress.

You are not too old, too late, too stuck in your ways, too anything. You are enough, and you will have help as you dare to be different and step into a new destiny, finding your purpose with peace in your heart instead of living according to the old patterns prob­ably created long before you even thought about your habits and belief systems. Why hold on to a past that causes you stress and anxiety? It’s already changing anyway! Impermanence is the nature of everything, and the Conscious Universe has so many ideas for how to help you be fulfilled, balanced, and joyful.

Relationship Message

The universe is ruled by divine order, so now is the time to release all your anxiety. If you are sensing that your relationship is in transition, know that the Conscious Universe wants the best for you and will work with you to help you experience the loving relationships you deserve. You are not untethered and tossed about by the cold north wind, even if it may feel that way right now. Be at peace, for you arc firmly on the ground, with the Conscious Universe

as your reliable anchor. Connect with this ally and this transition will lead you to something even bet­ter, for you will remember that change can be a very good thing. Open yourself to new possibilities for transformation.

Prosperity Message

Did an opportunity fade before you had a chance to seize it? No worries. Give your stress a break. “This, or something better” is a truth that Blue Lace Ag­ate Spirit wants to remind you of, for it brings with it the energy of calm and peaceful transformation. Maybe the opportunity to build your wealth wasn’t the right one for you. and what’s coming is so much better that you will say to yourself. “What was I thinking, worrying about rhe past?” Endings lead to beginnings, so be present in this transition, learn­ing the lessons of the past and being enthusiastic about all the wealth that will be available to you in a prosperous future. There's always more, thanks to the Conscious Universe, so you never need stress or try to hold on too tightly. Your wealth may change its form, but abundance is your birthright. Trust in the Conscious Universe and you will be guided


toward the opportunities for co-creating prosperity that you seek.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Blue Lace Agate encourages you to relax and go with the flow. It opens the throat chakra and assists in clear’yet gentle communication. Meditation with this stone can assist in slowing thought, clearing the mind, and connecting with angels and guides.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Loyalty, trust, steadfast­ness, self-respect, trusting that the Conscious Universe has your back

Mow is the time to be sure you trust in the Con­scious Universe and remain true to your authentic self as Bronzite Spirit appears with the message that loyalty must be earned. Be judicious in extending your trust, knowing it is a gift from the Conscious Universe that must be honored. Respect others by being trustworthy yourself, speaking of them in


ways that are honorable. Heal the past by owning your role in it so that you can trust yourself again, having learned the lessons that will strengthen you.

Relationship Message

Even if you have been betrayed in the past, you can heal the sting by extending trust again, as challeng­ing as that may be. Bronzite Spirit reminds you that this time, however, you are much wiser and stronger, much more mindful of rhe signs that signal you need to step back and nurture yourself Being true to an­other is an expression of rhe beauty of the divine, and you have this capacity. Your loyalty and steadfastness will be rewarded by the Conscious Universe, perhaps in ways that you don’t expect. Be true to yourself, knowing that a loving, respectful relationship with yourself lays the groundwork for a loving, respectful relationship with another. Remember you are always protected when divinely directed.

Prosperity Message

Your true heart is recognized by the Conscious Universe, who wants only the very best for you. As much as you want to trust others, be mindful


of others who you sense do not deserve your trust. Cautiously and mindfully venture to lend your loy­alty again anyway, knowing that you arc where you arc meant to be, and you have the Conscious Uni­verse as your ally to send you signs when a situation or individual warrants your caution. You can release your fears of being affected by the negativity of oth­ers. Be steadfast in your convictions as you work with others to build and maintain a firm financial foundation for yourself You are stronger and wiser than you once were, and now you can trust yourself to know when you must make a change, take ac­tion, or speak a truth. Let go of your self-doubt, for Bronzite Spirit is celling you that you can be trusted to know what you need to do to make good deci­sions regarding your finances.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with bronzite can assist in discerning what needs to be released in order for us to heal. Due to its iron concent, it is also a stone of strength, lending support as wc allow all chat no longer serves to fall away.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Increased confidence, dignity, poise, self-assurance

Rising above the fray is much easier when you feci confident in your strengths and know that the Con­scious Universe is lighting the path for you. There’s no shame in feeling unsure as you leave behind the unfamiliar, but Carnelian Spirit is here to help you grow your confidence so that you can experience dignity and poise even when it is clear that you are


imperfect and not completely certain of what step to take next. You have come so far and grown so much. Give yourself credit and know that you make the best decisions for the good of all when you feel self-assured because you are connected to the Con­scious Universe, your co-creator, at all times. You are awake and alert, heeding the signs that guide you on the healing path, so hold your head high.

Relationship Message

There is strength in allowing yourself to be vulner­able. After all, intimacy and trust can only be built if you let yourself be seen as you really are. Be confi­dent in all that you have to offer a partner and know that the Conscious Universe wants all of your rela­tionships to nourish you. Carnelian Spirit is here to remind you of how wonderful you are. Rest assured that as you experience your dignity and hold your head high, others will recognize that you are a pillar of strength and a beautiful, unique spirit. You de­serve the relationship that you want for yourself— be assured that the Conscious Universe is working to see that you have it.


Prosperity Message

When Carnelian Spirit appears, it is not a time for second-guessing yourself Did you forget how much power you have to co-creatc rhe reality you wish co experience? You are called today to be con­fident in your strengths, to feel self-assured as you deal with unexpected challenges or boldly move forward into uncharted territory to explore its pos­sibilities for you. Feel rhe strength of the Conscious Universe propelling you forward. Walk with digni­ty and grace, for you are truly capable of co-crcating all you need and more.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Carnelian is a stone of confidence, courage, and ac­tion, fantastic for those who are prone to procras­tination or have difficulty gathering rhe courage to take the first step. Carnelian lights a fire in your belly (and other less comfortable places), pulls you up by the bootstraps, and says, Let’s gofor it!


ESSENTIAL MEANING: Connection to the angelic realm and divine energy, clear channels for communication with your guides and Universal Consciousness

Lach of us is a unique expression of the Conscious Universe, whose endless imagination is also ex­pressed through guides and angels. Did you know that these entities are eager to help you find balance and align yourself with the Conscious Universe so tharyou experience all you deserve?


Celestite Spirit is here to let you know that you arc always connected with magical beings from the angelic realms, beings that are especially gifted at showing us what the eyes don’t always see. Your message today is to be open to the guides and angels all around you, above you and below you. They are loving and supporting you in finding your purpose and feeling joy, love, and hope no matter what your outer conditions. You have all you need and are always accompanied by these entities who are devoted to bringing love and healing to all of us when we are feel­ing alone and weak. Today, connect with the angelic realm by calling upon these loving guides to light the path for you and help you become conscious of the unconscious gifts that arc there for you now and always will be.

Relationship Message

Right now, guides and angels who understand hu­man frailties are close by. nudging you and whisper­ing to you, sending you love and helping you with any specific challenges you are facing in your rela­tionships. They are completely dedicated to being that perfect friend, teacher, or healer and will do all


they can to connect you to people with gifts for you. So listen to the message of Celestite Spirit and open your eyes to the workings of guides and angels in your life today. They will operate through people— strangers and newcomers in your life, often—so if you have been isolating yourself, break out of that now. Pay attention to those being sent your way by the beings who know just who can help you. En­hance your relationship with guides and angels by reaching out to them with a prayer or request today.

Prosperity Message

Angel phone ringing . . . pick up, please! Celestite Spirit has a way of amplifying that ring so that the guides and angels—who are eager to help you achieve the prosperity you seek—come rushing to answer. Now is the perfect time to ask so that you might receive. Do you doubt that angels and guides are eager to help you experience the abundance that is your birthright? Send that doubt packing and open your heart today, asking the angels and guides to assist you in aligning with a state of wealth that you desire and deserve. They are but a prayer away.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Celestite is a high-vibration sulfur-bearing stone that effectively opens and clears the upper chakras. Meditation with this stone can assist one in con­necting with angels and guides. Due to the sulfur content, it is also an excellent stone to use to clear energetic attachments.





ESSENTIAL MEANING: Speaking your truth, heartfelt communication, right speech

When you speak your truth, you are being true to your soul’s desire to participate in the co-creation of a better world and a better life for you. Chryso­colla Spirits message for clear authentic speech that arises from your heart is this: the force of the Conscious Universes love is here for you today as you choose to speak up and speak out, for you can be a clear channel for what needs to be said. Your


voice is so very important, for you arc a unique be­ing with your own calling and destiny, and the Con­scious Universe expresses truth through you. Prac­tice choosing your words consciously as you voice a difficult truth or speak up on behalf of someone who has felt powerless for too long. Be assured that because of your commitment to heartfelt commu­nication, your voice will ring out, cutting through the noise today.

Relationship Message

Trust and intimacy build when we have the courage to speak our truth, and today, Chrysocolla Spirit is here for you to support you in right speech. Speak your truth as you see it, from the heart, using words that express the very best of you. Don’t hold your tongue out of fear that you aren’t enough or don’t de­serve to have your say. Practice telling the truth with love as a sign of respect for yourself and your experi­ences as you have lived them and your emotions as you have felt them. Claim your voice and use it wisely and honorably, for many truths make up the collec­tive Truth we all share, and yours is no less valid than anyone else’s and deserves to be heard.


Prosperity Message

Wc often remain silent because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or be embarrassed, but Chrysocolla Spirit has appeared to tell you that now is not a time to hold back your truth. Practice right speech, expressing yourself in a loving and honor­able way as you discuss your business and financial dealings. Speak up about what you need and desire, and what you are thinking and perceiving when it comes to the flow of money and your own desire to experience prosperity. You will be heard today.

At the same time, recognize that any truths you hear from others are their truths and have value for all. Listen carefully, setting aside any defensiveness and tuning in to the heart of what others are saying. You can learn much today ifyou are willing—much that will help you in your quest to have a firm financial foundation.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to use when we need assistance in speaking up and speaking our truth. Meditation with this stone helps open and clear the throat chakra, allowing the words of the


heart to rise up and be expressed. Chrysocolla teaches us to be aware that our words carry "vibra­tion” through sound and asks us to be conscious of what vibration we are choosing to send out into the world.


ESSENTIAL MEANING: Joyful expressiveness, exuberance and happiness, letting go of any and all negativity

how is rhe time for you to be you and to experience the tremendous joy available to you. With all the hard work you do to overcome your old patterns, heal rhe wounds of the past, and forgive yourself and others as you walk the healing path, you might find that you have forgotten how to just have fun and laugh. Be happy today. Citrine Spirit is here


to amplify the joy in your life, so feel it and express it, as if yon arc broadcasting it to the entire planet, because you are. However serious life may feel, the Conscious Universe really wants all of us to have fun, so you are doing important work when you exuberantly share your joy with the world. Make time for pure playfulness and joy today.

Relationship Message

In our relationships, we work to build foundations of love and trust, and one way to do that is through simply spending time together having fun. Do something with someone else—some activity you enjoy or that neither of you have tried before—that will make your hearts happy. Being adventurous can be fun even if the experience doesn’t turn out quite as you expected and the rain insists on falling on your parade. Intend to find something funny and positive in whatever you do with others today, and joy will be your gift, magnified by the power of Ci­trine Spirit. Remember, your joy encourages and in­spires others to let go of their sadness and cynicism, so don’t hold back. Radiate happiness!


Prosperity Message

To prosper is to thrive and flourish, and choosing to be joyful can take us out of the doldrums of our everyday tasks and into pleasure and happiness. Even if you have financial obligations to attend to today and you’re not looking forward to the chore, bring a sense of fun to the table. You are building your wealth and engaging in the flow of abundance in the Universal Consciousness. Joyful enthusiasm can help you discover new ways to invest in expand­ing your wealth. The possibilities for prosperity arc endless, so let yourself be happy at the thought of what you might co-create!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Citrine is a stone that teaches how to create abun­dance by taking action from an enthusiastic, heart­based place. It helps us recognize the value in all that we have, teaching us gratitude and the lesson that true abundance is not about monetary worth.



Clear Quartz

-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Amplification, magnifi­cation, expansion, growth

\\ hen Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it is the time to focus on growth and expansion. Whatever you appreciate—love, abundance, or anything else— will grow simply by your observing it and feeling gratitude for it. Arc you paying attention to all that is good in your life? Clear Quartz Spirit brings the message that you will amplify whatever you focus


on, so focus well. Be mindful of what receives rhe bulk of your notice. Find what is healing and nur­turing and what fosters your well-being; express gratitude for the bounty that is yours and it will expand. Whatever makes you feel happy and alive, do more of it!

Relationship Message

It’s easy to magnify the Haws in others and forget to reflect on where you might need to grow. When Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it’s a sign for you to turn your attention to all that is wonderful in the people you care about, in yourself, and in your rela­tionships. Grow what is good. Grow what is work­ing. No one can be all things to all people at all times, so cut yourself and your partner some slack.

Today, celebrate who you arc and what you expe­rience in your relationships that helps you feci loved and appreciated, and share that celebration with oth­ers. Say “Thank you!” to rhe people in your life who make it better in so many different ways.


Prosperity Message

Clear Quartz Spirit comes bearing energetic growth and expansion. What do you love? What do you desire? Choose well so that the seeds you water will lead to a bumper crop of just what you hoped for. Invest time in activities that you value so that you can increase your fulfillment and prosperity. Abundance is your natural state, and quartz crystal can help bring you back to it. so notice what feels healthy, good, and rooted in a strong foundation. You can expand upon it with the help of the Con­scious Universe. The appearance of Clear Quartz Spirit signifies certain opportunities that lead to your greater good. Whatever you place your atten­tion on will grow. Be certain you want it to!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditate with clear quartz when we desire clarity on any aspect of life. Clear quartz is magnanimous in that it will generously offer up its own energy in order to magnify that of any other stone. Con­taining only silicon and oxygen, it is the purest of all crystals and is easily programmable with our intentions.




---------- ♦---------

essential MEANING: Playfulness, childlike joy and enthusiasm for life, absurdity, humor, laughter

\\/atch children playing, and you are watching them learn. Serious though life may seem at rimes. Dalmatian Stone Spirit is calling to you to embrace the absurdity of this world, to laugh and find humor in the everyday experiences that might otherwise frustrate you. All of us arc here to learn, and laugh­ter makes the lesson easier—and sometimes, it even


makes it stick a little better, for it can help you write a funny story to tell again and again: “Remember that time... ? Boy, did 1 learn my lesson!”

Now is a good moment to crack a joke to break the tension and remind yourself that alongside trou­ble and hardship dances a spirit of playfulness. This is not the time for trudging or marching but for skip­ping. Sing a song, make a goofy face, and recognize that the Conscious Universe throws you oft course at times to remind you that surprises can be gifts from the invisible realms. Dalmatian Stone Spirit is calling you to lighten up and open yourself to playing with the possibilities. Who knows what you will discover as you join in on the fun? The Conscious Universe is not here to trick you but to help you, for you are deeply loved.

Relationship Message

Joyful memories bind us to those we love, and the appearance of Dalmatian Stone Spirit is a sign that today you arc meant to share laughter with those close to you. Our time here on Earth is short and wc are meant to play and have fun. Ifyou think back on those who have passed, the silliest stories may be rhe


ones you most cherish as memories; these help you recall the joy you had being with them. Relation­ships can always use improvement, but today you are called to simply bring the laughter and tun into your relationships.

Prosperity Message

Tire serious work of building a strong foundation that will sustain you regardless of whether rhe sun is shining or the clouds are pouring rain can be set aside for now. Remember that the real security lies in knowing that you are here to laugh and to learn. Bring in a sense of fun and playfulness as you imag­ine what you might co-create with the Conscious Universe. This is an excellent time to play the game of “What would 1 do if money were no obstacle?”— and to recall that money docs not have to be an obstacle if you collaborate with the Conscious Universe in finding ways to co-create abundance in your life.

And if life seems to be teasing you and sending you on a roller-coaster ride when it comes to finances, it is only because the Conscious Universe wants you to take money, and this life on Earth, a little less seri­ously. We are here to be joyful and play, not just to


accumulate wealth. All will get settled when it needs to, for the Conscious Universe is working in your best interests.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with Dalmatian stone can assist us in finding the place within that remembers what joy feels like. It teaches that it is necessary to throw off the shackles of our burdens now and then. After all, we are not just here to survive, and this stone asks us to dance, sing, laugh, play, and enjoy life, savoring what it feels like to be alive.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: The priceless gift of time and pressure combined, beauty and strength arising from trials and challenges, the right use of power

<£]s co-creators with our fellow beings, wc arc meant to work together harmoniously, giving and receiving, taking turns and sharing rhe work, the credit, the fun, and the power of manifestation. Today, you arc called to claim your power and exer­cise it with respect and love for all, even those who


arc hard to love—especially those who challenge you. You never know what silent struggles people arc hiding, and your ability to express love is magni­fied by Diamond Spirit today. So listen to that part of you that wants to be kind and understanding to­ward someone who is making it difficult for you to come from your highest self

Diamond Spirit has appeared to let you know that this is a moment to wield your power mind­fully. You have earned wisdom over time, as you have suffered much in your life and now arc in a place of maturity and understanding. Avoid being reactive, for there is strength in quiet, loving gestures such as the willingness to listen or to say, “I am so sorry that you are in this situation.” Often, it is these gentle actions that hold the most power.

Your ability to move hearts is very strong right now, so even as you maintain healthy boundaries, make the choice to own your power and use it with wisdom and grace. In so doing, you align with the Conscious Universe, who knows the healing power of love and compassion.


Relationship Message

Your ability to act lovingly is strong today, ampli­fied by Diamond Spirit. You are filled with love and capable of deep compassion even as you speak rhe truth about how others’ behavior affects you. Use your power to set firm boundaries, to say no and mean it, to listen with an open heart and open mind before making a decision, and to express compas­sion without giving up your integrity.

All this wells up from the wisdom you have earned from your previous challenges. You do know better now! At the same time, be sure you do not come on so strong that others feel intimi­dated. Forcefulness is not necessary. Pay attention to whether someone seems afraid to contradict you, for you might unwittingly be discouraging them for owning their power. Be loving, be strong, be com­passionate—and exercise right use of power with everyone you connect with today.

Prosperity Message

The right use of power means acknowledging your effect on others. Arc you honoring yourself by in­sisting that you be paid what you are worth? Are


you paying others a fair price for what they do for you? You have the power to negotiate, to set bound­aries, and to wield your influence respectfully, rec­ognizing that we all are meant to share in the uni­versal flow of abundance. Today is a day to exercise the right use of power by honoring everyone’s need to be treated fairly and experience prosperity. When you recognize how your prosperity impacts others, you will see the rate at which your drcams manifest increase exponentially, resulting in great abundance you can share! Truly, in singling you out today, Dia­mond Spirit has chosen well!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Diamonds can be formed in the earths mantle, in a lab, or due to a collision of an asteroid with Earth. However they come into being, they teach us that extreme pressure and hardship can transform even the most ordinary into something incredibly strong and beautiful. Diamond Spirit asks us to contem­plate how something that felt unbearable may have actually assisted us become more fully who we arc. Can you see how strong you are now?




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Organization, orderli­ness, clutter clearing, list making

Hot all plans will come to fruition, but in the plan­ning, wc learn so much. Have you worked out your plans, making lists and organizing your thoughts? Dumortierite Spirit’s message to you is to take the ideas in your mind and commit them to paper in an orderly fashion, for you arc supported right now in structuring plans that will help you achieve the fulfillment and healing you seek. Your mental


discipline is enhanced now, so pull out your jour­nal and write your to-do items. Draw arrows and pictures that help you prioritize and acknowledge what is most important to you and what needs to be on rhe low-priority' end ofyour list (or dropped off your list altogether). Dumortierite Spirit wants you to know that you will feel stronger and more confi­dent once you start working out your ideas on pa­per, and right now your power to put it all together in a way that works for you is at its peak. Commit to organizing your ideas today, for the Conscious Universe wants you to know that you are better at this planning stuff than you might think.

Relationship Message

Dumortierite Spirit has appeared to encourage you to bring about orderliness in your interactions with others and in your thinking about your relation­ships. Now is a perfect rime to journal about your thoughts and feelings when it comes to the people you care about. If challenging emotions come up, be secure in knowing that divine guidance is there for you and that rhe Conscious Universe wants you to be happy. Dumortierite Spirit calls you to write lists

and set plans for what you want and need in your relationships. You are entitled to receive love easily and naturally, and as you get honest with yourself through journaling and list making, you will start to see whether you need to adjust your relationships to make this easier. Love yourself enough to journal about your truth as you collect your thoughts, and ger organized when it comes to planning how you might improve or enhance your relationships.

Prosperity Message

Divine guidance is yours now, as your ability to think through and plan how you will secure pros­perity and build your affluence is powerful in this moment. Make lists, devise your strategy, and com­mit on paper to doing what you want to do. Make it real by writing it down as you organize your thoughts and set a course for growing the prosper­ity you deserve. Know that your finances are not out of your control simply because you do not have complete certainty about your situation, what you must do, or what lies ahead. You will feel more con­fident in this knowledge today if you hearken back to Dumortierite Spirits message that divine order is


always at work in your life. So get organized to align with the flow of abundance that is always available to you.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Dumortierite works to open and clear the third-eye and crown chakras. This stone is beneficial to wear or carry on those days when “brain fog” is an issue and clarity is required. Meditation with dumortier­ite assists you in connecting to Source or the Divine while also facilitating psychic awareness.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Giving and receiv­ing love, opening your heart to friendship, embracing unity

]oye, like light, is experienced in many different ways, some obvious and some so subtle that we can only sense it if we quiet our minds and pay very close attention. Tie message of Emerald Spirit is to open to love in all its array of colors and to become a channel for its healing powers.


You are always capable of tuning in to “Radio Love,” so today find the frequency so that you might experience and channel love. Aspire to love your neighbor as you love yourself recognizing that love must begin within you as you connect to the Con­scious Universe, the source of all love. Channeling love nourishes you as you experience how its healing power dissolves the darkness. You are a love beacon today. Can you feel it?

Relationship Message

Love is meant to How through you from within and without, cleansing your energy field so that you can feel your souls worth and know that you are always loved. Love may not be coming to you right now in the form you prefer, but don’t overlook its presence. Express love toward yourself and others— remember, loving your neighbor means starting at home with self-love! Now is the time to set aside the obstacles that block you from receiving, experienc­ing, and expressing love, and simply be the love you want to see in the world and in your life. Trust that when you open to love, loving partnerships are pos­sible to help you heal the old wounds.


Prosperity Message

Love and prosperity may seem to be two very dif­ferent things to you, but Emerald Spirits message is that the Conscious Universe both are your natural birthright and one can support the other. In all your business and financial dealings today, ask yourself, “What would love do?" and let your loving heart guide you to be self-loving and loving toward oth­ers. Love means respecting what people offer with good intentions. It means giving to others without fear that you won’t get the return on investment in the exact amount or form you hope for. Love and prosperity flow among all of us, and today you are called to align with that flow.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Emerald is a heart-healing stone that carries the energy of universal love. Meditation with this stone opens the heart and soothes it, allowing re­lease of blockages brought about by painful emo­tions. It teaches love and compassion and asks that we carry these qualities out into the world to be shared with others.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Wisdom from within, inner truth, aligning with divine intelligence, trusting your own earned wisdom

\\ hen you arc distracted by all the noise and stim­ulation that arc part of our lives now, it can be hard to trust that you have what it takes to make wise choices. The appearance of Euclase Spirit is a sign that valuable insights can be found through tapping into your intuitive intelligence. When it comes to knowing the truth, there is no substitute for lived


experience char has been recalled and examined. Through a process of alchemy, your experiences have generated wisdom that can guide you when you feel lost or confused. You know more than you think—trust your inner wisdom, for it is guided by the Conscious Universe. You are learning that fear can distort your intuitive intelligence, so release any worry and tunc in within. You have a vast library of knowledge available to you and wise and loving guidance that will help you.

Relationship Message

Understanding the people you love and care about isn’t always easy, especially when you become aware chat you still have much to learn about yourself! All of us have hidden gifts we have yer to acknowledge. They arc easier to discover when you look through the eyes of love, guided by an inner wisdom that reminds you that wc arc all on a healing journey and at different places on the road. Listen to your intuitive intelligence about your relationships, for it is rhe Conscious Universe and not wishful chink­ing that will bring truth about other people—and about yourself—into your awareness.


Prosperity Message

Lessons of the past can guide the future, and proven track records have value when it comes to building wealth and maintaining prosperity. But no nest egg is rock solid, no investment is a sure thing, and the flow of money can be unpredictable at times. Eu­clase Spirit is here to remind you to listen to your inner wisdom when considering where you invest your energy and attention. If it feels wrong fbryou, it probably is. If an opportunity for generating wealth makes you nervous, explore that feeling. Tire truth is that until you let go of the old beliefs about how you can’t be trusted to co-create what you need, and that prosperity is for others but not for you, you will feel uncomfortable when good opportunities and resources show up. Get in touch with your inner wisdom and you will cease to be distracted by fears that tempt you to say, “No, 1 can’t” when actually, you can—you really can. Your wisdom can guide you on returning to the natural state of abundance you long to find yourself in.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Euclase is a powerful wind element stone that clears the energy field of densities and is quickly and easily felt in the upper chakras. It clears the mind and opens us up to intuitive guidance and new perspectives with extreme clarity. It opens the chakras from throat to crown and makes it easy to understand and clearly communicate incoming intuitive information.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Clarity and purity, clear focus, an end to cluttered thinking

\\ hen the way forth is clear, a sense of purpose and enthusiasm arises and the fog of distractions lifts. Fluorite Spirit appears when confusion is about to disperse, giving way to pure wisdom and free, un­ambiguous intentions. It reminds you that you can achieve clarity by slowing down and consciously choosing to release any confusion or distractions.


Like a still pool reflecting the beauty of the sky, a calm state of mind can produce the clarity you seek, allowing your intentions to be pure. Obstacles to co-creating can slip away as you work with Fluorite Spirit to magnify all that is pure, good, and loving within you. Focus on that and it will be amplified.

Relationship Message

In fairy tales, true love at its purest is often the magic that will break the old spell keeping someone asleep, frozen, or acting out of alignment with who they are, deep down. True love from the Conscious Universe always works like a magic potion, allowing you to let go of false stories about who you are and what you can create and experience. It breaks you out of the debilitating belief that you are not worthy of all you desire. You have been frozen too long, and as you experience the purity of love pouring into you from the Conscious Universe, you will more easily leave behind the patterns that keep you from the relation­ship you are entitled to enjoy. You deserve to have all that you long for and more, so work with fluorite to purify your attention. It is here to help you experi­ence your connection to the pure love of the Con­scious Universe that will strengthen you.


Prosperity Message

All becomes clear when you become clear, releas­ing any ambiguity or confusion over mixed mes­sages from the outside. Tune in to Radio Conscious Universe and align with the purity of love, wisdom, and strength being transmitted so that the afflu­ence you seek can have a clear channel to reach you. Your outer conditions will change as you work with Fluorite Spirit, becoming clear on what abundance truly is and letting go of old fears about not having enough wealth in a specific form. Riches are yours if you open to the Conscious Universe’s ideas of what your abundance looks like. Remember that money is only a symbol of abundance, and prosper­ity shows up in many different ways, so keep your eyes open.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

If you are looking for laser-sharp focus, fluorite is your best friend. This is a fantastic stone to employ when studying, while learning something new, or when you just need to retain important informa­tion. This is an excellent stone for children in school but should not be kept in their bedrooms, as it may disrupt sleep.



Green ^venturine

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Luck, good fortune, po­tential, possibility, new opportunities

Possibilities for experiences your soul craves are everywhere, offering new opportunities to help you find your purpose. The gate to the field of in­finite potential is always open, for the Conscious Universe wants you to enjoy the bounty that exists in the realm of possibility and bring it into form through the power of co-creation. Cast fears and regrets aside, says Green Aventurine Spirit, for


you arc much loved, and the Conscious Universe wants to give you all that you desire. The universe is always dreaming up new ways to bring you what you need and help you experience well-being, joy, and fulfillment.

Relationship Message

Beyond what the eye can see lies a field of infinite possibilities—the field where the 13th-century poet Rumi asked his lover to meet him. Green Aventurine Spirit calls you to recognize that there is no end to the number of people who will come into your life offering loving support and accep­tance, so never settle for less than you deserve. The Conscious Universe is always sending new oppor­tunities for experiencing love and makes sure there are many fish in the sea—along with all manner of creatures: starfish, dolphins . . . you get the point. Open to possibility and the love you seek will show up for you.

Prosperity Message

Tire nature of Earth is abundant, and prosperity is your natural state. The potential for healing and balance is there if you open to the possibilities


presented to you—perhaps not exactly when you wish them to appear, or exactly in the form that you imagined, but they will show up. Opportuni­ties are easier to spot when you let go of your old beliefs about wealth and instead surrender to the universal flow. Eyes open now, for there is much potential for you to experience the security and prosperity you desire.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

The energy of green aventurine is reminiscent of a forest walk. It brings us down out of our heads and into the heart, while gently grounding us at the same time. Meditation with this stone cultivates a feeling of balance and nonattachment, allowing us to easily become calm and heart centered.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Becoming grounded, getting back to the earth, practicality and cen- teredness, balance and calm

ou are so much more than just your thoughts and feelings: you have a body to care for and a soul with a unique purpose. Hematite Spirit is here to remind you that you are a light being with a body that deserves to be honored and nourished, a body de­signed by the Conscious Universe to be in a world


of sensations from the smell of pine trees and rain to the feel of tree bark under your fingertips. You are one with the Earth and her creatures. Ground your­self there to feel a sense of well-being and relief from stress. Hold a furry creature and feel warm, softness, and the beating of her heart. Seek out physical af­fection, a massage, or bodywork, and if you can, walk outdoors in nature, feeling the sensations of the earth against your skin. Your scattered thoughts and turbulent emotions will calm down, and you will soon remember the beauty of your body in this world of the senses.

Relationship Message

Love is a verb, expressed through loving actions. Hematite Spirit is calling you to take loving action today toward someone whom perhaps you have been taking for granted (just a bit?). It’s much too easy to forget peoples wonderful qualities and all they give us, for our brains are designed to pay more attention to problems and dangers. Make a point today of expressing love and appreciation to others, from making love to your romantic partner to offer­ing a thank-you to a neighbor or doing something


special for a friend to say “I’m so glad you are in my life.” Relationships are the foundation that supports you in turbulent times. Nourish them today.

Prosperity Message

In all your financial and business dealings, be au­thentic and down-to-earth. Dreaming is good—it helps you to be creative and enthusiastic—but you also need to have a firm foundation for building wealth and sustaining rhe prosperity you desire. Hematite Spirits message to you regarding wealth and money is to be practical today. Go over your paperwork, check your investments, pay what you owe, and be respectful of the riches that come to you. Take a moment to feel grateful for all that you have and for the help of Hematite Spirit, with its energy of groundedness, in maintaining your pros­perity so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

As wc evolve on our earthly journey, we release what is no longer true for us, and wc receive and integrate new information, thus becoming enlightened.


Hematite is the stone that helps us take these new ways of thinking and being and ground them in our daily reality, bringing light to our lives and to those around us.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Treasures within, a con­sciousness of abundance, recognizing that you are more than enough

l^ycn the smallest crystal has the power to transmit energy, channeling information from the Con­scious Universe. Electronic equipment contains crystals so small that you might not realize they are there. So too do you have hidden strengths you may be overlooking, treasures within that can give you strength and courage as you break free of the


past and venture into the unknown. These treasures can serve as talismans to remind you that you have enough and are enough. For you are stardust, the stuff of galaxies, a light being with every quality present in the universe: goodness, bravery, love— you name it, it’s there.

Jade Spirit has arrived to tell you not to under­estimate yourself. You have so many facets, and so many assets to share and to grow. Whatever eludes you. open up to the bounty of the Conscious Universe and look within. “Wait—where did that come from?” you may ask. It was there all along! Qual ities formerly concealed from view will be made visible to you now so that you may use them for healing, growth, and co-creating whatever your heart desires.

Relationship Message

Love can draw to you people who will see in you what you do not see in yourself and bring out the best in you. You do not have to be perfect. You can make mistakes. But what you cannot do is wall yourself off when love is crying out for you to con­nect and expand, for that will keep you from discov­ering your purpose. Let others help you find your


hidden treasures. Listen to those who encourage you, and if someone tries to tell you that you haven’t got what it takes, assume otherwise. Then seek out the company of those who sec the best within you, for they are friends to treasure.

Prosperity Message

You have more affluence than you imagine, and opening your eyes to the creative ways in which the Conscious Universe has manifested abundance in material form reveals wonderful possibilities for your life. Being aware of this will start to awaken you to the prosperity already within you. Remember, outer conditions reflect past intentions, and right now you can begin with an idea, a belief, a thought form that can coalesce into future reality. Imagine having all the wealth you need to live with purpose and feel a sense of fulfillment. Imagine you have latent strengths that will help you break away from the old patterns that kept you in a scarcity mentality. Let them arise within you. Perhaps abun­dance seems like just a glimmer of possibility right now. Even so, open up to the realization that your hidden treasures arc more than enough to change your outer conditions. You are meant to prosper!


Crystal Spirit Meditation

For thousands of years jade has been prized in coun­tries around rhe world. It teaches us to embrace and enjoy life on all levels. Green jade is traditionally a stone of abundance. Meditate with this crystal, fo­cusing on the sense of gratitude for all your abun­dance. and it will multiply tenfold.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Resolving disputes, di­plomacy, restoring harmony, mending fences and building bridges

Harmony means that even though we are all dif­ferent, wc can blend our unique voices to create an ethereal chorus that uplifts us all. Kyanite Spirit’s message is that now is an excellent time for fixing those sour notes that have appeared, resolving any disputes and healing any rifts for the good of all. Although wc each have our own ways, we can learn


so much and gain tremendous support when we let go of our rigid “my way or the highway” attitude, recognizing that we arc all imperfect. Looking for our commonalities can steady us when we’re feeling a bit shaky.

Tune in to others and work toward harmony. You will find yourself growing, and becoming stron­ger as a result. At this time, honesty is required. Be willing co look more clearly at others, your situa­tion, and yourself so that you can find ways to work together and find common ground if possible.

We are all imperfect, but love and a commit­ment to fairness helps us heal ourselves and our rela­tionships. There is value in different perspectives, and we can agree to disagree, for many voices are needed in a choir. We are called to delight in differences, for we have to lean on each other, and were always intercon­nected. Keep this in mind as you take action to heal hurt feelings and reconnect with others in the tribe.

Relationship Message

You may be right and have the best idea in the room, but Kyanite Spirit is here to tell you that—in this moment—you are called to be the bigger person,


rhe diplomat seeking to connect on a level of mu­tual understanding. There was a reason you wanted to connect with this person or people, and now you have the power to do so in a healthy way that honors you and them. They will learn from your modeling of diplomacy. You might be surprised by how much more readily your wisdom is heard when you reach out in love before trying to sway someone with logic. Mend fences, and then watch how much easier it is to harmonize with another. It’s possible you’ve attracted a relationship where you are doing all the emotional work, and the other person takes and sucks up all your energy. If so, kyanite reminds you that you can always say no and end things if a balance can’t be reached. If this is your choice, know that it is okay to free yourself from the conflict.

Prosperity Message

We all have different ideas about the best way to secure our safety and build our wealth. The Con­scious Universe wants everyone to prosper, and Kyanite Spirit is here to remind you that smooth­ing over rifts and restoring balance in yourself leads to greater wealth for everyone. This crystal also re­


minds you char its fine to take a break when you recognize that you are overworked and not seeing results for all your efforts. Let go and leave space for something better to reveal itself. There's no need to get attached co the form your- wealth takes or go over old wounds and losses again and again. Learn and move on, for much abundance is available to you and new opportunities await. Make peace with others and space for new opportunities, and your abundance will surely flourish.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with kyanite clears the chakras and energy field. It brings harmony to situations where differing viewpoints exist and assists in resolution. Ulis is an excellent stone co carry when attending meetings where diplomacy is required.


1ABRADORITE -- ♦    

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Awakening to the magic within, mystery and synchronicity, help from unexpected sources

<^|s wc go about our healing work, bringing love and light into the dark corners of our hearts and our lives, we can forget that alongside reason and logic is the very practical tool of magic. Do you think of magic that way, or did you buy into rhe notion that the healing toolbox contains only what can


be defined, tested, predicted, and controlled by hu­mans and their current technology?

Labradorite Spirit is here to tell you to believe in the mystery ofhow the Conscious Universe finds ways to support us in healing what is broken, for its ways are magical. You are being called to make a conscious choice to acknowledge the reality invisible to the senses that makes itself known through meaningful coincidences. Pay attention to synchronicities bearing messages from the Conscious Universe, which is eager to see you replace what you have lost and repair what has become frayed or broken. Listen to the part of you whispering that something small and seemingly insignificant has great importance, tor it is speaking the truth—the truth of magical synchronicities.

Relationship Message

Labradorite Spirits message to you today is to be open to magic synchronicities so that you release your fears about love and open to it fully. Look for the signs that you are loved, for they will reassure you that the Conscious Universe is working with you to co-crcate rhe loving partnership you desire. Perhaps the relationship you’re in has more poten-


rial than you chink, or perhaps it is an important opportunity that will prepare you for the one that you truly deserve. Give up the need for certainty right now and instead leave room for magic and open yourself to the signs from the Conscious Uni­verse pointing to what you most need to know at this moment. You deserve that loving partnership you seek for yourself! Let the Conscious Universe help you co-creatc it.

Prosperity Message

Logic, reason, and facts are important as you work to co-create the wealth that will support you in your quest to live according to your purpose and feel your interconnectedness with the Universal Con­sciousness that loves you. Even so, do not overlook the role of magic in creating what you need. Syn- chronicities abound—the meaningful coincidences that you strongly sense arc guiding you to think differently, act differently, and reconsider what your mind told you was the indisputable truth. You arc meant to prosper, and the Conscious Universe is trying to help you enjoy a life free of fears about money and abundance. Messages are being sent


your way to ensure that you align with affluence and see it manifesting before your eyes. Be excited now, for the Conscious Universe is eager to lead you where you need to go to experience the prosperity that belongs to you.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Labradorite is a stone of magic that opens up our third eye and assists us in seeing the unseen. Medita­tion with this stone illuminates our darker aspects, which, once embraced and fully integrated, often turn out to be our strengths. Labradorite protects the energy field and can be utilized in magical workings, shamanic journeys, and astral travel.


essential MEANING: Spiritual truth, enlight­enment, meditation, unity consciousness, inner vision

\\ hat you seek is here, if you push aside the dis­tractions and fears created by your ego and become silent, tune in, and phone “home” to the Conscious Universe—the source of all love, strength, and wis­dom. The Law of Nonlocality ensures that you can gain whatever you need that is hidden from you when your mind is in a nonordinary state of thinking


and perceiving. You can achieve this through rhe practice of meditation and prayer. Reconnect with the Conscious Universe now—that’s the message of this crystal. You are overdue for a renewal of your spiritual alignment.

Lapis Lazuli Spirit also brings a reminder that your mind is a microcosm of Universal Conscious­ness. You always have access to the Conscious Uni­verse through rhe channel of your authentic self. Enlightenment comes when you go within and open to rhe light that is all around you and within you. Epiphanies abound once you quiet your chattering mind and tune in to the Higher Mind, where ideas beyond your current grasp flow easily, ready for you to access them.

Relationship Message

All of us arose from the same liquid “soup” of po­tential when the earth began to take form. And you, like everyone, are made of the stuff of stars. You are intermingled within the creation of all of life, and Lapis Lazuli Spirit is here to remind you that you are never alone, and you don’t have to figure out this life stuff by yourself Lapis Lazuli Spirit can


help you learn through relationships with others and through tapping into the universe for higher wisdom and insights about those experiences.

Sometimes it takes being around people with a different perspective to start to better understand yourself and what you most deeply value. Is someone in your life today gifting you with a new perspective and insights that can help you on your healing path? Look around, for the Conscious Universe wants you to experience enlightenment, not to be in the dark repeating the same old patterns. Often, change agents arc sent your way to encourage you to make that shift you promised yourself you would make. Open up to rhe idea that allies can come in forms you might not have expected.

Prosperity Message

We are one. unified in consciousness, always inter­connected and always able to draw on the natural affluence we share. There is plenty to go around, which is what the Conscious Universe wants you to remember when Lapis Lazuli Spirit appears. If you’re feeling disconnected from the Conscious Universe and its infinite abundance, you might find


it difficult to recognize the prosperity that is yours and the opportunities available to you and 'danc­ing" right before your eyes. Be still, meditate, and ask the Conscious Universe to be with you and heal your sense of scarcity, allowing you to remem­ber you always have enough and are enough. Like rubbing a crayon over a piece of paper to reveal a leaf hidden beneath it, you can trust that by hav­ing a conversation with the Conscious Universe, you will experience revelations and recognize what’s been there all along. Your natural state is to feel the wealth inherent in the Conscious Universe, created in a world lush with millions of species, beings all working together. Connect and remember, asking to be awakened out of spiritual amnesia.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with this stone allows us to connect with the Sovereign within. It allows access co that part of us that “knows” and is willing to share knowledge and guide us, not to what we want, but instead to what we need.



Iemuriam Quartz

--------- ♦---------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Vision, big-picture think­ing, unlocking the secrets of infinite possibility

Your ability to imagine something bigger and better—and draw in what you need in order to heal, feel a sense of well-being, and step into your power as a co-crcator—is greater than you think. The mes­sage ofLemurian Quartz Spirit is that now is a time to free yourself to dream big. What do you see for yourself? How do you picture yourself in this fu­ture? What kind of person have you evolved into as


you strive to fully embrace and enjoy your life? On this healing journey, you are called to keep your eye on the bigger picture ofyour experience so that you recognize your struggles as leading you to epipha­nies, allies, and inner wisdom born of lived experi­ence. Lemurian Quartz Spirit reminds you that the capacity to unlock the wisdom of the stars is within you. Just open your connection to the Conscious Universe and allow your imagination to soar. Very soon, a powerful vision of what is ahead for you will become clear.

Relationship Message

Every relationship has its ups and downs and its in­herent magic, but Lemurian Quartz Spirit is now calling you to step back and sec the big picture of what you are experiencing. Is it what you envi­sioned? Do you need to see something new so that you feel a sense of contentment, purpose, and ful­fillment? Can you awaken to your connection to the universe that lies within you so that you may be shown something even better than you drcam about? Your power to imagine what you can co­create is very strong now, and you arc being urged


to go big and wide with a vision that truly speaks to your souls desires. Let the Conscious Universe show you what is possible in your relationships that you have not been aware of before. There is a big picture you have not been seeing.

Prosperity Message

“Enough” does not have to be enough—this is the message of Lemurian Quartz Spirit. Now is a time to dream big. You do not have to humble yourself out of a false sense of modesty. The dreaming you do will help you envision something new that will be firmly grounded in personal prosperity, for what you need and more will come to you from sources all around. Tire Conscious Universe knows many ways to bring a vision to fruition, so think big, dream big, and envision all that you might be and co-create, knowing that abundance belongs to you at all times. And when you see how your prosperity can support others and flow into the world, claim this vision—and know that it will grow exponen­tially in scope.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Lcmurian Quartz carries a softer, sweeter energy than many other types of quartz. Meditating with this stone assists in connecting us to the upper realms, where we can easily access higher knowl­edge from angels, guides, and the Higher Self. This connection also brings in feelings of love, compas­sion, and belonging, helping us understand that we arc never alone.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Simplification, manage­ability, organization, one task at a time

lepidolite Spirit appears to tell you to slow down and simplify, for you have been turning your at­tention and your energy to far too many different things, distracting yourself from the wisdom avail­able to you. If you feel lost and overwhelmed, it’s no wonder! Fortunately, Lepidolite Spirit is here to focus you. Think about how satisfying it is to do


one task from beginning ro end with mindfulness, free of all the noise that distracts you and keeps you from feeling a sense of completion. There is always more co do, but life becomes more manageable when you recognize that refocusing over and over again will only exhaust you and slow you down. Re­main present, doing just one thing, and your cour­age. conviction, and confidence will return. Take on one task ar a time. Then it will be easier to hear the quiet voice of your intuition, which will guide you in prioritizing. What needs to get done will get done, and your life will become more manageable, if you follow this crystals lead.

Relationship Message

Problems in relationships have a way of sorting themselves out when we reorient ourselves by sim­plifying, letting go of the string of worries that has us jumping here and there and feeling that we can never do enough or be enough ro make our rela­tionships work. Settle into simplicity and bring the energy of Lepidolite Spirit into your relationships. Slow down and listen, saying simply, “I’m sorry,” “Yes." and “I see." Simply being present and focused


on another person, listening to the words they speak and the messages they send silently through the lan­guage of their bodies, you will start to feel calmer. Whatever rhe challenge, simplicity can help.

Prosperity Message

Lepidolite Spirit shows up when we are most likely to freak out. It gently soothes us with its message: keep it simple. Figuring out finances can lead to a harried state even if you are good at math, because money represents your security in this world. Now is a time to release your fears and experience that fo­cusing on just one task and completing it will return you to equilibrium. One thing, then another, then another—it will all sort itselfout ifyou simplify and focus.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Lepidolite is the go-to stone for times of stress. It teaches us to slow down and care for ourselves. Al­though useful in meditation, this stone is just as ef­fective placed in the bathtub while we soak, have a cup of tea, and relax.



Iithium Quartz

-------- ♦-------

Essential Meaning: Harmoniousness, peace­fulness, joyful interconnectedness

becoming still calms the activity in our heads and purs us back in touch with our bodies, our spirits, and the Conscious Universe. Lithium Quartz Spirit appears with a reminder to get quiet and recognize that you have within you all that you need. You just need to amplify some of the qualities that can bring you a sense of joy and fulfillment by giving them quiet, calm attention.


Overstimulation can be distracting, so refresh yourself with some time spent in or around nature or nature's creatures, whether it is a furry, warm ani­mal or a pond with fish swimming happily. Retrain your senses to recognize that all is well when you arc tuned in to the rhythms of the earth and aware of the interconnectedness: the water and sky, yourself and the ground beneath your feet, the breeze and the birds flying from tree to tree. Turn your face to the sun, recognizing that just as you drink in its rays, you arc always drinking in the pure joy and love available to you from the Conscious Universe. To­day is a day tor experiencing peacefulness, harmony, and happiness.

Relationship Message

Peacefulness in partnerships comes from being will­ing to trust that there is more than one day to make things happen, more than one way to think or act. Just as in nature, you can partner with another who brings strengths to places where you are weak even as you do the same. We are meant to support each other in our healing and growth, balancing each other—which is why opposites so often attract. Let


yourself appreciate rhe harmoniousness that arises when you allow yourself to be different from anoth­er yet unified in love and joyful interconnectedness.

Prosperity Message

Harmoniousness means agreement on a common foundation, and when Lithium Quartz Spirit ar­rives, it is asking you to see how much you benefit from complementary partners as you build your wealth and co-create a sense of security in this world. We are all interconnected and all can bring joy, love, healing, and trust to the spaces wc share. When we do, our natural prosperity is amplified as evidenced by the changes happening in our outer conditions. Today do your part to let go of old fears of not having enough. Instead bring peace to the table so that all may enjoy prosperity.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Lithium Quartz can be used in meditation to re­lease attachment to a specific outcome or even just held in the hand to calm frayed nerves. Having one on the nightstand or tucked into a pillowcase can assist those who have difficulty sleeping due to an overactive mind.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Clarity of thought and emotions, the right use of intellect, integrating thoughts and intuition

( )verthinking can make you feel like you are start­ing to lose it, but Malachite Spirit has appeared to let you know that there is a difference between unproductive ruminating and taking the time to apply logic that can help you make sense of what you know. Reasoning with clarity means the right use of your intellect as you consider all the evidence


you have encountered. This includes evidence pro­duced by opening yourself to messages from the Conscious Universe through your first sense: intu­ition. Your reasoning powers arc at their peak right now, so let go of any old beliefs that would make you doubt Malachite Spirits message, which is to trust that you are smart enough to sort through all the information before you.

Relationship Message

Arc you arc trying to justify knowing what you know? Malachite Spirit is here to tell you that you arc both smart and wise. When you consider what is currently happening with your relationships, right thinking is married to your inner wisdom, which is guided and provided by the Conscious Universe. Trust that you have the ability to balance the incoming messages from your rational self and the part of you that just “knows.” Honor your emo­tions, bur be guided by the Conscious Universe and your intellect to help you make decisions, for your emotions right now may be an echo of the past, out of proportion with what is happening today. Medi­tate and it will be easier to see the evidence and use valid reasoning and intuition to weigh it.


Prosperity Message

Malachite Spirit has appeared to tell you something very important: that you know more than you think you know. Have you given your power away when it comes to building wealth, fearing that you can’t be trusted to figure out your finances? Do you feel unworthy of abundance because you fear you will squander it? Too often, old stories rooted in scarcity thinking shape our attitudes toward pros­perity. You are reminded now that you have what it takes intellectually to make sense of your finan­cial situation and grow your wealth. The Conscious Universe will send signs that you are on the right track, so free yourself from the old fears and begin trusting yourself

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Malachite is a beautiful stone that helps integrate our personal power, hearts, and intellect simultane­ously. It allows us to come from a place of authority without losing sight of what is for the highest good of all. It is a useful stone to work with when explor­ing issues around the next right action in families and organizations.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Transformation, rebirth through fire, initiation and opening to new ex­periences, revitalization and renewal

Mew doors open, and you cross rhe threshold. It can be exhilarating to know that you arc stepping out of the old and into a new self ready for the unexpected gifts that come with this initiation. Moldavite Spir­its message is to know that as you walk through an open door, you are being reborn in a sense, for you will be different once you have made a conscious


choice to say good-bye to what was. Rebirth always involves tension and struggle. Crystals can only form if there is plenty of pressure to change. If you are frustrated or uncomfortable, know that relief is on the way, so just focus on what is happening as a better tomorrow begins to reveal itself. Your pas­sage into the new is assured, so be present, be open, be ready for healing to take place. This new experi­ence requires a new you, in a sense—a you that rec­ognizes that you belong here, that you truly can let go of the old. You arc so loved, and the Conscious Universe is so proud of you!

Relationship Message

As you transition to a new you, you will become part of a new group of people, for you are having new experiences that differ from those that came before. Old friends will be there for you, but new ones will appear, drawn to your vibration, which resonates with theirs. Although you arc being initi­ated into a new experience, you will not be alone, so leave your fears at the door. Your community will find you, and you will know that you belong as they embrace you as one of their own. You will feci

the love as you adjust to your new role, confident in the potential of those you care about coming along with you. Encourage them to believe that they too can let go of the past and transition into something better.

Prosperity Message

The appearance of Moldavite Spirit is a sure sign that you arc closing the door on the past in some way and stepping into a new you, ready for what lies ahead. You will not be alone, and you will en­counter many signs that you have what you need and that your foundation is strong. You may feel a little shaky right now—after all, you are not used to this territory—but you’ve passed the audition, so to speak, and are ready to step into the prosperous life you deserve.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Moldavite is a green tektite thought to have been formed when a meteorite crashed in the Czech Re­public approximately 14.8 million years ago. It is a crystal heralding massive transformation on all lev­els. Ulis is not a stone to play with or rake lightly.


and it’s definitely not recommended for those un­willing to step out of their comfort zone. Once we engage with moldavite, we need to buckle up, be­cause things arc going to get interesting!



Mookaite Jasper

---------- ♦---------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Risk, adventure, new experiences, exploring unknown territory, claiming personal power

I he seemingly safe road is not the one to take right now, for your soul is on a path of healing and wants you to experience fulfillment and joy. Mookaite Jasper Spirit is here to tell you that life is meant to be lived, so be adventurous now. Do not hold back to protect yourself from getting hurt, for this crys­tal has appeared to encourage you to take the leap.


take the risk—and draw confidence from knowing you have the Conscious Universe as your ally. Let go of your worries and your old beliefs about the dragons that await you if you dare to step out into the unknown. Risk taking is required now, and you are fully supported in saying no to playing it safe. Mookaite Jasper Spirits message is that the adven­ture before you is one of discovery, and wondrous gifts await you: new ideas, new par tners, new experi­ences, and new possibilities for achieving what you desire. Be bold and venture forth!

Relationship Message

All relationships evolve. By healing old patterns that may have blocked you from experiencing rela­tionships as deeply nourishing and joy giving,you are also evolving. Do not look at the old maps of where you have been or talk about how things will always be the way they were in the past. Tire future is full of possibilities. Be here now, in the present moment, drawing in the power ofMookaite Jasper Spirit to amplify your adventurous spirit. You are transforming in this moment, becoming the person you need to be to have the relationship you desire.


You arc called to banish fear as you sail forth into unfamiliar seas. You can trust yourself now, for you have learned so much.

Prosperity Message

Adventure beckons, so unfurl your sails and let yourself venture forth. Mookaite Jasper Spirit as­sures you that the risks you are tempted to take right now arc calculated ones, for you arc willing to have rhe Conscious Universe as your co-pilot. Mindfully enter into the unfamiliar territory of a healthy, bal­anced relationship with money and abundance—or into playing the odds when you have been taught to always play it safe. You are being asked to let go of the fear that has held you back too long and instead to work with rhe Conscious Universe, whose plan is to give you a firm foundation of abundance.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Mookaite Jasper assists us in deepening our under­standing and healing old wounds by allowing us to “re-view” our experiences from a new perspective. This allows “re-vision" of our old stories and helps us recognize that everyone is doing the best they


can with what they know at the time. This is an ex­cellent stone to bring light and healing to the dark­ness of childhood wounds.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Intuition, insight, inner wisdom, inner voice

Inner knowing, inner sensing—these are the talents that the Conscious Universe has bestowed upon all of us, but wc have been conditioned to minimize their importance and instead pay more attention to the knowing that comes from experiencing life through our physical senses and logical analysis. Do you hone your intuition ? Do you trust it, even when


you can't point to a logical reason why you know what you know?

Your message from Moonstone Spirit is ro tune in and listen to your intuition. It will speak to you through an inner voice, an inner vision, an inner sensation that feels real because, well, it is—it has many ways of communicating to you. Now is a time to pull back the veil between the visible and invis­ible worlds; trust that the hidden reality matters; and know that your intuition comes from the Conscious Universe, which possesses wisdom, knowledge, and understanding far beyond your own.

Relationship Message

What is your intuition telling you about another person? Have you been dismissing it because you feel you can’t justify this inner conviction? Moon­stone Spirit is here to let you know that you aren’t crazy. You are picking up on information that can’t be perceived by the five senses, and you arc meant ro listen to it. Now is a time to hone your intuition through meditation, which awakens the ability to receive messages from the Universal Consciousness. Your relationships will all benefit from your willing-


ncss to be honest with yourself and to listen to your intuition, your first and primary sense.

Prosperity Message

Moonstone Spirits message for you is to trust your instincts and not fall into analysis paralysis, trying to use logic and reason to prove to yourself what you already know. You have the ability to pick up on important insights that can help you in building the wealth you deserve and experiencing the afflu­ence that will help you find your purpose. Wealth exists to help you in the important work you came here to do. Trust that the Conscious Universe wants you to have what you need and will guide you in acquiring it, but you must learn to respect your in­tuition, your direct line to the wisdom that comes from Universal Consciousness.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with moonstone amplifies our “know­ings” by reconnecting us to the moon, the tides, and the mystery of the Divine Feminine. It brings us back to our intuition and draws our attention to


die cycles of life, from maiden to mother to crone. Moonstone is a wonderful stone for use during pregnancy.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Achieving self-mastery, inner power, recovering your sense of self

Evidence of progress can seem elusive at times, but when Nuummite Spirit appears, it is a sign that you might be underestimating how far you have come. Our minds are conditioned to pay attention to the negative and overlook all that is good in our lives, including the results of our efforts over time. You may not have received a big blue ribbon or parade in your honor, but the Conscious Universe acknowl­


edges and celebrates all your hard work mastering your fears.

Make peace with the part of yourself that tells you that whatevcryou do, it will never be enough. You arc developing mastery, and there will be times when you feel as if your progress is slow and inadequate, but you arc called now to acknowledge that you have indeed persevered, learned much, and not given up. Doing so will help you to stay the course rather than veer off track. Be gentle with yourself as you master the challenges you always seem to overcome somehow. You arc getting better at this thing called life—at building healthy relationships and prosperity and at knowing and loving yourself as much as the Conscious Universe docs. Give yourself credit and keep practicing. Wc are all learning and Nuummite Spirit is here to tell you that the Conscious Universe is watching and is so very proud of you.

Relationship Message

When it comes to your relationships with others, building trust and intimacy is a process. Practice leads to results, for repetition develops skills. Just as you engage in a dance with a partner, leading


and following, stay present in the moment, listen­ing to signals and cues and being clear about what you need and desire. Yes, toes will get stepped on here and there, but it’s how you and your partner deal with the inevitable missteps that allows you to develop a closeness that can stand up to even the biggest challenges. Practice, practice, practice . . . and soon it will be second nature to express your­self in relationships in ways that reflect your highest aspirations for how you want to show up for oth­ers and whatjow want to experience. Cultivate love through practicing being loving.

Prosperity Message

Dig into the earth and you will soon realize that layers upon layers ofsoil and rock have built up over time— and this is a lesson for how to build a foundation in the material world to help you feel more secure. Your true prosperity will always lie in your relationship with the Conscious Universe, your co-creator.

Nuummite Spirit is here to remind you that outer conditions will soon begin to reflect your inten­tion to own your natural abundance—but you must practice the art of building wealth, which might feel


unfamiliar and uncomfortable to you. Take time today to honor yourself for how far you have come and the discipline you have shown in methodically working to master your fears about not having enough and about not being up to the task of wealth build ing. Abundance within, abundance without is what the Conscious Universe wants for you. You are getting there incrementally each time you commit to practice and consciously repeat the actions you know arc healthy and in alignment with abundance. Mastery arises from conscious repetition, so know what you need to do and do it. The Conscious Uni­verse is with you.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Nuummite feels sacred, carrying the vibration of the wise elder or teacher. When wc are ready, this stone will assist us in diving down into the very depths of self in order to unearth and reclaim the lost or buried parts of us. It encourages us to em­brace and integrate the neglected pieces of who wc arc, step into our power, and once again know our­selves as the perfect beings we have always been.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Observing the self, self­reflection, “know thyself”

\\/hcn you look in the mirror, who looks back at you? How do you view yourself? Do you look into your own eyes and see someone willing to ac­knowledge the past and learn from it? Do you see someone willing to step into a new identity, one more suited to the life you want for yourself? All of us arc ever changing, and a mix of past, present, and hopes for the future. Tie challenge is to trust


that rhe “you” char you arc becoming will be loved, cherished, and supported even if you arc still just ex- ploringyour potential, still unfamiliar with the new territory you have entered.

As you ponder what you wish to change, love the one you’re with—you'. Love yourself in all your com­plexity, knowing that whatever strengths you need are present, and Obsidian Spirit is here to amplify them through the power of self-awareness. Just as in observ­ing a particle or a wave, the observer can change its form, so too in observing yourself can you begin the process of personal transformation. You are going to love the you that you’re becoming!

Relationship Message

Self-awareness means stopping long enough to ac­knowledge who you sec when you observe yourself: the beautiful you and the you who is imperfect. We arc all works in progress, and as you engage in hon­est self-reflection, you will start to see what you were overlooking—the qualities you have been seeking in a partner but have forgotten exist within you. You have so much to offer. As the ancient Greek axiom goes, know thyself. To be authentic in any relationship,


you have to know—and love—yourself just as you are. And Obsidian Spirit is here to remind you that you are awesome.

Prosperity Message

Do you know your patterns? Do you know where your money and efforts go, or is it all a big mystery at the end of rhe month? Obsidian Spirit's gentle message for you is to stop being afraid of look­ing at your relationship with money, for you have a serious tendency to underestimate your ability to manage the flow of abundance in your life. To experience the prosperity you deserve, answer the call to heal your old fear-based habits. Fearful fru­gality and “gce-I-hopc-they-love-me-now" generos­ity will not serve you on your healing journey. Any discomfort you have in looking at your relationship to finances is simply part of a necessary transition to accepting yourself as you are today, right now in this moment—and you must accept yourself as you are for healing to take place. Self-awareness is always a good thing, and it will lead you to feeling com­fortable and confident in growing your abundance.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Obsidian is a glasslike volcanic rock that forms when lava cools rapidly without crystallization. There arc many types, but the most well known is black obsidian. This protective and grounding stone assists us in cleansing the energy field as well as in identifying and clearing old negative emotions or thought patterns.



Orange (algite

--------- ♦--------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Creativity, the pleasure of birthing something new, sensuality and sexuality

Ahe creative force of the Conscious Universe flows through you, and this is a fertile time for you as you feel your connection to the source of all inventive­ness. Right now, your ability to channel creativity and birth something new is exceptional. Orange Calcite Spirits message is to fully inhabit the role


of artist and co-creator, for you arc the “creative type” right now. Being playful as you exercise your imagination will help you recognize what you want to co-create and how you might take action toward fulfilling your deepest desires. As you begin to craft something new, you will feel inspired and filled with optimism because the Conscious Universe is actu­ally coming through you to express itself You are both the created and the co-creator, an expression of the Conscious Universe and one who expresses its creativity.

Fulfillment, purpose, and joy are the gifts you receive when you become a clear channel for the art­istry of the Conscious Universe. Begin to heal the wound of the past created when you were told no, or you said no to your potential: sayyes to yourself today, for your creative soul is urging you to let it express itself. Start by drawing, painting, dancing, singing­use any art form that puts you in touch with your awesome inner artist, for it will help you remember how powerful a co-creator you are.


Relationship Message

It is easy to tell yourself “I can't” instead of “I can." You arc meant to access rhe infinite possibilities that become evident as you start to channel creativ­ity from the Conscious Universe. As you step into your creative self, you open up to new paths of relat­ing to others and start to reshape your relationships in ways that make them even healthier and more satisfying. Partnerships evolve, and as your co­creative abilities are very powerful right now, look at how you may deepen intimacy through trust and be more playful and creative in your relationships.

Prosperity Message

You arc an artist in your own life, and your canvas is before you. What will you make with the time and money available to you? Today, your power to think outside of the box and put old patterns be­hind you is very strong, for Orange Calcite Spirit magnifies your creative abilities. Imagine how you might think differently about affluence, or how you might interact with your finances in new ways that arc more beneficial to you. Do you need to learn to delegate work to others or pay someone else to do


tasks that keep you from your true calling? Orange Calcite Spirit says that now is a time to be creative in how you translate all that is given to you into a life of meaning and purpose. Spend differently, and reconsider how you use your time. Your creative ap­proach to developing prosperity will serve you now.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Orange Calcite is a Fire stone that fuels rhe second (sacral) and third (solar-plexus) chakras. Unlike many Fire stones, it has a gently stimulating rather than overwhelming energy. It is excellent for over­coming shyness as well as depression. Meditate with orange calcite when you need courage.



Orange §apphire

---------- ♦---------

Essential Meaning: Joy in sensuality, re­specting your body, body love

pjusr as healing crystals are of the earth yet sepa­rate from it, we are part of Gaia, and the same water, minerals, and crystals arc found within us as well as within the earth. Sometimes, we can feel complete­ly in our heads and our of touch with our bodies, but Orange Sapphire Spirit is here to remind us that our bodies will serve us throughout our lifetime.


So treat yours lovingly. Nourish it with good foods from the earth and water that will replenish you. Wonder at your body’s beauty and strength. Marvel at its ability to keep your heart beating and your lungs inhaling and exhaling without your con­scious effort. Regardless of the flaws you think your body has, now is a time to pay attention to it and tend to it with love.

The message of Orange Sapphire Spirit is to honor your body and experience its miracles—the senses that distinguish so many different scents, sounds, textures, and colors. Be fully present in your body today and observe what you experience and what your body has to tell you. Care for it and express grati­tude to it, for it is through your body’s senses that you can experience pleasure.

Relationship Message

Our interactions with others through technology can help us build the bonds of friendship, family, and romance, but Orange Sapphire Spirit appears when you need ro get back into your body and con­nect with it physically so that you can express love in a tangible way. Hug someone, hold their hand,


and explore the gifts of the senses with another— listening to music together, cooking good food with each other, being in the same physical space. Ground your relationship in activities you do with each other today so that you both can be reminded of the precious gift that is the body and nourish your relationship to it.

Prosperity Message

You are more than just your thoughts and emo­tions. You are also your body, which is here to carry you through this experience of life on Earth. Do you honor your body by devoting money to its care, or do you “cheap out” because you think it is frivolous or unimportant to tend to your physical being? Adornment isn't necessarily rooted in vanity. Caring for your hair, skin, and body is a way to ex­press love foryourself and this marvelous vehicle for your spirit that will take you from your first breath to your last.

Today is a day for sensual pleasures and express­ing love to your body. Put your money where your body is and take good care of it. whether it's attending to your health or showing your body lots of love, so you feel good in your own skin.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Orange sapphire is very effective in stimulating the second, or sacral, chakra. It can assist those who de­sire to experience the sensuality in life as well as get the creative juices flowing. It asks us to explore the world through our senses: silken fabrics, chocolate melting on the tongue, the feel of finger paints as we create on a canvas. Meditate with this crystal when you start a creative project or when you want to feel more sensual.




Essential Meaning: Witnessing, the Observer, an ability to detach, the impersonal quality of the universe

Sometimes life feels too close for comfort; deci­sions are difficult to make when you’re taking life so personally. This is particularly true for empaths and sensitives. When Petalite Spirit arrives, it’s here to give you the ability to step back and observe with detachment and neutrality. There is a place within you that allows you to observe without emotion.


See the world with the perspective of acceptance, trying to change not what you see as external to you but rather the lens through which you perceive it.

Now is the time to step back and observe what is in front of you. Are you reacting to something that is triggering you, or are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that you need to process and the rime required to son things out? Petalite Spirit reminds you that a clear, detached manner will empower you to understand the true nature of what is in front of you now and to take your next steps in your own time.

Relationship Message

There are times when you’re emotionally too close to a situation to come to a real conclusion. Its also possible that what is really going on can’t be seen by analyzing the details, and guessing at the mo­tives for someone else’s behavior may be triggering you. Right now, the way forward is to step back, do nothing, and observe the dynamic between you and the other person. Soon everything will become clear, and by you becoming the Observer, you’ll find that you didn’t really need to do anything to change


this situation. It has a life of its own and is offering you a valuable lesson. Sometimes we want to fix something right away when all we’re invited to do is to hold space and listen.

Prosperity Message

When you get bogged down with all the details and complexities of a situation, it requires patience and the ability to step back and observe the bigger pic­ture at work. When intending abundance there are times when you think you have all the answers, or you believe you know the “how” of getting to a goal or outcome, when in fact you don't. The universe must play its part, and that means you don’t have to be afraid! Even temporary setbacks will lead to big wins if you avoid reacting to the temporary condi­tions that arise when you make changes and reach for something greater. There is a saying: new level, new devil. Imagine that relating to your own resis­tance to greatness. Petalite Spirit says to trust and observe and to remind yourself from the position of the Observer, everything is interesting.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Petalite is a stone that assists us in learning how to be the Observer. Meditating on, carrying, or wear­ing this stone allows us to step out of emotional re­activity and into being a compassionate witness. It allows us to rise above emotion and observe from a place of nonattachment.



Petrified Wood

Essential Meaning: Patience, timelessness, patience and trust in universal timing, going with the flow

Hhe universe has its own ideas about when and how to bring your intention into form, but we can be impatient, forgetting that time allows the Uni­versal Consciousness to ger all the wheels turning so that what we wish to co-create can begin to mani­fest. Tlie appearance of this crystal is a reminder to


trust in the timing of rhe universe. Good things come to those who wait. Your message right now is to be open to divine order, for you cannot con­trol the timetable or the form in which the universe expresses your intention. Focus on the process, put­ting one foot in front of the other as you work at your own growth and healing, and what you need will show up in perfect timing.

Relationship Message

Healing is a process, and you can’t force the Con­scious Universe to operate at your preferred pace— and really, you wouldn’t want to, because there is a larger plan that accounts for so much that is invis­ible to you. Trust in the timing and all will work out just as it should. Focus on the learning and the loving in your relationships, on reconnecting to the Conscious Universe for guidance. You can­not determine whether this relationship is right for you right now until you let go of rhe need to know all the answers instantly. Meditate, observe, take a break, and you will know which move to make and when to make it.


Prosperity Message

Patience is required when intention is coalescing into form, so even if you arc making every effort to secure a financial situation, recognize that the Con­scious Universe may have different ideas about what you need and how to bring it about. Trust in uni­versal timing, do not obsess, and let Petrified Wood Spirit help you be patient as what you need begins to show up for you.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Petrified Wood teaches patience and reconnection with the wisdom of Nature. It can assist those who view the world as materially based. Meditation with petrified wood can also be helpful in exploring and clearing ancestral patterns carried in DNA.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Forgiveness, choosing to heal, acceptance and letting go, soothing the heart

Have you heard that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself? Pink Sapphire Spirits message to you is not to concern yourself with the Law of Karma right now, for while your loving heart wants to sec justice served for the good of all, in this moment you are called to align yourself with the universal laws by choosing to heal yourself It is time to start


the process of forgiving those who did you harm— and that means deciding consciously that they will not determine your story of who you are and what you have experienced, for you are a powerful story­teller and co-creator, and you will tell a heroic tale of overcoming that which has caused you pain.

Yourwillingncss to engage in healing, to freeyour- selffrom your past and soothe your heart, is an awesome superpower. Pink Sapphire Spirit is here as a reminder that you can do the work, that walking through the forge of fire and letting go of the pain will remake you strong as steel going forward. You will persist and, as you embrace the wisdom you have earned, find the power to say “never again" by making the choice to heal yourself and forgive yourself for not knowing better. Positive things are to come, and you can rest assured that the Conscious Universe is your ally in this process of heal­ing, acceptance, and forgiving.

Relationship Message

Embrace your powerfor healing now, says Pink Sap­phire Spirit, and that means turning inward instead of concerning yourself with others at this time. Let go of any urge to go over all that went wrong or to


relive the past. You deserve to feel joy, confidence, and faith. To do so, you must let go of the old stories and release the pain that is no longer serving you. Sometimes it lingers, so if you feel it coming up, let yourself experience it on its way out of you. Have a good cry, vent, get all that energy out of you ... and then feel yourself filling up with the love and accep­tance you deserve, coming to you courtesy of the love bearer, the Conscious Universe. Pink Sapphire Spirit is here to remind you that you are all you need to be, you are whole and beautiful, and the Con­scious Universe knows how very strong you are.

Prosperity Message

Claiming the affluence you desire means letting go of the belief that you do not deserve it. Forgive yourself today for what you didn’t know or didn’t do and commit fully to healing the self who mis­takenly believed your destiny was to live in scarcity. That is not what the Conscious Universe wants for you. Forgive the Conscious Universe for seeming to be absent at times. Forgive yourself for getting in your own way. Forgive others for not being who you wanted them to be. Clear away rhe old stories


to make room to co-crcatc abundance and tell a new story of overcoming challenges and owning your strength. The Conscious Universe really does want you to have all that you need, so clear the way through the powerful act of forgiveness.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Pink Sapphire teaches forgiveness and assists us in moving past old fears and into a space of being open to not only giving love but receiving it as well. Meditation with this stone helps open the heart and ease the emotions, especially those related to relationship wounds.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Inherent value, knowing your worth, self-appreciation, genuine abun­dance and prosperity within

'^Throughout the ages, humans have sought the gems of the earth, the crystals whose beauty de­lighted the eye and whose powers could aid them in their quest to achieve a sense of safety and abun­dance. They recognized the intrinsic value of these gifts from nature, and when Pyrite Spirit appears, you arc meant to appreciate the abundance that the


Conscious Universe has provided—an abundance of opportunities, resources, support, and most im­portantly, love.

A scarcity mentality will preventvou from seeing all that is available to you, and you are called now to offer thanks for the myriad gifts you have been given to help you achieve balance. As you take your healing journey, you will find it easier and easier to recognize that you will always have what you need. Abundance awaits as you ready yourself to claim it. The Conscious Universe has your back. What you need will not be denied you at this time, so open yourself to receiving it by practicing appreciation.

Relationship Message

Pyrite Spirit has a clear message for you: observe and appreciate the inherent value in your experienc­es and relationships. Those small moments of joy as you interact with the ones you love, those people around you who offer you support—do you stop to appreciate the cumulative effects of your relation­ships with those who enhance your life? Today is a perfect day to do so.

And as you look at the inherent value of things, notice the wealth of wisdom you arc gaining as a


predation. Move away from the externally imposed systems of valuation and what others find worthy to determine and appreciate what is valuable to you. Pyrite Spirit will show you how much you have and are manifesting to co-create your most abundant life.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Pyrite has a very male energy to it. This stone aligns us with grounded action toward manifestation of abundance. It assists us in learning to take action one step at a time toward a desired physical out­come. Meditate with this stone to rune in to the great value in all aspects of your life, the abundance and potentiality always available to you. Then you will be a magnet for prosperity.


result of a variety of experiences with a diversity of people. Pay attention to whether your relationships have inherent value. Are some simply ones you have accumulated, perhaps even starting to detract from your life? If they have no inherent value, let them go, for you are meant to experience relationships rich in love and support.

Prosperity Message

Prosperity shows up in different forms. Do you see and appreciate rhe inherent value in what you own, enjoy, and experience? Pyrite Spirit (also known as fool’s gold) reminds us that there is great value in many aspects of life, not just the material. This crys­tal spirit is here to draw your attention to all that is available to you—support, love, and resources—to build upon. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, for the Conscious Universe is your ally and wants you to experience prosperity. The road sometimes gets a little wonky, but only because you are being called to consider the riches you may be overlook­ing in your quest for more. Find the inherent value in what is yours—the memories, experiences, and situations that have brought you here to the brink of a breakthrough, if you are willing to practice ap-


Raw Morganite

--------- ♦--------

Essential Meaning: Sensitivity, gentleness, empathy, compassion, the gift of vulnerability, self-forgiveness

!No matter how hard the rock, over time, water can alter it, making a path where there was none before. The appearance of this crystal is a sign that this is a time for you to embrace your sensitivity and gentle­ness. There is no need to be forceful when you can simply be open to what you arc entitled to receive. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, as this crystal spirit


appears in raw unpolished form, finding strength in knowing that you do not have to engage in battles that serve no one. You are able to handle whatever dramas are in front of you right now.

Your exquisite sensitivity will serve you well, for it allows you to see things as they arc. The Conscious Universe will be gentle with you, and Raw Morganite Spirit is here to let you know that you are not alone and you have a solid foundation beneath you. So express your gifts of empathy and compassion. You are stronger than you know.

Relationship Message

Gentle assertiveness is the way now, for the message of Raw Morganite Spirit is to conserve your resourc­es and avoid giving in to the drama of battles. People who arc wounded may nor appreciate you now. so set healthy boundaries, for your compassion and kind­ness extends to yourself Express the strength of vul­nerability by being honest without oversharing, by letting others sec that you are on a healing path so that they may be inspired too.


Prosperity Message

Easy now. Let abundance flow, knowing that when you are sensitive, you can pick up on the signs that a situation needs to be righted. You can draw on your intuitive, empathic nature, so gently go with the flow, observing your opportunities to build wealth and seeing where you must cut your losses. Stifling your compassion and empathy is not the way. By connecting with the Conscious Universe, you will be strong as you engage in the work of building the prosperous life you deserve.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Morganite is a gentle heart-cleansing stone that is valuable when we wish to release old patterns, wounds, and blockages that are obstacles to lov­ing relationship with others. Meditation with this stone allows connection to divine love, which cases fear of vulnerability and allows us to be open to re­ceiving love from others and from Spirit.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Harmony in relation­ships, easily connecting with others, generos­ity, reciprocity, discovering hidden talents to share with others

Relationships help us to reach our destiny and dis­cover our purpose, and people will come into our lives to be our angels on Earth, offering love, en­couragement. and resources for building the lives we want for ourselves. Now is a time to connect to others in a spirit of generosity, for Rhodonite Spirit


is here to help you form healthy partnerships that benefit everyone. Allies can be invisible or come in unexpected guises, so keep your eyes open. Listen to that little voice inside nudging you to reach out and extend a hand to someone you feel a connection to. This person might have invaluable ideas or solutions to offer you, or be the inspiration that helps you to find the courage to move into unfamiliar territory and express gifts you may not have known you had.

The Conscious Universe works through people, so think about connecti ng today—if not to an old friend or someone you love, then to someone you’ve been too shy to approach. Heal the belief that you should do it all yourself. Were in this together. We are meant to work in partnership, exchanging our gifts to better the whole world.

Relationship Message

All of us have gifts to share and a deep longing to be needed, so open up to a partnership that allows both of you to give and receive. Now is a time for you to reach out and take what is freely offered, and to recognize the continual flow of reciprocity between you and the people in your life. If you are


feeling coo enmeshed with someone and wondering where you end and that person begins, spend a little rime connecting with Rhodonite Spirit to reestab­lish healthy yer fluid boundaries that allow a bal­ance between you and the people you care about. When you are generous yet aware of your worth, giving with a healthy sense of self you attract those who respond in kind.

Prosperity Message

Remember that healer you meant to check out? That advisor you said you wanted to contact? Rho­donite Spirit has come to say now’s the time to reach out. Connect with someone who can help you mend what has become frayed or even broken so you can ensure your prosperity will flow again. Perhaps it’s rime you explored some of your hidden talents and revealed them. You arc called now to be fearless and generous. Abundant help is available to you, and there is much more you can do to ex­perience wealth. Take a class, learn from an expert in an area where you feel unsure, and soon you will see that you are rich in resources. People will show up with plenty to give: time, money, guidance—


whatever it is you need. Prosperity is your natural state, and in working with others in partnership right now, you’ll find it is easier to believe that and manifest whatever it is you value.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Rhodonite assists us in identifying our hidden tal­ents. It asks us to embrace them and ascertain how we may use them in heart-based service. This stone reminds us that we each were given a specific gift, and we received it in order to share it with the world.



Rose Quartz

------- ♦-------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Self-love, self-worth, being enough, worthiness

W hen Rose Quartz Spirit appears, you arc called to pay attention to one of the most wonderful cre­ations the Conscious Universe has ever brought into being: you! Have you forgotten how beautiful you are? You have so many strengths and a unique set of qualities that will be like magical superpowers as you walk the healing path.


Rose Quartz Spirit has come to remind you of your soul’s worth. Many, many people will benefit simply from knowing you and being in your presence, drinking in the love that radiates from your heart. Trust that the Conscious Universe is always there to fill you up with the power of love whenever you need it and remind you that you are worthy of all that you seek, for you are an exquisite expression of divinity. What a powerful and one-of-a-kind source of healing love you arc!

Relationship Message

We are conditioned to forget how amazing we are, so when Rose Quartz Spirit shows up, it’s because now is a time for being aware of how quickly we forget our beauty and worth. Have you been falling into a comparison trap and convincing yourself that you aren’t good enough and that you have to work hard to deserve what you want for yourself? No, no, no—let go of that scarcity mentality. Compar­ing yourself to someone else should be done only when you want to identify those matching inner strengths of yours that you wish to amplify so that you may experience even more love and prosperity.


Today is a good day to connect with what you see and love in others and feel the presence of those attributes within yourself Remind yourself of the times when you have been strong, smart, playful, confident—whatever rhe quality, it is within you. Know that you have all you need, and you will see your relationship reflecting that you arc worthy of what you desire.

Prosperity Message

Now is the time to be mindful of how quickly you can fall into false beliefs about not being enough, and to rake action toward acknowledging your self­worth. Today is a day for loving yourself and recog­nizing all that is good and beautiful and true about you. That way you can start to see the many gifts you have, some obvious and some too long hidden from your awareness. Discover rhe incrcdibleness of you that the Conscious Universe knows and loves. Then it will be easier to let go of rhe old ways of relating to abundance in rhe world. You will see that it is yours to enjoy, that you are worthy of the affluence and wealth you seek. Step into fully accepting that you deserve a firm foundation of material wealth.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Rose quartz is often identified with romantic love, but this beautiful stone in fact encourages us to ex­perience love in its myriad forms—from a mothers tender care of her child to random acts of service or kindness toward a stranger. Rose quartz encom­passes all expressions of love, including self-love. Meditation with this stone brings the knowing that we are a part of this loving frequency—that we are perfect and always have been.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Liquid light, fluidity, flexibility, illumination and clarity, raising your vibration

When Selenite Spirit appears, its message to yon is to keep moving past your challenges, your sights always on raising your vibration—to be like liquid light, illuminating, fluid, and flexible. For even the earth and her rocks, stones, and crystals change and reveal more of themselves over time. Selenite Spirits message is that whatever the pace of change.


you must yield your expectations about how things should be so that you can discover the beauty in how things are evolving. Like liquid light flowing around an obstacle, you have the capacity to move more freely than you might realize. Know that a new perspective can help you see that.

You don't ever have to be stopped in your tracks! Be flexible in your thinking, for there is more wisdom in the Universal Consciousness than in your own individual mind, and it is always available to you. ’Tire way out of the old patterns is to enter the unknown, without maps or well-defined, familiar paths. Sur­render your fear, and know' that the Conscious Uni­verse is here to provide you with clarity and guide you through unexpected twists and turns.

Relationship Message

Relationships offer us the opportunity to deepen our love and trust and to experience personal trans­formation, because wanting to make a relationship work can be the key to releasing your beliefs about how the other person ought to act and how very right you are at all times! Selenite Spirit calls you to bring your light and shine it on your- truth. Be


more flexible, so that even when obstacles seem to be blocking you from love, you recognize your abil­ity to become fluid and move around them.

The Conscious Universe wants you to have the relationship you desire! You are called to raise your vibration and put energy into what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Look at the other person from another angle—try to understand their point of view. This movement can shift everything and help them sec you differently too.

Tlic magic oflove is that it can take many forms, all of which can help us heal the old patterns that kept us stuck and unable to move forward into our purpose. Isn’t love marvelous?

Prosperity Message

We often think of wealth too literally—as having money, or owning property or "stuff”—instead of acknowledging its spiritual nature. The earth has boundless riches, for it reflects the universes endless love for us. Our task is to bring light and stay con­nected to our Higher Power and recognize prosper­ity in its many forms.


Selenite Spirit calls you to be less rigid in your thinking about what it means to be wealthy and pros­perous so that from the realm of Air, where ideas originate, you can signal to the universe that you are ready to manifest the material resources you need to do your healing work and find your purpose. What you require might be different from what you think, so be flexible and open to new ideas about how you can prosper and what will serve you best.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditating with selenite brings purity to our thoughts by clearing contaminants or clutter caused by beliefs, our own or those of others. Sel­enite clears our energy as well as the energy of other crystals and never needs cleansing itself. This is an optimal stone to have in a healing room, as it can assist in keeping the space free of unwanted or detri­mental energies. It also protects against EMF (elec­tromagnetic field) exposure from computers.



  • eriphos Green Quartz

--------- ♦--------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Life on life’s terms, joie de vivre and acceptance of our place in the world, heaven on Earth, what is meant to be

<^]s long as we are human, we will face times when the only choice is to accept life on its own terms. But in that acceptance lies a most precious trea­sure: the gift of now. Surrender to this moment exactly as it is, and your heart will open, releas­ing what needs to be left behind as you join with


the Conscious Universe on a journey of your own healing. Something wonderful is awaiting you, but first you must be present in what is, so that you can have this experience and receive the gift of recog­nizing that you arc stronger than you know. When the wheel of fortune turns, you may look back on this moment as crucial for your growth. Very often, unanswered prayers and unexpected twists of fate lead to the destiny the heart seeks. Trust now in this process of acceptance. Trust that the Conscious Universe has your back.

Relationship Message

Tie rigidity you felt when pushing for what you desired is absent now as you are coming to accept that what is cannot be changed—at least not yet. Tiis moment must be experienced exactly as it is so that you may see yoiu- relationships with clarity. Being honest about what you can change and what you can’t is a big step toward co-creating what you desire and deserve. So be present, let the tears flow, and rest assured that rhe Conscious Universe is your ally. Tierc is far more love coming your way than you can even begin to imagine.


Prosperity Message

Scriphos Green Quartz Spirit appears to tell you that the foundations of wealth may not be obvious in your life at this moment, but you arc meant to have certain experiences for the sake of your souls calling. There is a gift therein, so accept what is. Tomorrow is a different day, offering different op­portunities. Accept any losses or disappointments, and be fully present to the moment and the lessons it brings. Much is coming your way, more quickly than you might expect.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Scriphos Green Quartz is a type of quartz only found on the island of Scriphos, in Greece. It grows in odd shapes often reminiscent of plant life. This beautiful crystal can be used for healing the physi­cal body, opening the heart, and connecting to na­ture and all of life.


ESSENTIAL MEANING: Rebirth from chaos, evolution, stress relief, emotional boost, clear­ing of obstacles to growth

From here to there can be a rock)' road, one that may even seem to move under your feet as you engage in a process of healing with roiling emo­tions. Tiie journey can be confusing and unsettling and cause you to want to beat a hasty retreat, bur Smithsonite Spirit’s message is clear as can be: you


are haltingly moving forward into creating some­thing new. If you feel as if you’re unsteady and even going a little backward at times, it is only because you are being asked to look to the past and the les­sons learned so that your next steps can be sure and steady. The ground is firm beneath you, rhe wind is at your back, and rhe Conscious Universe is beside you—so there is no need to look for what may seem to be safer ground. The landscape around you is changing, you are changing, and soon you will feel much more settled, if you heed the call of Smith­sonite Spirit and trust that you’ll be just fine. So breathe. It’s all going to resolve soon, and the ob­stacles you find daunting will disappear.

Relationship Message

You are evolving, and the confusion will lift as you breathe and listen to the message of Smithsonite Spirit. Even when you are leading your partner in dance, there will be times when it seems you are stumbling backward or. twirling through in the air, you feel unsure of where the ground is and whether you are about to fall. In every relationship, evolu­tion is necessary at times, for circumstances always


change. You must become the person you need to be so that intimacy and friendship can weather the inevitable storms and grow even stronger. Put one foot forward and twirl away without fear, for soon your gaze will meet your partner’s and you will see eye to eye on what is most important. Then the right next step will become clear.

Prosperity Message

Every creature on Earth experiences growth spurts. Could you be in one now? Could it be that the ups and downs in your sense of prosperity reflect that you arc maturing into someone new, one who is more comfortable with rhe fluctuations of wealth in the outer world because you have become more at peace with the natural flow of abundance and arc feeling prosperous within?

We invest in and plant seeds, we nourish and tend, we harvest and enjoy the bounty that is ours and then start the cycle all over again, imagining what comes next. Have faith in the cycle, for the support of the Conscious Universe, your ally in co-creation, is rhe firm foundation beneath you. Feel encouragement from the Conscious Universe being conveyed to you


through Smithsonite Spirit, whose message is this: you have what you need in this moment and more is coming to you, so breathe.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Smithsonite is incredibly useful in calming the emotions. It comes in a wide range of colors, each with a slightly different vibration but all working directly on the emotional body. Meditation with this stone soothes and brings peace, allowing us to disconnect from specific perceptions and explore different perspectives.





ESSENTIAL MEANING: Intentionality, conscious awareness, an awakened state, inner knowing and self-confidence, clear expression of intentions

(£1 state of conscious awareness is the key to clearly communicating your intentions to the Conscious Universe. Ute message of this crystal is to be fully awake as you make choices large and small that will influence your well-being. It’s when we fall asleep to our spiritual nature and connection with the Uni­versal Consciousness that old habits return and we


forget our commitment to personal transforma­tion. Sodalite Spirit has appeared to help you wake up and notice whether you are becoming compla­cent and not following through as you promised yourself you woidd. Now is a time to reconnect with the Conscious Universe so that Sodalite Spirit can magnify your awareness, helping you recognize whether your conscious and subconscious inten­tions arc in sync, so that you do not get in your own way as you co-create what you desire.

Relationship Message

Healing doesn’t require perfection, but it does re­quire that you remain awake to the truth that you arc a divine, beautiful being always connected to the Conscious Universe, who wants the very best for you. Spiritual amnesia will send you circling back to old patterns you vowed never to repeat. The ap­pearance of Sodalite Spirit is a reminder to reestab­lish your sense of connection so that the Conscious Universe can guide you to where you need to be. Do not forget your worth, your values, and your truth! It you arc unsure of the next move to make, medi­tate. As you remain present in the moment, you will


more easily avoid spiritual narcolepsy and falling back into the old ways.

Prosperity Message

The message of Sodalite Spirit can guide you when you are seeing scarcity instead of abundance. Know­ing that the Conscious Universe is there to bolster your ability to co-create prosperity in many forms may be just what you need to get past the old fears keeping you stuck in patterns best left behind. We all fall into habits learned many years ago, but So­dalite Spirit has appeared to awaken you so you can catch yourself before veering too far off the path you have chosen for yourself Prosperity flourishes when you arc aligned with the Conscious Universe and your true self

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Sodalite teaches us to be here now rather than lost in the past or gazing into the future. Meditation with this stone allows us to experience the wisdom of our journey thus far. It encourages non-attachment and integration of all experiences, helping us to make choices in the moment from a Higher Perspective.




------------ ♦-----------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Charm and charisma, shining and sparkling, being a brilliant beacon of confidence that inspires others

fverv one of us is a being of light meant to shine and sparkle. Your light draws others to you, for we all seek the light. The message of Spessartinc Garnet Spirit is to embrace your natural charm and mag­netism. Do you think you’re not all that special? If so, that is only because you haven’t discovered your natural charisma and expressed it. The Conscious


Universe wants you to let it shine out. for your daz­zling brilliance will be a beacon for others as you walk the healing path toward discovering your des­tiny. You can attract those who will help you and those who will benefit from all that you have to share—your talents, your love, your joy.

We arc all so lucky to have you here on this planet right now. Feel your magnetism today. Express it. Shine your light in all your glory, inspiring others, and let yourself draw in whatever will help you on your journey.

Relationship Message

You arc a unique being with a light only you can emit. Do you think you have to work harder to make people like you? What if your soul mate is out there, waiting for you to stop trying so hard and just be your glorious, amazing, brilliant self? What if your soul mate is waiting for your beacon to send out rhe message “I am here and ready for a partner to shine with me!" Today is a good day to recognize all that is attractive in you and stop trying to hide it out of some sort of fear that others might not be comfortable seeing you in your full glory. Shine brightly today!


Prosperity Message

In ancient rimes, rhe sun was revered for its power, and today Spessartine Garnet Spirit brings the mes­sage that you are a powerful manifester of abun­dance, an extraordinary co-creator—but only if you let rhe real you shine. You are charismatic and dazzling, and when you accept that, opportunities show up, as do people willing to place their faith in you and invest in your ideas and projects. Abun­dance grows more abundance. Know that you can magnetically attract anything you need, from a small favor to a major contribution, for you inspire others to believe in you. Shine on!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditation with this stone might be challenging because its energy feels like that of a bossy cheer­leader! This stone is a must for building and finding your self-confidence, personal power, and creativity. Spessartine Garnet asks you to stand up straight, hold your head high, and strut your stuff!



  • pirit Quartz

Essential Meaning: Connecting to community, universal love, harmony, and cooperation

\\/c heal in partnership, the strong lifting up the weak, taking turns supporting each other. When this crystal spirit appears, the message is to reach out and connect to your community and discover the true power of your gifts through sharing them with others. Your willingness to put the highest good ahead of the wants of your small self is called for now. Reciprocity does not mean keeping a led­


ger, but instead feeling the power of offering kind words and acknowledgments. You have the power to change the lives of others and awaken them to the abundance and love available from the Con­scious Universe, who works through us all.

Today, even the smallest outreach will make a big difference. This crystal’s message is to remember your co-crcative powers and open up to receiving the gifts you hope for. It may also be reminding you that it is a great gift to allow someone the power of giving to you without expectation of reciprocity, for in doing so they experience their strength, abundance, and generosity. Listen to your intuition today as you give and receive, connecting to community in a shared desire for healing and replenishment.

Relationship Message

Love takes many different forms, and Spirit Quartz appears to remind you that romantic love is just one possible way to experience the love that the Con­scious Universe has for you. In connecting to com­munity, remember the abundance of love and its power to heal and you change your vibration. You also signal to the universe that—from your head to


your toes, from your body to your soul—you are ready for a healthy romantic partnership. Be open to the different ways love appears and you will find that you are not so attached to the old expectations of the clothes it should be wearing or the voice it uses when it comes to your door.

Prosperity Message

Love is all around. Can you feel it? Love is just one form of abundance, and it provides a firm founda­tion when you arc feeling weak and unsure. So today follow this spirits call and connect to community. Offer others the gift of being able to support you in whatever way they can so they too may know their power to bring about healing in rhe world and ex­perience the joy of helping you achieve the security and prosperity you seek. Abundance is always in a state of flow, and today, through your community, you will see that truth on display.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Spirit quartz consists of a main crystal of amethyst, citrine, or white quartz covered by many tiny crys­tals, creating a community or family that operates


as one. This is an excellent stone to use in medita­tion when we wish to learn how to be of service, put other people first, or just work well with others.




----- ♦----

Essential Meaning: Freedom, breaking through obstacles, the power to overcome limitations, knowing you can do it

(£|ny of us can become so used to being restricted that when wc have the potential to move beyond limitations, wc stare in disbelief ar the open door of the cage that has held us in captivity for far too long. Have you succumbed to rhe illusion of scarcity consciousness, inaccurately seeing yourself as stuck in old patterns, telling yourself that the


situation is the same as its always been, when in truth it has begun to shift?

Sunstone Spirit’s message is that the door really is open, and opportunities await you as you claim your freedom. You have the power to break through barriers. The parameters of your life are not what you thought they were. So much more is available to you than you imagined, so believe in your freedom, spread your wings, and fly! You can do it, for Sunstone Spirit is here to strengthen your resolve to leave that cage far behind you as you drink in the pleasure of being free and ready to live in a new way. You can choose from an array of opportu nities the Conscious Universe has made available to you, so let go and be liberated. The Conscious Universe will help you avoid pitfalls and wrong turns that will wind you back around to the same old. same old. Simply enjoy this shift. Now is your time to experience the thrill of exhilarating freedom!

Relationship Message

Your past and your wounds do not have to keep you stuck in old patterns. You are free to end your current relationship, start a new one, or transform


the partnership to be what you want it to be. While you can never control another person or determine every event or set of circumstances you will experi­ence, you always have the freedom of choice. This includes the freedom to stop and reconnect with the Conscious Universe, drawing on the loving sup­port and wisdom that can help you make the best choices for you. There are no limits on love, no ob­stacles to receiving that which you hope to experi­ence. Enjoy your freedom, knowing that you have a firm foundation in the love that the Conscious Universe has for you.

Prosperity Message

You arc at liberty to make any number of decisions about how to interact with the universal flow of abundance. Docs that make you nervous, or arc you excited? It’s okay now to be a little bit of both, but be sure to embrace your freedom of choice, know­ing that Sunstone Spirit is bolstering your ability to decide whatjww want to do. Advice from others can be helpful, but you have to listen to your heart and check in with your values before making your own decisions. You no longer have to feel bound by the


old stories rooted in scarcity thinking, so believe in the universal flow of abundance and enjoy your freedom to choose how you will interact with it. You’ve got this!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Working with sunstone helps us release our old emotions, be strong, and own our leadership quali­ties, which do not arise from a place ofego but from a place of inspired leadership for rhe highest good of all. Sunstone teaches us to shine authentically and without fear.




-------------- ♦------------

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Positive willpower, opti­mism, the power to manifest essence into form, clear purpose

Everything, including our planet, began as an idea in the sea of infinite possibility before becoming manifest in the Realm of Form, and the conditions you see today are the result of intentions created in the past. Know that in this moment you have the power to begin co-crcating something new with the Conscious Universe. You have what it takes to do


what needs to be done. So, with that clear intention in mind, take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves, and begin the work, for it’s manifesting time. Ti­gereye Spirit reminds you to not get distracted by the largeness of a task, as you have the Conscious Universe working with you, sending allies and mes­sages to make the job easier. Like the mountain goat ascending the peak one step at a time, you can let go of your worries and just look for the next foothold as you begin the manifestation process. Prepare the soil for planting, crack a book that will educate you in this next phase, and get ready for some powerful manifestation energy to partner with you.

Relationship Message

Tigereye Spirit’s message is that “someday” is today, and the “right time” is now. No wishful thinking— act to make your wish manifest! Remember that asking someone to dance isn’t asking them to marry you, so be brave and take that first action toward connecting with someone you feel drawn to. Ti­gereye Spirit’s energy of manifestation is with you, and something very good promises to come from the courage you express. Be optimistic! Love and its


modes of expression are looking for you right now, so step forward. You will be glad you did.

Prosperity Message

Tltis is the perfect moment to take action toward co-creating wealth, for Tigereye Spirit is giving you momentum for manifestation. Make your move now with your eyes open, remembering that the in­tentions you have set may coalesce in the Realm of Form in unexpected ways. Abundance is yours, and today the energy of wealth creation is strong. Work with it, respecting its power as you build what you imagine, claim, and deserve.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Tigereye carries the energy of Fire (action) and Earth (physicality). This is the perfect stone to align with when trying to manifest dreams into being. It brings energy and vitality to your process while keeping us focused on completion of tasks, resulting in grounded action.




ESSENTIAL MEANING: Storytelling, reframing, a different way of perceiving

fach of us can experience the same event differ­ently, because all of us are coming from different vantage points. Know too that as you change, so will your perspective, and rhe message Turquoise Spirit has for you is that you can change your story of what happened in the past at any time. You can choose which details to focus on and how to inter­pret events, for you are being encouraged to claim


your power as a storyteller. Make no mistake— storytelling is an awesome power, for no one can take your truth away from you. But you may discover that it has more angles than you realized, just as a crystal turned over in your hand has more facers than apparent at first glance.

What story will you tell? Will it be one that is heroic and empowering, worthy of your hard work and efforts to heal what is wounded within you? Rest assured thatyou can be honest about all thatyou have experienced and done, yet still write a story that will help you feel that you are strong, wise, and supported by rhe Conscious Universe.

Tlie truth we all share is complicated, and the way you tell your truth is up to you, so Turquoise Spirit encourages you to write your story well, in a way that honors, empowers, and heals you and gives you strength even if others may not seem to accept your truth. Tell it anyway, for doi ng so is a healing act.

Relationship Message

Tlie story of a relationship may change over time as you come to recognize and accept your role in the dynamic. Be brave and acknowledge your mis­takes but also the remarkable work you have done


to learn from them and heal your past. Reframing what happened can help you move forward with greater wisdom and strength. If you arc seeking a relationship, think about the story you have written about why you haven’t yet found the partnership you yearn for—have you focused only on the details about your shortcomings or challenges and forgot­ten your strengths and all that you have done right? Now is a time to reconsider your story so that you can write the best one for you.

Prosperity Message

We have many stories about our relationship to money, but too many are old talcs that we didn’t even write—we only inherited them. Turquoise Spirit has appeared to remind you that you are sup­ported in writing a very different story of prosper­ity. You can leave the old one behind if it no longer helps you to experience the affluence you want for yourself. Now is the time to begin that new story­telling. Consider all you have learned, give yourself credit for the wisdom you have acquired, and begin replacing any stories of scarcity.


Crystal Spirit Meditation

Turquoise teaches the beauty of wholeness. It assists us in honoring and bringing together all the pieces of ourselves in order to sec the magnificence in the unique collage that we arc. Meditation with this stone allows us to honor the whole of our being, even when others do not.



Watermelon ^Tourmaline

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Seeing perfection in the moment, basking in the bliss of just “be­ing,” natural joy and a peaceful heart

Watermelon Tourmaline Spirit comes bearing the message that the divine order supports you in ex­periencing your bliss. Notice the perfection in this moment, that unbreakable connection to Universal


Consciousness within you. The Conscious Universe is here to guide you, so you may feel and experience bliss as it radiates outward. Your outer conditions will soon respond with a reflection of your natural joy and your peaceful heart. Forget the small stuff today and simply be present, feeling your bliss, ex­periencing that you are where you need to be, filled with joy, enthusiasm, and optimism right now. Yes, problems exist and always will, but Watermelon Tourmaline Spirit is here to remind you that they do not have to define your experience in this life and you are an extremely powerful healer and co­creator. So let joy and peace arise within you.

You are asked now to acknowledge your co­creative power and your ability to collaborate in rhe great healing work of the All. Do not let your ego distract you from the pleasure of knowing that each moment you arc here, you have the distinct honor of being able to contribute to the healing of the planet and all her creatures. The Conscious Universe is giv­ing you a shout-out, so bask in your bliss. Life is good, and getting better every moment!


Relationship Message

Perfection lies in loving unconditionally, just as the Conscious Universe loves you no matter what. Whoever you love, whoever loves you, know that flaws arc there to remind you that love heals. Today, your attention is drawn to the perfection of love within you, the love from the Conscious Universe that flows directly into you from every direction, reminding you that you are always worthy of love. Knowing this, bask in the love all around you. Then you will see your relationship more clearly and rec­ognize that sometimes the best way to express love is through sacrifice, and sometimes it is through saying no. No—with capital letters and a period at the end. You will soon know what you are meant to do and what you need to consider, but first you must stop and feel the unconditional love that is yours. Feel bliss, be your bliss, and all will soon be clear.

Prosperity Message

Abundance flows so that we all have enough and may experience that incredible bliss that comes in the perfect moment of giving unconditionally—or


of accepting loss with faith that something as won­derful or even better is coming. Outer conditions respond to the blissful perfection we feel when we connect to the Conscious Universe and recognize that the love it has for us is absolute, infinite, and boundless.

Today, Watermelon Tourmaline Spirit is calling you to take action—to allow yourself to feel the love of the Conscious Universe in every fiber of your being so that abundance can begin to flow your way again in a natural wave, in alignment with divine order. Stop and immerse yourself in the experience of this delicious moment.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Watermelon Tourmaline gently grounds while stimulating the heart. ^Meditation with this stone allows us to be present in the moment. It brings in a feeling ofgratirudc and helps us understand that life is precious and perfect in every moment, regardless of what is happening around us.


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